lime4x4was there a problem with the updates yesterday?01:23
lime4x4now when i try to do a recording i get and error about is the backend server running can't connect01:24
wweaselGah, I can't get NVidia TVout working...01:26
blkorpheusmake[3]: Entering directory `/usr/src/modules/lirc/drivers/lirc_pvr150'01:26
blkorpheusMakefile:185: *** missing separator.01:26
blkorpheusI can't build the lirc driver for certain kernels01:26
blkorpheusguess I will have to go back to a older kernel, non server edition01:28
Seeker`I keep getting a pink screen while trying to watch TV, which I believe I have read is caused by nvidia drivers. Is there a known fix?01:29
KaiForceare you watching lifetime?01:29
KaiForcenm joke.01:30
Seeker`anyone know a solution?01:34
blkorpheuswhich nvidia driver you using?01:35
Seeker`how do I find out?01:39
blkorpheusuh oh01:39
blkorpheusyou've got bigger problems then01:40
blkorpheusbut now you've got a starting point01:40
Seeker`i'm using the proprietry driver01:40
Seeker`the -new one01:41
blkorpheus"new" is a relative term01:41
blkorpheuslearn to use your os to get pertinent info01:41
Seeker`I mean nvidia-new rather than nvidia01:41
blkorpheuscat /proc/driver/nvidia/version01:41
Seeker`I.e. I have a more recent graphics card01:42
blkorpheusthat still says nothing meaningful01:42
blkorpheususe the cmd I gave you01:42
blkorpheuswhatever, that aint the latest and greatest from nvidia01:43
Seeker`its the latest from the repos01:44
blkorpheusand your too green to be able to install the latest...01:44
blkorpheusmy statement stands01:44
blkorpheusthe latest from Nvidia has the most recent bug fixes01:44
blkorpheusmight want to read up on it01:44
Seeker`I am capable of doing it, I just prefer to stick with repo packages01:45
blkorpheusyou like pink huh?01:48
blkorpheusrelax, I'm jonesing you01:48
Seeker`not particularly01:48
blkorpheusI'm on the hunt to fix an issue of my own01:49
blkorpheusI reccomend the driver from nvidia01:49
blkorpheusit won't break a thing01:49
blkorpheusit made compiz more stable for me01:49
blkorpheusand the changelog specifically says it fixes MANY issues01:49
blkorpheusonce I reboot, to use Hardy's older kernel, so I can have my remote back, I will have to recompile my nvidia driver01:50
javatexanso I add a mpeg2 file to the recordings directory and how do I add it to the database so I can transcode, commercial rip, etc?04:51
javatexanon the BE...sorry04:51
javatexani am looking at mythfilldatabase --file, but I don't think that is what I want, is it...I dont really have a source, offset, or an xmlfile for this....do I?04:53
javatexanI guess I don't fully understand what it is asking me for04:53
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
javatexanwill findorphans work for this?04:55
* tritium kicks his myth box for disobeying a direct order to record the national championship game!04:58
javatexantritium: I know how you feel05:03
tritiumjavatexan: oh well...05:05
javatexangood thing it was a terrible game...eh?05:05
tritiumI don't know!  I didn't get a chance to see it ;)05:06
MythbuntuGuest31need some hep with a nexus-s 2.1 card, can someone help?05:59
MythbuntuGuest31or point me in the right dirrection05:59
MythbuntuGuest31can anyone answer a dvb ?06:01
rogue780superm1, howdy06:58
rogue780who do I talk to about translating mythbuntu apps?07:00
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javatexanrhpot1991: you there?20:33
rhpot1991whats up?20:37
javatexani am so close on this little project....can I bounce ideas off you?20:39
javatexanThis is what I have so far running as a cron job.  Goto folder where .tivo files saved, convert tivo to mpeg, copy file to ..../mythtv/recordings, add them to mythtb db....Now I need to convert mpeg to mp4 or avi or what ever is best and then rip out commercials20:39
javatexan my wife loves her tivo....so I cant get rid of it, so I am trying to work the two together20:40
=== slestak is now known as slestak|work
javatexanunfortunately as soon as I add the files to the mthtv db, it changes their names so I cant script against the name anymore...does anyone have a suggestion on how to get around it?20:40
rhpot1991why don't you just rip them to your end container right away20:41
rhpot1991instead of mpeg2?20:41
