lwizardlwhen ever I go to live tv my display becomes blue and goes 16:9 how do I fix this?01:57
foxbuntulwizardl, in the general settings on the frontend (for tv playback) there is a setting to force aspect ratio01:57
foxbuntusounds like you are the wrong one01:58
foxbuntuon the wrong one*01:58
lwizardlfoxbuntu, i don't see it02:05
lwizardlok i found it but now its full screen blue02:09
lwizardland when i get a picture its frozen02:09
=== MythbuntuGuest06 is now known as Moonscope
MoonscopeHey all, can anyone help me with configuring my nvidia card to send the display to the Svideo out, please.03:07
Moonscopethanks for all your help03:25
JThundleyMoonscope: http://pastebin.com/m1701cc7603:41
Dr_willisMoonscope,  I just run that nvidia config tool and it can congiure the xorg.conf to do it.05:05
Dr_willisMoonscope,  also mythtv has a setting that can keep it on the 2nd monitor by default. thatsx handy05:06
Moonscopehowdo you run the nvidia config tool05:47
superm1open mcc05:51
superm1and then clikc on the proprietary drivers tab05:51
Moonscopein linux....05:55
superm1mcc can be launched from a command line05:57
Moonscopeok, im installing it now05:57
Moonscopehow do i run it?06:04
tehpunkprodigydoes anybody know what could cause a high pitch static with the audio in mythtv?06:05
superm1just like that06:06
Moonscopeok, im in the proprietary drivers tab06:06
superm1click the nvidia button then06:10
Moonscopei have 3 options, Restricted Drivers manager, Nvidia Driver COnfiguration Utility, and Ubuntu Display Config06:11
superm1yeah the nvidia driver one06:11
Moonscopeall it shows are some configurations like 'engable tooltips, display status bar, slider text entries06:12
superm1are you x forwarding?06:12
superm1are you running locally?06:12
superm1or remotely06:12
superm1okya then there should be stuff there for your card to configure the display06:13
superm1that's odd if there isnt06:13
WcktKlwndoes anyone else have any problems playing ISO files with the Weekly builds?07:02
EnderTheThirdAnyone else having trouble with lirc via the Mythbuntu Control Centre lately?07:45
soniumis there also a schedule for german tv channels in mythbuntu?13:27
User717Has anybody had any problems with sound in Mythbuntu?17:31
User717Dont be shy!17:33
User717Are any of you actually there?17:34
beavischeck your sound settings17:39
beavisor wait, first check the error message you get on the console17:39
beaviswhen you start the frontend17:39
tgm4883dont forget to check sound outside of mythtv too17:45
tgm4883This means you User41317:45
ChadsHi all. Has anyone ran into sound problems with Mythbuntu?17:47
tgm4883dont forget to check sound outside of mythtv too17:48
tgm4883Chads, ^^17:48
ChadsHi. Yeah I've been there. I just dont have anything.17:48
ChadsNo sound at all.17:48
tgm4883you have no sound outside of mythtv?17:48
ChadsI have no sound full stop.17:48
ChadsI've seen their are quite a few problems. In fact yesterday I trawled through one of the forums and it has 86 pages on no sound problems.17:49
ChadsIt is a Via Soundcard onboard.17:49
ChadsJust a minute.17:49
ChadsFirefox has cleared my history from yesterday. I'm looking through google for the link17:53
Chadsthere we go.17:54
tgm4883mind you, this thread was started 1.5 years ago17:55
tgm4883and is ubuntu based17:55
tgm4883Have you tried a gutsy live cd to see if you have sound there?17:56
ChadsWell the last post was only 5 days ago. So people are still having trouble.17:56
tgm4883right, as it's a comprehensive list17:56
tgm4883check a gutsy live cd to see if that works17:57
ChadsIt is actually Mythbuntu I have installed. If I'm not mistaken though the backend of that is Ubuntu?17:57
ChadsI've actually gone out and bout an 8 Euro soundcard today to see if that will work. I will just disable the onboard one if it does.17:58
Chadsbought sorry.17:58
ChadsWhich LiveCD should I download?17:59
tgm4883well yes, but if you try a gutsy live cd and it works, then we know the issue is with mythbuntu.  If the gutsy live cd doesn't work, then it's a ubuntu problem and you should file a bug report17:59
tgm4883ubuntu live cd17:59
ChadsOk. How long will you be around?18:00
tgm4883i'll be in and out today18:00
tgm4883others should randomly look at the screen though18:00
tgm4883so post questions and wait18:00
ChadsOkies dokies. Their seems to be loads of people here but nobody talking?18:00
scrod4u2Just got here - give me a moment ;)18:01
ChadsI have just one question actually before you go.18:01
ChadsSorry Scrod. I'm being impatient.18:01
scrod4u2need more coffee...18:02
ChadsAt the minute I have Mythbuntu installed on an 80GB harddrive. At some point this is going to fill up pretty quickly. If I add another hardrive to the system. Is it easy for me to point Mysql to this Hardrive as well as where I have my video, mp3's now?18:02
