dasKreechJucato: they threw nixternal in the news as well :)00:28
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stdinardchoille: wow, that's some LP page :p00:55
ardchoillestdin: Thanks. I'd love to clean it up if I could learn how to do  [http://www.blah.com This is the blah page]00:56
ardchoilleinstead of having  http://www.blah.com ; This is the blah page  in the page00:57
stdinmine looks very bare now, and the small bit of info on it was only recently added00:57
ardchoilleI see00:58
stdineven your wiki page is better laid out than mine, but I do hate wikis....00:58
ardchoilleOh, and <b>blah</b> would be nice too00:58
ardchoilleI used examples from other people's pages for that :)00:59
stdinI never get around to it, I'd rather figure out how to bounce email around my lan (which I actually did today)01:00
stdinspend the last few mins emailing myself on my server and replying via sendmail over ssh01:01
* stdin got his geek on01:01
ardchoillestdin: Not sure it's a good thing to be talking to one's self :P01:01
stdinprobably not, but I get better conversation out of myself than most people I know :p01:02
CheGuevaraNetscape Navigator, now owned by AOL, will no longer be supported after 1 February 2008, the company has said.01:25
dasKreech_I posted on it already01:25
dasKreech_it flooded planet.mozilla.org01:26
dasKreech_I was liking 9 too01:26
CheGuevarayeah lots of ppl sare saying that they got it with 901:30
dasKreech_So starting next year will be the first time there is no Netscape browser since Mosiac was first challenged01:32
* dasKreech_ ponders the death of KDE01:33
CheGuevaraoh noes01:33
* dasKreech_ shakes magic FOSS dust over KDE01:35
dasKreech_that should do it01:35
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ryanakcaJucato: your Post-Christmas Angst made for an interesting read :)01:57
* ryanakca never knew anything about it... but I guess you could attribute that to the fact that I've been away for the past couple weeks...01:57
dasKreechryanakca: Well that's why he blonts01:58
dasKreechthat and to get on mainstream news :)01:58
CheGuevaragood night02:14
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dasKreechRed Hat Defrocked07:12
dasKreechwell good night07:12
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Tm_Thyvää päivää09:13
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LureTm_T: ditto09:25
Tm_TLure: agreed09:30
LureTm_T: ;-)09:30
Tm_Tyou're trying to hit me?09:31
blueyedHas somebody a dist-upgraded kubuntu box at hand (feisty => gutsy)?09:48
blueyedThen please provide the output of "dpkg -L kde-systemsettings | grep merged"09:49
blueyedI think /etc/xdg/menus/kde-applications-merged/system-settings-merge.menu would be still installed, but I'm not sure.09:49
blueyedThanks, Tm_T. This confirms my guess / observation.09:58
blueyedHi Hobbsee10:58
blueyedDoes anybody have an opinion on bug 50320? (see the screenshot with the patch at the end)10:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 50320 in kde-systemsettings "Kubuntu's system settings app doesn't handle file associations" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5032010:59
Hobbseeheya blueyed11:01
* Jucato stays away fro kss...11:01
blueyedJucato: why?11:01
Jucatoit's a very "unstable" app... identity-wise... imho11:02
blueyedBut it won't get any better if you stay away from it, does it? ;)11:02
Jucatoon one hand, it's supposed to be simplistic, only containing those modules that can't be reached from other settings/apps...11:02
blueyede.g. the "missing file associations" tool is often requested and I'm happy to just have to pickup some patch.11:03
Jucatoand on the other hand... some of those modules are also necessary in some use/corner cases (like this case, and the case of panels)11:03
Jucatoblueyed: almost every module taken out of system settings is "often requested" :D11:03
