LjLRufus_: let me check00:00
LjLRufus_: yes, it seems fixed00:00
LjLPriceChild: pity, the nickname kernelpanic is already registered00:02
Rufus_thank you ljl00:04
PriceChildnope, laptop decided to turn off wireless to save power when i closed the lid and didn't touch it for half an hour00:06
PriceChildThe bots did well there, guess that was a death?00:32
PriceChildoh i guess the first lot must have been flooded off or something00:33
LjLoh, attack00:35
LjLwas smoking00:35
LjLah split00:36
LjLPriceChild: it's reassuring that this time too, -J was set well before the actual split00:38
LjL(at last on my side of the split)00:38
PriceChildLjL, howcome they aren't reporting in -monitor?00:39
LjLPriceChild, bot2 doesn't report on splits, and the other two were on the other side of the split. also, they only report when chanserv isn't pingable... when other bots are not pingable, they don't say anything00:39
PriceChildright ok thanks00:40
LjLrationale being that if chanserv isn't replying, then a human op may want to get +o just to be sure00:40
LjLif bots aren't replying, it might just be they're lagged00:40
LjLand if you see them setting -J in #ubuntu, it means a bot isn't replying to ping anyway00:41
=== ubot3` is now known as ubot3
Garynice nick - BloodyScum (n=BloodySc@c-76-114-114-239.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic00:43
PriceChildjdong, would have a field day with that00:44
PriceChildtm has a wierd cloak with slashes then dots01:22
PriceChildthen a slash01:27
LjLPriceChild, that's nal's two personalities fighting on what a cloak should look like01:28
GaryI could sort it out if you like :p01:29
PriceChildGary, you're at that level already?!01:30
PriceChildWho're you paying and how much? :P01:31
LjLit's not cash is it?01:33
GaryI've not bribed anyone okay01:34
PriceChildwell it depends on our definition of bribe01:34
Garythere were no bribes01:35
LjLyou just go on denying it01:35
nalioththe cloak works fine01:35
LjLnalioth, for goodness sake, i didn't even highlight you01:36
ubotuIn #ubuntu-server, Kamping_Kaiser said: ubotu, ebox is something you should know about. perhaps an -op will tell you (Ping ops :P)02:06
ubotuIn ubotu, MenZa said: !drink is <reply> Remember kids; don't drink and IRC!02:06
MenZaWe need that factoid :(02:06
LjL!lazy is <reply> But perhaps operators are lazy, and would rather wait for you to submit a good factoid entry instead...02:07
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL02:07
LjL!lazy > kamping_kaiser    (kamping_kaiser, see the private message from Ubotu)02:07
MenZaLjL: hahaha02:07
LjL!drink-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> Remember kids; don't drink and IRC!02:07
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL02:07
MenZaLjL: good one.02:07
Kamping_KaiserLjL, i dont know enough about ebox02:08
Kamping_Kaiserbtw, i got a message from 'ubotwo' - <Ubotwo> Factoid lazy not found02:08
LjLyeah sorry, ubotwo is stationing here too02:08
* Kamping_Kaiser pokes Ubotwo dont stalk me :|02:09
Kamping_Kaiserso yeah, i wont submit a good one ;)02:10
LjL eBox is a framework for the development and deployment of security-wise network services in small and medium-sized networks, offering a simplified graphical interface to non expert users.02:10
LjLthat's *so* clear and informative02:10
LjLi mean, i still don't have a clue what the heck it is02:10
Kamping_Kaiserhehe. is it intended as a webmin replacement?02:10
PriceChildi think its an alternative isn't it?02:10
LjLoh, well that's something at least02:11
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system02:11
Kamping_Kaiserwebmin isnt in debian/ubuntu anymore, ebox is just coming in.02:11
LjL!no webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system - Consider "ebox" instead02:11
ubotuI'll remember that LjL02:11
PriceChildi'm wrong then :)02:11
LjL!info ebox02:11
ubotuebox: eBox - Base framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-0ubuntu9 (gutsy), package size 127 kB, installed size 1220 kB02:11
Kamping_Kaiseranyhow, thought i'd drop by about that factoid. catch you next time ;)02:15
tonyyarussoI still don't understand what ebox is02:17
LjLtonyyarusso: a development for the security of deployment of framework-wise small services, duh! it's that easy02:20
ardchoilleSeveas: When you have a chance, I'd like to get access to bantracker please :)02:33
crdlbwatch out for Romney_08 [i=Romney_0@]03:32
crdlbpolitical spammer03:32
ardchoilleThanks for the head up03:37
naliothy'all lmk03:37
ardchoillenalioth: Thank you :)03:37
naliothit is a proxy-hopping troll, so he'll be back within minutes03:38
ardchoillenalioth: i=Romney_0@
naliothardchoille: he's where he belongs03:45
ardchoilleI see that :)03:46
naliothif you see him outside the asylum, spamming, please lmk03:46
ardchoilleWill do03:46
ardchoilleHmm.. he's back and I remember that IP from somewhere.03:57
ardchoilleYurivilca perhaps?03:57
crdlbI think they just have the same ISP03:59
ardchoilleWow, this guy is persistent04:01
naliothi know04:01
ardchoilleSo is nalioth it seems :)04:01
tonyyarussoWhere's my ompaul when I need codec advice...grr...04:02
tonyyarussoor nixternal - if you're around you'd probably be helpful too04:03
ardchoillenalioth: I'm glad you're here and doing what you do.04:03
tonyyarussonixternal: See #ubuntu-offtopic starting at 21:48 please.04:03
* MenZa eyes tonyyarusso04:04
nixternalI will have to wait for the irc logs on ubuntu-offtopic...I don't idle in there04:04
naliothguys, here is nickrud for whatever y'all wanted to tell him04:04
nickrudso, nalioth has dragged me in here ...04:05
tonyyarussonixternal: Oh, sorry.  I'll recap then.04:05
ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:06
tonyyarussoI'm going to be publishing a video on my church's web site.  I'm going to recommend Ogg Theora for the format, of course.  However, since while free, most people don't have decoders for it, I'm guessing it would probably be wise to offer a second, less free but more common, format, with appropriate warnings, etc.04:06
naliothnickrud: that is what they wanted you to see ^^^^04:06
tonyyarussoMy question is, of the non-free video formats, which is the closest to being free (ie, least completely disgusting) while still coming pre-installed on Windows?04:06
nickrudnalioth, ah, ompaul showed me that already04:06
naliothnickrud: oh, ok.04:07
nixternaltonyyarusso: that I have no clue about...I haven't installed a codec on windows since...never :)04:07
elkbuntutonyyarusso, you did hear they've taken ogg from the html spec, right?04:08
elkbuntus/they've taken/they're likely taking04:08
