hungerRunning htop I see ~70 console-kit-daemons running... I guess that is due to htop not noticing multithreading. Isen't that a bit excessive?00:02
tjaaltonslangasek: actually, there's need for one more upload.. openchrome lacks a patch to extract pci-ids in a text file, but fortunately the patch for via applies and works..00:05
slangasektjaalton: ok.  at least it's now installable, so we can move ahead with test images :)00:15
tjaaltonI can put it on hold until tomorrow if needed?00:16
slangasekas long as that's the only change you're making, it doesn't sound like it would disrupt anything, and it would certainly help get better feedback from openchrome users on the alpha00:18
slangasekso please go ahead00:18
tjaaltonok, thanks00:18
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Seframwhy is the Gusty installer CD olny working with the pnpacpi=off option as a boot parameter on my machine?01:54
Seframany ideas?01:54
Seframwithout pnpacpi=off i get an error about 8139cp is not right for my RTL-8139C PCI network card and that i should use 8139too instead??01:55
BurgundaviaSefram: no idea, but file a bug01:55
cjwatson... on the kernel (linux-source-2.6.22 package)01:56
Seframwhat have i to regard while installing when it works only with pnpacpi=off??01:57
Seframi got the tip from here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/22575   seems to be an address ressoure conflict in pci address space...02:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 22575 in linux-source-2.6.15 "ISAPNP grabbing I/O region reserved for PCI device on 2.6.12  (regression from 2.6.10)" [Medium,Confirmed]02:00
SeframUbotu: smarty lol02:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smarty lol - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:01
calcHobbsee: does chrootwait go away automatically?02:08
Hobbseecalc: not necessarily02:09
calcHobbsee: hmm can you fixup openoffice.org to retry, i think the reason it failed was due to the archive being updated when it tried to build02:10
calcunless something really did break the chroot's due to unauthenticated debs?02:11
Hobbseecalc: given back02:12
calcHobbsee: thanks :)02:13
* Hobbsee wonders what the chroot problem actually is02:13
slangasekI wouldn't be surprised if it was just a case of the mirror being in an inconsistent state due to having to futz around with the rsyncing and so forth02:18
bddebianslangasek: Hey, I have a new asc upstream in games SVN if you'd rather upload that? :)02:32
_MMA_Does the package gdm 2.20.2-1ubuntu2 include the changes from upstreams 2.20.3 release?03:24
alephantPlease forgive my being slightly off-topic: How are updates to packages indicated to apt?  Is there a datastream which sez "foo-1.2 upgraded to foo-1.3"?  Or does apt simply compare the most-recent copy of the package as indicated by Packages.bz to the locally-installed package?03:40
slangasekbddebian: mutter mumble if someone would fix paragui then we could upload asc to Debian and sync it...04:44
bddebianslangasek: What's up with paragui?04:49
slangasekbddebian: it ships a .la file that has references to a crapload of other .la's that it doesn't depend on04:50
bddebianAh the SDL "team" :)04:52
slangasekbddebian: and indeed, the asc upload FTBFS on all archs because of this, so sure, I'll take a new upstream that I can sync after04:52
bddebianHmm, 2.0.1 didn't FTBFS on unstable for me04:52
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bddebianasc 2.0.1 that is04:54
slangasekthe build failures are entirely paragui's fault04:55
slangasekwell - no, the latest one is my fault, because I didn't verify first that directfb-dev still ships a.la04:55
StevenKWhich it doesn't04:56
slangasekyes, which is why things Broke04:58
emgentlaunchpad died05:01
slangasekbddebian: so where's this asc package that needs sponsorin'?05:02
* bddebian does another build of asc out of curiosity05:02
bddebianslangasek: I just removed it from mentors05:02
bddebianDamnit, now it's puking trying to pull in libbz2-dev05:05
bddebianI have another issue while my pbuilder updates.  I've built a new stormbaancoureur.  However, one file (engine.tga) is rendered from a 3D model that the author purchased.  He claims he has copyright but is that possible?05:08
bddebianF**k, is libbz2-dev broken now too?05:10
lifelessbddebian: its possible and there is no way to tell; have him assert the appproporiate copyright statement and you're good05:11
slangasekbddebian: it wouldn't ftbfs on unstable because the paragui binaries in unstable were built against a good libsdl, and the ones in hardy were built against a bad libsdl05:12
slangaseklibbz2-dev... broken how?05:13
slangasekinstalled cleanly for me05:13
bddebianuninstallable in my sid pbuilder05:13
StevenKThe libsdl in Hardy is bad?05:14
slangaseknot anymore05:17
slangasekall about the Timing!05:17
bddebianlibparagui is in universe still?05:18
slangasekit should be somewhere else?05:19
bddebianHmm, and 1.0 or 1.1? :)05:20
slangasekwell, 1.0 is the one it's been building against, beyond that I have no idea05:21
bddebianI wonder if 2.0.1 would build against 1.105:21
bddebianGah wtf, libbz2-dev installs fine if I pbuilder-login05:25
LaserJockhmm, should the topic be changed for the Alpha 3 freeze?05:31
bddebianE: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/b/bzip2/libbz2-dev_1.0.4-1_i386.deb: 404 Not Found05:32
bddebianE: Unable to correct for unavailable packages05:32
=== slangasek changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: main soft-frozen for Hardy Alpha 3 | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy, #ubuntu+1 for hardy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
slangasekLaserJock: yes, thanks :)05:33
emgentkeescook, ping05:35
LaserJockslangasek: np ;-)05:35
keescookemgent: pong05:35
emgentkeescook, wordpress diff 2.1 is ready05:36
keescookemgent: cool, make a bug report for it and get it attached.  nice work.  :)05:36
emgentok thanks :)05:37
slangasekbddebian: libparagui1.0 fixed, so where did asc go after it was removed from mentors?05:39
bddebianslangasek: I'm throwing it back on mentors as I type05:39