tgm4883not currently18:04
tgm4883this will be really easy in mythtv .2118:04
tgm4883are you going to store recordings on both harddrives?18:05
Chadsso I am stuck with an 80GB system?18:05
tgm4883no, upgrading is easy, using both drives for recording is kinda difficult right now18:05
tgm4883not impossible, just some extra setup required18:05
tgm4883the easiest way to do it would be to use the 80GB for videos and music, and recordings on the larger hard drive18:06
ChadsI actually dont want to record anything. I am in Germany and German TV is C**P excuse my French.18:06
tgm4883so you just want to use it for music and movies?18:06
ChadsYeah exactly.18:07
ChadsSomething for the new Flat Screen TV I have suddenly aquired. ;-)18:07
tgm4883IIRC, the easiest way is just going to be symlinking the new hard drive's location into the current dir18:07
ChadsWell I suppose when I get to that point you guys could possibly point me in the right direction?18:08
ChadsNice one. I'll get the beer in!18:08
tgm4883alrighty, im out for awhile18:09
ChadsOk cheers for the advice and the help.18:09
ChadsHopefully I'll be seeing you around.18:09
ChadsOk I have a question. Mythbuntu does not seem to remember my Wireless Lan settings and it keeps asking me for a token ring password.19:10
ChadsAny ideas?19:10
ChadsCome on now you should have all of had your coffee. :-)19:13
WcktKlwntoken ring password on a wireless lan?19:31
ChadsYeah thats what it keeps asking for.19:32
ChadsFirst it asks for the WPA password and then the token ring.19:32
ChadsAt first it says it needed it to save the password I think?19:33
ChadsHave you any ideas?19:35
ChaddersAnyone help me with my woreless network?19:42
pdragonif no one here is answering, can try the forums19:42
=== Chadders is now known as Good
Dr_willisWireless and Ubuntu = Check the forums. :) and good luck. heh.. wireless can be such a hassle - depending on the card.19:43
GoodI have the wireless up and running19:43
=== Good is now known as problem
Dr_willisYea for you! :)19:44
problemWhy do I keep getting an error to say my nickname is in use?19:44
problemThe problem I have is that it wont remember the password and then it goes onto ask for a token ring password.19:45
pdragonbecause you're nice is still connected19:45
pdragonnice = nick19:45
Dr_willisTry /nick Super_Original_Nick_219299349119:45
=== problem is now known as ame
ameI'm confused.19:46
ameNew to IRC. New to IRC. Its a worry19:48
Dr_willisame,  whats a worry?19:52
ameWell being new to everything.19:53
ameI havent a clue what I'm doing. lol19:53
Dr_willisWhen in doubt... read, google, read. :) hang in here, and #ubuntu, listen, ask, read , learn. :)19:54
Dr_willisWash, rinse, repeate.19:54
ameYeah I understand!19:54
hansoffateHi, for a mythtv frontend only for the bedroom, does anyone have a suggestions?19:56
Dr_willishansoffate,  what sort of suggestion? :) get a low end pc. and a big honking tv. :P19:57
Dr_willisfanless designs will keep them quiet.19:57
hansoffateit doesn't require a good proecessor right?19:57
Chads_How low can you go Dr? I mean if you want everything in one box. Without a seperate server.19:57
Dr_willisHmm..  Ive ran mythtv on a Amd 2 ghz, with 1 gb ram. and as big a hd as ya can get...19:58
Dr_willisThen theres the cost of a tv tuner card. + remote..19:58
pdragoni'm running it on a 2.8 celeron with 512mb ram and a geforce 550019:58
Dr_willisProberly some of these $200 walmart specials can do it for ya + tuner, and a bigger hd.19:58
hansoffateyea, but for a frontend only, don't you only need like a 1ghz processor or something?19:59
Chads_Thats hardly slow though? Its still quite a good spec?19:59
Dr_willis2 ghz is getting to be bottom end these days. :)19:59
pdragonhansoffate: front end only can be a lot lower, yes19:59
pdragononly thing that might matter are a video and/or sound card depending on what you have the front end hooked up to20:00
hansoffatei want to build the cheapest computer possible that will work as a frontend only box... i just spent like 700 bucks on my living room frontend/backend20:00
Dr_willisFront end = cheap laptop you can sit on top of the tv. :)20:00
Chads_I suppose. It is all Dual this and that now.20:00
Dr_willisFind a friend with a low end used box and borrow it from him. :) heh20:00
Dr_willisthats how  i got most of the parts for my spare machine.20:01
pdragonor buy a $200 walmart special if you can find one20:01
hansoffatei already got a HD, DVD Drive, Ram,  i really just need a case, motherboard, and processor20:01
Dr_willisIF you can find one.. heh  :)20:02
pdragonyou looking for something that will look nice, or you really don't care?20:02
