crimsunamitk_: unfortunately, no.  I've often started by mv'ing /etc/udev/rules.d/85-alsa.rules out of the way so that on a fresh boot, asound.state isn't `alsactl restore`'d at all00:44
amitk_crimsun: would it be that hard to create a minimal asound.state with fore example Master, PCM, Line In?00:46
amitk_crimsun: the problem we are trying to solve is not having to 1. delete asound.state, 2. kill mixer applet, 3. rmmod driver 4. modprobe driver just to get a clean slate00:47
crimsunamitk_: the cleanest slate that can be gotten is simply not to `alsactl restore` on boot00:48
crimsunamitk_: even with a "minimal" asound.state, there's no guarantee said mixer elements are even enumerated :/00:49
amitk_crimsun: we want to _try_ one step better. Instead of a clean slate, give 'em a minimal default that is known to work on majority of that HW00:49
amitk_crimsun: I understand the codec wiring will dictate a lot of details, but surely everyone will have Master, PCM and Line In?00:50
crimsunamitk_: nope, some emu10k-based ones don't00:51
crimsuna lot of usb ones don't00:51
crimsunfor HDA, Conexant, Realtek, and Sigmatel should00:52
amitk_will 3-4 such minimal configs cover 90% of the HW out there?00:52
crimsunhmm, yes00:52
crimsunI'm guessing that 90% of the HW will be PCI-based, with the vast majority being HDA00:54
amitk_crimsun: so if we can have them pre-installed as say, asound.state.intel, asound.state.dell or whatever, we could ask the user to check if sound works with 'alsactl -F -f <path to asound.state> restore'00:55
crimsunamitk_: yes, that is feasible00:56
amitk_crimsun: it could even be exposed in the mixer applet UI00:56
amitk_crimsun: I can try to come up with something for HDA, Realtek, Sigmatel stuff. Could you help with the USB, emu10k ones?00:59
crimsunamitk_: I'm afraid I can't promise, but I certainly will try.01:00
amitk_crimsun: ok... thanks Daniel. I will keep you posted on this.01:00
crimsunamitk_: http://pastebin.ca/search.php?q=alsa-info&s=Search should help01:00
crimsunamitk_: for some time, we've been accumulating pastebinned codec dumps01:01
amitk_crimsun: great... this might prove handy01:03
Hasufin....imbrandon or zul around?05:11
Hasufin..........was looking for imbrandon's fatx module05:12
Hasufinid rather try not and ...... well you know, recreate the wheel05:13
Hasufinim just reading old irc logs05:36
Hasufintons of info :P05:36
Hasufinthemuse - yeah I have that05:39
Hasufinbut it was my understanding, he got the thing built05:39
Hasufinand had it up on his website somewhere :)05:39
TheMusoHasufin: Ah ok.05:40
Hasufinor they had a patch or something05:40
HasufinIve been reading irc logs05:40
Hasufinthanks for replying and looking that up btw -- I appreciate it05:41
TheMusoHasufin: Are you willing to build it for your kernel yourself?05:41
HasufinYeah, I'll have to get into the wiki's and such05:42
HasufinI haven't built kernel modules since........ uh05:42
Hasufinredhat 6.x/suse 7.x days05:42
Hasufinor built a kernel since then05:42
Hasufini think im going to have to do the exact same thing he did05:44
Hasufinhe has a test fatx image posted05:44
Hasufinbut doens't have the module source or anything so05:44
Hasufinthis will be a learning exercise :)05:44
Hasufini just realized something05:50
Hasufinwrong srever/cahnnel05:50
HasufinZul -- (or imbrandon) if you have that patch........ :) i'd appreciate if you pointed it to me.06:50
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imbrandonHasufin: what kernel version are you looking for the patch for ?10:37
Hasufinim on gutsy10:37
Hasufin.............if you only knew what ive been thru tonight to get a damn dos boot disk modified :)10:38
Hasufinwell... a dos boot iso10:38
Hasufini didn't find a program to pull out a binary boot image off an iso....10:38
Hasufinholy crap has it been heck :P10:38
Hasufinanyways another story10:39
imbrandonok i have two diffrent patches, one for the kernel to run ON the xbox, and one to just run on gutsy x86 and read/write fatx filestsems10:41
imbrandoni'm guessing you need the latter ?10:41
Hasufinyes :)10:41
Hasufinhard drive is getting read errors10:42
Hasufinso I need to run ddrescue on it to get all my xbox stuff off it10:42
imbrandonahh, is it unlocked or locked ?10:42
imbrandonthis wont unlock the drive10:42
imbrandonit has to be unlocked by the xbox or xbhdm10:42
Hasufinwhy im doing the whole dos thing10:43
