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Triggerhey guys00:09
Triggerwe are trying to boot kubuntu from a live cd and getting no gui00:10
Triggerwell we had a brief but of gui00:10
Triggerwhen we were selecting what we wanted to do00:10
Triggerinstall and run00:10
Triggerrun in safe gfx mode00:10
Triggerect ect00:10
Triggerany idea how to handle that 0.o00:10
Jack-itsomeone succesfully installed kde4 on hardy from official repository?00:11
Jack-iti tryed but seem that there is a dependencyp roblem00:11
Jack-itlibgif4: conflict with libungif4g00:12
Triggeranyone alive 0.o00:14
Jack-iti think all are sleeping :-)00:15
sourcemakerTrigger: what's the error message?00:15
Triggerhaven't gottenone yet00:16
Triggerwe have just been brought to the console00:16
sourcemakerTrigger: The kernel is loading?00:17
Triggeryeah it loaded00:17
Triggerwhat is the gui restart command?00:17
tekteenTrigger: what do u mean "gui command"00:19
Triggerisn't there a command to retart the gui?00:19
Triggeror attempt to reload it..00:19
tekteenTrigger: ctr+alt+backspace00:19
Triggerkde restart or something along those lines?00:19
tekteenTrigger: or sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart00:20
Triggerwhen we entered kdm restart it said no such file or directory00:21
Triggerthen brought us to a blank screen with only a flashing underscore00:21
Triggerand then the screen went black altogether 0.o00:21
Jack-ittrigger press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace for refresh kde00:22
Triggernothing :(00:22
Jack-itwhat's you problem?00:22
Triggerwe aren't getting any gui.00:22
Jack-ityou see only the console?00:23
tekteenTrigger: in other words X broke00:23
Triggerwe got the option to choose what mode we wanted00:23
Triggerbut, then it brought us to the console00:23
Triggeri suppose so00:23
tekteenTrigger: did it ever work?00:23
Triggernew system00:24
Triggerwe jsut installed the cd drive today00:24
Triggerbefore that all it had was bios00:24
tekteenTrigger: it worked on the livecd?00:24
Jack-itif you type startx ?00:24
Triggerhold on we got an option to check the cd00:24
Triggerso we are checking it for errors00:24
t3hwiz0rddoes anyone know how to check where in /dev a usb modem phone is?00:24
Triggerquad core 8800 and it can't boot an os XD lawl00:25
padey:O quad core 8800? :S wtf?00:26
tekteenTrigger: install the system using safe graphics mode on the live cd.00:26
tekteen!ohmy| padey00:26
ubotupadey: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:26
Triggerpadey it is intel quad core 2.4 ghz00:26
Triggerand it has an 8800 XD00:26
tekteenTrigger: nice00:26
Triggerits not sli'd 4 ways although that would be epic XD00:26
padeyisn't it a 6600? :P00:26
weedar_Trigger: Could be motherboard-issue or video-related, can we get the specs? :)00:26
Triggeryes my brother got it00:26
Triggercustom built00:26
Triggernforce 680i mobo00:27
tekteenTrigger: install in safe graphics mode00:27
Triggerwe will after the integrity of the cd is done checking XD00:27
Triggerwell he custom built it00:27
Triggerand now we are attempting to install an os00:27
Triggerand we aren't fans of whinedows.00:27
Triggernow we are trying safe graphics mode00:27
Triggerand its installing in safe gfx mode XD00:28
padeythere is no such thing as quade core 8800 :/00:28
Triggeri just explained taht00:28
Triggeri said it was quad intel 2.4 ghz00:28
Triggerand single 8800000:28
Triggeralthough sli 4 ways with 8800 would be epic XD00:28
padeyoh, got it now :P00:29
Triggertekteen no i'm not00:29
Triggerand it won't let me message you back in XD00:29
tekteenI know someone alot like u00:29
Triggerlol ignorant and attempting things way over his level of comprehension?00:29
Triggeryay gui! XD00:30
Triggernow i should probably ditch whinedows on my laptop >.<00:30
tekteenTrigger: I have a dual boot00:31
Triggerlol i dunno why i dislike windows so much these days but, the more time goes on the more i dislike it00:31
Triggerany particular reason for dual booting?00:31
tekteenTrigger: I have not used windows since I bought my laptop00:31
tekteenTrigger:1 month00:32
Triggerout of curiosity are there any linux districts that offer more battery life then windows?00:32
tekteenTrigger: I still have it though00:32
the-erm... if you're not a gamer, and you're comfortable with linux, then having windows on a machine is a waste of time.00:32
Triggerlol unfortunately i'm a gamer00:33
Triggeralthough i don't know for how much longer on my laptop XD00:33
Triggerits good but, laptops go out of date for gaming fairly fast00:33
padeywhat kind of games do you play?00:33
Triggerright now oblivion, fear, guild wars00:34
padeymost 3d shooters are playable on linux00:34
tekteenNeed to go. Dad is showing me how to install rhel on a server00:34
padeythose are some heavy games for a laptop :O00:34
Triggerhm doesn't wine offer playing windows games without a lose of performance?00:34
Trigger: D00:34
Triggeri got this laptop a year ago00:34
Triggerbut, i got it pretty good00:34
Triggeralthough now you can get the same thing for 1k less >><00:35
Triggerdual core 2.16 ghz proccessors 2 gig ram and mobile 1600 ati card00:35
Trigger100 gig hard drive00:35
padeythat's actually pretty good00:35
Triggeron a 15 inch moniter XD00:35
Triggeryeah i know its still up to date00:36
Triggerbut, now you can get the same rig for 1500 or so00:36
Triggerinstead of the 2600 i paid XD00:36
padeyI wouldn't really rely on wine for my games00:36
Triggerbut, i got it for college >.<00:36
the-ermCoding is my game.00:36
Triggerbut, i now have a huge inferiority complex >.<00:36
the-ermOk .. solitare.00:37
Triggerdespite my laptop being pretty good00:37
Triggermy bro has 2.4 ghz quad core00:37
Trigger8800 oced out the box gfx card00:37
Triggerwhich is something i find stupid00:37
Triggerbut, it was the cheapest one XD00:37
the-ermI wouldn't mind owing a laptop00:37
TriggerI just fail to see how something bought from the factory can be bought 'pre over clocked'00:37
Triggersince the factory determines the clock speed to begin with XD00:38
the-ermEven a cheapo $500 laptop with wi-fi would be nice.00:38
jhutchinsTrigger Should be pretty obvious.00:38
Triggerlol yeah00:38
Triggeri suppose00:38
jhutchinsTrigger: The factory that makes the chips is not the factory that makes teh computer.00:38
Triggerlol my brother bought the gfx card seperate though00:38
Triggerand when he bought it he bought it "over clocked"00:39
jhutchinsTrigger: You're not buying Intell laptops, and even if you were they wouldn't be the same.00:39
jhutchinsYes, I saw that.00:39
shadowhywindhay all i just did a fresh install of kubuntu and tried to install firefox, but all that is showing up is 1.5pre is there anyway to update that?00:39
Triggerwe are talking about an 8800 desktop00:39
jhutchinsA few companies do that, offer an overclocked chip.  Some even sell the overclocked chip as actually being a faster chip.00:40
padeyyupp, try checking all of the repo boxes00:40
Triggerwell i could understand them saying "selling faster chip"00:40
Triggerbut, to me it just seems a bit illogical to say its "over clocked"00:40
jhutchinsTrigger: How about if we go back on-topic, or to #kubuntu-offtopic?00:40
Triggeroh sorry >.<00:40
Triggerright now i'm just waiting on kubuntu to finish installing00:41
Triggeri'll be quiet till i have another problem or need more assistence00:41
DarkTan_how might i apt-get  wireless00:44
stdinDarkTan_: what do you mean?00:48
miles_has anyone successfuly installed Gutsy on an Intel mobo with p35 chipset?00:50
DarkTan_i going through the direction on setting up the wireless, i think i have it figured out00:51
andreskruwhy the there is no notification (blink) in taskbar when i rceive a new mensage in emensene?01:00
* Dr_willis has no idea what emensene is.01:01
Dr_willis!info emensene01:01
ubotuPackage emensene does not exist in gutsy01:01
andreskruits a msn client01:02
ubotuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) is supporting MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !gaim01:02
andreskruwhen i turn on compiz the nofications dont blink01:03
padeykopete won't connect to msn for me :(01:03
padeydoes anyone know how to fix kopete msn problem?01:03
ardchoillepadey: It's a known bug, need to update:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:04
DarkTan_argg....still can't get the wireless card to work01:04
padeyalready updated, still didn't help01:04
sourcemakerpadey: which version are you using?01:04
DarkTan_where can i get the wireless toold package found in this doc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo01:05
sourcemakerpadey: that's the last stable version...01:05
sourcemakerpadey: ask the dev team on #kopete01:05
ardchoillepadey: Weird, I'm using that version and an update fixed it01:06
sourcemakerpadey: Maybe you have to reconfigure you MSN account after update...?01:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wireless_tools - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:07
padeyI'll try reconfiguring01:08
padeynope, still doesn't work01:09
sourcemaker!info wireless_tools01:10
ubotuPackage wireless_tools does not exist in gutsy01:10
ardchoillepadey: Does it crash?01:10
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:10
ardchoille!info wireless-tools | sourcemaker01:10
ubotusourcemaker: wireless-tools: Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extensions. In component main, is important. Version 29~pre20-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 109 kB, installed size 340 kB01:10
DarkTan_arrg still01:11
Piemanarrg still DESU DESU 4CHAN.ORG01:11
BluesKaj!shout | Pieman01:11
ubotuPieman: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:11
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ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:13
padeyardchoille yupp it does01:13
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sourcemakerIs this the right command to build a depian package for custom kernels: make-kpkg --initrd --revision=386 kernel_image kernel_headers modules_image?01:24
tekteensourcemaker: isn't it dpkg-build?01:25
stdinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile will help01:25
biovoremake-kpkg clean01:26
biovore fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom kernel_image kernel_headers01:26
sourcemakerbiovore: yes... I have just read the documentation01:27
sourcemakerhow can I read the UUID of my harddisk?01:29
crimsunvol_id -u01:31
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sourcemakercrimsun: wow... thanks01:34
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sourcemakercrimsun: it's compiling01:51
gmanMy wireless card doesn't have interface when it is even enabled.01:52
gmanPlease help me.01:53
ardchoille!help  | gman01:55
ubotugman: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:55
ardchoillegman: Help with what?01:55
gmanMy wireless card.01:55
ardchoille!wireless | gman Have you seen this page?01:55
ubotugman Have you seen this page?: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:55
sourcemakerShould the kernel timer frequency not 1000HZ for a desktop system? Why is it not default in the kubuntu kernel?01:56
gmanYes, I have.01:56
ardchoillehi haygus01:56
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haygusi have some problems01:56
haygusim french if i make some mistakes sry01:57
ardchoillehaygus: No problem. What do you need help with?01:57
gmanubotu: yes, I have.01:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about yes, i have. - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:57
hayguson the right bottom01:57
hayguswe can see 2 icons but they are align01:57
haygusbefore they are 2 per colluns01:58
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haygusok i find it01:58
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notvcan i get some help with accessing networks on samba?01:58
ardchoillehaygus: Fixed?01:59
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:59
haygusi have an other probleme i think with X server01:59
notvthe computer name shows up but then it says the file or folder does not exist01:59
gmanI need help with my Wireless card. It is enabled, but it has no interface.02:00
ardchoillehaygus: What is the problem with x server?02:00
keenan_the_duckcan someone help me mount a Windows partition?02:00
haygusif you see my pictures with the real size 1:102:00
hayguswritings quality "sucks"02:01
haygusnot good quality02:01
keenan_the_duckI'm trying to manually mount it by changing fstab, but I'm not if it's /dev/sdaX/, or /dev/hdaX/02:01
haygusi have just re installed kubuntu02:01
keenan_the_duckwhere I don't know what X is02:01
hayguskeenan_the_duck => not X server it's for other probleme02:02
keenan_the_duckwell, I'm not sure what to call the Windows partition02:02
gmanIs there a reason why you can't get your wireless card to interface after enabling the firmware?02:02
keenan_the_duckI don't know what the different between sda and hda is02:02
hayguswhen it's in italic it's very bad quality02:03
ardchoillehaygus: Have you tired changing fonts?02:03
notvim having troubles accessing files over a network using samba02:03
keenan_the_duckwhat's wrong with Samba?02:04
ardchoillehaygus: Try changing fonts and see if that helps02:04
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intelikeyi need a grub guru02:05
intelikeyany takers ?02:05
haygusit's quite better but i see  some trouble02:06
intelikeyall i can get out of grub-install is an error message "/dev/hda1 has no corresponding bios drive"02:06
haygusbut before it was very good i change anything02:06
intelikeyor not hda1 but hda02:06
AmyRoseHi MrGreencastle02:07
MrGreencastleHelp, I want to try out rc2 of KDE 4. I'm on ubuntu 7.10 and have added the repo. I get a "trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/kdebugdialog', which is also in package kdebase-bin"        (Copy-pasted)02:07
keenan_the_duckdo you know the difference between hda and sda?02:07
MrGreencastleHehe. hi02:07
intelikeykeenan_the_duck slightly02:07
* AmyRose has never seen MrGreencastle before in her life =P02:07
intelikeykeenan_the_duck so what am i missing here ?02:08
keenan_the_duckI'm trying to mount my Windows partition, but I'm not sure how to edit the fstab file, because I don't know which one is the Windows partition02:08
intelikeybtw i did check hd[a-d] just to make sure it was hda02:09
intelikeykeenan_the_duck cat /proc/partitions    or sudo fdisk -l02:09
keenan_the_duckI'm sort of a noob, I can't help you02:09
MrGreencastleAny ideas? I am unable to use apt at all.02:09
intelikeysok  i can help you.02:09
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: OK, what package is failing to install?02:09
AmyRoseYou didn't give us that info02:09
MrGreencastleOh sorry02:10
MrGreencastleOne sec, lemme run it again02:10
keenan_the_duckohh, cool02:10
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: Please. :)02:10
intelikeyAmyRose looks like kdebase-bin  from his error message02:10
AmyRoseintelikey: No, that's the one that's already installed that's preventing the one from installing02:10
intelikeyyes i see that now.02:11
MrGreencastleI just needa way to get rid of it. Thats what its yelling at me about02:11
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: There is a way to force it to install anyway, but we'd prefer to avoid that02:11
MrGreencastleI didn't do that - didn't want it to break further02:12
AmyRoseI know02:12
intelikeyMrGreencastle if you just need a reset, close the kde4 repos and   "sudo apt-get remove --purge kde* && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop "02:13
AmyRoseintelikey: Wouldn't that screw it up if you're running KDE?02:13
MrGreencastleI'm not running KDE, I'm using Gnome02:13
MrGreencastleI want to test out the rc2 of Kde402:14
intelikeyso in the grub shell    grub> install (hd0,0)    should setup hda1 as the grub root   no?02:14
MrGreencastleI'm not a kde user by any means. But it looks very intriguing02:14
intelikeyAmyRose no. the inram copy would remain until the process was complete anyway.02:14
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: Oh, OK, then intelikey's method would be perfectly safe for you.02:14
* AmyRose is a DEVOTED KDE user02:14
intelikeystdin_ just the grubby fellow i'm looking for.02:15
AmyRoseintelikey: It would give me problems since I install the full version of KDE, not just Kubuntu's stripped version02:15
MrGreencastleI actually prefer KDE, but am so used to Gnome that I was really waiting for a release candidate of kde 4 to switch02:15
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intelikeyAmyRose you could change the last word to kde and it whould work.02:15
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: How did you get used to GNOME?02:15
AmyRoseintelikey: I would instead add "kde" to the end =P02:16
MrGreencastleThats what I started on.02:16
Dr_willisthats like getting used to having your hands tied. :)02:16
Dr_willisor missing a few fingers.02:16
* AmyRose laughs02:16
stdinintelikey: yeah?02:16
AmyRoseSO true, Dr_willis02:16
MrGreencastleWill I be able to get kde 4 on there afterwards?02:16
intelikeyDr_willis or a wheel chair02:16
Dr_willisbut wearing nice gloves. :)02:16
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: Sure02:16
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: Your problem seems to be caused by a package conflict between KDE 3 and KDE 402:16
MrGreencastleYeah, but I can't even remove kde 302:17
MrGreencastleWhere I'm at now02:18
intelikeyi really do need to get grub installed on that lappy before i give it back to the owner...    nobody have clue-by-four for me ?02:18
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: Let me find you a complete KDE removal guide to fix your troubles02:18
AmyRoseMrGreencastle: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome02:19
AmyRoseI use their guides to remove GNOME and XFCE remnants all the time02:19
MrGreencastleIt still gives me the dependency error for kdebase.02:20
MrGreencastleI can't use apt at all02:20
AmyRoseOK... let's try this02:20
MrGreencastlekdebase-bin, sorry02:20
AmyRoseWhat is the package that's causin the error?02:20
AmyRoseYou're going to have to purge that, then proceed02:20
AmyRosewith removing02:20
MrGreencastletrying to overwrite `/usr/bin/kdebugdialog', which is also in package kdebase-bin "   Is the error I get, and its after it tries to install kdebase-runtime-bin=kde402:21
AmyRoseTry sudo aptitude purge kdebase-runtime-bin-kde402:22
ubotuIf you're having trouble installing KDE4, in a !Terminal run: « sudo apt-get --purge remove $(dpkg -l | grep "4:3.97.0" |awk '{print $2}') » then run « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » - After that install KDE4 as normal02:22
stdinMrGreencastle: do that ^ then make sure you install the updated kdebase-bin and try again02:22
MrGreencastleAlright, looks like that worked thanks. Looking forward to joining KDE!02:26
thomas__overall I'm very happy with Kubuntu...02:27
AmyRosethomas__: But...?02:28
intelikeygrub-install /dev/hda    '/dev/hda does not have any corresponding BIOS drive."   anyone have a clue why i'm getting that error ?02:28
thomas__but usplash doesn't work, and from my RTFMing, 1) I can't fix it and 2) it sounds as tho it's never worked for anybody02:28
thomas__AmyRose: or am I just not RTFMing the right source?02:29
stdinintelikey: check /boot/grub/device.map has an entry for it, like "(hd0)   /dev/hda"02:30
intelikeystdin there isn't any /boot/grub yet  i'm trying to install it02:31
thomas__AmyRose: any ideas?02:31
AmyRosethomas__: I don't use usplash--just the "pretty colours" in text mode :D02:32
stdinintelikey: try "grub-install --recheck /dev/hda" maybe02:32
intelikeystdin ok made a device.map   now it says can't fine device for /boot02:33
intelikey /boot is on the root fs02:33
stdinit probably wants --root-directory=/boot  (it shouldn't though)02:33
familyI'm trying to do an upgrade from kubuntu 7.04 to 7.10, and have run into some problems.  Is anyone online who might be able to help.  My experience level is moderate.02:33
AmyRosefamily: Nice nickname :D02:34
stdinintelikey: or --root-directory=/02:34
thomas__AmyRose: So, it take it that it doesn't work then... maybe it shouldn't be the default until it does... so how do I set up "pretty colours" text?02:34
familyWell, the computer is for use by the family.  :-)02:34
AmyRosefamily: Well, you can change your nickname with "/nick <new-nickname>"02:34
AmyRosethomas__: Wait a minute... you mean the boot screen?02:34
familyAmyRose:  I'll try it now.02:34
=== family is now known as colorlessblueide
colorlessblueideAmyRose:  works?02:35
thomas__AmyRose: no, I mean usplash, which is after boot, before x02:35
intelikey"could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."02:36
colorlessblueideAmyRose:  Thanks.  Is there a way to have it automatically put in whom I'm talking to, followed by the colon?  I'm not an IRC-savvy person ---yet!  :-)02:36
AmyRosethomas__: It just works for me on my laptop, but on my old computer, I just disabled it because it screws up the boot screen02:36
intelikeylet me make sure the device nodes exist02:36
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Yes, type the first part of the name, like a few letters, then hit Tab until it ends up on the one you want02:36
intelikeyyeah device nodes exist02:36
intelikeyi have no clue what is wrong with this thing02:36
stdinintelikey: try /dev/hda1 instead of /dev/hda ?02:37
intelikeydid no luck02:37
stdinhave you tried installing from the grub shell?02:37
intelikeyexact same message02:37
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Great!02:37
thomas__AmyRose: for me, the screen goes into powersaver, and I cross my fingers hoping that the system is booting ok...02:37
intelikeyyes stdin but to no avail02:37
AmyRosethomas__: Then you should really disable it02:37
intelikeystdin if you care to walk me through it i'll try grub shell again02:38
AmyRosethomas__: Or change the screen resolution02:38
colorlessblueideAmyRose: What's a "CTCP VERSION"?02:38
NickPrestaI'm getting a new graphics card tomorrow and with it, I need to use the latest nvidia drivers. What do I need to do to prepare this computer for tomorrow? I know I should uninstall the current drivers and go back to the default, `nv` drivers. I have also downloaded the .run file for installation tomorrow. What else is needed? Thanks.02:38
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Me spying on what IRC client you're using :D02:38
stdinintelikey: it should be "root (hd0,0)\n setup (hd0)" from what I remember02:39
thomas__AmyRose: ok, thanks...02:39
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: I prefer Konversation over ksirc02:39
AmyRoseIt's the only IRC client I've ever used that makes decent use of the fact that you have a mouse/trackpad02:39
stdinintelikey: and/or "install (hd0,0)"02:40
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Fine by me.  I'll try Konversation later; right now I had adept-installer crash while updating to 7.10, and I'm a bit nervous about things working.02:40
AmyRosewhile still letting you use the keyboard for everything02:40
ronnie_hi everyone : )  just wondering whats a good printer thats easily recognized , I'm running on kubuntu 7.10, I've read alot of bad comments on lexmarks so i'll stay away from them, : )02:40
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Is it booting up OK?02:41
colorlessblueideronnie_: I have a brother HL-5170DN, which has been great for a home printer.02:41
colorlessblueideAmyRose: I haven't shut it down!  'Twas in the middle of02:41
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: How comfortable are you with the terminal?02:41
