the_belgainanother quick question - i'm using debhelper for packaging, and it's not quite calculating all the dependencies i'm expecting00:20
the_belgainin particular, i have liblame-dev as a build-depends, but it's not adding liblame or lame as a runtime dependency (which i think it does need) - is this a common gotcha?00:21
the_belgainobviously I can add it manually...00:21
mok0the_belgain: you don't have to. The -dev package will pull in the other ones00:22
the_belgainit does for most of the -dev libraries, but not for lame it seems00:23
slangasekthe_belgain: you probably want to look at the build log and at the ldd output of your program first, to confirm whether liblame is being pulled into the build the way you're expecting00:24
mok0Why do you need lame?00:24
the_belgainthe program i'm packaging (fuppes) is upnp media server / renderer which does transcoding - it uses lame to transcode audio to mp300:25
mok0the_belgain: so it needs to check for lame during the build, I guess.00:26
mok0the_belgain: you have to specify lame in build-depends, then00:26
slangasekmok0: he already said that he did00:26
the_belgaini've specified liblame-dev in the build depends, yes00:27
mok0but if configure (?) checks for the lame binary, then you need to put it in build-depends, and with a Recommends: in the binary package00:28
the_belgainis the problem that the packages are called "liblame-dev" and "liblame0", which is confusing debhelper?00:28
slangasekthe_belgain: there are two overall explanations for not getting the dependency on liblame that you expect: 1) the library isn't being linked in during your program build the way you expect, 2) liblame0 doesn't have a proper shlibs file and therefore the dependency isn't being autocalculated even though the library is used00:29
mok0liblame0 contains the shared libraries, if your binary is linked to that, dh_shlibs should find it00:29
slangasekI've just verified that liblame0 does have a proper shlibs file, which leaves the other case to examine00:29
the_belgainok, i'll check the compile output to see if it looks like it's being pulled in correctly.  thanks00:30
the_belgainpbuilder builds take forever to run... :(00:30
mok0the_belgain: use cowbuilder00:31
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bddebianHeya gang01:39
ScottKHeya bddebian01:41
bddebianHeya ScottK01:42
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wolfgerGot a question about my lintian results... How do I resolve the following:02:03
wolfgergpg: Can't check signature: public key not found02:04
ScottKThat's not a lintian result02:04
ScottKDon't worry about it.02:04
wolfgerok, cool02:04
wolfgeris that due to pbuilder, that my public key isn't found?\02:05
Hobbseehi wolfger02:05
HobbseeFujitsu: ping02:05
wolfgerHi Hobbsee02:05
Hobbseewolfger: my c-n-f bug really isn't on crack.  you just didn't read it.02:05
wolfgerHobbsee: right... I didn't read closely enough the first time to recognize the package assigned was c-n-f.02:06
wolfgerthen when I looked c-n-f up, it said it was for bash, so I assumed it did not apply to zsh. Incorrectly assumed, as it turns out ;-)02:07
wolfgerlive and learn02:07
Hobbseewolfger: readme says it does zsh too.02:07
leonelsʞɔoɹ nʇunqn   nice02:10
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* wolfger wonders how the heck leonel did that02:31
wolfgerI feel like I am missing something when it comes to building a package. I now have a .dsc that passes linitian with no errors, and I'm done with the guide.... how does this become a .deb?02:33
bddebianpbuild it? :)02:34
wolfgerbddebian: as opposed to the "sudo pbuilder build ../*.dsc" I already ran?02:37
bddebianAh, that should have produced a .deb02:38
bddebianDId you look in your results dir?02:38
bddebianOr did it possibly fail to build?02:39
wolfgermaybe I'm just too tired to be doing this right now... It built okay (finally), but I am at a loss for where the "results dir" would be.02:39
wolfgerdpkg-deb: building package `memaker' in `../memaker_0.1-r134-1_i386.deb'02:40
Hobbseewolfger: wherever you set it in your pbuilderrc02:40
Hobbseeusually /var/cache/pbuilder/result/02:40
wolfgerThanks, Hobbsee02:40
* wolfger is getting nervous.... this is taking far too long to install02:45
wolfgeroh, never mind. It's done. Been done for who knows how long... :-P02:46
bluefoxicyvmware won't do any sound at all02:47
bluefoxicyand there's nothing holding /dev/dsp02:47
* bluefoxicy can rmmod the module but can't insmod it, hrm02:48
bluefoxicyer.  Can't write to the device with it insmoded...02:49
leonelwolfger: http://www.en.fliptext.net/02:53
FujitsuHobbsee: Pong.03:09
_MMA_Im trying to find the bug about GDM not using the background color set in gdmsetup. Any help?03:12
_MMA_Got it.03:15
LucidFoxWhere can I find a plaintext version of CC-BY 2.5?03:23
alephantHi all... is there a well-formatted feed (RSS?) of package updates which I can use to feed my "validate updates before they break production" RHN clone?03:25
alephantI'd prefer to parse a machine-friendly format like RSS, than to combine ``apt-get upgrade'' with a screenscrape of Launchpad.03:27
nxvl_workif a bug is duplicated it's needed to be marked as invalid, didn't it?04:09
StevenKIf it's duplicated, mark it as a duplicate?04:11
HobbseeFujitsu: nvm, i found out.04:51
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LaserJockhmm, can you tell an app to use a different path for a lib at runtime?06:52
LaserJockI've got devel libraries installed to /usr/local/ and normal apps are picking them up ... and crashing06:53
dholbachgood morning07:10
gpocentekhello dholbach07:11
dholbachhey gpocentek07:11
* dholbach hugs gpocentek07:11
* gpocentek hugs dholbach back07:13
minghuaLaserJock: Won't LD_LIBRARY_PATH work?07:15
minghuaLaserJock: If not, maybe LD_PREPLOAD, but I've never used that.07:15
minghuaLD_PRELOAD, of course.07:16
jscinozi'm working on packages for the semifree game UrbanTerror, the game engine is GPL (with some components under other free licenses) and the data files are all free to distribute except for one file which is under the Quake3 SDK license. if i say excluded this file from the source package and had the binary package download it (its only 1.3mb) in the preinst, would this be acceptable?07:26
