tehpunkprodigy_hey guys, anybody know what setting could cause the audio to sound poorly while watching tv?00:22
nettow0822_Have you looked at the troubleshooting guide?00:23
tehpunkprodigy_I installed mythbuntu 7.10 and now my audio is all grainy while watching tv, I had dapper installed before and it worked perfectly, so there must be a config error00:23
tehpunkprodigy_yes, for the past week00:23
nettow0822_sorry that is all I can offer00:23
tehpunkprodigy_my problem has something to do with the "digitizing" of the audio, because playing audio using analog(tvtime) sounds fine00:24
nwidgerhello, anyone around?00:25
nwidgerso i want to edit the lirc configuration for my remote00:26
nwidgeryet when i change $HOME/.lircrc and restart mythtv, the changes dont work00:26
nettow0822_so what do you want to do?00:26
nwidgermake the Back button on my mceusb remote do Escape00:26
nwidgerso i added a begin...end block with Back as the button and Escape in the config field00:27
nettow0822_are you closing the program (ex mythtv) and restarting after you make the lirc change?00:27
nwidgerrestart mythtvfrontend, hit the button.. nothing happens00:27
nwidgerand there aren't any other references to the Back button in the config file00:27
nwidgerand /usr/share/lirc/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf file lists Back as the name of a button, and irw confirms it00:28
nwidgernettow0822_: yeah, i restart mythfrontend after making the change00:28
nwidgerany ideas?00:32
tehpunkprodigyhuh the recording profiles were all set by default to the lowest possible audio rate, thats strange00:56
matookewhat should I use with the hauppauge pvr-150 card? V4L or mpeg-2?02:23
nettow0822__tgm4883 you awake?02:48
crazedCrazedhey how do I start a application are startup ?04:39
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mindframe_is the next release of mythbuntu going to include mythtv 0.21 ?04:58
rushfan2007-12-29 00:10:32.822 RingBuf(/video/1044_20071229001026.mpg): Invalid file (fd -1) when opening '/video/1044_20071229001026.mpg' --> Anyone here ever get that?05:12
kmythhow do i get mythbackend to start on boot05:29
MilhousePunkRockHow do I determine the command xfce uses to hibernate the machine? I want to use that as the shutdown command (for some reason, my machine will only wake up from /proc/acpi/alarm from hibernation, not from complete power-off)10:35
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MilhousePunkRockHello everyone!14:01
DavieyMilhousePunkRock: hey, i hear you got your nova-t 500 remote working?14:16
MilhousePunkRockDaviey: Indeed... Had to compile v4l myself, but with mercurial, that was really a piece of cake!14:17
Davieyand that was it, just worked?14:17
MilhousePunkRockDaviey: Even better news: The MythBox is currently in the living room, my girlfriend is watching "Ghost Whisperer" which I recorded for her yesterday14:18
Davieyyah WAF14:18
MilhousePunkRockDaviey: Yes, the "with 2 devices inside" message on dmesg turned into "5 devices" after that14:18
MilhousePunkRockThere was some tweaking involved, I used the config files from the MythTV wiki for the remote and after that M-C-C has the remote greyed out...14:19
DavieyMilhousePunkRock: care to describe14:16:54 < Daviey> MilhousePunkRock: hey, i hear you got your nova-t 500 remote working?14:20
MilhousePunkRockNo manual configuration needed for TV-Out though... The composite on my GeForce 6200 "just works"(TM)14:20
Daviey14:17:24 < MilhousePunkRock> +Daviey: Indeed... Had to compile v4l myself, but with mercurial, that was really a piece of  cake!14:20
DavieyCare to describe how, i've got a friend who wants to get his remote working on a production box14:20
MilhousePunkRockI pretty much just followed the wiki, http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV_Nova-T_500_PCI14:22
MilhousePunkRockIt's completely accurate, and then I replaced the config files for the remote with those posted there. Of course one has to match /dev/input/eventX14:24
MilhousePunkRockHow can I determine which command the log-out dialog of xfce uses to hibernate the system? I'd like to use that for MythTV to shut down the system, my machine will only wake up with ACPI wake-up from hibernate or suspend, not from power-off14:26