rhpot1991I'm also not sure how the mythcommflag works, if it requires the video to be in a certain format or not20:41
rhpot1991if you do it in a perl script you can query the database to get info, thats what I do with my ipod scripts20:43
javatexanim not sure either. when you decodeTivo, it leaves the mpeg2 behind.  I would love to convert it to avi or h.264 before I add it to myth, but I can't find a 'good' way to do it.  I am very, VERY green with transcode, mencoder, ffmpeg20:43
rhpot1991ah ok20:44
rhpot1991I thought you were maybe using something like ffmpeg to make the mpeg2's20:44
javatexannaw...I take the .tivo file, run it through decodetivo and I am left with mpeg220:45
rhpot1991I would first research and see how you would go about using mythtv's commflaging on your recordings20:45
javatexannot sure if its raw, or what20:45
rhpot1991btw how are you getting the files from tivo?20:45
javatexani know it has to be in the db to use commflagging20:45
javatexanit rocks20:45
javatexandecoding using a new linux project called tivodecoder, i think....it unencrypts the file, but leaves it as a mpeg220:46
rhpot1991hmmm, do you need a certain tivo series or anything to use it?20:47
rhpot1991my brother has one through DTV and he has been wondering if he can use tivotogo or anything with it20:47
javatexanyep, that is exactly the process I am working on20:48
javatexanI have a HD series 3, but the tivodecode seems to think it will work with others20:48
rhpot1991how is your tivo hooked up to other things, network?20:48
rhpot1991he claims there is usb on his box and ethernet on another one in the house20:49
javatexannetwork, yes20:49
rhpot1991do you have to do anything to access it, or does it just work?20:49
javatexannot sure what tivo does with the usb20:49
javatexangalleon will find tivo boxes on the same network segment and it just works, after you add your tivo encryption key20:50
javatexanthey call it the MAK20:50
rhpot1991I'll have to take my laptop home and try it out there20:50
rhpot1991as far as your stuff: once you import the recording can you go into the recordings, select it and run the commflag job?20:51
javatexancan I script that?20:53
rhpot1991just try it there first and see what happens20:53
rhpot1991it can be run cli20:53
rhpot1991command line interface20:53
rhpot1991is the command20:55
javatexanokay, I guess I will have to bang the db to find the right file......wait, I found this script in the forums it uses VIDEODIR and FILENAME AND calls several20:55
javatexanmythcommflag -f $VIDEODIR/$FILENAME20:56
javatexanmythcommflag --gencutlist -f $VIDEODIR/$FILENAME20:56
javatexanmythtranscode --honorcutlist --showprogress -i $VIDEODIR/$FILENAME -o $VIDEODIR/$FILENAME.tmp20:56
javatexanmythcommflag -f $VIDEODIR/${FILENAME} --rebuild20:56
javatexanmythcommflag --clearcutlist -f $VIDEODIR/$FILENAME20:56
javatexan 20:56
rhpot1991is that the one from the wiki?20:56
javatexani don't remember its name, I called it autoRMCommercials.sh  ;)20:57
javatexanbut once I add the file to the db, mythtv changes the name of the file, so I cant script against it.20:58
javatexani guess I could hold the name, query the db for the new name, then run this script20:58
javatexanwould that work?20:58
rhpot1991I can't find it in the wiki anymore20:59
rhpot1991I tried something that was in there and didn't like the results20:59
javatexanmaybe we are trying the same one...I was hoping not to have to learn the complete CLI for mythcommflag and mythtranscode...;)21:00
javatexanlazy...lazy...lazy....I know21:00
rhpot1991well first of all myth doesn't always catch the commercials 100% correct21:00
rhpot1991so that right there may be a problem21:00
rhpot1991which is why by default it just marks that point and lets you skip and doesn't actually remove them21:01
javatexanokay...so I shouldn't script that part anyways then21:01
javatexani don't know the actual durations of the files so I am blanketing them all with 3 hours, and hoping that myth will adjust the duration after I remove the commercials21:03
javatexanwill it break myth if the actual duration is 30 and you put in 15, will myth only show 15 min of the show?21:03
rhpot1991I had problems where that script was somehow screwing up the timing tracks of my recordings21:03
javatexanthat would explain a lot21:04