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* minghua likes persia's proposal of allowing (Debian's) Original-Maintainer and Uploads to do uploads for main packages. 07:36
freeflyinganyone would like give any suggestion about Bug #18102907:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181029 in scim-bridge "[FTBFS] scim-bridge (0.4.14-1) fails to build in hardy" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18102907:41
man-diminghua: I dont follow Ubuntu lists, can you give me a link to persia's proposal?07:42
slangasekfreeflying: I agree with minghua, removing it is the best way around the error.  Or are you looking for something more?07:43
minghuaman-di: Sure, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2007-December/024886.html07:47
freeflyingslangasek: actually, I don't want to maintain two version in Debian and Ubuntu :P07:47
minghuaman-di: To be precise, it's (MOTU) and (Debian's maintainer and uploaders).07:47
man-diminghua: thanks07:47
slangasekfreeflying: so, why could you not simply remove the .pot file in an upload to Debian, and allow this to propagate to Ubuntu?07:48
slangasekfreeflying: if the .pot file is empty it doesn't benefit the Debian package either, so removing it at build time also won't hurt Debian07:48
minghuaslangasek: I think missing POT file will cause FTBFS on Ubuntu buildd as well, though I'm not sure.07:50
hstraubHallo, my name is Herbert Straub and I ask about the re-sync of the REVU uploaders keyring. I followed the instructions MOTU/Packages/REVU. My launchpad account is herbert.08:11
Fujitsuhstraub: I'll resync it.08:26
slytherinHi all, is there any way to identify java related packages in universe/multiverse that need fixing (apart from FTBFS)?08:31
Fujitsuslytherin: What do you mean by 'fixing'?08:32
slytherinFujitsu: any sort of problems, bugs, watch files, unmet deps. I am looking for an easy way to locate java apps/libs with problems. Because I can only help in that area08:33
dholbachslytherin: you should talk to doko (once he's back from Holidays again) and man-di - looks like a Java team is coming up :)08:34
FujitsuIt'd be nice to have something like packages.qa.d.o at some point, collating all of the QA information per-package.08:35
slytherindholbach: as of now I have helped fix few FTBFS. But now I am looking for something different. I will still try to fix FTBFS though.08:36
slytherinmy next target is lucene208:37
man-dislytherin: when you want to fix something in java packages please send the report to Debian BTS, I will look into it, do an upload and then you can sync08:38
slytherinman-di: ok08:38
Fujitsuhstraub: It's done.08:43
slytherinman-di: On 'batik' front, I think it should now compile with GCJ except JPEG and TIFF codecs part. But I think latest version has an additional dependency. Should I file a bug for this in debian?08:44
huatsmorning everyone08:45
slytherinoops, bug is there already08:46
man-dislytherin: problem is that we have software in the archive that depends on batik providing TIFF codec, and it does only when its compiled with SUN JDK08:46
man-diicedtea will probably work too, but I dont checked that yet08:46
slytherinman-di: icedtea won't make a difference from gcj. It doesn't have those sun specific classes.08:47
man-diso no option to moving to another JVM for building for now08:48
slytherinman-di: which software are you referring by the way which depend on codecs? I will take a look if they work with latest version08:48
man-dibtw: batik is currently actively worked on it debian08:48
man-dislytherin: I think it was fop08:48
man-diproblem was that GCJ built batik fine, but fop dont build with the new batik anymore08:49
slytherinhmm. I hope batik developers move away from sun specific apis soon08:50
man-dislytherin: I think there is no other API providing that specific feature08:50
* Fujitsu thinks there is - in languages other than Java.08:50
FujitsuSilly Java.08:51
* man-di slaps Fujitsu 08:51
* Fujitsu preempted that.08:51
man-di...we could integrate JRuby or Jython and use Ruby or Python to implement it...08:52
man-dithere was also some PHP interpreter written in Java...08:52
slytherinI wonder why Apache Commons' developer have not developed an alternative yet08:53
FujitsuThat sounds worse than normal PHP, and that's pretty bad.08:53
FujitsuNo buffer overruns, I guess.08:53
hstraubFujitsu, thank you...08:53
man-dislytherin: they dont saw the need, tiff is not so widely used. You need a critical mass of users who need a feature...08:54
man-diFujitsu: its for cases when you want to run everything in a Java Application Server08:55
man-dithat has its benefits, but also its troubles08:55
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freeflyingslangasek: its not a dfsg issue, so i don't think it is a best way to remove it directly from upstream tarball09:09
rzrtalking about java ... what's news about openjdk ?09:17
rzrs/what's/what are the/g09:17
slytherinrzr: news as in? icedtea is in Ubuntu. Hopefully it will make into Debian soon.09:18
rzrso tuxguitar will quit contrib to main09:19
slytherinrzr: depends on it's dependencies. openjdk/icedtea can not fully replace Sun's JDK as of yet09:20
rzrthat's what i am reading at http://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions#Functionality_and_Testing09:21
rzrno sound yet ..09:21
man-dirzr: we (Debian) are a bit reluctant to move pcakges from contrib to main just because of icedtea, it should better work with another free runtime too.09:24
man-dirzr: after all icedtea is i386, amd64 and powerpc only09:25
* pochu waves09:25
man-diand powerpc is limited09:25
rzrI plan to make a nativebuild (in debian) of tuxguitar in next upstream release09:25
man-dirzr: for what? What do you gain by this?09:26
gesergood morning09:27
rzrthen it will not requiere sun jvm09:28
rzrand can be in main09:28
man-dirzr: I really doubt that09:29
man-dirzr: that will only work when it works with GCJ as byteocode too09:29
* minghua can't believe someone is proposing Ubuntu to adopt Gobolinux's filesystem layout because it "sounds like fun"...09:29
slytherinman-di: The problem with lucene2 in Ubuntu is some unit tests for contrib libraries are failing, not the core. Can we bypass this failure? Or how about unit testing only core.09:30
Fujitsuminghua: That's what people do...09:30
Fujitsuminghua: ubuntuforums?09:30
rzrman-di: It will , if we wrap the sound layer to alsa09:30
