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troy_s_MMA_: http://www.modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk/18:45
troy_sThe trends from 2006 are funny too.18:45
* _MMA_ looks.18:46
troy_s_MMA_: http://www.modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk/article/8-web-cliches-of-200618:47
troy_sSadly, the trends of 2006 are still a mainstay in most of those damn mocks.18:48
troy_s"#6 Wet Floor Effect"18:48
thorwildang! ubuntu should so have a mascot!!19:00
troy_sthorwil: Rather interesting though.19:21
thorwiltroy_s: we could depict it standing on a wet floor with a nice gradient in the background. it should have a weird name19:23
troy_sthorwil: Wait, we already have much of that.19:24
* thorwil thinks platypus19:24
troy_sthorwil: http://www.stepinsidedesign.com/STEPMagazine/Article/2858619:27
troy_sthorwil: and 2007 - http://www.stepinsidedesign.com/STEPMagazine/Article/2873019:27
troy_ssome rather amazing works in the 2k7 summary19:27
* thorwil looks at pictures and can't be bothered to read19:30
troy_samazing palette on the19:31
troy_s2nd page of 2007 -- the 'styling' category.19:31
troy_sretro palette19:31
troy_sorange and blue.19:32
thorwiltroy_s: the wine bottle makes me think that area has something we might want19:32
troy_sthorwil: From 2k6?19:32
troy_sthorwil: That one?19:32
troy_sthorwil: There are three pages to the 2k6 summary -- scroll down too.19:33
troy_sthorwil: Yes... that 2d flat illustration look19:33
troy_sthorwil: has been around in various 'flavors' for a couple of years now.19:33
troy_sthorwil: Not limited to variations into DIY / Grunge / etc.19:33
troy_sthorwil: There was a reference I sourced out for u2 a while ago... let me see if I can find it.19:34
thorwiltroy_s: not just that. rather the grown quality aspect19:34
troy_sthorwil: It completely successfully embraced an earthy palette, 2d illustration, and a victorian elegance.19:34
troy_sscroll down to darling room19:35
troy_sI'll try to find the real link19:35
thorwiltroy_s: i only recently stumbled over u2 in launchpad. what happened?19:35
troy_sthorwil: Well I work in a demanding career and I ended up getting rolled into a few projects that demanded my attention -- namely Fluxbuntu and then Mythbuntu (which more or less rolled away)19:36
troy_sthorwil: I'll probably hit away at it again sooner rather than later.19:36
thorwiltroy_s: so you're the one and only driving force, despite a list of members?19:37
troy_sthorwil: Actually, much of my output early going was steered along with a collaboration with a few other folks with design degrees.19:38
troy_sthorwil: The reality is that in general, people of the sort I was hoping to attract are deadly busy.19:38
troy_sthorwil: As I have been of late.19:38
troy_sthorwil: (As an aside, that hammerpress design site has some amazing work (the site that the darling room was sourced from)19:38
thorwiltroy_s: i wonder if a project at some design academy could be initiated to get students to work on theming :)19:52
troy_sthorwil: The idea has been brought up before.  I think it is a wonderful idea, that said,19:52
troy_sthorwil: It is problematic if the actual fundamental 'show stopper' issues can't be addressed.19:52
troy_sthorwil: Being the nature of figuring out where to take a design.  What audience, what communication goal / concept that works towards getting that audience emotionally attached to the 'product', and what pattern to follow with regards to the execution of that.19:53
troy_sthorwil: I think the idea in and of itself is brilliant.19:54
troy_sthorwil: You immediately get access to people who are 1) Knowledgeable 2) Interested 3) Guided by knowledgeable folks 4) Plentiful (given say, a standard lecture styled class size)19:55
thorwiltroy_s: but i don't have the connections, and if i had, i wouldn't feel well until the things you mentioned are cleared up19:56
thorwilso we stay where we are19:56
troy_sthorwil: Exactly!19:56
troy_sthorwil: I could probably wrangle up a few 'high ups' at a few art schools / universities, but that again requires that those issues were 'set'.19:57
troy_sthorwil: I don't know the interest factor.  I would suspect there might be some very deep interest from say, an particular core course.19:57
thorwilcould be a great project regarding branding, even corporate identity19:58
troy_sthorwil: Well I personally would like to see where someone would take it given that sort of group scenario.19:59
troy_sthorwil: It would make for at least a finished implementation -- of course it would also require some capable folks to be a liaison between the 'tech' and the 'ideas'.20:00
troy_sthorwil: Given a free discussion of constraints versus desire, I don't see why it couldn't work.20:00
thorwilacknowledged :)20:01
troy_sah lol.  not hip enough.  sorry.20:01
troy_sWeird -- I keep clicking the 'get mail' button to look for julien's daily update.20:02
troy_sIt's not there.20:02
thorwilnever noticed a pattern20:03
thorwila strong believe in democracy, collaboration and equal participation is ... cute20:04
troy_sthorwil: Sad.20:05
troy_sthorwil: It is exactly more or less where we end up now.20:05
troy_sthorwil: File a bug against a given thing and push everything towards a middle grey sh*teness.20:06
troy_sI rather gave up when I read the post that said something about funding.20:06
thorwiltroy_s: say, how many on the current active list members were around when that much blogged artwork rollback happened?20:06
troy_sGood design / art / presentation has _nothing_ to do with money thrown at a project.20:07
troy_sIf it did, Microsoft's would be stunning for Vista.  It certainly isn't (in various capacities).20:07
thorwilnah, don't go black and white20:07
troy_sthorwil: Can't say.20:07
troy_sthorwil: I don't think there is a way to compare active list members to other elements.20:07
troy_sthorwil: I know a few are still reading the list (as I chat with some)20:08
troy_sthorwil: There are about 5-10 who are greatly enjoying the irony of the situation.20:08
thorwilthe list must be good for something, and if it is entertainment20:09
troy_sthorwil: Well it is also a good barometer of numbers - as well as Launchpad's team membership.20:10
BHSPitLappyit... measures... pressure?21:40
troy_sBHSPitLappy: A barometer of 'interest' you fecker.22:01
BHSPitLappydon't you mean a meter of interest22:01
BHSPitLappyyou can't say like, "a thermometer of speed" or something22:02
BHSPitLappymeasure of interest22:02
troy_sBHSPitLappy: It is used quite often outside of that specific realm.  "performance often is used as a barometer for global economic health" "... as a barometer of global health because Australia's exports are seen as ..."22:42
troy_sBHSPitLappy: (Taken from a quick google)22:42
BHSPitLappytroy_s, they're talking about the pressure imposed by global health :P22:48

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