Dr_willisif you are going Uber cheap.. does the front end even need a dvd drive.. just keep one in the backend.20:02
pdragonsome nice looking "media" cases by nMedia20:03
hansoffateyea, i ordered an nMedia case, for my frontend/backend in the living room20:05
hansoffatebut yea, i am really trying to keep it cheap20:06
Dr_willisIt pays to watch for sales.20:06
Dr_willisi found a 300gb hd for $44  over the weekend.20:06
pdragonyeah... finally picked up this printer http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682810435420:07
ameThats only 22 pounds.20:07
ameBloody hell!20:07
pdragon$99. $40 for the actual printer since the toner cartridge is $6020:07
Dr_willisfound a P900 case for 60$ and a DVD Burner for $2020:07
pdragoncan't beat a $40 laserjet20:07
pdragoni rarely print anything at home (been without a printer for almost 2 years). so that will probably last me forever :)20:09
hansoffateyea, im doing some price shopping on newegg... I think im going to try to get a micro atx case20:10
hansoffateso it will fit in the cabinet20:10
hansoffatehmm, maybe i should try to fix my broken computer ... i think the mobo died20:12
hansoffateif when i try to boot the computer, i see the cpu fans start spinning up, but then dies ... that would be the mobo right?20:13
hansoffatenot worth it, newegg doesn't even carry socket 478 motherboards anymore20:19
ameBloody hell!?20:22
ameDont know why that cam up I never wrote that?20:22
pdragonhansoffate: could just be a dead cpu fan20:22
pdragontried another one?20:22
pdragonor bad power supply20:23
ameANyway. What is the easiest way to transfer my video files onto my new MythTV PC?20:23
ameFrom a portable hard drive.20:23
pdragonportable hard drive or via the default samba shares20:23
ameIts from a portable Hard Drive onto the smaba shares.20:23
hansoffatepdragon: well the mobo led is lit up, so i know it drawing power, but i could try replacing the cpu fan20:23
pdragontry a different power supply if you haven't yet20:24
hansoffateno i haven't20:24
pdragonjust because the light comes on doesn't mean it's getting sufficient power20:24
pdragonseen it happen many times20:24
hansoffatekk, maybe i'll take a quick drive to fry's20:24
pdragonthat's the easiest thing to try first20:24
hansoffateyea, that would be awesome if it would fix it20:25
pdragoname: if the videos are already on a portable hard drive, just plug that in and copy them off20:25
pdragonusb drive should show up as a new drive under the /media directory20:25
pdragonjust make sure you unmount it if you copy things to that drive. linux likes to wait and flush things to USB drives when it feels like it :p20:26
pdragonunmounting will force it to flush everything20:27
ameI think I have it.20:27
ameMight be sometime here.20:27
ameI didnt realise USB was so slow.20:28
ameTell me what does this MythWeb do?20:29
pdragonwhen you're copying huge gigabyte video files, everything seems slow ;)20:29
pdragonlets you control your mythtv via a web browser20:29
pdragonlook at listings and schedule recordings20:29
ameAhh ok so I cant browse from withing MythTv then?20:29
pdragoni actually find mythweb easier to schedule recordings with than the regular frontend20:29
ameI wont actually be using the recording bit unless I can get some decent TV. German TV is awful to putting it nicely!20:30
ameIs it possible to stream YouTube videos via MythTV?20:31
pdragonnot yet20:31
ameAhh ok. Are they perhaps working on something?20:31
pdragonthere is a mythwebbrower too i think20:31
pdragonto browse websites in mythtv20:31
pdragoni never used it20:31
ameOhh ok. I hadnt seen anything.20:31
ameIts something I probably wouldnt use to be honest.20:31
pdragoncould also just exit the front end and start up firefox and go to youtube :)20:32
pdragonhttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Mythweb   that's the mythweb thing20:32
ameThats what I am doing at the minute. Is it possible to shut the PC down via MythTV without having to exit into Ubuntu?20:33
pdragonhit the button on the front of the machine ;)20:34
pdragonyep. should send the shutdown signal20:34
pdragonworks on mine20:34
ameAhhh....I'll give it a whirl later.20:35
pdragoni rarely do it tho since i use it to record things20:35
pdragonand as my home server of sorts. running irc on it now and just ssh'd into it from work :)20:35
ameI thought as much. Where are you in the states if you dont mind me asking.20:36
ameI used to live in Savannah many moons ago.20:36
hansoffatehttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116040  - would that be good enough for a mythtv frontend?20:37
pdragonif you got a separate video card maybe20:37
pdragoncelerons suck :p20:37
hansoffatewhatever, its cheap and should be good enough for a frontend only machine .... right?20:38