minghuaFujitsu: No, some list, should be -devel-discuss.09:31
FujitsuOh gawd, they've migrated to there now!?09:32
* Fujitsu screams.09:32
FujitsuI thought we kept that kind of person in the forums.09:32
* Fujitsu is behind on -devel-discuss by several hundred messages, fortunately.09:33
man-dirzr: ah, you meant providind an additional JNI library to access also, I thought you meant compiling tha jars to native code with gcj09:34
minghuaFujitsu: Me too.  I just browse my inbox through the web interface now and then before I download them via POP3, and such messages always intrigues me.09:34
rzrminghua: we do both09:34
* minghua has been more and more happy about the -devel and -devel-discuss split.09:35
FujitsuAh, so there is some sanity to it.09:35
pochuDarkSun88: congrats! :)09:36
dholbachDarkSun88: congratulations! :)09:37
slytherinman-di: Can you please reply to my question. It is about lucene2. May be you missed it.09:38
minghuaman-di: I think rzr meant to speak to you a few lines above.09:39
man-dislytherin: good question09:40
man-diminghua: I guessed that09:40
man-dislytherin: so it does FTBFS on Ubuntu?09:41
slytherinman-di: Yes.09:41
man-dislytherin: do you have a link to a log?09:41
slytherinman-di: just a minute09:42
rzrman-di: minghua is right09:42
slytherinman-di: Some problem with my network. Can you please check this page - http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/09:42
man-dithe host seems down09:43
slytherinman-di: I will be back after a coffee break. We will discuss after that.09:44
man-diI need to do some customer work here too...09:45
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geserman-di: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11125011/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.lucene2_2.2.0-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:00
man-digeser: thx10:02
man-dislytherin: I cant test currently if that fails in Debian too10:03
man-dislytherin: if not I would be for an ubuntu-only patch10:03
man-dislytherin: if yes we should patch debian and sync10:03
slytherinman-di: I am ok with this approach.10:19
man-dislytherin: can you work on this? I'm currently on limited time10:23
amarillionI'd like to request a REVU review for my package speed-game please: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=speed-game10:23
slytherinman-di: I don't have access to any Debian machine. And I am doing all this in my free time in office. No net connection at home presently. :-(10:24
slytherinman-di: I can try setting up debian pbuolder chroot. But it will take time10:24
amarillionare you all already running hardy on your machines?10:27
man-dislytherin: hmm, can test on Debian but not yet, tonite I can10:27
slytherinman-di: No problem. I will wait.10:27
slytherinamarillion: why are you asking that? :-)10:28
amarillionI'm on gutsy, I have to keep remembering to adjust the target distribution to hardy before uploading my package10:28
amarillionWhich is a pain10:29
amarillionalso, I'd like to redirect some friends to my ppa to test some of the packages I'm working on10:29
amarillionbut they are running gutsy of course10:29
amarillionso I'm feeling rather schizophrenic about gutsy/hardy10:30
slytherinamarillion: You can use dch command to add an entry to changelog and use -r option to set release. You can set an alias as follows 'alias dch="dch -i -r hardy"'10:31
amarillionah that will help, thanks10:31
amarillionso which release are you running then? Is hardy too unstable for day to day use?10:32
* Fujitsu looks at KmosReport.10:34
FujitsuWhy is #164166 marked as a positive?10:34
slytherinamarillion: I am not using it on my office machine. But using it at home.10:35
man-diI wonder why people are making such a hard time to Kmos regarding cyphesis-cpp10:35
man-diI guess for everyone else it would be synced already10:36
Fujitsudholbach: Can you please clarify why you thought that was a positive?10:38
* pochu enjoys his first requestsync bug :)10:38
dholbachFujitsu: ok... just read up on the irclogs10:42
FujitsuIt could have probably been explained better on KmosReport, sorry.10:42
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minghuadholbach: Speaking of KmosReport, I don't see any solution proposal in bug 181029.11:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181029 in scim-bridge "[FTBFS] scim-bridge (0.4.14-1) fails to build in hardy" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18102911:11
minghuahello \sh.11:13
* minghua grumbles at his new keyboard that has \ key in a different place.11:14
dholbachminghua: the bug report is about a FTBFS - Marco says "It needs a cleanup of empty files in po/ directory."11:14
dholbachminghua: if you want to re-word "solution proposal" to something else indicating that he analyzed the problem, that's fine with me11:15
minghuadholbach: But how?  And I remember that a missing POT file will cause a similar FTBFS.11:15
dholbachminghua: really? most apps ship without .pot files and build OK - we explicitly have to run     cd po; intltool-update -p   for some to get the .pot file for rosetta11:17
* dholbach -> break11:20
minghuaOkay, something is seriously wrong with pidgin here...11:20
minghuadholbach: I may well be wrong.  I just remember seeing some building problem with missiong POT file before, around the dapper days.11:21
mok0minghua: yes I've seen that too...11:21
minghuadholbach: I'll change it to "correct analysis" on the wiki, regardless.  I believe that's okay for you?11:22
minghuamok0: Pidgin crashing, or build problem with missing POT file? :-P11:22
mok0minghua: pidgin randomly crashing11:22
mok0minghua: On amd64/gutsy11:24
persiamok0: I encountered that from about october 15th to around november 15th.  Might be worth looking at the changelogs.11:25
mok0persia: you mean the problem was solved in a newer version?11:25
* minghua cancels apport crash report sending, seeing there is no usable backtrace.11:26
minghuamok0: hardy i386 here.11:26
persiamok0: pidgin was remarkably unstable for a while, especially when interacting with IRC.  It seems to have settled now, but my system typically has the unstable and broken bit inverted, so it's not always a good indicator of real issues or real solutions.11:27
mok0minghua: what pidgin version?11:27
minghuamok0: 1:2.2.2-1ubuntu111:28