thomas__AmyRose: one other question... I'm tempted to try KDE 4.0 since it's already to rc, and will ship in a couple weeks.... but I'm afaird it'll mess up all the dependancies and hose the box.  Is it safe to try?02:41
AmyRosethomas__: Yes.02:42
stdinif you read the instructions02:42
colorlessblueideAmyRose: installing the packages, when it crashed.  I'm now running dpkg  with a reconfigure (I don't remember the exact command) after killing a couple of lock files.   Re terminal, in many ways I prefer it.  (I'm one of the ancient flati; still have trouble with GUIs sometimes.)02:42
thomas__stdin: do you have a link to read?02:42
intelikeystdin grub> setup (hd0)  yelds "checking if '/boot/grub/stage1' exists...no" \n "checking if '/grub/stage1' exists...no"  \n\n02:42
stdinthomas__: see the topic :)02:42
intelikey"error 15: file not found"02:43
ronnie_hmm ok thx, I do notice there's hp programs installed, tho never owned a printer so no clue if there ok?02:43
stdinintelikey: what about "install (hd0,0)" ?02:43
thomas__stdin: oh, right.... thanks!02:43
colorlessblueideAmyRose: I think it was "dpkg --configure -a"02:44
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Ah. OK. I recommend doing a "sudo aptitude keep-all", followed by "sudo aptitude update", then "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade", and keep repeating that last one until it stops giving you errors02:44
intelikey"error 1: filename must be either an absolute pathname of blocklist"02:44
intelikeystdin ^02:44
AmyRosethomas__: I'm getting you the link02:44
stdinintelikey: hmm, try with the device node then02:44
intelikeydid that too   " error 15: file not found"02:45
thomas__AmyRose: I don't know if this is really the right place for it, but firefox should be installed by default... or am I just crazy?02:45
stdinintelikey: did you set the root ?02:46
stdinthomas__: konquror is the default web browser02:46
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Thanks.  I'll do that once the configure finishes.   BTW, I noticed that there were problems with the emacs-21 configuration.  Is there a new emacs with the old one gone away?  (Fine by me, as long as my .emacs file still works.  :-)   )02:46
AmyRosethomas__: No, it shouldn't. Kubuntu already has a browser, and it would waste space on the CD to have two of them by default. Besides, it's not hard to install Firefox after installing Kubuntu.02:46
chealdogudday guys do we any available time management software for kubuntu? gonna use it for my internet cafe running kubuntus02:47
AmyRosethomas__: KDE 4 install directions: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc2.php02:47
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: I don't use emacs, sorry. I prefer vim02:48
thomas__AmyRose: thanks for the link.  What's the adavantage of this other browser?02:48
AmyRosethomas__: I'm using Firefox at the moment. Konqueror is a faster browser, but it's been neglected since they started really hammering on KDE 4, so I've been using Firefox for the sake of having a more up-to-date browser02:49
colorlessblueideAmyRose: I'm learning.  Re emacs v. vim, 'twas the first I learned, and it's been good to me with auctex.  I printed out a vim quickref card at work last week, and plan on learning a bit more than the basics next month.02:49
=== _Agrajag is now known as Agrajag`
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: /usr/bin/vimtutor ;)02:50
=== Agrajag` is now known as Agrajag^
=== Huahua is now known as Shely
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: It got me hooked right away02:50
thomas__colorlessblueide: vim is model, which takes getting used to, but it's great and you can fly...02:50
colorlessblueideAmyRose: I'll try that.  I have a friend who is pretty much a guru; he uses nano all the time, if you can believe it.   That one drives me crazy.02:51
AmyRosethomas__: Yup02:51
vzduchnano isn't difficult02:51
vzduchperhaps vi(m) isn't either, but the learning curve is very steep02:51
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: nano drives me nuts because it doesn't have any text selection features at all. Vim has text highlighting, line selection, and even column selection.02:52
AmyRosevzduch: Not if you take the tutorial that comes with vim02:52
thomas__what's nano like?02:52
colorlessblueidevzduch: No, it's easy:  nano's just limited for a lot of stuff I end up doing.   The little I know of vim --- and its availability --- is what is leading me to try to learn it better.02:52
AmyRosethomas__: Type "nano" in your terminal and find out02:52
thomas__it's its own thing? Not just another vi or emacs?02:53
AmyRosethomas__: It's really easy to use, but it's nowhere near as efficient as vim is02:53
AmyRosethomas__: Nano is a clone of pico.02:53
colorlessblueidevzduch: Actually, one of my mailboxes is on a machine that only has pine, which uses pico as an editor, which is a lot like nano.02:53
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Yeah, cuz nano is a clone of pico because of pine's license02:54
vzduchpine is a pita.. and why use pico if there's nano *gg*02:54
AmyRoseYeah, nano has more features than pico02:54
vzduchpico came w/ SUSE by default up until 9.302:54
Ed_EI have a question...by the way, Kubuntu is presented and operates much more logical than the other Ubuntu's...but anyway, My Netgear WG511 (PrismGT/ISL3886) PCMCIA Wireless adapter works in Feisty and all Gutsy Live CD's...but not in Gutsy installed.02:54
vzduchand there was no official nano rpm at that time02:54
intelikeypico is a symlink to nano02:54
Ed_ECard wont light up or nothing, and it acts as if it's seen and says it exists...just that it can't use it.02:55
Ed_EIs this common?02:55
AmyRoseEd_E: agreed with you on the good points about Kubuntu :D02:55
Ed_EYeah, by the way...I've found Kubuntu to be easier to use for a newbie, more integrated...by the little things like the Kubuntu logo in places making everything seeming together.02:56
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Well, dpkg is done, so I'm ready to try your suggestions.  It had errors with various emacs-21, hyperlatex, and python-mode packages.02:56
AmyRoseEd_E: That's because KDE is very well-integrated02:56
adz21cHey, what is the hardware support for the Creative X-Fi in linux like? Has anyone tested this Beta driver that they released? Is there an Opensource driver for it and is it any good?02:56
AmyRoseEd_E: Do you have a way of updating the computer?02:56
colorlessblueideAmyRose: So, aptitude --keep-all.  What is the purpose of that one?02:57
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: No dashes.02:57
AmyRosewell, no double-dash02:57
AmyRoseAmyRose: It's to clear aptitude's list of actions02:57
colorlessblueideAmyRose: OK.  I'm looking at the man page for aptitude, but I don't understand the why.02:57
AmyRoseaptitude keep-all02:57
Ed_EI'm gonna try updating and I'll get back to you02:57
vzduchAmyRose: are you talking to yourself? o002:58
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Ah.  makes sense.02:58
AmyRoseno, vzduch02:58
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: It's because aptitude stores everything it was going to do but failed to do, and try again automatically. I just want to make sure we don't create more problems, so I recommend an aptitude keep-all to clear it out02:58
AmyRosevzduch: Brain fart02:58
AmyRoseAmyRose: Yeah, stop talking to yourself!02:59
colorlessblueideAmyRose: OK.  I'm thnking of removing auctex and emacs-21, too, since they seem to be problem children.02:59
linuxladyI just installed kubuntu and I am new to linux02:59
linuxladyI just installed kubuntu and I am new to linux02:59
linuxladyoops sorry02:59
linuxladyI am trying to install flash player for my browser but I don know what to do02:59
tjodalvwhich browser?02:59
ardchoille!flash | linuxlady02:59
ubotulinuxlady: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:59
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.03:00
tjodalverr...konq...it's not working...fully03:00
se7en_is the only place where i can find out something of the ram in cat /proc/meminfo which tells me how much ram is in the box but not what kind03:00
linuxladyubotu: I have no idea how to compile the install file from the tar, can you tell me how?03:01
AmyRoseGee, I've been disabling ubufox and using Firefox to install it into ~/.mozilla03:01
ardchoillelinuxlady: ubotu is a bot03:01
AmyRose!bot | linuxlady03:02
ubotulinuxlady: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:02
Ed_EDo a search on Aptitude for flash03:02
AmyRose!flash | Ed_E03:02
ubotuEd_E: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:02
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.03:02
tjodalvI'm just using firefox until it's fixed...03:03
Ed_EAlso if you just open Firefox and go to YouTube.com and try and play a video it will ask you to install it automatically03:04
linuxladyI will get firefox03:04
thomas__anybody have 2 cents worth about firestarter v Kmyfirewall?03:04
Ed_EI don't need help installing flash...I've been running Linux before Ubuntu was thought of LOL03:05
=== Scotty_ is now known as Scotty
ardchoilleEd_E: But you recommended someone do a search for flash, and they will find flashplugin-nonfree - which is currently broken.03:06
Ed_EOook...when did that happen LOL?  I run Arch now, but I run Kubuntu on my Laptop03:06
linuxladyhow do i install firefox?03:06
linuxladyI put it into ark03:06
linuxladyand I extracted it03:06
ardchoillelinuxlady: sudo apt-get install firefox03:06
linuxladybut I dont see the icon to launch it03:06
ardchoillelinuxlady: Always check the repos before installing from source03:07
intelikeythomas__ they are both frontends to iptables03:07
vzduchso does the run smoothly w/ Firefox?03:07
intelikeyoh sorry that was only 1.4 cents03:07
linuxladyiḿ new to linux03:07
ardchoille!repos | linuxlady03:07
ubotulinuxlady: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu03:07
thomas__intelikey: so better to edit iptables myself?03:07
vzduchI believe I have heard that it also causes problems w/ Firefox03:07
tjodalvlinuxlady: click the K-Menu button > System > Konsole03:08
ardchoillethomas__: If you can handle iptables yourself, then sure. But, the gui front-ends sure make it much easier03:08
tjodalvthen enter sudo apt-get install firefox03:08
stdinintelikey: try "mkdir -p /boot/grub ; cp /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/* /boot/grub ; grub" and do "root (hd0,1)" \n "setup (hd0)" \n03:08
linuxladyhow can i get samba ?03:09
linuxladyI need that ot run my local fileserver03:09
ardchoille!samba | linuxlady03:09
ubotulinuxlady: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:09
intelikeythomas__ i didn't say that.03:09
=== Crust is now known as novacrust
thomas__ardchoille: I used to do iptables myself, but then I didn't have a computer for a few years and now I've forgotten how... plus it's likely diffrent now, new versions and all03:09
tjodalvsudo apt-get install samba03:09
colorlessblueideAmyRose: FYI, installing emacs22 (aptitude install emacs22) followed by (aptitude remove emacs21) seems to have cleared the aptitude errors.  Hope the aptitude dist-upgrade toes well now!  :-)03:10
intelikeythomas__ i don't normally need a firewall.   nothing running that would open a port03:10
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Good03:10
=== novacrust is now known as Crust
colorlessblueideAmyRose: The aptitude man page says dist-upgrade has been replaced by full-upgrade.  It also discusses "safe-upgrade".   I'm not sure of the differences; if you have time, could you help out.  Meanwhile, I'll continue with dist-upgrade.03:12
thomas__I'm pulling down kde4 now, put my internet is crumby... if my connection craps out, what's the best way to re-start?03:14
linuxladyhey i hAVE A sound blaster card on my pc i put kubuntu on now to let you know I am a long time windows user, this is all new to me so I know i have to read a lot but any help is appreciated03:14
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: full-upgrade and dist-upgrade are the same thing. Use those because they aren't as chicken about doing what's needed to make sure the distro upgrades fully03:15
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: The safe-upgrade tries to prevent the removal of packages and such03:15
AmyRoseamong other things03:15
thomas__linuxlady: if you figure out how to get samba working pls let me know.... I was looking at the other day, it's /complicated/03:16
linuxladythomas thank you I wil needy our help in time with that03:16
linuxladyright now i need to get my sound working03:16
vzduchthomas__: not really03:17
intelikeylspci hangs the terminal   can't kill it either03:17
=== Crust is now known as Novacrust
vzduchI used to use Samba when I was in an environment w/ more than 1 machine.. there's a number of good howtos on the net on how to edit smb.conf, which is still the most precise way to get Samba running the way you want it to03:18
intelikeyso does lshw  now i have two hung consoles03:18
thomas__linuxlady: what's the trouble w/ your sound... I was scanning up, but did see it03:18
linuxladyi have just installed this on an old computer that had xp on it03:18
linuxladymy card is a sound blaster esoniq03:18
linuxladyI don know how to install the drivers or where to find for linux03:19
linuxladyi am looking for them03:19
vzduchif it's a cheapo model it should work out of the box03:19
=== Novacrust is now known as Crusty
thomas__vzduch: I'm sure I can get it when the time comes, ... I just had other problems...03:19
=== Crusty is now known as Novacrust
thomas__linuxlady: I think that should work03:20
ardchoille!nickspam > Novacrust03:20
linuxladythomas it is Sound Blaster Ensoniq AudioPCI/ ES137103:20
linuxladythats the chipset number03:20
thomas__linuxlady: I had an ensoniq years and and no trouble03:20
vzduchlinuxlady: works out of the box, I have one here myself, never needed to install additional stuff for it03:20
linuxladyie had trouble with mine even with the pc i have03:21
thomas__linuxlady: yeh, ES1371 has worked for years03:21
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Thanks muchly.  It's humming away now.  No, it finished already.  Hmmm.  Doesn't seem right:  adept showed ca. 30 minutes to go when it crashed.03:21
linuxladyi have no sound right now though03:21
thomas__linuxlady: do you just have one sound card?03:21
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Try sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop03:21
* vzduch has a emu10k1 and a es1371, both have worked ootb w/ all distributions I tried03:21
linuxladyyes , i mean the motherboard should have onboard sound but that isn working either if it does03:22
linuxladybut the soundblaster is in the pci slot03:22
colorlessblueideAmyRose: OK.  tried it; nothing to do.03:22
vzduchdisregard the onboard sound if you don't need more than 1 soundcard03:22
linuxladykubuntu detects my soundblaster but i have no sound03:23
linuxladyeverything is plugged in03:23
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Well... did you try another dist-upgrade?03:23
colorlessblueideAmyRose: (I.e., it finished without doing anything.)03:23
vzduchchecked mixer settings?03:23
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Yep.  Ditto.   I'm wondering if the next step is to reboot?  <shiver>03:24
thomas__linuxlady: did you disable onboard in the BIOS?03:24
linuxladyno i haven touched the bios at all03:24
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Well, yeah, you could try that, but you should have a live CD on hand in case something goes wrong03:25
thomas__linuxlady: it could be sending the sound to onboard, did you try pluging your speakers there to see if you hear anything?03:25
linuxladyi will try that03:26
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Er, yeah.  Unfortunately, I just remember that I left it at work.  :-(   I suppose I could download 7.10 again, and burn it now.  :-)03:26
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Good idea.03:26
colorlessblueideAmyRose: While waiting, I'll try your idea of Konversation.  :-)03:27
vzduchfor use as a live CD I'd suggest something that can actually be used as such ;)   my impression is that the *buntu live CDs are more for showcasing and for installation to hdd, bot not for productive use or more-than-basic system rescue tasks03:29
vzduchs/not/not so much/03:30
AmyRosevzduch: Too late... colorlessblueide is gone03:31
se7en_vzduch: i agree with you knoppix is much better as a "live cd"03:31
=== jkgruet is now known as colorlessblueide
AmyRoseseten: Nice name :-P03:31
intelikeyknoppix invented the live cd      didn't they ?03:32
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Well, now trying Konversation.03:32
colorlessblueidevzduch: I'm back; did you have something?03:32
se7en_yes mr knoppers did03:32
AmyRoseHi family :-P03:32
thomas__linuxlady: are you still with me?03:33
colorlessblueideAmyRose: :-)   I guess I should set it up to automatically use this nickname; 'twill take some exploring of menus, I guess.03:33
vzduchintelikey: to my knowledge Klaus Knopper didn't _invent_ the live CD, but he perfectioned it03:33
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Before I forget, I greatly appreciate your help tonight.  Thanks!03:33
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: You're welcome03:33
colorlessblueideAmyRose: Ouch!  There's some sort of notification alarm, and it's LOUD.  :-003:34
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: You are welcome to PM me any time here, too.03:34
colorlessblueideAmyRose: PM?03:34
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Settings --> Configure Notifications03:34
colorlessblueideAmyRose: yes, I was playing with it.  I like the audible notification (at least for now . . . .  :-)  ).  What does "PM" mean?03:35
vzduchcolorlessblueide: private message, also known as query among IRC users03:36
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Private chatting here03:37
AmyRosecolorlessblueide: Type /query AmyRose to talk to me privately03:39
AmyRoseAnd if ANYONE PM's me to hit on me, I am going to publicly humiliate you. =303:40
Agent_bobgot it.  grub finally installed.03:40
* Agent_bob pm's AmyRose 03:40
thomas__AmyRose: why would we hit on you?03:41
jhutchinsShoot, she's gone now.03:42
Beren78so she can humiliate us :p03:42
jhutchinsDid pretty much everybody here PM her?03:43
Agent_bobjhutchins heh.  prolly not.03:43
Agent_bobjhutchins i'm not registered03:43
jhutchinsDude.  Fix that.03:43
Agent_bobfor ?03:43
Agent_bobi don't msg people anywhy03:44
thomas__too bad linuxlady is gone, I was egear to fix that sound card issue03:45
thomas__vga mode question here03:47
thomas__do we drop the 0x0?  eg vga=37d, or vga=0x037d03:47
vzduchif you use the hex numbers you need the 'Ox'03:48
AmyRosethomas__: I get an unbelievable number of people hitting on me on IRC.03:49
thomas__vzduch: thanks03:49
dorkfaceHi all.   Is anyone familiar with rsync?03:49
AmyRoseThey find me in some channel and then PM me. I /whois them and then humiliate them publicly in that channel. :D03:49
thomas__AmyRose: it's your name03:50
thomas__see nobody ever hit on dorkface03:50
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!03:50
dorkfaceNo one is familiar with rsync?03:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rsync - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:52
se7en_dorkface: what do you want to know about rsync03:55
meinekethomas are you still here?03:58
=== meineke is now known as linuxlady
paperfunkdoes anyone know how to share an internet connection on a kubuntu box, using a crossover cable?03:58
Agent_bobpaperfunk yep03:59
paperfunki've never had any problem doing it with xp, but i can't with this os'03:59
thomas__meineke: yes03:59
Agent_bobinstall dnsmasq ipmasq and edit /etc/sysctl  set the ipv4-forwarding on04:00
thomas__linuxlady: did you get any sound?04:00
paperfunkcan i use apt get to install that?04:00
linuxladythomas my onboard won work and i really have no other option but to install the drivers on linux somehow04:00
Agent_bobon the client set the ipv4 forwarding on  and set the default gateway the ip of the server box04:00
thomas__linuxlady: you're using kubuntu, right?04:00
paperfunkwhat's the cmd to install dns masq plz04:01
Agent_bobpaperfunk there is a good howto on the web  i'll see if i can spot it for you04:01
paperfunkok thanks04:01
thomas__linuxlady: is there a speaker icon on the lower right pannel>04:01
Agent_bobsudo apt-get install dnsmasq* ipmasq*04:01
ardchoilleScotty: May I pm you?04:02
thomas__linuxlady: right click it to view mixer window04:02
linuxladyok iḿ there04:03
thomas__linuxlady: is there a dropdown w/ different sound cards?04:03
linuxladyi don see anything except ensoniq audiopci in the right corner04:04
thomas__sounds like no04:04
thomas__there should be a bunch of different volume settings, are any of them mutted?04:05
Agent_bobpaperfunk http://www.homenethelp.com/web/explain/about-ethernet-crossover.asp has some very useful info   but i'm still looking for the howto i mentioned04:05
linuxladyeverything is green04:05
thomas__what about the switches tab?04:06
linuxladyi see a few dim yellows04:06
linuxladytwo reds dimmed04:07
linuxladyand one bright yellow04:07
thomas__what are the dim ones labled?04:07
linuxlady3d control, mic boost, IEC958, mix mono04:08
thomas__that sounds ok04:08
Agent_bobpaperfunk http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO.html is what's in my history file  but it seems dead now...04:09
linuxladythomas i might just have to go out and buy an audigy SE04:09
linuxladyits not too much $04:09
thomas__linuxlady: did this card work before?04:10
linuxladyyes on windows04:10
linuxladybut i always had to install a specific driver04:10
linuxladyfor this gateway pc04:10
thomas__linuxlady: ES1371 has been around and working on Linux since... 96?04:11
thomas__linuxlady: it should work04:11
linuxladyit won work though04:11
linuxladynothing happens04:11
linuxladyi probably have to buy a Audigy se04:12
paperfunkit says i dont have permission to write to file04:12
paperfunkand i cant su to root, this is my first time using kubuntu, but i dont remeber defining a root pass04:12
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:12
thomas__linuxlady: lets try K > System Settings > Sound System04:12
linuxladyiḿ there04:13
thomas__linuxlady: is Enable checked on the genral tab?04:13
linuxladyalso how do i change the time to stop being in 24 hour and into 12 hour?04:14
thomas__linuxlady: under hardware, what's Select Auido Device say?04:14
edellinghamOk guys...I'm still having the same problem.  I have a Prism compatible card, Netgear wg511...it's work in Feisty, it works when I put the Live CD of Gutsy...but after installing Gutsy...it never works.  Help?04:14
thomas__linuxlady: I'll get the clock in a sec... try selecting Advanced Linux Sound...04:16
thomas__linuxlady: then hit apply04:17
thomas__linuxlady: it should restart quickly04:17
prasoonhello guys04:17
linuxladyyea it did04:17
Agent_bob!sudo | paperfunk04:17
ubotupaperfunk: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.04:17
thomas__linuxlady: that's a good sign04:18
prasooni need help with my battery '*04:18
thomas__linuxlady: go back to general and hit test sound04:18
thomas__linuxlady: just a sec.. my wife's on the phone04:19
jameswf-homeanyone toyed around with kde4 yet?04:19
corporealjameswf-home: w0rd04:20
prasooncan anyone please help me out with my battery on IBM?04:20
Agent_bobubuntu alternative to "service" ?04:22
colorlessblueideI had Adept crash during an update; since then I've been getting a "mime type" application/octet stream dialog box all the time.  Is there anyone who might be able to help me troubleshoot?04:24
jameswf-hometry apt-get -f install04:24