bddebianI can't test build in on unstable though for whatever the fsck is going on with my pbuilder. (I switched the build-deps to libparagui1.1)05:40
slangasekI'm... less likely to sponsor a package with library changes that haven't been tested05:41
bddebianWell I wanted to test it but I can't build it.  I can switch it back if we want to get it in05:41
slangasekswitching it back would be good if you want me to look at sponsoring it; otherwise I can just get the already-uploaded asc given back on the buildds to take care of the bug I was after05:45
bddebianLet me switch it back.  I've been trying to get this in forever05:47
bddebianpabs3: !?05:49
pabs3hi bddebian :)05:49
bddebianMan, I can't hide anywhere anymore :)05:50
* pabs3 was wondering who to contact about patches.ubuntu.com05:50
bddebianpabs3: lifeless suggested we might get away with the engine.tga thing in stormbaancoureur if he provides copyright.  Would you disagree?05:51
pabs3that'd be offtopic here, perhaps #debian-games is better?05:52
pabs3about patches.ubuntu.com, would it be possible to remove changelog-only patches? for eg http://patches.ubuntu.com/s/synfig/synfig_0.61.07-1build1.patch05:53
bddebianOh, build1 versions aren't really patches, just rebuilds05:54
pabs3yeah, but they do show up on packages.qa.d.o, which can be annoying when I go to check for a patch and find it only bumps the changelog05:56
bddebianAh yes, makes sense05:56
bddebianslangasek: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/a/asc/asc_2.0.1.0-1.dsc06:01
slangasekbddebian: downloading gradually06:22
bddebianNP, I gotta get my old arse to bed anyhow06:23
sam__can any one guide me in streaming??06:48
calchow do i search for a file in hardy?06:50
calcthere are still no contents files?06:50
calci'm getting this error: /usr/include/mono-1.0/mono/metadata/threads.h:17:41: error: mono/metadata/threads-types.h: No such file or directory06:51
calcand need to know where that file is06:51
sam__ i am getting RTSP/1.0 461 Unsupported Transport from rtsp server ..?????06:52
* calc wonders if libmono-dev is just fscking buggy06:52
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calcyep mono is a just buggy07:00
calcpochu: ping07:01
calcpochu: bug 18142207:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181422 in mono "thread-types.h is missing" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18142207:01
dholbachgood morning07:10
sam__i guess no one wanna help me ... ok..07:11
torkelsam__: wrong channel for that kind of question, try #ubuntu07:15
pittiGood morning07:16
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emgentpitti, good morning :P07:29
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pittihi emgent!07:44
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hungerThe hardy gcc gets an ICE when building kdeedu her.08:53
viviersfis there anywhere i can get a list of all packages are used for the live cd ?09:16
pochucalc: pong, looking09:16
evandviviersf: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/hardy-desktop-i386.manifest09:17
viviersfevand, the manifest is ubuntu-desktop + live cd components09:19
pitticalc: OO.o FTBFS> "mcs not found" -> missign build dep?09:19
viviersfevand, i need a list of just the stuff thats extra, i can do it manually, i just want to see an easy way09:19
pittiviviersf: you can look at the 'ship-live' seed, but that does not include dependencies which are pulled in by those and which are not needed by ubuntu-desktop09:20
viviersfpitti, cool, is that a package ?09:21
viviersfthanks pitti, that will do09:23
gesergood morning09:27
seb128hey geser09:29
pittihi geser09:30
coyctecmhey guys :)09:36
geserHi seb128, pitti09:38
pochucalc: I'm merging mono 1.2.6+dfsg-5 from Debian which fixes this (in -4):09:57
pochu   * debian/patches/fix_threads.h.dpatch:09:57
pochu     + Don't include threads-type.h in threads.h and moved functions to the09:57
pochu       correct header, fixes compiling of OpenOffice.org's Mono bridge.09:57
pochu       (taken from upstream SVN revision 91687 + 91817)09:57
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seb128pitti: do you know if there is any hardy language pack upload scheduled?09:59
pittiseb128: the guys are working on it, but I haven't heard a concrete deadline09:59
pitticarlos: ?09:59
carlospitti: let me check it with jeroen...10:00
seb128I'm wondering if we will ever have a cycle where rosetta is ready and language packs uploaded early ;-)10:00
seb128apport is all broken here for weeks now and I was waiting for translation updates before investigating10:00
pittiseb128: oh? what's wrong with apport?10:02
carlosseb128, pitti: danilo is working on a small problem that affects Slovenian translations since long time ago and that requires to be fixed before opening Hardy10:02
Tonio_hi there10:03
seb128pitti: http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/Capture-apport-gtk.png10:03
Tonio_is there someone here familiar with gcj/ecj packages except doko ?10:03
carlosseb128, pitti: He expects to get a script run later today that should fix the data so we are ready to start with imports10:03
seb128pitti: basically the text is invalid utf810:03
seb128carlos: ok, thanks10:04
pittiseb128: ah, you mean the translations are broken? ok, since it works just fine here10:04
seb128carlos: happy new year btw10:04
seb128pitti: well, I was wondering if that's the translations or the code but was waiting on a language pack update before investigating10:04
carlosseb128: same for you, did you enjoy your vacations? :-)10:04
seb128carlos: yes, was nice to spend some time away from the computer ;-)10:04
seb128carlos: how was your honeymoon?10:05
carlosseb128: 'short'10:05
* carlos hides10:05
seb128ahahah, good one ;-)10:05
carlosthe only problem was when we went to Paris, we moved from 30 degrees to -2 degrees....10:05
seb128you have been lazy enough, fix rosetta now!10:05
seb128cold is better, isn't it? ;-)10:05
carlosseb128: not yet, next month, this month I'm not working in translations :-)10:06
carlosseb128: not really ;-)10:06
pitticarlos: reminds me about my transition from vacation in Nice to distro sprint in Oslo (25 -> -12 degrees)10:06
carlosthat's even worse10:06