Jucatoas I don't personally see eye to eye with kss, I tend to just stay away :P11:04
blueyedJucato: I see, I'm using kcontrol myself - but apparently kss is the default and therefor should provide e.g. "file types". I can also see that it's easier for the average user: kcontrol is quite messy IMHO.11:05
Jucatoblueyed: although, system settings in kde4 has gotten a lot better, appearance-wise11:06
Jucatoblueyed: that's the thing about kss. I don't think we really got down to having a guideline of what to include and what to exclude... el (openusability) was only available for one development iteration, and that's all the usability help we got for kss11:07
Jucatoblueyed: hm... about the patch now (technical details)11:08
blueyedyes. I'm not sure myself either, if it's better to have a submenu "Default Applications" now (with two "files" in it) or better to have "file types" next to the current "default apps" file.11:09
Jucatolast time I tried to readd launch feedback, I did it the same way as slammer did, by modifying the .menu file. later on I was told (I think by Tonio) that the preferred way was to modify the Categories of the kcm's .desktop files instead11:09
Jucatoso instead of modifying the .menu file, you modify the filetypes kcm's .desktop file. not 100% sure on tht11:10
blueyedJucato: launch feedback? or do you mean in general?11:11
Jucatobasically any kcm you want readded to system settings.11:11
Jucatothat's iirc and afaik only11:12
blueyedhmm.. then I'll leave it for now.. ;) I've just packaged this patch, while creating a debdiff for another bug.11:12
Jucatoblueyed: well, there's no harm in submitting the patch anyway. If I'm wrong (I usually am), then at least you have a working patch now :)11:13
blueyedI'm not sure though, if I should subscribe u-m-s, as Riddel should look at it before IMHO anyway.11:13
Tm_Tnow we know why Ubuntu is brown: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emrahunal/2131208665/11:26
jpatrickhi Lure11:52
Jucatohi jpatrick, hi Lure!11:53
jpatrickhi Jucato!11:53
Lurehi jpatrick, Jucato11:55
* Lure is happy as FOSS ati drivers do desktop effects properly in kde411:56
Jucatoyay :)11:56
jpatrickabout the lp l10n thing, do we synchronize between projects?11:57
fdovingany of you managed to get xcb video things working in kde4?12:05
kenkkuwho/what sets ${misc:Depends}?12:47
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buzLure: for what ati chipset?12:47
LureATI FireGL V500012:48
Lurebuz: funny thing is that it worked in FOSS before in fglrx (ATI just released FireGL support last week)12:48
Tm_Thi kenkku12:48
kenkkumoi, Tm_T12:49
Tm_Tkenkku: #ubuntu-motu could be a good place for packaging issues12:49
buzah thats R30012:49
buzyeah that sort of works :P12:49
kenkkuTm_T: yeah, might be, although I've gotten help here, too12:49
Tm_Tkenkku: sure :)12:49
iRonHappy New Year! Drink, Drink, Drink! Bye! :-) I'm off :)13:02
pan_hi all13:35
pan_I'm a linux n00b with some spare time13:36
pan_how can i help kubuntu?13:36
CheGuevarahappen to know any programming?13:36
pan_a litlle bit of c13:36
CheGuevarawe always need help in bug hunting/triaging13:37
CheGuevaraor you could learn how to package, if you are willing, we always need that as well13:37
pan_I think I could do some bug hunting13:38
CheGuevarathere will be a lot to do for everyone in a couple of weeks, when kde 4 comes out13:38
pan_bug hunting means trying kubuntu and see what needs to be fixed?13:38
CheGuevaratriaging is looking through other reports and confirming/denying them13:39
pan_I don't think I have the knowledge to confirm or deny someone's bug report13:40
CheGuevarawell you learn :)13:41
CheGuevarabut yeah bug hunting is always needed as well13:41
CheGuevarabut for that you gotta be willing the latest development version13:41
pan_hmmm........compiling stuff if I don't get any errors I'm ok with it13:42