vzduch!aptfix | colorlessblueide04:25
ubotucolorlessblueide: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:25
vzduchdunno if that'll help, but might be worth a try04:25
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:25
NickPrestaI'm getting a new graphics card tomorrow and with it, I need to use the latest nvidia drivers. What do I need to do to prepare this computer for tomorrow? I know I should uninstall the current drivers and go back to the default, `nv` drivers. I have also downloaded the .run file for installation tomorrow. What else is needed? Thanks.04:26
colorlessblueidevzduch: I have removed the lock, done the dpkg --configure, and successfully completed an aptitude dist-upgrade.   what I noticed is that, when it crashed, Adept was predicting another 30 minutes or so, but when I used aptitude, it only took a minute or so.04:26
thomas__linuxlady: lets fix the clock, that's easy04:27
prasooni am using IBM R40e with Gusty Gibbon kubuntu edition. on startup i am getting a fatal error in inserting battery. can anyone helppls?04:28
vzduchNickPresta: under normal circumstances there's no need to download a .run file04:28
thomas__linuxlady: right click on the clock > date time format > ...04:28
ardchoille!nvidia | NickPresta04:28
ubotuNickPresta: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:28
linuxladyI figured it out, thanks though04:28
linuxladythanks for all your help04:30
thomas__linuxlady: I'm not sure why your sound isn't working at the moment...04:30
groovesaladi recently ran "mount -t /dev/hdd1 /disk2 -0 force" to copy files from a windows hd, i also added a line to fstab, i deleted the line now that im done, but now kde logs out as soon as i log in. i forgot to umount it, and i no longer have the drive. what should i do?04:30
thomas__linuxlady: you hold try the OSS drivers, but that would be a big pain in the behind04:30
thomas__linuxlady: sorry, that's *could*04:31
NickPrestavzduch, the package in the repo is too old.04:31
thomas__linuxlady: I'd hate to have you go buy a new sound card w/out know what the trouble is...04:32
vzduchNickPresta: are you sure?04:32
ardchoilleNickPresta: iirc, the restricted driver manager can install the nvidia-glx-new driver04:33
NickPrestavzduch, yes but you're free to double check. I require support for the 8800 GT. AFAIK, only the latest driver (released Dec. 20th) supports it.04:33
NickPrestavzduch, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.07.html04:33
ardchoilleNickPresta: You may have a point there04:34
thomas__linuxlady: you might want to double check that you have it plugged into the right socket, and all the little gottchas04:34
thomas__linuxlady: I've gone in deep on stuff just to figure out I didn't plug something in...04:35
thomas__linuxlady: did that with a printer once04:35
thomas__linuxlady: "test page works fine" WTFO!... not plugged, oh...04:36
thomas__linuxlady: the other thing that you might try, if you still have windows, to see if it's working there04:37
linuxladyive made sure everything is plugged in. ive always had trouble with this speakers for some unkown reason04:37
thomas__linuxlady: there you go, you might try different speakers04:38
linuxladywell i had xp on this computer, and it was running very slowly. itś old - from 99 so when i installed it kubuntu i just replaced windows04:38
thomas__linuxlady: or headphones04:38
linuxladymaybe. iĺl try that04:38
linuxladyiĺl brb04:38
thomas__linuxlady: fair enought, I've also had my fill of windows04:39
thomas__anyone else have ideas on this sound problem?04:41
prasooni am using IBM R40e with Gusty Gibbon kubuntu edition. on startup i am getting a fatal error in inserting battery. can anyone help pls?04:42
linuxladythomas: i just tried headphones, and they dont work either04:46
thomas__linuxlady: I'm looking into this a little more...04:46
linuxladyok wait - i must not have put them in the right area - they do work04:47
linuxladysorry. so that means my speakers are the issue - not the card?04:47
thomas__linuxlady: sounds like it... I'm just glad we fixed this04:47
thomas__linuxlady: you could try the speakers in a different device, just for sanity's sake04:48
thomas__linuxlady: that's the trouble with computers they're soo complicated there are too many things that can go wrong, and it's hard to tell what it is04:50
thomas__linuxlady: does the volume control on the panel work ok?04:51
linuxladyi just plugged them into my ipod and they dont work with that. the speakers worked the other day with windows though04:51
linuxladyyes the volume control does work correctly04:52
thomas__that's good to hear04:52
linuxladythomas: no pun intended huh?? haha04:53
thomas__linuxlady: careful about opening Pundor's Box04:54
thomas__well, I've got to go now, wife has some erends (sp?) for me to run04:56
linuxladythomas: where do you live? itś 12:00 am where i am04:56
linuxladythomas: thanks so much for all your help, i really really appreciate it. you are so nice!04:56
thomas__Bangsean, Thailand.04:57
NickPrestaThat was rather painless. Now I just have to hope that an update for nvidia-glx-new will be available before a new kernel update ;)04:57
colorlessblueideCan anyone help with a hard drive mount problem?  After upgrade to 7.10, hard drive partition won't mount.04:57
thomas__linuxlady: no problem, I've been getting help on irc, so I needed to return the favore04:57
thomas__no e... I can't spell so well04:58
linuxladyim sure iĺl probably be asking plenty more questions. thanks again04:58
thomas__best of luck, and a Linus told me, "Happy Linuxing"04:58
osxxlinuxlady: hi05:07
osxxhey I have an HP printer and was wondering how to get the drivers to work with kubuntu05:08
osxxit doesn't work at the moment05:08
vzduchI also have a HP printer, it works out of the box05:11
vzduch--> 'HP' is insufficient information05:11
osxxwell apparently linux doesn't like older machines05:11
osxxits an HP all in one05:11
osxxI dunno the model05:11
linuxladyosxx: hey05:12
linuxladyheadphones work05:12
vzduchosxx: you should have a type label on the printer telling you what it is05:12
vzducheither somewhere near the mains plug or on the bottom05:12
osxxlinuxlady knows05:12
osxxshe's hot05:12
linuxladyhp psc 2410xi photosmart all in one05:13
homercyclesHelp. I uninstalled Samba, rm -rf /etc/samba, then re-installed Samba and it hasn't created /etc/samba again. What can I do?05:13
=== osxx is now known as osx5
vzduchif you call that an older model, what would you call my HP LaserJet 4?05:14
homercyclesI'd call your HP LaserJet 4 a very reliable printer05:14
osx5at least hte laser will work05:15
osx5old reliable05:15
linuxladyosx5: meebo?05:15
osx5i'm on aim05:15
osx5there is a aim type app in kubuntu linuxlady05:16
colorlessblueideCan anyone help with a "Device lookup failed" message?05:16
osx5it should be under internet05:16
vzduchI bet it is reliable.. never failed on me, I bought it used, it already had >180,000 pages printed05:16
mrskateboy629i need some help05:16
osx5vz either way my printer doesn't work05:16
mrskateboy629does any one know alot about the kde desktop05:17
vzduchmrskateboy629: don't ask filler questions, come to the point :)05:17
osx5KDE is the best desktop ever05:17
osx5a favorite of mine05:18
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=== roy_ is now known as roy_t
osx5even like it more than osx05:18
=== roy_t is now known as roy_
=== roy_ is now known as roy_t
osx5linuxlady is asking me how to register on freenode05:18
osx5anyone know the commands?05:18
mrskateboy629i need someone to like remotly control my computer or something and set up my kde desktop so that it looks normal05:18
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO05:18
mrskateboy629like video drivers05:19
NickPresta!tell osx5 about register05:19
osx5!tell linuxlady about register05:19
mrskateboy629or maybe a tutorial or something05:19
mrskateboy629i'm brand new to linux and i have no idea what to do05:20
osx5its ok05:20
osx5linuxlady is a newb and so am I05:20
mrskateboy629or where to start05:20
osx5skate linux is mostly command line oriented05:20
osx5most of the auto installers are confusin to use05:21
osx5i just use the cli05:21
mrskateboy629what is cli05:21
NickPrestamrskateboy629, ask your questions. try to be as descriptive as possible. We can help you05:21
vzduchmrskateboy629: define 'look normal'05:21
osx5command line interface05:21
mrskateboy629i need help setting up my video drivers first off05:22
osx5you know in movies where you see hackers typing in a dos like screen05:22
osx5that's cli05:22
mrskateboy629thanx osx505:22
osx5except they're on Linux05:22
mrskateboy629i'm not really familiar with any commands or anything05:22
vzduch!nvidia | mrskateboy62905:22
ubotumrskateboy629: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:22
NickPrestamrskateboy629, CLI stands for Command Line Interface. It is a text interface to shell. You don't _have_ to use it intensively if you don't want to. However, it is very powerful and is "better" than some graphical alternatives.05:23
mrskateboy629where do i learn how to use it05:24
NickPrestamrskateboy629, http://www.linuxcommand.org/ is a great place to start.05:24
mrskateboy629ok thanx05:25
roy_thello, I have a problem I hope someone can help with. when I startup ubuntu I get an alert like "The greeter application appears to be crashing. Attempting to use a different one.", I click ok but it just keeps repeating05:25
osx5keep in mind most linux auto installers are crap, not near windows in ease05:25
NickPrestamrskateboy629, if you require help with a specific issue, just ask.05:25
osx5cli is a lot easier and faster05:25
NickPrestaosx5, what are you talking about?05:25
vzduchroy_t: Ubuntu or Kubuntu?05:25
osx5nick i tried to use the package installer on kubuntu05:25
osx5had no idea what was going on05:25
mrskateboy629how do i find out what version of kubuntu i have05:26
roy_tI have kubuntu05:26
NickPrestaWhat, specifically, in Adept, was confusing you?05:26
osx5u have 7.1005:26
osx5most likely05:26
roy_tbut I ran the apt-get install ubuntu-desktop05:26
mrskateboy629okay thank05:26
roy_tthen had the problem after reboot05:26
roy_tsould I be asking in #ubuntu instead?05:26
NickPrestamrskateboy629, open up a Konsole (K Menu > System > Konsole) and then type: lsb_release -a05:26
osx5kubuntu is ubuntu technically so it shouldn't matter where you ask05:26
vzduchroy_t: --> /join #ubuntu <-- won't hurt to also ask there05:27
vzduchbecause it's likely a ubuntu-desktop problem05:27
roy_tno ones replying there though, so I asked here as well :p05:28
intelikeyi need a package management option to allow the newest version of each package on a disk to be installed or set as installable     is there any functionality in apt aptitude or dselect that could do this  ?05:29
NickPrestaintelikey, perhaps apt-cdrom? http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-basico.en.html#s-cdrom and then `apt-get dist-upgrade`?05:31
osx5nickpresta: if the auto installers are so easy then how come i couldn't install firefox05:32
intelikeyNickPresta doesn't it need a database   or can it build one ?05:32
osx5i'm used to mac and windows where u have a setupfile05:32
osx5i had to use cli05:32
NickPrestaosx5, PEBKAC? I'm not sure why you, specifically, had trouble05:32
NickPrestaintelikey, well, if you add the cdrom as a source, it should look for package information on the disk.05:33
intelikeybut there isn't any package information   just the .deb's05:33
NickPrestaintelikey, hmm. According to the APT HOWTO page, "suppose that you're using revision 0 of the stable version of Debian and you buy a CD with revision 3. You can use APT to upgrade your system from this new CD. To do this, use apt-cdrom". I don't know if it will build a database with the deb packages. It might be worth a shot. Otherwise, you might have to get fancy with `dpkg --compare-versions` and some loop05:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about beer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:36
jameswf-homeubotu: beer is good05:36
linuxladyi cant access my other harddrive. it shows up under storage media - but no files appear once i click it. itś 80GB, and i have a ton of music on it. i get this message when i click it: your-password05:36
intelikeyyeah i'm reading the man page for apt-cdrom,   it's can NOT do what i need.05:36
NickPrestaintelikey, hmm. I don't know enough to suggest anything other than writing a small shell script.05:37
linuxladyoh not your -password sorry. hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 100005:37
intelikeyyeah i will probably have too.05:37
linuxladyanyone know how i can get that fixed?05:38
osx5her HD has NTFS on it i think05:38
intelikeylinuxlady internal hd ?05:38
osx5the other drive05:38
intelikeyadd a line in /etc/fstab for it05:39
intelikeyif ntfs  you should use ntfs-3g  i think.05:39
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE05:39
osx5yhou need to walk her on this one, she is a newb05:39
osx5she probably doesn't know what you mean entirely05:40
intelikeyif just about any other fs i can spit you out a string for it pretty quickly05:40
intelikeyosx5 you may indeed be correct.  but i never assume ignorance      unless the alternative assumption is mallus05:41
linuxladyosx5: hey05:41
osx5 hey05:41
linuxladyosx5: :(05:41
osx5why  the sad face linuxlady?05:41
intelikeylinuxlady so what fs is it ?05:41
linuxladyi think itś nfts05:42
intelikey!NTFS-3g | linuxlady05:42
ubotulinuxlady: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions05:42
osx5NTFS ;-)05:42
linuxladyim reading now05:43
osx5she thinks i was callin her dumb05:43
intelikeyignorant != dumb     everyone is ignorant to many things.   simply means that they don't know about them.05:44
osx5linux is a lot to take in05:45
osx5for a new person05:45
NickPrestamy fstab line, for my Windows (ntfs) partition: "/dev/sda1 /media/windows ntfs-3g defaults,auto,rw,nouser 0 1" (sans quotes). If you have a line like that, you can simply do "sudo mount -a" to mount it05:45
linuxladythis is what i got after running the script:05:46
linuxladywget http://media.ubuntu-nl.org/scripts/diskmounter05:46
intelikeyi would change the options personally   s/defaults,auto,rw,nouser/defaults,auto,rw,fmask=113,dmask=002/     but that's just me.05:47
linuxladyntfs is inconsistent or you have hardware faults and then it tells me to run something in windows (which i replaced completely with linux)05:48
intelikeyoooops   defaults and auto are redundant05:48
NickPrestaintelikey, oh. Kubuntu puts both by default. Strange05:48
osx5NTFS = junk05:48
intelikeybut then again...05:49
* intelikey doesn't do windows05:49
* AK_Kenny is away: I'm busy06:40
NickPresta!tell AK_Kenny about away06:41
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mrskateboy629hello i have a question07:08
NickPrestamrskateboy629, yes, what is it?07:08
mrskateboy629i have 2 geforce xfx 8500gt video cards and my resolution is at 640x480 or something and it says that it cant go any higher07:09
mrskateboy629how do i get it to go higher07:09
NickPrestadid you install the drivers?07:09
mrskateboy629i think07:09
mrskateboy629i went to that package thing and installed what i thought were the drivers07:10
NickPrestain your xorg.conf file, what is under the 'Driver' option?07:10
mrskateboy629i dont know what that means07:10
mrskateboy629is that a command07:10
NickPrestamrskateboy629, press "Alt + F2" and then type: kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:11
NickPrestapaste that file in a pastebin and then give me the link.07:11
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)07:11
SolifugusI cannot use the upgrade kubuntu, because I get this error:  Failed to fetch http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/deb/http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/Packages.gz 404 Not Found [IP: 80]07:12
NickPrestaSolifugus, disable the third party repository07:12
SolifugusNickPresta: can you remind me where to do that?07:13
intelikeySolifugus adept07:14
NickPrestaSolifugus, Either use Adept > File > Manage or edit your sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list) and comment (using the # symbol infront of the repo) the repository for skype07:14
SolifugusNickPresta: Ok.. i found it.. I will try this again.07:14
intelikeyadept package manager extraordenair07:14
sistemaI can not open youtube in konqueror07:15
mrskateboy629i think this is it07:15
ardchoille!flashissue | sistema07:16
ubotusistema: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.07:16
SolifugusNickPresta: seems to have worked.. thanks.. hope this doesn't take long07:17
intelikey6 hours if all goes well07:18
mrskateboy629i think my video driver is nv07:18
mrskateboy629the other one says vesa07:19
mrskateboy629i dont know how to configure them07:19
intelikeywell time for rounds again.   gooday fellows.07:21
mrskateboy629can anyone help me07:21
mrskateboy629i need help configuring my video drivers07:22
se7en_mrskateboy629: you need the right driver ... the easyest way to do that is to go to system settings > advanced > restricted driver and hope that kubuntu finds the right driver07:25
mrskateboy629it says i have the right drivers but it still wont let me change the resolution07:26
se7en_if you have nv you don't have the right driver07:27
se7en_because the right driver would be nvidia07:27
mrskateboy629it says i have the nvidia07:28
mrskateboy629it says nvidia accelerated drivers07:28
se7en_lspci | grep VGA gives you what07:29
mrskateboy629the link has my info\07:32
se7en_yes i know but since i am on a 21km2 island in the golf of thailand my internet isn't as fast as the rest of the worlds07:33
se7en_try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:35
mrskateboy629should i choose nvidia for the driver07:36
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Lame
Lametesting out the new Kubuntu nightly build07:37
se7en_yes and the reolution you like07:37
Lamemy dream is linux will be the os of choice07:39
Lameand it looks like its getting there lol07:39
se7en_Lame: than people would have to spend some time to learn about there box and os ... most of them only want to use it07:40
Lamewell its getting to the point that the simplicity in linux is getting better07:41
Lameand eventually as easy or easier than say windows07:41
Lamejust look at linux 3-4 years ago, and look at it today, its evolving pretty rapidly07:41
se7en_thanks to all the help form the comunity07:42
sistema  Kafeine because I am not playing a movie on DVD?07:42
sistema As install codecs?07:42
sistema I do not like anything?07:42
Lamei just hope it keeps progressing the way it is07:43
Lameand possibly grow or "evolve" faster now07:43
Lamethat more people are setting their eye's on it07:44
Lamewith the addition of all the cool eye candy , makes vista and the like look a bit shabby07:44
se7en_yes lets hope at least the hardware supplier should be more helpfull with diver07:45
Lameyep i hope that too07:46
Lamei hear so many wanting to actually use linux when they see a cool video of compiz in action07:46
Lamehardware vendors will eventually have to take linux seriously07:47
Lameand it looks like some already are07:48
Lamewhat would make my day , is to see a game at the store one day ,and on the side it says "Linux OS"07:50
Lamenow that would put a big smile on me lol07:50
se7en_well i stoped to try to convince my friends to use linux because ... "this doesn't look like xp and i don't want to type so much ..." i help if someone realy want to use linux (if i can) but no more convincing07:50
Lameyea your right se7en07:50
Lamebut right now at this particular moment, i dont think its "ready" for people to adopt07:51
Lamenot the average computer users anyways07:51
se7en_but we both and many more know LINUX IS COOL!!07:51
Lamebut its getting very close i think07:51
se7en_yes thanks to windows vista :)07:52
Lameyea vista has to be the worst os ever made07:52
Lameits embarrasing that you need all that ram/cpu for vista to do 3d07:52
Lameand with linux, someone with a pc 5 years old can run it just fine07:52
Lameand imo it looks 10x's better07:53
se7en_i run compiz and i have 512 mb ram without problems my vista didn't even start07:53
Lamewhen i have friends visit, i have to load up compiz to just make them stare at the screen07:54
NickPrestaLame, I do that. My friends hate me :)07:55
* flaccid yawns07:55
Lamei say..... does your pc do this?07:55
Lameim waiting for the day i can just format my hard drive and have only kubuntu on it lol07:56
funcrushI just finish to install kde4, but the fonts are too small so I can't read them. how can I fix it?07:56
=== f00f is now known as f00f|sleeping
se7en_close a window and it burnes away and they can't close there mouth anymore07:56
flaccidanything on topic here today heh07:56
Lamehaha yep i would set my flames to look dark blue/purplish and have that after smoke lol07:57
Lameit looked very cool07:57
ardchoille!away > f00f|sleeping07:57
=== f00f|sleeping is now known as f00f
Lamei think what would be another neat effect, is maybe the window turns liquid and splashes away or down or something07:58
Lamejust an idea07:58
funcrushor how can I capture a screen in KDE4?07:58
ardchoille!ot | Lame07:58
ubotuLame: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:58
flaccidfuncrush: #kde07:58
funcrushthank you07:59
Lameoh sorry ubotu07:59
Lamemy apologies to all, well i gotta go anyways, just wanted to drop in, thanks se7en/Nick for the chat,,, hope all has a great new years08:01
Lamealsp P.S. keep up the good work :D08:02
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fulat2khi folks, is there a good app to monitor CPU speed for a core2duo PC in kde?08:25
=== _sczizzo_ is now known as sczizzo
HelloTherHello can someone help me please?08:29
=== lucifaint_ is now known as lucifaint
bucatoamanowho knows convertIT ?08:38
sam__Hi, I'm getting nspluginviewer errors from flash things in Konqueror. Does anyone know how I workaround this?08:50
ardchoille!flashissue | sam__08:52
ubotusam__: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.08:52
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Arv3nWould anyone be kind enough to host my repo for my Ubuntu-based distro?09:30
Arv3nI'm willing to pay.09:30
fadeyHi. Does anyone knows where the default gusty kernel .deb package (the one that is on cd) could be found?09:38
se7en_fadey: i think it is in /usr/src09:48
sahin_hfadey: Why are you wondering about that? Would you like to download it?09:52
sahin_hfadey: However here's the lates generic kernel: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.22/linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic_2.6.22-14.47_i386.deb09:54
selfsearcher[]hi !10:03
posingaspopularhi selfsearcher[]10:03
selfsearcher[]I need to know how to make my scanner Epson Perfection 3590 work in Gutsy :|10:05
ksalwhere can i find libraries for mp3 encoding?10:06
posingaspopulari never got my scanner/printer to work in kubuntu ;(10:06
posingaspopular!mp3 | ksal10:06
ubotuksal: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:06
ksalposingaspopular: i have them installed10:06
ksalbut i need them for my soundkonverter10:06
ksali need to convert something to mp3, but program doesn't know where those libraries are located.10:07
ksaland i need it right now :/10:07
ksalcan somebody help me?10:07
selfsearcher[]posingaspopular: it's not a question about the format but abuout how to make the linux drviers work in Gutsy. They are epokwa for Fedora (so they say)10:07
posingaspopular /usr/lib10:07
posingaspopularerm @ ksal10:08
andrew__How do I uninstall the graphics drivers as they are messing up my linux?10:29
=== nakkel is now known as Nakkel
TimSIf I moust a second hard drive as /home/ will it copy all the data in /home over from my current hard drisk?10:32
