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blkorpheuslirc-modules-sources, has been broken, is broken..02:01
blkorpheusI found one kernel where it will compile
blkorpheusI'd like to keep running the kernel02:01
blkorpheusbut if I want my remote back, have to back up a kernel02:02
WhizkidI'm trying to netboot Hardy on an old laptop with a PCMCIA card reader. I've tried one image that always says there are no kernel images. Which boot image should I be using, and if I'm using the right one, how does one get around the kernel issue?02:07
blkorpheusstartupmanager still renaming the good kernel image as a backup, thus halting grub with an error 1502:14
DanaGRandom link to my battery issue bug report:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/18110102:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181101 in ubuntu "Hardy: new 2.6.24 'power_supply' interface confuses HAL (sees duplicate batteries)" [Undecided,New]02:18
blkorpheusThere is no package name 'lirc-modules-source ' published in Ubuntu02:22
blkorpheustrying to file a bug for this package lirc-modules-source02:22
blkorpheusits been broken for a few versions now02:22
blkorpheuseven debian02:22
blkorpheusBug #14744002:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 147440 in lirc "cannot make lirc_i2c kernel module" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14744002:27
blkorpheuswhere is the fix?02:27
teethdoodI'm about to take the plunge to hardy. Any last words of wisdom?02:50
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: ever run an alpha OS before?02:51
teethdoodWorkingOnWise: yes, ubuntu 6.10, 7.04, 7.1002:51
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: in that case....dive! dive! Dive!  hehe...02:52
teethdood7.10 doesn't excite me anymore :) I need things to break so I can sweat and cuss, and stuff02:52
cwilluooo, so it's time for the unwashed masses to start installing 7.10?! :)02:52
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: ever run Windows? It provides lots of that....02:53
cwillumythtv can provide sufficient cussing too, depending on your expectations02:53
WorkingOnWisesems aroun here all we ever get is a broke xserver sometimes.02:53
teethdoodI want to get my hands on PulseAudio..I hear good things about it02:54
WorkingOnWisecwillu: I looked at mythtv back with 7.04 and decided i'd give it a year to simmer before I tried that brain damage again  :)02:54
cwilluI had a hauppauge 150 card lying around, makes for a surprisingly smooth install02:55
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: I have it installed...not a clue what it is, but it sure sounds cool!  :D02:55
WorkingOnWisecwillu: of mythtv?02:55
cwilluall it really needs is somebody who didn't grow up with it to point out all the really really stupid configuration options that no normal person should ever see02:56
teethdoodaudio that pulses...what more can you ask for02:56
* DanaG loves having multiple audio devices.02:56
cwilluWorkingOnWise, better yet, I bought a 500 (150$, dual tuner), and it just worked02:56
WorkingOnWisecwillu: have u messed with elisa?02:56
teethdoodelisa is nice!02:56
cwilluno, what is that?02:56
WorkingOnWisecwillu: really? in Ubuntu?02:56
cwilluthe base hauppauge cards have good support02:57
cwillu/dev/video0 outputs an mpeg2 stream02:57
teethdoodelisa would be a lot nicer if it allows me to type in a description for each movie file I have on there02:57
teethdoodright now it just lists the movie filenames02:57
WorkingOnWisecwillu: it's in the repos. looks like a media center of sorts. didnt impress me much, but it is much simpler to install that myth is at least.02:57
cwillutv and remote support?02:58
WorkingOnWiseno clue.02:58
teethdoodelisa doesn't do TV02:58
cwilluunder development02:59
teethdoodit's just a nice interface for throwing media files at it02:59
WorkingOnWisei use my laptop as a mini (yeah right....17" display) dvd player sometimes and want a little more integration that totem or mplayer...02:59
cwilluI've got users that depend on their tv02:59
cwilluinherited a blurry 22" monitor, and the roommates' tv blew up at the same time02:59
cwilluour tv is now a blurry 22" monitor ;p[02:59
teethdoodsomeone just pointed me to MediaTomb...allows you to stream music/videos to all your networked computers so they work like cable TV03:00