pittithe guys at the airport to Nice wondered why I brought thick sweaters, gloves, scarf, etc :)10:07
FujitsuGoing from Australian summer (it was 42 the day I left) to -4 is quite bad, I find.10:07
sorenHm... Rhythmbox core dumps after 10.6-10.7 seconds. Every time. Very annoying.10:27
seb128soren: backtrace?10:27
Fujitsusoren: Regardless of what you've told it to do beforehand?10:27
sorenFujitsu: Yup.10:27
sorenFujitsu: Regardless of whether or not it's playing anything, too.10:28
sorenseb128: I'll report it with apport in a bit.10:28
FujitsuIt works fine for me, though at one stage I did make it segfault on start every time by disabling Cover Art.10:29
Fujitsusoren: The time is seemingly arbitrary and uniform?10:29
sorenFujitsu: Yup.10:30
sorenFujitsu: Minimum observed: 0m10.652s, maximum observed: 0m10.702s.10:31
sorenFujitsu: I've done it ~10 times.10:31
seb128soren: maybe it's shocking on a file and is consistent on how long it needs to reach it10:31
sorenseb128: Could be. However, with 4 GB of RAM and a not too impressive music collection, I doubt it could take as much as 10 seconds to go through it.10:32
seb128RAM doesn't really matter there10:32
seb128that's rather IOs10:32
sorenseb128: WEll, if everything is cached, it does.10:32
soren..and it is. My hard drive is idling.10:32
seb128it needs to go through the library to know if it changed10:32
Fujitsusoren: strace isn't useful?10:33
seb128send the bug using apport that will give us some idea about the crash ;-)10:33
sorenseb128: I'm trying... It's something like /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk -c /var/crash/_usr_bin_rhythmbox.1000.crash, isn't it?10:33
sorenseb128: Ah, it's just taking forever to upload, probably.10:34
seb128soren: double click on the crash in nautilus10:34
seb128soren: you should get the apport window about the crash before having it sending anything10:35
pittiseb128: apport -c will do the same, so that's fine10:36
pitti(double click is just more comfortable :) )10:36
sorenseb128: It tells me I should have an up-to-date system before doing anything. I'd better obey.10:36
sorenpitti: Well, except that you have to fire up nautilus and all that jazz first.10:37
sorenpitti: If you happen to have nautilus open in /var/crash anyway, then yes :)10:37
seb128having a parameter to not require the uptodate system would be nice10:37
seb128I often have whatever package which doesn't matter for the backtrace not uptodate10:38
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pochucalc: mono merge ready, but I'll have to wait for slomo to come back unless some else wants to volunteer :)10:58
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geserpitti: should pkg_create_dbgsym honour the -X option from dh_strip?11:12
gesersee bug #18036411:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180364 in ocamlnet "ocamlrpcgen no longer works on Gutsy. Probably a wrongly stripped binary" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18036411:13
pittigeser: I don't think so, why?11:13
pittipkg_create_dbgsym does not strip anything off the original binaries11:13
geserhave you then an explanation for this bug?11:14
pittigeser: not really; I think it should be tested with a local build of ocaml, both with and without pkg-create-dbgsym installed11:15
geserin my pbuilder debian/tmp/usr/bin/ocamlrpcgen works as intended but the one from debian/libocaml-ocaml-bin (or the deb) doesn't11:15
pittigeser: does your pbuilder have pkg-create-dbgsym installed?11:15
geserwhen I set NO_PKG_MANGLE or add -Nlibocaml-ocaml-bin to the dh_strip call the one from debian/libocamlnet-ocaml-bin works too11:16
pittithe only thing p-c-d does to the original binary is adding the .gnu.debuglink section so that gdb can find the separate symbol files11:16
geserpitti: it has11:16
pittiaha, then it seems it is the culprit11:16
geserso adding -Nlibocaml-ocaml-bin to the dh_strip call the right fix?11:19
pittino, that just sounds like a workaround11:19
pittiif it works correctly without p-c-d, we should fix the latter11:19
geserI checked now where the binary breaks. Adding .gnu_debuglink breaks it.11:23
pittibut.. that's just an innocent extra elf section... *whine*11:24
pittigeser: ok, does 'file <original binary>' say anything special?11:24
pittigeser: or even better, can you tell that it must not be touched from the readelf -h output?11:25
geserocamlrpcgen.working: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped11:25
pittiok, that's not useful then11:25
pittior an 'ocaml_bytecode' section in objdump -x or so?11:26
pittigeser: I added a p-c-d task to this bug (the ocaml task is for the no-change rebuild then) and added this question11:28
geserpitti: objcopy -R .gnu_debuglink ocamlrpcgen seems to be enough to break it11:32
pittigeser: ok, so we must not do that then11:33
pittigeser: I think the best fix is to make p-c-d not touch the binary at all if it has ocaml bytecode11:33
pittiso I just need to get a good test for that11:33
pittisomething objdump -x binary | grep -q '\.ocaml_bytecode' like11:34
geserpitti: http://members.ping.de/~mb/tmp/objdump.output11:37
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sorenseb128: The rhythmbox bug was already reported by pochu: bug 17920511:38
ubotuBug 179205 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/179205 is private11:38
pittigeser: thanks; I think I'll go with caml_release_bytecode11:38
pittigeser: just for final verification: objdump -x binary | grep -qw caml_release_bytecode11:39
seb128soren: alright, and it has been fixed upstream already apparently11:39
sorenseb128: Orly?11:40
seb128soren: ?11:40
soren"orly" = "oh, really"11:40
seb128soren: look at the upstream task on the bug11:40
seb128ah, ok11:40
pittigeser: is objdump -t enough?11:40
sorenseb128: Oh, upstream bug of the duped lp bug. Right.11:41
seb128soren: no, of the non dupped bug (the one which is Fix Commited)11:42
seb128but right ;-)11:42
geserpitti: objdump -t ocamlrpcgen | grep -qw caml_release_bytecode exits with 011:42
sorenseb128: Er.. Um.. Yes, you seem to be right :)11:42
pittigeser: cool, thanks11:42
sorenseb128: Do you intend to upload a fix or should I do it?11:43
seb128soren: you are welcome to do it since you can test the fix ;-)11:43
