PriceChildLjL, because there's they're not talking or doing anything.00:00
PriceChilddon't see the point in them being put here.00:00
PriceChildRight I need sleep.00:03
=== Dave2 is now known as Dave2`
LjLPriceChild, they needed to be *banned* according to elkbuntu, but we really shouldn't make such a ban a straight ban00:06
=== Dave2` is now known as Dave2
jdongPriceChild: err isn't he still banned from there? ;-)00:24
jdong(re: #uf)00:24
PriceChildjdong, who?00:25
Pici"vagina boy" as jdong called him00:25
jdongand is caca slang in some language?00:25
PriceChildNever heard of him.00:25
jdongI doubt he's referring to the color ASCII image library.00:25
PiciYes, it means poop.00:25
PiciPriceChild: really?00:25
* Pici greps and pastes00:26
jdongPici: eeeewwwww X-rated...00:26
PriceChildPici, no time, pricechild@ubuntu.com and I'll look tomorrow :)00:26
jdongPriceChild: how dare you sleep?00:26
PriceChildjdong, I don't sleep00:26
PriceChildhmmm was hoping to find a cooler sounding synonym on thesaurus.com but "beddy-bye" just doesn't cut it00:28
PriceChildand "/quit getting horizontal" would probably cause a little unwanted attention00:28
ardchoillePriceChild: What about /quit ZZzz..00:30
ardchoilleThat'l work too00:30
LjLthat was a bad idea00:31
LjLgiving an email address on a logged channel :)00:31
Picijdong: #uforums00:32
PiciAnd obvious i-konia didnt ban him, I did.00:32
* LjL hasn't had #uf in autojoin for too long00:34
PiciLjL: nothing much happening.00:35
LjLoh, the littlest things entertain me.00:35
jdongPici: yeah I noticed that statement, hopefully he shuts up00:35
jdongdoubtfully of course :D00:35
LjLlike jdong00:35
PiciLjL: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51285/00:36
LjLPici: cute!00:37
LjLPici: if i'm not mistaken you *didn't* ban him from #ubuntu for that matter, did you00:38
PiciLjL: It was more for the !CALMDOWN and the !vagina | ikon-ia thing.00:38
PiciLjL: But it didnt help.00:39
PiciIf you think I was too harsh, let me know.00:40
LjLPici: if anything you were too little harsh. did you notice he, uhm, kick-evaded?00:51
* Pici looks00:53
LjL[01:52:01] <pdenapo> Hi, I want to ask a question: when I do "apt-get update" I get a message "Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-security/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch"  [01:52:49] <th0r> pdenapo you can delete that repo from the list. that message just means the server didn't respond. Might be a permanent problem or a temp one00:53
LjLthis seems so absurd an answer to me that i suspect willful trolling00:53
AKWINthanks for inviting me for the party00:57
LjLAKWIN: what was that?00:57
LjLthat URL you gave and then parted as soon as you saw i opped.00:58
AKWINyou thought i was advertising stuff00:58
LjLAKWIN: well, not really, not what i thought... but what did *you* think that made you leave so suddenly?00:58
AKWINyou'd ban me00:59
LjLAKWIN: and why did you think i'd ban you?00:59
AKWINthe #kubuntu channel did00:59
naliothAKWIN: #test is the better place to, er, test01:00
AKWINjoin test01:00
LjLAKWIN: uhm, when did that happen?01:00
PiciAs an aside: I asked chuy to join here, I'd like to talk to him or have someone talk to him about his behavior in #ubuntu before the ban is removed.01:01
LjLPici: assuming it should, which i doubt01:01
LjLAKWIN: anyway, what was that URL? i'm curious. it merely shows a line of text to me.01:03
AKWINhttp:// is a java remote desktop utility01:03
AKWINallows others to control my mouse, keyboard, etc.01:04
LjLah... 201, perhaps, 200 only showed a string saying "RFB 003.008".01:04
LjLAKWIN: anyway you're not banned from #ubuntu. i suggest you wait to be banned rather than just running away... you know, we can ban you *after* you've run away if we want to, anyway, so it doesn't make much sense.01:05
LjLbye, have fun01:05
PiciAlso, its not really an appropriate channel to ask for things like that, as the /topic says, it is just for Ubuntu support.01:06
naliothyep, try #test next time01:06
LjLyeah indeed, i guess #test should do.01:06
LjLAKWIN, if there's nothing you want to ask us, please part01:13
Picichuy, hello there.01:24
chuyWhat's up?01:24
Picichuy: First of all, it was not ikonia that banned you the other day, it was me.01:24
chuyReason being?01:25
PiciWell, for one, you did not respond appropriately when the !paste factoid was used, and furthermore was not very accomidating when asked to cease that attitude.01:27
PiciIn addition, you seem to be enjoying announcing to everyone what you named your hard drive, even though you have been told that it is inapropriate for the channel.01:28
chuyI am a friend of "chuy."01:28
LjLnot his brother?01:28
chuyI'm known as mulciber, do you know who I am?01:29
PiciI'm not sure how I would know who you are.01:29
chuymaybe a little bird might have told you?01:29
LjLchuy: a hungarian?01:30
LjLchuy: then the little bird failed me01:30
chuyI would like to point out some objections I have with the bullshit you and I both know is happening.01:30
chuyso let me tell you01:30
chuy1. He is telling me you have some problems with the names of his computer. Are you illiterate?01:31
chuyDo you read at all? Do you have no culture?01:31
LjLchuy, well let's put facts straight...01:32
chuySay how is google running right now? or is it wikipedia01:32
LjLlet's test your culture01:32
LjLshow me that you can count up to three01:32
chuythis is not chuy,01:32
LjLstarting from one01:32
LjLwell, whoever it is01:32
chuyI want a word with you.01:32
chuyI don't have to prove jack, LjL.01:32
LjLchuy: just do me this favor01:33
LjLcount from one to three in here01:33
chuyI feel it is inappropriate the thingsa being done to my friend (chuy) on a so called help line.01:33
chuyare you aware that he was given advice here that is clearly, to any knowledgable person, intentionally malicious?01:33
LjLchuy: he never joined here before01:33
Picichuy: which channel?01:33
chuywell not ops, the other line he is telling me now01:34
chuySo here is what I see01:34
LjLquote it please01:34
chuyI have some friends with blogs01:34
chuythey like to use sites like digg, reddit, etc.01:34
chuyThey like advert revenue01:34
LjLnot sure i'm following you01:34
chuyhe tells me his irc is set to log01:34
chuytell me, do you want to be internet famous?01:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kigs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:35
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »01:35
chuyI don't like whats goign on.01:35
LjLoh neither do i01:35
LjLi don't like those01:35
chuyI've been on linux for a long time, and I just don't see how being malicious to users seeking help helps linux.01:35
LjLwhy don't you rather just put forward what *exactly* was said that was malicious01:35
chuyit certainly isn't helping the linux market share01:36
LjLbecause logs are long and hard to read01:36
PiciIf there was a problem with advice given in the channel, this is the first time I'm hearing about it, I can't speak for LjL though.01:36
LjLor, alternatively, count from one to three01:36
chuyyou all should be ashamed to call yourself apart of opensources01:36
chuy*open source01:36
LjLchuy: why don't you rather just put forward what *exactly* was said that was malicious01:36
chuyI wasn't here01:36
chuyI am just his friend who likes linux and can see someone instructed him to use a utility in a way to destroy his computer01:37
chuyI had to waste two hours of my time fixing that shit01:37
chuyI want to know who I can bill for my time.01:37
LjLwell friend of chuy, i can't take any measures against the offender if i don't know who the offender was and what they told chuy to do01:37
PiciWell, if you or he cannot tell us who the advice was from, or what the advice was, there isnt really anything we can do.01:37
chuyMy time is valuable, and I certainly don't need to spend it cleaning up the messes of some juvenile kids on irc.01:37
chuyWell I am over drinking right now, and chuy is a little angry at the moment.01:38
chuyI just think this is incredibly stupid, and I am annoyed.01:38
chuyCall me mulciber, anyone in the know will know my nick.01:38
LjLthen perhaps come back when y'all can put your case forward in a rational manner01:38
chuynot linux01:38
LjLthe know?01:38
chuybut other programming circles01:38
LjLyou know what01:39
LjLi'll send a message to the know01:39
PiciCan you even tell us what utility it was?01:40
LjLpici, pici, wake up, i banned him01:40
PiciI saw.01:40
PiciDid you get the query from you?01:40
Picier, him01:40
Pici20:40:00 <chuy> really mature.01:40
Pici20:40:04 <chuy> I'll be sending my friend the logs for a blog post. How are, WHY LINUX WILL FAIL as a digg headline?01:40
LjLnot yet01:40
Pici20:40:33 <chuy> Also your ban is pathetic01:40
Pici20:40:40 <chuy> defeatable with a bouncer or a sock proxy01:40
LjLwell he's not registered01:41
LjLi guess i somehow have unfiltered off01:41
* LjL goes to fix that01:41
LjLuhm, no, it's on01:41
no0ticPici, are you replying to him? :)01:41
Picino0tic: nope.01:41
PiciI have no desire to talk to him.01:42
PiciMulciber was the nickname of a prominent pirate in the Internet piracy scene and satellite piracy community, and he was also the only known American member of the infamous "European camp". He is rumoured to have been killed or arrested largely in part to his disappearance during a period of high profiled satellite piracy arrests in early 2006.01:42
* Pici shrugs01:42
* LjL wants more trolls like that for when he's bored at this late time of the day01:43
LjLproblem is, when they come they generally come all in a row01:43
Piciwell, my faith in humanity is a bit decreased today.01:43