cwilluapparently we've got a 42" projection tv coming next weekend, but they got addicted to 'pause live tv' really really quickely03:00
* DanaG wishes CableLabs weren't 'in bed with the devil', so to speak, and would allow Linux use of CableCard -- even if it's not open-source.03:00
cwilluso, I've got a collection of 16 git repo's, all around 1-2 gigs in size03:01
cwilluthat have never been repacked03:01
cwilluThis, it would seem, Is Not A Supported Use03:01
DanaGWhere 'the devil' is the MAFIAA ( http://mafiaa.org/ ).03:01
WorkingOnWisecwillu: are there any reasonable ways to get a good signal to a laptop for viewing cable tv wirelessly?03:02
cwilludefine reasonable :p03:02
cwilluI know you could stream the mpeg2 output from the capture card to the laptop via netcat or something03:03
WorkingOnWisesome small usb or firewire device as a reciever for the laptop, and a transmiter on the cable tv connection03:03
cwilluI _think_ myth tv would let you use the laptop as a frontend (viewing live the output from the backend containing the capture card)03:03
DanaGOr do this:03:03
DanaGcable -> amplifier -> antenna03:03
DanaGantenna on laptop -> tuner.03:03
cwilluhauppauge sells a box to do that, but they only officially support windows, and none of their usb devices have linux support yet afaik03:04
DanaGBut watch out for the FCC...03:04
cwilluhonestly, if I were doing it, I'd go with having a machine plugged into the cable, and doing something over 802.11 to get to the laptop03:04
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: is that site a joke? MAFIAA?03:05
cwilluI don't need to deal with yet another wireless device on my laptop :p03:05
WorkingOnWisecwillu: i only have 4 now...plenty of room!  :D03:05
DanaGLook at the date.03:06
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: it must be....03:06
cwillu802.11, bluetooth, what else?03:06
cwilludual usb wireless adapters?03:07
cwilluand a cell card for the really remote locations?03:07
DanaGBluetooth is slow.03:07
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: I see the date...that cant be for real....even the RIAA isnt That stupid!03:07
WorkingOnWisecwillu: two 802.11, usb wireless mouse and keyboard for the docking station...03:08
DanaGI tried even PulseAudio's RTP thingy over 11g (at 36 megabits, for some reason), and that was droppy.03:09
DanaGNot any industry name.03:09
DanaGBut anyway, that's off-topic.03:09
cwillubah, forgot about wireless input :p03:10
* cwillu shudders at the mention of rtp03:10
cwillureally, I'm shuddering more at java's implementation of rtp about 6 years ago03:11
UnNaturalHighAfter adding the hardy repositories on a test machine I have noticed that quite a few things will be upgraded. Is it possible to remove the hardy repository and go back to a gutsy repository or is that going to break?03:11
cwillubut the nightmare's are still there03:11
DanaGIt's possible.... but really really unadvised.03:11
UnNaturalHighDanaG, for example, things are going to break-due to configuration files being changed?03:11
cwilluUnNaturalHigh, there's some settings you can put in /etc/apt/preferences to make it not automatically use gutsy repos for upgrades03:11
cwilluif you haven't installed anything, then reverting sources.list and apt-get update'ing should bring you back to a sane state03:12
DanaGOh, I didn't notice that you said you hadn't upgraded.03:12
UnNaturalHighcwillu, I am aware that I can remove the sources.list entry, but I am just curious about being able to move backwards and forwards03:12
cwilludid you want to upgrade completely, or are you trying to just get some upgraded packages in an otherwise working gutsy install?03:13
UnNaturalHighcwillu, exactly03:14
UnNaturalHighI wish to use the latest GCC and kernel for some things I am developing03:14
cwilluyou can just download and install the debs directly, assuming they don't rely on anything03:14
cwilluI run the hardy kernel on that myth box I was talking about above on gutsy, for instance03:14
cwilluthe backports page on the ubuntu wiki shows how to add a repo without using it by default03:15
UnNaturalHighso the best way is to download the individual deb's or can I add the repositories and through some mechanism tell apt to use only certain packages from the hard repository?03:15
