MagicDuckhehe, I figured it out, was looking in the wrong place00:04
* Jucato nods00:05
nadoadz21c: just to let you know: it's a lot better now, i can even browse my emails ;)00:08
adz21cnado: gd gd00:09
geniiSee you nuts later ;)00:10
=== theadministrator is now known as DarkTan_
DarkTan_ok, i still need help mounting my drive partitions00:15
DarkTan_i tired editing /ets/fstab/user.rw00:16
DarkTan_but i can't find the /fstab dir00:16
kub^DarkTan_: its /etc/fstab00:19
=== profoX_ is now known as profoX`
DarkTan_it doesn't show that dir when i type that in, it just gives me /etc and there is no /fstab to go to00:23
DarkTan_i have /fonts and /foomatic00:24
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: fstab is a file00:26
=== galathal1on is now known as galathalion
DarkTan_i can't find the file00:28
DarkTan_i'm use kate BTW00:28
DarkTan_wait, i found it00:29
DarkTan_ok, now ho do i had the command for my other00:30
DarkTan_HDD partitions00:30
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:30
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: and you needed to have run kate with kdesudo in order to edit that file.00:30
ehcmplayer complains about lacking gnome_screensaver_control() how can I get this to stop?00:31
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: yes, to give you permissions to edit that file.00:31
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: just run "kdesudo kate /etc/fstab"00:31
DarkTan_this is my first time running linux, how do i do that?00:31
* DarkTan_ feels like an idiot00:31
DarkTan_umm, won't do it00:33
DarkTan_i get "Could not run the specified command."00:34
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: run it from a terminal.... the run dialog doesn't like kdesudo00:36
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: hey its ok, we all had to learn this at one time or another00:36
DarkTan_konsole would be whaty i'm looking for?00:36
kub^DarkTan_: yes00:36
DarkTan_ok gonna try that00:37
kub^DarkTan_: then type "sudo kate /etc/fstab"00:37
DarkTan_bash: kdesudo: command not found00:37
kub^DarkTan_: sudo elevates your privelages to root (admin)00:37
DarkTan_oh sudi00:37
DarkTan_ok i'll try that00:38
DarkTan_got a crap load or errors00:38
=== Huahua is now known as Shely
kub^DarkTan_: type "sudo kate /etc/fstab" without the quotes00:39
DarkTan_i did00:39
DarkTan_it asked for a password, gave it my password and it went psycho00:39
nosrednaekimbut did the window pop up?00:39
kub^DarkTan_ it should pop up a window00:40
nosrednaekimkub^: no! kdesudo00:40
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: replace sudo with kdesudo00:40
nosrednaekimsudo doesn't work well with graphical applications00:40
DarkTan_command not found00:40
kub^nosrednaekim: sry i tend to use sudo i didnt realise i was going wrong00:40
alialasadiاكو واحد يحجي عربي00:40
nosrednaekimkub^: yeah, use kdesudo for graphical applications00:41
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: try "kdesu" then...lol00:41
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: you must be on fiesty or dapper then00:41
DarkTan_quick question, should i be able to open the file in kate if i need root privilages?00:41
DarkTan_fiesty or dapper?00:41
giuseppeanyone has a valid server.met file?00:42
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: you may be able to READ it as a normal user, but not save any changes00:42
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: versions of kubuntu.00:42
DarkTan_ok, i'll try kdesu then00:42
DarkTan_got something00:43
nosrednaekimgreat :)00:43
DarkTan_ok, it opened fstab in kate00:43
nosrednaekimnow read these instructions for what to do00:43
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:43
DarkTan_need to write the crap down00:43
DarkTan_got it up already00:43
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:43
giuseppeis there anyone with valid server list for amule?00:47
LjLgiuseppe: that's not something for this channel to deal with.00:50
DarkTan_ok, edited and saved, do i need to reboot?00:51
=== darkforce__ is now known as posingaspopular
kub^DarkTan_: i think sudo mount -a should mount the drives00:53
DarkTan_ok said they were already mounted00:54
DarkTan_umm i think i edited the file wrong00:55
DarkTan_can't access the drive00:57
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: they may already be mounted, but not in the way you want them too..00:57
nosrednaekimattempt a reboot.00:57
DarkTan_i get this on both partitions, just the names changes: mount: mount point /media/WindowsXP does not exist00:58
homercyclesIs it possible to install Kubuntu into a logical partition near the end of a hard disk?00:58
homercyclesMy brother is thinking of install it after seeing mine but that's the only partition he could possibly resize00:58
nosrednaekimhomercycles: oh yeah, that'l work00:59
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: run this command "sudo mkdir /media/WindowsXP"01:00
homercyclesThanks nosrednaekim01:00
DarkTan_on new error: mount: according to mtab, /dev/hda5 is mounted on /01:01
DarkTan_the other drive says hda1 instead of hda501:01
Evolution2homercycles: I think you can01:01
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: eh... pastebin your fstab01:02
nosrednaekimand do not reboot01:02
homercyclesI don't suppose if anybody knows of a recent kubuntu/compiz howto? I've found this one but it didn't seem to help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26321001:02
homercyclesthanks Evolution201:02
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:02
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion01:02
homercyclesI have installed various compiz packaged through Adept and followed the howto I found in Google, but to no avail01:03
Evolution2homercycles: np01:03
homercyclesThanks ubotu. I'll try that one01:03
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:04
DarkTan_like so? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49747/01:04
Evolution2ubotu: nice to meet you01:04
Evolution2ubotu: but you are intelligent!01:04
homercyclesI shall take my leave of you all, with my thanks, and try Compiz. Cheers01:04
nosrednaekimhave fun01:05
nosrednaekimyeah, thats great DarkTan_01:06
nanobugunfortunately that howto is about worthless01:06
nanobugsince it doesn't address the problem of compiz --replace failing01:07
nanobugwhich i've replicated on 3 systems01:07
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: hmm odd, everything shere should work... do a reboot.01:08
DarkTan_one question befor i do that01:08
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: you just added those two lines at the end, right?01:08
nosrednaekimok, should be fine then01:08
DarkTan_i accdentally saved the wrong password when i corrected it i accdentally told it to never save password for that site, how do i fix the bad pass?01:09
DarkTan_useing konquer BTW01:09
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: well, the password isn't saved, so you should be good.01:10
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: except you'll now have to enter it every time01:10
DarkTan_actually i have a saved bad password01:10
DarkTan_bleh fix it later, gonna re-boot01:11
nosrednaekimoh!... well, next time you go to that page, and it automatically gives you the wrong passwrod, erase the password in the box and type a new one in. it should prompt you to save it again.01:11
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: did it work?01:16
DarkTan_ok, now i get this: Could not enter folder /media/WindowsXP.01:16
DarkTan_on the other drive is says /media/Files01:16
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: hmm try "sudo cd /media/WindowsXP"01:17
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: i'm not expert on the fstab though...01:17
DarkTan_sudo: cd: command not found01:18
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: all of these commands are to be exectued in a terminal01:18
DarkTan_yeah, i did that01:18
=== litbang is now known as riefzu
nosrednaekimha... interesting.01:19
nosrednaekimrun "sudo -i" and then run "cd /media"01:19
nosrednaekim or rather... "cd /media/WindowsXP"01:19
DarkTan_ok, in the the windowsxp dir01:20
DarkTan_or /media/WindowsXP dir01:20
DarkTan_gotta get used to all these /'s01:20
nosrednaekimok... do "ls"... all your stuff there?01:21
nosrednaekimsudo -i, BTW semi-permanantly makes you the root user.01:22
nosrednaekimwith a small L.... not an i01:22
pyrotixhow does one check what version of kubuntu one is running?01:22
DarkTan_ok it shows all my stuff01:23
nosrednaekimpyrotix: "lsb_release -a"01:23
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: ok.... so its mounted, but only root can read it.01:23
DarkTan_but i can't acces through konquer01:23
DarkTan_i guess so01:23
pyrotixthat's really odd, says I'm running 7.10 like I thought, but the update manager keeps asking me if I want to upgrade my distro01:24
DarkTan_can i open media files through the terminal?01:24
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: now run "sudo chmod -R a+rw /media/WindowsXP"01:24
sd132can kubuntu use dvi?01:24
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: yes, just provide them as an argument to the media player01:24
nosrednaekimsd132: certianly01:24
nosrednaekimpyrotix: yeah.. thats a little bug... don't worry about it.01:25
sd132nosrednaekim: ok thanks01:25
DarkTan_ok changing all kinds of permissions01:25
DarkTan_so "kaffine sound.mp3" ?01:25
DarkTan_so "kaffine -sound.mp3" ?01:26
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: well, no.01:27
SirChasmanyone know how to bind the wireless button on my keyboard to enable/disable eth1?01:27
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: first of all... did you install mp3 support?01:27
ubotukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts01:27
DarkTan_not yet, i'll worry about all that after i ger access to the HDD01:27
DarkTan_ok, the terminal stopped doing stuff01:27
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: ok... well you should have full access now.01:28
DarkTan_might i have to re-boot to get access? cause i ain't got it01:28
nosrednaekimno? hmph!01:28
DarkTan_"Could not enter folder"01:29
DarkTan_on both partitions01:29
nosrednaekimuhhhg... umm lets try something different. go into systemsettings->advanced->disks and partitions01:31
beefjerkyhello all.  is there a way i can automatically reconfigure my fstab?01:31
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: automatically? no01:32
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: then enter admin mode01:32
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: there is a nice GUI for it though in system settings01:32
beefjerkynosrednaekim: where?01:32
beefjerkyin kcontrol?01:32
nosrednaekimin the advanced tab->disks and filesystems01:32
nosrednaekimsystem settings, but its probably in kcontrol too01:33
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: there?01:33
DarkTan_yeah, looking for "advanced"01:33
beefjerkynosrednaekim: why can't i enable my cd/dvd burner?01:33
DarkTan_i have "disk and filesystems"01:33
nosrednaekimyeah... thats it.01:34
DarkTan_ok opened that01:34
DarkTan_you said enter admin mode?01:34
nosrednaekimenter administrator mode01:34
nosrednaekimyeah.. int he lower right corner01:34
DarkTan_ok found it01:34
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: you probably don't have a cdin the drive01:34
beefjerkynosrednaekim: you're right :) hang on01:35
=== dima__ is now known as CosmicFur
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: i admin mode?01:35
=== CosmicFur is now known as SirChasm
beefjerkynosrednaekim: with cd in drive -------> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49755/01:36
nosrednaekimok, select the partition you want to edit (/dev/hda1)01:36
nosrednaekimand disable it01:36
DarkTan_the only option is have is modify or delete01:36
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: ok...do modify then01:37
DarkTan_delete scares me, i have all my homework on this thing01:37
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: pastebin the last 20 lines of dmesg01:37
DarkTan_it won't let me01:37
nosrednaekimthat doesn't delete the stuff on the disk ;) just the mount point01:37
DarkTan_it also has no mount point, type or say if it's enabled or disabled01:38
nosrednaekimwon't let you? whats it do...01:38
beefjerkynosrednaekim: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49756/01:38
DarkTan_would removing them from the fstab and adding them here help any?01:39
SirChasmok, wtf, I'm watching the light on the wireless key go on and off01:39
SirChasmnow it's off, just before it was on01:39
SirChasmand i didn't touch it for like a minute01:39
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: ahh, yes, do that..01:39
nosrednaekimSirChasm: does it have something to do with the usage of your wireless?01:39
beefjerkydr_willis: can you help me? nosrednaekim is a bit overwhelmed with questions right now ;)01:40
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: not really ;)01:40
SirChasmi'm tyring to figure out if pressing it does anything01:40
beefjerkynosrednakeim: well, if you can troubleshoot 3 peoples' problems at once, you are very talented@01:40
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: thats no fstab problem... thats hardware/drivers01:41
DarkTan_gonna reboot01:41
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: you know how to do that?01:41
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: ok.01:41
beefjerkynosrednaekim: but i also don't think i have a proper entry in my fstab... :(  Can i fix the hardware/drivers issue?01:41
nosrednaekimno... remove those lines01:41
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: pastebin your fstab01:42
=== Linux_Galore is now known as Linux_Galore_
inaety_k3b tells me it doesn't have permission to open the disc or something01:43
beefjerkynosrednaekim | http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49757/01:43
nosrednaekiminaety_: was the disc in the drive when you booted?01:43
inaety_nosrednaekim: no01:43
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: the cd line should be01:44
nosrednaekim /dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       001:44
nosrednaekiminaety_: whats the exact message?01:44
inaety_i don't know, i quit out >_<01:45
beefjerkynosrednaekim: ok, i inserted that line instead.  But I still am going to have hardware issues???01:45
beefjerkyinaety_: you can try running k3b as root... see if you get the same message01:46
nosrednaekimbeefjerky: we shall see01:46
SirChasmwhen I use xev on the key, there's no keypress event associated with it when i press it01:46
beefjerkyinaety_: if not, you probably just need to change permissions on your disc drive01:46
nosrednaekimSirChasm: is it a "fn" key?01:47
inaety_beefjerky: i did try as root which is what i did when i told nosrednaekim that i quit out.  it tells me there is an issue with TAO01:47
nosrednaekiminaety_: could it be a bad disc (or already used)?01:47
beefjerkynosrednaekim: ok, thanks for the help.  I'll reboot and cross my fingers :)01:48
inaety_nosrednaekim: maybe but i took it from the stack of clean cds01:48
nosrednaekiminaety_: try another one... can't hurt01:49
Evolution2nosrednaekim: my kubuntu doesn't show the other linux partitions under storage media.01:49
Evolution2sda1 and sda301:49
Evolution2any ideas?01:49
inaety_nosrednaekim: im on gnomebaker now its going...01:49
inaety_but obviously i want k3b its so much better01:49
SirChasmnosrednaekim: no, it's a wireless key - a key to turn wireless on and off01:50
SirChasmwell it used to be at least01:50
SirChasmnow i dunno wtf it does01:50
SirChasmwhen it's off, KnetworkManager still shows me as connected01:50
DarkTan_ok, added the partitions, but i need to change the FS from ext2 to ntfs01:50
DarkTan_never mind, just found it01:51
DarkTan_ok enabled drives01:52
DarkTan_gonna see if it work01:52
antixpaulEvolution2: are they mounted?01:52
DarkTan_yes! is works01:52
DarkTan_thx nosrednaekim01:53
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: sweet! :D01:53
nosrednaekiminaety_: yeah.. thats odd.01:53
DarkTan_no to figure out how to run AIM, play media files, run games and all that other stuff01:53
DarkTan_actually next thing is to make my wireless work01:54
nosrednaekimwireles..... uhhg.01:54
* nosrednaekim dies01:54
Evolution2not sure01:54
Evolution2I was playing with fstab earlier01:54
Evolution2"sudo mount -a"?01:54
nosrednaekimJK JK.... though wireless is probably the hardest thing you are going to do01:54
DarkTan_i'm going to try a USB nic i have and see if that work01:54
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: lets start off with a pastebin of "lspci"01:54
antixpaulpidgin is pure awesome for all your IM needs DarkTan_01:54
DarkTan_my PCMCIA card don't work01:54
DarkTan_internal got fried by lightening01:55
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: what type of PCMCIA? oh.. wireless01:55
antixpauland yeah if your fstab is set up correctly a sudo mount -a will mount them Evolution201:55
DarkTan_802.11 g if that matters01:55
DarkTan_ok what is lspci?01:56
Evolution2antixpaul: thanks let me try it01:56
DarkTan_never mind, i punched it in the terminal :http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49759/01:57
Evolution2antixpaul: mount: mount point /media/sda1 does not exist01:59
Evolution2mount: mount point /media/sda3 does not exist01:59
Dr_willis_Make the directory then. :)01:59
Evolution2antixpaul: I thought i had fstab correct01:59
Dr_willis_sudo mkdir /media/sda302:00
ubuntuwhere do i install kubuntu at02:00
ubuntuwhere is the install option i mean02:01
Dr_willis_Clarify that a bit.. .. :)02:01
Dr_willis_The Live cd - has a Icon on the desktop.02:01
Dr_willis_The alternative cd - starts up a text based installer.02:01
ubuntuim on the live cd but i see no icon on the desktop02:01
sasha_what is something similar to tvtime that will just display the video out of a camera plugged into a tv card ?02:01
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: crap.... you have a broadcom there.... oh wait... no thats the internal one..02:02
Evolution2Dr_willis_: it didn't work making the dir02:02
Dr_willis_Evolution2,  wht dident work.. the making of the dir?02:02
SirChasmok, so what's wrong with xev? why doesn't it pick up when i press the wireless key?02:03
ubuntuDr_willis_ there is no install on desktop02:04
Evolution2Dr_willis_: no that worked. but there is nothing in those dir...02:04
nosrednaekimSirChasm: take a look at "dmesg" after pressing the key02:04
antixpaulEvolution2: do another "sudo mount -a"02:04
DarkTan_ok i'mback02:05
Evolution2antixpaul: nothing all I see is my filesystem and the external02:05
Dr_willis_Evolution2,  make the dir.. THEN mount the device02:05
Evolution2that's what I did02:05
Evolution2Dr_willis_: do you think its fstab02:06
Dr_willis_  checn mount output. or the error message mount may of given.02:06
Evolution2there was no error output in konsole02:06
SirChasmnosrednaekim: "max suspend failed" repeated many times02:06
DarkTan_and yeah the broadcom got toasted02:06
Dr_willis_sudo mount /media/sda3        or whatever it was called.02:06
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: ok... so you have a Prism.02:06
Dr_willis_might want to check dmesg command for any errors also.02:06
DarkTan_i dunno who made it02:07
DarkTan_sound good tho02:07
kyei have the cd of kbuntu in but i dont see a install02:07
Evolution2Dr_willis_: ah yes it worked. but I can access them from /media/..., I was actually asking why they were not showing up as harddrive icons under the storage media menu02:08
Dr_willis_Do they have icons?02:08
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: its in that lspci informartion... look at the last entry..02:08
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: anyway.... pastebin the results of "iwconfig"02:09
Dr_willis_if so,, Good enough,   :)02:09
DarkTan_nosrednaekim: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49761/02:10
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: interesting... its seeing your braodcom. try "iwlist eth1 scan"02:12
Evolution2Dr_willis_: they were there before, but they aren't anymore02:12
DarkTan_eth1      Interface doesn't support scanning : No such device02:12
DarkTan_the broadcom shows up in windows too but gets no signal02:13
nosrednaekimok... then try "iwlist eth3 scan"02:13
DarkTan_usually at least02:13
DarkTan_"no scan results"02:13
nosrednaekimhmph.... does this laptop have a wireless switch?02:14
DarkTan_if it's picking up the broadcom, is it possible that if i can get a signal it will work?02:14
DarkTan_yeah, on the broadcom tho02:14
DarkTan_not the PCMCIA02:14
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: maybe...02:14
DarkTan_wireless switch doesn't ever work02:14
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: hmm, not sure how to go about this.02:15
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: maybe ndiswrapper.....02:16
homercyclesIf I try to reassign the launch menu in KDE (default is ALT+F1) I press my <win> key and it then flashes WIN+ as if I wants me to also assign another key combination to it... I just want the thing by itself but it won't let me just have <win> by itself to bring up the launch menu.02:17
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: see the thing is, it seems to be detecting your wireless card (the PCMCIA one) but it also doesn't seem to be working correctly02:17
homercyclesAny ideas why this is so?02:17
alialasadiشلون الصحة02:18
alialasadiشكو ماكو02:18
=== alialasadi is now known as alialasadi_
=== alialasadi_ is now known as alialasadi__
nosrednaekimhomercycles: you can't just have "win" the win key is a modifier..02:19
homercyclesbut Windows lets me have just the win key to bring up the start menu, so I know it's possible02:19
nosrednaekimnot in kde...02:19
homercyclesseems like a rather strange "feature"02:20
DarkTan_hmmm, well i guess i can always boot back to windows for wi-fi02:20
DarkTan_gonna try something with the broadcom tho02:20
Dr_willis_just the WIN key by itself is not easialyu doable with KDE. the WIN key is just another meta-key.02:23
homercyclesI'll do some searching. surely there has to be a plugin for it. this is surely something that Windows converts are going to want (and I'm one of them)02:23
BluesKaji'm a windows convert, who never used the windows key :)02:24
DragnslcrNeither did I02:24
DragnslcrI thought it was more annoying than useful02:24
DragnslcrI dunno why anyone would need it in KDE. I'd think Katapult is easier to work with02:25
BluesKajnot KB kinda guy...too late in the game for that, except for old applications programs and integrators on instruments that printed out data02:26
BluesKajdon't see the point of katapult either :)02:27
rich1is anyone having trouble with yahoo chess in opera?02:28
BluesKajrich1, somehow I don't think you should expect a quick answer to that question02:29
* kub^ laughs02:30
dsmithwhat question?02:31
* dsmith is curious02:31
bmackis there a way to rollback drivers02:31
BluesKajdsmith, <rich1> is anyone having trouble with yahoo chess in opera?02:32
earthcreed  So what is everyones' favorite chess program?02:32
rich1BluesKaj: i guess so.02:32
rich1i'm on opera irc also and no one is there.02:32
rich1i love xboard.02:33
rich1jose is good too but the java is kind of slow.02:33
earthcreedwith gnuchess engine?02:33
rich1or with crafty.02:33
rich1scid is cool too.  but the interface is kind of complicated.02:33
* earthcreed is going of to play with scid02:34
rich1earthcreed: what do you use?02:34
rich1earthcreed: it is excellent.02:35
rich1do any of you play yahoo chess?02:35
BluesKajif you guys wanna talk chess , there must be a chat for it somewhere else02:35
dsmithBluesKaj: lol, omg02:36
