evil_techwell things are almost working00:05
evil_techi managed to get my old xubuntu install to boot. still slow as heck00:05
evil_techyeah replaced my sempron and board with a asus p4p800 and 3ghz Pentium00:08
evil_techthings seem to be working now after the initial boot00:11
Nostahlis it me or ubuntu livecd's extreamly slow00:11
zoredachemost livecds are pretty slow.  Are you running it on a low-memory system?00:12
Nostahljust 1 gig in this system00:12
zoredacheare you saying it runs slower then knoppix or some other livecd?00:13
Nostahlwell i guess idont realy know00:13
quaalanyone know why the xubuntu7.10 cd i put in my tvpc just boots to busybox initramfs prompt. when i boot my laptop it boots into gnome just fine00:13
Nostahlalot of other live cd's ive done are smaller distro's00:13
Nostahlbut i've ran debian live cd and it went fast though00:13
neur1anyone tried geubuntu?00:29
neur1to edit the xorg.conf what text editor do i use?00:29
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aandersehey I can't get my computer to shutdown using xfce since i installed SLiM02:12
soldatswhat is slim02:12
aandersethe login manager02:13
aanderseno gtk or qt deps ... great for xfce :)02:13
soldatshmm well do you mind trying via command line02:19
soldatsi dont know about SLIM so im not sure how to fix it but if you need to shutdown you can do it cli based with "shutdown now" or "shutdown -r now" for a restart02:20
aanderseyeah that works02:21
soldatsok well cool but i saw your post on the other channel and responded as well02:21
soldatssorry if i confude you02:21
aandersei found a solution ... it says to add this to my sudoers file %users ALL = NOPASSWD:<prefix>/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper02:22
aanderseproblem is i don't have a xfsm-shutdown-helper file on my compture02:23
soldatsahh yes that should help sorry but i havent looked at that in a while02:23
soldatsi used it a while back and it worked02:24
CUBeR64Hi, I was just wondering, if I had Xubuntu installed, would I be able to change the interface to blackbox rather than xcfe?02:31
soldatsyes just download blackbox and it should be added to your startup gui and choose blackbox and start from there02:33
quaalanyone know why the xubuntu7.10 cd i put in my tvpc just boots to busybox initramfs prompt. when i boot my laptop it boots into gnome just fine02:34
Nostahlhi all02:41
Nostahlim installing xubuntu on my dell insprion 1000 laptop atm02:41
Nostahldoes it come stock with thunar's volman package?02:42
Nostahlanyone around?02:52
soldatsi havent seen you in a while how are you03:00
neur1hey soldats03:00
soldatshey ;)03:01
Nostahl74 percent so far on copying files to be installed it says03:01
Nostahlim putting it on a dell insprion 1000 with 512 megs of ram03:01
neur1installed e17 enlightenment desktop into xubuntu03:01
soldatscool, do you like it03:02
neur1nice, shinny03:02
neur1you evrer try it?03:03
soldatsrad i like it i usually switch between xfce, cli and e17 alot03:03
Nostahlwhats e17's claim to fame03:03
neur1xfce is the main dm03:03
soldatsyes i really like it, its easy to configuire, the help menu is very useful03:03
neur1e17 is shinny03:04
Nostahli want to experience shinny hehe03:04
Nostahlso far since i've been in the linux world i've not had a chance to use the 3d desktops or anything like that yet03:05
neur1theres a module called flame03:05
Nostahlfor e17?03:05
neur1it adds fire to the bottom of the screen03:05
soldatsNostahl, in gnome which is standard on ubuntu you can install cssm which is for all the cool effect you can do for you "shiney" needs03:06
soldatsyou can youtube it to see what it is all about03:06
soldatsit may interest you03:07
Nostahli've been tryin to run the same distro's on my main desktop as well as my laptop03:07
Nostahlletting my laptop decide what i run etc cause its a lesser system03:07
soldatslaptops should run it fine03:07
neur1me too03:07
Nostahlthat way i can learn fast if im using the same distro etc03:07
Nostahli have a dell insprion 1000 with 512 megs of ram03:07
Nostahlits realy old03:07
NostahlSiS graphics integrated03:07
soldats512 is still good i has 12803:07