MilhousePunkRockDaviey: What's not working with the remote is holding down a key and having it repeated, I wonder if that's hardware-sided. irw does only report one keypress if I hold down a key14:28
MilhousePunkRockFor volume for instance (I do have volume control working via a softvol device in the .asoundrc :D )14:29
DavieyMilhousePunkRock: You can send acpi commands, but they need to be done as root / suid14:51
MilhousePunkRockDaviey: visudo is the way to go for that, I assume... But I need to know those commands...14:51
DavieyMilhousePunkRock: there's a few ways of doing it14:58
Daviey'hibernate' the application14:58
Davieysuspend2 application14:58
MilhousePunkRockI wonder if the /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh is getting called from the logout dialog14:59
Davieyas root: echo -n mem > /sys/power/state14:59
Davieyit is AFAIK14:59
MilhousePunkRockDaviey: In that case I would only need that as the shutdown command and have "user" in the sudoers execute it without password prompt, and probably "mythtv" too15:00
canuteubuntu does not detect my tv capture card...16:01
canute Congratulations!  Your TV card vendor saved a few16:02
canute[   12.152000] saa7134:  cents for a eeprom, thus your pci board has no16:02
canute[   12.152000] saa7134:  subsystem ID and I can't identify it automatically16:02
canutei am getting the followind message when i try dmesg...16:03
canuteis there anybody here who could help me.....16:03
canuteis this the right place to ask questions about tv tuner card???16:05
SmoerrebroedHelp is just an illusion.16:22
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)17:23
hassehello, anyone know why my mythstream dosent work after an upgrade, some problems about, mythstream compiled with a old version of libmyth, how to solve that ?18:16
superm1hasse, on which build?18:27
superm1on the weekly ones?18:27
hassethe latest nightly build18:32
superm1or fixes18:36
superm1(and they are weekly not nightly)18:36
superm1mythstream isn't usually rebuilt against trunk, but i guess that's a good point that it should be18:37
superm1we can add that to our build script i suppose18:37
superm1look for it in next week's build, ok?18:37
hassewould be nice, but when wuold it be updated ?18:38
superm1so we havent done this weekend's yet18:38
superm1but will be doing them tonight or tomorrow18:38
superm1and they are usually one day delayed to mirrors18:38
hassethat would be lovely, thanks18:39
donHello. I have set up my Mythbuntu back end so that it can be seen by my ps3. The problem is that the ps3 doesn't find any files. How do I add my existing content (movies and music) to Mythbuntu?20:13
hasseanyone knows anything about a audioscrobbler plugin for mythmusic ?20:31
Chads_Has anyone tried Windows Media Centre in comparison to MythTV?21:01
nwidgerso i want to modify the remote bindings in mythbuntu21:04
nwidgeri have a working config, but i want to customize it21:04
nwidgerwhat do i need to edit?21:04
hassenwidger: ~/.lircrc i think21:09
rinaldi_if i set a program to record from one of my frontends andexit it, will it still record? also im getting "decoder MAD" error when trying to play music from one of my frontends21:52
don_Hello, I'm back. I have set up my Mythbuntu back end so that it can be seen by my ps3. The problem is that the ps3 doesn't find any files. How do I add my existing content (movies and music) to Mythbuntu?22:05
MythbuntuGuest83Hello all - long time user / first time chatter22:15
don_Hi MythbuntuGuest22:16
don_I'm a short time user and a 2nd time chatter.22:16
MythbuntuGuest83I just installed Mythbuntu 7.10 to upgrade my previous Ubuntu / Myth install, and have problems with /dev/dvb not existing.22:16
MythbuntuGuest83If I load the cx88-dvb module, I get an error - "FATAL: Error inserting cx88_dvb:  No such device.22:17
MythbuntuGuest83Basically - the device doesn't exisit, I have tried udeving around to make it happen, and no joy.22:18
MythbuntuGuest83Anyone have any ideas?22:18
don_I'm afraid that went way over my head. Sorry.22:19
MythbuntuGuest83No worries - It is really over my head to, but they can train monkeys to go to the moon - so surely I can figure this out with a bit of help.....22:20
MythbuntuGuest83I did neglect to say that I am trying to get a pcHDTV5500 working on /dev/dvb/frontend0 - via the cx88-dvb kernel module22:21
