soundraymarti149: is that software for making partition images?00:00
Mikeeehas anybody else got the problem I have when scrolling using the touchpad - that if you start scrolling, but move your finger to the center of the touchpad and then move it up and down, it will scroll in the opposite direction?00:00
fougdoes anyone know how to create a .torrent file? I am using BitTornado00:00
EvaLuaTeSlart, i really don't know, but it shouldn't contain the PR28045 bug anymore.00:00
twavisdegwetno1 used bittornado lol00:00
EvaLuaTeSlart, i currently have 4.0.300:00
marti149nope, its for ghosting00:01
LeviathNLI hope repeating my question is not against the rules, my quit-applet does a instant logout when I click it (gnome) instead of giving me several options, does anyone have any idea how to trace the problem?00:01
AdemoSSlart, how does the kernel log look?00:01
marti149it multicasts00:01
patogenbtw is there a way to select what to install when you run the installer? I must have done something wrong cause I couldn't select anything and got a lot of mumbo jumbo which I don't need...00:01
marti149how do you run dos applications under ubuntu?00:02
ffmHow do I force a window to be full screen if there is no maximize option?00:02
marti149its a 32bit dos app00:02
soundrayLeviathNL: it's okay to repeat after 10+ minutes. Sorry I can't help with the actual problem.00:02
jgooI have a problem with my widescreen - I used to have a work around (in screen in admin, change freq from 60 to 70)00:02
sliptteessoundray: fixed problem :D00:02
jgooit is in the right resolution, but the screen stays off center... beyond the correction of the LCD panel00:02
soundrayslipttees: how?00:02
astro76patogen: no get the alternate or minimal cd if you need to do that, the desktop cd installs the system just like it is on the livecd00:02
SlartAdemoS: nothing obvious.. more networking stuff.. have you tried just doing a cold boot?00:03
sparkehHi there, Im a linux newb, Ive just installed Ubuntu and I need to get my Belkin F5D8053 USB wlan adapter working, I tried using ndiswrapper using the XP driver for it, which i cant seem to get working, ive tried download the drivers from the chipset manufacturers(RaLink RT2870), and when I try to use make in the terminal, I get this: make: *** [build_tools] Error 127, can anyone help?00:03
* cubexombi thinks his 15$ wireless adapter may have been an awesome buy! (the rt2570 or rt73 driver will not work with the rt2571(F) Chipset fyi)00:03
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patogenastro76: ok, then I know :)00:03
SlartEvaLuaTe: hmm.. I have 4.1.3.. wonder where I got that00:03
yipewhat ever happened to the package xmms-flac?00:03
sliptteessoundray: i removed all compiz packeage :-)00:03
ffmhow do I make something "truely" on top?00:03
FlintPearceSomeone, anyone. My mate has tried to burn 3 ISO's of ubuntu-7.10-desktop-amd64.iso  . Everytime he boots wit the CD it asks him for a password and username. When he enteres after 3 seconds ubuntu restarts back to the log in screen.00:03
ffmon top of gnome00:04
Bakefyhow big should my swap be on a 500 GB ubuntu server00:04
cubexombisparkeh, I may be able to help, I JUST got my rt2750workin00:04
neverblueBakefy, how much RAM ?00:04
squarebracketthere's a command where you hit a key and it shows you the hex value of the key, what is it?00:04
EvaLuaTeSlart, i'm using ubuntu dapper drake btw :/00:04
Klick__hey all, i have a bunch of services running, and im thinking some might be redundent, I was hoping you all could tell me if i need to be running all of these or if some do the same thing... anacron / atd,  klogd/sysklogd, acpid/apmd00:04
Bakefyneverblue 512MB :(00:04
pteague_workhmm... for some reason i don't seem to have any oss libs installed00:04
sparkehooh, would be great if you could help00:04
earthianHello. I am using ubuntu 7.10 and i have two Xorg processes. Sometimes the xorg session goes from tty7 to tty900:04
SlartEvaLuaTe: ouch... why are you using that? sticking with LST versions?00:04
neverblueBakefy, then I would double the RAM size00:04
earthianwhat could be wrong or is it all ok?00:04
sliptteessoundray: remove all compiz packeage complety and use swicth user00:05
soundrayBakefy: give it a gig of swap00:05
Bakefyneverblue thanks!00:05
sliptteesmetacity won't start :-)00:05
AdemoSSlart, I have shut down and restarted, but what else might you be refering to? Switch the power supply on and off?00:05
neverbluesoundray :P00:05
soundrayslipttees: well done00:05
patogenI've heard that there is loads of problems with running 64bit version -- should I run the 32bitm instead?00:05
cubexombisparkeh, how far did you manage to get with ndiswrapper>00:05
sliptteessoundray: thx for all bro00:05
earthianBakefy, what version of ubuntu (32bit or 64bit) ?00:05
evil_techanyone have xubuntu running on an IT8212 ide raid controller  (either as raid or not)00:05
SlartAdemoS: yes.. shutting the computer down.. perhaps threaten to throw it out.. and then turn it on again00:05
EvaLuaTeSlart, i have installed it some time ago for compatibility issues with some programs i'm running. isn't there any newer .deb package of gcc available that i could download and install ?00:06
AdemoSSlart, haha okay I'll try that, assuming I still have the issue though, do I have any other options other then reinstalling 7.10?00:06
sparkehwell, in truth, I dont really know how to use it, but I'll PM you with what I typed in the terminal ok?00:06
Slartpatogen: yes.. even though the 64-bit version isn't that bad, 32 bit is easier to deal with00:06
DoonzHi Guys i need some help applying a patch so that my esata controller card will support PM00:06
sliptteessoundray: test with you! remove complety all compiz packeage and use swicth user!00:06
FlintPearceSlart: Any  idea on why my friend cant run the ubuntu-64bit 7.10 live cd? ... it keeps asking for a password and timing out after 3 seconds00:07
SlartEvaLuaTe: I think you'd have to upgrade your whole system if you tried that.. dependencies are nasty that way00:07
sliptteesmetacity no start!00:07
sliptteesinstall compiz and work again :D00:07
patogenSlart: Ah, I guess I will use that one instead ... I've used debian and stuff before but I don't want more trouble than necessary :P00:07
Bakefyi need a /boot partiton00:07
Bakefyhow big should that be?00:07
SlartAdemoS: I don't really know.. it's hard to tell when you don't know *why* you end up in recovery mode00:07
Edulixanyone knows of a *lightweight* rss feed reader, something done in gtk1.x or similar00:07
sliptteesbye everybody!00:07
soundrayBakefy: why do you need a /boot partition?00:08
Edulixlike sylpheed but for feeds ;)00:08
david_Hello I am having trouble installing adobe 9 flash00:08
yipehow do you get xmms to play .flac? There used to be a package called xmms-flac that made it work00:08
SlartFlintPearce: I have no idea.. never had a live cd do that to me00:08
pteague_workgeeze this is annoying...  is there some reason that also would work, but not oss? & any reason why or how 1 program could take over alsa & not let anything else play from it?00:08
sparkeh99back, got disconnected :(00:08
Bakefysoundray, the first time I did it, I got the grub error 1800:08
Lifeisfunnywhat's the url to post text to that will all others to review it?00:08
Bakefysoundray, I was told that my Bios didnt know what to do.00:08
FlintPearceSlart: I know its really weird, Ubuntu shouldnt prompt him for a username and password on a Live Cd :|00:08
Slart!paste  | Lifeisfunny00:08
ubotuLifeisfunny: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:08
kandodoes anyone here have any experience running solaris along w/ ubuntu?00:08
kandoim havin a problem00:08
Lifeisfunnythanks slart00:09
neverblueBakefy, do you have IDE and SATA drives in your system ?00:09
twavisdegwetkando: i tried it.. it didn't work now i'm just running ubuntu/windows00:09
kandoman i have 5 os's runnin00:09
kandoand ubuntu00:09
kandois the 6th00:09
Bakefyneverblue only ATA00:09
kandothat wont work now00:09
Bakefyneverblue only IDE, sorry00:09
SlartFlintPearce: nope.. I don't think I ever saw a password prompt using the live cd... doesn't it go right to the desktop?00:09
shoeunitedIs this the help channel00:09
cubexombisparkeh, = sparkeh99? still here00:09
EvaLuaTeSlart, any other way to get rid of that bug in gcc ?00:09
neverblueyeah shoeunited00:09
soundrayBakefy: that's plausible. /boot can be tiny, unless you're trying multiple kernels. 128 MB should be plenty00:09
falloreshoeunited: yes00:09
AdemoSSlart, well originally, I never see the Ubuntu loading animation. Even when regular mode booted, I never saw the animation. I assumed it was because of my quad core, 8 GB RAM system, going so fast that the animation didn't have time to show, but I think that might be part of it...since instead of seeing an animation I see black. So when the system won't boot, I don't get much feedback on regular mode....only black.00:09
sparkeh99got disconnected00:09
shoeunitedAh, good thank you.00:09
sparkeh99its me yeah00:10
Tanalarkevening all.00:10
shoeunitedThen maybe I can get a shot in the dark on this one, and I know I'm not the only one plagued by it.00:10
SlartEvaLuaTe: none that I know of.. perhaps you can ask the gcc people?00:10
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=== tanaalark is now known as tanalark
Bakefyneverblue and it should have the bootable flag?00:10
FlintPearceSlart:  Nope its really weird he tells me he gets prompted for a password and username with a countdown. When the countdown ends it logs him in for only 3 seconds. then the screen goes black and flashes back to the log in00:10
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evil_techanyone running ubuntu on a it8212 ide controller?00:10
shoeunitedHas anyone figured out the random system hang problem?00:10
neverblueBakefy, i cannot assist anymore00:10
SlartAdemoS: have you tried disabling the boot splash? whoever wrote that splash application needs to get some sleep and do it again..00:10
soundrayBakefy: on this system, du -s /boot says "6652    /boot"00:11
soundrayBakefy: you don't need a bootable flag with grub00:11
tanalarkanyone got time to field a quick question about installation?00:11
AdemoSSlart, what is boot splash? Is it the loading animation?00:11
shoeunitedI've used Debian, Gentoo, and Ubuntu00:11
SlartAdemoS: yes00:11
shoeunitedAnd all have been flaky with system hang00:11
neverblue!enter | shoeunited00:11
ubotushoeunited: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:11
sparkeh99I did ndiswrapper -i 'driverfile.inf', then ndiswrapper -m00:11
Bakefythanks soundray00:11
SlartFlintPearce: weird behaviour.. has he tried to download the iso again? in case he got a version with trolls in it or something00:12
sparkeh99but I dont really know what to do after that, with ndiswrapper anyway00:12
david_Hello can someone help me?00:12
AdemoSSlart, how would I disable it?00:12
SlartAdemoS: you can disable it by changing a line in the grub menu.lst00:12
FlintPearceSlart: Trolls? Well I told him to go download 32bit just in case ..00:12
th0rdavid_ and how are we to know?00:12
SlartAdemoS: pastebin your menu.lst file.. it's in /boot/grub/00:12
cubexombisparkeh99: sudo ndiswrapper -l   -> does it say present?00:12
AdemoSslart ah, alright thanks, will do00:12
Superbike32help plz00:12
shoeunitedI tend to run over on character space, sorry.   Used to other channels.  I'll keep that in mind neverblue.00:12
xTheGoat121xTrolls?  I didn't know they could get into ISOs00:13
DoonzHi Guys i need some help applying a patch so that my esata controller card will support PM00:13
sparkeh99yes installed, hardware present it says00:13
fallorexTheGoat121x: they can get into anything O_O00:13
cubexombiok good..00:13
SlartFlintPearce: well.. Trolls.. transmission errors... scratched cd... call it what you like.. "things that make your stuff break" =)00:13
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sparkeh99I'll have to reboot to try anything though, dualbooting with XP atm00:13
tanalarkhaving a bit of a problem with installing Ubuntu over a copy of PC Linux OS 200700:13
david_I am having trouble installing flash on my browser00:13
AdemoSSlart, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51279/00:13
Superbike32i need help installing a program guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:13
Superbike32look here to help00:14
cubexombisparkeh99: ok no prob. though I'm also cooking supper00:14
soundraysparkeh99: you should now be able to configure the interface through NetworkManager. Look out for the applet in the top panel.00:14
AdemoSTh0r, hey good to see ya man. If you know any ideas about boot issues, let me know00:14
FlintPearceSlart:  hehe ok. Well he is downloading 32-bit, if not Game over i guess :(00:14
Slartdavid_: and then you came here.. and saw the topic and thought.. man.. I'm lucky I read the topic today =)00:14
earthianHello. I am using ubuntu 7.10 and i have two Xorg processes. when i kill one (with cpu time = 0) nothing happens. so why then two xorgs start and how to prevent it? it consumes shitload of ram00:14
th0rAdemoS I had a great pair up in the arctic...warm, waterproof00:14
Superbike32WHY IS EVERYONE SPAMMING? lmao!!!00:14
Superbike32i need some help plz!00:14
neverbluetanalark, over top, so a clean new install of Ubuntu ?00:14
neverblue!ask | Superbike3200:14
ubotuSuperbike32: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:14
tanalarkI've got 7.10 just downloaded...00:15
AdemoSth0r: Well, I'm fine with my own boots. But in terms of Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit, regular boot not functioning, and only recovery mode working...00:15
david_Start what are you saying?00:15
lime4x4Is anyone good with nvidia cards and multi lacd panels?00:15
tanalarkand it seems really neat... everything worked straight out of the box...00:15
tanalarkwhich is more than I could say for PCLOS00:15
tanalarkso I want to switch00:15
Slartdavid_: the topic in the channel tells you that flash is broken00:15
neverbluetanalark, what seems to be the issue ?00:15
Slart!flash | david_00:15
ubotudavid_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:15
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.00:15
soundrayearthian: check your gdm configuration (System-Admin-Login Window), and avoid fecal language in here.00:15
cubexombisparkeh99: if you are having issues with the network manager applet, you may need to set up your /etc/network/interfaces file, I got mine working after doing so00:15
xobiusdavid_,  how did you do?00:16
Bakefysoundray, my partitioner keeps sticking at 33%.  this is the second time.00:16
th0rAdemoS do you mean safe mode from grub or recovery from the live CD?00:16
sparkeh99cubexombi: if I go to ifconfig, it doesnt mention wlan0 at all00:16
AdemoSth0r: Safe mode from grub00:16
sparkeh99cubexombi: should it mention it there, or is there something Im missing00:16
twavisdegwethow do i achieve dual monitor support using ubuntu and an nvida graphics card.. the 2nd monitor just flashes00:16
AdemoSSlart, any luck with that grub log?00:16
Bakefysoundray, nevermind... its all better... my impatents.00:16
th0rSuperbike32 your pastebin shows no errors....don't see a problem00:16
SlartAdemoS: check out line 89.. # defoptions=quiet splash ... change that to # defoptions=quiet00:16
AdemoSSlart, alright00:16
david_I am still trying to figure out what you guys are saying00:17
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SlartAdemoS: then you run "sudo update-grub".. reboot.. and see if it works better00:17
neverbluetwavisdegwet, did you enable the restricted driver manager ?00:17
twavisdegwetyes theres only one there00:17
AdemoSSlart, will do, thanks for the help either way00:17
Slartdavid_: ok.. flash is broken at the moment.. it will be fixed sooner or later00:17
twavisdegwetand that's just nvida 3d support i don't need that till later00:17
tanalarkneverblue: It doesn't seem to want to recognize the partition i have set aside for linux installation00:17
th0rAdemoS if you look at /boot/grub/menu.lst you will be able to see the difference in the options between regular boot and safe mode. Create a third menu entry for experimenting...just copy the regular boot lines and change the name a little. Then take out the options one at a time until you find what is causing the problem.00:17
tanalarkI have a dual boot running XP, and a separate partition for "Storage".00:18
neverbluetanalark, when did you 'set it aside' ?00:18
SlartAdemoS: you're welcome00:18
AdemoSth0r: Hmmm, that sounds like a nice plan b. (though tedious) After I try Slarts idea, I'll move to that.00:18
tanalarkit just wants to install onto the Storage partition (sda 5) instead of the partitions i want it to go to..00:18
david_Oh you mean the flash downloadable through Synaptic package manager?00:18
cubexombisparkeh99 hmm... you may still need to modify that interface file "gksu gedit /etc/network/interfaces" and add a few lines00:18
ari_stressmorning everyone :D00:18
kandodoes anyone here have any SUCCESSFUL experience running solaris along w/ ubuntu?00:18
At0mic_PCAnyone good with gnome-obex-send?00:19
kandomaybe can give me a hand w/ this...i installed ubuntu first on one hd and solaris on another00:19
tanalarkbut when I try to configure it manually it won't work.. I tihnk maybe I'm using that utility incorrectly, but I don't know how to work with it.00:19
neverbluetwavisdegwet, so the nvidia driver is being used, now there are nvidia tools u can use to setup the duals, 'aptitude search nvidia' <-- use that command to install them00:19
kandosolaris grub wont properly load ubuntu00:19
WinShadeI'm running update manager. It tells me I have 149 updates (221.3 MB). I pressed install updates, and I've been waiting for a few hours now.. is there any progress bar or anything to see whats going on?00:19
AdemoSSlart, can I comment out the "splash" with # instead of deleting? or will that not work?00:19
orionrDoes anyone here know how to configure sendmail i have a question about it if you do.00:19
neverbluetanalark, answer my question please00:19
kandowinshade: should have a popup window and a progress bar yes00:19
chocosoli still cant resolve this printing problem. the printer (HP LaserJet 1018   USB) worked initially and then a few days ago it just stopped. I cant find any recorded errors. but I think this item from dmesh may be related to the problem00:19
Bakefyif I want to run a file server with webmin, do i just need lamp and samba, or should I install the DNS and the SSH00:19
tanalarkjust did00:19
ari_stressorionr: what about sendmail?00:19
chocosolroot@ChocoSolista:~# dmesg|tail00:19
chocosol[11317.371828] /build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: USB Bidirectional printer dev 10 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x03F0 pid 0x411700:19
chocosol[11390.613385] audit(1199837371.105:29):  type=1503 operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" name="/dev/tty" pid=7228 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd"00:19
chocosol[11390.643604] audit(1199837371.105:30):  type=1503 operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" name="/dev/tty" pid=7231 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd"00:19
SlartAdemoS: I don't think so.. just delete it.. I'll remember it if you want it back =) and you still have your old grub at the pastebin00:19
chocosol[11390.754899] /build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: removed00:20
chocosol[11401.647955] usb 5-4: usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd hp rqt 161 rq 1 len 1 ret -11000:20
Jack_Sparrowtanalark: what is the format of the partions you want to use?00:20
sparkeh99cubexombi: okay, but what do I put in there? , linux newbie here 8)00:20
th0rAdemoS I think you should take it out00:20
nickrudWinShade: there should be a triangle with details next to it, click the triangle00:20
AdemoSSlart, oh yeah...alright00:20
Pici!paste | chocosol00:20
ubotuchocosol: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:20
orionr!chocosol paste00:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chocosol paste - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:20
falloreanyone here knowledgeable concerning shrink to fit levi 501's? i figure it can't hurt to ask00:20
WinShadenada, none of that00:20
AdemoSTh0r: Okay, if I have your vote, I'll do it xD00:20
kandocan anyone help? solaris grub wont properly load ubuntu00:20
WinShadei think its frozen00:20
david_ Oh you mean the flash downloadable through Synaptic package manager is broken?00:20
WinShadeis there anyway to kill a process in ubuntu, i am newb00:20
tanalarkTanalark: neverblue: It doesn't seem to want to recognize the partition i have set aside for linux installation   it just wants to install onto the Storage partition (sda 5) instead of the partitions i want it to go to.. but when I try to configure it manually it won't work.. I tihnk maybe I'm using that utility incorrectly, but I don't know how to work with it.00:20
falloredavid_: yes, it is.00:20
soundrayfallore: try in #ubuntu-offtopic perhaps00:20
scguy318WinShade: kill PID00:20
chocosolso it appears that when I select the print test page , the usblp0 was then ditched. any ideas please00:20
At0mic_PCIf I issue "gnome-obex-send /home/atomic/Desktop/authority.mp3 -d=00:1E:8D:EA:CF:51" I can send a file to my phone. If I right click the file and select send and choose bluetooth my phones name isn't in the list. How can I get my phone in that list?00:20
fallorety soundray :]00:20
orionrari_stress: is all you have to change in the php.ini file is? tail -f /var/logm/maillog?00:20
WinShadehow would i look up PIDs?00:20
scguy318WinShade: ps -A00:20
david_Now I see what you mean thanks for telling me00:20
neverbluetanalark, please add my nick to any replies, as its difficult to pick them out of the rest of the posts in the room00:20
lime4x4how would i set a nvidia card to use 1366x768 60hz? in a 3 lcd panel setup?00:21
nickrudWinShade: sudo pkill update-manager00:21
orionrari_stress: i restarted apache but email isnt sending and i think it is just timming out00:21
Slartdavid_: yes.. the flash version that you download using synaptic.. the same one firefox tries to download .. that one is broken00:21
neverbluetanalark, when did you 'set it aside' ( the partiton -- using which tool) ?00:21
At0mic_PCgnome-obex-send %s will bring up a selector that has my old phone and my wifes old phone in it and refresh doesn't do anything.00:21
cubexombisparkeh99 http://pastebin.ca/84741400:21
WinShadeperfect hx00:21
judgenhow do i edit the items in the gnome meny?00:21
soundrayjudgen: use alacarte00:22
david_Slart why is it broken do you know?00:22
nickrudjudgen: right click applicatons, select edit00:22
sparkeh99cubexombi: okay, thanks I'll give that a try00:22
Jack_Sparrowdavid_: The link explains it... Adobe broke it00:22
neverblue!flash | david_00:22
ubotudavid_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:22
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.00:22
Slartdavid_: the flash package downloads something from the adobe site.. and the adobe people changed it.. so they have to adapt the package to the new adobe site.. or something like that00:22
tanalarkCap'n Jack, lemme look.  neverblue - I partitioned the drive when I first re-installed windows XP on my machine (onto a completely blank HDD) knowing that i would be installing some flavor of linux.00:22
tanalarki have the XP partition, a Linux partition, and a Storage partition.00:23
nickrudCaptain Jack?00:23
zcat[1]Adobe tried to change the binarys without telling anyone.. since we don't trust adobe (and rightly so) we md5sum their crap so they can't do this00:23
Jack_Sparrowtanalark: sudo fdisk -l00:23
neverbluetanalark, so the partition was setup during your windows install00:23
tanalarkthat was a play for Jack-sparrow00:23
cubexombisparkeh99 you may need to issue "sudo ifup wlan0" to activate the wifi for the first time00:23
shoeunitedI have a GeForce 6800, Intel P4 Prescott with 2 cores running @ 3.2 GHz, I've used Debian, Gentoo, and Ubuntu I use an infocus in76 with a DVI -> HDMI cable. I have tried all manner of nvidia drivers and I still get random freezes, most importantly in ubuntu I get random freezes when minimizing, I have tried disabling powernow tricks I've tried modifying xorg personally, I've switched back to metacity, I'm currently in XFCE4 and I00:23
shoeunited have just now updated to Gutsy proposed, and am still encountering random freezes which seem to be related to minimizing...00:23
Jack_Sparrownickrud: Tag00:23
shoeunitedplease help00:23
david_OK thanks alot for the explanation..00:23
fallorehaha zcat[1], what a surprise, i was here a day or two ago when you were complaining about them last time :]00:23
sparkeh99okay, will do that as well then00:23
AdemoSSlart, worked great...00:23
tanalarkneverblue - yes.  I subsequently set up the partitions as directed by PC LOS 2007 when I installed that OS00:23
zcat[1]hehe, yeah...00:23
tanalarkand it worked perfectly00:23
neverblueshoeunited, try in #nvidia00:23
nickrudJack_Sparrow: I'm a shirking squid, your tag means nothing :)00:23
judgennickrud, that wont let me edit the names and add more entries that is not listed by default00:23
shoeunitedok thy neverblue00:23
tanalarknow I'm trying to install Ubuntu over that install and i'm having trouble00:23
shoeuniteder thank you00:24
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Jack_Sparrowdavid_: The fix works fine for Firefox but if you can wait.. it is suggested that you do so00:24
cubexombisparkeh99, I gotta finish cooking but the rest you can grab from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo.00:24
zcat[1]well, people keep asking00:24
AdemoSSlart, but I'd prefer to have less text flying by. Now that we know the issue, can I fix the Splash? or perhaps replace it with a clean file?00:24
SlartAdemoS: ah.. told you the boot splash is a mean piece of software =)00:24
david_Does anyone know when they think it will be fixed?00:24
nickrudjudgen: you lost me there ...00:24
neverbluetanalark, now your issues are happening in the linux partition manager during your Ubuntu install ?00:24
AdemoSSlart, or, is there an alternative for the splash?00:24
chocosolyou can see my log from printing the test page as follows00:24
soundrayjudgen: System-Preferences-Main Menu00:24
chocosolD [09/Jan/2008:00:22:17 +0000] [Job 57] Renderer exit stat: 000:24
chocosolD [09/Jan/2008:00:22:17 +0000] [Job 57] Renderer process finished00:24
chocosolD [09/Jan/2008:00:22:17 +0000] [Job 57]00:24
chocosolD [09/Jan/2008:00:22:17 +0000] [Job 57] Closing foomatic-rip.00:24
chocosolD [09/Jan/2008:00:22:17 +0000] PID 7369 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip) exited with no errors.00:24
epsilonlyraehi people... an advice plz. I'm looking for configure an account for my child, something in on/off & game style, what's the best approach to do this... ?  sorry for this newby question but here I am :-)00:24
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:24
soldats!paste | chocosol00:24
ubotuchocosol: please see above00:24
judgennickrud, that menu editor only lets me select and deselect wich apps to show.. but i want to add xterm and konqueror to the menu00:24
tanalarkneverblue - yes.00:24
lime4x4http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51280/ here is acopy of my xorg file. i need monitor0 to use 1366X768 60 hz00:25
SlartAdemoS: I have no idea... I guess you can limit the amount of text you see.. perhaps there is an alternate boot splash.. I just never bothered00:25
AdemoSSlart, alright00:25
soundrayjudgen HELLO00:25
soundrayjudgen: System-Preferences-Main Menu00:25
Superbike32I need to get this to work... i posted on www.pastebin.com00:25
cubexombi<AdemoS> gksu gedit /etc/usplash.conf then edit the x,y to match your monitor resolution00:25
nickrudjudgen: press the new item button00:25
neverbluetanalark, what partition type are you attempting to install linux on ?00:25
tanalarkwhat's the sudo fdisk -l do?00:25
neverbluetanalark, try it :)00:25
AdemoScubexombi, hmm...yeah that might be it00:25
Slarttanalark: it prints out your partitions00:25
judgensoundray, i heard you, but i dont got that in my menu00:25
AdemoScubexombi, that makes sense actually.....I just changed from vga cable to dvi...00:25
Superbike32heres link of what i need help with http://pastebin.com/m10f42af000:25
tanalarkDisk /dev/sda: 120.0 GB, 120034123776 bytes00:26
tanalark255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 14593 cylinders00:26
tanalarkUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes00:26
tanalarkDisk identifier: 0xc8ccc8cc00:26
tanalark   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:26
tanalark/dev/sda1   *           1        3824    30716248+   7  HPFS/NTFS00:26
tanalark/dev/sda2            3825       14592    86493960    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)00:26
sparkeh99cubexombi: My network uses WPA2 TKIP encryption, do I have to specify that somewhere/somehow?00:26
tanalark/dev/sda5            5100       14592    76252491    7  HPFS/NTFS00:26
tanalark/dev/sda6            3825        4296     3791277   83  Linux00:26
tanalark/dev/sda7            4297        4425     1036161   82  Linux swap / Solaris00:26
tanalark/dev/sda8            4426        5099     5413873+  83  Linux00:26
eHomeis ubuntu good enough to setup apache2+php5+mysql5+openvpn+sftp ?00:26
Slarttanalark: if you are uncertain of a a command someone asks you to run.. check the man page00:26
Flare183!paste | tanalark00:26
ubotutanalark: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:26
judgenpleae dont flood00:26
tanalarkoh.. sorry!!00:26
tanalarkwon't do that again00:26
AdemoScubexombi, oh yeah and I've been using sudo instead of gksu in Gnome, is that dangerous or just looked down on?00:26
cubexombi<AdemoS> after you edit that then "sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu"00:26
manduskihey guys, does anyone have experience with NFS?00:26