Hasufintrying varios spare drives i have to see if they are lockable10:43
HasufinI have the password, etc10:43
Hasufinso I can unlock it10:43
Hasufinthe drive just has a lot of bad sectors on it...... 10:44
imbrandonahh ok, do you have xbhdm ? ( btw mostly any modern ide drive can be locked )10:44
Hasufinwhich is causing linux not to boot... or to install10:44
Hasufin....no i don't have that...10:44
Hasufinwhat is it?10:44
Hasufini haven't seen it in any of the readme's 10:44
imbrandonxbox hard drive maker , it is a custom linux boot cd, that has the fatx modules, xbox harddrive clone utils etc10:45
imbrandonone  sec lemme find it10:45
HasufinI will google it10:45
imbrandonis more what you need10:45
Hasufinwell yes10:45
Hasufinthat would help me not have to do the insmod.... mount rmmod thing on my desktop10:45
imbrandonok here is the link, its 100% legal etc, but you can only gget it via torrent10:47
imbrandonread the README with it, but basicly there is a shellscripot in that zip that will make a custom iso just for your xbox with the eprom backup from your xbox or hdd passord10:48
imbrandonboot off that iso with your xbox hdd as the only drive attached ( and past this feel free to join me in #buntubox , we're getting a little OT for -kernel )10:49
imbrandonzul, did you ever commit the fatx stuff to l-u-m ?11:06
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voyohi there, anyone alive? need to ask about format of kallsyms12:30
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blueyedIs somebody not affected by bug 177713? How can I debug this?16:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177713 in linux "2.6.24-2: Regression with idle cpu cycle handling" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17771316:43
mtretinCan anyone help me figure out why ACPI support causes my IDE drives not to be recognized? 17:13
blueyedmtretin: what do you mean with "not to be recognized"?17:16
mtretinw/o ACPI support, using the AHCI driver for my hdd and PIIX driver for my cdrom, when the kernel says it probes ide0 and ide1 it picks up my drive as /dev/hdb - when I turn *on* ACPI support int he kernel this doesn't happen 17:18
mtretinblueyed: but it it doesn't pick the drive up as /dev/srX either17:18
blueyedmtretin: unfortunately I have no clue, but others might help you know better (with this info). Have you search for a bug about it on launchpad.net?17:20
mtretinI've been google searching for about a week for something relevant, and there are a few fixes -- none of which have worked, I'll try laynchpad now17:20
maks_did you check for /dev/sdX mtretin 17:23
maks_above you speak about srX17:23
mtretinmaks_: yup, there's nothing but /dev/sda :( 17:23
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maks_mtretin: what's your config?17:32
maks_are you using stock kernels17:32
mtretinmaks_: I've treid stock, custom rebuilds using stock sources, and rebuilds using vanilla17:33
maks_2.6.24-rc7 ?17:33
maks_23 is a strange release i don't trust it much..17:36
mtretinI'm meaning to try .24 (that's latest unstable, right?) but time keeps in slipping into /dev/null 17:37
maks_we have test builds on the debian side i guess ubuntu too17:38
maks_they should just install fine17:38
mtretinmaks_: I switched to Ubuntu hoping everything woudl work out of box, so, I'd love to install one - but what repository is it in? 17:40
maks_trunk http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernel17:42
blueyedmaks_: Thanks for the hint, I can use those images instead of building it from git myself to test if my regression is still there.17:51
blueyedbleh. idle regression still in 2.6.24-rc7-686 from http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernel18:10
blueyedIs this enough to send it to the upstream bugtracker? (.config might be involved, so I'll include it of course)18:10
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bullgard4uswsusp (0.6~cvs20070618-1ubuntu2) gutsy; urgency=low; mjg59: "* Don't build s2ram. It's not sensible on Ubuntu." I understand 'sensible' = reasonable. What is the reason?18:34
mjg59Because we use pm-utils18:36
mjg59And, in earlier versions, acpi-support18:36
mjg59There's no reason to provide multiple packages that do exactly the same thing18:36
mjg59If it doesn't work out of the box, that's a bug18:36
bullgard4Thank you very much for explaining.18:36
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