pan_I would like to try kde 4 can you point me to a tutorial to compile it13:42
CheGuevarayou running gutsy or hardy?13:43
pan_Ubuntu 7.0413:43
pan_I tryed that but most things don't work13:44
pan_i thought it was broken or something13:45
pan_I'll boot it from a usb flash is that ok?13:45
CheGuevarahmm what doesnt work?13:46
CheGuevarayeah should be13:46
pan_some icons are on the wronk place on the screen13:46
pan_some applications  crash for no good reason13:47
CheGuevaraicons? rc2 doesn't allow desktop icons as far as i remember13:47
CheGuevarayeah some applications crash, thats true (especially plasma)13:47
pan_icons from the system try13:47
CheGuevaraif you are willing you can compile kde 4 from svn13:47
CheGuevaraits much much more stable13:47
pan_can I install it on top of ubuntu13:48
CheGuevarayeah, you basically create a new user and install everything in its /home directory13:48
CheGuevaraso the rest of your system is not affected13:48
pan_that sounds ok for me13:49
CheGuevarathats hwat i do, then update it once a week to see progress13:49
CheGuevaralet me link u13:49
CheGuevarahere u go13:50
CheGuevaranp :P13:50
pan_how long does it take to compile?13:51
pan_dual core 1.6 ghz13:51
CheGuevaramake sure you use -j3 where it says -j2 in that tutorial for dual core13:52
CheGuevarawill probably take 1-2 hours13:52
jpatrickHobbsee: can you give back kmplayer? Now that the buildds are fixed14:08
JucatoHobbsee took some stuff again? :D14:09
apachelogger_<-- is playing poker :P14:10
* jpatrick pokes apachelogger_ 14:11
apachelogger_jpatrick: I'll need an advocate soon :P14:11
jpatrickfor what?14:11
apachelogger_(1st) xmas package14:11
jpatrickapachelogger_: richtig, sag mir wann du es brachst14:12
apachelogger_wb milian14:12
apachelogger_jpatrick: ok :)14:13
milianmoin apachelogger_14:18
* apachelogger_ is uploading PokerTH to revu14:18
apachelogger_milian: how is it going?14:19
milianapachelogger_: all good :]14:19
* apachelogger_ starts dancing14:20
apachelogger_revu is toally filled up14:20
Hobbseejpatrick: given back14:22
CheGuevaralazy MOTUs :P14:22
jpatrickHobbsee: thank you14:22
Hobbseethere's other stuff to do, apart from reviewing new packages.14:22
Jucatogood Hobbsee :D14:22
* Hobbsee --> bed14:23
jpatrickactually it's hobbsee->goToBed();14:23
apachelogger_I'd rather search nu good music than revu :P14:23
* mhb thinks it's hobbsee.goToBed();14:24
Jucatodepends on whether "hobbsee" is a pointer or an object name or reference to an object :)14:24
* apachelogger_ agress with mhb, without ; though14:24
apachelogger_ruby ftw!14:24
jpatrickyes, ruby ftw!14:24
mhbruby ftw, but without ";" it's python14:25
apachelogger_mhb: I refer to read it as ruby :P14:25
jpatrickor ruby14:25
jpatrickapachelogger_: this builds?14:26
apachelogger_jpatrick: pokerth?14:27
apachelogger_on gutsy and hardy actually ;-)14:27
jpatrickbecause I had some bad experience with 1 binary packages + .install files14:27
jpatricksomething with dh_build not being in multipackage mode14:27
apachelogger_never had that14:27
* apachelogger_ packages most qt apps without install function using a .install14:28
apachelogger_jpatrick: hod on a second14:29
* apachelogger_ is wondering14:29
apachelogger_that package already is in debian and our universe14:29
* apachelogger_ investigates14:29
jpatrickjust nur it14:30
apachelogger_jpatrick: nur it?14:31
jpatricknew upstream release14:31
* apachelogger_ has to repackage using the 0.5 in universe14:32
* apachelogger_ is wondering why it is dfsg'd though14:32
apachelogger_package doesn't tell14:33
jpatrick"Repacked upstream tarball" i think14:33
apachelogger_yeah, but why14:33
Lureoxygen mouse cursors have to be packaged separately - it will not be part of kde 4.014:33
apachelogger_they have removed something14:33
apachelogger_or changed14:33