tanalarkSlart; thanks00:26
Flare183i was about to get the admins00:26
scguy318eHome: it can, though it depends on your hardware probably00:26
SlartAdemoS: afaik it can be very very bad00:26
Flare183but nah00:26
orionrari_stress: Any idea?00:27
Superbike32ok, can anyone help me with this??? i cant figure out what to do... http://pastebin.com/m10f42af000:27
Jack_Sparrowtanalark: so ubuntu wants to install in 6 or 8?00:27
SlartAdemoS: bad as in "have to reinstall"-bad00:27
mannytutanalark: it is a web site that you paste to00:27
eHomescguy318: thanks00:27
cubexombiADemos, depends, gedit isn't going to make your system barf or anything,00:27
manduskii followed directions from http://czarism.com/easy-peasy-ubuntu-linux-nfs-file-sharing and it keeps giving me "permission denied"00:27
cizarrany clue how to bypass fsck at startup(after grub)?00:27
scguy318cizarr: why bypass?00:27
tanalarkJack: wants to install in 500:27
tanalarkwhich I definitely don't waant00:27
shoeunitedcizarr, it checks to make sure your discs are ok.00:27
cubexombisparkeh99, you'll probably be best to just "make sure it works" with out first then re-enable it slowly00:28
cizarrscguy318: it keeps freezing00:28
Slartcizarr: you can configure that in /etc/fstab I think.. one of the numbers after the mounting info means if the drive is to be checked at boot00:28
AdemoScubexombi, alright, well I've been using sudo for everything till now, with no issues till I switced monitor cables xD00:28
sparkeh99well, back in a while, hopefully back on here from ubuntu ^^00:28
soundraycizarr: 'touch /fastboot' skips fsck at the next boot. You should have a good reason, though00:28
shoeunitedcizarr, The 5th column 1 means check 0 means don't check.00:28
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: Dangerous00:28
SlartAdemoS: it's not bad all the time.. but I guess it will chose it's timing.. that last day before you have to turn in your thesis.. that's when it will get you =)00:28
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, everyone says that, but why?00:28
manduskihey anyone familiar with NFS?00:29
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: It can mess up your permissions and cause endless heartache00:29
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soundray!nfs > manduski, please read the private message from ubotu00:29
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, hahahaha heartache? Hmmm, well alright I'll use gksu instead, it's just a hassle to remember00:29
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, any way you could explain what permissions it can mess up, or why it can?00:29
cubexombiwell .. I really gotta go cook now.. AdemoS - http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3568252#post3568252 ---> where I found the usplash fix00:29
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: Like slart said...  You can get away with it for awhile.. than when you least expect it...00:30
scguy318AdemoS: the real problem is being root for something you shouldn't need root for00:30
AdemoScubexombi, thanks, enjoy the food00:30
neverbluelater all00:30
neverbluegood luck00:30
cubexombiwill do ..00:30
tanalarkthanks, neverblue.. later00:30
scguy318AdemoS: kinda like running XP as admin all the time00:30
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: LEt me see if I can find the tutorial on why...00:30
AdemoSscguy318, >_> <_< Well I did that with WinXP, but I don't use it anymore :p00:30
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, thanks00:30
xobiusAnybody have used apt-build in AMD64 ?00:30
astro76!gksu | AdemoS00:31
ubotuAdemoS: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:31
cizarri see, but still, cant get into any terminal... it keeps freeze in the fsck. isnt there any command to add into grub just to skip it?00:31
AdemoSaha astro76 I like that site, thanks00:31
scguy318cizarr: well, why is it freezing at fsck? and how? are you being dropped to a shell?00:31
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo00:31
scguy318cizarr: I would be concerned about the integrity of your data if fsck is freezing00:32
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, thanks but astro76 beat you with his bot-usage xD00:32
RyanT5000is it possible to install just a single package from hardy heron on gutsy?00:32
jcg42I changed my mouse cursor but it's only different in Firefox.00:32
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: The link has what I think is a better explanation, with examples etc00:32
cizarrscguy318: while scanning, it just stuck... and i've been working with ubuntu for weeks without any problem... i use Laptop if it matter something00:33
bluefox83RyanT5000, you could, but it's not a good idea00:33
AdemoS<astro76> !gksu | AdemoS00:33
AdemoS<ubotu> AdemoS: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:33
RyanT5000bluefox83: it's just a compiler (haxe, to be specific)00:33
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, but I appericate the help either way00:33
tanalarkso any ideas on the best way to go about getting Ubuntu to recognize that i already haave some nice partitions set aside and just waiting for it?00:33
RyanT5000not gcc or anything00:33
tanalark(but that it just happens to have PCLOS on it atm?)00:33
Jack_SparrowAdemoS: SIlly me they added the same one I used.00:33
auskadiim havin a firefox problem its not loading graphics at all - any ideas?00:33
scguy318cizarr: well, can you boot to a LiveCD of some sort and perform the fsck there? or better yet, make a backup00:34
Doonzwhats the command to del a directory?00:34
Jack_Sparrowauskadi: Do you mean it does not load flash video, or no graphics at all?00:34
enr1xhi guys! good night!00:34
cizarri think thats what i gonna do scguy318. thanks! :)00:34
astro76Doonz: if it's empty, rmdir, otherwise rm -r00:34
Superbike32hey guys00:34
enr1xa friend of mine has a problem with his media device when using it with ubuntu00:34
AeleonHey guys, I'm still trying to set up this VPN.00:35
auskadiJack_Sparrow, no raphics at all - i ahve to run gmail in a no graphics mode just text00:35
Superbike32how can i run something under root?00:35
chocosolplease help with this possibly usb problem with this hp printer http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51284/00:35
astro76Doonz: rm -r works if it's empty too ;)00:35
enr1xalthought he can copy files with windows, the device gets disconnected when trying to transfer any files with nautilus00:35
AeleonI think I've sorted it out server-side, and I think I've sorted it out Vista-side, but when I go to connect, vista says the server isn't responding. Where do I begin?00:35
Superbike32how do i run something under root?00:35
soundrayastro76: rm -r works on non-empty directories these days00:35
Jack_Sparrowauskadi: I hate to ask.. but have you ever run automatix.. or envy scripts00:35
enr1xcould this be an udev thingy? mounting it manualy doesnt work either00:35
Slart!sudo | Superbike3200:35
auskadino Jack_Sparrow00:35
ubotuSuperbike32: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.00:35
auskadigaleon works fine00:36
Jack_Sparrowauskadi: HAve you tried any other browsers?00:36
BachiirI'm having a really hard time getting DVDs to play on my new ubuntu system. Could anyone give me any advice on this?00:36
Rufushow can I un-install a program through the terminal?00:36
auskadiJack_Sparrow, yes galeon is fin00:36
scguy318!dvd | Bachiir00:36
ubotuBachiir: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:36
scguy318Bachiir: if your DVD is CSS protected you need libdvdcss200:36
Jack_Sparrowauskadi: You beat me to it..   Did you manually upgrade firefox..?00:36
SlartRufus: sudo apt-get remove packagename00:36
enr1xRufus: apt-get remove (name of the program)00:36
xiodioxiderwould like some help with my ATi drivers and Wine, i got the drivers to work, still glxinfo | grep rendering = no accuers.00:37
Tigerplugany advice on getting my CUBE working00:37
auskadiim also just trying flock00:37
Jack_SparrowTigerplug: Try #Compiz... make sure you installed ccsm...00:37
TigerplugI can't get it working - ctrl *alt*right arrow00:37
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion00:37
TigerplugJack_sparrow yup I have installed CCSM00:38
jshriverwhat group is apache? I have some files I need apache to be able to write to in /var/www00:38
auskadiJack_Sparrow, flock is ok, i wanted to remove firefox and reinastall but if i do that everything else associated goes as well00:38
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, astro76 hahah "But gksudo sometimes gives me an error... even though it appears to work...00:38
AdemoSYou may notice that even though gksudo is the proper way to launch graphical applications, if you launch a gksudo application it will sometimes give you what appears to be an error. This, for example:"00:38
AdemoSJack_Sparrow, But I'll still use it00:38
TigerplugBut I can't see the full cube00:38
scguy318Tigerplug: I thought the rotate cube was activated with Ctrl+Alt+Button1, or did you remap it?00:38
Jack_SparrowTigerplug: clrt-alt left shift and move mouse00:38
Tigerplugwhats button1?00:38
auskadiJack_Sparrow, how can i remove it without taking galeon flash etc etc with it?00:38
scguy318Tigerplug: left mouse button00:38
scguy318Tigerplug: that's if the rotate cube plugin is activated of course00:38
Jack_Sparrowauskadi: can you use synaptic and tag it for reinstall.00:39
auskadiill try that00:39
Tigerplugyup that works00:39
scguy318auskadi: or use aptitude reinstall ...00:39
Tigerplugbut I only have two desktops00:39
enr1xcan someone figure out why this device gets disconnected?00:39
scguy318Tigerplug: well, then increase the number of workspaces you have00:39
auskadiscguy318,  im an apt man normally00:39
EvaLuaTehow to downgrade the version of a currently installed program please ?00:39
scguy318auskadi: aptitude is an APT frontend...:P00:39
judgenhow do i change languages of the gnome interface?00:39
sllhi! it's possible install ubuntu with a flashdrive from ubuntu minimal image?00:40
tanalark:(  now when I try to install, it's saying that Language failed with exit code 2.00:40
Jack_Sparrowscguy318: Thanks.. didnt mean left shift.. left mouse button...00:40
judgensll, yes00:40
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:40
sllwow ;)00:40
scguy318Jack_Sparrow: np00:40
Jack_SparrowTigerplug: #Compiz can show you how to add workspaces and do lots more00:40
TigerplugJack_sparrow - Thanks - I'll take a look00:40
Jack_Sparrow!install > sll00:41
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Ashes(Aeleon) Hey guys, I'm still trying to set up this VPN. (Aeleon) I think I've sorted it out server-side, and I think I've sorted it out Vista-side, but when I go to connect, vista says the server isn't responding. Where do I begin?00:41
AdemoSHah that explains the issue00:41
AdemoS"(gksu:7397): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory scalable/places/22 of theme black-white_2-Vista_big has no size field00:41
themoebiushey can anyone help me with mod_rewrite rules?00:42
dwxreapersometimes when I use xming to use x-windows. and i'm on my windows box, pulling up gui software like wireshark on my client00:42
sll Jack_Sparrow: !install?00:42
dwxreapersomething happens and it messes, up, also if i change user, it won't kick back the x gui program to my windows client00:42
EvaLuaTehow to downgrade the version of a currently installed program (gcc) please ?00:42
dwxreaper(like now), how do i fix this00:43
tanalarkthat's a huge paste of the syslog that it says has more information about the exit code 2 failure of language on the installation attempt00:43
Jack_Sparrowsll: That should have given you a link on the different ways to install ubuntu including usb00:43
th0rdwxreaper if you log into linux like that I don't think you can change users without exiting and logging in as the new user00:43
tanalark!install > tanalark00:44
Jack_Sparrowsll: Also see pendrivelinux.com00:45
apocalypt1why is it that both gnome and kde can figure out multiple desktops, and yet UIs that people are actually paid to develop doesnt have them? its one of the many things that made me stay with linux.00:46
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
th0rapocalypt1 actually windows has one in the powertoys available off the MS site...but that is offtopic00:47
apocalypt1i know its sort of off topic, but nothing is going on anyway and i thought the great ubuntu community may have some insight00:47
tanalarkanyone with some ideas on fixing this?00:47
xTheGoat121xI've got an interesting situation.  A friend of mine has a Gateway W323-UI1... and he's got major video problems.00:48
auskadiJack_Sparrow, same problem ..... ill keep playing00:48
iCEiferanyone know how to get the ccsm with ubuntu feisty 7.04?  or how can I configure compiz under 7.04?00:48
tanalarknow when I try to install, it's saying that Language failed with exit code 2.00:48
apocalypt1th0r: im glad they do, i didnt know that. in that case im going back to windows.00:48
apocalypt1th0r: joking, of course00:48
Jack_Sparrowtanalark: No idea...  are you selecting a different language other than english... did you have the cd doa self test for errors?00:48
tanalarkI tested the CD first off...00:48
tanalarkand it didn't have this problem last night.00:48
tanalarkis it possible that the problem is that I'm running programs while trying to install?00:49
=== Ashes is now known as Aeleon-2
Aeleon-2Can you guys see me?00:49
tanalarknope. :)00:49
Aeleon-2(Aeleon) I'm trying to set up a VPN between my ubuntu box in the US, and my laptop here in the UK. I think I've sorted out the pptpd server in the US,00:49
Aeleon-2(00:34:17) (Aeleon) And I think I sorted out the VPN connection properly using windows' connection set-up, but when I go to connect, it says the server isn't responding. Where do I begin?00:49
tanalark(that was to Aeolon-2)00:49
AKWINwhere's Aeleon-2 at?00:49
apocalypt1Aeleon-2: i can00:49
judgeneven though i have removed the language i cant get it to put english in the menus.. how annoying.00:49
dwxreaperth0r: sometimes it doesnt work for the same user (pulling up gui software like wireshark, from xming)00:49
* Aeleon-2 waves her hands in the air frantically.00:49
judgenkde is soo much easier to conf00:49
OnyxAnyone know what weather app this is running in the top right corner?  http://img224.imageshack.us/my.php?image=obss2bc5.png00:49
xTheGoat121xEverytime the computer boots to the GDM, we get a warning about how X is running on another display.00:49
Jack_Sparrowtanalark: Cant hurt to shut them down and try it.. but that should not be the issue.00:49
tanalarkinstalling in English.00:50
tanalarkand it didn't give me this problem last night00:50
tanalarkI know for certain that the file's good... write's good...00:50
tanalarkeverything ought to be in order.00:50
judgeni did install in english and i added another language. it took control of i all tanalark00:50
AKWINi'm currently testing an ircd, on, can you verify that it works? Chan #main00:50
th0rdwxreaper I haven't had occasion to use xming much, but did use it a little while and have had no  problems with it. I do have some friends who access my server (Texas) from Ireland and Colorado and they use it all the time without problems. You might check on the version of Xming and support libs...make sure everything is up to date00:51
judgentanalark, even though i have removed that language, i still have the same problem.00:51
Aeleon-2Help on making my vpn work? I don't know where to start.00:51
CrAzY-181hi guys, i have a zboard with wow keyser is there a way to set this up to work with wine?00:51
tanalarkjudgen: the problem is that it's doing some sort of failure with an exit code 200:51
tanalarkit gives me the option to continue anyway...00:51
LeviathNLMy quit-applet does a instant logout when I click it (gnome) instead of giving me several options, does anyone have any idea how to trace the problem?00:51
tanalarkwould I be wasting my time to do that?00:51
pdenapoHi, I want to ask a question: when I do "apt-get update" I get a message "Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-security/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch"00:52
pdenapoIs there anything I can do about it?00:52
yahoo354i just got bug problem ,install kde on ubuntu and now every thing has change even my startup show that i have kubuntu00:52
yahoo354please help00:52
scguy318!usplash | yahoo35400:52
ubotuyahoo354: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork00:52
Starnestommyyou still have ubuntu00:52
BachiirAlright, the DVDs play now, but the playback is jerky and skippy and the colors are all messed up. Anyone know what might be wrong here?00:52
th0rpdenapo you can delete that repo from the list. that message just means the server didn't respond. Might be a permanent problem or a temp one00:52
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: did you install kubuntu-desktop00:52
scguy318Bachiir: try mplayer or VLC00:53
BachiirUsing VLC.00:53
LjLth0r: wha? delete the security repo from the list? and uhm, are you sure that message means it didn't respond?00:53
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: Where you login, you have an options tab to select gnome or kde00:53
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: i just intall kubuntu desktop i think or kde i dont remember and every thing has gone to kubuntu00:53
scguy318Bachiir: anything of interest in VLC messages?00:53
Aeleon-2Bachiir - that sounds to me like a videocard issue.00:53
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: yes and i chose gnome and it work but when i chose kde it fail to login00:54
bildpunktcan somebody tell me where i can report a bug quickly?00:54
LjL!bug > bildpunkt    (bildpunkt, see the private message from Ubotu)00:54
scguy318!bugs | bildpunkt00:54
ubotubildpunkt: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:54
th0rLjL it usually means the server is down temporarily. But the only way he is going to get rid of that error...other than waiting for the server to come back online, is going to be to delete the repo. I didn't say it was a good solution...but it is the only way to avoid that error immediately00:54
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: Did you perhaps try to install KDE4?  and not kubuntu-desktop?00:54
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: the big problem is i have ubuntu and in startup it show kubuntu00:54
wweaselI'm having trouble configuring NVidia TV Out: anyone got a useful factoid or a helping hand? I simply can't figure out the proper xorg.conf settings and NVidia's GUI setup isn't worth a damn00:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug: DVDNAV_HIGHLIGHT00:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug:      - display=100:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug:      - buttonN=400:54
Bachiirmain debug: crop: 434,239,72,35, palette forced: 100:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug: buttonUpdate 400:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug: DVDNAV_HIGHLIGHT00:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug:      - display=100:54
Bachiirdvdnav debug:      - buttonN=600:54
Bachiirmain debug: crop: 441,285,64,31, palette forced: 100:54
th0rBachiir please don't do that\00:54
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: is there any way that i can uninestall all the stuff connected to kde and kubuntu desktop00:55
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: YEs, it does change the startup screen00:55
LjL!tv out > wweasel00:55
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:55
AKWINhttp:// testing a remote desktop utility too! it's java powered00:55
AKWINoh no00:55
scguy318Bachiir: the pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org00:56
AdemoSI can't seem to get the splash back00:56
AKWINi'm outta here00:56
wweaselLjL: better to avoid TwinView?00:56
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop00:56
BachiirThat's what the VLC messages are telling me. Not sure what it means00:57
th0rAdemoS just add 'splash' to the end of the 'kernel' line in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:57
UltraNavWhere can I download the background image from xubuntu and debian ? - don't want to install the whole OS...00:57
frilleI correctly forewarded my port for azureus, and sometimes the NAT is fine, but now it says that I am firewalled and my port cannot be reached. Why does this happen?00:57
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: and i have delet all the kubuntu stuff from repositories but still have problem00:57
evil_techanyone have ubuntu installed on an it8212 or via fasttrack 579 ide controller?00:57
queuetueWhat does it mean when I start an install, the "ubuntu booting" screen comes up with the %bar, and then instead of launching the installer, it brings me to the console, with a busybox header at an (initramfs) prompt?00:58
AdemoSth0r: Oooh I added it in the wrong place00:58
tanalarkgoing to try to install without progs running00:58
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: i have check synoptic and kubuntu-desktop is not installed00:58
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: What problem is that.. just the startup screen or?00:58
AdemoSth0r: and how do I reload it or whaterver?00:58
Hammer89Hello. Trying to install Ubuntu dual boot with Vista... I have the installation program open from the liveCD... but the migration assistant isn't finding Vista... any thoughts on what I should do?00:58
IndyGunFreakUltraNav: they might be on gnome-look.org and xfce-look.org00:58
scguy318queuetue: it means you should try booting with all_generic_ide, one of the possible solutions00:58
th0rAdemoS it should be read at next boot00:58
AdemoSth0r: great, will try00:58
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: no in application all the kubuntu program are there00:58
scguy318Bachiir: hmm, dunno, try mplayer00:59
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: when i open app there is konsole ,terminal ,ark and so on00:59
queuetuescguy318, I enter that at the intiramfs prompt, or somewhere at the boot selection screen?00:59
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: That should have uninstalled the entire meta-package...00:59
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: what should i do to make it work00:59
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: One sec..00:59
Hammer89**tries again** Trying to install Ubuntu dual boot with Vista... I have the installation program open from the liveCD... but the migration assistant isn't finding Vista... any thoughts on what I should do?01:00
scguy318queuetue: kernel boot option, F6 at isolinux boot screen01:00
BachiirOkay, in mplayer, the playback is smooth, but the colors are still messed up01:00
queuetuescguy318, Just add it at then end of the boot line?01:01
scguy318Hammer89: Ubiquity may not support Vista migration, not totally sure on that, but you'll still be able to dual-boot if you've selected the right options01:01
scguy318queuetue: yeah01:01
BachiirEverything is tinted blue it seems01:01
queuetueBefore the --, I assume.01:01
scguy318queuetue: sure01:02
Hammer89scguy318: I'm pretty certain I've read that it should show up...01:02
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: Were you in the gnome desktop when you uninstalled kubuntu-desktop?01:02
th0ryahoo354 to get back the gnome login screen change the file /etc/X11/default-display-manager. Change /usr/bin/kdm to /usr/sbin/gdm01:02
AdemoSTh0r: Back to not booting >_>01:02
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: yes01:02
AdemoSTh0r: My splash must still be broken, any ideas?01:02
scguy318Hammer89: as I said, not totally sure01:02
sparkehcubexombi gone?01:02
Hammer89scguy318: okay01:02
AdemoSTh0r: I fixed the screen resolution01:02
Flare183where is the qt3 folder at?01:03
th0rAdemoS not really. I agree with the other guy...splash is a pain and not work the headache01:03
yahoo354th0r: sorry i dont know what do u mean01:03
Jack_Sparrowyahoo354: I am at a loss as to why the entire meta was not removed...  Someone may have an answer01:03
AdemoSth0r: Alright, text-flying-by it is01:03
BachiirOther videos have done this as well. Does anyone have any idea what's making my videos tinted blue?01:03
AdemoSth0r: Thanks for your help guys01:03
queuetuescguy318, If this works, will I need to add all_generic_ide to all boot stanzas after the install, or is it install-specific?01:03
th0ryahoo354 have you logged out and back in after removing the package? and when you logged back in, did you change the Session to 'gnome'?01:03
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow: ok thanks do you think if i installed and uninstalled again it work?01:04
fougdoes anyone here use Create Torrent?01:04
scguy318queuetue: probably just for the LiveCD01:04
yahoo354th0r: yes i have also reset the system 10 times01:04
FlintPearceSo Adobe Flash 9 is broken correct? And I need to wait for Hardy Heron until its fixed?01:04
yahoo354th0r: and also all the time change the session to gnome but still have most of kubuntu application in gnome01:05
PurpZeYFlintPearce: Last I heard, it wasn't until Hardy...but, until it was fixed.01:05
PiciFlintPearce: No, you need to wait until the devs figure out how to fix it.01:05
fougDoes anyone here know how to create a .torrent? creatorrent isn't installing for me01:05
UltraNav IndyGunFreak: nice sites, but stuff not found. thanks anyway.01:05
PiciFlintPearce: Its not just a simple md5 hash update, the contents of the package were changed in a way that made it non-installable properly.01:05
FlintPearceAh right thanks. It's a annoying problem seeing as I have to keep going back to Vista to watch youtube video's and such.01:05
scguy318!brokenflash | FlintPearce01:06
ubotuFlintPearce: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.01:06
scguy318FlintPearce: if that matters01:06
shadowhywindhay all I am running fiesty on a powerpook g3, and can't get the sleep/hibernation to work, anyone have any ideas?01:06
IndyGunFreakUltraNav: what exactly are you looking for?01:06
fougDoes anyone here know how to create a .torrent? creatorrent isn't installing for me01:06
queuetueNow, it results in a screen with scrambled graphics, and appears to be locked up.  Is there a textmode install available?01:06
FlintPearcescguy318:  Thanks01:06
yahoo354th0r: any idea ?01:06
PurpZeYqueuetue: There is an alternate install CD...01:07
AdemoSSo in terms of NetworkManager applet, is there anyway to lock it on one wifi hotspot? Because it keeps jumping to a bad spot01:07
queuetuePurpZeY, Thanks.01:07
IndyGunFreakUltraNav: which debian wallpaper do you want?  I might have it.01:07
scguy318queuetue: yes, the alternate install CD or a net boot01:07
AdemoSI tried using manual instead of roaming, but it won't connect then01:07
th0ryahoo354 not really. I agree with Jack that removing the meta package should have removed all the kde stuff01:07
scguy318queuetue: see !install01:07
PurpZeYAdemoS: Turn off "roaming" and use manual01:07
AHAoops, wrong channel01:07
th0ryahoo354 I would go into synaptic and remove all the kde packages that are marked installed01:07
yahoo354th0r: ok thanks01:07
AdemoSPurpZeY, WiCD works fine, but it's non-standard and if I upgrade, could cause issues01:07
scguy318queuetue: with the Live CD you could also test safe graphics if you haven't already with that boot option01:08
queuetueWhoops, gave up too soon - gnome just came up while I was searching for alternate CD. :)01:08
yahoo354th0r: just type kde in synoptic ?01:08
th0ryahoo354 just a sec01:08
IndyGunFreakqueuetue: lol, i prefer the alt. install CD, seems to go faster to me.01:08
queuetueWell, brown screen came up anyway - this seems t e going very slow.01:08
Tigerplugis there an issue with checkgmail?01:08
PurpZeYAdemoS: That's the only way I know how to do it.01:08
queuetueIndyGunFreak, I prefer textmode installs, as well.  But I'm sure it scares 'switchers' :)01:08
IndyGunFreakqueuetue: probably01:09
backgenhey does anyone know if it's possible to install WoW on linux?01:09
scguy318!wine | backgen01:09
ubotubackgen: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.01:09
fougbackgen: yes, through WINE01:09
IndyGunFreakTigerplug: you can use mail-notification, and set it to watch your gmail account, it works perfectly01:09
fougbackgen: it's easy, and for me i got more FPS than i did under windows01:09
Tanalarkok... back01:09
BachiirNobody has any idea what might be causing the colors in movies and dvds to be messed up? The people look like smurfs... I can't watch movies like this >.<01:09
backgenis wine easy to use though?01:09
th0ryahoo354 on the left side of synaptic is a window where you can choose thekde desktop, then view what is instlaled on the right side01:09
Tanalarkso... the error 2 was corrected.01:09
Tanalarkstill having problems with the whole install over PCLOS thing though01:09
squarebracketI want to set the hotkey for show the desktop to be Super+D (Win+D), but when i hit the super key in the keyboard shorcuts preference dialog, I get "Super L" and no other key I press. Is there a config file I can edit to override this?01:09
smartboyathomeI was wondering how to set up Samba on my laptop so I could access it from vista01:10
PurpZeYsquarebracket: gconfeditor I believe01:10
scguy318!samba | smartboyathome01:10
ubotusmartboyathome: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:10
th0rsmartboyathome install swat...it will make configuring samba MUCH easier01:10
IndyGunFreakUltraNav: what exactly are you looking for?... i have several debian wallpapers.01:10
yahoo354th0r: any thing relate with it unistalled?01:10
smartboyathomeok, thanks th0r01:11
frilleI correctly forewarded my port for azureus, and sometimes the NAT is fine, but now it says that I am firewalled and my port cannot be reached. Why does this happen?01:11
th0ryahoo354 yes...if you want to get rid of kde completely uninstall anything that is still marked installed01:11