cwilluyou probably want to do that, and then install the package you want via synaptic | force version03:15
cwilluor that, yes03:15
UnNaturalHighcwillu, sorry, the later way is the one you would suggest?03:16
cwilluhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports, except use the hardy repo instead of the backports repos'03:17
cwilluit has instructions for the preferences file, which will do the second thing you mentioned (the synaptics | force version)03:17
UnNaturalHighcwillu, perfect, thank you03:18
UnNaturalHighI find this mixing of repositories something lacking in ubuntu03:18
cwilluit's not a recommended state really03:18
* UnNaturalHigh is to sued to rolling update styles such as in archlinux/gentoo03:18
cwilluit's only necessary when you're mixing repo's with very large numbers of packages that aren't designed to work together03:18
cwilluis #ubuntu still full and crazy with compiz issues, or have those calmed down since release?03:21
cwilluI haven't dared to look in a while :p03:21
UnNaturalHighcwillu, have not seen many of those personally03:21
WorkingOnWisecwillu: it has smoothed a bit.03:21
DanaGI have downgraded a system once, and it actually worked.  However, I then missed everything that was new in the newer version, and upgraded to it again.03:22
cwilluI noticed hardy turns compiz on on my radeon now03:22
WorkingOnWisecwillu: biggest things i see now are ppl either not knowing what hardware they have, or trting to force their trident video card with 4mb of vid ram to do full 3d rendering03:24
cwilludid that once (voodoo3)03:24
cwilluyay for software rendering :p03:24
UnNaturalHighDanaG, I have two laptops, and one which runs archlinux and I miss some of the new features on my ubuntu laptop03:25
cwilluwoot, 5 minutes, and not a single compiz issue :)03:26
UnNaturalHighwhich do you guys recommend to use more aptitude/apt-get to install/remove packages?03:26
UnNaturalHighI have read that aptitude is much more robust then apt-get, is that true?03:27
WorkingOnWisecwillu: lol...i haven't had any problems with compiz-fusion at all. real stable.03:27
UnNaturalHighbtw, thx for the info cwillu on the repositories, it works great!03:27
PiciI believe apt-get's behavior is more similar to aptitude's now.  But I personally use aptitude.03:27
cwilluUnNaturalHigh, n[03:27
cwillunp even :p03:27
WorkingOnWiseUnNaturalHigh: I use Synaptic and have never had a problem.03:28
* IdleOne uses aptitude03:28
PiciBut then again, I review what exactly it wants to do, what packages it wants to remove, and all the changelogs as well.03:28
UnNaturalHighI heard that aptitude has better package tracking allowing it to completely remove packages 'properly'03:29
WorkingOnWiseUnNaturalHigh: unless I have a seriously broken package, then I use apt-get03:29
cwilluWorkingOnWise, still needs to do the repo thing, but synaptic supported what he's looking for03:29
* UnNaturalHigh doesn't use synaptic03:29
UnNaturalHighI prefer cli03:29
PiciI prefer cli as well.03:29
PiciI have a shell alias setup to run `sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade`.03:30
WorkingOnWisecwillu: I like the fact that synaptic will allow me to backport individual packages and manage repos too...03:30
* cwillu uses apt-get, aptitude, dpkg, synaptic, and occasional direct python hacking of the apt cache :p03:30
* DanaG always uses aptitude.03:30
UnNaturalHighcwillu, doing this method of pinning, will it also update them when I update my system?03:31
PiciWorkingOnWise: I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that it only did that with respect to itself, so if you use another tool, it won't necesarrily pin properly.03:31
DanaGwell, 'always' is a bit too strong, but I use for mostly everything.03:31
cwilluUnNaturalHigh, yes;  it's not really pinning, it's pinning the repo it'll try to download from03:31
DanaGYou can also pin by release name.03:32
WorkingOnWisePici: not sure actually. I only have one package back ported to an old version, and I always uncheck it before I update.03:32
* UnNaturalHigh is excited to get b43 going on this laptop03:32
UnNaturalHighI have heard b43 is much better then bcm43xx03:32
