Doonzdid you understand? sorry im not very good at explaining00:01
leonelhave you patched anything before ?00:13
leonelcompiled anything from source in linux ?00:13
Doonzhttp://www.addonics.com/support/faqs/faq-pmsupport_desktop.asp <-- here is a faq that i tried following but i used all 2.6.22 packages00:14
Doonzand it didnt work00:14
Doonzand no00:14
Doonznever have00:14
leonelcheck this doc :   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile00:15
leonelmake sure you are using a patch for the  kernel version you have     Gutsy has  2.6.2200:16
Doonzdoes that faq look right tho?00:17
Doonzor should i just reintall using this Ubuntu 6.06 LTS codenamed Dapper Drake since that is what the faq has for a tutorial00:19
leonelDoonz: what ubuntu version you have ?00:22
leonelDoonz: just keep your kernel version  and  do as the  link I sent00:24
leonelDoonz: but remember the kernel   ( for me )  is a  Big beast  that  is not so easy as  any other package00:25
Doonzhttp://home-tj.org/wiki/index.php/Libata-tj-stable <- can you download this patch and look at the readme for me Patch tarball against Linux 2007080800:26
Doonzcause im not sure howto do that patching00:26
leonelget the  kernel source00:28
leoneland where says modify the source as your needs00:28
Doonzdownloading as i type00:28
leonelthen  cd /usr/src/00:29
leoneland change to where the kernel source is00:29
leonelthen do the00:29
leonel  patch -p1 < 2.6.22.allthe_long name00:29
leonelif THERE ARE NO ERRORS   then  build the  package00:30
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EvaLuaTehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51292/ <- any idea why it hasn't been updated properly ?01:44
zulEvaLuaTe: try dpkg -c <deb> to look at the contents of it01:48
=== ember_ is now known as ember
EvaLuaTeyeah, i installed the wrong deb, sorry :P02:31
nxvl_worksoren: around?03:39
nealmcbnxvl_work: pretty late in europe....03:40
nxvl_worki will ping him tomorrow03:40
nxvl_worknealmcb: did you know the state of https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-easy-business-server03:40
nealmcbI think that is old, and current focus is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec03:42
nealmcbnxvl_work: ^03:43
nxvl_workis a bug is duplicated it's needed to be marked as invalid, didn't it?04:03
ScottKnxvl_work: No04:14
nxvl_workScottK: i need to leave it as it is?04:14
ScottKJust mark it as a dupe is all you need to do.04:15
nxvl_workScottK: there isn't such a status04:21
ScottKWhat do you mean?04:21
ScottKIf the bug is a dupe, make it a dupe and don't worry about the status.04:22
nxvl_workand how do i mark it as dupe?04:22
ScottKClick on "Mark as duplicate" in actions on the left side of the page04:23
Kamping_Kaiseris there anything in the gnu/linux world that allows filtering packets by type rather then port? (afaik IPTables isnt able to do this)04:24
ScottKWhen you say type, what do you mean?  UDP/TCP?04:24
ScottKiptables will do that.04:24
ScottKFor example, you'd want to filter and SSH packet that was sent via port 80, but not an HTTP one on the same port?04:26
nxvl_workScottK: thnx04:26
ScottKnxvl_work: No problem04:26
Kamping_KaiserScottK, yes, exept that i wouldnt run both services on one port - its more about connections to httpd's on non-standard ports not getting filtered by a proxy if its not on port 8004:27
nxvl_workKamping_Kaiser: he's talking about blocking outgoing traffic04:28
nxvl_workKamping_Kaiser: in that case you can want to block ssh on port 80, but no http04:28
Kamping_Kaisernxvl_work, ah yes, thats right. (soryr, i mis understood)04:29
ScottKNot sure about that.  Sorry.04:32
nxvl_workthere is a command04:33
nxvl_worki thing it's net04:33
nxvl_workbut it's kind of tricky and hard to learn04:33
nxvl_workor it was ip?04:33
nxvl_workKamping_Kaiser: one of the 2 commands do that, net or ip, i don't remember well, se it looooooong time ago04:34
Kamping_Kaisernxvl_work, i'm not aware of them doing that, i'll have a look, thanks04:34
nxvl_workKamping_Kaiser: the one i'm talking about works one level lower that iptables, and then you can filter whatever you want04:35
Kamping_Kaisernxvl_work, ok, i'll have a poke at the internet and see what it gives me04:36
Kamping_Kaiserthanks :)04:36
sommerKamping_Kaiser: you might take a look at l7-filter... it lets you inspect packets up to layer 704:39
sommerI don't think it's in ubuntu though, so you might have to roll your own kernel04:39
Kamping_Kaisersommer, i'll start checking it out, thanks.04:40
nealmcbKamping_Kaiser: I would think intrusion detection systems would do that sort of thing, and there are lots for linux, but I haven't looked recently04:49