mok0persia: the problem we saw was in jabber11:28
mok0minghua: same version here11:28
persiamok0: See.  That's why I only report bugs when I can reproduce them in sterile environments :)11:28
mok0persia: good point :-)11:29
minghuamok0: Huh?  But changelog says that's a hardy version.11:29
minghuaAnyway, pidgin has been stable for the past few weeks until tonight's upgrade.11:29
mok0minghua: Ah, sorry, 1:2.2.1 here11:29
minghuaSo I doubt it's pidgin's fault.11:29
minghua(pidgin was not in tonight's upgrade)11:31
mok0minghua: could be coincedental11:31
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pochu\o/ My first upload :-)11:42
\shpochu: congrats :)11:45
\shbtw...pidgin and jabber is aweful...just use gajim as jabber client and search for a jabber server with many transports available ;)11:45
rzri use biltbee11:46
* persia doesn't think pidgin or gajim integrate with biltbee very well...11:47
DarkSun88dholbach: pochu Thanks a lot.11:52
\shhmm...I'm searching for someone in germany who wants to have a new job as IT Projectmanager :)11:52
\shKarlsruhe Area ;)11:53
Nafallo\sh: naah. using lots of servers is more fun.11:57
Nafallo\sh: I use my own server in London for jabber, slomos brothers server (de) for yim, norweigan for icq, swedish and danish for msns :-)11:58
\shNafallo: lol ;)11:58
ion_I use my own server for jabber as well. :-)12:00
rzr\sh: bring the job in france and we'll talk12:00
\shrzr: that's a problem :)12:02
\shrzr: come to germany...karlsruhe is next to strassbourgh (sp?)12:02
dholbachminghua: sure, that'S ok12:04
sectechI wouldn't mind re-packaging gusty applications for hardy, I was wondering if someone out there could walk me though it once first though. I am totally new to packaging12:04
sectechI did read the documentation12:04
sectechIs there anyone willing to give me a hand?12:05
persiasectech: In many cases, the gutsy packages were just reused for hardy entire, unless there had been an update in the meantime.  At this point, we're mostly looking at bugfixes, although there are still a few candidates for consideration for an update.  What sort of thing would you like to do?12:05
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sectechI'm trying to find a way to contribute... I have enough programming experience just get by... I figured there must be something that I could work on12:07
sectechbelieve me I have plenty of time (I lost my job a while back haha)12:07
ion_Note to self: I should check whether sync is enough or a merge is required to get ruby1.9 from sid to hardy.12:08
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persiasectech: Well, there are basically three classes of work that might be a good introduction to the process.  Finding and fixing bugs (many have patches that just need review & integration), working on some of the QA tasks, and addressing integration issues.  Also, some people like to focus on a specific programming language or set of application functionality.12:09
sectechOkay.... How about bug fixes and patching...I could give that a shot12:10
Kmoswhen we've 0ubuntu1 and it mention about the maintainer field spec in changelog, it still needed at 0ubuntu2 revision ?12:10
Kmosi need to mention about the spec in 0ubuntu2 changelog12:10
persiaKmos: We only rephrase all the "Retained changes" during a merge.  An update just needs new changes.12:10
\shgrmpf...never test afterstep in a running gnome desktop session...12:10
Kmospersia: ah ok =) thanks12:10
sectechBasically I would reproduce the bug, apply the patch and see if it's still there right?12:11
persiasectech: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_contact=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.component12:11
persiaThat horrid URL will provide a list of all the bugs that have a patch candidate.  Where the patch isn't a debdiff, or the sponsors aren't subscribed, it frequently needs review & testing.12:11
sectechok... I'll look through that and see if I can make sense of it12:12
persiaAlso, you might try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize or https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=packaging, or even https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=patch as additional sources of things that tend not to be too hard (and the sort of thing for which  people here may be happy to help if you get stuck)12:13
\shpersia: could you do me a favour and catch the debdiff for afterstep from bug #174252 and upload please?12:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174252 in libungif4 "transition to libgif" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17425212:13
persia\sh: I've promised myself no sponsoring tonight in the hopes of catching up on a couple other things :(12:14
\shpersia: ok :) np...12:14
\shpochu: you can do it now ,-)12:14
persiaCould anyone else please help \sh with this?  I'm guessing it's needed now to resolve some alpha 3 goal.12:14
* \sh 's fixing emacs21 now12:14
\shbut before that..I'll upload the patch to debiqan12:15
pochu\sh: looking12:16
\shpochu: thx..12:16
minghua\sh: It would be nice if you can avoid those timestamp changes in the patch...12:17
minghua\sh: But since pochu is looking now, you can ignore my opinion. :-)12:17
pochuminghua: that'd mean more work since those are autogenerated by autofoo, aren't they?12:19
sectechWhat about installing hardy and searching for bugs? just to begin with so I can get used to the QA system?12:19
\shminghua: well, that comes from a simple thing...the afterstep package needs some magic before working with dbs-edit-patch12:19
\shminghua: to use dbs-edit-patch you need to run make -f debian/rules debian/vars and this will introduce those changes12:20
pochusectech: if it's not a critical box and you aren't afraid of breaking it or killing your cat, go for it :)12:20
\shminghua: I talked to robert (the debian maintainer) and it's normal12:20
pochusectech: but keep an stable install somewhere just in case ;)12:20
sectechI think I have another hard drive around here.12:20
\shminghua: and yes, you can remove those changes from the diff but it's so trivial we can live with it somehow...12:22
mruizhi all12:23
minghua\sh: Ah, I see it's not easily avoidable.12:23
minghua\sh: Then I say it's not worth the effort.  I am not the sponsor anyway. :-)12:24