apachelogger_or something strange at least14:33
Lureand I think we should have them in next kde4 RC/release14:33
jpatrick"and removed andybold.ttf which is non-free."14:33
mhbare we allowed to do it?14:34
mhbI mean, we would have a different alternative in /etc/alternatives than Ubuntu does14:34
jpatrickapachelogger_: wrong channel14:34
* mhb likes them14:34
apachelogger_jpatrick: wrong channel?14:34
Luremhb: why not? oxygen guys would be happy14:35
* mhb would be, too14:35
mhbwell, okay.14:35
jpatrickapachelogger_: insanity not here :)14:35
mhbit can't be that hard to package.14:35
* apachelogger_ starts merging the packages14:36
Luremhb: something like dmz-cursor-theme we use now14:37
mhbtoo bad I have to learn these proofs... :o(14:37
mhbno time.14:37
Jucatohttp://moronland.net/moronia/moron/1023/ "Careless Coding Causes Killer Kangaroos"14:38
jpatrickapachelogger_: here's a little everyone must remember merging: http://www.lag.net/random/leisure-c.jpg14:39
wolfgerKiller Kangaroos... that's great!14:44
apachelogger_bah, no cdbs is a pain in the ass -.-14:50
apachelogger_awful, simply awful14:57
apachelogger_jpatrick: testbuilding pokerth now14:57
jpatrickanyone have any idea what that means?14:57
* apachelogger_ remembers that error14:58
apachelogger_but I dunno how I fixed it, neither do I remember the application it appeared for :(14:58
apachelogger_jpatrick: pbuilder is up-to-date?14:59
jpatrickapachelogger_: that's the build daemon throwing up14:59
apachelogger_not good14:59
jpatrickreally weird how it built here and not there15:00
jpatrickseriouly: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kmplayer/1:0.10.0c-0ubuntu115:02
jpatrickfails some, success one, chroot problem two15:02
CheGuevaradifferent gcc version?15:03
CheGuevarathe bug seems to be in glib though, not in kmplayer15:03
jpatrickI wonder if adding --as-needed will fix it15:05
CheGuevaraline 108, 10915:06
CheGuevaraouble  g_test_timer_elapsed            (void); // elapsed secondsa15:06
CheGuevaradouble  g_test_timer_last               (void); // repeat last elapsed() result15:06
CheGuevarahtat looks fine15:06
jpatrickwell, I'll try that later15:08
jpatrickfirst -> new tork15:08
apachelogger_build br0ke15:09
jpatrickich habe dir es gesagt :p15:09
apachelogger_mein paket war besser :P15:09
CheGuevarajpatrick: i know why your build fails15:10
CheGuevarai said those 2 lines are right15:10
CheGuevarathey are not15:10
jpatrickCheGuevara: do tell :)15:10
CheGuevara/ is not C99 style comment15:10
CheGuevaradouble  g_test_timer_elapsed            (void); /* elapsed seconds */15:10
CheGuevarawould be the right one15:10
CheGuevaraso a strict compiler will fail15:11
jpatrickso... what should I do?15:11
apachelogger_patch it15:11
jpatrickapachelogger_: yes, but how I meant :p15:12
apachelogger_jpatrick: like CheGuevara told you :P15:12
CheGuevarawell i bet there's a way to tell gcc to relax the standard15:16
CheGuevaraso you got a choice to patch glib or your kmplayer15:16
jpatrickI think I'd patch kmplayer15:17
jpatricksince I hardly any idea on glib15:17
CheGuevaraglib patch is from upstream though :P15:17
CheGuevarabut glib is in main15:20
jpatrickso is kmplayer..15:22
CheGuevaraoh right15:22
jpatrickwhich will give me problems trying to get a fix in15:24
crimsundepends how fast you have a turnaround.15:24
crimsunif you can provide a debdiff in the next 6 minutes, I can upload it.15:24
CheGuevaramozilla team will want that fix in glib as well15:24
CheGuevarabecause it was made to fix xulrunner compilation in the first place15:25
crimsunjpatrick: if you're unsure which to proceed, I'd ask pitti in #ubuntu-devel.  My inclination is to proceed with glib.15:26
jpatrickcrimsun: probably best to ask pitti15:26
CheGuevaracrimsun: if glib already got a nice patch system i can give u a debdiff quick, the fix is trivial15:27
CheGuevarait does15:28