threefcatahi, which is the better way to install thunderbird? from the source or download a deb?01:11
scguy318probably the latter01:11
yahoo354th0r: thanks a lot let me do it and i tell you the result01:11
IndyGunFreakthreefcata: neither, install it frmo the repositories01:11
scguy318or that :)01:11
BachiirNevermind. I got it. The hue was set to -100 by default.01:11
squarebracketPurpZeY, do you the path where i could find it?01:11
PurpZeYI was thinking about sharing my laptop and my desktop....I want access to the NTFS partitions on my desktop....(my mp3s)...They are on the same network, is Samba still the way to go, or is there some file-sharing system that is better Ubuntu<-->Ubuntu?01:12
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Alt-f201:12
scguy318Bachiir: interesting :P01:12
Tanalarkok... so, I'm trying to install ubuntu 7.10 over my PCLOS installation, but I'm stuck on the "Prepare Partitions" screen.  The only one that wants to use to install by guided install is sda5, and that's my storage partition.01:12
yahoo354Jack_Sparrow:thanks for ur help01:12
threefcataIndyGunFreak, but there are a bunch of thunderbirds..01:12
squarebracketPurpZeY, oh, as a command. it's not found.01:12
scguy318PurpZeY: Samba does the job too, but NFS is preferred in native *nix environment01:12
IndyGunFreakthreefcata: is there some feature you must have thats not in the version in the repos?01:13
IndyGunFreakthreefcata: just sudo apt-get install thunderbird, and it should install just fine.01:13
th0rPurpZeY I found samba my best bet01:13
rikkimaruI have a Reclusa keyboard.  Is there any way to get the volume knob to be show up as a key?01:13
Tanalark(I'm on a dual boot XP macine with an XP partition, a linux partition, and a storage partition.)01:13
PurpZeYscguy318: is NFS GUI? would it enable me to read the files of the NTFS partition...e.g. to play my mp3s?01:13
wersI am going to bring my lappy to the webcam store later to find out what works and buy it. what things should I have installed to be ready?01:13
wersis there a webcam driver package?01:13
mafubuntufolks... only one user of my system has no title bar for my apps. ... Im trying to config System >> Preferences >> Windows... but no success... got an error saying: theres no window manager blablablabbla... but Im using gnome... could you help me?01:13
werscan I test my webcam with kopete even if I'm offline?01:13
PurpZeYsquarebracket: gconf-editor01:13
scguy318PurpZeY: as GUI as Samba :P01:13
th0rPurpZeY you can't use nfs to share with windows unless you install unix support in windows...use samba and keep life simple01:14
FlintPearceanyone recommend an iso program apart from ISOrecorder and Infrarecorder?01:14
root__what is the command for remove something in a directory to an other.01:14
IndyGunFreak!webcam | wers01:14
ubotuwers: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:14
th0rPurpZeY and for a gui to config samba install swat01:14
scguy318FlintPearce: I like CDBurnerXP01:14
squarebracketPurpZeY, ah, thanks!01:14
PurpZeYth0r: But, the host computer is ubuntu01:14
Tanalarkanyone? :)01:14
th0rPurpZeY right...but you said you wanted to access the shares from a windows computer, right?01:14
scguy318th0r: Ubuntu <--> Ubuntu he said I think01:15
rikkimaruI have a Reclusa keyboard.  Is there any way to get the volume knob to be show up as a key?01:15
PurpZeYth0r: No, my desktop is primarily Ubuntu 99% of the time it's Ubuntu...But my mp3s are on a windows partition01:15
squarebrackethey on the subject of samba vs nfs, how come there's no NFS option in places-->connect to server?01:15
th0rPurpZeY  ah...ok...I knew I saw an ntfs in there somewhere01:15
FlintPearceThis is super weird01:15
threefcataIndyGunFreak, i got this after run the command Package thunderbird is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:16
threefcataThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or01:16
threefcatais only available from another source01:16
threefcataE: Package thunderbird has no installation candidate01:16
th0rPurpZeY  I do have an ntfs share in samba, but have never used nfs so can't speak to that01:16
scguy318threefcata: check your Software Sources01:16
FlintPearceDoes anyone know what the hell is going on? My friend downloaded both 64-bit and 32-bit 7.10 .iso..... Everytime he boots with the cd's it asks him for a password and username with a counter01:16
PurpZeYth0r: Basically, I want to play my mp3s on my laptop...Both machines are Ubuntu, but the mp3s are on an NTFS partition, (that is setup to be read on Ubuntu)01:16
scguy318threefcata: make sure universe is enabled01:16
squarebracketPurpZeY, thanks by the way :)01:16
Pici!find thunderbird01:16
ubotuFound: mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail, thunderbird-locale-be, thunderbird-locale-bg, thunderbird-locale-ca, thunderbird-locale-cs (and 36 others)01:16
IndyGunFreakthreefcata: then you're not typing the proper package name, i'm sure thunderbird is in the rpos.e01:16
PurpZeYsquarebracket: No worries.01:16
IndyGunFreakthreefcata: see above, sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird will probably do it.01:16
carl_I need some help here01:17
WindowSmasherHello all01:17
scguy318FlintPearce: session crashing on startup?01:17
PurpZeYSo, final determination, Ubuntu-to-Ubuntu but to access an NTFS partition, NFS or SAMBA?01:18
scguy318threefcata: thunderbird exists as a package, mozilla-thunderbird is just a transitional package01:18
Tanalarkanybody for help on install?01:18
FlintPearcescguy318:  Its just weird. He tries to run the live cd. But it goes onto the desktop and 3 seconds later screen goes blank and goes back to the log in screen. We have tried diff iso programs and different cd's and 32-bit / 64-bit. Stil does it01:18
scguy318PrupZeY: both will do01:18
th0rPurpZeY so long as you are sticking linux-linux nfs should be fine. But if you introduce a windows box...samba is a must01:18
pvl1anyone know of a good transparency app, other then transset?01:18
PurpZeY!ask | Tanalark01:18
squarebracketPurpZeY, if you're going to be running windows even sporadically, it would make sense to leave it samba just to save yourself any potential hassle01:18
ubotuTanalark: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:18
scguy318FlintPearce: that means for some reason your session is crashing01:18
carl_I got gdesklets installed but when I launch it I get just a black box and have to force wuit how do I fix that or wut is the problem01:18
wersanyone here tried skype beta with webcam support?01:19
scguy318threefcata: check your repo01:19
th0rwers yup01:19
PurpZeYth0r, squarebracket: I never run windows. . .Is NFS easy to use, e.g. GUIfied?01:19
Tanalark Tanalark: ok... so, I'm trying to install ubuntu 7.10 over my PCLOS installation, but I'm stuck on the "Prepare Partitions" screen.  The only one that wants to use to install by guided install is sda5, and that's my storage partition01:19
newcomerPurpZeY, doesn't matter what filesystem your partition has. As long as it is mounted.01:19
wersth0r, can you see your contacts webcam too or can you simply upload your webcam image?01:19
th0rPurpZeY never used nfs...always set up for a mixed network even if I didn't have to01:19
scguy318FlintPearce: perhaps try safe graphics mode or alternate install CD (or other options in !install)01:19
wersi can't see my contact's webcam even if they start it01:19
th0rwers it works both ways for me01:19
Tanalark(I'm on a dual boot XP macine with an XP partition, a linux partition, and a storage partition.)01:19
PurpZeYnewcomer: Ok, that was definitely part of the question. Good to know.01:19
FlintPearcescguy318:  He is trying to run the LiveCD to access his files on his c:/ (his windows got system32 screw up) and copy to a pen drive. Then install linux ontop but its just getting anywhere.01:19
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.01:20
newcomerPurpZeY, now use NFS. haven't used it before01:20
Avinash_linguys can someone throw light on intel GMA X3100 drivers for ubuntu01:20
Avinash_linand installation01:20
scguy318FlintPearce: has he tried booting in safe graphics mode?01:20
FlintPearcescguy318:  nope but I shall tell me to try01:20
wersth0r, my webcam doesn't start. I guess, there's a compatibility issue but I see no reason why I can't see my contact's webcam. Is there somethingi that i have to switch on to see their webcams?01:21
FlintPearceI mean i shall tell him*01:21
T1m0thyI used 7zip to extract a .zip, and it extracted all of the files, but only about 400 MB of the .iso that is supposed to be about 2.5 GB... Is this archive messed up or is it working or what?01:21
iCEiferhow can I stop a program that starts running itself on boot? right now I can stop it using sudo /etc/init.d/blah stop but I want it to never load by itself?01:21
th0rwers not as far as I know. I was surprised that skype worked...it is about the only thing that I found that worked with the built in cam on my toshiba01:21
scguy318iCEifer: System -> Admin -> Services perhaps01:22
IndyGunFreakT1m0thy: sounds like something isn't right.01:22
sfearswhen i boot up it freezes at "loading unix printing services cupsd" i don't even have a printer hooked up. does anyone know how to disable this so i can boot correctally01:22
wersth0r, you immediately saw your contact's webcam when he/she activated it?01:22
T1m0thyIndyGunFreak, it came out to 0 kb with every other program, so I thought that maybe it has something to do with options or the program I am using..01:22
queuetue7.10 is stable, right?  I've used every Ubuntu so far, and never had an install go south like this.01:22
th0rwers no...I received an invite to accept their video01:23
th0rwers I have only used it once or twice...but that is how I remember it01:23
IndyGunFreakT1m0thy: maybe, i really don't know.. never had that problem01:23
scguy318queuetue: yeah, but not as stable as we'd all like :(01:23
th0rwers when you're as ugly as I am...webcam isn't an issue01:23
T1m0thyOkay, thanks IndyGunFreak.01:23
pvl1are there any good transparency apps? or can i configure gnome or xorg to do it custom for specific windows?01:24
iCEiferscguy318, nah, it's not there01:24
wersth0r, lol. I never got the invite :(01:24
scguy318iCEifer: then I dunno then :( probably real simple but I have to find out :P01:24
smmagicSo..is it possible to install flash player on gutsy?01:25
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:25
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.01:25
IndyGunFreaksmmagic: yes, just download it from adobe.com01:25
smmagicAh..dumb me :P01:25
squarebracketsmmagic, as long as you're not running 64-bit, you shouldn't have any problems01:25
IndyGunFreaksmmagic: its pretty easy, just download hte tar file and follow th einstructions01:26
blkorpheusmake[3]: Entering directory `/usr/src/modules/lirc/drivers/lirc_pvr150'01:26
PurpZeYHow do I add shares to a netgroup?01:26
blkorpheusMakefile:185: *** missing separator.01:26
evil_techman the people in #windows have no humor01:26
blkorpheus"missing seperator?01:26
sparkeh99why? =D01:26
FlintPearceDamn me for having a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 :( could use some flash... going back to Vista just to watch videos is so annoying.01:26
evil_techmade a perfectly reasonable mad max reference and noone laughted01:26
evil_techtssk tsk01:27
th0rFlintPearce I run 32 bit on the core duo...what am I in a hurry to do?01:27
TanalarkI'm trying to install ubuntu 7.10 over my PCLOS installation, but I'm stuck on the "Prepare Partitions" screen.  The only one that wants to use to install by guided install is sda5, and that's my storage partition.  (I'm on a dual boot XP macine with an XP partition, a linux partition, and a storage partition.)    http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51291/   When I try to specify the partition for the root file, it says no root file system is defined.  When I try to01:27
FlintPearceth0r:  Hehe No idea, just thought logical to get the 64-bit for the quad. :D01:27
Tanalarkis it ok to continue with the install?01:27
scguy318FlintPearce: there are ways to get Flash working with nspluginwrapper, don't remember linky though01:28
EvaLuaTehow can i view the currently installed version of a program ? (gcc for example)01:28
th0rFlintPearce well...there are other issues when running 64 bit so I thought i would give the smoke a chance to clear01:28
pvl1is there a list of the apps installed with ubuntu?01:28
carl_I got gdesklets installed but when I launch it I get just a black box and have to force wuit how do I fix that or wut is the problem01:28
Tanalark(sda1 is XP and sda5 is my storage partition)01:28
sparkeh99Tanalark, I had some trouble with partitions earlier, make sure that all the drives are unmounted, then try install again?01:28
blkorpheusany ideas?01:28
blkorpheusmake[3]: Entering directory `/usr/src/modules/lirc/drivers/lirc_pvr150'01:28
FlintPearceth0r:  Can you tell me any (I am now scared :|)01:28
blkorpheusMakefile:185: *** missing separator.01:28
th0rEvaLuaTe usually with the '--version' as in 'gcc --version'01:28
Tanalarksparkeh99: how do I do that?01:28
squarebracketscguy318, i had problems with it... flash would never work properly01:28
evil_techTanalark: the alternate cd is your friend01:28
EvaLuaTeth0r, ok, thank you sir01:29
CrAzY-181hey guys i have a zboard any ideas on how to set my wow keyset up to work with wine?01:29
sparkeh99are you using the ubuntu live CD, where you click install on the desktop?01:29
scguy318squarebracket: yeah, there are issues01:29
Tanalarkevil_tech: what is the alternate cd, why do I need it, and how do I use it?01:29
evil_techright click whatever drives are on the desktop and select unmount01:29
scguy318!alternate | Tanalark01:29
ubotuTanalark: The Alternate CD (available as of Dapper) is the classical text-mode installation CD. Use it if you wish to upgrade via CD, or for an "expert" mode install. For normal installs, use the Desktop CD, which is also a "Live" CD - See also !Minimal01:29
yahoo354th0r: thanks a lot it work01:29
th0rFlintPearce not really....just heard enough comments that when I installed I chose the 32 bit version....if you wait til I catch up I might be able to answer better <smile>01:29
evil_techTanalark: there ya go. you don't necessarily need it. i'm just being wierd01:29
th0ryahoo354 glad to hear it...01:29
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:29
evil_techTanalark: and you don't run into as many problems during install with the alternate01:29
Tanalarkheh.. evil_tech, I am a total n00b on *nix, so I think I'd be absolutely lost trying to install it by text01:30
evil_techits fairly easy and straight forward01:30
yahoo354th0r: just a question because it work and delect every kde staf but some of the icon are still in app which the do not work but they icon are there is there any way to destroy them as weel01:30
evil_techim a n00b too and ive been fine01:30
FlintPearceth0r:  Hehe, well I havn't encountered any problems? only thing is when i run Compiz fusion and use the benchemark applet it brings the fps from 220 to like 1001:30
squarebracketPurpZeY, did you get it working?01:30
queuetueTanalark, It's still a GUI installer, just a text-based one, instead of a graphical one.01:31
joeaminedi'm using bell canada's adsl and it doesn't want to connect in ubuntu :(01:31
Tanalarkone of the things i like the best about this distro is that it runs all of my hardware straight out of the box.  Will that change with the alternate CD?01:31
scguy318FlintPearce: glxgears? its a horrible benchmark01:31
scguy318Tanalark: no, since it uses same packages01:31
jcg42I installed a mouse theme but it only works in Firefox (even after restarting my computer).01:31
joeaminedit asks me for the passphrase, i enter it but nothing happens. it asks me again and again01:31
th0ryahoo354 yes...I know how to find the .desktop files and move or delete them...but it isn't easy as they are spread all over the place. menus in gnome and kde are a disaster...that is one reason I use xfce01:31
sparkeh99is anyone any good with getting USB wlan adapters working? trying to use ndiswrapper, but its not going so well01:31
damaltorhello everybody... i have bought a no-name USB video grabber, and want to run it with ubuntu. usual (?) software would be e.g. Kino but they seem to want to read from firewire input instead of usb.. any idea how to get video raw data from usb ports?01:31
Tanalarkok... next question... why would that be better for me to use, when i'm having a problem with the partitions?01:31
MizmonodWhat IRC client do people reccomend?01:31
scguy318Mozmonod: X-Chat, irssi01:32
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines01:32
Starnestommyeither xchat or irssi, imo01:32
yahoo354th0r: any way thank a lot for ur help01:32
Tanalarkand could I just go ahead aand use SD6 as is without correcting the errors?01:32
FlintPearcescguy318:  Not sure the one which comes with compiz fusion .. displaying the fps in a big green box01:32
CrAzY-181sarkeh99-lol i hade same problem yesterday, you arent using Linksys WUSB54G are you?01:32
yahoo354th0r: btw what is xface is it better than that gnome and...?01:32
scguy318FlintPearce: ah01:32
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I am working on it....Almost there...01:32
scguy318!xfce | yahoo35401:32
ubotuyahoo354: xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of Gnome. For more info, see http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop". | For support, see #xubuntu | See also: !ubuntu and !xubuntu-channels01:32
evil_techtanalark: the problem with the live cd is that you may have mounted the drive you want to install to and it wont show up or let you install to it01:32
joeaminedi'm using bell canada's adsl and it doesn't want to connect in ubuntu :(01:32
scguy318yahoo354: that's a lighter desktop environment01:32
evil_techTanalark: can't happen in the alternate01:33
IndyGunFreakjoeamined: well, thats not a lot to go on.01:33
Tanalarkok.. that makes sense.01:33
Tanalarkcouldn't I just unmount the drives I want to use?01:33
scguy318joeamined: do you normally do something with PPPoE?01:33
yahoo354scguy318: thanks01:33
yahoo354ubotu: thanks01:33
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:33
FlintPearcescguy318:  this is so annoying anytime a new window appears for some reason the top part of it is off screen01:33
evil_techtanalark: yes you can01:33
evil_techlike i said i was just being silly01:33
scguy318FlintPearce: low resolution?01:33
Superbike32What all do people do on ubuntu? because i cant seem to get any games working on ubuntu....01:33
Tanalarkah. :)  fair enough... so.. how do i unmount the drives?01:34
joeaminedsyguy, it is encrypted in wep128 it asks me for the passphrase01:34
th0ryahoo354 xfce is lighter than gnome or kde...it will take less disk space, less memory, and run faster. But it isn't as 'fancy'. But I am a control freak and it allows me total control (like the menus)01:34
FlintPearcescguy318:  Nope, Its never happened to me only in this session.01:34
scguy318Superbike32: plenty of native games, !wine might help you out with Windows games01:34
Superbike32wine dont help01:34
scguy318FlintPearce: your window decorator died?01:34
Superbike32where do i find any natice games01:34
evil_techtanalark: right click on any drive icons on the desktop and select unmount01:34
th0ryahoo354 you can install xfce and not lose gnome...install all the xfce packages and install thunar. Then log out and when you log in again choose xfce from the Sessions menu01:34
pvl1where can i found out what apps come with an ubuntu installation?01:34
scguy318Superbike32: look in the repos01:34
FlintPearcescguy318:  Maybe, how could i check it (im a real newbie to this)01:34
CrAzY-181SuperBike32 - why is wine no help?01:34
Tanalarkthere are no drive icons on the desktop... i'm in live session mode.01:35
Superbike32none of them working with wine01:35
scguy318FlintPearce: oh, metacity --replace?01:35
th0rCrAzY-181 because it is only 18 proof?01:35
scguy318FlintPearce: that'll replace Compiz, but probably will get your decoration back01:35
scguy318Superbike32: would help if you pastebined the terminal messages and/or asked in #winehq01:35
Superbike32Tibia, Continuum, Byond01:35
yahoo354th0r: thanks again you saved me and bye01:35
CrAzY-181Superbike32:what are u attempting to run?01:35
Superbike32those 3 dont work with it01:35
Tanalark(I'm only using one HDD) and it's just partitioned.01:35
scguy318Superbike32: and checked the AppDb :P01:35
Superbike32i did01:35
Superbike32nobody could help me01:35
sfearsstartup problems loading printing services.. any help?01:35
KiD_ChAoSdoes anyone use fwcutter?????????????????????????01:36
david_I have ubuntu 7.10 is there a easy way to make the desktops spin like a cube?01:36
scguy318!compiz | david_01:36
ubotudavid_: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:36
scguy318david_: see !ccsm for enabling the rotate cube plugin, you'll also need to bump up your workspaces01:36
blkorpheusdavid_, of course01:36
joeaminedi can't connect to bell canada's adsl with ubuntu, help me please01:37
EvaLuaTehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51292/ <-any idea why gcc hasn't been updated properly ?01:37
evil_techanyone have ubuntu installed on a ITE IT8212 IDE controller?01:37
scguy318joeamined: do you usually do it with some PPPoE?01:37
joeaminedscguy, no01:37
scguy318joeamined: are you directly connected to the ADSL modem? or behind a router?01:38
joeaminedwhat do you mean by PPPoe please ?01:38
joeaminedusing a wireless modem01:38
joeaminedand a 128bit wep key01:38
KiD_ChAoSdoes someone have an example of this rotating cube in ubuntu01:38
scguy318joeamined: oh, so your issue stems from your wireless not working01:38
Starnestommypppoe is used for dialing into a dsl line01:38
PurpZeYsquarebracket: You still bouncing around?01:38
ubuntuhi. im not coming off a new install or upgrade or anything, i dont remember what i did. but the last time i restarted my computer it wouldnt boot up properly. it goes past the grub then instead of getting my login screen i get a terminal-like screen and it says "BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) built-in shell (ash)" then it drops down and instead of my username it says "(initramfs)" in a terminal style prompt. i have limited commands01:38
ubuntuwhile in this, but i can tell that i am on my main partition because im able to cd through folders. i looked around the internet and the most common responce was to remove "quiet splash" and add "all_generic_ide" to the thing in the grub (pressing escape then e for edit and b to boot it up) but that didnt work for me. a few sites i looked at also suggested just messing with "noacpi, nodma, noapic, and nolapic" i tried each one of those, with01:38
ubuntuand without the "quiet splash" there and none of it worked. What is this problem, and how can i fix it?01:38
FlintPearceIf anyone here knows how to access a windows aprtition which has been badly unmounted but cannot be accessed becuase system32 is dead.. please pm me01:38
david_I am not that savvy with ubuntu yet it may be simple to you but not to me01:38
scguy318KiD_ChAoS: google Compiz Fusion vids/images for some :P01:38
joeaminedno the wireless is working01:38
joeaminedit detects the networks01:38
joeaminedand asks for the wep key01:39
squarebracketPurpZeY, yup01:39
joeaminedi enter it01:39
scguy318david_: okay, so is Compiz working at all? getting any sort of effects?01:39
joeaminedbut it asks me again and again01:39
OnyxHow can I fix the following problem with apt-get update?  "W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://us.archive.ubuntu.com gutsy/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_gutsy_universe_binary-amd64_Packages) // W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems"  I have run apt-get update numerous times, and i always get this error.01:39
MTecknologyanybody have any ideas how i'd make my system switch to tty2 on boot?01:39
MTecknologyIf there's a command to do it, I could put it in rc.local - but idk what kind of command would do that01:39
StarnestommyFlintPearce: tried asking ##winows ?01:39
d_tech123FLintPearce you have to use the -force option with mount01:39
scguy318Onyx: see !source-o-matic01:39
CrAzY-181KiD_ChAoS:you can find some on youtube 2 aswell as some of the other capabilities u of ubuntu01:39
DShepherdubuntu, did you update the linux kernel recently?01:39
scguy318FlintPearce: -o force01:39
evil_techanyone have ubuntu installed on a ITE IT8212 IDE controller?01:39
FlintPearced_tech123:  (in totally new) how do I do this?01:39
Onyxscguy318: ?01:39
ubuntuDShepherd: i dont believe so01:39
scguy318!source-o-matic | Onyx01:39
ubotuOnyx: source-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic01:39
EvaLuaTehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51292/ <-any idea why it hasn't been updated properly ?01:40
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ok, so, I setup NFS...I ran the command sudo mount /home/brian/ and I just got a blinking cursor...I mean, I didn't get an error, but I don't know if it mounted or what01:40
Taskhey everyone... I am having trouble playing COD4... I need to know what drivers I have for my Video card... what version... how can I see thay?01:40
david_where do I get compiz01:40
DShepherdubuntu, ok01:40
=== Monobi_ is now known as Monobi
scguy318david_: comes with Ubuntu 7.1001:40
d_tech123flintPearce - are you trying to mount the windows partition from Ubuntu?01:40
david_I will look for it01:40
FlintPearced_tech may i pm you ?01:40
Onyxscguy318: I'd rather not rebuild my sources.list... I just want to know what the problem is, and how *I* can fix it.01:41
scguy318FlintPearce: no, you're not registered ;)01:41
TaskHow can I find out what version drivers I have for my Video CarD?01:41
SANTAbiosmy printer wont work for ubuntu, do u think fedora 8 will find it?01:41
pvl1where can i find out what apps come with an ubuntu instalation?01:41
scguy318Onyx: remove the duplicate entry in sources.list01:41
SANTAbiosmy printer wont work for ubuntu, do u think fedora 8 will find it? anyone opinion?01:41
FlintPearcescguy318:  how would i register?01:41
OnyxSANTAbios: doubtful.01:41
PurpZeYSANTAbios: Seems like a question for Fedora people01:41
scguy318!register | FlintPearce01:41
ubotuFlintPearce: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration01:41
sfearsdavid_, system/administration/synaptic package manager & search for compiz.. download main compiz program and get it working before you download & install all the additional plugins01:41
scguy318sfears: If I'm not mistaken, 7.10 already has Compiz installed by default01:41
d_tech123i am not registered either01:41
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Any ideas?01:41
EvaLuaTehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51292/ <-any idea why it hasn't been updated properly ?01:41
d_tech123if you are trying to mount from ubuntu you need to use the "mount" command from a terminal01:41
mzbhi all ... perhaps I've been looking in the wrong place ... can anyone tell me how to fix "Volume muted at startup" issue in Gutsy?01:42
sfearscould be scguy318 .. not sure if david is using 7.10 though01:42
dameive installed idjc 7 but i still cant get no mp3 support. any help?01:42
scguy318sfears: he said he was, so yeah :P01:42
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albertolempirahey guys i have Totem-xine backend and I can't play any *.avi file, in the synaptic package manager i haven't found anything useful... anyone can help?, thanks01:42
evil_techanyone have ubuntu installed on a ITE IT8212 IDE controller?01:42
TaskHow can I find out what version drivers I have for my Video CarD?01:42
ubun1tuDShepherd: do you know what i can do?01:42
d_tech123for example: mount -force /dev/sda5  /home/blah/my_win_drive01:42
mzbevil_tech: no but I do have Debian on one01:42
scguy318!restricted | albertolempira01:43
ubotualbertolempira: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:43
scguy318albertoempira: that may be your issue01:43
sfearsTask, lsmod01:43
scguy318d_tech123: shouldn't it be -o force?01:43
sfearsnot sure exactally how to read it.. but i think it's all in there01:43
evil_techmzb: did you have to modify the kernel to get it to boot?01:43
scguy318d_tech123: mount doesn't take many long parameters01:43
squarebracketPurpZeY, did it mount?01:43
mzbno ... boot opts in my case (not in raid mode)01:44
DShepherdubun1tu, nope. I had that problem earlier. I ran a check on my filesystem to see if that would fix it. It didnt and I ended up reinstalling01:44
kristoffergHey, im trying to make ubuntu default boot in terminal. But the text is enormous and i can't see half of it. (im using widescreen). Im running 7.1001:44
david_It says Compiz is already installed01:44
squarebracketPurpZeY, as in, did you try going to where you mounted it?01:44
mzbevil_tech:  it821x.noraid=101:44
sfearstask, i might be wrong on that one though01:44
scguy318david_: which it is01:44
Superbike32GUYS, could anyone tell me how to report a bug in ubuntu?01:44
FlintPearced_tech basically my friend Darren was using Windows. His windows got screwed by a system32 malfunction so he could no longer access the OS. He is trying to use the live cd to retreave all his files from c:/ and put them onto a usb pen. Then format the entire Drive and install 7.1001:44
scguy318FlintPearce: ntfs-3g /dev/thedev /mnt/point -o force01:44
mzbevil_tech: and also module params: options it821x noraid=101:44
Tanalark!bug | Superbike3201:44
ubotuSuperbike32: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:44
scguy318FlintPearce: and prefix that with sudo if you're not in a root shell01:44
=== JohnMMafk is now known as JohnMM
kristoffergHey, im trying to make ubuntu default boot in terminal. But the text is enormous and i can't see half of it. (im using widescreen). Im running 7.10. Does someone know where i can fix this problem.01:44
