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RinchenDid the fridge email list get the Launchpad Logo email?  I didn't see it20:11
beunoRinchen, didn't seem to, no20:15
beunoyes it did20:15
Rinchenoh good20:15
Rinchenscared me20:15
Rinchenit was sent a while ago20:15
beunowhat's wrong with the current logo?20:16
beunoI really like it20:16
Rinchenwe've gotten "complaints" that it looks like the marvin the martian cartoon20:18
Rinchenwhich is copyrighted20:18
Rinchenin fact, he appears in the lp-dev logo :-)20:19
beunoreally???  :/20:19
* beuno goes google "marvin the martian"20:19
RinchenI think that was done as a joke (and it's really funny to me actually)20:20
RinchenBut we decided to hold a community contest20:20
beunoit'll be interesting to see what comes up20:21
Rinchenyeah. A bit nervous that we'll get no or a few bad submissions20:21
beunomaybe Mark should do a quick post to get some hype going20:22
RinchenI was hoping UWN and the Fridge would help with that ;-)20:22
Rinchenit went to the planet with the blog post20:22
beunoI'm sure boredandblogging will take care of UWN20:22
beunoand the fridge, well, you've got the account20:23
Rinchenconflict of interest for me :-)20:23
RinchenI need to have you guys agree and do it20:24
beunoright, well, I'll see what I can do then  ;)20:24
Rinchenotherwise it looks like Canonical is heavy-handing it...20:24
beunogotta run now, but I'll be back later20:24
RinchenHopefully you'll agree. :-)20:24
RinchenBut if anything I pass on is not newsworthy then I'm with that.20:26
RinchenI'm OK with that20:26

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