neur1ibm 600e03:07
Nostahlit cant even watch video's on youtube03:08
Nostahlits so choppy03:08
soldatsNostahl, there may be a bigger problem then03:08
Nostahli think the hd is on its way out03:08
soldatsNostahl, maybe a video card03:08
Nostahli was given the laptop couple months ago03:08
Nostahlcause it was broken :P03:08
neur1not the video card?03:08
Nostahlbasicaly the fan was not starting03:08
soldatsah well you may be right then03:09
Nostahlim using this time to figure out wich distro i want to settle into03:09
Nostahlim going to be selling everything i own including all 4 desktops and the laptop03:09
Nostahlthen i'll buy a nice new laptop or build a mini itx computer once im in alaska03:09
soldatslol cool , maybe you should build a rad desktop from scratch03:10
soldatsor custom laptop03:10
Nostahli want to build a mini itx computer pretty bad03:10
Nostahl4 to 20 watts full bore is lucrative to me03:10
soldatsneur1, how do you like E1703:10
Nostahleventualy im going to be living off grid once i get my own property03:11
Nostahlso 4 watt computer is nice :)03:11
soldatslol yea03:11
neur1great just done installing03:11
Nostahlmy main question about the mini itx boards though03:11
Nostahli seen one it supports up to 4 gigs ddr203:11
Nostahland it has a pci express slot03:11
Nostahland a mini pci express slot03:11
Nostahlso... could i put a notebook wireless mini pci express in it03:12
Nostahland put a nice pci express graphics card03:12
Nostahland call it a mini gaming computer?03:12
soldatsthats out of my range of knowledge03:12
neur14 gigs yikes!03:12
soldatsits alot03:13
Nostahland cheap too03:13
soldats2 gb is plenty in my opinion but for desktop 4 gb is good for gaming03:13
neur1i'm kinda goin' backward03:13
Nostahlbest buy's been having sales latly for like 23 bucks for a  gig of ram03:13
soldats0o nice i need some i only has 12803:14
Nostahlwith the mini itx boards im wondering if the board itself is fast?03:14
Nostahllol i thought the 8 was a B for a second03:14
Nostahlim sittin far away from monitor03:14
neur1see what can run on the least or minimum03:14
soldatsNostahl, if noone knows id say google is best03:14
Nostahl12 bytes of ram lol03:14
neur1soldats what you runnin' with?03:15
soldatswell now i run either xfce since ive been trying to figure out some people problems but i prefer cli but E17 is my favorite03:16
neur1could be mine too03:17
soldatsE17 just looks so cool. and its easy to cinfigure03:17
neur1i like the shelf thing03:17
soldatsyuh :)03:18
neur1ever try geubuntu it mixes xfce and e1703:18
Nostahl84 percent03:18
Nostahlcant wait03:18
Nostahlhow's wireless in ubuntu03:18
Nostahli have a wg111v3 wireless usb adapter03:18
Nostahlis there a native linux driver for it with ubuntu?03:19
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:20
soldatslook thar03:20
neur1lol that's what i was trien' to pull up03:21
soldatsneur1, dont know if you like christmas (i dont) but how was yours03:22
soldatslol me too03:23
soldatsi enjoyed seeing my neice03:23
neur1don't go for the hoopla too much03:23
soldatsyuh me neither03:23
neur1saw family , then went home whew#03:24
soldatslol i almost stayed home all day and drank03:24
neur1lol that's the way to do it03:25
neur1another thing about e17 , switching screens03:26
neur1just drag the mouse03:26
soldatsyea thats a cool thing you just move mouse to one side and it switches03:27
neur1this was the page i meant to show https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported?highlight=%28%28HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsNetgear%29%2903:28
neur1whoa it's long03:28
FreakCERSI was playing with xgl/compiz-fuzion, but I decided to uninstall it again - as far as I can tell, I've removed/reversed all steps I used to install it (from the community in topic) - but somehow, I cannot get xubuntu to use the 'normal' window manager, and now I'm left with no window controls - any tips?03:29
soldatsahh it could help debug and solve a problem but yea it is long but when learning something new you should always expace to read alot03:29
neur1see ya later soldats thanks03:45
dude321Hi i'm totally new.  Can I get help here?04:02