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persiasectech: Just in case, it's worth reviewing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing.  I'm guessing you've already read it from your earlier statement about documentation, but it might help give some hints about processes.12:28
sectechpersia Yeah I did read that...12:28
pochu\sh: uploading12:33
\shpochu: thx a lot12:45
\shpochu: I'm adding a debdiff for emacs21 just now12:46
sectechWhen I start with horde... what's the URL where I would post the bugs to?12:47
\shsectech: horde bugs or ubuntu bugs?12:48
persiasectech: Likely https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/horde/+fielbug, but I'm just guessing.12:48
sectechubuntu horde12:48
\shsectech: launchpad12:48
=== Sikon_Stargate is now known as LucidFox
TheMusoHey pochu. Whielding the super upload opwers I see. Congratulations!13:04
TheMusoDarkSun88: Congratulations!13:09
DarkSun88Thanks a lot Luke :)13:09
DarkSun88At all my sponsors and not naturally :D13:09
\shDarkSun88: yeah congrats from me too :)13:10
\shwell, camlimages, emacs21 and just now driftnet will be fixed too :)13:11
\shgood afternoon jono and jdstrand :)13:12
jdstrandhi \sh!13:13
jonohey \sh13:17
\shgrmpf../me should get ready for the gym...13:19
minghuaCan anyone stop this "Daniel Moyne" person's reporting bugs?13:38
* minghua points at #181475 (and -76, -77, -81, -82, -83, -84).13:39
man-diminghua: he must have done a break at -78, -79, -80...13:40
persiaminghua: most of the earlier bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/~dmoyne/+reportedbugs don't seem quite so egregious.  Perhaps just a multiple submit issue?13:40
minghuapersia: Yeah, I meant temprarily.  Not a ban.  I assume bona fide here.13:41
persiaSeems to have stopped, anyway.13:42
* minghua wonders why persia is so fast at marking duplicates...13:44
* persia has practice :)13:44
tuxmaniacCan somebody please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance and give their valuable feedback? Thanks in Advance.13:45
persiaminghua: Simple recipe: go to the submitters +reportedbugs, open all the bugs in tabs, click "Mark as duplicate" in successive tabs, grab the bug number into the X buffer in the last tab, iterate back middle-clicking and submitting.  Reload +reportedbugs to ensure that you caught them all.13:45
persiaActually, this works for a package bug page too.13:46
persiatuxmaniac: Is it lintian and linda clean, with maxiumum verbosity and hardy versions, for both source and binary?  (these generate >60% of my comments on packages on REVU).13:46
mok0persia: did you upload theseus this morning?13:49
persiamok0: I don't remember uploading anything this morning.  Why?13:49
mok0I patched it last nigth and it is already built. Just wondering who to thank13:50
minghuapersia: I'm doing similar things here.  But LP is not really very responsive for me...13:50
persiamok0: The bug didn't get an assignee when it was sponsored?  You can check the signature on the .dsc or on the mail to -hardy-changes if you like.13:50
pochuTheMuso: heh, yeah, and thanks :)13:52
\shpochu: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11229263/emacs21_21.4a%2B1-5ubuntu5.debdiff http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11229512/camlimages_2.2.0-2ubuntu1.debdiff http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11229790/driftnet_0.1.6-7ubuntu1.debdiff http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11229884/gdal_1.4.4-1ubuntu1.debdiff  ready for review and upload :) (bug #174252)13:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174252 in libungif4 "transition to libgif" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17425213:52
persiaminghua: Interesting.  My packets are going trans-pacific, and then trans-atlantic to get there.  I don't know why I'd have less latency.13:53
mok0Ah. dholbach, thanks! :-)13:53
pochu\sh: that will have to wait, 'cos I'm off to lunch :)14:03
\shpochu: np ... just not to forget...wmaker just fixed..simage needs more love then I expected14:03
pochu\sh: feel free to poke DarkSun88 who is newbie ;)14:03
\shbut right now, I'm off to the gym...need to get rid of 10kg ;)14:04
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
tuxmaniacpersia, did you get my message?14:05
persiatuxmaniac: Not that I noticed.  What did you message me about?14:06
imbrandonLaserJock: your behind MOTU post is titled " dholbach "14:07
bddebianHeya gang14:07
imbrandonlooks like that might be incorrect14:07
imbrandonheya bddebian14:07
tuxmaniaclintian and linda are complaining about newer standards version is that warning ok persia ?14:07
persiabddebian: I'm about to be off, but you were looking for me earlier?14:07
bddebianHi imbrandon14:07
tuxmaniacbddebian, boo14:07
imbrandonheya persia :)14:08
bddebianpersia: Yeah but I forget why :(14:08
bddebianHi tuxmaniac14:08
dholbachimbrandon: I posted it14:08
geserHi bddebian14:08
bddebianHeya geser14:08
emgenthello there :P14:08
persiatuxmaniac: If lintian is complaining, you're not using the latest lintian.  You may ignore linda for now when she says that 3.7.3 is too new.  Also check the binary packages by running against $arch.changes14:08
slytherintuxmaniac: It is fine14:08
bddebianpersia: Oh I remember.  I'll hit you up "tonight" if you are around14:08
imbrandondholbach: ahh ok, it showed up on planet with the wrong title :)14:08
slytherintuxmaniac: oops, follow persia14:08
persiabddebian: Tell me quick, and maybe I'll have a quick answer :)14:09
dholbachimbrandon: argl....14:09
bddebianpersia: Nah it was more about helping my dumb arse with something again14:10
slytherinPlease give me an advice. I am going to patch source to fix an FTBFS. The problem is due to missing header files from sources. But the function calls that are giving problem are anyway deprecated in latest GTK+. So is it better to replace those call appropriately or should I just go ahead and add header files.14:10
persiaslytherin: I like updating to the newest API: it means you have longer before the next time the package needs a patch, and upstream is usually happier to receive the update patches (if you do a good job).14:13
slytherinpersia: Ok. :-)14:13
slytherinThe functions are deprecated in GTK 2.12. So I guess it will be long before they are actually removed. But I will anyway replace those calls.14:15
=== freeflyi1g is now known as freeflying
