allee_bigon: should it go to /usr/share/dbus-1/services  so dbus find it?00:01
allee_aka /usr/share/dbus-1/services00:01
allee_for kde specific files one needs to tweak the prefix but only for them00:02
hungerGood night.00:04
allee_hunger: nite00:04
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bigoneven files in bin/00:04
alleeHardystuff in bin/   depends only on qt libs  so /usr/bin should be okay IMHO00:06
alleeHardys/only qt/not on kde/00:06
bigonthe build log of decibel on debian00:07
nixternalthat is for all00:08
* bigon surrender00:10
bigoncould someone else fix the FTBFS of decibel?00:10
Riddellmornfall: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Perl+Qt4?content=69747 (!)00:14
mornfallRiddell: Doesn't really seem to be compatible with perl-qt3 though? It is apparently based on SWIG and not SMOKE. Dunno though. At least if it is the same one I have seen before.00:15
* nixternal heads out for some sush, sake, and sapporo!00:18
* nixternal can't spell, sushi!!! not sush :p00:18
Jucatosush.... :P00:19
JucatoI've never tasted sake before... is it really good as they say? :)00:19
nixternaloh ya00:20
nixternalhot sake will put you on your arse..the best hacking medicine one could ask for :)00:21
DaSkreechHey Jucato00:22
Jucatohi Das00:22
DaSkreechhow goes?00:22
Jucatovery fine... :)00:23
Jucatomade another new year's resolution...00:23
Jucatowrite only short blog posts unless absolutely necessary :)00:23
DaSkreechHa ha :)00:24
* DaSkreech resolved not to make any resolutions00:24
DaSkreechI lost :-(00:25
Riddellmornfall: right, I hadn't seen it before00:26
DaSkreechJucato: Vote!00:38
DaSkreechShould I suck it up and do pure KDE4?00:39
Jucatowhat do you mean by "do pure KDE4"?00:39
DaSkreechJump into KDE4 with nothing that needs KDE3 libs00:40
JucatoI vote "no"00:40
DaSkreechwell as much as can be avoided00:40
DaSkreechI'll use non KDE stuff where I can00:41
DaSkreechlike mplayere00:41
Jucatoyou're going to be  using *a lot* of non-KDE stuff then :)00:41
DaSkreechHow much?00:41
DaSkreechI'll do FF3 just cause I can't live without the extensions anyway00:42
Jucatoas much as the KDE 4.0 apps that don't work properly yet :)00:42
DaSkreechmplayer for audio stuff00:42
DaSkreechwhat else do I need?00:42
Jucato4.x apps I mean (including trunk)00:42
DaSkreechI have centerim for IM00:42
DaSkreechI guess irssi for IRC00:43
* Jucato doesn't get what's the point then...00:43
jjesseJucato: dang how long can your posts get?00:43
DaSkreechJucato: what else is missing?00:43
Jucatojjesse: that's hopefully the last :)00:43
DaSkreechjjesse: Is that a challenge? :-)00:43
jjesseDaSkreech: man i hope not, my eyes glazed over halfway through00:43
Jucatoyeah... it's a year end review... but anyway.. like I said, no more long posts from me unless absolutely necessary :)00:44
Jucatoanyway, breakfast00:45
jjessegrin just giving you a hard time00:46
Jucatonah, I gave myself a hard time too...00:47
Jucatobut I still might do long personal blog posts, but those would probably not be in the planet (different tag, different feed :P)00:48
* DaSkreech steals Jucato back01:04
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Riddellnixternal: still no ktorrent-kde4 4.0.001:18
DaSkreechJucato: what else do you see as detrimentally missing?01:20
VorianRiddell: I have it if you want an upload01:21
Riddellnixternal: rsibreak doesn't contain the magic debian/rules kludge to add wrapper scripts in /usr/bin and /usr/share/applications01:21
RiddellVorian: does it have the magic debian/rules kludge?01:21
Vorianlemme check01:22
RiddellVorian: http://pastebin.com/m671bbbc601:22
Riddellyou need to change the install/ target to something suitable01:22
VorianRiddell: nope01:24
RiddellVorian: could you add that and test it compiles?01:24
Voriansure thing01:24
VorianRiddell: in the kde.mk?01:25
RiddellVorian: in debian/rules01:25
Riddellideally it would go in kde.mk but I can't find a target that works for all builds01:26
Vorianthat makes sense01:26
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jjessegrgh iwhy can't i get vm to vm network communication when on wireless01:52
jjesseooo thunderstorms01:54