rich1BluesKaj: sorry.  i was trying to circle around to my question again.02:36
earthcreedhrm, because this wouldn't be the place to talk about chess program options in kubuntu.02:36
BluesKajor the offtopic cops will be warning you02:36
pyrotixhow do I find my mac address?02:37
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!02:37
Dr_willis_pyrotix,  either ifconfig, or ethtool can tell you02:37
Dr_willis_or perhaps both. :)02:37
rich1my original topic, now edited, was "is anyone having problems with the opera browser?02:38
ardchoilleDr_willis_: Thanks. When I asked that mac address question, someone told me to walk out of my machouse and look above my macdoor02:38
BluesKajsomeone told me to look for big yellow "M"02:40
pyrotixdoes the link print hello world?02:41
cheguevara_pyrotix: no02:41
cheguevara_pyrotix: its not connection the the web server02:41
pyrotixwhat do you get?02:43
pyrotixwhat is my IP gives me that for me external/router IP02:43
rich1bye guys.02:43
pyrotixand I set my router to redirect to .103 which is my MAC address I believe02:43
pyrotixon port 8002:44
pyrotixwhich should mean I should be able to webserve02:44
cheguevara_why would you redirect to your mac address02:44
BluesKajtimed out. pyrotix02:44
Dr_willis_a router redirecting to the MAC address? I think somthing is confused here...02:44
pyrotixI'm obviously confused, but I need to tell my router to redirect to the right place?02:44
pyrotixwhat is that right place?02:45
cheguevara_ur local ip02:45
Dr_willis_You redirect to your IP. nothing to do wioth the mac address.02:45
cheguevara_so then the router will redirect requests from your public ip to your local ip on port 8002:45
Dr_willis_the mac is used  In ways that you dont need to mess with. :)02:45
BluesKajwhy are you fooling with the router02:45
ardchoillepyrotix: Should be your "inet addr" under eth0 when you run ifconfig02:46
cheguevara_because if u dont open the ports it wont be publically accessible i am guessing02:46
pyrotixche is right02:46
BluesKajwell, opening ports is a differnt thing, you dontneed to fool with mac address , just make the the ports are bound to the router IP02:47
pyrotixand amusingly I did put the right address to reroute to according to ifconfig02:47
pyrotixso I was just mistaken in calling it mac address02:47
pyrotixso wtf is a mac address?02:48
pyrotixnot that it is necessary for me to know, it appears02:48
ardchoillepyrotix: iirc, that is the address of the physical NIC itself02:48
pyrotixwhat part of ifconfig gives you the MAC address?02:49
crazy_busI have to use a half broken computer while my motherboard is being replaced.  Unfortunately it's got a broken ide controller so it loses files on my first partition /  Is there a easy to use program to back it up.  I was going to use mondo until I read it was broken in ubuntu02:49
Dr_willis_eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:11:09:88:83:9F02:50
pyrotixis it the part after HWaddr?02:50
ardchoillepyrotix: HWaddr02:50
Dr_willis_Thats it. :)02:50
cheguevara_too slow02:50
nosredna_ekimcrazy_bus: transfer the HD to another computer?02:50
snowbirdi need  modem  help02:51
pyrotixalright I told my router to reroute traffic on port 80 to the address under eth0 "inet addr:," and the link times out despite the fact apache gives the html document to konqueror when I visit http://localhost/ . What could be the problem?02:51
crazy_busnosredna_ekim: don't have another computer.  That's the one being repaired.  Unfortunatly it will take awhile since it has to be sent back to asus02:52
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto02:52
nosredna_ekimcrazy_bus: then I advise you to wait...02:52
pyrotix76.68.37.54 being my external IP02:52
pyrotixI think02:52
snowbirdyeah  dial up  usb  external   modem02:52
cheguevara_snowbird: what brand/model02:53
cheguevara_usb modems are not too great in  linux02:53
BluesKajpyrotix, got  speedstream router ?02:53
pyrotixya, sympatico02:55
pyrotixalthough I'm pretty sure I'm properly redirecting port 8002:55
cheguevara_pyrotix: try this http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Linksys/WRT54G/default.htm02:56
BluesKajpyrotix, yes , that's what reurned when dig'd yer whois address02:56
pyrotixdo internal IP's change over time?02:56
snowbirdamigo  modem model ami  2061 f02:56
ardchoillepyrotix: I've never seen mine change unless I change the way the cables are setup in the router02:57
pyrotixdoes work now?02:58
snowbirdcheguevara_,  got my modem info?02:58
cheguevara_yeah reading up a bit02:59
cheguevara_pyrotix: still no go02:59
kub^pyrotix: try using shields up to scan yourself to see when the port is open, btw i scanned you and port 80 appears closed02:59
snowbirdwell my  pc don't  got   serial port03:00
kyei tried to enable my restricted driver and when i did i restarted and it will not load only terminal?03:00
kyeetc/rc2.d/s20powernowd 156: cannot create sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_govenor dir non existant03:00
kyehow can i fix this03:00
pyrotixkub^: any chance you can scan me and check if port 81 is now open? I think my ISP may block incoming port 8003:02
kub^pyrotix appears open now03:02
snowbirdhow  do know if  usb modem works03:02
pyrotix80 or 81?03:03
pyrotixor both?03:03
kub^pyrotix: both03:03
cheguevara_snowbird: pastebin the output of lsusb please03:03
kub^pyrotix: nmap says filtered03:03
pyrotixkub^ ?03:04
pyrotixby filtered do you mean blocked or rerouted?03:04
pyrotixand any chance anyone can visit a page under that has hello world on it?03:05
snowbirddont   havw output  here03:05
snowbirdil  have to bring modem 30 miles to me03:05
kub^pyrotix what happens if you go to the local ip (not localhost) the 192.168.1.x ?03:05
ardchoillepyrotix: Still timing out03:05
cheguevara_snowbird: its looking a bit problematic that it'll work03:06
cheguevara_at least i can't find any info that it works03:06
cheguevara_but then i can't find any that it doesnt either03:06
cheguevara_but support for dial up usb modems has never been great in kernel03:06
snowbirdcheguevara_,  i gave me    father a kubuntu  box for  xmas03:06
pyrotixkub^ I can access the page through
cheguevara_can't u get him proper internet access also :P03:07
snowbirdcheguevara_,  hes  on dial  up   30 miles il   peel it out o hands03:07
snowbirdcheguevara_,  a serial port  modem i can  get03:08
pyrotixkub^ by filtered do you mean blocked?03:09
kub^yes it means blocked03:09
pyrotixfor both 80 and 81 on nmap?03:09
kub^pyrotix your fw is blocking it03:09
kub^pyrotix yes for both03:09
cheguevara_snowbird: make sure you investigate whether the serial modem you gonna get will work with ubuntu03:10
snowbirdright cheguevara_  thanks  il  rember that03:11
cheguevara_snowbird: http://www.linmodems.org/ might be a good place to bookmark03:13
intelikeyhmmm i just stumbled onto a fast oomk tester03:19
intelikeyprobably not something that one would normally want to test though.03:19
* intelikey passws genii the coffee03:20
intelikeymaybe not...03:20
intelikeyardchoille lol03:28
BluesKajsacktime ...nite folks , take care03:32
intelikeyi guess he tasted genii's coffee   i was going to say good night.....03:34
pyrotixany chance works?03:47
pyrotixshould print hello world03:47
ardchoillepyrotix: Still times out03:47
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
intelikey404   you'll have to open the port 80 through the firewall03:48
cheguevara_!es | nacho03:52
ubotunacho: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:52
nachowgat is the direccion of ubuntu in spanish03:52
nachooo tank you03:52
cheguevara_np :P03:52
=== cheguevara_ is now known as CheGuevara
Dr_willis_pyrotix,  i cant even Ping that ip03:53
CheGuevaramost routers block ICMP i think03:53
Dr_willis_well some do. :)03:53
* Dr_willis_ pings it harder!03:54
CheGuevaradon't force it03:54
pyrotixthe ports aren't open. I told it to open the ports. The router says the ports are open. The website is accessible on my internal network. The ports aren't open. grar.03:55
intelikeypyrotix ya want someone to nmap it for you ?03:56
Dr_willis_lets all nmap it! :)    Not...03:56
Dr_willis_heh heh03:56
intelikeyflood him off the web  heh03:57
pyrotixhave been nmapped closed03:57
Dr_willis_Put the web server in the DMZ for the router perhaps? :)03:57
pyrotixand the computer connected wirelessly to the router cannot access the page via the internal address03:57
pyrotixcould use dmz... but then I'm almost defeating the point of having a router03:58
pyrotixcould a hammer work?03:59
kub^pyrotix: maybe try rebooting the router?04:00
intelikeyif it's big enough pyrotix04:00
intelikey"don't force it, just use a bigger hammer"04:01
kub^pyrotix: do you have the latest firmware on router?04:01
ehcis there a way to take the subtitles out of a .avi file?04:03
intelikeyi'm wondering where the rest of my ram went...   ps axv %mem adds up to about 4%04:04
kub^pyrotix: under firewall | security do you have block anonymous internet requests ticked?04:07
intelikeycorrection adds up to 2.4%04:08
pyrotix_kub^ its unticked04:08
pyrotix_and for port forwarding I have the enable checked, and both udp and04:08
intelikeyand i'm showing 5% used.  so where is the 2.6%  eaten up ?04:09
pyrotix_and tcp selected. grr, mistake enter04:09
adamonline46Good evening.  Could anyone help me add an FTP share using Dolphin?  I seem to be inept...04:09
kub^pyrotix: im stumped maybe a firmware upgrade would help, if it was my router thats probably what i'd try04:10
Willabeehey, does anyone know how to set up typing in hebrew with scim/04:11
pyrotix_kub^ will my settings have to be redone with the firmware upgrade, or will they persist?04:15
pyrotix_actually, it doesn't really matter04:15
pyrotix_I'll find out soon enough04:15
kub^pyrotix: lol gl, usually they do but i guess depends on router :)04:15
intelikeywho understands linux memory usage ?04:17
biovoreI do some what.. Not exactly an expert04:18
intelikeyi can't seem to find out what's eating about 10m04:18
biovoreramdisk reserve?04:19
=== ubuntu is now known as d0z
intelikeyps axv  shows the RSS  but added all togather it's only about 8M  and i have 18M used.04:19
biovore18M you getting that from free?04:19
intelikeybiovore well actually a script that reading /proc/meminfo  but yes same in free04:20
intelikeyfree -m yelds  -/+ buffers/cache:         18        35804:20
kub^i have an old laptop with a 4gb HD, 450mhx cpu and 192 mb of ram, think it'll choke on kubuntu? should i go for someting like damn small linux?04:20
intelikeykub^ no.04:21
biovorejust have to tune down the graphics and stuff..04:21
kub^ok goodbye windows 2000 /wave04:21
intelikeylappies are inhearantly slower but, i have ran ubuntu/kde on a p1 100mhz 1G hdd 64m ram   system04:22
biovoreprobably want to go with a console install and install the bare gui04:22
biovoreor go debian..04:22
intelikeybiovore any thoughts  ?04:23
_gtt_intelikey: which version of ubuntu?04:23
kub^ok then it should be a problem04:23
kub^shouldnt *04:23
_gtt_i think feisty and higher require 128 now04:23
_gtt_how'd it do? was it REALLY slow?04:23
intelikey_gtt_ only to install04:23
_gtt_i mean, that's a pretty slow proc.04:23
kub^biovore: does the console install require the alternate cd ?04:24
intelikey_gtt_ well you couldn't edit dvd's on it.  but no it worked fine as long as you didn't overload the ram.04:24
_gtt_and i've considered adding on an array of old laptops.04:24
_gtt_would you say it needed more ram or more drive space?04:24
=== pyrotix__ is now known as pyrotix
intelikey_gtt_ it needed both.   but i'd say more ram was more important.04:25
intelikey_gtt_ i put another 32m stick in and it worked much better     didn't hit OOMK nearly as often04:26
intelikeyi didn't have swap04:26
* intelikey never uses swap04:26
_gtt_why never use swap?04:27
intelikeybut when kde wasn't running it was just like any other linux console.   you never knew it was a p1  or that it only had 64m ram04:27
intelikey_gtt_ ah just a choice.04:27
pyrotixchanged router firmware, can someone try or nmap me and see if 80/81 are open?04:27
adamonline46Can I mount an FTP share?04:28
_gtt_i need some help with samba if anyone's got a sec.04:28
_gtt_adamonline46: using curlfs or whatver it is yes.04:28
* intelikey has the seconds, just not the experance...04:28
_gtt_know how to check a useful log on it?04:29
adamonline46_gtt_: Alright... I don't seem to be getting any good results in google with that...04:29
intelikeyno. i'm network illiterate.   and i don't do windows.   so samba is as forign to me as jupeter air04:30
_gtt_adamonline46: gimme a min to research it04:30
adamonline46I think it might be curlftpfs04:31
kub^pyrotix still blocked mate04:31
_gtt_adamonline46: that's it04:31
kub^pyrotix:  you dont have any odd port triggers going on?04:31
=== _Kernel is now known as Kernel
intelikeyhmmm is that a bell.ca  network subset ?04:37
intelikeyi was trying to tracepath back to him to see where it jumped off    his isp may be blocking him.    "pyrotix"04:39
=== fifoi is now known as CheGuevara
geniiBah. Shouldn't smb://name@someservername/sharename     work?04:39
kub^intelikey: it is a bell.ca one he moved his webserver to port 81 tho and nmap -P0 -p T:80,81 picks them up as filtered04:41
intelikeyk   so it could be his isp blocking port 80    no ?04:42
_gtt_genii: it should04:43
kub^maybe but why would they block port 80? anyway im off to bed its 5am i do like a good network issue to wrestle with but i should get some sleep im off to tenerife when i wake up, gn gl :)04:43
kub^port 81 *04:43
genii_gtt_: Should prompt for password, I would hope.04:44
adamonline46genii: That's exactly what I'm doing on my machine.  I can access the shares just fine from my WinXP machine, so I know it's a client-side thing...04:46
_gtt_not if you're using forced user share level authentication thought right?04:46
geniiI have share = user04:47
geniisecurity = user     rather :)04:48
_gtt_ok, me too.04:48
_gtt_did you use smbpasswd -a and -e ?04:48
genii_gtt_: Yup04:49
_gtt_yours works?04:49
genii_gtt_: I have usernames for system same as samba names, same passwords etc as well04:49
_gtt_me too.04:50
_gtt_but mine doesn't work :(04:50
=== justin_ is now known as justyb1123
adamonline46I feel you, _gtt_04:51
intelikeywhat means the output of ifconfig where inet addr:*.*.*.*  P-t-P:*.*.*.*  are different   ?04:51
justyb1123intelikey: This is a PPP connection04:52
justyb1123intelikey: Or could be PPPoE.  Either way you are using a point to point connection.04:52
intelikeyjustyb1123 yes ppp04:53
_gtt_i gotta get to setting up vpn at some point too.04:53
intelikeyso inet addr:  is the isp and  P-t-P: is this box ?04:54
justyb1123intelikey: the addr is your address. P-t-P is the remote04:54
intelikeyyou sure ?04:54
justyb1123intelikey: http://whatsmyip.org/  Check it out04:55
intelikeycause tracepath to the P-t-P goes dirrectly to the box on the 192. network.    and tracepath to the  inet addr:  goes to the isp04:55
intelikeyjustyb1123 thanks i will04:56
* genii messes with his smb.conf04:56
* maduser messed with xorg.conf04:56
* intelikey messes04:56
justyb1123intelikey: that's right.04:56
vellakdOkay, I got one for ya: how do I map additional keys on a mouse to key commands?04:57
justyb1123intelikey: The P-t-P address is the connection end of the tunnel.  That's your modem.04:57
intelikeyjustyb1123 heh according to that page nothing in  ifconfig is right04:57
=== ForeverZero is now known as sea4ever
intelikeyjustyb1123 ok and the   inet addr is ?04:58
justyb1123intelikey: Is the address routed to you other end of the tunnel at the ISP04:58
t1n0m3nI am on the live CD....  how do I mount the floppy disk?04:59
justyb1123intelikey: PPP is a Layer 2 protocol04:59
t1n0m3nI assume I need /media/floppy and something in fstab05:00
intelikeyjustyb1123 k05:00
maduserDOes the floppy appear on the desktop?05:00
t1n0m3nthere is no entry in fstab either05:00
justyb1123intelikey: Whereas IP is a Layer 3 protocol.05:00
intelikeyt1n0m3n mount /dev/fd0 /mnt05:01
maduserI had a similar problem with my HD05:01
maduserDoes the floppy appear in the disks and filesystems?05:01
=== Delvien_ is now known as Delvien
intelikeyt1n0m3n don't forget to umount it before you remove the disk05:02
justyb1123intelikey: So you use PPP(oE) to make a physical link to the ISP network.  This is also known as an Ethernet bridge05:02
t1n0m3nubuntu@ubuntu:/media$ sudo mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppymount: you must specify the filesystem typeubuntu@ubuntu:/media$05:02
t1n0m3nvfat right?05:02
maduseris it?05:02
justyb1123intelikey: In a sense05:02
* mrtimbo hi05:02
maduserdoes it appear in the disk and filsystems in avancced settings?05:02
maduserif it does you could mount it from there05:03
t1n0m3nwoot, that got it  "sudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /media/floppy"05:03
justyb1123intelikey: Firewalls and router rules are going to dictate a lot about what infromation you get from the public Internet05:04
intelikeyt1n0m3n you don't need the type   but yes...05:04
genii_gtt_: Try:     smb://username@servername/username05:04
t1n0m3nintelikey: it said that I needed the filetype or it would not mount05:04
intelikeyjustyb1123 t1n0m3n that was a false error.   caused by a first run on the device   udev had to create the device node.05:05
t1n0m3nahh, cool05:06
intelikeyi.e.  just issuing the same command would probably have mounted the same as adding the fs type05:06
justyb1123intelikey: I'm interested in your network setup.05:07
intelikeyjustyb1123 dialup05:07
intelikeyor do you mean the dmz this side of the modem ?05:07
justyb1123intelikey: No public side.  So it's PPP?05:07
intelikeyit's dialup modem   yes ppp05:08
justyb1123intelikey: Your box is getting a 192.168.*.* address from your ISP?05:09
intelikeyjustyb1123 no.  that's this side of the gatewat05:09
justyb1123intelikey:  Okay so you have a router that dials into ISP.  The box you are sitting at is not the router?05:10
intelikeyno router05:10
intelikeywell ok you can call the gateway box a router if that term applies.05:11
intelikeylike i said i'm network illiterate.05:11
intelikeythe hard part of setting up this network was getting the and the to seemlessly connect through one box.05:12
justyb1123intelikey:  Okay so gateway.  The gateway dials into your ISP?05:13
justyb1123intelikey: The gateway is not the system you are currently using?05:14
justyb1123intelikey: So you are sitting at the gateway?05:14
intelikeyit's in another room05:14
justyb1123intelikey: Okay so you are not sitting at the gateway.  Got'cha.05:15
justyb1123intelikey: Now the gateway has an internal address of 192.168.1.X/24?05:16
WildeSehnsuchthi. i would like to restrict *some* (not all) applications to send any data to broadcast on the network ( is there any gui tool to control things like these?05:16
justyb1123intelikey: So the internal netwark is 192.168.0.*/24  So the system you are sitting at is prefixed with 192.168.0?05:17
intelikeythe DMZ server has both and   and the other boxen connect through it05:17
justyb1123intelikey: I see you have a DMZ05:17
=== david__ is now known as AdamB
justyb1123intelikey: So if I get this right...  Client network 192.168.0.*.  DMZ zone 192.168.1.*  And then you have a modem that dials into your ISP05:19
Agent_bobdon't panic.  my isp does that to me even when no one is messing with my connection   lol05:19
Agent_bob<<< intelikey05:19
AdamBok I'm running some apps in wine, and they look like arse, so i tried the themeing stuff in wine, i got some .msstyles from the net and they work sorta... things like buttons and such still look very windows 95ish, is this as far as themeing goes in wine?05:20
Agent_bobjustyb1123 something like that.    inet--modem-box1-eth0--
justyb1123intelikey:  Okay then you have your ppp0 interface?05:21
Agent_bobs/modem/ppp0/   if you will05:22
justyb1123Okay so ifconfig ppp0 gives you some infromation?05:23
Agent_bobonly on the box with the modem in it      :)05:23
justyb1123Of course.05:24
Agent_bobof course05:24
justyb1123So now the addr of ppp0 on the gateway is the address given to you by the ISP.05:25
Agent_boband thats where i was wondering about the  different addresses for   inet addr:  and  P-n-P;05:25
Agent_bobyes it is.05:25
justyb1123So now when you go to http://whatsmyip.org/  it tells you that your public IP is different than the addr field?05:26
Agent_bobno it's the same.05:27
Agent_boband it's the one you see with a /whois me05:27
justyb1123Agent_bob: Okay that's what I was wondering about.05:27
Agent_bobbut if i try to trace path to that address i only get a path to the isp  not to the gateway box   and that's what throw me for a loop05:28
justyb1123So the addr address is the address that the ISP says you have.  The P-t-P address is the end point on the tunnel to your ISP.05:29
=== Kernel is now known as _Kernel
Agent_bobwhich end ?05:29
Agent_bobthe isp's end or my end ?05:29
justyb1123At your ISP end.05:31
justyb1123Your end is the addr05:32
Agent_bobodd   tracepath to the P-t-P address takes me streight to the 192.* of the gateway box....05:32
justyb1123from the gateway box or from a client system?05:33
Agent_bobfrom the client05:34
justyb1123That's because the route has to pass through your gateway in order to reach the Internet.05:34
justyb1123Since your P-t-P address prefix does not equal the prefix of your client it goes stright to the gateway to decide the fate.05:35
Agent_bobyeah but it never returns anything from the inet05:35
justyb1123Do you ever get a reached message from tracepath to the P-t-P address?05:36
Agent_boba trace to the   inet addr:  goes the same first steps and then hits the isp and ends the search05:36
Agent_bobjustyb1123 no.05:36
justyb11231:  68.X.X.X      0.867ms reached  Like this?05:37
Agent_bob22:  no reply05:37
Agent_bob23:  no reply05:37
Agent_bobthat expires &05:37
justyb1123Okay that is normal.05:39
biovoreicmp is probably block or dosn't respond to traceroute..05:39
biovorelocked down router..05:39
Agent_bobi get a destination on the inet addr    but not on the p-t-p addr  just the hops to the gateway and then the no reply05:39
adamonline46If I ripped an .avi with acidrip, which codec do I need to play it on my windows machine?05:39
Agent_bobbiovore could be if there was a router05:39
biovoreor ipv6 tunnel ?05:39
justyb1123biovore: No with a PPP tunnel how are you going to trace to a point you pass every time you hit the Internet?05:40
Agent_bobnope no ipv6 either05:40
biovoreoh this a ppp tunnel over ssh or something?05:40
justyb1123biovore: Just an ISP dial up connection.05:41
biovoreyou get the same thing on cable modems.. ussualy the last mile is something weird..  here comcast actualy moves IP traffic over ipv6 to the modems then un-encapuslated.  The frist few hops on trace route are not routable.. and show as no-reply05:43
biovorewith dial-up it depends on the ras system there ussing..05:43
justyb1123Think of it this way.  The P-t-P address is like the end of a train tunnel.  Your data enters the tunnel going towards the P-t-P address.  Once it leaves the tunnel it's still looking for the P-t-P address but it can not because it has already lassed the point.05:44
biovoreyou do have that too..05:44
justyb1123Most routers on your ISP have some form of STP to prevent loop back packets.  So the packet timeout and is discarded.05:45
biovoreptp should be an encapustion..05:45
biovoreso basicly putting a letter in an envolope then send to the other end of the tunnel.. then pulls the letter out of the envlope and sends it along..05:46
justyb1123biovore: What are you encapsulating?  PPP is a layer 2 protocol.  It acts just like a Ethernet wire streched all the way to the ISP05:47
justyb1123biovore: encapsulation is like encoding IPX protocols in an IP packet.  Or sending SOAP request over HTTP05:48
justyb1123biovore: You take one method of one layer and send it via a different method within the same layer.05:49