crimsunyes, it uses quilt.15:28
crimsununfortunately, I am now running out the door to meet my folks for lunch.15:28
crimsunif someone doesn't care for it within the next six hours (highly unlikely), I can look tonight.15:29
* Jucato never cares for anything :P15:29
CheGuevarajpatrick: preparing a glib now, gotta build test it first though15:31
jpatrickCheGuevara: take your time, I'm bashing up tork15:31
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CheGuevarabug 17911915:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179119 in glib2.0 "glib 2.15 not clean with -pedantic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17911915:50
jpatrickCheGuevara: better tell the guys in #ubuntu-devel15:51
CheGuevarawill do15:51
CheGuevaraafter my debdiff is done :P15:51
CheGuevaraand you look at it :)15:52
jpatrickhi bddebian15:52
bddebianHello jpatrick15:53
Jucatohi bddebian15:53
Jucatohappy new ear15:53
bddebianHi Jucato15:53
apacheloggerjpatrick: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pokerth15:53
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jpatrickapachelogger: it's not a new package, no approval needed15:54
* apachelogger dputs to ubuntu15:55
CheGuevarajpatrick: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11089726/glib.debdiff15:55
CheGuevaracheck the style please15:55
jpatrickCheGuevara: looks good15:57
CheGuevarajpatrick: you recon i should ping pitti ?15:58
jpatrickCheGuevara: yeah, he'd know best15:59
CheGuevaratoo bad Hobbsee went16:00
jpatrickno, she'll probably poke you with the stick to death16:03
CheGuevarajpatrick: btw, kmplayer compiles fine for me locally as well16:31
CheGuevarawithout fixed glib that is16:31
jpatrickCheGuevara: see? I don't get it16:31
CheGuevarajpatrick: did you add the pedantic patch or is it from debian?16:41
jpatrickCheGuevara: think so16:42
CheGuevarajpatrick: you think its which one :P16:44
jpatrickCheGuevara: arg, missed out the "or is it". Yep if it doesn't have kubuntu_ it's from Debian16:44
CheGuevarakk cool16:45
CheGuevarabrb food16:46
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CheGuevarajpatrick: this is really weird17:14
CheGuevarathat error should only be an error if its compiled wtih -pedantic in C(XX)FLAGS17:15
jpatrickCheGuevara: that's basically what I've been saying all along mate -.-17:15
CheGuevarajpatrick: yeah i know just wanna get to the bottom of it lol17:15
jpatrickok :)17:16
dinosaur-rushi all17:19
CheGuevarajpatrick: i think its the -ansi flag17:29
jpatrickCheGuevara: hmm17:29
CheGuevarajpatrick: but its irrelevant now, mozilla team is gonna sponsor my debdiff i think17:30
CheGuevarafor glib that is17:30
jpatrickCheGuevara: good, I was wondering what set that flag17:31
CheGuevarashould be the makefile17:31
jpatrickah, I was looking for a ./configure thing17:32
CheGuevarafrom man gcc17:33
CheGuevaraFor the C compiler, it17:33
CheGuevara         disables recognition of C++ style // comments as well as17:33
CheGuevara         the "inline" keyword.17:33
CheGuevarathis all still doesn't explain why it builds on local17:37
jpatrickCheGuevara: tell me when it's done so I can reupload kmplayer with merges17:50
CheGuevarajpatrick: yep17:50
jpatrickoh, no, wait, I can't17:52
CheGuevarajpatrick: btw for the future the flags are set in acinclude.m417:52
CheGuevaraCXXFLAGS="-ansi -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -D_BSD_SOURCE -Wcast-align -Wchar-subscripts $CXXFLAGS"17:52
CheGuevaraoh yeah you cant17:52
CheGuevaraits in main17:52
jpatrickand our leader is still on hols17:53
CheGuevarawe can wait for hobbsee to wake up17:54
HS^Hello, how do you get OBDC support in Qt.. on kubuntu?17:59
HS^there are no packages for this..18:00
HS^(but other distrobutions have them)18:00
HS^all rpm though/18:00
jpatrickHS^: OBDC?18:00
HS^ugh ODBC ..18:00
jpatrickwhat's that?18:01
