nixnoobanyone running gusty on a Asus C90s?02:18
nixnoobI just wanted to know if its been tested and if it has any issues?02:18
sn00zeranyone here?04:55
offby1nobody here but us zombie processes.05:01
* MenZa zombies on.05:41
MenZaCan anyone add test results on the LaptopTestingTeam wikipage?08:24
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LureMenZa: off course16:16
MenZaI shall do that then. :)16:18
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offby1nobody here but us zombie processes.17:34
Carb0nhi, I'm interested in writing a review of Ubuntu on an Acer TM 242817:36
Carb0ncould you guide me on to the procedures17:36
offby1I don't know any such procedures17:38
Carb0nWhat do I do to get the laptop into the list?17:40
offby1no idea :-|17:40
offby1I know there's a web site with reviews; I assume it's a wiki.17:41
Carb0nSorry if I sound n00bish -- what's this channel for then?17:41
offby1you probably have to make an account for yourself, and then you'll be able to create a new page.  That's just a guess.17:41
offby1I use this channel to whine about how ubuntu doesn't work on my Thinkpad :-)17:41
offby1(although to be fair recently it's been working well enough)17:41
Carb0nCan I whine about the sleep function misbehaving on my TM as well?17:42
offby1suspend and hibernate rarely work right, in my experience.17:42
offby1along with sound, video, and wireless cards :-|17:42
offby1whenever they do work, I feel like I've witnessed a small miracle17:42
Carb0ntrue, so does the screen lock function17:43
Carb0nWhat do I do to get the side buttons funcitoing?17:45
Carb0nI mean like the Wi-Fi switches and the Bluetooth switches?17:46
offby1no idea.17:46
offby1next question :-)17:47
Carb0nlol, nice try.17:48
Carb0noffby1: what's your thinkpad model?17:55
offby1I rather love it, by the way17:55
offby1even though I've already worn the decals off many of the keys17:55
Carb0nI regret not buying a TP17:58
offby1i bet used ones are reasonably priced18:01
Carb0nI couldn't even get a "used" one, no stock.18:06
Carb0nMy Acer TM is getting flimsy and fragile18:06
offby1Thinkpads are nice, but wouldn't ya know it, their price reflects that.18:08
offby1I got ubuntu working reasonably well on a Dell Latitude C640, which will probably set you back about two cents these days;  I only got rid of it because it was physically falling apart (because it had been dropped a few times too many)18:09
Carb0nso which ones do you recommend?18:09
offby1which of what?18:10
Carb0nthat "best" runs Linux (too broad a word)18:10
offby1couldn't tell ya.18:13
offby1All I know is the two I've mentioned work reasonably well.18:13
offby1there used to be a company that specialised in selling laptops with linux pre-installed.  I think they're out of business now.18:13
Carb0nSo how do I add my lap to the list?18:13
Carb0ntoo bad18:13
offby1like I said earlier: I assume you need to create an account on that wiki.18:13
Carb0nok, can try.18:14
Carb0nIs there a guideline I can follow18:14
offby1copy an existing page, obviously.18:14
Carb0nI searched launchpad, but couldn't find any18:14
offby1the web site I'm thinking of is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/, by the way18:14
Carb0nok, thanks18:14
Carb0nsame one18:15
offby1another option is http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkWiki18:15
Carb0nbut I don't use /own a TP :(18:15
offby1oh yeah18:21
offby1I was just pasting a bunch of my bookmarks without really thinking.18:21
offby1"thinking", get it; haw haw.18:21
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nixnoobanyone running gutsy on a Asus C90s?  just wanted to kno if there are any issues?22:42
offby1I would expect wireless, video, sound, suspend, and hibernation to all fail.22:53
offby1Other than that I expect it'll be fine :-|22:53
offby1Note that I've never even _seen_ an Asus computer; I'm just a pessimist22:53
nixnooboffby1, thats odd the ubuntu wiki says my wireless and video are supported22:55
nixnoobYou're just a grinch.22:58
offby1like I said: pessimist23:00
nixnoobYea, I've been looking on google and the only thing I could find regarding Gusty and this notebook is a problem with one of the FN keys...  A problem which I really don't care about.23:00
nixnoobï'm §ðð ßð®êÐ.23:02
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