Agent_bobhere i ran this from the DMZ server.  if it makes it any more clear.   and justyb1123 i can see what you were saying...  thanks for clearing that up.05:50
Triggerhey guys05:51
Triggermy brother and I just got kubuntu on his computer sorta05:51
Triggerwe got it to load05:51
Triggeralthough we are sorta lost05:52
Triggerwhen we loaded it from his comp wtih windows05:52
Triggerit  was similar to windows itself05:52
Triggernow that we loaded on a comp with no other os05:52
Triggeralot of text has come up05:52
Triggerwe are assuming we need to add a user05:52
Triggerbut, are a bit lost as to how to do this.05:52
Agent_bobyou don't get a GUI login screen ?05:53
justyb1123So in cable modem you would have (Coax - 802.1D - IP - TCP - HTTP)  If we were going to a web page.  On dial-up (RJ-11 - PPP - IP - TCP -HTTP)05:53
Triggerif that means graphic user interface05:53
Triggerthen no05:53
biovoreppp is like hdlc05:54
Agent_bobok.  probably need to reconfigure xorg05:54
Triggeri should probably point out that we are loading it from my external hard drive >.<05:54
justyb1123biovore: si...05:54
Triggerbecause the new comp has no dvd drive cd drive or floppy drive05:54
justyb1123I mean yes.05:54
Agent_bobTrigger yeah.   ok. can you login in the console ?05:55
justyb1123Okay I have got to go.05:55
Triggernot at the moment05:55
Agent_bobconsole ~= the dos prompt05:55
Triggerwe can enter things although i have no idea if it would qualify as a dos prompt05:55
Agent_bobTrigger ?05:56
Triggermost of what we enter comes up as invalid command05:56
=== _Kernel is now known as kernel
Agent_bobok describe in detail what it does do05:56
=== kernel is now known as Kernel
Agent_bobwhat you see.05:56
Triggerit says ubuntu@ubuntu:~$05:56
Triggerand we can type something05:56
Agent_bobok you are in a console05:57
Triggerok any idea where to go from there?05:57
Agent_bobnow type this into it.    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:57
rich1how do i set dolphin up to show hidden files by default?05:58
Triggerit asked to autodetect from video card05:58
Agent_bobit should start asking you questions about your hardware.05:58
Triggeryeah it is05:58
Agent_bobTrigger yes tell it yes05:58
Triggerand now it seems to be locked up05:59
Agent_bobwe hope not.05:59
Triggerit says any users of computers with multiple video devices  specify the bus idea06:00
bmk789_anyone know how to configure a mute button?06:00
Triggerthen it says ok at the bottom but, when we hit enter it won't let us continue06:00
Agent_bobdo you have more than one vidio card ?06:00
Triggerits a single 880006:00
bmk789_when i press it, it says mute on or mute off but it doesnt actually mute the adapter06:00
Triggerwe do have quad core processor06:00
Agent_bobthen leave it blank and hit enter06:01
Triggerwhen he hits enter nothing happens06:01
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
Triggerhe can scroll up and down but, hitting enter does nothing06:01
Triggerany idea why hitting enter does nothing? 0.o06:04
Agent_bobactually. no.06:05
Agent_bobpress the three key combo   alt+sysRQ+r   and try again maybe06:05
Agent_bobon desktop 102key  it is shared with print-screen06:06
Agent_boblappy could be anywhere06:06
Triggeroh ><06:07
Triggerits a desktop06:07
Agent_boblook on the print-screen button06:07
Triggerand now we are back to console 0.o06:07
Agent_bobok   finished the config ?06:08
Triggerit restarted06:08
Triggerwe did the alt sysrq r06:08
Triggerand now its asking about kernal frame buffer device interface06:08
Agent_bobtell it no06:09
Agent_bobit didn't restart   it waited on you.06:09
Triggeroh >.<06:09
yuriyknetworkmanager keeps connecting to a network on startup that i don't want to connect to, how do i make it stop?06:09
Agent_bobwhat you just saw happen was kdm retrying to start06:09
Agent_bobnow i understand what you were trying to describe06:10
Triggernow its asking mouse protocal06:10
Triggeror ExplorerPs/206:11
Agent_bobwhat kind of mouse do you have06:11
Agent_bobhow is it connected to the computer ?06:11
Triggerthrew a mouse port06:11
Agent_bobshort for improved ps206:12
Triggerwrite files section to configuration file/06:12
Triggerit asked default color depth in bits06:13
Triggermy brother selected 25 and hit enter06:13
Triggerand brought us back to the console06:13
Triggerit left the 24 up there06:13
Agent_bobok type in       sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart06:13
Agent_bobthe screen sill change...06:13
Agent_bobwe hope it loads the gui.06:14
Triggerright now its just a  blinking underscore.06:14
Agent_bobthat's not good.06:15
Agent_bobthat is after the command ?06:15
Triggerwell that does suck >.<06:15
Agent_bobyou can run through the configuration again and select  vesa   for the vidio driver and try that06:16
Triggerout of curiosity06:17
Triggerthere were two steps we skipped when entering the code to my external hard drive06:17
Triggerone was a code which we entered06:17
Agent_boboh and you are new to the linux console.  let me explain right quick that you have 6 consoles running and you can switch between them with   ctrl+alt+f#  where f# is f1 through f606:17
TriggerI say we skipped it but, its more like I don't have any idea if we entered it right06:17
Agent_bobok what were they ?06:18
Triggerwell from using https://wiki.kubuntu.org/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:18
Triggerwe didn't enter syslinux -maf X:06:18
Triggerwell we did but, I don't think it worked properly06:19
Trigger 06:19
TriggerKubuntu difference: text editor 'kwrite' instead of 'gedit'.06:19
Trigger 06:19
TriggerKubuntu difference: replace 'preseed/ltsp.seed' by 'preseed/kubuntu.seed'.06:19
Triggerwas the other06:19
Triggerbtw thx for your help >.<06:22
Agent_bobTrigger that's all a boot issue.  you are at a linux console, so it booted.   the issue you are having is an xorg issue.  if you get xorg configured propperly you will get the GUI   kde06:23
Triggerhm we got something switching to visa06:23
Triggerhm just making sure >.<06:24
Triggerok it booted for a brief second with GUI06:24
Triggerlike we saw the mouse06:24
Triggerwith a blue screen in back06:24
Triggerand then it switched back to the blinking underscore06:24
Agent_bobTrigger one other thing   you can use the command   startx   to test xorg06:25
Agent_bobthat should help you debug it.  by displaying some error message about why it's not working06:25
Agent_boblook for     EE in the output.06:25
Triggerhow can we get into the console from just the blinking underscore?06:25
Agent_boboh and you are new to the linux console.  let me explain right quick that you have 6 consoles running and you can switch between them with   ctrl+alt+f#  where f# is f1 through f6  <<<06:26
Triggerwait stupid question>.<06:26
Triggersrry right after i asked i scrolled back up .>,06:26
Triggerok this is rather wierd06:27
Triggerwhen we entered start x06:27
Triggerit popped up with a blue screen and the mouse06:27
Triggernow its displaying some data06:27
abdullaguys which is better for gmail ? imap or POP3?06:28
Triggerfor Ee it says AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRi capable06:28
Agent_bobi'm going to guess   "your session lasted less than 10 seconds..."  message06:28
Agent_bobTrigger anyother EE  ?06:29
Triggerthats the only EE06:29
Agent_bobTrigger try this one.     X & sleep 4 ; x-terminal-emulator --display :006:30
Agent_bobthat should dump you into a gui based terminal   the reason for the test is to determine if it's an xorg problem or a de problem06:32
Triggernow its on  a grey screen06:32
Triggerwith black x for a curser06:32
Agent_bobyes and did a window open in it ?06:32
Triggerjust a blank grey screen with  a black x in the middle06:33
Agent_bobok use   crtl+alt+f1   and see what's it saying06:33
Triggeralthough I think my brother accidently put a space between : and 006:33
Agent_bobthat answered one thing already.  you have xorg working  it just isn't finding anything to do.06:34
Agent_bobi.e. not starting kde06:34
TriggerFatal Server error:06:34
Triggerserver is already active for display 006:34
Triggerif this server is no longer running, remove/tmp/.X0-lock06:35
Trigger-bash: Sleep: command not found06:35
Triggersegmentation fault (core dumped_06:35
Agent_bobno caps.06:35
Agent_bobeverything in the linux console is case sensitive06:35
Agent_bobhmmm what segfalted ?06:36
Agent_bobis the box networked ?06:36
Triggerbox networked?06:36
Agent_bobthe computer you are working on.   is it connected to a network    "internet"06:37
Triggerit has no os to run net drivers06:37
Triggerand no built in wifi card attached or external06:37
cam_hey guys hows it going06:37
Agent_bob<Trigger> it has no os to run net drivers <<< has the same OS i'm using.06:37
Triggerok well 20 minutes ago it had no os to run net drives.06:38
Agent_bobok. :)   well.  the reason i asked was a quick reinstall of kdebase might fix your problem.   but that would require a network connection.06:39
Triggerwe have a usb usb cable but, I somehow doubt that is gunna help atm06:39
Agent_bobif i knew networking...    but alas not well enough to walk you through a cli usb2usb framework.06:40
Triggerwe are still booting from my external hard drive >><06:41
Agent_bobTrigger i'm not sure what to say.   you have xorg working.   i don't know what segfalted.   and i don't know why kde isn't starting.     you can try this if you want.   export display=':0' ;startkde06:42
cam_is there a diffrence b/w xorg and xfree86?06:43
Triggera list of options came up06:44
Agent_bobcam_ yes there is.06:44
Agent_bobTrigger what options ?06:44
Triggergrammar display host id id name name font name remove propname set propname value root06:44
cam_is one newer than the other Agent_bob06:45
Triggerlen n notype fs filename frame f propnameformat06:45
=== cam_ is now known as Cam1223
Agent_bobcam_ i assume that xfree86 is still maintained  they forked about 4 years ago06:46
Triggerhey bob does it make any difference that we are booting from our external hard drive?06:46
Agent_bobTrigger where are you seeing these options ?06:47
Triggerwhen i entered the command you gave me06:47
Triggerthats the list of options it gave me06:47
Agent_bobTrigger yes and no.   yes in that it's the live CD we are working with.  no in that it should all work the same form any media.06:47
Triggerwell earlier you mentioned replacing a particular file06:48
adamonline46hello.  Does anyone know why I can't seem to connect to any samba servers from my kubuntu install?06:48
Triggeri was just wondering if it made any difference that it was on my external hard drive06:48
Agent_bobit shouldn't have given any otpions.06:48
Triggerto list everything it said06:49
Triggerstartkde:shutting down...06:49
Agent_bobTrigger ues the right alt key and the left dirrectional arrow and scroll left looking for a gui06:49
Triggergrey screen with the black x in the middle06:50
Agent_bob!samba | adamonline46 all i can do is point you at the docs06:51
ubotuadamonline46 all i can do is point you at the docs: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:51
Agent_boband that's probably old hat to you.06:51
Agent_bobTrigger ok.06:51
adamonline46Agent_bob: Thank you, and yeah, it's been scoured 8)06:52
Agent_bobTrigger i'm going to have to give up on that pinguin.  without a network connection there is so little i can think of to do to it.06:52
Triggerwell we have a spare wireless adapter06:52
Triggerany chance we can actually network it?06:52
Agent_bobdepends on the chipset06:53
Agent_bob!wifi | Trigger check here before you try it.06:53
ubotuTrigger check here before you try it.: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:53
sasha_if i change a setting in bttv in /etc/modprobe.d do i need to reload anything for the changes to take effect ?06:53
Agent_bobif the chip is supported without having ot use ndiswraper  then yes probably.06:53
Agent_bob@ Trigger ^06:54
Agent_bobsasha_ yes.06:54
Triggergunna throw this out there06:54
Cam1223oh man good luck i spent like 4 days gettin my wifi to work06:54
Triggeri do have an ethernet cable too 0.o06:54
sasha_Agent_bob, unload and reload the module ?06:54
Triggerthat i can connect directly to both comps06:54
Agent_bobsasha_ yes06:55
sasha_Agent_bob, thx06:55
Agent_bobTrigger then you have a network.  linux does that very well.06:55
Agent_bobcrossover eth cable is as they say "da bomb"06:56
Triggerok i plugged the ether net cable from one comp to the other06:56
Agent_bobok what the other running ?06:57
Triggeryes i'm on my laptop and both comps are running06:57
Agent_bobwhat is it running tho06:57
* Agent_bob doesn't do windows06:57
Triggergah ..<06:57
Triggeri'm on windows xp06:57
Agent_bobk you'll have to set it to share your internet connection06:58
Triggerok how do i do that?06:58
Agent_bobthen on the linux side   sudo ifup eth0     should get you an ip.06:59
Agent_bobhow indeed.   you are the one that uses windows.    not me.06:59
Agent_bobback in win9x it was in   my computer   control pannel   networking07:00
Agent_bobxp i have no clue.07:00
Triggeron the linux side07:00
Agent_bobsudo ifup eth007:00
Triggerit says ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth007:00
Agent_bobifconfig    to see if it's up.07:01
fedlerhi all!  Is irc just like a chat room?07:01
fedleror is this a support line?07:01
Agent_bobthis is the official support for kubuntu07:01
ardchoillefedler: This is a support channel for Kubuntu07:01
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic07:01
Triggerit seems to be up07:01
fedlerk have a good holiday and thanks07:02
Agent_bobTrigger    sudo ping google.com07:02
Agent_bobfedler there are other channels07:02
Agent_bobtoo late.07:02
Triggerping: unknown host google.com07:02
Agent_bobTrigger ok.07:02
Agent_bobping the ip of the windows box07:02
Triggerping the windows box?07:03
Triggerthat would be sudo ping windows box?07:04
Agent_bobno it's ip07:04
Agent_bobsomething like
Agent_bobwhat ever it is.07:05
Agent_bobwhat address did you get from the    ifconfig   command when you ran it?07:06
Triggerok it keeps going07:06
Triggersays 64 bytes from my ip07:06
Agent_bobthat ctrl+c07:07
Triggerthen icmp_seq=07:07
Trigger38 packets transmitted 38 recieved 0% packets lost07:07
Agent_bobgood. you can transfer data.   check the  dns address on the windows box and set the same in the linux box     to set it   sudo /etc/resolv.conf07:09
Agent_bobgood. you can transfer data.   check the  dns address on the windows box and set the same in the linux box     to set it   sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf07:09
Agent_bobnot sure if you have to ifupdown to reread that.  anyone ?07:10
Agent_bobi think you do... ?07:10
Triggercommand not found07:10
Agent_bobi typoed the first one ^07:11
Agent_bobnano is  the default cli based text editor in *buntu07:11
Triggercommand still not found07:12
Agent_bobfull error message please ?07:12
Triggerwow this tijme it brought me to a new screen07:12
Triggersays ^G get help07:12
Agent_bobthat's nano07:12
Trigger^O WriteOut07:12
Agent_bobthe text editor07:13
Agent_boband the  ^ means the ctrl key07:13
Agent_bobor as some say   super07:13
Triggeralright so where should I go.07:13
Agent_bobyou should write in   nameserver *.*.*.*      where the *.*. is the actual address07:14
Agent_bobsave and exit.07:14
Triggerfile name to write? 0.o07:15
Agent_bobit should list the /etc/resolv.conf  as the default option07:16
Agent_bobjust hit enter07:16
Triggererror writing no such file or directory07:16
Triggermusta entered address wrong07:16
Agent_boblet me think a minute.07:17
Agent_boblive CD.... that should still be writable.07:17
Agent_bobswitch to tty2 and     sudo touch /etc/resolv.conf07:17
Triggertouch: cannot touch `/ect/resolv.conf': No such file or directory07:19
Agent_boboh my07:19
Agent_bobi could have expected something like    touch: cannot touch `/bob': Permission denied  or even  touch: cannot touch `/mnt/cdrom/bob': Read-only file system    but that error message doesn't make sense to me07:22
sn00zerhello all, is it possible to upgrade a single app? i know i can do aptitude upgrade and it will upgrade anything available, but I only want to upgrade clamav07:23
* Trigger sighs07:23
Agent_bobsn00zer yes   you can   apt-get install --reinstall blah  and it should upgrade it to the latest07:24
Triggernewbs bad luck never seems to fail07:24
Agent_bobTrigger yeah.   i've been there.   that's one reason i try to help in here.07:24
Triggerlol i appreciate it07:24
LynoureTrigger: there was a typo in what you wrote, I think07:25
LynoureTrigger: not /ect/resolv.conf but /etc/resolv.conf07:25
Triggerso its /ect/resolv.conf07:26
LynoureBut of course I cannot tell if it was a typo in your command (that would explain the error)07:26
Triggerwell in full sudo touch /ect/resolv.conf07:26
Agent_bobLynoure you nailed it.  i just tested07:26
Lynoureor in your writing of the error.07:26
Agent_bobTrigger no07:26
Agent_bobnot ect   etc07:26
Triggerwell i did etc07:27
Triggerand nothing happened07:27
Agent_bobgood   no error means no error07:28
Triggerok now i got something07:28
Agent_bobcan you ping google.com now ?07:28
Trigger[ 4252.468676] Buffer I/O error on device sdb507:28
Agent_bobsdb5 ?   pindrive with multiple partitions ?07:29
Triggerping: unknown host07:29
Triggerexternal hard drive07:29
Triggerit has 2 partitions07:29
Agent_boboh i think you have to   sudo ifconfig eth0 down ;sudo ifup eth007:30
Agent_bobto make it read the new dns info07:30
Triggerunknown interface eth0=eth007:31
Agent_bobyou got that a while ago to  so did it change anything ?07:31
Triggeri guess not07:32
Agent_bobstill can't ping outside the dmz    it could be on the windows side still07:32
Agent_bobyou need someone that is better with networking and knows windows07:33
Triggerit has an exclaimation mark on the LAC07:33
Triggerfor windows meaning poor connection07:33
Triggerworth a shot to renew my connection >.<07:34
* Agent_bob knows file systems and cli apps. not windows and networking07:34
Triggerwonder if anyone knows winedows and networking >.<07:34
Agent_bobbazhang linux to windows to world.07:36
bazhangjust ask in windows irc channel but dont say a word about kubuntu :}07:36
Agent_bobthat's a thought07:37
Agent_bobTrigger  /join ##windows07:37
Triggerlol and how would i go about asking XD07:37
Agent_bobask them how to enable network sharing and how to test it07:37
Agent_boberrr share an internet connection   maybe07:38
Triggerhope they don't whois me07:38
Agent_bobthat too07:38
Agent_bobanyway if you can get connected, or when you do.   ( sudo apt-get install --reinstall kdebase-bin kdebase-data )07:40
Agent_bobi have to make rounds.07:41
Triggerwell thanks a mill07:41
Agent_bobwelcome a gig07:41
Triggera )07:41
Trigger# Joins: cj_sze27 (n=cj@
Trigger<Agent_bob> i have to make rounds.07:41
Trigger# Quits: vit_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))07:41
Trigger<Trigger> well thanks a mill07:41
Trigger# Quits: Darkrift411 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))07:41
Trigger<Agent_bob> welcome a gig07:41
Triggersudo apt-get install --reinstall kdebase-bin kdebase-data )07:41
Trigger# Joins: cj_sze27 (n=cj@
Trigger<Agent_bob> i have to make rounds.07:41
Trigger# Quits: vit_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))07:41
Trigger<Trigger> well thanks a mill07:41
Trigger# Quits: Darkrift411 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))07:41
Trigger<Agent_bob> welcome a gig07:41
Trigger<Trigger> a )07:42
Trigger<Trigger> # Joins: cj_sze27 (n=cj@
Trigger<Trigger> <Agent_bob> i have to make rounds.07:42
Trigger<Trigger> # Quits: vit_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))07:42
Trigger<Trigger> <Trigger> well thanks a mill07:42
Trigger<Trigger> # Quits: Darkrift411 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))07:42
Agent_bobardchoille that was an accident i'm sure.07:42
ardchoilleTwo in a row, yes, and I muted to stop the spam.07:43
cj_sze27what's that??07:43
Xplicitdoes the alt install cd need a working internet conection?07:47
ardchoilleXplicit: afaik, it installs from the cd itself07:48
npurcifuli have a stupid problem07:54
npurcifulmaybe someone can give me some insite07:54
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:54
npurcifulat KDM console login goes to black screen07:55
npurcifulthe option never lets you login07:55
npurcifulafter a minute or so goes back to kdm07:55
npurcifulI have done dpkg-reconfigure kdm didnt help though07:56
Triggerwhen i tried to reinstall07:57
Triggerit said reading state information.. done07:59
Trigger0 upgraded 0 newly installed 2 reinstalled 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded07:59
Triggerneed to ge 10.8mbb of archives07:59
Triggerafter unpacking 0b of additional disk space will be used07:59
Triggerdo you want to continue?07:59
Triggerthen it says err http://archive blah blah07:59
Triggercouldd not resolve 'archive.ubuntu.com'08:00
=== llo is now known as rubenn
Triggeri don't guess anyone else can help me eh?08:04
se7ennpurciful: you can strart x but you are not able to crtl+alt+F1 into a treminal?08:05
LynoureTrigger: maybe, but I haven't followed your whole timeline. Can you give a 2 line summary or something?08:07
npurcifuli get blank08:07
Triggerok. no gui.08:07
adamonline46How do I kill an application?  There's a key combination, right?08:07
Triggerattempted to use ethernet to reinstall kde08:07
bazhangalt f2 xkill click on the offending window08:08
LynoureTrigger: have you pastebinned your /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf, and results of  ifconfig   already?08:08
Triggerif i haven't then i at least tried08:09
se7enadamonline46: killall your aplication or top and search for the pid # and kill the #08:09
bazhangpasted in the channel or to pastebin Trigger08:09
LynoureTrigger: pastebin url?08:10
Triggerpastebin url?08:10
se7ennpurciful: if you have neither x nor terminal how did you do dpkg-reconfigure then?08:10
adamonline46se7en: I can't seem to find it in the top list... Hmm...  Do you know what Smb4k would be?08:10
npurcifuli have x08:11
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)08:11
Triggerso you want me to past the convo as its been conversed?08:11
LynoureTrigger: if you cannot get the text out to the web, even a digital photo of the text would really help.08:12
LynoureTrigger: no, the stuff I said above:  /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf, and results of  ifconfig08:12
se7enadamonline46: try s aux | grep smb4k08:12
se7enadamonline46: try ps aux | grep smb4k08:13
npurcifulMy basic problem is that the option to get to the Console in KDM, ctrl+ALT+F1 doesnt work blinking cursor08:16
Triggeri typed up the ip config info08:17
Triggerwhat kind of text should it be put in before i hit paste?08:17
Triggertext only?08:18
QarlHow does one downgrade the apt package flashplugin-nonfree to the one from a couple of weeks ago?  This new package chokes Konqi.08:20
npurcifulhey i will be back, it think i found fix, let you know08:20
ardchoille!flashissue | Qarl08:20
ubotuQarl: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.08:20
Qarlardchoille: oops.  I should of looked before asking.  Thanks08:20
ardchoilleQarl: No problem :)08:21
LynoureTrigger: do not paste here, paste into the pastebin... No special formatting, just put what's in those files and what you get from that command.08:21
LynoureTrigger: no wonder you get no network at all... no network interfaces up at all. I wonder if you have them in your /etc/network/interfaces either08:23
adamonline46se7en: That worked, thank you :)08:24
npurcifulOkay fixed it08:30
npurcifulthe problem was i set vga=794 in grub, this i guess break console login08:31
se7ennpurciful: :)08:32
npurcifulOkay next how to fix my kubuntu loading screen its resolution is small as the and the logo takes the whole screen08:34
Triggerok so... restarted08:34