HS^i always spell it wrong18:01
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:01
HS^its so you can connect to mssql databases with qt18:01
jpatrickHS^: file a wishlist bug there :)18:01
HS^can you post the url again please?18:02
jpatrick!bugs > HS^18:02
CheGuevaraeww mssql18:02
HS^Im not sure if its a bug. But the package is missing, and it is strange.18:02
jpatrickHS^: it's a wish tho18:03
HS^CheGuevara, well some have to use it.18:03
CheGuevarayeah you need to file a needs packaging bug18:03
HS^is it difficult to make such a package you think?18:03
HS^i dont see the link though18:03
HS^ok ill fill it in. got the link. thank18:05
CheGuevarathis the one?18:05
HS^yes it sais you have to build the Qt18:05
HS^so wont you end up with 2 different versions of Qt?18:06
HS^the one that kde and all apps rely on,  and the one with just odbc support?18:06
HS^fedora/redhat/freebsd has a package or port thats name is 'qt4-odbc'18:07
CheGuevarayou can build it as a plug in18:07
HS^ok ill read the site18:07
* stdin looks at the libqt3-mt-odbc package18:07
stdinand libqt3-odbc18:08
HS^nah i want standard odbc, not from easysoft.. (reason is i have to use it for internship, and want to prepare a bit)18:08
HS^yes thats qt3 not qt418:08
stdinlibqt4-sql then ?18:09
HS^that doesnt include odbc,  here is the error:18:09
HS^QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QPSQL7 QPSQL QMYSQL3 QMYSQL QSQLITE QSQLITE218:09
HS^which also sais in the package description18:09
CheGuevaraso qt4 includes odbc ?18:10
HS^yes you have to ./configure with some argument18:11
stdinI would have thought /usr/include/qt4/QtSql/qsql_odbc.h was the right include18:11
HS^on windows odbc is standard included.18:11
HS^in linux they made seperate packages from it18:11
CheGuevarastdin: it could be, if it is package descrption probably needs an update18:11
HS^well i have qsql_odbc,  so i can compile ODBC programs, but i cant run them18:13
CheGuevarawhats the error18:13
HS^QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QPSQL7 QPSQL QMYSQL3 QMYSQL QSQLITE QSQLITE218:14
HS^QSqlDatabase: QODBC driver not loaded18:14
CheGuevaraoh right18:14
CheGuevarayeah file a bug against libqt4-sql18:15
CheGuevarastating that the odbc driver is not built18:15
CheGuevaraand attach a sample program18:15
CheGuevaraand post the bug number here :P18:17
CheGuevarabb in 20, off to the shop18:20
HS^bug number: 17925418:29
jpatrickbug #17925418:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179254 in ubuntu-bots "libqt4-sql does not include QODBC" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17925418:29
HS^ehmm i think i posted it wrong18:42
HS^that sais ubuntu IRC bots bugs18:42
CheGuevarajpatrick: uploaded18:45
HS^bug #17926118:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179261 in qt4-x11 "libqt4-sql does not include QODBC" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17926118:47
* CheGuevara takes a look18:47
CheGuevarabug report looks good18:47
CheGuevarahmmm i swear iwl3945 makes internet slower then ipw394518:50
CheGuevaraHS^: what a quick line to compile that test program18:51
HS^yes but it generates the warning18:52
CheGuevaraHS^: sorry i meant to ask what is the line to compile it?18:53
HS^i built with kdevelop, but if you have paths correct i think  , qmake -project && qmake && make'18:56
CheGuevarag++ -o 1 1.cpp -Wall -I /usr/include/qt4/ -L /usr/lib/qt4/ibgn -Wchar-subscripts $CXXFLAG18:56
CheGuevarashould work18:56
CheGuevaraumm i mean18:57
CheGuevarag++ -o 1 1.cpp -Wall -I /usr/include/qt4/ -L /usr/lib/qt4/18:57
HS^this works19:02
HS^g++ -c -pipe -g -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -DQT_SHARED -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -DQT_SQL_LIB -I/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. -I/usr/include/qt4/QtCore -I/usr/include/qt4/QtCore -I/usr/include/qt4/QtSql -I/usr/include/qt4 -I. -I. -I. -o test.o test.cpp19:03