nealmcbsommer:olpc running kde (slackware?)  http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=73c7d06&s=1     guy says he can do ubuntu also04:54
nealmcband http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=80m5z49&s=104:59
nealmcbsommer: movies running full screen, multiple desktops sliding back and forth - wow - this hardware is more capable than I thought05:04
sommernealmcb: that's freakin awesome... did you make that or find it?05:06
sommerthat's totally what I want mine to do05:06
sommerwell maybe not play movies, but definitely a normal desktop05:06
sommerwoops didn't just saw the second link... heh05:10
nealmcbsommer: rennj in #olpc-help pasted those links05:15
XiXaQhas anyone been able to connect evolution users together, so they can share contacts, calendars, etc?07:03
Kamping_KaiserXiXaQ, i've not found a (good) way yet :/07:04
Kamping_Kaisertheir all monolithic exchange replacements :(07:04
XiXaQyes, but they seem to be very expensive and very heavy?07:05
XiXaQI need this for max 10 users.07:05
Kamping_Kaiserexpensive== $$ or resources?07:05
Kamping_Kaiserbasically the same boat here :/07:06
XiXaQit seems to me that it should be possible to achieve it with an ldap server and apache with webdav enabled?07:13
Kamping_Kaisertheres free groupware stuff, wich does include what your after07:21
Kamping_Kaisernot sure, if you find an elegent way let me know07:22
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jordsI'm having problems with samba user-level authentication on ubuntu server 7.10. I've added the user i'm trying to login with using sudo smbpasswd -L -a jords and sudo smbpasswd -L -e jords, but I can't log in still. Smb.conf: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51317/08:43
jordsthis is the login to view the shares i'm talking about08:43
acidfire2008anyone around can help me?09:17
Kamping_Kaiserhm. wrong bot09:18
acidfire2008jesus u guys and your script09:18
acidfire2008im wondering if someone can help me config pure-ftpd09:19
acidfire2008i got it installed i just wanna enable fxp and change port09:19
acidfire2008anyone alive?09:27
Kamping_Kaiseryou may have to wait a while. be patient09:28
jordsI'm alive09:28
jordsbut i use vs-ftpd... the only one that i managed to easily setup so every user can login and access their home folder09:29
acidfire2008can users fxp?09:29
acidfire2008all i wanna do is fxp grrr09:29
acidfire2008send from one ftp to another09:29
jordsahh... I'd just use sftp for that really09:30
acidfire2008hwo u do that/09:30
acidfire2008sftp a different pogram or what09:30
jordsyeah sftp uses SSH to transfer files... has to be running on the servers.09:31
jordssimilar to ftp but faster and secure09:31
acidfire2008no i need to be able to connect to my server machine ftp and another ftp and transfer files via fxping09:31
acidfire2008its a feature i just cant figure out how to view my config file09:31
acidfire2008i know its in there09:32
acidfire2008but via sshing how can i edit a config file properly09:32
jordssudo nano /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf09:32
jordsshould do it09:32
acidfire2008whoa its like a blank page09:33
jordsok... maybe it's not there then ;)09:33
Kamping_Kaiseri dont see a pure-ftpd.conf in gutsy: http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_contents.pl?word=pure-ftpd.conf&searchmode=searchfilesanddirs&case=insensitive&version=gutsy&arch=i38609:36
jordsI'm having problems with samba user-level authentication on ubuntu server 7.10. I've added the user i'm trying to login with using sudo smbpasswd -L -a jords and sudo smbpasswd -L -e jords, but I can't log in still. Smb.conf: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51317/09:37
Kamping_Kaiseracidfire2008, http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?keywords=pure-ftpd&searchon=names&subword=1&version=gutsy&release=all look at that and check each package to see its configuration file/s09:41
Kamping_Kaiserjords, is the configuration valid? samba has a check tool.09:41
jordsKamping_Kaiser: ok... how do i check?09:42
Kamping_Kaiserjords, using sambas configuration checking tool - i dont have samba, you'll have to find out what its called09:42
Kamping_Kaiserjords, perhaps ask #samba09:42
jordsheh well #samba has'nt been helpful.... i found the checking tool, it's conviently named "testparm" ????. but it does'nt find any problems09:44
Kamping_Kaiserjords, can you check the time, attempt a login, then pastebin the relevent part of /var/log/syslog and /var/log/smb.log09:46