bazhangTimS: moust? not sure what you mean10:37
bazhangTimS: you want to copy data to a new drive?10:38
Tm_Thi Jucato bazhang & other kids10:42
Jucatohi Tm_T10:42
bazhanghi Tm_T!10:42
posingaspopularno hi's for posingaspopular?10:44
bazhanghi posingaspopular :}10:45
* Jucato is still trying to balance expenses...10:45
TimSbazhang: Yes, I have a new hard drive I want to install and I want to copy my home directory to it and have it mounted as Home10:51
bazhangTimS: you want to clone your system to a new hard drive? not sure if only moving home will  do it10:52
TimSI only want to move the home directory, my current HD is running out of space, so I want a second HD for my data while the first stays for the system10:52
posingaspopularare they going to be synced simultaniously10:53
bazhangTimS: like a raid drive?10:53
posingaspopularyea it's easy for one hd to see the other and mount, actively doing is above my pay grade10:53
TimSActualy, sort of yes.10:54
fadey I'm having problems with the latest kernel package (doesn't detect my hard drive). So I was wondering if I could downgrade manualy to the kernel I've been using before10:55
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se7en_fadey: you should have the choice to boot into an older kernel in your grub boot menu10:58
fadeyse7en_: the only one I've got right now is from the earlier release 7.06 (2.6.20). However when I upgraded to gusty the 2.6.22 kernel was working fine. That is the one I'm looking for11:00
juanfadey: ubuntu repos only host the newset version, im not sure where you could find  an old version, you could compile it if you really wanted tho11:08
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jacki need help with playing DVD movies11:09
jackthe problem is not libdvd11:09
jackthe problem is mounting the device which is not working at all11:09
bazhangjack: hardware problem?11:10
jackno because the drive reads audio cds11:10
HS^how do i make 'sudo modprobe -r ehci_hcd'  permanent? i added 'blacklist ehci_hcd' in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and added 'DISABLED_MODULES="ehci_hcd" ' in /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common. It still loads.11:12
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posingaspopularHS^: you should probably tell put it somewhere in your boot config files11:13
posingaspopularthat's about as much as I know about that11:13
HS^but it also loads it after boot11:13
HS^it seems dynamic.11:14
jussi01How does one change the size of the icons on the desktop? It doesnt seem to be in configure desktop.11:14
SSSSSSSHello can someone please help me?11:14
Jucatojussi01: System Settings -> Appearance -> Icons ->  Advanced tab?11:14
* jussi01 hugs Jucato Thanks :)11:15
sourcemakerIs there a reason... why the Kernel Timer Frequency in kubuntu is only 250?11:16
smaxmy linux box is not connected to the internet11:18
jackthanks for the help11:18
smaxwhere can i get an implementatino of lisp11:18
smaxgcl or clisp. which ever is prefered?11:18
smaxim spoiled by apt11:18
jussi01!info clisp11:19
ubotuclisp: GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.41-1 (gutsy), package size 3491 kB, installed size 9596 kB11:19
smaxi dont have apt11:19
smaxoh is it on the cd ?11:19
smaxi'll have to uncomment the line in /etc/sources.list11:20
smaxim using the version prior to gutsy.11:20
smaxcan i install gutsy from cd-rom with out overwriting the contents in /home ?11:20
bazhangsmax: no11:21
smaxbazhang: so i would have to back up to an other storage device?11:22
smaxgreat i'll have to learn partitioning.11:22
ubunturossmax: you should have had /home as a different partition, I guess, you could have then11:22
bazhangsmax: best to back up anyway :}11:23
smaxshould i mount /home from an other partition?11:23
posingaspopularsmax: common lisp rules11:23
* smax has no idea about linux partitioning. checks google11:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fdisk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:26
awen_smax: qtparted is a graphical partitioner, and as far as i know it is on the live cd11:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about qtparted - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:27
bazhang!info parted11:27
ubotuparted: The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program. In component main, is standard. Version 1.7.1-5.1ubuntu8 (gutsy), package size 55 kB, installed size 160 kB11:27
The_ManU_212i installed kguitar and all seems to be fine but i hear no sound, timidity server is running... can you help me?11:30
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white_eagleanyone of you owns a ps3?11:32
* smax is afriad of accidently destroying data with qtparted.11:32
smaxyet if im compelled to back up to a seperate storage device, i could just use that  device as /home's partition11:33
awen_smax: you should backup everything in your home-directory first11:34
* smax has mad porn.11:34
smaxlarge capacity11:34
ubotuUm thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...11:40
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shayeknow what?11:41
shayedid you like that?11:41
The_ManU_212smax it is like guitar pro or tuxguitar11:41
HS^what is the kubuntu startup script, where i can add a command like 'rmmod whatver'11:42
jca_hi All11:42
jca_How do i check if i have installed 32 or 64 bit kubuntu ?11:43
awen_HS^: why not blacklist it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist ?11:43
shayeuname -a11:43
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HS^awen_,  because it doesnt work.11:44
paguname -m  is easier :)11:44
HS^it still loads the module.11:44
shayeahh !11:44
jca_2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 21:45:15 GMT 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux. Is this 64 bit?11:44
HS^awen_,  i had to actually move the module itself11:44
pagjca_, 64bit11:44
HS^so that it could not be leaded again.  but it still loads it on boot time11:44
shayeso is this --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-GdiIYI-iA11:44
jca_yea uname -m was easy, hehe thanks11:45
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shayesomewhere in man.11:45
awen_HS^: that shouldn't be possible, which module is it?11:45
jca_im trying to install the closed source creative x-fi driver and it complains that 32 bit not supported :(11:45
HS^awen_, ehci_hcd11:45
HS^awen, here was my original question:11:46
HS^How do i make 'sudo modprobe -r ehci_hcd'  permanent? i added 'blacklist ehci_hcd' in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and added 'DISABLED_MODULES="ehci_hcd" ' in /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common. I also added 'ehdci_hcd' in '/etc/hotplug/blacklist' a file that i created. It still loads. It seems to load dynamic instead of just as boot, because using one time the command modprobe -r is not enough.. it just reloads after a couple minuts.11:46
HS^As a last option I tried 'sudo mv /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/host/ehci-hcd.ko /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/host/ehci-hcd.ko.bu' in the hope that the kernel wouldnt see it anymore. But it still loads.11:46
HS^see i tried a lot. but now i just want to place rmmod ehci_hcd in startup script, and fysically remove the module. and be done with it11:46
awen_HS^: placing it in your .bashrc should unload it when you login11:49
knights I'm looking at buying a new laptop and I'm considerig a core 2 duo but what about the 'serious MMU bugs' I heard about? Does this not apply to core duo?11:49
knightswhats a good channel for cpu talk?11:51
posingaspopularknights: #hardware afaik11:51
knightsposingaspopular: Thanks!11:51
vadyaknights: i have Core2Duo with no problems11:52
knightsWhats the difference between Core2Duo and CoreDuo?11:52
vadyaknights: Core2Duo has 64bit support11:53
readyxgive it to me baby - aha - aha!11:53
knights64bit support, if you don't need more than 4GB, is a gimmick really tho isn't it? I've never seen any test that show 64bit to be faster, its normally slightly slower11:54
knightsI presume coreduo has better battery life than core2duo?11:55
distinghey , how can i turn up the entire audio the whole thing other than playing on vlc player becuase vlc is the only one that can turn my computer volume to it's optimum? thank you XD11:55
knightsdisting: gnome-alsamixer?11:55
knights(or is that alsamixer-gnome ?)11:56
knightsoops! This is kubuntu! :)11:56
knightsbut you couldstill use gnome-alsamixer- I think its better thanb kmix, which is a bit of a mess11:57
vadyaknights: i can't compare battery lifes as i don't have coreduo :)11:58
vadyaknights: about performance - i don't feel any discomfort with speed11:59
nadohi there11:59
vadyaknights: here are quite interesting articles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_Duo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_2_Duo12:00
distingi hate vlc it's so borin gi can't believe i used it for so long(4 years) :S :@ i am angry12:00
nadoi'm using a pretty old notebook and would like to know what graphics chip it has, any idea how i could get to know that?12:00
posingaspopularlshw @ nado12:01
posingaspopularin a a terminal/konsole12:01
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knightsdisting: boring??? Whatever happened to stuff like stable, powerful, reliable- all of which vlc is.12:01
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nadoposingaspopular: thx, that worked ;)12:02
The_ManU_212i installed kguitar and all seems to be fine but i hear no sound, timidity server is running... can you help me?12:04
disting<knights> it sucks just boring, i feel sorry for people who uses vlc which is probebly everyone? that sucks eh? they learned bad education? thank you :D12:06
padeydisting then what do you recomment? vlc is just the best when it comes to powerful :S12:07
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awen_I would go with kmplayer or kaffeine12:09
padeywell for first they don't play dvd iso files if you drag them into the program :/12:14
padeyvlc does12:14
marioXXXhow can i reset konqueror's menu and icon bars to KDE's default ones?12:14
padeysettings -> configure toolbars -> default12:15
JucatoI don't think that's what he meant though...12:15
Jucatohm... can't seem to find the FAQ...12:16
JucatomarioXXX: try this (the first part) http://www.kubuntu.org/faq.php#konqueror12:16
crazy_busis it usual for feed items from akregator to go into the wrong slot.  i.e. items from feed a appearing in feed e?12:17
Jucatocrazy_bus: um... no..12:17
crazy_busbecause it's been happening to me a bit lately12:18
marioXXXJucato: thanx12:18
crazy_busthe feed also know has the wrong picture and description while containing the correct title.  It's very strange12:19
konradI'm trying to use smb4k to mount network shares, but it tries to scan eth0 (internet) instead of eth1 (local network). Anyone know how I can get around this or is there a better way than using smb4k?12:22
jussi01konrad: are they permanent shares?12:23
jussi01ie. you want them there all the time?12:23
konradjussi01: As good as all of the time, yes.12:24
jussi01konrad: then I suggest using !samba to mount them via !fstab12:25
jussi01konrad: go private msg the bot and read the lnks from those 212:25
etfbAnyone got wifi working with Kubuntu Gutsy?  I'm getting odd behaviour and I'd like to know if it's a common problem.12:26
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.12:26
konradjussi01: tnx!12:26
jussi01!fstab > konrad12:26
jussi01konrad: yw :)12:26
jussi01etfb: which chipset?12:27
etfbjussi01: Intel 3945ABG - it's a Toshiba Satellite laptop12:27
jussi01etfb: iirc, that should work out of the box - what are the issues?12:28
etfbjussi01: Wired works fine - plug it in and knetworkmanager connects immediately.  Wifi doesn't connect until you beg it (click on the menu item for the access point) and waaaaaait...12:28
etfbjussi01: Was perfectly fine in Feisty.12:29
jussi01etfb: im not sure about those issues, sorry.12:29
etfbjussi01: Ah well...12:29
jussi01etfb: have you had a google aound?12:29
etfbjussi01: I've offered prayers and sacrifices to Google, but She has not seen fit to reveal the Truth to my mortal eyes.12:30
jussi01etfb: hehe, check the forums also ;)12:30
etfbjussi01: The forums seem to be full of bug reports and a million people saying "me too", but no answers.  Perhaps I should google for the specific chipset and/or driver.12:31
jussi01etfb: yep. also, have a look on lp - there maybe a bug/answer there12:33
etfbjussi01: If I have a problem with wifi + networking + Intel 3945ABG + Toshiba + the ipw3945 driver + Ubuntu + KDE + knetworkmanager, which would you suggest are the relevant things to focus on?  I've been assuming there was an issue with wifi in general in Kubuntu.12:35
etfbjussi01: What's lp?12:35
jussi01!lp | etfb12:36
ubotuetfb: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/12:36
jussi01etfb: no focus on the chipset.12:36
jussi01the chipset, plus kubuntu12:37
etfbjussi01: Cool.  If you can't give me a ready-made answer, giving me a set of better questions to ask is just as good, or possibly better.  Thanks!12:37
jussi01etfb: good luck, and let us know if you get a fix :D12:38
disting<padey> totem movie player XD thank you12:40
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DOLLY_kennt jemand von euch das problem:12:57
DOLLY_kubuntu weigert sich einfach, bei den einstellungsfenstern in den systemverwaltungsmodus zu wechseln. bei einem klick auf den entsprechenden button, wartet er ein paar sekunden und dann sehe ich wieder das selbe bild vor mir.12:57
ubotu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes12:57
DOLLY_was muss ich tun um den fehler zu beheben12:57
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de12:57
passhello fellow kubunters, does anybody know if there is a permanent configuration file for the screen blanking parameter "xset s"13:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:02
etfbI have a suspicion that something has gone wrong with DBus on my Kubuntu Gutsy system.  Does that make sense, or is it like saying my keyboard no longer works...?  Is it even possible for a system to work without DBus?13:04
Xplicitpossible but i think kde would have a hard time13:07
passhello fellow kubunters, does anybody know if there is a permanent configuration file for the screen blanking parameter "xset s"13:08
maurisomeone can haelp me with guarddog13:11
maurisomeone can haelp me with guarddog13:13
Xplicitwhat help do you want?13:16
maurisomeone can haelp me with guarddog13:28
bazhangmauri: need more info than that13:29
Xplicit!ask | mauri13:29
ubotumauri: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)13:29
mauribazhang: i'm not able to update amule servers, it crashs13:30
mauriXplicit:  i'm not able to update amule servers, it crashs13:30
jussi01!hi | The_ManU_21213:31
ubotuThe_ManU_212: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:31
The_ManU_212whre is the installationdirectory of java in edgy eft?13:31
awen_The_ManU_212: try looking in /usr/lib/jvm/...13:33
The_ManU_212awen_: no it isnt there13:34
The_ManU_212the thing is i need a soundbank for tuxguitar13:34
The_ManU_212but cant find javas installation directory13:34
awen_found out which java package you have installed with "dpkg -l | grep java"13:35
awen_then "dpkg -L <package-name>" give you the installed files13:35
Xplicitive installed kubuntu-restricted extras but kaffine doesnt see /usr/lib/win32 does that mean i can/cant play win32 codec13:37
camillaHello all! I've installed Kubuntu and it works great.13:38
camillaBut theres always a but :-)13:38
The_ManU_212awen_: thx found it, it is jvm13:38
camillaAnd her is mine; all the fonts looks screwed13:38
crazy_buswhat is the best place to upload a image when reporting a bug to launchpad?13:39
camillai've tryed the smooth fonts thing but it still looks wierd13:39
camillaI'm getting a headace :-)13:40
awen_Xplicit: try putting them in /usr/local/lib/codecs ?13:41
michaelI have a good Internet connection kubuntu recognizes the (cable modem) connection even displays the byes sent and received, but I cant bring up a web page.  whats the deal?13:41
jussi01Is there a way to get the kmenu in a window? (ala apple's finder -> applications)13:42
michaelI just built the system with a fresh install of 7.1013:43
iCEifercan anyone help me install a GTK2 theme? I already have the tar.gz for the theme but do I need to install metacity or something to install and use it?13:44
jussi01michael: using konq?13:47
camillaHello all! I've installed Kubuntu and it works great. But theres always a but :-)And her is mine; all the fonts looks screwed. i've tryed the smooth fonts thing but it still looks wierd13:56
michaelsorry for the delay, had to dress my little girl13:56
michaelmamma still sleeping13:56
camillaOk I guess we ha a little time difference13:56
jussi01michael: np. I suggest you check with firefox or someting just to check13:57
camillaI cannot find the fontrenderer13:57
michaelcant, its a fresh install13:59
michaelkonq. is all I have14:00
michaelI cant connect to konversation either14:00
jussi01michael: but you have internet access... can you sudo apt-get install firefox14:00
michaelahhh, gotcha14:01
RurouniJonesif you can connect to the net but not a website (Using HTTP)  then your ISP may have a web-proxy that you need to configure14:01
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:04
michaelI get an error stating that the firefox package has no installation canidate14:04
jussi01michael: sudo apt-get update14:04
michaelno I am using the connection now with no proxy so no need of............oh crap..........14:05
jussi01michael: ?14:05
michaelI didnt plug the cable in14:05
michaellol, still using it to talk to you14:06
michaelok.. wil attempt again with an actual 'connection'14:07
michael__I may not be truly connected14:11
michael__I cant bring up an IP14:11
jussi01michael: what does it start with?14:12
michael__pc recognises a connection and somehow little bit of data14:12
Gargoyle76I need help with  wireless hardware!14:12
michael__all zeros14:12
jussi01michael: yeah, thats not really an ip...14:13
KR-datamy computer has started doing something on my disks, how to I know what it is doing?14:13
michael__yeah I know14:13
jussi01KR-data: ctrl-esc14:13
michael__what threw me off was that I looked at the data sent and received and didnt bother to look any further14:13
jussi01michael__: what sort of network hardware are we talking about?14:14
michael__what do I do from here? When I connect the cable to the pc it it knows14:14
Gargoyle76I tried installing kde4 and I lost my wilreless card...it won't show up in settings anymore14:14
michael__hold on..14:15
michael__its a gigabye board14:15
michael__I know that much14:16
KR-datajussi01, that doesn't say anything about usage of my disks14:16
Gargoyle76can anyone help?14:16
Gargoyle76guess not14:17
giuseppesorry, is there anyone had problems with amule connection?14:17
michael__ok I will ahve to connect the intenet connection to it again for it to tell me. everything is blank right now14:18
Xplicitkaffine doesnt seam to have permisions to do anything with my dvb card, how do i fix this?14:20
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roy_hi, is there a utility I can use to change the partition sizes after installation?14:28
michaelok back14:28
michaelDevice: mcp61  vendor: Nvidia  interface: eth0  bandwith: 100  Active: yes  Carrier Detect: supported14:29
Xplicitroy_: yes but it could damage your data and you cant change the size of a partiton in use14:31
roy_can I do it from a livecd?14:31
jussi01!info qparted | roy_14:31
uboturoy_: Package qparted does not exist in gutsy14:31
Xpliciti think so but i dont know much so cant gaurantee it as everytime i use qtparted it behaves differently14:31
jussi01!info parted | roy_14:32
uboturoy_: parted: The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program. In component main, is standard. Version 1.7.1-5.1ubuntu8 (gutsy), package size 55 kB, installed size 160 kB14:32
michaelDevice: mcp61  vendor: Nvidia  interface: eth0  bandwith: 100  Active: yes  Carrier Detect: supported14:32
roy_I have the feisty liveCD, is it there?14:32
jussi01michael: do you have a router?14:32
michaelstraight from the wall14:32
jussi01michael: and you dont use pppoe to connect in windows?14:32
michaellinux is all I use now14:33
jussi01michael: weird14:34
michaelI do have windows on the other machine, but I cant connect there either (no drivers are loaded anyway) I want to get linux woking first14:34
michaelI am trying to get my sis to switch (pc is for them)  Merry Christmas14:35
michaelAMD x2 6000+ 500 gig HD, 2 gig ram, she better love it14:36
michaelall wrapped up in a Atrix case (one my favs)14:37
jussi01michael: it should work. check your network prefs are set the same as the other working box.14:37
KartiHi all, looking at creating an iso image of my WIndows XP disk so that I can point to it within Virtual Box. Any one give me some pointers? Many thanks14:38
michaelshould I put a stick IP in the settings?14:38
michaelI mean static14:38
jussi01michael: you said you had another working ubuntu box - use the same settings as there.14:39
jussi01michael: let us know how you go14:40
michaelwill do14:40
posingaspopularmichael: it's pretty easy actually. you install vbox in ubuntu, locate the .iso file on your system and tell vbox to boot from that iso14:51
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ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:56
jussi01!hi | tomahasamoot15:01
ubotutomahasamoot: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:01
tomahasamootI just downloaded and played with KDE 4.015:01
emilsedghtomahasamoot: so what do you think?15:01
tomahasamootit looks great, but it's slooooooooooooow on a Core2Quad w/ 4 G ram and a 3 disk LVM array, also doesn't do anything useful... but it looks very nice.  Like Mac OS15:03
tomahasamootif this is the way things are going, I might as well switch to Mac OS now15:04
emilsedghtomahasamoot: here it isnt that slow15:04
emilsedghtomahasamoot: and they really dont try to look like mac...15:04
=== termy_ is now known as Termy_wech
tomahasamootemilsedgh: it was very slow, like it would take 30 to 60 seconds to ad an applet on the desktop15:05
emilsedghtomahasamoot: so there should be something wrong at there, what about cursor? it moved smooth?15:05
emilsedghtomahasamoot: i think you should try to disabled dekstop effects15:06
tomahasamootemilsedgh: also the applets didn't do anything at all.  expect the pager, clock, and lancher, none of the applets did anything...15:06
emilsedghtomahasamoot: try to disable desktop effects please15:07
tomahasamootemilsedgh: I have a Core2Quad w/ 4 GB of ram, an nVidia 8600, and a 3 disk arrary... that's not enough to run desktop effects... ?15:08
emilsedghtomahasamoot: thats enough, misconfigurations in X settings and/or not present drivers for your card may cause that15:09
tomahasamootemilsedgh: it's more than slowness, apps wouldn't load, I could see the processes were running, but they would never appear on the desktop15:10
Daisuke_Idonot only that, as kde4 isn't officially out, we don't support it.  try in #kde-devel15:10
Daisuke_Idothanks SO much.15:10
knightsI'm running gutsy and my root partition seems to keep filling up to max (so stuff stops working) and I have no idea why as I'm not downloading anything. Is there a log file I can check or is this is gutsy bug? I'm up to date with my packages15:10
tomahasamootDaisuke_Ido: I'm back to KDE 3.5... I'm just letting you know what it's like15:11
Tm_Tknights: does "sudo apt-get clean" help?15:11
