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asachi ... i am back from the dead13:26
asacnss hasn't been newed ... too bad13:31
asacUbulette: what is in nss-util?13:34
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Ubuletteasac, have a look into nss.head/debian/libnss3-1d.symbols14:05
asac_hmm ... I think we should send the patch to debian14:12
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Ubulettebtw, symbols continue to change so i'm not sure what good the so bump is so far14:18
asacUbulette: well ... we bump it now and respin when its final14:33
asacUbulette: do the missing symbols cause issues?14:39
asacgood news ... i might be potent enough to upload to debian again :)15:30
asac - updating icedove accordingly :)15:30
asac!seen bluekuja16:36
asachmm ubotu is gone :/16:36
armin76it's back16:43
armin76!seen bluekuja16:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen bluekuja - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:43
asacstupid bot :)16:44
armin76anyway, last time, 11:31 this morning, UTC16:44
asacah ok16:44
armin76you test my cairo patch :P16:44
asacanything we do not yet have in hardy?16:45
armin76cairo-1.5.4 sigbus on sparc16:45
armin76cairo included in mozilla trunk >29 nov, includes broken cairo16:46
armin76hrm...not sure16:47
armin76it was fixed yesterday on cairo's tree16:47
armin76but not on mozilla's16:47
armin76mozilla bug 40997616:47
ubotuMozilla bug 409976 in GFX: Thebes "Cairo in trunk gives SIGBUS on SPARC" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40997616:47
armin76so i made a patch for mozilla16:48
asacalignment issue?16:49
asac(sparc64) ?16:49
asacdid you include the new patch for align from david miller on 2.x branch yet?16:50
asacmozilla bug 16182616:50
ubotuMozilla bug 161826 in Layout: Fonts and Text "nsTextFrame::MeasureText()'s fast text measuring codepath crashes on RISC machines" [Critical,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16182616:50
asache claims that with that patch the Set/GetUnichar business won't be needed anymore16:52
asaci couldn't test it, but just got a negative comment from someone that applying just the patch doesn't cure it (though it should)16:53
asacthe patch needs to be adapted though as it depends on the previous one (which got review-)16:53
asacwould be perfect if the patch would be done properly against the pristine 2.x codebase ...without the other one16:54
asacarmin76: yes ... the idea is that all that isn't needed anymore once we have the proper Miller patch :)16:57
asachmm yours is different somehow16:58
asacoh you have an old one16:58
armin76yah, looks like it16:59
asacits the " Complete fix for alignment problems   "16:59
asacwe have " Slightly modified fix"16:59
armin76does that affect cairo anyway?17:00
asacnope ... just another alignment issue17:00
asacfor 2.x17:00
asaci hoped you might untangle the patch and test as you appear to be able to test on sparc :)17:01
asacif not ... don't bother, i will just punch the latest on top of the other cruft :)17:01
armin76Linux bender 2.6.23-gentoo-r3 #1 SMP Fri Dec 7 17:10:47 UTC 2007 sparc64 sun4v UltraSparc T1 (Niagara) GNU/Linux17:04
armin76looks like it :P17:04
armin76so what do i have to test exactly?17:04
armin76just the last patch?17:04
asacarmin76: replace the one you have with just the last one17:06
asacyou need to unthrottle the bits because some hunk already has the code lines changed by the previous most likely17:06
armin76on 2.0 branch, right?17:06
asac3.0 should be fixed without patch17:07
armin76 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux sparc64; en-US; rv:1.9b2) Gecko/2007122719 Firefox/3.0b217:07
CheGuevaraUbulette: new nss fails18:08
CheGuevaradpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libnss3-1d_3.12.0~cvs20071221t1057-0ubuntu1~fta1_i386.deb (--unpack):18:08
CheGuevara trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/nss/libfreebl3.chk', which is also in package libnss3-0d18:08
Ubuletteok, i'll have a look, it's from the merge i did with debian..18:15
Ubuletteoh, .1d is installed before the old .0d is updated18:16
UbuletteCheGuevara, did you cherry picked it or was it a regular upgrade ?18:18
asacmissing Replaces?18:19
armin76asac: http://rafb.net/p/G313Cc48.html18:21
armin76that should be the patch that applies18:21
asacdoes it fix the crash?18:22
asacarmin76: ?18:22
armin76didn't start to compile yet :P18:22
asacwe still need SetUnicode?18:22
asacaeh Unichar18:22
armin76nfc :P18:23
Ubuletteasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/3078/18:23
asace.g SetUnichar was only implemented in the previous patch :)18:23
asacUbulette: is that right?18:24
asacanyway  ... a Replaces: should fix the install / remove order18:24
armin76compiling, bbl18:24
Ubuletteasac, yes. there's no replace in 0d, not even in your nss-3.12.0~1.9b2+nobinonly18:24
asacUbulette: strange somehow ... ffox 2 still works here18:25
Ubuletteit works for me too18:25
asacyeah ;)18:25
asacbut add a versioned Replaces to 1d so its not unpacked while -0d is still installed18:26
asac-0d << previous18:26
Ubulette0d is not empty18:26
asacyes, thus a versioned Replaces:18:26
Ubuletteis contains links for .so.0d -> .so.1d18:27
asacyes ... i know18:27
asacReplaces: doesn't remove -0d if its properly versioned ... it just tells dpkg to remove old 0d first before unpacking -1d18:28
asac(at least i hope:))18:28
Ubuletteoh, i see the problem. it's the f*g  3.12.0~1.9b1 vs 3.12.0~cvs18:31
[reed]how often does firefox-trunk get updated?18:38
asac[reed]: its a dummy package for firefox-3.018:40
asacso atm it gets updated on new RC releases that appear good18:40
asacrc2 is still waiting for new nss ... which ended up in some queue which isn't really processed over christmas :)18:41
asacaeh beta2 :)18:41
Ubulette[reed], I also daily build trunk18:46
Ubuletteand I push on snapshot to my ppa about once a week18:47
Ubuletteso far, my ppa is stuck to b2 until 1/ hardy has b2 and 2/ b3pre works again for miro18:49
asacis trunk completely broken for gtkmozembed atm?18:51
asacUbulette: does epiphany start with your b3pre package?18:51
asacwell it won't unless you don't use system-ns{s,pr}18:52
asacbut a respin should work if its not completely broken :)18:53
[reed]Ubulette: is there a bug filed on miro?18:54
[reed]have you requested blocking?18:55
Ubulette[reed], it's just that because of the mass backout, some of our patches (python) no longer applies19:05
[reed]mass backout of gtkmozembed stuff?19:06
CheGuevaraUbulette: regular apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade19:08
CheGuevara(sorry was out shopping)19:09
Ubulette[reed], yes19:10
Ubuletteasac, it's far too late for ~~cvs. we should not have let ~1.9b in.19:18
asac... for next bX we should fix the dailies19:18
asaci think it should be ~1.9X~cvs :)19:19
asacfor Xpre19:19
Ubuletteit's too late. ~c > ~119:20
asacwhat version do you have now?19:20
asacthats the version in archive (NEW)19:21
Ubulette(binonly is gone)19:22
asacso yeah ... you should just switch the versioning and append to the archive version19:22
asacif you are ahead:19:22
asac 3.12.0~1.9b3~cvs19:22
asacif you feel more like you are apost19:22
asacbut since we consider our builds "pre-releases" i would go for ~cvs19:22
asacbut i see the issue19:24
Ubulettei don't understand why debian used ~1.9 in the 1st place. nss has its own version. it's 3.12.0 alpha 2b19:25
asacpoint is it isn't tagged with an nss tag anymore19:25
asacthey use the FIREFOX tag19:25
asacso there is no clear versioning except that its 3.12.0~something19:26
asacmike choose the 1.9 from the firefox19:26
asacaeh xul19:26
Ubulettei'm stuck with 3.12.0~cvs unless i use an epoch19:27
asacplesae keep it below 3.12.0 (without epoch) ... whatever comes19:28
asacyou could use 3.12.0~+cvs19:28
asacits bad as it won't fit into archive versioning, but at least we have a chance to join the right versioning when 3.12.0 is final19:29
Ubuletteit's too late for 3.12.0, until final19:30
asacwhich archives have the problem? your ppa?19:31
asacmt ppa?19:31
Ubuletteand my own repo but it doesn't matter19:32
asaci don't get why you run into this replaces issue because of this ... cvs > 1.9 ... so the upgrade should work out well19:34
asaci really think the above problem is due to a missing Replaces:19:35
armin76asac: nsTextFrame.cpp:5144: error: 'SetUnichar' was not declared in this scope19:35
asacso as long as we keep ~cvs in mt in sync with what is shipped in hardy ... and keep your nss at least ahead we shouldn't have any issues19:35
asacarmin76: right ... read what i said above: SetUnichar is defined in the patch you dropped :)19:35
armin76what should be there instead?19:35
asacwhich is why i thought that we should not use SetUnichar19:35
asacif we need it we have to add the functio n... but i thought a memcpy should work well too19:36
asac(because the code takes care for the right alignment)19:36
Ubuletteasac, mike used a Conflicts: << ~1.9b119:36
Ubulettenot Replaces19:37