rhpot1991hmmm when does it ask the duration, on that myth.rebuild script?21:04
javatexanI  kept getting an error that the first fram was not a B-frame , I think21:04
javatexanyes it asks in myth.rebuild21:04
javatexanbtw, you are awesome for helping me21:05
rhpot1991thats an encoding issue I think21:05
javatexanhopefully I can return the favor, after I learn more about this system...Its pretty big21:05
rhpot1991do the imported recordings actually play in myth?21:06
javatexanThats what I though, I hope it will go away when I transcode to new type, like avi or h.26421:06
javatexanyes they do21:06
directhexavi is a container21:06
directhexh264 is a codec21:06
javatexanyeah..thats right....sorry still learning terminology21:07
javatexanhow do i get the h264 in a mp4 container?21:07
rhpot1991encode it with ffmpeg21:08
rhpot1991its super slow on gutsy though21:08
rhpot1991better off going xvid21:08
javatexanhow do i do that? xvid...not familiar with it21:08
javatexancan i do the encoding with ffmpeg from within mythtv?21:10
rhpot1991mythtranscode can make you xvid videos, but I have no clue how to script it21:10
rhpot1991you can just call ffmpeg to do it21:11
rhpot1991what are you going to do about commflagging?21:11
rhpot1991going to just use the flag points, or going to remove them?21:11
rhpot1991them == commercials21:11
javatexanknow of any good examples....after I ffmpeg it, I will try to commflagg it...I hope to remove them, but well have to see21:12
javatexani was looking at mencode, that is a beast!!!21:12
javatexannot sure if I would ever figure it out21:12
rhpot1991google around and see if you can commflag after you transcode/encode21:12
rhpot1991I wouldn't be certain that you can21:12
rhpot1991I can give you the ffmpeg lines I use for ipod, you are gonna want a higher quality/resolution prob21:13
javatexando you think it has to be 'raw21:13
rhpot1991not sure21:13
javatexanmpeg2 to work21:13
javatexanok...Ill check around21:13
rhpot1991I know most cards leave them there in mpeg2 or nuv format21:13
javatexanmyth would really eat up the hd space then21:14
rhpot1991just a wii bit21:14
rhpot1991mine run 2gb per 30 mins21:14
javatexanthe h264 I was converting via tivo desktop were 1/4 the size of the mpeg2 files with the commercials left in .... ;)21:15
javatexanjust not sure what options they used.... :((21:15
javatexanthat part rocked21:15
rhpot1991I have heard that ffmpeg h264 in hardy runs a lot quicker21:15
rhpot1991you can do h264 now if you want, but it takes a loooong time21:16
javatexanso I should use ffmpeg with what was it?21:16
rhpot1991thats what I would use, but its your call21:18
abovebrewHello, is anyone familiar with STB cards?21:26
abovebrewFound an old STB card that I would like to get working with Mythbuntu. Card was made in 1996. Anyone know if it might work?21:27
directhexSTB card is an oxymoron. STB means "set-top box". it's the exact opposite of a tuner21:27
directhexof a card, even21:27
abovebrewIt says STB Systems on the card21:28
abovebrewOn Mythbuntu hardware support page, I see "STB TV PCI FM" as a supported software encorder card21:29
directhexTHAT stb? christ, going back a few years...21:29
Davieyabovebrew: if it's that old it probably will work - but why not just try it?21:29
abovebrewyeah man...very old21:29
directhexwhat's the chip on the card?21:29
Davieyi'll bet it's a BT21:29
abovebrewwell, they cover the chip with a sticker... but its a "Bt848KPF"21:29
directhexDaviey, gotta check21:30
abovebrewDaviey: I'm gonna plan on trying it :)21:30
directhexabovebrew, will more than likely be fine then. very old, supported chip21:30
directhexabovebrew, remember there are many downsides to using cpu-based cards like that though21:30
DavieyBT 848 is pretty uncommon, my money was on the 87821:31
directhexDaviey, 848 still works, no?21:31
Davieyi guess so, no experience with it21:31
abovebrewdirecthex: do you think a p4 2.0ghz will decode analog catv?21:31
Davieyin the 2 mins we've gone through this - you could have tested it :)21:31
Davieyabovebrew: catv is regardless21:32
abovebrewDaviey: I couldn't... i'm new to the linux world21:32
Davieyabovebrew: it'll be fine21:32
directhexabovebrew, yeah, but res will be low, interoperability will be low, quality will be low21:32
Davieyit's fine for testing until you get hooked and buy a decent one :)21:32