knightsWhat I should add is that I freed 4GB a few days ago and I've not installed or upgraded any packages or downloaded anything sine yet today I found / to be full15:13
tomahasamootemilsedgh: how can I tell if my card is configured corectely?  usplash also doesn't work, ... do you think it's related?15:13
knightssurely the is something under /var/log I should look at15:13
knightsI don't think this is an apt problem15:13
emilsedghtomahasamoot: o dont know :(15:13
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=== nu is now known as nuu
knightsNobody else experienced a mysteriously filling / drive under gutsy or heard of something similiar?15:14
Tm_Tknights: interesting15:15
Tm_Tknights: "du -chs --max-depth=2 /"15:15
knightsTm_T: du: warning: summarising conflicts with --max-depth=215:16
Tm_Tknights: then remove S15:17
tomahasamootis compiz installed by defalt now?  I remember seeing a reference that it is15:19
knightsTm_T: HD grinding away now..15:20
Tm_Ttomahasamoot: it is in Ubuntu IIRC15:20
Tm_Tknights: aye, it checks your disk usage15:20
tomahasamootTm_T: what's Ubuntu IIRC?15:20
Tm_Ttomahasamoot: Ubuntu If I Recall Correctly15:20
Xplicitive been having problems getting kaffiene to work with dvb earlier it wouldnt work atall now it will only pick up 1 multiplex, is this a kaffeine limitation or a config problem?15:21
Tm_TXplicit: latter15:21
tomahasamootTm_T: but it's not in Kubuntu 7.10 alt amd64, right?15:21
Tm_Ttomahasamoot: no it's not in Kubuntu, I believe15:21
Xplicitany ideas for fixing this? its a clean 7.10 install + all codec15:21
tomahasamootTm_T: still to buggy?15:23
Tm_Ttomahasamoot: no idea, I don't use it15:23
tomahasamootTm_T: thanks15:23
ubuntuHello all15:24
=== ubuntu is now known as Sebien
SebienIs there any way to install KUbuntu without formating the / partition?15:24
SebienI have only one partition for root and home, and I don't want to erase my personal data15:24
Sebienthe installer still wants me to format my / partition!15:25
SebienIs there any way to bypass this?15:25
XplicitSebien: yes what are you installing from?15:25
SebienI was using KUbuntu before15:25
SebienI moved all the folders in / to /OLD15:25
Sebienso the disk is clean for the installation15:26
SebienI selected manual partitionning15:26
Xplicitim not sure then, the alternate install cd may work15:26
Sebienthe first drive assigned to /windows, and the second to /, none of them are forma...15:27
SebienI don't have a big internet connexion15:27
Sebienit will take time15:27
Sebiento download15:27
Sebienthere is no command line switch to remove that error15:27
Sebienor change the error to just a warning15:27
SebienIt really should just be a warning!15:28
Sebienor any command-line install procedure?15:28
Xplicitpossibly but i dont know much, ive found that the alternate install disk gave me all the stuff i had to work hard to do after install by default but i dont know if its included in the live cd15:30
W8TAHmorning everyone -- fighting a wee problem here -- when i boot my gusty laptop, the splash screen wont come up -- if i turn off the quiet option in grub, i can see all the various kernel messages etc, but with it on the kubuntu splash doenst show -- id like to solve this15:31
W8TAHany input is welcome15:31
knightsTm_T: Right, I know what the problem is- all my disk space is being ate by 'tracker' as15:32
knights35G     /home/nigmac/.cache/tracker15:32
knightsI'm actually running GNOME gutsy right now15:32
knightsHave I just got to turn tracker off or can it be fixed?15:32
tomahasamootI've got a Logitech cordless desktop wave, and mouse with a lot of buttons.  Many of them do work, such as the play/pause, stop, next, and previous track buttons.  Also the calculator button brings up SpeedCrunch.  All of this is very nice, and better then I thought it might be :-)15:33
ardchoilleW8TAH: This may be a dumb question, but do you have the word "splash" in your kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst ?15:33
tomahasamootHowever, I can't seem to assign the rest of the extra buttons15:33
W8TAHlemme check but i believe so ardchoille15:33
SebienOk, I won't reinstall KUbuntu, then. Does anyone heard about problems accessing disks on KUbuntu? I upgraded to the latest version and now I can't mount any external harddrive, nor the windows partition! Is there a was to fix that without reinstalling KUbuntu?15:34
W8TAHardchoille: it is currently not - -but i believe that in the past it was15:34
W8TAHkernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=UUID=3ce4e26c-7927-4195-86d15:34
W8TAHc-10f498257f9b ro15:34
W8TAHthats my current kernel line15:35
ardchoilleW8TAH: Try adding the word "splash" in there right after "quiet" and see what that does.15:35
ardchoilleW8TAH: ok, add splash right after ro15:35
tomahasamootSebien: I had some trouble durning install, but I was able to fix it by adding the windows to fstab15:35
tomahasamootardchoille: I've had nothing but trouble w/ splash, you might not want to do that15:36
tomahasamootardchoille: it's never worked, not once15:36
W8TAHardchoille: be right back15:36
ardchoilletomahasamoot: I've never had trouble with splash.15:37
tomahasamootardchoille: better to hit e in the grub screen, try it once, then when it doesn't work, you won't have to change anything back15:38
jaguilaalguien español????15:38
ardchoille!es | jaguila15:38
ubotujaguila: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.15:38
ardchoilletomahasamoot: Actually, I've been running and supporting ubuntu for years and this is the first time I've heard of anyone having trouble with splash15:39
W8TAHardchoille: no splash - same behavior as before15:40
tomahasamootardchoille: if you can tell me what would make it work... ?15:40
W8TAHblack screen from teh time i exit grub (where it says starting up) till KDM Starts15:40
ardchoilleW8TAH: Did you install video drivers?15:40
=== kopuhgyu is now known as schiste
tomahasamootardchoille: I RTFM'd and it didn't fix it, it also sounded like a very common problem15:40
W8TAHardchoille: i dont undestnad - X works fine15:41
tomahasamootW8TAH: that's the same problem I have, splash is a load of crap, it doesn't work, don't use it15:41
ardchoilletomahasamoot: This is the first I've heard about it. But, thank you for the "e" at grub menu advice :)15:41
ardchoilletomahasamoot: We can do without that type thing here.15:42
W8TAHtomahasamoot: its worked fine for me untill i did the upgrade to gusty15:42
tomahasamootardchoille: you're welcome :-)15:42
W8TAHwhich is why it should work15:42
tomahasamootW8TAH: 64 bit?15:42
ardchoilleW8TAH: Well, I've never done an upgrade15:42
W8TAHardchoille: its not a huge thing -- it works without it -- ppl just look at me a bit odd with all the kernel messges scrolling - -and i dont like to just see a blank screen15:43
tomahasamootW8TAH: I've got some instructions that might work, if you want to try them...15:44
ardchoilleW8TAH: I agree15:44
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:44
tomahasamootW8TAH: sudo apt-get install hwinfo15:44
tomahasamootW8TAH: sudo hwinfo > modes.txt15:45
tomahasamootW8TAH: sorry15:45
tomahasamootW8TAH: that's sudo hwinfo --framebuffer > modes.txt15:45
W8TAHok-- got a whole list of them15:46
tomahasamootW8TAH: so you already tried this?15:46
W8TAHjust ran it as u told me to15:46
tomahasamootW8TAH: now less modes.txt15:47
root____scuse me .. who is a spanish kubuntu channel15:47
ardchoille!es | root____15:47
uboturoot____: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.15:47
Tm_Toh, root in irc :(15:47
=== alx__ is now known as alx1
W8TAHtomahasamoot: i see a whole list of options15:48
tomahasamootW8TAH: it'll tell pick a mode, Mode 0x0318: 1024x768 (+4096), 24 bits15:48
W8TAHyes -- i see this -- im on a laptop so my preferred mode is 0x344 --1400x1050 32 bit15:49
tomahasamootfor example if you want this mode you'll put vga=0x0318 in your /boot/grub/menu.lst file15:49
W8TAHone sec lemme do this15:49
jpatrickroot____: the other channel mate ;=15:50
W8TAHok tomahasamoot done15:51
W8TAHwhats next15:51
tomahasamootnow sudo update-grub15:51
W8TAHAHHHHH -- i see a problem15:51
W8TAHSearching for splash image ... none found, skipping ...15:51
W8TAHit appears that the splash image is completely missing15:52
tomahasamootW8TAH: that's interesting, does it tell you a path?15:53
lobosquehow do I enter in a directory with space in the name trough shell?15:53
ardchoilleW8TAH: That would be one reason why the "splash" in the kernel line doesn't work :)15:53
W8TAHvery true --15:53
W8TAHhow do i instll the splash image15:53
Jucatolobosque: either press Tab to autocomplete the directory name or use \ before the space15:53
tomahasamootW8TAH: I think those are in a package15:53
Jucatolobosque: like "cd My\ Directory"15:53
lobosquethanks buddy15:53
W8TAHbrb - 1 sec15:53
tomahasamootW8TAH: lets look15:53
ardchoille!splash | W8TAH not sure, but there may be some info here15:54
ubotuW8TAH not sure, but there may be some info here: To change the Gnome splash screen, use !gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.15:54
ardchoilleW8TAH: Ignore that, it isn't for kubuntu15:55
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork15:55
ardchoilleJucato: Thanks!15:55
ardchoilleW8TAH: ^^15:56
W8TAHrebooting to try -15:58
maurimule crash when update server list16:01
W8TAHback -- it didnt change anything16:02
W8TAHoh well16:03
tomahasamootW8TAH: yeah, this is a tough nut to crack16:03
W8TAHwell - like i said - -not a big issue16:03
tomahasamootW8TAH: you could try a lowwer res., but then, I'm guessing you already have16:04
W8TAHno-- that i havent16:04
W8TAHi'll try that16:04
tomahasamootW8TAH: let me know if it works16:04
W8TAHwill do16:05
maurimule crash when update server list16:05
oakxxive been having a tuff time with firefox16:05
oakxxswiftweasel wont work either16:05
W8TAHtomahasamoot: what was that update routine i had to do16:06
W8TAHupdate grub or some such thing16:06
=== root____ is now known as sebix
maki__whats kubuntu default style?16:09
jpatrickmaki__: plastik16:10
maki__the windeco is crystalsvg?16:10
BluesKajmaki__: check in system settings /appearance16:10
maki__i dont have kubuntu :)16:10
JucatoWindeco is Crystal (Crystal SVG is an icon theme)16:11
tomahasamootW8TAH: yes sudo update-grub16:11
maurimule crash when update server list16:11
Jucatojpatrick: kubuntu's default widget style? polyester16:11
jpatrickkwin-style-crsystal was packaged by me \o/16:12
W8TAHtomahasamoot: it appears when i do that -- it takes out the VGA Line16:12
tomahasamootW8TAH: then sudo dpkg-reconfigure usplash16:12
W8TAHohhhh -- ok16:12
tomahasamootW8TAH: yes, it'll do that16:12
jpatrickJucato: plastik <316:12
Jucatodoesn't change the fact that Kubuntu's default is polyester :P16:12
tomahasamootW8TAH: there's a place to put it in the file, let me get you the ref. line16:13
emilsedghJucato: kubuntu's default appearance is really ugly, i dont like it16:14
maki__and the color scheme?16:14
Jucatomaki__: customized for Kubuntu16:14
tomahasamoot## additional options to use with the default boot option, but not with the## alternatives## e.g. defoptions=vga=791 resume=/dev/hda5# defoptions=quiet splash16:14
maki__Jucato: its on kde-look16:15
tomahasamootW8TAH: you edit, but don't uncomment the last line16:15
Jucatowhat I mean is that the color scheme wasn't based on an existing scheme, but was made for Kubuntu16:15
W8TAHtomahasamoot: ok16:15
maki__i know16:15
Jucatoit's not that hard to export and put up in kde-look16:16
tomahasamootW8TAH: then after you update grub, do a sudo update-initramfs -u16:16
W8TAHhow do i translate the vga= number16:17
W8TAHfrom the modes.txt?16:17
htmljunkie k i am new on lin and run Kubuntu and I want to setup samba in a gui front end?16:18
tomahasamootW8TAH: I was told that you can use as is, 0x0???, but then I'm still having trouble, so I could be wrong16:18
jpatrick!smb4k | htmljunkie16:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smb4k - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:18
jpatrick!info smb4k16:18
ubotusmb4k: A Samba (SMB) share advanced browser for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.4-1 (gutsy), package size 1788 kB, installed size 3832 kB16:18
jpatrick^ htmljunkie16:18
BluesKajhtmljunkie:  smb4k is a nice samba browser with gui16:19
tomahasamootW8TAH: if you've got any magic pix dust, now's the time to use it16:19
W8TAHsudo update-initramfs -u16:19
htmljunkiewhere do i go to install smb4k16:20
htmljunkiecan i install it in add/remove apps?16:20
BluesKajhtmworks well altho , once you have the network configged , Konqueror can do it easily and more simply by just using samba in it's addressbar16:20
tomahasamootW8TAH: what went wrong?16:20
W8TAHtyped in the wrong window16:20
jpatrickhtmljunkie: yep, just make sure you have the universe repo enabled16:20
tomahasamootW8TAH: oh16:21
BluesKajhtmljunkie:  if your sources are all enabled smb4k will be in one of the package managers like adept16:21
nerianHi. I'm trying to install Compiz in Kubuntun gutsy16:21
jpatricknerian: hola16:22
tomahasamootW8TAH: before I forget, there's a very simple, /etc/usplash.conf file that has the res. in it16:22
nerianjpatrick: Hola16:23
nerianjpatrick: he instalado esto  aptitude install compiz compiz-kde compizconfig-settings-manager16:23
jpatrick!es | nerian16:23
ubotunerian: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.16:23
=== Termy_wech is now known as termy
tomahasamootW8TAH: you should edit that then do the update, sorry, about that :-(16:24
=== mistagee is now known as MistaGee
maurimule crash when update server list16:25
BluesKajhmm, trying this pidgin thing for the first time , seems to work ok on irc but not as an IM ...anyone using google talk ...my grand daughter is trying to send me messages , but my replies aren't getting thru16:25
=== MistaGee is now known as mistagee
jameswf-homeI use pidgin for aim, yahoo, gogle talk, myspace and jabber16:26
jameswf-homeworks fine16:26
jameswf-homeif it installed you want to try  #pidgin for troubleshooting and faq16:27
BluesKajfine jameswf-home , I'm getting this error message delivery failed16:27
BluesKajfailed:  (Code 400)16:27
HS^Any idea how to install OBDC qt4 support in kubuntu? fedora has packages for it.. but i cant find them for ubuntu.16:28
HS^(here is fedora package: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/extras/6/i386/repoview/qt4-odbc.html )16:28
epls help. how do i connect to the internet using a CDMA moderm. it uses a windows standard 33600 modem driver under winxp.any linux  driver that could work16:28
jameswf-homeHS^: have you tried alien works 60% of th time16:28
HS^jameswf-home,  yes i tried.16:29
jameswf-homestupid 40% :)16:29
HS^QOBDC is not recognised after i installed it :\16:29
=== joel_ is now known as Joelito
JoelitoHi all, what's the name of the package that helps kubuntu keep update (security, patches, etc)16:30
BluesKajsudo apt-get update in the terminal16:30
BluesKajthen it's adept notifier/updater16:31
jameswf-homeJoelito: I think adept has a daemon16:31
tomahasamootW8TAH: are you still here?16:32
=== owned is now known as pm
W8TAHtomahasamoot: no luck16:33
epls help. how do i connect to the internet using a CDMA modem. it uses a windows standard 33600 modem driver under winxp.any linux driver that could work16:33
tomahasamootW8TAH: let me go back and look again16:34
W8TAHtomahasamoot: dont worry about it - -im running short of time16:34
maki__what's the name of kubuntu's default wallpaper?16:36
jussi01e: what kind of cdma modem?16:36
seanI'm having trouble installing a geforcefx graphics driver, it says gedit has not been able to detect the character coding16:37
tomahasamootW8TAH: well, write this down for later: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62201816:38
W8TAHok -- thanks16:38
maki__can anyone upload kubuntu's default color scheme on kde-look?16:40
W8TAHtomahasamoot: change of plans here -- im gonna tear into it a bit more16:45
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=== orsogrigio_ is now known as orsogrigio
=== mistagee is now known as MistaGee
jpatrick!fr | ubuntu_17:09
ubotuubuntu_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.17:09
=== MistaGee is now known as mistagee
=== evilgenius is now known as iM
=== iM is now known as r12saa
user_hi all... trying to compile kernel, hit this brick wall: "*** No rule to make target `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.c', needed by `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.s'.  Stop."  What do i do?17:14
r12saaHi all. I have problem with my Amarok, it doesn't play .mp3??? Why ??17:14
=== r12saa is now known as blood_killer
Jeroiit should automatically dl mp3 support17:15
Jeroiwhen you try to play mp317:15
Dr_Willisfor mp3 you need to install some extra packages.  - I thouht it auto installed tehm also.. but seen it not work in some caese17:15
user_blood_killer: 1. please stop changing your name 2. download restricted extras for mp3 codecs17:15
Dr_Willis!info kubuntu-restricted-extras17:15
ubotukubuntu-restricted-extras: Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 10 (gutsy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB17:15
DreadKnightanyone else having tiny font in kde4?17:15
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:16
user_dr_willis: do you know how to fix this error whilst recompiling kernel: ""*** No rule to make target `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.c', needed by `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.s'.  Stop."" ???17:17
Dr_Willisuser_ no idea. I aint had to mess with the kernel in years. You did check the kernel guide?17:21
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages17:21
TuxManI am torrent downloading the .iso for Kubuntu 8.04!17:23
TuxManI have been so happy with Kubuntu that I want to go into graphics development for 8.0417:23
=== Moonra is now known as Necrobyte
SchuenemannHow to unmount my DVD? I'm getting this error message: Device to unmount is not in /media/.hal-mtab so it is not mounted by HAL17:26
telfordmediaqanyone use linux mce17:28
rothchildevenin' all17:34
poison--<telfordmedia i did, once17:34
rothchildhey Dr_Willis did you get your 'skyperophone' working?17:36
TuxManWow. Kubuntu 8.04 is really popular.  Even KTorrent is slow downloading the .iso!17:36
Dr_Willisrothchild not really. :) I just needed it in the basement so the wife could call me from Upstairs..  she made me move the pc upstairs... so now i ant hide.17:37
user_does anyone know if 8.04 comes with a newer kernel than Gutsy's default?17:37
Dr_WillisId imagine it does. :)17:38
ardchoilleuser_: Support for 8.04 is in #ubuntu+117:38
rothchildlol@ Dr_Willis17:38
user_dr_willis: yeah, just wondering, i was having all kinds of hardware config problems, and now having trouble compiling a newer kernel, so I'll just wait for Hardy to be officially released, i guess :/17:39
TuxManuser_:I could get an iso to you so you wont have to do the slow download of Hardy.  I'm doing it myself now.17:48
poison--is hardy already available?17:48
TuxManas Alpha17:49
TuxManI'm a graphics devel person myself, and I have a second hard drive, so I thought, "why not get Hardy"?17:49
TuxManI'll also be able to try out KDE 4, which after a lot of work still didnt work on 7.1017:50
TuxManhmph according to KTorrent, another 3 hours and 40 minutes to go b4 iso completely downloaded.17:51
TuxManI hate busy servers.17:51
TuxManMy comp is17:51
TuxMan2.4 GHz processor17:52
llutzTuxMan: ^^ makes downloads not faster17:52
TuxManI'll go watch TV. TuxMan out!17:53
rothchildtuxman if you have a gutsy disk you could just install that and then change the sources to hardy and upgrade it17:54
ardchoillerothchild: That's not the recommended method of upgrading and could cause problems.17:58
jhutchinsSo the theory here is we switch to unfinished/untested Hardy, and maybe that will make unfinished/untested KDE4 work better?17:59
llutzjhutchins: mathematics: - * - = +17:59
jhutchinsardchoille: I don't think they've done an upgrader script yet, that usually doesn't happen until package freeze lets them figure out what needs to change.18:00
melhi there18:01
ardchoillejhutchins: Agreed. But, upgrading like that doesn't pull in apps that are new to Hardy but not in Gutsy, right?18:01
meldid anyone manage to install ubuntu on ich8r .. raid-018:01
ardchoillemel: For ubuntu, you should join #ubuntu. This channel is for Kubuntu support.18:02
meli mean Kubuntu :)18:03
ardchoillemel: Ah, ok18:03
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kiizhi. can anyone tell how to get a CDMA modem working on kubuntu18:09
=== rtr_ is now known as Beelze
W8TAHardchoille: finally got it working -- followed the proceduare that the other guy (toma something) was giving me18:11
W8TAHworked great18:11
Beelzehello. i have a problem...i switched from gnome to kde4 (on ubuntu)....but now there are only black boxes and18:12
Beelzei my opinion the problem is the displaymanager18:13
Beelzebut i can´t switch to kdm418:13
CheGuevarablack boxes when you do what18:14
kiizdoes anyone use a cdma modem?18:15
rothchildkiz what's cdma?18:15
uchimataif i want to share a directory over my lan using samba, what should the permission on it be?18:16
CheGuevarakiiz: try http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LinuxQuestions_org/CDMA_modem_phone_Howto18:16
ardchoilleW8TAH: Glad to hear it's working for you :)18:16
W8TAHkinda a fun project realy18:16
Beelzeblack boxes where the start button is....if i move my mouse over the start button i can see the kde menue18:17
W8TAHBeelze: sounds like a driver issue to me18:17
Beelzein the  background i can see my old gnome wallpaper18:17
Beelzei think it´s the displaymanager18:18
Beelzei cannot start kdm4 display manager....but don´t know what´s the problem is18:18
rothchildBeelze: try f2 and run kwin --replace18:18
Beelzeok i try18:19
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Nanim
W8TAHi know i should know this but i cant find the place where i select the style for the KDM Greeter18:19
W8TAHcan someone pointme the right spot?18:19
SchuenemannW8TAH, the splash screen?18:22
rothchildW8TAH: try the 'advanced' tab in system settings18:23
W8TAHno -- theres a place to re-configure what the actual greeter looks like -- for example to select if there is a user list or not etc18:23
W8TAHthats not it18:24
Schuenemannyes, it is18:25
ardchoille!info kdmtheme | W8TAH18:25
ubotuw8tah: kdmtheme: theme manager for KDM. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 47 kB, installed size 200 kB18:25
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer18:27
ubotumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs18:28
lerneaen_hydraanyone here know how to remove an md array? while creating the array the first time the power died, and now whenever I try to repartition the drives the raid device thinks it's active and synced. Not even a 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdXX bs=512' left running for a couple seconds will kill the array. Any ideas?18:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:32
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.18:32
uchimataif i want to share a directory over my lan using samba, what should the permission on it be?18:38
jameswf-home!samba | uchimata18:39
ubotuuchimata: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.18:39
JeroiI needed ia32 alsa-oss amd64 packet18:43
Jeroifor teamspeak to work18:43
draremhow can I make the win key on my keyboard 'sticky' so I can hit it to pull up the K-menu?18:46
rothchilddrarem have you seen this:18:55
rothchildhttp://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/use-the-windows-key-for-the-start-menu-in-ubuntu-linux/ about halfway down the page18:55
rothchildsearch the page for PatheticM0F0 on June 15, 2007 5:53 pm                          18:56