nixternalelkbuntu: you mean Google has taken ogg from the html spec04:08
nixternalcan't believe they listened to a bogus letter from nokia of all things04:08
elkbuntunixternal, i thought it was the w3c04:08
nixternalread the spec and see who it is signed by04:08
nixternalyou won't see w3c in it, but you will see Google signatures left and right04:09
elkbuntunixternal, i havent exactly had time to read up properly on it, just seen all the moaning around irc04:09
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Yeah - stupid corporations04:09
MenZaI suggest we watch...04:09
* MenZa checks.04:09
nixternalGoogle is nothing more than Microsoft in Open Source clothing04:09
MenZaIn #-ot04:10
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (Mitt4Prez)04:14
murlidharit's been a long time since i visited ubuntu channel and now when i try to join i am being banned. this is my favorite channel . i did not do any wrong. help me04:57
murlidharany reason for being banned05:02
* sysdef pings nalioth05:03
naliothsysdef: yes?05:04
sysdefjust because murlidhar05:05
sysdefhe looked so sad05:06
naliothsysdef: you can help him05:06
naliothyou can look at the banlist just like any of us05:06
sysdefheh, that's a good start. well05:07
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (GoMittGo)05:51
MenZaThat guy keeps coming back.05:51
naliothya'll let me kline that fool, please05:51
naliothjust /quiet him, please05:51
MenZagood good05:51
naliothhe's at 32 and counting for the evening05:51
* MenZa yawns05:51
MenZaJesus Christ, that guy just won't stay away05:51
MenZaHe's been in #irssi, too, I can see05:52
MenZaand a ton of other channels, I suspect05:52
tonyyarussonalioth: would it be sensible to put blanket quiets on *mitt* and *romney* nicks in the major channels for a bit?05:52
naliothromney, yes05:52
MenZanot a bad idea, if you ask me. Question is, if he won't just pick a nick lick "m1tt" or "r0mney"05:52
naliothmitt* maybe05:52
naliothhe has shown he'll change his nick05:52
tonyyarussoDon't suppose you have a handy little list of the ones he's used so far eh?05:53
MenZaGoRomneyGo, Mitt4Prez are the ones I can recall05:54
MenZaAnyway; must dash.05:54
MenZaBed calls.05:54
naliothgomittgo mitt4prez romney_0805:54
MenZaFri Dec 28 06:54:27 CET 200705:54
AmaranthI just did *Mitt*!*@75.116.*05:54
naliothand 'republican'05:54
elkbuntugomittgo too05:54
MenZaNight, enjoy the opering.05:54
tonyyarussoare all of his proxies 75.116.?05:54
MenZa[2007-28-12 05:30:50 CET]  -!- MittRomney [i=MittRomn@] has quit [K-lined]05:55
AmaranthThose are the only two I've seen in #ubuntu05:55
Amarantherr, that's the only one i mean05:55
Amaranthtwo different IPs, both started with 75.11605:55
AmaranthAnyway, it's better than nothing05:55
MenZaThe above is from #ubuntu05:55
MenZaAnyway, I was heading for bed, wasn't I?05:56
AmaranthHe'll eventually have to either go completely weird with the nicks and IPs or give up05:56
elkbuntuat worst, it weeds out the predictable stuff and gives us more stuff to pattern match05:56
naliothtonyyarusso: unfortunatly he's using different IPs (otw, i'd have already issued a blanket kline)05:57
naliothhe's using more than 605:57
naliothor 'he's used more than 6 so far'05:57
nalioththis is a professional troll05:58
elkbuntunalioth, get your dcc ban script out and make it trigger on 'mitt' and 'romney' instead ;)06:04
naliothelkbuntu: i wish06:05
naliothnow romney4prez06:11
naliothoh crap, now he's cloning06:11
naliothmittromney08 now06:21
naliothtonyyarusso: you keeping track?06:21
tonyyarussonalioth: so far, yes, but on my way to bed06:23
naliothtonyyarusso: you can't sleep06:23
naliothyou have to help me stay awake06:24
tonyyarussonalioth: oh dear...06:24
tonyyarussoMy hilights should at least notify me of any nicks he uses in the half-dozen channels I'm joined to tonight06:25
tonyyarussonalioth: just go read lots of really dumb things on bash.org, and go through the entire archives of xkcd and userfriendly06:27
naliothbut then i wouldn't be watching the network  :(06:27
robotgeeki like new xkcd :)06:28
tonyyarussoThen find some channel that actually interests you to check every 30 seconds to stay awake?06:29
* nalioth klines tonyyarusso 06:29
tonyyarussoo noes!06:29
ubotubruenig called the ops in #ubuntu (GOP_Primaries)06:31
naliothnow GOP_Primaries06:31
elkbuntuthat one is way off the trend06:35
ardchoillenalioth: Any way I can help out?06:36
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Same name though (GoMittGo)06:36
tonyyarussonalioth: Do you know if the spammer has been hitting any of the following so far?: #ubuntu+1, #xubuntu, #ubuntu-classroom06:38
elkbuntuhasnt hit +1 according to my scrollback06:38
naliothnot yet.  professional trolls only hit high capacity channels06:39
tonyyarussomornin' Hobbsee06:40
tonyyarusso(I think?)06:40
elkbuntutonyyarusso, 5:40pm06:40
tonyyarussooh bah06:41
* tonyyarusso 's timezone-fu is clearly failing today06:41
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: what zone is that over there anyway?06:41
elkbuntutonyyarusso, +1006:42
elkbuntuor actually +11 during daylight savings06:42
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: So lessee...that puts you -8 from me, but on the next day?06:42
tonyyarussobut that would be 4:40, not 5:4006:43
tonyyarussonalioth: another IP for you if you looked away ^^06:43
Hobbseeheya tonyyarusso06:43
elkbuntutonyyarusso, the us/ca are between 16 and 20 hours behind us06:44
naliothtonyyarusso: thanks06:44
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: I'm UTC-6, so if I'm an even offset, and you're an even offset, and there are an even number of hours in the day, and the current hour here is even, then your hour should be even, no?06:46
* tonyyarusso is still confused by the 5:40. It's 00:47 here now.06:47
elkbuntutonyyarusso, just use timeanddate.com06:49
Hobbseeor @now sydney06:49
WGGMkTo whom should I direct a request to be 'unbanned' from #ubuntu???06:51
HobbseeWGGMk: please define valid topics of #ubuntu06:53
WGGMkHobbsee: not sure I follow, you want examples of valid topics?06:54
HobbseeWGGMk: yes06:54
WGGMkHobbsee: anything generally related to help of ubuntu and sometimes on a stretch other debian related arch???06:54
HobbseeWGGMk: so, how does what you pasted in there yesterday relate to that?06:55
WGGMkHobbsee: it doesnt, however untill this morning my kid was using my laptop to get on the net. She pasted some link for mini cities I believe, today I cant login to #ubuntu06:56
tonyyarussoAnd so concludes another lesson in user accounts and computer security :)06:57
