ari_stressmorning everyone :D00:18
pygimorning ari_stress00:29
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RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting = in 5 mins ===11:54
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stmartinHow to remove Local Disk and sda1 from Desktop?16:05
grezerMorning All18:31
grezerquick question for you all, im using xampp on my server, and before I can start it up, i have to turn off apache2, mysql, and proftpd, is there any way i can make it so these servces dont auto on boot ??18:32
grezerjohnny, how ??18:34
johnnyuhmm.. why would you use xampp when you already have all those tools installed?18:34
johnnyxampp seems only useful on windows18:34
grezerwell, ok18:34
johnnyi don't see a reason to use it on linux at all18:34
grezerI was very new .. and needed to get everything working .. and that was the easyest thing for me to do at the time18:34
grezerthree clicks and it was up and working, I was having issues with PHP and apache working frendly with each other so I used xampp instead18:35
grezerI dont want to change anything right now ( until i get my new faster better server going )18:36
grezerits just a pain having to turn everything off and then start xampp18:37
grezerI would like to have xampp start on start up18:37
grezerdid I scare everyone with my question ? or place my self in a black hole18:44
johnnygo ask them :)18:50
johnnyor use the services section in administration18:50
johnnythe menu18:50
grezerask who jonny19:05
johnnyxampp people silly19:18
johnnybut try the services menu option19:18
johnnyi almost forgot19:18
grezerservices menu option19:18
grezergood start jonny, thank you for the assistance19:18
hubuntu_ok guys ihow do I install a thin client on a computer? Just iusing the Classroom Server CD and choosing workstation?19:25
johnnyyou don't install it19:26
johnnyyou network boot them19:26
johnnyworkstation is for standalone edubuntu19:26
hubuntu_ut they need some kind of software, don'tthey?19:26
hubuntu_or just start a NXE boot option and tah's it?19:26
johnnyif your PCs have PXE bootrom19:26
johnnytry that19:26
hubuntu_if not, what?19:26
johnnyif you are sure that the various ltsp server optiosn are installed19:26
johnnybuy PXE boot containing NICs19:27
hubuntu_of course, isn't it the default?19:27
johnnyor use a CD19:27
johnnyor floppy19:27
hubuntu_get the idea...19:27
johnnyfrom etherboot site19:27
hubuntu_amazingly easy...19:27
johnnyor usb.. whatever works for you19:27
johnnyor even on a partition on the HD19:27
johnnyif you got it19:27
hubuntu_should come out louder on the website.. din't quite get it, but it might just be me19:27
johnnyalways room for improvement19:28
johnnybut you should read the full edubuntu docs19:28
johnnybefore you proceed19:28
johnnythe handbook that is19:28
hubuntu_thanx man19:40
LaserJockogra: around?19:45

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