bddebianWhat TZ is slangasek in?14:39
sorenbddebian: He's on the west coast of the US.14:39
sorenbddebian: I don't know what $TZ that translates into.14:39
bddebiansoren: Ah that's right, thanks14:39
sorenbddebian: np :)14:40
bddebianA little early yet then :-)14:40
sorenbddebian: Slightly, yes :)14:40
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
=== jono is now known as jono-in-email-he
=== jono-in-email-he is now known as jono-in-emailhel
=== jono-in-emailhel is now known as jonoinemailhell
dbmood1hi got a suggestion re a possible fix for the issue of ubuntu (tis not its fault) managing laptop hd in laptop mode15:15
* rzr updated http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jaaa15:35
apacheloggerdholbach: mail for you15:50
dholbachapachelogger: gracias15:50
apacheloggerde nada15:51
apacheloggerI think ;-)15:51
apacheloggerjpatrick: très bien15:54
jpatrickapachelogger: merci15:54
=== jonoinemailhell is now known as jono
slytherinyay, one more FTBFS sent down the rabbit hole. :-)16:42
slangasekbddebian: hi, so two things on the asc upload17:07
bddebianUh oh17:07
slangasekbddebian: 1) omg, who prepared this upstream tarball, it's an embarrassment17:07
bddebianUhm, upstream. :)17:08
tjaaltonjdong: could you change the maintainer to MOTU when you upload the next version of gtkpod-aac? thanks :)17:08
slangasekbddebian: 2) I don't know what the procedure is within the Debian games team for adding new comaintainers.  According to the changelog, you added yourself; was this acked by someone who was an existing uploader, or is there a standing debian-games policy I can refer to in this regard?17:08
slangasekbddebian: yeah, I know it was upstream, I did compare the tarballs... :)17:09
jdongtjaalton: aww you don't want to be scapegoat anymore? :D17:09
bddebianslangasek: Hmm, good question, I don't know that we have a set "policy".  I have usually just been adding myself when uploading.17:09
tjaaltonjdong: right, I don't use it anymore, so.. :)17:09
tjaaltonbanshee is a whole lot easier17:10
bddebianslangasek: BTW, I built it with libparagui1.1 on my sid laptop this morning and everything works fine.17:10
jdongtjaalton: ok, will do.17:10
slangasekbddebian: I'd appreciate a clarification on this, then; I don't assume that just because someone has commit access to a repo, they're empowered to mark themselves as an uploader17:10
slangasek(and this would be a blocker for me sponsoring it to Debian)17:10
bddebianslangasek: fair enough17:10
tjaaltonjdong: great, thanks!17:11
bddebianI'm thinking I really should have just stuck with porting Hurd packages..17:13
azeemthere's so many PATH_MAX waiting for you!17:14
bddebianWell let's see if I actually get a response from the Games Team ML this time...17:16
=== davro is now known as davromaniak
LaserJockbah, dholbach needs to get some real American hours ;-)17:51
geserLaserJock: you could also adjust to european working hours :)17:53
LaserJockumm ....17:54
DaveMorrisHi, I'm still looking for a revu of http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libserial (it's a small package to build)17:55
bddebianLaserJock: Or you can just say screw it like I'm getting closer to doing.. :)17:56
joejaxxbddebian: lol17:56
joejaxxslangasek: what exactly is a release wizard? :D17:58
bddebianI think I'm either going to have to apply for DD or stop trying to work with Debian17:58
azeemthere's this DM thing now as well17:58
slangasekjoejaxx: a modal dialog that walks you through releasing an OS17:59
joejaxxslangasek: bah :P i mean the contributor position :)17:59
joejaxxslangasek: haha :P17:59
joejaxxslangasek: based on ncurse library? :)17:59
joejaxxazeem: where is the information on DM's?18:00
slangasekjoejaxx: python-glade18:00
bddebianazeem: Aye, but I'm not sure that is enough18:01
* joejaxx at the developer corner and does not see it18:01
joejaxxs/at/is\ at/g18:01
joejaxxslangasek: :P18:01
slangasekbddebian: if you're talking about asc, I think it would be equally inappropriate for a DD to add themselves to uploaders without consulting the current uploaders (and I have dressed down DDs for this before)18:02
bddebianslangasek: No, asc is one small part of the picture18:02
bddebianslangasek: For asc, you might have better access to sam than I.  I can't ever get a hold of him18:05
slangasekbddebian: did you mail the games team ML then?  I don't see anything in the archive at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-games-devel/2008-January/thread.html, is that not the right list?18:19
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
bddebianslangasek: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2008/01/msg00107.html18:22
slangasekah so18:23
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
\shphew...first time in my life that I entered a gym...now I know what horror means...18:28
geserthat bad?18:29
=== leonel_ is now known as leonel
\shgeser: if you never did sport for your health...it's that bad, yes :)18:29
\shbtw...has anybody time to do some sponsor uploads for libgif transition? :)18:30
geser\sh: I could do some in a few hours (if there are any left)18:31
\shgeser: yeah there are some...I put them on the bug...18:32
\shI wonder what's the best way to fix simage...18:35
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
Ward1983if i would like to see something packages, where should i suggest the package?19:05
warp10I have a weird problem with a .desktop file. It is here: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/tennix-0801042050/tennix-0.5.0/tennix.desktop19:05
Ward1983* packages = packaged19:05
warp10It shows fine in Ubuntu, but according to pitti it doesn't in Debian, altough it is installed in the proper directory: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51377/19:05
geserWard1983: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages19:07
Ward1983geser, ty19:07
Kmoswarp10: gnome uses "menu" file19:07
Kmoswarp10: debian i mean19:07
geserKmos: doesn't gnome in debian uses both?19:08
Kmosgeser: yes19:08
warp10Kmos: I thought they use both... am I wrong?19:08
Kmoswarp10: nop.. only ubuntu uses .desktop file19:08
slangasekdo you mean "ubuntu only uses the .desktop file"?  because Debian does use both19:09
Kmosslangasek: right19:11
bddebianwarp10: Do you have a source package somewhere, I'll try it on my unstable machine19:25