rothchildbacked up by: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase/faq/panel.html#id255277718:58
romunovanyone good at configuring local network (router)?19:01
jugheadI have a problem with kubuntu gutsy.  I needed to print a web page and wanted to print to pdf.  I tried to install cups-pdf but it was already installed but firefox doesn't recognize it.  other programs do.  the print to file through ps didn't produce useable results19:01
Aerentixmy kopete wont work, it says that I don't have any debuggin tools...  help?19:05
Lynourejughead: no "Print to File (PDF)"?19:07
jugheadnot in firefox Lynoure, other applications like kate and the ps viewer have that option.  the ps printer is only printing the first page for some reason19:08
Aerentixmy kopete wont work, it says that I don't have any debuggin tools...  help?19:11
CheGuevarawhat the exact error19:12
Lynourejughead: Have you restarted FF after configuring printing in cups?19:12
=== corporeal__ is now known as corporeal
jugheadLynoure, yeah I tried that.  I found a site that listed some changes in about:config - I messed with them and got the krpint dialog to show up (krinter lists the pdf printer) so looks like all is good.19:14
jussi01!hi | ubuntu19:14
ubotuubuntu: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:14
ubuntuthanxs ubotu19:14
jussi01!bot > ubuntu19:14
ubuntuhow are you?19:15
jussi01ubuntu: how can we help?19:15
ubuntui would know if this system is right eor me or not19:16
jussi01ubuntu: what are you requirements?19:16
ubuntuis it beter than xp?19:17
jpatrickubuntu: depends19:19
CheGuevara5.4 ?19:19
ubuntuon what?19:19
CheGuevaraubuntu: on what you want to do19:19
ubuntuhmm.. playing games and brows+chat19:20
ubuntuthats all!19:20
daffytheduckthere u go19:20
CheGuevarayeah you gonna have problems wiht games :P19:21
CheGuevarabecause most games are made for windows?19:21
ubuntuohhhh i forgt\it19:21
CheGuevaracan use wine/cedega, but its not certaint it'll work19:22
ubuntusty on my xp :S19:22
jpatrick!es | alfonso19:22
ubotualfonso: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:22
CheGuevaraubuntu can use XP to play games and kubuntu for everything else19:22
daffytheducklarge projects like aircraft simulators in windows have hundreds of people working on them arround the clock so to get the same on linux its gonna take the same thing19:22
CheGuevaraor check http://games.cedega.com/gamesdb/ if your favorite games are supported19:23
CheGuevarayeah sims 2 doesn't work with cedega :P19:25
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firegrindhey all - i'm trying to add a user to my machine with useradd with the -p option to set the password.  the user appears but i can't su with the password i specify.  any pointers appreciated.19:27
biovoreadd him to the admin group19:27
jpatrickfiregrind: sudo passwd username19:27
firegrindcheers - jp: i want to do it non-interactively, bio: i'll give that a spin19:28
daffytheduckshouldnt u get an automatic prompt for a new password with a new user19:28
firegrindthat's adduser19:29
daffytheduckthats probably the best way to do it then19:29
firegrindaha ! sudo apt-get install expect19:34
daffytheducktry shadow as well19:43
mauriis it possible to access to kubuntu 7.10 with no auotentication (username and passwd)19:43
bmacki just enabled my ati graphics accl. in restricted drivers and now i cannot boot ubuntu i get this error19:47
bmackstarting k display manager( starting  powernowd.. ect/rc2.d/s20powernowd: 156: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_governor: dir non existant - * cpu frequency scaling not supported19:47
rothchildmauri not really no authentification but you can use the system settings to auto login a user19:50
OilR0ckmauri: System Settings -> Advanced -> Login Manager -> Convenience19:50
rothchild!info kdmtheme | mauri19:50
ubotumauri: kdmtheme: theme manager for KDM. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 47 kB, installed size 200 kB19:51
rothchildno sorry ignore that19:51
maurirothchild: thanks19:52
mauriOilR0ck: thanks. Are you able to help me to configure my webcam?19:52
OilR0cknot sure, I don't have a webcam...19:53
mauriOilR0ck: ok thanks however.....may I ask you another questons19:55
mauriOilR0ck: in reality they are 2 item, one question and one dubt. Starting from the question.....19:56
mauriOilR0ck: in storage media, using dolphin, i'm not able to see a floppy disk as i see the other mounted disk. I suppose the is a sytem directory19:57
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras19:58
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dreamcoderdoes anyone else have problems extraciting multiple part rar files using kubuntu its near enuf impossible i am always getting errors19:59
_gtt_i never have any problems with it20:00
_gtt_do it regularly.20:00
_gtt_i am having problems browsing samba shares though20:00
OilR0ckmauri: i don't use floppies either but it doesn't there for me either. But I had it disabled in the bios, do you?20:00
dreamcoderdo u use usenet _gtt20:01
mauriOilR0ck: no,20:02
biovoredreamcoder: unrar has problems with multipule file archives..  Works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't..  I think you can use winrar under wine to get it extracted.20:02
_gtt_sometimes, yes.20:02
mauriOilR0ck: it is enable in the bios...the question is different20:02
dreamcoderthank you very much biovre20:02
dreamcoderwas tempted to go bk to windows for a breif min there20:02
mauriOilR0ck: in storage media it is not possibile to create directory, pehaps it is a system folder20:03
mahasamootstupid irc question, when I exit kopete, I can't come back in... how do I reserve my name, so it lets me in agian?20:04
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras20:04
alesanwhat is a KDE app t ouse webcam, the links in !webcam refer to a gnome program20:05
=== wintermute_ is now known as _gtt_
biovoreand.. gnome programs work on kde..20:05
_gtt_i'm gonna pull my hair out20:06
_gtt_i'm in some serious need of help with this.20:06
alesanbiovore: 1) I have a slow connectin and I do not want to download the gnome libs20:06
alesan2) I do not want to load gnome and gtk libs in memory when all other libs are KDE20:06
_gtt_been working trying to access my samba shares on a new laptop using gutsy for almost a week now20:06
dreamcoderhow about alt.binz as a news reader on linux or shud i use a native linux one.. i want to be able to use 256bit encyprtion20:07
_gtt_i like pan20:07
_gtt_or knod20:07
biovorepop open konqueror.. smb://<machine_name>/<share>20:07
mauriis it important to have a firewall also in linus20:07
OilR0ckmauri: try adding a new one in system settings -> advanced -> disk and filesystems20:07
_gtt_that crap works?!20:07
sourcemaker!guarddog | mauri20:08
ubotumauri: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).20:08
_gtt_why doesn't it list the computers?20:08
_gtt_how can i get it to list tthe computers?20:08
_gtt_i just got through formatting and reinstalling for it.20:08
dreamcoderlol oops av got firestarter working on kde20:08
biovorethats not samba.. thats netbios then..20:08
_gtt_how do i get netbios to browse it?20:08
mauriOilR0ck: today I installed guarddog but it is not clear to me if a firewall is really necessary in linux20:09
_gtt_i enabled wins support on the server and specified the wins server by ip20:09
biovorekonqueror can do it too..20:09
_gtt_how can i get konqueror to browse them?20:09
biovoretry that20:09
biovoreworks here20:09
biovoreworks in dolphin as well20:10
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_gtt_An error occurred while loading system://remote/smb-network/:20:10
_gtt_The file or folder system://remote/smb-network/ does not exist.20:10
sourcemakermauri: If you do not open services like a web, ftp , ssh server or what else... it is not really required...20:10
biovoreone slash.. sorry20:10
mykhey, can someone help me figure out a dependency problem? trying to compile hydrogen svn... here's a pastebin of the error20:11
sourcemakermauri: but I also use a firewall... guarddog is very simple to use...20:11
hydrogenyou won't compile me either!20:11
_gtt_nope, i get the same error i've been dealing with20:11
_gtt_"unable to find any workgroups in your local network. this might be caused by an enabled firewall"20:12
_gtt_btw, when i p-ut that last one in it reverted to smb:/20:12
biovoremyk: looks like the code is in a busted state..  try a check out again later.. might get fixed.. you check out a earler version..20:12
mykthank you20:12
biovore_gtt_: maybe.. firewall could cause a problem..20:12
_gtt_i just fresh installed it..20:13
biovoreso no firewall then..20:13
_gtt_i didn't set one up20:13
biovoreapt-get install smbfs samba-common20:13
_gtt_samba was the goal in this install... so i haven't done anything else20:13
_gtt_samba-common is installed.20:14
biovoredon't really need one unless your running network services you don't want to have accessed from the outside..20:14
_gtt_i configured smb.conf for my workgroup name20:14
maurisourcemaker: probably i'm wrong but I know that in linux there aren't virus  o something like that as in windows20:14
_gtt_i don't need smbfs unless i need to mount it, right?20:14
biovoresmb.conf is for the sambe server..20:14
biovoreI use smbfs and smbclient here..20:14
biovoreI don't really uses the gui at all..20:15
_gtt_how do i configure the client to specify which workgroup ?20:15
biovorethe client dosn't have a workgroup.. the server defines the work group..20:15
biovoreits just a browser..20:16
_gtt_i dunno about that, but i canat least access them with the MIME path20:16
biovoredo a nmblookup <some windows machine name>20:17
biovoresee if netbios is working right..20:18
bmacki cannot boot kubuntu i get this error20:19
bmackstarting k display manager( starting  powernowd.. ect/rc2.d/s20powernowd: 156: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_governor: dir non existant - * cpu frequency scaling not supported20:19
dreamcoderliek in window su have disk clean is there similar in linux or doesnt it need it20:19
jhutchinsdreamcoder: No idea what disk clean is or does.20:19
dreamcoderjuz cleans all temp files and logs etc20:19
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=== Yerkon is now known as Yerkorn
dreamcoderoh that was the main reason i cam ein here... i wanted to know if it was better and what for what reasons it is better (if it is) to install ubuntu then install kde other than just installing kubuntu?20:22
biovore_gtt_: To search for computers in a samba network form the CLI you can do the following.  nmblookup -R <workgroup>20:24
hydrogendreamcoder: well, you get stuck with all of gnome20:24
hydrogenwhich is pretty much a nightmare20:24
biovorenote though that win95 dosn't play well..20:24
hydrogenpeople have contemplated suicide when they realized they had to look at gnome20:24
dreamcoderlol i have used gnome before thats why i use kde20:24
cmacisYes, but isn't gnome more stable. I'm sick of the crashes in kde20:25
dreamcodergnome has been around for many more years i think20:25
jhutchinscmacis: my kde doesn't crash.20:25
dreamcoderi dont have a problem with kde20:25
jhutchinsActually, gnome is not as old as kde, and kde derives from cde which is older still.20:25
jhutchinsHowever, age != maturity.20:26
dreamcoderi think kde is much better eye candy20:26
jhutchinscmacis: I would think that if you're having problems with kde, you'd be likely to have -more- problems with gnome, as gnome is not as integrated and efficient as kde.20:26
biovorehey is for horses..20:26
jhutchinscmacis: How about xfce?20:26
biovorexfce is drived from CDE20:27
jhutchinsbiovore: Actually, that's hay.20:27
biovorecommond desktop Enviroment..20:27
biovorebasicly converted CDE from motif to GTK20:27
* jhutchins just managed to unload the 1400lb bale that's been riding around in his pickup all week.20:27
misticwarriorI need help in english... but I dunno where to go :D. I'm seeking a synonym of "p2p", or "sharing", or "network"... these things, but beginning by the letter "r"....... could someone help me ?20:27
biovorersync ? :-P20:28
jhutchinsThen there's Enlightenment 17.20:28
biovoreyup.. there another oldie20:28
biovorebeen around for a long time..20:28
jhutchinsbiovore: I thought it was a fork of the desktop that Gnome used to run on.20:29
caprikorihey all20:30
misticwarriorbiovore: rsync ? O_o not really what I want :D I need a good known word :D20:30
jhutchinsmisticwarrior: Try wikipedia articles on filesharing, or just google the words you used above.20:30
jhutchinsI consider Gnome a relative newcomer in desktops.20:31
* jhutchins has to go be a plumber. l8r.20:32
caprikoriDoes anyone know how to make Kopete's Cryptography plugin show the messages a bit better?20:32
fadeyhi,everyone. where would I go to report kde4 bugs20:34
dreamcoderi am having trouble playing .avi files i get like a purple colour with loads of other colours not in any order wil it be that i dont have the codec or that it is corrupt i have had alot of avi files like this20:35
dreamcoderand i have libxine1 etc installed20:35
INFOEXCLUDEDa friend of mine tells me that you need to be a dope addict to use hardy heron20:35
biovoreINFOEXCLUDED: I agree.. it just getting start on.. alot of problems and weirdness will be poping up..20:36
INFOEXCLUDEDdo you snort smoke or inkjet ?20:36
Dragnslcrdreamcoder- do you use Compiz at all?20:37
misticwarriordoes "resource-sharing" exist ? I need one word to say that, with a "r" at the beggining :D20:37
misticwarriorarf :(20:42
Mr_Sonomaanyone hear if any problems with sound out of a wmv with totem?20:43
jpatrickMr_Sonoma: #ubuntu would be a better place for that question20:44
Mr_Sonomai asked there....didnt get a responce was hoping to hit someone here that may have known20:45
dreamcoderstrange a avi i tried to play a moment ago wudnt work now does20:47
* dreamcoder rubs his noggin20:47
sigma_123why is der no easy way2 share a internet connection ova a network in kubuntu?20:48
dreamcoderi need an easy way to search .nzb's any ideas? i did use alt.binz but u have to pay for the nzbindex now20:49
limacis intel celerom m proc 64 bit?20:52
biovorelimac: some are some arn't20:54
biovoreI think the celeron m 523, 530, 520 are 64bit20:54
biovoreintel IA-64 extentions enabled20:54
limacbiovore: thx, i have 52020:54
biovorethen I guess it is.. Or so intel cames..20:55
limacbiovore; how can i install a 64-bit kubuntu edition?20:55
merikehello, I'm looking for help to get back my sound20:55
biovoreget the 64bit cd and install it..  expect some pain on flash and some multimedia codecs though..20:55
limacbiovore: not from internet?20:55
biovoreno it on kubuntu's site..20:56
biovorejust like the 32 bit cd..20:56
biovorejust says AMD64 on the end20:56
limacthen from where?20:56
merikeI can't even hear test sound on system settings :(20:56
limacmerike: you can't hear any sound?20:56
merikeno, but it was there after install20:57
limacbiovore: so I have to BUY a cd (for 64-bit)?20:57
biovorejust click on download on kuubnu.org20:57
biovoreselect a location..20:57
biovorethen its torwards the bottom..20:57
biovorethe amd 64 bit edition..20:58
limacmerike: are your drivers properly configured?20:58
biovoreintel onboard audio?20:58
merikeI wouldn't really know, I haven't done anything to them; yes intel indeed20:58
limacbiovore; i have kubuntu 32-bit installed! but I am looking for a 64 -bit one!20:58
biovorethat links has the 64bit on it..20:59
limacwhere? it's only for AMD20:59
biovoreAMD-64bit is intel 64bit there the same thing...  its call amd because they where first to market with it..20:59
limacah! thx21:00
merikelspci recognises 82801G (ICH7 Family)21:00
biovoreok intel audio..21:00
nomenOh, hi.. I'm new to IRCat all, and I would like to know of how to configure the music-center, that is used to have the sound card and plugged to the USB..21:00
biovoredid you do a some updates recently?21:00
merikeother than those automatic ones, no21:01
nomenMaybe someone could help me?21:01
biovorewell sometimes it installs a kernel that dosn't support the intelHD audio adapter.. its weird..21:01
merikeunfortunately I'm clueless when exactly it stopped working21:01
biovoreprobably a kernel update.. I had problems with this as well21:01
merikeI have 2.6.22-14-generic at the moment21:02
biovorelsmod | grep intel21:02
fuelI am facing problems while trying to upgrade to the latest version.21:03
biovoresnd_hda_intel         263712  621:03
fuelevery time adept says network problem or something21:03
jussi01fuel: are you connected to the net?21:03
biovoreI use dist-upgrade using the command line..21:03
fueljussi01:  I am !21:04
fuellet me get you the log21:04
jussi01fuel: ok, can you give us the exact error?21:04
biovoreah.. 3rd parity repos.. haha21:04
biovoreprobably won't upgrade correctly because of that..21:04
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »21:05
jussi01fuel: remove those lines from your sources and it _might_ help21:05
fuelokay i will try21:05
merikeI have this module and several other that contain intel21:05
jussi01fuel: but I would recomend a backup and complete reinstall21:05
fuelreinstall of what ?21:05
jussi01merike: you have intel hda?21:06
jussi01fuel: kubuntu21:06
fuelwhy ?21:06
jussi01!intelhda | merike21:06
ubotumerike: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto21:06
level1Hi, my /tmp seems to be acting up and its giving me some trouble21:06
fuelIs the upgrade an unstable version21:06
level1is /tmp usually list on df?21:06
biovoremerike: can you running alsamixer from the command line?21:06
jussi01fuel: If you have used automatix, then its likely things are broken/will break during an upgrade21:07
biovorelevel1: anything that it's own mount point will be on df21:07
alakhiaquestion about knetworkmanager: whenever I un-suspend my laptop, I don't have internet connectivity. I have to manually run "sudo /etc/init/networking restart"21:07
fueljussi01: I have not used automatrix21:07
alakhiawhat could be the problem?21:07
merikeI ran alsamixer earlier, but whatever I tried it seemed to make no difference21:07
jussi01fuel: ok. well the remove the third party repos, and retry your upgrade21:07
biovorealakhia: not really a problem.. just it comes out of suppend.. knetwork manger should redo the network lease..21:08
level1alakhia: you might try whitelist or blacklist your module on suspend21:08
level1alakhia: its under /etc/defaults/acpi-support21:08
alakhialevel1: i have no idea how ... oh ok21:08
vbgunzI have an external USB drive. it is NTFS formatted. How can I get it to mount without requiring root to do so? I have this in my fstab line: /x /y ntfs-3g users,defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 021:08
level1alakhia: do you know the module name for you wireless card?  what card do you have?21:08
alakhialevel1: i also need to run "networking restart" on boot up ... could that be related?21:08
level1alakhia: oh... probably, yes21:09
alakhialevel1: let me check hp's web site21:09
level1alakhia: it sounds like its not being run automatically, and obviously it should be21:09
level1alakhia: type "lspci" in a console window nad look for something that looks like a wireless card21:09
level1alakhia: for example, I have a: 0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)21:10
alakhialevel1: shows Intel Corp, PRO/Wireless 3945ABG21:10
W8TAHhi folks -- ive installed and run LMSensors on my laptop -- its only reporting cpu and MB temp -- it seems there shoudl be more (fan speeds etc) how can determine what else should i be doing to find other sensors21:10
alakhialevel1: my output seems same as yours21:11
alakhialevel1: except for 02:00.0 part which is different21:11
level1alakhia: thats good, its a good card21:12
level1alakhia: anyway.... you module is ipw3945... but I don't know what your problem is21:12
level1alakhia: but, you could modify a few scripts to force networking to work21:12
alakhialevel1: hmm, ipw3945 shows up in lsmod21:12
level1alakhia: to get it working on startup, try putting a file in /home/yourname/.kde/Autostart21:13
level1alakhia: actually, don't do that21:13
alakhialevel1: what should this file run?21:13
alakhiaoh, ok21:13
level1alakhia: well, I forgot it needs to run as root... hmmm, what runs at startup?21:14
=== Pupeno_ is now known as Pupeno
alakhialevel1: exactly ... which is why it is irritating having to type passwd everytime21:14
fueljussi01: ah! disabling third party repositories works21:14
level1alakhia: well, the other thing is to modify /etc/acpi/sleep.sh put a line at the very end "/etc/init.d/networknig restart"21:15
jussi01fuel: :)21:15
level1alakhia: that will restart networking after resume from suspend21:15
jussi01fuel: I think maybe the upgrade page says something about that.21:15
level1alakhia: what do you mean? why do you have to type passwd everytime?21:15
alakhialevel1: yes, for sudo21:15
fuelI will check that out21:15
alakhialevel1: everytime i un-suspend or boot up, that i21:16
level1alakhia: um, well, you should only have to run the passwd command once in your life, to set the root password21:16
jussi01!upgrade > fuel21:16
level1alakhia: however, you might have to type your password after suspend21:16
alakhialevel1: still have to type password for sudo21:16
level1alakhia: passwd is a shell command, you know that, right?21:16
pjfloydhow do I configure to use the PC clock set to UTC?21:16
jhutchinsActually, daemons shouldn't need root password.21:16
level1alakhia: anyway, just add that line to sleep.sh and it will work21:17
level1jhutchins: really?21:17
alakhialevel1: i think you are misunderstanding ... i meant passwd as abbrev for password21:17
jhutchinsacpi runs as root, so when it runs a script it doesn't need a password.21:17
alakhialevel1: not the command to set password21:17
level1alakhia: don't use that abbreviation, it will confuse peopule21:17
alakhialevel1: sorry! :(21:17
level1jhutchins: yes, but if you put a line in .kde/Autostart, it will be run as a user, not as root21:17
fueljussi01: thank you. See ya later21:18
jussi01fuel: :)21:18
alakhialevel1: i've added the networking restart ... it's a hack but I hope it works21:18
level1jhutchins: how could we have the command /etc/init.d/networking on every boot?21:18
alakhialevel1: thanks for your help ... let me suspend and see what happens21:18
=== ubuntu is now known as Racchio
jhutchinslevel1: put it in rc.local21:19
jhutchinsIt will run as root.21:19
level1alakhia: put /etc/init.d/networking restart at the very end of /etc/rc.local21:19
jhutchinsSo your network doesn't start at boot now, but will work if you restart it?21:20
alakhialevel1: and what about sleep.sh?21:20
level1alakhia: there too21:20
level1alakhia: rc.local is for startup, and sleep.sh is for after suspend21:20
alakhiajhutchins: exactly ... once kde boots up, i don't get networking21:20
alakhiajhutchins: if i run "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" it works21:21
alakhiajhutchins: i have a feeling that networking starts but just doesn't do anything21:21
jhutchinsalakhia: Well, it may not work then if you need to run it _after_ kde.21:21
alakhiajhutchins: well, worth a shot ... problem might be with knetworkmanager21:22
snowgoosei ahve  problem  with  avg21:22
snowgoosewants  permissiom  to change21:22
tBOn my system, when I set a window to another desktop, it still shows on taskbar on all the other windows... ^o)21:22
tBDoes anyone know how to only see the windows open on the specific desktop you are viewing?21:23
jhutchinsI'm on a different distro, but on mine local runs last (99) while dm runs at 54.21:23
jhutchinsSo local would run after kdm, and should work.21:23
alakhialevel1: just un-suspended and sleep.sh fix works! Thanks!21:24