jords[2008/01/09 22:47:43, 0] auth/auth_util.c:create_builtin_administrators(792)09:48
jords  create_builtin_administrators: Failed to create Administrators09:48
jords[2008/01/09 22:47:43, 0] auth/auth_util.c:create_builtin_users(758)09:48
jords  create_builtin_users: Failed to create Users09:48
jordsis coming up in my samba logs09:48
jordsnothing printed to syslog09:49
Kamping_Kaisernever seen that before, you may have to ask in #samba :/09:49
* Kamping_Kaiser avoids samba typically09:49
* jords can't stand samba09:51
* jords has to use it because some people have windows and can't just use sshfs or nfs09:52
acidfire2008what about it09:52
acidfire2008i got pureftpd up and running09:52
acidfire2008just cant friggin fxp to it09:52
Kamping_Kaiseracidfire2008, tried a pure-ftpd channel?09:53
acidfire2008do we have one haha09:54
Kamping_Kaiserdunno. try #pureftpd09:55
ICUa "/list *pure*" helps :)09:56
Kamping_KaiserICU, i can never get it to tell me stuff :(09:56
ICUworks like a charm :)09:57
Kamping_Kaiserhalf your luck :/09:57
AnRkeycan i make a group part of another group in linux?10:01
AnRkeyor am i being special?10:01
acidfire2008how can i change port in pure-ftpd10:11
acidfire2008thats all i think i need to do10:12
ICUacidfire2008: google told me: http://www.awk-scripting.de/cluster/fxp-configuration.html#M410:17
acidfire2008ive been there tons of times10:19
acidfire2008im on ubuntu 7.10 and i cant figure out where to change ftp port for pureftpd10:19
acidfire2008well this sucks10:29
sorenacidfire2008: What have you tried?10:29
acidfire2008how can i search the ubuntu repositories and find out the right name for glftpd10:32
acidfire2008like so i can sudo apt-get install it10:33
mok0My /etc/mail/m4/submit.mc file is constantly being overwritten. Any ideas of how that happens? It's bloody annoying10:45
acidfire2008grr no one here uses glftpd10:46
acidfire2008or can someone give me a tip on a ftp server to install that will allow me to fxp10:46
_rubenmy bet's that the licence of glftpd wont allow inclusion into ubuntu .. last i used it (years ago) i think it had some custom license and was part binary even (but might be wrong on that)10:48
_rubenglftpd is (or was at least) the prefered ftpd for warez sites10:49
acidfire2008so what should i use10:50
acidfire2008all i wanna do is be able to fxp to this ftp from antoher server10:50
_rubenhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-87505.html .. first hit on google, wouldnt know if it'd still apply10:50
acidfire2008all i wann do really is change my port for pureftpd10:50
_rubenso you *only* want to change the port .. and *only* want to enable fxp .. funny10:51
acidfire2008those are my 2 plans10:52
acidfire2008i got told pureftpd can do it10:52
acidfire2008i just think it wont work on port 2110:52
sorenacidfire2008: You could start by answering the questions you've been asked..10:53
sorenacidfire2008: What have you tried already to change the port?10:53
* _ruben installs pure-ftpd for the fun of it ...10:54
acidfire2008well i cant get into the config10:54
acidfire2008so i havent really tried nething yet10:54
acidfire2008ruben u on 7.10 server?10:54
acidfire2008plez if u find out how to change port let me know10:55
sorenYou're not even trying to change the port yet.10:55
sorenYou're trying to open a configuration file.10:55
acidfire2008but it dont have just one config file10:56
sorenBut how on earth are we supposed to know that when you only keep asking the same (wrong) question over and over?10:56
acidfire2008ive been reading10:56
acidfire2008soren have u played with pureftpd before?10:56
sorenacidfire2008: You need to understand that IRC isn't just a convenient replacement for Google, documentation or man pages. IRC (and any other forum) is a place where you go and ask other people to take time out of their day to help you with your problems when you've tried yourself.10:57
acidfire2008ive been googling all day dont get a attitude10:57
sorenand when you ask them, it's *your* responsibility to ask good questions so that others don't waste their time trying to figure out what your actual question is.10:57
sorenacidfire2008: *I'm* the one with an attitude?!?10:57
acidfire2008na the guy behind u10:58
* Kamping_Kaiser waves10:58
sorenThat's one way to make me not want to help you.10:58
* jords chuckles and goes back to sleep10:58
acidfire2008well u started off with a attitude so why would u wanna help me neways10:58
acidfire2008ive been explaing everything ive been doing10:59
sorenacidfire2008: Asking the same (wrong) question over and ove and over constitutes an attitude in my book.10:59
sorenacidfire2008: No.10:59