FlintPearcescguy318:  Once again thank you01:44
PurpZeYsquarebracket: How would I try going there?01:45
david_I believe it is
evil_techmzb:hmm wonder if i should just try pluggin it in to my fasttrack 579 instead01:45
scguy318david_: so is Compiz active? any pretty window effects/decorations?01:45
evil_techive no clue how to pass kernel and module params01:45
yipewhat's a good small and simple media player? Something like xmms that won't give me trouble playing flac in gutsy?01:45
mzbcan anyone tell me how to fix "Volume muted at startup" issue in Gutsy? I've checked and confirmed that asound.state has the correct values, but when I login it's muted and vol=0.01:45
david_yes I notice when I open and close windows they change shape01:45
scguy318david_: better yet, what about pgrep compiz?01:45
squarebracketwell, you mounted it to /home/brian, so all the files from the share would be in your home folder01:46
Superbike32!bug installing updates, and trying to empty trashbin, the icon seems to have crashed01:46
scguy318david_: ok, cool!01:46
scguy318david_: now do01:46
sfearskristofferg, i'm not exactally sure what your question is.. but i think you need to edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst file and make sure the proper linux kernel is at the top of the list01:46
scguy318david_: sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager01:46
FlintPearcescguy318:  Sorry about that accidently closed the window could you repeat that code please01:46
teresa_So I have installed Adobe Flash yet firefox still doesn't have it, why?01:46
scguy318FlintPearce: ntfs-3g /dev/thedev /mnt/point -o force01:46
teresa_When I try to install flash, it says that its already installed01:46
teresa_But when I go to a page it says I need flash01:46
scguy318FlintPearce: prefix with sudo as necessary, substitute with appropriate params01:46
scguy318!brokenflash | teresa_01:46
ubotuteresa_: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.01:46
jsoftwIve got a strange situation where with thunderbird imap, It says its downloading 2000 odd messages, finishes that, then does not a lot from there, and there are about 20 imap processes on the imap server (dovecot).01:46
jsoftwAny ideas what this might be?01:46
squarebracketPurpZeY, ^^ forgot to type your name01:46
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Oh, sweet, they are, so how do I add the other partitions now? /WindowsPartition ?01:47
scguy318david_: after that System -> Prefs -> Advanced Compiz settings (or w/e) it's called, find rotate cube plugin, enable, close, Ctrl-Alt-Left Mouse button to activate the cube01:47
squarebracketPurpZeY, i'm not sure what you mean..? other windows shares?01:47
teresa_Im forced to register for the forums in order to fix the problem ? :P01:48
scguy318teresa_: I don't think so01:48
FlintPearcescguy318:  Which paras should I be substituting?01:48
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Well, on the desktop I have 2 drives that are NTFS partitions, that I access using Ubuntu, they are really what I want to share, how do I add them to the share and how do I then mount them?01:48
teresa_scguy318: When I click on the download link it directs me to a login page01:48
scguy318FlintPearce /dev/thedev and /mnt/point01:48
scguy318FlintPearce: figure out the former with sudo fdisk -l, the latter is your choice01:48
scguy318FlintPearce: but it must exist01:49
david_it's asking me if I want to continue it offered a warning what should I do?01:49
scguy318david_: something about not authenticated/trust/GPG keys? go ahead01:49
FlintPearcescguy318:  boy i feel stupid hehe... /mnt/point being?01:49
scguy318FlintPearce: directory where you want to mount the partition01:49
scguy318FlintPearce: aka access/use/w/e01:50
david_WARNING: untrusted versions of the following packages will be installed!01:50
david_Untrusted packages could compromise your system's security.01:50
david_You should only proceed with the installation if you are certain that01:50
david_this is what you want to do.01:50
david_  python-compizconfig compizconfig-settings-manager01:50
david_Do you want to ignore this warning and proceed anyway?01:50
david_To continue, enter "Yes"; to abort, enter "No":01:50
squarebracketPurpZeY, how did you share the original one?01:50
scguy318FlintPearce: you actually don't have to mount the NTFS partition r/w01:50
wj32david_: continue.01:50
scguy318FlintPearce: you can mount it ro if you're just interested in reading off everything01:50
scguy318david_: yes, and please !pastebin next time01:50
PurpZeYsquarebracket: "DSK1_VOL1" and "New Volume"01:50
wj32david_: unless you're really paranoid01:50
mattholimeauwow... r/w and ro for a guy who didn't know what /mnt/point would be?01:50
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Using NTFS reader tool01:51
SeframCan anyone tell me what I have to regard when the installer CD only starts with the pnpacpi=off??01:51
FlintPearcescguy318:  I wish i could understand what your telling me ... I know its simple for you but for me with little structure and syntax knowledge !!...01:51
scguy318FlintPearce: okay, are you interested in writing to the NTFS partition?01:51
david_ok it is done now what?01:51
mattholimeauflint - ro = read only, r/w = read/write01:51
scguy318david_: after that System -> Prefs -> Advanced Compiz settings (or w/e) it's called, find rotate cube plugin, enable, close, Ctrl-Alt-Left Mouse button to activate the cube01:51
FlintPearcescguy318:  just copy files over from that partition to a usb pen01:51
scguy318FlintPearce: then just do ntfs-3g /dev/thedev /mnt/point -o ro01:51
FlintPearcescguy318:  used fdisk and got /dev/sda101:51
scguy318FlintPearce: then write sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/point -o ro01:52
scguy318FlintPearce: and substitute accordingly01:52
wj32btw does my name appear grey to everyone else?01:52
[gquit]bombadilwhats the command to clean up unused packages?01:52
mattholimeaudoes anyone know a way to set the taskbar font color separately from the system theme?01:52
scguy318wj32: no, nice and white to me01:52
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scguy318phs: do you mean /join #olpc?01:52
wj32scguy318: cause im not logged in...01:52
squarebracketPurpZeY, hold on a minute here..01:52
FlintPearcescguy318:  Thats the part i dont understand the substituting /mnt/point   .. I dont understand what those are..01:52
scguy318FlintPearce: the directory where you want to mount the NTFS partition01:53
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Holding.01:53
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scguy318[gquit]bombadil: sudo aptitude autoclean01:53
FlintPearcescguy318:  So if i said mounting to the desktop would i sound stupid? :P01:53
scguy318FlintPearce: would be a nice mess but sure01:53
scguy318FlintPearce: not stupid :P01:54
smmagicUsing the flash install from the adobe website, where is firefox located?01:54
[gquit]bombadilcool thanks scguy31801:54
scguy318FlintPearce: mkdir ~/Desktop/mymountpoint && sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 ~/Desktop/mymountpoint -o ro01:54
scguy318FlintPearce: do that and you should be good01:54
wj32scguy318: howabout just making the mount point in /media... it would be better cause it appears in the list in gnome01:55
FlintPearcescguy318:  Ok thanks (sorry about the newbie newbie newbie halo i have on my head lol)01:55
scguy318wj32: that'll do too :)01:55
scguy318wj32: he did say he wanted the mount point on the Desktop :P01:55
smmagicDoes anyone know where firefox is installed?01:55
wj32scguy318: oh i didnt see that01:55
wj32smmagic: heaps of places01:55
scguy318wj32: then again maybe he wanted the media mount icon :P01:55
wj32smmagic: its not just one folder like in windows01:56
smmagicI'm trying to install flash from the adobe website01:56
FlintPearcescguy318:  :( cry cry lol I just want him to able to access c;/ from the desktop to get files01:56
PurpZeY!brokenflash | smmagic01:56
ubotusmmagic: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.01:56
smmagicI know..thats why I'm using the tar01:56
ZeeOhey guys I was playing with screensavers and when clicking on them one of the locked up my computer now that screensaver is set to come on in 2 mins and I can't change it because as soon as I open the screensaver app system locks up01:56
Kikkertjesmmagic, it is installed under /opt/firefox (at least, mine is)01:56
ZeeOhow can I change this from command line01:57
faliesonI've asked in hardware and am awaiting a response so far now I'll assume it might be a setup issue - I'm using an audigy 2zs and outputting to optical - I'm not getting anything on my reciever end01:57
Tanalark:(  My install is hanging on 82% and it says thaat it's "Scanning the mirror..."01:57
smmagicMine does that sometimes.01:57
wj32ZeeO: have you installed your graphics drivers?01:57
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scguy318falieson: check the output switch in mixer?01:57
Tanalarkthe install is at the "Configuring apt" stage01:57
wj32ZeeO: what graphics card do you have?01:57
Shi-LangHello 0/ I have a problem with my Ubuntu01:57
scguy318Tanalark: pull your network cable01:57
FlintPearcescguy318:  ok it got sorted ... Thanks :d01:57
squarebracketPurpZeY, you should be able to share them by right-clicking on them and hitting "sharing" or something like that01:57
Shi-Langno program I start up works01:57
ZeeOnvidia 680001:58
ZeeOim using drivers from the website01:58
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Shi-LangI installed it semi successfully but no applications manage to start01:58
Ximalhow do i get my blue-tooth dongle adapter to accept my blue tooth headset ????01:58
wj32ZeeO: ok so your saying the screensaver locks up your computer everytime it runs?01:58
ZeeOI just want to trun it off01:58
Shi-Langbasically I got a I/O error at 85% but isntallation continued and finished01:58
smmagicThats it01:58
wj32ZeeO: does running glxgears lock up your computer?01:58
FlintPearceThanks all and bye ... Very helpful peeps Keep it up :d01:58
wj32ZeeO: BTW: save all your work first...01:58
Shi-Langand now Ubuntu loads successfully01:59
wj32ZeeO: just in case01:59
Shi-Langbut no application works01:59
david__now it does spin as a cube but it looks flat01:59
ZeeOit runs fine01:59
infinitycircuitShi-Lang: you will need to reinstall and you should check to make sure your burn was successful01:59
Shi-Langfirefox doesnt load, no game sload, the calculator loads but is crashed01:59
Ximalshi-lang are you installing on a 64 bit pc ?01:59
scguy318david__: because you have to increase the number of workspaces01:59
wj32ZeeO: weird... i have no idea... sorry01:59
Onyxevery time i start a gtk app from terminal, i get this error... Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "aurora",01:59
wj32ZeeO: actually01:59
Shi-LangI did 3 different burns I always got the I/O error at seemingly random parts of the install01:59
scguy318david__: right click the workspace applet in lower right hand corner, preferences, increase to like 401:59
XimalShi-Lang are you installing to a 64 bit pc ?01:59
squarebracketfor mounting them it would be the same thing, except instead of :/home it would be :/<name of the disk>01:59
wj32ZeeO: how does it lock up. etc. can you move your mouse?01:59
Shi-Langbut ill try to reinstall01:59
david__I have 4 workspaces01:59
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I don't see anything like that, they are located on the desktop, if I mount them /home/brian/desktop/namehere via nfs that should work in theory?01:59
ari_stressdavid__: manage it throught compiz manager menu: general01:59
ZeeOya I can move the mouse01:59
squarebracketbut you'd want to create a folder in your home directory first.02:00
ZeeObut I can't hit Ctrl alt f102:00
wj32ZeeO: uh02:00
PurpZeYsquarebracket: on the client end ok.02:00
faliesonscguy318: is the optical the IEC958 option?02:00
ZeeOcan you tell me where the config file is02:00
scguy318falieson: might be02:00
wj32ZeeO: when it locks up try and hit Alt+SysRq+R and then Alt+SysRq+K see if that does anything02:00
ZeeOfor screenservers02:00
squarebracketumm.. i don't think so, i think they have to be in the exports folder02:00
ZeeOso I can just trun it off02:00
wj32ZeeO: i dunno02:00
squarebracketerr, file, not folder02:00
david__I guess I should fiddle around with it thanks alot for your assistance!02:00
wj32im not actually running ubuntu right now02:01
AladdinHey guys, anybody remember me?????02:01
faliesonscguy318: I see IEC958 optical (it's maxed and not working), and then some HD SPDIFs but they are broken down into channel02:01
wj32wheres the config for screensavers02:01
wj32ZeeO wants to disable his02:01
squarebracketPurpZeY, try running sudo gedit /etc/exports02:01
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I lost you there...I am adding a share...is it as /nameofdrive or /home/brian/desktop/nameofdrive (b/c they are mounted on desktop)02:01
scguy318falieson: you might have to enable a switch for optical output in preferences then check it02:01
AladdinI need help with this IRC program,  How can I chat with someone that is in a different IRC Channel???02:01
Ximaldid shi-lang not state anyone... whether or not he's using a 64 bit pc ? if so I have a solution tothe IO error :) ...02:01
scguy318Aladdin: /join #channel02:02
squarebracketPurpZeY, /nameofdrive i think02:02
jttAladdin, /join #channel_name02:02
scguy318Aladdin: to talk to the person in that channel or PM02:02
A_S_AHello. I need some urgent help.02:02
Aladdinscguy, I am banned from his channel for some akward reason02:02
AladdinI think it was a mistake02:02
wj32ZeeO: wait02:02
AladdinHow can I Pm him02:02
scguy318ZeeO: System -> Prefs -> Screensaver02:02
squarebracketPurpZeY, you could always try both ;)02:02
AladdinHow Can I Pm him?02:02
ZeeOas soon as I do that scguy318 it locks up02:02
ZeeOmy system02:02
wj32scguy318: his comp locks up02:02
ZeeOI need a command line way02:03
wj32ZeeO: open gconf-editor02:03
scguy318Aladdin: /msg person message or double clicky02:03
scguy318Aladdin: the person's name02:03
scguy318Aladdin: that's how it works on mah client02:03
Shi-LangIm using a old Pentium III02:03
ZeeOI found /home/joel/.gconf/apps/gnome-screensaver/%gconf.xml02:03
AladdinI cant double click it because he is in a different room!02:03
ZeeOthink that's it02:03
Ximalold pentiu 3 ... ewww02:03
AladdinI need to talk to him!02:03
XimalUneed xubuntu02:03
wj32ZeeO: yes but02:03
A_S_AI just purchased a laptop, and it had no operating system, so I wanted to try Ubuntu. - Everything goes well so far, but I don't know how to enable wifi (if there is any) - There is a wifi button but the LED wont turn on.02:03
Ximalthe light version of Ubuntu Shi_lang02:03
wj32ZeeO: Alt+F2 then type gconf-editor02:03
scguy318Aladdin: well, consult the docs for your client, I dunno what you use or how to work it :P02:03
LauriSiskaanyone any good with video editing programs?02:03
Ximalhere .. lemme get u a url02:03
Shi-Langwhats it do02:03
scguy318Aladdin: I already suggested a cmd-line way I think02:03
AladdinI use X-Chat02:03
wj32ZeeO: then goto apps/gnome-screensaver02:04
Shi-Langi opened that little chat thingy of yours02:04
scguy318Aladdin: /msg person message <-- might work02:04
wj32ZeeO: in the tree02:04
Aladdinlet me try02:04
wj32ZeeO: then tell me whats in the list on the right02:04
A_S_AHow may I enable wifi?02:04
Ximalu can't reply unless u r registered to this server02:04
bert_m_bA_S_A: what laptop is it?02:04
scguy318A_S_A: what model is your lappy?02:04
AladdinDoesnt work....02:04
wj32A_S_A: more specific?02:04
scguy318!register | Aladdin02:05
ubotuAladdin: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration02:05
BakefyGrrrr why won't my server install get past BusyBox02:05
scguy318Aladdin: that looks to be why02:05
AladdinOk, Peace out, thanks for helping02:05
scguy318Bakefy: trying to boot to install? try booting with all_generic_ide02:05
A_S_AWell, its not mine, its a friend's , but he said it was supposed to have Wifi. and the L.E.D wount turn on, I was wondering if it was a Linux issue or just hardware.02:05
mzbcan anyone tell me how to fix "Volume muted at startup" issue in Gutsy? I've checked and confirmed that asound.state has the correct values, but when I login it's muted and vol=0.02:05
wj32A_S_A: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&newwindow=1&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=xZ5&q=hp+wifi+ubuntu&btnG=Search02:05
Ximalshi-lang ; go here http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/xubuntu02:06
scguy318A_S_A: if its acer look up acer_acpi02:06
scguy318A_S_A: and you may need to read !wireless02:06
wj32scguy318: he said hp...02:06
Shi-Langbut anyways02:06
scguy318wj32: ah, missed that :)02:06
Shi-Langim not sure if xbuntu would nessasarily fix the I/O error I got02:06
mattholimeauare there any like... casual chats on this server?02:06
Shi-Langduring the installation at seemingly random points it would say It had troubnle writing to the hd02:06
Bakefyscguy318 I have installed it... its trying to boot for the first time.02:06
scguy318mattholimeau: probably in offtopic/social chans02:06
scguy318Bakefy: ah, in that case I dunno02:07
Shi-Langthe [Err 5]02:07
twavisdegweti need a driver for either for this adapter (2Wire Wireless USB Adapter 802.11b) or with the Conexant chip.. drivers for either or any thoughts at all are appreciated greatly02:07
wj32Shi-Lang: are you sure your hard drive isnt stuffed or too old02:07
Ximalcan you access a cd burning tool shi-lang ?02:07
scguy318twavisdegwet: wireless? so Windows driver + ndiswrapper?02:07
squarebracketPurpZeY, actually, i think it's /home/brian/Desktop/nameofdrive... oops. did it work?02:07
Shi-Langnew hard drive02:07
Shi-Langand yes I have a burner02:07
Ximalok.. 1 moment02:07
Shi-Langbut i may have just run out of cd's02:07
Ximalu only need 1 more cd for this02:07
A_S_AI've been reading for a while...all day.. is there something to do in the terminal to see if the computer has a Wifi adapter or not?02:07
twavisdegwetscguy: have attmepted it just freezes up with the offical 2wire driver so i'm looking for a diffrent one02:07
Bakefyscguy318 does it usually take awhile to boot for the first time?  its showing all these random numbers and ata2 then frozen... not really sure what its doig.02:07
mattholimeauhmm, using pidgen... there a way to filter channels?02:07
FernandoLujanHI is anyone available to help me with my sound problems? Ubuntu won't recognize my sound card02:07
deliriosen q idioma hablan???02:08
wj32FernandoLujan: what sound card do you have?02:08
deliriosyo en español02:08
scguy318!es | delirios02:08
ubotudelirios: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:08
scguy318delirios: en este canal hablamos ingles02:08
FernandoLujanwj32: im not sure. Im on a laptop Ithink its built in02:08
deliriosmira vos02:08
A_S_AI've been reading for a while...all day.. is there something to do in the terminal to see if the computer has a Wifi adapter or not?02:09
deliriosme voy02:09
Ximalhttp://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html  Shi-Lang go here... it has a tools cd ... burn the iso to a cd ..02:09
rikkimaruWhen I put a disk in my DVD drive, nothing happens.  Where does it mount to?02:09
Ximalthe ultimate boot cd will let you re-write your entire disk..02:09
twavisdegwethardware information?02:09
wj32FernandoLujan: im not actually using ubuntu right now (im on holidays) so i dunno02:09
Ximalgiving u a formatted hd..02:09
FernandoLujanwj32: :( alright02:09
wj32FernandoLujan: ask someone else02:09
Ximalsecure format options etc areon this ultimate boot cd website ..02:09
Onyxevery time i start a gtk app from terminal, i get this error... Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "aurora", --anyone know how to fix that?02:09
WhizkidAnyone know how to get around the "no kernels" issue during an install of Hardy?02:10
wj32Onyx: but does the gtk app actually work correctly and with the correct theme?02:10
twavisdegweti need a driver either for this adapter (2Wire Wireless USB Adapter 802.11b)((not the offical one i've already attempted that with ndiswrapper)) or with the Conexant chip.. drivers for either or any thoughts at all are appreciated greatly02:10
Onyxwj32: yes, but the warning is very annoying...02:10
Ximalyeah... shi-lang i'd do a 1 pass secure format/wipe .. it will kill the io error hopefully and line up your drive for u..02:10
A_S_APlease Help, I'd really appreciate it. :( - How do you check for a wireless device.02:10
Onyxwj32: looking for a way to shut it up02:10
Ximalsoo... in essence.. if this doesn't work.. get ur drive replaced ;)02:10
scguy318Onyx: then redirect the error to /dev/null :P02:10
rikkimaruWhich device is usually a DVD drive?02:11
Onyxscguy318: heh :P02:11
scguy318rikkimaru: /dev/sr0 or something like that02:11
twavisdegwetA_S_A: hardware information or something like that it's in adminstrative?02:11
wj32Onyx: have you installed the aurora engine02:11
scguy318twavisdegwet: System -> Prefs -> Hardware Info02:11
wj32Onyx: or is it just randomly appearing02:11
mineraleok, this is an emergency, how do I stop a fsck safely?02:11
LauriSiskaanyone any good with video editing programs?02:11
wj32minerale: kill it?02:11
Onyxwj32: Yeah, I installed the engine02:11
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:11
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.02:11
twavisdegwetscguy: ya it's there but the lights not on.. except when i use ndiswrap then it turns on but ndiswrap goes unresponsive02:11
mineralewj32: this is during the bootup process02:12
wj32minerale: plus, use xfs its da best02:12
wj32minerale: oh02:12
A_S_AOk thanks =/ I tried that but coudnt find anything02:12
A_S_ACan Install windows ? If I already installed Ubunto?02:12
wj32Onyx: i have no idea. where IS the module_path???02:12
A_S_AI don't want to uninstall.02:12
scguy318A_S_A: yeah but you have to rectify the MBR and GRUB menu.lst after install02:12
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Not getting anything, I figure if it is in desktop it should share into home folder....So, I shared it the following way.....sudo mount /home/brian/ and nothing is appearing in that dir02:12
twavisdegwetA_S_A normally it goes the other way around lol so install windows then reinstall ubuntu02:12
Onyxwj32: Heh, I was hoping someone would tell me... i can't exactly grep my entire system for that.02:12
EvaLuaTehow to install en_US in the locales please ?02:12
scguy318i need to nap, cya all02:13
wj32Onyx: well according to some SGI IRIX manual it says press n to stop fsck. lol02:13
wj32Onyx: other than that i dunno :(02:13
wj32Onyx: the only possible solution is Alt+SysRq+K but... i dunno if that kills too many things02:13
Onyxwj32: thanks anyway.. i'll update if i get it sorted :)02:13
Shi-LangXimel, the PIII meets the minimal requirements for Ubuntu, why should I use Xubuntu again?02:14
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Tanalar1well, I successfully installed 7.1002:14
twavisdegwetso are there any wireless adapters that are sold at best buy that do work with ubuntu?02:14
Tanalar1now, I need help with configuring the internet.02:14
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Can I not mount NFS to anywhere but my home dir?02:14
hipitihopI have added an environment variable into /etc/environment as per Ubuntu standard. How do I frce this to take effect or must I restart ?02:14
Shi-LangI have a 80gb hd, 833 mhz cpu and 640 mb of ram and some old nvidia card not worth mentioning02:15
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Shi-Langthe pentium III meets the recomended requirements for Ubuntu02:15
Tanalar1when I use my wireless router to connect to the repos my connection starts off fine but slows to less than 1 Kb/s02:15
squarePurpZeY, double click on the folder on the desktop, it should bring up the folder.02:15
Superbike32Is there any way to run .exe's on ubuntu besides wine?02:15
squarePurpZeY, where is it located? it should be /media/<something?02:15
Tanalar1how can I switch to a wired connection that requires a password?02:15
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wj32Superbike32: mono, but thats only if its a .net program02:16
wj32Superbike32: also try vmware server02:16
Ximalthen use the boot disk i told u about shi-lang02:16
Ximalyou may have an issue with the formatting02:16
FernandoLujancan anyone help me with a sound problem please?02:16
PurpZeYsquare: Well, atm, I tried to mount to /home/NewShare/ but that folder is conspicuously empty.02:16
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vmware-server - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:16
hipitihopSuperbike32: you could also look at virtulisation and run a full Windows VM02:16
Ximaldo a secure wipe of the entire hd with a 1 pass as a setting..02:16
ubuntu1does anyone have any experiance with BusyBox?02:16
Ximalobviously either the hd is not new and was resold as new.. or it's defective..02:16
wj32Superbike32: http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_feisty_fawn_vmware_server_howto02:17
BakefyI can't get ubuntu server to boot.02:17
Ximalwith the word I/O error.. i would assume one of the two02:17
Shi-Langis it possible I shuld use the alternative install iso?02:17
squarebracketPurpZeY, using /home/brian/Desktop/nameofdrive ?02:17
Ximalbakefy use the lamp package from synaptics from inside a working ubuntu desktop pc ?02:17
Superbike32do u know any good ones?02:17
wj32Superbike32: http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_feisty_fawn_vmware_server_howto02:17
FernandoLujancould anyone help me with a problem? Ubuntu doesn't detect my sound card, it's built in. I dont know what driver I need to install or how to do it. I can't hear any sound.02:17
Superbike32im using 7.1002:18
Superbike32not 7.0402:18
Shi-Langbrb hunting blank cds02:18
PurpZeYsquarebracket: At this point, I am trying just to mount /home/brian to /home/brian/NewShare (on lappy) but nothing is coming into that dir02:18
BakefyXimal, I installed ubuntu server 7.10 from a CD02:18
Ximalshi-lang ... I/O error refers to either the media u burned the iso to being ruined or the hard drive having errors on the disk surface / issues not writing data capability02:18
wj32Superbike32: same process02:18
hipitihopSuperbike32: I use VirtualBox02:18
flongeanyone help me mounting a vista katalog on a ftp server...02:18
wj32Superbike32: there you go02:18
wj32Superbike32: except i dont like virtualbox much...02:18
Superbike32whats the link to virtualbox too?02:18
Ximaltry installing lamp via packages marked by task... through synaptics package manager02:18
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:18
hipitihopwj32: I know it is off topic but can you eaborate why you don't like VB much ?02:19
wj32btw i use a cracked version of vmware workstation just search on the pirate bay02:19
FernandoLujanHeey could someone help me with a problem please? UBuntu doesnt detect my sound card and i cant hear anything!02:19
wj32hipitihop: dunno, seems a bit slow and plus i hate qt for some reason02:19
BakefyXimal, I wanted to use server edition so that I could install webmin02:19
wj32hipitihop: i use a cracked vmware workstation02:19
wj32hipitihop: its evil but who cares...02:19
squarebracketPurpZeY, ah! ok.02:20
Ximalbakefy... my experiences tell me anything you could run in server edition .. you can run in desktop edition of ubuntu.. the only difference is one coming with a preloaded gui ...02:20
hipitihopwj32: doesn't Ubuntu have built in virtualization too ?02:20
squarebracketPurpZeY, weren't you mounting /home when it worked before?02:20
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ok, I've established that I had it backwards.02:20
Superbike32i need to do root02:20
Superbike32what do i do02:20
aszwet1hey i'm getting this error when i try to connect to my computer using ssh: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51295/02:20
jake2235Hi, can anyone suggest a good automatic remote backup service in Ubuntu?02:20
wj32hipitihop: yes a kernel module for cpus that support it but you have to install a package to get a simple interface for it (command line*02:20
BakefyXimal, no speed issues?02:21
FernandoLujancan someone pleease help me?02:21
squarebracketPurpZeY, one second, let me try something.02:21
hipitihopCan someone please tell me how to restart or reinit so that changes in /etc/environment take ?02:21
aszwet1but i only get it when i try to use ssh command, but when i use putty to connect to the server comp i don't get this error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51295/02:21
Superbike32i need to do something like sudo root02:21
Ximalwill someone justify what i'm saying to bakefy as true ... running apache2 ... webmin etc... from normal ubuntu / vs / server edition02:21
jake2235Superbike32: you need to use root beyond just using a sudo command?  Meaning, you want to login as root?02:21
Superbike32what is the command?02:21
wj32Superbike32: sudo [command]02:21
wj32Superbike32: or sudo -i02:21
aszwet1Superbike32, su02:21
Ximalandyes bakefy no issues with speed02:21
PurpZeYsquarebracket: For some reason I can't mount it, or remount it properly...I think if I can mount /home/brian then the desktop issue should resolve itself easily....now I'd just like it to mount itself to /home/brian/NewShare/02:22
jake2235Superbike: it is su, but su is disabled by default on ubuntu02:22
aszwet1hey i'm getting this error when i try to connect to my computer using ssh: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51295/02:22
jake2235Superbike32: You need to do a little trick to login as root on Ubuntu02:22
Superbike32thats not the command that i need02:22
squarebracketPurpZeY, you can move mounts using mount --move olddir newdir02:22
Superbike32i need to do some sudo command to allow access02:22
Superbike32to stuff02:22
jake2235Superbike32: this link will explain02:22
Superbike32i dont need actual root02:22