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:03
soldatsi dont know that i can help but ask anyways04:03
dude321So I'm trying to install Xubuntu on an old 98 and wanted to boot from the CD before actualy installing it.04:04
dude321I got to the screen but only saw install options.04:04
dude321Can I try out Xubuntu b4 I install it?04:05
FreakCERSI belive the first option on the list is phrased a bit odly, but if you are using the Desktop CD (as I think it's called) and not the alternate install cd, the first option is what you want04:06
dude321I'm using the alternate CD04:07
FreakCERSthe alternate is the install cd (as far as I know)04:07
dude321It said to use the alternate CD for Computers with less RAM04:08
dude321(mine is only 98 meg)04:08
FreakCERShmm.. the page I'm looking at says: "installs on systems with less than about 128MB of RAM (although note that low-memory systems may not be able to run a full desktop environment reasonably)." - so it only says to use it for installs04:09
soldatsyou can install on less but you wont be happy with the outcome04:09
FreakCERS(that's a swedish mirror, btw - you may want to choose one closer to your location)04:09
dude321I think I used an older version than GG04:10
dude321ya... I used the http://www.xubuntu.org/get#dapper04:10
Nostahlmy install is still at 87 percent04:11
Nostahlslooow install on this old laptop heh04:11
FreakCERSdude321: hmm.. yeah, I see how that could be misleading... non the less, as far as I know, the alternate is install only - but hey, I'm not exactly an xubuntu power-user :-P04:12
dude321alright... Thanks for your help FreakCERS04:13
Willabeedoes anyone know how to set up hebrew input using scim/04:13
Willabeeor how to switch keyboard layout04:13
FreakCERSdude321: I've been using xubuntu for all of maybe 2 hours, and I've managed to break by window manager like 4 times - currently trying to undo the damages again... :-S04:13
dude321any better ideas for what to run on my old 98 (w/ 96 meg RAM)04:14
FreakCERSwell.. even if the page says you need more, I bet it'd still actually run 'fine' - I've run KDE3.5 on a 200mzh laptop - sure, it wasn't fast, but.. it worked :-)04:15
dude321what's  KDE3.5?04:16
dude321(I'm a Newbie :))04:16
soldatsKDE desktop04:17
FreakCERSwell.. KDE is (compared to xcfe which xubuntu uses) a behemoth giant window manager and desktop environment04:17
dude321So you think I might be able to run the Desktop CD04:19
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frederick85anyone know how I can browse windows shares on xubuntu07:24
idiocrashanyone using openbox?08:26
whykingI did a minor update on my laptop (7.10, also updated but without problems thus far) and I now have the following issues: the xfce4-panel does not get started automatically and when after my screen goes black (power save) and comes back on the display is scrambled, if have to switch to console and back to get it working11:09
whykinganyone an idea where to look?11:09
ablomenwhyking, just a bug i think, did you post it on launchpad or looked if anybody else has that bug too?11:16
whykingablomen, no and no.. I don't really know where to start or what to search for.. but I'll look into launchpad11:17
whykingwould this be a bug in xubuntu or ubuntu? because I only see launchpad for ubuntu bugs11:25
ablomenjust go to bugs and search for xfce11:25
ablomenthen you can look at the bugreports that are already there, and see how to write a bugreport :)11:26
whykingno fix .. :-/11:26
whykingbut thats long ago11:27
ablomenas a fast 'fix', you can also put xfce4-panel under autostarted application11:28
ablomenmaybe not very clean, but it should work11:28
ablomen(so thats menu>settings>autostarted applications11:28
whykingwell.. but the problem with the fscked up screen remains11:29
ablomenhmm ok11:29
whykingthanks anyway11:32
BlinkizI would like to test if "twofish-cbc-essiv:sha256" is faster than "aes-cbc-essiv:sha256". Can anyone recommend a tool for that? It's for cryptsetup (luks on dm-crypt)13:05
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vinzeHi darklink14:59
darklinkj'avais une petite question...14:59
