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RichEdhi ... who is here for the edubuntu meeting ?12:00
juliuxhappy new year RichEd12:02
* ogra waves12:03
RichEdand the same to you juliux :)12:03
RichEdso it looks like just us 3 then ... we'll do a short & sweet reporback then12:04
RichEdogra: technical ?12:04
ograwell, te main issue was to move LTSP to the ubuntu alternate CD12:04
ograwhich happened yesterday (after some preparation)12:05
ograusing ltsp-client-builder/run=true  as a bootoption should currently (aplha3) build a ltsp server from CD12:05
ogra(untested yet, my iso rsync is at 97%)12:05
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ograbeyond that i'm working hard on the classmate autobuilder setup atm ...12:06
ogranot much other edubuntu specific stuff atm12:06
ograwith alpha4 we should be able tp drop the edubuntu-server CD12:06
ograah, my rsync is done ....12:07
* ogra starts a virtualbox install aside ...12:07
ograwell, that it about tech for me ...12:08
ogralaserjock managed to get the menu stuff working he said12:08
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ogra(we didnt have any further discussion about that yet)12:09
* RichEd collects his tea ... back in 30 secs12:09
RichEdogra ... is that all from you ?12:11
ograat least i dont remember anything atm12:11
RichEdokay ... not much from my side either ... just got back to my desk from leave yesterday12:12
RichEdcatching up on email backlog atm12:12
ograi had 3000 waiting for me ...12:12
ogranot bad for nearly two weeks not touching the PC12:12
ogra(i had worse times already :) )12:13
RichEddoing some work on the educonlinux project ... the EU education collaboration that is driving the edubuntu content server12:13
RichEdnot to much to show at the moment, but I'll share the project web site when the content partner has populated it12:13
RichEdlooks like a slow start to the year for community matters ...12:13
RichEdi'll send a meeting reminder and agenda to the mail lists, to see if we can get more people next week12:14
ograone thing to piont out for ltsp intrested people that might listen is that ltsp switched to use the -generic kernel flavour instead of -38612:14
RichEdanyone else (juliux) have any news / issues / ideas or suggestions ?12:15
ogra(it prove to work on all test clients i have here and the switch saves 20M on the CD)12:15
juliuxRichEd, what about and edubuntu flyer for 2008 ?12:15
juliuxor ubuntu-education fyler12:15
RichEdjuliux: indeed :) that's under way already12:15
juliuxRichEd, can you send me the english one? i will create a german version12:16
RichEdI have been tasked with preparing promo material for various target audiences12:16
RichEd* high level decision makers (like edu departments and governments)12:16
RichEd* OEM (original equipment manufacturers) we are encouraging to bundle *buntu12:17
RichEd* school administrators12:17
RichEd* teachers12:17
RichEdI will prepare basic text and images ...12:17
RichEdThen the marketing department will tailor this into:12:18
juliuxi have still a very old version;)12:18
RichEd* an education solution area on the ubuntu.com web site12:18
RichEd* simple electronic flyers12:18
RichEd* A4 formatted PDFs for central print (canonical) and local print (for loco's and expos etc)12:19
RichEdThe deadline is the end of january, so juliux, remind me again to send you copies12:19
juliuxRichEd, thxs12:19
RichEdHere is an interesting article:12:19
RichEdOpen Source Survey Suggests 2008 Will Be A Tipping Point12:19
RichEdf.y.i. a tipping point is when something reaches critical mass ... and goes exponential / mainstream12:20
RichEdThat's about all from me12:20
* RichEd opens the conversation to the floor ... anyone else ?12:21
juliuxi wish i had more time...12:21
RichEd(note that schools in the Southern Hemisphere are still on vacation ... so many people are away from their computers)12:21
RichEdogra ? anything else for now ?12:22
RichEdif not we can wrap for today then.12:22
ogranothings else12:22
RichEdgoing Once12:23
RichEdgoing Twice12:23
* RichEd looks around ....12:23
RichEdand done for today ... please make sure you remind people about the meeting for next week12:23
RichEdLate one12:23
* RichEd thanks ogra and juliux 12:24
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ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 09 Jan 20:00: Edubuntu meeting | 10 Jan 14:00: Desktop Team Development | 10 Jan 16:00: Community Council | 16 Jan 12:00: Edubuntu meeting | 17 Jan 12:00: Edubuntu meeting | 17 Jan 14:00: Desktop Team Development17:39
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henohello everyone18:57
pedro_hello heno!18:58
henobdmurray, ogasawara, liw, stgraber - ping18:58
henohey pedro_18:59
ogasawaraheno: hi:)18:59
bdmurrayheno: here I am18:59
henoogasawara: hey how is bug day going?19:00
ogasawaraheno: good, we were just over chatting in ubuntu-bugs19:00
henothe page looks good19:00
henoyep, I'll try not to keep you long19:00
MootBotMeeting started at 19:00. The chair is heno.19:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]19:00
heno[TOPIC] Things happening today: Kernel bug day and alpha 3 testing19:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Things happening today: Kernel bug day and alpha 3 testing19:02
henojust FYI really, no need for discussion19:02
henounless someone has comments19:02
bdmurrayShould I be testing the daily builds now?  If not when?19:03
bdmurrayI can see holding Hug Days and testing daily builds at the same time as being challenging.19:04
henobdmurray: yes, this will happen regularly19:04
stgrabersorry, at lug meeting19:04
henowe've had then on mondays sometimes close to releases19:05
davmor2bdmurray: got my vote testing is hectic enough normally19:05
henoshould we consider that as a regular day?19:05
davmor2sorry heno for which?19:06
henobug days on mondays19:07
henowe can't really move testing19:07
henoas it's tied to thursday releases19:07
davmor2true :)19:07
bdmurrayI think bug days on Mondays is problematic with holidays, timezones and weekends19:08