wj32aszwet1: do you trust what your connecting to?02:22
Superbike32but it asks if im root02:23
wj32aszwet1: if so02:23
Superbike32i need the command for it to do things02:23
PurpZeYsquarebracket: It should show up in "mount" right?02:23
Superbike32its like sudo ....02:23
twavisdegwetthe latest version of ubuntu is using what kernel..02:23
aszwet1wj32 yeah it's a local connection02:23
wj32aszwet1: open up /home/alex/.ssh/known_hosts02:23
twavisdegwetthank you02:23
aszwet1on the server or the client/02:23
iceswordtry uname -a02:23
jake2235Superbike32: I'm not sure what you mean -- can you explain further?02:23
wj32aszwet1: client02:23
hipitihopis anyone familiar with /etc/environment ?02:23
Ximalbakefy isn't webmin a mail server or some crud ?02:23
Superbike32it asks in the command line02:23
jake2235Superbike32: You want to login as root, right, so you can issue multiple commands sequentialy02:23
Superbike32if im root02:23
Superbike32i put something there02:24
jake2235Superbike32: What command are you giving?02:24
wj32aszwet1: and how many lines do you see?02:24
Superbike32then it will allow some access02:24
Superbike32to root02:24
aszwet1wj32 202:24
Superbike32whats the command02:24
wj32aszwet1: uh what two lines02:24
squarebracketPurpZeY, what do you mean?02:24
jake2235Superbike32: If you want to login as root, do the following:02:24
aszwet1but they just look like jibberish wj32'02:24
jake2235Superbike32: sudo bash02:24
PurpZeYsquarebracket: When I run the command 'mount' the share should show up, shouldn't it?02:24
jake2235Superbike32: sudo -s02:24
wj32aszwet1: how about you rename the file to known_hosts.old02:24
ubuntu1does anyone have any experiance with BusyBox?02:24
wj32aszwet1: and then try again02:24
jake2235Superbike32: However, remember that login as root is NOT recommended02:24
squarebracketoh! ya, i would think so.02:25
Superbike32then why did u...02:25
squarebracketis it not?02:25
wj32i wish unix had a ACL system with finer control like windows...02:25
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I don't see it...at least, unless I am missing something that isn't that obvious02:25
aszwet1thanx wj32 :)02:25
wj32your welcome02:25
Superbike32i dont need to login as root02:25
jake2235Superbike32: can you explain exactly what you are trying to do that gives a command asking you to be root?02:25
Superbike32i just need to give it access to write files02:26
jake2235Superbike32: OK.  You want to use the chmod command02:26
jake2235Superbike32: I think02:26
wj32Superbike32: give what access02:26
jake2235Superbike32: give what access02:26
hipitihopLjL: Are you familiar with the ubuntu /etc/environment file ?02:26
Superbike32let the command write files02:26
jake2235superbike32: which command02:26
wj32Superbike32: give a user access or give a program02:26
Superbike32any commands02:26
wj32Superbike32: then use sudo [command]02:26
LjLhipitihop: not really, i have to admit02:26
squarebracketPurpZeY, hmm...02:26
Superbike32i use sudo, and some command02:26
Superbike32then it asks for pass02:26
Superbike32and then i go on about it02:27
wj32Superbike32: yes...02:27
squarebracketPurpZeY, when you're doing the mount command, still getting a blinking cursor?02:27
jake2235Can anyone suggest a good remote backup software for ubuntu?02:27
Superbike32aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential02:27
Superbike32that command needs some kind of access02:27
Superbike32to write files02:27
jake2235Superbike32: OK, so you've typed in "sudo aptitude install [blah]", right?02:28
wj32Superbike32: then go sudo aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential02:28
wj32jake2235: try rsync-backup02:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rsync-backup - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:28
jake2235wj32: thanks a lot02:28
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Yes.02:28
wj32jake2235: its in the repos02:28
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Maybe my shares are setup wrong?02:28
wj32jake2235: except i only use it for local backup02:29
wj32jake2235: but im pretty sure it can backup remotely it said it somewhere...02:29
jake2235wj32: no equivalent of Mozy, for instance?02:29
jake2235wj32: Mozy, the online windows repo ?02:29
wj32jake2235: uh... probably not02:29
wj32jake2235: oh02:29
wj32jake2235: that kind of remote backup02:29
jake2235superbike32: did that resolve your problem?02:30
wj32jake2235: wait02:30
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I can pastebin my 'export' b/c I think that might be the issue02:30
jake2235wj32: thanks, I can just backup to a friendly remote server then with rsync02:30
squarebracketPurpZeY, that might help02:30
jake2235wj32: now if only I can figure out how to encrypt it on the fly....02:30
wj32jake2235: i guess theres this: http://www.ibackup.com/online-backup-linux/02:30
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:30
jake2235wj32: thanks, that's exactly what I needed02:31
silent_Hey guys, can you point me to a good webcam capture program?02:31
silent_I have a Logitech Quickcam02:31
=== Khasa is now known as darkkith
PurpZeYsquarebracket: paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51297/02:32
darkkithgreets - anyone got an idea where i can get some help with syncing my ipod touch to itunes in a windows guest on vmware-server ?02:32
PurpZeY!ipod | darkkith02:32
ubotudarkkith: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod02:32
Shi-LangNew Hampshire caucus happening02:32
wj32darkkith: connect your ipod touch02:32
Shi-LangHilary leading by 1%02:33
PurpZeY!ot | Shi-Lang02:33
ubotuShi-Lang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:33
wj32darkkith: search for a menu in vmware server called usb devices or something02:33
rikkimaru_is there a popular bit torrent client now?02:33
darkkithwj, the touch is recognized by the guest os (xp)02:33
darkkithitunes just does not see it02:33
wj32darkkith: oh. i thought you werent up to that02:33
darkkithi will check the link purpz thanks02:33
PurpZeYrikkimaru: to me, utorrent under wine02:33
Picirikkimaru_: From what I hear, people nowadays seem to like either deluge or transmission.02:33
rikkimaruPici: gratzi :D02:34
wj32darkkith: that link is for doing it natively02:34
darkkithvia 'disk mode' probably? which the touch does not have02:34
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Did you see the paste?02:34
darkkithor via wifi using sshfs02:34
carl_how do I install kiba-dock02:34
wj32darkkith: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone02:35
PurpZeYcarl_: That is really off topic for this channel, but I will give you a link, bear with02:35
wj32darkkith: yes it says iPhone but it works for the iPod touch as well02:35
darkkithwj, did that and had it working02:35
darkkithhowever syncing 8gb over wifi is incredibly painful02:35
wj32darkkith: man im being really stupid today02:35
wj32darkkith: sorry :(02:35
darkkithwj thanks for helping, not stupid probably most poeple haven't tried almost everything!02:36
wj32darkkith: im just assuming youre a newb... guess you arent02:36
PurpZeYcarl_: https://www.homeinc.de/int/index.php02:36
WorkingOnWisewhen I an checking out some program and it says " most X applications", does that mean apps that run on an xserver, i. e. in Gnome or KDE also?02:36
carl_thank you02:36
squarebracketPurpZeY, yes. did you mount your two disks as /New Volume and /DISK1_VOL1 ?02:36
darkkithbelieve me i would much prefer to use amarok for syncing touch, but the speed is killing me02:36
PiciWorkingOnWise: I need more context to that statement to properly identify what its saying.02:37
squarebracketPurpZeY, I.E. on the command line, or did you just double click them on the desktop to use them?02:37
rikkimaru_How do i go about using the extra keys on my keyboard?02:37
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Double-click...using NTFS tool.02:37
akornHi everyone...need some help here. I"m running 7.10, and whenever i load up firefox, no other programs, folders, or files can be opened, even after i exit firefox. anybody have ANY clue why?02:38
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Either way, I can't mount the NFS server at all at this point....so that seems like, putting the cart before the horse.02:38
Arrickhey all, I need to know something. Is there an *easy* way of converting an ext3 file system to ntfs without losing data?02:38
googlahis that even possible?02:38
Ximalhow do I delete a file or folder with *.po extensions02:38
akornArrick i really do not think that's possible02:38
boghoghello. I'm trying to get an idea of how my harddisk is partitioned, using gparted, but after launching it it goes 'Scanning all devices..." but never finishes, I've waited for over 10 minutes.02:38
boghogI've launched it from a terminal to look for any errors, but got nothing02:39
darkkithbog try fdisk02:39
boghoganyone know what to do to get it to work?02:39
Arrickakorn: its possible, someone in this channel walked me through it the last time02:39
rikkimaru_How do i go about using the extra keys on my keyboard (e.g. volume control knob)02:39
akornArrick oh haha i have no clue then, sorry02:39
boghogshould I report a bug for this though? I'd like to use gparted at some point (though I will learn to use fdisk for now)02:40
squarebracketPurpZeY, it might be screwing up the server, though. on your desktop, try sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart02:40
akorndarkkith doesnt fdisk format?02:40
Piciakorn: fdisk -l will list your partitions02:40
darkkithfdisk can format, if you tell it to.02:40
toresn_do any of you run icecast2 ?02:40
darkkithnot format, rather, it can repartition.02:40
sam__hello i have a question02:41
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ok. did that, did the export look right?02:41
Picisam__: ask away :)02:41
boghogI just kinda like the overview of disks, plus human readable sizes I get in gparted02:41
boghogand total disksize02:41
boghogfdisk doesn't seem to give this02:41
toresn_do any of you run icecast2 ?  if so, how do you run icecast2 ?02:41
darkkithboghog: if fdisk lists the parts without error then maybe a bug report is necessary02:41
akornHi everyone...need some help here. I"m running 7.10, and whenever i load up firefox, no other programs, folders, or files can be opened, even after i exit firefox. anybody have ANY clue why?02:41
squarebracketPurpZeY, well as i said, it depends on if those are the actual mounted directories or not. try going places-->computer-->file system and seeing if there's a New Volume folder02:41
boghogdarkkith, yeah fdisk seems to list them without error02:41
WorkingOnWisePici: i have seen several apps that say they work for of with "x applications". Specifically, at the moment, I am looking at Xvoice, which says " Xvoice enables continuous speech dictation and speech control of most X applications."02:42
PurpZeYsquarebracket: it's in "computer"02:42
__tom__Hi guys, is anyone familiar with the Huawei E220 USB modem?02:42
sam__i am running gutsy and for a while now, sometimes [several times a day] when i open a window and close it, it leaves like a shadowed outline on top of everything and if i go into compiz settings and change something and change it back, it goes away. any ideas?02:42
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Same spot as "file system" e.g. it's mounted. I believe.02:42
boghogdarkkith, looks like it is a known problem, I got a ton of google hits :S02:42
darkkithboghog here i thought most people hit google before irc :)02:43
PiciWorkingOnWise: Then yes, it should work with gnome.  Sounds like this particular program emulates an input device (like a keyboard) that *should* work with any desktop environment under X.02:43
boghogdarkkith, I sometimes neglect to do it :>02:43
movvaDoest any body know some software which reads PDF in AUDIO02:43
=== Shinto is now known as CHC
squarebracketPurpZeY, uh, well in filesystem is there a folder New Volume? cuz usually it auto-mounts stuff to /media/sda1, for example02:43
darkkithanyone know if its possible to sync ipod touch native in linux via the usb cable02:44
boghogdarkkith, oh hey, it finally got done scanning, after about 14 minutes :02:44
darkkithbig disk ? :)02:44
boghog70 GB =/02:44
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
akorndoes anybody know why when i try clearing private data in Firefox it doesn't do anything? i.e. the OK button doesn't even *click*02:44
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Yeah, it's in file system /media02:44
boghogI think it got stuck on my floppy-drive, maybe it's malfunctioning02:44
movvaDoest any body know some software which reads PDF in AUDIO02:44
darkkithakorn, you downloaded too much porn02:44
Seframwhat am i supposed to do in (initrd)?02:44
darkkithi had that problem one time to its ok02:45
sam__ i am running gutsy and for a while now, sometimes [several times a day] when i open a window and close it, it leaves like a shadowed outline on top of everything and if i go into compiz settings and change something and change it back, it goes away. any ideas?02:45
akorndarkkith i almost believe that haha02:45
WorkingOnWisePici: cool. I'm hoping to find some voice recognition capabilities for Ubuntu. thanks02:45
Seframhowto install ubuntu02:45
akorndarkkith i cant even use buttons on websites either, like google.com doesnt work becuase the Search button won't CLICK02:45
PurpZeYsquarebracket: But the tutorial had a bit about @myclient I assumed that was a variable for systems with users.....So, I took it out....again, presumably you looked at my export file and figured it is OK.02:45
darkkithis it only sometimes?02:45
Superbike32How do i install vmware?02:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about irfanview - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:46
Seframubuntu SUCKS!02:46
sam__once or twice an hour maybe...sometimes more somtimes less02:46
boghogdarkkith, seems to happen all the time, however there is definitely something up with my floppy-drive, tons of I/O errors on dmesg02:46
iceswordSuperbike32, why don't use vitualbox02:46
Superbike32not yet02:46
Superbike32i wanna try vmware02:46
akornwhy does my hadr drive become READ ONLY when i use firefox? why can't i open up any more programs after i open firefox? anybody know??02:46
Seframubotu: initrd02:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about initrd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:47
darkkithsuperbike32, www.vmware.com, download the tar.gz... then unpack it.. then cd to the dir, then 'sudo ./vmware-installer.pl'02:47
Seframubotu: initramdisk02:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about initramdisk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ntldr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:47
coreyhello everyone I am new to ubuntu and I need help02:47
squarebracketPurpZeY, i think you should see if you can get someone else to help you out, i'm not sure if i can find the problem. sorry.02:47
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.02:48
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ok, no worries. . .02:48
akornalso, after i load up firefox, if i try to log off, i am told that the X server has crashed......02:48
Superbike32sudo ./vmware-installer.pl says command not found02:48
darkkithsuperbike, also you will require build-essential first (sudo aptitude install build-essential)02:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grldr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:48
darkkithdid you cd into that folder?02:48
jpiccoloi have php and libapache-mod-php4 installed, and when going to the site my browser wants to download the php file02:48
darkkithlol i come here for help with my ipod touch and end up trying to give out support02:49
radiounixThat's how it goes.02:49
darkkithSuperbike32 ls *.pl02:49
squarebracketPurpZeY, do either computer have a firewall?02:49
sam__anyone at all?02:49
darkkithSuperbike32 what is the output02:49
PurpZeYsquarebracket: No.02:49
jpiccolowhy would my browser want to download the php file when i have it on my apache server?02:50
Superbike32sudo: ./vmware-installer.pl      command not found02:50
iceswordSuperbike32, where are you?what does pwd show?02:50
darkkithSuperbike32, type ls *.pl and paste the output here02:51
brucewagne1greetings everyone!  this is my first time ever on an IRC channel.  pretty cool.  just installed ubuntu on 3 of my machines and am loving it02:51
Superbike32thats because i copied what yall talk, instead of installer, the name of it it is only install, not installer02:51
Trampjpiccolo: you cleared you browser-cache (or used Shift+Reload)?02:51
squarebracketPurpZeY, you can give it a shot using this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51300/ and restarting the server02:51
=== BanHasExpired is now known as VistaSP1
VistaSP1sup anybody on da vista02:51
darkkithSuperbike32, it pays to be more lazy.  type sudo ./vm<tab>02:51
jpiccoloTramp: yes i have done that02:52
Superbike32now its asking me where to install binary files02:52
__tom__Hi guys, is anyone familiar with the Huawei E220 USB modem?02:52
darkkithjust hit enter a bunch of times02:52
squarebracketPurpZeY, and then trying mounting /home on the desktop to a random directory on the laptop... i took out unnecessary entries from your exports file.02:52
VistaSP1to you /dev/ass02:52
darkkithdont forget that you need build-esential02:52
darkkithbuild-essential, first02:52
darkkithanyone here with ipod touch ?02:52
Superbike32what about after?02:52
darkkithdamnitt i gotta troll this channel for days to find someone02:52
VistaSP1h>damnitt i gotta troll this channel for days to find someone02:53
darkkithsuperbike, just open another terminal and do it there02:53
DILVistaSP1, is tha how to mount that02:53
darkkithSuperbike32 you will be unable to compile the vmware modules02:53
jpiccoloi had php working now it doesnt work02:53
Trampjpiccolo: ok. Enable the info-module and check with URL .../server-info that the php module is loaded02:54
theLichKingi got ubuntu 7.10 installed on my laptop and when i ask it to turn off, sometimes it does turn off and often times it gives me a black screen and doesn't shut off.. any suggestions?02:54
brucewagne1greetings from new york city.   i'm a newbie, so please forgive me that i have a stupid question.  when i go into synaptic package manager, how do i know which package i want to install.  i.e. how do i know which one contains flash player, or skype, or rar, etc., etc.  sometimes on a search nothing comes up.  other times 18 things come up.  how do i know which one to install?02:54
VistaSP1i got ubuntu 7.10 installed on my laptop and when i ask it to turn off, sometimes it does turn off and often times it gives me a black screen and doesn't shut off.. any suggestions?02:54
VistaSP1>greetings from new york city. i'm a newbie, so please forgive me that i have a stupid question. when i go into synaptic package manager, how do i know which package i want to install. i.e. how do i know which one contains flash player, or skype, or rar, etc., etc. sometimes on a search nothing comes up. other times 18 things come up. how do i know which one to install?02:54
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ok, I just re-did the file according to what you had....Now I have a folder on my laptop /home/brian/NewShare...I am going to run the following command, this correct: sudo mount /home/brian/NewShare02:55
RoxanneEDMcan someone please help me with DeVeDe?02:55
KiD_ChAoSCOMPIZ rotating cube da BOMB!02:55
Superbike32after vmware is installed02:55
Superbike32how easy is it to use?02:55
Superbike32and how do i start using it?02:55
darkkithvery easy02:55
radiounixHas anyone had firsthand experience installing Ubuntu's "restricted" packaging of the legacy Nvidia (old 7100 tree) drivers on a Gutsy server/base install? I cannot use nvidia-xconfig as this driver tree doesn't have it. While I get the Nvidia splashscreen, glxinfo reports no 3D accel. The driver uneventfully modprobed. If I need to RTFM or STFW, a link or hint would be helpful.02:56
squarebracketPurpZeY, try simply sudo mount /home/brian/NewShare02:56
PurpZeYVistaSP1: Often, if one package is required for another it will install itself...And also, if synaptic is overwhelming Add/Remove is a place to start02:56
theLichKingbrucewagne1: it might be better to google flash + ubuntu and reading some manuals other than just going to synaptic and searching randomly02:56
Cpudan80how do you add sendMail support to ubuntu?02:56
jpiccoloTramp: would i just need to make a link between mods-avaliable and mods-enabled?02:56
darkkithfile -> new -> virtual machine02:56
RoxanneEDMdoes anyone use DeVeDe to get .Avi files to DVD ??????????/02:56
darkkiththen follow the wizard02:56
darkkithCpudan80 postfix is better imo02:56
Superbike32it asked me for a 20 length character key02:56
radiounixI have, Roxanne. Why?02:56
Superbike32whats up?02:56
darkkithSuperbike32 you can get that from vmwares site for free02:57
Cpudan80darkkith: I need sendmail for php02:57
Trampjpiccolo: there is "a2enmod". Run "a2enmod info"02:57
darkkithCpudan80, umm.. i won't bother asking more..  try sudo aptitude install sendmail02:57
RoxanneEDMradiounix: i have tried, but i cannot get it to work02:57
KiD_ChAoSFWCUTTER anyone heard of it?02:57
joeaminedi'm having problems configuring bell sympatico on ubuntu02:57
Cpudan80darkkith: lol Im setting up a webserver... not sending out crap02:57
Superbike32where do i get it?02:57
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Nada. . .02:57
radiounixCan't get you geforce 1/2 to work, or can't convert avi to DVD, Roxanne?02:58
=== Ttech is now known as asdpghasd
darkkithSuperbike32 what did you install vmware-server ?02:58
=== asdpghasd is now known as Ttech
squarebracketPurpZeY, hmm... you really should be getting an error of some sort...02:59
RoxanneEDMthe avi's wont convert to DVD radiounix02:59
joeaminedi'm having problems configuring bell sympatico on ubuntu02:59
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Just the blinking cursor, and then the folder is empty.02:59
brucewagne1So you're saying that, if I want to install Skype or RAR or Flash Player or whatever...  It's best to Google Ubuntu + one of those things, and get the package name first....  Then, go in to Synaptic Package Manager to install it?02:59
Flannelbrucewagne1: You don't need to use google, synaptic has a search built in02:59
jpiccoloTramp: and then what URL?02:59
darkkithCpudan80, whatever floats your boat buddy, sendmail is junk :)  Package: sendmail Version: 8.14.1-8ubuntu103:00
squarebracketPurpZeY, after you hit enter, is it a blank line with a blinking cursor, or does it give you the brian@brian-laptop:~$ prompt?03:00
radiounixI'm afraid I cannot help you, as I don't have a copy of that program installed. Is mencoder all set up, .etc? I'm not really sure.03:00
Trampjpiccolo: http://localhost/server-info03:00
PurpZeYsquarebracket: And nothing appears in mount. . .blank line blinking cursor03:00
jpiccoloTramp: 40403:00
brucewagne1Flannel:  But when I search within Synaptic, for Skype, nothing comes up.  For RAR lots of things come up.  How will I know which one to install...?03:00
Superbike32now that thats done03:00
radiounixI think the easiest way to find programs is on a console- apt-cache search "progname"03:00
Superbike32how do i start using the vmware03:00
PurpZeYbrucewagne1: You have to know what package you are looking for, at least to some extent.03:00
darkkithmenu -> system tools -> vmware03:01
darkkithor type 'vmware'03:01
RoxanneEDMradiounix: , i got 3 different programs installed, all suggested from here the only one that seems to convert avi to DVD is devede, and it freezes at 2%, then again at 6%03:01
squarebracketPurpZeY, hmm.... and even after a while, no error message shows up? it sounds like the request isn't getting through, but i got a timed out error in the same situation...03:01
Superbike32i got it now03:01
Trampjpiccolo: you restarted/reloaded apache after running a2enmod?03:01
DILBrucewange, files that are associated/dependent will be select as well03:01
darkkithSuperbike32 don't you think it would be faster to just ...03:01
DILBrucewange1, files that are associated/dependent will be select as well03:01
Superbike32i dunno what im doing03:02
jpiccoloTramp: yes03:02
squarebracketPurpZeY, when you type mount.nfs, do you get a command not found error?03:02
darkkithclick randomly with your mouse ..03:02
darkkithits no worse off then windows.03:02
Superbike32i installed linux today, maybe early yesterday03:02
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Yes.03:02
brucewagne1PurpZeY:  yes, but how to i know which package to install for Skype, for example.  or for RAR, for example...?03:02
=== Arrick is now known as Techi
pastorIs there any way to get my Canon Imageclass D320 printer working in Ububtu? It seems that there are not drivers for this unit on linux. Thoughts?03:02
PurpZeYbrucewagne1: You can always ask here.03:02
radiounixSorry, Roxanne, I suggest you go elsewhere as I've only used the program maybe five times. Tried checking launchpad and the DeveDe site for outstanding bugs? There used to be a horrific one with audio and Ubuntu's version of mencoder.03:02
Flannelbrucewagne1: There are descriptions in synaptic too, you just have to read a bit and get familiar.  Or google.  Skype isn't FOSS, so it only exists in a third party repository.  Another good place to check "first" (or second, I guess) is the ubuntu wiki : http://help.ubuntu.com/community/ which will have instructions for skype and WoW and lots of other things too.03:02
squarebracketPurpZeY, ah! that would be why. you're missing the proper stuff on your laptop03:03
jpiccoloTramp: the url is http://stuntcock.kicks-ass.org03:03
Trampjpiccolo: does "grep info /var/log/apache2/error.log" return anything?03:03
bgt421hi, I'm trying to apt-get build-essentials and it keeps asking for a cd. Is there a way to force apt to use a repository?03:03
squarebracketsudo mount-get install nfs-common i think03:03
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.03:03
bluefoxxhow do i unmount from command line?i just got my sansa replaced *again* and i dont want to have anymore unmount errors as they seem to corrupt the internal memeory. i allready did 'lsof /media/Sansa\ e260' and nothng comes up, i also tried 'sudo unmount' but it didnt work either03:03
darkkithbgt421 disable the cd source via synaptic03:03
DILbrucewange1, there is a description nest to the files03:03
darkkithor uncomment it from /etc/apt/sources.list03:03
hmncan anyone help me installing ubuntu?03:03
DILbrucewange1, files that are associated/dependent will be select as well03:03
bgt421darkkith: Thanks!03:03
jpiccoloTramp: [Tue Jan 08 22:02:42 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/server-info03:04
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I have that package...let me apt-cache it and see03:04
DILhmn, do you have cd,03:04
darkkithbluefoxx sudo umount -l03:04
bluefoxxdarkkith: and then the volume?03:04
darkkithbgt421 sudo apt-get update after that change03:04
darkkithbluefoxx yes03:04
radiounixI'm assuming nobody is running a Geforce 2 or earlier Nvidia card on Gutsy Gibbon using the Ubuntu-supplied drivers and a base/debian-style install? If so, I'll ask for help on the forum.03:04
hmnDIL: yes but i dont know what to enter into the console to start ubuntu03:04
bluefoxxdarkkith: thank you03:04
darkkithseriously, nobody here has an ipod or iphone?03:05
Starnestommymy sister has an ipod03:05
radiounixstart ubuntu? You mean start xwindows? type "startx"03:05
darkkithis she a linux nerd?03:05
DILhmn, boot cd then click on install03:05
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Yeah, I have that package and that's the only package that the HowTo page indicates. . .03:06
Trampjpiccolo: hmmm. And  info.conf/info.load are now in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ ?03:06
fozzybpastor:  that printer isn't listed on openprinting.org.  but other canon imageclass printers are listed as paperweights03:06
squarebracketPurpZeY, portmap as well. do you have that installed?03:06
Starnestommydarkkith: I am, but she isn't03:06
DILhmn, are you working with a clean disk, if not backup any data you want to keep03:06
bluefoxxdarkkith: can you repeat that again? i used irssi in my lazyness and didnt write it down >>03:06
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Yes.03:06
darkkithbluefoxx what were you asking again ?03:06
Superbike32how do i fully login to the root?03:07
bluefoxxdarkkith: how to unmount from a terminal03:07
Superbike32on this03:07
DiogoAgraanyone can help me? the "start" icon of gnome crash/freeze for a few seconds in the first time that i click03:07
hmnDIL: i cannot click i only have a console last message seems to recognice my cd drive and then it just stops. what should i enter then?03:07
Superbike32someone said how earlier03:07
jpiccoloTramp: info.load is info.conf is not03:07
PurpZeYsquarebracket: But it certainly seems we are on to something since that mount.nfs isn't working03:07
darkkithStarnestommy i wish some linux nerd here had their ipod touch syncing via usb cable, or sync ipod touch to itunes via vmware03:07
darkkithSuperbike32, FULLY:  sudo bash03:07
darkkithbluefoxx, sudo umount -l <dev>03:07
radiounixHow to unmount? read the man file on "umount"03:07
=== Pravee1 is now known as Praveen
squarebracketPurpZeY, definitely.03:08
ouellettesrhello, how can I check a package dependency using apt?03:08
jpiccoloTramp: oh got it, i did a2enmod php503:08
bluefoxxdarkkith: thought it was close, i was triing ' unmount'03:08
bluefoxxdarkkith: thanks again03:08
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Maybe I need to reset ports on client...I have no idea, this is weird, but it seems I have all the packages03:08
Trampjpiccolo: ok. so your php works now?03:08
squarebracketPurpZeY, try mount -t nfs /home/brian/NewShare03:09
radiounixouletteser: apt-cache showpkg "name of package"03:09