rru^how do i get the window list in the taskbar to fill up the space?14:59
vinze!english | darklink15:00
ubotudarklink: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:00
darklinksur une mini install la langue française est installé aussi?15:00
vinze!french | darklink15:00
ubotudarklink: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.15:00
vinzeOu #xubuntu-fr15:00
darklinkin a mini install of ubuntu, the french language is supported?!15:01
vinzedarklink, you can select the language during installation and then, if you have an internet connection, it will install French language support15:01
vinzerru^, I don't think it's possible15:01
rru^not on gnome-panel either?15:02
vinzerru^, oh, wouldn't know about that, you should ask in #ubuntu I think15:02
darklinkok, thanks vinze15:03
vinzedarklink, no problem :)15:03
BlinkizI would like to start using software raid1 on 2x320gb drives I will add as filestorage. Does it exist a nice gui to manage software raid?15:15
massimiliano_hi all!15:26
massimiliano_how can I setup hamachi with xubuntu 7.10?15:26
vinzeWhat's hamachi?15:26
massimiliano_anyone can help me please?15:26
totalwormagevinze: vpn util :]15:27
totalwormagei thougt i saw a good howto on the forums about hamachi15:27
massimiliano_but with xubuntu doesn't work!15:27
massimiliano_I read the forum but doesn't work15:28
totalwormagewhat how to were you using?15:28
massimiliano_at home15:28
totalwormagei don't know a thing about hamachi and why i wouldn't work15:30
massimiliano_help me please15:30
totalwormagebut here's a post on the forums15:30
totalwormagesomeone has got it working by installing gnome15:30
totalwormagewhile still using xfce15:30
totalwormagemaybe gnome provides a silly package hamachi needs15:30
massimiliano_ok but I choose XUbuntu because i like xfce!15:30
PeckaHmassimiliano_: hamachi works fine, gHamachi is the one causing some headache it works too15:36
massimiliano_ok yes hamachi works fine in all ubuntu except xubuntu...why?15:37
PeckaHat least I got it working15:38
PeckaHI had to do something but I can't remember what15:38
massimiliano_please remember!15:39
PeckaHso you've downloaded hamachi 0.9.9 or something?15:40
PeckaHand followed the instructions?15:40
PeckaHwhat happens when you $ hamachi start ?15:41
PeckaHI had the same problem15:42
massimiliano_but if I use ghamachi it write couldn't log in15:42
PeckaHhonestly I can't rembember15:42
vinzemassimiliano_, a search turned up this, might be of help: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=http://masaki-tux.blogspot.com/2007/03/hamachi.html&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=3&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhamachi%2Bxubuntu%26hl%3Den15:45
PeckaH sudo aptitude install hamachi15:46
PeckaHhmm, that might solve the problem15:47
vinzeOr perhaps you could look through the dependencies of that package15:47
vinzeBut adding the repository is probably easiest15:47
massimiliano_ok I'll try15:49
slow-motionhi vinze16:13
quaalanyone know why the xubuntu7.10 cd i put in my tvpc just boots to busybox initramfs prompt. when i boot my laptop it boots into gnome just fine16:38
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gerrozials: hi17:32
zialshiya gerro17:33
ugenI need help with live cd.18:22
ugenwhen I start my xbox with xubuntu live cd it seems to boot and id checking my HDD but after a minute when the login screen should appear there is only a black screen and I cant do something. Can someone help me?18:25
ugenwhen I start my xbox with xubuntu live cd it seems to boot and id checking my HDD but after a minute when the login screen should appear there is only a black screen and I cant do something. Can someone help me?18:31
yassinhello =)18:37
yassinjust installed the first time 64-bit xubuntu version18:37
LOGANwhere does live cd mode put installed apps?18:54
yassinwhy won't flashplayer work?18:57
yassinDownload done.18:57
yassinmd5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz18:57
yassinThe Flash plugin is NOT installed.18:57
yassinyassin@control:~/downloads$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree18:57
LOGANon ubuntu flash player also doesnt work19:00