VorianRiddell: it built fine01:54
RiddellVorian: and you get something in usr/bin ?01:54
VorianI also have his rsibreak01:54
VorianRiddell: only usr/share and usr/lib01:58
RiddellVorian: what did you change the install rule to?01:59
Vorianand usr/lib/kde4/bin01:59
RiddellVorian: I need to go to bed but you need to change that top "install/kgeography-data-kde4::" to "install/ktorrent-kde4::" or maybe just "install::" whatever works02:01
Riddelldebuild -nc   is your friend for working out what works02:01
VorianRiddell: thanks for the tip :)02:01
Riddellor maybe "common-post-build-indep::"02:04
Voriani'll give that a whirl02:05
DaSkreechhi Hobbsee02:34
DaSkreechHobbsee: Vote :) should I go KDE4 pure?02:38
Hobbseen oid ea;002:38
DaSkreechI want to help with Bug reports etc02:38
DaSkreechI think I'll find my way into KDE3 most of the time if it annoys me02:39
DaSkreechI'm sick of Gutsy freezing on me now so I'm going to hardy02:39
DaSkreechbut I thinking hardy && KDE4 pure :)02:39
DaSkreechcoreymon77: for me or for release ?02:40
coreymon77the latter02:41
DaSkreechcoreymon77: want to toss a vote in?02:42
coreymon77i wonder whats gonna be done for I02:42
coreymon77DaSkreech: for what02:42
DaSkreechShould I go KDE4 pure?02:42
coreymon77havent tried it yet02:43
DaSkreechcoreymon77: Gut feeling :)02:43
coreymon77with my desktop box, im waiting till its stable02:43
DaSkreechYeah reasonably I should as well02:43
coreymon77i sure hope that the release after hardy is gonna be lts, because pretty soon im gonna have to stop upgrading my distro on my desktop box02:44
coreymon77but i want to wait for a lts for that02:45
Hobbsee.....*decides not to comment*02:46
coreymon77sooner or later, my computers not gonna be able to handle newer distros02:46
coreymon77Hobbsee: what, i was told that hardy is not gonna be a kubuntu lts, isnt that right?02:46
DaSkreechcoreymon77: it is not02:48
coreymon77DaSkreech: i know02:49
coreymon77which is why im wondering if i should bother will kde4 yet at all on my desktop02:49
coreymon77im wondering if it can handle it02:49
DaSkreechcoreymon77: it will after a while02:50
coreymon77whats that supposed to mean02:50
coreymon77isnt the 11th stable release?02:50
DaSkreechKDE and Macs drop system requirements after the first few iterations02:50
coreymon77DaSkreech: my desktop is a dell box02:51
coreymon77DaSkreech: from 200202:51
coreymon77DaSkreech: only my laptop is a mac02:51
coreymon77DaSkreech: my mac will be able to handle it easy02:52
DaSkreechcoreymon77: :-)02:53
coreymon77its the dell box im not sure about02:53
nixternalyou won't see a Kubuntu LTS possibility until 201003:08
nixternalwho runs LTS anyways?03:08
Jucatothat is the question )03:09
nixternalRiddell: haven't uploaded ktorrent-kde4.0 just yet03:09
Jucatowell, some individual users do... but not major rollouts of Kubuntu.. nothing Canonical can make money from :)03:09
Voriannixternal: it needs to change03:09
nixternalRiddell: should every app have that magic kludge btw? this is the first I have seen it I think03:09
nixternalbah, I am to drunk tonight to do it possibly :p03:10
nixternalto much magic developer juice03:10
Jucatoyou're two drunk? O.o03:10
Jucatohm... which reminds me :)03:10
nixternalya, I went with 4 sakes and 4 sapporos03:10
nixternal8x to many03:10
Jucatoman! I wish I knew a place here that sold/served sake03:11
Voriannixternal: I'll send you the updated ktorrent03:11
Vorianand some aspirin03:11
nixternaloh jeesh, /me closes email03:11
nixternalno aspirin, sake and sapporo leaves you hangover free03:11
nosrednaekim#join #ronpaul03:13
* DaSkreech hits nosrednaekim03:13
nosrednaekimOOPS :)03:14
nosrednaekimmanchicken is gonna kill me03:14
* manchicken stabs nosrednaekim03:14
Jucatoheh :)03:14
nixternalwho is ron paul? they don't talk about him on tv :p03:14
manchickennixternal: That's because he's an idiot.03:16
nixternalis clinton whoopin' obama right now? to lazy to crawl to the tv03:16
nixternalThe NH primary was completed faster than my gentoo install :(03:16
nixternalhahahhaha, that is from twitter03:16
nixternalgood stuff03:16
nosrednaekimhaha, yeah... clinton is winning so far as I have heard.03:17