ardchoilleHmm.. seems Minataku is quite angry with me. I suppose he'll be in here soon telling you all how everything was my fault and that he's an angel.01:43
LjLardchoille: yeah i saw some highlights in k-ot01:44
* Pici adds more stuff to his autojoin01:44
ardchoilleOh well, thank goodness for logs :)01:44
LjLnever liked minataku01:44
LjLand i think that feeling is shared by some others01:45
PiciI'm not sure what evidence that chuy thinks he has, but the only thing that I see in my logs is someone asking him to fsck his drive.01:45
LjLPici: yeah same here... you know, there's a reason why he refused to give the relevant quote.01:46
no0ticLjL, he didn't even count from 1 to 301:46
LjLindeed :(01:46
LjLi had to kick him without the jingle01:47
no0ticsorry for lurking in here, but it's so funny.. :)01:47
LjLno0tic: how can we help you?01:47
Piciafaik, we aren't removing lurkers that have voice... yet.01:47
no0ticLjL, take a lool in access list :)01:48
no0tic*look :)01:48
LjLno, no, i'd rather lol01:48
LjLi hate that colon01:49
LjLjdong: "...  IRC council reserves the right to remove idlers from the channel"01:50
jdongLjL: is that lossy text compression? :D01:50
LjLjdong: it's lossy brain compression, given i've *never* remembered that /remove needs : before the reason any time i've used it since i've been on freenode01:51
jdongLjL: ah. Maybe time for a script or alias then :)01:51
LjLi have aliases for paste, botabuse and some more, but no generic one01:51
LjLbut, i *could* just remember a colon goes in there01:52
jdongpfft where's the fun in that?01:52
no0ticauto_bleh rules chanserv.py too :)01:54
jdongno it doesn't, chanserv.pl is in the works01:55
jdongtemporarily stalled as jdong works on his perl-foo01:55
PiciI was thinking of a !idle-#ubuntu-ops earlier today,01:55
no0ticjdong, are you working on a chanserv.py perl porting?01:56
jdongno0tic: yep, at least a full UI clone, different codebase01:56
PiciOh, looks like chuy set off my hilight in uforums01:56
jdongPici: yes, he pinged you and LjL. you're both douchebags.01:56
Picijdong: thanks for the update01:56
no0ticjdong, for what client?01:56
LjL!idle-#ubuntu-ops is <reply> Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we as you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.01:56
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL01:56
jdongno0tic: irssi01:56
naliothjdong: start with auto_bleh and go from there  :)01:56
PiciLjL: well said01:57
LjLjdong: cept i didn't notice the highlight even01:57
jdongnalioth: yep, it's a good start :)01:57
ardchoilleLjL: s/we as/we ask/ ?01:57
LjL!idle-#ubuntu-ops =~ s/we as/we ask/01:57
ubotuI'll remember that LjL01:57
Piciwe as you, its a philosophical thing.01:57
no0ticjdong, uhm.. isn't auto_bleh just enough? /me doesn't know anything about chanserv.py01:57
naliothno0tic: chanserv.py does a whole whole lot more01:58
jdongno0tic: it's good but chanserv.py is auto_bleh on steroids01:58
PiciCan't it search bans?01:58
ardchoilleCan chanserv.py be used in irssi?01:58
jdongyes it can01:58
jdongardchoille: no01:58
jdongardchoille: it's xchat only01:58
Picithat would be reason enough for me to use it.01:58
LjLi can search bans with konversation without any stupid scripts.01:58
PiciBut you also have to use it inside a *gasp* window.01:59
no0ticjdong, uhm.. I'm looking forward for testing your port then :)01:59
LjLthat sounded mneptoktic02:00
* Pici waves to Hobbsee 02:01
* LjL hobbsees to Wave02:02
Piciugh, hes messaging me again.02:03
Piciand I responded.02:03
LjLPici, you fool.02:03
PiciI'll pastebin it all when hes done ranting.02:03
ardchoillePici: Deny them the satisfaction of a response and they'll get bored and go away02:03
LjLPici: "You can come back to #ubuntu-ops when, and only when, you have a rational complain to put forward with evidence in the form of logs. We can't help you otherwise. See you there later."02:04
no0ticLjL, have you an alias for that?02:04
LjLno0tic: not yet02:04
PiciIt wouldnt surprise me.02:04
PiciLjL, you'll enjoy this log.02:09
LjLgimme gimme02:09
PiciMan... hes still talking, I though he'd stop.02:11
LjLPici: i'd *so* love to see a K on him02:12
PiciLjL: with the latest ranting: http://pastebin.com/m734ca2d002:12
LjLy'all can remove them when i'm gone and/or i'm not in such a trollish mood02:14
elkbuntuPici, you didnt ask for his friend's blog site?02:17
Picielkbuntu: hes still in #ubuntuforums if you feel up to it.02:18
LjLelkbuntu: it's probably /.02:18
LjLjdong, #uf02:23
PiciOh well.02:29
LjLi goes to zzz02:34
LjLmakes a note to check digg tomorrow :>02:34
PiciGoodnight :)02:34
LjLterribleflood was fun in a way that suits me02:35
jdongLjL: ugh wow that guy just doesn't stop.03:05
PiciIs he still going?03:05
Picior are you reading the backlog in forums?03:06
jdongyeah I'm backlogging03:06
jdongwas having a relaxing cup of tea.03:06
jdong(pricey would be proud!)03:06
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=== cow_cari_tmn is now known as ce_smasa_nganjuk
ardchoilleWhat is the policy regarding cracking wep in #kubuntu?03:42
naliothardchoille: we don't condone illegal activiies of any kind03:45
naliothsince we don't know if they're doing it on a testnet, we pretty much don't talk about it03:46
ardchoillenalioth: Even if the person wanting to crack wep says it's his own box?03:46
naliothardchoille: are you standing next to him to know for sure?03:46
ardchoillenalioth: Ah, very good point.03:46
naliothardchoille: _everyone_ wants to know how to "crack their own wep"03:47
ardchoillenalioth: hahaha03:47
naliothardchoille: recommend #networking03:50
ardchoillenalioth: Ah, will do03:50
naliothor ##linux or somewhere03:50
* nalioth kicks Pici into someone elses backyard03:51
=== cow_cari_tmn is now known as ce_smasa_nganjuk
naliothce_smasa_nganjuk: can we help you?03:58
Jucatohm... he/it just PM'ed me...03:59
Jucatowith a plain "uhu"...04:00
naliothce_smasa_nganjuk: did you have business here?04:02
Picibanfw fyi04:02
naliothce_smasa_nganjuk: we discourage idling in here, and we definitely don't speak in asl04:07
ardchoillenalioth: You made a differentiation between asl (age/sex/locatin) and asl (american sign language) ?04:51
ardchoilleMost people don't know what ASL is. I do beacuse it's my second language due to being hearing impaired.04:52
ubotunickrud called the ops in #ubuntu (maco)04:52
naliothardchoille: no, i pretended not to know what age/sex/location was04:52
ardchoillenalioth: Oh, my bad :)04:52
naliothi know my alphabet, though in ASL04:53
ardchoillenalioth: Even that's more than what most hearies know04:53
ardchoilleGood on ya :)04:53
* Hobbsee wonders how different the australian and american sign languages are04:53
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
ardchoilleHobbsee: Not sure, but I know English sign is different than ASL04:54
* tonyyarusso knows the alphabet and the sign for "judgement"05:04
ardchoilletonyyarusso: Nice :)05:04
ubotu__mikem called the ops in #ubuntu (evsa)06:26
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (pregunton)06:28
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (Krodolfo)06:32
elkbuntuhmm, there's a little troll party happening in #ubuntu06:34
sassy_girlnick ce17_cr_co07:01
sassy_girlserver mesra.dal.net07:01
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2 or Christel,  I could use a bit of your time :)07:02
sassy_girlnick ce17_cr_co07:03
sassy_girlce 17 cr co07:08
sassy_girlserver mesra.dal.net07:08
=== sassy_girl is now known as ce
cenick ce 17 taon07:09
ardchoillece: What can we help you with today?07:09
ceserver mesra.dal.net07:09
ardchoilleHmm.. might be a spambot07:10
stdinat least they can't spam in #ubuntu07:14
elkbuntuardchoille, they're a spambot, i'm waiting for a staffer to give them a free k07:25
* elkbuntu tosses up the idea of a forward to an auto-dline channel, but isnt sure if it's legal for us to do that07:30
ubotuIn #ubuntu-bots, tssom said: !what is the best distro?07:34
ardchoilleelkbuntu: Ah, ok.07:34
ardchoille!best > tssom07:35
ardchoilleHmm.. banforward to an auto-dline channel for bots? Not a bad idea.07:35
jussi01good morning all07:45
ardchoillehi jussi0107:47
tonyyarusson/win 1507:52
SportChickelkbuntu: did you get helped?08:02
* SportChick falls asleep08:03
elkbuntuSportChick, no08:09
elkbuntuor, not that i knwo of08:09
elkbuntuoh god, not pfa again08:14
ardchoilleelkbuntu: pfa?08:16
elkbuntuardchoille, see #ubuntu-offtopic08:16
elkbuntuwhenever she's in the channel, it's hostile. she used to be a regular, but now she just trolls past every now and then08:20
elkbuntushe used to be a nice person who contributed to decent conversations08:24
elkbuntunow she just comes in, insults a few people, tells them what their opinions are, gets pissed off when they take big steps backwards, and storms off again08:24
ardchoilleSad that she can't see this the way others do08:43
elkbuntu* PFA smooches lipstick all over wobblywu's face08:47
elkbuntu* PFA looks around08:47
elkbuntu<PFA> is this room ok?08:47
elkbuntu* wobblywu rubs anchovies all over himself08:47
elkbuntu* tssom gets nakes and jacks off at the offtopic current topic08:47
elkbuntuand once more i'm too soft and only removed tssom08:47
ardchoilleI am again reminded why I don't spend time in #*-offtopic08:48
elkbuntuthey *used* to be ok channels08:49
elkbuntui became op back when that was the case08:49
elkbuntumind you, hanging out in #debian-offtopic, is far worse than #ubuntu-offtopic08:50
ardchoilleI tried asking support questions in #debian back when I used debian but I was made to feel like an idiot.08:50
elkbuntui actually got told i know something about something (non-tech related) in their offtopic the other day08:51
elkbuntuthey had a troll with the nick 'brawearingguy' or something like that, so i quipped that nobody actually likes wearing bras08:52