Triggernow my external hd isn't even registering :(08:34
npurcifulit is like it is 640x48008:39
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=== zMooTh` is now known as zMooTh
hyper_chI can't graphically login anymore. When I look at the .xsession-errors file I has this:  http://phpfi.com/28559709:30
fdovinghyper_ch: did you upgrade anything recently?09:36
hyper_chfdoving: nope09:37
hyper_chfdoving: just a reboot after kontact and konqueror behaved strangely09:37
hyper_chfdoving: however I got a new clue now:  http://phpfi.com/28559709:37
konradI'm having a problem with Amarok. Special characters like Ã¥, ä, ö display like ö09:39
konradlocale is sv_SE.UTF-809:39
konradI found a solution of manually setting the font to San Serif, but that didn't help either09:40
Lynourekonrad: I see those special characters wrong, apart from the ö (I get A with tilde + yen, A with tilde + currency, A with tilde + tab mark). What are they supposed to be?09:41
Lynourekonrad: possibly just a matter of using an unicode font that does all those.09:41
fdovinghyper_ch: do you use glx?09:41
hyper_chfdoving: I think so09:42
fdovingi mean xgl09:42
fdovingyou can try to disable it.09:42
fdovingif you make the file: ~/.config/xserver-xgl/disable09:42
fdovingand restart kdm.09:43
hyper_chfdoving: there's no xserver-xgl folder09:43
fdovinghyper_ch: make it.09:43
hyper_chfdoving: just creating an empty file named disable?09:44
poison--mornin guys09:48
fdovinghyper_ch: yep.09:49
hyper_chfdoving: ok, still need to wait a bit until the copying is done09:50
amber_Do labradooles have fur or wool because poodles have  wool and labradors have fur10:17
se7en__isn't there a comand for a calculator10:25
Jucatowhat are you looking for?10:26
hyper_chfdoving: now restarting...10:29
fdovingse7en__: like 'bc' ?10:30
JucatoAlt+Space (Katapult) and Alt+F2 (Run Command) can functions as simple calculators too10:30
fdovingso can google10:31
Jucatobut not as fast :P10:31
Jucatooh, and you need bc installed to be able to do floating point arithmetic in Run Command10:31
se7en__fdoving: yes thanks10:32
milestonehi all10:35
milestonecan someone tell me why i should use strigi over kerry/beagle?10:35
fdovingin its current state you shouldn't in my opinion.10:36
milestonefdoving: well it comes with kubuntu in gutsy doesn't it?10:36
fdovingthat's not because it's the best solution at this time.10:37
milestoneso kerry/beagle is better?10:37
fdovingI belive so, i use kerry/beagle myself in kde3.10:37
fdovingstrigi from svn, the development version, that comes with kde4 is much better than the gutsy version. atleast that's my experience.10:38
milestonefdoving: but really why was strigi being brought in? kerry/beagle does a good job in my opinion10:39
=== antonio_ is now known as Anthrax
emilsedghmilestone: strigi is KDE3 is a simple tool, in KDE4 it plays a bigger role10:40
emilsedghmilestone: its super fast10:40
se7en__what is stiggi10:40
Lynoureno idea :)10:41
Lynourestrigi is a seach tool.10:41
emilsedghstrigi 'in' kde3, sorry for typo10:41
se7en__like find?10:42
Jucatomore like locate10:44
Jucatoit's an indexing app10:44
ubotuServices to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)10:44
milestonese7en__: it is like google desktop search10:44
=== oem is now known as marcx
se7en_is the only place where i can find out something of the ram in cat /proc/meminfo which tells me how much ram is in the box but not what kind11:10
ScorpKingse7en_: try sudo lshw | less11:12
serenityis there a kde GUI for unison?11:14
ubuntuTiffi macht Sylvesterparty !!!11:15
berkesheyas! Somehow my soundsystem stopped working. Were there any updates that broke alsa, or some hardware recently?11:31
=== sivaji is now known as ksivaji
serenityis there a kde GUI for unison?11:41
berkesserenity: at least a GTK one. http://newbiedoc.berlios.de/wiki/Synchronising_laptop_and_desktop_files_using_Unison#Test-run_unison-2.9.1-gtk11:47
serenityberkes: i know about that11:48
berkesserenity: I assume you are looking for a K/QT frontend, not?11:53
berkesI canot find anything on kde-apps, so I guess it does not exist.11:54
serenityberkes: that was the first place of choice11:54
berkesbut maybe there is a kommander script to be found?11:54
berkesif not, taht should not be too hard to make yourself :p11:54
serenityergo: if it's not on kdeapps, there is none ;)11:54
fadeyhi.I have a kde4 question.Does the lower pannel allow draging icons onto it?So far I had no luck12:01
fdovingfadey: yes, from the add widget box.12:01
fdovingright-click on the desktop, -> add widgets -> drag from the list to the panel.12:02
fadeythanks. I'll try12:03
=== maisheu is now known as schiste
fadeyWhat could be a widget? The "Add widget" dialog shows a very limited number of them12:04
fadeycould I drag a regular file?12:05
fdovingno, only widgets. you can however add a "Icon", then modify it to become an application launcher.12:06
federicow la fica12:11
etfbI'm having knetworkmanager trouble.  Can't convince it to automatically connect to a wireless access point, even when it's "known" to the system.  Any hints?12:11
federicociao danilo12:12
federicoa te funziona la wireless?12:12
etfb!it | federico12:12
ubotufederico: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!12:12
absolutekoldMorning all...  hey has anyone had problems logging out..  sometimes when i log out of my (multiuser) box instead of going back to the kdm login it goes to tty8 and tty7 dosent even come up..12:14
etfbIs there a channel for debugging wireless problems on Ubuntu?  I keep asking about this one (a bunch of times in the last couple of weeks) but it seems wifi experts are pretty rare.12:15
absolutekoldi log in from a prompt and startx works just fine but kdm wont come up unless i reboot manually..  this dosent bother me much but the other users who are afraid of the command line and have no sudo priv's get lost12:16
fadeydid you try to restart kdm with an rc script?12:17
absolutekoldno not yet..12:18
absolutekoldit doesnt happen often just every so often so i just reboot and everything works fine..12:19
absolutekoldwill giv the rc scripts a try next time though12:19
absolutekold...  next adventure orange box...12:21
Jucato"sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart" btw12:21
absolutekoldthanks didn12:22
absolutekold**didn't see a restart command in the man page12:22
Jucatoabsolutekold: there's a predefined set of commands you can use with any init/rc script: start, stop, restart, reload, etc12:23
Jucatousually all init/rc scripts have those12:23
PoeticJaffaCakehey guys, I'm having a problem after installing kubuntu, with grub.  It hasn't picked up my vista installation on a second hardrive, which means I can't access it.  I have tried to edit the grub menu, but I'm having trouble getting the vista disk device id correct12:25
etfb!grub | PoeticJaffaCake12:25
ubotuPoeticJaffaCake: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto12:25
PoeticJaffaCakethank you12:25
Dr_willisThe grub homepage has some very good docs also.12:25
etfbPoeticJaffaCake: No worries.  If it doesn't help, come back and there'll be battle-scarred veterans here to offer suggestions and/or sympathy...12:26
HS^hello i installed a package, and with it it installed alot of dependencies12:27
HS^now how do i uninstall them all12:27
PoeticJaffaCakeit doesn't seem to tell me how to id the drive vista is on, i did try hd1,012:27
absolutekoldi should have guessed have had to do some of that when i had apache up and running, but its been a bit since i've played with init scripts. gonna post a bug at kde anyway..  this leading to the fact none of the other users have sudo ability nor the desire to ever see the command line.  they are still pissed that i havent givent the "house" computer over to windows.. but its still my box so f*.* em i say12:28
HS^if i just use synaptic and say uninstall package.. it just removes that 1 package12:28
HS^i want them all removed.12:28
etfbHS^: If you first uninstall the original package, it will tell you that the others ones are no longer needed, and you can use <<sudo apt-get autoremove>> to clear them out.12:28
Dr_willisdepends on which drive is it.  /boot/grub/device.map may give you a clue PoeticJaffaCake12:29
Dr_willishda = hd0 , hdb = hd1 Unless  theres no hdb...  :) then hdc may be hd112:29
PoeticJaffaCakeDr_willis: the vista drive is hd112:32
PoeticJaffaCakedo I map that exactly like that in the grub menu12:32
HS^to boot linux?12:33
HS^i put in hd(0,1)12:33
PoeticJaffaCakeno HS^, I'm trying to get grub to find the  vista install12:34
PoeticJaffaCakethe vista disk shows as this:12:35
PoeticJaffaCake/dev/sdb1               2       38913   312560640    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)12:35
PoeticJaffaCake/dev/sdb5               2       38913   312560608+   7  HPFS/NTFS12:35
=== lemouchoir is now known as LeMouchoir
Dr_willishd1, would impmy you use (hd1,0) or similer.. not hd (0)12:39
Dr_willislooks like you got vista on a logical partition. Winder if it can even boot that way.12:40
Dr_willisOn some of mymachines. I just used the bios feature to pick what HD to boot. So i dident even need grub on the windows drive12:40
PoeticJaffaCakeits strange, because I have had it working before, its only when I installed Kubuntu that grub didnt identify it12:40
PoeticJaffaCakeso you think I should try hd1,0 then hd1,1 etc?12:41
PoeticJaffaCaketo see if it picks it up?12:41
PoeticJaffaCakei'll give it a whirl, brb12:43
HS^and where are apt downloaded files stored?12:44
JucatoHS^: /var/cache/apt/archives/12:45
HS^oh i found it12:45
HS^is it smart to remove this all?12:45
HS^i have problems with lyX12:45
HS^all sort of strange errors12:45
Jucatosudo apt-get clean12:45
Jucatothat just cleans the archive of downloaded .deb files12:45
HS^ok ill try12:45
PoeticJaffaCakestill no joy :/12:46
kub^does anyone know of an alternative to windows tcpview for linux that shows which application is generating what traffic to which IPs (ntop doesnt show the originating application) ?12:46
etfbHS^: I'd never heard of LyX, but I just prayed to Google and found out all about it, and it looks useful.  Is it messing up for you because of problems in the software, do you think?  Or just something weird in your machine?12:47
HS^i have no clue.. all sorts of errors in stylesheets different sort of errors.  with almost no info on google12:48
HS^so ill reinstall...12:48
HS^but yes its useful.  if you dont like to do style formatting in openoffice / ms office12:49
HS^ok reinstalled... lets see.12:49
etfbHS^: Oh, believe me, I don't like doing formatting in anything with "Office" in the name, so I'll definitely give LyX a go.  Thanks!12:50
HS^ok. it has a Qt frontend so it integrates good.  and it saves you time.... but in the beginning it also takes time to get used to12:50
HS^and it generates really good documents12:51
HS^but my problems havent dissapeared :/12:51
* etfb sympathises with HS^'s package hell12:52
dthackerkub^: iptraf?12:54
LeMouchoirhello, is-it possible to add, in the KIOSlave audiocd:/ in konqueror, the flac format ?12:55
PoeticJaffaCakeany ideas about/me bangs head against wall12:55
kub^is that what the application is called dthacker?12:55
LeMouchoirbecause i can't !12:55
PoeticJaffaCakewell, hd1,0 - hd1,9 don't work from the grub menu12:55
dthackeryes, there is a gutsy package for it.12:56
etfbkub^: http://iptraf.seul.org/about.html12:56
JeroiPoeticJaffaCake edit that12:56
Jeroiyou need to make it hd0,012:56
Jeroiand hd0,912:56
kub^ok dling now thanks guys :)12:56
PoeticJaffaCakehd0,0 is the linux system Jeroi12:57
Jeroithis is because I believe you have ide disk?12:57
Jeroiand sata disk?12:57
PoeticJaffaCakesata disks12:57
Jeroionly sata disks?12:57
PoeticJaffaCakeyes Jeroi, linux is on one, vista on the other12:57
Jeroithen 0,0 is your linux?12:58
Jeroiand 1,0 is your windows?12:58
PoeticJaffaCakeacording to the grub map, yes12:58
Jeroiso why you are trying 0,9?12:58
Jeroino 1.912:58
_Angelus_somebody can give me the guide how to enable compositing on a geforce on kubuntu?12:59
Jeroiwhy 1,9?12:59
PoeticJaffaCakei was trying hd1,0 up to hd1,9 as none have worked12:59
Jeroi_Angelus_ type nvidia-settings12:59
PoeticJaffaCakewith hd1,0 I get an invalid device error12:59
JeroiPoeticJaffaCake, use tesdisk12:59
Jeroibecuase windows did put its startup into 1.013:00
PoeticJaffaCakeso,what do I13:00
Jeroiand when you installed your linux it may be the reason that linux but grup on 0,013:00
Jeroialtho linux should of put grub into 1,013:01
etfb!compiz | _Angelus_ (not sure if this is what you mean, but...)13:01
ubotu_Angelus_ (not sure if this is what you mean, but...): Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion13:01
kub^seems iptraf doesnt show what application is generating the traffic, if i have the port a connection is using how would i then find out the process that is using it?13:02
Jeroitry that utility13:02
PoeticJaffaCakeok, brb13:03
Jeroicheck if it finds your ntfc partition with windows installed13:03
_Angelus_no its not what i want etfb13:03
Jeroiif mnot make a deep search13:03
Jeroibut do it in your onw risk13:03
_Angelus_is there a way to get the latest drivers of nvidia in kubuntu?13:04
etfb_Angelus_: Sorry about that.13:04
_Angelus_np etfb :)13:04
PoeticJaffaCakeit picks up the ntfs system13:04
JeroiAltho I dont have any exp on installing linux and windows into separate disks, but I have exp in installing them into different partitions on same sata disk when system is using ide disk as primary disk13:04
Jeroiso I believe that when installing windows and linux13:06
JeroiYou need to make decicion which one is the primary disk13:07
Jeroi1. install windows into primary disk13:07
Jeroi2. install linux into secundary disk, and make the installer install grub into primary disk that is hd0,013:07
brechthi all13:07
brechtanyone into multiseating?13:07
skoleHi there. Do somone know how to get mp3 players to work with kubuntu?13:09
Jeroiopen amarok13:09
dthacker!mp3 | skole13:09
ubotuskole: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:09
Jeroithen select mp3 file, open or drag it13:09
Jeroithen amarok installas mp3 support on its own13:10
PoeticJaffaCakeso i can'tadd an entry to grub Jeroi?  I'm not 100% with linux and grub as you can tell, I'm not sure if I would know how to do what you just said13:10
brechtnobody familiar with multiseating in ubuntu/kubuntu?13:11
skoleMy player does not mount. When I put it in the USB13:11
tuxickadept keeps throwing *vague* errors that turn out to mean some packages haven't been configured yet, is there some switch to make it handle that stuff a bit better, or that some need configuring at all?13:12
LeMouchoirhello, is-it possible to add, in the KIOSlave audiocd:/ in konqueror, the flac format ?13:12
brechtanyone into "multiseating" ???13:14
_Angelus_is there a way to get the latest drivers of nvidia in kubuntu?13:15
mot_anybody know of any media players that will play the 360 degree panoramic .mov files?13:16
Jeroi!nvidia | _Angelus_13:17
ubotu_Angelus_: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:17
_Angelus_i have them installed...13:17
_Angelus_i said tha latest..13:17
Jeroidl nvidia binray latest13:18
Jeroiclose your x13:18
PoeticJaffaCakewell, i'm needing to boot into vista, looks like its goodbye to kubuntu, shame13:18
Jeroirun that binary driver update13:18
PoeticJaffaCakethanks for the help anyways guys13:18
Jeroiwiths is installsomething.sh I believin in nvidia13:18
Jeroithen edit your xorg13:19
Jeroiand off you go13:19
Jeroibut it is more easier to install the driver what comes with kubuntu restricted drivers13:20
Jeroiand where do you need the lates driver?13:20
JeroiPoeticJaffaCake why?13:20
bazhangPoeticJaffaCake: grub problems?13:20
Jeroiyes he has13:21
PoeticJaffaCakeyes, can't get vista into the grub menu13:21
Jeroihes windows disk is violated13:21
Jeroiit says system erorr or something13:22
bazhangwindows, violated, makes sense13:22
Jeroiwhen he trys to boot hes windows13:22
Jeroihes problem is:13:22
PoeticJaffaCakegrub never picked up vista when I installed kubuntu13:22
Jeroi1. installed linux int primary sata13:22
bazhangPoeticJaffaCake: two different hard drives or one hard drive dual boot13:23
Jeroi2. installed vista into secundary sata and windows install its startup thingy into secundary sata13:23
skoleI've got a Philips mp3 player. It will not maunt on my computer. Philips states that I need Windows to make it work, but I am not ready to give up. Do anybody know what to do?13:23
Jeroiwas it that way?13:23
Jeroihow did you install them?13:23
bazhangskole: using amarok?13:23
Jeroiis windows in disk0 or disk1?13:23
PoeticJaffaCakeno, vista was already installed, I installed linux second, linux is showing as hd0, vista disk as hd113:24
Jeroithere is your problem13:24
skoleyes I am using amarok. But when I am conecting the player to my computer, nothing happens13:24
PoeticJaffaCakeok, how doI fix it :P13:24
Jeroiyou shud have been installing windows into hd013:24
Jeroinot into hd113:24
bazhangskole: do you open amarok first? then insert the device? Is the device recognized in any way?13:24
PoeticJaffaCakeis there a work around?13:25
Jeroias now your linux installer installed grub into hd013:25
Jeroiload your boot up decicions on bios13:25
Jeroiboot into hd113:25
Jeroiyou can hity your f2 for bios13:25
skoleno it is not recognized. The player starts to charge though.13:25
Jeroif8 I bielev is bootup options13:25
PoeticJaffaCakeok, im doing that now13:25
Jeroiboot your pc into disk213:26
bazhangskole: other questions I asked? what about those13:26
Jeroior into that disk which have vista13:26
skoleOh have not tryed that. Doing it now13:26
JeroiPoeticJaffaCake easiest way is to make new linux install13:26
bazhangskole: you want help? work with me :}13:26
Jeroiopen your hardware13:27
Jeroimake windows diks into sata113:27
Jeroianf make linux disk into sata213:27
Jeroiso that windows disk is primary13:27
Jeroithen it boots only your windows13:27
Jeroigrub is never loaded13:27
PoeticJaffaCakeok, I get 'Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media inselected Boot device and press a key13:27
skolehehe, no it did not work. Nothing happens when I put it in the usb13:27
Jeroiselect proper boot device13:28
PoeticJaffaCakethats whats coming up from the windows disk, looks like windows bootloader has gone13:28
PoeticJaffaCakethe disk won't boot13:29
bazhangskole: what make and  model of device13:29
Jeroiyour ntfs disk is wrecked13:29
Jeroithat same thing happened to me also13:29
JeroiI lost everything on ntfs disk13:29
bazhangPoeticJaffaCake: you have ntfs-3g on there?13:30
skoleIt is a philips SA6045 mp3 player.13:30
Jeroias windows recover installs new windows13:30
PoeticJaffaCakei can access all data on the ntfs disk from kubuntu, so the disk is working13:30
Jeroideletes all the things in it13:30
bazhangskole: just a moment, googling..13:30
JeroiPoeticJaffaCake ok13:30
Jeroithen it is not wrecked13:30
PoeticJaffaCakei think its just the windows bootloader that has gone13:31
Jeroinoramlly yes13:31
Jeroigrup installs itself as replacing boot loader13:31
PoeticJaffaCakemaybe I should try the supergrub disk?13:32
JeroiPoeticJaffaCake just intalll grub again13:32
Jeroiyou have to install grub into disk 1,013:32
PoeticJaffaCakeok, i'll try, brb13:33
Jeroiyour kubuntu installed grub into hd0,013:33
bazhangskole: what about mtp-detect in the konsole does that find it13:33
Jeroiand now windows dosent work13:33
bazhangJeroi: might it be an issue with the mbr being on one disk and grub on the other?13:34
skoleI have not tryed that. What to do?13:34
Jeroiyes maybe13:34
bazhangskole: open up the konsole and type mtp-detect with the device plugged in13:34
Jeroibazhang the issue is there because kubuntu installas grub default to hd0,013:35
Jeroiit thinks like primary boting partitions is always in there13:36
Jeroibut now windows is in hd1,013:36
bazhangJeroi: so the mbr is on his windows disk and grub in on the kubuntu disk?13:36
skoleNo Devices have been found...13:37
PoeticJaffaCakelol, so I reinstall grub, how do I go about that?13:38
bazhangskole what about lsusb --you may need to plug it in and pull it out a couple of times and repeat the command--make sure it does not mount (icon on desktop) before you do this13:38
skolewhat is Isusb?13:38
bazhangskole: something to type in the konsole to see usb devices13:39
Dr_willisL S usb - List usb devices..13:39
ubuntuhello world !13:39
berkesmy sound stopped working suddenly, any hints where to start debugging? The speakers and wires are fine.13:39
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP313:39
skolecommand not found13:40
=== miaviator is now known as t00lzf0nt
berkesthanks Dr_willis13:40
Dr_willisthe command is 'lsusb' with an L as in Lamma :)13:40
bazhangskole: you still there? lsusb results find that device?13:41
skoleHey that was better. Comes up in bus 00513:41
skoleWith a ID no13:42
bazhangokay.. making progress13:42
bazhangskole: is there an icon on the desktop?13:42
skoleno it is not13:42
* PoeticJaffaCake tears his hair out lol13:43
skolebazhang: This is what it sayes after lsusb: Bus 005 Device 003: ID 047:084e Philips13:45
Jeroilike I said13:48
Jeroiinstall grub again13:48
Jeroior install linux again like this:13:48
Jeroi1. open your computer hardware13:48
misticwarriorhey what's up ?13:49
Jeroi2. change sata1 cable into sata2 and sata2 into sata113:49
Jeroi3. boot with linuxlive13:49
misticwarriorI have a problem with a new printer : Canon PIXMA MP600R -> I cannot install it on my kubuntu gutsy :S13:49
Dr_willisThere are sata1 and 2 cables? Hmm  never noticed them13:50
Jeroi4. install linux now into sda2 or what it is hd1 now I belive13:50
* Dr_willis runs and hides from Canon Printers and Linux.. expicially the Pixma ones.. :)13:50
Daemon--anyone know if the registered information ripe holds for IPs has to propagate like domains or does programs genrally pull the info direct from ripe?13:50
solzsalve a tutti qualcuno mi puo' dare un canale di knoppix?13:50
Jeroi5. formate old linux partition13:50
Dr_willismisticwarrior,  check cups.org to see how wellsupported it is.. Some of the canon pixima are only supported with that comercial printer driver package.13:50
Jeroi6. install grub into hd0,0 now13:50
Jeroiand then your grub works13:50
PoeticJaffaCakeok, installing grub again seems more sensible, which should I use?Grub legacy or Grub 2?13:50
JeroiI cant help with you13:51
Jeroimaybe someone else13:51
PoeticJaffaCakeok,thank you for your time Jeroi :)13:51
misticwarriorDr_willis: ok thx.. what some fucking commercial printer driver package ? It's scandalous :D13:52
Dr_willismisticwarrior,  the comercial ones that basicially pays for the nice FREE ones we get from cups.org :)13:53
Dr_willisit used to be the new/odd printers cost $$ for the drivers,, then later they get moved to the free drivers.13:53
Dr_willisLets just say that You are lucky that the comercial ones even exist.. a year ago you would of been out of luck13:54
fadeyHi,everyone.I've upgraded the system today and I'm getting the following error "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-UUID/blah... does not exits while the kernel is booting13:54
skoleIs it a problem that the player uses NTFS file system?13:54
bazhangskole: there does not seem to be a way currently to do that; perhaps not enough people have one to have posted on the forums--here is a thread you can keep an eye on though: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61456013:55
skoleWill the player not work?13:56
misticwarriorDr_willis: ok... but on cups.org, where can I see if my printer is supported ?13:56
Jeroi!grub | PoeticJaffaCake13:56
ubotuPoeticJaffaCake: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:56
Dr_willisthey got a drivers/supported printers link somewhere at the top :)13:56
Jeroiand PoeticJaffaCake remember to write your fix in into that grubhowto after tou have fixed your error13:58