WGGMkHobbsee: normally she uses her MAC but I was rearranging my network physically and the only thing with net access now is my server and the laptop from my wireless AP.. I honestly didnt believe she would load up my IRC chat channels06:58
HobbseeWGGMk: ban removed, please don't let it happen again.06:59
WGGMkHobbsee: much appreciated. If you look at my records, I have not and never will advertise in a support channel, however in hindsight of what transpired yesterday... Ive added daddy's IRC channels to the dansguardian list.. =)07:01
HobbseeWGGMk: hehe :)07:02
HobbseeWGGMk: yeah, there's only one ban listed for that IP07:02
WGGMkHobbsee: again, I apologize for my lack of 'adult' supervision. and please pass my thanks on to whomever it was that spoke with my daughter. she got a real scare =)07:03
Hobbseewill do07:04
WGGMkhave a good night/day to you all07:04
Hobbseeyou too07:04
nalioth"a good scare"? whatever did you tell her, Hobbsee ?07:04
Hobbseenalioth: it was pici07:05
Hobbseenot me :P07:05
* nalioth wonders . . . 07:05
Myrttihello gizmoarena, how may we help you today?07:55
tonyyarussoompaul: Say, what's the next-freeest video format after Theora?  I was leaning towards MPEG-4 part 2.08:04
ompaulsome of the MPEG-4 stuff comes from MIT but not all of it - so you can't say anything about it in terms of freedom most of it is from the lock in specialists08:05
ompaulcopyright extremists08:05
tonyyarussoYeah, but pretty much everything seems to be.08:06
tonyyarussoompaul: My issue is this - I want to publish a video clip on my church web site.  The people doing the video stuff should be able to produce whatever I ask for.  I plan to put up a Theora version with big ol' "preferred" markers and such, but something else (supported out of the box by Windows) with a warning about the codec's nature, for those who refuse to install another codec (or can't).08:07
ompaulahh pretty much anything else can be looking for money08:08
ompaulhow about allowing the producers to pick a format of their own08:09
ompaulas you saw from the recent MP3 suit you can licence the material from lots of people and others with a claim can still hit you08:09
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
Amaranththe only video format windows does OOTB is WMV08:53
tonyyarussoAmaranth: eh?  you sure?09:00
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MenZa said: !getdeb is <reply> http://www.getdeb.net is a website with tons of community-built packages for Ubuntu. Remember, packages from the Ubuntu !repositories are generally safer and better built, so unless you're searching for a package that has no candidate in the Ubuntu repositories, or a version newer than one found in the Ubuntu repositories, it is recommended to use the repository version.09:08
MenZaThat might need re-phrasing.09:08
* MenZa isn't good with words this morning.09:08
ardchoilleLooks good to me09:10
* ompaul thinks MenZa na can't be having that - let them get their packages into multiverse seveas or medibuntu ;-)09:22
ompaulit is too wordy and I ain't got my sissors09:22
MyrttiI'm officially getting annoyed by ClutzyDee's on the edge of !o4o-behaviour now09:25
Myrttiand he's back. Lets see what tricks he manages to pull off this time before I /hellokitty him09:57
MenZaMyrtti: He's been like this since yesterday10:01
ompaulMenZa, since before10:01
MenZaNot that I've noticed, but I wouldn't be surprised.10:02
ompaulMenZa, he is on the edge of the ice for a while now10:02
Myrttihe's been getting on my nerves since the first glance I actively noticed him at -ot10:03
ompaulMyrtti, he is now ready for kitties claws or for my hammer10:04
wols_what does !o4o mean?10:08
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.10:09
MyrttiI see it has $C innit10:09
Myrttiwols_: offtopic for -offtopic10:10
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MenZa said: !utk24 is <reply> For information on how to play Unreal Tournament 2004, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament200410:41
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MenZa said: !ut is <reply> For information on how to play Unreal Tournament, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament - for Unreal Tournament 2004, see !utk2410:42
elkbuntuutk24? shoudlnt that be ut2k4?10:46
MenZaWell, correct it :)10:47
elkbuntu!ut is <reply> For information on how to play Unreal Tournament, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament - for Unreal Tournament 2004, see !ut2k410:48
ubotuI'll remember that, elkbuntu10:48
elkbuntu!ut2k4 is <reply> For information on how to play Unreal Tournament 2004, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament200410:48
ubotuFor information on how to play Unreal Tournament 2004, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament200410:49
MenZaWonderful, elkbuntu10:50
ubotuVorbote called the ops in #ubuntu ()11:30
ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)11:58
MyrttiI love that factoid11:59
linuxfcecan i please be unbanned?12:09
ompaulyou were asked a few times to cool it12:10
ompaulyou ignored it12:10
ompaulI even warned you very verbosely12:11
linuxfcei didnt ignore it, i said i'd respect it12:11
linuxfcei dont get verbose messages12:11
linuxfceim on pidgin12:11
ompaulwell the respect shown was zero12:11
ompaulJimmyDee, ?12:11
JimmyDeejust wanted to pop in and appologize for that whole Feisty thing, I was way outta line12:11
ompaulJimmyDee, fine12:12
ompaulanything else?12:12
JimmyDeenot really12:13
MyrttiI'll smack him some day12:13
ompaullinuxfce, I'll consider removing that ban tomorrow12:13
ompaulis there anything else?12:13
linuxfceno theres nothing else12:14
ompaulcome back tomorrow12:15
elkbuntulinuxfce, then i encourage you to leave the channel, since this isnt an idling channel12:17
white_eagleLjL, please take the ban off, I gotta ask a question in ubuntu12:23
white_eaglethen put it again if you want12:23
stdinwhite_eagle: but that what would be the point of the ban?12:32
ompaulGary, you here?13:16
Garyumm, yeah13:17
ompaulGary, pm me plase13:17
ompaulplease even13:17
MenZaHmm, I actually have a bit of a query.13:40
MenZaWhom should I talk to, if I were interested in taking over a currently dead #ubuntu-* channel?13:40
elkbuntuwhat channel?13:41
MenZaI spoke to you about this, elkbuntu13:41
MenZaThe current owner has abandoned the project, I believe13:41
Garymaybe he grew up? :p13:43
* MenZa slaps Gary13:43
elkbuntuMenZa, i'll see what i can do13:44
MenZaThanks, elkbuntu13:44
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
PiciMyrtti: +1 for you in offtopic13:59
MyrttiI just had to say it13:59