elkbuntuso it delved into a discussion of body modification fashions, like corsets, arsnic, chinese feet folding08:53
elkbuntuthis guy was trying to dismiss any notion that it's women basically killing themselves to be attractive to guys, but gave up when i out-argued him on it.08:55
ardchoilleelkbuntu: Well, I believe the value of a human is what's on the inside, not the outside. The outside is simply a wrapper for the true gift.09:00
ardchoilleBut I seem to be in the minority in this belief09:01
elkbuntuardchoille, agreed09:01
elkbuntui can PM you a pastebin of the conversation if you're interested09:02
ardchoillePlease do09:03
acidfire2008it wont let me join the ubuntu channel09:09
elkbuntulet me check09:11
elkbuntuacidfire2008, did you read the topic of the channel you were sent to?09:11
acidfire2008i dont have no bug lmao09:12
elkbuntuacidfire2008, you do or you would not have been sent there09:12
acidfire2008how the hell can a router get a bug09:12
acidfire2008the router works fine09:12
elkbuntufunny that09:13
elkbuntuacidfire2008, that was the bug09:13
acidfire2008chill ppl lol09:14
elkbuntuacidfire2008, your router panics when certain strings come across port 666709:14
elkbuntuif you change your freenode port to 8001, it should help trick the router into not panicking09:14
elkbuntuif you change your freenode port to 8001, it should help trick the router into not panicking09:14
acidfire2008ok should being on port 8001 work09:14
acidfire2008thats gay then09:15
acidfire2008never heard of this before09:15
elkbuntuacidfire2008, actually no, it's not homosexual.09:15
elkbuntunor is it happy09:15
elkbuntuhave you changed port now?09:15
elkbuntuyour redirect has been lifted09:16
acidfire2008hmm ok09:17
elkbunturemember to stay on that port or you'll end up in the same place the next time a kiddie with too much spare time comes by thinking their cool09:18
elkbuntuif that's all, you no longer need to be in this channel09:18
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
dbmoodb1hello is it possible to unblock my account at some point ?10:00
dbmoodb1otherwise i will just have to use another nick for ubuntu (no real problem)10:00
PriceChilddbmoodb1, I would strongly advise against threats and ban evasion10:00
dbmoodb1ah ?10:01
dbmoodb1ban evasion10:01
PriceChildWhat channel are you banned from?10:01
dbmoodb1this one and ubuntu - for swearing at people - well one op i think - i don't keep logs. basically i was about to type another message to explain it - as in follow to make it make sense and not be blatently rude andstupid10:02
PriceChildThat's not really helping yourself :/10:03
dbmoodb1well no10:03
dbmoodb1but why would i lie - you are going to look up the logs anyway10:04
PriceChildI don't see any ban anywhere.10:05
dbmoodb1ah it is for dbmoodb10:05
PriceChildaha got it10:06
dbmoodb1? ah10:06
dbmoodb1oh ok - i guess next time i will not swear at ops10:07
dbmoodb1did you ban me there or unban  me - cannot tell10:07
ardchoilleIt's best to not swear at all :)10:07
PriceChilddbmoodb1, ignore it10:08
PriceChilddbmoodb1, what's #ubuntu for then?10:08
PriceChildsimple question10:08
dbmoodb1- well i assume the op banned me in both10:09
dbmoodb1ah ... no i think i got kicked from the other one first10:09
PriceChildanswer the question please10:09
dbmoodb1yeah - ah something similiar i think - but involved ranting about compiz-fusion and debian10:09
dbmoodb1- not ranting about compiz-fusion10:09
dbmoodb1- wanting a simple - general query answered - given compiz-fusion channel says ask there for them (re ubuntu)10:10
PriceChildplease answer my question10:10
dbmoodb1i did10:10
dbmoodb1didn't i ?10:10
PriceChilddbmoodb1, what's #ubuntu for then?10:10
dbmoodb1the ban ? or the channel10:10
PriceChildstop being difficult10:11
PriceChild"#ubuntu" is a channel10:11
dbmoodb1can you be more specific10:11
PriceChildif i had meant the ban, i would have said "what was the ban in #ubuntu for then?"10:11
dbmoodb1well no10:11
dbmoodb1sorry i didn't know what you were asking for10:12
dbmoodb1ubuntu is for queries about ubuntu- help - etc.10:12
ubotuIn ubotu, ardchoille said: !rootkit is <reply> A program designed to take fundamental control of a computer system, without the authorization of the system's owners and legitimate managers. Rkhunter and chkrootkit are decent rootkit scanners.10:27
PriceChildHello dbmoodb, can I help you?10:36
dbmoodbah ?10:41
dbmoodbyeah you asked what #ubuntu is for - it is for helping and assiting / asking q reubuntu10:41
PriceChildso why didn't you say that the first time?10:50
dbmoodbah hi ?11:55
dbmoodbprice still here ? lol11:55
dbmoodb- sort of idled out11:56
dbmoodbwhen i was having fun destorying vista - got it running in virtualbox :)11:56
dbmoodbi can save it - destory it and then reload it11:56
Jack_SparrowPriceChild: Dont you ever sleep11:57
dbmoodb- i think he has clones11:57
dbmoodbikonia - im evil11:57
PriceChildi had 9 hours today :O11:57
dbmoodbdefine today11:57
PriceChildstarted about 11 hours ago, finished about 2 hours ago11:58
Jack_Sparrow4hrs here "Grand" baby woke me up..11:58
dbmoodbso price am i any closer to being unbanned in #ubuntu - or that not going to happen11:59
dbmoodbah brb -maybe disconnected11:59
PriceChildyou haven't been very helpful to youself avoiding questions etc.12:00
PriceChildand i haven't got much time now12:00
dbmoodbwell it would be nice to get unblocked12:00
PriceChildit would be nice if i had some ice cream12:01
ikoniame too12:01
PriceChildbut that requires me to work to get money to go out and buy it12:01
dbmoodb? you don't keep it on tap ?12:01
dbmoodbjoin #linux12:19
PiciPriceChild: I didnt email you my chuy logs yesterday. I'm not sure if you saw, but lets just say that the ban isnt going to be lifted any time soon.12:20
PiciLet me know if you want some logs.12:20
PiciIt was certantly a most interesting situation.12:20
dbmoodbban or me or chuy ?12:20
Picidbmoodb: Huh?12:20
Picidbmoodb: I just got here, I dont know what you're doing here, but I assure you I wasnt talking about or to you.12:21
ikoniaPici: chuy has been a problem before12:22
Piciikonia: Oh, I know.12:22
dbmoodboh sure12:22
Piciikonia: you'll probably be interested in the logs.. I'll put them together for posterity anyway.12:22
dbmoodb- i'm talking about my ban12:22
ikoniaPici: cool12:22
ikoniaPici: sounds interesting12:23
DavieyPici: the turk?12:28
PiciDaviey: Not sure.12:28
* Pici cats and greps12:29
Davieyfgrep ftw12:29
dbmoodbwell can i get reasoned with and get banned or stated not to be unbanned ?12:29
Davieydbmoodb: I don't know anything about the situation - but PriceChild didn't seem keen on lifting it now - i'd come back after a suitable amount of time12:30
dbmoodbsure- he said he was busy12:31
dbmoodbjust questioning me on what ubuntu (the channel) if for before12:31
dbmoodb- wants to know i know what it is for etc.12:31
dbmoodband that i will not kill it12:31
PiciKill it?12:32
dbmoodb- ............12:32
dbmoodbnot literally12:33
PriceChildright dbmoodb let me explain a few things while i have 10 minutes12:33
PriceChildThis is the ubuntu operators/operations/whatever channel. So a few things go on here, most irrelevant to you.12:34
dbmoodbi know that12:34
dbmoodbeven more things go on in ubuntu+112:34
PriceChildIts like #ubuntu and almost every other channel in that if someone else is talking here... you don't know who they are, if they don't make sense they probably aren't talking about you, or to you especially if they don't talk about you or to you.12:35
PriceChildYou can safely ignore anyone that hasn't addressed you.12:36
dbmoodboh you mean just above12:36
dbmoodboh sure - just hoping :)12:36
dbmoodbwell you were awol wanted to see if i could talk to them about unbanning12:36
dbmoodbseeing they were on the topic12:37
dbmoodb- but yeah i missed what they were on about for a sec - misread while doing something else12:37
PriceChildwe all have a backlog, and people will talk and try and help you out if they have the time, ability, patience etc.12:37
dbmoodb:) damn right - for which most have little for me12:38
dbmoodb- in this room12:38
PriceChildeveryone at their irc session will have seen the backlog, so if nobody is talking to you it is because they aren't there, or can't/won't/don't want to talk to you12:38
PriceChildso anyway12:39
dbmoodblike i said12:39
dbmoodbltime = low here for me12:39
PriceChildthat's really not the point12:40
PriceChilddbmoodb, so what's #ubuntu for?12:41
dbmoodb- tries to copy paste can't find it, drat - it is for ubuntu queries and helping users  in it12:43
PriceChildi'm not interested in pastes, i want you to speak your own thoughts12:43
dbmoodbi just did12:44
dbmoodbcouldn't paste lol12:44
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!12:45
PriceChildso ubuntu is for support12:45
PriceChild2008-01-07T22:25:53 <dbmoodb> jack you are clueless go and die12:46
PriceChild2008-01-07T22:25:14 <dbmoodb> omfg go and die jack12:46
dbmoodbtis me12:47
PriceChildAnd then of course the absolute bucketload of offtopic chatter around those, trolling, random chatter, request to be kicked12:47
ikoniaquite rude/insulting to tell someone to die12:47
ikoniaand bad language with "omfg"12:47
PriceChilddbmoodb, so what warranted that?12:47
dbmoodbmostly lack of sleep, and intent to be rude12:48
dbmoodbaka none12:48
dbmoodb-tired -> bored -> intent12:48
PriceChildwhy did you want to disrupt the channel?12:48
dbmoodbi was looking for an answer12:48
PriceChildi get bored but i don't go into ##windows and call them all stupid12:48
dbmoodbwhich i never got from #ubuntu12:48
dbmoodbprice - how many do you think run windows as their dedicated os in there ?12:49