skoleSomeone who know a good mp3 player to use with kubuntu and Amarok?13:58
Jeroiso that next one can fix that same error if your error is not yet in that help13:58
misticwarriorDr_willis: there is no Canon driver :(13:58
Daemon--anyone know if the registered information ripe holds for IPs has to propagate like domains or does programs genrally pull the info direct from ripe?13:58
Jeroimy canon seems to print ok13:59
Jeroiwith default driver which comes with kubuntu13:59
misticwarriorDr_willis: turboprint powaaa :'(14:00
skoleThanks bazhang... Im going to turn the player in. Im not going to bother with philips if they don't support linux.14:01
Dr_willisTheres 100's of canon printers out there, :)14:01
Dr_willisThe Pixima line - dident even have any linux support till recently14:02
bazhangskole: the cowon is the one to go for I think--watch out for the new nano's; they dont work either14:03
JeroiIs there defined howto for manifactures how they make linux direver library for their product?14:03
misticwarriorDr_willis: O_o I have made some searches, no canon driver found -.- where did you go ?14:03
JeroiI guess no14:03
skolewhat aout Ipod?14:03
misticwarriorThere are a lot of HP, Epson, Lexmark etc drivers but no canon... -.-14:03
bazhangskole: the newest one does not work without iTunes--a move that makes no sense--the older minis are no problem however14:04
Dr_willismisticwarrior,  the front page of that turboprint page/news had mention of a lot of canon pixima printers14:05
skoleWhat? but I want a new one of course. This is hell! Si iTunes doesn't work as well?14:05
bazhangskole: then back to the dark side; windows or os x, that is14:06
misticwarriorDr_willis: ho on turboprint... I know ;) I thought u were talking about cups.org :D14:06
skoleI do not want to give up on Kubuntu that easily14:08
Jeroiskole, can you use your iTunes with wine?14:09
Bondroskole: Have you tried to use gtkpod? Is not so bad, as it seems, although it's not working perfect14:10
Jeroidoes iTunes support by the way mac os?14:10
* Dr_willis perfers to take a hammer to ipods.14:10
misticwarriorbug O_o14:11
Jeroiwhich one was hardest thing to compile * from mac os into linux?  - typing: make14:13
JeroiI really dont know why does not apple make linux version...14:13
skoleJeroi: I have not tried iTunes. I jus want to have a Mp3 player that works.14:13
Jeroiwhat do you mean by that?14:14
Jeroia sofware player14:14
Jeroior protable player14:14
Jeroior mobile14:14
skoleI am talking about hardware here. Not the software14:15
Jeroiso you have mp3 player protable which goes into your pocket?14:15
skoleDo anyone know brands that work with kubuntu?14:15
Jeroiand you can listen music?14:15
skoleJeroi: Yes14:16
Jeroiand your problem is?14:16
skoleTo conect it to the computer14:16
Jeroiwith usb?14:16
fadeyHi. I'm missing /dev/disk dir after kernel update today. Now kernel can't find my root partition. Could that be fixed somehow?14:16
Jeroimy usb mp3 player works fine14:17
skolewhat's the brand?14:17
bazhangskole: just a moment I will get you two links14:17
Jeroijust plug it into usb hole and you can browse your files14:17
Jeroipick one14:17
JeroiI have something buyd fro Gigantti14:17
Jeroiit has 1gt memory14:17
JeroiI acts like usb memory14:18
Jeroisame like my 2gt Kingston Datatraveler memroystick14:18
Jeroiboth work in kubuntu fine14:18
Dr_williswould anyone mind checking out the output of 'htop' vs 'top'  - On this box Htop is alwasy saying the cpu is at 100% - top  is showing 7% , and the ram used #'s are way off in htop also.14:18
Dr_willisTrying to confirm its a bug.. or is it my system being weird.14:18
florianrAnyone here any idea why my network Printer allway stops printing suddenly? If I create a new printer with print again it works ....14:19
Jeroii have 120gt usb harddisk also14:19
bazhanghttp://digg.com/linux_unix/the_PERFECT_mp3_player_for_Linux_geeks_Linux_friendly_hardware skole14:19
Jeroiit works fine14:19
llutzDr_willis: no real difference (<2%) here14:20
bazhanghttp://reviews.cnet.com/mp3-players/cowon-iaudio-7-8gb/4505-6490_7-32515729.html skole14:20
Dr_willisllutz,  odd...14:20
Dr_willisi was wondering if the cpu being throttled down is affecting things..14:21
skoleTxs again bazhang14:23
bazhangskole: no worries :}14:23
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:28
berkesso, I followed all hints and intructions at !sound, but still no luck. Weird thing is that m sound worked fine untill recently.14:31
berkesbad news is, that I don't know since when it stopped working.14:31
berkessoundcard is detected fine, alsa seems to be running, dmesg reports nothing strange, modules are loaded correctly, so it /could/ be a failure in the hardware, disconnected plug or something14:33
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
DarkTan_how do i configure amaroK to play my mp3'sand wma's?14:40
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:41
DarkTan_ok, i can't find where it's telling me to go14:44
bazhangDarkTan_: install kubuntu-restricted-extras14:45
DarkTan_how do i do that?14:45
* DarkTan_ has no idea what he is doing14:45
bazhangDarkTan_: you prefer command line or graphical?14:45
DarkTan_either way14:45
DarkTan_i already have the terminal open in root user14:46
bazhangsudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras14:46
bazhangDarkTan_: root user? you dont want to do that14:46
bazhang!root | darkt14:47
ubotudarkt: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:47
DarkTan_yeah sudo -i, then it asks for my password, i was told that give me root user14:47
bazhangoh ok14:47
DarkTan_can't find package14:48
bazhangDarkTan_: open up adept and add the repositories14:49
=== sivaji is now known as ksivaji
DarkTan_where do i add them?14:51
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu14:53
Dr_willisI always just manually edit the sources.list file. or use that !easysource website14:53
bazhangDarkTan_: do you have adept open?14:53
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic14:53
bazhangunder the adept menu is an item named 'manage repositories--you want to add the non-free ones14:54
DarkTan_ok, i folowed the directions on there, is that all i need to do then?15:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:06
bazhangDarkTan_: you might also want to go to www.medibuntu.org and get the libdvdcss2 and win32codecs packages--instructions are on the site on how to do that15:06
bazhangand now that you have new repos you need to get updates--fetch updates, then search for the package kubuntu-restricted-extras or install it from the command line--first update your repos list though (fetch updates or sudo apt-get update)15:08
DarkTan_still doesn't find that package15:11
DarkTan_ok, d/ling those two packages you told me to get15:12
bazhangDarkTan_: you need to sudo apt-get update first15:15
DarkTan_did that15:15
DarkTan_here's my list of update d/l: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49818/15:17
bazhangDarkTan_: then you did not add all the repos you needed to in adept15:17
DarkTan_the only onels not enabled are dapper-security and dapper-backports15:18
DarkTan_should i enable those 4?15:18
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats did you read this DarkTan_?15:20
DarkTan_yes, i thought i enables what i needed to15:21
DarkTan_axtually that was the one that i can;t find where it want me to go15:22
tycale_I've installed Kubuntu o my computer, but the wifi doesn't work. I think it doesn't find my wireless card. Can you help me ?15:22
DarkTan_tycale: join the club15:23
bazhangtycale_: using gutsy?15:23
tycale_the last, gusty yes15:23
bazhangDarkTan_: any reason not to use gutsy? older computer?15:23
tycale_kubuntu 715:24
DarkTan_no, 6.06 was recommended to me as a good first15:24
bazhangtycale what card15:25
Lutz_Iferhi - is there a way to deactivate / activate my laptop's touchpad without restarting X?15:25
tycale_bazhang: I don't know, it's a computer hp, pavilion M*****15:26
bazhangtycale_: are you on it now?15:26
tycale_and yes15:26
tycale_I'm on my latop15:26
bazhangtycale_: any way to find out the wireless card?15:26
tycale_bazhang: No, we can't see it with a command ?15:27
bazhangtycale_: you are on that computer I thought you said no15:27
tycale_yes, i'm on the computer bazhang15:28
BluesKajHowdy all  :-)15:28
tycale_It's a HP pavilion m756015:29
bazhangtycale_: open up the konsole and type lspci and tell me the internal wireless card name and model (dont paste it here, just tell me briefly)15:29
DarkTan_where can i find libxine1-ffmpeg?15:30
DarkTan_the kubuntu main FAQ tells me i need that15:30
tycale_bazhang: Can't find internal wireless card =/15:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nspluginwrapper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:31
ctx144khello all. is there a way to define in dolphin-preview of files (on the reight side) the application with that the file willbe open?15:31
bazhang!info libxine1-ffmpeg dapper15:31
ubotuPackage libxine1-ffmpeg does not exist in dapper15:31
DarkTan_but also tells me amaroK should update it for me....15:31
ctx144kfor exxample: i wanna open ogg-files with xmms, not via amarok15:31
tycale_bazhang: It's dead ? =/15:32
BluesKaj!info nspluginwrapper15:32
bazhangDarkTan_: it wants to install something?15:32
ubotuPackage nspluginwrapper does not exist in gutsy15:32
bazhangtycale_: what about lsusb15:32
ctx144kand it wouldbe nice when there wouldbe a way to define that in preview too15:32
DarkTan_no i went to the kubuntu main page and faq, it told me to install that and that amaroK sould ask me if i want it to do it15:32
DarkTan_right nowi have an ass load of updates d/l15:33
DarkTan_the adept updater just poped up and told me 192 things should be upgraded15:33
tycale_nothing on usb bazhang15:34
bazhangDarkTan_: you never upgraded? no wonder...15:34
bazhangtycale what is the exact make and model of that computer15:34
DarkTan_i never told me too15:34
tycale_bazhang: I'm sorry ! I find !15:34
DarkTan_41% right now, i got some stuff to do, i see what happened after it done15:35
=== DarkTan_ is now known as DarkTan[Wanderin
bazhangtycale_: what is it?15:35
tycale_But it's like a Ethernet controller : Atheros Communication, Inc? AR5413 802.11abg NIC (rev 01)15:35
bazhangtycale_: does the restricted drivers manager have a listing for that or anything?15:36
tycale_bazhang: yes but i think it's the ethernet and not the wifi, else Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL) is actived15:37
tycale_is active15:38
tycale_hum, it is with a "V" ^^15:38
tycale_in use =D15:38
bazhangtycale does that computer have a wireless card internally?15:38
tycale_sorry for my poor english15:38
bazhangtycale_: do you have access to google?15:40
tycale_bazhang: Yes, I find it : http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=134484315:41
bazhangcan you search for the maker of that computer and see what wireless they say it is?15:41
bazhangtycale_: what chipset? is that the madwifi one?15:41
tycale_Atheros AR5413 Chipset ??15:42
NestorHi all!15:42
bazhangtycale_: if there is only one listing, and you are using ethernet--then that is likely not the wireless card, right?15:43
tycale_uh ? I don't understand, i'm on my macbook here, and kubuntu is on another computer15:44
tycale_ndiswrapper is on the live cd ?15:44
NestorMay anybody help me? my smbpasswd application don't save passwords15:45
bazhangtycale_: you said you were on the computer in question; cant help without access to it15:45
tycale_bazhang: Yes, i'm on 2 computers :-'15:46
bazhangtycale_: that is not what you said before.15:46
tycale_yes, sorry15:47
bazhangno way to help you then.15:47
tycale_but, i find ndiswrapper15:47
tycale_it'll be ok15:47
NestorPeople, may anybody help me?15:49
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:50
NestorThanx, but my samba working normally exclude one moment.  I'm have home network: Kubuntu 7.10 computer, Mandriva 2008 and Windows XP Home SP2 (laptop) ones. Mandriva and Windows gives access to their shared resources and can connect to other. Kubuntu computer can access to resources of other computers, but don't give access to own folders and files. It ask login/password (even if I want to be connected from itself). I adjust access by means of smbpasswd. 15:54
Nestorrd in a file /etc/samba/smbpasswd is not made (a file is opened for a record!). It is command out:Quote:Old SMB password:New SMB password:Retype new SMB password:Could not connect to machine NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILUREFailed to change password for nestor If to do it through sudo, error diagnostics is not present, but also a record in the file of /etc/samba/smbpasswd is not made.15:54
andreähm kann mir zufällig jemand bei teamspeak weiterhelfen ?15:54
DarkTan_ok, finished the upgrade, re-booted, tried to install the restricted packages thing, still can't find the package so i used sudo apt-get update, here the list of thing updated: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49825/15:58
bazhangandre: would you like the german channel?16:00
andrekubuntu.de ?16:00
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de16:01
andre#join kubuntu.de16:01
bazhangandre: just click on one of the links should do it16:01
bazhangDarkTan_: dont really need to see that; did amarok prompt you to install something or not?16:02
DarkTan_hang on, i have to remount my drive16:02
DarkTan_ok, no i can't get in to admin mode in Disk and Filesystems16:03
Jucatobazhang: afaik, Dapper didn't have that amarok feature/script16:03
DragonFlyAnyone could tell me how to make the wireless lan manager stop asking for my password ?16:03
sigma_123try kwifimanager. its better for wireless16:04
NestorCan anybody help me?16:05
DarkTan_and now it wants to up date more16:06
dthacker-laptopHi,  I just installed kaudiocreator on my laptop, but it wants an encoder to make oggs,  what package do I need?16:06
DragonFlysigma_123: yeah i actually already tried it, but i'm looking to found how to do this since i got another few apps that asking for password16:06
TimSJust a PC related question. I can have one SATA and one IDE drive can't I?16:07
Jucatodthacker-laptop: oggenc? (not sure...)16:07
DragonFlyTimS: as long as you have both controller yes :)16:07
Dr_willisTimS,  I do that all the time. :)16:07
TimSOk good :P16:07
Dr_williswatch out. because some times the ide drives can be called with sdXX type names16:07
TimSI have downloaded 3.5 gig to day and seriously need a new HD16:07
TimSI have the IDE, but I need a SATA drive16:08
TimSAnd I have 4 sata port on my mobo.16:08
TimSDr_willis: What power does SATA need, is it Molex?16:08
dthacker-laptopJucato: nope, that's not a package, and I'm looking for that in descriptions in adept.16:09
* dthacker-laptop is puzzled16:09
Dr_willisTimS,  they can have the normal molex OR their own sata power conector.. DONT use both.. :)16:09
TimSOkay :P16:09
Jucatodthacker-laptop: vorbis-tools16:09
TimSI think I have enough power cables then16:09
bazhangJucato: hi! long time no blant!16:10
Jucatoblont! :P16:11
Jucatoand I just did... 2 days ago :P16:11
dthacker-laptopJucato: hmmmm, that's installed.  I think I'll restart my login session to make sure kaudiocreator picks up all the env goodness.16:11
sigma_123DragonFly: why dont u tell kwallet to remember it?16:11
dthacker-laptopback later, tnx!16:11
DragonFlysigma_123: i'm trying to limit the systray entries :)16:12
sigma_123lol yeah i also try to do that. but why dont u just hide the system tray icons that u dont wana c?16:13
bazhangoops s/blant/blont/ :}16:13
* Jucato notes that the system tray applet also has a "hidden icons" feature (not exactly like Windows, but close)16:14
DragonFlysigma_123: Yeah i know but i really want to find out how the h*ll i would be able to do this i can't believe that this is that complicated16:14
sigma_123its probably just that no one has tried doing that b416:15
DragonFlylol here you go i'm the first :)16:15
DarkTan_w00t! amaroK is installing mp3 support right now16:15
DragonFlyi'll find it and when i do i'll write a tech noet for this16:15
sigma_123perhaps u should submit a new feature request to kde?16:15
DragonFlysigma_123: how i would go about to do that /16:16
sigma_123make sure u mark it as a new feature an give as much detail as possible16:17
thompson42 /msg NickServ REGISTER answer4216:17
bazhangDarkTan_: nice work16:17
bazhangruh roh16:17
DarkTan_w00t! it work, thx16:17
sigma_123thompson: send that to the server window16:17
subrenatsomeone could help me?16:17
DarkTan_now to see if i can play my divx movies16:18
subrenati need the assistance of someone to test my ddclient16:18
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)16:18
DragonFlysubrenat: what's up ?16:18
DragonFlydoh sorry16:19
subrenatDragonFly:  could you type: ssh -p 7733 subrenat@jean-bernard.ath.cx16:19
subrenatand could you say what's you see?16:19
sigma_123sorry http://bugs.kde.org16:19
thompson42sigma_123: Thanks.16:20
subrenatdid you do the test?16:21
DragonFlysubrenat: getting your key info and login16:21
DragonFlysubrenat: no worries16:22
subrenatits works!16:22
subrenati'm happy!16:22
DarkTan_ok, i can't install the w32 codecs or the dvd package16:22
sigma_123what error is it giving?16:23
DragonFlyDarkTan_: Try to use automatix if everything else fails16:23
sigma_123thats some dodgy stuff!16:24
DarkTan_i tired to install be right clicking the package> kubuntu package menu> install package16:24
DragonFlysigma_123: what automatix ?16:24
DarkTan_do i need to use the terminal?16:24
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »16:24
Dr_willisit shouldent fail.. thers 1000000's of people that install the w32codecs and dvd playback without automatix :)16:24
sigma_123downloading the packages manually an installing usually works16:24
DragonFlyoh i see16:25
DragonFlythx ubotu16:25
Dr_willisThe medibuntu repo has those packages I belive also16:25
DarkTan_that's where i d/l from16:25
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org16:25
DarkTan_i could d/l the individual packages tho16:25
sigma_123i didnt know u cud get them from anywhere else16:25
sigma_123yeah do that.16:26
DarkTan_can i add medibuntu in adept as repository?16:26
Dr_willisDarkTan_,  of course you can. :)16:26
Dr_willishttp://www.medibuntu.org has details on that16:27
nosrednaekimhey DarkTan_16:27
DarkTan_do i just put in the url?16:27
vincent_hi all16:27
Dr_willisYou go to the url and read the instructions. :)16:27
nosrednaekimhey vincent_16:27
DarkTan_hey nosrednaekim16:27
sigma_123hi vincent16:27
Exploithi there! Can someone tell me how to open - while using gnome - a folder as root and not as normal user?16:28
vincent_there are french here? I have a little question16:28
DragonFlyExploit: go to console as root and type in konqueror16:28
sigma_123um i think u should try #ubuntu16:28
vincent_ok, thanks sigma16:28
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.16:28
Exploitis there a way to open it with icons?16:28
sigma_123lol beat u 2it16:29
Dr_willisExploit,  sudo THE_FILE_MANAGER, which is konqueror for kde, and nautilus for gnome.. i DONT advise using the file manager as root.. or if you do.. Close the window as soon as you are done.16:29
ExploitDragonFly: I want to use the File Browser of gnome :)16:29
ExploitDr_willis:  thanks you :)16:29
nosrednaekimExploit: go to #ubuntu for help with gnome16:29
sigma_123yeah thats some seriously dangerous stuff16:30
Dr_willisI always just use mc in a terminal to do my root file manageing needs. :) or just the terminal16:30
Exploitnosrednaekim:  okay :)16:30
DarkTan_ok i think i got it16:31
pteague_workanybody know of a good web panel similar to whm/cpanel for kubuntu?16:31
Dr_willispteague_work,  i wonder if anyone even knows what a 'web panel' is :)16:32
sigma_123there is a oss one. the name just slipped my mind.16:32
DarkTan_is there a way to import my aim buddy list in to kopete?16:32
sigma_123just google it. can't remember where i heard of it16:33
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: yes, just add your AIM account16:33
Dr_willisI thouhg the aim buddies lists were stored on the AIM servers.16:33
nosrednaekimDr_willis: they are16:33
sigma_123it wouldnt make sense if they weren't!16:34
=== SSJ is now known as SSJ_GZ
pteague_workDr_willis> honestly i could care less, but apparently there are people that can't even figure out ssh & putty...16:34
DarkTan_i added my account, i get my groups, none of my buddies16:35
sigma_123i can't wait 4 kde4:) it just has such a nice visual refresh16:35
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: did you log in?16:36
limaci was on the blender site and installed 2.45 (64-bit for linux) and then after extracting it when i run ./blender thru the compiler, it says cannot execute binary file. what should i do?16:36
Dr_willislimac,  install the needed compiler packages for a start16:37
=== gukk_devel__ is now known as gukk_devel
Dr_willis!info build-essential16:37
limacDr_willis: thx didn't think about that!16:37
Dr_willissudo apt-get install build-essential16:37
DarkTan_yes, i logged in16:37
Dr_willisor am i missreading what you said...16:37
ubotubuild-essential: informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.3ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 6 kB, installed size 48 kB16:38
Dr_willisblender has an compiler script called blender?16:38
pteague_workDr_willis> i remember there used to be an app that allowed you to control multiple servers & their setups via a web interface, but i can't remember the name... have any ideas?16:38
DarkTan_wait, i say i'm not connected to aim now16:38
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: well, try expanding your groups then?16:38
Sannelimac: can you paste the exact error message to the pastebin?16:38
Dr_willispteague_work,  i recall seeing several apps that let you run one or more commands on several machines.... i just cant rember where i saw that tutorial iat.. :)16:38
limacSanne; can u pls send me the url of pastebin/ thx16:38
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)16:39
Sannelimac: ^^16:39
Dr_willisIt may of been at the ubuntu tips site i hang out at..16:39
limacSanne: thx16:39
limacSanne: hold on a sec16:39
DarkTan_damnit i don't know if it getting the right password now16:40
limacSanne: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49835/16:41
pteague_workDr_willis> was thinking of webmin ;)16:41
DarkTan_ok i have to right pass, but it still says i'm not connected after i log in16:42
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: no error?16:42
Sannelimac: when you type 'ls' (no quotes), do you see the blender executable?16:43
DarkTan_when i try to add a contact i get: "You need to be connected to be able to add contacts. Connect to the AIM network and try again."16:43
sigma_123is there a easy way to share my usb internet connection (dial up) to other linux pcs on my network?16:44
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: you're not on wireless, right?16:44
DarkTan_i just found the little button on the bottom of the window to oconnect16:44
Dr_willispteague_work,  I think webmin has that feature.. but i recall some other tools that let you do ssh commands and span them to several box's16:44
limacSanne: hold on lemme try :)16:44
Dr_willisIm so Lagged/theISP is flakey today - i can only talk in 20 sec spurts.. then im lagged out again.. SIGH...16:45
DarkTan_still have only the groups, no buddies16:45
pteague_workDr_willis> ah, not needing that... i'm trying to avoid getting stuck with fedora core & whm/cpanel for dummy administration16:45
limacSanne ^^^16:45
limacin green16:45
Sannelimac: what's the output of 'uname -a'16:45
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: are you on wireless?16:46
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: then kill knetowrkmanager16:46