acidfire2008how did i ask the same WRONG ?10:59
acidfire2008and how is it wrong10:59
sorenacidfire2008: Becuase you keep asking how to change the port, but your real problem seems to be that you can't figure out how to open the configuratino files.10:59
acidfire2008says u gotta make own config files or some shit11:00
acidfire2008i dunno11:00
_rubenoh well .. lets be nice for once ... replace the 2000 with the port you really wanna use : echo ,2000 | sudo tee /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/Bind11:00
acidfire2008see u knew how11:01
_rubeni didnt know how11:01
_rubeni figured it out tho11:01
sorenacidfire2008: What says you have to make your own config files?11:01
acidfire2008sorry for being rude but ive been getting mad with this shit lol11:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 477 in pure-ftpd "Config of pure-ftpd need to be simplified." [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:02
_rubentime for lunch .. bbl11:03
acidfire2008is all it told me11:03
sorenWell, did it help?11:06
acidfire2008did not change port no11:06
acidfire2008its still on 2111:07
sorenAnd not 56782 ?11:07
sorenacidfire2008: Did you restart it?11:07
acidfire2008do i need this whole post to add?11:07
acidfire2008echo ,2000 | sudo tee /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/Bind11:07
acidfire2008just like that?11:07
soren"post to add"?11:07
jordscan you paste /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/Bind to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org?11:07
acidfire2008do i type it in just like that11:08
jordsif you just copy the whole file and paste it to the url i told you then i can see the config file11:09
jordssee what's wrong hopefully11:09
acidfire2008how do i open that file/11:09
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acidfire2008and jords or soren how do u restart?11:10
jords /etc/init.d/pureftpd restart11:11
jordstry that :D11:11
acidfire2008-bash: /etc/init.d/pureftpd: No such file or directory11:11
sorenpure-ftpd, probably.11:12
acidfire2008holy shit it worked11:13
acidfire2008now i need _ruben to maby help me enable fxp11:13
acidfire2008he knew it needed to be put into that file11:13
sorenacidfire2008: The pure-ftpd-wrapper man page is quite useful.11:19
sorenjust type:11:20
sorenman pure-ftpd-wrapper11:20
acidfire2008u confusing me11:20
sorenjust type:11:21
sorenman pure-ftpd-wrapper11:21
sorenAnd press return11:21
acidfire2008ok it says i need to enable fxp11:22
acidfire2008wonder how i woudl do that11:22
sorenThat's not what it says at all.11:23
acidfire2008i knwo11:23
acidfire2008but ive seen turtorials saying thats what i need to do11:23
sorenYou just said that it did?11:23
sorenAnd I'm telling you to look at that man page, because it explains it!11:23
acidfire2008i just read all that and i dont see nothing abotu fxp11:25
acidfire2008sorry im really new with this11:25
sorenacidfire2008: Then you haven't read it..11:28
sorenacidfire2008: Configuration files containing boolean values are "AllowAnonymousFXP", "AllowDotFiles", "AllowUserFXP",11:28
sorenacidfire2008: You create a new config file called AllowAnonymousFXP with just "on" in it.11:29
sorenRestart pure-ftpd, and you're done.11:29
acidfire2008ok i got ya there11:29
acidfire2008one last thing11:29
acidfire2008how do u create a file11:29
acidfire2008go into the dir and type what11:29
sorenjords: Already explained that..11:30
sorenacidfire2008: jords already explained that:11:30
soren10:32:33 < ~jords> sudo nano /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf11:30
acidfire2008so nano makes a dir?11:31
acidfire2008i mean a file11:31
acidfire2008so do it like this11:32
jordsdid'nt you say create a new file with one option in it? i have to say pure-ftpd's configuration is pretty screwed.11:32
acidfire2008sudo nano /etc/pure-ftpd/AllowAnonymousFXP.conf11:32
acidfire2008do it like that11:32
sorenacidfire2008: Do all the toher files have a .conf extension?11:33
sorenjords: Quite.11:34
acidfire2008so just that command without the .conf then?11:34
acidfire2008ok on nano how do i add the on part11:36
acidfire2008like how do i save ect11:36
jordstype on11:36
jordsthen press control-w then control-x11:36
acidfire2008control-w does a search thing11:37
acidfire2008then nothing happens when i do the control-x11:37
jordslol oops11:37
jordsok control-o11:37
acidfire2008k took me outta the search thing11:38
acidfire2008then went to next line11:38
acidfire2008that mean its saved?11:38
jordspress it again11:38
jordsshould say saved11:38
acidfire2008ask me if its the right file name to write to11:38
jordsor rather wrote 1 line11:38