nixternalclinton and mccain win NH...Live Free or Die is their state motto, obviously they all want to die :p03:17
nosrednaekimmy uncle voted Ron Paul.... I guess he is goning to live ;)03:18
nixternalhah, giuliani beat paul...about time...hell manchicken could be paul :p03:18
nixternalsorry, don't want to clump you in with him03:18
manchickennixternal: I hope Fred Thompson is appropriately ashamed for having lost to a white nationalist.  He should have worked harder.03:19
nixternaloh lord, i see thompson just below "write-ins"03:19
nixternalhe still thinks the primaries are a citcom03:20
yuriyunder Paul you could live free AND die03:20
manchickennixternal: Where are you looking?03:20
nixternalfox news03:20
Vorianfox news ftw03:20
nixternaleverything else *.liberal is beat up by adaware :p03:21
manchickenThat's where I'm watching, but only because they're doing well with their reporting.03:21
nixternalthat's a first03:21
Vorianseriously, who would vote for McCain or Huckabee?03:21
nixternalI am voting for mickey mouse03:21
manchickenWell, nobody else is framing in their commercials with the poll results coming in even through the commercials.03:22
nixternalfox news went all espn like they do for auto racing :p03:22
nixternalspeaking of auto racing, 1 more month until nascar03:22
yuriyVorian: NH and iowa respectively apparently..03:23
Vorianyuriy: they don't count though :)03:23
Vorian5 or 6 delegates03:23
DaSkreechnixternal: wouldn't want to front my Bro 700 dollars :)03:24
DaSkreechnixternal: I can pay you back by Weekend03:24
nixternalif I had $700 I would cut my wrists and die rich03:24
Jucatohttp://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/pointers.png (intermission)03:25
DaSkreechnixternal: you really are drunk :-)03:25
Jucatonixternal: not before you transfer that $700 to me right? :)03:25
Voriannixternal: incoming03:26
Jucatoheh Vorian's recent blog post was the complete opposite of mine :)03:30
* Jucato should learn to write one-liner posts :/03:30
Vorianyours was teh bestest tho Jucato :)03:31
jjesse_wow its crazy stormying out04:04
DaSkreechHere too04:04
jjesse_tornado warning04:04
jjesse_wait just a tornado watch04:04
jjesse_DaSkreech: where are you at?04:04
Jucato83.6F... :/04:05
DaSkreechjjesse_: no where near you04:05
jjesse_ah :004:05
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* Hobbsee comes back04:51
ScottKSounds ominous04:58
* Hobbsee DOOMs ScottK04:59
ScottKAt least I'd get some rest.04:59
Hobbseeno you wouldn't.04:59
Hobbseewell, depends where you get doomed too04:59
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Tonio_hi there10:04
mhbRiddell: abend? wo bist du denn?10:51
Riddellhmm, you beat me10:52
mhbRiddell: are you overseas again?10:52
mhbRiddell: australia?10:54
Riddellnot yet10:57
RiddellUS next week10:57
mhbah, the forbidden land10:58
Riddellyeah, I didn't give back my green immigration slip last time I was there, they may get grumpy and not let me in10:58
mhbit's the UDSprint, right? Enjoy it (and support Kubuntu as much as possible)!11:00
Riddellit's the KDE release event11:00
mhbUDSprint elsewhere? or offline?11:01
mhbit says January 24th in the schedule, so I assumed11:01
mhbtotally forgotten about the release event :o) anyway, good luck convincing people to try Kubuntu! Those that are not biased, that is :o)11:02
Riddellhardy sprint is in London in Canonical Towers11:08
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hungerAny idea what might break kwallet in hardy?12:41
Riddellhunger: it works for me12:50
mhbhunger: well12:51
hungerRiddell: I found a bugreport for feisty which describes my problem (#86168)12:51
mhbhunger: .kde/ -> .kde4/ home dir might be it12:51
hungerUnfortunately removing the kwalletrc which was given as a workaround there does not work for me:-(12:52
mhbbug 8616812:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 86168 in kdelibs "kded crashes in KWallet (forgotten KMail password)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8616812:52
hungermhb: I never ran kde4 with my normal user.12:52
mhbhunger: hmm, yes, I had trouble with KDE4 & kwallet, but no crashing12:52
mhbthis is something different12:52