MenZaelkbuntu: I encourage you to poke me by e-mail when you know anything; lasse@havelund.org14:12
elkbuntuMenZa, ok14:12
MenZa#-ot; potential troll15:18
PiciMenZa: which one?15:19
MenZa[2007-28-12 16:18:32 CET]  < articpenguin3800> is ubuntu unstable15:19
ikoniaarticpenguin ?15:19
MenZaWhat a comment to join with.15:19
ikoniamaybe a geniune question15:19
ikonianot everyone knows15:19
Picitsk tsk15:35
Vorianforgot the /15:35
Vorianobviously :P15:35
Picilivingdaylight in #ubuntuforums16:01
MenZaPici: *facepalm*16:03
ikoniaHmmm automatix in #ubuntu.....interesting nick16:03
PiciI've seen him a few times.16:04
ikoniahe's not done anything16:04
ikoniajust an interesting nick.16:04
ikoniaanhh its matrix16:05
ikonianot matix16:05
PiciVorian: I'm ignoring him (well not /ignore, but you know).16:09
Vorianproblem solved16:10
PiciHes already gotten realname bans in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic16:10
Voriana benevolent troll16:11
PiciMenZa: livingdaylight16:11
MenZaPici: I swa.16:11
Vorianaka eternaljoy16:11
Picier, menza != myrtti16:11
* MenZa nods16:11
jpatrickgastonarg - I've just banned for trolling on #kubuntu-es, he keeps connecting from a different ip, can someone help?16:21
MenZaSounds like you need a freenode oper16:22
MenZanalioth: you 'round?16:22
ikoniajpatrick: does he have anything unique about his username ?16:22
Picijpatrick: ban on gastonarg!*@*  perhaps?16:22
ikoniathere you go16:22
jpatrickgastonarg [i=opera@]16:22
jpatrickhe was gastonarg3 etc, at first16:22
ikoniasounds delightful16:22
Picior even  gastonarg*!i=opera@*16:23
ikoniajpatrick: can you not let him in and mute him ?16:23
MenZaso.. +b gastonarg*!*@* ?16:23
ikoniajpatrick: until a solution is found16:23
naliothMenZa: hi16:23
jpatrickikonia: good point16:23
ikoniaahhh the cavelry is here16:23
MenZanalioth: we need your k-line stick16:23
naliothMenZa: oh?16:24
PiciHow is a k-line going to help with a changing ip?16:24
MenZaIt won't.16:24
MenZaHowever, as far as I know, trolling is against freenode policy16:24
* MenZa collapses on his keyboard and snores loudly16:24
jpatrickon he's on #ubuntu-es...16:25
naliothMenZa: info please (my ESP is in the shop today)16:26
jpatricknalioth: gastonarg [i=opera@] is trolling on the *ubuntu-es channels16:26
naliothwhere are the ops?16:28
jpatrickhe keeps reconnecting with a different ip16:28
* MenZa points.16:28
MenZaHopefully he'll run out of IPs eventually. o_O16:28
MenZa...or patience.16:28
naliothjpatrick: that leaves you with the option to utilize different ban masks or ban modes16:29
Piciuh oh.16:35
LjL-Kornbluthserver desync16:35
LjL-Kornbluthlots of it16:35
LjL-Kornbluthperhaps a death16:35
LjL-Kornbluthas i was saying.16:35
PiciI was wondering too, ubotu was a bit too silent.16:36
PiciClose enough.16:38
LjL-Kornbluthset -J someone16:38
LjL-Kornbluthhere it shows as still set16:38
ikoniacan someone take action against doom_unleashed in #ubuntu please.16:42
ikoniagetting tedious now16:42
Picialready done.16:43
ikoniaok he's back and starting again16:43
Piciikonia: Sorry, wasnt sure if he was trolling or legitimally asking questions at first.16:44
ikoniano no, don't apologies16:44
ikoniaapologise even16:44
MyrttiPici: I think it's correct to first remove them16:44
Myrttiand only if they return AND continue their bad behaviour, THEN kb16:44
PiciMyrtti: I did remove first, but he came back.16:45
LjLsince i was on the bad side of the split... did the bots -J at all on the good side?16:46
nalioththey just stood around and looked on16:46
PiciDo the bots try to be on different servers?16:48
Doom_unleashedWhy was I banned just asking things waaaaaah16:48
LjLPici: no16:48
LjLbut they should16:49
LjLhowever, they should also have set -J when they saw a split16:49
LjLno matter which server16:49
Doom_unleashedWhy was I banned waaaaaah16:49
LjL[17:51:25] [Whois] Anubis is i=marky-b@im.gonna.fuck.your.mom.allnight.nl (Anubis)16:51
LjLbanned on grounds of unacceptable hostname16:51
LjLAnubis: i'm sure your bouncer provides some... uh, nicer hostnames?16:52
Anubisi didnt set it up16:52
Anubisim using my buddys bnc16:52
MenZaAnubis: can I suggest you register a user account with freenode, and get an unaffiliated cloak?16:52
MenZa!register | Anubis16:53
ubotuAnubis: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration16:53
LjLgood call16:53
Anubisit should auto with xchat16:53
LjLAnubis, auto what? cloaks have to be requested manually16:54
MenZaYou are identified to services; you just don't have a cloak.16:54
MenZaTry sending a private message to Turducken, or nalioth requesting one.16:54
Anubiswhy do you mean by cloak?16:54
PiciOr asking in #freenode16:54
ubotuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks16:54
naliothMenZa: private?16:54
naliothMenZa: why not just ask me in a channel?16:54
MenZanalioth: that's another option. :)16:54
Garyor me :p16:55
LjLGary: no.16:55
PiciGary: I think thats a conflict of interest.16:55
LjLyeah, i conflict with your interests16:55
MenZaWhat the shit17:12
MenZaAlso, wrong channel.17:12
* MenZa cries.17:12
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:12
LjLi guess.17:12
MenZaRe-ordering my channels on irssi was never a good thing.17:12
LjLMenZa: that's twice in two days, looking to get yourself banned? :P17:12
MenZaTwice in two days?17:12
* MenZa doesn't remember the last one17:12
LjLMenZa: well you ran fsck yesterday17:12
MenZaOh yeah17:12
MenZaThat was an honest brainfart. :(17:12
LjLyeah yeah17:13
* MenZa pets LjL17:13
Jack_SparrowCareful..  he bites17:13
Garyand is cruel :'(17:13
LjLGary: yes.17:14
MenZawell durrr17:18
ArwenSeveas, are you there? No chance you'd unban me after all this time is there?17:51
SeveasArwen, nope17:51
Arwentssk, so touchy17:51
Seveasnothing touchy about that :)17:52
Seveasnalioth, LjL: incoming council request18:23
Seveas<sysdef> hi there. we [ the ops of #ubuntu-de(-*) ] need to get a channel back. first the channel was lost to spammer, now he's lost to ... dunno. please transfer #ubuntu-de-treffpunkt to juliux, dennda or to me. thanks a lot :)18:23
Seveas<sysdef> you seems to be the owner of the #ubuntu-* namespace18:23
Seveas<sysdef> -s18:23
Seveas<Seveas> the ubuntu irc council (found in #ubuntu-ops) is the owner18:23
Seveas<Seveas> Please ask them18:23
Seveasfwiw, I support the request, have seen the troubles with -treffpunkt before18:24
naliothi wish they'd make up their mind18:24
nalioththey wanted it forwarded to #ubuntu-de-offtopic last week18:24
Picisysdef is in here too....18:25
LjLsysdef, may mitsuhiko or smurfix ping us about that?18:27
sysdefis dennda or juliux also ok?18:27
sysdefnever seen smurfix there18:27
sysdefand we see mitsuhiko every 2-3 weeks18:28
