rajiasac, quilt push -a applied all patches, didnt give any errors. I think it works.00:00
asacnow the patch looks like00:00
asacraji: you have to apply your patch on top00:00
asacsee above00:00
asacanyway ... next time you know where to look :)00:00
rajiasac, yes sir, I hope my second patch will be as clean as yours next time :) . thanks for accepting the changes.00:01
asacthanks :)00:03
asacthats ok ... i will commit what i have here now to the branch00:04
asacraji: fix is now in bzr branch (rev 86)00:09
rajiasac. great. thanks for letting me know.00:30
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dholbachgood morning07:10
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bfillerpatm, kyleN : do we have a list in any of the documents you guys have been working on off the new dev work that we need to do for Compal?15:16
kyleNbfiller: the "diff". i thin patm had on, but it is probably not complete given recent prd changes15:17
kyleNdarn typos15:17
dholbachMithrandir, StevenK: will somebody of you take care of bug 181304?15:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181304 in bluez-gnome "[bluez-gnome] Please upgrade to new upstream version release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18130415:21
MithrandirStevenK: ^^ ; if you could take care of that whenever you have the time, that'd be good15:48
smagounbfiller: kyleN patm this is a public channel15:49
bfillersmagoun: my bad again15:52
kyleNlool, hey. Do you know whether debian packaging supports any kind of a signing mechanism? Such a mechanism would enable a facility through which client could control what apps a customer can install. 17:05
agoliveirarustyl: Hi Rusty. Looks like there's a problem with your git repository. I'm trying to download the latest moblin-applets withoout success. Can you confirm that to me?18:10
agoliveiraAnyone from Intel feel free to step in and respond, please :)18:12
Mithrandiragoliveira: works fine for me (over ssh)18:13
Mithrandirmoblin.org doesn't seem to have a working git daemon atm, for some reason18:13
agoliveiraMithrandir: I'm just using git clone and I starts nicelly but b0rks about half way.18:14
Mithrandirtry pulling git://git.err.no/moblin-applets and see if that works for you.18:17
davidmI think rustyl is at CES today18:44
rustyljust got back18:58
rustyli flew in for a bunch of meetings, then got back last night and then slept late this morning18:58
rustylagoliveira, what protocol were you attempting to use? http? ssh?18:59
rustylI don't think we offer git: since we use ssh: for people that need write access and have http and rsync19:00
agoliveirarustyl: Hi. It was http IIRC. I aways have done it and it usually works.19:00
rustylagoliveira, we might be having transient issues with the hosting service19:01
rustylespecially if the transaction started and then failed half-way through19:01
agoliveirarustyl: Makes sense as it's starting nicelly and b0rking half way. I got it from Tollef anyway.19:01
rustylHappyCamp_ubuntu, have you seen the above?  Anything funny happening i the system logs?19:02
Mithrandirin general, it's better to use rsync than http, git hosting over http is prone to hiccups IME.19:04
agoliveiraMithrandir: Agree.19:36
loolkyleN: You can sign package repositories or actual deb files; the former is the most common; however there's simpler: I think the application installer software on the N8x0 for example is checking whether you're installing from a particularly named repo21:24
kyleNlool, thx - good info21:25
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inuka_deskbryce, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdrm which src package is it gutsy or hardy that you need the patch for, also are you applying any other patches other than ours? 22:28
bryceinuka_desk: gutsy22:30
brycewell, it's the same package in gutsy and hardy both22:31
brycethe log I posted is with only one patch (01_default_perms.diff), which I expect should not conflict, or at most would have only a couple conflicts22:32
bryceI also tried building with both patches 100_ and 101_ - which were the moblin patches from last time.  It also failed; I assumed that the new patch should supersede these22:33
inuka_deskbryce, do you mind pointing to what you have in the debian. My patch should work on top of your existing patch. 22:40
inuka_deskbryce: what we get is a patch corresponding to each release, which we combined to one huge patch along with psb header files.  I created the patch assuming the other two patches are already applied. 22:41
inuka_deskbryce: thanks I will take a look at that22:42
bryceprocedurally, it would be better for me if these patches were left broken out as individual patches applied in series22:44
brycethis way, if one of the patches is broken, it can be handled and dropped/repaired/refactored in isolation from the others22:44
brycecurrently with it being one big (63,000 line) patch, it's practically impossible to do anything with it on my end if it doesn't apply22:45
inuka_deskgot it, the reason we did that was because Jacob had issues with the older patches. I will try to break it down.22:46
brycealso, it would be *really* useful to have a summary of what the patches are and what they do22:47
brycebecause that can give a clue if, for instance, a broken patch might be a dupe of or in conflict with another ubuntu patch22:47
bryceoh, along those lines - 22:47
brycewaldo mentioned that the libdrm changes were already taken upstream, 22:48
bryceare the libdrm patches you're putting together used simply to resync up to git head?22:49
bryceif so, then perhaps rather than doing it via patches, we should just create a literal git snapshot of libdrm?22:49
inuka_deskupstream but unreleased,  not exactly we add the psb headers into the patch as well...22:53
inuka_deskbasically if you create a snapshot of libdrm at the point of the merge and add in the psb header files you should be at the same point as the patch.22:54
inuka_deskIt maybe better if I just clean up this, and make the psb-kmd-dev dependancy of xf86-video-psb so that the headers are pulled, that way you can make snap shot and make things easier and a lot cleaner22:56
inuka_deskI have been doing this for the next release not for Beta03 though22:56
brycethat's what I'm wondering as well22:56
inuka_deskyou take psb-kmd and xf86-video-psb from moblin as is right?22:57
brycewhat is psb-kmd?  I've never heard of it22:57
inuka_deskthe poulsbo kernel driver (graphics)22:58
bryceI take -psb from moblin, but I repackage it with a different debian/ directory.22:58
bryceamit handles the kernel side of things, I assume he takes care of that22:58
inuka_deskoh ok.22:59
brycesince psb is requiring libdrm to diverge so drastically from what's in Ubuntu, it's growing less and less likely that we'd be able to port much if any of this back to ubuntu proper23:00
bryceso it looks like UME will have to have its own forked off version of these things anyway23:00
inuka_deskfor now I guess I will provide with you an other patch23:04
brycesorry if I seem frustrated; it's just the more UME's X diverges from the main Ubuntu X, the larger a time commitment it imposes on me23:07
brycebut I know it's not anyone's fault, it's just the process is driving things in this direction on its own23:08
inuka_deskunderstood, we are trying to clean up things on our end.... as well. its a huge web :)23:20
bryceI can imagine :-)23:22

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