hmnDIL: i prepared a clean partition on my windows disk for ubuntu.03:09
squarebracketdo you get an error saying unsupported file system type or something?03:09
DILhmn, how did you get to console03:09
Johnsonis there a way to get stickynotes to actually stick to the desktop mine automatically hide w/e i click elsewhere or does anyone recommend a btter sticky note program than the default03:09
jpiccoloTramp: yeah my php works, i ran into this problem because my .htaccess file isn't rewriting the urls like it does on my hosts server03:09
Trampjpiccolo: then just for consistency's sake do an a2dismod info. No idea why it didn't link the conf.03:10
jpiccoloTramp: would you know why it isn't?03:10
darkkithJohnson stick notes are evil03:10
ouellettesrradiounix: thanks03:10
JohnsonDIL alt-f2 gnome-terminal03:10
PurpZeYsquarebracket: "failed: server is down"03:10
radiounixctrl-alt-bkspc should kill xwindows. If you have GDM or KDM, google on how to kill it.03:10
biggiecan someone help me with changing the screen resolution on boot03:10
Johnsondarkkith yeah. but they are even more evil when they don't stick03:10
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I just got that....took that long to time out I guess03:11
darkkiththats the problem, they have a tendancy to disapear03:11
thorradiounix ctrl-alt-bkspace doesn't kill x it just restarts it03:11
darkkithJohnson i say stick with tried and true:  vi03:11
Trampjpiccolo: Maybe there is some AllowOverride missing - often the case if directives in .htaccess fail03:11
DILhmn, there should be an install icon03:11
Johnsondarkkith como?03:11
radiounixbiggie: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (on a root console). BE CAREFULL. There may be a GUI method.03:11
user_ralihalo ada orang disana?03:11
Trex_hi there. i am encountering an error whenever i update and install programs in feisty.. this is the error: E: havp: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1... please help03:11
squarebracketPurpZeY, from the command with -t nfs, or with no -t nfs?03:11
Johnsoni want to be able to see my lil notes individually03:12
darkkithjohnson what?03:12
radiounixPardon me, biggie, ona  root console with no Xwindows loaded.03:12
biggiethat does not work if you boot into recovery mode03:12
DILhmn, on the desktop03:12
Pici!id | user_rali03:12
ubotuuser_rali: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:12
jpiccoloTramp: in my apache2.conf?03:12
darkkithlet me guess, with a flourescent yellow or pastel green background..03:12
darkkithtomboy, is that the default one ?03:12
hmnDIL: booted from the installer cd (7.10, i386, desktop), pressed F6, removed "quiet splash --" and replaced it with "pnpacpi=off --" and pressed ENTER, then it starts, a lot of messages flush over screen last recognising my CD drive and then it just stops working?!03:12
ouellettesrradiounix: what does reverse dependencie mean?03:12
aszwet1how do you set your root password in ubuntu?03:12
user_raliI`m sorry my brother03:12
Pici!root | aszwet103:12
Flannelaszwet1: you don't need to03:12
ubotuaszwet1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:12
darkkithsudo passwd03:12
Trampjpiccolo: Yes03:13
Pici!noroot | darkkith03:13
ubotudarkkith: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)03:13
radiounixUm, I'm not sure, frankly, as I'm kinda tired. Maybe things that depend on this package, but do Google it.03:13
biggieradiounix - that does'nt work when booting from recovery mode03:13
js``hey, i'm trying to install these nvidia drivers, i'm pretty new to ubuntu. it tells me to type "sh nvidiafilename" but it tells me i'm running X. what can i do about that?03:13
DILhmn, how much ram do you have03:13
user_ralicorn tall two girl go song03:13
ouellettesrradiounix: ok thanks03:13
zero88uh what the ef. Obama should be winning...03:13
aszwet1mysqladmin -uroot password XXXXXXXX03:13
aszwet1mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed03:13
aszwet1error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'03:13
Trex_what is that error about guys?03:13
Flannel!offtopic | zero8803:13
ubotuzero88: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:13
aszwet1well how about that kind of stuff flannel?03:13
Picijs``: Stop X: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop03:13
Flannelaszwet1: MySQL root passwords are completely independant of system root passwords03:14
biggiecan i change the screen resolution in recovery mode03:14
js``and start to start again?03:14
tatoanyone could recommend me an hex-editor that can create new files? It doesn't matter if its gtk/curses03:14
darkkithubotu right..  i wont then03:14
hmnDIL: 384MB03:14
Flannelaszwet1: you'll need to use sudo03:14
zero88Flannel | Sorry03:14
Picijs``: same thing, but stick start in there instead of stop :)03:14
user_raliwhere do you live pici ?03:14
alephantHi all...03:14
aszwet1i did, but it requires access to root@localhost which is in essence the root account flannel03:14
js``Pici: thanks alot, hope i can get it working :P03:14
alephant...is there an official RSS feed of Ubuntu updates?03:14
radiounixYou can change it in any mode, biggie. You just cannot be running xwindows (and [probably GDM/KDM). Try looking at /etc/X11/xorg.conf in your favored text editor.03:14
user_ralipici kamu memang picek03:15
Piciuser_rali: Not indonesia, I just know thats what you were looking for, your hostname resolves to that location.03:15
Trex_an error whenever i update and install programs in feisty.. this is the error: E: havp: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1... please help03:15
hmnDIL: i just dont know how to continue from there, maybe you could give me a hint...03:15
Flannelaszwet1: No it doesnt, follow these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#head-39085275bc28194cca77d021ec362ff3003b10bc03:15
Trex_what is this error about guys?03:15
Trex_how do i handle it?03:15
biggieradiounix - the problem is i can't get that far. I installed ubuntu with a 21 monitor and 1280x1024 resolution and now i have it hooked up to a 17 inch monitor that won't do that resolution03:15
biggieso when i boot the monitor turns off cause it can't do that resolution03:16
alephantI'm looking for a datasource for new arrivals to updates, so that I can then construct a list of "desired" updates to install -- similar to RHN.03:16
|PowerMX|hello!, anybody knows what is this for ?: Scrollkeeper-up03:16
DILhmn, how long did you wait to see if it booted to desktop03:16
darkkithbiggie, when the monitor blanks hit CTL-ALT-F103:16
squarebracketPurpZeY, when you type exportfs -ra on the desktop, does it give an error?03:16
Superbike32i cant start VMWare03:16
alephantI'd rather not simply parse the output of ``apt-get upgrade''...03:16
darkkithlogin as yourself on the console03:16
alephant...any ideas?03:16
Superbike32i click it, and it never comes up03:16
radiounixYes. teh recovery mode of any Live Linux CD will let you get into your linux system and reconfigure your xserver for a lower resolution. I have a 15," so I know your pain.03:17
biggieso i tried to do sudu dpkg reconfigure etc... from recovery mode and xserver-org is not loaded so i won't let me change anythiong03:17
Flannelalephant: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -s dist-upgrade | less03:17
nickrud|PowerMX|: that's scrollkeeper-update, it creates gnome/ubuntu documents03:17
DiogoAgraanyone can help me? the "start" icon of gnome crash/freeze for a few seconds in the first time that i click03:17
darkkithbiggahed then sudo vim (or nano( /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:17
slybootsHm, having some issues with Compiz on my Thinkpad R61i.. Checked ThinkWiki but the advice for fixing it does not work..03:17
Flannelalephant: Update manager will do it for you as well03:17
alephantFlannel: perhaps I was a bit unclear.03:17
hmnDIL: several minutes, but it just stops working, no activity at all, no feedback, no error messages on the screen?!03:17
|PowerMX|it's consuming 98% of CPU Usage03:17
slyboots(Attaching SKIP_CHECKS in /etc/compizconfig/config)03:17
Flannelalephant: No, you just took two statements to say it03:17
nickrudSuperbike32: try   vmware    in a terminal, you should get some error messages. You should ask for help with that info on #vmware03:18
slybootsRunning the command manualy works fine, so.. what am I doing wrong?03:18
darkkithSuperbike32 try starting vmware from a terminal to see if there are errors03:18
radiounixHave you mounted your Linux partition, biggie? Ask someone else to help you here. I'm signing off as I'm way to tired tonight to really be more than a hindrance.03:18
alephantI'm creating a local mirror of Gutsy, so that I can always install a system to a known base of packages.03:18
biggiethat's cool radiounix thanks03:18
alephantWhen updates to package FOO come in, I don't want to blindly apply them without validating first that they work without breaking any of our apps.03:18
darkkithbiggie did you try editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf directly?03:19
DILhmn, when you booted did you at least get menu start or install ubuntu03:19
PurpZeYsquarebracket: "could not open /var/lib/nfs/etab for locking" "can't lock /var/lib/nfs/etab for writing"03:19
alephantBut once they are validated & I decide that they should be applied, then they should be applied to all systems.03:19
alephantSo it seems to me, that the simplest way to achieve this is to selective mirror only the updates that I decide I want.03:19
nickrudalephant: and debmirror would be a good tool for maintaining that pool03:19
squarebracketerr, sudo exportfs -ra03:19
biggiedarkith - not sure how to do that at boot up03:20
=== Pravee1 is now known as Praveen
hmnDIL:yes and i choosed to use pnpacpi=off pecause without it or when i leave splash or quiet boot options enabled i always end up with an error message about my network card.03:20
alephantThe missing piece is a well-formatted list of updates -- which can be parsed for a frontend to select which ones I want, and parsed to create an --include list for debmirror.03:20
darkkithbiggie, let it boot, when it goes blank hit CTL-ALT-F103:20
craigbass1976to restart samba, is it smb or samba that's in /etc/init.d?  I'm trying to help someone but don't have samba on my box03:20
darkkithbiggie it should drop you to a console03:20
PurpZeYsquarebracket: No output03:20
biggiei did sudo nano and am in it now trying to edit file03:21
* nickrud waves at alephant says 'you're way ahead of me'03:21
davidthedrakeHow do I get my sound to work in old games?03:21
darkkithlook for section that has 1280x1024 in it03:21
hmnDIL: when activity stops i seem to be in the initrd console ?!03:21
craigbass1976Dr_willis, you here?03:21
davidthedrakeFor example: Abuse.03:21
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu1
nickrudcraigbass1976: samba03:21
darkkithbiggahed SubSection "Display"03:21
craigbass1976nickrud, thanks03:21
davidthedrakeHello xm4n03:21
xm4nI need help in ubuntu03:22
darkkithSubSection "Display"03:22
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:22
crdlbslyboots: that wiki article you found was wrong03:22
davidthedrakeHow do I get my sound to work in old games such as Abuse or Airstrike?03:22
xm4nquestion: how do you install Doom 3 in Ubuntu 7.1003:22
alephantSo anybody understand the package maintainers (MoTU?) well enough to comment on how updates are pushed out?  Best case is that there's an RSS feed, or an automated listserv fed by the release process, which tells me not only WHAT was updated, but WHY.03:22
davidthedrakexm4n, I think you might be thinking of Open Arena03:23
xm4nwell, I have open arena already03:23
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Was that command supposed to return an error? or was I supposed to run that and then try to connect again03:23
xm4nI would like to input DOOM 303:23
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.03:23
hmn_DIL: any idea how to tell the installer to continue, since i dont know what i should do in this console? i want to boot gnome and doubleclick on install?!03:23
Flannelalephant: well, you can get release notes easily enough.  But you might have more luck asking in #ubuntu-motu03:23
davidthedrakeOohhh.. DOOM 3, not Quake 3. I see.03:23
davidthedrakeUse Wine.03:23
alephantFlannel: I'll check that out, thanks.03:23
squarebracketPurpZeY, no, it would display no output if there were no errors -- so nothing is a good thing, in this case03:23
xm4nDoes WINE have capability to play DOOM 3?03:23
squarebracketPurpZeY, try re-installing nfs-common on the laptop03:23
davidthedrakexm4n, yea!03:24
squarebracketPurpZeY, and then see if mount.nfs returns a "command not found" error03:24
PurpZeYsquarebracket: re-installing as in apt-get remove apt-get install?03:24
davidthedrakexm4n, wine is designed to play many different windows based games.03:24
squarebracketPurpZeY, i'd say just do it through synaptic03:24
nickrudcrdlb: I can't find the reference to the wiki page you were talking about with slyboots , was it an ubuntu one?03:24
PurpZeYsquarebracket: But, I mean, that's the idea03:24
squarebracketPurpZeY, ya03:24
xm4nok I'll try that. I just have to install software from repository03:24
davidthedrakexm4n, if you can't get it workin, search on the internet (google) and you will probably find some results.03:24
crdlbnickrud: no, I found it just now through googling03:24
DILhmn, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#head-ca8e337bdfab6bfa1d064371898775fe1e9e22fd03:24
nickrudcrdlb: ok, then I won't worry about it03:24
ShortWavehi all03:25
Picinickrud: sounded like he was talking about thinkwiki (the thinkpad linux wiki)03:25
squarebracketis there a script editor in xchat like there is in mirc?03:25
ShortWaveWhen I try to install missing plugins in firefox, it can't seem to find any of them03:25
cwilluShortWave, you might need to restart firefox if it seemed like they installed but didn't actually change anything03:26
WooDDoes Ubuntu detects automatically a USB Hard drive ?03:26
cwilluWooD, usually, yes03:26
hmn_DIL: THX a lot that seems to be very interessting... il try those!!03:26
ShortWaveno, it says "cannot find gcjwebplugin"03:26
Zloogis it possible to send the output of espeak to my microphone?03:26
ShortWavethen it PRETENDS it installed it03:26
nickrudShortWave: many of the plugins written for for firefox require windows, about the only ones you can use on linux are java, flash and movie players03:26
ShortWaveI restart firefox, and it's not to be found03:26
cwilluShortWave, just install java via add/remove applications, and restart firefox;  should work03:27
darkkithi must be doomed to run windows on a real computer utnil i obtain a replacement for my ipod touch03:27
darkkithor maybe buy a mac03:27
ShortWavecwillu: I installed java by installing the jre 1.6 runtime in /opt/ just for kicks, that didn't even towkr.03:27
ShortWavenickrud: well aware of that, thanks03:27
cwilluShortWave, flash is another matter, as there's been an update on adobe's part, and so the 'package' in ubuntu complains that it doesn't match what it expected; you can install it via the adobe site easily enough03:27
nickrudShortWave:  install  sun-java6-plugin03:27
cwilluShortWave, how did you install java?03:27
ShortWavecwillu: I got flash under control.03:27
nickrudcwillu: iirc the java add/remove only installs the jre03:28
ShortWavecwillu: sh jre1.6.bin; mkdir /opt/jre; cp -rv jre1.6/* /opt/jre03:28
cwilluShortWave, that won't install the plugin03:28
cwillusun-java6-plugin should be the package you want03:28
ShortWavecwillu: then of course ln -s /opt/jre/plugins/ns7/libjavaplugin_oji.so ~/.mozilla/plugins/03:29
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Took care of all that, so far no dice. . .waiting for time out. . . .03:29
cwilluShortWave, sounds reasonable03:29
ShortWavecwillu: you would think so03:29
cwilluhonestly, you're better off using the ubuntu package, as you'll actually get security updates et al03:29
ShortWavecwillu: I'm just somewhat alarmed at Firefox not being able to find the extensions.03:29
ShortWavecwillu: I can get the plugins manually, I...just really don't want to do it manually anymore03:30
ShortWavecwillu: And I'd like this to be easy as possible, since my wife is the intended target. I can beat it into submission for me, but for her, I'd like it to be more sophisticated.03:30
WooDif I put into /etc/fstab the command ntfs-3g /dev/sdd1 /media/harddrive/ does it gonna mount automatically at startup ?03:30
nickrudWooD: if you put the ntfs-3g after /media/harddrive03:30
cwilluShortWave, the ubuntu packages have worked for me (with the exception of flash, which is kinda-sorta adobe's fault)03:31
squarebracketPurpZeY, mount.nfs still returns command not found?03:31
ShortWavecwillu: Unsurprising, flash is in a bit of an uproar these days, what with Flex/Air et al03:31
ShortWavecwillu: So...what repository do I need for this mighty sun plugin?03:31
slybootsnickrud: Its the ThinkWiki,03:31
ruz322i'm sure there is a quick article for this, but how can i make the dhcp server daemon start at bootup?03:31
cwilluShortWave, multiverse I think03:31
nickrudslyboots: then I'm not going to worry about it :)03:31
slybootsnickrud: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_7.10_%28Gutsy_Gibbon%29_on_a_ThinkPad_R61#Compiz03:32
WooDnickrud, ok so in that way /media/harddrive/ ntfs-3g /dev/sdd103:32
cwilluShortWave, sun-java6-jre/bin/plugin should do it, but make sure you have any preexisting java removed03:32
ShortWaveit's troubles like this that make me stick with my mac03:32
ShortWavecwillu: simple matter of not using the path03:32
squarebracketPurpZeY, can you ping the desktop?03:33
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Still nothing on that command...03:33
cwilluShortWave, simple matter of not getting the package confused;  it's still using sun's installer, and I don't think there's any guarentee's that it doesn't do something 'intelligent' in finding preexisting installs :p03:33
ShortWavewhoah, that installs a pile of prereqs03:33
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ping is good.03:34
ShortWavecwillu: meh, I copied the JRE I downloaded to where it's at under /opt...the name is odd enough that I doubt the installer will have an issue03:34
ruz322meh, no suggestion?03:34
ubuntu1hi. im not coming off a new install or upgrade or anything, i dont remember what i did. but the last time i restarted my computer it wouldnt boot up properly. it goes past the grub then instead of getting my login screen i get a terminal-like screen and it says "BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) built-in shell (ash)" then it drops down and instead of my username it says "(initramfs)" in a terminal style prompt. i have limited commands03:34
ubuntu1while in this, but i can tell that i am on my main partition because im able to cd through folders. i looked around the internet and the most common responce was to remove "quiet splash" and add "all_generic_ide" to the thing in the grub (pressing escape then e for edit and b to boot it up) but that didnt work for me. a few sites i looked at also suggested just messing with "noacpi, nodma, noapic, and nolapic" i tried each one of those, with03:34
ubuntu1and without the "quiet splash" there and none of it worked. What is this problem, and how can i fix it?03:34
cwilluShortWave, well, you've been warned :p03:34
ShortWavecwillu: :)03:34
ShortWavecwillu: Not my first time here ;)03:35
ShortWavecwillu: I was really just wondering about the inability of Firefox to find the plugins.03:35
nickrudWooD: no, /dev/sdd1 /media/harddrive ntfs-3g defaults[,umask=007,gid=46] 0 0 (I recommend adding the stuff in brackets to your line)03:35
cwilluShortWave, is it a fresh install?03:35
PurpZeYsquarebracket: So, as of now, all I know is, it seems that something is missing on the desktop end.....that's all I can figure03:35
ShortWavefresh and tasty03:35
ShortWaveas in I installed it last night03:36
cwilluthat's weird;  I've had no problems except for flash, and that used to work fine as well03:36
ShortWaveoh look03:36
cwillustandard firefox, not the beta or anything right?03:36
ShortWavein /usr/lib/firefox/plugins, there is no libjavaplugin.so or anything similar after running that03:36
cwilluthe ubuntu patches are required to make the deb stuff work03:36
WooDnickrud, ok thanks I'll try that03:36
ShortWavecwillu: Whatever came with the default install CD03:37
squarebracketPurpZeY, mount.nfs should return a help blurb though, not command not found......03:37
ShortWaveabout:plugins reveals...no java03:37
squarebracketPurpZeY, you added appropriate entries in hosts.allow?03:37
squarebracket(it shouldn't matter, but who knows)03:37
cwilluShortWave, this is with the plugin package installed?03:37
theoclymenusI am trying to set up cvsd on my box... however the server is not listening on any port after i do this. Please help me03:38
ShortWavecwillu: jah03:38
cwillushortwave, anything interesting show up in the console if you do a sudo aptitude reinstall sun-java6-plugin?03:38
PurpZeYsquarebracket: ??03:38
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.03:38
Mdance86Can i connect my Ubuntu computer to a local Windows Network?03:39
Superbike32i cant get my thing to emulate anything using VMWare03:39
Superbike32how do i use it?03:39
preaction!samba | Mdance8603:39
ubotuMdance86: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:39
ShortWaveclaims it installed, but...03:39
ShortWaveWHERE did it install it?03:39
cwilluShortWave, sudo updatedb; locate javaplugin.so03:40
cwilluwhich I'm sure you know03:40
nickrudShortWave:  dpkg -L sun-java6-plugin will tell you03:40
ubuntu1hi. im not coming off a new install or upgrade or anything, i dont remember what i did. but the last time i restarted my computer it wouldnt boot up properly. it goes past the grub then instead of getting my login screen i get a terminal-like screen and it says "BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) built-in shell (ash)" then it drops down and instead of my username it says "(initramfs)" in a terminal style prompt. i have limited commands03:40
ubuntu1while in this, but i can tell that i am on my main partition because im able to cd through folders. i looked around the internet and the most common responce was to remove "quiet splash" and add "all_generic_ide" to the thing in the grub (pressing escape then e for edit and b to boot it up) but that didnt work for me. a few sites i looked at also suggested just messing with "noacpi, nodma, noapic, and nolapic" i tried each one of those, with03:40
ubuntu1and without the "quiet splash" there and none of it worked. What is this problem, and how can i fix it?03:40
cwillunickrud, thx03:40
ShortWavecwillu: jah03:40
Jay-Oh-Enhow do i install ubuntu and make it pure ubuntu03:40
aszwet1hey i'm having a problem installing torrentflux it's saying that it can't connect to my database03:40
cwilluubuntu1, does it say anything about running fsck manually?03:41
ubuntu1cwillu: im not sure03:41
squarebracketPurpZeY, try restarting the computers, maybe?03:41
squarebracketPurpZeY, i think i'm all out of ideas..03:41
nickrudJay-Oh-En: tell the installer to use the whole disk03:41
bazhangJay-Oh-En: as in completely FOSS? or all gnome03:41
WooDnickrud, thanks I reboot to test03:41
ShortWavewell that's odd03:41
ubuntu1cwillu: what would that do (assuming i was able to do it)03:41
nickrudSuperbike32: the people in #vmware know vmware well03:42
ShortWavedpkg -L lists some nice directories03:42
ShortWavebut no files03:42
* ShortWave knows vmware well.03:42
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I missed that hosts allow bit....That may have been the cause of all this03:42
nickrudShortWave: are you running the 64bit?03:42
aszwet1Error: Cannot connect to database to perform query tests.03:42
Jay-Oh-Enbazhang: i meant like im using kde i have kubntu installed but i got bored of it so i want to use gnome again03:42
aszwet1why would i get that error using mysql admin?03:42
cwilluubuntu1, it's a harddisk scanner;  if it said that, then the machine was probably rebooted once while it was running a scan (would've seemed like it had frozen due to a lack of progress on the boot screen)03:42
ShortWavenickrud: nope03:43
ShortWavenickrud: just a default ubuntu install03:43
aszwet1i created the database using:   mysqladmin -uroot -p create torrentflux03:43
cwilluubuntu1, does it still give the busybox prompt if you select the recovery kernel in grub?03:43
ubuntu1cwillu: yes03:43
aszwet1then i tried  mysql -uroot -p torrentflux < mysql_torrentflux.sql03:43
cwilluubuntu1, (it'll still give you a prompt, but it'll be a bash prompt instead of busybox)03:43
aszwet1and it didn't work03:43
squarebracketPurpZeY, ah, ok.03:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pure - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:43
ubuntu1cwillu: well if i could get a bash prompt i could do startx, right?03:44
cwilluubuntu1, did it say anything about 'unable to mount root filesystem'?03:44
AdemoS /msg ubotu flash03:44
nickrudcwillu: what does dpkg -L sun-java6-plugin say on your machine, do you see the oji (Im on 64bit so can't check)03:44
thunterhmi'm having a problem playing flac files. it was working yesterday, and i can't think of anything that has changed since then. i'm using totem and when i open the flac file with it, it says it can't find the plugin. seems like any other media player doesn't work either. mplayer can't decode it.03:44
cwilluubuntu1, yes, although /etc/init.d/gdm start would be more what you're looking for03:44
ubuntu1cwillu: no, it is mounted, because i can browse around my HDD03:45
cwilluShortWave, what nickrud said03:45
nickrudcwillu: ShortWave said he only had dirs listed, no oji03:45
cwilluubuntu1, you're sure?  i.e., can you browse into your home directory?03:45
cwilluah, one sec03:45
ubuntu1cwillu: yes, im sure03:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about puregnome - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:45
ubuntu1i can get into my home directory03:45
aszwet1where is the config.php found for mysql?03:45
cwillunickrud, ya, same on mine03:46
cwilluno files, just plugin _dirs_03:46
TtechI have a big issue with ubutnu that has started this morning. When I unplug my laptop from the powercord (fully charged) my laptop will go into hibernation. How od I fix this?03:46
cwilluand a doc file03:46
cwilluwhich I'm looking at03:46
RoxanneEDMhey guys i see it is very difficult to make a DVD from 2 AVI files under linux for some reason, would it be easier to just run Nero under Wine?03:46
nickrudmust be something in the postinstall03:46
bazhangJay-Oh-En: not sure how to go about that--odd because there is a factoid for purekde but not for pure gnome03:46
Superbike32nobody is responding on #VMWARE03:46
ShortWavewell then03:46
ShortWavethat's just odd03:46
Superbike32can anyone here help?03:46
kunzyGot a quick question.  Got the extra desktop effects running as well as the cube.  but the top and bottom of the cube are just a plain colored surface.  How do i make the surfaces transparent?  I have cube caps off.     Thanks03:46
cwillunickrud, ShortWave, iirc, the sun package just downloads the jre from sun, et al03:47
ShortWaveeven looking at installed files in the properties in synaptic, I only see a list directories03:47
pteague_workhow can i get ubuntu to let a game i'm in use print screen to create a screenshot rather than having ubuntu take a screenshot of the desktop?03:47
Jay-Oh-Enbazhang: so what do i do?03:47
cwilluso if it fails, it looks like it's installed even though it isn't03:47
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I'll bite, that didn't work either. . .03:47
RoxanneEDMcube caps on03:47
kunzyand set the images for what?03:47
cwilluShortWave, nickrud, that's why I mentioned to make sure everything was clean first03:47
nickrudcwillu: no the jre is a real package, it's made with java-package03:47
aszwet1how can you find a file let's say i wanted to find mysql_torrentflux.sql how would i find that?03:47
RoxanneEDMfor whatever image you want03:47
aszwet1using commandline?03:47
bazhangJay-Oh-En: what is the purpose of this exercise? disk space limited?03:47
cute_bettongwhats the command to trigger ubotu to tell me about sources and things that i might want to install?03:48
squarebracketPurpZeY, hmm...03:48
cwilluthe folders are definately populated on my machine03:48
cute_bettongi don't want to do things automatically03:48
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Fall back to square one...try rebooting the desktop.03:48
bazhangcute_bettong: better to ask in the channel03:48
rich1hi.  i'm going to buy an intel wireless card.  the website talks aboutn row and mow wireless networks.  what is the difference and how do i find out which i have?03:48
kunzywell the thing i wanted to do, was in a video i saw on youtube.  It allowed you to see through the top the the desktop on the other side.   Do you know how to do that?03:48
joeaminedis there anyone from canada here ?03:48
squarebracketPurpZeY, haha, ya. sorry, i don't know much else to say :S03:48
squarebracketjoeamined, yes.03:48
joeaminedi have a problem with sympatico bell adsl connection03:48
nickrudoh well I can't troubleshoot 32bit java, on a 64bit machine03:48
ShortWavewell I got it working with the jre I downloaded manually03:48
bazhang!ca | joeamined03:49
ubotujoeamined: Canadian Ubuntu users can be found in #ubuntu-ca03:49
PurpZeYsquarebracket: It's no worries, I'm sure I just missed something really tiny like a coma, or I need a reboot on both ends....03:49
squarebracketjoeamined, you're on videotron right on...03:49
joeaminedsquarebracket please i can't use my dsl connection with ubuntu03:49
cwillunothing is claiming it owns the plugin file03:49
joeaminedsquarebracket no i'm on bell sympatico03:49
RoxanneEDMdoes anyone here run NERO under Wine?03:49
squarebracketjoeamined, --> * joeamined (n=joeamine@modemcable223.153-57-74.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #ubuntu03:49