don_I hear that. I'm trying to get Mythbuntu to steam content to my ps3. I can see the Mythbuntu back end from the ps3 but there are no files present. Any idea how I get Mythbuntu to see files already on my machine?22:22
MythbuntuGuest83Can you see the files via the backend?22:24
MythbuntuGuest83I have all my media stored on a SAN, and I have to do SMB hard mounts on the server so that it can scan the folders22:26
MythbuntuGuest83Then they are availalable to clients22:27
MythbuntuGuest51Guest83 Do you record directly to your SAN?22:27
MythbuntuGuest83No - I record shows to the Server, and then use a cron job to move transcoded files to the SAN.  All my other media is put directly on the SAN however (mp3 / movies etc)22:29
don_I'm not sure if I can see the files from the back end. I am running the back end on an Ubuntu desktop. I can see the files from the desktop but I haven't figured out how to add them to the back end.22:29
MythbuntuGuest51I'm tinkering with the Idea of SAN for all my stuff, but that would put me in the same boat as you.22:30
MythbuntuGuest51MythTV .21 shoud have better support for this with Storage Groups I'm told22:31
MythbuntuGuest83You need to either put them in a folder that is scanned by the backend (/var/mythtv/videos or something like that)22:31
don_Can i get Mythbuntu to scan a folder other than /var/mythtv/videos?22:32
MythbuntuGuest51I was wondering if there was a way to move them, then update the pointer in the database to the new location22:32
MythbuntuGuest51I'm not thinking so, the way I understand it, it only knows about the recordings from the database entry22:33
MythbuntuGuest83You can tell it where your "video" folder is, or your "music22:34
MythbuntuGuest83" folder is etc.22:34
MythbuntuGuest83It is under setup.22:35
MythbuntuGuest83Otherwise you can create a hard link on the file system so that it will scan an alternate location.22:35
MythbuntuGuest51that gets back your having to manualy mount the share22:36
MythbuntuGuest51I added a line to my /etc/rc.local that remounts the share on startup22:36
MythbuntuGuest51my slave backends use it for transcodeing, comm flaging, etc22:37
don_my /var/lib/mythtv/ folder contains only a recordings folder. Do I need to add other folders?22:37
MythbuntuGuest83In setup - you can specify your video/music and picture folders as well, and they can all be different.22:38
don_Sorry to be such a noob, but how do I get to setup?22:38
don_Is it in the MCC?22:38
MythbuntuGuest83Give me a minute and I will look on my frontend22:42
don_There is a Launch MythTV Setup in the MCC under MythTV Configuration but I can't see anything about defining various folders.22:43
MythbuntuGuest83I am switching to MrYutz......22:45
MrYutzI just installed Mythbuntu 7.10 to upgrade my previous Ubuntu / Myth install, and have problems with /dev/dvb not existing for my pcHDTV 5500 card.22:46
MrYutzdon_ under  the backend setup "general" section, you can choose what folder you recordings go into.  Otherwise each front end can be configured for the video / picture / music folder individually.22:47
MrYutzI have mine all set to point to the same location (each front end)22:47
MrYutzBut now my server doesn't work (see above) and that is a whole different issue.22:47
MrYutzI think you just need to setup a samba share for the folders you want to share - and then let the PS3 connect to them - although I don't have one of those - so I can't say for sure what the best method is.22:48
don_Perhaps the method that I have been trying isn't going to work. The PS3 can read a UPnP server so I was hoping to have the PS3 read the UPnP back end. I don't actually have a Mythbuntu front end installed on my PS3. What do you think?22:50
MrYutzdon_ if you are still around - I am not sure what the PS3 is capable of.  I just googled UPnP server, and realize I don't know much about it.23:09
don_Thanks a lot for the help MrYutz. I'll keep looking. I hope you get your issue sorted out.23:10
MrYutzI just installed Mythbuntu 7.10 to upgrade my previous Ubuntu / Myth install, and have problems with /dev/dvb not existing for my pcHDTV 5500 card.  I have tried to mannual modprobe the cx88-dvb driver, but it says:  "No such device".23:13
MrYutzThe card is listed in dmesg (pcHDTV 5500 / type 47), but I cannot get the module to load with the 7.10 version of Mythbuntu.  It was working fine under 7.04.  Any ideas?23:14

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