HS^hm some doubles in it but well.. i use kdevelop to that stuff for me19:03
HS^anyway thanks.19:03
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CheGuevarajpatrick:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hardy-changes/2007-December/003747.html19:26
CheGuevarai am off for a bit19:26
TuxManI'm torrent downloading hardy iso. almost done :-)19:40
TuxManI'm glad you Kubuntu guys aren't like the Ubuntu guys who make .iso's. The Live CD actually fits on a CD, not a Live DVD19:42
TuxManOoohhh.. hardy CD finished burning. reboot time. I'll let ya know if it works ;-)20:06
TuxManthis is just.. wrong. I burned an iso that claimed to be Kubuntu 8.04.20:15
TuxManIT'S 7.10!!!20:15
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu20:16
nixternalwhere did you download the iso from?20:16
nixternaldid you get it from the daily/daily-live for Kubuntu?20:16
nixternalwhere exactly did you download it from20:17
nixternallink wise20:17
TuxManlet me find it again.20:17
nixternalthat is the live cd, latest image20:17
nixternalthat is the alternate cd, latest image20:17
nixternaland that is the alpha 2 image20:18
TuxManGaa! Now I have to go out to the barn and get another empty CD!20:18
TuxManI have a barn next to my house :-P20:18
nixternalI take it you didn't grab from one of those links?20:18
TuxManI'll be back once I restart my comp and get another CD20:19
jpatrickimbrandon: ping20:58
jpatrickbetter put: main-sponsers-in-here: ping20:59
nixternalthis kdebindings package is really retarded21:10
nixternalit builds slow as hell, I added 2 more deps it needs, and now it crashes out on the builds complaining...typical21:10
jpatricksomething to do with glib?21:12
nixternalno, cuz it was crashing before and after the upgrade21:22
nixternalit has to do with libqwt5-qt4-dev21:22
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TuxManhello, can someone help me get KDE4 onto Hardy Heron? every kde4 package I try to install says it will break the system..21:38
TuxMansomehow I accidentally got KDE3 stead of 421:39
jpatricksecurity machine doing Building kde4libs 4:3.97.0-3ubuntu3  for Ubuntu Hardy (release)21:43
jpatrickblah, I suppose it was a slip21:45
jpatrickhmm, saw that through planet.u.c21:57
fdovinghis conclusion isn't that bad.21:58
fdovingthe headline was more scary :]21:59
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nixternaljpatrick: apt-get source libqwt5-qt4-dev22:22
nixternaltell me if you notice anything wierd from the structure22:22
* jpatrick does22:23
* Jucato misread that as "dies"22:29
* Jucato waves to nixternal22:29
* nixternal waves back22:29
jpatricknixternal: that *-dev.install has no headers?22:29
Jucatonixternal: http://jucato.org/gallery/v/photos/pets/penguin1.jpg.html :D22:29
nixternalya, the .install's are goofy, it is missing stuff, and there is 2 subdirectories, debian/ and qwt-5.0.2/22:30
nixternaloh, that penguin is way cooler than my fat penguin22:31
jpatrickthere's no libqwt5-qt4-dev in control?22:31
nixternalI deleted it, it gave me a headache looking at it22:31
jpatrickoh, wait there is22:31
nixternalbut I know it doesn't work, because you can't build kdebindings with it22:32
jpatrickwhat error exactly?22:33
nixternalyou can't build against it22:33
nixternalit doesn't recognize any of the qwt headers22:33
nixternalso if you remove it from build-depends, then kdebindings will build, just w/o qwt support22:34
jpatrickhas no headers in it22:34
nixternalthat package should be listed as "make sure you packages don't look like this"22:34
jpatricknixternal: that package is just bad22:41
Jucatonixternal: may I bother you for a few quick seconds?23:23
Jucato(btw are you feeling better?)23:23
Jucatohm. ok nvm. I'm gone :P23:25
Tm_TJucato: how gone?23:29

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