level1I logged off a few minutes ago, and when I tried to log back on, X said that /tmp was unwritable.  I had to restart...  I think I still have the problem, because I'm not getting favicons in konqueror21:24
snowgoosecan some one help me out?21:25
level1alakhia: great21:25
jhutchinsalakhia: Yes, I would suspect knetworkmanager too.21:25
level1snowgoose: we don't understand your problem, could you explain it again?21:25
level1jhutchins: its an easy target21:25
jhutchinsalakhia: On my laptop it wants to use the obsolete bcm43xx drivers instead of the new b43.21:25
snowgoosewhen i  click update   in avg it tells me i dont  got permission21:25
alakhiajhutchins: is it better to disable it altogether?21:26
jhutchinstB: compiz?21:26
jhutchinsalakhia: That would be something to try, but your solution works.21:26
tBjhutchins, nope, not running it.21:26
alakhiajhutchins: yeah ... i don't want to break it again21:26
level1does ubuntu support avg?21:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:27
vbgunzwhat is a great anti-virus application for kubuntu?21:27
alakhiajhutchins: the boot up test is the only one remaining to do21:27
vbgunzklamav seems to be freezing up :(21:27
level1vbgunz: I just assume you don't need one21:27
Schuenemannvbgunz, why you need one?21:27
level1linux is an anti-virus application21:27
vbgunzfor external NTFS drives with Windows backups21:27
level1although it seems to not like /tmp21:28
Schuenemannlevel1, maybe the machine is a gateway21:28
jhutchinsvbgunz: clam is pretty well respected.21:28
INFOEXCLUDEDjoin #clam21:28
level1Schuenemann: well, theres a difference between a firewall and an anti-virus app21:28
alfonsome pueden decir canal en español21:28
jhutchinstB might be something configurable in the panel menu.21:28
jhutchins!es | alfonso21:28
ubotualfonso: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.21:28
vbgunzman, I told it to scan a USB 2.0 NTFS drive, and the interface just froze on me. I keep telling it quit in the system tray, but it's gray and refuses to budge from there :/21:29
Schuenemannlevel1, imagine the machine is gmail's. You don't want your windows users downloading windows' viruses21:29
level1Schuenemann: but, isn't that a firewall, or am I just an idiot?21:29
jhutchinsThere have been a recent run of Mac viruses, so assuming you're safe because you're running linux is no-longer good enough for a real production environment.21:30
jhutchinsAs Schuenemann says, in a mixed environment you need to stop the Windows viruses.21:30
Schuenemannlevel1, isn't a firewall supposed to prevent intrusions? Maybe I am the idiot21:30
level1jhutchins: i have a hatred of anti-virus software; using it makes your computer fell like its a facist regime21:30
jhutchinsSchuenemann: I run clam on my fileserver, and a stand-alone firewall.21:30
tBjhutchins, Ahh, under options I assumed not to check.21:30
limacbiovore; hey, but is there any way i can double check if my proc is capable of 64-bit? (but i am pretty sure it is celeron 520)21:31
Kohlrabiwouldn't you need root/sudoer privileges do really destroy system critical stuff?@virus21:31
tBjhutchins, Thanks. Under kde panel configuration.21:31
Schuenemannjhutchins, interesting. What do you serve?21:31
jhutchinsSchuenemann: I also run Norton on the XP workstations.21:31
level1maybe we should just design operating systems tthat don't run arbitrary code from the net?  sounds like a plan21:31
biovorelimac: cat /proc/cpuinfo21:32
bmacki cannot boot kubuntu i get a error21:32
bmackstarting k display manager( starting  powernowd.. ect/rc2.d/s20powernowd: 156: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_governor: dir non existant - * cpu frequency scaling not supported21:32
Schuenemannlevel1, well, they're not supposed to21:32
bmackhow do i fix it?21:32
vbgunzreally, klamav is not quitting... :(21:32
snowgooselevell    so there is  no way to give  avg pemison21:32
jhutchinsSchuenemann: It's for a small law office.21:32
limacbiovore: yup it is 520: so are u sure it is 64-bit?21:32
TuxManI need help! I try to update my 8.04 and it says it will break the system!21:32
level1snowgoose: you could try running avg as root21:32
snowgooselevell  how i set it as root?21:33
Ayabara_after trying out kde4, my kde session complaints that it can't write to $HOME/.kde config directories21:33
level1snowgoose: kdesu avg21:33
Schuenemannjhutchins, do all computers there use windows?21:33
TuxManhm. first, can someone tell me how to check if the one I have is alpha 2?21:33
Schuenemannthe workstations I mean21:33
jhutchinsSchuenemann: server, firewall, and my workstation are linux.21:33
level1Ayabara_: most people run kde 4 as a different user21:33
biovorelimac: http://www.intel.com/products/processor_number/chart/celeron_m.htm21:33
level1Ayabara_: check the permissions on /.kde21:34
Ayabara_level1, I guess I should have to...21:34
jhutchinsvbgunz: You're probably just as well off running clam at the console level without trying to integrate with kde.21:34
Ayabara_too, I mean21:34
limacthx biovore21:34
vbgunzanybody know why some nodes in klamav are blue?21:34
biovorelimac: bios and mobo may not do the 64bit mode though..21:34
limacbiovore: so i am trying out 64-bit kubuntu!21:34
vbgunzjhutchins: yeah, am thinking of that21:34
Schuenemannjhutchins, well, at least yours is linux :-) Is it your office?21:34
limacbiovore; what do u mean?21:34
level1Ayabara_: an early version of kde 4 would delete peoples data; you don't want that21:34
biovorelimac: If the live CD boots.. it means you have a 64bit computer..21:34
jhutchinsvbgunz: I didn't even know what klamav _was_ until I looked it up.21:35
limacbiovore: my fingers are already crossed! :021:35
level1what is the state of 64 bit ubuntu?  is it usuable?21:35
Ayabara_level1, no. I just tried it out for a couple of minutes, and decided I will wait til it's released21:35
biovorelimac: 64bit support requires you cpu and all the rest of the system and do 64bit address scheme21:35
jhutchinsSchuenemann: Nope, just a client.21:35
Ayabara_level1, now I kinda just want to go back to where I was...21:35
vbgunzheh, a front end to clam, seems decent21:35
level1Ayabara_: well, try ls -l ~/.kde and see what it says21:35
jhutchinsvbgunz: Except it's not working for you.21:35
limacbiovore: what's ur opinion on 32-bit vs 64-bit kubuntu?21:36
dreamcoderis there a speed increase in using 64bit? i am assuming it will be about 20% ?21:36
biovorelevel1: I am running kubuntu on a E3850 here..21:36
jhutchinsvbgunz: You really don't have to check every operation like you do in windows, because linux is structured differently.21:36
Ayabara_level1, drwx------21:36
biovoreThere are some weirdness with flash and multimedia codecs to get them to work since there 32bit..21:36
jhutchinslimac: If you needed 64bit linux, you would know.21:36
level1biovore: apparently flash and java arn't perfect yet, among other things21:36
ubuntu_ey guiz, i really need some extra-help in here! how can i recover my previous installation of kubuntu?21:36
vbgunzjhutchins: I killed it, ran it again on the external device and rather than say "quarantine" all files found (which seem to make it freeze), I said to ask, it seems to be working far better... maybe it cannot quarantine files on an NTFS disk, although I have rw on it21:37
merikehello, back after restart, turned out that disabled modem in BIOS was the biggest problem, currently mp3-s are somewhat crackling though21:37
limacjhutchins: but how is it better than 32-bit?21:37
ubuntu_i installed windows and i lost my boot!21:37
level1ubuntu_: what do you mean recover?  what happend to it?21:37
biovorelevel1: yes..  well java there is a 64bit port now..  flash is still emulated via netscape-wrapper21:37
jhutchinsdreamcoder: 64's aren't inherently faster, the main thing is they can address more memory.21:37
level1!grubfix | ubuntu_:21:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grubfix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:37
level1!grub | ubuntu_:21:37
ubotuubuntu_:: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:37
biovorelimac: is really..  no unless your doing mad number crunching..21:37
biovore(isn't really)21:37
dreamcoderyea i know about the memory just thought it would, i am using 64 kubuntu at the min21:37
jhutchinslimac: 64's are an advantage when doing certain types of processing on large datasets/files.21:37
alakhialevel1 and jhutchins: I just rebooted and I have networking! Thanks both of you.21:38
nuxilhi all21:38
dreamcoderand i have 32bit firefox with flash plugins for flash, and i am using 32bit java for frostwire21:38
jhutchinsalakhia: Great!21:38
level1alakhia: hacking is always the solution. Also, brute force21:38
biovorebigger hammer method..21:38
nuxildoes anyone know of a tool that allows me to grab youtube videos?21:38
ubuntu_what can i do to recover my grub?21:38
limacjhutchins: ah ok!21:38
alakhiathe funny thing is that knetworkmanager shows "No active device"21:38
vbgunzheh, the very first file found is marked as a virus :/21:38
level1biovore: yoqu are obviously not using a big enough hammer21:38
dreamcoderdownload helper nuxil21:39
biovoredosn't firefox have a utube vid grabber?21:39
dreamcoderget itoff firefoz site21:39
level1alakhia: maybe you can close it and reopen it?21:39
nuxildreamcoder, ok i'll look into that.21:39
dreamcoderu can download videos off any embeded video site ;D21:39
limacbiovore jhutchins: so 64-bit one is better than 32-bit? overall21:39
alakhiai'm not touching it ... maybe when I feel brave ;-)21:39
Schuenemannubuntu_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows21:40
dreamcoderonlt thing i dont likeis cant get java to work in firefox but.. i dont use it so21:40
biovorelimac: no..  probably want to stick 32bit unless you know what your doing..21:40
level1alakhia: knetwork mangare doesn't really have very much power, it just delegates to NetworkManagerD21:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about helper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:40
biovorelimac: no reall advantage for the normal users.. and there are more headaches21:40
nuxildreamcoder, ??21:40
merikeany ideas what could cause poor sound quality with mp3-s that sound nice on portable player?21:40
dreamcoderoh i am on about 64 bi firefox nuxil21:40
ubuntu_Schuenemann: thak you :D21:41
biovoremerike: probably some weird mixer setting..21:41
dreamcoderdownload helper works and it is a plugin from the firefox site21:41
level1merike: what media player are you using? and what speakers?21:41
Schuenemannmerike, maybe PCM is too high? Once that was my problem21:41
limacbiovore: i mainly do programming, use blender to create and animte 3d modells21:41
dreamcoderi use it alot21:41
biovorelimac: in that case.. stick the 32bit..21:41
level1limac: 64 bit might help on blender, but probably not worth it21:41
dreamcoderi do alot of video encoding.. a hell of alot 32 or 64?21:41
biovoreunless your running more then 4GB of ram.. no reason..21:41
level1I heard that when you switch to 64, you half your effective ram21:42
level1because everything takes up twice as much space21:42
Schuenemannis there any stable 64 bit OS yet?21:42
level1Schuenemann: ha!21:42
biovorekubuntu 64bit works fine..21:42
limacbiovore level1: so 64-bit has more advantage in blender and not for programming?21:42
biovoregentoo 64bit works fine as well21:42
Schuenemannlevel1, ha is an OS?21:42
level1Schuenemann: I not in the opinion that there is no stable 32 bit operating system21:42
dreamcoderi have been suing 64 bit kubuntu for quite a while now.. no problems i have had21:43
level1Schuenemann: I'm of the opinion that there is no stable 32 bit operating system21:43
biovorelimac: I don't think 64bit  has any advantage in blender..21:43
jhutchinsIteresting, this appears to be a web-based youtube downloader: http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php21:43
merikeusing Amarok and a Trust headset, what exactly is pcm, when I make it less then sound get rather quiet21:43
level1merike: pcm is part of the volume control21:43
biovorethere is master as well21:43
dreamcoderhttp://www.downloadhelper.net/welcome.php?version=2.5.3 <-- video downloader21:43
TuxMan.... can someone help me install kde4 on Hardy? when I try to install kde4 packages, it says it will break the system.21:43
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu21:44
limacbut would u guys suggest me to try it out, you know as like 10 gb partition. btw i have 1.5 gib ram21:44
merikemaster is at max anyway but without pcm it's very quiet21:44
level1limac: you can try it if you want, just to see, but its nots really useful yet21:44
merikeusing KMix21:44
level1merike: try setting master to about half and pcm to about half21:44
Schuenemannmerike, PCM is Pulse code modulation. I don't know what exacly that means. The higher the value, the higher the volume. But, if it's value is too high, sounds get distorted.21:44
camillaHello All21:45
mahasamootI'm also having trouble w/ KMix21:45
Schuenemannmerike, try PCM at about 60%21:45
limaclevel1: i guess i'll just try it out21:45
mahasamootsometimes it has no effect, and bounces between 0 and 11 % when I try to change the volume w/ my keyboard21:46
mahasamootmute has no effect, but it says mute on/off21:46
limaclevel1level1: but is there anything that u can't do in 32-bit that can b done in 64-bit?21:46
merikeit truly sounds better with pcm at 60%, any specific reason to suggest that value?21:46
dreamcoderhow come suse 64bit java and flash etc work fine21:47
Schuenemannyes, that's the value that worked with me hahaha21:47
dreamcoderkubuntu flahs and java hate it21:47
level1limac: use 5GB of ram21:47
ubuntu_i don't know if everything is ok with the recover of grub. i get this message. is everything ok? did i recover grub? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/50018/21:47
level1limac: so, if you happen to have 5GB of ram that your just not using, maybe its worth it21:47
merikeI see :D21:47
level1dreamcoder: kubuntu isn't perfec21:48
camillaI Need some help please. My installpaket Adept manager has kolapsed. In the terminal window, it says that line48 is korrupt, but I cannot find anything in /etc/apt/sources.list21:48
dreamcoderohi know dont get me wron gi aint slagging it off21:48
limaclevel1: but my most worry is in resizing the hd after i decide to delete it using gparted21:48
dreamcoderi love kubuntu21:48
jhutchinsubuntu_: What if you were to try booting the system now?21:48
dreamcoderreason i swtiched from Yast21:48
dreamcoderto apt21:48
dreamcoderi was using SuSE for ages21:48
ubuntu_jhutchins: i just what to know if i did everything ok,so i can move to that next step.21:49
camillatalking to me? :)21:49
level1limac: well, if you want to be experimental, you have to take some risks... just back everything you value up... make sure to get .kde if you use kmail.21:49
ubuntu_jhutchins: did i get everything right now?21:49
jhutchinsubuntu_: You'll know when you reboot.21:49
Ayabara_level1, did the permissions on .kde tell you anything?21:49
ubuntu_jhutchins:ok thank you :)21:49
camillaI tried to reboot but I still coulnt read21:49
jhutchinsubuntu_: Honestly, it says it worked, it looks fine to me.21:49
limaclevel1: ur right i guess i do have to take some chances! :)21:49
level1dreamcoder: I actually kinda like debian, I might go back.... theres a lot of things that happen in kubuntu that I can't fix, but in debian most stuff is fixable21:50
camillaBut then I started Adept, Ill try again21:50
jhutchinsMandriva rocks.21:50
level1Ayabara_: well, it seems to be writable; I don't really know what your problem is21:50
ubuntu_thank you all, beautifull people!! i'm really starting to love Kubuntu :)21:50
limachow do u get wireless in debian?21:51
TuxManhellooooo... can anyone answer my question?: How do I get KDE 4 on Hardy Heron? I tried installing the kde4 packages but they said they would break my system.21:51
limaclevel1 ^^^^^621:51
Ayabara_level1, hm. ok. thanks anyway21:51
level1TuxMan: ask in #ubuntu+1  ... is there a21:51
level1is there a #kubuntu+121:51
TuxManI'll check. TuxMan away!21:52
level1limac: wireless in debian is the same as ubuntu21:52
level1its the same distribution. just with different window decorations21:52
limaclevel u mean like just click on the wireless icon?21:53
level1limac: what does ^^^^^6 mean?21:53
level1limac: theoretically21:54
limaclevel1; welll21:54
limacu no21:54
Schuenemannto look above, I think21:54
level1it has knetwork manager, etc21:54
limaclevel1: typos :)21:54
level1I see21:54
level1i need to write a script that translates irc speak into clean, grammically correct and properly capitalized english21:55
level1maybe replace some words with synonyms that sound cooler, like "question" with "inquiry"21:55
SchuenemannI replace some in amsn21:56
dreamcoderdoes paypal charge for anything? like just for having an account21:57
Schuenemannif it's a personal account, no.21:58
Schuenemannit'll be better if you read their webpage21:58
dreamcoderbecause i am wanting to donate some money to alt.binz so i can use the NZBindex function thats all u have to update to get the new version which lets u use it21:58
Ayabara_I followed the instructions on the kubuntu site to install kde4 rc2. Is there a site with instructions on how to uninstall?21:59
nuxilhmm. i need a tool that can dl videos like on youtube.. i tried youtube-dl but it will only dl from youtube.. is there a similar tool that dl from other places too?21:59
dreamcodernuxil i told ya use download helper21:59
Schuenemannnuxil, www.keepvid.com21:59
dreamcoderi use it21:59
nuxilok.. i thought it was in adept.. i didnt see it there,,21:59
dreamcoderits a plugin for firefox22:00
nuxilgreasemonkey =22:00
level1Ayabara_: well, basically, sudo aptitude remove all the packages you installed, but that doesn't solve your problem22:00
ubuntui need help!!! i-m the guy of the grub problem. it didn-t work22:00
dreamcoderfirefox - tools - addons - get extensions - find download helper22:00
ubuntucan anyone REALLY help me_22:00
dock@ Ayabara, well this should work, try with synaptic, just to remove kde 4-desktop22:00
dreamcoderthen its pretty easy to use22:00
Ayabara_level1, I know, I'll fix the other stuff as well :-)22:01
ubuntucan anybody help? i need to recover my grub22:01
Schuenemannubuntu, I think I used this one when I need it: http://manetho.wordpress.com/2006/10/25/recuperando-o-grup-apos-reintstalacao-do-windows/22:02
nuxildreamcoder, this one ? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/300622:02
somekoolis it a good time to ask for some help ?22:02
dockis it installed on MBR? ubuntu22:03
ubuntuand i really need help, not links to read. i have done that in these last hours and with no results22:03
Schuenemann!ask | somekool22:03
ubotusomekool: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)22:03
somekoolI installed Ubuntu 7.10 and then I did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop because I did not like the gnome experience.22:03
ubuntuSchuenemann> i did thatm it didn-t work22:03
nuxildreamcoder, will it work for ffox 2 version 2? i see its for 1.522:03
dreamcoderi am not sure u will have to read up22:03
ubuntui-m not familiar with the konsole22:03
Schuenemannubuntu, how come, if I just gave you the link?22:03
somekoolsince I did that, It feels like GDM is still trying to start and now, I am getting an error message saying that X is already running.22:03
ubuntui did some google before...22:04
dreamcoderoh yea22:04
dreamcodersorry read ur question wrong22:04
somekoolI can just do CTRL-ALT-F7 to access my KDM but the error always stays on CTRL-ALT-F9 ... how can I fix that?22:04
ubuntuSchuenemann but i will try one more time. i can you help me with this_22:05
=== ubuntu is now known as velh0
Schuenemannubuntu, oh well, that's what worked to me. Are you sure you tried that one?22:05
velh0Schuenemann> i-m sorry, i though that was another link!22:06
velh0Schuenemann> that i didn-t try. i will now22:07
somekoolok, I can see two rc script in /etc/rc2.d so it should be the problem22:07
velh0Schuenemann> thank you. i hope this one works, cause i-m getting tired of trying...22:07
Schuenemannvelh0, blame windows22:08
Schuenemannit has no right to overwrite your MBR22:08
Delvienwhat is KDE's restricted manager?22:08
jhutchinslevel1: that translator you're looking for is called a "brain".22:09
camillaHello again can someone please help me o reinstall Adept22:09
combinioi have hdd 149GB where linux takes only 120GB. is this possible to use that unused space somehow for files (movies, pictures, etc.?) ?? - it's totally empty as another partition22:09
level1jhutchins: is that a technical term?22:09
biovoreDelvien: handles installing of close source to licensed devices.. like nvidia graphics driver..22:09
Schuenemanncombinio, yes, of course22:10
combinioSchuenemann: how to ? :}22:10
Schuenemanncombinio, format it using qtparted22:10
Delvienbiovore lol woops said that wrong.. What is the restricted manager in KDE, meaning where can i find it and run it.. "/usr/bin/restricted-manager" does not exist on a brand new 7.10 install of kubuntu22:10
jpatrickcombinio: make a partition on it and mount22:10
jhutchinscombinio: gparted may be able to resize it.22:10
combinioSchuenemann: i mean i have 3 partition - main "/" second /home and that third unused22:10
level1combinio: is the extra 29GB a seperate partition, or is it part of your linux partition?22:10
combiniojhutchins: i just formated it to FAT32 system with gParted tool ;P22:10
biovoreDelvien: in the system tray.. you have a thing that looks like a chip?22:11
Delvienbiovore im giving KDE one more shot to not annoy the hell out of me, on a different computer so .. not in touch with all the KDE stuff22:11
combiniolevel1: separeted part.22:11
dreamcoderis there a shortcut to get the name of the person u r talkin to first?22:11
dreamcoderlike Schuenemann: i mean i have 3 partiti22:11
* jhutchins doesn't understand why someone would use a partition editor to create a filesystem isntead of mkfs, but oh well.22:11
velh0Schuenemann> what do i put in here? root (hdX,X)  my partition is sda522:11
combiniocan i resize my /home partition without losing data ? :D22:11
Delvienbiovore after the first couple boots it goes away22:11
level1combinio: I've noticed that windows won't recongize a fat32 program formatted by linux, although linux can use it just fine22:11
Delvienbiovore happens like that in GNOME too22:11
level1combinio: so find a window computer and reformat that partition using windows22:11
Schuenemannvelh0, the one where kubuntu is installed22:11
combiniolevel1: i have only linux, no winXP :P22:11
level1combinio: then why would you ever need fat32?22:12
jhutchinscombinio: Supposedly.  If you don't back it up before messing with the partitions you've no-one but yourself to blame though.22:12
level1combinio: that sounds like a personal problem :)22:12
bmacki cant boot kubuntu i get a error that say "starting k display manager( starting  powernowd.. ect/rc2.d/s20powernowd: 156: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_governor: dir non existant - * cpu frequency scaling not supported22:12
combiniolevel1: idunno - choose that type between ext3 , Fat32 etc ;P22:12
Schuenemanndreamcoder, type part of the name, then TAB. If you're lucky, your IRC client has that feature22:12
biovoreDelvien: hmm.. not sure then..22:12
jhutchinsLinux makes fat32 partitions just fine!22:12
jhutchinsmkfs -t vfat22:12
dreamcoderSchuenemann: yay22:12
level1combinio: unless you plan to share files with windows, theres no reason to have a fat32 partition22:12
Schuenemanncombinio, I use FAT because I also have a windows partition22:12
combinioi just want to make that partion holding some movie stuff :)22:13
velh0Schuenemann> so              root (sda5,sda5)     ?22:13