sorenseb128: Will do. It's not in bzr or anything, is it?11:43
seb128soren: no, just grab the patch from svn, copy to debian/patches and upload11:44
sorenseb128: Alright.11:44
seb128soren: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/ is handy to get diffs for GNOME modules11:44
pittianyone running Kubuntu here? does "x-terminal-emulator -e dpkg -l" work, i. e. runs dpkg -l in a new terminal?11:48
pittiI'm not sure whether the KDE alternative of x-terminal-emulator correctly recognizes -e11:49
pittixterm and gnome-terminal do11:49
geserpitti: is it intended that "objcopy -R foobar binary" modifies the binary even if the section doesn't exist? because the filesize changes from 1248876 to 26965211:51
pittigeser: I'm not sure whether it's intended, but I noticed that a thing like that gets rid of a lot of cruft11:51
sorenseb128: Oh, I used the bzr import from launchpad instead. Thanks, though.11:51
pittiat least it has done that for years11:52
\shpitti: konsole does know about -e11:55
\shpitti:  -e <command>              Execute 'command' instead of shell11:55
pochucalc: do you need mono for alpha-3?11:55
pitti\sh: so if you do "x-terminal-emulator -e dpkg -l" it opens a Konsole window with dpkg -l output?11:56
pittiand closes it again when it's finished?)11:56
\shpitti: well, running gnome right now so I'm on gnome-terminal, but "konsole -e dpkg -l" works like a charm11:57
\shpitti: kde3 that is11:57
Riddellpitti: works for me11:57
pittiRiddell, \sh: great, thank you11:57
\shmvo: pingeling...did you hear about my fatal experience when dist-upgrading from dapper to gutsy via edgy/feisty?11:59
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=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
geserpitti: thinking about the pkg_create_dbgsym bug again: does it make sense to want to add a .gnu_debuglink for binaries which aren't going to be stripped?12:10
pittigeser: not really, no12:12
geserwhat about passing the -X option from dh_strip to pkg_create_dbgsym to not add those links for the listed binaries as they are stripped anyway later?12:13
geserthis would fix it for the ocaml problem and any further binaries which don't like to be stripped12:14
geserargh, there is a not missing in the first sentence: as they aren't stripped anyway later12:15
pittigeser: that would work, yes; we already have a flag $nodebuglink which is passed to pkg_create_dbgsym but it only gets enabled if dh_strip builds a -dbg package on its own12:15
pittiwe could extend this to pass down a "don't touch" blacklist12:15
mvo\sh: no, did you file a bug?12:19
mvo\sh: I would be very interessted in the logs12:19
mvohey jsgotangco12:19
ograhmm, tasksel fails on the current daily ... known fact ?12:23
ograah, missing language-pack-en12:23
\shmvo: there are no logs...but evms is the bug12:25
ograweird, langauge-pack-en in on the CD12:26
ograi wonder why its not found12:26
\shmvo: we used a root server from strato, dapper lts installation...and evms is installed by default, but it wasn't running...after upgrading from dapper to edgy to feisty to gutsy, our two swap spaces were not there anymore, but locked by a process, which you don't see even with lsof...12:26
\shmvo: I was fighting with it several hours, till soren told me to remove evms from the system...after that it worked...12:27
* Fujitsu got that on a number of systems, and thought the distupgrader was meant to handle that.12:27
\shmvo: evms on dapper is still being enabled by /etc/init.d/ and now it's got enabled with udev I think...so we need to check what happens with dapper -> hardy directly...12:27
mvo\sh: could you send me the logs please (if you used the release-upgrader) - it should automatically remove evms on feisty->gutsy12:29
mvo\sh: logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/*12:29
\shmvo: I didn't ;) I used apt-get dist-upgrade12:30
mvo\sh: aha, ok :)12:30
\shmvo: but I think many people dealing with debian/ubuntu on servers will not use release-upgrader ,-)12:30
mvo\sh: we have a text-frontend!12:32
torkel\sh: probably depends on if they know about it or are using apt-get dist-upgrade because they allways had12:32
\shtorkel: that's what I meant12:32
mvo\sh: I'm not a expert on the evms stuff, but afack we can not just unconditionally remove it12:32
mvo\sh: we definitely need to release note it12:33
* mvo wonders if we have a expert on evms12:33
Tonio_anyone has an idea where I can download https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcj-4.2/4.2-20070707-1ubuntu2 please ?12:33
* Mithrandir hides from mvo 12:33
\shmvo: if we can determine if it was in use on dapper or not .. it could help...12:33
Fujitsumvo: Release noting and perhaps modifying Dapper's apt to screech if somebody tries to do it directly...12:33
* mvo catches Mithrandir12:33
Tonio_links are dead and since now the package build-depends on itself, this version is the only one I can use to build the package on feisty12:33
* Mithrandir plays dead12:33
\shmvo: if evms is being enabled by some magic variable in /etc/default/evms or something ... we could use this info during the update12:34
mvo\sh: the release upgrader does that, it checks if evms is in use by looking into /proc/mounts and if not, removes it12:35
\shFujitsu: well, as canonical explained, that dist-upgrades from lts to lts is working without any problem...it's likely to happen12:35
* ogra tickles Mithrandir 12:35
* Fujitsu stabs Mithrandir to make sure he isn't just playing dead.12:35
mvobut I don't know the details, why evms causes this trouble if it is not used12:35
\shmvo: no other way possible outside dist-upgrader? some magic in udev to determine the state of evms?12:35
mvoMithrandir: is there some bugreport about this to figure what the probelm is ?12:36
mvo\sh: I think if we could solve it at a package level instead of working around it in the release-upgrader, that would be the best course of action12:36
Mithrandirmvo: the problem is evms tries to grab all discs and partitions whether they're evms volumes or not.12:36
geserTonio_: LP still has the debs; click on the package you need, open the "Published as" portlet, select the architecture you need, download the deb12:37