acidfire2008just press enter?11:39
acidfire2008now it says wrote one line11:39
jordscool. now control-x11:39
_rubenor just:  echo on | sudo tee /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/AllowAnonymousFXP11:39
_rubenthen again .. i doubt you want anonymous fxp11:40
jordsyeah only for users is more sane11:40
acidfire2008well i only want to be able to fxp :(11:40
_rubenthen use AllowUserFXP instead of AllowAnonymousFXP .. or *really*: RTFM11:40
_rubenhackers (in the broadest sense of the word, including scriptkiddies) just love admins without a clue.. but that's a different story of sorts11:42
jordsok so sudo rm AllowAnonoymousFXP && echo on | sudo tee /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/AllowUserFXP would be right11:42
jords_ruben: exactly... free seedboxes ftw :D11:43
_rubenAnonononymous? :)11:44
jordsno anon is for nubs.... Uberhaxorwhoslikereallycool is more line it :D11:44
acidfire2008damn u guys rock11:47
acidfire2008its finally letting me fxp11:47
jordsyay :D11:47
_rubenso let this be lesson learned: RTFM .. that all we did, atleast what i did11:51
acidfire2008hey man i really do appreciate it11:52
_rubenthe best way to learn things is to just try to figure it out yourself by reading the available docs11:52
acidfire2008from my friends box i can fxp at 8mb/s11:52
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mok0Does anyone here have experience with running virtual machines, esp. Ubuntu JeOS?13:24
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sorenmok0: I do.14:35
soren(not surprisingly)14:35
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citybirdsorry wrong window17:39
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zylmakim trying to install a printer on a ubuntu 7.10 server19:56
nxvl_workmathiaz: around?20:21
nxvl_worki have a doubt on Bug #13083620:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 130836 in apache2 "Specify OpenDocument icon(s) in Apache2 configuration" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13083620:22
nxvl_workthe icons have been licensed as apache license, so i don't need to add anything on the copyright since there it is the apache license already there20:22
nxvl_workdoesn't i?20:23
mathiaznxvl_work: I'd mention that in the copyright file that the icons a licensed under the apache license and link to the bug for reference.20:26
mathiaznxvl_work: the icons are not part of the official apache release file.20:27
nxvl_workmathiaz: so, i need to add a line saying those icons are also licensed as apache license20:28
mathiaznxvl_work: yes. I'd also add the link the LP bug where the author states the icons are licensed under the apache license.20:29
nxvl_workmathiaz: ok, thnx20:30
nxvl_workok, debdiff send20:49
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sommernealmcb: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo: http://www.linux.com/feature/12432321:27
nxvl_worksoren: can you please take a look at Bug #130836, the license and version hace changed21:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 130836 in apache2 "Specify OpenDocument icon(s) in Apache2 configuration" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13083621:37
* soren looks21:38
nealmcbsommer: yeah - I saw a different story this morning - this one is more informative.  bottom line, it is hard to keep ms from making their stuff sort of work on the xo, and best to allow for dual boot, I suspect.  hard part is to convince countries from selling their kids down the road with ms....21:48
sommernealmcb: yeppers... makes me feel dirty though21:50
nealmcbsommer: yeah.  but getting in at the ground floor with OpenFirmware underneath xp could have some advantages :-)21:59
ScottKIf someone want to run Windows, they should be free to do so.22:01
nealmcbsommer:  freelikegnu: http://www.freelikegnu.org/?p=21  Ubuntu on OLPC tutorial22:06
sommernealmcb: sweet... I'm definitely going to try that out22:13
nxvl_worksoren: did you take a loog?22:13
sorennxvl_work: Sorry, got otherwise distracted.22:14
sorennxvl_work: I'll look in a minute.22:14
nxvl_worksoren: np, take a look when you have time22:14
sorennxvl_work: I've put it on my todo list for tomorrow. It's bed time.22:48
nxvl_worksoren: ok, thnx22:50
kgoetzanyone here familar with logwatch? i have two systems which seem to be configured identically. (exept one has a --mail=foo@foo line). th eone with the --mail line has its logs flooded with '"unknown entry"s in the pam_unix section. the 2nd install doesnt have any. can someone help me work out whats playin up?23:54

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