nickrudcwillu: make sure you're not checking a link, follow the links back thru /etc/alternatives to find the real file03:50
joeaminednow i'm on videotron03:50
ubuntu1cwillu: any ideas on what i can do?03:50
joeaminedbut my connection is a bell sympatico and i can't get it to work on ubuntu03:50
squarebracketPurpZeY, ya, that's always possible... the number of times i've missed small things ;)03:50
squarebracketjoeamined, you're sure it's just in ubuntu?03:50
PurpZeYsquarebracket: Ok, wasn't the desktop. Let's try this end.03:50
joeaminedsquarebracket, in linux in general03:50
joeaminedi used the ppoeconf as mentioned on internet but it didn't work03:51
squarebracketjoeamined, are you plugged into the modem using a usb cable or a network cable?03:51
WooDwhen we choose a size of partition and select a dynamic Partition in the software VirtualBox, if the partition become full, does the partition will increase by itself automaticcally ?03:51
joeaminedi'm plugged using a network cable03:51
kunzyRoxanneEDM:  So do you know of a way to make it show whats on the other side of the cube through the top?03:51
ouellettesrwhat package do I need for opengl?03:51
RoxanneEDMam i the only person here that downloads movies and burns them to DVD?03:51
cwilluubuntu1, do you have network access on that machine?  (i.e., can you ping google.com?)03:51
nickrudouellettesr: the right driver for your video card03:51
Hammer89I'm trying to get Compiz-fusion to work running Ubuntu 7.10... when I try to enable it it gives me an error saying "The Composite extension is not available."  Can anyone here help me?03:52
squarebracketjoeamined, you could try a usb cable maybe? sorry, but i don't know much about troubleshooting DSL :S03:52
bazhangRoxanneEDM: that sort of talk is not supported here03:52
JoehaleyQuestion: What is the fastest and easyest way to transfer files between two computers over WLAN, both running ubuntu?03:52
Jay-Oh-Enbazhang: no i just dont want kde programs with my ubuntu programs03:52
nickrudHammer89: try running    compiz     in a terminal, you'll get more useful error messages. Don't paste it here :)03:52
bazhangJay-Oh-En: then un install them03:52
cwillunickrud, ShortWave aptitude reinstall restored the plugin files when I deleted them from the plugin directories (the symlinks at least)03:52
squarebracketjoeamined, your problem has nothing to do with being canadian, though ;)03:52
IdleOneRoxanneEDM: we cannot support you in an illegal activity.03:53
ShortWavecwillu: weird. Didn't like mine at all.03:53
Hammer89nickrud: http://pastebin.com/m1d4a26e903:53
cwilluShortWave, libjavaplugin.so doesn't show up in usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ right?03:53
ShortWavecwillu: but no matter, I made it work with the official sun JRE.03:53
RoxanneEDMidle, they are not illegal files03:53
ShortWavecwillu: correct. For that matter, dpkg -L shows me...only directories03:53
RAdamsHow do you make Nautilus forget authenticated sessions?03:54
nickrudHammer89: you have an ati chip? Which one?03:54
RoxanneEDMIdleOne:  its a movie called Steal This Film03:54
Hammer89nickrud: ATI Radeon Xpress 200m03:54
RoxanneEDMits not illegal03:54
IdleOneRoxanneEDM: still cant help you. google03:54
Elusisevening all03:54
cwilluRoxanneEDM, sorry, haven't played with burning dvd's at all;  if it's a dvd image (iso), then you should be able to directly burn it, other than that, don't know03:54
nickrudHammer89:  system->admin->restricted drivers , select the ati driver. Reboot. That will give you the right driver. There's a couple more steps after that03:55
cwilluRoxanneEDM, if it's all the video_ts stuff, you _might_ be able to just burn it as files, but that's just me spouting off, not actually having tried that03:55
Hammer89nickrud: I've done that part03:55
cwilluShortWave, same here03:55
Hammer89nickrud: what are the next steps?03:55
RAdamsRoxanneEDM: google "xdvdshrink"03:55
cwilluonly directories03:55
nickrudHammer89: good.   fglrxinfo in a terminal, make sure it's using ati drivers, not mesa03:55
ElusisI have an issue with package management, any guru's in here care to offer a little help?03:55
cwilluElusis, just ask, don't ask to ask03:55
RAdams!ask | Elusis03:55
ubotuElusis: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:55
RoxanneEDMthank you03:55
aszwet1is there anyone who can give me a hand with mySQL? i'm having problems with the password setting and creating databases03:56
FirealMan the forums have become clustered over the years!  Anyways, anyone know a good place to go for this issue? My DVD-burner burned DVD-R's in other OS's, but it keeps prompting me to insert a blanck dvd (which I did) in gutsy no matter what program I use to burn a data-DVD03:56
RAdamsHow do you make Nautilus forget authenticated sessions? For example, if I've gone to a web folder that requires a password, and I've selected "remember forever", and I want that password forgotten.03:56
Hammer89nickrud: http://pastebin.com/d7c14ccf503:56
Starnestommyaszwet1: tried asking #mysql ?03:56
ouellettesrnickrud: do you know what package contians the glu library?03:57
Jay-Oh-Enbazhang: ok03:57
PiciRAdams: I believe that if you install seamonkey, you can manage what things your keyring has remembered.03:57
pckFireal, this may sound stupid but are you sure you have a blank dvd in the drive? I got real embarrassed once.03:57
nickrudHammer89: so far so good.  Next install  xserver-xgl compizconfig-settings-manager emerald  . Then log out, hit clt-alt-backspace for luck, and log back in.03:57
RAdamsPici: do you mean seahorse? or Seamonkey, the internet suite? o.O03:57
PiciRAdams: Er, seahorse.  All these underwater creature apps confuse me.03:58
Firealpck:  yep gone through about half a stack (saw that on the forums too!)03:58
WooDVirtualBox seems to be a nice Virtual software .. .wow I'm impressed03:58
RAdamsPIci: lol. Thanks I'll give that a shot.03:58
cwillunickrud, is ctrl+alt+backspace ever going to be turned off?  every 6 months or so I get a call from a user wondering why their computer 'rebooted'03:58
Elusisum apparently i fixed it03:58
nickrudouellettesr: I think it's libgl1-mesa-glx and libgl1-mesa-dri03:58
slybootsOkay, Running Ubuntu on my Thinkpad R61.. I've got sound playback working but my Mic does not seem to record03:59
|Quest|anyone happen to know how to passively decrypt ssl packets from a mitm?03:59
pckFireal: Another question I have to ask, have you googled your brands compatibility with linux? shouldn't be an issue but they DO exist for some things.03:59
WooDdoes KDE 4 is out for ubuntu ?03:59
nickrudcwillu: I don't know. It would make sense, but I would miss it03:59
bazhangWooD: no03:59
slybootsIf I go into the Preferences >Sound > Audio Conferencing > Test recording, it throws up an error..03:59
WooDbazhang, ok04:00
slybootsgconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat: Could not open resource for writing04:00
cwillunickrud, I'd miss it too, but on the other hand, it's kinda embarrassing explaining how for most purposes we've brought back the hard ctrl+alt+delete from dos days04:00
ouellettesrnickrud ok thanks, it says those fiile are the newest version already, but im trying to compile quesoglc and it says it can't find it04:00
slyboots"failed to construct test pipeline for 'gconfaudiosrc"04:00
nano_yeah its embarassing04:01
Firealpck: Yes sir, but all that comes up are some lightscribe issues; btw I have an LG GSM-H42L internal burner04:01
Elusisanyone else here using synergy on multiple pc's?04:01
nickrudcwillu: yeah, I catch people getting told to clt-alt-<- and have to warn them about lost work.04:01
RAdamsPici: for the record, you were right. Seahorse is the app I wanted.04:01
nickrudouellettesr: you need the development headers, a sec04:02
PiciRAdams: Great :)04:02
nickrudouellettesr: install libgl1-mesa-dev , that has the headers04:02
Hammer89Nickrud: got it working... but it's making my window borders look really messed up...04:02
|Quest|anyone happen to know how to passively decrypt ssl packets from a mitm?04:03
IdleOne!info gimmie | cwillu04:03
ubotucwillu: gimmie: desktop organizer for Linux, alternative GNOME panel. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.7repack-0ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 219 kB, installed size 1176 kB04:03
nickrudHammer89: messed up? like Missing?04:03
cwillunickrud, even having ctrl+alt+backspace set to switch to a different vterm with a fullscreen 'did you really want to do this'04:03
ouellettesrnickrud that's weird I already have that too04:03
nickrudyah :)04:03
cwilluIdleOne, thanks04:03
pckFireal: Has ubuntu recognized the device? Go System->Preferences->Hardware Information04:04
cwilluIdleOne, although you confused me there, was wondering why I had asked about it in #ubuntu :p04:04
nickrudouellettesr: then for the file it claims it can't find, do a search on packages.ubuntu.com . That will tell you the package it comes from.04:04
Hammer89nickrud: messed up like... they turned red... aren't rounded anymore04:04
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
IdleOnecwillu: you didnt but had I done it in +1 it would of given package info for +1 :)04:04
nickrudHammer89: oh, yeah that ugly thing. system->prefs->emerald , choose another theme.04:04
cwillujust threw me off04:04
ubotuUnsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam - and most importantly, use common sense...04:04
Hammer89nickrud: ah... okay :D04:05
pckFireal: I don't have a DVD burner on this comp, but my corresponding line reads CDRW/DVD TSL462c should look sorta like that04:05
aszwet1is there a way to go up one directory?04:06
Piciaszwet1: cd ..04:06
Firealpck:  well I am having trouble finding it, got a buzz word to look for?  I have played cd's and dvd's on it however and it does mount the blank disc04:06
aszwet1pici no just one directory04:07
Piciaszwet1: yes, that goes up one directory.04:07
Firealpck: I'm a little slow, I'll look again04:07
pckFireal: Look for DVDRW04:07
aszwet1oh lol04:07
Piciaszwet1: cd . is the current directory, it goes no where ;)04:07
aszwet1didn't see the perious04:07
pckpck: mines mounted under my SATA controller but it could be different on your motherboard04:08
Firealpck: found it finally, it's there but under scsi device04:09
pckFireal: you can use ctrl+f to use the find feature04:09
pckFireal: sweet04:09
Firealpsk: now you tell me :)04:09
pckFireal: Sorry - forgot that *might* be helpful. lol. Anyways click on it and make sure that its recognizing that storage.cdrom.dvdr and/or storage.cdrom.dvdrw are true (if you don't have re-write, that one will be false).04:11
Firealpck: storage.cdrom.dvdr, dvdrw, & dvdram all "true"04:13
pckFireal: Ok thats good, now check storage.removable.media_available04:14
* nickrud wonders how many people are following along with Fireal04:15
mattholimeaui'm trying to install the cisco vpn client on linux and am getting errors... anyone around who wouldn't mind helping me out?04:16
Firealpsk: true also.   Also when pop a dvd-r or dvd+rw it opens the default nautilus cd/dvd creator04:16
pckIts a habit04:16
Rudd-Ohai guise, how do I boot a livecd with text mode kernel messages showing on screen?04:16
pckI really don't know whats going wrong then.04:17
Rudd-Owhat f6 option should I type?04:17
Wiseguyhey guys is there a program installed by default to use an ipod with... i tried amarok and am having lots of problems with it04:17
Rudd-OWiseguy: gtkpod ?04:17
cakedonkeyis anyone currently running BOINC from UC-Berkeley?04:17
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod04:17
=== PurpZeY_ is now known as PurpZeY
bazhanghttp://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Device:IPod for the new nano Wiseguy04:17
nickrudWiseguy: if it's one of the latest ipods, none of the ubuntu stuff will work with it yet04:18
Firealpsk: man, well at least you made me feel more confident that it should work.  Thanks, I'll keep looking and trying anything I can think of04:18
RyanPriorIf I have a CD writing application, can I make it believe that it's writing to a CD but actually have it write to an ISO?04:18
pckFireal: sorry, my best guess that that somehow your media wasn't being detected correctly. I really don't know how to proceed from here.04:18
PurpZeYsquarebracket: I got nothing...Did both reboot, the services are running properly, I added to hosts.allow and hosts.deny....I can't figure it04:18
bazhangWiseguy: the new nano does work; also with gtk--see the link04:18
zero88where is the log files at so i can view them. my computer has fo some reason turned off by itself a few times now and i would like to see why04:19
nickrudbazhang: which nano? rhythmbox (and i asume the current libgpod) broke my 3d gen04:19
Firealpck: hey thanks anyways04:20
pckFireal: if you figure it out post your solution to the forums - this ones kinda funny. it also may be fixed by a clean install.04:20
nickrudI only wanted to charge it ;(04:20
Firealpck:  I was thinking that but refusing to believe it :(04:20
Rudd-Ohai guise, how do I boot a livecd with text mode kernel messages showing on screen?04:20
pckFireal: Updating my fiesty caused a few wierd networking problems with no solution that magically (or not so) went away with a clean gutsy install04:21
bazhangnickrud: the latest nano? the workaround has been around for a week or so now04:21
nickrudbazhang: ah, it's on that page then? looking04:21
PurpZeYCan someone help me troubleshoot a problem with NFS? I've followed all of the Howto directions, done everything I think is proper but it doesn't seem to work04:21
zhan_zrRudd-O: Why do you want text mode?04:21
Rudd-Obecause I need to see the kernel ringbuffer04:21
nickrudbazhang: you gotta remember, I'm old, I don't move as fast anymore04:21
Rudd-Othe machine is hanging some point and I need to know where04:21
bazhangnickrud: dont believe it :}04:21
zhan_zrRudd-O: Have you tried the safe display mode?04:21
Firealpck: on a clean install, this is a bummer04:22
=== fr0st is now known as unnamed
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: I NEED the kernel ringbuffer, I don't want the safe display mode, I already tried it to no avail04:23
Rudd-OI just don't want the splash screen04:23
unnamedhi all people04:23
ComBatGuten Tag04:24
zhan_zrRudd-O: As I know,the livecd hasn't a text mode option. Maybe you would have a try of Alternative CD.04:24
Rudd-Oso how do I prevent the splashscreen from showing AND show the ringbuffer?04:24
zero88why would i only have a few days of messages in /var/log/messages?04:24
Rudd-Ozero88: the logs are rotated every week04:24
Rudd-Olog for messages.1, messages.2 et al04:24
zero88Rudd-O, ah i see thank04:24
zhan_zrRudd-O: Alternative CD maybe work for you.04:25
slybootsDoes anyone know any method that would allow me to change the way Gnome launches Compiz?04:25
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: what does the alt. cd have?04:25
darkkithslyboots the session manager probably04:25
slybootsApparently to work on my graphics chipset, I have to pass the argument SKIP_CHECKS=yes compiz --replace04:25
zhan_zrRudd-O: How do you get the livecd.Downloading and burning, or shipped by mail?04:25
slybootsBut I cant find any way to make Gnome or Compiz run that as the default behaviour04:25
joeamine1anyone can help how to get a wireless connection from bell canada to work on linix04:26
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: dude, I ASKED what is different, what do I get from the alternate CD that will help me see the kernel ringbuffer on boot04:26
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
slybootsdarkkith: What? System > Preferences > Sessions?04:26
PurpZeYCan someone help me fix this NFS problem? I believe I've set hosts.allow and hosts.deny properly....But I am still getting "failed: server is down" and I can't figure out why at all I have NO IDEA04:26
zhan_zrRudd-O: The alternative CD seems to have a text mode to install.04:26
=== arustyspork_ is now known as arustyspork
darkkithslyboots try going to Menu -> system -> administration -> sessions04:26
nickrudslyboots: the following should work: mkdir -p ~/.config/compiz && echo SKIP_CHECKS=yes >> ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager04:26
satriahi all, i am from indonesia, edubuntu 7.0404:26
Rudd-Ohmmmm all I want is something that disables the splash screen04:26
nickrud!welcome | satria04:27
ubotusatria: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.04:27
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:27
markdRudd-O: during boot?04:27
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:27
zhan_zrRudd-O: Are you in install process or you have completed the install.04:28
WinShadehey ok, is celeron processor considered i686?04:28
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: dude, F6 boot options, it should be clear that I'm on the boot process04:28
nickrudWinShade: yes04:29
zhan_zrRudd-O: Oh I see. Have you tried to edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst04:29
nickrudWinShade: i686 is pentium II and above, irrc04:29
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: how do you edit menu.lst on a READONLY CD-ROM?04:29
PurpZeYnickrud: Any interest in taking a crack at this NFS issue I'm having?04:29
nickrudPurpZeY: never used nfs for even a second04:30
zhan_zrRudd-O:  That is to say, you havn04:30
Rudd-Oon Fedora I do this by typing "text" on the command line of syslinux, how do I do the same on Ubuntu?04:30
PurpZeYnickrud: touche`04:30
slybootsOkay, trying agian04:30
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
zhan_zrRudd-O: you havn't installed the ubuntu completely04:30
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: obviously NOT04:30
haymakeranyone know how i can prevent gnome panel from starting when i log in?04:31
zhan_zrRudd-O: So I recommand you to use an alternative CD rather than your livecd to install.04:31
Rudd-Ozhan_zr: my friend sez the alt. cd wrecks his partitions04:31
mabusany idea how I can find out what linux driver my wifi card uses? it's a tew-424ub (hardware revision 4.2), which has been reportedly working in ndiswrapper but I'd like to find out what driver to use. other users have reported using the zd1211b driver for the zydas chipset, but mine appears as a realtek04:31
cwilluhaymaker, I think it's in gnome-session config, but I'm not sure04:31
cwilluhaymaker, what are you trying to do?04:31
zhan_zrRudd-O: Sorry,no clues.04:32
Rudd-Oanyone know how to prevent the livecd from presenting the splashscreen?04:32
zhan_zrmabus: I am using zd1121 wifi card.04:32
haymakeri have awn running, i dont want gnome panels anymore04:32
slybootsRight, did not work :P04:32
cwilluhaymaker, just remove them04:32
PurpZeYAnyone have experience with NFS? I can't seem to connect to my server04:32
cwilluhaymaker, right click, remove this panel04:32
haymakerwhen i right click the last one, i get a shaded remove panel04:32
Dr_willisRudd-O,  edit the grub boot options and append 'nosplash' to the end. (perhaps  use nofb nosplash)04:32
cwilluone sec04:32
Rudd-ODr_willis: can't edit menu.lst, it's a LIVE CD04:33
cwillupreferences | sessions | current session, look for gnome-panel04:33
cwilluhaymaker, ^^^04:33
nickrudhaymaker: in the session dialog, select gnome-panel . Then down below, make it normal instead of restart.  alt-f2 pkill gnome-panel, it should die and not restart. Save the session04:33
Dr_willisRudd-O,  hit E at tegh grub menu - and edit the lines that way04:33
Rudd-Oif someone makes me say that again for the fifth time, I swear I'm just gonna log off because it's esaier to just reboot a hundred times trying random shit04:33
Rudd-ODr_willis: the livecd uses syslinux, not grub, as far as I know04:34
haymakeri mean that is how to stop it from starting when i log in04:34
nickrudorm, sorry cwillu04:34
cwilluhaymaker, that's what you want04:34
Rudd-Oyou can't hit E on the boot screen of the livecd04:34
cwillunickrud, np ;p04:34
astro76!language | Rudd-O04:34
ubotuRudd-O: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:34
Dr_willisRudd-O,  does it? been ages since ive booted it.04:34
Rudd-Oyou only have F1 to F6 to hit, and F6 shows me a command line04:34
Rudd-ODr_willis: I'm a hundred percent sure it uses syslinux or isolinux, NOT grub04:34
cwilluthat's the line you want to edit I believe04:34
Dr_willisthena gain - i use the alternative isntaller cd. that may be different.04:34
bazhangRudd-O: try the alternate installer04:35
cwilluRudd-O, nosplash should do it, I believe04:35
cwilluRudd-O, are you trying to get to single user, or just normal session with no splash?04:35
Picicwillu: hes trying to boot the live-cd for an install iirc.04:35
cwilluRudd-O, also I think you can hit ctrl-alt-f7 at boot to skip out of the splash screen after it shows up04:36
Shi-Langusing alternative install for Ubuntu the text based installer, the formatting seems ot hang on 33%04:36
Shi-Langis this troublematic?04:36
cwilluShi-Lang, hang for how long?  a big drive might take 20 minutes04:36
Shi-Langat 33%?04:36
Shi-Lang80 gb drive newish04:36
cwillupercentage probably includes subtasks, and 33% is probably just at one of those tasks04:37
IdleOneShi-Lang: how long?04:37
bazhangShi-Lang: give it some time04:37
cwilluShi-Lang, format, not a convert, right?04:37
haymakercwillu, how do i save session?04:37
Shi-Langyes format04:37
Shi-Langbut nevermind it finished s i typed this ^-^04:37
cwilluhaymaker, not dead sure;  either apply, or session options | remember applications, or just do a clean logout04:37
cwilluhaymaker, one of those should do it ;p04:38
nickrudhaymaker: last tab on that session dialog04:38
Rudd-Ook guys04:38
haymakernickrud, just click the button?  if i have xchat and all sorts of programs open will it launch them automatically?04:38
Rudd-Oto the extent that that's possible04:38
Shi-Lang((()))) == hugs04:39
Dr_willisHmm - I see mention of F6 getting to some boot options in a forum post for the live cd.. but that may be a bit out of date04:39
Shi-Langalrightythen, proceedign to install the OS itself now *crosses fingers*04:39
cwilluhaymaker, only if you hit the checkbox04:40
ganymedehello, i was wondering if it is normal for the livecd to list the master on my primary IDE (PATA drive) as /dev/sda?04:41
nickrudganymede: yes, there's a new scheme out there, the next link will explain a bit04:41
ubotuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:41
grekkosyeah i was wondering about that too actually04:42
grekkosmy friend's hard drive comes up as SDA04:42
grekkosi assumed it had to do with the type of hard drive04:42
ganymedenickrud: but if i would like to install grub for the purposing of booting another distro (i am using the livecd to make LFS) then i should pretend that it will become /dev/hda, right?04:43
grekkosI would just set up the partitions of that drive and leave one for the other distro04:44
grekkosoh wait what's LFS04:44
nickrudganymede: no, you should use the uuid or to refer to the kernel device now,04:44
nickrudganymede: and also in the fstab.04:45
nickrudganymede: it's kinda nifty. If you move the partition with dd, the uuid goes with it and grub will automatically follow apparently. Helped a guy with this today04:45
RandompolygamyHey guys, whats the addon with the bomb idion that starts with a B i believe, ?04:45
Shi-Langk installing the base system seems to have failed i dont know why it didnt say04:46
nickrudShi-Lang: did you run the disk check on the startup menu04:46
Shi-Langthis was the text version04:47
Shi-Langdoing dik check now with the gui version dvd04:47
queuetueGrr.  I've burned the alternate install, and it boots, but then cannot mount the cdrom "Try again to mount the cd-rom?"04:47
zhan_zrqueuetue: have you verify the CD integrity04:48
queuetuezhan_zr, Yes.04:48
lixoman100Hello. I'm trying to do manual partitioning to set up encrypted volumes with the Ubuntu alternate CD as an experiment (as in, no problem losing any data). I managed to create the encrypted partitions and setup mount point and so on, but I wanted to remove the encrypted partitions and start over. Is there any way to remove the encrypted partitions from the hard drive inside the installer? If...04:48
lixoman100...not, how can I do that, then?04:48
queuetuezhan_zr, On the console, I see sense_key errors, I/O errors, and inode errors.04:49
macoHOLA AMIGOS!!!!!!!!04:49
macoCOMO LES VA???04:49
ObNockShusCan anyone help me load my firewall? I'm getting this error when I try to load it -----> E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.04:49
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:49
Randompolygamymaco:  im not a Grfingo04:50
nickrudObNockShus: run that command (sudo dpkg etc) in a terminal04:50
Shi-Langdisk checker says it found an error in 1 file04:50
nickrudShi-Lang: you have to burn another04:50
Shi-Langive burnt 5 different cd's and dvd's04:51
VARGUX/server irc.frenode.net04:51
macorandompolygamy NADIE SE REFERIA A TI, GRINGO!!!04:51
Shi-Langif it hasnt worked already then it will never work04:51
ObNockShusnickrud I tried that and I got this -----> dpkg: need an action option04:51
VARGUX/server irc.frenode.net04:51
queuetueIs an upgrade from 6 a more stable way to install 7? :)04:51
bazhangmaco please stop04:51
nickrudShi-Lang: it does happen, try burning at a lower speed, after checking the iso's md5sum , see next link04:52
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:52
Randompolygamymaco: kiete04:52
lixoman100maco: if you want to chat off-topic, you should head to the #ubuntu-offtopic channel04:52
nickrud!ops | maco04:52
ubotumaco: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!04:52
nickrudObNockShus: sudo dpkg --configure -a04:52
queuetueWhy exactly are ubuntu CDs so much more likely to burn improperly than any other cd I've ever used?04:52
nickrudqueuetue: good question.04:53
ObNockShusnickrud ahh. I typed it wrong.04:53
Randompolygamyameranth, you should have let him stay, i was going to tell him to leave or i was going to call the irc imigration04:53
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
bazhangqueuetue: not sure what you mean; not had that experience here--likely bad media or fast burn speed04:54
VARGUX/msn VARGUX register 22dic201204:54
zhan_zrqueuetue: I think maybe it is because of the file system. The whole file system is a big squalish file.04:54
ObNockShusnickrud. Sweet! it's loading. Thanks a bunch04:54
bazhangVARGUX: should change that password04:55
queuetueIf I try to run a disk verify now, it does the same thing - starts booting linux and .. "you installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted"04:55
cwilluqueuetue, what zhan_zr said:  a compressed file is much more sensitive to a single bit error than a mp3 cd, a cd of documents, etc04:55
cwilluqueuetue, try booting with nodma04:56
cwilluqueuetue, some older machines have trouble04:56
tssomWhen i boot ubuntu recovery mode, and i get to the point to enter root password or ctrl+D to continue. Will pushing ctrl+D boot me straight into normal mode? or do i need to rebot and boot from regular ubuntu?04:56
queuetuecwillu, This is a very new machine, but ... what's nodma?04:56
queuetueAHA, "no dma" - nodma on the command line?04:57
lixoman100Is there a way to remove an encrypted volume from the hard drive on the alternate CD installer partitioner?04:59
ObNockShusnickrud Is the a sort of checklist that will show me the ubuntu/linux commands and what they do?04:59
cwillulixoman100, as in, delete it?04:59
lixoman100cwillu: yes04:59
nickrudObNockShus: they're scattered around, but !terminal and !apt will tell you some stuff to start with05:00
cwillulixoman100, should be the same as any other partition, unless it's not really a partition (eg, hidden inside an existing partition)05:00
nickrud!terminal > ObNockShus (see pm)05:00
hughMy computer just crashed when I had a some moderately useful unsaved texted in gedit.  Does gedit periodically cache unsaved files somewhere incase of a crash?05:00
nickrud!apt > ObNockShus05:00
lixoman100cwillu: it says I can't because it is being used as a encrypted physical volume sda1_crypt05:00
cwilluhugh, there's an option, but it's off by default I think05:01
cwilluhugh, preference | editor if you want to check05:01
queuetuecwillu, ide=nodma makes no difference.05:01
palichismaco estas aqui05:01
ObNockShusnickrud Very nice. Thanks very much again.05:01
palichisalguien a visto a maco?05:01
Shi-Langaccording to Md5Sum the hashes are the same05:01
cwillulixoman100, dunno then (haven't used encrypted file systems much)05:02
nickrudShi-Lang: then burn at a lower speed, we see this a lot05:02
cwillulixoman100, could try unmounting it from another vt05:02
bazhangpalichis: not here anymore05:02
mattholimeauquick question... what's the best way to convert a text file from dos to linux? wasn't it something like dos2linux?05:02
cwillulixoman100, alt+f2, mount, umount the matching mount05:02
PurpZeYtext file from dos 2 linux?05:02
cwillulixoman100, and alt+f1 to get back05:02
j1mchugh: there's an 'autosave ever X number of minutes' option, but you need to check the box05:02
mattholimeauPurpZeY: yeah05:02
queuetueIs there a way to do a net-only install?05:02
lixoman100cwillu: yes I'm giving it a try today so I can get the hang of it. but I just found out that I had some partitions set up on the encrypted drive that I needed to remove first, dumb me. thank you05:02
palichisbazhang, why?05:02
cwilluqueuetue, yes;  there should be a guide on the wiki05:02
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues05:02
Shi-Langwhy the hel does it need to burn at  a lower speed? dvd's are abut a dollar each, thats going to be roughly 5-10$ in the drain when im through05:02
bazhang!minimal | queuetue05:03
ubotuqueuetue: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:03
queuetueI don't have a floppy drive anymore, but ... ugh.05:03
nickrudpalichis: he was shouting, and not staying on topic. If he wants back (his ban will expire) have him (or you) ask on #ubuntu-ops05:03
