SlartPointyThingsHurt: I'm pretty sure they work..00:00
PointyThingsHurtSlart: I'm having speed issues connecting to a NAS box on the network00:00
PointyThingsHurtmy network status is 1000 Mb/sec00:00
dorkfaceakos:  I don't know how much easier it would be, but you may be able to use aliases to connect to networks, so whenever you have to connect to a different network, all you'd need to do is type in one command00:00
akosyeah, ok thx00:00
dorkfaceIt wouldn't be automatic, but closer to your goal00:00
jscinozhey guys, im trying to install ubuntu on an old laptop, i downloaded the image of the desktop CD and found however X cant start. Is there a text based installer included on the desktop CD? and if so what is the command to start it?00:00
PointyThingsHurtmy brother gets a 500MB file in less than a minute off the NAS00:00
SlartPointyThingsHurt: is there a max speed defined for the NAS-box?00:00
Odd-rationalejscinoz: Nope you have to download another cd00:01
PointyThingsHurtand he's in XP00:01
Retro`i've installed Ripper X00:01
PointyThingsHurtbut when i get the same file, it takes 15 minutes00:01
Retro`see what that gives00:01
vishalIs it possible to force application to start on a certain desktop?00:01
unbeatablhow can i have my own,  ns1.mydomain.com ns2.mydomain.com ? if mydomain.com uses ns1.mydomain.com , how does mydomain.com even haev an IP in the first place?  and if domain registrar doesnt give me this functionality, what shal i do?00:01
geniijscinoz: No text based installer on the regular cd, you need to get the alternate00:01
proqesivishal: define "force"00:01
PointyThingsHurtshouldnt be, like i said. brother gets the file in less than a minute00:01
vishalproqesi: for example, when i run pidgin it will open on desktop 600:02
SlartPointyThingsHurt: ah.. so your problem has nothing to do with gigabit networks.. I would say your problem is "samba is slow, how can I fix it"00:02
sonjahow do i set it up so i don't have to type in my login name when ubuntu boots up, but i can just select it from a list of users on my computer using the mouse?00:02
vishalproqesi: instead of the current desktop00:02
Seebvishal: set DISPLAY before running it00:02
PointyThingsHurtyou think its my samba client?00:02
jscinozgenii, ugh thats so weak.. another 700mb to waste >_<00:02
SlartPointyThingsHurt: I can only confirm.. I get shitty speeds when using samba to transfer files.. I don't know how to fix it00:02
Seebvishal: DISPLAY=":0:1" pidgin00:02
vishalSeeb: I dont understand,00:02
thefoxxI have a problem with a package I build with PPA - it's a multi binary package and one "sub package" is sawn by apt every time as newer as the same version - difficult to explain ;)00:02
PointyThingsHurtVery interesting.  I never even realized it could be the samba CLIENT..00:03
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thefoxxif I update to my builded version it still sais there is again a new version00:03
vishalSeeb: so i would put that in the console and it would open on desktop 1?00:03
geniijscinoz: Well, if you already have some other box running ubuntu, maybe do a netboot install00:03
thefoxxbut it's the same version...00:03
SlartPointyThingsHurt: try something else then.. ftp, nas.. see if they are faster00:03
thefoxxupdate from 0.0.1 to 0.0.100:03
Seebvishal: or whatever display you want it to appear on00:03
PointyThingsHurtgood idea00:04
vishalSeeb: I have pidgin load on startup, forgot how, but how would i make that load on desktop 6?00:04
Rufus_if i downloaded a "screenlet", how can i launch it?00:04
bruenig!info devilspie | vishal00:04
ubotuvishal: devilspie: find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.20.2-1build1 (gutsy), package size 33 kB, installed size 132 kB00:04
SlartRufus_: screenlet manager.. in settings00:04
Rufus_thank you00:05
SlartRufus_: screenlets in system, preferences00:05
Slartyou're welcome, Rufus_00:05
earthling_any sugestions on how to make a router out of a linux machine? i hurd it was possible00:07
jscinozgenii is therea guide to how to do a netboot00:07
geniijscinoz: Yes, give me a minute00:07
Slartearthling_: it is.. you don't even need ubuntu.. there are small distros that fit on a cd that do that..00:07
astro76earthling_, nice pun ;)00:08
PriceChildI need to do some setkeycode's on boot, what file should I put them in? /etc/init.d/rc.local?00:08
jscinozwait nevermind00:08
Slartearthling_: you'll be using iptables and masquerading.. google for linux internet sharing or something like that.. there are tons of howto's out there00:08
jscinozi got x to start00:08
geniijscinoz: Excellent guide here: http://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install00:08
vishalbruenig: thanks, I just installed it, when i ran it from the console it said: No s-expressions loaded, quiting. any ideas?00:08
jscinozthanks, i might not need it anymore, i got X to start by giving the live cd the vga=791 bit00:09
Odd-rationalevishal: Try man devilspie00:09
geniijscinoz: Ah, good00:09
bruenigvishal, read the documentation, you need to write some config files for different applications and put it in ~/.devilspie00:09
geniiWell, logoff time for me00:09
|juan|can someone help me with gnome+compiz?00:10
vishalOdd-rationale: bruenig: Cool thanks for the help00:10
|juan|i have two monitors... one is a 19" standard and the other a 19" wide00:10
|juan|i'd like to have my taskbar and system bar on the wide screen00:10
Nikolaiis it so difficult to get Adsl Usb modem workin' on linux? :(00:10
|juan|but the system bar spans across both windows00:11
lcphr3akHey, I have no CD-ROM drive on this computer i'm trying to install ubuntu on, and decided to try out a USB flash drive. I downloaded the .iso, and used dd to image it onto a flash drive. However, it's not booting. Would there be a reason why? I'm trying to get the usb flash to boot just like a live cd-r00:11
adamonline46Hello.  I got my Intel e1000 ethernet adapter installed, modprobed the driver with no errors, added it by MAC address to my iftab, added eth0 to my /etc/network/interfaces file, and I still get errors when I try to ifup it.  Does anyone know what I can do?  I've exhausted google, but to no avail...00:11
crdlb|juan|: are you using twinview?00:11
alesHi all! Is it possible to disable xgl and dri from the command line in ubuntu?00:11
earthling_Slart: can i ask a somewhat specific question about a network situation which has been naging me for quiet some time?00:11
crdlbales: ? that doesn't really make sense00:11
Slartearthling_: sure, go ahead00:11
lwizardlcan someone tell me how i turn off UTF-800:11
crdlbales: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?00:12
|juan|crdlb: when i run nvidia-settings, it says i'm not using the nvidia x driver...00:12
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Evolution2ales: why would you do that00:12
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pike_lcphr3ak: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation00:12
ifireballlcphr3ak: well, the answer is within the question, there is a website called pendrive linux with instructions on how to get ubuntu on a pendrive00:12
crdlb|juan|: but you *do* have an nvidia card?00:12
lcphr3akalright, thanks guys :)00:12
|juan|i ran sudo nvidia-xconfig00:12
|juan|going to restart x00:12
goldphishSo I'm trying to compile a module for my running kernel based on the headers package. I type 'make modules' and get this... "No rule to make target `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.c'" Any ideas?00:13
HohoHuhuYes. Say oh shit!00:13
Nikolaicould anyone help me or point me to some link with tutorial, for setiing an connexant usb adsl modem? :)00:13
astro76!language | HohoHuhu00:13
ubotuHohoHuhu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:13
earthling_Slart: there are three comps connected to single switch. compA and compB have ip addrs of diff domains but compC has ip addrs of both domains throught virtual addressing. will A be able to ping B00:13
quaalanyone know why the xubuntu7.10 cd i put in my tvpc just boots to busybox initramfs prompt. when i boot my laptop it boots into gnome just fine00:14
ifireballadamonline46: did you try "ifup"ing without doing the iftab bit?00:14
LimCoreubuntu failed totally to provide wokring fonts.  the bug is reported for days (weeks?) and still not fixed, what the?00:14
Slartearthling_: wow.. that sounds like something out of a cisco cert exam =).. I have no idea.. you could try and set it up using virtual machines just to see what happens00:15
HohoHuhuIs asm-offset.c really present where you untarred your kernel?00:15
adamonline46ifireball: Oooh, a reboot seemed to fix it... Let me try it out, thanks for responding thus far, though!00:15
|juan|still says it bud... not running nvidia x driver00:15
crdlb|juan|: pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:15
|juan|running it according to restricted drivers00:16
alescrdlb: I'd like to run X without xgl when I am using my laptop battery. Latest intel video driver has a bug and it causes more than 100 unnecessary wakeups per sec when xgl is present. Removing "xserver-xgl" solves this. I'd only like to do it only while on batt - so I was thinkng of writing a script to do it automatically :D00:16
Nikolailooks like it's to difficult -.-00:16
crdlbales: why would you want to use Xgl with intel?00:16
ifireballearthling: you'll need to enable ip-forwarding00:16
ifireballearthling: on compC00:16
alescrdlb: Ummm, I' dont get any compizs effect if do not have it installed?00:16
ifireballearthling_: you'll need to enable ip-forwarding00:17
crdlbales: bad answer :)00:17
HohoHuhuGoldphish, are you sure you make mrproper before trying to compile?00:17
ifireballearthling_:  on compC00:17
Towelboyhi...anyone know how to play streaming divx movies in ubuntu? Seems Mplayer starts to download instead and sometimes freezes00:17
alescrdlb: Is there any other way? :D00:17
earthling_Slart: dont have more than one comp at my hand. but will try some how....... it does not work if one of them is windows00:17
crdlbales: you have a i965?00:17
alescrdlb: Yes? How'd you know??? :D00:17
HohoHuhu(backing up your .config before...)00:17
goldphishHohoHuhu: nope, didn't know I needed to :)00:17
earthling_ifireball: how do we do that?00:17
|juan|crdlb: http://pastebin.com/d444e5e0800:17
PointyThingsHurtSlart: Samba is the culprit.00:17
crdlbales: you just need to "unblacklist" it00:17
crdlbales: join #compiz-fusion for a sec00:17
ifireballearthling_: if compC a linux machine?00:17
Slartearthling_: that's why you could use virtual machines.. you run 3 little machines inside that one..00:17
Slart!vm | earthling_00:18
ubotuearthling_: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications00:18
SlartPointyThingsHurt: ah.. ftp was faster?00:18
ifireballearthling_: is* compC a linux machine?00:18
wpkit doesn't say anythinkg about KVM00:18
|juan|crdlb: also, it has each of my monitors... one at 1280x1024 and the other at 1440x900 and it's making them a combined 2720x1024. so windows maximize across the both... annoyance :)00:18
fosohow do i sudo into a folder?00:18
gogzmerHow can I access the phpmyadmin page after I installed the package?00:19
pike_foso: you dont really need to what do you need to do?00:19
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crdlb|juan|: you're definitely using the nvidia driver :/ So I have no idea why nvidia-settings thinks otherwise00:19
goldphishHohoHuhu: hmm, still getting the same error00:19
HohoHuhucd your folder if you get the credentials.00:19
nickrudfoso, you can't, is this a directory you can't read without sudo?00:19
fosopike_ what?00:19
fosonickrud im trying to drag and drop a theme file into the usr/share/theme folder00:19
earthling_Slart: i did not understand that thing abt usini VM, or wine?00:19
HohoHuhucd your folder if you get the credentials. Else you have to sudo into a user having the right rights on this folder...00:19
pike_foso: gksu nautilus or sudo mv file /usr/share/theme/00:20
crdlb|juan|: ah, turn off xinerama00:20
ifireballearthling_: the quick and dirty die-on-reboot way but distro agnostic: "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" (run as root)00:20
earthling_ifireball:yes linux machine00:20
|juan|where is that setting located?00:20
HohoHuhuThis chatroom is lots of lolz!00:20
nickrudfoso, ah, gksudo nautilus will let you do that, but it's dangerous. You should instead do it in a terminal, sudo cp /path/to/theme /usr/share/themes00:20
crdlb|juan|: you seem to have enabled it in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:20
Slartearthling_: not wine.. virtual machines.. you run a program that simulates a whole computer.. network and all.. then you run 3 of those.. at the same time.. and try the ping thing00:20
|juan|i bet the nvidia-xconfig did that :-P00:20
|juan|one sec00:20
earthling_ifireball: ok will try that... thx00:21
crdlb|juan|: look for Option "Xinerama" "true" and remove it00:21
alescrdlb: Thanks. I'll try it right now ;)00:21
heartsbloodI've been having a heck of a lot of trouble with the recent release of moblock, is there any place I can go to get advice?00:21
fosonickrud i dont understand that all the way sorry00:21
Slartearthling_: virtualbox is one such virtual machine.. it's a nice way to try things out without having 10 machines at home00:21
|juan|crdlb: brb00:22
earthling_Slart: did not about anything like that. Thnks forthe info. Now i have something to work on00:22
pintoviskhi folks00:22
nickrudfoso, normally you don't have write permissions to anything outside your home directory. You need to elevate your rights to the admin level to write there.  gksudo is used with gui programs, and sudo on the command line to get those permissions00:22
pintoviskI want help00:22
TowelboyHi all! How do i play online divx? mplayer isn't quite up for the task...00:22
LimCoreubuntu fails me so much.  even the fonts are broken! it fails to display german and other european characters!! and this bug is known for 5 months!!! and not fixed STILL O__o00:23
HohoHuhuYes. It is!00:23
pintoviskmy webcam don't works with linux00:23
Slartearthling_: you're welcome.. and have fun with those vm's00:23
fosonickrud sorry, i understand that roughly, in less technical terms, but i dont know what to type in the terminal besides gksudo00:23
HohoHuhuwebcamz now...00:23
LimCorewhy  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ttf-bitstream-vera/+bug/11180  is still not fixed  (and others reported months ago)00:23
adamonline46ifireball: RE e1000... I said it looked like it was working... Well, in actuality it gets assigned an IP address, but then I get this error: postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: no such file or directory.  I am unable to ping out.  Any ideas?00:23
loopyzortwow this channel is huge. anyone know where i should go for problems with my video card?00:24
crdlbLimCore: what is preventing you from using dejavu sans?00:24
HohoHuhuYes. Your webcam is working with linux. It is!00:24
nickrudfoso, let's step back a sec. The simplest way to install a theme is  system->prefs->appearances , then drag & drop the theme onto the window00:24
HohoHuhuWhich video card?00:24
ifireballadamonline46: the error seems unrelated, its a postfix (mail server) error00:24
LimCorecrdlb: people have to apply the fix themselves00:24
loopyzortit's an ati radeon x30000:24
loopyzorti've read a billion conflicting opinions on how to set it up00:24
fosonickrud yeah, it doesnt show up after i try that though00:24
SlartLimCore: talk to canonical.. everyone here is a ubuntu user just like you.. if you want to yell at someone, at least yell at someone that's making money of it =)00:24
ifireballadamonline46: what does ethtool tell you, does it detect the link?00:24
LimCoreSlart: ok00:25
goldphishHmm, so the module I am trying to build is called 'keyspan'. It's included in a vanilla kernel but not in the ubuntu stock builds. How do I obtain the source package for that module since it's included in the kernel itself? I would like to use the kernel headers from my running kernel if possible.00:25
nickrudfoso, then the next step is to unpack it into your own home , at /home/<you>/.themes .00:25
Towelboystreaming divx in linux?? anybody knows how to?00:25
nickrudfoso, as a general rule you don't want to put things in system locations00:25
HohoHuhuGoogle says that in year 2005, ppl had some hard time getting x300 to work with ubuntu...00:26
loopyzorthehe, i'm glad to know that00:26
loopyzortit works somewhat in 7.1000:26
fosonickrud, i extracted it to the desktop, i dont see a themes fold in my home folder00:26
jesseanyone feel like troubleshooting flash sync problems with me?00:26
loopyzortbut video is poor and visual effects don't work00:26
nickrudfoso, hit ctl-h in the file manager window00:27
HohoHuhuflash sync?00:27
NoodelsJust a quick question, would I need to install a special os to use the full power of a dual core processor?00:27
adamonline46ifireball: ethtool?  How do I use that?  I'm in CLI, by the way, in case it's a GUI thing...  Typing ethtool by itself says 'invalid arguments'00:27
jesseyes, i've tried everything00:27
HohoHuhusync, sync, sync.00:27
nickrudfoso, if you still don't see it, then you would make it00:27
erUSULLimCore: use DejaVu fonts they are packaged for ubuntu00:27
jessei've tried the "aoss" thing, the .asoundrc file, nothing works00:27
nickrudfoso, and it's important that it be    .themes   , the period at the beginning makes it hidden00:27
jesseim a relatively advanced user, i dunno wtf is the problem00:27
fosonickrud i just learned about the ctrl h thing but didnt realize it was there but hidden00:27
HohoHuhuWhat ou mean jesse?00:27
SlartNoodels: well.. I don't think there is an OS out there that fully utilizes a dual core processor.. there are many that can use dual core though00:27
jessethe sound plays out of sync with the video with the flash plugin00:28
fosonickrud i put it in there00:28
ifireballadamonline46: its almost illegal to say here, but honestly, read the manpage please, it is a cli tool btw.00:28
NoodelsSlart : I just mean to be able to use a dual core processor with multithreading.00:28
nickrudfoso, what did the package end in, like .tar.gz ?00:28
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HohoHuhuhard one then...00:28
SlartNoodels: I don't know if vista or the latest ubuntu uses it any different than say.. windows 200000:28
SlartNoodels: oh.. most operating systems today do that00:28
fosonickrud yes, i extracted that by right clicking, then dropped that into themes, is that right? its not showing up in pref/appearances00:29
NoodelsSlart : I'm just trying to explain to a friend that you don't need to go to the trouble of compiling a special kernel if you have a dual core.00:29
fosonickrud by yes i meant yes tar.gz00:29
ubotuBackground to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)00:29
HohoHuhuOriginal flash plugin, running with firefox?00:29
ifireballadamonline46: essentially its "ethtool ethX" (replace X with something meaningful)00:29
nickrudfoso, what kind of theme was it, exactly00:29
SlartNoodels: they've stopped using the special kernels.. you can read the reasons for it in that link from ubotu00:30
fosogtk 2.x00:30
fosonickrud its called slickness, i found it on gnomelook i think00:30
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nickrudfoso, you might not see it unless you click the customize button on the theme manager, the default view is meta themes, window borders and icons and gtk2 together00:30
loopyzortoh well, i suppose it's back to windows. if it's not wireless being difficult, it's video drivers. who knew i'd want my computer to connect to a network _and_ display things00:30
nickrudfoso, and by the way, unpacking and dropping into .themes was the right thing00:31
Slartloopyzort: enjoy your new operating system.. hope it works better for you than ubuntu did00:31
hvgotcodescan someone help me install awesome wm on gutsy?00:32
goldphishUgh, got disconnected. Did anyone answer my question about building a module against a stock ubuntu kernel?00:32
fosonickrud, its not in any of the aub windows, two other themes that i dropped into the window before were in the .themes folder already and are visible in the window00:32
Slart"awesome wm" ?00:32
Xjsuh, netsplits are most impressive here.00:33
nickrudfoso, then that theme might very well be broken00:33
adamonline46ifireball: Ahh, sorry :)  You asked what it told me, so I figured it would be a self-explanatory app or I might get a sample argument list... Anyway, doing 'ethtool eth0', everything looks fine, but 'link detected', which is 'no'.  Does that sound right?00:33
hvgotcodesawesome: its a dwm derivative00:33
goldphishAhh, netsplit... That explains it00:33
alesHi all! Anyone knows if there is a fix for xserver-xorg-video-intel driver? If I do not have "NoDRI" Option in xorg.conf I get more than +100 needles wakeups/sec in powertop which is eating up my laptop battery much faster?00:33
Slartales: have you checked launchpad? or wherever they keep the bugs00:34
ifireballgoldphish: there is a debian tool called "module-assistant" not sure if it works on ubuntu though00:34
nickrudifireball, yes it does00:34
alesSlart: I have, but there hasn't been any recent updates :(00:34
fosonickrud i clicked install from the window that appearance opens up, then ctrl h selected it, it had another tar.gz folder, i double clicked it and it works00:34
fosonickrud thanks alot for all of your help!00:35
Slartales: hmm.. let's just hope they are quiet because they are working hard on it =)00:35
ifireballadamonline46: check your cabling...00:35
BloodyScumevery time i go to youtube and try to watch a video, ubuntu crashes, the interface i cant even get in to the terminal, im useing firefox with a few adons, but nothing that should be affecting youtube.. anyone ever herd of anything like that?00:35
alesSlart: LOL. Crossing my fingers :)00:35
goldphishifireball: yeah, it does. But i use it and get "keyspan, what is keyspan?" Probably indicating that it doesn't know how to build that module. The source for it is included in a vanilla kernel.00:36
nickrudales, you might want to find the x.org bug tracker, that's probably more up to date00:36
alesnickrud: ok. i will - thanks!00:36
ifireballgoldphish: its might be named differently in there, I remember m-a has some listing and searching commands00:37
uzerzeroanybody happen to know anything about how a synaptics trackpad talks to ubuntu?00:38
SQFreakI have a question about using rsync -- how can I make it ignore the path information (i.e. when I tell it to sync /home/user/stuff, I want only the files and directories inside stuff to appear, not /home/user/stuff/files)?00:38
uzerzerothe scrollbar on mine randomly stopped working earlier today.00:38
PointyThingsHurtSo it seems my Samba client has speed issues00:38
ifireballgoldphish: other then that I'll have to refer you to the m-a docs (google, and in /use/share/doc), but I know that is the tool you need for the job00:39
akornanybody know how i can get my resolution on my GMA 950 video card to go above 1440 x 900?00:39
goldphishifireball: cool, thanks00:39
akorni want 1680x105000:39
SQFreaknever mind; i got my answer.00:39
atomdog2003anyone have advise regarding setting up a good webcam?00:40
WinXpNewbIs it possible to sort the opened windows in window selector to sort by alphabetical order? (Linux Mint/Ubuntu-based Distro)00:40
uzerzeroatomdog2003: have you already purchased the webcam?00:40
atomdog2003uzerzero: I haven't bought anything yet00:41
Slartatomdog2003: check carefully that the webcam works and is supported by ubuntu before buying it..00:41
pike_!webcam | atomdog200300:42
ubotuatomdog2003: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:42
pike_atomdog2003: well the !hardware link would of been more help00:42
nickrud!synaptics | uzerzero00:42
ubotuuzerzero: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad00:42
atomdog2003Slart: how can I check if the webcam is supported?00:42
* Slart has a very nice webcam that isn't supported.. it looks very shiny on top of the monitor.. but it does nothing =)00:42
Slartatomdog2003: look at the link ubotu wrote. a few lines up00:42
PhophosHey, how does one configure the display of the splash loading screen? It's claiming to be "out of range" on my monitor ...00:43
uzerzeroatomdog2003: http://www.linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/Webcams00:43
atomdog2003thanks for the links and advise on webcams00:45
Aztec007hey guys, I'm dual booting a PC with Ubuntu / XP, I first installed Ubuntu's "/', and "/boot" directories on one partition, does that make it impossible to dual boot the machine? After I installed XP, I had to reedit the menu.lst file but when I select windows now it wont load00:45
pike_Aztec007: as long as xp installed ok and booted before you rewrote the mbr you are fine00:46
atomdog2003Aztec007:  I think you need to install Windows first00:46
atomdog2003anyone out there using ZoneMinder?00:46
SlartAztec007: I'm not sure you *have* to install xp first.. but it's easier00:46
pike_Aztec007: you using chainloader?00:47
SlartAztec007: if you do install ubuntu first you'll need a live cd to restore the mbr after you're done installing xp00:47
quaalanyone know why the xubuntu7.10 cd i put in my tvpc just boots to busybox initramfs prompt. when i boot my laptop it boots into gnome just fine00:47
slugoneu think the american army can spy on you while u play the game american army?>00:47
atomdog2003anyone out there using a webcam for anything?  if so then what are you using the webcam for?00:47
hdgood morning everyone00:47
Slart!offtopic | slugone00:48
ubotuslugone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:48
PhophosNever mind, I've solved my own problem - /etc/usplash.conf00:48
Aztec007pike: well I read a tutorial on editing the menu.lst file and one of the options in the menu part was chainloader I think it was set to  = -100:48
PriceChildAzer, +00:48
slugoneim new to linux i dont know how tight the security is00:48
bastid_raZorslugone:: run as a user and not root .. security is rock solid00:48
Slartslugone: that question had nothing to do with security.. if you run a binary someone else sent you... well..you've got yourself to blame00:49
atomdog2003what is your favorite ubuntu app?00:49
DigitalNinjaAre there any good instructions out there for horde?00:49
Slartatomdog2003: xchat-gnome of course =)00:49
* nickrud hexes Slart again and again and again and again00:50
pike_Aztec007: it sounds like you are fine. after you installed xp it rebooted to finish windows setup and worked right?00:50
Slarthehe.. it's nice and shiney.. a bit stupid at times.. but I like it =)00:50
atomdog2003Slart: that is what you are using for IRC?00:51
Slartit could use a spellchecker though.. ahem.. shiny00:51
elson6659hey there - can someone give me a quick hint? I have a wireless card for which I need to use ndiswrapper, all fine and good. but the only way I know how to start the card is by using 'dhclient' - how can I start it with a static ip address? I'm using xubuntu, but happy on the console.00:51
Slartatomdog2003: yes00:51
pike_Aztec007: if that is the case id see the !fixmbr link because as long as windows installed grub doesnt care where it is00:51
DigitalNinjaelson6659: You need to configure /etc/network00:52
Josspykerelson6659: man iwconfig and edit etc/network/interfaces00:52
DigitalNinjaelson6659: Wait! that's not right. let me check00:52
elson6659and then what command would I use to bring up the network, instead of dhclient? is it ifup?00:52
atomdog2003Slart: I'm using Hydra on windows because ubuntu is tripping over my two video cards (or something).  I'm going to pull one card and try agiain.00:52
Slartatomdog2003: try out  "add/remove"  in the main "Applications" menu.. those apps are all pretty popular and well supported.. at least the ones with a little ubuntu mark next to them00:52
DigitalNinjaelson6659: /etc/network/interfaces00:53
raichleahi all.  I am having problems with my current java plugin in firefox.  I have 7.10 with the     File name: libjavaplugin_oji.so00:53
raichlea    Java(TM) Plug-in 1.6.0_03.   I read about something called icedtea, is this a better plugin for me?00:53
steve___steve__: booga00:53
Slartatomdog2003: oh.. I don't think I've ever had 2 videocards in a machine before.. ubuntu doesn't like it?00:53
neutr0nanyone have an idea why i cant switch my video driver over to intel 945 from the i810 which it is not under screens and graphics?00:53
ctothejUpdate manager has prompted me to install linux-headers-2.6.22-14, l-h-generic and linux-image... but I have compiled, installed, and am using that kernel version for a hardware compatibility issue that it fixes. What would happen if I let update manager install the 2.6.22-24.47 update? Should I just use synaptic to lock or freeze these particular updates?00:54
atomdog2003Slart:  Not sure.  But when I switched my monitor from one to the other it lit up and worked until I installed ssh.  Now all is black again.00:54
pedrotmartinezGood afternoon00:54
pedrotmartinezI have ubuntu gutsy installed on my laptop00:54
DigitalNinjactothej: You should be able to tell the update manager not to install the new kernel00:55
gabbahwhat does it mean when qtparted lists a partition as "active"?00:55
pedrotmartinezAnd I cannot connect to wifi, only by ethernet00:55
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre00:55
krielI happen to use firefox for my messaging and music while I'm using my computer (See: meebo.com|pandora.com) and I also browse around on the internet. There are several sites, however, that happen to lock up my browser. So: is there any way I can get firefox to launch two completely seperate instances of itself? If not, can somebody reccomend a similar browser (preferably in the apt repositories?)00:55
Slartatomdog2003: hmm.. didn't know ssh would affect your graphics setup.. well well.. try asking about it here.. someones bound to know what to do00:55
pedrotmartinezwhat can I do?00:55
tritium!wireless | pedrotmartinez00:55
ubotupedrotmartinez: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:55
DigitalNinjactothej: If it does install the new kernel you just need to edit grub and make sure your kernel is loaded first00:55
ctothejDigitalNinja: ok, I can lock the versions in synaptic. what would it do if I let it install?00:55
gogzmerWhy, after re-starting, would the "ls" command not display things in different colors(ex. Sym-links vs. files)00:56
tritiumSlart: ssh does not affect your graphics setup00:56
ctothejDigitalNinja: ok... so kernel updates through update manager would update grub?00:56
atomdog2003Does ubuntu have problems with NVidia video cards?00:56
tritiumatomdog2003: no more than any other distro00:56
Slarttritium: it did for atomdog2003.. or it happened at the same time =)00:56
tritiumSlart: the latter00:56
DigitalNinjactothej: Yes. I have had this happen to me. Just edit the grub menu file and reboot00:56
ctothejatomdog2003: actually, NVidia cards work very well, better than many others.00:57
Gneahey everyone, I got one of these usb mini photo viewers for christmas - neat little thing, but I'm trying to get it working in ubuntu - it plugs in and lights up right away, but I don't see any driver try to take advantage of it in gutsy..00:57
ctothejDigitalNinja: ok great thanks00:57
DigitalNinjactothej: If you don't know how to do this just hit "Esc" on boot so you get the grub boot menu. You should be able to pick your kernel.00:57
DigitalNinjactothej: That's assuming your kernel is still in the menu.00:57
krielGnea: does it happen to recognize it as a usb flash drive?00:57
Gneakriel: nafaik - but i haven't done any manual loading of modules yet00:58
ctothejDigitalNinja: true, I am familiar with editing the grub menu, so that shouldn't be a problem.00:58
=== diafic is now known as di[a]fic
Gneathis is all it says with lsusb: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0979:0221 Jeilin Technology Corp., Ltd00:58
krielGnea: do a ls /dev | grep [hs]d[a-z] and see what pops up. Is there anything newish in there?00:58
atomdog2003when I installed video signal was coming from my NVidia.  After install the signal was only coming from my 2nd graphics card.  All was well - I just switched over to it.  Then, I installed ssh and the screen is black.  The system won't start.  I'm windering if the signal is now coming from the NVidia card?  no idea.  I'm going to pull the 2nd card and re-install.00:59
kyu_fluxsorry, you probably get this all the time... xchat dcc broken (behind router but works on windows boxes)00:59
Gneakriel: no, they all have the same timestamp as when the system booted up a few days ago00:59
Jack_Sparrowatomdog2003: Hold off on that00:59
pike_kyu_flux: its not a firewall issue with ubuntu unless you installed firestarter or something01:00
maestrojedWith a default installation of apache2, where is the default location for the .htpasswd file?01:00
atomdog2003Jack_Sparrow:  hold off?01:00
kyu_fluxpike_: I didn't install that at all01:00
Jack_Sparrowatomdog2003: First try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  or manually edit your xorg from recovery mode with sudo nano01:00
Gneamaestrojed: iirc, that's defined by the .htaccess file01:00
krielGnea: the only other idea that i can suggest is possibly looking through the forums and/or through apt and see if there's anything in either of those sources. Was there a manual included, and if so, was there any useful info in there?01:01
=== di[a]fic is now known as diafic
atomdog2003Jack_Sparrow:  thanks - will do01:01
maestrojedGnea: That makes sense.  Thank you01:01
adamonline46ifireball: Yay!  A new cable now shows up as 'linked' in ethtool.  Half my cables don't even turn on the activity/connect lights... Anyway, I still  cant ping or ssh or anything... any ideas?01:01
Jack_Sparrowatomdog2003: I was just trying to catch you before you logged off01:01
pike_kyu_flux: sudo iptables -L will tell you that everything is set to accept so its not a firewally issue on ubuntu it has to be the router or a config issue with xchat id think try /join #xchat maybe they will be more knowledgable01:01
kyu_fluxpike_: ahh, nevermind, I figured it out... bah...01:02
atomdog2003Jack_Sparrow:  oh - I'm on at work right now - this problem is at home - so - these are long term goals01:02
kyu_fluxpike_: thanks though01:02
Gneakriel: well i already googled it - it looks like it's one of those cheap devices from china (hong kong, specifically) that's geared toward mass-market. the manual is very much engrish, but it looks like someone from america actually went over it with a comb before letting it go01:02
macdI've installed mtop, and it works, however dist-upgrade can never complete b/c dpkg configure fails to realize that mysql has a root password, without removing the package how can this be fixed?01:02
ifireballadamonline46: well, have you got the IP and netmask settings right? what are you pinging anyway? sure it doesn't have a firewall on?01:03
SvishI am in a directory. How can I recursively compress all files of a certain type with gz? I want to compress all css and js files. So if there is a stuff.js file, then afterwards, there should also be a stuff.js.gz file01:03
Jack_Sparrowatomdog2003: You could also try running live and copying the xorg from livecd to your installed system01:03
trollboyIf I leave my machine on screen saver, ubuntu auto logs me out after so long01:03
trollboyhow do I disable that01:03
macdthe output of the mtop error is: david@thor:~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f01:03
macdReading package lists... Done01:03
macdBuilding dependency tree01:03
macdReading state information... Done01:03
macdCalculating upgrade... Done01:03
macd0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.01:03
macd1 not fully installed or removed.01:03
macdNeed to get 0B of archives.01:04
Gnea!paste | macd01:04
macdAfter unpacking 0B of additional disk space will be used.01:04
ubotumacd: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:04
macdDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y01:04
aszwet1hey i need some help with my logitech quickcam deluxe for notebooks01:04
macdErrors were encountered while processing:01:04
adamonline46ifireball: I'm pinging google.  Ahh, YES, you're the man!  I didn't know I still had a firewall enabled on this old thing... Sheesh... Shoulda just started with a fresh install... hehheh :)  Well, thank you!01:04
macd mtop01:04
trollboyIs there a setting for this I'm missing?01:04
macdE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:04
aszwet1hey i need some help with my logitech quickcam deluxe for notebooks01:04
trollboywhy are you still flooding?01:04
macdsorry bout that!01:04
macdI pasted the wrong thing01:04
trollboyyou shouldn't paste at all01:04
trollboyunless its 1 line01:04
macdthis is what I wanted to paste: http://pastie.caboo.se/13259801:04
trollboyanyone know how to disable autologout in 7.01?01:04
macdit was a simple copy/paste mistake, give me a break.01:05
ifireballadamonline46: well, you should have a firewall, but set it up right...01:05
aszwet1anybody have any help with spca5xx?01:05
Gneathere's an autologout?01:05
atomdog2003Jack_Sparrow:  so, you are trying to trigger a reconfig of X?01:05
dirkg3nt1y /set -i tb01:05
LimCorewhat does it return by default:        cat /proc/sys/dev/hpet/max-user-freq       ?   (its timer freq setting)01:05
trollboyGnarlyBob, I hope so01:05
Jack_Sparrowatomdog2003: Yes01:05
trollboyor my ubuntu is hosed01:05
macdaszwet1, install the drivers via synaptic, then it will be called /dev/video0 (assuming you have no video capture cards)01:05
tritiumtrollboy: there is no autologout01:05
adamonline46ifireball: Hehheh, that was next... This is gonna be a fileserver, and I only want 2 computers to access it...01:05
trollboytritium, then any ideas why its doing this?01:06
raichleacan anyone tell me how to get firefox to use the icedtea-java7 plugin?  It's currently using libjavaplugin.so -> /etc/alternatives/mozilla-javaplugin.so01:06
Gneatrollboy: try creating another account and logging in with that and see if it does the same thing again01:06
trollboyko Gnea01:06
tritiumtrollboy: what exactly is happening?01:06
aszwet1macd they have it in synaptic?01:06
macdaszwet1, yes01:06
aszwet1macd.  damnit.01:06
trollboyI lock my desktop01:06
trollboyI wonder away01:06
atomdog2003Jack_Sparrow:  I've done that before after I selected a resolution and refresh rate that screwed me - had to use the command line to do it01:06
trollboyI come back, and I'm logged out.01:06
Neskaya*wander, trollboy.01:06
macd!info spca5xx-source01:06
ubotuspca5xx-source: source for the spca5xx driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 20060501-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 192 kB, installed size 256 kB01:06
aszwet1macd. lol probably should've checked that first.01:06
trollboyit doesn't restart though01:07
trollboysorry Neskaya01:07
biebI am having problems with setting up a dialup modem on a thinkpad T30 running ubuntu 7.1001:07
Jack_Sparrowatomdog2003: YEp, that is how to get it back... if needed set it to vesa mode 1024 max res to get back backic functionality01:07