DarkTan_wireless is still fubar, but i found something on that16:46
DarkTan_ho do i do that?16:46
limacSanne: Linux limac-kubuntu 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Dec 18 08:02:57 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux16:46
Sannelimac: and the output of: file blender16:46
nosrednaekimwhich is in the system tray16:46
DarkTan_i don't see it there16:47
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: look for the knetworkmanager icon on the status bar..16:47
limacSanne: blender: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.0, dynamically linked (uses s               hared libs), stripped16:47
nosrednaekimok, then run "killall knetworkmanager" from a konsole16:47
=== hussain is now known as ciao
DarkTan_no process killed16:48
Sannelimac: aha! You seem to run a 32bit Kubuntu (i686), but downloaded a 64bit blender. Won't work :)16:48
ciaowhat program is good for html and css development?16:49
limacSanne: ah! dumb me! thnx a lot DUDE(hopefully) ;D16:49
ciaoI mean IDE16:49
Sannelimac: when you redownload, pay attention to the python version blender is compiled with16:49
limacSanne: sure thing ;)16:49
Sannelimac: if you're on gutsy, get blender 32bit for python 2.5 (I guess) and I'm actually no dude ;)16:50
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: odd..... I don't use kopete actually. Pidgin is far better16:50
limacallright then Sanne, i'll try the 32-bit version of blender thx16:50
Sanneyou're welcome, limac :)16:50
ciaowhat program is good for html and css development?16:50
Sannelimac: one last thing...16:51
DarkTan_gonna google it16:51
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: yeah..16:51
adhihow to make a kubuntu likes vista16:51
limacSanne: proceed16:51
ubotuvista is the new operating system by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org16:51
ciaodude it's not so bad vista...16:51
Sannelimac: put the .blender folder you'll find inside the extracted blender directory to your home folder, ie: /home/limac/.blender16:51
limacSanne: will do16:52
Sannelimac: have fun :)16:52
Sanneand come to #blender16:52
Jucatoooh blender....16:52
Jucatoone of these days....16:52
SanneJucato: it's getting better and better :)16:53
limacSanne: i am trying to make a 30 animation movie 9action)16:53
DarkTan_w00t talking forever to download16:53
JucatoSanne: I know! I've been monitoring it since late 2005. it's the force that led me to Linux and FOSS :)16:53
DarkTan_i d/l the firefox tar.gz, how do i install it?16:54
* Jucato can't wait for Apricot and Peach to be finished :D16:54
DarkTan_i direction on the site confuse me16:54
SanneJucato: yeah, it's amazing. I'm looking forward to see you also in #blender one day :)16:54
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: don't use that.... use the one in the repositories..16:54
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: that goes for pidgin too..16:54
Sannelimac: good luck with your animation project :)16:54
DarkTan_hoe do i get them in there?16:54
JucatoSanne: hopefully... unfortunately I suck at art... but I can still dream/wish :P16:54
limacSanne; thx16:55
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: run "sudo apt-get firefox"16:55
Dr_willisDarkTan_,  why are you even messing with the tar.gz ?16:55
Jucato(well I don't really "suck".. just not really good at it :P)16:55
DarkTan_cause that was what they had on the site for kubuntu16:55
Dr_willisTesting out  FF3 beta 2 here. :)16:55
nosrednaekimJucato: that snowflak pic wasn'ttoo bad!16:55
Dr_willisDarkTan_,  Hmm no  you dont. :)16:55
Jucatonosrednaekim: I wish I could say "I did it in Karbon14!" though :(16:56
DarkTan_invalid operation16:56
SanneJucato: one step at a time. I'll keep my eyes open for you then :)16:56
adhiwhat a app for destop kubuntu?16:56
nosrednaekimKarbon14 is awful... no documentation..16:56
JucatoSanne: thanks :)16:56
Jucatonosrednaekim: yeah...16:56
limacSanne; for the 32-bit one it says: ./blender: error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory16:56
emilsedghnosrednaekim: it has no feature to be documented!16:57
nosrednaekimemilsedgh: lol...16:57
Sannelimac: that's hopefully easy, you just need some libs. Let me find the name of the opeenal package for you16:57
nosrednaekim!lol > nosrednaekim16:57
_mark_Does anyone know if it would be safe to run: sudo apt-get --reinstall install dpkg ?16:57
limacSanne: sure16:57
JucatoSanne: don't keep them open too long though... I usually switch interests from year to year... 2004-2005 was my year of 3D graphics and animation... but that got replaced by Linux, FOSS, KDE, and C++ :P16:57
_mark_Or would that destroy my system.16:57
nosrednaekim_mark_: if it failed... it very easily could ;)16:57
Sannelimac: install libopenal0a16:58
emilsedghnosrednaekim: whats your missing feature/app in kde?16:58
_mark_Okay . . .  :-(16:58
Jucato_mark_: any reason you would want to do that?16:58
=== Thecks_ is now known as Thecks
Jucatoemilsedgh: it's missing focus follows mind support16:58
Jucatoas well as wink to select, and double wink to open16:59
SanneJucato: I can relate, I'm also a switcher kinda... but 3D *and* Linux stuck (so far...)16:59
_mark_Jucato: Yes, every time I try to install a file, or do anything at all with apt-get, I get a message saying: "files list file for package `dpkg' is missing final newline"16:59
emilsedghJucato: it has many missing features...16:59
DarkTan_nosrednaekim: i get this on firefox: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49837/17:00
DarkTan_and it can't find pidgin17:00
Jucatoif you're on Dapper, Pidgin doesn't exist yet17:00
Jucatoit's still GAIM17:00
DarkTan_can't find that either17:01
_mark_And from reading directions on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-January/104520.html , they say that you should, among other things, remove the offending package's info file and reinstall it - and dpkg is the offender.17:01
limacSanne; yay! blender 2.45 is running ! yay! thanks a lot17:01
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: try lower case17:01
DarkTan_same error as firefix17:01
nosrednaekimand it seems the medibuntu repository messed things up... did you remove the medibuntu repository or something?17:02
Jucatoso many problems tonight :/17:02
adhihow to change my desktop animation17:02
DarkTan_i just toldme to so i did17:02
Jucato_mark_: that is indeed problematic :(17:02
Jucatoadhi: which animation?17:02
DarkTan_non firefox works17:03
adhilikes vist17:03
adhilikes vistA17:03
Jucato!compiz | adhi17:03
ubotuadhi: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion17:03
nosrednaekim!search gaim (dapper)17:03
ubotuFound: gaim2, im-#ubuntu*, im-#kubuntu, pidgin, gtalk, im, gaim, ubotu: no, im*, jabber17:03
nosrednaekim!info gaim (dapper)17:03
ubotugaim: multi-protocol instant messaging client. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.5.0+1.5.1cvs20051015-1ubuntu10 (dapper), package size 816 kB, installed size 2148 kB17:03
DarkTan_ok, giam works too17:04
_mark_Jucato: Yes . . . I think it the file in question was corrupted during a hard reset of the system, which I had to execute since my computer locked up.  And I can't get into X, either . . .  :-(  ;-)17:04
Jucatonosrednaekim: you can drop the  ( ) too17:04
nosrednaekimJucato: thanks :D17:04
Sannelimac: good to hear, so have fun with blender :)17:04
Jucato!info gaim edgy17:04
limacSanne: do u no why i cannot use the combo of Alt + left mouse button to rotatte in kubuntu?17:04
ubotugaim: multi-protocol instant messaging client. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.0.0+beta3.1-1ubuntu9 (edgy), package size 1311 kB, installed size 3712 kB17:04
DarkTan_where does it install new programs?17:04
Sannelimac: hold on a sec, making coffee, brb17:04
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: in /usr/bin17:05
limacSanne: sure17:05
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: you can run them with "gaim" or "firefox" from the terminal.... or they should be in your Kmenu17:05
DarkTan_linked them on the desk top17:10
jay1i have a question,why does knemo spawn another instance when i use adept?17:10
nosrednaekimwhats knemo?17:10
nosrednaekim!info knemo17:10
Jucatonetwork monitor17:10
ubotuknemo: network interfaces monitor for KDE's systray. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.8-1 (gutsy), package size 278 kB, installed size 1408 kB17:10
* Jucato whistles innocently17:10
nosrednaekimuhh oh...kdesudo problems again ?17:11
Sannelimac: sometimes the window manager catches modifier keys. I think, alt is mapped to something in Kubuntu by default. I always free the alt key and use the windows key as modifier for the window manager, so the alt is free for applications.17:11
andrew__Can someone help me... Never used linux before17:11
nosrednaekimandrew__: whats the problem?17:11
jay1it happens when i also use automatix as well17:11
andrew__I can't see my ntfs hardrive17:11
adhihow to install Compiz & Compiz Fusion plugins17:11
limacSanne: how do i do that?17:12
DreadKnight!ntfs andrew__17:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs andrew__ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:12
Jucato!ntfs | andrew__17:12
ubotuandrew__: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE17:12
DarkTan_ok, i got homework to do, thx for all you help17:12
DreadKnightandrew__: i think you need to mount your drive ;)17:12
nosrednaekimandrew__: you are on gutsy 7.10... right?17:12
Sannelimac: I always forget where I did that... looking right now, hold on17:12
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: YVW :)17:12
adhihow to install Compiz & Compiz Fusion plugins17:13
jay1hmmm,must be a bug17:13
limacSanne: take ur time!17:13
andrew__Yes i am17:13
Jucatolimac: System Settings -> Window Behavior -> Window Actions tab17:13
JucatoSanne: ^^^17:13
nosrednaekimandrew__: system settings-> advanced tab -> disks and filesystems17:13
RytmenPinnenhey, I have a tiny problem, something is using xine preventing me looking at vids but i dont know what17:13
SanneJucato: thanks :)17:13
limacJucato: wow! thanks17:14
nosrednaekimRytmenPinnen: go into system settings->sound system and mke the kde release control of the sound system immediately17:14
limacJucato Sanne: thx it's working now!17:14
andrew__It gives me an error when  I say enable17:14
adhihow to install Compiz & Compiz Fusion plugins17:14
Sannelimac: you can also configure some key behaviour in blender itself, in it's user preferences window.17:15
toguroslt je suis novice quelqu'un pourrai m'aider17:15
Sannelimac: ah, cool! :)17:15
nosrednaekimandrew__: are you in administrator mode?17:15
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.17:15
nosrednaekimandrew__: whats the error?17:15
limacSanne: during the installation of kubuntu why can't i migrate file between accounts?17:16
andrew__The system reported: [mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab17:16
Sannelimac: hmm, not sure, sorry.17:17
limacSanne: that's all right17:17
RytmenPinnennosrednaekim: didnt work, but17:17
limacthx a lot anyway17:17
adhihow to get repository Compiz & Compiz Fusion plugins17:17
limacsee ya17:17
RytmenPinnenquitting deluge did the job o.O17:17
jussi01!compiz | RytmenPinnen17:17
ubotuRytmenPinnen: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion17:17
Sanneyou're welcome, limac17:17
jussi01adhi: ^17:18
andrew__The system reported: [mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab17:18
nosrednaekimandrew__: wow.... never see that before. ok what you need to do is run "kdesudo kate /etc/fstab" go to the end of the last line of the file and press "enter" and save the file17:18
jay1sounds like he's got whitespace in his fstab file17:18
nosrednaekimandrew__: actually... pastebin that file for me17:19
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:19
noaXessdoes anybody have me a hint, with which program i can male a watersign on pictures.. 100 pictures.. nedd something automatically..17:20
noaXessis there eg. a plugin for gwenview?17:20
JucatoSanne: too bad limac's gone. I just realized a way to set Win/Meta as the modifier key *only* for specific windows (like Blender only)17:20
vasilisa i just did something stupid. My cd roms arent mountiing correctly because i deleted the mount points under /media that looked like files and tries to replace them with folders to mount to, so it would look cleaner.... now its saying stuff like it cant read the dvd because i might not have permission, and K3b cant even mount it .17:20
andrew__Here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49842/17:21
SanneJucato: oh, that's interesting. How is that done?17:21
vasilisaandrew__: Thats to me?17:21
JucatoSanne: ohwait nvm... I made a boo boo :P17:22
nosrednaekimandrew__: in that pastebin.... is lines 5 and 6 actually on one linein the file?17:22
Jucato(it applied to all windows hahah!)17:22
SanneJucato: haha, ok :)17:22
andrew__How do I make my text go red?17:22
nosrednaekimKWIN4 can do that..17:22
nosrednaekimandrew__: thats just because I mention your name in it.17:22
ubotuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:23
Sanneandrew__: the chat client colors text when somebody mentions your name17:23
andrew__nosrednaekim 5 and six are not on one line17:24
vasilisa i just did something stupid. My cd roms arent mountiing correctly because i deleted the mount points under /media that looked like files and tries to replace them with folders to mount to, so it would look cleaner.... now its saying stuff like it cant read the dvd because i might not have permission, and K3b cant even mount it .17:24
nosrednaekimandrew__: it is because the window is too small? maximize the kate window. if they are still not on the same line... i'll have to fix that..17:25
andrew__nosrednaekim they still on different lines...17:26
vasilisaMaybe you don't have enough rights for this, or source doesn't contain data (e.g: no disc in drive). (Error reading NAV packet.)17:27
vasilisasomeone help me understand that?17:27
vasilisaIn kaffeine17:27
nosrednaekimandrew__: ok... thats probably the problem... put all of those UUID lines up into the previous line.17:27
andrew__nosrednaekim what are UUID lines?17:28
nosrednaekimthe lines that begin with UUID ;)17:28
nosrednaekimput them up to the previous line...17:28
andrew__nosrednaekim ah ok17:28
nosrednaekimshould look like this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49844/17:29
andrew__nosrednaekim ok done that17:30
nosrednaekimpastebin it...17:31
andrew__Here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49845/17:32
nosrednaekimerase the last line in that file17:35
andrew__the blank one?17:35
sparrwith kvpnc, what settings do i use for a "normal" cisco vpn?  that is, one that windows xp connects to with no special configuration.17:35
andrew__the blank one?17:38
andresorry i need the german kubuntu channel once again17:38
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de17:39
nosrednaekimandrew__: the blank one an the last text line as well17:39
NickPrestaWhat is the corresponding driver on the nvidia website to nvidia-glx-new in the repos?17:39
sparrNickPresta: apt-cache show nvidia-glx-new and check the version17:39
andrew__nosrednaekim Ok done: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49847/17:41
NickPrestasparr, yeah, I see '100.14.19' in the repos. When I check the Nvidia archives, I see that was released on Sept. 21, 2007. The latest driver is 169.07, released a few days ago. Is the version in the repos 1 version behind the official version?17:42
sigmadoes anyone here know how to share the internet connection if im using a usb modem? i have the internet working on my pc, just can't share it. i want to share it to another linux pc17:42
sigmait probably is, dont think it can be updated very quickly17:42
SanneNickPresta: the *ubuntus generally won't get version updates during their lifetime, only for bugfixes and security.17:44
sparrNickPresta: sometimes.  probably.17:44
nosrednaekimandrew__: ok... reboot17:44
NickPrestasparr, hmm, okay. I suppose I will have to use the driver from the website then. Thanks.17:44
sigmaSanne: but shouldn't they put the updated one in the backports?17:44
Sannesigma: maybe, I don't know.17:45
sigmaNickPresta: did u check in the gutsy-backports?17:46
nico_/echo $me17:47
sparrNickPresta: with debian theres the module-assistant method, dunno if ubuntu has that17:47
BluesKajsparr yes , I have used it in the past installing fglrx drivers17:48
BluesKajnot intenionally of course...was a tutorial :)17:48
BluesKajnot intentionally17:49
NickPrestasparr, I just enabled the backports repo and pinned the packages so they are set to 'manual' install. Let me check to see if they have an updated driver17:49
=== andre is now known as andre_
=== andre_ is now known as andre
* LimCore is amazed by size of ubuntu failure to provide fonts that doesn't suck17:56
jpatrickLimCore: they look pretty good to me17:56
Arwenhmm? what's wrong with the default ones?17:56
ardchoilleLimCore: They are nice IMHO17:56
Arwenthere is a lack of good serif fonts, but who uses those?17:56
LimCorethey fail to support  ó ż ź (polish) and some german glyphs17:56
maybeway36go in adept and install "ttf-anything"17:57
LimCorethey show a rectange [] instead ó ż ź (polish) and some german glyphs17:57
BluesKajeye candy is important to some , especially former windows users17:57
LimCorebitstream *  lack latin-2 glyphs,17:57
maybeway36there has to be some polish-supproting font inthere somewhere17:57
LimCoredejavu sans is incredible thin17:57
maybeway36try dejavu17:57
LimCoreand nombus looks strange17:57
Arwenyou could use Microsoft fonts17:57
maybeway36its like bitstream but with better international support17:57
LimCoreonlye one not so terrible is dejavu serrif, but it is serrif17:57
maybeway36otherwise dejavu = bitstream17:57
LimCoremaybeway36: on my system dejavu sans i gayified17:58
maybeway36and there is always liberation fonts you could try17:58
LimCore* is17:58
LimCorethat is,  it is 0.5 pixels bold (thin), so it is always gray (anti alias)17:58
maybeway36i posted my ttf-liberation pacjage here https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/17621517:59
DarkTan_ok, how do i make my digi cam work?17:59
LimCoremaybeway36: looking17:59
ArwenDarkTan_, a digital camera or digikam?18:00
DarkTan_digital camera18:00
ardchoilleDarkTan_: Which make/model?18:00
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: that was fast homework ;)18:01
DarkTan_i messed around with my wireless card to18:01
DarkTan_i was able to enable it, but can't pick up my network18:01
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: try out ndiswrapper...18:02
maybeway36i had to put my ESSID and WEP key in /etc/network/interfaces18:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nsdiswrapper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:02
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:02
ardchoilleDarkTan_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaDigitalCameras18:02
DarkTan_yay, mine's not on the list18:03
ardchoilleDarkTan_: Doesn't mean it isn't supported, which make/model.18:04
DarkTan_photosmart m52518:04
ardchoilleDarkTan_: It's in the list of supported cams.18:04
nosrednaekimHP  things should work... they are usually pretty good about linux upport18:04
DarkTan_well i reconizes the cam, but i can't get the pictures18:05
ardchoilleDarkTan_: alt+f2, Peripherals > Digital Camera > click the camera and add it18:05
ardchoilleDarkTan_: Ah, ok18:05
ardchoilleDarkTan_: sorry, alt+f2 type in kcontrol18:05
ardchoilleI don't know where that is in system settings18:06
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: using which program?18:06
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: use digikam.18:06
ardchoillethe digikam app rocks18:07
DarkTan_where is it?18:07
nosrednaekimkonqueror sometimes has problems with the camera protocol... and is alot slower even when it does work.18:07
Arwenmeh, digikam's missing a filename filter18:07
ArwenDarkTan_, under graphics18:07
* nosrednaekim is not using kde318:07
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: just try running it from an "alt+f2" run dialog...18:08
DarkTan_did that, no good18:08
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: "sudo apt-get install digkam"18:09
ardchoilleWhere is "peripherals" in system settings?18:09
nosrednaekimdon't think its there...18:09
ardchoilleI'm sure gonna miss kcontrol18:09
maybeway36kcmshell --list?18:10
maybeway36that might help18:10
=== mzungu_ is now known as mzungu
DarkTan_ok digikam is up and running18:10
nosrednaekimDreadKnight: yeah <_<18:10
ardchoillemaybeway36: Yes, that works, but it'd be nice if system settings had it.18:11
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: isn't apt-get nice? :)18:11
Arwenoh yeah, where's kcontrol? I can't find it in any menu18:11
Arwen(apt-get is deprecated too)18:11
DarkTan_yes it is, i'm starting to get used to this stuff18:11
ardchoilleArwen: It's not in the menus for kde3.5.8, and it's gone in kde418:11
DreadKnightwhat is newer than apt-get arwen?18:11
Arwenardchoille, what? we have to use that incompetent system settings app?18:11
DreadKnighthmm... tought it's the same thing18:11
maybeway36apt-get will never go away thoguh18:11
usr002Hi mates18:11
maybeway36all the others depend on it i think18:11
ardchoilleArwen: yes :(18:12
DarkTan_ok added the cam18:12
usr002can anyone help me with this18:12
usr002hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 100018:12
DreadKnightarwen please give some examples of using aptitude18:12
ArwenDreadKnight, it is, except with mandatory repository syncing18:12
Arwenaptitude install blah18:12
Arwenaptitude remove blah18:12
llutzDreadKnight: man aptitude18:12
Arwenor just aptitude18:12
ardchoilleaptitude purge blah18:12
DreadKnightapt-get is shorter xD18:12
Arwenhmm, VLC keeps crashing when I call the open file dialog18:12
llutzDreadKnight: then try to search with apt-get for packages (not with apt-cache) :()18:12
Arwendoesn't seem to like KDE18:12
DarkTan_ok, hoe do i get my pics now?18:13
zibrah3edptitude is a very useful curses-based front end to the apt toolset.18:13
DarkTan_w00t! never mind got it18:13
DreadKnightok guys thanks :) i see ^^18:14
andrew__nosrednaekim hi! Thanks for your help earlier... I can see the hardrive now, but when I try to mount it is gives me this: hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 100018:14
nosrednaekimDarkTan_: it working?18:14
nosrednaekimandrew__: ok... thats fairly easy to fix...18:15
DarkTan_yeah, just need to find out where it put them18:15
DarkTan_ok, don't need to know, just drag and drow18:16
sparrhow can i get the gnome network manager applet (nm-applet) to show up in my kde panel or system tray?18:16
DarkTan_this thing rox18:16
nosrednaekimandrew__: go into system settings->advanced->disks and filesystems18:16
nosrednaekimandrew__: select your windows partition and click "modify"18:17
nosrednaekimchange the mount permissions to "all users"18:17
nosrednaekimsparr: should should be able to just run it.18:17
DarkTan_ok, back to home work, i come back if i get the wireless up18:17
nosrednaekimhomework on christmas break?18:18
andrew__theres no option to modify18:18
DreadKnightdid anyone managed to upgrade to kde4 recently? the packages where broken a few days ago18:18
nosrednaekimandrew__: then press "new" with that partition selected18:18
sparrnosrednaekim: when i run it i get nothing.  if i have a gnome-panel open i see it there, but nothing in kicker18:18
andrew__Ok done18:19
andreneed help plz i want to change with kwrite a txt file but i havent the permission can anybody help me plz18:19
nosrednaekimandrew__: now click modify, and you're going to need to change something..18:19
sparranderson_: kdesu kwrite file.txt18:19
sparrandre: ^^18:19
neftahow can I look for another channels or rooms??18:20
sparrnefta: what client?  /list works everywhere, but its not the best18:20
