LinAsHbderrly : It works with this: export LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=true00:33
bderrlyLinAsH, thanks00:36
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khermansare virtual terminals broken for anyone else since alpha2 ?02:16
khermansmy thinkpad r52 didnt have issues in alpha2102:16
khermansgood to see xorg with fglrx is back working again02:16
khermanswas b0rked after that update also02:16
khermansso if anyone else hasnt logged bug for broken virtual terminals, i will log it02:18
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abdullaguys 1 question06:30
abdullahow good is hardy right now?06:30
bazhangstill alpha206:44
WGGMkwho can I talk to about being "unbanned" from #ubuntu???06:50
crdlbWGGMk: #ubuntu-ops06:50
WGGMkcrdlb: thank you very much06:51
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SeveredCrossAnyone else experienced almost constant Nautilus crashes?08:24
SeveredCrossHmm. Might just be a peculiarity of my config then.08:25
SeveredCrossMay be TimeVault.08:25
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ader10Hardy should have a graphical grub screen, as opposed to gutsy's current default white-and-black. The grub screen should look something like gutsy's current usplash, because at 60 hz with a crt, black backgrounds look ok but white looks ugly16:01
ader10Or you guys could put some effort into the development of grub216:11
bazhangI think #ubuntu-devel is the channel you want for that16:12
Piciader10: Check the Hardy blueprints to see if anything you're requesting is already being worked on16:13
ader10Pici: ok16:14
h3sp4wnader10: Its unlikely to be ubuntu who would do something like that16:14
ader10h3sp4wn: You sure? Ubuntu went for the eye candy in gutsy with compiz fusion16:15
h3sp4wnader10: Sun might (as it currently has a boatload of patches that upstream grub will not accept as the original grub is legacy)16:15
h3sp4wnader10: Yeah but they didn't write compiz fusion16:16
ader10They embraced it though16:16
ader10what ever, as long as I have a free OS I'm alright :)16:16
h3sp4wnader10: Thats different if someone else does the work required for grub2 to be an option they will embrace that16:16
ader10"someone else" = dev16:17
h3sp4wnader10: Exactly - use what is best for you at any time16:17
h3sp4wnader10: They don't work the same as most of the other big Linux companies16:17
ader10that's partly the reason of how successful it is16:18
ader10Novel... partnered... with...16:18
ader10Novell sucks, they basically made it legal for Microsoft to use open source code in windows16:18
h3sp4wnYeah but they also wrote compiz16:18
ader10But they're falling for microsoft, Microsoft's "motto" is Extend, embrace, extinguish16:19
ader10it's worked so far for every company they work with16:19
h3sp4wnSun is still around (and still has a good deal of cash)16:20
ader10I'm not aware of Sun doing much together with Microsoft16:20
ader10But then again I don't read digg :P16:21
h3sp4wnI don't read digg either (fortunately) computing equivalent of ok magazine16:21
|bug``|hi all ..16:33
h3sp4wn|bug``|: Hi16:35
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bmk789_is there a good way to get a 2.6.24 kernel into gutsy?18:44
WorkingOnWis1bmk789_: I just saw a page on how to do this yesteday. but didnt pay much mind to it since I am in Hardy, but yes there is. google "hardy kernel gutsy and see what u get...18:46
DanaGWTF?  I was just browsing through some pages, and xscreensaver locked TWICE.18:51
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awen_how can you be sure that a variable is permanently exported? ... is it enough to put it in you .bashrc, will it then also apply to programs you run from the KDE-launcher etc.?21:27
Dr_willisnormally you put that in the .bashrc or .bash_profile - correct..21:31
Dr_willisIt will gety set when you login, and exported to all other running processes .21:32
awen_Dr_willis: thanks.. then i just have to do a restart or relogin some time :)21:33
h3sp4wnawen_: You can put it in /etc/environment if you want also21:34
h3sp4wn(If you want it for all users of the system)21:35
awen_okay :)21:35
awen_it's just for the "export LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=true" to fix java... do we know what causes it?21:36
h3sp4wnawen_: Its to do with libxinerama22:05
h3sp4wnawen_: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=653237322:06
awen_so we suspect this to be a permanent problem for java 1.5 and 1.6 ... that's bad :/22:10
h3sp4wnawen_: Which app in particular is giving you the issues ?22:12
h3sp4wnIf its one with its own bundled java (like Matlab) you can make it use the system java22:12
awen_h3sp4wn: a java-applet in firefox... i suppose this uses system java22:13
awen_but it should work with system java?22:13
h3sp4wnawen_: update-alternatives --list java22:14
awen_h3sp4wn: it points to java-6-sun22:16
awen_hmm... doesn't make any difference if java-1-5-0-sun or java-6-sun is chosen22:20
crdlbit's supposed to be fixed in the latest version of java22:22
crdlb(hardy is the first version of ubuntu to use xlib-xcb)22:22
denndahey there22:23
denndathe latest x.org (7.3) in hardy also has better hotplug-support for external displays / beamers, hasn't it? (don't be afraid, I know that it is alpha and what that means)22:24
h3sp4wncrdlb: Really ? I thought it was just hacked around in gutsy22:24
awen_crdlb: only in java7 as far as i could read22:24
crdlbthe problem didn't exist in gutsy22:24
crdlbbecause gutsy didn't use xlib-xcb22:24
h3sp4wncrdlb: It existed during the development of gutsy22:24
h3sp4wnThis has been going on since at least feisty22:25
crdlbthat's something else unrelated then22:25
crdlbthis specific problem is new to hardy22:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 87390 in libxcb "c->xlib.lock" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:27
h3sp4wnIts the exact same thing22:27
awen_night people... and thanks for info22:27
bardyrmorning people22:28
crdlbthose bug reports are not coming from stock systems22:28
hyper_chhiho, how can I get KDE4 on hardy? I thought that would be installed by default22:28
bardyrhydrogen, sudo apt-get install kde4 ?22:29
h3sp4wncrdlb: Actually looking more closely they used libxcb for feisty then reverted for gutsy22:29
hyper_chbardyr: ok ;)22:29
h3sp4wnBut either way the problem has existed for ages and I have been affected by it for almost as long22:29
hyper_chbardyr: btw, I just went to the restricted driver manager, it said a python lib is required. Is there a reason that one is not installed by default?22:29
bardyrhyper_ch, its and early alpha release?22:30
bardyrhydrogen, kubuntu?22:30
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hyper_chbardyr: I know :) but it tells you once you go to the system settings... so I was just curious22:31
bardyrhyper_ch, it should be installed by default and probably going to22:31
crdlbh3sp4wn: there are many problems with the same symptoms :)22:32
h3sp4wncrdlb: That is the exact same problem22:32
crdlbhardy is the first ubuntu release to compile libX11 against libxcb22:33
h3sp4wnFeisty did22:33
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hyper_chwell, I installed now kde4 but how do I run it?22:35
bardyrhyper_ch, logout and there will be and option under session when you login22:36
bardyri think22:36
hyper_chbardyr: nothing there :(22:36
hyper_chbardyr: I did install kde4 with aptitude... but that fetched only very little22:36
pvandewyngaerdei installed from svn, and i update daily22:37
bardyrpvandewyngaerde, i dont know if i should use kde4 or wait to kde 4.122:38
pvandewyngaerdedepends, if you want stable/polished stay with 3.522:40
h3sp4wnhyper_ch: try - dpkg -S startkde22:40
DanaGWARNING **: Given device '/dev/mmcblk0p1' is not a volume or a drive.23:20

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