anton__Hey, I am connected to the internet, and I have connected a network cable from my second NIC to a friends computer, but he can't get internet. Is there a setting in ubuntu which allows me to share the internet? :P Like a router01:07
biebI have used pppconfig, run pon and it doesnt do anything01:07
aszwet1macd wow.  i installed a bunch of junk trying to follow some how-tos... i have no clue how to remove some of that stuff... think it'll matter?01:07
biebis there a way to determine the port of the modem?01:07
ifireballadamonline46: doable, no doubt. good luck!01:08
Jack_Sparrowbieb: Sounds like another winmodem.softmodem not a true hardware modem.  those all just work01:08
* adamonline46 bows01:08
macdaszwet1, hopefully you took notes.01:08
trollboytritium, thoughts?01:08
wolsbieb: does lspci show your modem in any way?01:08
Jack_Sparrow!dialup > bieb May help01:08
biebwols let me check01:09
tritiumtrollboy: nope, that's not normal01:09
macdbieb, do you have the lucent or JCom modem (you can tell by issuing 'lspci' in a terminal)01:09
trollboyok thanks tritium01:09
aszwet1macd.  your hope is in the wrong place :)01:09
aszwet1guess we'll see huh?01:09
macdaszwet1, for sure01:09
aszwet1macd i have all my important files backed up on my external hdd... so it won't matter that much :)01:10
Gneaanton__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137001:10
macdaszwet1, and come to think of it, I just plugged my logitech quickcam in, and it worked with camorama01:10
biebwols the modem is Intel Corp, 82801ca/cam ac'9701:10
macdbieb, thats your sound device.01:10
Svishhow can I adjust "gzip -r somedir" to leave the original files?01:10
korosoraquestion: why is java so popular?01:11
aszwet1macd i installed camorama but it's saying that could not connect to video device01:11
Gneakorosora: cross-platform01:11
anton__Gnea: ip: Unknown host01:11
anton__ifconfig: `--help' gives usage information.01:11
aszwet1macd, that installation didn't fix it...01:11
macdaszwet1, does 'lsusb' show your camera?01:11
biebmacd that is the modem line in lspci01:11
korosorahmm i see.01:11
Gneaanton__: you'll... need to read it a bit more first01:11
aszwet1macd, yes01:11
anton__Gnea: Be specific, please.01:12
Delvienanyone know what i2c-sys01:12
aszwet1macd, yes01:12
silasrmgood night help me about vpn with ipsec01:12
Gneaanton__: there's a webpage, it tells you what to do. you need to read through the whole thing. for some reason, you need to be at a root prompt and not use sudo with every command01:12
=== ktogias_ is now known as ktogias
biebmacd: it gives the same line for sound and modem in lspci01:12
anton__Ok. How to open a root terminal?01:12
macdaszwet1, what does "lsmod | grep gspca" say?01:12
Jack_Sparrowbieb: that is a winmodem/linmodem01:13
Gneaanton__: sudo su01:13
sunogbagaSvish: -c01:13
tritiumGnea, anton__: no, sudo -i01:13
tritiumdo not use sudo su01:13
Gneatritium: sudo su  gives me a root prompt and presents no problems.01:13
ubotuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.01:13
aszwet1videodev               29312  3 gspca,uvcvideo01:13
aszwet1usbcore               138632  10 gspca,usb_storage,libusual,snd_usb_audio,uvcvideo,snd_usb_lib,usbhid,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd01:13
tritiumGnea: sudo -i is preferred01:13
Gneatritium: because?01:13
macdaszwet1, ok, do "sudo modprobe gspca" then try camorama again01:14
anton__Gnea, Tritium: Still same thing..."ip: unknown host"01:14
tritiumGnea: because the entire point of using sudo is to avoid use of su01:14
aszwet1macd nope01:14
anton__oh. sorry, read it better now01:14
anton__Which IP should I use?01:14
Gneatritium: i see what you mean... ok01:15
Svishhow can I make a ".bat"-file in ubuntu?01:15
Gneaanton__: basically you need to create your own - do you know anything about subnetting or networking at all?01:15
drgebhow do i copy a complete configuration fro desktop of one user to another if I am using gnome and compiz fusion ?01:15
Armymensomebody know a good linux that can be better than Windows home Server ?? ; )01:15
GneaSvish: for use in wine or dosemu?01:15
GneaArmymen: ubuntu server01:15
biebjack_sparrow when I installed ubuntu 7.10 it also installed a "restricted driver" if I look at that it says Software Modem Driver, and in use is checked01:16
macdaszwet1, and it does show in "lsusb" right?01:16
bieboops.. "Enabled" is checked01:16
LjLSvish: if i understand you correctly, you want to make a shell script. start the file with #!/bin/sh, put the commands you want in it, and make it executable with "chmod +x filename"01:16
GneaArmymen: about the only thing that you won't get an ease of use out of ubuntu server is the whole AD thing - although it would appear that that is subject to change somewhat soon01:16
tritiumbieb: it doesn't install that without first asking you01:16
Jack_Sparrowtritium: agreed01:17
biebright.. and I accepted the install01:17
Armymenok nice ; )01:17
Demonho-brHello, a friend of mine wanted to connect on the vpn of his work, he has all information needed such as key user server information like gatway and other things too.. he tried to config ipsec.conf kvpnc . pptp  but nothing worked. could someone try to explain to me how to make it working ? please01:17
aszwet1Bus 004 Device 012: ID 046d:09c1 Logitech, Inc.01:17
Armymeni like that they work on Ubuntu home server01:17
Armymenbut dont look to go very fast :(01:17
aszwet1gspca                 680528  001:17
aszwet1videodev               29312  2 gspca,uvcvideo01:17
aszwet1usbcore               138632  10 gspca,usb_storage,libusual,snd_usb_audio,uvcvideo,snd_usb_lib,usbhid,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd01:17
Gneawell yeah, it requires a GUI in windows lol01:17
aszwet1is what that one said01:17
macdaszwet1, lets see if that particular chipset is supported, I remember reading 1 or 2 werentr01:17
tritiumaszwet1: please don't paste01:17
aszwet1tritium sorry01:17
macdaszwet1, did you reboot?01:18
aszwet1macd, no i didn't should i?01:19
macdreview http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4023950 that first01:19
=== mojo_ is now known as mojo
macd@ aszwet101:19
macdaszwet1, just the logitech portion, they mention gspca-source, over spcaxx-source01:19
aszwet1ok macd i'll give it a try01:19
anton__Hm? Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?01:19
macd!info apt-proxy01:20
ubotuapt-proxy: Debian archive proxy and partial mirror builder. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.36ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 83 kB, installed size 432 kB01:20
anton__Gnea: Nope.01:20
biebjack_sparrow tritium  what should I check next since the restricted drivers are installed?01:21
SvishLjL: Thank you, will try that :)01:21
earthianHello, after playing a little bit with recording on my Toshiba L30 10Y laptop thing go wrong with ESD. Any idea how to find the cause?01:21
aszwet1macd,  will that work with webcam chats and all that too?? or just skype?01:21
Svishhow can I prevent gzip and gunzip from deleting the orignal file???01:21
macdaszwet1, anything, it makes it a video device01:21
javialquimkris.... you triangulating wort hog01:21
macdaszwet1, I have a feeling you just dont have camorama setup for /dev/video0 though, since everything else looks pretty kosher.01:22
javialquimKris...  Vista Lover01:22
javialquimKris loves MS Windows Vista01:22
aszwet1macd, so then with adding that line to rc.local and a reboot will fix that?01:22
kris_is there a way to boot this javialquim KID01:22
macdaszwet1, just do what it says, reboot and then we'll see.01:23
aszwet1ok brb :)01:23
LjLthere is indeed. pity it's the same IP as you01:23
tritiumbieb: sorry, I'm not following your disussion01:23
WindowSmasherEllo ello!01:23
xavier_help me plz01:24
biebtritium I ran sudo wvdialconf.. it says found modem /dev/ttySL001:24
blindhey guys, having some problems. Installed a Linksys wireless card in a dapper machine, modprobe'd rt2500 and set up the network settings. wasn't working properly, so i rebooted, and now it stops at "configuring network interfaces" on boot... help?01:24
WindowSmasherInquiring minds would like to know: The hard drive parking issue with Ubuntu.  What if the command to disable HD power management doesn't stop it?01:24
earthianCan somebody help me debug/fix problem with sound system (including esd)01:24
macdblind, have you let it sit for 15 minutes?01:24
blindmacd: it's been sitting for at least 2001:25
pedrotmartinezI have been searching and I cannot find the solution to my problem01:25
macdblind, reboot it, choose the failsafe kernel01:25
adamonline46How do I install an X server?01:25
sigra+anyone heard of easy ubuntu..if so what do you think?01:25
macdadamonline46, only the x server, or do you want a window manager as well?01:25
pedrotmartinezmy wireless card is PRO/Wireless 3945ABG01:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hdd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
pedrotmartinezI have ubuntu gutsy01:25
adamonline46macd: I just installed enlightenment, the WM, apparently I don't have an X server isntalled 8)  So yeah, just the server...01:26
pedrotmartinezand I have the restricted package installed and the modules loaded01:26
X-norsigra: I doubt it could be easier than Ubuntu, and it's probably unsupported01:26
blindmacd: recovery mode?01:26
pedrotmartinezbut it doesnt appear on the network-manager01:26
pedrotmartinezany ideas?01:26
macdadamonline46, and you installed e17 from apt? it would automatically install X as well.01:26
Pir8Anyone ever come across this, sometimes within linux (Ubuntu/Mint in my case) firefox can play youtube and other videos with sound, other times no sound.01:26
macdPir8, its a known flash issue.01:26
Pir8aaaah ok01:27
Pir8so it'01:27
Pir8so it isn't just me then.01:27
sigraeasy ubuntu runs on ubuntu..its for newbie ubuntu users..it does everthing for you in a gui..like install the media wmv and avi..and setup nvidia or ati and so on..and addes mtscore and alot more.01:27
sonjahow do i gain access to write in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols ?01:27
mrdinklesFor the Preference > Sessions > Visual > Edit Startup Program > Command-- What should this command be set at?01:27
X-norsigra: oh01:27
tritiumsigra: I'd advise against it.  Installing the packages you need is nearly as easy.01:27
wolsmacd: why would it?01:27
macdPir8, the fixed flash is out, but it has a small error on install, should be fixed soon enough, if your on gutsy, for now you can manually install the hardy package01:27
Pir8macd, interesting....thanks for sharing that I always thought it had something to do with my installation01:27
wolsadamonline46: install xorg01:27
tritiumsigra: ubuntu-restricted-extras goes a long way to installing codecs, etc.01:27
Gneaanton__: http://www.debianadmin.com/ubuntu-networking-for-basic-and-advanced-users.html01:27
macdwols Im pretty sure its a pre-req.01:27
adamonline46macd: I couldn't find E17 package, it was called 'enlightenment'.  That's what I would have figured, too, but when I type 'startx' I get a command not found error, and when I type 'enlightenent' I get an 'X erver not running' error...01:27
sigramy extra's codec was greyed out.01:27
Pir8macd I'm using Mint, which I think is built on gutsy...Shall investigate that. thanks mate.01:27
sigraI was unable to install them..but easy ubuntu..pointed me to synaptic package to install alternative01:28
sigraif not for easy ubuntu to show me..I had hunt the info ..easy ubuntu hunts info and resolves it in newbie fashion01:28
naxacan someone give me a hint where can i ask something about a differential equtation right now?01:28
wolsmacd: just cause you install a WM doesn't mean you'd want a X server01:28
macdwols, maybe01:28
LjLsigra: or one could just ask here.01:28
sigraYes this very nice place LjL but I didnt know about this chat for days when first getting ubuntu01:29
ubotueasyubuntu is a script that automates installation of some items. Use at your own risk. See http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/ - For help and or discussions about EasyUbuntu please join #easyubuntu01:29
blindmacd: alright, booted recovery mode, and it's stuck on configuring network interfaces again.... just let it sit?01:29
Gneaanton__: if you need help figuring out what to put in for the ip range attributes, try this calculator: http://jodies.de/ipcalc01:29
sigraexactly ubotu01:29
Demonho-brnobody knows about the vpn ?01:29
macdblind, or hit enter, or crtl+c01:29
tritiumsigra: see the "use at your own risk" part of that statement01:29
Gnea"use at your own risk"01:30
Demonho-br"use at your owon risk"01:30
sigrawell alot when new is at your own risk.01:30
Gneait makes it "easy" to do what, exactly? :)01:30
robdigpedrotmartinez: can you paste the output of iwconfig to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org and paste the link for your pastebin back here?01:30
macdGnea, hose apt.01:30
naxawols: i checked my ubuntu, no noacpi and anything helped. i didn't check yet what if i don't start X01:30
adamonline46wols: Installing xserver-xorg right now, thank you :)01:30
wolssigra: no. ubuntu is supported here. easyubuntu no so01:30
adamonline46macd: Thank you, too01:30
anton__Gnea: I am a newbie!01:30
tritiumsigra: we're advising you against it, obviously.  Seek help here instead.01:30
wolsadamonline46: install xorg01:30
Gneamacd: you have won the ubuntu new year prize award!01:30
naxawols: it's freezing with or without noacpi01:30
Demonho-branton__, im too01:30
Gneaanton__: exactly, that calculator will help :)01:30
adamonline46wols: I tried that, it couldn't find package xorg...01:31
anton__Nope, but thanks anyway...01:31
sigrawell I am not advising to use easy ubuntu..I am asking about people that has used it and what they think..(ones that have used it)01:31
mrdinkles For the Preference > Sessions > Visual > Edit Startup Program > Command-- What should this command be set at01:31
blindmacd: okay, hit ctrl+c to skip it, it got through some things, and then it said it was using old /proc/something/something (it was only there for a few seconds) and to update old driver..01:31
remuhello everyone, ive got a windows computer that houses all of my files for the home network, its running windows xp, when i watch videos from it on my laptop while im in windows xp, it works great, no stutter, no nothing, however, when i run ubuntu on the same laptop and try to watch the videos, they stutter, sometimes freeze for a few seconds (15-30) and then play again01:31
wolssigra: ask in #easyubuntu as the name implies and don't take polls01:31
macdsigra, well its unsupported, can break things, and we dont recommend it01:31
remudoes anyone know how i can fix that?01:31
aszwet1macd no luck sir01:31
sigraum I not taking polls.  I am learning about ubuntu?01:31
sigraand thanks. I didnt know there was a chatchannel for easy ubuntu01:32
sigraI check it out01:32
Gneaanton__: well, it's a bit of a read, but... http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/01:32
tritiumsigra: asking people about it and what they think is, by definition, taking a poll01:32
macdaszwet1, not sure what to tell you really, its very possible something you did earlier is conflicting and causing it not to work01:32
adamonline46wols: Are you saying xserver-xorg is wrong?01:32
Gneaanton__: anything you could possibly need to know about any kind of networking with linux is there01:32
sigrawell there is no shortage of judgement in ones self opinion in here.  Have nice day:)01:32
aszwet1how can i check that kind of stuff macd?01:32
lleonardI have a widescreen display and the usplash image is displaying out of proportion.  I tried changing the resolution in /etc/usplash.conf to 1680 x 1050 and regenerated the ramfs image, but it looks the same.  Is it not possible for usplash to use 1680 x 1050 resolution?01:33
aszwet1and can you link me to that one website again?01:33
macdaszwet1, by undoing everything you did earlier01:33
Gneaanton__: chapter 2 should be what you're currently after01:33
Pir8ok so all of a sudden my audio is borked01:33
naxais there a patch for gtk's file open window to display files as icons (like in nautilus)? if no, where exactly can i ask for it? it's a very needed feature... xp had it and now vista has much more than this... ubuntu cannot lack anymore01:33
wolsadamonline46: not sure if it pulls all needed dependencies01:33
macd@aszwet1:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=402395001:33
Pir8it's not just firefox....amarok nor pidgin are responding to any audio.01:33
aszwet1thanks i'll start undoing everything :)01:33
pedrotmartinezhere is the output01:33
robdigpedrotmartinez: ok, looking01:34
kitchenaxa: huh gtk is just a toolkit really01:34
GneaPir8: sounds like you have a half-duplex soundcard and a rogue process still has control of it. try this:  sudo lsof | grep dsp01:34
pedrotmartinezok, thanks robdig01:34
pedrotmartinezI will be eternally glad if I can solve this01:34
X-norkitche: naxa: well, what toolkit do most gtk apps use for file chooser?01:34
Pir8Gnea,  hmmmm how do I know it is a half-duplex soundcard ?01:34
naxakitche: erm, ok, what i want is an icon view for "file open" window. I cannot select the right pictures from 1000+ pictures without seeing them... where could i ask for this feature?01:35
robdigpedrotmartinez: hmm, kinda sparse. what is the output from lspci | grep -i network01:35
X-norkitche: naxa: KDE with its kioslaves is a lot more powerful than most gtk solutions, at any rate01:35
blindmacd: well, i tried logging into gdm and after i entered the username/password, it just brought me to a blank brown screen (with a pointer... but nothing else is loading)01:35
GneaPir8: because you can only run one sound app at a time. full duplex would allow multiple sound programs to run simultanously.01:35
remuanyone know how to fix the samba issue? my windows box is hosting the files, im trying to access them from my ubuntu machine, the video stutters and lags when i play it, however it does not do that when i a play the files through windows, anyone?01:35
kitcheX-nor: good to know what I knew already01:35
Pir8I see01:35
pedrotmartinezthis is01:35
naxaX-nor: it is right, but i don't really like KDE in other ways...01:35
robdigpedrotmartinez: ok, looking01:36
macdblind, yeah, thats expected, you need to fix your networking issue, then reboot in normal mode.01:36
Pir8well I have been able to run pidgin and amarok together in the past and also watch movies....all at once in some cases.01:36
kompute1Does anyone use a TTS application to have the computer read text???01:36
blindhow do i fix my networking issue if i can't log in?01:36
Pir8Gnea, that command returned nothing01:36
naxaX-nor: i tryed it a feveral times, but i always go back to gnome becouse i just can't get used to kde... it's frustrating for me, even if i learn how to do01:36
kompute1I don't know how to open Ocra01:36
macdblind, at console, hitting crtl+alt+f301:36
GneaPir8: try this one: sudo lsof | grep libasound01:36
Pir8aaah yes bunch of stuff shows up for that one01:37
robdigpedrotmartinez: ok, the system is recognizing it, so that is good01:37
GneaPir8: could be esd or something else software that's allowing it01:37
blindmacd: ctrl+alt+f3 (as well as all the other ttys) doesn't give me a login.01:37
pedrotmartinezand that makes me crazy01:37
pedrotmartinezwhat can I do?01:37
macdblind, hitting enter doesnt bring one up?01:37
anton__I don't wanna have to configure a shitload of stuff....we had it working a couple of weeks ago, and now it's f*cked...01:37
Pir8So how does one get out of this mess (without rebooting and or logging out) :)01:37
tritiumanton__: watch the language, please01:37
blindmacd: nope.01:38
kompute1Does anyone use a TTS application to have the computer read text??? I don't know how to open Ocra, I tried installing Ksayit and KTTSmgr, but none of them seem to work. Does anyone have experince with Text-to-Speech?01:38
macdblind, I dunno then :/01:38
macdblind, I have a feeling one of us is missing some detail though01:38
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
Gneaanton__: don't know, but if you want to do any kind of networking, then it's something you'll need to learn.01:38
anton__Gnea: Like the simplest thing ever, setting up a LAN...01:38
blindIt's quite possible. I never had this much trouble with *my* dapper installation and the same card.01:39
anton__what are the advantages of linux when you can't even get simple things to work?01:39
macdblind, do you have other kernel versions to boot, or just one?01:39
Gneaanton__: it is for many of us... but then we've already been through the swamp that it takes to learn it :)01:39
blindno, i've got some others, i think.01:39
X-nornaxa: the problem is the aversion to being modular, most software suffers from that01:39
zloogdoes anyone know what --gtk-debug actually does?01:39
anton__I tried letting firestarter configure it for me, but it says that eth1 wasn't ready.01:39
kazolDo you guys know of any more GUI IRC clients (except konversation, xchat, irssi) with DCC support?01:40
Gneaanton__: well the way i see it, you've got 2 choices: buckle down and read and figure it out, or sit here and cry about how unfair life is.01:40
X-nornaxa: you can't just pop in another file manager - you MUST use what the author chose.. that kind of thing01:40
naxaX-nor: i'm not sure what is this meaning becouse of my lacking english knowledge but is there a(n even temporary) solution? :)01:40
quaalanyone use a gamepad in ubuntu01:40
naxaX-nor: too bad...01:40
Gneaquaal: yes01:40
kitchex-nor: well techinally you can use another file manager if you want to01:40
anton__Gnea: Nah, I'll get some down-to-earth linux ppl to help.01:40
naxaX-nor: nautilus has icon view... maybe it can be patched?01:40
quaalGnea, which01:40
X-nornaxa: i might be able to find something. but don't ever count on a binary path01:40
Pir8hah found it01:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trackerd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:41
Pir8Gnea believe it or not I had two torrent downloads.....killed those and sound is back again!01:41
Gneaanton__: good luck with that.01:41
Pir8go figure.01:41
naxaX-nor: i love to do make install01:41
GneaPir8: lol weird01:41
otto_is there a file in ubuntu similar to /etc/ttys for freebsd?01:41
X-nornaxa: err, binary patch. you will have to rebuild GTK, probably edit it01:41
macdnaxa, thats the beauty of opensource, patch it, submit, watch it become.01:41
anton__Gnea: Yeah, I know...most of them are up in the clouds, thinking great stuff about themselves...anyway, too ot. bye.01:41
naxamacd: :)01:41
metropinkoHey all, I just bought a refurbed comp with 7.04.  I'm trying to use the update manager and I don't know what my admin password is01:41
kitcheB_166-ER-X: just disable trackerd if you don't want to use it01:41
kompute1Does anyone use a TTS application to have the computer read text??? I don't know how to open Ocra, I tried installing Ksayit and KTTSmgr, but none of them seem to work. Does anyone have experince with Text-to-Speech?01:41
lleonardtorrent downloading killed sound?  wow strange!  what torrent client (just curious)01:42
otto_MetaBot, use your password01:42
B_166-ER-Xkitche 'how'?01:42
naxaX-nor: if you could give me a hint i would be happy to rebuild...01:42
Pir8Gnea there were two odd listing in the "sudo lsof | grep libasound" which were processes running as /usr/bin/ something....seemed odd01:42
kitchemetropinko: it's what your userpassword is01:42
GneaPir8: yeah, lsof rocks for finding processes that aren't working right :)01:42
LjLkompute1, the only decent TTS engine there is around is Festival, i bet all those applications you've tried need it installed. what language do you need it for?01:42
Pir8Gnea thanks for your help though! much appreciated.01:42
X-nornaxa: I'm not sure what, I generally don't do that kind of stuff. and many people are VERY averse and hostile so watch where you ask01:42
GneaPir8: you're welcome, and happy new years01:42
otto_anyone know how I could add another terminal with a custom getty script?01:43
robdigpedrotmartinez: hmm, kinda sparse. what is the output from grep -i eth[01] /var/log/syslog01:43
Pir8Gnea you too01:43
X-nornaxa: especially the ones who wrote the file open dialog01:43
metropinkoi tried that, but there kitche, but there seems to be another admin username set up on here01:43
pedrotmartinezI think I have done a very big mistake01:43
naxaX-nor: you could be right...01:43
robdigpedrotmartinez: what is that?01:43
naxaX-nor: but it is also true, that many will turn from linux becouse of that...01:43
pedrotmartinezI have seen I hadn't installed linux-restricted-modules01:43
X-nornaxa: you will have to change the GtkFileChooser class probably01:43
pedrotmartinezit  could be the reason01:43
naxaX-nor: vista comes with more eye-candy icon viewing what is also useful01:43
naxaX-nor: it's okay01:44
hvgotcodeshey my super key is not working in awesome wm01:44
pedrotmartinezafter installed it, I think I have to reboot01:44
kompute1LjL, hey again, I need it in english, KTTS was aking me to locate Festival, but I didn't know where to point it and /usr/bin/festival dd not work01:44
robdigpedrotmartinez: yes, you need to do that. I have the same card, and it started right up with restricted driver01:44
QuentinHey there :)01:44
naxaX-nor: i just don't know what should i add to it01:44
tritiumpedrotmartinez: use the restricted manager01:44
pedrotmartinezI am going to reboot01:44
ShpookHello everyone. Is there a way to install 32-bit packages on a 64-bit system? I installed PulseAudio, and in order for Firefox and Flash to output sound to PulseAudio, I have to install a specific package. Are there any generic 32-bit wrappers?01:44
metropinkoi get this message: The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program. Contact the system administrator.01:44
pedrotmartinezand see if it works01:44
naxaX-nor: and where to get the source :D (for ubuntu, by the way i think all is the same)01:44
QuentinPlease, is there anyone in here who a programm which could draw a graphic representation of  a postgres database ?01:44
pedrotmartinezI will be back01:44
robdigpedrotmartinez: good luck01:45
pedrotmartinezthanks :)01:45
LjLkompute1: ok, start by doing « echo "This is a test." | festival --tts » to see if festival itself works01:45
kitcheB_166-ER-X: See System -> Preferences -> Indexing Preferences and Disable indexing/watching. that will do what you want01:45
X-nornaxa: yes, it's the same for everything, whether you wrote your own distro or have apt. tarballs, cvs, svn, etc01:45
naxaum, yeah.. i guess01:45
X-nornaxa: make sure it builds before you do any patching :P01:45
Quentinplease, nobody heard about something like that ?01:46
B_166-ER-Xkitche do i have to reboot or something ?  cause i did this and i see no difference01:46
naxaX-nor: good idea :D01:46
hvgotcodescan anyone help me get my super key working?01:46
macdQuentin, nothing opensource, only some commercial applications.01:46
naxaX-nor: will you help me further or it's my task from now?01:46
X-nornaxa: likely someone else has done something regarding gtkfilechooser01:46
Quentinok thank you macd01:46
kompute1LjL BRB, downloading it01:46
BlaenkDenumcan someone PLEASE help me out here, I'm trying to achieve the opposite effect of the -S flag on the zip command (-S INCLUDES hidden files and folders, I want to exclude them)01:46
macdQuentin, if you want a web based management you can try phppgsqladmin01:46
X-nornaxa: sense the extent of my code is Java and (now) Ruby01:46
X-nornaxa: *since01:47
kitcheB_166-ER-X: check You can disable it in ->System ->Preferences ->Sessions. as well since it might be in there on bootup it will start01:47
phosphoricxThis is probably a simple question, somehow I enabled a virtual desktop switcher to appear each time my mouse reaches the edge of my screen, how do I turn it off?01:47
silviois the ubuntu 7.10 dekstop install cd, a live cd?01:47
phosphoricxI'm using Gutsy01:47
wolssilvio: yes01:47
ShpookX-nor: How was it learning Ruby? I'm starting to read and learn it now, and it seems simple enough, while still powerful.01:47
phosphoricxinstalled, not liveCD01:47
quaalGnea, which gamepad01:47
silviowols; thankyou.01:47
LjLkompute1: you'll also need a voice besides the "festival" package itself. get festvox-kallpc16k for male american english01:47
naxaX-nor: I know no programming language except basic pascal :D01:48
pedrotmartinezit didn't work01:48
pedrotmartinezso we have to continue looking...01:48
robdigpedrotmartinez: did you go to system->administration->restricted drivers manager?01:48
naxaX-nor: but no problem, i can do things based on other people's simple scripts. much of simple scripts altogether will give an ugly but working program...01:48
X-nornaxa: yeah, not like I could help01:48
ShpookIs there a way to install 32-bit packages in a 64-bit system?01:48
robdigpedrotmartinez: and was the intel driver enabled?01:48
pedrotmartinezit that place I have the package "in use"01:48
pedrotmartinezyes, it is01:49
wolsShpook: chroot01:49
naxaX-nor: ok... maybe i go and check nautilus's source, too01:49
macdShpook, yes. chroot01:49
robdigpedrotmartinez: hmm01:49
Dr_willis_Shpook,  theres a way you can do a 32bit chroot.. good luck. :)01:49
metropinkoCan anyone help me locate my admin username and password (7.04)?01:49
X-nornaxa: alternatively changing the file chooser might be pointless. just load via nautilus01:49
ubotuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box01:49
jdolan_heh, i hope i don't need a chroot also.01:49
ShpookThanks everyone, that's all the guidance I need. Much Appreciated!01:49
wolsmetropinko: there is only the password for your user, not "admin password"01:49
Dr_willis_metropinko,  use live cd, look in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow01:49
jdolan_i just installed ubuntu amd64 on my first ever 64 bit box.01:49
robdigpedrotmartinez: is iwconfig showing any wireless cards now?01:49
Willabeeis there a shockwave for linux/01:49
X-norWillabee: no, but check out WINE01:50
jdolan_and lo and behold binary games don't want to run, flash doesn't work, ..01:50
pedrotmartinezno wireless extensions01:50
macdjdolan_, surprise surprise.01:50
kompute1LjL what are the other voices I can install and do i gut apt-get install them?01:50
macdjdolan_, unless you crave 64bit, just run 32bit.01:50
metropinkoi'm using that password when I try to use the update manager, but I get this message: The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program. Contact the system administrator.01:50
naxaX-nor: i want no workaround. I want file chooser to be ok forever.01:50
X-norat least Ubuntu is nice and tells you tainted drivers01:50
naxaX-nor: i myself find it almost unbeliveable that it's not done already01:51
X-nornaxa: always would be a workaround though. patch it yourself and you must update for eternity01:51
* macd knows the hardy 64bit flash works on gutsy.01:51
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:51
LjLkompute1: yes, of course, both festival and the voices can be obtained with apt-get or Synaptic. do an « apt-cache search festival » to list all the voices, or « apt-cache search festival english » for just the english ones01:51
robdigpedrotmartinez: do you have both a wireless card and a wired connection?01:51
naxaX-nor: I'm sorry to say that but sometimes linux's programmers are just plain stupid when it comes to the "human-friendly" thing01:51
Willabeeso following this tutorial should work right01:51
pedrotmartinezI dont know the difference...01:51
naxaX-nor: no problem since I would suggest the patch to be added then :D01:52
silviodoes the ubuntu 7.10 desktop install/live cd include gcc?01:52
tritiumsilvio: no01:52
naxaX-nor: it would be easy to collect supporters, and someone would clean up the code01:52
kitchesilvio: yes but it's missing the stuff it needs to compile01:52
pedrotmartinezI am sorry but I am spanish, and maybe my english is not fine sometimes01:52
pedrotmartinezI do my best...01:52
X-nornaxa: also, check out gconf-editor. something might be hidden there, as the babied down configuration pages suggest01:52
tritiumsilvio: if you want to build from source, install the "build-essential" meta-package01:52
naxaX-nor: I'll rember that, thanks01:53
pedrotmartinezat this moment there is a wired connection in this room01:53
Willabeei speak spanish pretty well01:53
robdigpedrotmartinez: your iwconfig that you pasted earlier showed only two interfaces lo which is the loopback, and eth0. I'm curious if eth0 is your wireless card or if it is your normal ethernet card01:53
naxaX-nor: now i have to go, bye!01:53
metropinkowhen i enter my password for the update manager, i get this message: Failed to run /usr/sbin/synaptic '--hide-main-window' '--non-interactive' '--parent-window-id' '50331651' '--progress-str' 'Please wait, this can take some time.' '--finish-str' 'Update is complete' '--set-selections-file' '/tmp/tmpWFq6tx' as user root.01:53
metropinkoThe underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program. Contact the system administrator.01:53
metropinkoAnyone know what to do?01:53
silviook, thanks tritium and kitche. :(01:53
pedrotmartinezI think it is the ethernet one01:53
robdigpedrotmartinez: btw, you english is fine. there is a spanish channel if you want to seek help there, #ubuntu-es01:53
pedrotmartinezthe one I am connected right now01:53
Dr_willis_metropinko,  by default only the FIRST user you made has sudo rights. If you are trying to sudo as a differentuser. you might be getting that error.01:53
pedrotmartinezI have done, but there was no lucky01:54
pedrotmartinezbecause of that I came here01:54
naxaX-nor: thank you for talking!01:54
robdigpedrotmartinez: ok, so iwconfig isn't seeing your wireless card at all.01:54
metropinkois there anyway to find out what that username and password is?01:54
pedrotmartinezI think it doesn't01:54
robdigpedrotmartinez: does another interface show up if you type ifconfig?01:54
pedrotmartinezlets see01:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fakeroot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:55
pedrotmartinezonly eth0 and lo01:55
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.01:55
CaBlGuYummmmm  ok, I got some major issues goin on here...01:55
Dr_willis_metropinko,  look int he /etc/passwd file for the user with the id of 1000, hes normally the first user. as for the password.. No idea there. You can reset/set the password from a live cd01:55
robdigpedrotmartinez: hmm01:55
soldatsCaBlGuY, did you see01:55
CaBlGuYsomeone wanna help me out with this..    fakeroot dpkg-dev patch01:55
tritiummetropinko: or, you can boot in to single-user (recovery) mode, and reset that user's passwd01:55
ShpookSo with a chroot setup, will 32-bit packages automatically install into it? and will a 64-bit application outside the chroot be able to access a dependency inside?01:56
CaBlGuYsoldats,   I'm sorry..  no..01:56
soldatsCaBlGuY,  i may not know but just ask and if someone who knows about it will surely answer01:56
* CaBlGuY directs soldats attention to his former post... /\01:56
robdigpedrotmartinez: can you paste the output of this command? dmesg | grep ipw394501:57
CaBlGuYbut actually, my main concern right now is I'm having issue with playing DVD's and I have all the correct codecs and apps installed..01:57
phosphoricxany ideas?01:57
soldatsCaBlGuY, well you were looking at fake root so i assume you want su or sudo, but the people here are volunteers so just ask away and i hope someone can help you01:57
earthbound01Is it howdy01:57
kitcheCaBlGuY: what is your issue with fakeroot?01:57
tritiumpedrotmartinez: if it's more than 3 lines, please don't paste here.  use pastebin01:58
Willabeeok i have wine installed01:58
soldatsCaBlGuY, 0o is it a restriced one01:58
Willabeeso where should i download/install firefox and shockwave01:58
naxaX-nor: sorry one more question. Which package contains gnome source and how can i get it?01:58
robdigtritium: pedrotmartinez thanks, i meant to say pastebin...he's been using it already01:58
Dr_willis_Willabee,  firefox is in the repos.. 'sudo apt-get install firefox'01:58
tritiumrobdig: :)01:58
naxaX-nor: and where will i find the files after getting the package? :D01:58
metropinkotri: when i reboot in safe mode, how do i go about changing the password01:58
ewookQuestion: is webmin a discontinued package with the 7.10 release?01:58
cheukhi, can someone tell me how i can give a non-root user access to well-known ports?01:58
CaBlGuYkitche,   I dunno actually..  I was trying to enable libdvdread3  and that's the error I kept getting..01:58
tritiumnaxa: apt-get source <packagename>01:59
soldatsnaxa, run where firefox in a terminal01:59
naxasoldats: good hint...01:59
sonjahow do i share my printer?01:59
pedrotmartinezhere it is01:59
CaBlGuYand I was using sudo when running the command..01:59
metropinkosorry, i've only been using ubuntu for two days and don't know very much about programming (obviously)01:59
sonjawith my housemates?01:59
c01100011anyway to get shortcuts to webapps in Avant Window Navigator.01:59
naxatritium: don't you know which package is "gnome" ? :D01:59
tritiumnaxa: there are several01:59
pedrotmartinezwhat is the package of the kernel sources?02:00
tritiumnaxa: gnome is not simply one package02:00
Pir8If I have a dvd (not as an image but) as raw files...how can I play it without burning to a dvd ?02:00
Dr_willis_gnome is a way of life. :)02:00
ewooknaxa: apt-cache search gnome02:00
Dr_willis_Pir8,  vlc can play the files.02:00
robdigpedrotmartinez: ah, there is a switch somewhere on your laptop that turns wireless card on and off, i think it is set to off right now, can you check?02:00
Pir8Thanks Dr_willis02:00
ShpookAnyone here have a PulseAudio sound server set up, especially 64-bit?02:00
ewookPir8: vlc perhaps02:00
pedrotmartinezlet's check02:01
naxatritium: i mean what packages i need to build a new gtkfilechooser02:01
naxaewook: thanks for hint02:01
CaBlGuYkitche,   so, any ideas?02:01
tritiumnaxa: likely a gtk package, not a gnome package02:01
naxatritium: how would you find out? what are the google keywords? :)02:02
nixnoobanyone running gutsy on a Asus C90s?02:02
elrenardopir8 : try to mount it with mount and a dvd type ?02:02
overridexis there a log of when vino connections connect and disconnect anywhere?02:02
naxatritium: google is my friend but i don't speak his language yet...02:02
Pir8elrenardo, it isn't an image, simply the dvd contents extracted as VOB files and such.02:02
ewook!locale channel02:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about locale channel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:02
CaBlGuYkitche, ??02:02
pedrotmartinezI cannot find a switch02:02
CaBlGuYor anyone that know anyhting about DVD playback..02:03
kitcheCaBlGuY: never seen that error02:03
Dr_willis_Pir8,  ive watached vob files with vlc befor02:03
tritiumnaxa: one of the libgtk packages02:03
soldatsnaxa, goole the google syntax ie. define:boy will give definitions of the word boy02:03