DanaGOh hey, cwillu: you said you have, or had, a voodoo3?  I have one of those lying around, and I'm wondering what, if anything, it's useful for nowadays.03:33
teethdoodwhat is this "Gobuntu"? this is the first I've seen it03:33
cwilluit'll run 2d accelerated03:33
cwillunot much use for 3d03:33
ubotugobuntu is a freedom-focused flavour of Ubuntu intended for experienced Linux enthusiasts. See http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/gobuntu for more information and download mirrors..03:34
DanaGAnd where can I go for a "Stopbuntu"?03:34
cwillumight be able to get a second head up on it if it's pci, but you'll lose dri for any remotely sane setup03:34
teethdoodDanaG: this is OSS, roll your own Stopuntu :)03:35
UnNaturalHighit is nice to see all these ubuntu variants spawning with e1703:35
UnNaturalHighe17 has a lot of potential03:35
DanaGAnd 'elbuntu' reminds me of 'elbonia'.03:35
WorkingOnWisewhats e17?03:36
teethdoodthere's an elbuntu?!? what's the world coming me03:36
DanaGI remember once comparing (in Windows) my voodoo3 to a GeForce2.03:36
iN00DLEe17 = enlightenment 17 WorkingOnWise03:36
UnNaturalHighWorkingOnWise, a "Desktop Manager"; something between a window manager and a desktop environment03:36
DanaGBig thing I noticed: GeForce 2 couldn't do video overlay at the nice resolution (for 19" CRT at that time) of 1280x960.03:36
UnNaturalHighWorkingOnWise, www.enlightenment.org and www.get-e.org03:37
WorkingOnWiseiN00DLE: i see today that 2 way works between evolution and gcal03:37
iN00DLEO.O I hadn't checked WorkingOnWise03:37
teethdoodok here we go...I'm taking the plunge!03:38
teethdood8.04 upgrading03:38
iN00DLEso you preloaded ubuntu+1 channel just in case teethdood ?03:38
WorkingOnWiseI tinkered with Enlightenment a while back but didnt have the time to figure it out. It looks sweet, but was so differant from with I expected/was used to....03:38
teethdoodiN00DLE: I always come here when upgrading...you never know :)03:39
iN00DLEthe only thing I liked from enlightenment was the dock'ish bar, but I came to find I prefer Gimmie over even AWN curves and such03:39
WorkingOnWisei do like gimmie.03:41
iN00DLEit is proposed for the official 8.04 final release03:41
iN00DLEif you set it in the gnome panel vs on the desktop, it gets even sweeter, especially if you like tweaking your eye candy03:41
WorkingOnWiseiN00DLE: didnt know u could set gimmie on the desktop03:42
iN00DLEtook me a while to figure it out WorkingOnWise , I had seen it but couldn't find the preferences03:42
teethdoodfor the dock thing, I like Kibadock the best03:42
iN00DLEWorkingOnWise, turns out you right click on the gnome panel and there it is under ADD03:43
WorkingOnWiseiN00DLE: I thought that was only to add to a panel?03:43
UnNaturalHighone thing missing is some sort of interface to manage lvm2 (GUI wise)03:43
iN00DLEand preferences can then be set for it as far as the panel goes, and I divided it up, turned it to text only and it is pretty spiffy for my desktop03:43
DanaGWhat is this 'gimmie' thing?03:44
* UnNaturalHigh is also interested in this "gimmi" thing03:45
iN00DLEshould be in the repo, but here is the home page http://beatniksoftware.com/gimmie/Main_Page03:45
UnNaturalHighdoes gimmie require 3D acceleration?03:46
teethdoodGimmie's colors make me want to shoot myself03:47
WorkingOnWiseUnNaturalHigh: no it doesn't03:48
UnNaturalHighWorkingOnWise, that is definitely neat03:48
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: u can turn off the colors03:49
UnNaturalHigh#ubuntu+1 > #ubuntu03:49
WorkingOnWisewell, mostly03:49
UnNaturalHighto many noobs in #ubuntu03:49
WorkingOnWisethats who Ubuntu is for...It's goo theres a place for them to go and get solid help...  :)03:50
iN00DLEDpower outage FTL03:51
RadiantFireanyone here tried installing Hardy in VirtualBox and/or managed to get the guest additions built?03:52
iN00DLEDDanaG, Mint uses Gimmie by default as of 4.003:52
UnNaturalHighbrb, rebooting into new kernel03:53
WorkingOnWiseiN00DLEdo u run gimmie in hardy?03:55
iN00DLEDyes WorkingOnWise03:55
iN00DLEDit is proposed for the final release as well03:55
WorkingOnWisein a panel, or on the desktop?03:55
iN00DLEDI run it in a panel03:55
WorkingOnWiseits in the repos now....03:55
PiciIts was in the Gutsy repos iirc.03:55