asacyes, but conflicts is not really the right thing to express that the other package has to be removed before its unpacked19:37
asacreplaces is the right way to express that there is a file conflict19:37
asacconflicts == doesn't work together ... replaces: == ships same files19:38
asacbut anyway ... in this definitly the versioning that bites us here ... right.19:38
UbuletteCheGuevara, i've just pushed a new nss to my ppa, it should be ready in ~1h19:44
Ubulettenext, I'll push a new xul, to use the new nss/nspr so that "depends" are correct (useful for those cherry picking in PPAs)19:46
Ubuletteasac, I've packaged the long due thunderbird for hardy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/3079/19:48
asac* Use --disable-pedantic as glib 2.15.0 is not clean enough - update debian/rules19:49
asacplease file a bug about that19:49
asac(against glib)19:50
Ubulettebug 17911919:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179119 in glib2.0 "glib 2.15 not clean with -pedantic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17911919:59
asacthe thing that makes me shiver is that it fails nowhere but in a .cpp file developed by mh20:01
asacor did oyu see this error with xul/ffox trunk?20:02
asacthey use the mime thing as well ... but of course without this patch20:02
asacbut there should be other places in moz code where they include glib.h i guess20:02
armin76asac: i have nfc about C, so if you could please replace what should go there? :)20:03
asache :)20:03
asacmozilla bug 16182620:03
ubotuMozilla bug 161826 in Layout: Fonts and Text "nsTextFrame::MeasureText()'s fast text measuring codepath crashes on RISC machines" [Critical,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16182620:03
asacwait a second20:05
asac*cp2-- = PRUnichar(*cp1--);20:06
asacarmin76: ^^ ?20:06
armin76okay, what was before, then20:06
armin76http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/layout/generic/nsTextFrame.cpp <- why it doesn't exist?20:07
asacit doesn't exist because no patch has been landed at all20:07
asacit was review-20:07
asacwhich is why i would like to get it right :)20:07
asacfrom what i understand the new patch fixes the alignment before the SetUnichar is run20:08
armin76that's the only thing i need?20:08
armin76or i need the other patch as well?20:09
asacso it shouldn't be needed20:09
asacarmin76: the idea is to just use that patch and don't use SetUnichar20:09
asacif that crashes ... we have to pull in the SetUnichar implementation from the previous patch20:09
asacthe patch unfortunately was developed on top of the review- patc h... i asked mr. miller for clarification but he refused to give any answer saying "this all is monkey business" :)20:10
armin76okay, but why nsTextFrame.cpp doesn't exist, if its in the tarball?20:10
asacbecause it has been moved on trunk20:10
asacyou need to use branc20:10
Ubuletteasac, what about mozclient, would you sponsor it or what ? revu is dead at the moment, or dying.. from inactivity or from boredom20:19
asaclooks like what i would think20:23
asacif it crashes we should add the SetUnichar20:23
asacto the patch20:23
armin76applies fine, starting to compile, will take 30mins or so20:25
UbuletteI remember when i've built the 1st release of netscape20:52
Ubulettei was using mosaic before20:53
Ubulettewell, there was no other choice at that time, mosaic was the 1st, then came netscape20:57
armin76asac: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux sparc64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071228 Firefox/
armin76i'm going to build it without the patch21:06
Ubuletteasac, I don't get it.. you're doing icedove ? what about tb then ?21:08
asacwho says that i am not doing tbird?21:59
asaci just want to sort out some pressing debian things first22:00
armin76asac: rofl, without any patch it works anyway22:15
armin76oh no22:16
armin76it sigbus right now22:16
armin76took a while, though22:16
armin76it just gives randoms sigbus :D22:19
Ubulettearmin76, http://home.kairo.at/blog/2007-12/the_saga_continues22:20
Ubuletteit's everywhere: http://mozillalinks.org/wp/2007/12/aol-announces-end-of-support-for-netscape/22:35
armin76asac: nah, same with the patch23:32
Ubuletteasac, please review & sponsor tb23:49
Ubulettehttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird.dev and http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tarballs/thunderbird_2.0.0.9+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz23:52
Ubuletterev #5123:52

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