hansoffatebut yea, im going to get another video card20:38
pdragoni'd definitely get a video card of some sort to offload the video processing20:38
pdragonnot doing HD are you?20:38
hansoffateno, the other box that im building will be doing HD20:39
ameHas HD taken off in the states?20:39
hansoffatewhich is a C2D20:39
hansoffatethis will just be for SD20:39
pdragongetting there ame20:39
hansoffateshouldn't it be good enough pdragon20:39
pdragonthat should be good then yeah20:39
pdragoni honestly don't know20:39
pdragonnever run just a front end myself20:40
ameWe have about 1 channel and it is on possibly 5 hours a day.20:40
ameI have mine setup on an Athlon XP 2200 and it seems fine.20:42
hansoffateame: do you think that cpu that  i linked will be good enough for a frontend only?20:43
ameIts the user that causes all the trouble!20:43
ameI've only been using MythTV for 4 days so I'm no expert but I'm using an Athlon Xp 2200+ and it runs really smooth so I would imagine the Celeron would do just fine.20:44
ameI mean you are hardly going to be doing anything intensive on the frontend so I dont see why that wouldnt work.20:46
ameIf I place ISO's in my Video Directory will it play those also. I know VLC has this option.20:50
amesorry found my answer.20:51
ameSuddenly gone quiet in here. You must be all back at work.20:57
rinaldi_i've got a backend/ frontend on this desktop and im trying to connect my laptop to mythtv. I've tested mysql in the control centre and it works fine. when i run the frontend on the laptop and try to access the tv or music it says it can't connect to the master backend server -- is it running? Is the IP address set correct. Is there anything extra i needed to do if it's connecting from the network rather than on the same computer? thanks for a20:59
ameAnyways cheers for any help you have offered.20:59
pdragonyou have to run the frontend setup and tell it the network information for where the backend is (IP address/Ports)21:00
pdragonalso a good idea to setup your backend with a static IP if you haven't if you're running remote frontends21:01
rinaldi_well im using the IP the router gave me. should i add the port onto the end? eg.
pdragoni can't recall off the top of my head what the menu settings in the front end are for telling it how to connect to the backend21:05
pdragoni thought there were different fields for the IP & port but i could be mistaken21:05
rinaldi_yeh thats what i thought. i put the port in that field and nothing. il see again if the ports match21:06
rinaldi_ok never mind, typo in IP adress. i was sure everything was there21:15
savageonehowdie mythbuntu folks22:09
savageoneI am converting from linuxmce BACK to mythtv, before I was on knoppmyth and I've used mythdora but I'm a big fan of ubuntu so I'm headed this way.  My only question so far is, since linuxmce had me set up my mythtv box AS my router, I'd like to continue to do this.  Is there a built in setup for making my mythbuntu machine (done through the full distro cd iso) the router.  or, will I have to add some third party software?22:12
savageonethe only linux based routing I've done is with distros meant for it22:12
rinaldi_how do i access videos stored on a backend on another computer in the network? iv got tv working22:16
Dr_willisrinaldi_,  i set up a samba share, or nfs share.22:24
Dr_willissavageone,  you can just set it up as a router - following whatever ubuntu docs detail how to do it. :)22:25
rinaldi_Dr_willis: bit of a noob, which ones easier?22:25
Dr_willissavageone,  I got my Mythbuntu box as a filerserver. and printserver, and torrent getter.. and.. :) ya get the idea22:25
Dr_willisrinaldi_,  samba is rather trivial.  but NFS may be a better idea. You just ahve the 2 linux machines?22:26
rinaldi_Dr_willis: yeh just the two at the moment, but adding a third soon, also by setting this up i would be able to access the files through the frontend right?22:26
Dr_willisYou can set up a 'videos' nfs share, and have it mounted on the other machines in their /whatever/videos dir22:27
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.22:27
rinaldi_ah right ok22:27
rinaldi_cheers for that22:28
rinaldi_Dr_willis: im having troupl setting up the nfs server, when i try to mount the folder i get: sudo mount /home/rinaldi/Music22:53
rinaldi_mount.nfs: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied. what have i done wrong?22:53
savageonedoes the iso for mythbuntu have the newest ubuntu?23:00
savageoneand does it support diskless frontends off the bat or is that sometyhing I gotta configure23:00
rushfanHey, anyone here using mythbuntu with AC3 out for 5.1 surround?23:17
nettow0822_tgm4883 you awake?23:40
nettow0822_I have palm pilot question23:49

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