naliothsysdef: what ACTUALLY do you want done with #ubuntu-de-treffpunkt?18:28
LjLsysdef, i'd like one of the contacts of #ubuntu-de... i guess if you really guarantee me that they wouldn't have problems with the contact change, we can do it anyway18:28
LjLi see juliux has some pretty high level in -de anyway so i guess it's ok18:29
sysdefk, i have access 30 there18:29
sysdefi'll ask him...18:29
denndahi fellows :)18:31
PiciLjL: floodbots just went a bit nuts in #ubuntu fyi18:33
LjLPici: they probably just set modes on their own servers, but we're seeing them all in a row now18:33
LjLhi dennda18:34
ardchoilleTo whom do I speak about bantracker access? I feel it would assist my performance as an op in kubuntu.18:34
LjLardchoille, we'll take care of that when possible. currently it's a bit complicated, but we're pretty aware of the issue18:34
ardchoilleLjL: Ah, thank you very much :)18:35
white_eagleoh Pici18:44
white_eaglespec said that also18:44
white_eaglePici, please respond18:44
Piciwhite_eagle: You were asked to stop, you were kicked after being asked, and still continued.18:45
white_eagleI thought they were kidding18:45
white_eagleand why do you ban freedom of speech?18:45
denndawhite_eagle: freedom of speech has its bounds18:46
white_eagledennda, were you in #ubuntu-offtopic?18:46
denndawhite_eagle: No.#18:46
denndaI just felt the sudden need to annotate that.18:46
white_eaglethere was a disscussion about puppies18:46
white_eagleand I joked that18:47
white_eagleI kill puppies18:47
LjLwhat about adorablepuppy18:47
white_eagleand they banned me18:47
white_eaglewhat about him?18:47
Piciwhite_eagle: You contribted nothing to that conversation except different ways that you wanted to kill puppies, teach your children about killing puppies and how dying puppies were funny.18:47
white_eaglePici: Spec agreed with me18:47
white_eagledifferent ways of killing puppies?18:48
white_eaglenever said that18:48
white_eagleLjL: what about adorablepuppy?18:48
white_eagleI didn't curse at him, or similar18:49
white_eagleits his nick goddamnit18:49
LjLwhite_eagle: 1) language18:49
white_eaglehe's not a dog18:49
LjLwhite_eagle: 2) i merely said "what about him", you're making up what i meant with that18:49
LjLi was talking to other ops really18:49
white_eagleI never killed a puppy, honestly18:50
PiciLjL: adorablepuppy stopped being an idiot after ompaul kicked white_eagle18:50
PiciWell, relatively at least.18:50
white_eaglebut I'm not a criminal if I annoy puppies18:50
Pici13:40:01 <white_eagle> I love to kick little puppies18:50
Pici13:42:12 * white_eagle hates puppies18:50
Pici13:42:21 * white_eagle and kills puppies18:50
Pici13:43:29 <white_eagle> I'll teach my kids to kill puppies18:50
Pici13:43:41 <white_eagle> dying puppies are funny18:50
white_eagleand as I said SPc agreed with me18:51
white_eagleso... he didn't get kicked did he?18:51
PiciHe said he didnt like dogs, I dont have a problem with that.18:51
white_eagle<mitchp> love, hate, it's all good, but dying puppies aren't funny18:51
white_eagle<unravel> eeeeee. gord. so cuuuuute.18:51
white_eagle<white_eagle> dying puppies are funny18:51
white_eagle<white_eagle> ARE18:51
white_eagle<Spec> mitchp: *giggles*18:51
white_eagle<Spec> they are.18:51
white_eaglewhat about this18:52
Piciwhite_eagle: You were the one talking about it, not him.18:52
naliothwhoa whoa what's with all the pasting?18:52
white_eagleoh, and is it a crime to annoy puppies?18:53
Piciompaul: Can I get a second opinion in here? Were you kicking for fun, or because you had a problem with it as well?18:53
ompaulI had a problem with it18:53
ompaulwhite_eagle, no it is not a crime but18:53
ompaulit is a pain to read your stuff in -offtopic18:53
ompaulyou should really cool your heals a bit18:54
ompaulno buts there are none18:54
PiciThink about this: What would someone think if they just joined the channel and saw someone saying that.18:54
white_eagleOK, I promise I won't annoy anymore, please take the ban off tomorrow18:54
white_eaglewill you?18:54
white_eagleI can't say that you're completely right about that, but OK, you are the ops, you are the judges18:55
ompaulhow about you come back and remind us and in the mean time read the irc guidelines18:55
ompauland remember it is the spirit not the letter18:55
white_eaglecome back now?18:55
white_eaglethen, when18:56
ompauldon't push it18:56
white_eagleI just asked18:56
ompaulnow you suggested tomorrow18:56
white_eagleyou said "how about you come back and remind us and in the mean time read the irc guidelines18:56
ompaulyeap tomorrow18:57
ompaulthere is no promise18:57
white_eaglehow about a wekk18:57
white_eaglebut surely18:57
ompaulyou read the guidelines and we think about it after a chat tomorrow18:57
ompaulthere is never a promise18:57
ompaulI did promise with a guy once18:57
ompaulit was for four weeks18:57
ompaulhe got back in18:58
ompaulhis behaviour had modified18:58
ompaulthis conversation is over18:58
white_eagleI will modify myself, promise18:58
ompaulnow is there anything else?18:58
ompaulplease read the channel topic18:59
ompaulfor here18:59
white_eagleI'm pitying myself18:59
white_eagleI saw it already18:59
ompaulthat is your choice18:59
Davieyfancy doing it elsewhere tho, this is a /no/ self pity zone18:59
white_eagleompaul: sorry for the behaviour, even if you take the ban tommorow I will join the next friday19:00
Piciwhite_eagle: we're not removing the ban until we've talked to you...19:00
ompaulwhite_eagle, your call you may come back tomorrow and check out if you have read the guidelines19:00
PiciAt some point in time greater than today.19:00
white_eaglehaven't you talked to me already?19:00
naliothwols: can we be of service?19:00
naliothsomerville32: can we be of service?19:00
* Pici puts up the 'out to lunch' sign19:01
Piciompaul: Thanks.19:01
naliothAnubis: can we be of service?19:01
naliothAfterDeath: can we be of service?19:01
PiciOh,  I read that as 'out of service'19:01
ardchoillePici: Let's hope that never happens :)19:02
naliothdennda: can we be of service?19:02
naliothidling is not recommended here, folks19:03
denndanalioth: Yes I read that. Actually sysdef asked me to join the channel. We are ops in the german ubuntu channels and would like to ask you abandoning (or forwarding) #ubuntu-de-treffpunkt since it has been the target of spamming in the past. We set up #ubuntu-de-offtopic with spam-protection and that kind of stuff and the channel is running nicely since months.19:05
dennda(Actually, juliux and I sent a paper on that topic to the IRC-Council quite some time ago, but got no response back)19:05