dbmoodb- offtopic but yeah12:49
dbmoodb- i said lack of sleep - came in to find the name of a compiz-fusion plugin12:49
PriceChilddbmoodb, so say I let you back into #ubuntu, what are we going to have to deal with next time you get bored?12:50
dbmoodbthen didn't get an answer and knew that compiz-fusion was for something else12:50
dbmoodbi said tired price12:50
PriceChildAn even better question... "why" should we have to deal with it?12:50
dbmoodbtired --> bored -->12:50
dbmoodbeh ?12:50
dbmoodbah sure - next time i'm not really going to ask to be unbanned12:50
PriceChildEveryone gets tired and bored, that is no excuse. People aren't all disruptive and malicious inside, and most that are have self control.12:50
dbmoodb- if it is for good reason this this one was12:51
dbmoodb- look price i accept this12:51
dbmoodbyou can go look at my whole chat history if you really want - i often say debian rocks every now and again12:52
dbmoodbbut i do help out12:52
dbmoodbor try io12:52
PriceChildso back to my previous question, why should we (operators and users) have to deal with this disruptive behaviour next time it happens?12:52
PriceChildWhy should I lift the ban and allow it to potentially happen again?12:52
PriceChildWhy is this acceptable on irc and in #ubuntu? I seriously doubt you'd behave like that in.... a shop or bank?12:53
dbmoodbthat is up to you not me12:53
dbmoodbsure price12:53
PriceChilddbmoodb, but I am asking for a reason, a little show of remorse even.12:53
PriceChildI don't think you've denied that it will happen again.12:53
PriceChildI have 1 minute.12:54
dbmoodbthere is a price there is a complex associate with it12:54
dbmoodbah - what dnied ?12:54
PriceChildI have to leave and will be back in 2 hours and 15 minutes if you would like to continue the discussion. I suggest you read the backlog fully, and try to understand why I do not want to let you back in. I suggest you exercise some self control, understand that the behaviour is not acceptable anywhere.12:56
PriceChildMaybe once you achieve that I'll think differently.12:56
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:56
PriceChildRead those too.12:56
dbmood1sorry had a technical difficulty12:59
dbmood1- the other box seems to have frozen13:00
dbmood1ah yeah well you are right i have not denied that it will not happen again13:00
dbmood1i said that i would not asked to be unbanned if banned for serious reason - regarded to by you or another op perhaps13:01
dbmood1don't know if you are still here meh13:01
Pici07:56:01 <PriceChild> I have to leave and will be back in 2 hours and 15 minutes if you13:01
Pici                      would like to continue the discussion. I suggest you read the13:01
Pici                      backlog fully, and try to understand why I do not want to let you13:01
Pici                      back in. I suggest you exercise some self control, understand that13:01
dbmood1i don't have it13:01
Pici                      the behaviour is not acceptable anywhere.13:01
Pici07:56:19 <PriceChild> Maybe once you achieve that I'll think differently.13:01
dbmood1i got that13:01
Pici07:56:22 <PriceChild> !guidelines13:01
Pici07:56:22 <ubotu> The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that.13:01
Pici                 Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines13:01
Pici07:56:24 <PriceChild> Read those too.13:02
PiciI fail at pasting.13:02
dbmood1- lol13:02
PiciThat was the last thing he said.13:02
dbmood1oh good - ubuntu froze on me13:02
dbmood1well not ubuntu - i don't blame it - i blame virtualbox (using the binary from their side not the oss version so.(13:02
Picidbmood1: #ubuntu-ops isnt for support questions OR random chatter. I suggest that you either wait quietly until PriceChild returns, or come back later.13:03
dbmood1ok so he will be back in two hours mmm - what time zone is he on - because if another op is'nt going to touch this matter then it would be good to know when i can contact him13:03
Pici2 hours is 2 hours no matter what timezone you are in.13:03
dbmood1....his timezone i will ont be here in 2 hours13:04
dbmood1i will be asleep13:04
dbmood1it will be 2 am local time here13:04
elkbuntudbmood1, unfortunately, you dont have a good reputation across numerous channels on freenode13:05
dbmood1eh ?13:06
dbmood1define numerous then define the channels13:06
elkbuntudbmood1, i've seen your behaviour in other channels, including the last time you trolled here, plus your rudeness in #slug13:06
dbmood1rude in slug13:06
dbmood1to who chesty ?13:06
elkbuntuto a newbie, but if you're confessing another incident, then it only adds to my stance13:07
dbmood1to a newbie ?13:07
=== dbmood1 is now known as dbmoodb
dbmoodbdon't know what you are talking about - re newbi13:08
elkbuntuit was late november, early decmber last year13:08
dbmoodblast year13:09
dbmoodboh - 2007 you mean - thought 2006 for a sec lol13:09
dbmoodbi do not recall being rude to a newbi there13:09
dbmoodbi did have a lively discussion with some users early in the morning - but it went both ways and was taken in good steed - don't remember insulting a newbie13:11
dbmoodb- i would like to see the log if you have it13:11
elkbuntuactually, it was mid-dec and i didnt witness it directly but was told abotu it in passing conversaiton by one of the slug ops13:12
=== NotAManticore is now known as Manticore|Away
dbmoodbi would like to know about it13:13
elkbuntuthe nov/dec thing i saw was you vandalising the slug topic13:13
dbmoodboh i did change it back13:13
elkbuntuno, you did not13:13
dbmoodbor attempt to - was done for me13:13
dbmoodband left it alone afterwards13:13
dbmoodb- and it was hardly vandalising13:13
dbmoodboh btw our slug topic is wrong - at.. is not located in darling harbour13:14
elkbuntueither way, if your excuse is 'i was tired and bored' then sorry, we cant trust that you wont ever get tired or bored again.13:14
dbmoodbi accept responsibility13:15
dbmoodbi have never not13:15
elkbuntuyou accept responsiblity after the fact, not at the appropriate time which is 'in time to stop yourself'13:16
dbmoodbhow could i take responsibility if i had not performed the act, i can't do both things13:17
elkbuntuif you take responsibility when it's just a thought, you would only be doing one thing13:18
elkbuntuadditionally, you proved on december 19th that you have no respect for the operators, since you joined this channel to abuse our bot and be rude to me13:18
elkbuntuin fact, the bot abuse was debianista trolling at that13:20
elkbuntu2007-12-19T15:54:51 <ubotu> In ubotu, dbmoodb said: dpkg is better than you13:20
dbmoodboh i wsa playing with the bot13:20
dbmoodb- yeah that was funny for a bit - didn't know it was going to the ubuntu-ops as a suggestion or anything13:21
elkbuntuthen why on earth were you in this channel?13:22
dbmoodbsorry ? which channel13:22
dbmoodb- it did say something about this has been forwarded to debian-ops13:22
dbmoodbso i came to see13:22
dbmoodbwas my rudeness re abusing the bot or just debian trolling ?13:23
dbmoodbas i said i don't keep logs13:23
elkbuntuwe do.13:23
elkbuntuthis is the official logs from the ban tracker13:23
dbmoodbi know13:24
dbmoodblol - well that is hardly rudeness compared to what i did yesterday don't know why you bring that up13:24
dbmoodb- yeah i was rude but i didn't insult you13:25
dbmoodband i was eating13:25
elkbuntusee, you did know it would go to -ops, since you were there purely to see it. that is intentional misuse of the bot. you then call the !elkbuntu factoid when i ask you a question, then without answering it (which is rude) went idle, only to give me cheek when i asked for your answer13:25
dbmoodbsorry ? oh this is personal fine13:26
elkbuntuno, i have had no influence on the recent bans at all13:26
dbmoodbi see - i'm sorry if i upset you by seeing what the bot would do13:26
dbmoodb- i know that13:26
dbmoodbelk you didn't ban me13:26
dbmoodbi mean this some stint you seem to have taken to heart vs what i did recently13:27
ikoniadbmoodb: why don't you just behave and respect the rules like everyone else ?13:28
dbmoodbi'm sorry for both - if i have teased a newbi and it was not in humour then i do very well regret that13:28
elkbuntuno, i have not taken anything to heart. i am putting forth additional information as reasons why your ban have not been lifted at this time.13:29
dbmoodbwell i will. first thing i do with a bot is play with it. -i'm sorry for treating #ubuntu like a throwaway and #slug like a place to ping13:29
dbmoodbwell that log is'nt that great to prove why i should be banned13:29
ikoniadbmoodb: your proving it now with every word you say13:29
ikoniawhich is being logged13:30
dbmoodbi know13:30
ikoniagood good.13:30
dbmoodbi just mean - as i did yesterday is worse than that13:30
ikoniajust because you've done worse doesn't mean you can do "not quite as bad" and it's no problem13:30
elkbuntudbmoodb, it demonstrates long term behaviour13:30
dbmoodbi do not mean to say this is not relevant, or funny13:30
ikoniajust don't do anything bad, respect the rules13:30
elkbuntuyou cannot claim a once off13:31
dbmoodbi have not13:31
dbmoodb- i'm just saying that incident is not as significant13:31
ikoniaI wonder if I'm feeding the attention being craved here. Apologies13:31
dbmoodb1 + 1 =2, this is 0.513:31
dbmoodbso i have 1.513:31
elkbuntuit doesnt work like that13:31
dbmoodbwell i know that you know that13:32
elkbuntuyes ikonia, i do believe so13:33
dbmoodbwow you only started to play with linux in 200513:34
dbmoodb- just looked up google thing - out of interest13:35
dbmoodbhttp://ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net/ - wow nice13:36
