JustinJosephbut yea00:03
JustinJosepha few things i can access from her,e just grabbed a couple00:03
JustinJosephbut you get the idea00:03
JustinJosephwell it was nice meeting you all again00:03
troseph_MMA_ I'll still work on one themed as such.00:03
JustinJosephSorry - I use IRC to look for artists sometimes00:03
troseph:) Peace, JustinJoseph00:03
_MMA_troseph: np. Feel free to work on a couple of ideas.00:04
_MMA_Im sure we'll go back and fourth a couple of times.00:04
=== trosep1 is now known as troseph
kwwiibtw, if anyone can draw a nice dragon, kde is looking to replace/update it's logo to something more mature, with simple lines, strong contrast, all in all more logo-like than a real pic or a cartoon as we have now00:38
BHSPitLappyif KDE adopted Trogdor as its logo, I would drop all my harsh feelings toward it and switch promptly00:39
trosephI think that is a change I have been waiting for a long time to happen. :)00:55
nothlitkwwii: you're looking for a silhouette of a dragon?19:37
nothlitkwwii: simple or more crest like?19:37
kwwiinothlit: yeah, but a very simple version19:47
kwwiisomething we can use a logo19:47
* _MMA_ wonders why this wasnt posted to the art list? http://news.launchpad.net/general/help-design-the-new-launchpad-logo20:44
* thorwil wonders why _MMA_ doesn't just post it there himself20:48
_MMA_Because its not my job.20:49
=== Skiessl is now known as Skiessi
thorwil_MMA_: maybe that's good. the less people know ... ;)20:51

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