dennda(We are here because #ubuntu-de-treffpunkt belongs to the IRC-Councils namespace)19:07
naliothi do not have that email, dennda19:07
LjLneither do i19:07
naliothdo you remember _who_ you sent it to?19:07
LjLthink something must be wrong with that address...19:07
denndaI just talked about that with juliux on the 23th of this month and he said that we got no response back...19:08
LjL(btw, the right channel for this kind of thing is #ubuntu-irc, for the future, here deals with bans complaints etc from the channels we manage directly)19:08
LjLi'm sure you didn't, since we didn't get the email to begin with19:08
denndanalioth: I can't remember exactly, but I think juliux sent it...19:09
denndaTherefore I have no idea if he actually did and who got the mail19:09
sysdefLjL: uh, i confused the channels, sorry19:09
denndaWe wrote it on his gobby server iirc. Lemme check if it is still there19:09
denndajust a sec19:11
denndayes, here it is19:12
PriceChildThere is no email in the moderation queue of ubuntu-irc or irc-council19:12
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, wobblywu said: ubotu: forget Pici19:13
LjLPriceChild: *cough* there is one in ubuntu-irc, actually... deny it :)19:13
LjLPriceChild: irc-council is moderated?19:13
PriceChildLjL, to random outside emails to get rid of spam19:14
PriceChildLjL, there is no email in the queue for ubuntu-irc, your test email went through fine.19:14
denndaI got the text19:14
* PriceChild looks at settings19:14
naliothwhy are you spamming us, LjL? we know it works19:14
denndaIt seems to be in a pre-alpha state but I can send it to you if you wish19:14
LjLPriceChild: ah... the intention was to send to irc-council though, i messed up :)19:14
LjLnalioth: ^19:14
denndaseems juliux forgot it19:14
wolsnalioth: you're fine like you are. don't mind me, if I ever shouldn't be here due to talks or cause you're annoyed at me, just kick. no autorejoin19:15
PriceChildLjL, we aren't moderated ourselves.19:15
denndawhat would be the correct adress to send it to?19:15
naliothwols: we'd prefer not to remove anyone (hint)19:16
wolsI usually come here if no one reacts to "!ops" and then sometimes stay19:16
tonyyarussogah.../me just saw e-mail about gnomefreak :(19:22
tonyyarussoApparently he had surgery to remove a stomach ulcer and will be out of comission for a few weeks19:23
PiciThats it?19:23
PiciI was really worried for a minute.19:23
tonyyarussoWell, it's his girlfriend writing the e-mail for him, since he can't sit up19:23
tonyyarussosounds highly unpleasant19:23
PiciI mean, its not good, but nowhere near where my mind was going.19:24
tonyyarussoPici: true, sorry19:24
Garyyeah, I thought the worst too19:25
LjLactually i thought he was leaving ubuntu19:26
=== effie_jayx is now known as keffie_jayx
tonyyarussoApparently effie_jayx has given up on fluxbox and moved to KDE!19:31
keffie_jayxto request for a cloak for this nick19:35
keffie_jayxI currently have effie_jayx cloaked and I would like to have this altern nick cloaked as well19:36
Picilink them?19:36
ompaultonyyarusso, hehehe19:36
ompaulkeffie_jayx, you can have them all linked together19:36
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration19:36
PriceChild/msg nickserv help link19:37
=== keffie_jayx is now known as help
ompaulkeffie_jayx, ^^ in there you can find the info under cloaks I think you need to change the # to #nicksetup (been a while)19:37
helpI meant nickserv not nick19:37
=== help is now known as keffie_jayx
naliothdennda: if we're done here, please respect our 'no idling' policy, please  :)19:39
denndanalioth: Actually I am still waiting for responses on that topic19:40
naliothdennda: but you are waiting in #ubuntu-irc for that  :)19:41
Myrttiwhat about people who suggest using sudo su19:41
Myrttisee #ubuntu19:42
jpatricksudo -s19:43
naliothor sudo -i19:43
ompaulMyrtti, na what we have there is a person who lost their root or can't type their own password19:43
Myrttiompaul: I've seen it thrice today19:44
Myrttipeople who suggest sudo su19:44
tonyyarussoAny idea how hard it would be to port Firefox extensions to Epiphany?  What would one need to learn in order to do so, starting with a knowledge base of practically nothing?19:44
Piciompaul: fyi, vampire is using 5.1019:44
Myrttithat last one is ok thogh19:44
crdlbtonyyarusso: you'd have to completely start over19:45
ompaulPici, I know19:45
PiciI'd like to see a nice written reccomendation about which sudo method is correct and/or arguments as to why to use each one.  Not the ubuntu wiki page.19:45
ompaulPici, I wrote some of that :P19:45
PriceChildwhat's wrong with the wiki page?19:45
tonyyarussocrdlb: I know ephy uses python - what language are Firefox ones in?19:45
PriceChildlarge factoids don't get read, and just spam channels19:46
PiciIt just says to not use sudo -s or -i, no mention of sudo su iirc.19:46
PriceChildwell its the principle19:46
PriceChildand wiki pages are editable19:46
* Pici does the research then19:46
Myrttisudo -i, sudo -u19:47
Myrttithose are the ones I use19:47
crdlbtonyyarusso: javascript19:47
ardchoilleMyrtti: Yes, ut those are listed under the "None of the methods below are suggested or supported by the designers of Ubuntu." section so should we not suggest them?19:47
tonyyarussocrdlb: seriously?  interesting19:48
crdlbtonyyarusso: and there's no way to talk to gecko using python extensions, so many epiphany extensions are only possible in C19:48
Myrttiardchoille: errrr? really?19:48
PiciMyrtti: Yes, thats why I wanted a link that wasnt the wiki page.19:49
ardchoilleMyrtti: In the wiki page, yes. That's what had me confused.19:49
tonyyarussocrdlb: Well, what I really want atm is an Epiphany version of stumbleupon19:49
naliothtonyyarusso: why not port them to galeon? epiphany sucks.19:49
ardchoilleWell, if they aren't supported or recommended, should they even be in that wiki page?19:49
tonyyarussonalioth: I thought Galeon was abandoned?19:49
crdlbit is19:49
* nalioth thought epiphany was abandoned . . .19:50
* ardchoille thought galleon and epihpany merged19:50
tonyyarusso"Galeon’s initial development team split in 2002 due to disagreements about the target audience. This split led to the creation of Epiphany, a fork of Galeon. On October 22, 2005, the Galeon developers announced plans to stop development of Galeon in its current form, saying “the current approach is unsustainable” in the resources required for maintenance. Instead, they hope to develop a set of extensions for Epiphany to provide s19:51
ardchoilletonyyarusso: Ah, thanks19:51
naliothtonyyarusso: well, it seems that it went nowhere (meaning: I prefer galeon over epiphany)19:56