jussi01!irc | nefta18:20
ubotunefta: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines18:20
nosrednaekimandrew__: what do you have as the mount point?18:21
spykedtomatohey all18:21
spykedtomatoanyone here familliar with gtkpod?18:22
andrew__This: <mount point>18:22
andrew__andrew_ hi18:22
spykedtomato<-- gtkpod n00b, and today google is NOT my friend ;)18:22
neftacould somebody show me the link to get into any argentina´s channel?18:23
nosrednaekimandrew__: change it to "/mount/windows"18:23
nosrednaekimmake the "type" ntfs18:24
nosrednaekimcheck "enable at startup"18:24
nosrednaekimchange "mount permission" to "any user may mount unmount"18:25
nosrednaekimhit ok.. and "enable" it.18:25
nosrednaekimok... go to /media/windows in konqueror18:26
andrew__when I press ok it gives me this: /mount/windows18:26
andrew__The mountpoint '/mount/windows' does not exist. You will not be able to enable it until it is created.\18:26
andrew__Should I create the mountpoint?18:26
nosrednaekimyes.. create it18:26
neftacould somebody show me the link to get into any argentina´s channel?18:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ar - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about argentina - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:27
hydrogenits #kubuntu-countrycode18:27
hydrogenif there is one18:27
andrew__An error occurred while enabling <mount point>.18:27
andrew__The system reported: fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy18:27
andrew__FUSE mount point creation failed18:27
andrew__Unmounting /dev/sda1 ()18:27
spykedtomatoanyone familliar with gtkpod? I'm trying to figure out how to sync the master playlist from a folder and INCLUDE all subfolders - but I'm snagged...18:28
nosrednaekimandrew__: try it again...18:28
=== hussain is now known as ciao
nosrednaekimif it fails again... reboot (which is the simplest way to fix that)18:28
andrew__When I try enable it gives me this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49853/18:28
ciaowhat's the equivalent of visual web developer in linux?18:29
andrew__When I try enable it gives me this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49853/18:29
nosrednaekimciao: nvu18:29
Jucatonvu is no longer maintained. it's succeeded by kompozer now18:29
ciaook nvu is the name of the ide?18:29
ubotukompozer is WYSIWYG HTML editor for easily creating web pages, and the continuation of the dead Nvu project. It is available in !Universe on !Gutsy, !Backports on !Feisty, and from  « deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tonyyarusso/ubuntu edgy universe » for Edgy.  (Dapper still pending)18:30
Jucato!info nvu18:30
ubotuPackage nvu does not exist in gutsy18:30
nosrednaekimandrew__: does it still show <mount point> as the location that it will be mounted to?18:30
dorkfaceHi all.  I just installed kubuntu server 7.10, and when I try to apt-get packages it searches for the cd-rom.  I tried commenting out the cd-rom line, but if I try again, it says that it can't find any of the packages that I try to get.  Any suggestions?18:30
ciaocan you creat css with kompozer ?18:30
jussi01ciao: yes18:30
ciaoyeaaaaaaaaah cool thx18:31
nosrednaekimdorkface: run "sudo apt-get update"18:31
ciaoI'll get it18:31
andrew__nosrednaekim yes it does still show that18:31
jussi01ciao: quanta isnt that bad either18:31
=== nefta is now known as nefta_
jussi01!info quanta | ciao18:31
dorkfaceah ok, something happened with my connection. thanks :)18:31
nosrednaekimandrew__: modify it again and change it to /media/windows18:31
ubotuciao: quanta: web development environment for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 2385 kB, installed size 5744 kB18:31
andrew__Cool It Worked!!!18:32
ciaoquanta or kompozer? or should I try them both?18:32
andrew__Thanks!!! Can I ask you one more thing?18:32
nosrednaekimandrew__: sweet :D18:33
nosrednaekimandrew__: go ahead18:33
andrew__How do I enable my cdrom?18:34
nosrednaekimandrew__: what happens when you pop in a CD?18:34
andrew__Ah it seems to work18:36
andrew__How do you know all this?18:36
nosrednaekimbeen using linux for 5 years.... you learn things :D18:37
andrew__It's amazing18:37
nosrednaekimyeah, once you have all of the hardware problems sorted out.18:38
=== sergey is now known as sergey__
=== sergey__ is now known as lacuna
andrew__How do you change the refresh rate to 60hz?18:39
maybeway36i would look in /etc/X11/xorg.ci\onf18:39
TimSI've just turned my PC on, but I cant access Localhost, how can I check the status of my Apache server?18:40
dorkfaceWhat would be the best point-to-point file transfer protocol in terms of minimal overhead?  rsync?18:41
ardchoilleTimS: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 status18:41
nosrednaekimandrew__: is the refresh rate bothering you?18:41
andrew__well I can only set it to 50 or 51, but in windows I had it at 6018:41
TimSardchoille:  * Usage: /etc/init.d/apache2 {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload|start-htcacheclean|stop-htcacheclean}18:41
TimSIll see if it starts :P18:41
TimSAh, it doesn't.18:42
ardchoilleTimS: Ah, no status? Thanks for the heads up.18:42
nosrednaekimandrew__: but is the refresh rate bothering you? usually X detects the best refresh rate.18:42
andrew__I see, no it's not really, but I don't like the fonts18:43
bmk789_anyone using a 2.6.24 kernel on 64bit?18:43
nosrednaekimandrew__: change them ;)18:43
nosrednaekimbmk789_: that would be for #ubuntu +118:43
andrew__Oh nevermind got it18:44
nosrednaekimandrew__: haveta go... have fun :D18:46
spykedtomatoIn gtkpod I'm trying to figure out how to sync the master playlist from a folder and INCLUDE all subfolders - but can't figure it out - when I sync it only syncs the files in the main dir and not the subfolders... I'm using gtkpod 0.99.10 on kubuntu gutsy with libgpod 0.6.0 with my iPod Classic 160Gb18:47
LOGANwhere are installed apps in life mode stored and how can I browse to them18:56
konradAn Amarok-script wants me to install pygtk. aptitude search pygtk gives no results. Anyone knows what it is called?19:05
fdovingkonrad: python-gtk19:06
TonrenWhen I go to System Settings and change "GTK Style" to "Use another style: [Qt]" under Appearance, my changes aren't saved.  I click Apply, close the window, then go back to the same window and "Use my KDE style in GTK applications" is selected again.19:08
konradfdoving: python-gtk doesn't exist. python-gtk2 already installed. Installed python-gtk-1.2 as well but the script still complains19:10
nikolajAmarok triggered install of mp3 support and after it it asks to restart amarok, but then i still can't play mp3 files and it still triggers the mp3 support install19:10
fdovingkonrad: might need the -dev packages, python-gtk2-dev maybe?19:10
konradWorth a try19:11
nikolajNow how can i enable mp3 support. Totem plays mp3 files nicely. Is there something I have to activate inside amarok, which amarok forgot to set automatically?19:13
konradDidn't work either unfortunately. Oh, well. Will try to figure that out later. Have to go afk19:14
konradThanks anyway19:14
fdovingkonrad: might want to try #amarok then19:16
white_eagledoes anyone of you own a ps3?19:24
david__can anyone help a newb with ndiswrapper19:25
jussi01david__: have you followed the guide?19:25
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:25
david__tried to19:25
jussi01david__: is it for broadcom?19:25
david__no wmp54g19:26
david__everythings installed but windows drivers19:26
david__couldnt figure out how to get cabextract19:27
Sannedavid__: install package cabextract ;)19:28
=== anton_ is now known as afrol
david__how di i do that19:30
david__im very new to linux19:30
Arwendavid__, apt-get install cabextract19:31
ardchoilledavid__: sudo apt-get install cabextract19:31
Arwen!apt | david__ for future reference19:31
ubotudavid__ for future reference: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)19:31
Sannedavid__: if you're new, you might find this info helpful also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu19:32
david__couldnt find pkg cabextract19:32
Arwenoh yeah, you need to enable the universe repository, see Sanne's link19:33
usr002hi !!! again19:33
ardchoilledavid__: Which version of kubuntu are you using?19:33
usr002hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 100019:34
usr002i-m geting this error19:34
Drk_GuyHi guys19:34
usr002when mounting my external hdd19:34
ardchoilledavid__: Then universe should have been enabled by default19:34
Drk_GuyI have a question19:34
Dr_willisIts amazing the # of times i see someone asking about that a week usr002 .. i "THINK" the fix is put a proper fstab entry for your drive.19:34
Drk_GuyWhy there is no torrent for the Cd releases?19:34
Dr_willisDrk_Guy,  ive seen torrents for all the cd images.19:35
Arwensame here19:35
Drk_GuyI can't see em on the official site19:35
Arwenhttp://ubuntu.eriders.ge/releases/kubuntu/gutsy/ <-- scroll down19:35
Arwenor any mirror really19:36
Drk_GuyI want a cd19:36
ardchoilleDrk_Guy: Click on the CD link, choose a mirror and then look for a .torrent19:36
ArwenDrk_Guy, did you even read my post?19:36
Dr_willisMy Fave Torrent site for Ubuntu ---> http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/19:36
Drk_GuyArwen: Where?19:36
Arwen[14:35] <Arwen> http://ubuntu.eriders.ge/releases/kubuntu/gutsy/ <-- scroll down19:37
Drk_GuyIt's a lot of time since i left the ubuntu comunity19:37
Drk_GuyAnd i want to go back19:37
Arwenthere's a bunch of file links at the bottom, look for the one that ends in .torrent19:37
Arwenthey're all CDs19:37
Dr_willishttp://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ shows the # of leechers and so forth. - not a lot of people shareing torrents at this time it seems.19:37
Drk_GuyGot the torrent, thx to Dr_willis19:38
Dr_willisMay be faster to use the ftp sites19:38
Drk_GuyFtp sucks19:38
Drk_GuySo slow19:38
Dr_willisDrk_Guy,  i have to disagree...19:38
* jussi01 gets > 600kbs from the direct download...19:38
Dr_willisit all depends..19:38
trappisterm, ftp isn't any slower than http19:38
Arwenthe mirrors are faster than my connection, so meh19:38
Drk_GuyI prefer torrent19:38
Arwen160 seeds to 20 peers on the desktop ISO19:38
Drk_GuyThan http/ftp19:39
trappistif anything it has less application layer overhead, and should be faster19:39
Dr_willisI got very good speeds on the torrents when the disks were first released. -  Proberly wont be near as fast now.19:39
ArwenDrk_Guy, since you're too lazy to read what I say, http://ubuntu.eriders.ge/releases/kubuntu/gutsy/kubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent19:39
Dr_willisOf course when ya have 6000+ seeds. :)19:39
ardchoille!coc | Arwen19:39
ubotuArwen: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/19:39
Drk_GuyGot it Arwen19:40
david__still needing help installing drivers in ndiswrapper19:40
aszxchow can i print the name of CD ?19:40
Drk_GuyDr_willis: I still prefer Torrent because there is lesser chance for the server to hang up19:40
ardchoilledavid__: Were you able to install cabextract?19:40
Arwenaszxc, as in the volume label?19:40
Drk_GuySame wait time as for Drift City19:41
aszxcArwen yes19:41
aszxcArwen i can't see it anywhere19:41
Drk_GuyKde rocks Gnome19:41
ardchoilledavid__: Did you enable universe?19:41
aszxcArwen best to print it via command line19:41
david__is it in a certain directory19:41
ardchoille!repo | david__19:42
ubotudavid__: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu19:42
=== bernhard is now known as bernhard_
david__probably not i am completely new to linux19:42
=== bernhard_ is now known as bernhard__
ardchoilledavid__: Good information there about how the repos work19:42
Arwenaszxc, hmm, can't find it off the top of my head, I'll see if I can get back to you in a few minutes19:42
Drk_GuySilly question here!19:42
Drk_GuyDoes kubuntu comes with Gtk+?19:43
=== bernhard__ is now known as praisemachine
aszxcArwen thnx19:43
aszxcArwen i will wait19:43
ardchoilledavid__: yes, read that page that ubotu posted to you19:43
jussi01!nickspam > praisemachine19:43
Dr_willisDrk_Guy,  you can easially install gnome and other gtk+ relat4ed apps19:43
Drk_GuyDr_willis: So i doesn't come with it by default?19:44
Dr_willisDrk_Guy,  No idea. Never noticed.. never cared.. :) if i instgall an app that needs it.. it will get installed auto-magicially.19:44
Drk_GuyDebian/Ubuntu magic19:44
Dr_willisof course its sprt of pointless to have it installed if nothing is using it.19:44
Drk_GuyThen i'll have to reuse my ownly created Lexmark script19:45
aszxcArwen i just found it in the 'dmesg' output19:45
Arwenalternatively, you can use the volname command, aszxc19:45
Arwenas in volname /dev/cdrom19:45
Drk_GuyI really miss the easiness of use of Ubuntu19:46
Drk_GuyBut as i really don't like gnome19:46
Drk_GuyI chose kubuntu19:46
* Arwen always wanted to try Gentoo, but not having a Core 2 Duo @ 3.4 GHz kind of killed that19:46
aszxcArwen cool, thnx19:47
* Drk_Guy has passed troughout Debian, Knoppix, DSL, Puppylinux, Backtrack, Fedora and Slackware19:47
Drk_GuyBut /me chooses to get back to Ubuntu19:47
ArwenI've used an old version of slackware and DSL, but the only thing I've tried seriously is K/ubuntu19:48
Drk_GuyThe distro that i used the most was Debian19:48
Arwencan't beat the 1 CD installer :-\19:48
Drk_GuyUbuntu's mum19:48
Drk_GuyIt's too easy19:48
Drk_GuyI prefer the GUI method19:48
* Arwen doesn't like Debian's release cycle. It's glacial.19:48
* Drk_Guy really think Debian is too stable19:49
Drk_GuyAnd Ubuntu is too Edgy19:49
Arwenspeaking of that, framebuffer consoles are broken in 7.10 :-\19:49
Drk_GuyAnyway, i can beat that19:49
Drk_GuyI'm used to the txt only boot-up19:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about oftopic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:50
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:50
Arwenjussi01, take a tea break or something, nobody's asking questions.19:50
Drk_Guyjussi01: If no one is asking anything, we can make lil offtopic stuff19:50
Drk_GuyArwen: Your host-name reveals your wikipedia-staff19:51
Arwenno, not really19:51
ArwenThey give away the hostmasks :-P19:51
Arwenjust ask19:51
Dr_williscan i get a hostmask that says "DrOfLove" ? :)19:51
Drk_GuyThey gave me a rare hostname19:51
Drk_Guya random one19:51
* Drk_Guy chillz to Gorillaz - El Mañana / Kids with Gunz19:52
ardchoilleHostmask requests should be directed to a freenode staffer19:52
* Dr_willis performs a Z-botomy on Drk_Guy 19:52
Drk_GuySo you just chose that stuff?19:52
Arwensay, is there a way to get a now-playing script for Konversation?19:52
jussi01Arwen: /media19:52
* Drk_Guy performs a tux-throw at Dr_willis19:53
Arwenjussi01, thanks a thousand19:53
* Dr_willis Jamms to Pat Boone - In a Metal Mood.mp319:53
jussi01Arwen: :)19:53
Drk_Guy /media works all times19:53
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:53
* Arwen is listening to The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon on The Ultimate Showdown [Amarok]19:53
Arwenyep, it works19:53
* Drk_Guy killz you to Gorillaz - Every Planet we Reach is Dead19:53
Drk_GuyDudes, what do you prefer?19:54
Drk_GuyK or G?19:54
NickPrestaIs it really that hard to type '/join #kubuntu-offtopic'? You can chat all you want in there.19:54
Drk_GuyChill down NickPresta19:54
Drk_GuyTake it easy19:54
Drk_GuyNo one's asking19:54
Arwenwhat's the big deal? if we weren't talking, the channel'd be quiet19:54
NickPrestaDrk_Guy, I am chill. This is a support channel. It's meant for support as per the /topic.19:55
Drk_GuyNickPresta: Are you trying to make a kludge?19:55
sourcemakerYeah... I am asking... again... *g* Are ther kernel profs here?19:55
ardchoilleChannel rules are there for a reason and should be followed regardless of current channel traffic.19:55
Arwenand if anything, silence turns away newcomers more than offtopic chat19:55
Drk_GuyNickPresta: Just chill down, and wait for sum1 to ask19:55
Sanneit's a bit hard for people who are glancing at the channel window from time to time if somebody needs help... and it just offtopic chat that alerts them.19:55
Brunozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring19:55
LynoureIt's quite hard to re-rail a derailed channel. I hope it does not happen to this one.19:56
Drk_GuyWhat are we going to do?...19:56
NickPrestaDrk_Guy, you can take the chat to !ot. :)19:56
sourcemakerHere is my simple question... to prevent offtopics ;-) I have compiled and install the last vanilla kernel with nvidia support myself... how can I prevent apt to install the next kubuntu kernel release....????19:57
LynoureDoes anyone know if Hardy will have direct upgrade to the next (actual) LTS version that comes after it?19:57
Drk_Guy8 h 30 m19:57
jussi01!pinning | sourcemaker19:58
* jussi01 waits for the bot...19:58
NickPrestasourcemaker, http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html Check out the section on pinning.19:58
sourcemakerNickPresta: Great... thanks19:59
* Drk_Guy read the ubotu tip19:59
NickPrestasourcemaker, it's section 3.10, I believe.19:59
Drk_GuyDebian is cool, but it is really late released19:59
Drk_GuyDon't you think so?19:59
Drk_GuyThe inclusion of Compiz by default is a real cool desicion20:00
jussi01Drk_Guy: please take the offtopic to #kubuntu-offtopic20:00
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs20:01
vasilisaAm i to understand that it is now illegal to have software that can play dvds on linux?20:01
stdindepends where you are20:01
* Drk_Guy chillz20:02
Drk_GuyColombia's tech trules SUCK20:02
stdinthen it may be (IANAL)20:02
LynoureDrk_Guy: if you want my opinion on Debian and Kubuntu, I'll gladly tell you on #kubuntu-offtopic as it's on my mind a lot currently :)20:02
vasilisaThat is so fecking stupid20:02
vasilisawhat are they trying to do? alienate us?20:02
Dr_willisvasilisa,   There are comercial dvd programs for linux.20:02
Arwenvasilisa, it always was illegal20:03
Dr_willissome disrtos (comercial ones) have  legal dvd players. :)20:03
stdinyou can buy the codec, yes20:03
vasilisaWhats it to the DVD format guys what operating systems we play on!?20:03
Arwenthank your representative20:03
Dr_willisI was thinking that Dell-Ubuntu package did so.20:03
Dr_willisvasilisa,  its not the dvd format.. its the encryption OF the dvd.20:03
Arwenvasilisa, don't shout. It's not really relevant to the channel anyhow, but they don't want open source implementations of CSS decryption.20:03
vasilisau.u *sigh*20:04
vasilisait just really twists my ears....20:04
Dr_willisthe css decryption - is such an interesting history/story  to read about.20:04
Drk_GuyContent Scrambling System20:04
Arwenincidentally, at this time, with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD out, nobody really cares if you have libdvdcss, so screw the law (not an official suggestion)20:05
Drk_GuyNOT Cascaded Style Sheets20:05
Arwen^^ or cross-site-scripting20:05
Dr_willisCommunist Security Systems20:05
vasilisaArwen: Then by all means, inform me how to make dvds work on my computer again20:05
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs20:05
Dr_willisIn short.. Enable the Medibuntu repo.. install the packages needed. :)20:06
vasilisaArwen: oh, medibuntu... *looks for*20:06
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org20:06
vasilisathank you20:06
vasilisaIve been reading V for Vendetta, so guess what mood im in when it comes to stupid laws :D20:07
Arwen(thank your congressman)20:07
vasilisaWill do.20:08
Dr_willisReading? Whats this 'reading' of which you speak?20:08
Drk_GuyAn OS revolution!!!!20:08
vasilisaDr_willis: Its a comic book.20:08
stdinit's your choice to obey the laws of your land, but please don't "brag" about it ;)20:08
vasilisaI didnt say anything :320:08
Drk_GuyFFS, attack Congressman20:08
vasilisaI envy people who live in countries that are better about these things.20:09
Drk_GuyRms must act20:09
vasilisaanyway bai20:09
Drk_GuyWhat do you think about MS-GPL?20:09
ardchoilleDrk_Guy: Please take off-topic chatter to another channel. Last warning.20:10
Drk_Guyardchoille: Is anyone asking up something?20:10
Drk_GuyJust chill dude20:10
stdinDrk_Guy: doesn't matter, you've been warned20:10
jussi01Drk_Guy: as stated earlier, that really isnt the point.20:10
Drk_GuyAll ops ignored20:11
Arwen*sigh* bueracracy20:11
Drk_GuyAll *ROGUE* ops20:11
Drk_GuyAnd we continue to wait...20:13
david__if i upgrade kubuntu do i have to reinstall ndis wrapper?20:15
Arwenyou will need to reinstall between kernel upgrades iirc.20:15
BrunoAlright Question:  I have xp installed on one hard disk.  If I install a flavor of ubuntu on a different hard disk will it change my boot partition to ubuntu's?20:15
Brunoi've never tried to and I do not wish to learn the hard way20:16
david__how can i upgrade 7.04 to the latest kernal version?20:17
ArwenBruno, well, as far as boot partitions go, you'll just end up with one on each disk20:17
Brunothats fine so long as i can specify the bott disk at startup20:17
ardchoilledavid__: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:17
Arwendavid__, it's part of normal updates. You won't see a new major version unless you go to 7.1020:17
Brunothe only thing i need windows for is for playing some games where opengl just won't cut it20:18
ArwenBruno, when you install, just read the text real carefully and manually partition whenever possible.20:18
david__thats the one i want 7.1020:18
ardchoille!upgrade | david__20:18
ubotudavid__: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes20:18
david__reading comp is not to good20:19
[ka]killerhumm, im trying to re-configure my mouse but i forgot the location of the config file @_@20:19
david__y i love this irc!20:19
ardchoille[ka]killer: /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?20:20
[ka]killersorry, my brain is a bit scrambled right now20:20
[ka]killerbeen studying for SATs20:20
ardchoilleNo problem :)20:20
Arwenwhy would you study for the SAT?20:20
* Arwen scratches head20:20
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:20
[ka]killerjust the random crap i dont know20:21
[ka]killerfor instance i fail at english20:21
=== ThugLife_ is now known as Thug-life
david__any versions of kubuntu thats support wireless without ndiswrapper?20:23
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sourcemakerdavem_: Kubuntu Gusty does... (if you are not using wireless with a realtek chip)20:25
david__i have linksys WMP54G?20:26
sourcemakerdavid__: You can try the live-cd to test the connection... :-)20:27
sourcemakerdavid__: I do not know...20:27
david__caps sry20:27
david__k thnx20:28
sourcemakerdavid__: I have compiled the kernel my self... because I had problems with WLAN and Realtek20:28
sourcemakerdavid__: There are some problems in the current 2.6.23 kernel release with wlan and realtek20:29
[ka]killeranyone know why my tablet does not work? (its a tablet pc and it shows that its configured in the .conf file)20:38
NickPresta[ka]killer, what "does not work"?20:38
[ka]killerthe entire thing, it does not sense the pen20:39
=== Daedalus_Leitung is now known as _Daedalus_
ardchoille[ka]killer: Are the entires tablet at the bottom of /etc/X11/xorg.conf uncommented?20:40
[ka]killerwait what?20:40
ardchoille[ka]killer: Are you using Gutsy?20:41
[ka]killeri dont know what you mean by uncommented -_-20:41
ardchoille[ka]killer: Look at the bottom trhee entries in /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:41
[ka]killeri am20:41
[ka]killerremove the #?20:41
ardchoilleDo they have a "#" at the beginning?20:41
ardchoilleYes, remove those and restart x20:41
ardchoille[ka]killer: yw20:42
[ka]killershould i also remove the note to Uncomment if you have a wacom tablet20:42
ardchoilleWell, you can leave it or remove it, but don't uncomment it20:43
[ka]killer__that seems to have killed Xserv20:48
[ka]killer__had to resort to my backup of xorg.conf20:48
ardchoille[ka]killer__: restarting xorg wills kde/kdm yes20:50