WorkingOnWisei want to run it as a dock.....like the project page shows.03:56
iN00DLEDnot sure Pici03:56
iN00DLEDit runs that way by default WorkingOnWise03:56
Pici!info gimmie gutsy03:56
ubotugimmie: desktop organizer for Linux, alternative GNOME panel. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.7repack-0ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 219 kB, installed size 1176 kB03:56
iN00DLEDwait...project page?03:56
iN00DLEDI will have to see what it looks like there WorkingOnWise03:57
WorkingOnWiseiN00DLE ok03:57
iN00DLEDI use it on the panel, I broke it up using preferences and removed the Icon option03:57
iN00DLEDso I have 3 seperate text buttons (also removed People)03:57
WorkingOnWisethats how I have it too03:57
* Pici tries it out again.03:57
WorkingOnWiseon the website, it shows it as a dock, not part of the Gnome panel03:58
iN00DLEDthe slickest part is typing in the program in the find box, very nice for the windows person checking out or migrating to Ubuntu/Linux03:58
PiciWorkingOnWise: link?03:58
iN00DLEDto access the preferences when in that dock form, WorkingOnWise , you go to gconf-editor and under Apps>Gimmie they should be found04:00
iN00DLEDhowever I couldn't manipulate them as well such as removing People, WorkingOnWise , couldn't find another set of Preferences04:01
cwilluhow up to date is the gimmie in gutsy?04:02
WorkingOnWisecwillu: newest version is in the repo04:03
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DanaGWhat sets the 'people' things there?04:03
iN00DLEyour chat programs and such, it keeps track of them04:04
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: all your evolution and pidgin contacts, and their online status04:04
DanaGIt's not seeing my AIM ones.04:05
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: as in aim client, or aim contacts in pidgen?04:05
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: not sure. I use Pidgin and Evolution, and sync pidgin with evolution, and Gimmie shows them all.04:08
DanaGOkay, it sees my AIM account (with a yahoo-looking icon), but it shows 100% of people as offline.04:09
* DanaG tries restarting Pidgin...04:10
cwilluwhat's the standard way of undoing a make install?04:10
cwillumake uninstall?04:10
Piciusually.  or installing with checkinstall the first time around.04:10
DanaGNope, now absolutely nobody is shown as online.04:10
Picicwillu: or make remove.  It all depends on what the developer has setup as make targets04:11
DanaGI also have Evolution integration turned off, because I don't use Evolution.04:11
cwilluya, nothing obvious showed up in the makefile, and I was hoping that maybe that was because of some make magic04:11
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: did u click "Online now" in People?04:12
WorkingOnWisewhat chat client do u use?04:13
DanaGOOh, coolest thing I just did: enable printer sharing on 2 computers, and enable showing networked printers.04:15
DanaGIt's that amazingly easy now to print to announced printers.04:15
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: forgive the dumb question.... u do have any contacts online in pidgin04:15
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teethdood25 minbefore 8.04 make or break04:22
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: not sure. did u just install it?04:23
cwillugl teethdood04:28
teethdoodthanks cwillu :) 3 months of waiting is long enough :)04:30
cwilluteethdood, you have more than one machine I hope?04:30
cwilluor a good backup regiment?04:30
cwilluor a willingness to live in a strangly broken system for longish periods of time?04:30
teethdoodI have 7.10 CDs on hand :)04:31
cwillupreferably all three?04:31
DanaGOh yeah, I did just install 'gimmie'.04:31
teethdoodalternate works for me :)04:31
teethdoodhow is gimmie? anyone ever tried kibadock?04:31
DanaGIf I restart gimmie, it shows only one of my contacts as online.04:32
UnNaturalHighany of you own a seagate free agent hard drive?04:35
cwilluI've got a 500gb usb drive, not a freeagent though04:38
UnNaturalHighI am just wondering if there is a way to fix the problem with them spinning down and then coming back on at usb104:48
teethdoodUnNaturalHigh: I read this in slashdot awhile back04:49
UnNaturalHighyea, my friend has one04:49
teethdoodgoogle or search slashdot04:49