pedrotmartinezin the F1, I can see the draw of that in other color02:03
naxatritium: thank you! :) bye02:03
pedrotmartinezand in a position like the | is in the number one02:03
Pir8elrenardo, absolutely, vlc works...sweeet :) thanks  :)02:03
Gneaquaal: http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/p990.htm02:04
pedrotmartinezbut when I try it with Alt or Ctrl it doesnt happen anything02:04
biggiboydoes anyone know if ATI 128  rage  all in wonder will work with wobbly windows02:04
nixnoobbiggiboy, yes it will02:04
biggiboyits bugging me that it won't work02:04
quaalGnea, ah ok02:04
pedrotmartinezI did it!!!!02:04
quaallooks like the logitech dual action02:04
fosocan anyone tell me what program the dock in this screenshot is? http://www.ubuntu-art.org/CONTENT/content-pre2/70611-2.jpg ?02:04
quaalwhich i just tried02:04
quaalworks fine02:04
biggiboynixnoob how02:04
elrenardocredit back to Dr_willis_   ;)02:04
nixnoobbiggiboy which driver are you using?02:04
Gneaquaal: it's pretty much pnp02:04
robdigpedrotmartinez: hurray!02:04
biggiboyhang on i'll tell you02:04
uzerzerofoso: that is AWN02:05
Dr_willis_Huh? :)02:05
* Dr_willis_ wakes up02:05
nixnoobanyone running gutsy on a Asus C90s?02:05
robdigpedrotmartinez: so you may need to reboot with it on to get it going02:05
fosouzerzero thanks, i have tried that before without getting it to showup anywhere besides my apps tab02:05
nixnoobfoso, its avant-window-navigator02:05
pedrotmartinezthank you very much!!02:06
biggiboyati - ATI Mach8, Mach32,02:06
robdigpedrotmartinez: np02:06
biggiboyat generic one02:06
X-noris there a preferred way to keeping development versions of certain libraries?02:06
overridexis there a log of when vino connections connect and disconnect anywhere?02:06
uzerzerofozo: do you have compiz-fusion installed? awn won't work without that02:06
tritiumX-nor: keeping?  What do you mean?02:06
biggiboyis that bad nix02:06
fosouzerzero yes i do02:06
nixnoobbiggiboy, try using the new fglrx driver from the ATI site I believe its called Catalyst 7-1202:06
X-nortritium: well, installing without trashing the distribution packages02:06
nixnoobbiggiboy, you made a mistake with ATI+Linux, better to go with Nvidia02:06
tritiumX-nor: there are many -dev packages in the repos02:07
c01100011is there a prism package anywhere  ?02:07
uzerzerofoso: and you say that awn won't show up on your desktop?02:07
biggiboynix i just found the card laying around the house02:07
tritiumX-nor: and they don't trash your install02:07
biggiboy: - )02:07
nixnoobfoso, I think the AWN in the ubuntu repos is broken...02:07
X-nortritium: development versions of libraries02:07
biggiboynix what do you recomend to buy02:07
nixnoobfoso, try the daily02:08
tritium!enter | biggiboy02:08
ubotubiggiboy: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:08
biggiboyhas to be pci though02:08
phosphoricxhello, I have a question about desktop switching?02:08
Willabeei'm trying to install a windows firefox so i can run shockwave things02:08
uzerzerofoso: yes, try compiling awn from source, i had to do this on an earlier installation02:08
Willabeei have the install file, but now i'm stuck02:08
Dr_willis_I used AWN from --> deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/syzygy42 gutsy avant-window-navigator02:08
nixnoobbiggiboy, if you go with any Nvidia card with 128 ram it will vastly outperform the ATI in a *nix box02:08
tritiumX-nor: yes, each library in the repos has a lib package and a lib-dev package.  The lib package has the the shared libs, and the -dev package has the header files.02:08
biggiboymy ati is 12802:08
Mechdavephosphoricx, just ask, don't ask to ask02:09
X-nortritium: yes, those headers are FOR development, but they are releases02:09
macdIm having an issue with mtop being configured via dpkg: http://pastie.caboo.se/13259802:09
rich1hi.  how do i uninstall a deb file.02:09
bigjohntoi have a share on windows that i want to mount on linux, the share is being mounted via smbshare, now the issue is that the smbconf file either specifies a domain or a workgroup.  the user that is mounting the share is a local user on a server, now the server itself is part of a domain.  the local user has admin privs.  When i try to mount the directory as the local user it just fails since the user is not part of a domain and in th02:09
schizophrenican someone help me instlaling my webcam?02:09
X-nortritium: devel versions, as in cvs version of qt02:09
nixnoobbiggiboy, I think you can get some 256 cards for under 50$ now, perhaps an FX series or a 7000 series card will do just fine02:09
biggiboyk thanks02:10
Dr_willis_!webcam | schizophreni02:10
ubotuschizophreni: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:10
fosouzerzero, im mostly a newb, is there somewhere that tells you how to do that?02:10
biggiboythanks for your help02:10
nixnoobno prob02:10
rich1!ubotu deb02:10
ubotudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.02:10
uzerzerofoso: most compiling consists of ./configure, sudo make, sudo make install02:10
Dr_willis_schizophreni,  good luck FINDING a webcam that works :)02:10
nixnoobseriously, don't overdo the ubotu thing guys its annoying.02:10
phosphoricxWsomehow I enabled a virtual desktop switcher to appear each time my mouse reaches the edge of my screen, how do I turn it off?02:10
wolsnixnoob: you cannot buy FX series and you seriously wouldnÄt want to02:10
rich1!ubotu remove deb02:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about remove deb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:10
X-nortritium: like is there a way to set the precedence of /lib, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib, and just delete the local one if it causes problems?02:10
uzerzerofoso if not, try google. maybe something like awn compile instructions ubuntu02:10
wolsrich1: aptitude remove <package>02:10
mchao1hey guys, I am trying a live cd on a friends computer and it just hangs after we select run or install ubuntu02:11
tritiumX-nor: not really, no02:11
rich1wols: even if i didn't install it with aptitude?02:11
X-nortritium: so, chroot jail is the only option?02:11
kompute1LjL - I installed the voices, not I get "Linux: can't open /dev/dsp" when i echo text and pipe it through festival02:11
nixnoobmchao1, edit the boot line and remove quiet splash and tell us what it says before it hangs.02:11
wolsX-nor: /etc/ld.so.conf but you don't want to play with it02:11
fosouzerzero,thanks, ill see what i can do02:11
tritiumX-nor: I'd definitely use schroot02:11
wolsrich1: is it a .deb?02:11
otto_is there a way to make adduser read from the standard input like 'adduser -f -' in freebsd?02:11
mchao1nixnoob, how do I edit the boot line?02:12
bigjohnto i have a share on windows that i want to mount on linux, the share is being mounted via smbshare, now the issue is that the smbconf file either specifies a domain or a workgroup.  the user that is mounting the share is a local user on a server, now the server itself is part of a domain.  the local user has admin privs.  When i try to mount the directory as the local user it just fails since the user is not part of a domain and in t02:12
rich1wols: yes.  the kind you click and it brings up an install window.02:12
nixnoobmchao1, I think you can press "e" at the menu to edit the boot line.02:12
wols!repeat | bigjohnto02:12
ubotubigjohnto: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:12
LjLkompute1, uhm, are you on KDE?02:12
wolsrich1: then aptitude will work02:12
rich1wols: thanks.  i'll try now.02:12
X-nortritium: wait, isn't there ld library path or something. but not sure if it's actually acted upon by the loader02:13
phalaceeis Scribus available for GNOME, or is it KDE only?02:13
kazol2Does anyone here know of GUI IRC clients (besides konversation, Xchat, and irssi)?02:13
kompute1LjL no just plain ubuntu (gnome)02:13
IndyGunFreakkazol2: there's kvirc02:13
X-norkazol2: can use Pidgin but not sure how that works as it's mainly an IM client02:13
Willabeealso, is there anyway to load gameguard using wine/02:13
nixnoobkazo12, pidgin and gaim have built in IRC clients02:13
sunogbagakazol2: irssi isn't gui02:13
IndyGunFreakX-nor: thats blasphemy...lol02:13
LjLkompute1: oh, i thought you were on KDE given you tried kttsd etc... i don't know, i'm on KDE myself, it's possible that /dev/dsp is blocked by the GNOME sound daemon i guess02:13
IndyGunFreakpidgin is a great IM client.. not a good irc client02:14
kitchekazol2: well considering irssi is not a GUI client I would look at xchat-gnome and some of the kde variants02:14
stunatrakazol2, LostIRC02:14
kompute1LjL i tried kttsd because it was the only choice i was given02:14
kazol2sunogbaga: I know, problem is, the clients I've tried don't have good DCC support.02:14
kazol2DCC downloads stop after only 1.9GiB.02:14
X-norI use irssi but i have like 26 vertical lines maximum02:14
sunogbagakazol2: i haven't tried dccing files more than 1G but i think i'm fine with irssi's dcc02:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pulseaudio - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:15
LjLkompute1, what are you looking for exactly? a screen reader, or just a wait to read text files aloud...?02:16
nixnoobanyone running gutsy on a Asus C90s?02:16
sunogbagakazol2: i think there's an irc client for firefox.02:16
nbeckCan anyone offer some serious help for a noob, regarding a foul-up I made while trying to edit the splash screen in the root menu?02:16
Evolution2hey guys I was wondering why my partition icons are not showing up under "storage media" they are mounted and I can access them from /media/... help please02:16
nixnoobnbeck ask more specific questions02:16
WhyAllTehNicksTai'm getting "size mismatch" left and right... are the repos having some problems?02:17
otto_does ubuntu use a different adduser than other distros?02:18
rich1uggghhh!!! is anyone else having trouble playing yahoo chess using opera?02:18
kompute1LjL I'm looking for TTS - I have KSayIt to work, but theres a lot of echo in the voice02:18
nbeckI edited the root menu to adjust my splash screen to VGA=791 and  I put it in the wrong place.  Now my ubuntu will not boot up.  It's saying please append a correct "root=" and won't even start up in recovery mode.  I need somebody to go through the command errors I have written down and tell me how to edit out the VGA=791 if that's even possible.02:18
kitcheotto_: not that I know of they might have linked it to pam or soemthing02:18
otto_kitche, the man page on my gutsy box is different than the man pages anywhere else...specifically there are no singlechar options like -f02:19
woloYoyoyo anyone here using a PPC?02:19
X-norman -f02:19
LjLkompute1: echo? that's weird... Festival's voices certainly aren't top quality (not comparable to most commercial TTS, no), but *echo* is kind of weird02:19
ShpookOkay, I have a chroot set up. Now when I type "sudo chroot /var/chroot/gutsy" in the terminal, I get this message: "id: cannot find name for group ID 120"02:19
nbeckIt's saying Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS unable to mount root fs ou unknown-block (8,3).02:19
nixnoobnbeck, you can edit the boot line on the fly from the grub menu using the "e" key on the appropriate kernel, once it boots you can then edit your /grub/menu.lst from the desktop environment02:19
X-norotto_: man man shows man -f as an option, though02:20
kompute1LjL any idea how I can use AT&T voices or other voices?02:20
nixnoobnbeck, you are trying to put the fancy bootsplash with the hand print huh? yes VGA=791 is supposed to be there.02:20
otto_X-nor, I was referring to the options on man adduser02:20
X-norotto_: oh, let me see02:21
nbeckYeah, but I think I inserted it in the wrong place because I can't even load anything anymore.02:21
nickrudotto_, the adduser in ubuntu comes from debian, which was written for debian02:21
nbeckI hit the E and deleted the vga=791 from the Kernel but it still won't boot up, and next time I restart it's still there.02:21
nixnoobnbeck, you must be able to get to grub menu?  you can hit escape to choose kernels and then edit its with "e"02:21
LjLkompute1, not really, i don't think they're supported by festival, i really think you'd have to resort to commercial third-party solutions02:22
nixnoobnbeck, ofcourse its still there, it only goes away for that one boot, you must have changed something else, try booting from single user mode.02:22
nbeckYeah, I did that and got rid of the vga part but it's still not booting.  It's only loading to kernel=panic-not synching VFS.02:22
kompute1LjL I swiched the audio from aRts to ALSA, that took away the echo02:22
nbeckHow do I go about that nix?02:22
Rufus_how would i launch a desklet?02:22
pradeepHow do I have multiple versions of glibc present?02:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about desklet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:23
X-norotto_: are you thinking about useradd, or just a different distro's adduser?02:23
soldatsRufus_, which one02:23
nixnoobnbeck when you hit esc to see the grub menu there should be a kernel listed with the same version as yours but it wil say recovery mode next to it02:23
Rufus_soldats, the one i downloaded02:23
nixnoobnbeck, just be careful because you will be logged in as root02:23
nbeckYeah, it runs the code and then stops at the same place.02:23
nickrudotto_, if you want to see it's pedigree, /usr/share/doc/adduser/copyright02:23
pradeepI have a program which needs an older version of libc02:23
nbeckKernel panic, unable to mount root fs ov unknown-block(8,3)02:23
otto_X-nor, well the man pages I found for adduser online were different than what was on gutsy...what I am trying to do is emulate the freebsd "adduser -f -"02:23
Rufus_any ideas?02:24
nixnoobnbeck, even in recovery mode?02:24
otto_X-nor, which adds a user using the standard input instead of asking questions02:24
nixnoobnbeck, I have no idea then.02:24
soldatsRufus_, whats the name of desklet02:24
nixnoobnbeck, try booting from a live disk and reinstalling grub02:24
rich1has anyone tried playing yahoo chess using opera?  this is killing me.02:24
jimmygoonyahoo chess?02:24
rich1yes.  chess on yahoo.02:25
soldatsRufus_, did you try to run it via command line ie "diskspace" in a terminba'02:25
ShpookWhen I type in "sudo chroot /var/chroot/gutsy" I get the error "id: cannot find name for group ID 120"   Anyone know why?02:25
WhyAllTehNicksTaapt-get giving me size mismatch on half the things i try to install... anyone?02:25
LjLkompute1: other TTS frontends / screen readers specifically for GNOME aside from "gnome-orca" are "lsr" and "gnopernicus", in case you want to give those a try. the audio quality will still depends on festival though02:25
rich1opera keeps failing with it.02:25
otto_X-nor, in short, I need to add a user from a script so it can't ask any questions02:25
nbeckalright.  One last question nix.  Can I write out my kernal and you see if there's any other flaw that stands out on it?02:25
Rufus_soldats, isnt there a thing in system > preferences?02:25
nickrudotto_, you are definitely confusing addusers, since the ubuntu one doesn't ask questions02:25
kompute1LjL I do, but I have no idea how to open orca...02:25
nixnoobnbeck , I have nothing to check it against right now cuz my nix box is temporarily out of commision but ill take a look02:26
soldatsRufus_, yes for disk space you should be able to go to administrator > system monitor for disk usage02:26
nbeck<2-dec1-490f-9d160bf317255e6fd ro quiet splash vga=79102:26
macdnickrud, doesnt useradd limit you to only a few accounts?02:26
Rufus_i mean to launch the desklet02:26
nixnoobnbeck, Is that the whole thing?02:26
LjLkompute1: cannot help you must since i don't have GNOME... if it's not in the menu, you can always try « dpkg -L gnome-orca | grep bin » to see what the main executable program is02:26
X-norotto_: oh, you'll have to use useradd I believe02:26
macdnickrud, err adduser02:26
nixnoobnbeck try adding root= to the begining of that02:26
WhyAllTehNicksTayou people are no help02:26
soldatsRufus_, ahh if it didnt add itself to the menu thne youd have to add it yourself02:27
nbeckkay, I'll give it a shot.  Appreciated.02:27
Rufus_where can i find the menu02:27
nickrudmacd, what do you mean? it's designed for use in install scripts, so it can create any account02:27
X-normacd: useradd is the command line one, adduser is the interactive one02:27
otto_nickrud, sure it does, unless there is a way to specify... if I do "adduser user --disabled-login" it will still ask for the username and stuff02:27
soldatsRufus_, 1 sec02:28
otto_I'll read the useradd man page02:28
nixnoobman is brutal02:28
adamonline46I just got my file server ready to start moving files over.  I was thinking FTP for uploads, for the error checking/speed/filesize reasons.  At the same time I'd like to be able to map the drives from both Linux and WinXP, so I guess I'd need Samba, too, for the Windows aspect of it.  Is there a better protocol than Samba to use for Linux to Linux sharing? Does my plan sound alright?  Is there anyone who's got a fileserver and some ad02:28
ewookman woman - No manual entry for woman02:28
ShpookUgh, this chroot is driving me crazy.02:28
maynards-girlwhat version of ubuntu do i need if I'm trying to install ubuntu on a macBook?02:29
nixnoobadamonline46 yes you need samba02:29
mchao1nixnoob, thanks that seemed to work02:29
otto_but I just want to use a function to create a user with the name, homedir, and shell that I specify and NO password02:29
maekcan you do a purge like thing with autoremove? im removing amarok and its got like 20 pkgs left for autoremove and I want to make sure to get all there bits. thanks.02:29
nixnoobnbeck, sometimes the answer is simple.02:29
maekmaynards-girl: powerpc or intel?02:29
maynards-girlmaek, intel02:29
maekmaynards-girl: you should use x8602:29
maynards-girlmaek, ok thank you02:30
soldatsRufus_, justa quick question the the applet tell you how mych space you have left, if so ca you try to use nautilus and chack disk space, if not if you rclick on the task bar and add new item there may be a diskspace item02:30
adamonline46maynards-girl: Don't use the X64 version, your wireless won't work for now...02:30
X-norotto_: no password as in disabled account?02:30
maekmaynards-girl: called "standard" from the download page02:30
X-norotto_: -p : the default is to disable the account02:30
nixnoobX64 drivers usually suck.02:30
nickrudotto_, then you should probably use the --system option02:30
nixnoobor don't exist02:30
Rufus_soldats, find it?02:31
otto_it shouldnt be something a user can log in as02:31
maynards-girlso the norml 7.10 will work then?02:31
Burlynnmaynards-girl: yes.02:32
maekmaynards-girl: yeah, if you just go to the download page and pick your mirror, you want all the defaults.02:32
santos_luishi ppl02:32
nickrudotto_, so it's a system user, not a regular user , you probably want --system --no-login --no-create-home02:32
santos_luiscan someone help me with ctags?02:32
otto_but you should still be able to su into the account as root02:32
soldatsRufus_, hmm i dont know too much about it i was trying to think of a way for it to work. i havent used gnome in a while i use xfce but im trying to remember how to fix your problem, i used the applet before but i cant remember02:32
maynards-girlso not the 64bit. just the standard.  thanks all!02:32
soldatsill look into it02:32
Burlynnmaynards-girl: i would suggest reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook02:32
santos_luismy ctgas dont map functions like scanf socket02:33
nickrudotto_, then I don't think you can have --no-login, since that prevents a shell being assigned02:33
Burlynnmaynards-girl: your wireless more than likely wont work on a fresh install without additional drivers02:33
maynards-girlburlynn, thank you02:33
Burlynnno problem02:34
CUBeR64Hi, I was just wondering, if I had Xubuntu installed, would I be able to change the interface to blackbox rather than xfce?02:34
nickrudotto_, or more correctly, the shell is assigned to /bin/false02:34
otto_nickrud, the equivalent that I am trying to do is freebsd's adduser with '-w no' which disables the password...it seems like that is the same as --disabled-password on the ubuntu adduser02:34
fososudo apt-get install build-essential autotools-dev libxdamage-dev libxcomposite-dev libgnome2-common libgnome2-dev libgnome-desktop-dev libgnome-vfs-dev libgtk2.0-dev libwnck-dev libgconf2-dev libglib2.0-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev libgnomevfs2-0 libgnome-desktop-2 libgnome2-0 libwnck-common python-gtk2 python-gconf bzr gnome-common python-dev python-gtk2-dev python-cairo-dev python-gconf python-gnome2-dev gnome-icon-theme python-glade2 librsvg2-common, python-gno02:34
therethinkerIf I have an ubuntu install, and I move the HDD to a completely different computer, will it work?02:34
otto_nickrud, --disabled-password still allows login just not with a password02:35
fososorry all, wrong window!02:35
Odd-rationaletherethinker: Maybe.02:35
therethinkerOdd-rationale: exactly what I figured, thanks02:35
Burlynntherethinker: it could, but its not reccomended .. your running on totally different hardware02:35
nickrudotto_, sounds similar. I don't have any experience with bsd at all, though02:35
otto_nickrud, neither do I :) that's why this is difficult to move over to ubuntu since I dont really know what the options do02:36
X-norotto_: right, it's not just switching to a new distro..02:36
nickrudotto_, su-ing from root is logging in, remember02:37
Rufus_how do i install adesklets?02:37
Rufus_the package02:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about desklets - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adesklets - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:38
Dr_willis_Hmm.   I saw a tutorial on that once..  I just went to the desklets web site and downloaded it.02:38
nickrud!info adesklets02:38
ubotuadesklets: interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.1-2build1 (gutsy), package size 204 kB, installed size 572 kB02:38
nickrudRufus_, you'd look for it in synaptic02:38
Dr_willis_theres a 'desklets' and an 'adesklets' it seems :)02:39
CUBeR64Hi, I was just wondering, if I had Xubuntu installed, would I be able to change the interface to blackbox rather than xcfe?02:39
wols_CUBeR64: yes02:39
CUBeR64wols_: thank you :)02:40
nickrudCUBeR64, you can have as many desktops as you like, and switch freely between them02:40
jbwarnken_hi I have an issue with firefox in ubuntu it keeps greying out and stalling a lot02:40
otto_nickrud, and X-nor actually...it looks like 'useradd user' might be all I need...I tested it and it has no password but you can 'su user' as root02:40
CUBeR64nickrud: sweet, thank you :)02:40
otto_so thanks :)02:40
nickrudotto_, nothing like the low level commands :)02:41
kitchejbwarnken_: yeah the greying out is from compiz02:41
jbwarnken_so what to do then ?02:41
phosphoricxSomehow I enabled a virtual desktop switcher to appear each time my mouse reaches the edge of my screen, how do I turn it off?02:42
=== Synx_afk is now known as Synx_hm
maekjbwarnken_: its showing up as gray because of compiz, its not slowing down because of it. are you behind a proxy? is your dns setup? do you have your host name in /etc/hosts for your loopback? do you have ipv6 enabled?02:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about icewm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ice - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:43
Xplicitmy cd drive is being awkward is it hard to set up my laptop on the same network so i can just use my motherboards network boot option?02:43
ubotugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.02:43
maekjbwarnken_: sorry if thats not clear. if you were not using compiz you would not notice it because it wouldnt be gray but it would still slow down.02:43
jbwarnken_well it slows down stops even then goes bakc to normal  just started this and is a nusciance02:44
jbwarnken_so I switched to Opera02:44
maekjbwarnken_: the same thing happens to me at work when im behind a proxy but not at home. and this is on my laptop so its the same machine02:44
rich1jbwarnken_: are you having any flash or java problems with opera?02:45
jbwarnken_none so far02:45
jbwarnken_firefox has some quirks  form time to time02:45
rich1jbwarnken_: try yahoo chess, if you don't mind and see if it works for you.  it never does for me.02:45
jbwarnken_only thing bothers me I cannto use my Stumbleupon toolbar in Opera02:45
Dr_willis_jbwarnken_,  heh - thts an addictive addon02:46
phalaceeis Scribus available for GNOME, or is it KDE only?02:46
nickrudheh. I abandoned that one when I realized what a time sink it was02:46
high-freqanyone know of a gui asm for ubuntu?02:46
=== LDS_Trooper is now known as rebel
Dr_willis_phalacee,  you can run gnome and kde apps on each others desktop just fine.02:46
=== rebel is now known as rebel_eclipsed
=== NarkotiC is now known as Lara_54
mythomaniacanyone have experience with the gnome-schedule?02:47
phalaceeDr_willis, really? I had no idea.02:47
jbwarnken_but no proxies here02:47
phalaceewow, that makes life alot easier02:47
Dr_willis_phalacee,  its  alwyas been that way. :)  Linux  is so 'inclusive' :) heh heh02:47
Dr_willis_phalacee,  now running the gnome and kde file managers both at the same time used to cause some issues.. but not much any more.02:48
Dr_willis_phalacee,  of course your memory ussage will increase a bit by using both gnome and kde also.02:48
lextoriI lost power while booting earlier today and now ubuntu won't boot completely, it throws me a few error messages and kicks me to the console(like I'd booted to recovery mode) Any ideas where to start fixing the problem?02:48
Dr_willis_lextori,  fsck the filesystems for a start.02:49
Burlynnif your running gnome and install kde apps its got to install all the kde libs also though, which can be large, just an fyi02:49
Dr_willis_lextori,  look for any error messages also while it boots.02:49
phalaceeDr_willis, what about the dependencies on KDE and so forth?02:50
tsukasaquestion, (slightly wrong channel, but..), i got metacity running as my window manager in os-x's X11, but the gtk2 themes arent working. gtk2 is installed. is there some fundamental thing im not understanding about how ubuntu sets up metacity?02:50
Dr_willis_phalacee,  when you apt-get install whatever-kde-app   it should install them all02:50
high-freqanyone know of a gui asm for ubuntu?02:50
Dr_willis_phalacee,  i always install ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop02:50
lextoriDr_Willis, I've copied a few down, it says that it's attempting to resume from /dev/disk/bu-uuid/(really long hex string I can type out in nessicary)02:50
* nickrud hexes Dr_willis 02:50
astro76phalacee, it is all handled automatically, but FYI, Scribus is not a KDE app, it's just QT and requires just a qt lib02:50
bewstIs it expected that the config file installed for my gutsy kernel sets CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y ?02:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about asm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:51
=== TTM is now known as MrJiblets
phalaceeDr_willis, I'm using the GUI for ubuntu, but I was wondering if I would need to install something like KDE-Common when I install my first KDE app?02:51
high-freqasm is assembly as in the programming language02:51
bewstEvery kernel I try to build comes out 6x the size of the ones in the distro02:51
kitche!info nasm | high-freq02:51
ubotuhigh-freq: nasm: General-purpose x86 assembler. In component main, is optional. Version 0.98.38-1.2build1 (gutsy), package size 1520 kB, installed size 2788 kB02:51
Dr_willis_phalacee,  the package manager handles all the needed deps for the programs. you shouldent have any problems02:51
maekphalacee: if you install say amarok or k3b it will install all the kde bits you need02:51
* robdig thinks the closest thing to a gui for assembly programming is vi :)02:51
nickrudlextori, that's the swap partition the uuid is mentioning, the real errors come later02:52
high-freqya i know nasm...did'nt know if there was some gui for asm02:52
phalaceeokay, cool02:52
tsukasaquestion, (slightly wrong channel, but..), i got metacity running as my window manager in os-x's X11, but the gtk2 themes arent working. gtk2 is installed. is there some fundamental thing im not understanding about how ubuntu sets up metacity?02:52
krammerhow can I get the force quit program??02:52
phalaceeI figured it would need some KDE core libs or some such02:52
kitchehigh-freq: why would there be a gui for asm?02:52
nickrudrobdig, doesn't eclipse have some assembler :)02:52
high-freqlike i said ..didn't know if somebody made it look "pretty" lol02:52
Nostahlwhat are the main differences besides stock window managers between ubuntu and xubuntu02:52
Burlynnphalacee: its going to install them all if the program needs it02:53
robdignickrud: dunno, haven't used eclipse02:53
Dr_willis_Nostahl,  one is GNOME, the other is XFCE02:53
high-frequ know this button does this and this does this procedure..and so forth02:53
kitcheNostahl: they use different desktop environment that is all02:53
phalaceekrammer, you can use a 'kill' command from the terminal if you know the process id (this can be found using the ps command on the terminal too)02:53
Nostahlother then that there the same backend?02:53
Dr_willis_Nostahl,  Other then that.. the installed apps Might differ a little.02:53
soldatsNostahl, xfce is more minimal than gnome02:53
Nostahlso i can still talk here if i have xubuntu? :P02:53
Dr_willis_Nostahl,   The core is about the same. :) you can alwyas install the stuff ya want.02:53
nickrudNostahl, ubuntu will install openoffice, xubuntu will give you gnumeric and abiword iirc02:53
bewsts it expected that the config file installed for my gutsy kernel sets CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y ?02:53
Dr_willis_Nostahl,  This is irc.. any irc client will let ya do that.02:53
Dr_willis_Nostahl,  Install xchat on xubuntu, and there ya go.02:53
Nostahlwell some irc's are snooty hehe02:54
krammerPhalacee thanks but i would like to have force quit on my desktop i had it before but i forgot how to install it02:54
Nostahlso some of them wont like you if you talk in the room thats not for your specific distro hehe02:54
Nostahlie... debian02:54
Nostahldebian is a snooty room02:54
Dr_willis_Debian  is real snooty. :)02:54
Dr_willis_heh heh02:54
soldatsNostahl, well in xubuntu i really didnt understand your question sorry02:54
robdignickrud: now when i used to program lots of assembler, the editor was called SPF...02:54
MrPiracyanyone got Direct Rendering off a intel 946gz videocard?02:55
Dr_willis_all the Ubuntu Variants are  the same under the 'skin' :)02:55
Nostahlsoldats ah i was just wondering if volman came out of the box or if i had to set it up with xubuntu02:55
BlaenkDenumcan someone please help me with wildcards, I'm trying to match for hidden files and folders, please, I have this so far \*/.\*02:55
nickrudrobdig, I stopped after 6502 code, and that was done with backspace, up, down, left, right :)02:55
=== Lara_54 is now known as Torka
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  you can always try 'echo YOURPATTERN' to see what its matching.. but i dont see what you are trying to do exactly02:55
MrPiracyi got Direct Rendering enabled when i uninstalled xserver-xgl02:55
soldatsNostahl, see i really am not sure what volman is i guess i could google it, ill check02:55
MrPiracybut then i lost many other things :(02:56
robdignickrud: :)02:56
Nostahli found out something interesting tonight... its not good to burn iso's at 40+ x's write speed02:56
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: thanks for the help, I'm trying to match for hidden files and folders ( .blah, .svn/, etc.)02:56
=== Torka is now known as Wakka
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  and .* dont do it ?02:56
Nostahlit corrupted my xubuntu cd when i did it at 40+ heh02:56
robdigNostahl: but its a good way to make coasters :)02:57
Nostahlso i reburned a new one at 8 x and went for some tea while i waited lmao02:57
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: for some reason no, I had that before and it wouldn't work02:57
soldatsNostahl, http://foo-projects.org/~benny/projects/thunar-volman/index.html02:57
Nostahli just got my first cd burner couple weeks ago and a stack of 100 cd's hehe so im learning all about cd burning now lmao02:57
TtechI got a question, why is it when  I use TightVPN it causes my system to "crahs" and basically just log me out every time02:57
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,   try  'echo .*' it prints put all the . file a and . dirs here...02:57
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: okay02:57
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  it also prints out . and .. :) which is proberly NOT what you want.02:58
soldatsNostahl, i heard there was a bug in it so you may have to compile it02:58
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: exactly, that's why it didn't work02:58
Nostahlsoldats bug in what?02:58
cheaai just installed kubuntu and i enabled a driver and went to reboot and on the startup part everything loads except "powernowd" etc/rc2.d/s20powernowd 156: cannot create sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_govenor dir non existant02:58
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  Filter out the . and .. then with sed/awk :)02:58
qukkUm, hello! I'm trying to install Ubuntu server edition, and my keyboard isn't responding when trying to install from the CD. It works on the splash screen, but stops working at the language select screen. It is an old-style AT keyboard. Num-lock even stops working... Can anyone kindly help with this?02:58
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: because I'm trying to zip a directory, using the -x parameter to exclude hidden files and folders02:58
soldatsNostahl, volman02:58
cheaaerror message might not be quite right, wrote it down quick02:58
Nostahlsoldats ah02:59
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  or trim out the first 5 characters with cut, perhaps.02:59
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: sorry?02:59
Nostahli was using debian etch on my laptop but i found i had change to debian lenny wichis the testing version just to get volman02:59
Nostahlso im checkin out xubuntu02:59
Nostahli like the xfce wm02:59
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  You could try mc, to create the archive. It lets ya pick what files and so forth..   depending on what you are wanting to do . you may just want to write some script.03:00
ShpookSo, I ran "sudo chroot /var/chroot/gutsy/" and got this error: "id: cannot find name for group ID 120" Does anyone know what happened?03:00
MrPiracyI get an error "Type1 module does not exist" in my Xorg.0.log after uninstalling xserver-xgl, how can I get this module back?03:00
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: I'm writing a script in python03:01
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: before, I was explicitly ignoring certain files like .svn, but I figured I would never be able to manually exclude all the hidden files that any given system could have03:01
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  Python has full regrexp support thats a littel different from the shell. So it may take a little tweaking, - have it generate a list of all the .Whatever files, then trim out the . and .. entry03:02
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: I'm using the zip command like I mentioned and it has an -S parameter which is to include hidden files and folders, the only problem is that it is implicit on UNIX systems and I can't find a way to turn it off03:02
gilothgood evenin' fellow ubuntuers :)03:02
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: oh duh I can run a glob huh03:02
=== arooni________ is now known as arooni
robdigMrPiracy: sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl03:03
cheaai just installed kubuntu and i enabled a driver and went to reboot and on the startup part everything loads except "powernowd" etc/rc2.d/s20powernowd 156: cannot create sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_govenor dir non existant03:03
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  :) now ya got it. I imagine the file globbing allready takes care of . and ..03:03
MrPiracyrobdig: already did that, Type1 is still missing03:03
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: yeah and the zip command allows me to run it multiple times to keep adding to the same archive, so that's good :) thanks man03:04
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  for bash --->   $ echo .* | tail -c +5         trims out the . and .. here :)03:04
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: sweet, thanks man03:04
WaYwhat aplication can I use for p2p?03:04
BlaenkDenumWaY: frostwire03:04
Dr_willis_BlaenkDenum,  NOTE the differeances when using + and  not using + in that command.. people overlook that NEAT trick03:05
WaYok, Im going to have a look03:05
WaYthanks BlaenkDenum03:05
BlaenkDenumyou're welcome03:05
kyeway im having a issue with powernowd03:05
BlaenkDenumDr_willis_: haha okay03:05
kyecan ya help me03:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about menumaker - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:06
robdigMrPiracy: ok, since it's reinstalled, then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg          and then restart X (ctrl+alt+backspace)03:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about powernowd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:07
adamonline46Can I mount a samba network drive? How would I do that?03:07
Jack_Sparrow!info powernowd03:08
ubotupowernowd: control cpu speed and voltage using 2.6 kernel interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.97-1ubuntu7 (gutsy), package size 24 kB, installed size 120 kB03:08
kyeit fails and wont load ubuntu03:08
Jack_Sparrowkye: Can we assume you installed it from the official repos03:09
MrPiracyrobdig: ok, gonna try that now, brb03:09
nickrudkye, or, what is 'it' ?03:09
Dr_willis_adamonline46,  you can mount samba shares from the fstab, or manually.   I use the fuse samba tools mainly these days.. It makes it easier.03:10
kyeall i did was enable my  ati accelarator then rebooted03:10
kyethen i got that03:10
Dr_willis_!info fusesmb | adamonline4603:10
ubotuadamonline46: fusesmb: filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.6-1 (gutsy), package size 29 kB, installed size 140 kB03:10
MrPiracyrobdig: better.... how can i reinstall this package?03:11
Dr_willis_adamonline46,  theere are several books in the 'samba-doc' package that give lots of examples on using samba as well.03:11
kyei get a etc/rc2.d/s20powernowd 156: cannot create sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_govenor dir non existant03:11
kyethat fails03:11
kyeand i cant load ubuntu due to thqat03:11
morsthow do i md5?03:11
sunogbagamorst: md5sum file03:12