dbmoodbok so i would like to understand this i will or will not be unbanned pending how i react - or has it already been decided13:36
dbmoodb- i mean that in the nicest possible way13:37
ikoniaand there you go again.....just drop it. Be respectful to other people and respect this rules. This channel is not a chat channel, so wait for the person who banned you to discuss your ban, should you want to be allowed back into #ubuntu13:38
dbmoodbi don't know who banned me13:39
ikoniaPriceChild: did, the guy you've been talking to, the guy who said he would consider unbanning you when he got back13:39
dbmoodband yes that was offtopic if you want to call it that13:39
dbmoodboh he did13:40
dbmoodbi was not aware of that13:40
ikoniayes, you've spent 20 minutes interacting with him13:40
dbmoodbhe never said that too me13:40
dbmoodbah that was nice of him13:40
ikoniaperhaps ask him when he returns if it was him to be certain, but other than that I suggest you consider your actions and future actions13:41
dbmoodb... i meant that was nice of him13:41
elkbuntuthe whole 'intent to be rude' attitude13:41
dbmoodbthe intent is not to be rude attitude13:42
elkbuntu<PriceChild> dbmoodb, so what warranted that?13:43
elkbuntu<dbmoodb> mostly lack of sleep, and intent to be rude13:43
elkbuntu<dbmoodb> aka none13:43
elkbuntu<PriceChild> intent?13:43
elkbuntu<dbmoodb> -tired -> bored -> intent13:43
elkbuntu<PriceChild> why did you want to disrupt the channel?13:43
elkbuntu<PriceChild> "fun"?13:43
elkbuntu<dbmoodb> no13:43
elkbuntu<dbmoodb> i was looking for an answer13:43
dbmoodbah yes during that incident it might have been13:43
elkbuntuin other words you were acting like a spoiled child, and threw a tanty to get your way.13:43
dbmoodb- yes13:43
dbmoodbnot spoiled - overly assured13:44
elkbuntuyou might get away with that in #debian, but not in #ubuntu channels13:44
dbmoodb#debian -want to go check my entire chat logs of debian13:44
ikoniadbmoodb: not interested debian13:45
ikoniabottom line is the operators found your behaviour unacceptable13:45
dbmoodbyes but i had to respond to the comment13:45
dbmoodbyes i know- i do too13:45
ikoniano you didn't13:45
dbmoodbnot at the time13:45
PiciHow about: you might get away with that in #someotherchannel, but not in #ubuntu13:45
ikoniadbmoodb: great, so instead of making your self look like an attention seeker in this channel, why not go away and think about it and come back with a new attitude approach13:45
dbmoodbmuch better13:45
ubotuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/13:45
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines13:46
dbmoodb- ikonia have been doing that13:46
elkbunturead those and answer questions when pricechild returns, and you may have a chance13:46
dbmoodbyou do realise that i am here of my own free will13:47
dbmoodband that i have accepted all responsibility, didn't quit after finding out that price is the apparently the only one to block me13:47
Picice: Is there a particular reason you keep trying to join #ubuntu?14:02
elkbuntuPici, it's a spambot14:02
Picielkbuntu: Then why havent we banned it outright?14:02
dbmoodbwait what - ce is a spam bot14:02
dbmoodbwow those things exist ....14:03
elkbuntuPici, because i'm waiting for a k-line. -ops is the only place it can get into atm14:03
Picielkbuntu: understood :)14:03
elkbuntu* sassy_girl (n=sy001@ has joined #ubuntu-ops14:03
elkbuntu<sassy_girl> nick ce17_cr_co14:03
elkbuntu<sassy_girl> server mesra.dal.net14:03
elkbuntu* sassy_girl has quit (Client Quit)14:03
elkbuntuis it from earlier14:03
LjLelkbuntu: oh, you mean a k-line also known as kline from freenode staff, like a network-wide ban you know? the stuff ircops deal with.14:03
LjLhighlight? what highlight?14:03
elkbuntu#freenode is dead atm dbmoodb14:06
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2 or Christel,  I could use a bit of your time :)14:06
ikoniahows that for service14:07
elkbuntuDave2, it's not an on-join14:08
elkbuntusec i'll pastebin evidence14:09
elkbuntuDave2, http://pastebin.com/m17f4722614:09
* Dave2 attempts to fight with seemingly randomly dropping connection14:11
dbmoodbwait so why do you think it is a spam bot - it is hardly spamming here - just out of intreest14:11
elkbuntudbmoodb, because it was earlier14:11
elkbuntudbmoodb, see the pastebin14:11
elkbuntumeanwhile, until pricechild returns, you have no need to be in here14:12
dbmoodbi have no reason not to be here either14:12
Pici!idle | dbmoodb14:12
ubotudbmoodb: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.14:12
dbmoodb- i have been quiet up until this caught my attention - i find it interesting so i asked14:12
dbmoodbwell i am waiting for price - if you have to have a reason14:12
LjLdbmoodb: well then perhaps try reading what was said before asking obvious questions14:13
dbmoodboh is he off irc - if so i can just msg him at random intervals14:13
ikoniaLjL: I forgot where you looking for me a day or so ago14:13
elkbuntudbmoodb, that would be rude14:13
LjLdbmoodb, it would indeed. if you type /whois PriceChild, you'll see he's marked away. when he's no more marked as away, it probably means he'd no more away.14:14
ikoniaLjL: I wrote an irssi plugin and a high light came up from me from you about 5 times in here, but I kept missing you to ask you if you where looking for me or my attempt at plugin writing had gone wrong14:14
dbmoodbwell - i can't see the earlier pastepin14:14
Jucatodbmoodb: a better way would be to check /whois PriceChild once in a while14:14
Jucato(bah! LjL beat me)14:14
LjLikonia, i don't remember pinging you14:14
Dave2or /notify14:14
ikoniaLjL: no problem, could have been my mistke, I was just checking14:14
Piciikonia: I mentioned your name a few times when talking about the chuy incident.14:14
ikoniaPici: ahhh it could have been that, maybe some plugin re-work is in order14:14
ikoniaPici: although it appeared to come from ljl. probably my bad code, first plugin and all that14:15
LjLyes, that is true. your plugin tries to catch misspelled nicknames? :)14:15
ikoniait's not my best work ;)14:15
elkbuntuDave2, have you sufficient evidence to send ce/Co_cr_tmn_  on their way?14:15
=== dbmood1 is now known as dbmoodb
PiciLjL: yah, I should have asked him in here, but once again I underestimated how much of a scene it would cause.14:45
PiciI've been good at doing that lately.14:45
LjLPici: i understand that, don't take it as scolding, it's always better if a third party calls ot14:45
LjLIndyGunFreak, the issue is simple. the factoid i give below is not entirely relevant, but there is a parallel14:46
LjL!feeding the troll14:46
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.14:46
LjLIndyGunFreak: now, a paster is not a troll. i might agree with you that they *could* rationally realize that pasting is bad14:47
IndyGunFreakif you say so.14:47
LjLIndyGunFreak: but the problem is that, if everyone *comments* on the paster/troll and what they did, *more* noise is created than what the paster/troll alone would have14:47
LjLIndyGunFreak: that's why we mostly just give short warnings, or a kick, and rarely reply when people call !ops or otherwise warn us of something - we just act, as silently as possible14:48
LjLbecause doing things without much ado is the only way not to make the channel noise worse ourselves14:48
LjLikonia: i used « french quotation marks »... but they're used in the topic and factoids too14:52
ikoniaLjL: your last post (I've only got the last lines) cmae out like this14:52
ikonia             ntfs-config | grep bin » will most likely give you the name of the14:52
ikonia             executable(s) provided by the package14:52
ikoniaLjL: it changed the spacing of your text14:52
LjLwhat i said was14:52
LjLi don't know about that package specifically, but " dpkg -L ntfs-config | grep bin " will most likely give you the name of the executable(s) provided by the package14:52
LjL(i changed the quotation marks this time)14:52
ikoniayes, I got the text of it, but the spacing went crazy14:52
ikoniamay just be my client14:53
ikoniavery odd14:53
ikoniaI don't know if it came out odd for anyone else14:53
LjLikonia: i donno really, i have a clone connected (although it's on the same client as myself), and it saw my message correctly14:53
ikoniairssi ?14:53
ikonianot a big deal14:54
ikoniajust curious to what happened as I've never seen that14:54
LjLikonia: i don't know about that package specifically, but « dpkg -L ntfs-config | grep bin » will most likely give you the name of the executable(s) provided by the package14:54
PiciIndyGunFreak: I just wanted to ask you to stop with the remarks regarding pasting, such as: "freakin moron" and "it amazes me someone could me that dense"14:54
LjLthis time?14:54
ikoniaLjL: perfect14:54
* LjL head desks14:54
LjLnot for you ikonia :P14:55
ikoniafirst time it seemed to add a line in between eeach of your lines14:55
ikoniaha ha , no problem14:55
LjLikonia: weird really, it's a verbatim copy and paste except for the nickname14:55
ikoniavery odd14:55
ikoniaLjL: try it with my nick ?14:55
LjLikonia: i just did14:55
ikoniaso you did14:55
ikoniahow odd14:55
LjLdon't want to mistakenly ping st-din *again* :)14:55
ikonianot to worry14:55
ikoniaodd little glitch14:56
elkbuntuPici, not to mention that such rudeness is not acceptable by the Code of Conduct anyway14:57
Picielkbuntu: But of course.14:58
dbmoodbis it appropriate to make suggestions re fixes for the future or the present here ?14:59
Picidbmoodb: suggestions/fixes regarding what?14:59
* ikonia puts away the food15:00
dbmoodbwell  i might take a bit longer to respond - virtualbox is doing stuff15:01
Picidbmoodb: suggestions/fixes regarding what?15:01