[ka]killer__thats new20:51
[ka]killer__didnt do that in the past20:51
[ka]killer__unless i was messing with the display portion of xorg.conf20:51
ardchoille[ka]killer__: restarting xorg always kills kdm because kdm runs on top of xorg20:51
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
[ka]killersorry had to kill xchat for a second there20:52
[ka]killerbut when xorg restarts shouldnt kdm?20:53
=== stefan_ is now known as blackflag
ardchoille[ka]killer: If you restart xorg properly, then yes, kdm should restart too. How did you restart x?20:53
[ka]killeri'll deal with this later20:53
ardchoillethat's not the proper way to restartx20:53
Dr_willisIf you startefd with kdm, went to X then used alt-ctrl-BS - normally KDm restarts for me.,20:54
ardchoille[ka]killer: The proper way to restart xorg is: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart20:54
ardchoillectrl+alt+backspace is a "dirty" way of doing it, some things don't get saved.20:54
sourcemakerCan I shutdown KDE... will applications are running?21:06
sourcemakerwhile... not will21:06
ardchoillesourcemaker: Sure, if you log out it do it cleanly21:09
Dr_willisthat will kill all the apps - of course. :)21:10
russojtis there a support or help channel?21:30
ardchoillerussojt: Help for what? This channel is for kubuntu support21:30
=== russojt is now known as Zealot87
BluesKaj!ask | russojt21:30
uboturussojt: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)21:30
Zealot87alright, sometimes i get reemed out for asking in wrong channels :P21:31
Zealot87i cant get sound to work! :P, amarok plays just fine i just dont hear anything at all, test sounds dont work either21:31
Zealot87i have an onboard audio controller (AC'97) which could be getting in the way, i cant figure out how to switch it over to my pci sound card21:32
ardchoille!sound | Zealot87 have you seen this21:32
ubotuZealot87 have you seen this: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP321:32
Dr_willisits also possible you got one of those chipsets thats not totally supported yet. :(21:33
Zealot87i've checked to see if sound is running, it is, i've tried switching from ALSA to OSS and such, no luck21:33
Dr_willisuse lspci to get more info on what sound chipset you got.21:33
Zealot87i went into alsamixer to see if i could just adjust some things or turn them on or off and it doesnt work either21:33
TopsunZealot87: no MMs below?21:34
Zealot87that seems impossible, Dr_willis, i have used it before a few years ago with ubuntu and it worked, and its an old sb audigy21:34
Zealot87Topsun: I tried all sorts of combinations with MMs and mms and nothing seemed to work21:35
Zealot87i really think that i just need to switch from the onboard ac to my pci ac card, but i cant figure out how to do that21:35
TopsunMM = left and right channel is muted21:35
Zealot87yeah, and you can unmute them and such, didnt work21:36
Topsunasoundconf list21:36
Topsunasoundconf set-default-card <onefromthelist>21:36
Zealot87oooo, lemme try this :)21:36
Zealot87w000t! Topsun it worked, it changed the alsamixer to the audigy, and then i just went back in and fudged some of the MMed channels and it works! thanks !21:38
Topsunyou are welcome21:39
Zealot87i felt so alone without my computer sound :P21:39
Topsunmusic makes life better :)21:39
TallenHi. Any pointers on getting usage of all 4GB on my PC? 'free -m' only reports 2.9GB. My BIOS info reports all 4GB. Kubuntu 7.10 (2.6.22-14-generic).21:40
Dr_willisHmmm.. You just said an Audigy sound card is an AC97?  Hmm..  You may want to double check what modules are getting loaded.21:40
Dr_willisor did i missread that. :)21:41
sourcemakerTallen: what's the output... pastbin?21:42
Topsunhe has two cards21:42
Dr_willisOk that makes more sence. :)21:42
Dr_willisi always disable the onboard befor i install.21:42
Tallensourcemaker: output of what? 'free -m' ?21:42
sourcemakerTallen: sure21:42
Tallensourcemaker: http://www.pastebin.org/13221 <- probably too much info, thought it might prove helpful.21:44
sourcemakerTallen: Have you a custom kernel or the default kernel?21:46
Tallencustom kernel21:46
Tallenshould I move to 64-bit Kubuntu? I was hesitent to previous Firefox plugin (Flash) issues.21:47
qoloyea dont go to 64 bit, simply not worth it21:48
sourcemakerTallen: do you have HIGHMEM Support build in your kernel?21:48
BluesKajTallen, i'm using 64 bit , and FF works fine , just make sure you have ia32-libs installed21:48
Tallensourcemaker: ah, <shrug> no idea. its stock kernel. GRUB switch ?21:49
sourcemakerTallen: post your .config... if you have a custom kernel21:49
Tallenah I dont have a custom kernel. No custom kernel, stock kernel.21:49
hariI got some strange problem after updating to 7.10 the CD drive is being scanned endlessly and i get some "device mapper" error in my virtual consoles, can some one help me?21:50
Tallensourcemaker: so are you saying for me to get all 4GB ram visible I need a custom kernel? I was under the impression that Ubuntu enabled that option by default. Not true ?21:52
sourcemakerTallen: No... that's not required!21:52
sourcemakerTallen: Ubuntu has enabled HIGHMEM in the default configuration21:53
david__anyone know how to get wireless WMP54G linksys card to weork on kubuntu 7.10?21:53
Tallensourcemaker: I figured it must in order for me to see more than 900MB of ram.21:53
david__got my graphics card working woot!21:54
TallenAnyone else here running 4GB of RAM?21:54
david__i wish!21:54
Zealot87so i installed compiz fusion, and it lets me change the effects but none of them work...can anyone help?21:54
g2g591zealot87: run compiz --replace to start compiz fusion21:55
david__been trying for two days to get my wirless to work can someone plz help me!21:56
Zealot87g2g591: what do i do about that silly green dot in the corner21:57
g2g591zealot87: hmm never had that happen before, im not sure21:58
david__been trying for two days to get my wirless to work can someone plz help me!21:58
jpatrick!patience | david__21:58
ubotudavid__: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines21:58
Zealot87g2g591: it says its an adept notifier21:59
LynoureZealot87: it sometimes shows there, Adept notifier gets overactive and wants to show you all is well. usually goes away on its own21:59
thomas_Hi all !21:59
david__just asking21:59
Zealot87Lynoure: ok, it wouldnt let me close it though...so i moved it to an unused workspace :P21:59
thomas_Can somebode assist me with KGpg and Kmail ?22:00
LynoureZealot87: where did you have it? usually it's just in the tray...22:02
thomas_OK, I modified "hompage" floder in KGpg to one in my home directory e.g. "PGP", now I can't get it change againg to what it shout be as a hidden thing called ".gnupg" What can I do ?22:02
Topsundavid__: what have you investigated so far?22:02
david__everything i know to do22:02
Topsunthen do it :)22:02
david__first time linux user sry22:03
Topsunhave you tried searching the internet preverably the ubuntu wiki?22:03
david__i dont know wat to do or i wouldnt be asking22:03
Lynourethomas_: What happens when you try to change it back?22:03
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:04
david__tried ndiswrapper dint work22:04
* Dr_willis is glad he dosent do wireless ...22:04
Dr_willisWireless can range from Trivial to do.. to impossible. :( dependng on the chipset22:04
thomas_I tryied to modify it, but does not allow it because it's covered by "root" rights, I fully de-installed it including restart of my box22:05
david__my system is detecting the network but fails to connect22:06
thomas_Of course re-installation again following !22:06
Lynourethomas_: it being the setting or the directory?22:07
Topsundavid__:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-79742.html22:07
sourcemakerdavid__: are you using any security related encryption? WEP? WPA / WPA2?22:07
thomas_I tried to fine a setting file for KGpg which may keep this link - couldn't fine one, same with Kmail because it did not detect the keys created22:07
sourcemakerdavid__: MAC Filters?22:08
Zealot87why do my multiple desktops always show 2 more than i have22:08
MS-Susewhen is kde4 gonna be included in a non live distro?22:08
sourcemakerdavid__: DHCP enabled? on you wlan router? SSID visible? not visible? Static IP?22:09
sourcemakerdavid__: which chipset?22:09
michael__I have a friend who looks like has a hard drive has joined the hard drive choir in the sky.22:09
michael__I have booted the pc up with my 7.10, but how to I mount his hard drive to see if I can get anything off of it22:10
david__DHCP enabled dont know the chipset22:10
thomas_Yes i'm pritty sure a setting or directory is invloved but what can I do ? Any idea how to continue ?22:10
g2g591MS-Suse: january 11th :)22:10
michael__(live cd)22:10
MS-Suselolz, michael, get off the crack22:10
Lynourethomas_: I just am trying to find _what you are doing now_22:10
david__i am completely new to all of this stuff so all the lingo i dont understand22:11
thomas_I'm back in a minute ! Sorry about this !22:11
MS-Suseg2g591, is it gonna be alpha2 of the 8.4?22:11
michael__I'm not addicted..........I can quit anytime I want.......................just.....dont want to right now22:12
Lynourethomas_: There is the physical directory, ~/.gnupg  and the setting in kgpg -> GnuPG Settings -> Home location. Which are you changing?22:12
g2g591MS-Suse: i think, but, for sure, you can install rc 2 in Gutsy and Hardy alpha 122:12
Zealot87Lynoure: the multidesktops are in my try but they show too mnay22:13
Zealot87in fact they show double what i have22:13
MS-Suseg2g591, i tried to install it a while ago, it didnt work out for me. so im just waiting for it to be included in a distro, thanks22:14
thomas_Hi, back again - I changed the settings22:14
michael__hey what is "remote share (unionfs)"22:14
LynoureZealot87: pager shows all that you have, even if you don't have anything on them...22:14
g2g591MS-Suse: some time during hardy development they will make an installable kde 4 version22:14
michael__what does that mean22:14
Zealot87Lynoure, i just configured it to have 4 desktops, the pager shows 8, it doesnt always switch correctly too, the highlighted one varies, and the four on the bottom that i dont want only sometimes work and they shouldnt even be there!22:15
michael__I get that will to access what I think is my hard drive VIA Live CD22:15
g2g591michael_:it means someone is shareing a folder using unionfs22:15
g2g591michael_:no its not your hard drive22:16
LynoureZealot87: and you are not using compiz?22:16
michael__how do I get to the drive?22:16
g2g591michael_:double click on it?22:16
thomas_What I've done in shrt: installed Kontact, arranged my account and my identities, installed KGpg, tried to imort my existing keys from my backup22:16
michael__"access denied"22:16
LynoureZealot87: if you are not, you could try removing pager and adding it again.22:16
michael__I'm on a Live CD22:17
=== hyper is now known as hyper_ch
michael__and that union fs thing is the only drive I see22:17
thomas_It didn't work to import the keys !22:17
Lynourethomas_: Usually there are quite tight permissions on your private key, check those first.22:18
thomas_becuae of the ~/.gnupg directory rights which are owned by root22:18
g2g591michael_:well if you go to system > qtparted, kde will want to mount your hard drive partations22:18
Zealot87Lynoure: it still shows four when i ask for two, and 8 when i ask for four22:19
Zealot87and the desktop cube with compiz only shows two sides :( and the 3rd and 4th side dont work when i ask for 222:19
michael__you think I can save my hopfully not lost data?22:19
Topsunthomas_: chown -R username: ~/.gnupg22:19
LynoureZealot87: I asked about compiz because there are some known pager problems, and this could be one...22:19
Topsunthomas_: as root22:20
LynoureZealot87: I don't support compiz at the moment, so someone else could help you better22:20
Zealot87hahaha, well that would explain it22:20
thomas_I tried to imort as standrad user22:21
=== hyper is now known as hyper_ch
michael__can anyone show me how to mount a hard drive using a Live CD?22:23
Topsune.g. mount /dev/... /mnt22:24
thomas_Does anybody know whether whatright should be ther e (~/.gnupg) when creating this directory ?22:24
the-ermthomas_: that makes no sense ... try rephrasing your question? do you mean perms?22:25
Lynourethomas_: I have full permissions for the owner, and nothing for anyone else22:25
hyper_chhiho, how do I get KDE with hardy? I just installed it but only get kde 3.5.822:25
thomas_Yes, perms !22:25
the-ermThen 700 like Lynoure said would be ok.22:26
stdinhyper_ch: hardy questions only in #ubuntu+122:26
hyper_chstdin: it's a "K" question and not a "Gnome" one22:26
thomas_Which permissions should be there originally for ~/.gnupg ) when creating this directory22:26
stdinhyper_ch: so? hardy isn'y released yet so there is no support for it in here, #ubuntu+1 is not DE dependant22:27
stdinthomas_: 70022:28
=== ForeverZero is now known as sea4ever
Zealot87what is the "super" key?22:29
thomas_700, right, this is not handy jet for because I'm a TUX beginner22:29
Lynourethomas_: chmod 700 ~/.gnupg22:30
Topsunthomas_: it's ok if you are the owner of that directory22:30
stdin700 looks is read/write/execute for owner and nothing for all others,  drwx------22:30
Lynourethomas_: I hope it helped, I gotta sleep now.22:32
beefjerkydr_willis: you there?22:33
beefjerkymaybe someone can help me... I've been having trouble with cd/dvd drive.  Upon booting in Recovery Mode, I see the message "/dev/hdc: mount: unable to mount, you must specify a filesystem type22:34
beefjerkyI can't even boot from .iso!22:34
stdinwhat's the line for /dev/hdc say in /etc/fstab ?22:35
=== hyper is now known as hyper_ch
Tilllinuxheya there. I want to know how to install a KDE theme for kde apps, but I'm not using Kubuntu, but Ubuntu.22:35
thomas_Thanks. I changed this to become the owner but this doesn't solve the problem because I can't change settings to this directory.22:35
* Dr_willis wakes up22:35
Dr_willisbeefjerky,  ivve never seen ubuntu boot from a .iso file.22:36
michael__mount /dev/hdb1/mnt    <----   Does that look right?  I tried hdb1 & hdb2 with no sucess22:36
michael__what am I doing wrong?22:36
Dr_willismichael__,  totally wrong...22:36
Topsunthomas_: use sudo22:36
stdinmichael__: and put a space before /mnt22:36
Dr_willismichael__,  sudo mount /dev/DEVICE /media/MOUNTPOINTTHAT_MUSTEXIST22:36
michael__this is off a live cd22:37
Dr_williswith whatever options are needed22:37
Dr_willisHow to mount drives. A Linux Fundamental. :)22:37
thomas_I just tried again, KGpg does not allow me to specify ~/.gnupg for my settings as it was adjusted at the beginning22:37
michael__I have no idea what the address is for the one hard drive22:37
Dr_willismichael__,  use 'sudo fdisk -l' to see what disks/fileystems are there.22:37
beefjerkydr_willis: i meant i can't boot from a linux live cd22:38
weedar_After opening my laptop-lid my mouse-pointer is invisible - any ideas what I can do?22:38
Dr_willisbeefjerky,  check the cd? what files are on it? if you have a single .iso file - you burnt it wrong.22:38
Dr_willisbeefjerky,  have you booted any other livd cd's or bootable cd's ? Your bios is set to boot from cd?22:39
michael__I just get the command prompt again22:39
beefjerkydr_willis: i'm using the same dvd i've used many times before, plus two Gutsy cds from Canonical22:39
thomas_OK, I will try to do it at the command line but this will take time tostudy the man pages first. Tschau and Thanks to everybody trying to help.22:39
beefjerkydr_willis: cd-rom is #1 in BIOS22:39
Dr_willisbeefjerky,  so what does it actually do then? dont even try to boot? no grub? or boots and fails?22:39
beefjerkydr_willis: it detects there is a disc (black screen with a little blinking line for a while), then boots to grub22:40
TilllinuxHow would you install kde themes (e.g. .kth) for use with kde applications under gnome22:40
beefjerkydr_willis: dmesg is giving me weird errors22:40
Dr_willisTilllinux,  techinicially a kde 'theme' is just a file that defines what other 'parts' of the kde  decorations to use.22:40
Dr_willisie: window decoration, widgets, colors, icons.22:41
beefjerkynosrednaekim was trying to help me last night, said there was a hardware/drivers issue... but the drive worked in Feisty22:41
Dr_willisYou would need to also install the other parts of the theme.22:41
phaedral__any reason to prefer one flavor of ubuntu over any other if I'm installing to laptop?22:41
Dr_willisI wonder if installing any kde apps - would also install the kde conttrol center.22:41
phaedral__I've always been more a K guy than gnome...22:41
Dr_willisphaedral__,  if you have low specs.. You may want to use xubuntu.22:42
beefjerkyDr_willis: dmesg |tail output --> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49905/22:42
phaedral__no, specs are fine, even had gnome version running fine last week22:42
beefjerkydr_willis: tray is *not* open22:42
Dr_willisbeefjerky,  goofy.. :) Not sure about that.22:42
beefjerkydr_willis: i can't mount manually, either - "mount: you must specify a filesystem type"22:43
Dr_willisbeefjerky,  use -t iso9660 for that22:43
beefjerkydr_willis: ok, so what would the full command be (with disc in tray)?22:43
TilllinuxDr_willis: I'm gonna install the kdm theme manager and look what happens ;)22:44
thomas_Hi - bacj again, Doe anybody knows where to adjust kmail looking for my KGpg keys created ?22:48
Tilllinuxwhat's the command to start the kdm theme manager?22:49
jpatrickTilllinux: /etc/init.d kdm start22:49
beefjerkytillinux: its in Kcontrol.  Alt+f2 > kcontrol22:49
jpatrickTilllinux: ah sorry, misread22:49
beefjerkywhat's the proper mount point for a cd-rom?22:50
phaedral__dunno if any kubuntu devel are listening, but the documentation page is awol22:51
jpatrickphaedral__: awol?22:51
phaedral__I'm getting "Object not found" when browsing to http://www.kubuntu.org/documentation.php22:51
jpatrickphaedral__: Kmenu -> Help22:52
beefjerkytry: http://www.kubuntu.org/doc/index.php22:52
HS^hello, my USB mouse (and media player) is only seen if i plug it in BEFORE i boot.22:52
jpatrickshould be all there22:52
HS^what could be the problem?22:52
phaedral__sorry, connection dropped22:53
phaedral__"Object not found" is the error I get when trying to get to the doc page22:53
jpatrickphaedral__: the doc page is http://www.kubuntu.org/doc/index.php22:54
phaedral__then someone needs to update http://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu22:54
* jpatrick updates22:55
jpatrickphaedral__: done22:56
phaedral__uh, I was using the "Documentation" tab up by the search box; that's where I got the "Object not found"22:57
phaedral__but, dang, talk about _service_22:57
jpatrickphaedral__: okay, I'll inform the webmaster and have that fixed asap22:57
phaedral__didn't think that was likely to be wiki-user accessible22:58
savageonedoes the iso for mythbuntu have the newest ubuntu?22:59
savageoneor is it a previous release22:59
savageonewrong window sorry23:00
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy23:02
ubotuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubotu xfce-themes23:02
jpatrickphaedral__: webmaster informed23:03
phaedral__you rock23:03
MaskOfSanityhow can i install a cpu usage view and an IP view on the desktop?23:04
michael__    #offtopic23:04
lorddarkpatHelp, bang me23:13
weedar_The flash install-issue in the topic, is that for Kubuntu Gutsy, or..?23:14
weedar_lorddarkpat: I don't think irc is the best way to get laid23:15
fdovingall releases. as flash is the broken part, ie adobe.23:15
weedar_fdoving: thanks for clearing that up :)23:16
padeyalthough you can just install firefox23:18
fdovingthe installer doesn't work, still.23:19
weedar_I have flash working here, but I think I might have upgraded it from feisty. I'd like to do a reinstall, but not if flash doesn't work23:19
padeysudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree23:20
fdovingis flashplugin-nonfree upgraded with the new md5sums?23:20
padeyno idea, but it works :P23:21
padeyversion 9.0.4823:21
padeycan't get it to work with konqueror though :(23:22
paperfunkhow do you connect another computer through a crossover cable with kubuntu23:24
paperfunki have my kubuntu box hooked up to the net and want to hook it to an xp box using crossover23:25
paperfunki thought there were no configuration changes to be made to do that23:25
paperfunkin windows at least you don't23:26
paperfunkis this thing on?23:26
weedar_paperfunk: You have to have a static IP-address if you use a crossover-cable23:26
paperfunkum, my internet'x ip is dynamic23:27
paperfunkand i know that the net address doesnt have to be static23:27
paperfunkbecause i've done this many times before, without problems until i got a linux box involved23:27
weedar_paperfunk: but all you're connecting is your linux and windows machine, right? None of them are connected to the Internet, or?23:27
paperfunkmy linux is on the net23:27
paperfunkand i want to share its connection with my xp box23:28
paperfunkin windows you just click on the outside ethernet connection and allow other network computers to connect using the device23:28
basculeheh, different story in linux23:28
weedar_paperfunk: Ah, then I understand :)23:29
jugheadhello; I just upgraded my laptop to kubuntu gutsy; is it very easy to ditch Dolphin or make konq the default file manager?  I prefer the detailed list view and every time I change the settings in DOlphin they don't stick, and there's no sort by fle type option.23:29
weedar_I setup something similar years ago, it wasn't much work, but you did have to know what to change/add23:29
weedar_paperfunk: I actually think I used this page. It's a bit dated but should work: http://users.telenet.be/mydotcom/howto/lanconnect/router/linux.htm23:30
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Dragnslcrjughead- you can go to Settings -> Configure to set the default view mode23:33
jugheadthanks Dragnslcr - any idea how to sort by file type?23:37
DragnslcrNot offhand23:39
BluesKajjughead, try this , open konqueror>settings>configure konqueror>File Associations>Inode>System Directory>Application Prefernce Order , move Konqueror to the top , click apply and ok23:40
BluesKajjughead , if you need Dolphin , it's still in the kicker23:40
magick211Hello all23:41
magick211I have a problem maybe someone can help me with23:41
BluesKaj!ask | magick21123:42
ubotumagick211: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)23:42
TimSBluesKaj: When I install a second harddrive, should I have it set to automaticaly mount?23:43
magick211Ok here is the deal I was in the process of patching madwifi drivers and my battery died in the process, now when i try to patch i get a error, i deleted the source and patch and redownloaded it but im geting the same error now23:43
TimSI would be using it to hold all of my videos, music and pictures probably23:43
the-ermTimS: if you want to use it.23:43
magick211wtf half my message didnt go trough23:44
the-ermIf it's a hard drive that is physically in your machine, mount it in fstab whenever you boot.23:44
the-ermIf it's a usb drive, just let kde take care of it.23:44
TimSIt will be in my machine23:45
TimSWill Kubuntu auto-detect it or do i need to set it up to detect it?23:45
the-ermI think you might have to edit your /etc/fstab23:45
the-ermIt's been along time since I added a hard drive.23:45
TimS Well, Ill find out later, thanks alot, bye all23:45
the-ermmagick211: "some error" is pretty vague.23:46
BluesKajTimS , it should show up the on the next boot-up23:46
the-ermThe question is if it's not formatted where would it mount it in /media ??23:48
the-ermI set mine up to mount on /media/backup .. for obvious reasions.23:49
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VaLeNTiNO_TRoK_Ti have linux!!!!!!!!23:51

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