biff420anyone: what is the best way to attempt to play windows games (COD4, Supreme Commander, Steam) on Ubuntu 7.10?03:12
Jack_Sparrowkye: My question had a simple yes or no answer..03:13
kyeJack_Sparrow: installed what? ubuntu?03:13
kyeys from the webpahe03:13
Rufus_I've installed adesklets through the synaptic package manager, how do i launch the adesklets manager?03:14
WaYBlaenkDenum but limewire doesnt search in emule network, isnt it?03:14
BlaenkDenumWaY: no, gnutella03:14
BlaenkDenumand I said frostwire, use that instead of limewire (they're pretty much identical, read up on why they're different)03:14
phalaceeIts a shame Ship-it doesn't ship Ubuntu for PPC anymore ...03:15
nickrudJack_Sparrow, that's a standard ubuntu startup script ...03:15
biff420hey Konam03:15
WaYthanks BlaenkDenum03:16
BlaenkDenumWaY: you're welcome03:16
KonamI'm trying to have the same /home after an ubuntu install, i use the same login and passwd but when the install is finished and i log in a message pops up and tell me that i don't have the permisions to use that home (even though i can log in, actually), how do i change that?03:16
Dr_willis_Konam,  You may need to chown the /home/whatevertheusernameis dir  if the uids have changed03:17
nickrudKonam, when you log in, what directory are you in?03:17
Willabeedoes anyone know how to set up japanese IME in gutsy/03:17
macdKonam, from within /home "sudo chown -R youruser:youruser /home/youruser/*"03:17
Dr_willis_Konam,  ive never had issues with remaking the same user.  the old /home is from a ubuntu install ?03:17
WaYok, you have to pay for limewire :)03:18
Dr_willis_Konam,  now if the /home was from a Different Disrto. that can cause issues ive found. :)03:18
KonamDr_willis_ no, is from another ubuntu install03:18
Dr_willis_WaY,  well limewire wants $$$ :) They never got any from me.03:18
Konamthe macd command should make it03:18
nickrudKonam, the system uses numbers to identify the owner, and translates that to names from /etc/passwd. If the user you're keeping is not the first one you created on the prior install, then the numbers are gonna be different03:18
biff420has anyone had success getting the NVIDIA 169.07 driver to install and if so, are they any better than the original restricted drivers?03:19
Konamnickrud is the first, i create it during the ubuntu install03:19
WaYahaha Dr_willis_03:19
nickrudKonam, as you say, macd's command will fix it anyway03:19
blindAlright, was having a load of trouble with my Linksys v4 WMP54G Wireless card... ubuntu actually stopped booting, stuck at "configuring network interfaces" -- also tried in recovery mode, but to no avail. So I've taken the card out, and have booted ubuntu, but I'm curious... what do I need to do to get this card to work? (while it isn't installed)03:20
genii/join #ubuntu-server03:20
SingAlongHi guys.......03:20
biff420Hey SIngAlong03:21
SingAlongI just installed Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn on my laptop. Its a Celeron M processor 1.73GHz with 512Mb RAM and 80GB diskspace03:21
SingAlongI am a web developer.03:21
SingAlongI would like to install apache, mysql and php on my laptop...03:22
MrPiracyrobdig: same .... no luck03:22
blind!lamp > singalong03:22
SingAlongCan the synaptic package manager do the job for me?03:22
nickrudSingAlong, install apache2 , php5 , and mysql-server-5.003:22
blindsingalong, check out the pm from ubotu :D03:22
SingAlongThats what I want... :) I am a noob on ubuntu.. Firsttimer03:22
robdigMrPiracy: bummer...maybe someone else can help then03:23
SingAlongThanx blind.. :)03:23
NasariHey! I also just installed Ubintu! [I'm total new to Linux] is there is anyone who can help me get started?03:23
SingAlongAnd also... which is the media player for ubuntu that can play all the formats?03:24
MrPiracyrobdig: yeah, it seems to be impossible to get this intel board working properly on gutsy03:24
SingAlongI want to play DVDs, FLVs, MOVs, and RM formats also03:24
katieNasari, what do you need to do?03:24
biff420Sing:  I'm using the default Rythmbox and it seems to work fine...nothing fancy though03:25
soldatsSingAlong, vlc should come with most if not all codecs03:25
stdhow do i ripl DOS from rpld?03:25
MrPiracyrobdig: was going to install some games now, but i think it's gonna b impossible with these settings03:25
robdigMrPiracy: do you have the 945GM/GMS/GME?03:25
RickXcan anyone tell me if I m using a gtk theme under windowmaker if I am using a gtk-engine?03:25
SingAlongBut the Rythmbox says it cannot play due to unavailability of codecs... How do I get the codecs?03:25
MrPiracyrobdig: 946gz intel onboard03:25
soldatsSingAlong, look in synaptic for the codecs you need03:25
biff420Sing: sorry didn't know you meant movies...thought it was just music03:26
SingAlongsoldats: But I used VLC on my Windows PC... it does not handle playlists well.... Is it the same with linux version too?03:26
NasariYes, are there any programs, files updates I should run?03:26
robdigMrPiracy: hmm...mine has worked pretty good...agree that without X working well, games are probably not worth it now03:26
ArtfullynotAnyone know what chan all the Sauer players are at?03:26
stdhow do i ripl DOS from rpld?03:27
SingAlongsoldat... Will it download and instal it automatically for me? I mean if I select it will it do the rest of the job?03:27
abdullaPeace and Greetings to ALL03:27
stdhow do i ripl DOS from rpld?03:27
MrPiracyrobdig: which chipset do u ahve?03:27
soldatsSingAlong, fpr playlist use a cli based or use rhythmbox or amarok or another gui based one, but when you eed codes open synaptic package manager and do a search for codecs03:27
bruenigstd, calm down03:27
Rufus_ive downloaded adesklets, downloaded a desklet for it through the installer, now how do i launch it?03:27
robdigMrPiracy: 945GM/GMS/GME03:27
=== Artfullynot is now known as Excelsius
MrPiracycan u send me ur xorg.conf file?03:27
MrPiracyrobdig:  can u send me ur xorg.conf file?03:27
Nasariwhere do you find synaptic package mngr?03:27
robdigMrPiracy: sure, just a sec03:27
Willabeecan anyone help me with being able to type in japanese in gutsy03:28
Rufus_nasari, just type synaptic in the terminal03:28
stdhow do i ripl DOS from rpld?03:28
Nasariok, thanks!03:28
nickrudNasari, system->admin->synaptic03:28
biff420Nasari: System>Admiin03:28
biff420damn beat me03:28
Rufus_ive downloaded adesklets, downloaded a desklet for it through the installer, now how do i launch it?03:28
Jack_Sparrowstd: Do you have a ubuntu related question?03:28
stdJack_Sparrow: yes this is...03:29
biff420Are the restricted NVIDIA drivers better/worse than the ones on the NVIDIA site?03:29
bruenigbiff420, same03:29
rskbiff420: same03:29
biff420bru, rsk: why the wierd version number?03:29
nickrudbiff420, better because they are integrated into the system properly03:30
Jack_Sparrowstd: THen you need to explain the problem or question in more detail rather than repeating the same thing over and over03:30
stdhow do i ripl DOS from rpld?03:30
Rufus_can someone help me?03:30
bruenignot better per se, you can get them from the website and integrate them just the same03:30
astro76std, perhaps no one is answering because no one knows what you are talking about03:30
nickrudstd, you might try rephrasing the question, maybe a little more detail.03:30
phalaceeother than the fact that Microsoft is a bunch of anal-dwelling butt monkeys, is there any reason i can't use the standard windows fonts on my Ubuntu boxen?03:30
katieRufus, with what?03:30
biff420Any reason why I am getting a pixel 2.0 error when trying to launch Supreme Commander through wine?03:30
biff420I have the restricted driver installed03:31
Rufus_ive downloaded adesklets, downloaded a desklet for it through the installer, now how do i launch it?03:31
phalaceebiff Direct-x version mismatch?03:31
nickrudbiff420, for wine apps, #winehq is usually better03:31
katierufus - ill look03:31
worthawholebeanHmm... I need the ati drivers, what package are they in?03:31
nickrudbiff420, except when a winer is around :)03:31
stdJack_Sparrow: I need to know how to ripl DOS from ubuntu.03:31
biff420thanks nick03:31
nickrudworthawholebean, system->admin->restricted manager03:31
worthawholebeannickrud, that would be nice if X would start03:32
robdigMrPiracy: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49763/03:32
Jack_Sparrowstd: I have no idea what ripl is or does..03:32
Krumarhey, i just got a tuner card with a radio in it, does anyone know what program i could use to play it?03:32
nickrudworthawholebean,   oh, you have one of the 1xxx series?03:32
=== neocorleone is now known as edwardneo
worthawholebeannickrud, x160003:32
JoeThomasIs there anyway to change the font of tty? Not so much size but actual style? a TTF font file or something?03:33
katieRufus, yeah, there should be a script or something similar in the directory for the desklet that you can run03:33
Nasariso, if I want a mp3 codec I look it up in the Synaptic package manager?03:33
stdJack_Sparrow: Remote Initial Program Load.03:33
bewstanyone here familiar with the ubuntu kernels and their installed config files?03:33
nickrudworthawholebean, what you need to do is log into the console, and edit (sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf )  Look for "ati" , and change to "fgrlx"03:33
MrPiracyrobdig: would it be too much to ask u to post ur glxinfo as well?03:33
nickrudworthawholebean, erm, "fglrx" that is, typos matter03:34
worthawholebeannickrud, I use vi :D03:34
nickrudworthawholebean, ah, cool. Just change the driver and you can get in03:34
worthawholebeannickrud, no instances of ATI03:35
worthawholebeanor ati for that matter03:35
nickrudworthawholebean, what is it, "vesa" ?03:35
nickrudworthawholebean, change that03:35
ogrehey guys. what do i type into terminal to figure out how much disk space I hae left?03:35
phalaceeI'd like to install the True Type fonts I have on my windows machine onto my Ubuntu 7.04 system, how do I do that03:36
phalaceeogre, df -h03:36
astro76!fonts | phalacee03:36
ubotuphalacee: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer03:36
nickrudphalacee, place them in /home/<you>/.fonts , make the dir if needed03:36
phalaceeogre, that will tell you the size, space remaining and % used03:36
phalaceethanx astro76  and nickrud03:37
worthawholebeannickrud, no module fglrx03:37
ogrephalacee,  thanks alot03:37
NasariHey, I have pritty bad eyesight, is there anyway to make the text alittle bit larger, I'm on Pidgen03:37
nickrudworthawholebean, sudo aptitude install xorg-driver-fglrx linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)03:38
robdigMrPiracy: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49764/03:38
worthawholebeannickrud, wait, gotta fix network first (probably should have said that this is virtualized)03:38
nickrudworthawholebean, what virtualization?03:38
nickrudworthawholebean, things are different virtualized03:39
worthawholebeannickrud, parallels03:39
blindCan anyone help me install a linksys WMP54G (version 4.1)? modprobing rt2500 worked the first time, had some problems, took it out, turned it on, turned it off, put it back in, and now it's like it's not even there.03:39
* worthawholebean needs to avoid the XY problem when asking for help03:39
nickrudworthawholebean, never used that one, so my instructions are probably incorrect03:39
otto_is there a simple firewall like packetfilter for freebsd?  something I can just turn on in the default ubuntu-server03:39
otto_or does it already have a sort of firewall on?03:39
worthawholebeannickrud, x just started :D03:39
MrPiracyrobdig: thank you very much03:39
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:39
robdigMrPiracy: np03:39
phalaceenickrud, if I want to make the fonts accessible by all system users, where do I place them then?03:40
otto_of course...iptables03:40
Dr_willis_otto_,  ive seen some firewall 'wizard scripts' also befor. But never used them.03:40
NasariSo, there is no way to make the text larger?03:40
nickrudphalacee, /usr/share/fonts/truetype , create a dir there03:40
MrPiracyrobdig: someone told me here once that when you see MESA being used is because u dont have 3D accel enabled, is it true?03:40
Dr_willis_otto_,  all they do is ask a bunch of questions and generate the right iptables commands.03:40
phalacee/usr/local/share/fonts ?03:40
robdigMrPiracy: i don't know03:40
Willabeei can't get the scim toolbar to show up on the screen, can anyone help/03:40
noelferreiracan i use vnc outside lan with a dyndns account?03:41
simonovawhat can I do to recover from  GRUB boot error 22?03:41
nickrudphalacee, might very well work, a sec. I keep telling people to use local for their stuff, and what do I say :)03:41
blindnoelferreira, yes. are you behind a router?03:41
noelferreirayes blind03:41
otto_Dr_willis_, I can just turn on PF in freebsd by setting pf_enable=YES in /etc/rc.conf...anything like that for ubuntu?03:41
blindyou're going to need to forward your ports first then.03:41
MrPiracyrobdig: ur xorg.conf is a bit different03:41
noelferreirawhat are them blind?03:41
MrPiracyrobdig: i'm gonna try something here, brb03:41
nickrudphalacee, yes, fontconfig will look in /usr/local/share/fonts03:41
blindcheck out http://portforward.com and click on "port forwarding"03:42
crtjstrhas anyone ever seen an install completely shut down the pc during the cleanup phase?03:42
noelferreirablind: i mean the number of the port :)03:42
phalaceethanks nickrud03:42
noelferreiraor ports blind :)03:42
phalaceenow, to get those fonts I need03:42
sdre1i just enabled the restricted drivers in 7.10 and restarted. when it booted i got "kernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown block" can anyone help me?03:42
otto_all the google results comparing iptables and pf are so old :(03:42
Jack_Sparrowcrtjstr: only a laptop that overheated03:43
blindnoelferreira, whatever ports you set the server to run on. the defaults are listed on portforward.com (i dont know them off the top of my head)03:43
otto_does ubuntu-server's default install have any sort of firewalling turned on?03:43
simonovadoes anyone know how to handle grub error 22?03:43
blindCan anyone help me install a linksys WMP54G (version 4.1)? modprobing rt2500 worked the first time, had some problems, took it out, turned it on, turned it off, put it back in, and now it's like it's not even there.03:43
nickrudotto_, no03:43
crtjstrJack_Sparrow: this is a desktop, and i turned off acpi, module and bios - that's why it confused me.03:44
freak_does anybody know how to install using debootstrap, i can't get it to use an http proxy.03:44
MrPiracyrobdig: u there?03:46
robdigMrPiracy: yes03:46
SingAlongHow can I change from KDE to gnome?03:46
SingAlongI am a noob..03:46
blindsingalong, have you installed gnome?03:47
MrPiracyrobdig: i found something here ... OpenGL version string: 1.2 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.1)03:47
SingAlongThat comes with ubuntu...03:47
MrPiracyrobdig: yours is OpenGL version string: 1.3 Mesa 7.0.103:47
blindWell if you're in KDE, I figured you might have installed kubuntu.03:47
robdigMrPiracy: interesting. i'm on gutsy, are you03:47
blindbut, when at the login screen, click on "sessions" and gnome should be listed.03:47
SingAlongblind: I installed ubuntu. I have gnome as default. I want KDE03:47
MrPiracyrobdig: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM 20061017 x86/MMX/SSE203:47
blindOH, you want KDE. you said switch from kde to gnome.03:48
MrPiracyrobdig: this is ur renderer string ... looks specific to ur card while mine looks generic03:48
SingAlongblind: How to install KDE ...03:48
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: install the kubuntu-desktop03:48
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
SingAlongblind: How?03:48
MrPiracyrobdig: just says ....  Mesa GLX Indirect03:48
blindsingalong: are you familiar with synaptic?03:48
MrPiracyrobdig: yes, i'm on gutsy, all updates applied03:48
SingAlongJack_Sparrow: Thats what I want to know? :) I told u I am a noob... I am a first timer03:48
SingAlongblind: yeah...03:48
blindSingAlong: find kubuntu-desktop inside synaptic and install it. then at the login screen, click sessions, and KDE should be there.03:49
geniifreak_: Good resources here (just ignore the encryption parts) http://www.cs278.org/blog/ubuntu-configuration/feisty-debootstrap-encrypted-install/03:49
Xplicitcan you use raid inside an lvms e.g i have a partition in lvms and want to raid it to a second hd03:49
tarelerulzwhere are the files that goverent vnc ? in ubuntu 7.10 ?03:49
robdigMrPiracy: hmm, wonder if the intel driver is pulling the later version of opengl?03:49
SingAlongblind:The last time I tries using synaptic... I messed up and kde didnt install... instead I got a command line version of ubuntu :)03:49
MrPiracyrobdig: i guess i should try to upgrade this MESA thing then03:49
phalaceeI'll be back shortly, just doing some financial management03:49
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop      if you prefer using a cli or terminal session03:49
SingAlongblind: Should I log off and login after I install it?03:49
robdigMrPiracy: sounds reasonable03:49
NasariWhats better, Gnome or KDE?03:49
tarelerulzI get vnc now ,but it comes up with a gray screen which is not useful at all03:49
blindNasari: neither.03:50
robdigNasari: whichever one YOU like is better03:50
Nasaripritty subjective eh?03:50
Jack_SparrowNasari: Different only03:50
blindNasari, they're just different clothes for the same person.03:50
SingAlongJack_Sparrow: I have a 150kbps connection. How many hours will it take for me to install KDE?03:50
worthawholebeanok nickrud, i'm good now, thanks for the help03:50
MrPiracyrobdig: www.mesa3d.org it says there's a version 7.0.2 released03:50
Nasariah, ok, thanks03:51
nickrudworthawholebean, what driver did you use?03:51
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: no idea.. but awhile...03:51
robdigMrPiracy: hmm...03:51
worthawholebeannickrud, vesa is working for now... no idea why, installing fglrx now03:51
blindCan anyone help me install a linksys WMP54G (version 4.1)? modprobing rt2500 worked the first time, had some problems, took it out, turned it on, turned it off, put it back in, and now it's like it's not even there.03:51
=== diafic is now known as di[a]fic
nickrudworthawholebean, :)03:51
SingAlongJack_Sparrow: Will take more than 15 minutes?03:51
MrPiracyrobdig: yeah, way to go  .... version history says: Added checking/support for additional chips in the i915/i945 family (see 11978)03:51
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: yes03:51
SingAlongJack_Sparrow: more than 30 minutes?03:52
Josspyker_blind: rt 2500 and gutsy03:52
robdigMrPiracy: cool03:52
SingAlongJack_Sparrow:  or more than 1 hour?03:52
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: It installs alot of things...  I cant guess at how long it will take you03:52
qukkHi there; once I enter Ubuntu installation my keyboard doesn't work. Is there any way I can... fix this?03:52
freak_genii am i missing it, i don't see anything about a proxy on that page03:52
MrPiracyrobdig: will get it installed then i tell u what happens03:52
robdigMrPiracy: ok. hope it works for you03:53
nickrudSingAlong, i don't have any kde at all, and it seems kubuntu-desktop wants about 221 megs downloaded03:53
SingAlongJack_Sparrow: I am using Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn. I have a kubuntu 6.06 CD03:53
SingAlongnickrud: Can I install KDE from the Kubuntu CD?03:53
geniifreak_: How are you currently calling the debootstrap command?03:53
nickrudSingAlong, no, the releases don't match. Feisty is 7.0403:53
NasariI just got up and running, say i want to install flashplayer for firefox, is there an easy way of accomplishing this?03:54
SingAlongnickrud: Oh.. Thats what I was wondering about...   :)03:54
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: You can have both complete on the same hard drive and select the one you want from grub at boot.03:54
SingAlongJack_Sparrow: But the kubuntu CD seems to be having some problem.. so I am not able to install :(03:54
SingAlongThats why I am only able to import the programs using synaptic... I think so..03:55
Nasari[also, I have bad eyesight, is there anyway I can make the chat here somewhat larger?03:55
nickrudNasari, what irc client?03:55
freak_genii as root i am doing export http_proxy="" and then debootstrap --arch i386 http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/Release03:55
NasariI'm using Pidgion03:55
Dr_willis_Nasari,  depends on the irc client You are using. Or if using compiz  You can enable the zoom feature.03:55
blindCan anyone help me install a linksys WMP54G (version 4.1)? modprobing rt2500 worked the first time, had some problems, so i took it out, turned the machine on, turned it off, put the card back in, and now it's like it's not even there, even after modprobing rt2500 again.03:55
Jack_SparrowSingAlong: All the more reason to not use KDE.. I had issuse with KDE and have been happy with gnome... but I must go for tonight...  take care all..03:55
Dr_willis_Zoom feature in compiz is... handy03:56
tom___I have recently switched to ubuntu -- there are a lot of people on my msn list that I used to do voice chat with.  Is there a way to do voice chat with msn users?  Is there a reason aMSN hasn't implemented this?03:56
geniifreak_: Examine the line he uses: sudo debootstrap --include="language-pack-en,language-pack-en-base,dmsetup,cryptsetup,hashalot,initramfs-tools,nano" --components=main,universe --verbose --arch i386 feisty /mnt http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu $DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR/scripts/feisty03:56
nickrudNasari, don't know that one, but if you install xchat you can (better for irc anyway, posts with your name in them will be red and be easy to find)03:56
SingAlongGuys can u please tell me which is the channel for knoppix? (sorry for asking this)...03:56
NasariHeh, I'll check out xchat03:56
blindSingalong: #knoppix03:56
nickrudDr_willis, what's the keystroke for zoom?03:56
SingAlongblind: Thanks blind03:57
tom___I have recently switched to ubuntu -- there are a lot of people on my msn list that I used to do voice chat with.  Is there a way to do voice chat with msn users?  Is there a reason aMSN hasn't implemented this?03:58
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:58
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.03:58
=== slaytani2 is now known as slaytanic
freak_genii i figured out what my problem was thanks to you, i reexamined what i did exactly and realized that i had sudo debootstrap ... not debootstrap... so the environment variable http_proxy didn't get read03:59
geniifreak_: Glad you sorted it out :) It's installing now?03:59
freak_genii anyway... thanks for asking the question. definitely helped me figure out the problem. i knew it was probably something stupid.04:00
freak_genii yea, it is installing.04:00
qukkUm, hello! I'm trying to install Ubuntu server edition, and my keyboard isn't responding when trying to install from the CD. It works on the splash screen, but stops working at the language select screen. It is an old-style AT keyboard. Num-lock even stops working... Can anyone kindly help with this?04:00
jimmygoonAnyone ever dealt with an xfat driver?04:00
geniifreak_: You can run the tasksel after, thats what I usually do04:00
freak_genii i was wondering one other thing maybe you know. does debootstrap use signatures to verify the packages i'm installing have not been tampered with?04:01
NasariI just got up and running, say i want to install flashplayer for firefox, is there an easy way of accomplishing this?04:01
jimmygoonNasari, it is in the repos04:01
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:01
* nickrud feels he's back in breezy, with all the flash issues04:01
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.04:01
ehcis there a way to take the subtitles out of a .avi file?04:01
NasariWhats the "repos" ?04:02
jimmygoonNasari, woops, forgot there are some type of various flash problems04:02
geniifreak_: When I was installing some debs off my own site it groaned about md504:02
nalioth!tell Nasari about repos04:02
tarelerulzhave any of you vcn into other computer got nothing ,but gray screen .04:02
cdm10nalioth: Is !tell nick about factoid equivalent to !factoid > nick ?04:02
jimmygoonnickrud, no kidding04:02
geniifreak_: So it has some sort of internal check04:02
Xplicitis it possible to get my /boot to be written to 2 partitions (like raid or something)?04:02
naliothcdm10: yes04:03
geniiXplicit: Not usually04:03
theurzhow to get modeline for widescreen04:03
naliothcdm10: !tell blah about bleh usually makes more sense to blah04:03
cdm10nalioth: yep, looks like it :)04:03
freak_ubotu i don't use amsn, but if they don't have it (and i don't think they do) the reason it does not have voice chat with msn users is microsoft uses proprietary protocols. best thing to do is get them to use an sip client, or some other voice chat software that is more friendly with linux. i just stopped communicating that way when i switched to linux... that and get some linux friends to solve the problem.04:04
qukkWell... I fixed my own problem. using fb=false I made my keyboard work during installation. Is there anywhere I can go to make this available for other people to find?04:04
Nasariok, restrictions don't apply, is there a packet or something I can just download it from, or do i need to install it manually?04:04
otto_is there  a way to comment out the cdrom repository from the command line without editing?04:06
blindAlright, I'm having some troubles with my linksys WMP54G v4.1 -- When it's in its PCI slot, ubuntu won't boot past "Configuring network interfaces." How can I fix this?04:07
freak_ubotu try http://www.sipphone.com/04:07
freak_anyway- thanks all. bye04:07
robdigqukk: you can add something to ubuntuforums.org04:07
hou5tonIs there a good file manager that will allow me to become root and change file permissions?04:08
blindhou5ton: gksudo nautilus04:08
tom___I could use sipphone -- but then my contacts would have to install it on *thier* computer, right? isn't there a way where i can isntall something on mid and it will work with all of thiers?04:08
hou5tonblind:   thanks04:09
WillabeeI got japanese keyboard working, and now i need help with hebrew04:09
blindtom___: skype?04:09
Karl^Skype (beta 2 for Linux) has full voice, cam and chat messaging04:09
goldphishWhat does this mean? make[1]: *** No rule to make target `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.c', needed by `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.s'.  Stop.04:09
goldphishmake: *** [prepare0] Error 204:09
tom___blind: yeah but they all use msn/yahoo...they'd have to install skype then04:10
Willabeewhat's the standard shortcut for switching keyboard layouts04:10
Nasarifor ubuntu, do i want to download and install Adobe Flashplayer using .rpm or .tar.gz04:10
jimmygoonNasari, tar.gz04:10
BlaenkDenumBlaenkDenum: hi04:10
bioso, when I try to go to full-screen in google video, the pop-up window is empty, but the sound continues as usual04:10
blindtom___: sorry, i caught the butt-end of the convo. What are you trying to do?04:10
Nasariok, thanks jimmygoon O:-)04:10
Karl^GyacHe (Yahoo clone) has limited voice support (you have tobe in a room)04:11
|Cloud|what do i do if i get the message "Can't talk to klauncher" when opening amarok?04:11
robdiggoldphish: it means the makefile has an error in it...asm-offsets.s has a dependency on asm-offsets.c, but asm-offsets.c is not found04:11
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:12
tom___blind: no prob -- i just switched to ubuntu and i'd like to be able to do voice chat with msn/yahoo contacts.  I'ts looking like i can't. I'd really not like to have to bug them to install a new client as they probably won't04:12
J_A_Xhey guys, I just installed a new ubuntu server with SSH.  I can connect locally, but it seems that when I used the domain pointing to it (the ip is good, i checked it), it doesn't seem to reply back04:12
blindahh.. amsn doesn't do voice?04:12
Nasariok, sorry for all these questions an all, but I have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to linux. I have downloaded the  flashplayer.tar.gz file - how do I unpack it?04:12
J_A_Xthe port should be forwarded properly as well04:12
goldphishrobdig: hmm, correct it's not there. So I read all these guides that say that to build just one module ass you need is the kernel header package. How is this possible?04:13
astro76J_A_X, most routers will not allow you to do that, unless they support something called "nat reflection" or similar04:13
Mitt4PrezLook at Mike Huckabee's psychotic comments.04:13
tom___blind: nope04:13
Mitt4PrezVote Mitt Romney 2008.  He is a tech savvy candidate that will put the US back on track economically and help us win in Iraq and defend our borders.04:13
Mitt4PrezMitt Romney 200804:13
SuperLaghou5ton: slacker :)04:13
astro76!ops | Mitt4Prez04:13
Mitt4PrezLook at Mike Huckabee's psychotic comments.04:14
Mitt4PrezVote Mitt Romney 2008.  He is a tech savvy candidate that will put the US back on track economically and help us win in Iraq and defend our borders.04:14
ubotuMitt4Prez: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!04:14
Mitt4PrezMitt Romney 200804:14
hou5tonSuperLag:   hey man .... be right with ya ... just a min04:14
J_A_Xastro76: err, what are you talking about?  I have the same setup at home...04:14
J_A_Xdomain pointing to ip, routing forwarding port 22...04:14
nixnoobanyone running gusty on a Asus c90s notebook?04:15
J_A_Xjust, for some reason, this one isn't working externally04:15
robdiggoldphish: dunno. was the code designed for ubuntu? if not, may need to install something else as well04:15
NasariSorry for repeating my question but i really have no idea what i' doing: I have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to linux. I have downloaded the  flashplayer.tar.gz file - how do I unpack it?04:15
J_A_Xi think i just forgot something, but I'm not sure04:15
blindAlright, I'm having some troubles with my linksys WMP54G v4.1 -- When it's in its PCI slot, ubuntu won't boot past "Configuring network interfaces." How can I fix this?04:15
nixnoobblind, unplug it. =)04:16
Jack_SparrowNasari: Is it really that important that you have flash now ?04:16
blindnixnoob, yes, but i'd like a working wireless card in my computer. how can i fix it so it will run?04:16
nickrudblind, what's in your /etc/network/interfaces ?04:16
blindnickrud: let me go find out...04:17
NasariOK, sorry, I think I got it, thanks04:17
otto_where can I get the default gutsy sources.list04:17
NasariNo, but I figured that instaling flash will help with with the general concept of installing packages04:18
burgerhave a program that run when I execute from its folder.  I'm assuming I can move that folder to /usr/local type place and have it available from anywhere.  How would I change my PATH to look an executable in a folder?  And thanks for any help.04:18
Jack_Sparrow!easysource > otto_04:18
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:18
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.04:18
Jack_SparrowNasari: Sticking to the repos will help you keep a stable workable system.04:19
astro76J_A_X, what I'm talking about is many people try to access their local system using their external IP, and the router prevents this04:19
* nickrud emphatically agrees with Jack_Sparrow 04:19
J_A_Xastro76: ahhhh04:19
Jack_Sparrownixnoob: If you are talking to me...  Keep your opinions to yourself thanks04:19
NasariNasari has no idea what a "repo"/ "repos" is...04:19
J_A_Xcould be, this router is complete crap04:19
nixnoobJack_Sparrow, I was just kidding.  Calm down.04:20
astro76J_A_X, so instead of reflecting this connection back, it sends it out to the gateway never to return04:20
J_A_Xcool, i'll try to get someone to get to login from somewhere else04:20
blindiface ra0 inet dhcp -- wireless-essid (myessidhere) -- auto ra004:21
blind(the -- = newline)04:22
nickrudblind, remove the auto ra0 , try that04:22
Jack_SparrowNasari: The official repositories as found in your sources list are tested software that can be easilly installed with synaptic or apt-get or aptitude etc04:22
Nasarioh, ok, thanks Jack04:23
patrlckI have installed ubuntu-7.10-desktop-amd64.iso but when I type "uname -a" I get "pat-desktop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Dec 18 05:28:27 UTC 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux" .. is it normal ?04:23
nickrudpatrlck, yes04:23
Jack_SparrowNasari: If you want my help installing flash. I will give you simple instructions, but it could cause you problems when the real fix comes down later04:24
patrlckI tried installing xchat as I usually do but it won't work04:24
patrlckI can't seem to install any package at all04:24
patrlckusing apt-get04:24
astro76patrlck, yes, note the x86_64 in the uname -a output04:24
nickrudpatrlck, system->admin->software sources, make sure the first 4 items are selected, and the cdrom is not04:24
Xplicitoops i was using a windows xp install disk and deleted some partitions but havent formated them, is there a way i can rebuild the partition table to fix this mistake?04:24
geniiSomeone was asking about how to remove the cdrom line from sources.list without editing? Anyhow since it's first line , sudo sed 1d /etc/apt/sources.list  > /etc/apt/sources.list           will work04:24
hdevalenceis it possible to use an NTFS partition as a /home?04:25
bioNasari, did you find what you needed?04:25
patrlckthanks nickrud everything works fine now :)04:25
Jack_Sparrowhdevalence: no04:25
hdevalenceJack_Sparrow: thought so.04:26
Xplicithdevalence: no we cant use the permisions AFAIK04:26
blindnickrud, totally worked. thanks man04:26
bioNasari, I can give you step by step if you need04:26
nickrudblind, yw. But don't even think of asking me to help you set up the wireless, you'd be wasting your time :)04:26
noelferreirablind: should i open a udp or tcp port for vnc?04:26
Xplicitis it possible to use a Fat partition as home? if you use the fat + permision format?04:26
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons?04:26
NasariAh, yes, I did, thanks04:27
astro76noelferreira, vnc uses tcp04:27
* bio goes to eat noodles04:27
noelferreirathanks astro7604:27
blindnickrud, i've done it before, same card, same version, just this time something went wrong?04:27
NasariI somehow got some cina package manager that did it for me! =-O Yay!04:27
* nickrud sits here, fingers stilled04:27
GneaXplicit: nope, you need to use a filesystem that support UNIX permissions04:28
FunnyMan3595What's the hard way (command line) to activate DHCP on a connection?04:28
nickrudblind, I 'blindly' used bcm43xx driver in restricted manager, it worked, I kissed my cd04:28
bioNasari, for future, #tar xvf filename04:28
GneaXplicit: although, if you were to somehow load /home as a SAMBA slice...04:28
biois good04:28
FunnyMan3595i.e. What DHCP program is Ubuntu using?04:28
GneaXplicit: then NTFS would be better for that04:29
NasariI have a question, I use VLC player with windows, if i install it on this linux platform, will it also all of the codecs as well?04:29
GneaFunnyMan3595: ps axf | grep dhcp04:29
bioNasari, that's x-tract v-erbose f-file something like that... extracts it into the folder04:29
blindnickrud, well linksys has the ralink chipset (at least this version claims to), so it should just work after modprobing rt2500... but we'll see.04:29
lekugot a question on resizing my partitions with gparted04:29
bioNasari, perhaps04:29
KhajaviI have question: I need software to create repository and delete my old packages. managing old and new packages04:29
hdevalencein this case it's a friend of mine who wants to have r/w acess to /home from Windows04:29
Nasaribio for the win!04:29
lekui have 44g unallocated and I want to grow my NTFS partition on /dev/sda1 from 24g to 50g04:29
astro76Nasari, it's the same, except I think you still need to install libdvdcss2 for encrypted DVDs04:30
bioNasari, you can get libxine-extracodecs something like that04:30
lekui try to do sudo ntfsresize -S 50G /dev/sda104:30
nickrudblind, if it works when the module is modprobed, but not when you boot, add the module name on a line by itself in /etc/modules04:30
bio*might have to get04:30
biodoes VLS use xine?04:30
lekubut it says the new size cant be bigger than the device size and i need to enlarge device size using fdisk04:30
bioor like gstreamer or somehting04:30
lekuso do i go into fdisk and do that?04:30
lekuim' worried i'm going to ruin my windows partition04:30
bioVLC that is04:30
Gnealeku: right - you need to use fdisk to remanage the MBR so that the disk itself knows where to expand beyond the current barrier04:31
NasariI get get libxine-extracodecs with synaptic?04:31
Xplicitcan gutsy use UMSDOS? or would it require major work?04:31
bioNasari, you can, still not sure if VLC uses xine04:31
lekuok gnea04:31
lekuso i just go use fdisk and make the thing larger04:31
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:31
lekuthen use ntfsresize?04:31
Jack_Sparrow!find libxine04:31
ubotuFound: libxine-dev, libxine1, libxine1-dbg, libxine1-doc, libxinerama-dev (and 9 others)04:31
bioNasari, the command line (terminal) is sweet though, I got throw-back neon green on black04:32
nickrudbio, no it doesn't use xine libs04:32
Gnealeku: you also might want to look at gparted and ntfs-3g04:32
lekugparted wont let me04:32
bionickrud, what does VLC use?04:32
=== _Kernel is now known as Kernel
Gnealeku: are you familiar with the linux fdisk at all?04:32
Nasariwhat about the command line?04:32
astro76bio, VLC uses it's own code04:32
lekuseasoned linux guy04:33
SuperQMmmm.. curry04:33
astro76bio, and low level libs04:33
nickrudbio, it uses itself04:33
bioI've never really liked VLC, you guys like?04:33
SuperQleku: first kernel?04:33
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:33
SuperQleku: what was the kernel on the first linux you used?04:34
lekui'm trying to resize a partition :)04:34
astro76bio, there is yet to be a perfect media player, but most people consider VLC the swiss army knife ;)04:34
nickrudbio, works better for dvd's than anything else I've tried, I've kinda shifted over for everything now04:34
lekumaybe earlier than that04:34
SuperQAhh, those were the good ol days04:34
lekubut thats all i remember04:34
Gnealeku: it's pretty simple then: just make sure that sda1 begins on the same sector/cylinder that sda1 is currently set to, then change the end sector boundary to be greater than what it's currently set at (whatever the 50G limit is)04:34
SuperQgood ol slackware04:34
leku24 floppies04:34
EDinNYWhat is the maximum size of a swap partition on an I86-64 machine?04:34
astro76bio, yeah I prefer it for DVDs too04:34
lekuthanks gnea04:34
bioah, I see, yeah, I use flash, realplayer, and xine-based stuff I guess04:34
* leku nervous to break windows04:34
SuperQI'm so glad I switched to Bo back in ~9804:35
NasariWhat i'm looking for is a nice codec package, and was wondering if I download VLC is that a good option, or is there a better way?04:35
SuperQDebian Bo04:35
Xplicitbreaking windows is fun, just make sure ubuntu works 1st04:35