LOGANoh dont use gnash19:00
ResaUh, anyone know of a problem where xfce mutates with gnome?19:15
yassinResa: if you have nautilus installed, your desktop changes into -> gnome controlled19:23
yassinI mean if you run nautilus 1 time19:23
Resaso uninstalling nautilus would fix it?19:24
yassinuse thunar19:24
yassinit's a bit simpler but it won't mess up with the xfce thing19:24
ResaI have thunar already, but maybe nautilus came with the gnome-desktop environment19:25
ResaI guess it isn't possible to have both to shift between19:28
bob2001I am trying to install xubuntu to a decTOP. I need help mounting my flash drive19:48
evil_techflash works fine on my machine19:53
yassinyeah because it's 32bit19:53
yassinI have the 64-bit version19:54
zoredachemy suggestion for 64-bit... is to give up...  To many things will not work.  :|19:54
yassinzoredache: I just installed it..20:01
bassboiAnyone alive20:36
yassinI have this problem20:47
yassinwhen I launch counter strike source in fullscreen, it leaves the bars up and down20:47
yassinthey are ontop of it20:48
yassinthe panels20:48
* Resa fixed the problem21:09
bob2001I am trying to install xubuntu from a flash drive. I have got as far as booting from the flash and started the installer. The howto I am following is for installing ubuntu from a flash, but this should be the same. The part I am having trouble with is mounting the flash so the installer sees it as the cdrom. when I try to mount it I get a No Such Device error21:41
somerville32bob2001, what command are you using?21:41
bob2001mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /cdrom21:42
bob2001the error I get is Mounting /dev/sda1 on /cdrom failed: No such device21:44
somerville32are you sure it isn't suppose to be /media/cdrom ?21:44
somerville32and maybe it isn't /dev/sda121:44
somerville32it might be /dev/sda2 or something21:44
bob2001I just tried /media/cdrom and /dev/sda 0,1,2,3 but still get the same error21:47
somerville32what is the output of lsusb?21:49
somerville32!pastebin | bob200121:49
ubotubob2001: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)21:49
bob2001I dont seem to have lsusb21:51
zoredachebob2001: does the computer have a working network interface?21:52
somerville32bob2001, You can find it by installing the usbutils package21:53
zoredacheif so, you could put the minicd onto the usb which just a kernel and an initrd21:53
bob2001I do not have anything installed yet on the system. All I have to work with is the console and the installation21:55
bob2001the busybox built in shell, nothing else in installed on the machine21:56
zoredachesorry?  what did you put on your usb disk?21:58
zoredacheif you really knew what you where doing, you could run the setup the painful way manually create partitions and then run debbootstrap21:59
bob2001I used syslinux to make it bootable and copied the contents of the alternet install CD to the flash drive21:59
zoredachebecause you don't have a cdrom in the computer you are working on?21:59
bob2001right no CDROM22:00
zoredachebut you have a second computer that you prepared your usb drive from?22:00
bob2001this one I am on now22:00
zoredacheok... anyway I was suggesting that instead of using the alternate install cd as the base to prepare your flash drive..  Insteadh use the mini.iso22:01
bob2001I am tryin to follow the howto at http://jsco.org/dectop/ but using xubuntu instead of ubuntu22:01
zoredacheone of the mini.iso boot options is to install a command line only system.  If you do that, then after you have your working command line system all you have to do is an apt-get xubuntu-desktop22:03
bob2001I will give that a try22:04
zoredachedo you actually have one of those dectop systems bob2001?  I was thinking about getting one of those22:05
bob2001yes I do, and I had it running ubuntu but it was kind of slow so I ws going to try xubuntu22:06
bob2001I used that same howto before and it worked22:07
bob2001now I cant mount the flash??22:07
bob2001http://home.comcast.net/~rtsears/dectop.html is my page22:08
zoredacheah, I think I have been there before22:11
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