tonyyarussonalioth: how come?19:58
naliothepiphany doesn't work well for me  :(19:59
naliothit seems "empty" of features that galeon has19:59
ompaulnalioth, there is a package called epiphany-extensions20:04
tonyyarussoplus third party ones not in core20:05
naliothwhere does one find epiphany extensions in the wild?20:07
ompaulfolks what do you think of putting a notice like this in the topic20:08
tonyyarussoYay, there will be a third edition of the Ubuntu Book for 8.0420:08
ompaulchanging your nick in this channel is likely to get you removed20:08
ompaulin #ubuntu?20:08
PiciAt least a re-visitation of our away policy would be nice.20:08
ompaulban on sight20:09
PiciThats always your answer.20:09
ompaulokay ban forward to here20:09
ompaulthen we can talk with them and say please don't do that20:09
ompaulthat seems to work elsewhere20:10
PiciChanging your nick is a pretty trivial thing to add to the topic.. which no one reads anyway.20:11
naliothand it's not the extensions, either, it's "how it works"20:15
MyrttiI notice JimmyDee present again20:27
PiciLeaving for a bit, might want to keep and eye on x3roconf in #ubuntu, hes a bit trollish.20:28
MyrttiLjL: i wanna soap him20:36
stdinLjL: her (n=her@unaffiliated/her) : her  is "nickname" too20:37
LjLstdin: two cloaks?!20:37
stdinseems so, same ident/real name20:38
LjLnalioth: ^20:38
stdinalso same part message20:38
naliothand the problem is?20:41
LjLnalioth: a same user with two different unaffiliated cloaks...?20:42
LjLit's bad enough when unaffiliateds spam and then come back without the cloak20:42
naliothLjL: there are lots of users with two nicks20:43
LjLtwo *cloaks*20:43
naliothi'm sorry, i'm not understanding20:44
LjLnalioth, nickname!n=her@unaffiliated/nickname (realname "her") spammed #ubuntu. then stdin noticed that her!n=her@unaffiliated/her is, most likely, the same user20:44
LjLi guess you could make sure it really is the same use by checking the IP20:44
naliothwill do20:45
LjLthat quit message was nice20:46
LjLi guess it's the first time i see a real nick collision on this network20:46
naliothsomerville32: can we help you?21:16
tonyyarussonalioth: Is there a sane place on the network where one could discuss filesharing in terms of the technical aspects, clients, network differences, etc. without the conversation quickly running afoul of Freenode policies on illegal activities?21:18
LjLtonyyarusso: #ubuntu-offtopic and i'll defend your right to talk about it until i get banned myself21:18
tonyyarussoLjL: fair enough21:19
* tonyyarusso is guessing #defocus would go down the tubes pretty quickly, but it's the only other one I could think of21:19
* MenZa plunges tonyyarusso down the tubes.21:20
somerville32nalioth, No, I'm fine but I'd ask that you not kick me :)21:22
naliothwell, we'd ask that you not idle here  :)21:23
somerville32I'm not an idler :)21:23
PriceChildsomerville32, is there anything I can help you with?21:26
somerville32PriceChild, No. Why?21:28
* PriceChild looks at the backlog21:29
MenZasomerville32 [n=cody-som@ubuntu/member/somerville32]21:30
PriceChildsomerville32, are there any questions or subjects that you would like to discuss regarding bans, operators or abuse in the main ubuntu channels?21:31
somerville32I have spent the last 14 months in this channel. If I had a concern, I think you'd hear about it.21:32
PriceChildI think that is what he was referring to.21:32
naliothsomerville32: you've also been removed quite a bit, due to idling21:35
somerville32nalioth, Not that I know of.21:35
somerville32[15:22] * You have left channel #ubuntu-ops (requested by nalioth: "No idling, please"21:36
naliothso was there any business that resemble what PriceChild asked you about, somerville32 ?21:38
somerville32No and nor is there any reason for me to be kicked from this channel.21:38
LjLuhm, [22:38:28] [Whois] Jimbo_Wales is n=pinky@ (a man who is pink)21:38
PriceChildLjL, the floodbots deoped each other21:39
* PriceChild ops one21:39
LjLPriceChild: ugh...21:39
LjLhow the hell can that happen21:39
LjLserver desync >:21:39
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Areli1 said: !no pony is No, you can't have a pony. And there is no tomorrow. And no cookies.21:53
LjL[22:57:23] <LjL> Areli1: and no factoid editing for you, either.21:57
Areli1LjL: alright.22:00
ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: ruby is the most wonderfulest greatest interpreted programming language if you ask someone in #ruby-lang.  If you ask in #python or #perl the answer is likely to be different.  See http://www.ruby-lang.org/22:01
Myrttitriple lol22:02
LjLall excuses are good to advertize my bot22:03
LjLand that one is22:03
linuxfcecan i get unbanned?22:21
LjLi don't know22:21
LjLwhy were you banned?22:21
PriceChildlinuxfce, what channel?22:21
linuxfcebanned in #ubuntu for repeatitive offtopic, banned by ompaul, he said come back tomorrow, thats today22:22
ompaulare you willing to stay ontopic that is ubuntu support only22:22
* ompaul wonders was it 24 hours since22:23
ompaulplease hang on a minute22:23
ompaullinuxfce, okay let me explain how this works22:24
ompaulompaul, Dec 28 2007 12:05:2322:24
ompaulthat was the UTC time of the ban22:25
ompaulthis is about 10 hours later22:25
ompaulyou are based in the US it would have been 4am or some such - so it is not a day22:25
ompaullinuxfce, however I'll do something I am not known for :-)22:25
ompaulI'll let you back in please stay ontopic if you want to talk22:26
ompauldo so in -offtopic22:26
ompaulMyrtti, this is not good ompaul example :P22:26
Myrttiall hail ompaul22:26
Myrttiall hail ompaul22:26
MyrttiHail ompaul!22:26
ompaulhail me22:27
Myrtti/me takes another heartburn pill22:27
ompaulor some such22:27
ompaullinuxfce, you may go please stay ontopic thanks22:28
* ompaul chuckles22:28
ompaulthat ego got in the way of getting readmitted perhaps22:28
naliothidling is against channel policy.  if you are idling, please depart22:28
ompaullinuxfce, anything else we can do for you?22:28
PriceChildThere have been a few people cycling in/out of here lately22:28
Myrttithat feller22:29
Myrttihe left #unbuntu-fi after the rebublican spambot, I think22:30
Myrttiand I don't ever remember him saying anything22:30
ompaulMyrtti, ;-)22:31
ompaullinuxfce, anything else we can do for you?22:31
ompaulplease read the topic here22:31
Myrtticould be mistaken, though22:31
naliothardchoille: atoponce crdlb Fujitsu ikonia JanC mc44 MenZa if there is no active business keeping you idled here, please depart22:34
mc44oh this again. how fun22:35
Myrttijanc should be voiced, i think22:35