lekudunno what that is04:35
biff420anyone know how to set the xorg.conf so that I can get 640x480 with 256 colors?04:35
lekui've used debian plenty04:35
Gnealeku: gparted *should* be able to see that - if it can't resize the ntfs partition, then ntfsresize should - again, check out ntfs-3g though, as it has better linux compatibility and should be less risky04:35
tritiumSuperQ, leku: there's #ubuntu-offtopic for chit-chat04:35
nickrudSuperQ, dropping names ? ;p04:35
lekugnea: i'm booted off of a live ubuntu cd04:35
bioNasari, VLC probably is the most versatile single player from what I understand04:36
lekui'll reboot into linux now04:36
Gnealeku: right-o04:36
bioNasari, are you looking for stand-alone or plug-in?04:36
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:36
SuperQheh, sorry04:36
Nasarior plugins/whatever04:36
ShpookSo I guess installing KDE alongside Gnome is generally a bad idea?04:36
bioNasari, for streaming or DVD?04:36
lekushpook: not at all04:36
lekui have had both04:36
bioNasari, plug-in I mean like into firefox04:37
Nasarifor mp3, mp4 div-x ect04:37
chintani think vistacodec pack (if it is available on lin)04:37
biff420anyone know how to set the xorg.conf so that I can get 640x480 with 256 colors?04:37
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:37
Shpookleku: hmmm...i just got done playing with KDE, and now in Gnome, Pidgin and Firefox 2 segfault when I run them04:37
XplicitShpook: its ok but there are problems04:37
Xplicitwhat happends in kde?04:38
lekushouldn't have anything to do with kde04:38
lekuif kde updated pidgen and firefox 204:38
lekuyou might have a problem04:38
tritium!enter | leku04:38
ubotuleku: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:38
Blazer11hello all04:38
lekuthanks for the IRC ettiquette lesson04:39
tritiumAny time...04:39
Xplicit!ask | Blazer1104:39
lekuinstall firefox304:39
ubotuBlazer11: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:40
biff420how do i edit xorg.conf to get 640x480 @ 256 colors?04:40
* robdig remembers 640X480...wasn't that the res for the original vga in the '80s?04:40
=== di[a]fic is now known as diafic
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:40
biff420robdig: and starcraft...hence the question04:40
EDinNYNasari you want win32 or win64 codecs04:40
_gtt_how can i figure out why i'm unable to browse samba shares from one laptop on my network? the error reported is that it doesnt find any workgroups to join.04:40
EDinNYNasari: there is a depository with them in it...you install them and mplayer, but vlc is a great alternative04:41
Blazer11ubotu ??04:41
robdigbiff420: system->preferences->screen resolution?04:42
Shpookleku: I'm using Firefox 3, but Firebug doesn't support it yet, and that's my main JS debugger lol04:42
scguy318!medibuntu | Nasari04:42
ubotuNasari: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:42
ShpookAnd I JUST reformatted and reinstalled because I destroyed the last installation :-(04:42
lekuman gparted is junk.. always seg faults04:42
NasariOK, thanks04:42
XplicitShpook: doesnt support or says itdoesnt support?04:42
lekuahh ok shpook04:42
lekubummer.. b2 is so nice04:42
biff420robdig:isn't there a gui to edit xorg.conf?04:43
gvsa123i'm trying to play around with automated shutdown/restart. what command do i have to issue so that all running applications are ended before shutting down?04:43
ShpookXplicit: doesn't support it....or at least won't install04:43
lekugvsa: the ubuntu init system will properly shutdown everythign for you04:43
Shpookleku: yeah, I'm in love with FF3b204:43
tritiumbiff420: generally, one does "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to reconfigure it04:43
ActySoftsbiff420: system -> preferences -> screen resolution04:43
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:43
lekuwow gparted still wont let me resize this beast04:43
nickrudbiff420, if you'll put your xorg.conf on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org I'll show you the changes necessary04:43
EDinNYgvsa123, "shutdown -r" reboots, "shutdown -h" halts04:44
gvsa123leku: but i noticed that there would be times when for example i left firefox minimized on another window, and i shutdown, the next time, i will be prompted that the session wasn't ended04:44
XplicitShpook: you can try installing it anyway by using extensions.checkCompatibility;false04:44
biff420nicrud: sure thing...maybe you can clean it up a bit...it looks like $hit04:44
Blazer11ubotu are u a linux god, cause i do have an issue, for real ultrasparc, video card on pci domain 0001, the xorg old chesnut, trying to figure out how to install xfree86 in gutsy, or debian etch04:44
lekugvsa: well applications like firefox don't relaly need to be properly shutdown04:44
lekueveryting else that needs to has an init script04:44
gvsa123EDinNY: i have sudo shutdown -h now set to GShutdown04:44
lekuso stuff running on your desktop, who really cares how it closes04:44
bio!ubotu | Blazer1104:44
ubotuBlazer11: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:44
ShpookXplicit: ahh thanks, I forgot you could do that04:45
XplicitShpook: add the string extensions.checkCompatibility to about:config then set it to false04:45
tritiumleku: how hard is it for you to understand !enter?04:45
EDinNYgvsa123, that is a bug in firefox.  It usually says it was not shut down correctly04:45
Xplicitleku: firefox has an anoying tendancy to popup a warning if you to an os shutdown it wont restore04:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xine - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:45
lekutritium: get a life04:45
nickrud!info xine-ui04:45
gvsa123EDinNY: plus I added killall -SIGHUP java to end azureus so i don't get the messegae that it wasn't shutdown tidily the next time...04:45
ubotuxine-ui: the xine video player, user interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.5-2build1 (gutsy), package size 1514 kB, installed size 3628 kB04:45
ActySofts!libxine > bio04:45
Blazer11can someone help me please!04:46
biff420nicrud: done04:46
nickrudbiff420, I need the url04:46
bioActySofts, knows nothing of libxine04:46
gvsa123EDinNY: oh it's a bug in FF...04:46
ShpookNow, if I remove kubuntu-desktop...will it completely remove everything kubuntu and pretend it was never there?04:46
nickrud!info libxine104:46
ubotulibxine1: the xine video/media player library, binary files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 2431 kB, installed size 5528 kB04:46
Xplicittritium: that was unecisary he was being help full just didnt like following a fairly pointless rule04:46
biff420nickrud: sorry.. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49766/04:46
biff420nickrud: still new to this04:47
tritiumXplicit: it's far from pointless.  It keeps the noise down in the channel.04:47
mwaganyone know how to use cedega?04:47
EDinNYgvsa123, you HUP a process?  that usually just causes it to re-read its config file if it is a server04:47
biff420mwag: got to the #cedega channel04:47
Xplicitid of thought noise was less important than removing help from the channel04:47
EDinNYgvsa123: rather if it is a daemon04:47
tritiumXplicit: we have a code of conduct as well.  He decided to be rude.04:48
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:48
nickrudbiff420, change the Defaultdepth to 8 to use the 8 bit display04:48
gvsa123EDinNY: not really sure what the killall -SIGHUP does.. i just got it from the wiki of azureus.. it seems to work... i was wondering if i needed to issue a similar generalized command to close applications (i.e. pidgin, music players, open nautilus windows, Openoffice, etc...)04:48
ShpookOh yeah, anyone else play with PulseAudio yet? Better yet, on a 64-bit system?04:48
mwaghow do you join channels04:48
Blazer11help need a linux guru to help me with sunblade 1500, multi pci domain, xorg04:48
alexandroidhi all. I need help with installing Ubuntu on external HDD (WD passport 160). I've found several instructions over web, but my case seems to be a bit different and I am stuck. =) I am using Ubuntu 7.10 live DVD to boot from, ran install from it. I let it automatically partition the drive and told grub to install into sdb (which in my case was the external HDD). It seemed to work fine (my laptop HDD/MBR remain intact), except I can04:49
ActySoftsmwag: type "/join #channel"04:49
Xplicitwho was asking about getting firefox to shut down properly04:49
biff420nickrud: in the screen section?04:49
gvsa123EDinNY: i only used it because i noticed that not shutting down azureus nicely causes messages to appear the next time i use it...04:49
EDinNYgvsa123, I always log out before I reboot so firefox and other applications are not running04:49
slugoneive downloaded a linux game.....its a shell script....how do i install it04:49
slugone1 file04:49
nickrudbiff420, yes. You'll probably need to do it for both screens, I don't remember if X supports different bit depths on different screens, but don't think so04:50
Gneaslugone: which one?04:50
Xplicittheres a hack for firefox to get it to skip the popup dialog but is theres a way to get firefox to shutdown properly , loging out doesnt help me as kde restores sessions04:50
slugonebeyond the red line04:50
_gtt_nickrud: it does04:50
slugoneits based on freespace04:50
nickrud_gtt_, thaks04:50
biff420nickrud: why is there more than one screen defined?...i only have one monitor04:50
slugonea battle star galactica04:51
ActySoftsthe icons on the human theme in the main menu are totally blurred, making them pretty hard to see what they are, while the other icon themes work fine. any ideas why ubuntu doesn't use the correct size for them and resizes the smaller icons? http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/17/screenshotps7.png04:51
Gnea*perk* battlestar galactica? *DOWNLOADS*04:51
nickrudbiff420, I have no clue. Where'd you get it?04:51
gvsa123EDinNY: what about the killall command... there's an option to killall --user... does that mean that everything i opened/ran while i was logged in will be closed down neatly?04:51
ShpookOh wait, I inspected further. My problems are related to PulseAudio and not KDE.04:51
ShpookE: authkey.c: failed to open cookie file '/home/shpook/.pulse-cookie': Permission deniedE: authkey.c: Failed to load authorization key '/home/shpook/.pulse-cookie': Permission denied*** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to connect: Connection refusedSegmentation fault (core dumped)04:51
Blazer11anyone have xfree86 working in gutsy04:51
EDinNYgvsa123, you want to log out before you reboot04:51
tritiumBlazer11: no, Xorg04:52
ShpookSo I think for the time being, I'll revert to ALSA, until PulseAudio has a 1.0.04:52
nickrudbiff420, looking closer, I see you have nvidia defined for one and nv for the other. No clue about that, either. Never used nvidia04:52
biff420nickrud: it was generated that way when i installed the resticted NVIDIA driver04:52
nickrudbiff420, oh, downloaded from nvidia?04:52
EDinNYgvsa123: some programs, like mail clients,  do some housekeeping when you shut them down04:52
Blazer11im in a pickle is there a way? tritium04:52
biff420nickrud: no just with ubuntu04:52
tritiumBlazer11: why would you want to replace Xorg with Xfree?04:53
biff420nickrud: i have sli too...not sure how that fits in either...since only one device is defined04:53
TigranGHi. Where are the gnome panel configuration files located?04:53
nickrudbiff420, no clue then. Like I said, I don't have nvidia now and when I did it was a lowly 5200 and I never got anything similar to that04:53
biff420nickrud: no worries...ill find an example sli xorg.conf somewhere04:53
gvsa123EDinNY: ok.. but when you logout/reboot/shutdown, do open applications get shutdown the proper way also? or do they get "forced quit" or something04:53
Gneaslugone: try this: sh ./BtRLDemoInstaller.run04:53
Blazer11xorg does not scan past pci domain 0000, my graphics card is on 000104:53
biff420nickrud: thanks for the help04:54
GneaBlazer11: is the PCI ID set in the xorg.conf file?04:54
hanasakii am running at 1440x900 resolution on a 19" monitor and all the windows/fonts are BIG how can I shrink them/scale them04:55
ogrewhat do i type to view free space on my disks?04:55
Gnea!fonts | hanasaki04:55
ubotuhanasaki: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:55
Gneaogre: df -Th04:55
nickrudogre, df -h04:55
Blazer11well sort of, its bus id is right but it is in domain 0001 which xorg does not see04:55
EDinNYgvsa123: oh, now I see what you mean.  you can do a logout shutdown.  Most programs close correctly and will start next time you log in...at least in kde...but some programs like Evolution like to be shut down before you reboot04:55
gvsa123EDinNY: for example, shutting down while openoffice is runnign will cause the unrecovered document recovery thing to pop out the next time you use OOo... and leaving an open nautilus window will cause the next reboot to have an open window already popped up04:56
ridge-meisterwhat entry should i add to sources.list in order to install gbrainy?04:56
GneaBlazer11: mkay, are you trying to do a dual-head display?04:56
TigranGWhere are the gnome panel configuration files located?04:56
GneaTigranG: usually in ~/.gnome2/04:56
nickrudTigranG, you would find them by running gconf-editor, and navigating the tree on the left to /apps/panel04:56
sn00zerdoes anyone here use a kvm switch? I'm having issues getting my laptop to display correctly(win xp) and at all (gutsy), laptop is widescreen, main monitor is fullscreen04:56
TigranGGnea: thanks04:57
gvsa123EDinNY: yeah... so the command i was looking for was something that would for example, close all running programs like how they should before processing with the shutdown or reboot.... can i use the killall with that?04:57
Gneasn00zer: yeah - who makes your kvm?04:57
sn00zergnea: cables to go04:57
slugoneGnea it is working what does the SH command do ?04:57
Shpoo1Muah ha ha - Installed ESound, removed all PulseAudio libraries, and all segfaults are gone. I really wish I coulde use PulseAudio though.04:57
EDinNYgvsa123: sorry, have not tried that.  I close things before shutting down04:57
Gneaslugone: it executes the file as a shell script04:57
Blazer11no, im stuck because xorg will not scan multi pci domains, and xfree86 will, this what i found in ubuntu forums, but how do you use xfree86 when its not supported?04:57
=== King-in-Yellow_ is now known as King-in-Yellow
slugonethx a mill04:58
TigranGGnea: Where exactly in .gnome2?04:58
* EDinNY goes to next room to install Linux04:58
GneaBlazer11: you're still being vague - could you please pastebin the output of this command: lspci | grep VGA04:58
gvsa123EDinNY: welll thanks anyway04:58
nickrudTigranG, it's not in .gnome2 , it's under .gconf , but gconf-editor makes browsing that easy04:58
Shpoo1Alright, easy one now. Anyone remember how to fix the bug where xorg.conf doesn't save changes on restart?04:58
GneaTigranG: sorry, my mistake - ~/.gconf/04:58
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:59
sn00zergnea: in xp it shows up during boot but chops off edges since the resolutions are different, but once in xp i have to use it as an external and i can't set my main(secondary to xp) as primary, and with gutsy i get a black screen04:59
TigranGnickrud: I need the file for it, exact file, because I'm going to have 2 setups, so I'll just have a script that changes the files.04:59
LucidFoxI've configured Ubuntu Gutsy to use pulseaudio, but it constantly eats about 7% CPU when rhythmbox is playing. What am I doing wrong?04:59
adamonline46Dang, could anyone tell me how to connect to a samba share from ubuntu?  I can connect to it from WinXP, but not from a separate ubuntu rig...04:59
TigranGnickrud: so I guess I'll check in ./gconf04:59
LucidFoxadamonline46> smb://host/directory in nautilus05:00
nickrudTigranG, it' would be ~/.gonf/apps/panel , swap that dir05:00
TigranGnickrud: Ok. Got it. Thanks05:00
Gneasn00zer: that's weird - usually it's belkin kvms that are problematic. checking into it now..05:00
besquareDON'T DO rm -rf ~/05:00
TigranGnickrud: Once I swap it, would I need to logout and in for it to take effect?05:00
adamonline46LucidFox: That's what I've got... I'm using an IP as a hostname, is that kosher?05:01
* Gnea wonders wtf said "rm -rf ~/" in the first place05:01
LucidFoxadamonline46> yes05:01
nickrudTigranG, you'd have to swap it around while logged out and gconfd-2 is not running; you can use gconftool to change keys while the daemon is running05:01
sn00zergnea: its model #35555 if it helps05:01
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adamonline46LucidFox: Shucks.  I'm not able to connect at all.  I've got the firewalls down on both machines...  Any ideas?05:02
TigranGnickrud: So I can use gconf-editor and navigate to apps/panel save that for the 2 setup, then have the script run gconftool and load the save configurations?05:03
LucidFoxadamonline46> Stupid question, but can you access the same machine using other protocols? Does ping work?05:03
KlrSpzanyone familiar with bridging in ubuntu? trying to get my nic to bridge to my wireless and isn't seeming to actually route traffic; works fine in windows, but that's only a proof of it's ability05:03
adamonline46LucidFox: Yes, I just SSHed in with no problems...05:04
nickrudTigranG, I've only used gconftool to prune bad settings. it's not going to be that simple05:04
Dr_willisKlrSpz,  at one time - one would read the ip-masquerading howto to set  that up. :) not sure if theres an easier /gui way to do it now a days or not.05:04
TigranGnickrud: K, gonna give it a try05:05
KlrSpzdon't care if it's a gui implementation, i just gotta get this working so i can get my 360 online :)05:05
KlrSpz(i come from gentoo, so i don't mind getting dirty as long as i can understand it and get it working)05:05
Gneasn00zer: looks like the video quality degredation is a known issue05:06
Dr_willisKlrSpz,  check out that howto.. and i bet there are some gentoo wiki pages on the same topic.05:06
KlrSpzalthough you'd think there'd be a bridge plugin to the network manager05:06
SpookyETSwitching folders in nautilus is extremely slow. Every time I change a folder, I see a network spike in system monitor applet in the panel. What's it doing, looking for network computers?05:07
Dr_willisnever noticed. :) setting up ipmasquerading is like a 3 line script. if i rember right05:07
sn00zergnea: are their any workarounds?05:07
RavingGriffalright, so i dual-boot windows and ubuntu.  a few days ago, i upgraded from an on-board geforce 6600 to a geforce 8500 gt card.  worked fine with windows, but when ubuntu boots, i get a blank screen.  right now i'm running in recovery mode, as root05:07
jamescarrhey folks05:07
nickrudKlrSpz, I had some issues with networkmanager in the past, and it's spec is dealing with only one interface at a time05:07
Gneasn00zer: sell it and get another?05:07
RavingGriffa user from my regular irc channel tells me that my driver may be outdated, but i'd like your input05:07
ChrisULMdoes anyone know how to setup an ssh tunnel with firefox and putty?05:07
Gneasn00zer: i've had very good luck with iogear05:07
sn00zergnea: i have my desktop connected to it and it works fine, its just the laptop05:08
troxorChrisULM: something like ssh -D ?05:08
Dr_willisRavingGriff,  I think there may be some issues with the 8500 card. They both should be using the same nvidia drivers  BUT the 8500 may be wanting the glx-new driver. not the normal glx one.05:08
jamescarrI am having trouble installing ... the live cd startup seems to hang on detecting hard drives... any idea whats up? The drives currently use the UFS (or is UHS) file format for BSD05:08
ChrisULMtroxor, not sure. basically i want to tunnel through my dd-wrt router at home using ssh05:08
Dr_willis!find glx05:08
ubotuFound: libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg, libglitz-glx1, libglitz-glx1-dev, libxcb-glx0 (and 9 others)05:08
TigranGnickrud: How can I save it to a file? It says --dump, So I do gconftool --demp /apps/panel [dir]. Is that right?05:08
troxorChrisULM: which way?05:08
Gneasn00zer: right, but the point of using a kvm in the first place is to be able to swap between systems without any issues05:09
sn00zergnea: and shouldn't windows at least work with it?05:09
Blazer11Gnea 0001:00:03.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]05:09
ChrisULMtroxor, when im on my laptop at my university, i want to tunnel back to my router at home05:09
nickrudTigranG, I looked over the man page again, and once again accepted that I am no gconftool expert . setting a key or two, or using --recursive-unset is the limits of my knowledge05:09
RavingGriffDr_willis, am i going to need to apt get those packages?05:10
tarelerulzI can't seem to copy files using samba  I don't know why so I thought I would use scp ,but I can't  understand if it is working or not .  I can ssh into the other computer .  anyone have an example what you need to put in05:10
TigranGnickrud: K, thanks.05:10
ChrisULMtroxor, ive connected to the router from another IP using SSH, but i dont know what to do from there05:10
troxorChrisULM: just forward port 2205:10
Dr_willisRavingGriff,  You may want to doublt check the !nvidia factoid links. THey got a link to a list of what cards need what drivers..  you should be able to just apt-get install the right ones.05:10
nickrudTigranG, sorry. If you look around gnome.org , you'll probably find a tutorial05:10
troxorChrisULM: and change dd-wrt's listening ssh daemon  to 222 or somesuch05:10
Dr_willis!nvidia | RavingGriff05:10
ubotuRavingGriff: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:10
x_orI think I might have been cracked, when I run grep it says "grep: unrecognized option `--post-data'"  I think someone might have replaced grep in the execution chain with wget to post files when grep is run using an automated process.  Has anyone heard of anything like this before?05:10
ChrisULMwill try that, thanks05:11
RavingGriffthank you, Dr_willis05:11
SpookyETWill someone help please?05:11
KlrSpzDr_willis: when you say a 3 line script, you mean injections to the iptables?05:11
alexandroidstill waiting with my question. =) To put it simple: how do I check that grub is installed ok in external HDD and it is bootable?05:11
KlrSpzie, routing packets from one nic to another?05:11
sunogbagaSpookyET: ask05:11
SpookyETsunogbaga: I did05:11
Gneasn00zer: there seems to be some conflicting info about these... https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ma/2007-November/000980.html  goes out on a limb to actually purchase the same kvm that you have and bad-mouths the iogear - but then again, my iogear is a PS/2 version and doesn't hassle with the USB power issues05:11
nickrudalexandroid, try to boot ? ;)05:11
Dr_willisKlrSpz,  if i rember the old way (it proberly hasent changed much) you enable the ipmasquerading with some echo command to set it up. then its like 1 or 2 iptables rules.05:12
KlrSpzalexandroid: it'll tell you once you tell grub to put it on the drive, as for bootable that's up to your bios to support booting usb devices05:12
KlrSpzah yeah like the forwarding node in the proc fs05:12
sunogbagaSpookyET: didn't see your post.. whats the prob?05:12
Gneasn00zer: and i've seen the same issue with the bootup-into-640x480 in linux but that's a simple reboot issue (with the iogear), but it never provides any problems with resolution cropness05:13
KlrSpzDr_willis: i think i did this a loooooooong time ago in school; but it's been so long i can't remember what we did or how we accomplished it.. i'll read up.. thanks for the tip05:13
SpookyETsunogbaga:  Switching folders in nautilus is extremely slow. Every time I change a folder, I see a network spike in system monitor applet in the panel. What's it doing, looking for network computers?05:13
KlrSpzSpookyET: check out dstat, it should tell you what portion of your system is being hit when you feel those lags05:13
alexandroidwell, i tried booting from it. It seems not to work - blank screen. However I'd expect it to say "not bootable" in case of real problem. BIOS seems to support booting from USB (at least it is in the list of bootable devices)05:14
KlrSpzalso, when it does it you can watch your netstat if you're certain it's the network to see what it's tring to connect to05:14
SpookyETKlrSpz: dstat?05:14
adamonline46Is there a samba client?05:14
x_orAnyone know of cracker problems with postfix?  I think my machine has been cracked and I just setup postfix recently, so I wonder if there is a vulnerability.05:14
KlrSpzSpookyET: yeah, install it05:14
pr0nGuyanyone use virtualbox?05:14
robdigadamonline46: yes, smbclient05:14
sunogbagaadamonline46: yes there is05:14
KlrSpz(not at an ubuntu box so i'm not sure what the real pkg name is)05:14
KlrSpzpr0nGuy: yep.. love it05:15
adrian__HELP!! I have  a problem. when i rebooted my comp, it did the sda1 check. but it would not complete the check because it said it had trouble with loading a file called micronode-(random number). or something like that. and it would not let me got in to my home area. so i tryed some various recoverymodes and i finally got in, by just starting the recoverymode, and exitiing it. i think i might have been lucky this time, anyone knows what i05:15
adrian__can do to avoid hitting this problem in the future?05:15
nickrudalexandroid, try editing the menu.lst , find the kernel line that has quiet splash on it. Remove those words, at least it'll remove the chance that it's a framebuffer issue05:15
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: i just installed it.  do I have to run updates?05:15
Blazer11Gnea, do u see wht im talkin bout05:15
Romeskinda weird question: where do the ubuntu devs hang out?05:15
SpookyETKlrSpz: It's telling me the same thing as system monitor applet05:15
SpookyETThe network is getting hit05:15
GneaBlazer11: no not really - it looks like you have a single video card going to just one monitor, right?05:16
SpookyETI don't know why. I'm surfing my home directory05:16
KlrSpzpr0nGuy:  generally download it from the developer's site to ensure the latest; are you having problems?05:16
tarelerulzTo use scp I did this scp username@192.168.x.x and then it goes to the next line ? What am I doing wrong05:16
KlrSpzSpookyET: right ok so check out netstat (try watch -n 1 netstat -anp)05:16
adamonline46robdig: Hmm, I have it already... Is there a config file or do I have to add users to it or anything?  I can't smb out for the life of me...05:16
WildeSehnsuchthi. i would like to restrict *some* (not all) applications to send any data to broadcast on the network ( is there any gui tool to control things like these?05:16
Blazer11ya,notice its on pic domain 0001 0001:00:03.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]05:16
Gneatarelerulz: are you trying to send or receive a file?05:16
KlrSpzand see what happens when you browse, see if it's searching a local ip or remote or whatnot05:16
Blazer11pci sorry05:16
sunogbagatarelerulz: scp copies files.. you have to put files in the params.. just like normal cp05:16
tarelerulzGnea, I am trying to send a file05:16
nickrudtarelerulz, what way are you trying to transfer?05:17
GneaBlazer11: yeah so that's built-in or is it a separate card?05:17
tarelerulzAn .wav file05:17
KlrSpzyou need a source and dest05:17
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: I've just installed.  the only reason I want it is to print from my canon and lexmark printers.05:17
KlrSpzscp localfile.wav user@host:~/05:17
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: I got it from synaptic05:17
Gneatarelerulz: scp file.wav user@IP:/directory/you/want/it/in05:17
Some_PersonIs there an Ubuntu repository for Firefox 3 Beta 2?05:17
KlrSpzpr0nGuy: should be ok, but have you tried cups? they'll generally support most printers if nothing else but by postscript output05:18
Blazer11separate, prob is its pcie 16x, so cant change slots05:18
bazhangSome_Person: currently no05:18
soldatspr0nGuy, lexmark isnt supported i believe05:18
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: I'll look into that cups.05:18
XplicitSome_Person: no just unpack it05:18
Some_PersonOr a deb package?05:18
GneaBlazer11: if that's the case, then xorg shouldn't care - it should find it and deal with it at installation05:18
pr0nGuysoldats: not my lexmark, soldier.05:18
Hyp3r-XCan anyone help me here the the Audio Sound drivers to install05:19
GneaBlazer11: have you tried commenting-out the PCI ID line in the xorg.conf file and pressing ctrl-alt-backspace?05:19
robdigadamonline46: haven't used it, just use samba so i can print from ubuntu via my xp attached printer05:19
XplicitSome_Person: unpack it to opt, link plugins and then link the bin, its easier than finding the deb05:19
Gnea!sound | Hyp3r-X05:19
ubotuHyp3r-X: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:19
Some_PersonXplicit: too complex for me05:19
Blazer11Gnea read up http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45829705:20
Arrickcan someone here walk me through installing the newest webmin on ubuntu 6.06.1 server install?05:20
GneaBlazer11: oh, this is on a SUN?05:20
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system - Consider "ebox" instead05:21
bazhangsee above Arrick05:21
Blazer11yes SunBlade 150005:21
Arrickyeah, thats what I thought, no support for known good apps.....05:21
WorkingOnWis1i have totally screwed up my gnome session somehow. If I log in to a gnome session, everything in the panels, and the panes themselves, crash, leaving me only the desktop, and alt-f2 to run apps. I can log into an E-Gnome session (gnome using enlightenment) and the default panels load and all is good. Whats the fastest way to get my regular Gnome defaults back?05:21
KlrSpzpr0nGuy: yeah cups in ubuntu is easy.. i think there's already a gnome tool under system called PRINTERS (i use xubuntu so i don't have all the tools) and you can set it up pretty easily in there.. worst case, look for what's called a PPD file (it's basically a printer driver for cups) for your specific printer or one like it, should work fine...05:21
Xplicitdownload the tar unpack it with ark, or tar -xvjf , move it to /opt then ln -s /usr/bin/firefox3 /opt/firefox/firefox then rmdir /opt/firefox/plugins then ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins /opt/firefox/plugins05:22
KlrSpzmy brand new $2000 photo printer works fine with cups, even multiplexing05:22
Gnea!sparc | Blazer1105:22
ubotuBlazer11: Have a look here for Docs http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/install/sparc/ KnownIssues and TODO are on the wiki.05:22
astro76Arrick, I've never known webmin to be good :P05:22
GneaBlazer11: this channel is pretty much x86-based05:22
Arrickand it doesnt support nearly anything that webmin does05:22
adamonline46robdig: alright, ty05:22
Arrickok, can someone just tell me how to use a deb to install to ubuntu?05:22
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: I'm fairly certain that my Canon PIXMA MP210 is not supported at all.  Correct me if I'm wrong.05:22
x_orIs ebox in dapper respos, or do you need to install via source?05:23
astro76Arrick, dpkg -i05:23
bazhang!info ebox05:23
ubotuebox: eBox - Base framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-0ubuntu9 (gutsy), package size 127 kB, installed size 1220 kB05:23
KlrSpzpr0nGuy: yeah.. yer wrong :) http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=Canon-PIXMA_MP21005:23
nickrudArrick, you're missing the point, webmin doesn't function with the way debian sets up the configuration files05:23
kk-operaArrick: double click05:23
sunogbagaadamonline46: youve installed smbclient?05:23
astro76Arrick, or double click it05:23
KlrSpzor dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb05:23
Blazer11Oh sorry, is there somewhere else i should ask, if some could help me get xfree86 installed i think that would do it05:23
Arrickdouble click from the terminal?05:24
ridge-meisterwhat entry should i add to sources.list in order to install gbrainy?05:24
Arrickthanks klasu_05:24
ArrickKlrSpz ^05:24
GneaBlazer11: have you just tried apt-get install xserver-xfree86?05:24
KlrSpzpr0nGuy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4012218 <-- also.. just google your model and ubuntu in there and you'll find plenty of hits05:24
Arricknickrud I know that not to be right, I have 1.270 installed right now, and I want to update it to the new version.05:25
nickrudGnea, that just depends on xserver-xorg05:25
Gneanickrud: not the point.05:25
Gneayou can choose which xserver to use after that05:25
Blazer11yes, only thing avail was transition dummy package05:25
adamonline46sunogbaga: yes, I have.  Have you been following my problem?  I can access my samba shares from WinXP, but when I try to access them from a third machine running kubuntu I can't.  However, I can ssh and ping the smb server...05:25
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: I just need to use a driver from another printer and it should work, right?05:25
alexandroidnickrud: will try that, thank you!05:25
sunogbagaadamonline46, from ur other ubuntu machine try this smbclient --list=ip_of_the_server05:26
adamonline46sunogbaga: Oh wait, I take it back... I can't seem to ping the server05:26
shm613does anyone know if devilspie has been set up to work with compiz-fusion?05:27
adamonline46sunogbaga: When I do that it hangs.  When I do it with known functioning samba servers it asks for my password, then says 'session status failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE05:28
sunogbagaadamonline46, be sure you have network connections set up first.. smbclient(as far as i know) doesn't need config05:28
=== Kernel is now known as _Kernel
sunogbagaadamonline46, and ur windows box connects without passwords?05:29
adamonline46sunogbaga: By network connections, you mean aside from Samba?  Dang, it seems I can do everything else with each machine, just not these two together...05:29
adamonline46sunogbaga: No, it asks for passwords...05:29
sunogbagaadamonline46, can you configure your smb server so as not to ask password?05:30
ViakenLong story short, someone left a huge note of some type on my sister's laptop. I -think- it was a tooltip of some sort. At least, it was yellow with a darker left border. I wasn't sure what type of window it was, but thought it was a sticky-note style window and clicked on it to copy/paste the text, but it disappeared. I don't know what program generated it. Any ideas? Suggestions?05:30
ViakenOr is it gone into the aether?05:31
adamonline46sunogbaga: Possibly, I wouldn't know where to start there... :)05:31
WorkingOnWis1i have totally screwed up my gnome session somehow. If I log in to a gnome session, everything in the panels, and the panes themselves, crash, leaving me only the desktop, and alt-f2 to run apps. I can log into an E-Gnome session (gnome using enlightenment) and the default panels load and all is good. Whats the fastest way to get my regular Gnome defaults back?05:31
nickrudViaken, sounds like a notification of some kind, do you remember much of the text?05:31
Xplicithow do i install my root partion to an lvm thing (the 1s where you can resize it)05:31
bazhangViaken: knotes? tomboy?05:31
GneaBlazer11: silly question - are you using the ReferenceClock option?05:31
webspiderusis there any reason why my ubuntu desktop would appear tiled?05:31
Viakennickrud: Some of it. But some of it was misspelled in creative ways. :P05:31
sunogbagaadamonline46, wait., ill paste my config.. os youll have a headstart05:32
* Viaken greps05:32
KlrSpzpr0nGuy: sorry, was reading this howto, yeah that's how it seems.. a model lower than yours, but supports most basic printing features05:32
nickrudwebspiderus, you meant the background?05:32
adamonline46sunogbaga: Cool, thanks!05:32
webspiderusno, i mean everything05:32
webspiderusmy windows kinda wrap around05:32
dewbieI was wondering how to get my Linksys WPC54GS Wireless-G Notebook Adapter working with Ubuntu 7.04. Please help?05:32
webspiderusnickrud: it's like the edge of my desktop is somewhere in the middle05:32
rkjsunogbaga, adamonline46: I'm trying to solve a similar problem. How do you configure the ubuntu machine to not demand a password from a user on a windows machine?05:32
Viakenbazhang: This is running Xubuntu, actually. xfce-popup-notes didn't look the same, though.05:33
nickrudwebspiderus, are you running compiz?05:33
adamonline46rkj: I wish I knew, I'd like ONE share to do that 8)05:33
webspiderusnickrud: I don't think so .. what is compiz o_O;05:33
bazhangdewbie what is the chipet?05:33
ViakenI thought it could be an orage notification, but I couldn't find anything in orage's configs.05:33
bazhangViaken: ah I see05:33
sunogbagarkj, adamonline46 http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49767/05:33
nickrudwebspiderus, the pretty desktop with fading windows and the like05:33
adamonline46sunogbaga: Wow that's it!? :O05:33
KlrSpzany network/bridge gurus? I'm trying to bridge a NIC to a wireless USB device... I've tried using ubuntu's bridging which seems to initialize the hardware fine (and i can still connect to the net) but the network traffic is not properly routing... anything i'm missing? the route table seems right with everything on eth0 routing to wlan005:34
webspiderusnickrud: just looks ... pretty regular. I had the same problem when booting from the livecd, too05:34
Xplicithow do i install my root partion to an lvm05:34
dewbiebazhang, I am not sure. How do I find the chipset?05:34
sunogbagaadamonline46, yah, thats all of it.05:34
CentHOGGheh, i got the cheapest mp3 for xmas... coby05:34
nickrudwebspiderus, hm, then it's probably not what I was thinking, and if so I have no clue05:34
bazhangdewbie: usb dongle?05:34
sunogbagaadamonline46, hopefully ur windows box. wont prompt for password05:34
webspiderusnickrud: so no, I don't think I have compiz :P05:34
GneaKlrSpz: what commands did you use to make the bridge?05:34
adamonline46sunogbaga: Where you force user to erwin, and force group to root... Is that safe?05:35
RavingGriffearlier, i was on with driver issues related to my new geforce 8500.  Dr_willis pointed me to the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto , but it's not helping, as the fixes it listed require x to be up and running, but i am unable to get x to start because of the driver issue05:35
dewbiebazhang, pci05:35
sunogbagaadamonline46, nope,, not at all..05:35
egcgo Texas!05:35
adamonline46sunogbaga: And you have security = share... Hmm, that sounds like something that might make a difference05:35
rkjsungbaga: I'll bet that will help - now how do I edit smb.conf and where do I find it? The man page references a program called swat but thwen there's no man page for swat.05:35
sunogbagaadamonline46, you can remove it however05:35
GneaRavingGriff: just set the current driver to nv05:35
bazhangdewbie: lspci in the terminal (dont paste here)05:35
RavingGriffGnea, how would i go about doing that?05:36
sunogbagaadamonline46, don't really care about security issues here at home05:36
GneaRavingGriff: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:36