hungerDeleting the ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet fixes the issue. But then the passwords are gone just as they are now.12:53
* hunger grumbles that he can not update the bugreport in LP.12:54
hungerThe password is in kwallet.12:54
Riddellhunger: why can't you update the bug report?12:56
Riddelloh, I see12:56
hungerRiddell: The sympthoms are similar to those described here: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6467113:02
ubotuKDE bug 64671 in general "Kded uses 100% of the CPU on first Wallet access" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]13:02
hungerIt is supposed to have been a qt bug.13:03
Riddellanyone able to test today's daily CD?  it doesn't work for me13:22
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jpatrickRiddell: who can I ask for a kubuntu-es ML?14:40
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
mhbjpatrick: canonical admins is my guess14:43
jpatrickmhb: yes, but I need someone's email to bug14:44
Jucatomailman@lists.ubuntu.com maybe?14:45
mhbwell, you should request stuff at rt@admin.canonical.com14:45
mhbI don't recommend it as you're gonna wait a long time before someone takes a look at it14:46
mhba month at least14:46
jpatrickhi claydoh14:53
jpatrickjussi01: mate, that was jono, the Community manager (or something) like that for Ubuntu14:54
claydohhi jpatrick14:55
jussi01jpatrick: he should know better... :P14:55
* claydoh is chatting on a 10 year old laptop from bed14:55
jpatrickjussi01: and you too :p14:56
* claydoh had knee surgery yesterday14:56
* jussi01 goes home... too long at work...14:56
Jucatoclaydoh: oh... chatting and chatting at the same time... how are you feeling?14:56
claydohfine actually14:57
Jucatowhy the surgery? something happened?14:57
claydohtho this boat anchor thinlpad 770 is rather heavy14:57
claydohkneecap issues, tears and cycts in the cartilage14:58
claydohnothing major,  was only out for about 2 hours total14:58
Jucatoouch :(14:59
Jucatostill a surgery :)14:59
claydohyeah needles an stuff14:59
claydohbut the persistent pain ive had the past few monts/year is already gone :)15:01
Jucatothat's good :)15:01
claydohthey used a small scope and a small tool, very small cuts, and I have pictures of the inside of my knee lol15:02
jpatrickJucato: *G*ross15:04
claydohnot really15:05
Jucatoit's more fun to say gRoss..or  gnome-ross15:05
alleeRiddell: I'm rsyning the daily-live.   Is a virtualbox install okay or should it be real hardware?15:27
Riddellallee: anything thanks15:36
alleeRiddell: vbox: life-sys booted and install copied 50 %  data, growing  55% ...15:38
jpatrickhmm, should I point jono in #kde-devel to the PPA archive?15:43
Artemis_FowlWhen will the KDE4 packages be available? Friday?15:44
jpatrickArtemis_Fowl: when KDE4 is released15:44
Artemis_FowlThe same day?15:45
jpatrickmost probably (I guess)15:45
* hunger grumbles about hardy.16:43
hungeraptitude crashes, kwallet is broken, gcc ICEs a lot, suspend is broken, ... really annoying.16:43
hungermonotone does not work anymore either:-(16:47
amachuRiddell: hi17:02
Riddellallee: please report on the iso testing site17:11
jpatrickRiddell: can you please process bug 18155817:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181558 in gutsy-backports "Please backport kdmtheme (1.2.2-0ubuntu1) from Hardy" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18155817:34
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alleeRiddell: sorry was busy.   URL?  in wiki Testing/ISO seem to be about gutsy17:45
alleeah google suggests iso.qa.u.c17:46
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Riddellallee: that's the one18:29
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | Next meeting: 12nd January 11:00 | Please test candidate CDs http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/kubuntu/all
Seregahi all18:47
jpatrickSerega: /topic18:48
jpatrickhi ;)18:48
Sereganice topic18:48
Seregaas usual18:48
articpenguin3800if dual boot hardy and gutsy is it ok to give hardy my /home too?19:26
fdovingarticpenguin3800: can be, but i won't suggest it, as newer versions of apps may upgrade the configfiles.19:28