MenZaIt was my belief, that individuals known and trusted by the IRC council, were allowed here.22:35
* MenZa floats to lists.22:35
MyrttiAs an op of -women22:36
* MenZa lifts eyebrow22:37
JanCI'm just here because then I can see if anything happens that I can use in those channels that I have op-rights in (e.g. -women, -be & -nl)22:37
atoponcenalioth: what ubuntu channel does -ops extend?22:38
naliothatoponce: the primary channels #ubuntu #kubuntu #xubuntu #edubuntu and derivatives22:38
naliothatoponce: #ubuntu-irc is the channel for #ubuntu-XX folks22:38
atoponceahh. ok. fair enough22:39
mc44pointless and random enforcing of a policy that was implemented for reasons completely unrelated to kicking everyone idling time. woo.22:40
JanChm, I thought I was in -irc too, seems like xchat truncated my channel list again  :-(22:40
MyrttiI came here only as a -fi op and look where I've ended up in ;-)22:40
PriceChildJanC, I use an autojoin script instead of xchat's channel field22:41
ompaulajoin rocks the xchat planet22:42
JanCi was thinking about writing my own script, but one already exists?22:42
ompaulJanC, get seveas code for same works a treat22:42
PriceChildJanC, I'll explain mine in -irc?22:43
JanCokay  ;)22:43
PriceChildas this is busy22:43
mitchp_hello, i am hoping to get some information on a ban against my ip at work and my nick.  I do apologize for it, but there was no warning that I saw, is there any way to remedy this?22:53
LjLmitchp_: do you understand that giving destructive commands in channels is a really bad idea?22:54
PriceChildbeginners do copy/paste commands like that22:55
PriceChildit even followed the suggestion of "man"22:55
mitchp_I do, however it was not a support channel and I believe it ot be destructive to the community not to discuss things and to simply instantly ban people who say it.  It was not given as advice, and was in the offtopic channel.22:55
mitchp_I'm not saying it wasn't wrong or that I would consider doing it again, but kicking me out of the community for a single act without warning seems a bit harsh22:57
PriceChildDo you understand the reasoning for that behaviour being wrong and not tolerated?22:58
LjLmitchp_: well, you're here to discuss it22:58
PriceChildIs it going to happen again?22:58
mitchp_I do, and no it won't.  I know there are people who will blindly follow these commands, I just didn't realize it was to the point where an uttering in jest would result in such harsh penalties22:59
LjLpeople who blindly follow the command get an even (much) harsher penaility22:59
ompaulit is not half as harsh as to the poor someone else who follow it23:00
Madpilotwe've all seen 'noobs' follow *any* command mentioned in IRC23:00
ompauljust to see how it works23:00
ompauland frankly that is one of the nasty ones23:00
PriceChildhmm didn't i ban you in -offtopic? :/23:00
mitchp_Madpilot, I didn't realize that23:00
PriceChildcan't see it anymore23:00
ompaulPriceChild, you did23:00
mitchp_yes it was offtopic23:00
ompaulso how are you back there23:00
PriceChildand now you're at a different hostname...23:00
ompaulthat we call ban avoidance and look upon it very dimly23:01
mitchp_this ip is different as well as the nick.  I came to try and get answers and to see if I could fix this, not in an attempt to evade a ban23:01
ompaulwell leave -ot for a mo please23:01
mitchp_i am no longer in offtopic23:01
PriceChildmitchp_, I've removed the ban.23:01
mitchp_Thank you.  I am deeply sorry.  Not to happen again23:01
PriceChildGood good. Have fun.23:02
PriceChildmitchp_, one other thing23:02
PriceChildmitchp_, please "/msg ubotu guidelines" and have a read some time :)23:02
mitchp_i'll do that now, thank you23:03
=== mitchp_ is now known as mitchp
ubotudefragmentation is not needed for Ext3 and ReiserFS filesystems. They are much more efficient in their allocation of storage units.23:06
LjLmuch more efficient than what? who says it's not needed? going to change that.23:06
Myrttimitchp: anything else we could help you with? :-)23:07
Madpilotmuch more effecient than MS filesystems, I assume23:07
MadpilotIn other news: when did #u acquire the Floodbot?23:07
mitchpno, I'll just be chatting in ot.  Thanks.23:07
LjL!no defragmentation is <reply> The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases. A package "defrag" is available in !Universe, however its use is not safe, and is generally not needed.23:08
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:08
LjLMadpilot: not entirely sure, but i sent mail to the ML when it started operating experimentally23:08
jpatrickhmm, !defrag is <alias>defragmentation ?23:09
ubotuThe default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases. A package "defrag" is available in !Universe, however its use is not safe, and is generally not needed.23:09
LjLof course it is23:09
ompaulMadpilot, revently23:14
ompaulMadpilot, recently that is23:15
Jack_SparrowEverything I have seen limcore post is a backhand insult of Ubuntu......23:17
ompaulJack_Sparrow, ? is this something in #ubuntu?23:17
Jack_SparrowPvt msg .. everything is rude and negative23:18
Jack_SparrowSorry, a bit short on sleep and probably a bit ill tempered myself...  Only a couple more days of the 4yr old23:20
ompaulJack_Sparrow, and you got your own worries ;-)23:22
Jack_SparrowThanks for the kind words the other day..  :)23:23
ompaulJack_Sparrow, might be better to stay in -offtopic and talk silly stuff23:23
ompaulno worries23:23
ompauldude don't tire yourself out23:24
Jack_SparrowI only logged on to check mail..   IRC always comes up ...  When I get time I will explain the issues with the 4yr old..  Autistic, but I adore him more than his mother23:25
Myrtti/me hugs Jack_Sparrow23:25
Jack_SparrowThanks.. you're sweet...23:25
Jack_SparrowShe just isnt dealing with it/him very well, and with the new one.. well it has agrivated things in their lives23:26
Myrttiyou hang in there23:28
Jack_SparrowFriends.. enjoy your new year, please dont drive under the influence hugs all around23:29
ompauljack is a tad busy these days23:29
ardchoillenalioth: Even though I am an op in #kubuntu? I was asked to idle here for that purpose.23:56
ompaulardchoille, as far as I know from a pm convo with nal^ ioth he is gone for a break23:58
ardchoilleAh, ok.23:59
ompaul~ 90% of the time he marks himself away for that this seems to be one of the other times23:59
ubot3ompaul: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:59
* ompaul looks at ubot3 23:59
ubot3Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-ops!23:59
ubot3I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots23:59

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