pedro_I'd like to propose Tuesday instead19:08
pedro_Monday is for me at least the busiest day of the week where you have to catch up tons of emails from the weekend19:08
davmor2Tuesdays sounds good as the majority of testing seems to happen on wednesday's19:09
bdmurrayheno: did the distro team meeting used to be on Tuesdays?19:09
henowith bug day on tuesday the lists could be prepared monday evening19:09
* heno can't remember19:09
davmor2sounding like a plan then :)#19:10
henoso I'm not sure why it's wednesdays19:10
henoit also clashes with this meeting :)19:10
henoeach week19:10
liwso Tuesday sounds best?19:11
henosounds good, bdmurray?19:11
davmor2probably because it keeps getting postponed until Wednesday :)19:11
davmor2testing that is :)19:12
bdmurrayheno: that works for me but I'd like to check with the rest of the bugsquad and the marketing team19:12
henobdmurray: yep, will you email the lists?19:13
davmor2makes sense no point if no-one else can do it :)19:13
bdmurrayI think the first possible Tuesday would be the 29th then19:13
bdmurrayheno: yes19:13
henothat's fine19:14
henoare we skipping it the week of the sprint?19:14
bdmurrayThat was my assumption but it was an assumption . . .19:15
heno[AGREED] We may move bug days to tuesdays to reduce conflicts19:16
MootBotAGREED received:  We may move bug days to tuesdays to reduce conflicts19:16
henobdmurray: we probably should skip it. we'll be quite busy19:16
heno[TOPIC] Following up on the target bug list with other teams19:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Following up on the target bug list with other teams19:17
bdmurrayI'd be happy to help with the lists before leaving if someone wants to take that on19:17
henoI intended to attend the platform meeting today but missed it in the end :-/19:17
henobdmurray: perhaps that should go to the bugsquad list as well19:18
henowe have several active triagers who are not here now19:19
henodesktop team meeting is tomorrow at 14.00 UTC, but I have a phone meeting then19:20
henopedro_: are you on line by then, could you attend?19:21
pedro_let me check19:21
henoyou might want to start attending desktop meetings anyway19:21
henoin the same way ogasawara attends kernel meetings19:21
pedro_heno: yep, ok i'll attend to it19:22
henoof course the gnome packagers are not on the desktop team, but on platform ...19:22
henopedro_: thanks19:22
henoI'll propose the bug list as an agenda item there19:23
heno[TOPIC] Desktop testing status and a quick 'getting started with dogtail' intro19:23
MootBotNew Topic:  Desktop testing status and a quick 'getting started with dogtail' intro19:23
henoliw has written up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/DogtailTutorial19:24
henoso everyone can play along at home19:24
henowith automated desktop testing19:24
bdmurrayHas anyone tested it on Hardy?19:25
liwthe instructions on that page work on gutsy, at least for me; I haven't dared to try hardy yet, and all my attempts at trying them in hardy-inside-qemu result in a broken filesystem on the qemu image; however, I expect they'll work on hardy, too19:25
henoit failed for me on hardy19:25
henoin vbox19:25
henohaven't tried on real hardware19:25
davmor2I'll let you know latter I'm just rsyncing my bunch of images :)19:26
liwnothing in dogtail should be affected by real hardware vs emulation, but then again, that applies to most thigns...19:26
henodavmor2: that's great, thanks19:26
davmor2well it's what test machine were designed for :)19:27
liwanyway, a more general update: that sample script on the page is how far I've gotten; it's surprisingly much effort to get a dogtail script written, and the recorders in accerciser and dogtail are basically of no use at all, so it's all manual work, and trial-and-error, too19:27
liwwriting the scripts is, in fact, so much effort that I'm not sure it's worth continuing on that path -- it'll take person-weeks of effort to get anything useful for hardy, and then it'll all probably break when the apps change for hardy+1, so they'll have to be updated/rewritten19:28
henoliw: I promised I would hook you up with the accerciser dev; this seems like a good time for that19:28
liwI found out today about a new tool called Strongwind (or found out about it again -- someone told me about it during UDS, I think), I'll have a quick look at that tomorrow19:28
liwstrongwind's not packaged for debian or ubuntu, but that should not be a problem19:29
bdmurrayI know who that someone is19:29
bdmurrayWhat happens with the recorders?19:29
liwbdmurray, the recorders don't record anything except key presses, when typing into text areas, which are the least interesting part of the script19:30
henoI could swear we had accerciser recording native scripts in oslo19:30
liwit may be that I'm just stupid and can't figure out how to use the recorders, of course; if so, help is appreciated19:30
liwheno, I get the same results now as then, I think, but the results are not useful :(19:30
henoI failed at it too ladt week, FWIW19:30
liwthat is, the recorder records that I type "hello, world", but fails to record into which widget I do that; it does record the app, though19:31
henoso, yeah if anyone wants to play with this and add eyeballs that'd be great19:31
henoliw: did you try macaroon?19:32
henoit likely has near-identical syntax19:32
heno(why he doesn't just always use dogtail scripts i don't know)19:33
liwheno, no, I should try that, too19:33
henook, I think we're done. liw we can talk more about this after the meeting19:34
liwI forget why I rejected it as an option last year, but given that dogtail isn't looking promising right now, I should look again at all the options19:34
liwheno, ack19:34
MootBotMeeting finished at 19:34.19:34
liwthat was a fairly fast meeting -- good :)19:35
henohappy bug triage and CD testing!19:35
henobdmurray: to answer your question - you are better off focusing on the bug day today I think19:38
bdmurrayheno: roger, I'll see what I can manage with testing19:38
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