FujitsuAnd causes much confusion when one tries to work out why only the non-LVM /boot partition won't mount.12:37
Tonio_geser: sure but I need to build this on feisty12:38
Tonio_geser: that's why I really need the source package...12:38
FujitsuTonio_: The broken links are a bug I filed a couple of weeks back.12:38
* Fujitsu grabs links.12:38
\shmvo, Mithrandir: I'll file a bug against emvs...(but I'm not sure if it's a bug in evms) but I wonder why evms is being used when it wasn't running at all...12:40
sorenTonio_: Eh?12:41
sorenTonio_: The source is right there on the page you linked to?12:41
persiasoren: librarian doesn't have those files :(12:42
Tonio_Fujitsu: AHHHHHHHHHH, great12:42
Fujitsupersia: Librarian does have those files. kiko's code is dodgy when the packages aren't published anywhere.12:42
persiaErr.  Right.  s/:($/At that location./12:43
sorenpersia: Oh, right.12:43
soren#  Removed from disk  on 2007-07-21.12:43
Mithrandir\sh: it's being run from the initramfs12:43
Fujitsusoren: The files are still in Librarian, just not on drescher.12:43
sorenFujitsu: You're probably right.12:44
\shMithrandir: hmm...more difficult12:44
* soren lunches12:47
geserTonio_: http://mirror.linux.org.mt/mirror/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gcj-4.2/gcj-4.2_4.2-20070707-1ubuntu2.dsc12:50
Tonio_geser: thanks a lot !12:51
bigoncould someone makes a give-back for gossip (with libloudmouth1-dev >=1.3.3-1)13:22
Mithrandirbigon: given-back13:23
geserMithrandir: is it safe to ask for give-backs of the packages in CHROOTWAIT?13:25
Mithrandirgeser: in general, they should be given-back automatically.  Any in particular?13:29
\shmvo / Mithrandir: bug #181491 for the evms problem13:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181491 in evms "dapper -> edgy -> feisty -> gutsy update fails " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18149113:29
geserMithrandir: if they are given-back automatically then I can wait13:29
bigonMithrandir: thx13:38
pittimvo: if I have an apt.Cache() object, is there a fast method to update it after I installed a package? (for .isInstalled) or do I need to regenerate it from scratch?13:54
mvopitti: cache.open() should do13:57
pittimvo: hm, that seems to take as long as generating a new apt.Cache()13:59
pittiI used c.open(None)13:59
mvopitti: it needs to generate the binary cache after a install, it should be possible to speed it up a bit (for installs), I can look into that. you may consider showing some progress informration if that is a UI issue14:01
pittimvo: ok; no, please don't spend any effort on this, I was just curious14:01
mvopitti: ok :) I may still, I got a interessted idea that I would like to test14:02
calcpochu: yea there was more wrong with OOo that I uploaded than just the missing header but I ran into that while fixing it on my box14:12
calcpochu: i think it is probably too late for alpha-3 at this point :\14:13
cjwatsoncalc: right now, openoffice.org is uninstallable in hardy; we can't release alpha-3 with it like that14:16
cjwatsonit needs to be fixed14:16
cjwatson(one way or another)14:16
pittigood morning calc14:18
azeemdid Ubuntu officially evaluate the Liberation Fonts license?14:19
azeemmjg59: ^^ do you know, maybe?14:19
mjg59Not to the best of my knowledge14:19
mjg59My recollection is that it's free but GPL incompatible14:20
azeemI heard today OOo upstream added the fonts recently14:20
azeemmjg59: well, fonts don't need to be GPL compatible, do they?14:20
mjg59Only if embedded in GPLed works14:20
mjg59So, not generally14:20
azeemI had a chat with aj about it earlier, as the debian-legal thread last May immediately got hijacked by nutcases14:20
calccjwatson: ok i can do the mono merge then upload new OOo that I have on my box14:21
azeemso there's two exceptions, one is the official FSF-recommended font exception14:21
azeemthe other is some sort of anti-tivoization restriction it seems14:21
cjwatsoncalc: what are the changes in the new OOo?14:21
mjg59Yeah, I told the people involved I wasn't really happy with describing an additional restriction as an exception14:21
mjg59But, still14:22
calccjwatson: very few changes mostly to deal with the way mono was split over the holidays, mono was broken over the holidays as well see bug 18142214:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181422 in mono "thread-types.h is missing" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18142214:22
calcpochu: ping14:22
calcseems pochu didn't include his merge work for mono on the bug report :\14:22
azeemmjg59: and then there is the strange IP discaimer plus "Title to the Software and any component, or to any copy, modification, or merged portion shall remain with [Red Hat]"14:22
mjg59I don't have a freedom issue with that (others might)14:23
mjg59But it's still weird and potentially unenforceable14:23
mjg59Unless it simply means "We are still copyright holders, even if you modify it", in which case, that's kind of obvious14:23
broonieBut then lawyers often like pointing out the obvious.14:24
calcpochu: i need the merge where is it14:24
calcwell he seems to not be here right now so i can look into remerging mono from debian14:25
gesercalc: try http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/mono_1.2.6+dfsg-5ubuntu1.dsc14:25
calcgeser: ah great :)14:26
geserthat one he asked slomo to sponsor14:26
azeemmjg59: if I read this right, they own the copyright of the changes I make, even if I don't distribute them; is that something Ubuntu thinks is alright?14:26
cjwatsoncalc: ok, thanks14:27
ogracjwatson, pkgsel seems broken as well atm14:27
cjwatsonogra: what's up with it? I hadn't heard14:27
ograi had a file not found with it ... let me reproduce (my virtualbox just crashed and took the kept error with it, somethig about pre-pkgsel.d being empty)14:28
cjwatsonhmm, sounds plausible14:29
calcpochu: nevermind geser gave me the url above to sponsor :)14:29
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mjg59azeem: The QPL has similar issues, but I'm not sure that's what it means14:30
mjg59azeem: It may well just be "Red Hat are still a copyright holder even if you modify it"14:30