articpenguin3800ok i will just copy the /home files to the hardy partition then =)19:28
fdovingi would rather recommend having a separate mountpoint for your gutsy-home.19:29
fdovingor mount your gutsy-home to /home/username/gutsy - for example.19:29
articpenguin3800or /home/john/hardy19:30
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tlaytonanybody having problems with pidgin on hardy? i get random crashes and it doesn't show in the tray19:51
tlaytoni've tried both the hardy repo version (2.2) and a ppa version (2.3.1)19:52
tlaytonoops, forgot to mention, this is in KDE 4, doesn't happen in KDE 319:53
DaSkreechCrashes/Freezes/irreconcilable stoppages suck19:55
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davmor2Riddell:  which needs testing most 32bit or 64bit?20:01
alleeRiddell: can you kick a build of libkdcraw on hppa ia64 i386 and amd64?   IMHO that not likdcraw fault: E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.    or   E: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes20:04
Riddelldavmor2: everything!20:05
Riddelldavmor2: I did 32 bit desktop20:06
davmor2:D don't know if I got that long ;)20:06
alleedavmor2: then 64 bit ;)20:06
davmor2I'll start with 64 and move on to 32 bit alt or live as a preference?20:07
RiddellI usually test live first20:07
Riddellsince if something is horribly broken you may not have to wipe your hard disk to find out20:08
davmor2I got spare test machines now :)20:08
allee... or whatever untested at: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/kubuntu/all20:08
davmor2allee: check out http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/subscriptions and see which have davmor2 in :)20:09
alleedavmor2: looks like you have too much free time ;)20:12
TheInfinityhttp://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/0,1518,grossbild-1064101-527737,00.html <-- wie ekelig.20:12
TheInfinityarghj sorry20:12
TheInfinitywrong channel ;)20:12
TheInfinityhere i wanted to ask if somebody tried hardy in a vm with vmware software20:13
TheInfinitybecause i get a compile error20:13
TheInfinityand this makes testing hardy more diificult ;)20:13
TheInfinityand also the question if its known that kde4 is completly broken20:13
davmor2allee: that's not the time killer it's burning the 22 cd images to cd-rw's that's the killer :)20:14
davmor2anybody know of a cd burner that can do it in half the time please god let me know ;)20:15
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kwwiiRiddell: did you see the mail aobut banners on ev-marketing?20:39
kwwiiRiddell: I assume that we want a kubuntu banner to be on display somewhere?20:39
davmor2Riddell 64bit live installing seems okay on install will have a look at the live once it's finished :)20:45
davmor2Riddell: spoke to soon :( I still get the message pop up saying a new medium has been detected once the hard-drive has been formatted.20:46
DaSkreechJucato: I will miss Basket20:47
Riddelldavmor2: in virtual machine?20:48
Riddellkwwii: no, I'm not on ev-marketing, what does it say?20:49
davmor2no real20:49
davmor2Riddell:^^ I only test on real machines :)20:49
smarterdoes Hardy still use /etc/default/kdm.d/20_kubuntu_default_settings ?20:53
smarterMany users have troubles changing there wallpaper/theme since kubuntu use /etc/default/kdm.d20:54
smarter(see Bug #132723 )20:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132723 in kubuntu-default-settings "[gutsy] kdm use the default theme instead of the kubuntu one" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13272320:54
jpatrickour theme rocks20:57
smarterjpatrick: I agree, but that's not a reason to force people to use it ;)20:57
jpatricksmarter: it's our distro20:58
* jpatrick ducks20:58
smarter"KDE customization: WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU" ^^'20:59
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smarterSo bug #132723 is not a bug but a feature? :P21:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132723 in kubuntu-default-settings "[gutsy] kdm use the default theme instead of the kubuntu one" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13272321:01
