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Keybukmjg59: not having much luck with this sd problem19:42
mjg59Keybuk: I don't have the hardware, so there's really nothing I can do19:43
Keybukit gets as far as fetching SCR from the card19:44
Keybukgets a "Command Complete" interrupt in response19:44
Keybukfollowed by an error interrupt with the Data End Bit Error flag set19:45
mjg59My knowledge of the low-level SD protocol is only marginally above non-existent19:45
Keybukyeah, as is mine19:46
Keybukif I comment out the offending bit of code, the same thing just happens later anyway19:46
goldphishI'm trying to rebuild a stock kernel and I'm greeted with a few errors when running debian/rules updateconfigs20:57
goldphishlinux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/debian/scripts/misc/splitconfig.pl: Permission denied20:57
goldphishso I chmod +x it and the script moves on till it gets to this... 20:57
goldphish/root/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/scripts/gcc-version.sh: line 11: hppa-linux-gcc: command not found20:57
goldphishwhich makes sense seeing that I'm on x86. So why does it look for hppa-linux-gcc?20:58

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