mjg59But clarification might be nice - RH legal are friendly people, IME14:31
cjwatsonogra: odd that that would be a fatal error (rather than just syslog noise), though14:31
ograi had a proper red screen ...14:31
ograinstall stopped14:31
ograi'm in base-install gimme 10 min14:32
azeemmjg59: do you know a good contact address for that, by chance?14:32
azeemmjg59: (I thought the QPL was an issue and was mostly ignored cause all important code is bi/tri-licensed to sane licenses)14:32
mjg59azeem: We still ship QPL-only code14:33
cjwatsonogra: I'm rsyncing a current image, but it'll be a while14:33
ograi'll get you the syslog14:33
mjg59azeem: Indeed, we *have* to ship Qt under the QPL as well - otherwise only GPL-compatible code can link against it14:33
ograits easily reproducable14:33
azeemhrm, right14:33
mjg59(debian-legal seem to conveniently ignore this)14:34
azeemhowever, the QPL doesn't claim to be the GPL+exceptions14:34
azeemoh well14:34
azeemmjg59: anyway, thanks14:35
mjg59No problem14:35
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cjwatsonogra: can I get syslog?14:45
cjwatsonmy rsync is at 49%, so this is probably faster14:45
ogracjwatson, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51357/14:45
ogracopying the full log to p.u.c14:45
cjwatsonogra: the tasksel failure is the real problem, I think14:47
ogracjwatson, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/syslog14:47
ogra(sorry, german)14:47
cjwatsontjaalton mentioned the same error yesterday on netboot but we didn't get into it14:47
cjwatsonGerman is fine14:47
ograto me it looks more like the language pack triggers it though14:48
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=== jono-in-email-he is now known as jono-in-emailhel
cjwatsonwell, probably isn't helping, but being unable to find the standard task is the real blow-up I think14:48
=== jono-in-emailhel is now known as jonoinemailhell
cjwatsonthe log ordering is a bit screwed but so it goes14:49
cjwatsonde.archive's Task headers look ok14:49
cjwatsonI wonder if the CD is screwed14:49
hungerIs there a known bug wrt. creating users? I used useradd to create one and then used it to log into gnome and all I got was a white screen.14:50
ograi added the ltsp-client-builder udeb to the installer seed could it be that this broke anything (i didnt do anything additionally but adding it)14:50
cjwatsonhunger: you should use adduser, for starters14:50
cjwatsonogra: shouldn't think so, it hasn't run yet14:51
hungercjwatson: Aehm... right that is what I used:-)14:51
ograits run right after pkgsel14:51
ogra(and needs preseeding to actually run)14:52
hungercjwatson: It would be cool if only one of useradd and adduser would get installed:-)14:53
cjwatsonhunger: since adduser uses useradd internally, I don't think that's likely14:54
azeemmove useradd to libexec!14:55
cjwatsonazeem: GNUisance ;-)14:55
hungercjwatson: Well, it is not the user creation process that gives me a white screen:-)14:56
cjwatsonright, my guess is that it only works if you're in some group or other - but that would certainly be a bug14:57
cjwatsoncheck .xsession-errors14:57
ograaudio is a good guess i bet14:57
hungercjwatson: I testet this by deleting all the major config files of an existing user: Now I get a white screen there, too.14:57
pochucalc: great. will you sponsor it for me? I pinged slomo about it, so if you are going to upload it let him know so you don't duplicate work :)14:57
hungerkde starts fine by the way.14:58
tjaaltonpitti: I'll test the new cupsys for dapper15:01
pittitjaalton: oh, great! thanks15:02
cjwatsonogra: ok, that's really weird, the CD's Packages file looks fine too15:02
cjwatsonI wonder if this is an apt bug15:02
ograi have the machine still here (snapshotted now)15:03
cjwatsoncan you chroot into /target and run 'apt-get install standard~'?15:05
ogracouldnt find package standard~15:05
cjwatsonogra: err, sorry, I mean standard^15:05
ograah :)15:06
ogracouldnt find package standard^15:06
pochucjwatson: ok to upload mono 1.2.6+dfsg-5ubuntu1? (currently we have -1ubuntu1). It fixes an issue with the OOo build.15:07
cjwatsonpochu: yes15:08
cjwatsonogra: does 'apt-cache show apparmor | grep Task:' show anything?15:08
ograunable to locate package apparmor...15:09
ograno packages found ...15:09
pochucjwatson: thanks15:09
pochucalc: slomo will take care of the mono upload.15:10
cjwatsonogra: ...15:10
ogralooks like it doesnt find anything beyond the bootstrapped packages that are installed15:10
cjwatsonmy head hurts, need more coffee15:10
cjwatsonso certainly pkgsel arranges for only the sources added by base-installer to be used at that point15:12
cjwatson(to avoid expensive downloads)15:12
ograi cant see the cdrom if i'm chrooted15:12
cjwatsonbut base-installer seems to be doing the right thing, so I'm a little puzzled15:12
mvopitti: I filed bug #181518 so that we can do dapper->hardy upgrades (small patch to update-manager). this means that we need to attack the dbus restart problem soonish (before this version of u-m is accepted into dapper-proposed)15:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181518 in update-manager "check of LTS dist upgrades" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18151815:12
ograhmm, i can but it doesnt appear mounted15:12
ograapt-get update moans15:13
cjwatsonogra: good call, I see the problem now15:13
ograi see stuff in /cdrom though15:13
cjwatsonit's an artifact of fjp's work to make multi-CD installs work15:13
cjwatsonand muggins here got the ordering a bit wrong when merging15:13
cjwatsonI'll figure out how it's supposed to work and fix it - thanks!15:14
pittimvo: oh, right, that15:19
* calc got mono uploaded15:21
seb128calc: <pochu> calc: slomo will take care of the mono upload.15:21
calcpochu: sorry i didn't see that since i was working on the upload, did he already do it? i needed it for the OOo i have to do in the next few minutes15:22
slomocalc: there were some things that needed changes... well, let's fix it with next upload then, nothing critical15:23
calcslomo: oh sorry about that :(15:23
* calc is now doing the OOo test build with new mono15:25
pittipochu: please use debuild -v <previous ubuntu version> when merging15:37