abovebrewdirecthex: i'm just going for cheap that works :)21:32
Davieyresolution will sure be low tho21:33
abovebrewDaviey: yeah, thats exactly my plan ... cheap til i understand it... then move into the big boy areana21:33
javatexanwhen running myth-rebuilddatabase --file, why does it ask you for the duration anyway...that could/should be calculated to be sure its right....Is the duration important for recordings table?21:33
abovebrewDaviey, directhex: Thanks guys21:33
directhexjavatexan, there's no easy way to work it out from the recording, as there's no header on mpeg2-ts21:33
directhexjavatexan, the only way to work it out is to scan the entire file21:34
Davieyand there can't be - you don't know the size of the file until it's recorded21:34
Davieyand myth doesn't need it - so shouldn't waste cpu time to calculate21:35
javatexanoh...what does myth use the duration for.  I am pretty sure I am giving it the wrong duration size.  How will it affect mythtv if its too long or too short?21:35
Davieyuse the orphans script, in contrib :)21:36
rhpot1991that is what he is using21:37
Davieymyth-rebuilddatabase ?21:38
Davieyi mean myth.find_orphans.pl.21:39
rhpot1991that doesn't exist on mine21:40
rhpot1991though I do have it in my home dir, I forget where I got that from21:41
rhpot1991and doesn't that just find orphans and clean them from the db if you want it to21:41
rhpot1991or clean recordings with no db info21:41
DavieyIt adds orphaned files to the db - which is what he's trying to do!21:42
rhpot1991so does myth.rebuilddatabase -f file21:43
Davieybut myth.find_orphans.pl will scan the mpeg file for length AIUO21:44
rhpot1991I'm pretty sure it doesn't21:45
rhpot1991#  By default, running the script will simply return a list of problems it finds.21:45
rhpot1991#  Running with --dodbdelete will remove db recorded rows for which there is no matching21:45
rhpot1991#  media file.  Running with --dodelete will delete media files for which there is no21:45
rhpot1991#  matching db record.21:45
rhpot1991I've used myth.findorphans to clean up extra junk in my recordings dir before21:47
rhpot1991I swear it didn't come in the apt packages though21:47
blkorpheusmythtv-backend scripts dies upon start21:51
blkorpheusone must run mythtvbackend from terminal21:51
yotuxCan any one offer advice on using mythbuntu with Dish network21:54
blkorpheusread the wiki's how to on the matter?21:55
solarbabyWould the Matrox G450 be an ideal card for Multimonitors and TV output via svideo?22:11
solarbabyoh and my pc is small form factor as well.. so half height issues22:11
solarbabyunless i get the pci version .. then I have more space22:12
solarbabyyotux: I use mythbuntu with dish network22:12
yotuxsolarbaby what reciever do you have22:37
solarbabyyotux: its an old one with a hard drive in it22:38
solarbabyyotux: dishpvr 100 gig hard drive i believe22:39
solarbabyyotux: doesn't even matter which one, they all work22:39
yotuxdo you use lirc?22:39
solarbabyyotux: yup22:39
solarbabyyotux: I use a usbuirt22:39
solarbabyyotux: and i wrote the docs on how to make it work22:39
solarbabyyotux: its somewheree in the ubuntu forum22:40
yotuxcool I will have to order one of those,  I have been looking and googling and most post are from 2005 - 200622:40
solarbabyyotux: mines 200722:40
solarbabyyotux: i'll see if I can locate the howto I wrote for you22:40
solarbabyyotux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=355242522:42
yotuxI found your post on the forums22:42
solarbabyit was funny all i had to type in to google was "solarbaby usbuirt" and the whole history of my experiences popped up :)22:42
yotuxthat is also what I googled22:44
yotuxstrange we thought along the same lines22:44
solarbabyyotux: it took me weeks to figure out how to make my usbuirt work with lirc22:47
solarbabyyotux: there are better devices for working with lirc..  but I made mine work none the less22:48
solarbabyyotux: read the post carefully and in a quoted conversation I had with the creator of usbuirt he gives me a little insight why22:48
yotuxif your codes work I should not have to learn new ones22:50
yotuxI was thinking thought if one has windows access maybe a user could use windows to get a code set.  I am not sure if this would be useful for nix users or not22:50