adamonline46sunogbaga: I kinda feel ya, this thing's gonna be locked down when I finish anyway 8)05:36
StratPlayedBlueanyone know how to make something compile with SSP?05:36
KlrSpzGnea: i used the /etc/network/interfaces file to bridge, then restarted the networking... ifconfig shows the two devices having their own ip's, and dstat shows the nic getting packets from the 360 just fine.. but isn't routing to wlan0... i know my hardware is capable as i've had bridging working in windows... but i had to set a promiscuous mode in windows which i can't find a valid way to do it in ubuntu. not sure if htis is m05:37
dewbiebazhang, http://pastebin.ca/83442905:37
adamonline46sunogbaga: Well, I appreciate the help, I'll give this a shot n let you know :)05:37
sunogbagaadamonline46, no problem05:37
GneaKlrSpz: can you paste the output of that file to pastebin please?05:37
RavingGriffalso, Gnea, if it's prevalent...my new card is not on this list http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-9755/README/appendix-a.html of supported cards05:37
jhonovichhow can i get a report of memory usage by process?  i know top and free but neither seems to provide this05:37
GneaKlrSpz: if the bridge is up, then the only device to get an IP is the bridge interface itself05:38
nimbus_bkwhat can t do05:38
bazhangdewbie: sorry that page wont load for me--if you just tell me the wireless chipset, or the numbers after ID then that would do :}05:38
rkjsunogbaga: How do I edit smb.conf and where do I find it? The man page references a program called swat but then there's no man page for swat.05:38
bazhangnimbus_bk: what is your question?05:38
dewbiebashang, 02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)05:38
rkjok thanks05:39
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx05:39
dewbieoops bazhang*05:39
bazhangsee above dewbie05:39
nickrudnimbus_bk, your question probably got lost in the scroll, ask it again05:39
KlrSpzGnea: yeah i'm actually not on the box, was just looking for insight... and yeah, i mis-spoke.. i meant that ifconfig showed both being up; with only br0 having an IP (i can't remember if it was my internal subnet, or the subnet for the bridged devices)05:40
GneaKlrSpz: it's basically like each network card is a hand, and when you bridge them, you're taking a very large mitton and placing it over both hands at once to keep them warm at the same time - the outside world doesn't see the hands, it just sees the mitton, therefore the only way to put an IP on the bridge is via the interface itself - snow and ice on the hands inside the mittons would not work, just like IP's on the main interfaces them05:40
nimbus_bki don't know05:40
bazhangnimbus_bk: you have a question or not?05:40
RavingGriffthank you for your help, gnea, i'm going to reboot and try05:40
StratPlayedBluewhat's a good channel to get programming help?05:40
ridge-meisterwhat entry should i add to sources.list in order to install the package "GBRAINY"??05:40
GneaKlrSpz: ah ok - well, if you could paste the output of that file, i could certainly help better05:41
Gnea!pastebin | KlrSpz05:41
ubotuKlrSpz: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:41
bazhangridge-meister: why do that? is it a repository or just a package?05:41
nimbus_bki don't understand05:41
bazhangnimbus_bk: please join #ubuntu-offtopic05:42
ridge-meisterbazhang: i thought it was a package, and isn't the normal procedure to install packages using the repositories?05:42
KlrSpzGnea: you're talking about the interfaces file? i'll have to check back tomorrow night.. i should be getting to bed for work in the morning :S05:42
ridge-meisterbazhang: if I install the package, then won't i have to deal with a bunch of dependancy issues?05:42
KlrSpzGnea: are you around often?05:42
bazhangridge-meister: well yes, unless the repositories dont have it :} is it a deb? or other05:42
nimbus_bkpo tay .com05:42
bazhangnimbus_bk: last warning05:43
GneaKlrSpz: a bit here and there - i'm gonna be outta town the next few days, but there are plenty of networking gurus around here :)05:43
nickrudnimbus_bk, language?05:43
StratPlayedBluewhat a good channel to get some programming help? i've got a problem compiling something i wrote with stack overflow protection05:43
ridge-meisterbazhang: yes, it's a deb05:43
WorkingOnWis1i have totally screwed up my gnome session somehow. If I log in to a gnome session, everything in the panels, and the panes themselves, crash, leaving me only the desktop, and alt-f2 to run apps. I can log into an E-Gnome session (gnome using enlightenment) and the default panels load and all is good. Whats the fastest way to get my regular Gnome defaults back?05:43
Blazer11Gnea i pmd u05:43
KlrSpzalright, thanks for the interest.. c'ya around05:43
rromanchuk_join #facebook05:43
GneaBlazer11: you need to register in order to do it05:43
KlrSpzWorkingOnWis1: kill the .gnome folders in your home dir, and possibly your .cache folder for sessions05:44
Arricknickrud it works, can you tell me how to copy all the files *and* directories into another directory on 6.06.1 with a terminal command?05:44
bazhangridge-meister: well you would download it and then double click it, though yes there are some risks involved as you mentioned before--might you not google the forums and see others experience first? something like: ubuntu gutsy gbrainy would give some links most likely05:44
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
nickrudArrick, cp -r  /path/to/source/files/*  /destiantion/folder05:45
bazhang!info gbrainy05:46
ubotuPackage gbrainy does not exist in gutsy05:46
adamonline46sunogbaga: Ooh, neat, I can log in without a password from windows now 8)05:47
nickrudridge-meister, did you get that deb from debian , or where?05:47
bazhangWorkingOnWis1: you want to re add the gnome panels?05:47
bazhangadamonline46: nice work!05:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about secure-delete - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:49
Spaceman3750OK, so, if the wiki says that my RealTek 8187B is not supported in the installed system, that means Ubuntu won't recognize it, period, right?05:49
Spaceman3750*RealTek 8187B wireless NIC05:49
bazhangSpaceman3750: means you need to get ndiswrapper or some other workaround05:50
ridge-meisternickrud: when i tried to installing using the deb it said that a dependancy wasn't satisfied.05:50
Spaceman3750bazhang: What are my odds with ndiswrapper?05:50
sunogbagaadamonline46, how about from the other ubuntu box?05:50
Spaceman3750I'm just running off the LiveCD until I know it will work05:50
ridge-meisternickrud: now i am trying to install from a tgz file.  when i typed in "sh ./configure" it said "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables05:50
bazhangSpaceman3750: apart from the hassle quite good05:50
GoMittGoMitt Romney understands the importance of the tech sector to our economy.05:50
GoMittGo"Today, we face a new generation of challenges, globally and here at home.We will do as Americans have always done: we will rise to the occasion.We have all that we need.We have technology, technology that would have been beyond the imagination of our grandparents.We have national wealth. And most important, we have the heart and passion of the American people - always the greatest source of our strength as a nation."05:51
astro76!ops | GoMittGo05:51
bmwerksis there a way to get paid support for 7.10?05:51
ubotuGoMittGo: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!05:51
GoMittGoMitt Romney for President 2008   Move America forward with us!05:51
bazhangGoMittGo: stop it05:51
Spaceman3750bazhang: OK, let me do a little research05:51
nickrudridge-meister, install build-essential05:51
MenZabazhang: spambot, it's no use.05:51
bazhangMenZa: I see haha05:51
nickrudwell he just lot my vote05:51
pr0nGuyKlrSpz: I'm running Windows XP on Ubuntu via virtualbox.  Do I need to run updates and activate Windows?05:51
bazhangnickrud: hehe05:51
ridge-meisternickrud: that's a big file :) shouldn't that have been installed already?05:52
nickrudridge-meister, you're gonna run into a lot of issues compiling that, it'll keep saying you're missing libraries also05:52
adamonline46sunogbaga: No such luck :(05:52
bmwerkscan i get paid support for 7.10?05:52
adamonline46and that's the only ubuntu box with a GUI05:52
nickrudridge-meister, no, ubuntu isn't a compiling distro by defaut05:52
chaosrldoes anyone have experience with ipod syncing and gutsy?05:53
nickrudbmwerks, yes, canonical.com05:53
bazhangbmwerks: why pay? here is free :}05:53
MenZa!ipod | chaosrl05:53
ubotuchaosrl: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod05:53
ridge-meisternickrud: what's going to give me issues?  gbrainy or build-essential ?05:53
gvsa123bmwerks: i though 8.04 was getting LTS05:53
nickrudridge-meister, gbrainy05:53
MenZabazhang: some companies just need to make sure they can get their support when they want it.05:53
AmaranthThat might work for awhile05:53
bmwerksive never gotten an answer here05:53
MenZagvsa123: it is.05:53
gvsa123bazhang: lol05:53
MenZa!hardy | gvsa12305:53
ubotugvsa123: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:53
bmwerksso im seeking other ways05:53
bazhangMenZa: sure, but here is more fun :}05:54
bazhangbmwerks: what is your question?05:54
sunogbagaadamonline46, how about from the same machine?05:54
gvsa123bmwerks: why not wait for 8.04 then get paid support :)05:54
Spaceman3750bazhang: OK, the Wiki says to use the Win98 drivers...  I'm confused, so NDISWrapper is used to run the Win98 drivers?05:54
Spaceman3750Or NDISWrapper IS the driver I should use?05:54
adamonline46sunogbaga: The same machine?  The server?05:54
nickrudridge-meister, rule of thumb: when it says it can't find a library (like gtk)   add  lib to the front and do:  apt-cache search libgtk | grep dev , the -dev files have the stuff you need to compile05:54
astro76gvsa123, it's by the year, it doesn't matter what version05:54
bazhangSpaceman3750: yes05:54
Spaceman3750bazhang: 1st or 2nd?05:54
sunogbagaadamonline46, yes05:55
gvsa123astro76: what's by the year? offering LTS?05:55
bmwerksits mostly with the gui when i change desktops i lose my icons and panels05:55
astro76gvsa123, canonical's support contracts05:55
bazhangSpaceman3750: to the first, thus the wrapper part of the name05:55
adamonline46sunogbaga: It would have to be by CLI... Do you know how I could go about that?05:55
stewarthow do i hide icons on the desktop?05:55
Spaceman3750So bazhang should I go ahead and install Gutsy and there's a very good chance I can get my wireless card working?05:55
gvsa123astro76: oh...05:55
sunogbagaadamonline46, oh!05:55
bazhangbmwerks: could you specify a bit more?05:55
ridge-meisternickrud: when you say add lib to the front do you mean "apt-get install -lib build-essential"?05:56
sunogbagaadamonline46, can you smbclient --lish=server_ip --no-pass05:56
=== _Kernel is now known as kernel
=== kernel is now known as Kernel
gvsa123astro76: so does giving LTS to a particular version of ubuntu mean that it's a version they think is the most stable or milestone?05:56
nickrudridge-meister, no. install build-essential, it has the compiler. Then when configure says it can't find a library, do like my example05:56
bazhangSpaceman3750: if you google rtl8187 gutsy you will get some excellent links on how to do it--I'm blogging atm or I would do it for you :}05:56
Spaceman3750bazhang: Thanks :)05:56
nickrudridge-meister, then install the package (like libgtk2.0-dev)05:57
bmwerksif i go to the second desktop or anyone of them the icons on the desktop disappear and the panels too i have to log out and sign in back to see them again05:57
tarelerulzI did tranfer with scp and the files which is .wav file will not play on the other system .  I did this scp file.wav  username@ip:/home/username/filename.wav . It transfers really fast . I am on wireless and I know it is not that fast. I have seen this happen on the web to when file tranfers to fast and it being missed05:57
astro76gvsa123, LTS refers mostly to the fact that it will get security updates for 5 years on server, 3 years on desktop, as opposed to 18 months for non-LTS05:57
rich1how do i set dolphin up to show hidden files by default?05:57
bazhangrich1: go to #kubuntu?05:57
astro76gvsa123, for everyone, nothing to do with the paid support05:57
gvsa123astro76: but how do they determine which version to give LTS to? i mean why 8.04 and not 7.10 or others?05:58
nickrudlooks like the ops will be busy tonight05:58
astro76gvsa123, duno, 6.06 was the first, 8.04 is two years later, it has to be within a 3 year window so they can support LTS -> LTS upgrades05:58
bazhangbmwerks: the second desktop? are you using compiz?05:58
rich1bazhang: thanks.05:58
HippotamusWhat codecs will I need to burn DVD's?05:58
bazhang!who | bmwerks05:59
ubotubmwerks: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:59
gvsa123astro76: i see... and LTS is only for updates? not upgrades? like new versions of software (OOo, FF, etc..)05:59
ridge-meisternickrud: i never saw your example, all i recall you saying was to add lib to the front, but that doesn't make any sense to me :)05:59
bazhangHippotamus: from an iso, or to make video dvds or other05:59
bmwerksbazhang: yeah i am06:00
nickrudridge-meister,  rule of thumb: when it says it can't find a library (like gtk)   add  lib to the front and do:  apt-cache search libgtk | grep dev , the -dev files have the stuff you need to compile06:00
astro76gvsa123, not sure I understand, an LTS release is like any other, except that the repositories for the LTS releases will function longer06:00
ubotuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:00
Hippotamusbazhang: from an iso06:00
bazhangbmwerks: have you tried to recreate the error with compiz disabled?06:00
tarelerulzWhen I try to use samba  I can't write to my shares. access is denied .  Cold the scp and samba not working be related?06:00
nickrudridge-meister, when you hit the first one, I'll walk you through06:00
ridge-meisternickrud what specifically do i type when adding lib to the front?  i'm confused06:00
bazhangHippotamus: right click open with cd/dvd creator does not work?06:01
bmwerksbazhang: no i havent, ill try that06:01
gvsa123astro76: ah... so if the repos function longer, then i guess that means that newer versions of software that make it into the repos, will be part of the upgrades... meaning, you'll get to upgrade OOo via update manager06:01
phosphoricxwhat is the best way to search inside many files, of a certain type (say *.h), for a certain string?06:01
qukkHello Ubuntu channel, does anyone know if there is a way to set up a linux router to allow NAT'd computers to use uPnP to dynamically generate port forewarding rules?06:01
Hippotamusbazhang: no, but I think it might me a hardware problem06:01
ridge-meisternickrud: i'm on dialup, so that 13.3mb file is only 20% done06:01
SneaksNew to IRC and ubuntu so forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask.  I need help getting a tri-boot to work.  I need to run XP, I am running 6.06 and I have 7.10 installed on a separate partition.  I  can't get 7.10 to boot.  Can anyone help?06:01
Nostahlis there a linux driver for netgear's WG111v3 wireless usb adapter yet06:02
nickrudphosphoricx, grep <string> *.h06:02
bmk789_how do i get my mute button to work?  when i press it, it says mute on or mute off but it doesnt actually mute the device06:02
bazhangHippotamus: try that first06:02
astro76gvsa123, no, with any time-based release distro (as opposed to rolling release), each version only gets security updates and critical bugfixes, no new versions06:02
phosphoricxSneaks: what's the problem?06:02
phosphoricxnickrud: I need t06:02
astro76gvsa123, there is a backports repo for each release however06:02
bazhangNostahl: is that the ralink 2500 chipset?06:02
adamonline46sunogbaga: Sorry, phone call from the girly 8)  Should I do that from the server?06:02
Nostahlmorvel or movell or however its pronounced bazhang06:02
SneaksI installed 7.10 on a separate partition no problem but I can't boot it.  I can boot XP and 6.06 but 7.10 isnt an option under my grub meneu06:02
phosphoricxnickrud: typo, sorry :-p06:02
gvsa123astro76: no new versions for software you mean? such that you wouldn't have gotten OOo 2.3 if you stuck with fiesty?06:03
sunogbagaadamonline46, from the client06:03
nickrudridge-meister, If I'm not around, ask for help in identifying development headers06:03
astro76gvsa123, indeed06:03
bazhangNostahl: could you be more precise? Or I may say do this or something like it as advice :}06:03
sunogbagaadamonline46, and try it from the server also06:03
phosphoricxsneaks: you should be able to boot to it once you add it to your GRUB menu06:03
gvsa123astro76: i see...06:03
SneaksHow do I add it to my grub menu?06:03
Nostahlbazhang its the netgear wg111v3 with movell chipset06:04
adamonline46sunogbaga: it works from the server...06:04
Nostahlbazhang or however movell is spelt :P06:04
bazhangNostahl: is it plugged in now, and are you on that computer?06:04
sunogbagaadamonline46, it didn't work from the client?06:04
adamonline46sunogbaga: and the client06:04
phosphoricxsneaks: you need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst06:05
sunogbagaadamonline46, then your client was able to connect06:05
Nostahlaye its pluged in the computer is running software updates atm06:05
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:05
adamonline46sunogbaga: Interesting.  I'm still not able to connect to the point I can see the files, though06:05
sunogbagaadamonline46, try visiting the shared folder from  places->nework->06:05
SneaksOk, but menu.lst refers to files in /boot/grub.  7.10 is not in that directory.  It is on a separate partition and I can't even mount that partition?  Don't know how?06:05
bazhangNostahl: open up a terminal when that is done and type in lsusb and tell me the number for that chipset after the ID06:05
=== di[a]fic is now known as diafic
adamonline46in Dolphin I'm doing smb://, and it seems to be hanging still06:06
nickrudSneaks, you don't need mount the other partition to edit the one in 6.06. What partition is your 7.10 on?06:07
adamonline46sunogbaga: When I go to 'samba shares' -> mshome I see nothing.  It DOES say '1 folder, 0 files', but I don't see anything in there06:07
Likuid_Silencewow i just fixed that stupid Failed to initialize HAL message!! grrr06:07
Likuid_Silenceanyone had that problem befo?06:07
Nostahlbazhang i think it'll be a little bit before its done... old dell inspiron 1000 hehe06:08
bazhangNostahl: no hurry--well be here all night :}06:08
sunogbagaadamonline46, silly, but a reboot may do the trick06:08
adamonline46sunogbaga: client?06:09
SneaksPhosphoricx  I just tired to send you a message on the new tab that popped up on my system but it said I wasn't allowed to post private messages.  I will go to register now so that I can.06:09
sunogbagaadamonline46, yes.. the client.. or try restarting the clients network first06:09
mhikuanyone want to have homebased php web dev pm me :)06:09
bazhangmhiku: not the channel for that06:10
joankiwhen i open a program through terminal like xchat... i type xchat& but if i close the terminal, for some reason it closes the program.... how can i change this?06:10
nickrudjoanki, after you have started xchat like that, type disown <tab> <enter>06:10
shm613is there a way to have a window open up on a workspace that is compatible with compiz fusion?06:11
bazhangjoanki need a space after xchat?06:11
Hoxielooks like she bounced before she got her answer06:11
nickrudbazhang, it'll still die because it's a child of the terminal06:11
adamonline46o she's back hehe06:11
joankisorry got booted06:11
bazhangnickrud: cheers!06:11
joankidid anyone answer my q?06:11
adamonline46two folk 8)06:11
joankinickrud, it used to not close if i typed xchat&06:12
bazhangone right one not :{06:12
joankiif i left the & off, it did06:12
Hoxie<nickrud> joanki, after you have started xchat like that, type disown <tab> <enter>06:12
joankidisown eh?06:12
nickrudjoanki, yes, it frees it from the terminal06:12
adamonline46the other suggested xchat <space> &06:12
joankiok that did not work06:12
joankibash: disown: current: no such job06:13
bazhangwhich was wrong my bad06:13
joankiso why would anyone want it to be that way06:13
nickrudjoanki, did you get %xchat when you pressed tab?06:13
joankimaybe i'm too much into windows, but it seems that if you want to be done with terjminal, that doesn't mean you want to be done with everything else06:13
Nostahlso you can see the code the programs executing06:13
joankino i did not nick06:13
phosphoricxnickrud: how would I search recursively for the string using a filter of only header files (*.h)  using grep?06:13
nickrudphosphoricx, grep -r <string> *.h06:14
Hoxiehas anybody had any problems with playing ogg music files? everytime I try with any player it freezes the player and I have to force quit. All other sound is good though....06:14
DragonSpiritare there any repositories full of software that is somewhat popular besides the ones initially available, or a place that has info on the ones out there06:14
astro76joanki, then hit alt+F2 and type the command there, it won't be the child of any terminal06:14
nickrudoh, astro76 chops out the middle man06:14
bazhangDragonSpirit: like waht?06:14
soldatslike medibuntu06:15
bazhangDragonSpirit: backports?06:15
Xpliciti made a partition system from linux but windows install wont recognise it,06:16
DragonSpiritJust wanted to see what all was out there, I added medibuntu, and the backports, but wondered if there was any repositories with stuff not available officially by ubuntu, that has been put together by thrid parties06:16
ehcif I want to rip dvds to my harddrive what file type should I save them in. I want smallest size per quality06:16
astro76Xplicit, yeah windows won't recognize any of it, should just have to pick the partition you intended to be NTFS, and tell windows to format that one and install there06:17
bazhangSoskel: you have a question?06:17
joankinickrud, is that an ok way to do things?06:17
=== Neskaya is now known as hugglehug-gone
Soskelhow epic was that video?06:17
joankiuse alt F2?06:17
DragonSpiritwell I added the backports as in what was in the update thing06:17
nickrudjoanki, it's how I run nearly everything, alt f206:17
DragonSpiritthe one you just check06:17
krazytekn0joanki totally alt f2 rocks06:17
joankigot it06:18
nickrudjoanki, if you know the name of the program, it's faster than finding the menu item06:18
qukkI have installed Ubuntu (latest version, server edition) with the alternative CD. How can I get it to boot to command line without having to do Ctrl Alt F1 during boot (where it "hangs" at Running Boot Scripts)?06:18
joankiwhy didnt anyone just tell me =p06:18
Xplicitastro76: i tried that but windows installed half way through my drive (is there a limit to where it can go?)06:18
nickrudjoanki, cuz only astro76 was thinking outside the box06:18
joankii asked that q several times06:18
bazhangehc: avi seems to be popular though this is not really the channel for that06:18
joankioh i see06:18
astro76joanki, yeah just popped in ;)06:18
joankii asked that q like three dif times and no good solution ;)06:18
muaddibHello all06:18
Spaceman3750Gutsy has been making room for itself for a good while now, it's been at 0% the whole way.  What do I do?06:18
joankii like gutsy06:19
joankii did not at first06:19
Spaceman3750I'm beginning to not like Gutsy06:19
joankiwhat's the prob06:19
Spaceman3750For some odd reason I'm trying to install it on my laptop anyways06:19
Spaceman3750It ain't going so hot06:19
joankithe only thing i don't like is hibernate06:19
Nostahli just finnished installing it to my laptop06:19
gvsa123i like it :)06:19
joankibut they musta tried to fix it06:19
bazhangSpaceman3750: you have an actual question in there?06:19
Nostahlbut now im doing the 2 hours of software updates lol06:19
joankibecause it's better06:19
Spaceman3750Well, it doesn't recognize either my wireless or sound cards, and it's been on 0% for repartitioning progress for like 5 minutes06:19
muaddibquick question.. I just recently upgraded my machine from 3GB to 8GB of memory. Unfortunately ubuntu is not detecting all of the memory. I assume highmem support is not enabled in the generic kernel.06:20
Spaceman3750bazhang: See above06:20
astro76Xplicit, when you paritioned in Linux you made an NTFS partition for windows?06:20
rkjHi, can someone help troubleshoot a printing problem? I am printing from my ubuntu box to a WinXP box with an hp laserjet 1320 printer but nothing prints.  the XP machine can print to it locally, and I can access files on the XP machine over the LAN.06:20
nickrudeverything worked for me on gutsy, first time since breezy06:20
muaddibDoes anyone know if it is enabled in the linux-kernel-server06:20
Spaceman3750bazhang: My first message about being at 0% for a long time06:20
joankispaceman, have you allowed thirdparty software upgrades?06:20
bazhangSpaceman3750: see no question above--usually indicated with a how do I..?06:20
joankithat is what i had to do to get my video card to work06:20
krazytekn0rkj you've enabled printer sharing in xp?06:21
muaddibDoesanyone know the penalty for moving from generic kernel to server. I am running a workstation class machine06:21
Xplicitastro76:  yeah and it just ignored it06:21
rkjkrazytekn0: yep06:21
rkjkrazytekn0: let me just go check on that ...06:21
phosphoricxnickrud: that doesn't seem to work, it only wants to look at the .h files in ./06:22
astro76Xplicit, and when you went in the windows installer, did you recognize that partition? it probably would say unformatted still06:22
shm613Does anyone know if there is a way to have windows default open to a certian workspace with compiz fusion running?06:22
Xplicitastro76:  there were no partitions that was the problem06:22
Lapinuxanyone know if "ietab" is available for the linux version of firefox?06:22
Spaceman3750Gutsy has been making room for itself for a good while now, it's been at 0% the whole way.  What do I do? -- Basically how do I move this along without messing things up?06:22
Lapinuxnever mind, its not06:23
bazhangshm613: best ask that in #compiz-fusion; they are very helpful there :}06:23
nickrudphosphoricx, works here, been using it a long time.  For example, try grep -r panel ~/.gconfd06:23
joankispaceman, are you reformatting your entire computer?]06:23
joankior partitioning?06:23
nickrudphosphoricx, erm, ~/.gconf that is06:23
Spaceman3750Erm, why is there a FloodBot2 in here?06:23
joankiand did you do a manual partition?06:23
Spaceman3750joanki: Guided06:23
astro76Xplicit, what version windows?06:23
rkjkrazytekn0: duh ... next time remind me to turn it on too.06:23
soldats floodbot is god06:23
joankiew i hated their guided partition06:23
Xplicitwindows xp06:23
joankii did m anual and imho i suggest you do the same06:24
nickrudSpaceman3750, because of silly children flooding the channel06:24
Xplicitastro76: i just got my answere in ##windows06:24
joankiis windows on your other partition?06:24
phosphoricxnickrud, ok I'm with you on that one, but then how do you filter it for only *.h ?06:24
acc_#Ubuntu: I'm attempting to install 7.10 on a laptop with Debian already installed on it (which has been working fine for about 2 years, so I know it's mostly Linux-compatible).  When the installer starts up, and I choose to install, it hangs on "Loading Linux Kernel."  How can I diagnose and fix this?  Thanks.06:25
astro76Xplicit, has to be first primary partition?06:25
acc_Ah, wait a few minutes, apparently. :)  It was stuck at 7% but just now it picked up and is on 52%06:26
Xplicitno without sp1 windows xp install cd cant handel drives bigger than 12806:26
Spaceman3750acc_: Gutsy uses Linux 2.6 which your Debian installation probably is not using, so it could be a kernel incompatibility with your laptop06:26
acc_Spaceman3750: Actually, the Debian partition has 2.6.2206:26
Spaceman3750acc_: Ah, nevermind then06:27
SpeakerManiaI just installed Cinerella (Video Editor) but it doesn't open. I've tried going through Applications >> Sound and Video, ALT+F2, and the terminal, but none open it.06:27
acc_At any rate, it has loaded the kernel successfully now.  Thanks anyway.06:27
CaptainMorganwow... WINE crashes too much!!!06:27
Xplicitarg ive done 2 windows installs in 1 night i feal dirty06:27
CaptainMorganwhat's up with that ?06:27
CaptainMorganevery since Fiesty06:28
nickrudphosphoricx, I know I've done this ...06:28
XplicitCaptainMorgan: you using the latest version with the correct repos?06:28
CaptainMorganit's like, multitasking is illegal06:28
CaptainMorganXplicit, AFAIK06:28
bazhang#winehq would have more on that CaptainMorgan06:28
CaptainMorganXplicit, I have all repos available06:28
Xplicitare you using the repos wine provide or the ubuntu version06:28
SpeakerManiaCaptainMorgan, guess what? It is a Windows emulator. Windows has enough problems already running applications natively; is an emulator going to do any better?06:28
pyrakhaving trouble playing a dvd06:29
unpersonI'm looking to get a new wireless NIC for one of my computers.  I'd like to find one that will work with linux drivers (i.e. won't require ndiswrapper).  So far, the only method I have to determine this is too look at a list of cards for sale and then google the model number of each one to find discussion of drivers for linux.  Is there a better way to go about this?06:29
phosphoricxnickrud, but there's nothing about .h in "grep -r panel ~/.gconfd", so where do you put it?06:29
CaptainMorganSpeakerMania, that's not an explanation - Before 7.** wine worked fine - at least for me06:29
nickrudphoenixz, rereading man page, refreshing my elderly memory06:30
SpeakerManiaCaptainMorgan, WINE has never worked properly for me. Might as well have a dual-boot with 2K. I still don't know why anyone would run a Windows app on a Linux box. :P06:30
muaddibHow does one rebuild ubuntu kernel. There seems to be 2 methods the first is to either download via apt-get source linux-source-2.6.22 or get it from the git repository06:30
muaddibWhich one06:30
bruenigmuaddib, either06:30
SpeakerManiaI just installed Cinerella (Video Editor) but it doesn't open. I've tried going through Applications >> Sound and Video, ALT+F2, and the terminal, but none open it.06:31
soldats!worksforme | CaptainMorgan06:31
ubotuCaptainMorgan: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/06:31
bazhangunperson: sadly that is probably the best way06:31
bruenigSpeakerMania, any output when trying via shell06:31
GOP_PrimariesMitt Romney opposes same sex marriage!06:31
GOP_Primaries"Last year the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck a blow against the family, as I'm sure you know. The court forgot that [traditional] marriage is first and foremost about nurturing and developing children. Its ruling meant that our society is supposed to be indifferent about whether children have a mother and a father."06:31
GOP_PrimariesMitt Romney for President 2008   Help preserve traditional American values.06:31
GOP_PrimariesVote Mitt Romney06:31
CaptainMorganSpeakerMania, true, my app is a game, for which rebooting into Win is kinda a waste of time.. when I run everything else on ubuntu06:31
bruenig!ops | GOP_Primaries06:31
ubotuGOP_Primaries: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!06:31
soldatsCaptainMorgan, sorry, i feel the same as you as in wine always woprks for me but sometimes for some peple it doesnt06:31
CaptainMorgansoldats, you misinterpreted06:31
SpeakerManiabruenig: None. It says it isn't a recognized command. ?06:31
bruenigSpeakerMania, how did you install cinerella?06:32
unpersonWow, are they spamming all the IRC channels that way?06:32
SpeakerManiabruenig, through Synaptic.06:32
muaddibbruenig: what is the difference... From what I can tell the documentation says the kernel-source package is older than the git repository and doesn't have latest patches is that correct06:32
CaptainMorgansoldats, it's not a people issue, it's an OS version issue - before 7.04 or 7.10 wine worked fine06:32
bruenig!info cinerella06:32
ubotuPackage cinerella does not exist in gutsy06:32
nickrudphoenixz, grep -r <string> --include=*.h <path>06:32
bruenigSpeakerMania, what is the exact name of the package06:32
SpeakerManiabruenig: That would be my issue.06:32
SpeakerManiabruenig: cinerella. ?06:33
SpeakerManiabruenig, hang on one second06:33
soldatsCaptainMorgan, maybe i tried to scroll up but it doesnt go to far, strange wine "works for me" on 7.1006:33
bruenigSpeakerMania, if that is the name, then you didn't get it from the ubuntu repos06:33
XplicitCaptainMorgan: try the latest version of wine, wine development is fast that patching it doesnt always work so well and the ubuntu version cant keep up with wine repos06:33
SpeakerManiabruenig, I had to add a repository06:33
soldatsCaptainMorgan, oh well, i forgot what his problem was06:33
bruenigSpeakerMania, ok do: dpkg -L cinerella | grep bin06:33
bruenigSpeakerMania, technically this is unsupported being third party and all06:34
CaptainMorgansoldats, what? please - try making sense.06:34
Saspo_Hello everyone06:34
bazhangCaptainMorgan: ease up a bit06:34
SpeakerManiabruenig: oh. I get this: Package `cinerella' is not installed.06:34
SpeakerManiaUse dpkg --info (= dpkg-deb --info) to examine archive files,06:34
SpeakerManiaand dpkg --contents (= dpkg-deb --contents) to list their contents.06:34
Xplicithi dr Spaso_06:34
CaptainMorganbazhang, ease off a bit, I used "please"06:34
nickrudphosphoricx, grep -r --include=*.h <string> <path>06:34
bruenigSpeakerMania, so you are confused somewhere, either you didn't install it, or it has a different name06:35
bazhangCaptainMorgan: I used 'a bit'06:35
SingAlongHi guys...06:35
CaptainMorganbazhang, truthfully, I couldn't make sense of that last few comments he made06:35
SpeakerManiabruenig: hmm. How? I installed via Synaptic following the Gutsy instructions (I am indeed running Gutsy).06:35
bruenigSpeakerMania, you saw the message, it isn't installed06:35
SneaksI am looking for some help on a tri-boot of XP, 6.06 and 7.10.  I had 6.06 and XP working fine.  I set up a new partition for 7.10 and installed it.  All went well.  I can still boot 6.06 and XP but 7.10 hasn't been added to my Grub options and I don't know how to get it there?06:36
bazhangCaptainMorgan: wine is not for this channel go to #winehq as I said earlier06:36
ModiusAnyone here familiar with Ubuntu 64 bit?  Questions.  A:  Should I expect it to work with an Intel Quad-core with 8gig of ram, and B: Can it run windows sessions in vmware?06:36
soldatsCaptainMorgan, no i meant wine still works on 7.10 but i totally forgot what the inital question of the other person was. i started typing too fast without thinking. sorry if pissed you off. my stupid rapid thinking gets the better of me sometimes.06:36
SpeakerManiabruenig: Okay. Thanks.06:36
CaptainMorganbazhang, already did, long time ago - but people still want to call my name06:36
nickrudSneaks, what partition is your 7.10 on, and can you edit the menu.lst in 6.06 (I'm assuming that's the menu.lst in use)06:36
ScuniziSneaks: do you hv more than one HD?06:36
iamlindoro_Hi all, setting up software raid on Gutsy... Just a quick question with some experience with with... as all array members are USB drives, I have set udev rules so that everything gets symlinked to the same /dev/sd* nodes... However, I noticed in creating the array that even though I provided it with the symlinked nodes, it shows the *actual* devices on mdadm --detail... question is, I added the symlinked nodes to /etc/mdadm/mdadm.c06:36
soldatsCaptainMorgan, sop i applogize06:36
SingAlongI just am a first timer on linux. I just installed Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn. I tried to connect to the internet thru a wired connection. Its a DHCP connection. Ubuntu recognised the connection. But when I try to browse thru mozilla firefox. I am able to connect to no website.06:37
Sneaksnickrud.  I can edit menu list.  /sda1 is XP /sda2 is 6.06 and /sda3 is 7.10 /sda4 is swap06:37
Xplicithow do i install my system to an lvm partition06:37
bruenigSingAlong,  ping google.com in terminal06:37
ScuniziSneaks: sounds like grub got installed on the wrong hd.06:38
SingAlongWill try and get back..06:38
SneaksI have had grub for a while and it boots XP and 6.06 fine. I just can't get it to boot 7.10?06:38
astro76Xplicit, using the alternate install cd06:38
Saspo_*Xplicit -  My first time on IRC thanks for the welcome06:39
soldats!dualboot > Sneaks06:39
ScuniziSneaks: thats because 7.10 put its grub probably at the beginning of the drive its installed on.  If you change your bios to boot from that drive you might get all the op systems to show in the grub menu.  At least that would be an easy test.06:39
Xplicitdoes it popup an option or do i need to enter some cheat code?06:39
nickrudSneaks, add http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49768/ to the very bottom of menu.lst , it should boot06:40
Xplicitnvm i got to options06:40
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
alecw1Is there a standalone flash viewer for the GNOME desktop (and Ubuntu)?06:40
astro76Xplicit, dunno really... cheat codes meaning boot option? probably not06:40
Saspo_I am trying to find out how to disable the integrated video to install a graphics card.  Any help anyone?06:41
nickrudSneaks, your swap would be defined in the /etc/fstab in 7.10, you might want to check06:41
soldatsalecw1, totem can play flash, if you download the flash video you can view it via totem06:41
alecw1soldats: I mean .swf files06:41
ScuniziSneaks: although nickrud offers a good solution, if the kernel is updated in the future it won't show.  You need a more perminant solution.06:41
MYRM1D0Nhello there.....06:41
SneaksThanks for the help guys Phosphoricx is helping me on a private chat06:41
nickrudScunizi, yes, it'll be below the automagic section06:42
nickrudScunizi, and untouched by update-grub06:42
soldatsalecw1, dont think so unless you can get flash mx working but a flash .flv will play06:42
alecw1soldats: Ok, thank you.06:42
SpeakerManiabruenig: I foudn the issue06:42
nickrudScunizi, oh, brain fart here. There might someday be a -1506:42
Scunizinickrud: yep.. I triple boot as well.. although I haven't gone into 6.06 in some time.. looking forward to LTS06:43
iamlindoro_alecw1: look at the flashplayer9 included in automatix06:43
=== krel is now known as logkrel
iamlindoro_if there's any command line utility for it, it's likely to be there06:43
SpeakerManiabruenig: the name is cinelerra06:43
Filled-VoidCould anyone tell me how I can rename hdb1 (the icon on my desktop) to something else if that is possible06:43
astro76!automatix | iamlindoro_06:43
ubotuiamlindoro_: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »06:43
soldats!automatix > iamlindoro_06:43
Saspo_I am trying to find out how to disable the integrated video to install a graphics card.  Any help anyone?06:43
alecw1iamlindoro_: I've been advised to stay away from automatix, even though I don't know what it is. =P06:43
SpeakerManiabruenig: and I get this via terminal: cinelerra: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:43