pochupitti: acked (slomo just told me that :)15:39
* pitti hugs pochu15:39
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=== Traxer|on is now known as Traxer
* pochu hugs pitti back :)15:50
siretartasac: are we going to stay with network-manager 0.6.5 for hardy, or do we want to go for 0.7.x? I'm asking because I'm curious to know what to do about wpasupplicant16:04
siretartread: merge the 0.6.x branch from debian, or stay with 0.5 for hardy16:04
tjaaltonI've heard that 0.7 supports modems, so n-m support for 3G would be way cool16:04
asacsiretart: not sure ... we should probably start to implement the debian plugin for the system-settings and publish a preview version to get an idea about its suitability for a LTS release.16:08
sladenn-m that /worked/ would be "way cool"16:08
sladenor rather, could cope with situations where the PC is not in a state == first boot16:09
seb128what bug is that one?16:12
siretartasac: I see. well, FYI, the plan for debian is to keep tracking the 0.6 branch of wpasupplicant. need to ask mbiebl about nm16:14
pittilool: I think our remaining avahi change (http://merges.ubuntu.com/a/avahi/avahi_0.6.22-2ubuntu1.patch) is equally relevant for Debian; WDYT, can it be merged?16:15
asacsiretart: debian should ship the right nm + wpasupplicant combinatino as well imo.16:15
asacsiretart: but most likely 0.7 will be ready in time for next debian stable release16:16
siretartasac: I'd assume so, right. however I haven't heard complaints from the nm maintainers there16:16
* pitti looks at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11226590/apt-show-versions_0.12ubuntu1.debdiff16:19
pittiis it just me who thinks that maintaining debian/ubuntu-patches is more effort and error-prone than just using MoM? at least for such trivial merges?16:20
siretartpitti: I think such patches are best kept in either launchpad or the debian bts16:21
pittisiretart: well, it's a patch that doesn't apply to Debian16:22
pittibut it's so trivial and obvious, and MoM does it just fine, so I think it's just unnecessary overheade16:22
siretartIt might not apply, but having it around would not hurt there16:22
pittiwarp10: anyway, sponsored; thanks16:23
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kkubasikhey, has anyone been having problems with cairo and firefox?16:47
tjaaltoncould someone translate from Spanish to English: "il file con la lista dei file del pacchetto `xserver-xorg-core' contiene un filename vuoto"16:51
jpatrickthat's italian16:51
tjaaltonoh :)16:51
tjaaltondamn me16:51
jpatrickif it was spanish, I would have gladly helped you :)16:51
tjaaltonI should've known16:52
pitti"the rows with the list of the rows of the package ` xserver-xorg-core' contain a filename empty" -- hmm16:55
tjaaltonit's bug 181530, and doesn't make sense to me16:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181530 in xkbset "package xkbset None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/xkbset.list] failed to install/upgrade: il file con la lista dei file del pacchetto `xserver-xorg-core' contiene un filename vuoto" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18153016:56
tjaaltonat least there is no file conflict16:56
pittitjaalton: maybe the /var/lib/dpkg/info/xkbset.list is empty?16:57
tjaaltondisk full?16:57
warp10pitti: sorry for late response, was away. I tought it was trivial and obvious indeed, but maybe it could be useful someway, so I updated it :)16:58
pittimsgid "files list file for package `%.250s' contains empty filename"16:59
pittitjaalton: ^ grabbed from italian dpkg.po16:59
* pitti pats his unpacked langpack tree for grepping for translations17:00
slangasekpitti: "the row" is "la fila", not "il file" :)17:00
seb128pitti: can you look in this unpack tree if the french apport translation is valid utf8? ;-)17:01
pittislangasek: good morning17:01
pittislangasek: that was just babelfish; my own Italian is a magnitude worse :)17:01
pittiseb128: rookery:/srv/language-packs.ubuntu.com/gutsy-proposed/sources-base/17:01
seb128pitti: danke17:02
pittiseb128: I can look for you in a bit, off to dinner17:02
* seb128 learns every day thanks to pitti ;-)17:02
seb128pitti: no, I'll manage, thanks17:02
slangasekpitti: no, I think your own italian would only be a magnitude slower, I don't think it's possible to be a magnitude worse ;)17:03
_MMA_seb128: Does the package gdm 2.20.2-1ubuntu2 (hardy)  include the changes from upstreams 2.20.3 release?17:04
tjaaltonpitti: thanks, weird17:05
seb128_MMA_: no, but I'll upload 2.20.3 after the freeze17:05
seb128_MMA_: why?17:05
_MMA_Ahh... Killer. Im looking to see that bug where you can set the background color go away.17:06
seb128_MMA_: it's supposed to be fixed in 2.20.317:06
seb128_MMA_: it can probably wait an extra day ;-)17:06
_MMA_Oh sure. Just a visual eye-sore when Ubuntu Studio has it set to black but it comes up light brown.17:07
hungerIs there a way to not start compiz? I think my white-screen-when-using-gnome problem is compiz related.17:17
ograhunger set /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/current and default to metacity17:19
ogra(gconf keys)17:19
hungerogra: Thanks!17:20
* hunger wonders where the config file with those keys is hidden.17:21
hungerSorry, I'm a kde person:-)17:21
hungerThat indeed helps. I can log back into gnome again.17:35
sladenfull disk?17:42
* pitti hugs seb128 back17:45
pochuwill the hardy cds ship any translation packages? specifically the spanish ones?18:00
seb128pochu: depending of the CD space18:01
seb128pochu: not easy to say now18:02
pochuRight. And do you know whether Gutsy shipped any?18:02
seb128gutsy shipped some, dunno the exact list, cjwatson or pitti most likely know18:02
pochumaybe the ones in http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.gutsy/live ?18:03
seb128pochu: right18:03
pochuthank you seb12818:04
seb128you are welcome18:04
pittiasac: the history substring search in ffox3 is the best thing since slice bread!18:11
seb128maybe I should give firefox3 a try just to see what it looks like ;-)18:14
asacyeah ;) ... I agree that it rocks!18:14