UnNaturalHighhis first day on ubuntu and his first problem04:49
teethdoodok I ought to shutdown running apps...installing 8.04 right now04:50
teethdoodgood night all if it breaks, see you all in a bit if it works04:51
DanaGI had the "drive unloads heads way too frequently" issue; I don't remember what I did to fix it.04:51
DanaGHitachi 7k200 200GB.04:51
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DanaGI found a lovely way to confuse PulseAudio:05:13
DanaGuse the tunnel module on both ends, and set the playback "for <hostname>" on each to point to the other.05:13
DanaGOr even better, have a 'simultaneous' on each.05:18
teethdoodalright, I survived the upgrade!05:32
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: i was kinda disappointed when I did mine.05:38
teethdoodyou were expecting some breakage huh? ;)05:39
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: yeah05:39
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
WorkingOnWisebut noooooooo.... they gotta make their alpha stuff work right too! These ppl just dont understand a users needs  :D05:40
teethdoodI got a couple of issues already though05:40
DanaGgaack, Pidgin doesn't deal well with changing NICs.05:40
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: cool! what?05:40
teethdoodI have my top panel autohide. It doesnt unhide05:41
WorkingOnWiseI always get nick collisions cuz I sign into freenode and ubuntu irc servers at the same time.05:41
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: that could be a bit tricky!05:41
SeveredCrossUh, freenode == ubuntu servers.05:42
DanaGgaack, Pidgin doesn't deal well with changing NICs.  Oh, and I still can't see any contacts.05:42
DanaGIs it a redirect, or just a DNS entry?05:42
WorkingOnWiseSeveredCross: huh?05:42
teethdoodWorkingOnWise: the thing is, it unhides when I move the mouse towards the left or right corners...interesting05:43
SeveredCrossI believe it's a redirect.05:43
SeveredCrossI connect to "Ubuntu Servers" listed in XChat's network list and can join Freenode channels without any issues.05:43
WorkingOnWisesounds like a confilct between compiz-fusions Expose and gnome panel ?05:43
SeveredCrossSo, as far as I can tell, Ubuntu Servers === Freenode.05:43
WorkingOnWisethat last was to teethdood05:44
WorkingOnWiseSeveredCross: I see channels in freenode I dont see in ubuntu.05:44
teethdoodWorkingOnWise: yeah...I'm off to bugtracker05:44
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: enjoy05:45
SeveredCrossWorkingOnWise: Really?05:45
SeveredCrossI don't.05:45
teethdoodWorkingOnWise: hehe loving it :P05:45
SeveredCrossWhich channel, for example05:45
WorkingOnWiseSeveredCross: I'll go find one..bbs05:46
DanaGHow do I fix my contacts for 'gimmie'?05:52
WorkingOnWiseSeveredCross: hmmm....can't find any....musta just missed some when I was lookin in ubuntu and saw then when I was lookin in freenode05:52
SeveredCrossLook at your server status window.05:53
WorkingOnWiseso I'll stop loggin to both and causing my nick colission!05:53
SeveredCrossThe Network says "Ubuntu Servers" because that's what XChat knows it as, but the server status window says calvino.freenode.net05:53
WorkingOnWiseI use pidgin for irc....05:54
DanaGI'm going to try something: perhaps 'telepathy' will work with that 'gimmie' thing.05:55
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: have u shut down gimmie and pidgin?05:55
DanaGYeah, I've tried restarting each.  In which order should I start them?05:55
WorkingOnWiseit doesnt matter for me. I would imagine since it is a panel app, start gimmie and then pidgin since gimmie will start before pidgin during a log in.05:56
DanaGI've done it that way already, and all I get is no contacts listed as online.05:57
DanaGI'm watching with dbus-monitor, and it seems like Pidgin is only ever returning 0 on 'purplebuddyisonline' queries.05:58
WorkingOnWiseare u up to dat with pidgin and gimmie? I have 2.2.2 for pidgin05:58
DanaGI'm using whatever's in the package manager.05:59
WorkingOnWiseI have everything in the repos for pidgin and purple installed....maybe thats it?05:59
WorkingOnWisethen u are up to date there..05:59
WorkingOnWisedo u have all the pidgin plugins installed? and all the stuff for purple? I think there are 2 libs for purple...06:00