level1jhutchins: well, my experience is that windows won't recognize it, but thats just my experience22:13
combinioSchuenemann: i see...22:13
gttwindows sees it fine22:13
Schuenemannvelh0, in which line are you?22:13
gtti use it on a dual boot partition22:13
combiniolevel1: so i guess u advise EXT3 part. ? :)22:13
jhutchinsvelh0: I think for grub that would be root (5,5)22:13
velh0Schuenemann> or              root (sda5,5)     ?22:13
jhutchinsor root (hd5,5)22:13
combiniobut if i have it already then how to mount ? :)22:14
level1combinio: absolutely... until ext4 comes out22:14
level1combinio: or reiser un-kills his wife22:14
jhutchinsI don't believe grub uses sd22:14
Schuenemannvelh0, it says you should type the output from the previous command22:14
combiniolevel1: understood :))22:14
velh0jhutchins i dont have any hd* . only sda*22:14
chatoke pasa peña22:15
jhutchinsvelh0: I don't think grub uses hd/sd, I think it uses hd.22:15
level1one of these days, reiser will un-kill his wife, then we'll all use reiser422:15
combiniolevel1: do u know maybe how to mount that ext3 partiotn? cuz it is unmounted now (?)22:15
Schuenemann!es | chato22:15
ubotuchato: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:15
jhutchinsvelh0: You'll notice it's not sda1 but hd0,0.22:15
* jhutchins uses lilo which uses the standard linux drive names.22:15
level1combinio: well, add it to your fstab, or type "sudo mount /dev/name of partition /media/mountpoint"22:16
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!22:16
velh0Schuenemann im portuguese, i understand that :) i just don-t know what it mean. what does it mean?22:16
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.22:16
level1jhutchins: best not to starve him22:16
limaccan i get kde 4 on kubuntu gutsy, if yes how>22:16
Schuenemannvelh0, huh... what was the previous command output?22:17
stdinlimac: see the topic22:17
biovorelimac: kde4 is very unstable.. and not really ussable yet..22:17
jhutchinslimac: What part of it are you testing?22:17
velh0jhutchins i don-t have any hd nothing! only sda someting! i guess that-s because i have a SATA disk, right?22:17
combiniolevel1: it looks i have nothing like fstab ;P22:17
jhutchinsvelh0: grub doesn't care about the drive type, only it's bios numbers.22:17
combiniolevel1: also i don't have "mount point" :?:22:17
level1combinio: open up /etc/fstab22:17
limacjhutchins: not sure22:17
level1combinio: that file has instructions on how to mount the hard disks on your computer22:18
biovoreyeah.. bios reorder the disk for sata on some systems.. makes it hard to figure out whats going on..22:18
combiniolevel1: ok then :) thanks for help ;)22:18
level1combinio: well, you have to read between the lines.  Whats the name of your new partition?  sda1 or somethnig?22:18
jhutchinsvelh0: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Device-syntax22:18
combiniolevel1: hda522:18
combinioit is written in gParted22:19
level1combinio: good.  "sudo mkdir /media/hda5 && sudo mount /dev/hda5 /media/hda5"22:19
velh0Schuenemann> its Error 15: File not found22:19
level1combinio: that will mount it22:19
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions22:20
velh0Schuenemann> what does that mean???22:20
combiniolevel1: works :)22:20
Schuenemannsomething went wrong, certainly22:20
combiniolevel1: there is now one folder there "Lost and found"22:20
velh0Schuenemann> sorry my bad i was wrong22:21
level1combinio: of course it works, I'm perfect.  <dignified stance>22:21
combiniolevel1: is possible to make it auto-mounting everytime i login my Kub.?22:21
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
level1combinio: ignore that, it seems to be something linux does for some reason22:21
Schuenemannvelh0, why don't you paste everything in pastebin?22:21
level1combinio: yes, thats what fstab is for... look at what ubotu said a few moments ago22:21
combiniolevel1: oks :))22:22
combiniolevel1: thanks for help once more ;)22:22
dreamcoderis there any command in linux that will alow u to trash ur hard drive so nothing can be read off it agen?22:23
velh0Schuenemann> i hope its all ok now22:24
jpatrickdreamcoder: why would you want to do that?22:24
Schuenemannvelh0, how did it go?22:24
dreamcodernot for anything ilegal wud be on my own hd22:24
jhutchinsdreamcoder: For most modern drives messing with the low-level formatting can do that, but it's pretty advanced stuff.22:24
sourcemakerdreamcoder: shred... use with case !22:24
Schuenemanndreamcoder, what are you hiding, huh?22:25
jhutchinsdreamcoder: There are DOD certified disk wipers available.22:25
velh0Schuenemann> but i got this message> Probing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time.22:25
sourcemakerdreamcoder: shred is working fine... but it takes a long time...22:25
Schuenemannvelh0, is it a different computer?22:25
dreamcodernothing special just watched a few movies and was wondering22:25
velh0Schuenemann> is there any problem?22:25
dreamcoderi kno i was thinking something very quick22:25
jhutchinsdreamcoder: Sort of a killswitch or booby trap, right?22:26
Schuenemannvelh0, I don't remember taking any long time with me, but, well, wait...22:26
dreamcoderapart from explosives22:26
jhutchinsdreamcoder: No, if an agency gets ahold of your computer, they're smart enough to pull the drives first and put them on special equipment to read them.22:26
dreamcoderexpolsives it is then hahah22:27
velh0Schuenemann> i didn-t have to wait. i only got that strange message.22:27
Schuenemannvelh0, well, if no error messages shew up, go test if it worked22:27
jhutchinsdreamcoder: That certainly won't work.  The mag layer will survive.22:27
Schuenemannbut, don't give up if it didn't :-)22:27
velh0Schuenemann> how? by reebooting the machine? or is there a command to test?22:28
Schuenemanneven if you burn the disk? :-O22:28
Schuenemannvelh0, the page says to reboot...22:28
jhutchinsSchuenemann: has to reach a certain critical temperature.22:28
Schuenemannand it promises grub will be back :p22:28
dreamcoderhow about a internal water pistol?22:28
dreamcoderor flame thrower22:29
Schuenemanndreamcoder, I think it's easier to respect the law :D22:29
velh0Schuenemann> yes it say-s. i-m sorry i didnt notice. see you in awile...22:29
dreamcoderno i wasnt on about me.. i just seen people on movies be like blah blah wondered if it was true22:29
Schuenemannjhutchins, how hot is it?22:30
jhutchinsThermite oughta do it.22:30
jhutchinsSchuenemann: I'd have to look it up.22:31
alesanhi wasn't there a skyper version with webcam support?22:31
Schuenemanndon't worry about that22:31
jhutchinsdreamcoder:  science, physics, and engineering are rarely consulted for movie scripts.22:31
Schuenemannjhutchins, lol, I don't think any technical subject is22:32
jhutchinsdreamcoder: There are whole web sites dedicated to the impossible physics of movies, and there are impossible movie computer trick sites too.22:32
=== velho is now known as velh0
dreamcoderyea i guess, would be good though! i watched wargames, hackers and hackers 2 then was hooked on computers22:32
* jhutchins was one of the people who _did_ wargames.22:32
dreamcodernot for the bad part but for the intellgience of the characters (actors)22:32
dreamcoderwhat do you mean you did wargames?22:33
jhutchinsWe hacked a DoD mainframe so we could play with three dimensional array programming (it was the only one that could handle multi-dimensional arrays at the time).22:33
velh0i'm the guy from the grub problems! everything is fixed!! :) :) :) thank you so much22:33
Schuenemannvelh0, fine :-)22:34
dreamcoderdepartment of defense? am i right? i am from the uk22:34
jhutchinsvelh0: Congratulations.  Consider the implications of what you have learned in regard to hacking the rest of your universe, not just your PC!22:34
jhutchinsdreamcoder: Yep.22:34
velh0Schuenemann: thank you22:34
Schuenemannvelh0, you just discovered windoze can't control you by erasing your boot options :-)22:35
dreamcoderwell my only comeback is i made a slice of toast and made a program called hello world in visual basic haha22:35
velh0jhutchins: what do you mean?22:35
jhutchinsvelh0: Don't just hack your computer, hack your world!  If someone can build it, you can fix it!22:35
jhutchinsvelh0: You can even make it better!22:36
velh0Schuenemann: looool! yeah! i has really starting to loose my pacience... thank you for all the help. i'm saving the precious link you gave me :)22:36
dreamcoderhow hard is it to learn python?22:36
Schuenemannvelh0, you're welcome22:36
dreamcoderdepends onthe person stupid question22:36
velh0jhutchins: that's the beauty of linux! :)22:36
Schuenemanndreamcoder, easier than C or perl, I suppose22:37
velh0jhutchins: i'm still windows dependent, but i hope to learn a hole lot more in linux enviroment. everything seems so beautifull!22:37
camillaHello again :-)22:37
camillaCan someone help me with Adept?22:38
camillaIs has crashed, and wish to avoid reinstall22:38
ardchoille!adeptfix | camilla22:38
ubotucamilla: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:38
camillaA thx :D22:39
camillaHep but its not locked it's just dont open22:39
velh0does anyone knows a good program to copy an entire partition to a file, so one can recover it later? thank you...22:40
camillaBut wait I will try the console thing22:40
somekoolI have a problem with unicode stuff... under windows I copied some folders named in Japanese from my C: drive to a USB Drive (fat32 both), when I get into linux, my folder on my C: are perfect readable japanese. while the copy on my USB drive are just question marks ????????? any idea whats wrong ?22:40
ardchoille!sysresccd | velh022:40
ubotuvelh0: SystemRescueCd is a Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM. It contains a number of admin tools including gparted and partimage. http://sysresccd.org/Main_Page22:40
ardchoillevelh0: PartImage22:40
velh0ubotu ardchoille thankyou!22:41
dreamcoderwhen i grow up i want to be like you lot haha22:41
dreamcoderi am 24 lol22:41
velh0when i grow up i want to be LINUX lol!22:42
camillaDoes anyone want to se what I got out of the console?22:44
ardchoille!pastebin | camilla22:44
ubotucamilla: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:44
camillaOk tx again22:45
ardchoillecamilla: Go ahead and pastebin the console output, it help someone here help you.22:46
mahasamoothow can I set num-lock to be on by default?22:47
velh0ardchoille: can i use PartImage to backup and recover the active partition were i'm working in?22:47
camillaHere is the URL   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/50023/22:48
dreamcoderso does anyone use windows here still22:48
ardchoille!ot | dreamcoder22:48
ubotudreamcoder: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:48
jpatrickdreamcoder: I don't22:48
Schuenemann!windows | dreamcoder22:48
ubotudreamcoder: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents22:48
jpatrickpoor poor bot :(22:48
dreamcoderi dont want help22:48
Schuenemannhey, who removed that part about the mental health institute?22:48
camillaWell windows is off topic :D22:49
dreamcoderi am very good with windows.. its linux i am intrested in22:49
dreamcoderthats why i am now a linux only os22:49
ardchoillecamilla: What was the exact command you used to get that?22:49
dreamcoderwith windows u need to reformat every month because everything slows down after time is that the case with linux22:50
velh0ubotu is not human! but he sure says some nice things ;)22:50
camillaWell...sudo fuser -vk/var/lib/dpkg/lock/;sudo dpkg22:50
ardchoillecamilla: Did you put a hyphen before the "vki" bit (ex sudo fuser -vki)?22:50
camillaWas it wrong?22:50
ardchoillecamilla: aha, put a space between -vk and /var22:51
dreamcoderalso is there a webpage to put people through step by step of what do do to install al the codecs etc and i mean w32codecs not free ones22:51
ardchoillecamilla: "sudo fuser -vki" is a command and "/var/lib/dpkg/lock" is a path to a file22:52
ardchoille!restrictedformats | dreamcoder22:52
ubotudreamcoder: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:52
Schuenemannhow can I see the list of running processes?22:53
ardchoilleSchuenemann: open a terminal and type: top22:53
dreamcoderso can the free codecs encode dvds etc22:54
ardchoilleSchuenemann: But, there's also htop, which is much better, and you can install that if you want22:54
ardchoille!dvd | dreamcoder22:54
ubotudreamcoder: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs22:54
Tm_TSchuenemann: ps aux might also be good command in some use22:54
Schuenemannardchoille, how to just get a list?22:54
DelvienWhats the best way to remove as much of KDE as possible ?22:54
Tm_TSchuenemann: see what I said22:54
camillaCan I uninstall the Adept package whith dpkg?22:54
SchuenemannTm_T, how do I see if a specific string is there? is it that grep something?22:55
Tm_Tcamilla: yes, but why would you do that?22:55
Tm_TSchuenemann: ps aux | grep foo22:55
Tm_Tto see foo that is22:55
Schuenemannps aux | grep mysql22:55
Schuenemannthat, thanks22:55
ardchoillecamilla: Just out of curiousity, did yo run this entire command?  sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a22:55
SchuenemannTm_T, what is ps and aux?22:56
Schuenemannjust to help me memorize22:56
camillaGaa Ill will try again :-)22:56
Jucatops = list running processes22:56
mahasamoothello, I'm looking for help with a couple of keyboard issues22:56
Jucatoaux - a, u, and x options for ps22:56
Tm_TJucato: thanks :)22:56
Schuenemannhmmm alright22:57
Tm_TSchuenemann: ps --help ;)22:57
Schuenemannyeah, I was wondering what ps mean22:57
dreamcoderso because i am using 64 bit i cannot watch some videos in firefox if i went to kubuntu 32 bit it wud work?22:57
SchuenemannI was thinking about something like lsproc or something22:57
mahasamootmy wireless keyboard has no leds, so I don't get any feedback22:57
JucatoSchuenemann: it's basically the same as if you pressed Ctrl+Esc in KDE ;)22:58
mahasamootis there a way to get visual feedback on the screen when toggling num-lock, cap-lock?22:58
ardchoilledreamcoder: There's a way to get flash running in 64bit firefox, but I hear it's complicated. Try searching on http://ubuntuforums.com22:58
SchuenemannJucato, I see22:58
Tm_Tmahasamoot: yes, "keyboard status indicator" might be the right keyword22:58
mahasamootTm_T: thank you :-)22:59
dreamcoderi have flash working using 32bit firefox - its certian videos i cannot view it just doesnt show anything22:59
Schuenemannnow, where is the information about which processes automatically start then the system starts up? I want to get rid of myslq22:59
mahasamootalso, how about setting num-lock at boot?22:59
Tm_TSchuenemann: update-rc.d --force mysql remove23:00
camillaYes I'll will post it...http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/50024/23:00
Tm_TSchuenemann: is to remove it23:00
ardchoille!info numlockx | mahasamoot23:00
ubotumahasamoot: numlockx: enable NumLock in X11 sessions. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-6 (gutsy), package size 10 kB, installed size 88 kB23:00
Tm_TSchuenemann: to list them, ummm23:00
ardchoillemahasamoot: Hmm.. that's for X11, not "on boot", sorry23:01
mahasamootardchoille: thank you :-)23:01
camillaMy problem is that Adept donnot open when I try ; APT-databasen kunde inte öppnas. Det kan orsakas av felaktig inställning av APT eller något liknande problem. Försök köra apt-setup och apt-get update i en terminal och se om det hjälper för att lösa problemet.23:01
ardchoillecamilla: Translation?23:01
mahasamootthe console was my next.. question, but I guess it's a smaller issue]23:01
camillaSwedish But it says that ATP-base cannot open23:01
Schuenemannlooks like swedish is pretty verbose :-)23:02
camillaWell thwre is moore23:02
dreamcoderi am trying to get the xbox 360 security lecture to work but to no avail : http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EEAllAlZVuRLhOzpWe.php23:02
dreamcoderthink i might go bk to 32 bit or wndows lol23:03
Tm_TSchuenemann: indeed, it is, och jag tycker inte om det, javisst23:03
velh0see ya23:03
camilla"can depend on "wrongful" settings of ATP23:03
velh0happy new year ^-^23:03
Tm_Tcamilla: ummm, doesn't sounds like it23:03
camilla"try to run Apt_setup223:03
SchuenemannTm_T, I was kidding, I know she translated only the relevant part23:04
Tm_TSchuenemann: I know you were kidding :-P23:04
Tm_Tcamilla: run apt-get update, what does it return?23:04
Schuenemannoh well23:04
batis610i want to rip some episodes from a dvd with multiple laguages and subtitles... which can i use?23:05
ScottGMy Xorg is busted.. can't start X..23:05
ardchoille!dvd | batis61023:05
ubotubatis610: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs23:05
camilla"couldn find the command23:06
ScottGwhat is the CLI command to start with basic graphics?23:06
Tm_Tcamilla: what?!23:06
camillaWell this is the problem with translated wesions. Now I have to translate it back arrgghh:-)23:07
camilla apt_get update23:08
camillabash: apt_get: kommandot hittades inte23:08
camilla"kommandot hittades inte"=could'nt find the command23:08
Schuenemannit's apt-get, not apt_get23:08
camillaI spell like shit, sorry bout that :-)23:09
camillaThat figures arghh23:09
Ayabaralevel1, open for one more Q? if I don't care about losing my app-settings, will I get a fresh kde-start by deleting .kde and .kderc in $HOME?23:09
SchuenemannTm_T, do you know how to list everything that starts up automatically?23:10
Ayabaraif anyone else wants to reply, that's ok too :-)23:10
camillaE: .... unknown on line 48 in /etc/apt/sources.list23:10
camillaBut I cannot find anything in /etc/apt/sources.list23:11
Schuenemanncamilla, why don't you pastebin that file?23:11
Schuenemannwhat do you mean you can't find anything?23:11
camillaIts only one line23:11
Schuenemannpaste it23:12
camillaAhh I can't find anything in that directory23:12
Schuenemanntry kate /etc/apt/sources.list23:12
Tm_T!boot | Schuenemann23:13
ubotuSchuenemann: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto23:13
Schuenemannok, I'll install that bum23:15
camillaOk here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/50028/23:15
Schuenemanncamilla, the file, not the command output23:15
ardchoille!baddevice | camilla23:15
ubotucamilla: If you are receiving an error similar to "X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 168", it can be safely ignored. If you want to get rid of the error messages then please visit this page: http://seerofsouls.com/wiki/How-Tos/BadDeviceErrors23:15
Schuenemannit should've opened the text editor with the file23:15
dreamcoderis kubuntu as secure as kubuntu23:18
dreamcoderis suse as secure as k23:19
camillaThx, thx for you help23:19
dreamcoderjust with the yast it seems easier to configure the firewall23:20
dreamcoderand more advanced than using commands23:20
dreamcoderother than using commands23:20
Schuenemanncamilla, huh... where is the file?23:20
Schuenemanndreamcoder, I believe they're all secure, yes23:20
dreamcoderthanks sorry i ask alotof questions i kno23:21
dreamcoderalso i have a sparew pc cud i make this into a dedicated firewall that is easy to set up23:22
dreamcoderand wud it be as good as a router baught from the shop23:22
SchuenemannI have no clue what that means23:23
dreamcoderspare pc*23:24
GWillakersReading the online manual I don't see mention of 'Smart Playlist'.  Does RB have them??23:24
dreamcoderand would it be as good as a router baught from the shop*23:24
dreamcoderalso i have a spare pc could i make this into a dedicated firewall that is easy to set up23:25
dreamcoderi have really got to stop using slang23:25
GWillakersoops, wrong window!!23:25
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=== ahmed_ is now known as ahmed__
billybobo231can anyone help me with compiling? every effort at compiling kdenlive results in errors like: "make[2]: *** [kdenlive/CMakeFiles/kdenlive.dir/krender.o] Error 1"   What is a "make[2] ...Error 1" ?23:32
david__you need to paste more output than that23:33
billybobo231ok, so its more deep-rooted...23:33
david__use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/23:33
david__then link us to that23:33
billybobo231would you be able to follow it if I pastebinned the final chunk?  i am wondering if i am missing a library, or if it is something in the application/code...23:34
david__it's almost always a library23:34
david__btw, you do know kdenlive is in the repository?23:35
ronnie_hi, I'm considering going to buy the hp 4140 multi-function printer, any know if it works fully (scanner as well?) with my system= kubuntu 7.10 ??23:36
billybobo231david__: yeah but that kdenlive doesn't work for me :( its NTSC output is bad and the newer ones are much improved (but unreleased :()  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/50031/23:37
david__I see.23:37
billybobo231well, the newer builds are improved overall, but still not the NTSC...23:37
=== saizai_ is now known as saizai
Weasel[DK]trying to get kmyfirewall running but when commiting the rules i get this ->  Error: kdesu: Unknown option '-t'.23:38
billybobo231ronnie_: not sure at all, have you tried to google for posts about it?23:38
david__billybobo231: quickest thing to try is "sudo apt-get build-dep kdenlive"23:38
david__this gets everything you need to build the old one23:38
billybobo231ooh ok i'll try that... the new one has additional things i think, like unsermake and some others, but i have those already...23:39
billybobo231i think23:39
david__billybobo231: libmlt is one of the things you're missing23:39
david__probably libmlt-dev23:39
ronnie_ya 'ill look billy thx, tho ya always get mixed comments, some say the scanner won't work,23:39
billybobo231mlt is built with this script, presumably....23:39
billybobo231and the script is also building that pastebin23:40
david__it's a library this code uses, but possibly needs to be on your system for this code to use.23:40
Weasel[DK]someone knows why the -t option is missing in kubuntu's kdesu23:43
billybobo231ok i am trying again to build using this script, after the apt-get build-dep kdenlive command23:43
billybobo231Weasel[DK]: not sure but i think 7.10 is supposed to use 'kdesudo' instead of 'kdesu'23:44
ronnie_I don't really know a thing bout burning cd's, so here's a dumb question : if you burn over & over on a rewriteable cd do you eventually lose quality,??23:44
billybobo231ronnie_: i think in theory you have a good number before that happens, but you should 'blank' the CD between uses.  I've always found they get scratched too easily to make it worth more than a few burns, and overall not worth the price23:45
billybobo231ronnie_: have you observed them beginning to lose data?23:46
ronnie_ya ok I prefer cd-r's so I can't accidentally write over em : )23:46
MGalaxyanybody can see this website? http://www.kbfx.org/23:47
ronnie_no I never copied over one enough to see it lose quailty23:47
kristian_no its not working23:47
Weasel[DK]billybobo231, hmm no -t option either... seems that the kdesu command is hardcoded into kmyfirewall... i could take a look at the source i guess ;)23:49
ronnie_anyhoo im off to buy my first printer woohoo!, tho I'll check a few more sites to be sure the scanner's gonna work too : )   later linuxian's haha.23:49
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:56
MGalaxyanybody can see this website? http://www.kbfx.org/23:56
ScottyMGalaxy, it does not load for me.23:57
ardchoilleMGalaxy: Unknown host www.kbfx.org23:57
ScottyBut Google has it cached if that helps?
sourcemakerAre there known problems with firefox... I had 2 kernel panics while using firefox?23:58
ScottGIn need of some serious help.23:59
billybobo231batis610: if you've not found something for DVDs, try k9copy...23:59

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