elkbuntudbmoodb, this is *not* a support, development or chit-chat channel.15:01
* Pici taps his foot, wonders when PriceChild is coming back15:02
dbmoodbok i would like to suggest a possible fix for the  issue of ubuntu (the way linux handles hard disk mangement and the way the drive does..)15:03
elkbuntudbmoodb, wrong place for that15:03
* ikonia prays for pricechilds return quick15:03
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/15:04
* MenZa pokes Pici, awaits reaction15:04
dbmoodbno channel ?15:04
LjLdbmoodb: irc is probably not the best place for long-term suggestions15:05
elkbuntubut they'll only tell you to LP it15:05
dbmoodblp ?15:05
elkbuntuL aunch P ad15:06
mneptoklunch pail15:11
PriceChildbah, 10 minutes late 8-)15:21
PriceChilddbmood1, correct me if I'm wrong... but earlier I think I made it "reasonably" clear that other discussion in this channel really wasn't something you should involve yourself in?15:22
dbmood1one sec15:23
dbmood1yes, i talked to elk and pi.. for a bit then asked about the spam bot out of interest then asked a q just before you showed up before - hardly discussion15:25
PriceChildexcuse me?!15:26
dbmood1i have not been discussing many things in your leave15:26
PriceChildWhy is this channel so popular lately? (This is not directed at your dbmood)15:26
dbmood1nor pasting15:26
PriceChildleagris, hey, how can I help?15:26
dbmood1? ....price what are you on about now15:26
jdongPriceChild: because you have a magnetic personality ;-)15:26
leagrisI'v been banned: LjL met un ban sur *!*@2001:41d0:1:562f:0:0:0:115:27
LjLleagris: that was old and not funny... and even if it were funny, #ubuntu is way too busy to deal with jokes, really. have you noticed there's almost 1200 people in there?15:27
PriceChilddbmood1, "what are you on about now" - what's that in regard to?15:27
dbmood1- my "discussion" in this channel15:27
leagrisLjL, that was sharp though15:27
LjLleagris: not really, there are automatic tools (which you probably used) to "invert" text with unicode tricks, and we've seen them all already.15:28
LjLanyway, it doesn't matter how sharp it might have been15:28
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!15:28
dbmood1i had a long discussion with elk and pi.. then that stopped then i asked about the spam bot a bit later then i asked where do i put possible suggestion to fix things15:28
LjL!etiquette > leagris    (leagris, see the private message from Ubotu) Please read these carefully15:28
elkbuntudbmood1, it was not your place to discuss the spambot. it was not your place to start googling me and asking me questions based on what you found15:29
elkbuntuthat is what pricechild is referring to15:29
dbmood1oh sure15:29
PriceChilddbmood1, Before I left, I left some specific suggestions for you before we continued the discussion. Did you do those?15:29
dbmood1read the web page i believe15:29
PriceChildGood, and the rest?15:30
elkbuntuyou believe? did you read it or did you not read it?15:30
dbmood1which web page - i have switched to another computer -i believe it was the code of conduct site you wanted me to read maily15:31
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines15:31
dbmood1yes that too15:32
elkbuntuso, what is the first guideline?15:33
elkbuntuthe guidelines15:34
dbmood1the irc ones15:34
leagrisThanks and sorry15:34
dbmood1didn't think they were numbered15:34
dbmood1ah - one must follow the code of conduct15:35
elkbuntuthey're not. it should be simple to figure the first one is the one directly below the title 'channel guidelines'15:35
elkbuntuand do you understand the code of conduct?15:35
Mezops have an extra special set of guidelines too :D15:35
dbmood1-saw that too mez15:36
elkbuntuMez, we did not instruct him to read those though15:36
Mezelkbuntu, only caught the tail end of the convo15:36
dbmood1rofl, yeah i know - wanted to see them too. ah yeah i know english. so yes i should understand the code of conduct15:37
elkbuntuunderstanding the words does not mean you understand the philosophy15:37
dbmood1doesn't it ?15:37
dbmood1-not going into the mostmodern debate15:37
dbmood1sure i do understand the rules15:38
elkbuntuand you understand that being tired and bored are not an excuse to break them15:38
dbmood1wait pricechild - are you here - i thought you were the one who was able to unban me - not that i mean elk questioning15:39
dbmood1mean* --- mind15:39
elkbuntudbmood1, he's here reading what you say, just in the middle of something else atm15:40
PriceChildyes i'm here, just watching you natter15:42
PriceChildand eating pasta 8-)15:42
PriceChildI would like to comment on the following paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/3399/ Everyone here is here of their own free will also. "So?" I don't believe you have accepted all responsibility. You've shown no remorse, and no promise to prevent it happenning again. I am *NOT* the only one who can unban you. Anyone with access in #ubuntu can unban you, I just seem to be one of the only ones willing to give you the time15:42
PriceChild of day.15:42
dbmood1well i was told otherwise15:42
elkbuntucan != willing to15:43
dbmood1-i was told otherwise15:43
elkbuntuno, you were told you had to wait for pricechild15:43
dbmood1no i was told he was the only one15:44
elkbuntuwe do not take over other ops proceedings15:44
dbmood1where is the official pastebin of that - so i can read up and paste or point you to the fact i was told you were the only one15:44
dbmood1in case you have missed it15:44
* elkbuntu points to the logbot15:45
dbmood1and the explanation is the following. I was still in the channel had not left - talked to elk accepted responsibility15:45
dbmood1-how do i use it elk ?15:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about logbot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:45
elkbuntuit's called ubutulog. /whois it15:45
dbmood1nope not there15:46
Mezubuntulog *15:46
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »15:46
dbmood1mmm should think about adding a search facility to that site15:46
Mez!logbot is <alias> logs15:46
ubotuI'll remember that, Mez15:46
PiciI'm not sure whats so funny.15:47
dbmood1basically i meant i am here answering elk's qs and not leaving and rejioning when you show up later15:47
elkbuntudbmood1, the only incidence of 'only one' is: 13:47dbmoodband that i have accepted all responsibility, didn't quit after finding out that price is the apparently the only one to block me15:48
dbmood1pici - you don't find mez's action funny ?15:48
dbmood1rubbish elk15:48
dbmood1i saw it and was told15:48
* Mez wonders how it can be found funny ...15:48
elkbuntuthen find it15:48
dbmood1it would be only one15:48
jpatrickdbmood1: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Airclogs.ubuntu.com+what+you+want15:48
dbmood1i am aware of that jp15:49
PiciEven grepping for 'only' in the past 12 hours of this channel reveals nothing.15:49
dbmood1can't find it tho15:50
dbmood1oh ffs15:50
ikoniaPici: grep for me, I told him to wait for pricechild15:50
dbmood1i was told he was the only one15:50
dbmood1fact of life some in here told me that15:50
dbmood1fact of life - don't believe me go read the logs15:51
ikoniaI didn't15:51
dbmood1well some one told me15:51
ikonianope. I told you to wait for pricechild15:51
elkbuntuno, the fact of life is that everything said in the channel today is in http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/01/09/%23ubuntu-ops.html15:51
dbmood1and as already stated i don't keep logs and ubuntu is not happy with opensuse in a virtualbox (freezes it up)15:51
Picidbmood1: Regardless of who told you, it is our policy for the person who placed the ban to be the one to remove it.  In addition, PriceChild had already engaged you and said that he would return later to discuss it.15:51
dbmood1thank for the think15:51
elkbuntuthe only incidence of 'only one' is the line i pasted above15:52
PiciAnyway, I'm not sure why you're focussing on who said what and whos doing what.15:52
dbmood1yes well i don't know why we are arguing over this one15:52
dbmood1- likewise pici15:52
elkbuntubecause you wouldnt deviate from the topic, dbmood115:52
ikoniatime stamp 13:38 ikonia15:53
PiciI give up.15:53
dbmood1and there you go again.....just drop it. Be respectful to other people and respect this rules. This channel is not a chat channel, so wait for the person who banned you to discuss your ban, should you want to be allowed back into #ubuntu15:53
dbmood1happy - not so clear cut but was not corrected later15:54
elkbuntuthat does not say they're the only one15:54
dbmood1well ikonia did not correct me when i asked15:54
dbmood1- not clear communication but that is how i took it15:55
ikoniathe logs there for all to see, so I'm shutting up15:55
PriceChildelkbuntu, Pici it was actually ompaul's ban, but he's not around so i decided to look after it15:56
PiciIt doesnt really matter anyway.15:56
PriceChild(that was not addressed to you(#15:57
dbmood1- i know that - i want to know what is happening next15:57
elkbuntudbmood1, just a thought for you. how many hours is it since 9pm. THAT is how many hours of time you've taken up in here today15:57
elkbuntuyou cannot take no for an answer15:57
elkbuntuyou give cheek15:57
elkbuntuyou are rude15:58
dbmood1i did ask at the start and at numerous intervals is my fate predecided to which there was no answer15:58
Davieyand it's only getting worse15:58
elkbuntuand in all that, you have not convinced us that you are actually sorry (token apologies do not count)15:58
dbmood1that is nice to know well you see i have two options, one give up on the channel ubuntu, two see if i can get back in15:59
elkbuntudbmood1, and back to square one you go16:00
elkbuntuyou just threatened to ban evade16:00