Riddellsmarter: there's probably a bug there, although I'm not clear what it is21:16
smarterRiddell: but why do we use /etc/default/kdm.d ?21:17
Riddellsmarter: it lets us customise the kdm settings without editing a config file (which causes unnecessary and confusing questions when upgrading)21:19
Riddellit also should allow users to make their own changes, if it doesn't that is indeed a bug21:20
smarterRiddell: the kcm module to change kdm background still use kdmrc21:21
smarterso if you change it here, /etc/init.d/kdm does weird things21:21
smarterand people reported that kdmtheme doesn't work at all21:21
Riddellit should just see that it's changed and not overwrite it21:21
davmor2Riddell: why is there so much stuff in lost and found?21:22
smarterRiddell: Yes but it test if the theme or the background is changed, and it assume that if you changed the background, you changed the theme21:22
smarterso if you change the background you get the default ugly kde3 theme21:22
smarterand it's very confusing for users21:23
Riddelldavmor2: xdg menu sillyness, it'll be fixable21:23
Riddellsmarter: that'll be a bug then :)21:23
davmor2You forgot the Honest guvnor ;)21:24
Riddelljpatrick: everything ok in #kubuntu-es?21:31
jpatrickRiddell: more or less21:31
jpatrickRiddell: having my worse day as op21:31
jpatrickoh, looks like something's wrong21:33
jpatrickerr, I'm putting +m for a while :\21:34
jpatricklet things cool down for a while21:35
davmor2Riddell: is Kub using pulse now? if so is there any chance of toning it down a bit by default..... It near blew my bloody ears off ;)21:49
Riddelldavmor2: no, it's not21:50
davmor2oh it's just loud then :)21:50
davmor2Riddell:  most things seem to be working okay anyway install was okay and it seems a bit faster than gutsy too21:52
jpatrickdavmor2: you using amarok?21:52
Longfieldhello here. I've been a Kubuntu user for a while and with KDE4 coming, I would like to help the distro I use. I'm a Computer Engineer, and I have experience in both C++ and pyhton, and QT too (not with python bindings yet) ... where would be my help appreciated ?21:53
davmor2jpatrick: no, I have but it was the system login sound that woke me up21:54
jpatrickdavmor2: ha right21:54
jpatrickLongfield: of course!21:54
jpatrickLongfield: we need help porting the apps to KDE4 right now21:57
Longfieldjpatrick: ok, good, maybe you could point me to something specific where I could start off ?21:57
jpatrickLongfield: I'm not sure, maybe mhb can help you21:58
bobofettRead that page if you have not.21:59
bobofettRegister for Launchpad if you have not.21:59
bobofettAnd lots of decent links there on that page I just gave you to get you started....I'm just starting with trying to help myself, but I wouldn't call myself a developer by any stretch of the imagination...Just testing and whatever I can do along the way.22:00
nosrednaekimLongfield: AFAIK, the major thing is porting kde3 systemsettings modules to KDE422:00
Longfieldbobofett: thanks for the pointer ...22:01
bobofetthey I that's all I know too...lol The one thing I could pretend to help with...haha22:01
mhbhubba wa?22:05
nosrednaekimmhb: we have a new slave for you.... introducing Longfield22:05
mhbhello Longfield22:06
Longfieldhey mhb22:06
mhbLongfield: your help would be appreciated anywhere22:08
mhbLongfield: we are currently very much lacking on good system configuration tools ... that means the GUIs are often too complex and there is bit rot all over them22:09
mhb(those are usually written in Python, they're called Guidance configuration tools)22:10
Longfieldlike guidance-power-manager for instance ?22:10
mhbLongfield: yes and no. g-p-m was a part of the Guidance set, but KDE4 is going to have a new power manager that should be Good Enough for us to use22:11
mhbsebas: ^^ how's the KDE4 power manager, by the way?22:11
mhbLongfield: so guidance-power-manager is doomed to die of old age.22:11
LongfieldOK, but I seen what you mean in general22:12
mhbLongfield: but they are tools like "mountconfig", "displayconfig" and "userconfig" that really need care22:12
mhbfirst of all, they're not ported to Qt4 yet22:12
nosrednaekimmhb: its terrible feature wise... pretty much only battery life(unless you aren't talking about the default plasmoid)22:12