warp10bddebian: orig, diff and dsc that pitti used are in this tarball: http://colangelo.eu/tennix.tar.gz19:27
bddebianwarp10: trying now19:31
bddebianwarp10: One thing.  If you're adding a desktop file you should call dh_desktop in rules19:34
warp10bddebian: the .desktop file comes from upstream and is installed by Makefile. Should I add dh_desktop anyway?19:35
bddebianwarp10: Hmm, probably.  But either way, it works for me on my unstable laptop :-)19:36
warp10bddebian: Well, ok. I'll report that to pitti. Thank you so much for your help :)19:37
* jpatrick wonders if it's a good idea to subscribe to debian-mentors with a @(k)ubuntu address19:38
bddebianjpatrick: It shouldn't hurt19:38
jpatrickbddebian: here goes19:39
pochujpatrick: I post to a few debian lists and my packages have my @ubuntu.com address in the Maintainer/Uploader and I haven't seen a flame because of that yet :)19:41
=== Kmos_ is now known as Kmos
Kmoswarp10: even coming from upstream, you should use dh_desktop19:42
=== nuu is now known as nu[year]
=== nu[year] is now known as nuu
warp10Kmos: I'm wondering if this could be the source of the problem, but according to the test bddebian just made, it shouldn't be. Anyway, thanks, I'll modify rules :)19:44
norsettowarp10: dh_desktop is pretty much useless now (unless you register a mime type)19:45
bluekujaheya norsetto19:45
db-keenwould anyone be willing to help me make my first package?19:45
bluekujanorsetto, would you please un-assign amachu from me? seems to be disappeared since ages now19:46
jpatrick_bluekuja: I saw him today on #kubuntu-devel19:46
bluekujajpatrick_, really?19:46
norsettobluekuja: you tried to get back in contact?19:46
warp10norsetto: mmm... so looks like I'll leave rules as it is now.19:46
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
bluekujanorsetto, not really...I answered him on the I was mentoring him with19:47
jpatrickbluekuja: /msg seenserv seen amachu19:47
bluekujanorsetto, and for something like 2 weeks, I got no answers19:47
bluekujajpatrick, ty19:47
bluekujanorsetto, want me to ping him on irc?19:47
norsettobluekuja: please19:48
bluekujanorsetto, ok perfect19:48
norsettobluekuja: let me know19:48
bluekujanorsetto, I will19:49
bluekujanorsetto, as soon as I get him on irc, seems to be not connected since 2h 12m19:49
bluekujanorsetto, so he should be around tomorrow19:49
norsettobluekuja: he is in india (or thereabout), so I think he might be gone to bed already19:50
bluekujanorsetto, are reports  from mentors still up?19:50
norsettobluekuja: yes, but nobody bothers and I got tired of reminding19:51
bluekujanorsetto, I'm happy about hellboy195's work, he's doing good19:52
bluekujanorsetto, *** that was my report :P19:52
norsettobluekuja: glad to hear that19:52
norsettobluekuja: I wish I would get even that from the others .....19:53
hellboy195bluekuja: oh man. do not overstate ;)19:53
norsettohellboy195: good is not overstating, he didn't  say exceptionally well ....19:53
hellboy195norsetto: good is also overstating ;)19:53
hellboy195let's say it's OK19:54
bluekujahellboy195, step by step19:54
bluekujaanyway off for a shower19:54
jpatricknorsetto: my mentee's gone kernel packaging....19:54
hellboy195bluekuja: hf19:54
bluekujahellboy195, ty19:54
bluekujaheya apachelogger19:55
bluekuja* apachelogger_19:55
norsettojpatrick: good, tell him to package the latest rt2x00 drivers then19:55
norsettojpatrick: oh, and tell him to make sure they actually work .....19:56
apachelogger_ahoy bluekuja19:56
LaserJockah ha! I think I figured out how to fix Planet Ubuntu's messed up Behind MOTU titles19:58
pochuIt confused me to see dholbach's interview when I saw the tittle :)19:59
LaserJockit seems to either takes the title of an attached pic or  the author20:00
LaserJockapparently using Atom instead of RSS fixes it20:00
LaserJockI guess it's a wordpress bug but I've only seen it cause problems on Planet20:02
blueyedRAOF: thanks for the nouveau packages in your ppa!20:02
sommerhey all, if I want to patch a package and I need to change three files, is it better to create 3 patches or 1 patch for all 3 files?20:15
LaserJocksommer: might depend on if they are related20:16
LaserJockgenerally it's fine to do just 1 patch20:16
sommerLaserJock: gotcha... I don't think you'd apply one patch without the others, if they are in different files that is20:16
LaserJockand if the reviewer wants them split up they'll request that20:16
sommerLaserJock: cool, thanks20:17
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
gesersommer: one patch or three patch is only relevant if the package uses a patch system20:20
sommergeser: ah, I'm thinking one patch to rule them all is fine, probably only 12 lines changed between all 3... heh20:23
\shbah now I'm stucked again..openscenegraph needs gdal..which is not uploaded for the transition :(20:36
* \sh needs to become a motu again :(20:36
apachelogger\sh: you shouldn't have left in the first place :P20:38
\shapachelogger:heheheh..ha found the sponsor I need ,-)20:40
\shwell, then I write my application20:41
* apachelogger notes that archive.ubuntu.com is far too slow today, or maybe his alpha3 downloads are blocking everything, whatever it is, it's not good20:42
\shapachelogger: it's quite fast for me :)20:42
apacheloggerso, it's alpha320:43
* apachelogger kicks kget20:43
DarkSun88Hi all. In debian/changelog there are a Debian old style entries. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/3419/20:43
DarkSun88At line 1201 there is the problem and debuild not works.20:43
DarkSun88In this case, what I do?20:45
sorenDarkSun88: Those don't look like old style entries to me.20:47
DarkSun88What are?20:48
sorenDarkSun88: Anyhow, what does debuild say exactly?20:48
sorenDarkSun88: I don't understand your question..20:48
DarkSun88soren: parsechangelog/debian: error: badly formatted heading line, at file debian/changelog line 120120:48
sorenHm... Maybe there are other old styles that I am not familiar with.20:50
=== Skiessl is now known as Skiessi
\shDarkSun88: looks like a bug in a newer entry....parsechangelog is not always correct20:51
sorenDarkSun88: I just fetched linkchecker and added a new changelog entry, and ran debuild -S -uc -us. It works fine.20:51
sorenDarkSun88: Hmm... well, I guess those are just old style entries lacking an author field.20:52