PiciThen what?16:00
elkbuntuDaviey, where does that rank in freenode policy again?16:00
Davieyelkbuntu: pretty serious IIRC :)16:00
dbmood1not as in evading16:00
dbmood1you misunderstood16:01
PriceChilddbmood1, your fate is not predecided. I thought that I made it pretty clear earlier I was looking for "remorse", a "promise you would try not to let it happen again"16:01
PriceChilddbmood1, that has been the *sole* reason we have allowed you to occupy our time.16:01
elkbuntuPriceChild, exactly, and remorse is not something that needs extracting16:01
elkbuntuPriceChild,  6 hours of our time16:01
dbmood1i cannot show you remorse over irc16:01
PriceChildI've made that comment twice now iirc.16:01
dbmood1i cannot show emotion over irc16:02
PriceChilddbmood1, the ban will not be lifted at this time. Please think about what I just said, go over the guidelines, and come back in a week.16:02
dbmood1i can16:02
dbmood1say that i will not do it again16:02
Davieytoo late IMO16:02
PriceChildBut you haven't, despite a *lot* of nudging.16:02
dbmood1no i have been waiting16:02
elkbuntudbmood1, we had to extract that from you with prodding and questions. that is *not* remorse16:02
Davieydbmood1: see you next week16:03
dbmood1what did you want to start with - a i'm sorry i will not do it again16:03
Jack_SparrowPriceChild: May I pm you?16:04
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, sure16:04
elkbuntudbmood1, it's too late for that today. come back next week with an explanation of *how* you understand, not just a statement *that* you understand16:04
dbmood1ok now i feel cheated. - that is how i feel. you ask for remorse you don't show any interest in the others explanation16:04
PriceChilddbmood1, I have stated out decision.16:04
PriceChild<PriceChild> dbmood1, the ban will not be lifted at this time. Please think about what I just said, go over the guidelines, and come back in a week.16:04
dbmood1yes i know that price. but are you saying all you wanted was a - i will not do it again message ?16:05
elkbuntuwithout prompting needed to get it16:05
PriceChilddbmood1, its not much to ask is it.16:05
dbmood1i find that a bit hard to believe. oh ffs. - great so i answer q's re other things and all you wanted was a " i will not do it again"16:06
Davieyanyway, we heard your explanation - you were 'tired'16:06
PriceChilddbmood1, Could you please /part #ubuntu-ops, think about what has happenned and come back in a week16:06
dbmood1in one second16:06
elkbuntuno, now.16:06
dbmood1i would like to say that you have shown no part of humanity your selves here.16:06
dbmood1good night16:07
elkbuntuin true troll form16:07
ikoniaI was expecting worse16:07
Davieyall david's are that bad :(16:07
dbmood1Respecting Ubuntu Processes and Principles The Code of Conduct does not only apply to leaders. It applies to leaders more. Leaders show more patience, more respect, and more civility than other members of the Ubuntu community. As leaders, they represent their team and, ultimately, the whole Ubuntu project. Leaders do their best to reflect the values that Ubuntu stands for and the behaviors that Ubuntu holds as paramount. Additionally, they take ca16:08
dbmood1i thought i would remind then part16:08
elkbuntuikonia, he'll probably be back at least once more within the hour16:09
ikoniaelkbuntu: $10 your on16:09
elkbuntuikonia, it's 3am, so im not entirely confident16:09
PiciPriceChild: First of all: http://nullcortex.com/upload/ubuntu/chuy.log16:09
elkbuntuhe's in my timezone too16:09
ikonia$5 ?16:09
PiciPriceChild, jdong: second of all: http://pastebin.com/f11c71d4116:10
elkbuntuoh shit, he's in #kubuntu now16:10
jussi01elkbuntu: has been for a while...16:10
elkbuntu!ohmy > elkbuntu16:10
LjLelkbuntu: been for a while16:10
Piciikonia: fyi, that second message is just the conversation that you and I had about the pm you got on the forums.16:11
ikoniaPici: nah, thats fine, I told you to warn you so I appriciate you telling the others16:11
PiciI didnt get one, but then again, I dont have Pici registered there.16:12
ikoniaPici: I think it's because he think I banned him16:12
ikoniaand my irc name matches my forum name16:12
PriceChildwhite chocolate cookies.... they make life so sweet16:13
ikoniaPriceChild: which shop ?16:13
PriceChildikonia, somerfield16:13
ikoniaPriceChild: suggest waitrose as a rival16:13
ikoniaPriceChild: I will evaluate16:13
ikoniaPriceChild: jussi01 if you want me to forward that pm to you for your reference just say16:14
ikoniathat was meant for jdong sorry16:15
jdongikonia / Pici thanks for the heads-up16:15
elkbuntuDaviey, if you could keep an eye on ^^ ip, it would be appreciated. the same ip was possibly spamming earlier16:15
jdongand yes, ikonia, please forward the message to me16:15
ikoniajdong: incoming16:15
Davieyelkbuntu: will do16:16
PiciCrisis averted/16:16
elkbuntuDaviey, for reference: http://pastebin.com/m17f4722616:17
ikoniajdong: sent16:17
jpatrickis that bot banned in #kubuntu ?16:18
jdongikonia: thanks16:18
elkbuntujpatrick, possibly16:18
jpatrickI'll keep an eye out for it16:20
jdongikonia: for now, please inform him that the forums should not be used to settle IRC disputes, and I'll keep an eye on this guy and see if I need to strip his PM abilities16:20
jdongikonia: and let me know if he acts up anymore16:20
Picijdong: Not sure if you saw the mess he made in here last night, http://nullcortex.com/upload/ubuntu/chuy.log16:21
ikoniaare you sure you want me to reply - or just ignore it (ref picis long text log)16:21
Picier, wait, yes you saw part of it at least.16:21
ikoniahappy to respond politly, or ignore it16:21
PriceChildsynergy is so much cooler than dual screen16:23
jdongikonia: well I'd like you to respond politely that the forums aren't to be used for bitching about IRC disputes -- I'm concerned what else he's doing on the forums right now16:24
jdongikonia: there's not enough evidence for me at the moment to take any punitive measures on his account, but I'd rather not let it grow out of control. He has threatened mass media attention already.16:24
elkbuntuso um, has this famed digg post surfaced yet?16:25
PriceChildjdong, he's on the forums?!16:25
jdongelkbuntu: nope.16:25
jdongPriceChild: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4103332#post410333216:25
jdongelkbuntu: I've been monitoring the incoming headlines in the Linux/Unix section for Ubuntu.16:26
PriceChildjdong, ah so different one.16:26
PriceChildlol "monitoring"16:26
elkbuntuwtf, i cant view that16:26
LjLjdong: wait, talking about chuy?16:26
PriceChildelkbuntu, staff section16:26
elkbunturude :(16:26
Picihow wude16:26
jdongLjL: yep16:26
PriceChildRight now to read the logs.16:27
ikoniajdong: thats fine, just wanted to be certain16:27
* elkbuntu sulks with pici16:27
jdongelkbuntu: ikonia has posted the PM elsewhere ;-)16:27
* Daviey joins them :(16:27
LjLjdong: can you share a summary of that link's contents?16:27
ikoniaelkbuntu: see pici's last pastebin16:27
jdongLjL: just ikonia's PM quoted, then a heads-up warning to the staff shortly describing chuy's behavior on IRC and threat to take it to riot levels16:28
LjLi see16:28
LjLanyway we say, barking dog doesn't bite16:28
Davieybut a kline does16:28
LjLwell yeah16:28
PiciDaviey: Hes threatened and probably was using a proxy to connect to here fyi.16:29
ikoniaPici: the guy he was pretnding to be doesn't exist16:29
jdongwell he has the habit of making it known that he's him...16:29
ikoniaPici: I don't believe he had the knowledge16:29
jdongno matter what the nick or hostmask.16:30
jdongas far as I am concerned our job of identifying him is pretty easy :D16:30
LjLhe came in here because anything containing "chuy" is banforwarded to here from #ubuntu, by the way16:30
PiciWhy a forward?16:31
LjLPici: because i wanted to have fun16:31
LjLand see if his threats of coming back from other hosts would materialize16:31
LjL(which they did right after you initially banned him, anyway... see chuy_max)16:32
PiciAh, that was what you meant by the kick evasion then?16:32
elkbuntuikonia, well we know he doesnt have the knowledge since there's nobody sprouting his crap in the actual channels ;)16:33
ikoniafair point16:34
* jdong digs around for some lunch16:34
* PriceChild hides his cookies16:34
* Pici checks out /names16:35
ikoniajdong: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51368/16:36
ikoniajdong: just confirm your happy16:36
ikoniafyi; I noticed the typos, I'll correct them16:36
ikoniatoo, dicuss etc16:37
elkbuntureads fine to me16:37
jdongikonia: eloquently worded. great by me :)16:37
ikoniait's gone16:38
=== tika is now known as anas
PriceChildgah tab completion strikes again17:57
ardchoilleare Cow_cakep, anas, and cowboy_ Cow_Asyik all clones in this channel?18:00
naliothardchoille: yes18:00
PriceChildardchoille, hostmask18:01
PiciQuite a zoo in #ubuntu right now...18:01
ardchoillenalioth: I see18:02
ikoniano kidding18:02
Picielkbuntu was trying to get them k-lined... dunno what happened with that18:02
naliothah, very good18:04
ikoniaanas = anus + whitty ?18:05
naliothikonia: hablamos multi-idiomas?18:08
ikonialatain ?18:09
Meznalioth, is that your new super sneaky kline @18:10
naliothikonia: do you speak many languages?18:11
naliothikonia: then please assume good faith18:11
ikoniano problem18:11
ikoniaenglish / german, little italian, little cantoneese18:12
ikonianot very well though18:12
andredid i do something wrong?18:14
andretell me so i can understand18:14
PriceChildYes, that is why you were banned.18:14
PriceChildTo start with, you called someone "a fucking tuga".18:14
PriceChildso I removed you, giving you a link to our guidelines18:14
PriceChildThen you came back in and "wtf"d18:14
