ddaamtaylor: you can file a question on launchpad to request an admin to remove stuff from your ppa01:04
mtaylorddaa: thanks01:04
ddaain the future you'll be able to delete stuff yourself, but not right now01:05
Hobbseeddaa: any real ETA on when?01:05
ddaaI'm not the right person to ask :)01:05
Hobbseeddaa: you're a launchpad guy. you should know.01:05
ddaaI do not keep track of what every other team does.01:06
* Fujitsu points at
HobbseeFujitsu: oh, is that the real date?01:07
* Hobbsee wonders if it's possible to see how many times a spec has been retargeted01:07
FujitsuAssuming it won't be deferred, but they are getting much better at setting realistic targets.01:07
ddaaglad you appreciate that01:07
ddaawe've expended a lot of effort on our release management01:08
Hobbseeglad to hear it01:08
FujitsuI was pleased to see that most of the bugs that I was watching on 1.1.12 were in fact done in 1.1.12, unlike previous releases :)01:08
wasabiHeh. Topic answers my question I guess.01:54
wasabiHow long until the buildds work again?01:54
Hobbseeuntil they're fixed.01:54
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ubotuNew bug: #179026 in launchpad "karma go down with any reason..." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17902607:40
* Hobbsee hits it with the invalid stick07:41
ubotuNew bug: #179028 in soyuz "+files doesn't work for removed SPRs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17902807:50
ubotuNew bug: #179035 in launchpad-bazaar "show old format branhces with a ! marker" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17903508:56
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affluxI'm trying to export translation for my project (gdecrypt) but I don't get the mails. Is that a problem with my mailserver or is it a delay from LP?12:20
Fujitsuafflux: See the second part of /topic.12:20
affluxoh, sorry :)12:20
afflux<- blind :P12:20
Wander_wIf I make suggestions for translations, when do they show up in the shipped version of that program?12:21
FujitsuWander_w: After the official translators accept them, and after they are included in a shipped version of the program.12:22
Wander_wah ok12:23
Wander_wDo you perhaps know what the average response time from the official translators is?12:23
Wander_wOr what it should be?12:24
affluxWander_w: I think that depends. Is it a translation in ubuntu or is it an upstream project?12:25
FujitsuWander_w: It depends on when the official translators do it. They're designated per-project, so there won't be any kind of valid average.12:25
Wander_wI'm making suggestions for Pidgin in Launchpas for the Dutch language12:25
affluxWander_w: that seems to be in the ubuntu package12:27
Wander_wIt says the owner of that project (Pidgin) is "Launchpad Translations Administrators"12:27
affluxWander_w: they will appear in the hardy release in april.12:27
FujitsuWander_w: Which version are you translating for?12:27
Wander_wdon't I have to do the translations in the gutsy version then?12:27
FujitsuLanguage pack updates are released regularly for older releases.12:27
Wander_wuhm.. I'm translating for the Gutsy release12:28
Wander_wShould I translate for the Hardy release?12:28
FujitsuI'm not sure about that.12:28
cprovFujitsu: hi12:29
* Fujitsu isn't a translations person.12:29
FujitsuEvening, cprov.12:29
Wander_wcprov seems like he/she's from canonical, maybe he know wether I should translate for Hardy or Gutsy12:29
* Fujitsu waits...12:31
FujitsuAw, ``Cube didn't make his usual request.12:31
cprovFujitsu: elmo is working on the chroot problem12:34
Fujitsucprov: So I saw.12:34
``Cube4500 people were writing me12:37
``CubeFujitsu: what's up?12:37
``Cubeah :D:D:D12:37
``Cubeheheh lol ;);) yea, I didn't ask about a project in need for an icon hehe :P12:38
ubotuNew bug: #179055 in malone "GForge bug URLS are misinterpreted as SourceForge bug URLS (dup-of: 98767)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17905512:41
FujitsuThat's the second dupe of that I've seen today.12:41
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Pres-GasHello, is there a way to re-open questions?16:14
qenseI've got two suggestions for launchpad, but I don't know where to tell them, is this the appropiate place for that>16:18
qenseok, 16:25
qensesince not all projects have a wiki like Ubuntu, or want a seperate documentation for their developers I think it would be great if Launchpad would give projects the possibility to document their standards, apis and more16:26
qensemaybe something like the wiki that's used as help for Launchpad16:26
qenseand maybe a discussion forum/whiteboard thing to exchange project ideas would be great too16:29
=== ``Cube changed the topic of #launchpad to: Translation exports are temporarily delayed | Next developer meeting: Tsu 10 Jan 2008, 1400UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
=== ``Cube changed the topic of #launchpad to: Translation exports are temporarily delayed | Next developer meeting: Thu 10 Jan 2008, 1400UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
``Cubemy mistake sorry16:59
``Cubechanged it back to the original one16:59
wasabiWas that build problem fixed with the ppas?17:34
wasabilooks like it's out of the topic.17:34
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chxI just would like to congrats for your cvs import script. The same repo crashes cvsps and sends cvs2svn into an infinite loop.22:56

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