sorenI've never seen that before (but I'm not that old, either).20:52
DarkSun88soren: :)20:53
sorenIf a project using python-distutils installs a bunch of stuff in the wrong places, do I edit the setup.py script, or am I supposed to pass a lot of clever arguments to setup.py?20:54
norsettoCongrats DarkSun88!20:56
DarkSun88norsetto: Thanks. :)20:57
pochusoren: if the changes will be accepted upstream you can change it and forward the patch. Otherwise you can pass them with some PYTHON_something variables if you are using CDBS, or in your setup.py call if debhelper20:59
pochusoren: but upstream will likely accept it, I guess.21:00
\shcool...end of business for today :)21:00
sorenpochu: Er, yes, I'm aware of the mechanics of passing arguments, I was just wondering if there was a way to tell it to do this stuff by passing it arguments of if I had to change the script.21:00
\shcu tomorrow21:00
bddebianLater \sh21:01
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
sladenwin 22221:05
pochusoren: python setup.py --help install will tell you the options for passing the prefix for the modules, data, scripts...21:10
pochusoren: is that what you meant? :)21:10
sorenpochu: Ah, I tried --help and --help-commands, but didn't try --help install..21:14
sorenpochu: Er.. no, that still doesn't help me much.21:14
sorenpochu: It sets wwwpath = '/var/www/foobar'. I want to change that to '/usr/share/foobar/www'. How to do?21:15
=== cprov is now known as cprov-out
LaserJockhmmpf, alpine doesn't do maildir :(21:49
* RainCT would like to know if it's easy to create customized ubuntu CD's, as he's thinking about preparing a live CD for himself (with openbox as window manager and a custom selection of applications)22:13
TheMusoRainCT: Not really.22:18
TheMusoRainCT: It requires a bit of work.22:18
TheMusoRainCT: But it depends on how much you want to customize the CD.22:18
TheMusoI.e do you want to take an existing image and change, or do you want to build from scratch.22:18
RainCTdo you know about any good documentation about it?22:19
RainCT(would be based on Ubuntu's image)22:19
TheMusoRainCT: From scratch, or take existing image?22:20
RainCTtaking an existing one22:21
TheMusoThere is reconstructor or whatever its called.22:22
TheMusoAnd I believe there are docs on community.ubuntu.com to help you do what you are wanting to do.22:22
RainCTcool, thanks22:22
Amaranthanyone feel like handling bug 181604?22:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181604 in lsongs "File sharing and MP3 tag processing are broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18160422:26
Amaranthit's got a debdiff22:26
Amaranthoh, but it doesn't use a patch system22:26
tbfpochu: thanks for bug report, but what is FTBFS?22:27
persiaAmaranth: Patch systems aren't mandatory, as long as you stay in line with Debian packaging.  Also, best to subscribe the sponsors queue to request upload.22:27
persiatbf: Fails To Build From Source22:27
Amaranthapparently he is the official lsongs maintainer now :P22:28
Amaranthi mean, upstream22:29
tbfpersia: thanks22:29
Amaranthbut he can't do a new release yet, some transition stuff happening22:29
Amaranthhe wants me to upload it for him but i don't feel comfortable doing it22:30
Amarantheh, I could just blame him if it breaks :)22:30
slangasekAmaranth: "handle" it how? seems to specifically fail the maintainer spec?22:30
persiaAmaranth: Personally, I believe best practice is to use a patch system unless you are maintaining a VCS that derives from upstream.  If upstream releases a patch with no patch system, and is also the Debian maintainer, it's not an issue to not have a patch system :)22:31
RainCTUh.. Now there's something that I don't understand: why are package with "Section: unknown" in debian/control synced successfully but building new Ubuntu revisions of them fails?22:31
RainCTbug 18162422:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181624 in icon-slicer "Build of revision 0.3-1ubuntu1 failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18162422:35
RainCTwell.. good night all :)22:44
Amaranthslangasek: I can't seem to find any documentation about that and I don't really remember what is required there23:01
slangasekAmaranth: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField23:02
pochusoren: could you point me to the setup.py?23:05
=== bigon is now known as bigon`
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
rexbron question. When I am compiling openlibs on amd64, it uses lib64 instead of lib. is there a way I can override that?23:21
mok0I've uploaded the perfect package to REVU. I bet you wont find any errors in it: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gpp423:22
mok0rexbron: use switch -m32 ?23:22
rexbronmok0, could you explain what that does?23:23
mok0rexbron: it compiles a 32 bit binary on a 64 bit platform23:23
rexbronas well as where to use it23:23
rexbronmok0, it compile 64 bit binaries like it should23:23
mok0rexbron: gcc23:23
rexbronit just installs them to lib64 (which is a symlink, but is not present in the debian build dir)23:24
mok0rexbron: ah. That must be hardwired in the Makefile somehow23:24
mok0rexbron: grep for it23:25
mok0find . -type f |xargs grep lib6423:25
* Fujitsu wonders how someone managed to file the same bug 7 times.23:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 7 in rosetta "Need help for novice translators" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/723:26
Fujitsu20 minutes from first to last.23:26
mok0Fujitsu: weird23:27
mok0No takers for my PERFECT package?23:27
LaserJockFujitsu: hmm, impressive. I would've given up after 3 ;-)23:46
StevenKLaserJock: Ponies!23:46
LaserJockanybody know if there is no mta installed what happens to system mails?23:50
StevenKThey go nowhere23:50
LaserJockor even how system mails are done23:50
StevenKSince there is no /usr/sbin/sendmail to call23:50
LaserJockI've got msmtp install now23:51
LaserJockwhich would give sendmail23:51
LaserJockbut it only works for my user, not root23:51
LaserJockso do they still go nowhere?23:51
ion_I’ve been using ssmtp on my desktop boxes.23:51
LaserJockhmm, I think I can create a systemwide msmtp config file23:56
LaserJockbut how does the system know where to send the email?23:56

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