=== logkrel is now known as vkrel
bruenig!find libGL.so.1.206:43
ubotuPackage/file libgl.so.1.2 does not exist in gutsy06:44
ScuniziSaspo_: plug in the new card and run with it.... sometimes the bios has an "off" switch for the onboard card.06:44
nickrudSneaks, after you get 7.10 running, you might want to run  sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install /dev/sda to have 7.10 manage grub, it's better at seeing other os's and adding them to menu.lst properly06:44
bullgard4Is there a OpenOffice.org IRC channel?06:44
keith-is there any fix for getting network-manager to connect to a wep protected network?06:44
iamlindoro_alecw1: Yeah, blah blah, install it however you like, but look at the closed-source flash player from macromedia all the same06:45
Saspo_scuzini I did plug  the card in but the sytem froze on start up.06:45
lukewarmbullgard4 http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/IRC06:45
alecw1iamlindoro_: will do. Thanks very much!06:46
_-laughing-_anyone know of some good kde themes, looking for icon sets, logins, etc06:46
adamonline46sunogbaga: Oh hey, thanks for all your help earlier!06:46
bullgard4lukewarm: Thank you very much.06:46
lukewarmbullgard4 dont thank me, thank google06:47
adamonline46sunogbaga: I got distracted trying to figure it out... Still no luck tho :/06:47
sobersabreI have 3 breezy nodes.06:47
sobersabreI would like to dist-upgrade them to the latest stable, e.g. gutsy06:47
sobersabreis it possible to do directly ?06:48
Filled-VoidIs it possible to rename my hard disk label?06:48
Flannelsobersabre: You can't upgrade straight from breezy to gutsy.  No, you'll have to do it one at a time, however....06:48
sobersabreapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade...06:48
sobersabreFlannel, I have no X on it.06:48
Flannelsobersabre: you will be able to upgrade straight from dapper to hardy, once its released.  So you might want to go from breezy to dapper, and then wait for a few months06:48
sobersabrejust worker node.06:48
Flannelsobersabre: that doesn't matter.06:48
sobersabreSo, the fastest would be to go and install gusty directly ... ?06:49
nickrudsobersabre, same one from 2005 ?06:49
Flannelsobersabre: yeah.  If you really want gutsy.  Of course, re-configuration may or may not be more time06:49
sobersabreFlannel, I am deploying FAI.,06:49
sobersabrejust didn't want to multiply the size of the mirror.06:50
Flannelsobersabre: You can use apt-proxy06:50
xal2are there any good download\upload monitors for linux?06:51
bruenigxal2, what exactly are you looking for, something that gives you a nice loggable output, or some pretty widget06:51
mapezanyone here use CWiiD?06:51
Xplicitmapez ive set it up06:51
xal2something that gives me a loggable output06:51
xal2I dont' care about a frontend06:52
=== hafiz is now known as sakura
SingAlong_I am not able to connect to the internet even though  ubuntu recognises my connection06:52
kevin_i'm having a problem playing a certain (commercial) dvd, details here: http://pastebin.ca/834466 , any help?06:52
=== SingAlong_ is now known as SingAlong2
bazhang!dvd | kevin_06:53
ubotukevin_: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:53
_-laughing-_so... does anyone know of a good kde theme or what?06:53
acc_#Ubuntu: So I'm trying to install 7.10 on a laptop, and no matter whether I choose "Start or install Ubuntu" or "Start Ubuntu in safe graphics mode", the kernel takes about 10 minutes to load, then the HDD LED gets pegged (flickering occasionally), then the system reboots.  How can I diagnose what is happening?06:53
SingAlong2anyone help me..06:53
kevin_bazhang, it works for other encrypted dvds06:53
bnbhow do i install beryl window manager on ubuntu gusty  i tried searching for it in synaptic could not find it06:53
nickrudkevin_, have you tried another player, I've seen some read disks others wouldn't06:54
lukewarm!beryl > bnb06:54
bazhangacc_: considered the minimal install or the alternate install? those often work when the live cd chokes06:54
bnbi want to unleash the full power of my ati radeon x130006:54
nickrud!compiz | bnb06:54
ubotubnb: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:54
kevin_nickrud, only totem and mplayer06:55
bullgard4lukewarm: What catchwords did you feed Google with?06:55
acc_bazhang: Thanks, I'll give them a shot06:55
SingAlong2How can I connect tonickrud: help me friend...06:55
nickrudkevin_, give vlc a try, it's been best so far for me06:55
bazhangkevin_: how about the tried and true vlc?06:55
SingAlong2nickrud: help me friend06:55
nickrudSingAlong, what kind of internet. wireless, me? hah06:55
bazhang!minimal | acc_06:55
ubotuacc_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:55
SingAlong2nickrud: wired06:55
lukewarmbullgard4 openoffice irc channel06:55
SingAlong2nickrud: wired dhcp06:55
nickrudSingAlong, works with windows?06:56
SingAlong2nickrud: yeah06:56
bullgard4lukewarm: Ok, thank you.06:56
SingAlong2nickrud: I am chatting with you on a windows comp. I installed ubuntu on my laptop06:56
mapezXplicit, Sorry. Have you remapped the buttons?06:56
mapezI am trying to make it work with GFCE Ultra06:56
SingAlong2nickrud: I tried pinging google.com. It said: Unknown host google.com06:56
nickrudSingAlong, in a terminal, what does     route -n    say after you try sudo dhclient eth0 ?06:57
phalaceeI'd like to install the Linux mint (and/or the Ubuntu Studio) theme on my vanilla ubuntu install, can some one point me in the right direction, google doesn't love me today06:57
SingAlong2I am a firsttimer. so I did not open the terminal06:57
Xplicitno i had proplems because i couldnt find the config file and my brother whos wii it is got boored06:57
kevin_error with vlc: http://pastebin.ca/83447006:57
SingAlong2nickrud: I only ran one command in the terminal: ping google.com06:57
Xplicitwhy is LVM changing 7GB to 7.5GB?06:57
SingAlong2nickrud: any solution?06:58
function1is there any way to change these uuuuuugly old X widgets/controls?06:58
mapezAh okay. I have got it communicating with my computer.. I just can't figure out how to remap buttons06:58
nickrudSingAlong, possibly. Put the output of:     ifconfig      and    route -n     on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org06:58
tonyyarussoXplicit: I believe it has something to do with needing a certain multiple of disk sections, or some such.  I've seen that sort of thing before too.06:58
SingAlong2nickrud: ifconfig or ipconfig?06:59
kevin_nickrud, bazhang ^ ?06:59
nickrudSingAlong, ifconfig06:59
=== hafiz is now known as sakura
=== sakura is now known as hafiz
bazhangkevin_: does the dvd work in a dvd player (next to a tv for example)?06:59
SingAlong2Now I need to paste the output of ifconfig and route -n on paste.ubuntu.nl right?06:59
Nostahlok software updates finnaly finnished!07:00
SingAlong2right nick?07:00
Nostahlbazhang u still around07:00
SingAlong2Now I need to paste the output of ifconfig and route -n on paste.ubuntu.nl right? nick?07:00
nickrudSingAlong, yes. and patience :)07:00
SingAlong2sorry :)07:00
bazhangNostahl: indeed!07:00
Nostahlcan you beleive how long that took?07:00
SingAlong2nickrud: I will get back. I am disconnecting my comp and connecting my laptop to the net :)07:00
nickrudSingAlong, ok07:00
bazhangless than 2 hours I believe07:01
=== hafiz is now known as sakura
sobersabreFlannel, I am using apt-proxy, but it still will require a big part of disk.07:01
jstarcherhow can I mount my cdrom?07:01
Nostahlbazhang 0846;4260 netgear, inc07:01
simplyubuntuhello all :) does anyone here have free time and want to get in on developing a distro - based on ubuntu?07:01
=== _-laughing-_ is now known as laughing
=== laughing is now known as laughing_
kevin_bazhang, yes07:03
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=615471 this the card Nostahl? there is a way to get it going apparently (and recent)07:05
xal2I installed the graphics driver from the nvidia website. It works great until I restart the computer. Then it wants to hop into low graphics mode.07:05
Xplicitthe alt cd lets me setup a raid partition but not use it07:05
xal2I'll ask in the nvidia channel07:05
xal2didn't realize there was one :p07:06
Nostahli usualy just use ndiswrapper to get it up and going07:06
=== SingAlong2_ is now known as SingAlong3
Nostahlbut i was just wondering if there was a native driver so i didnt have to ndiswrapper it07:06
SingAlong3nick... I think I found out the problem. I know the windows commands: ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. Can u tell me the alternatives for this in ubuntu?07:06
bazhangkevin_: when you put the dvd in the drive, does it prompt you with some options? like play in totem etc? what does totem say when it refuses to run it if anything07:06
phalaceeI'd like to install the Linux mint (and/or the Ubuntu Studio) theme on my vanilla ubuntu install, can some one point me in the right direction, google doesn't love me today07:06
ArelisHi all. After installing fglrx, my screen looks very blurry. How can i solve this?07:06
NasariHey, unbuntu locks all ports right?07:07
bazhangNostahl: it appears not sorry about that07:07
kevin_bazhang, "an error occured/could not open location; you might not have permission to open the file."07:07
SingAlong3nick: I asked you this becoz... I know that my IP keeps fluctuating everytime I connect. sometimes its and sometimes something else...07:07
astro76Nasari, there's no servers installed by default which are listening on any ports, so yes07:07
jimmy__i comment out xinerama in my xorg.conf and it keeps coming back... wtf?07:07
SingAlong3nickrud: nick... I think I found out the problem. I know the windows commands: ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. Can u tell me the alternatives for this in ubuntu?07:07
bazhangNasari: you can install firestarter and tweak iptables if you wish07:07
SingAlong3anyone knows the alternatives for ipconfig /renew and ipconfig /release in ubuntu?07:08
nickrudSingAlong, depends on how you've configured the interface, I only know a couple of ways07:08
bazhangkevin_: and all other dvds work? is this a bluray or hd-dvd?07:08
SingAlong3nick but how?07:09
jstarcherhow can I mount my cdrom?07:09
Nasariok, thanks07:09
kevin_bazhang, all that I have tried before work. this is a proper dvd07:09
SingAlong3what 2 ways are they?07:09
kevin_..in the physical sense07:09
=== jimmy__ is now known as |juan|
nickrudSingAlong2, it's normal to have different ip's with dhcp, it's supposed to work that way. So, what's the output of    route -n  ?   That's most likely the problem07:09
bazhangkevin_: that is exceedingly odd..07:09
|juan|any reason my xorg.conf would revert back to xinerama every time i restart xserver?07:09
nickrudSingAlong2, the computer doesn't know what your router's address is most likely07:10
astro76kevin_, what title if you don't mind?07:10
kevin_astro76, rush hour 307:10
SingAlong3what is that? how can I get that?07:10
bazhangkevin_: that is on dvd already?07:10
kevin_bazhang, apparently07:10
nickrudSingAlong2, if you'd answer my questions, I can help you build a working config07:10
SingAlong3Ok one sec..07:11
SingAlong3let me find out07:11
Nasariso firestarter is the easiest way to open and close ports?07:11
astro76kevin_, as I suspected, it uses the new form of copy protection http://www.dvdshrink.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&p=2152007:11
nickrudSingAlong2, use a usb stick if you have one to save the outputs (you can cut and paste into gedit to save them)07:11
bazhangkevin_: that is standard bluray or hd-dvd?07:11
astro76kevin_, take it back to the store and say it's a non-standard dvd ;)07:11
bazhangkevin_: yeah, astro76 has it on the head07:12
kevin_astro76, if an old set-top dvd player can  play it, a computer should be able to manage :)07:12
bazhangkevin_: google drm07:12
astro76kevin_, the whole point of this type of copy protection is that it still works on non-pc dvd players07:13
kevin_astro76, and, why?07:13
astro76kevin_, they tried this with CDs too07:13
astro76kevin_, piracy :S07:13
nickrudso there might be a 1.3 release of dvdcss, whoopee07:13
kevin_no, I mean why does it still work on non-pc players07:13
kevin_with cds they just did autorun crap07:13
Xplicitthe alt cd is having problems with formating my boot partition07:14
bazhangkevin_: to prevent teh piratez07:14
nickrudkevin_, because the rippers have to reverse engineer each wrinkle, the dvd makers know in advance what they can get away with07:14
kevin_no, I mean why would it still work in the technical sense on a player that was designed for the original dvd specification07:14
astro76kevin_, usually some non-standard file naming or some sort of thing which the player ignores, but chokes the pc07:14
bazhangkevin_: you can return it or wait for a 'fix' :}07:15
xal2I installed the graphics driver from the nvidia website. It works great until I restart the computer. Then it wants to hop into low graphics mode.07:15
Jangariis there a forum/howto on widgets/screenlets?07:16
iknowbobsorry to break in, but i have a question if anyone can help.  trying to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 and keep getting an error message stating "failed to fetch" and then lists 3 archives at archive.ubuntostudio.org ...07:16
kevin_most of the information on google is for windos ripping applications07:16
bazhangiknowbob: for ubuntustudio? might be a server issue07:16
* Gnea bangs head on desk, repeatedly.07:18
iknowbobjust using plain ubuntu.  friend installed some visiuals and added the ubuntustudio archives to update them with.  is there any way to remove the archive.ubuntustudio.org lines from the list of archives for upgrading?07:18
Gneawhy does java not work in gutsy gibbon?!07:18
Gneai'm trying to use java as a plugin to firefox07:18
nickrudit does, install sun-java6-plugin07:18
bazhangiknowbob: sure; go into synaptic and disable them07:18
XplicitGnea: firefox from repos?07:18
kevin_bazhang, I have to return it anyway I think. do you know how to get a raw dump of the disc and work out the proper file format later?07:19
Gneai've tried sun-java6-plugin,  sun-java5-plugin and now icedtea-java7-plugin07:19
GneaXplicit: yes, everything is from apt-get/synaptic07:19
Gneai check in about:plugins and i see that it's there07:19
bazhangkevin_: for now it is safe from that kind of thing, not really the channel to discuss it in07:20
Gneaand yet... it simply does not work when i try to bring up a java-based app in firefox07:20
kevin_bazhang, what would be07:20
Gneai get the error: "please install java, you are moron."07:20
nickrudoh, it must be tired of you ;)07:20
Gneawell, it better change its attitude quick if it wants to live through the night ;)07:21
iknowbobi'm a bit of a noob to ubuntu.  how do i go about disabling them?07:21
nickrudGnea, a really silly question, but do you have java enabled in the prefs?07:21
bazhangkevin_: that is a 'rip' and there is google for that07:21
Gneanickrud: ha, i hadn't checked yet - doing now07:21
kevin_bazhang, I don't want to resort to windows shareware, which is the result on google07:22
bazhangkevin_: sorry cant help you07:22
kevin__hay room07:23
kevin__im a nood07:23
Gnearoom: no such nickname07:23
kevin__i wanna put ubuntu on my g307:23
Gneanickrud: yup, it's already checked07:23
nickrudthought it was silly07:24
Gneanot at all, good to cover all bases07:24
kevin__anay one try this is it better then darwin for this sitch07:24
astro76good grief, a kevin_ and kevin__ both talking07:24
nickrudSingAlong better come back soon, gotta get some sleep07:24
=== kevin_ is now known as Kevin`
Kevin`heh :)07:24
* astro76 runs07:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mac - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about g4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about g3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:25
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ07:25
kevin__thank you07:26
kevin__osx 1.1 is really showing it's age07:27
nickrudisn't that heresy for someone with mac hardware?07:27
sobersabreguys, I've got rdist question. is it possible to rename files per group of hosts with rdist ?07:27
kevin__game cube has a ppc right07:27
sobersabreI mean if I have a file /some/where/etc/passwd/group007:27
sobersabrewould I be able to copy it to a group of hosts to /etc/passwd ?07:28
sobersabrejust say "yes" or "no".07:28
bazhangyes or no07:28
bharadwajwhenever i start off with enemy teritory or any other high end games the game interface is very sluggish and strucky07:28
nickrudI have a broken nose, cuz I do that too much07:28
bharadwajdo i have any problem with my graphics card?07:29
sobersabrebazhang, you should upgrade your interpreter07:29
bazhangsobersabre: hahha07:29
kevin__imbios lol07:29
richdHello, anyone ever tried playing UT2k4 and got no sound? my only sound card in the setting is openal. should i go get also instead or something?07:29
xal2Has anyone had problems with the nvidia driver?07:29
bazhang!info kiten07:29
ubotukiten: Japanese reference/study tool for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 197 kB, installed size 548 kB07:29
richder, not sound card, sound device or something07:29
sobersabreyour nick sounds a bit chinese.... chinese usually have a good interpreter. where are you from ?07:29
bazhangI'm from #ubuntu-offtopic07:30
Gneanickrud: this is driving me nuts! i've done this before on other systems, and yet, i cannot get java to work in a web browser on this newly installed system.07:31
bharadwajis there any other channel for my problem with games?07:31
nickrudI gotta go, Singalong will be back (maybe) with an ifconfig and route -n . His windows connects wired, ubuntu doesn't. Probably not getting gateway info from the router. Could someone set him up with a static config?07:31
astro76Gnea, did you try with a new firefox profile?07:31
kevin__i allwas had promblems install ati drivers on ubuntu on my core2dou pc07:31
richdbharadwaj: heym your having trouble too?07:31
brophatmy add/remove applications thing says BitTorrent is installed but I can't find it in the applications menu07:31
nickrudGnea, I've always had no problems with java, so never had to trouble shoot it07:31
Gneaastro76: hrm, i'll try that now07:32
richdbharadwaj: I cant get my sound to work in Unreal 2004... what's your gaming prob?07:32
alexandroidhi, could you plz tell me how to enter rescue mode using live DVD for 7.10?07:32
alexandroidwhat i see is the same as described on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20218407:32
bharadwajrichd: oh yeah but i have a problem with my graphics and  interface of the game its very sluggish07:32
richdbharadwaj: what card type do you have?07:33
richdati? nv?07:33
WGGMkis it possible to Remote Desktop to a NON GUI Ubuntu Server???07:33
astro76alexandroid, what are you trying to do?07:33
bharadwajrichd: non in particular i have an inbuilt 64Mb video memory of i845G series07:33
Kevin`WGGMk, yes07:34
richdbharadwaj: ouch, integrated is hard stuff07:34
Kevin`WGGMk, you will of course need gui programs and libraries installed on it, which I would not do for a server07:34
bharadwajrich: yeah i know i tried evry damn shit available in the internet and in the forums07:34
alexandroidastro76: I am trying to install ubuntu on usb ext drive following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8081107:35
wyWhich script is run before the window system starts after user login? I'm trying to put an environment variable in that can be viewed by the programs on the main menu07:35
bharadwajrichd: and know what i almost come here very often with only this problem07:35
bharadwajrichd: did you try ubuntu forums?07:36
brophatmy add/remove applications thing has BitTorrent checked, which I assume means it is installed, but I can't find it in the applications menu. Anyone know where it is supposed to be?07:36
astro76alexandroid, looks like you need to use the alternate cd07:36
astro76!alternate | alexandroid07:36
ubotualexandroid: The Alternate CD (available as of Dapper) is the classical text-mode installation CD. Use it if you wish to upgrade via CD, or for an "expert" mode install. For normal installs, use the Desktop CD, which is also a "Live" CD - See also !Minimal07:36
richdbharadwaj: man, i try ubuntu forums, debian forums, new articles and /. forums07:36
richdbut to no avail07:36
alexandroidastro76: but live DVD should include both install + alternate cds, right?07:37
WGGMkKevin`: is it possible for clients to remote desktop into a virtual machine (while the server still has NO GUI)???07:37
alexandroidastro76: ...and I do not have CD-R to burn CD ISO on =\07:37
bazhangrichd: is this native linux or through wine?07:37
richdbazhang: native. used the dvd shell installer07:38
Kevin`WGGMk, no local gui, yes07:38
bharadwajrichd: i hope we get a solution very fast i just can't wait to play any full fledged game in lunux07:39
frederick85hi i'm on xubuntu and trying to mount windows shares with pyNeighborhood it says can't mount the files on it though07:39
astro76alexandroid, yeah it does... sorry I'm not familiar with the dvd07:39
frederick85the shared files on the windows computer07:39
frederick85but it can find them07:39
bazhangrichd: unreal tournament 3? or other07:39
Kevin`WGGMk, virtual machine means nothing to this, unless you use the vm software for remote control in some respect (which I would only do for admins)07:39
richdbazhang: 200407:40
richdonly have a 32 MB video card...07:40
bazhangrichd: tournament?07:40
alexandroidastro76: maybe you could describe me what rescue mode looks like? when "rescue mode" sign actually appears?07:41
Gneaastro76: same problem persists with the new profile07:41
Gneaastro76: i went through and made sure that just the icedtea version is the only one installed now07:41
Gneathen i made the new profile07:41
WGGMkKevin`: what im trying to achieve, is the ability for specific clients to be able to USE/RUN virtual machines across a VPN or locally.. remote desktop seems like the only logical solution for the VPN side07:41
Kevin`WGGMk, remote desktops don't need to use the physical display for anything, you can have any number of remote displays without showing them locally07:41
abhiis there any nice util that i can use to grab a website?07:41
Gneaabhi: wget, curl07:42
Kevin`WGGMk, what vm software are you using07:42
richdbharadwaj: hey, check out http://packages.debian.org/etch/xserver-xorg-video-i81007:42
astro76alexandroid, you type rescue at the grub prompt on the alternate cd07:42
richdit has a package that should do it07:42
richdhave you already done something like that?07:42
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=237046 richd look at post #6 in that thread07:42
abhiGnea: i want to get not just the page but also the links it points to07:42
WGGMkKevin`: right now im just in the planning process. But specifically vmware server or esx caught my attention07:43
alexandroidastro76: but i mean does it look like regular installer in the beginning or it is completely different?07:43
Gneaabhi: read the manpages, they explain what all of the options do07:43
richdbazhang: will try that07:43
WGGMkKevin`: my server has NO GUI, and honestly I have no intention or desire to install a GUI or any related GUI libraries07:43
Kevin`WGGMk, vmware server (and I think esx if you like spending money) already include remote console function07:44
j2daoshwhat does a b mean in an ls -ltr? (br--r-----)07:44
richdbharadwaj: does that package look like it might work?07:44
Xplicitdoes the alt install cd need a working internet conection?07:44
GneaWGGMk: my server has no gui either, but i can run a vpn tunnel and export the display over that to run X apps remotely :)07:44
Kevin`WGGMk, if you want to run gui applications on the server (remote or otherwise) you need them to be installed, and for their supporting libraries to be installed, doesn't matter where they display07:44
X-noranyone know why xubuntu has xclient script as the primary option in GDM, yet there appears no xclient in /etc/X11, etc?07:44
astro76alexandroid, it will boot you to a prompt with Rescue Mode at the top07:45
BlaenkDenumis there a way to generate an md5sum of all files in a directory?07:45
Kevin`md5um *07:45
GneaWGGMk: he's right, you can have x libs installed and not run a GUI - you just need them on the server to support displaying them elsewhere - it's not much of a performance hit at all07:45
BlaenkDenumI didn't see anything on that in the man page but I used to do it07:45
BlaenkDenumoh thanks Kevin`07:45
alexandroidastro76: ic, thanks!07:45
WGGMkKevin`: maybe you misunderstood. I dont want them to be able to remote desktop into the server. I want clients to be able to remote desktop into the virtual guest on the server07:45
astro76alexandroid, just a shell prompt on virtual console 107:46
X-nori recall switching xfwm4 to compiz but now I can't figure out what the heck I changed07:46
ogrei want a pony07:46
Kevin`WGGMk, then you either need remote desktop support in the vm software or remote desktop server software installed on each vm07:46
X-norworks, but I also need to change some other stuff07:46
WGGMkKevin`: i retract the misunderstanding part, I prolly didnt explain things specifically enough.07:46
GneaWGGMk: make sure the IP of the virtual server is accessible from the outside and set your security options within that environment properly to accept them07:46
Gneajava still isn't working.07:47
bharadwajrichd: idin get you07:47
Xplicitdoes the alt install cd need a working internet conection?07:47
WGGMkKevin`: you wouldnt happen to know if the VMWare Server or esx have remote desktop support do you?07:47
richdbharadwaj: ?07:47
richddid you get my link?07:48
X-norXplicit: no, I installed it fine with no network until I could build my driver07:48
richdyou can search for that package in your package manager and it might fix your prob07:48
bazhangthat is a debian source richd; best to go with one from packages.ubuntu.com07:48
wyI wish I could draw a picture in the code07:48
Kevin`WGGMk, the vmware server console is natively networked and can be used remotely. I haven't used esx as I can't afford it. vmware workstation has vnc server support but probably is not a good choice for a server,07:49
Xplicitok thx i tought it was stuck at 6% but its jumped to 21%07:49
richdbazhang: i agree, but that package should be in ubuntu07:49
X-norXplicit: but you'll have to use apt-cd to get build-essential and all07:49
Kevin`WGGMk, qemu has vnc server support, xen I don't know, virtualbox I don't know07:49
bharadwajrichd: you playin it in wine?07:49
richdi just found it on the deb package search07:49
richdbharadwaj: nah. I figured mine out07:49
richdtrying to hepl you now07:49
Xplicitits ok once its up ill switch my cable over to it07:49
bazhangrichd: that may break his system--best not to advise it07:49
richdbazhang: i want him to use the ubuntu package manager to search for that package07:50
Spaceman3750I have ndiswrapper installed.  I installed the correct driver for my wireless card into ndiswrapper.  However, the GUI I installed says that the card for the driver I installed doesn't exist.  Any advice?07:50
WGGMkKevin`: so VMWare Server would install on the physical server and can be managed by a web interface correct (because the server has no GUI)07:50
j2daoshis there a sco unix channel?07:50
richdthen install it and edit the xorg conf file07:50
bharadwajrichd: the link you gave me it s i810 drivers but i845 is different from it07:50
bazhangrichd: it is in the repos for ubuntu07:50
richdi810g driver if for that whole family07:51
bazhangbharadwaj: it applies to your card as well07:51
richdbazhang: good.07:51
bharadwajlet me try07:51
bazhang!info xserver-xorg-video-i81007:52
ubotuxserver-xorg-video-i810: X.Org X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.7.4-0ubuntu5 (gutsy), package size 139 kB, installed size 364 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 arm hppa hurd-i386 i386 ia64 kfreebsd-i386 lpia m68k mips mipsel netbsd-i386 powerpc)07:52
X-norj2daosh: you mean there's a reason to run that anymore?07:52
bazhangbharadwaj: see above07:52
richdbharadwaj: do you know where to get that?07:52
richdsorry, but i don't know your linux exp...07:52
X-nordoes anyone know how to set up what window manager is started up, etc?07:52
Kevin`WGGMk, http://abacus.kwzs.be/vm.jpg - using a vm from a few states away07:52
bazhangX-nor: choose in sessions at log in screen07:53
richdor edit your init runlevel thingy to use kdm instead of gdm or w/e07:53
X-norbazhang: yeah, was wondering what Xclient session meant07:53
morstim trying to ./configure apache, and i get the message "checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"07:54
X-norbazhang: it's the 'default' in xfce, but the reported xclient configuration does not exist anywhere07:54
bazhangX-nor: there should be a small icon in the log in screen that you can pull down07:54
WGGMkKevin`: VMWare Server Console is what exactly?07:54
richdbharadwaj: any luck yet?07:54
X-norbazhang: well I can't edit that can I07:54
bazhangX-nor: you can install new DE's :}07:55
Kevin`WGGMk, the program you use to do most of the work with vmware server07:55
BlaenkDenumguys I have a question, if I tar.gz. something and md5sum it will it always be the same, I mean, and if I would tar.gz. the very same contents again and md5sum that, will it be the same? I know it's not the case with zip07:55
X-norbazhang: that's no help wse, I need to know what each of those Exec=07:55
richdX-nor: i use ksysv-init editor07:55
adamonline46Does anyone know why I might not be able to access my SMB shares from my Kubuntu box?07:55
bazhangX-nor: via the cli?07:55
X-norrichd: um, that's init scripts afaict07:55
X-norbazhang: well, by filename07:55
richdand it chooses xfce, xgm, kd, gdm07:56
richdadamonline46: not proper credintials?07:56
X-norrichd: yeah, well my DM is gdm07:56
m0u5ewhats the difference between gutsy backports and proposed?07:56
richdcan't spell, sorry07:56
X-norrichd: don't need to change that unless I have to go to old fashioned xinitrc07:56
scguy318m0u5e: backports are backports from newer repos, proposed is proposed updates07:56
richdX-nor: i thought that was what you were trying to do07:57
WGGMkKevin`: sorry for my ignorance here.. But lemme get this straight... VMWare Server installs on the server or host machine.. and VMWare Server Console BUILDS or CONNECTS to the VM on the server/host machine???07:57
adamonline46richd: Well, I can access the shares from my Windows box, if that's what you mean.  I have myself added as an SMB user...07:57
bazhangdoes a #vmware exist?07:57
Gneabazhang: what happens if you join it?07:57
X-norrichd: was trying to set what commands the Xclient script (which GDM claims exists) actually runs07:57
m0u5escguy318: what's a backport then? :X07:57
bazhangGnea: you first :}07:57
Kevin`WGGMk, the console connects to the server and allow you to do all management functions (except start the server) and use vms07:58
richdadamonline46: but maybe on the linux box, it asks to access it and the windows says bah, not high enough security. do you type in a pw for it?07:58
X-norrichd: it probably has little to do with X clients07:58
Gneabazhang: lol i'm not the one who wants to know07:58
morstim trying to ./configure apache, and i get the message "checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" and then "configure failed for srclib/apr"07:58
bazhangGnea: haha07:58
Kevin`bazhang, yes07:58
scguy318m0u5e: taking a package from newer repo and having it work on an older release07:58
bazhangthanks Kevin`07:58
X-norrichd: actually it does - which ones get started automatically. but i've had no luck finding this script, which locate xclient, locate Xclient, etc turn nothing up07:58
yuaokiHi I've got a Sharp Mebius laptop and I do not know what kind of memory chip to get , I've tried it with my macbook chip and the shape does not match how can I look it up?07:58
adamonline46richd: No, I removed authentication for the time being.07:58
timfrostmorst: Have you installed build-essential?07:59
richdX-nor: ohhh07:59
Gneaastro76: thanks for the help, i'm just gonna sleep on it and try again later07:59
m0u5escguy318: so proposed is like a pre-released update then? or something that's planned for hardy?07:59
morsttimfrost, whats that?07:59
richdadamonline46: wierd... I'm assuming its not network error or anything like that07:59
WGGMkKevin`: so using VMWare Server Console allows you to connect to the VMWare Server and manage/use VM's?07:59
Kevin`yuaoki, that's pretty basic information, manufacturer's page should have it. otherwise take a picture of it07:59
X-nori'll be stuck prolly installing a filename index and searching for my =compiz07:59
adamonline46richd: I don't think so.  I can see the smb server if I do "smbclient --list <svr_ip> --no-pass08:00
timfrostmorst: it is a package that pulls in compiler tools.  But why are you compiling apache, rather than using the packages that are in the repository?08:00
richdadamonline46: wierd...08:00
m0u5escguy318: sorry just one more question, do proposed updates have lower quality specs than stuff in the normal repos? is it any less stable08:00
Kevin`WGGMk, yes, vmware server has no local gui unless you run the console locally08:00
X-norproblem I've had with gnome - there's a million ways to set something up, only one actually commits the change08:00
adamonline46richd: Quite... I dunno what to do :/08:00
X-norand one leaves trash that you'll find later08:00
morsttimfrost: so there is an easier way, how do i get the repository packages?08:00
Kevin`WGGMk, since this software is beer-free, you would be best served trying it yourself..08:01
richdX-nor: well, on my kde i use sudo ksysv08:01
richdand it pops up08:01
wyAny good asciiart software in linux?08:01
X-norrichd: that is the system V inits, correct?08:01
richdi used to know where it was located at08:01
WGGMkKevin`: so can clients BUILD/CREATE VM's onto to the physical server host??08:01
Kevin`wy, banner, aalib/libcaca08:01
Kevin`WGGMk, yes08:01
dhcplesscan anyone help me with dhcp3 config08:02
X-norrichd: pointless, IMHO, for what I'm trying to do - stop a panel from starting08:02
BenalexI am trying to install VMWare Player and getting this error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49771/08:02
richda panel?08:02
WGGMkKevin`: dude your the man.. sorry for all the nagging questions haha.. thank you very much for the information08:02
X-norrichd: which is one of the x clients getting started from one of the session scripts of one of the DMs, (well, I know it's GDM in this case)08:02
wyKevin`: libcaca seems to be a library08:02
Kevin`wy, yes. there are multiple programs that use it (mplayer for example can)08:03
ifireballdhcpless: client or server?08:03
richdX-nor: i dunno... i don't get what your saying08:03
dhcplessifireball, server08:03
richdand i'm tired08:03
richdso good night all08:03
richdbharadwaj: good luck.08:03
timfrostmorst: command line 'sudo apt-get install apache2' (version 2.0) or 'sudo apt-get install apache2.2' (for version 2.2).  Or use synaptic GUI08:03
Avtwho see me?08:03
triplchi all08:03
morsttimfrost: ok thanks i figured that out08:03
X-norrichd: I want to set compiz to start by default, instead of xfwm408:03
ifireballdhcpless: what seems to be the problem?08:04
BenalexI am trying to install VMWare Player and getting this error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49771/08:04
triplci need to type Japanese and Chinese, which package I need to apt-get install?08:04
Avtcan you guys see me??08:04
WGGMkAvt: nope08:04
Avthow to update firefox? sudo su apt-get update firefox? in dapper08:04
MyrttiAvt: sure we do08:04
Spaceman3750My WLAN card is a Realtek 8187B.  Ubuntu sees it in the hardware manager, as well as in lsusb (it is an internal USB card).  However, I try to install the drivers into ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper says that the card is not installed.  iwconfig also does not show it.  What should I do to get this card working?08:04
Kevin`wy, these libraries (except for the text-art program mentioned) make "ascii art" using dithering techniques. while it's rather good at that, it doesn't beat what a skilled artist can do, it's just a computer08:04
dhcplessifireball, whenever i try to start it i get an error "semicolon expected in dhcp3.conf , line #...." but I have semicolns in all the lines!08:05
MyrttiAvt: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude upgrade08:05
MyrttiAvt: no, wait, no.08:05
MyrttiAvt: how long have you been without updating your system with security updates and such?08:05
Kevin`wy, might not be the right word for it. try it yourself and you'll see what it does08:05
triplci need to type Japanese and Chinese text, which package I need to apt-get install?08:05
dhcplesstriplc, scim08:06
ifireballdhcpless: well, sounds like a syntax error, paste the file an the error message to pastebin plz08:06
bazhangskim/scim triplc08:06
triplcdhcpless: thanks08:06
WGGMkdhcpless: haha what a great name08:06
Avtmyrtti ok well see I made a tutorial and I might have forgotten to add update firefox and flash lol08:06
dhcplessifireball, ok...08:06
Avtbut now im in gutsy08:06
dhcplesstriplc, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InputMethods/SCIM/Setup08:07
Avthowto restore partition image of dapper**08:07
MyrttiAvt: well, basically update and upgrade should be enough unless you want to upgrade them to a version dapper repos don't have08:07
MyrttiAvt: what have you done basically08:07
AvtMyrtti can you see my tut and tell me what im missing?08:07
Avtim getting link08:07
triplcdhcpless: thanks, i am reading it now08:08
dhcplesstriplc, you on gnome or kde or xfce?08:08
wyKevin`: Actually I just need some pictures in my code. So those color drawings might not be good for me. Some line drawing is ok08:08
dhcplessifireball, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49772/08:09
BenalexI am trying to install VMWare Player and getting this error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49771/08:09
Avtmyrtti here it is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53649108:10
dhcplessWGGMk i've been struggling with this DHCP3 server for days now....08:10
dhcplessBenalex, how are you trying to install ? VMserver or player?08:12
MyrttiAvt: first of all, forget all the "sudo su"-stuff08:12
Benalexdhcpless: player... from add/remove08:12
dhcplessBenalex, do you have VMserver installed?08:13
Avtmyrtti realy?08:13
dhcplessBenalex, mmmm...is your sources list in order?08:13
MyrttiAvt: well yes. doing it with all the command still having sudo in front of them equals into nothing at all08:14
Benalexdhcpless: mmm.. not sure... I have enabled all package type main, universe, ..etc08:14
dhcplessBenalex, what happens when you run sudo apt-get update?08:14
MyrttiAvt: and doing "sudo su" can be replaced by other commands, safer than it.08:14
Avtok I need to change be right back08:15
Benalexdhcpless: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/49773/08:15
ifireballdhcpless: your problem seems to be on line #1, looks out of place to me08:16