PriceChildwhich is swearing and against our guidelines if you had of read them18:15
andreyes i read then, and im sorry, "fucking tuga" was for a friend of mine, "wtf" was because u kick me of the channel18:17
andrenow i understand why and it was totaly right18:17
andresorry my bad language, my bad for forgoten the guidelines..18:17
PriceChildPlease go and read the guidelines again :)18:18
andreyeah u bet sorry again :P18:18
andreoh and good job moderating the channel18:18
PriceChildandre, next time you should be less "colourful" in pm, none of us ban people for un.18:18
andreyeah u're right, i was in other many ubuntu foruns and there they ban for fun, thats why my reaction18:20
naliothandre: 'ban for fun'? which 'forums'18:20
andrenot in this IRC18:21
andrenalioth: and only happens one time18:22
naliothandre: i was gonna say, i don't think you'll find anyone 'banning for fun' in our Ubuntu channels here18:22
andrei was upset because, i think, "not again!"18:23
PriceChildandre, the ban has been removed.18:23
andreok thanks18:24
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
andrePriceChild: I will play by the rules of the guidelines dont worry! :P18:25
PriceChildHeads up on cosimo, hopefully he's changed since I last met him.18:26
=== andre is now known as a4ndr3c
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
* mneptok bans PriceChild for fun19:01
mneptokand profit!19:01
Piciooh, my favorite step.19:02
mneptokPici: mine, too. too bad the prior step is so damned ambiguous.19:02
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
* mneptok coats ompaul in candied cherries and raw fury19:36
ompaulsweet anger?19:37
ompaulmneptok, yah!19:37
* ompaul will be back in a few moments - some shopping and food stuffs are about to be combined19:43
* Pici is done watching #ubuntu for a bit19:43
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
articpenguin3800im still banned from ubuntu+119:47
PriceChildGood for him.19:50
Seeker`its not something i would have though he wuld have been boasting about19:51
jpatrickgod, I hate it when you follow the OpGuidelines and the other users come back at you saying "You're wrong"19:52
Seeker`jpatrick: what happened?19:54
jpatrickSeeker`: I !away-ed someone, cos he put -Away in his away and /remove'd him19:56
jpatrickhe came back and said "I'm connected on 4 servers and 25 channels"19:56
PriceChildjpatrick, who? what channel?19:56
jpatrick"and I can only see the nick change in the current channel"19:56
PriceChildI'll go and chant "my irc presence is bigger than yours" at him.19:57
jpatrick"so I care, change your config"19:57
jpatrickand now someone else is bashing me for it19:57
PriceChildI think someone doesn't quite know how irc works.19:57
PriceChildtwo someones then19:57
jpatrickPriceChild: #cupie a spanish channel like #ubuntu-classroom19:58
PriceChildah its in spanish then19:58
jpatrickah, now they've both lefted cos "I have the ops"19:59
PriceChildjpatrick, tell them that they should get the latest irc protocol because it has away statuses built in.19:59
jpatrickdid that19:59
jpatrick"/away doesn't change for all servers"19:59
PriceChildI'm sure most clients must have a way to do it.20:00
PriceChildOr perhaps I'm just exceedingly blessed with xchat20:00
* jpatrick <3 irssi20:01
ompauljpatrick, where?20:13
ompauljpatrick, yeah well don't worry, be happy, they troll until one day they see the light20:13
jpatrickthanks ompaul20:14
ompauljpatrick, you get that rubbish now and again20:15
jpatrickoh, another person bashing me before leaving20:16
jpatrickyay _o/20:16
ompauljpatrick, where?20:19
jpatricksame place20:19
ompauljpatrick, ahh20:22
PriceChildI liked the launchpad logo20:29
jpatrickme too20:29
PriceChildIt took me a while to realise launchpad had a logo, and then why it was a rocket... but i eventually got it20:29
jpatrickbut, change is the only constant20:30
ompaulPriceChild, spell duh ;-)20:30
* ompaul runs20:30
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (CTCP/NOTICE)20:36
LjLsorry i forget to remove ubotu from there when testing20:36
PriceChildI hate difficult people.21:13
ompaulPriceChild, look upon them as an overhead21:14
jpatrickPriceChild: welcome to the club21:14
ompauland justify then the level of investment with a cut off point21:14
PriceChildompaul, i know, but I can never go through with it21:14
* ompaul can 21:15
ompaulwell lets see I have been on IRC since 199421:15
PriceChildYeah well you're older and bigger and meaner with more experience of this world.21:15
PriceChildI love the way you assume irc.21:16
PriceChildPici, thanks for the logs earlier by the way. I did go over them despite not saying anything.21:16
PriceChildNight all.21:16
* nalioth has been communicating online since he had a telephone modem and a console based login sequence21:17
ardchoilleGood night PriceChild21:17
ompaulcheers PriceChild21:17
PriceChildompaul, hmm?21:17
ompaulnalioth, I had slip a console and a 2400baud modem as a connection to the interweb with a shell on a linux box way back then21:18
ompauland I had irc :)21:18
ompaulPriceChild, difficult people - same answer any environment21:18
jpatrickoh, fun in #ubuntu-es21:19
* ompaul blasts out enough kraftwerk to be happy with21:19
jpatrickompaul: you listened to Tangerine Dream?21:20
ompauljpatrick, na - I kind of like yello kraftwerk and looooottttssss of metal / hard rock mostly21:20
ompaulUFO being my favourite all time band21:21
jpatrickI liked Autobahn21:22
ompaulsome people became politically aware, and stuff, me I became musically aware :)21:22
ompaulmneptok, who is the lawnmower man anyway?21:22
ompaulsecurely ringing all phones .....21:22
* nalioth used DOS in those days :(21:26
jpatrickoh wow, this guys complaining I shouldn't have muted him, cos he's an old timer21:27
jpatrickwhat can I do? everyone just started saying "KDE (or other thing) sucks"21:28
jpatrickin caps21:28
ikoniahe fought for your freedom !21:29
ikoniaand thats how you repay him21:29
ardchoillePeople who admit to using Ubuntu but come into #kubuntu for help because #ubuntu is "too crammed", should I just let that be?21:32
ikoniasort of defeats the object of the topics21:32
ardchoilleI mentioned it to the person but what should I do as an op? I don't want to cause trouble, but I also need to do that which is best for the user.21:33
Jack_SparrowWe also get a fair number of Kubuntu users in Ubuntu that feel they were ignored and that the Kubuntu channel was too slow21:34
ompaulardchoille, is it specifically a gnome issue?21:34
ardchoilleompaul: it's Hammer89  with a sound issue21:34
ompaulthen !sound | harrmer8921:35
ompauland say sorry the factoid does not suit you grab the one in #ubuntu please21:35
ompaulthat is why we have different channels21:35
ompaulmake it that he is not not wanted but in the wrong place21:35
ompaulOR trollnig21:35
ompauland no one wants their bluff called on that21:36
ikoniaompaul: grab one in #ubuntu - genius21:36
ompaulcept one21:36
naliothardchoille: help is help. for *buntu21:36
ompauland that one well I banned him about two years ago21:36
jpatricknalioth: how do I moderate a channel?21:37
jpatrick+m isn't working21:37
naliothardchoille: since anything in the repos will install and run under any DE . . . .21:37
naliothjpatrick: which channel?21:37
ardchoillenalioth: Good point21:37
jpatricknalioth: #kubuntu-es21:37
naliothjpatrick: what do you mean 'isn't working' ?21:37
Jack_SparrowIt does raise an interesting point...  If not Desktop specific is it really and issue.. and if it is then do we nudge them in the right direction21:38
jpatricknalioth: I can still view messages sent21:38
ardchoilleJack_Sparrow: True21:38
jpatrickwhen I /mode +m21:38
naliothjpatrick: because it is +z, also21:38
nalioth"ops see all traffic when moderated"21:38
naliothdeop and i'll bet it goes quiet, jpatrick21:38
jpatrickI've removed the +z21:38
naliothjpatrick: but only _YOU_ could see anythig21:39
naliotheveryone else sees nothing21:39
jpatricknalioth: channel went a bit haywire, and we had some kicks, so I'm going to let it cool down for a while21:39
Jack_SparrowDid not mean to interrupt...  I will sit back and be quiet now21:40
nekostarok for the record22:08
nekostari was wrong22:08
nekostarwas my script from irssi that wasnt on 8001 - was still using 666722:09
nekostartherefore pricechild or w/e was right and i'm sorry for being a dick22:09
nekostarnalioth pass on plz22:09
nekostar; ;22:09
ikoniawhat was that about22:10
ompaulnalioth, ^^ did you ever think you would see the day22:15
* nalioth needs smelling salts22:21
ompaulnalioth, I told ya he had more or less cottoned himself on22:21
ardchoilleAlways make me chuckle when people threaten to go back to Windows22:25
ikoniaardchoille: let them22:28
jpatricktheir choice, noone forced them over22:38
* nalioth pushes Seveas over the edge22:40
ompaulSeveas, good for you22:41
ikoniaI'm going back to C64 basic22:41
ikoniapoke 264, sys 204622:42
ompaulikonia, - I can't reply to that22:42
ikoniaha ha ha22:42
ikoniaI'm going back to pong22:42
naliothompaul: sure you can.22:42
* nalioth sends ompaul the address to the abacus factory22:42
ikonianalioth: not with out !ohmy22:42
ikoniaha ha ha h22:42
ikoniaompaul: go back to top trumps22:43
ompaulikonia, it had no line number22:44
ikoniaha ha ha22:44
ikonia10 ompaul22:44
ikonia20 goto top trumps22:44
ikonia30 run22:44
ikoniabetter ?22:44
ompaul10 rem ompaul22:44
* ompaul twacks ikonia :)22:44
ompaulright enough already I am off to bed22:45
ompaulhave fun people22:45
_MMA_Anyone else seeing a issue with this guy dn4ia? Been spamming channels on freenode and getting pissy when asked to stop.23:58

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