DanaGYeah, except for things like 'sipe' and 'thinklight' and 'guifications'.06:01
DanaGPurple is returning 0 for buddyisonline.06:02
WorkingOnWiseI installed all, except things that were guarenteed not to wotk, like thinklight. try just installing everything related to pidgin. reading the webpage, it seems like the person writing it may not be a great documenter of his code. It is possible he is calling some odd function in a seemingly unrelated plugin. I am pretty sure buddyisonline will return 0 for both 0 online, and for not recieving a request since startup. If06:05
WorkingOnWiseit is written in python, so the error handleing isn't very good unless the programer writes good traps06:06
DanaGI also have tried with 'dbus example' plugin both disabled and enabled.06:06
teethdoodwhat alpha version are we on now guys?06:06
WorkingOnWiseAlpha 206:06
teethdoodWorkingOnWise: thanks, doing that bug report06:07
WorkingOnWiseDanaG: where are u looking at dbus info? I'l see what mine is doing06:07
teethdoodbtw, the culprit is the Desktop Wall compiz plugin messing around with gnome-panel06:07
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: yw06:07
DanaGdbus-monitor (in console)06:08
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: thats y i never see it. I turn it off to turn on something with the cube as soon as I enable compiz-fusion06:08
DanaGYeah, buddyisonline is returning 0 always.06:09
DanaGWho knows, maybe it's case-sensitive.06:09
DanaGI just had a buddy sign on, and still nothing.06:09
teethdoodWorkingOnWise: dunno if I should file in launchpad or with the compiz ppl, probably launchpad06:10
UnNaturalHighhave any of you guys tried using rtorrent in hardy?06:10
WorkingOnWiseteethdood: I would do launchpad and let them forward it if needed...06:10
DanaGDo you have 'dbus example' enabled?06:11
DanaGNope, didn't fix it.06:12
WorkingOnWisei am not seing anything for buddiesonline at all...06:13
DanaGTry clicking on stuff in the 'people' panel.06:13
WorkingOnWisewow....lots of stuff, nothing for purplebuddiesonline.06:18
DanaGOh, now I no longer see that myself, either.06:18
DanaGOkay, I do see it again.06:20
* DanaG goes to reboot to new kernel, and hopes scheduling is better.06:30
DanaGMost likely, it won't be.   :(06:30
DanaGWell, I compiled 'gimmie' myself, and now it crashes instead of not working.06:54
DanaGAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'list_addressbooks'06:56
DanaGCan't use it.  I'll just disable that broken feature, and go back to the packaged version.06:57
DanaGdang brokenness.07:08
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sarthorHi, 'Salam'    i want to get help about ddclient.conf, if i am on wrong place, tell me. my ddclient.conf is here " http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51330/ " i dont want to use crontab for updating, how to update after 120 minutes10:17
sarthor_Hi, 'Salam'    i want to get help about ddclient.conf, if i am on wrong place, tell me. my ddclient.conf is here " http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51330/ " i dont want to use crontab for updating, how to update after 120 minutes10:30
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rama_8086how to search a particular channel in irc12:58
IdleOnerama_8086: /list *12:59
Zirodayanyone know when they pick a new theme>13:02
Zirodayone of the specs is a new theme13:05
PiciOh, I thought I was in a different channel, had no idea what you were talking about.13:06
PiciI'm not sure when the artwork decisions get made.13:06
Zirodaylol thanks13:06
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about schedual - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:11
IdleOnewhat is the link for the release schedule13:12
IdleOnehow ever it is spelled13:12
ZirodayIdleOne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule13:19
IdleOneZiroday: ty . that is where you might find your answer13:22
RaubkopiererHello :)13:51
RaubkopiererI would like to know where to config my graphic-card. xorg and so on. was where any change from gutsy to hardy?13:53
Raubkopierersorry, i don't speak english very well :P13:53
napsy_hello. is it possible to downgrade my ubuntu from hardy to gutsy?14:40
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Pici!downgrade | napsy_14:41