dhcplessifireball, this is because i have several interfaces (vmware..) notice that the error refers to another line08:17
timfrostBenalex: are you trying to install vmware player from a .deb package, or from the tarball?08:17
bryanwhat is the command to get the UUID for a disk drive?08:17
dhcplesstimfrost, he is trying with add/remove...08:17
Benalextimfrost: no... from Add/remove08:17
dhcplessBenalex, your sources look ok, sorry cant help you ,never installed vmware with add/remove. I always installed the tar ball from vmware website08:19
ifireballdhcpless: it does, but there are only comments between the 2 lines, and typically you get "missing <line terminator>" errors on the next things that comes along where the terminator should be, e.g. the next non-comment line...08:19
timfrostBenalex: OK, I missed that. there is NOT an ubuntu package for vmware player for gutsy.   That is the reason for the error.  You need to install the tarball08:19
RamYi have problems installing ubuntu08:19
dhcplessifireball, you suggest commenting the 1st line?08:19
ifireballdhcpless: still it doesn't look like its consistent with the file format to me, so I'm man-ing it for a bit08:19
RamYi can't partition drive to install ununtu08:20
dhcplessifireball, actually i got it off a web HOWTO08:20
=== loucas is now known as SoteriouLoucas
Benalexdhcpless,timfrost... installing from tarballs is a plain pain.. and I can't do it... I appreciate if you drive me to some instruction to do so.. because ./confiure make make install doesn't work08:20
RamYi have problems installing ubuntu08:20
RamYi can't partition drive to install ununtu08:20
ifireballdhcpless: looks like its setting an environment variable to me08:20
vallhalla81ramy do you have a os installed?08:21
dhcplessBenalex, I never installed vmplayer , but i have vmserver on many machines , there is an excellent HOWTo in Ubuntu forum, I can google it for you if you wish...08:21
RamYi have windows intalled08:22
dhcplessifireball, what do you mean?08:22
BenalexRamY.. how are you doing partitioning?08:22
RamYi dont' have ubuntu os installed08:22
RamYi have live cd thingy08:22
=== bojan is now known as SeveredCross
Benalexdhcpless: thank you08:22
vallhalla81ok i gues you are hoping to kep windows??08:22
timfrostBenalex: for vmware player, you need to install build-essential, then unpack the tarball and run 'sudo ./vmware-install.pl' in the main directory of the unpacked tar archive.  You don't go through the configure/make/make installprocess08:22
RamYyes vallhalla8108:22
RamYi have alot of important files on the drive08:23
dhcplessBenalex, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183209&highlight=vmware08:23
vallhalla81ok you will need a program to set a partition for you08:23
ifireballdhcpless: I meant the formant of the line looks exactly like a bash command to setup an environment variable, not like a dchpd.conf directive, is line #33 yours as well?08:23
Greevoushow do cd into hidden directories in the terminal08:23
dhcplessifireball, the line that begins with what? (33)08:24
Greevoushow do I* cd...08:24
nicolahHow do I exit from vi ?08:24
ifireballdhcpless: DHCPDARGS08:24
malignity :q08:24
vallhalla81GParted or QTParted should work08:24
RamYGparted wouldn't work i get an error08:25
RamYshould i try qtparted?08:25
dhcplessifireball,  ahh. yesterday when it didnt work i came to the IRC and someone suggested that ....08:25
dhcplessifireball, i basically followed this : http://myy.helia.fi/~karte/ubuntu_dhcp.html08:25
vallhalla81hmm how many drives do you have/.08:25
RamY2 drives08:25
dhcplessifireball, i want DHCP3 to boot PXE install08:25
RamY10 GB for windows and 70GB for files08:25
RamYused by windows08:26
gingersnapyay! there are ppl still on that are still awake!08:26
RamYi have about 50GB free space08:26
vallhalla81then why not move all windows things to 1 fdrive and linux on the other?08:26
gingersnapi was wondering if anyone here uses virtualbox?08:26
ifireballdhcpless: are you planning on the server doing DNS as well?08:26
RamYbecause windows is not very stable, and sometime i get viruses and i have to reinstall windows08:27
bazhangsome do gingersnap08:27
dhcplessifireball, no, just serving boot image to a client -thats it08:27
gingersnapi need alittle help and the vbox channels are .. well dead08:28
vallhalla81ok there is the option to run windows from linux using vmware you know?08:28
Myrttimmmm breakfast. Avt you still there08:28
bazhanggingersnap: they usually are :}08:28
Benalextimfrost: thank you... working like charm.... I should read more about linux executable files08:28
ifireballdhcpless: yeah, like I thought, line #1 should've gone into /etc/default/dhcp3-servr, not dhcpd.conf08:28
Avtmyrtti yes :D08:28
Benalexdhcpless: thanks for your help08:28
Avtyou smeel the food also hehe08:28
RamYthat i don't know of vallhalla8108:29
ifireballdhcpless: and you don't need line #3308:29
MyrttiAvt: so what was your original problem again, the backup or firefox updates08:29
gingersnapi know there are other programs besides virtualbox.. but my issue is that I can't uninstall it08:29
vallhalla81ok lets you run a install of windows from within ubuntu08:29
dhcplessifireball, THANK YOU , commenting the 1st line did the trick!08:29
Avtmyrtti I think I forgot to post on there how to update firefox and flash im pretty sure08:29
dayaanyone have idea how to modify splashy themes using usplash08:29
dhcplessBenalex, welcome...08:30
ifireballdhcpless: basically the fact that it doesn't LOOK like anything else in the file should've given you a hint...08:30
dhcplessifireball, do you have experience in PXE booting?08:30
RamYi'm only trying to isntall ubuntu at the moment not windows08:30
ifireballdhcpless: yeah, kinda08:30
bazhangdhcpless: so you can change your nick now? :}08:30
vallhalla81you could try it that way and have your second disk as a storage device so your files are safer08:30
Avtmyrtti im just trying to make it complete so I can add my gutsy howto08:30
RamYi did a partition, do i need to name the new partitioned drive?08:30
MyrttiAvt: the normal upgrade procedure should be enough unless you really really want to update them to a version not in dapper repos08:30
vallhalla81no the set up will do it for you08:31
RamYfilesystem name is allocated08:31
dhcplessbazhang, my next nick TFTPless08:31
Avtmyrtti which is08:31
bazhangdhcpless: hahaha08:31
RamYso i should apply settings only now?08:31
dhcplessifireball, can you recommend a HOWTo? i read about 6 all somewhat different...08:32
vallhalla81yes i think so08:32
RamYSee the details for more information.08:32
RamYIf you want support, you need to provide the saved details!08:32
RamYSee http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/tips/save_details.htm for more information.08:32
RamYan error occured08:32
ifireballdhcpless: nope. my only recommendation would be to READ ALOT and UNDERSTAND what you are doing, blindly following HOWTOs never works08:32
Avtmyrtti man whats the normal update procedure08:32
MyrttiAvt: dapper currently has 1.5.dfsg+
Avtfor dapper08:33
ifireballdhcpless: tftp is easy though, you afaik just install it, and pot the right files in /tftpboot08:33
dhcplessifireball, great advice....this is a great leap for me, i just have this laptop with no CD, no floppy no USB and Win2k I need to save it08:33
MyrttiAvt: sudo aptitude update, sudo aptitude upgrade08:33
RamYdid u get that vallhalla81?08:34
AvtI dont need to add firefox or anythin to it?08:34
ifireballdhcpless: in that case you use something like knoppix that has PXE setup scripted out of the box08:34
ompaul!paste | RamY08:34
ubotuRamY: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)08:34
dhcplessifireball, you mean as PXE server? my laptop client has no CD....08:35
ifireballthough I thought Ubuntu had something like that too on the liveCD08:35
ifireballdhcpless: yeah, knoppix has an option to boot on one machine and then boot the other machines with PXE over the network08:35
vallhalla81just looking at it ramy08:36
dhcplessifireball, really ? knoppix is amazing.....08:36
ifireballdhcpless: yeah its a rather nifty feature, edubuntu might have that as well though08:36
SeveredCrossWell, it uses the standard Debian base...08:36
SeveredCrossYou could easily do that kinda setup with any Debian distro.08:36
vallhalla81ramy does it show on your drive as a partition?08:37
SeveredCrossIt's not really a Knoppix-specific thing. They're just the only ones that have done it so far.08:37
dhcplessifireball, ok thank you for your help ,,,,next step TFTP08:37
RamYbefore i click apply?08:37
RamYit says unallocated08:37
MyrttiAvt: nope08:37
squarebracketi keep on getting permission denied for running /usr/sbin/sshd even though i'm root. can anyone tell me why?08:38
MyrttiAvt: those commands actually upgrade your *whole* system to up to date08:38
vallhalla81ok have you tryed making the partiton from windos so it is just a blank space and install to theat so setup can set the files for you?08:38
Avtwhat I dont need it updating the kernal08:38
killerfaultierIs courier-authlib-mysql the same as courier-authmysql?08:38
Avtit could mess up my video card driver08:38
ifireballSeveredCross: I know and HAD done that with Debian, but you can't expect newbes to easily jump through all the hoops of a dhcp/tftp/pxelinux/nfs-root install easily...08:39
RamYno i haven't tried partitioning from windows08:39
timfrostsquarebracket: what do you get from the command 'ls -l /usr/sbin/sshd' ?08:39
vallhalla81i think it may be worth giving that a go08:39
MyrttiAvt: hrmmm08:39
RamYthe problem is, if i partition from windows using the CD's that came with PC, i lose everything on the drive with saved files in it08:40
RamYcan i give the new partitioned drive a name, on filesystem?08:40
vallhalla81you should be able to08:41
RamYwhat should i put for filesystem?08:41
RamYor something else08:41
dhcplessifireball, one howto suggest i start tftpd server via inetd , another doest , what are the advantages of inetd?08:41
vallhalla81lunix-swap should be ok08:42
ifireballdhcpless: if you you just want to boot that one PC I really recommend you use Knoppix, setting up PXP manually is a LOT of work that was meant only to be done by sysadmins setting up dozens of workstations08:42
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
ifireballdhcpless: no advantages to inetd, but you should just stick with what the tftpd package does by default08:43
squarebrackettimfrost: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 404184 2007-09-17 19:25 /usr/sbin/sshd08:43
dhcplessifireball, but then the client PC will boot knoppix , while I want to install Ubuntu08:43
timfrostsquarebracket: is there already a copy of sshd running?08:44
anton_How to check gateway IP in ubuntu?08:44
dhcplessi mean i know you can use knoppix to install buntu but isnt it a round about way to do something ?08:44
timfrostanton_: netstat -nr08:44
RamYstill no luck vallhalla8108:44
squarebrackettimfrost: i got an  [ OK ] when i stopped it08:45
vallhalla81!windows | RamY08:45
ubotuRamY: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents08:45
vallhalla81may help08:45
ifireballdhcpless: setting up PXE for one machine is WAY more of a round about...08:45
squarebrackettimfrost: but i'm doing all of this via ssh... i wanted to change the port so that i could ssh to it without having to go through another computer on the network08:45
vallhalla81stuck for idears now sory08:46
RamYthat's ok, thank you anyway :D08:46
dhcplessifireball, ok thank you for your help , i want to google to knoppix boot PXE option now08:46
ifireballdhcpless: can does that laptop has a USB port?08:46
vallhalla81ok good luck08:46
dhcplessifireball, it has but does not boot from USB08:46
goukiAnyone here has OpenArena installed and is willing to help me out testing my server?08:47
bazhangramy gone?08:47
ifireballdhcpless: how about a CDROM drive?08:47
timfrostsquarebracket: if there is an existing connection to port 22, the server won't be able to restart on that port.  Have you changed the port number in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?08:47
dhcplessifireball, nope08:47
dhcplessno floppyeither08:47
ifireballdhcpless: you may be able to install GRUB on the MBR with knoppix and then chain-load the installer from USB08:48
dhcplessifireball, look : http://dynabook.com/pc/catalog/ss/02012120/index_j.htm08:48
squarebrackettimfrost: yes i have changed the port number both in ssh_config and sshd_config... is there any way i can start it again on another port remotely?08:48
ifireballdhcpless: pretty... but useless I guess...08:48
macdsquarebracket, if its changed both places, restarting ssh should make that active, but you'll loose your active connection, so use something like screen to issue the restart in08:49
ifireballdhcpless: how did they intend for you to factory-restore the OS if you ever need to?08:49
dhcplessifireball, it is sold by bulk to companies. Toshiba takes care of any problems08:50
psyferrehey folks, hope everyone is doing well.  Has anyone setup ejabberd and jwchat on ubuntu that also might have a few minutes to give me a shove in the right direction?  I'd really appreciate it :)08:50
dhcplessifireball,  my friend got when his company upgraded to a new Toshiba08:50
ifireballdhcpless: then it would be nice to figure out what the Toshiba guys do, there must be a way to boot a windows install on it08:50
ifireballdhcpless: would a USB CD-ROM work?08:51
bazhangdhcpless: how old is that computer?08:51
squarebracketmacd: i don't mind losing the active connection, so long as i can get back in once it's restarted... how would i do that, exactly?08:51
vallhalla81dhcpless does it have a cd drive?08:51
dhcplessifireball, they take the HD out ,install a ghost image and boot it. no CD drive, It's about 5 years old08:51
dhcplessi mean they copy a ghost image unto the hD08:52
=== Benalex is now known as Mohamed
ifireballdhcpless: I suppose you could do that too if you have another laptop...08:52
vallhalla81then usb or remove the drive is the only option08:52
timfrostsquarebracket: you can explicitly speciofy a different port number with the -p option - for example ' sudo /usr/sbin/sshd -p 44'08:52
vallhalla81or buy a usb cd/dvd drive08:52
dhcplessifireball, the problem is that the HD is not standard08:52
ifireballdhcpless: oh..08:53
rhetorichi, anyone know how i can setup a basic file share between two ubuntu computers on a basic-dumb-hub?08:54
malignityhow do i turn off join/part notices in pidgin?08:54
rhetoricall the guides ive found are from like 2-3 years ago, and assume i know the local IP of my other computer08:54
Myrttimalignity: there's a plugin for that08:55
ifireballdhcpless: anyway, try using knoppix, any maybe the chain-load thing (I'm not that sure that grub can boot things off USB, I've been meaning to try that lately but didn't get around to it)08:55
squarebrackettimfrost: i just tried that, but i get a "no route to host" error08:55
rhetorici've installed NFS and setup shares on both of my PCs on this hub, but how do i mount them?08:55
dhcplessifireball, i'm trying to google that as we speak.. thank you!08:55
malignityMyrtti: do you know which one?08:55
malignitynevermind :)08:56
timfrostsquarebracket: from sshd?08:56
Myrttimalignity: you can get it by installing the pidgin plugins from the repositories, I can't remember the name though08:56
rhetoricthis is the first thing that is actually easier in windows :/08:56
malignityit's called join/part hiding heh08:56
MyrttiI don't believe in pidgin being an IRC client08:56
rhetoricwindows to setup a basic file share i "share folder" then mount hostname:/share08:56
timfrost!info pidgin-plugin-pack08:56
ubotupidgin-plugin-pack: 30 useful plugins for pidgin. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1 (gutsy), package size 159 kB, installed size 624 kB08:56
malignityno but it'll suffice, Myrtti08:57
Myrttimalignity: if you're not using it more than once a week ;-)08:57
Myrttimalignity: for max 2 hrs :-P08:57
malignityuntil i figure out what's wrong with the charset in screen on my shell and the ubuntu terminal >_<08:57
squarebrackettimfrost: no, it looks like sshd executes, but when i try to ssh to the machine, i get a "no route to host" error08:57
ifireballrhetoric: well, NFS was designed with OLD UNIX sysadmins in mind, and ppl seem to be puring more work into making SMB easy now-days08:58
timfrostsquarebracket: are the two machines on the same network?08:58
rhetoricsamba doesnt even let me choose who can login via gui08:58
rhetoricjust share name and read only08:58
dhcplessifireball, look here http://www.babytux.org/articles/howto/how2netknoppix.php . i wonder if in step 4 , i can copy some files that would install Ubuntu?08:58
malignityrhetoric: ifconfig didn't tell you what you want to know?08:59
malignityre: local ip addresses08:59
rhetoricim a big noob malignity08:59
rhetorici dont see any 192.* or 10.*09:00
squarebracketerr, sort of. the machine that i'm on right now is one network. i've got an ssh console over the internet to one of the computers in the remote network. the machine i want on a different ssh port is another computer on that remote network.09:00
grade_hi guys09:00
rhetoriceth0 and lo09:00
grade_i have a question regarding apache2 ssl09:00
bazhangrhetoric: samba server?09:00
grade_i cant find this command in ubuntu server 7.1009:00
pr0nGuyIs there an instantaneously way to know whether your inet connection has been cut?09:00
EADGEvening all09:00
ifireballdhcpless: what he does there is copy Knoppix to the PXE SERVER, its not what you want09:00
rhetoricbazhang, i tried to use NFS but i really have no idea what im doing. im new from windows09:00
squarebrackettimfrost: err, sort of. the machine that i'm on right now is one network. i've got an ssh console over the internet to one of the computers in the remote network. the machine i want on a different ssh port is another computer on that remote network.09:01
RamYhelp, excuse me09:01
dhcplessifireball, i guess i didnt read carefully09:01
bazhangrhetoric: sharing via samba?09:01
RamYAn error occurred while writing the changes to the storage devices.09:01
RamYThe resize operation is aborted09:01
rhetoricbazhang, it was easy to "share" folders via GUI with either NFS or samba i just dont seem to be able to mount them on the other PC09:01
rhetoricbazhang, i tried mount computername:/share /localfolder09:02
theteacherhi all. how can i boot ubuntu alternate cd from terminal? what command should i type?09:02
rhetoricit says computername has no ip09:02
rhetoricbasically it says huh? hostname? wtf?09:02
ifireballrhetoric: with samba it should be simple matter of navigating the share with Nautilus09:02
macdsquarebracket, you restarted sshd yet? or did you start another sshd without stopping the first one?09:02
ifireballrhetoric: to use the IP...09:02
bazhanghttp://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy rhetoric scroll down for samba09:02
ifireballrhetoric: so* use the IP...09:02
dhcplessifireball, thanks again , signing off09:03
Wander_wtheteacher: I think you are supposed to select the alternate boot cd at boot time09:03
rhetoricifireball, im a noob and dont know the ip09:03
rhetoricifireball, you mean the internet ip? :/09:03
squarebracketmacd: i called /etc/init.d/sshd restart a while ago, it stopped the service, but i got a permission denied error on the restart09:03
jxxxtRamy, I do not know the answer to your problem but I am sure if you continue banging around in the dark you will wreck one or both of your systems. Stop and study for a while..09:03
macdsquarebracket, then it didnt stop, you need to issue that as sudo.09:03
ifireballrhetoric: well, what are your 2 machine connected through?09:03
rhetorici cant seem to find any local IP, the computers each have their OWN internet IP and are on a cheap hub09:03
timfrostsquarebracket: does 'netstat -nta | grep LIST' on the server show the new port?   On gutsy, I get a line like "tcp6       0      0 :::44                   :::*                    LISTEN ".  What do you see?09:03
squarebracketmacd: i'm running as root09:03
macdsquarebracket, ohh, and its /etc/init.d/ssh restart, not sshd09:04
rhetoricifireball, you saw that last message forgot to include your name?09:04
macdsquarebracket, but before you do that, you need to launch a screen session09:04
macdsquarebracket, or the command will NOT finish and you may be stuck out09:04
rhetoricifireball, i cant seem to find any local IP, the computers each have their OWN internet IP and are on a cheap hub09:04
ifireballrhetoric: essentially what you're saying is that your problems my be connectivity related and have nothing to so with samba or nfs...09:04
theteacherWander_w, i want to install ubuntu from usb flashdisk. no cdrom on the pc. the pc cant boot from usb flashdisk. so i want to go to terminal by floppy n boot the alternate cd. how bout it?09:04
rhetoricifireball, it works fine on the same computers in windows/macos09:04
RamYjxxxt: my problem is, i can't get ubuntu to install, i already have windows installed on this pc, and i would like to partition harddrive so i can install ubuntu without losing windows09:04
rhetoricifireball, i just mount hostname:/share in windows works fine09:05
RamYi was intructed to use gparted, that didn't work09:05
wols_RamY: so resize your windows partition09:05
macdsquarebracket, like "screen" "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart", then ssh back in like "ssh -p 44 user@host"09:05
ifireballrhetoric: how are they connected to the internet?09:05
RamYthen someone said to use vmware and i don't know how to use that09:05
rhetoricifireball, through a basic cheap a** hub (sends all packets to all connected devices)09:05
webspideruscan anyone help me get Desktop Effects running on ubuntu 7.10? I added the restricted drivers and tried to follow a few tutorials, but when I try to enable any Visual Effects, I simply get a message 'Desktop effects can not be enabled' (or something to that effect)09:05
rhetoricnot a router, not even a switch, just a hub, with 2 pcs09:06
squarebrackettimfrost: ya, it's listening on the ports i specified.09:06
RamYhwo do i do that wols_09:06
wols_webspiderus: what videocard and what driver?09:06
wols_RamY: run gparted from the livecd09:06
wols_RamY: but backup your windows installation first just in case09:06
rhetoricifireball, maybe windows automatically assigns local IPs while linux doesn't?09:06
RamYwols_:  i did, i made a new drive, but i get an error09:06
squarebracketmacd: without dropping the connection first? i still get the permission denied error.09:06
wols_RamY: what error?09:07
ifireballrhetoric: well, doesn't it "just work" for you with samba, if it works with windows it should work with about the same with samba09:07
RamYwhen i hit apply09:07
webspideruswols_: Nvidia 7900 GT - I'm using the latest drivers I could find on Nvidia's website09:07
timfrostsquarebracket: what happens when you do 'telnet <server> 44' from the client system (not you home system)?09:07
RamYok i will do it again so i can show you the error, just a min09:07
macdsquarebracket, I can't see how you'd get a permissions error as root, can you paste your whole error to pastebin09:07
rhetoricifireball, i spent more time hacking around with NFS i'll try samba again now09:07
=== Mohamed is now known as Benalex
jxxxtRamy, I always let the pstitioner shrink my windows (ntfs) to about one third its original size it worked for me every time except once where I lost win xp pro completely I think it was because I did not defrag windows first but I am not toosure09:07
ifireballrhetoric: no, they both do the same thing on that level, unless you're using an ancient Ubuntu version09:07
wols_webspiderus: "glxinfo" and ubuntu comes with perfectly fine drivers in the restricted repo. I don't support nvidia.com drivers09:07
Wander_wtheteacher: You might try some strange hack with pivot_root, kexec or the like; but really it seams easier to buy a cdrom drive09:07
rhetoricifireball, one box is feisty ppc, other gutsy x8609:08
macdrhetoric, NFS should be WAY easier than samba to setup b/t *nix hosts09:08
rhetoricmacd, im a noob and having lots of trouble with NFS09:08
macdrhetoric, its a few lines in hosts.allow, a few lines in /etc/exports and a line or 2 in fstab.09:08
ifireballrhetoric: Samba works becaue it does the network-equivalent of SHOUTING VERY LOUDLY on the network to find other hosts09:08
rhetoricmacd, i cant even manually mount the share09:08
macdrhetoric, to ubuntuforums have a nice guide, it takes about 15 minutes to setup ;)09:09
squarebrackettimfrost: from the first computer inside the remote network, i get no route to host09:09
macdrhetoric, what error are you getting?09:09
webspideruswols_: well, I'm not bound to nvidia.com drivers .. I'm up to try anything at the moment. The last thing I tried is using Envy to get my video card configured09:09
RamYwols_:   See the details for more information.09:09
RamYIf you want support, you need to provide the saved details!09:09
RamYSee http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/tips/save_details.htm for more information.09:09
theteacherso there is no single command to boot from cd rom?09:09
ifireballrhetoric: though you need to make sure both hosts are on the same SMB workgroup09:09
macdsquarebracket, then sshd did NOT restart properly09:09
rhetoricmacd, i tried mount hostname:/share and it says the host cant be found, and i dont know the local ip (it's a cheap hub)09:09
rhetoricifireball, k09:09
RamYan error occured while applying operstions         wols_09:09
macdrhetoric, login to the box and get the IP, and use it.09:09
timfrostsquarebracket: and the two machines are on the same network?09:09
bazhangtheteacher: what cdrom09:09
squarebracketmacd: Starting sshd; /etc/init.d/sshd; line 113; /usr/sbin/sshd; Permission denied09:09
rhetoricmacd, in ifconfig i dont see any 192.* or 10.*09:10
macdrhetoric, make that box have a static IP, and mount via IP in fstab.09:10
Wander_wtheteacher: I don't know of any if your allready in Linux09:10
rhetoricmacd, how do i give it a static ip?09:10
macdrhetoric, is the box ON the network?09:10
rhetoricmacd, im a total noob bud :) sorry09:10
squarebrackettimfrost: yes, i'm calling it via it's local network ip09:10
rhetoricmacd, in windows it was a matter of "share folder" "map network drive host:/share"09:10
macdsquarebracket, I've said like 3 times now, its NOT sshd its ssh.09:10
rhetoricmacd, that's about all i know :/09:10
Wander_wtheteacher: Maybe kqemu, vmware or some other virtualisation software09:10
macdrhetoric, linux is not windows ;)09:10
=== Benalex is now known as Mohamed
squarebracketmacd: /etc/init.d/ssh: no such file or directory09:11
rhetoricmacd, indeed and im glad, but im still a noob :)09:11
macdsquarebracket, and this is ubuntu?09:11
Wander_wmacd: damn, NOW you tell me09:11
bazhangtheteacher: you want help?09:11
squarebracketmacd: yes09:11
ifireballmacd: yeah, but it should work about the same09:11
macdsquarebracket, then you have the only machine ever with sshd not ssh in init.d09:11
theteacherbazhang, yes09:11
Vorbotemacd: the easiest way: open the gnome-network-applet by openning the "manual configuration" item in the network-manager menu.09:11
rhetoricmacd, it just seems that with all the other things that work out of the box in ubuntu, a basic file share on a hub would be GUI-able, or at least easy09:11
theteacherWander_W, iwant ubuntu on my pc09:11
bazhangtheteacher: answer my question then09:11
squarebracketmacd: interesting...09:11
macdrhetoric, maybe, maybe not, its not exactly cut and dry.09:11
Wander_wtheteacher: And the PC is running what? now?09:12
rhetoricmacd, but it does seem like there is not even a LAN to speak of, how can i check?09:12
RamYwols_: well?09:12
macdrhetoric, but to put this in perspective, assign it a static IP, then use that to mount the NFS shares09:12
macdrhetoric, ping yahoo.com ?09:12
theteacherWander_w, win98se09:12
ifireballrhetoric: well, you seem have kind of a bastard setup of a network, what windows does to work over it anyway is VERY insecure09:12
rhetoricmacd, both boxes have an internet IP09:12
bazhangRamY: you downloaded gparted from windows and used that, correct?09:12
theteacherbazhang,im waiting09:12
timfrostsquarebracket: and the same IP worked for port 22?09:12
rhetoricifireball, i thought as much :(09:13
RamYgparted from windows? no09:13
Wander_wtheteacher: eek!09:13
RamYgparted using ubuntu09:13
bazhang!who | theteacher ask the question09:13
ubotutheteacher ask the question: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:13
macdrhetoric, your not making sense, they both have internet IP's? and they're behind a router or something? or are they using seperate internet connections?09:13
RamYalt+f2  >  gksudo  >  gparted09:13
rhetoricmacd, it's a really really cheap hub (not a switch, not a router)09:13
bazhangRamY: there is no error message from ubuntu like that iirc09:13
squarebrackettimfrost: ya, before i tried altering the port it did09:13
macdrhetoric, ohhhh09:13
rhetoricmacd, both boxes get an ip via DHCP09:14
macdrhetoric, ohhhhhh09:14
lifesfHi everyone; I need some help to mount; i've tried going through man pages a bit; the info on the internet has not been helpful so far... I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me figure out how to mount a hdd on my present machine; and preferably so it can mount automatically each time the pc reboots.09:14
ifireballmacd: hes not behind a router, getting 2 different _real_ IP from the ISP it seems09:14
macdrhetoric, I dont think either samba or NFS is going to work for you09:14
rhetoricmacd, all the hub does i think is send all packets to both boxes09:14
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter09:14
squarebrackettimfrost, i see that i've still got some sshd's running when i ps | grep sshd09:14
RamYwhat does irc got to do with it? i'm trying to install the ubuntu OS09:14
bazhangsee above lifesf09:14
wols_RamY: did you defrag your windows? did you unmount your windows partition first?09:14
lifesfoh yeah forgot; i am running server09:14
macdrhetoric, youd need some way to have dns for both machines to communicate using hostnames, or change your entire config for NFS everytime your IP's change09:14
TanisWolfbanehi people, is there a way of searching the installed package list of files so i can restore a deleted module?09:15
squarebrackettimfrost, though i don't know what ports they're listening on09:15
rhetoricmacd, maybe i could directly connect the boxes then?09:15
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter09:15
macdrhetoric, just buy a cheap 4 port router for 30 bux.09:15
rhetoricmacd, sounds like a plan lol09:15
wols_TanisWolfbane: dpkg -l  |grep ^ii   or aptitude search ~i09:15
macdrhetoric, at least thats what I would do :)09:15
rhetoricmacd, but isnt there a way i can directly connect them?09:15
macdsquarebracket, are you able to ssh into the box? or are you already in the box?09:15
rhetoricmacd, it's rare that i even need to move files between the machines09:15
chervaare software indexing settings configured depending on the system when it boots from the livecd (like compiz-fusion) or they are the same for all users booting (and hopefuly installing) ubuntu09:15
RamYwols_:  so u r saying that i should login to window first, defragment the drive, then partition the dirve then boot ubuntu cd?09:15
bazhangRamY: insert the cd--resize the disk--guided--use ubuntu's suggestions--proceed, then when it is finished reboot and there you are09:16
wols_RamY: yes09:16
macdrhetoric, sure, with a crossover cable, and setting static IP's, but neither could be in the internet while this goes on09:16
theteacherbazhang, <bazhang>theteacher: answer my question then09:16
RamYbazhang:  i get an error when i do that09:16
RamYwols_:  ok i'm going to do what u said09:16
squarebracketmacd: i'm in the box right now. still in it from the first time i tried restarting sshd09:16
wols_rhetoric: does their (internal) IP change?09:16
bazhangRamY: not the guided you dont the manual is what that error is for09:16
edis6nhello, i just bought a razer diamondback mouse with g3 laser 1800 dpi but how to use those 1800 dpi, lomoco is 400, 800, 1600, 2000 dpi but nothing between.. im out of ideas already09:16
macdsquarebracket, ahhh09:16
Wander_wtheteacher: I don't know enough about win98se to help you. If I were you, I would either get a cheap cd drive, or pay someone else to install ubuntu for you09:16
rhetoricwols_, im not sure what internal IP is all about09:17
bazhangtheteacher please ask your question or go elsewhere09:17
ifireballmacd: you might be able to get away with setting up virtual IPs and tweaking /etc/hosts09:17
wols_rhetoric: what ip does you ubuntu have right now?09:17
macdsquarebracket, just for fun, try using sudo instead of root to restart sshd09:17
RamYbazhang: wols_ already gave me some tips, i'm gonna try them, if they don't work, i will do what u siad.09:17
macdifireball, yeah, I didnt think of that like eth0:109:17
lifesfi didn't really understand,... how to mount hard drive; preferably automatically when computer boot. i am running linux server without gui09:17
ifireballmacd: indeed09:17
rhetoricwols_, i have two ubuntu boxes on a basic hub (not a router, not a switch) both with seperate internet IP via DHCP, and i want a local share09:17
stewartwhat command do i use to start the mysql database09:17
squarebracketmacd: doing that both stopping and starting fails.09:17
rhetoricwols_, in ifconfig i see no 192.* or 10.*09:17
bazhangramy good, see you soon09:17
Myrttistewart: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart09:18
squarebracketmacd: nevermind, it does that without sudo09:18
macdsquarebracket, do you have physical access, or just remote?09:18
squarebracketmacd: only remote, unfortunately.09:18
theteacherbazhang, i want to install ubuntu from usb flashdisk. no cdrom on the pc. the pc cant boot from usb flashdisk. so i want to go to terminal by floppy n boot the alternate cd. how bout it09:18
macdsquarebracket, so it worked with sudo?09:18
stewarthow can i start the mysql database?09:18
rhetoricmacd, router is sounding like a plan, but it sucks that i can easily share in windows :/09:18
squarebracketmacd: no, it fails with or without sudo (i'm logged in as root right now)09:18
Myrttistewart: ^09:18
Wander_wstewart: /etc/init.d/mysql start09:18
macdsquarebracket, login NOT as root and try WITH sudo :)09:18
bazhangtheteacher: how old is this machine?09:18
MyrttiWander_w: better have it restarted in case there already is one running09:18
macdrhetoric, ehhh yeah but thats b/c you have netbios.09:19
ifireballrhetoric: again if you really want it to work like windows, Samba should be able to do that09:19
timfrostsquarebracket: does /var/run/sshd.pid exist?  That may cause the start script to refuse to run09:19
wols_rhetoric: what is the route you use?09:19
macdwols_, it seems like his ISP gives him 2 internet IP's via a hub, but the boxes can't talk to each other.09:19
rhetoricwols_, route? elaborate09:19
wols_rhetoric: /sbin/route09:19
theteacherbazhang, its pentium 2 with 196 Mb. i use xubuntu alternate cd.09:20
squarebracketmacd: the problem is i can't login to the box anymore. i su'ed way back before i even tried restarting sshd so that i didn't have to sudo to do a bunch of things. would dropping out of su mode drop the connection?09:20
malignityanything older than windows 2000 makes the baby jesus crieee09:20
ReaperWitobiI feel so incompetent, but does anyone know a way I can go about developing PHP webpages on my laptop?09:20
macdtimfrost, you think? I mean the init sshd restart script checks the existance of a PID before stopping/staerting, and IF sshd is running (which it is hes logged in) the PID would have to exist09:20
wols_malignity: sure, use the editor of your choice and do it09:20
rhetoricwols_, what part of that output is relevant (do you want me to paste)?09:20
squarebrackettimfrost, no it doesn't09:20
edis6nmöchte so gern mit meiner neuen diamondback und 1800 dpi spielen :(09:20
wols_rhetoric: all of it if possible, in a pastebin09:20
wols_!de | edis6n09:21
ubotuedis6n: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de09:21
macdsquarebracket, it shouldnt, you didnt login remotely as root did you?09:21
rhetoricwols_, you lost me at pastebin sorry im a noob09:21
edis6nsorry, wrong channel ;)09:21
wols_!paste | rhetoric09:21
uboturhetoric: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)09:21
rhetoricwols_, ty09:21
edis6ni want to play with my new razer diamondback and 1800 dpi so bad09:21
squarebracketmacd: no, i logged in as a normal user, and then used su.09:21
macdsquarebracket, then you can exit su09:21
timfrostmacd: If the PID file exists, then the script will see if that process is still running, and fail the restart.  But the file isn't there, so I don't know what is happening.09:22
TanisWolfbanewols_ I am actually trying to find out which package contains a file not search for a package, any ideas?09:22
Wander_wReaperWitobi: Install apache, apache-php and mysql and start reading some php tutorials09:22
squarebracketmacd: ah! i was still in screen..hm.09:22
rhetoricTanisWolfbane, it's just below package search, on the package search page09:22
wols_TanisWolfbane: dpkg -S <path to file>09:22
macdtimfrost, yeah no PID, and ssh is still logged in, WIERD. not to mention his is /etc/init.d/sshd not ssh? (all mine are ssh)09:23
wols_macd: sshd being logged in is normal and will stay logged in until you close the connection. sshd just doesn't accept new connections09:23
ReaperWitobiWander_w:  I've tried all that, but even the simplest PHP scripts are screwy09:23
Wander_wReaperWitobi: try this simple php page as an example: <?php echo "Hello World!" ?>09:23
rhetoricTanisWolfbane, ahh i see you mean locally, BUT if you use the package search site it will show where it installs by default09:23
chervaare software indexing settings configured depending on the system when it boots from the livecd (like compiz-fusion) or they are the same for all users booting (and hopefuly installing) ubuntu09:24
macdwols_, ohhh, I've had them kick me off before09:24
timfrostmacd: doing stop/start may explain the pid fie being missing, but the rest is strange09:24
Wander_wReaperWitobi: please define "screwy"09:24
macdsquarebracket, If your really confident you made the proper config changes, you could reboot it. but uhhhh.....09:24
rhetoricwols_, pastebin site not loading. it's an IP from my ISP DHCP server, then link-local, then default09:24
bazhangany usb ports on that computer theteacher09:24
squarebracketmacd: well all i did was edit out the "port" line and changed it to 22209:25
wols_rhetoric: paste.ubuntu-nl.org is loading fine09:25
fotoflowhats the package manager called again in ubuntu?09:25
Avtty guys night09:25
rhetoricwols_, times out for me i blame level3 :)09:26
macdsquarebracket, you are trying to ssh to it specifying the port right? (earlier you had mentioned port 44 I thought)09:26
Wander_wfotoflo: Mine's called "Programmas toevoegen/verwijderen" ;)09:26
rhetoricwols_, in my scene kiddie days i had a .nl shell it happened all the time :/ some surfnet box likes to die09:26