mhbnosrednaekim: I'm talking about the g-p-m replacement sebas promised :o)22:13
nosrednaekimoh.. ok22:13
Longfieldso one first step could be to port them to port one of them to at least qt4 ?22:14
sebasmhb: No progress, other than the plasmoid22:14
mhbLongfield: right22:14
mhbLongfield: that's one of the tasks Kubuntu really needs,22:15
Longfieldgood. Could you just tell me quickly where I can find some information about this Guidance set, and their codebase ?22:16
mhbLongfield: the good thing is that Kubuntu is the only KDE distribution that tries hard to integrate its configuration tools into KDE upstream = so all projects can easily benefit from them22:16
mhbLongfield: sure22:16
mhbLongfield: the easiest way is "apt-get source kde-guidance22:16
sebasLongfield: svn+ssh://svn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/extragear/kde3/utils/guidance22:18
davmor2Riddell: mystery new device window appears on 32 bit too :)22:19
LongfieldThere are 6 guidance tools (display, mount, power, service, user and wine) and power is aimed to disappear because it should be included in KDE4, correct ?22:24
davmor2allee: you about still?22:31
davmor2Riddell: 64bit Alt dies trying to install language files Red Screen Of Death :)22:34
Riddelluh oh22:34
davmor2do you want me to try without installing language packs?22:35
davmor2got a feeling it is going to be a key issue22:36
Riddelldavmor2: are there any handy log files to say what the problem is?22:37
Riddellit could just be a bad CD burn, maybe try a new CD?22:37
davmor2Riddell: it was running fine to the point where it asks if you want to download language packs22:39
davmor2I'll try it again and see :)22:40
Riddelldavmor2: what language are you installing in?22:40
Riddellit shouldn't need to download anything if you're using English22:40
davmor2just running check cd22:41
mhbRiddell: are python-kde4 libraries in the Gutsy KDE4 repositories?22:47
mhbor anyone22:47
nosrednaekimmhb: yes22:47
Riddellmhb: I think stdin put them in the ppa22:47
davmor2Riddell: Disc checks out on both md5sum and running check disk22:48
Riddelldavmor2: a problem in d-i should affect all variants22:48
Riddelldavmor2: noticed any ubuntu desktop testers complaining?22:49
davmor2don't think they have been tested yet.  I've not been here all day although I will be tomorrow :)22:50
RiddellI didn't see any reports on isotesting22:50
davmor2Riddell: there's no alt tests done yet22:51
davmor2Riddell: died again this time selecting no don't download any laguages22:55
Riddellso it might be a problem in whatever follows the languages bit22:56
Riddelldavmor2: might be worth testing an ubuntu desktop CD, see if it has the same issue22:56
RiddellI'm afraid my machine is tied up just now22:57
davmor2Riddell: bunch of error on Ctrl+Alt+F4.  Can't find package language-pack-en then further down it says can't find task minimal and can't find task standard22:58
Riddelluh oh23:00
davmor2Riddell:  I got to go unfortunately.  I can try them all tomorrow but that's another day away.23:01
davmor2posted to testing to try and get someone else to try23:01
Riddelldavmor2: ok, thanks for your help23:01
davmor2np I'll be back tomorrow morning23:02
LongfieldI cannot install python-kde4 under gutsy, it wants want install kdebase-runtime-bin but cannot, any clue what it is ?23:02
nosrednaekimLongfield: why can't it?23:03
stdinLongfield: I think it'll need rebuilding against the new kde4libs et all23:03
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Longfieldstdin: yeah, it could be a version problem (not good version that is packaged ..)23:04
mhbstdin: how soon can we expect a sane version to be in the repos?23:05
stdinaround when 4.0.0 is out23:06
mhbstdin: thank you23:06
stdinwhen 4.0.0 comes out it'll be easier to maintain a package like that, less of a moving target23:07
Longfieldthank you stdin ... I can easily understand that's it's complicated to keep all these different package versions in sync !23:08
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alleeupps sorry23:10
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