cjwatsonit's nice, except that if your mouse happens to be hovering over the area occupied by the substring search results pop-down, it's impossible to type just the substring and not select whatever it was that the mouse is hovering over18:15
cjwatsoni.e. pressing Enter in the URL bar prefers to select the thing being hovered over by the mouse rather than whatever you typed in the URL bar18:15
asacgood catch. haven't noticed before18:16
cjwatsondo you want a bug?18:18
* cjwatson blinks at bug 18052518:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180525 in firefox-3.0 "firefox-3.0 pornlib resizes images into works of abstract art" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18052518:18
slangasek"oh, /cubic/ interpolation, I thought you said /cubist/ interpolation"18:19
asaccjwatson: yes, please open a bug18:21
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asacdidn't find an upstream duplicate on first attempt, but will have to check again later. bugzilla is sometimes hard to use :/18:22
seb128bugzilla rocks ;-)18:22
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
cjwatsonasac: OK, I hope bug 181575 is a comprehensible description. I found it quite hard to describe clearly18:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181575 in firefox-3.0 "pressing Enter in URL bar selects mouse hover target in substring-search pop-down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18157518:29
* asac looking18:29
asaccjwatson: thats fine. thanks18:30
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slangasektjaalton: is there any chance that your latest openchrome changes could have negatively affected a Radeon chip?19:07
slangasektjaalton: Riddell is reporting (informally) that alpha3 X is screwed up on this chip: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M19:08
tjaaltonslangasek: Xorg.0.log would help19:10
tjaaltonsounds strange enough :)19:11
slangasekwill have to wait for Riddell to resurface then, I guess19:11
slangasekwhat little other information there is is here: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/1210/5019:12
slangasekbryce: unless you happen to have access to something with that chipset and could verify?19:12
brycehmm, I just have one ATI based system19:13
tjaaltonthere are reports that ati 6.7.197 has had regressions19:13
brycewait, no two.19:13
bryceI think one is an R350, lemme check19:14
tjaaltonyou lucky b.. :)19:14
brycemy fiance is thankfully tolerant of my computeraholic issues19:14
bryce Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800 Pro]19:16
bryceunfortunately this system isn't on Hardy19:17
seb12801:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)19:17
seb128that's my desktop and it's running hardy19:17
seb12801:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])19:18
seb128and it works fine with the current ati driver19:18
tjaaltonriddell has a laptop apparently19:19
tjaaltonslangasek: there's a newer driver on wiki.u.c/XorgOnTheEdge19:20
bryceis there a LP# for riddell's bug?19:20
tjaaltonI would've noticed it :)19:21
brycemy other -ati is X60019:25
claudestgraber: ping19:30
claudestgraber: stop talking, please19:31
stgraberclaude: :)19:33
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slangasekbryce: no LP#, no; he seems to have taken off ill before he could get to that point19:44
slangasekthe problem was reported with the LiveCD; I suppose that shouldn't make a difference, but19:45
bryceok, I'll cut a CD and give it a go19:46
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
sabdflRiddell: thanks for taking care of the geoip sync20:09
tjaaltonbryce, slangasek: the ati bug is likely bug 18034320:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180343 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "ATI driver update causes Display Corruption" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18034320:10
slangasektjaalton: great, thanks20:11
slangasekRiddell: ^^20:11
bryce(cd's about halfway burned; will test it after lunch.  bbiab)20:11
tjaaltonbryce: I'll ask alex about that bug20:17
tjaaltonbryce: ok, I'll compile git master, and ask people to test that20:26
brycebooting, bbiaw20:48
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tjaaltonslangasek: new driver attached to the bug, waiting for test results21:04
slangasektjaalton: cheers21:06
bryceslangasek: kubuntu booted up just fine on my R35021:08
bryceI did find one issue though, but it's unrelated21:08
bryceso perhaps the issue Riddell ran into was specific to his R350M?21:09
Riddellsabdfl: welcome21:10
Riddellbryce: wouldn't surprise me, this laptop is full of odd hardware bits21:10
tjaaltonbryce: actually that's RS200M21:10
tjaaltonRiddell: please try the driver from bug 18034321:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180343 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "ATI driver update causes Display Corruption on Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350 " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18034321:10
bryceRiddell, slangasek:  I ran into this issue when trying to access the monitor config admin tool:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/tmp/snapshot1.png21:13
Riddelltjaalton: the radeon_drv.so file attached there seems to work ok21:13
slangasekbryce: hrm, curious21:13
Riddellbryce: yeah, known issue, I've not had a chance to look at it21:14
bryceyeah, figured as much21:14
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tjaaltonok, I've got the commit that fixes this ati issue ()21:37
tjaaltonRADEON: Make sure all old IGP chips have HasSingleDac set21:37
tjaaltonslangasek: should I roll an update with that patch?22:19
slangasektjaalton: sounds good.  Not sure I'll reroll images for it, but if it lands in good time, it'd be nice to have22:22
slangasekand if it doesn't land, and least we've got good info to put in the release notes :)22:24
tjaaltonyeah :)22:24
phomesis there a reason for that gnome-games is stuck at 2.20.1 for gutsy? (and for hardy btw) We are getting a ton of crasher reports that should be fixed from these old versions23:00
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=== bigon` is now known as bigon

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