ubotunapsy_: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.14:41
napsy_ok tnx14:41
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WorkingOnWiseanyone here very farmiure with ff3 and it's plugins?16:27
teethdoodfamiliar :)16:28
WorkingOnWiseis it using the ff2 plugins, or did the seveloders roll their own? I show realplayer plugin for ff3 but I havent installed it yet, and dont have it for ff2.16:30
WorkingOnWisei'm a rednek16:30
WorkingOnWiseup here we say farmiluar or fermilyer16:31
TheInfinityanyone tried vmware fusion modules?17:21
TheInfinityin hardy? because i get a compile error ...17:21
bullgard4Is s2ram available for Hardy?18:05
specxhi.I have downloaded hardy heron alpha 2.When the stable version will be released,it will be possible to upgrade the alpha 2 version ? thanks to all18:13
Jeeves_bullgard4: Doesn't look like it18:13
Jeeves_specx: You can always upgrade18:14
specxthanks Jeeves for the reply18:14
bardyrSpec, hardy will be released in April, there is a release schedule on the ubuntu wiki18:15
specxI know bardyr,but I want to try it before the stable release :)18:16
Specthere's a specx?!18:18
WorkingOnWis1is there a working java plugin for ff2 or 3 in Hardy?18:20
Specspecxx: how long've you been a spec?18:21
specxxmy real nick nameis spectre,but I'm not registered yet18:21
nanonymespectre is though18:23
nanonymeapparently for the past 8 years ^^18:24
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WorkingOnWis1does the j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin plugin actually work?18:32
]Spectre[BYE BYE18:42
WorkingOnWis1who has a working plugin for jave in firefox 2 or 3?18:52
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)18:52
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khamaelis there a feature list for hardy?19:00
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dirk`I just installed the latest Hardy Alpha and gnome session is hanging on login.  Any fixes?19:12
SeveredCrossNo idea, I haven't seen the issue but I'm due for a reboot after the Alpha 3 upgrade cycle today.19:24
SeveredCrossMaybe it's GFX card drivers...FGLRX got an update today.19:25
Picidirk`: which alpha?19:26
dirk`Pici, Daily build from 1-719:30
Picidirk`: It doesnt surprise me that a daily build install isnt working.  Those isos don't get even close to the same amount of testing as the alphas do.19:30
dirk`Well. it did the same on alpha 1 and 219:31
dirk`Xfce is working fine, but no Gnome19:31
cavediverIs there a way to get avant-window-navigator for hardy ?19:58
cavediverit was even in the repo.. my mistake19:58
TheInfinitysomebody tried vmware software in hardy?20:15
TheInfinityi get a compile error there ...20:15
cleveris it posibly to make a hardy rootfs using debootstrap?20:45
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tumbleweed__yup, hardy is runnin fine21:52
blkorpheusfor me as well21:53
blkorpheusI just wish I could compile lirc-modules-source for the other kernels21:53
marcoanyone able to install KDE4 in hardy? there are dependencies and broken packages, seems to me21:53
marco(kubuntu )21:53
blkorpheusnomasteryoda, yes they error out kde421:53
marcook, so "just" need to wait until they fix21:54
blkorpheusit appears21:54
nomasteryodamarco, it will be included in hardy21:54
khamaelis there a list over what features are planned for hardy?22:13
cleveris it posible to make a hardy rootfs using debootstrap?22:15
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timingI upgraded to hardy a few days ago23:07
timingnow i notice a lower video performance with compiz and such23:07
timingthis is my video card:23:08
timing00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)23:08
timingthe intel driver is used in hardy23:08
timingwas this the case in gutsy as well?23:08
timingI want to see if switching to the older driver can help me with a better performance23:09
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timing(the driver of gutsy that is)23:09
timingI'll idle for a bit here, see you guys around later!23:10
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napsy_I heard that fedora 8 ships with networkmanager 0.7. Are there plans for 0.7 inclusion in hardy?23:50

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