solarbabyI tried..  they weren't compatable22:52
rhpot1991javatexan: anything new?22:52
solarbabyyotux: I added all the codes you'll need for PVR functionality22:52
solarbabyyotux: channels, power22:52
javatexannot yet....22:53
rhpot1991ideally if you can commflag an mpeg4 video, then you can encode it before you add it to myth22:54
solarbabyany recommendations on sff video cards with dual head?23:02
solarbabyor if the term fits ya better.. half height video cards with dual head23:03
directhexxfx make some23:10
directhexof pny make some cheapo quadros23:10
solarbabydirecthex: do you think they will be compatable with ubuntumyth?23:13
directhexsure, why not23:13
solarbabydirecthex: right on23:14
directhexthe vga out on the low profile xfx cards is shit though23:14
solarbabydirecthex: ah23:14
solarbabydirecthex: matrox has a external device that I have my eye on..  check this out http://www.engadget.com/2006/03/02/matrox-triplehead2go-gives-your-laptop-3-more-screens/23:14
solarbabydirecthex: im not seeing any linux drivers for it just yet.. unfortunately.. but I haven't really looked very hard .. perhaps theres a 3rd party solution out there23:15
directhexsolarbaby, matrox stopped bothering with linux years ago23:15
solarbabydirecthex: that was a really poor decision to not bother with linux23:15
directhexsolarbaby, why? linux users are cheap. they'd rather buy old g450 cards than new cards23:16
solarbabydirecthex: good point..  but linux pvr users spend alot of money, and thats all happening very fast now23:17
yotuxis there support for 1080i with mythbuntu using an asus motherboard23:17
directhexsolarbaby, TINY markey23:17
solarbabydirecthex: in the scheme of things, you are correct23:17
solarbabydirecthex: well I'll just have to get both a video card with dual head, and this device..  Im pretty sold on it for the windows side of things.. It looks like it was truly devloped with the gamer in mind, and thats fascinating.. I might start playing computer games again..  hehe.. haven't done that since amiga days23:18
directhexsolarbaby, matrox have never developed hardware with the gamer in mind23:19
directhexsolarbaby, even parhelia, which was meant to bring 3-head graphics to games, had proper support in like 2 games, and was severely outclassed by every ati and nvidia card on the market23:20
directhexsolarbaby, okay, i lie, the matrox mystique was developed with the gamer in mind, back in the msdos days23:20
solarbabydirecthex: hehe..  i read a tid bit, that sez with this external device..  games can be played on both monitors, although the computer thinks its only 1 wide screen23:20
directhexsolarbaby, right. and as soon as you ask it to draw some polygons, it chokes because it's not as good as an nvidia. i think there's an asus external pcie thing available, which would be a much better external graphics card with a good geforce inside23:21
solarbabydirecthex: Thanks!23:21
solarbabydirecthex: this device requires a pci express slot..  thats something Im not sure I wanna be forced to use23:25
alexvdanyone using the mythbuntu live autostart package.  I want to run a frontend via the cd but need to be able to modify nfs mount and setup a irman lirc configuation for my ira reciever23:25
solarbabydirecthex: unless I can add a pci express slot to my desktop computer as well23:25
solarbabyalexvd: as far as I know..  if you wanna make changes you have to install it23:26
alexvdThis package can be used on a Mythbuntu live cd to tailor the session for usage without a hard drive. When running, it will let you create a configuration that is stored on any type of media that is mounted in /media. The next time the session is started, this configuration file will be read in and used to run the envionment23:26
alexvdCurrently, it supports:23:27
alexvd * Samba Mount (W/ optional username or password)23:27
alexvd * NFS Mount23:27
alexvd * Automatic frontend launch23:27
alexvd * Hostname modification23:27
alexvd * External Home Directory23:27
alexvd * Remote Control selection23:27
alexvdshould i punt this over to mythtv-users23:28
solarbabyalexvd: this stuff keeps getting better and better ;)23:28
alexvdsolarbaby: yeah after 3+ year I am amazed23:28
alexvdfack Lirc 8.2 has broken the irman23:33

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