lixoman100cwillu: and thank you for the alt+f2 tip, that might come in handy in the future :)05:03
bazhangpalichis: kicked from the channel05:03
mattholimeauanyone? text file from dos formatting to linux formatting? i know there's a command - i just can't think of it05:03
cwilluqueuetue, you can do a netboot if you have a capable network card (most modern are, although you usually need to change the bios), and a spare computer05:03
cwillumattholimeau, apropos is your friend05:03
crackintoshCould someone suggest the proper syntax for finding all files with a ._ in front of the file name? I did 'ls -alR | grep ._* however that is not returning the proper results, do I have to escape any of those characters?05:04
theLichKingis there a program that allows you to enter tasks, organize time, put deadlines and then show this information in a neat way on the desktop or in a side bar?05:04
queuetueUhm, what "code name" is 7.10?05:04
PurpZeYgutsy gibbon05:04
palichisok gracias05:05
atoponcehow long should it take to shrink a partition from 93GB to 35GB?05:05
atoponceon a moderately fast hdd05:05
cwilluatoponce, depends on how fragmented it is, and how full it is05:05
PurpZeYCan anyone suggest why my NFS client will not connect to my server? I believe I set all of the permissions according to the HowTo, I can't seem to figure out why I can't connect05:05
=== the9a3eedi_ is now known as the9a3eedi
* cwillu gave up on nfs years ago05:05
atoponcecwillu: shouldn't be fragmented, at least not bad, and it's about 1/3 full05:05
PurpZeYcwillu: So you'd use samba even for Ubuntu <--> Ubuntu?05:06
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
Jeriathok, im trying to mount from a network drive of my windows pc using samba.....when i use smbmount, i get: Could not resolve mount point05:06
cwilluPurpZeY, well, I use ssh for that (nautilus can use ssh:// urls)05:06
faliesonalright, I installed a soundblaster x-fi card and I'm using the digital I/O module (from soundblaster) to digital out (optical) to the optical in on my receiver... but I don't hear anything from my speakers when i turn it over05:06
cwilluPurpZeY, but I use samba for ubuntu->mythtv, for instance05:06
Shi-Langthere is no option to have a lower write speed with DVD's05:06
cwillumore reliable in my experience05:06
PurpZeYcwillu: I want to play my mp3s from my desktop on my laptop when they are sharing a router05:06
Shi-Langwhat the hell am I sup;posed to do?05:06
jw--I have downloaded Gutsy and burned it at 4x, however when i attempt to check the cd for errors on the menu, I get a line across the screen and I have to hard reboot. Any ideas?05:07
Shi-Langoh wait05:07
Shi-Langclicked cd by acciden05:07
cwilluPurpZeY, I'd go with samba,05:07
PurpZeYcwillu: The GUI install is called swat?05:07
mattholimeaucwillu - how was that not appropriate?05:07
Shi-LangAlright people, is 2.4x speed slow enough?05:07
cwilluPurpZeY, no, file sharing dialog in system will have it05:07
cwillumattholimeau, ?05:07
PurpZeYShi-Lang: The slower, the safer.05:07
cwillumattholimeau, apropos is a command05:08
PurpZeYcwillu: So, how would I set it up?05:08
dejuren!seen fatman05:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen fatman - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:08
lixoman100Which size should I make my /boot partition to be safe?05:08
mattholimeauah - google hit dictionary.com first05:08
cwilluPurpZeY, system | shared folders05:08
mattholimeaui'll hit man, hah05:08
cwillumattholimeau, I'm not sure if there's anything installed by default, and apropos only searches installed man's;  searching add/remove apps or synaptic should find you something though05:09
zhan_zrlixoman100: You needn't specified a indepent /boot partion05:09
mattholimeauhahahahah - that WAS a RTFM comment! nice! thanks though - i didn't know that one05:09
zhan_zrlixoman100: Just let it in / partion is Okay.05:09
lixoman100zhan_zr: in my case I do, because I'm setting my / to be encrypted05:09
mattholimeauit'll come in handy if i can remember about it, heh05:09
cwillumattholimeau, apropos is probably my favourite command :p05:09
cwillusecond only to ssh05:09
PurpZeYcwillu: Then how do I access these folders on the client?05:10
zhan_zrlixoman100: Oh ,50M is okay.05:10
cwilluPurpZeY, places | connect to server\05:10
lixoman100zhan_zr: thank you :)05:10
cwilluPurpZeY, although, what music player do you use?05:10
mattholimeauah - if anyone cared - i was looking for the dos2unix command05:10
mattholimeaufinally found it05:10
PurpZeYcwillu: XMMS05:10
cwilluPurpZeY, you _might_ need to mess with /etc/fstab then;  anyone, does ubuntu have a fstab gui yet?05:11
cwilluhaven't paid attention to that yet05:11
PurpZeYcwillu: the type of server is SSH and then the IP is the server addy?05:11
mattholimeaugah! it's not in ubuntu!05:11
cwilluPurpZeY, servername.local should work without an ip05:11
rencore_why does ubuntu never see new usb devices that i connect05:12
cwilluPurpZeY, ssh does need openssh-server installed first though05:12
cwillurencore_, what type of usb device?05:12
loganhello! I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with internet connection sharing05:12
cwillurencore_, probably need to yell at the manufacturer05:12
rencore_cwillu, if i try and plug the mouse in after it has booted then the mouse wont work and neither does my ipod05:12
cwillurencore_, that sounds familiar05:13
bazhangrencore_: new nano?05:13
cwilludoes it work if the ipod isn't plugged in?05:13
rencore_bazhang, no its an iPod Classic05:13
ouellettesrkello I have a 7" touchscreen and I ubuntu wants to start in safe graphics mode, aren't there grub options I can set to make it work?05:13
rencore_cwillu, no if im already logged in ubuntu doesnt recognize any newly added devices05:14
loganbasically, i used firestarter to set up internet connection sharing, and my xp computer can connect to ubuntu (and ubuntu can see requests from the xp computer), but ubuntu is not giving the xp computer anything at all05:14
bazhanghttp://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Device:IPod rencore also some gtk stuff there05:14
rencore_cwillu, i have to restart in order for it to notice05:14
rencore_bazhang, its not about my ipod its about new devices05:14
cwillurencore_, let me backup.  if you restart without the ipod ever plugged in, will it detect new devices?05:14
rencore_cwillu, no it has nothing to do with the ipod im just using it as an example05:15
cwillurencore_, stock kernel?  what happens if you run udevmonitor, and then plug something in?05:15
irvI'm trying to streamline my boot process and I have found that every time i restart, the network manager re-enables wireless. i want it disabled by default.05:15
cwillurencore_, does anything print out?05:15
rencore_cwillu, lemme try and yes it is stock05:15
cwilluirv, go into the network settings, and set wireless to non-roaming05:16
tssomhow do you cd to a folder with spaces in it?05:16
Starnestommytssom: cd05:16
Starnestommycd "folder with spaces"05:16
irvi tried that, except the okay button is greyed out05:16
holycowdoes anyone know the name of the module the nvidia chipset would use for the nic card?05:16
cwillutssom, hit tab before the space, or type it as folder\ name\ with\ spaces05:16
rencore_cwillu, ok i removed the mouse and it detected it but when i plug it back in it doesnt05:16
* Starnestommy kicks his keyboard05:16
tssomcwillu: thanks05:17
cwillurencore_, odd05:17
rencore_cwillu, so now if i wanted it to work again i would need to plug it in and restart05:17
cwillurencore_, this is a bit of a long shot, but do you have legacy usb device support enabled in your bios?05:18
xLEcan you do more than 1 sudo thing at a time?05:18
cwilluxLE, sudo foo; sudo bar would work05:18
nick__I think you put && in between commands?05:18
rencore_cwillu, i have no idea05:18
nickrudxLE: sudo only works on the immediately following command05:18
cwilluxLE, you can also do sudo -s to get a shell, but pretend I didn't tell you that05:18
irvif i un-check the "enable roaming" box, I can't click okay to apply the settings... unless i set an ip address05:18
nickrudcwillu: sudo -i , shame on you :005:18
anoni got a question05:18
Starnestommyanon: yes?05:19
bazhangrencore_: is this possibly a poll irq problem?05:19
anonif i pause and resume my download from the FTP server05:19
anonwill i cause data corruption?05:19
xLEi mean like.. can i do 2 sudo apt-get install's on two terminals at the same time?05:19
bazhanganon downloading what05:19
loganxLE: yes05:19
rencore_bazhang, im the one asking the question so i have no idea05:19
anonand if i md5 check my download when it finishes after pausing and resuming 10 times , will the download still be ok if the md5 sum match?05:20
anondownloading Ubuntu DVD05:20
loganxLE: oh wait, well if one installer is going i don't think you can05:20
nickrudxLE: no, you can only have one apt action going at a time. Nothing to do with sudo, though05:20
xLEhow? i always get permission errors..etc05:20
loganxLE: but you can def do more than one sudo05:20
tonyyarussoanon: yes05:20
xLEk =[05:20
cwillunickrud, how is sudo -s <type type type> worse than sudo command; sudo command; sudo command?05:20
bazhanglogan: iirc that is not possible05:20
nickrudxLE: butyou can have more than one package by:  sudo apt-get install package1 package2 ....05:20
cwilluit's the same environment no?05:20
yummymummyhello all i am trying to play a few different games my husband installed for me on ubuntu. i am running 7.10 all the latest updates are installed all i get with any open gl game is a black screen anyone have any idea why is it cos i have a onboard video card ? i have the latest nvidia drivers installed from the system.05:21
anontonyyarusso, i've heard that md5 sums can match and the file still can be different?05:21
anonis this true???05:21
tonyyarussoanon: In a theoretical sense, sure.  Not in practice.05:21
logani have a question myself :D : i used firestarter to set up internet connection sharing, and my xp computer can connect to ubuntu (and ubuntu can see requests from the xp computer), but ubuntu is not giving the xp computer anything at all05:21
cwilluanon, it's true for any hash function, but md5 collisions are actually starting to become feasible05:21
nickrudcwillu: the shame on you was for even mentioning sudo -s|i :)05:21
cwillunickrud, that was the 'pretend I didn't say this' :p05:22
cwillualthough I should have made it a pm I guess :/05:22
anontonnyyarusso: Bottomline: if the md5 sum of the file match, it's a perfect 1:1 copy from the server?05:22
tonyyarussoanon: for your purposes, yes05:22
loganbasically i just want to observe traffic sent to my windows computer- the linux computer really doesn't need to utilize the connection. Is there any way to do this?05:23
cwilluanon, sha256sum is the paranoid varient, sha1sum is for most purposes, md5sum is deprecated05:23
logan(i have 2 nics, windows is connected through to linux box, linux is connected to router)05:23
yummymummyhello all i am trying to play a few different games my husband installed for me on ubuntu. i am running 7.10 all the latest updates are installed all i get with any open gl game is a black screen anyone have any idea why is it cos i have a onboard video card ? i have the latest nvidia drivers installed from the system.05:23
jnegacan anyone help me get a soundblaster live 5.1 sound card working in 7.10??05:23
bazhangyummymummy: what games?05:23
anonbecause i think the probability that the file is the different even though the md5 sums match will increases with file size05:24
yummymummyis one05:24
Xulthuswho likes my name05:24
cwilluanon, not really05:24
yummymummyemilia pinball is another05:24
linkslicei read a while back abot some battery/hard drive power saving thing but can't seem to find that article, anyone know what i'm tlaking about? i think it was an apm thing05:24
bazhangyummymummy: installed how and from where? using wine or not?05:24
yummymummyi cant get any open gl things to work05:24
linkslicei'm trying to scale back power use when unplugged05:24
cwillua particular file that's 100mb isn't more likely to match a particular sha1sum hash than one that's 1kb05:25
supersakowhats a PPA? i need to add deb  http05:25
alex_can anyone give a hand with what i think is a codec issue, when i try and view a youtube broadcast my browser freezes?05:25
cwilluanon, but there are simply more possible files at a larger size05:25
yummymummynah all applications add/remove05:25
jnegacan anyone help me get a soundblaster live 5.1 sound card working in 7.10??05:25
yummymummyall open free source stuff bazhang05:25
bazhangyummymummy: try running from a terminal and paste the resulting errors to pastebin (not here in the channell)05:26
yummymummyok how do i do that05:26
bazhang!paste | yummymummy05:26
ubotuyummymummy: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:26
yummymummyi only know windows based systems and i only really know mouse05:26
bazhangrencore you still around?05:27
yummymummybazhang:  i meant how do i run the game from terminal ?05:27
bazhangyummymummy: type the name05:28
yummymummyahh ok05:28
yummymummywow simple lol05:28
supersakohow do i add a PPA?05:30
yummymummybazhang:  nothing no error just ran a black screen with the name in the title box05:31
Byroni think i've messed up the permissions on my secondary hd, so now i cant share it over a network or change the permissions :/ can someone help me out?05:31
corinthWhere is the font folder on Ubuntu? I have a font I want to add.05:31
yummymummy!font | corinth05:32
ubotucorinth: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:32
bazhangyummymummy: what card? ati?05:32
cwillucorinth, system | appearance | fonts | advanced | go to font folder05:32
bardunfirefox crashes so much, especially when i'm watching youtube videos and such, or rather, trying to close a page with a youtube video, especially when it's still playing05:32
yummymummynvidia onboard shared memory05:32
bardunis that a flash thing or java or something?05:32
kebinusananyone know how to get java webstart links to load in ubuntu 6405:32
frilleIn utorrent, on wine, I'm trying to activate something and the Checking... X% thing stops at 59.2 percent, then gives me an error in the Status column "Error: Too many open files". Is this a limitation of Wine? I hope not!05:32
Shi-Lang[Err 5] Input/Output error, using a dvd at slowest possible burn speed05:32
bazhangyummymummy: which nvidia?05:32
corinthcwillu, Thanks dude.05:32
cwillucorinth, I think there's a shorter path, but ya05:33
Shi-Langubuntu gui installation05:33
rencore_cwillu, i fixed it05:33
cwillurencore_, what was it?05:33
Shi-Langfailed at 29%05:33
yummymummyyou can also find fonts in user/share/fonts05:33
cwilluyummymummy, /usr/ :p05:33
queuetueMy net install seemed to go fine, until it got to 97% before the reboot - "Installing extra packages and installing eject"...  Been sitting there for 10 minutes now.05:34
Shi-Lang[Err 5] Input/Output error, using a dvd at slowest possible burn speed05:34
yummymummybazhang:  its a onboard shared memory nvidia card part of the motherboard05:34
yummymummyoops still new to ubuntu lol05:34
cwillubazhang, sure it's not an intel?05:34
PurpZeYcwillu: I had to run out for a second, but i am trying to get the fileshare working....I installed ssh server and ssh client, but when I type the IP into the host box I don't get anything05:34
Shi-Lang[Err 5] Input/Output error, using a dvd at slowest possible burn speed05:34
rencore_cwillu, i had to open up gconf and navigate to to /system/storage/default_options/vfat/mount_options , and then remove the "usefree" option from the list05:34
cwilluPurpZeY, ssh://ip05:34
cwilluPurpZeY, or ssh://hostname.local05:35
bazhangcwillu: not my card :} ask yummymummy05:35
Byroni think i've messed up the permissions on my secondary hd, so now i cant share it over a network or change the permissions :/ can someone help me out?05:35
cwilluyummymummy, sure it's not an intel?05:35
cwilluyummymummy, i.e., intel integrated video on an nvidia nforce chipset?05:35
yummymummylol no im sure its a nvidia its a asus motherboard that hubby said was proud it was nvidia05:35
PurpZeYcwillu: enter that into where?05:35
yummymummyhad nvidia everything int he board05:35
cwilluPurpZeY, nautilus (hit the button beside the buttons where the address bar should go, or just hit /)05:36
=== davascript is now known as davascript_home
cwilluyummymummy, in a terminal, type lspci|grep -i vga05:36
=== davascript_home is now known as davascript
Shi-LangI hve just recieved an "[Err 5] Input/Output error", using a dvd at slowest possible burn speed, what is causng the problem?05:36
=== davascript is now known as davascript_home
Shi-LangI have tried different cd's and dvd's, this is a brand new hard drive05:37
Shi-Lang3 different cd rom/dvd drives05:37
neetoI want a set of programs to run at startup... how do I make this happen?05:37
Shi-LangWhat do I do now?05:37
PurpZeYcwillu: Wow. This will work perfectly, why was NFS suggested when things could be done so simply?05:37
cwilluio error was during write or boot?05:37
d31neeto, System - >05:37
d31System -> Preferences -> Sessions - neeto05:37
cwilluPurpZeY, unfortunately, not every app uses the gnome libs05:37
yummymummybazhang:  ASUS A7N8X-VM/400 is the motherboard05:37
Jeriathsmbmount //Jeriath/F -o password05:37
Shi-Langio error during Ubuntu installation05:37
neetod31: Thanks05:37
cwilluPurpZeY, which is why I mentioned samba before :p05:37
PurpZeYcwillu: But, if I have nautilis...I can drag drop the files no?05:38
cwilluShi-Lang, did you check the sha1sum of the image you downloaded?05:38
cwilluPurpZeY, yes05:38
cwilluPurpZeY, my favourite ;p05:38
Shi-Langand it was perfect05:38
yummymummyit says it has AGP 8X standard and integrated GeForce4 MX graphics on the onboard bazhang05:38
cwilluyummymummy, and you're running the restricted drivers?05:38
PurpZeYcwillu: Got it. I just wanted to be able to play my music elsewhere. can ssh do print shares?05:38
neetod31: not exactly what I meant, I want to run a series of commands at startup. How can I do this?05:38
cwilluPurpZeY, no;  have to use cups for that, but cups is fairly easy to work with05:39
yummymummyyes cwillu i am05:39
bazhangyummymummy: that may be a driver problem; alternately the card cant handle the effects05:39
PurpZeYneeto: You could write a script and add it to sessions05:39
cwilluPurpZeY, just enable printer sharing, and viewing network printers, and it'll magically work a few minutes later05:39
neetoPurpZeY: where is sessions located?05:39
cwilluyummymummy, via the manager, or via nvidia's package?05:39
PurpZeYcwillu: Hmmm...Sometimes I am surprised at the simplicity.05:39
cwilluPurpZeY, ???05:39
PurpZeYneeto: System --> Admin05:39
doxwhats the best icq client for linux? pidgin? gaim? kopete?05:39
cwilluPurpZeY, this is Ubuntu, man!05:39
yummymummyvia the manager05:39
PurpZeYcwillu: I never realized print sharing was *THAT* simple.05:40
jrlenzpidgin == gaim++;05:40
d31neeto, startup commands are in /etc/init.d/rc.* google that, there is a fantastic video on youtube that details using rc files05:40
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:40
Shi-Langcwillu what do you think my problem is?05:40
doxyes, but is pidgin better then gaim?05:40
jrlenzanyone can do a quick walkthrough with me on mounting a freebsd partition in ubuntu?05:40
cwilluShi-Lang, which cd drives have you swapped out05:40
neetod31: Thanks05:40
cdm10dox: it's gaim 2.x.x05:40
cwilluShi-Lang, is it the same burner each time?05:40
Johnsonhey does anyone use eclipse notice that it opens extremely slowly or is this just my computer05:40
cdm10Johnson: yeah, it's slow.05:40
jrlenzdox: it *is* gaim, just upgraded and with a namechange05:40
Shi-LangI can only use this burner05:40
cwilluJohnson, I haven't used eclipse in a few years, but how much memory do you have?05:40
jrlenzand it seems nicer than the gaim distribution i've been running in fbsd05:40
PurpZeYdox: Pidgin IS gaim but much much better...They were forced to changed the name05:40
doxi know, but it is better than the old gaim? ;)05:40
Shi-Langas my current dvds are incompatible with all othe rburners05:41
cwilluJohnson, and do you have a bunch of big workspaces?05:41
cdm10dox: yes, imho05:41
PurpZeYdox: A trillion times05:41
doxdamnit ;)05:41
Johnsoncwillu 1gb 1gb swap05:41
yummymummyi will go play with that do i need anything extra installed to run that05:41
doxcause i wanna use a gaim skin..05:41
Johnsoncwillu only 1 workspace no projects in it05:41
Johnsonjust takes forever to open05:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sleepmode - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:41
jrlenzso, anyway, i need to mount this freebsd UFS partition.... anyone that has experience or can help with this ?05:41
cwilluJohnson, define forever05:41
* cwillu is losing track of his conversations, ping him if he's been ignoring you for a while05:41
Johnsoncdm10 do u get an error saying "unable to crea this part due to internal error when u trie to open up a .java file05:41
PurpZeYdox: I dunno, I've never skinned it, but it is by far the best messenger I've EVER used05:42
Johnsoncwillu i don't know but its much faster on windows05:42
cdm10Johnson: that's not normal...05:42
Shi-Langcwillu, yes it is the same burner for the DVD'sas it is my only working burner05:42
cwilluShi-Lang, I'm concerned that that's the issue (may not be broken per say, but making something incompatible)05:42
Shi-Langthe cds used a different burner and same problem05:42
Johnsoncdm10 it happens to me every time i open eclipse the first .java file i trie to open errors then i can try again and it will open05:42
* jrlenz time-challenged05:42
yummymummycwillu:  i will go read that is there anythign i will need to do it liek extra files this install in pretty new here05:42
cwilluShi-Lang, here's a question:05:43
darkkithAUTOCOMPL on :05:43
cwilluShi-Lang, does a live cd work on the computer that burned it?05:43
kahrytanHow do I add resolution 1440x900 to Resolution panel?05:43
Shi-LangI have no idea05:43
cwilluyummymummy, there's a program I'm trying to remember the name of05:43
PurpZeYcwillu: Yes.05:43
Shi-LangI am not isntalling Linux on my desktop, I am insalling it on a Pentium III05:43
cwilluyummymummy, mean time, what does "glxinfo | grep -i direct" say?05:43
cwilluPurpZeY, ?05:44
PurpZeYcwillu: I burned my own LiveCD installed on that machine...05:44
cwilluShi-Lang, yes, but just boot the livecd (without actually installing it after it boots)05:44
cwilluShi-Lang, just to see if it's something with the piii causing an issue05:44
Shi-Langdisk checking shows "erors found in 1 file"05:44
PurpZeYShi-Lang: Have you tried a different image?05:45
cwilluShi-Lang, it won't change anything on the computer at all unless you run the installer, and click next a million times05:45
yummymummycwillu: direct rendering: Yes05:45
cwilluShi-Lang, seriously, try booting it on a different machine if you have one available05:45
Shi-Langk theres a problem here, the I/O eror happens when I am installing Linux with the LiveCD, the P3 loads the Live CD just fine05:45
cwilluyummymummy, glxgears work okay?05:45
cwilluahhhh, sorry, missed that Shi-Lang05:45
DrLightMy cousin said I need a serial code for ubuntu. Anybody got one?05:45
alienbrain_yummymummy, possibly related? http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=4156905:45
yummymummyi ran the message you suggested05:45
kahrytanHow do I add resolution 1440x900 to Resolution panel?05:46
nickrudDrLight: someone is pulling your leg05:46
PurpZeYDrLight: Your cousin has a bad sense of humor05:46
supersakohow can i search for a file?05:46
DrLightYou mean nobody has one?05:46
cwilluDrLight, you don't need one, it's completely free05:46
DrLightOh. Cool.05:46
cwilluquite :)05:46
DrLightkahrytan - Edit xorg.conf05:46
alienbrain_supersako, Places -> Search for files05:46
chapiumsupersako: unless i missed something earlier, check the places menu05:46
cwilluShi-Lang, okay, so the machine boots off it fine;  were you the one who tried the netboot as well?05:47
DrLightAdd whatever resolution you want.05:47
yummymummyDrLight: your cousin was seriously wrong lol05:47
supersakoi just remembered its locate05:47
kahrytanDrLight➲  and that is where?05:47
DrLight /etc/X11 I think.05:47
alienbrain_supersako, that's command line one05:47
DrLightSo do this: sudo pico /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:47
Shi-Langno i wasnt asking about net booting05:47
DrLightOr sudo gedit, you might like that editor more.05:47
* cwillu wonders how DrLight knew that, but still asked for a serial :p05:47
* yummymummy goes for a bit of a read back soon 05:48
tssomlol serial for ubuntu... is your cousin by any chance a stoner? :P05:48
DrLightEvery time I troll #ubuntu I end up helping people.05:48
DrLightI suck at this.05:48
cwillugj :p05:48
yummymummycwillu:  you know the reason you just dont wanna admit it lol05:49
iotisgot a great question and need help05:49
iotisit's with a nexus-s 3.1 dvb-s card05:49
cwilluyummymummy, I'm good at denial :p05:49
tssomonly crapy questions get answeared here05:49
iotis2.1 i mean05:49
Randompolygamyiotis: please share your Great question with us and we shall all whoo you a great answer05:49
Shi-Langjust checked alternative install iso dvd for erros, error found at "./pool/main/d/dict-en-za/myspell-en-za_20070206-2_all.deb"05:49
* yummymummy is good at remembering i have no clue lol05:50
stunatraWhat's a good program for watching DVD's on Ubuntu?05:50
doxmplayer too, aight?05:50
Shi-Langim going to try instaling anyways but i dont think itll work05:50
stunatraDrLight, I was thinking of something more DVD oriented.05:50
darkkithstunatra, mplayer05:50
DrLightVLC is plenty DVD oriented.05:50
tssomHow do i turn 10minutes into 1min?05:50
neetohow do I edit the autogenerated applications menu?05:50
PurpZeYstunatra: I hear ogle is very good for DVDs05:50
iotisfamiliar with it on the wintel side, and fat on the the stb's,  with mythtv, I get signal strength but can't get a channel.cof file generated05:50
iotisI am on 7.10 ubuntu05:51
tssomalso, how can get a pack of sigarets without leaving my apartment?05:51
stunatrathanks PurpZeY, I'll try that.05:51
DrLightAnyways, fuck you kids. I'm out.05:51
faliesonhey, if I just drop out a sound card (audigy 2 zs) and put a new one in (x-fi extreme) should it just work? It sees the card but doesn't actually name it, just a series of letters and numbers.05:51
darkkithtssom, mail order05:51
tssomdarkkith: that leads back to making 10min into 1min05:51
iotisanyone point me in the right dirrection05:51
PurpZeYfalieson: Does it work?05:51
cwillustunatra, you can get it to work under totem (default player), but I haven't had a whole lot of luck making it work perfectly everytime05:51
Randompolygamyiotis: i would suggest going to their forums05:51
darkkithtssom, you need super ubuntu help then.05:51
Randompolygamyiotis: nexus has issues with certin cards05:52
iotiswhich of the three05:52
Randompolygamyoops, lol comps i mean05:52
stunatraI just have this one particular DVD that won't play on VLC or Totem.05:52
faliesonPurpZeY: well I'm trying to digital out and I'm not getting anything, but I can select modifiers for the outputs05:52
darkkithstunatra, mplayer05:52
Randompolygamyiotis: pick one with support in the topic05:52
Shi-Langas far as I know the ISO's I downlaoded had perfect hashes05:52
bazhangstunatra: which one?05:52
grekkoswhat does it mean if i get the message "svn: SSL is not supported?"05:52
Shi-Langbut 1 file in particular has errors05:53
Shi-Langeach and every time05:53
PurpZeYfalieson: the card should just work, unless it is not supported or needs a work around05:53
Shi-Langwithout fail05:53
Shi-Langand i think its the same file05:53
Randompolygamyiotis: im unframilure with their forums but i have been there once or twice and the frown upon support issues in the chat sections05:53
iotisanyone here got a nexus-s working, that can give me some ideas05:54
Shi-Langis there a way to boot ubuntu over the network? maybe avoid the issue of a faulty file05:55
cwilluShi-Lang, double check the iso hash sums, or try installing a base system from the alternate cd, and then install ubuntu-desktop by hand05:55
jmdcMy laptop does not wake up properly from sleep mode. I get a black screen with the string "Linu" in yellow at the top left. nothing else happens for a couple of minutes. Nothing is written to the logs at all during this time.05:55
Shi-Langtheres a way to install by hand?05:55
cwilluShi-Lang, you can do a netboot if your network card supports pxe (which you'll probably have to enable via the bios)05:55
tssomhuh :S i find my self starting to wite a  reply to lots of people on irc (not just #ubuntu) but i end up just hiting backspace. this happens more and more. what does this mean?05:55
cwilluShi-Lang, or you can use wabi if there's a windows install on it already05:55
Flannel!install | Shi-Lang05:55
ubotuShi-Lang: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wabi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:55
tssomi mean, most of the time, i do it coz i feel that the person will get hurt05:56
cwilluthat's the one :p05:56
ubotuwubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://www.cutlersoftware.com/ubuntusetup/wubi/en-US/index.html05:56
faliesonPurpZeY: thanks - just wanted to make sure05:56
faliesonPurpZeY: I got the card because I was having trouble with digital out on my audigy2zs05:56
cwilluShi-Lang, for a net install, you'll probably need to run another live cd on a different machine that has one preloaded;  can't name one off haned05:56
Shi-Langic thanks05:56
faliesonPurpZeY: just trying to minimize the variables, thanks again05:57
cwilluShi-Lang, if you're willing, you can also install to that hard drive in a different machine, and then just put it back into the pentium05:57
cwilluassuming that the machine is the problem (which we're not sure that it is)05:57
Shi-LangI wish I had a Playstation 3 to install Ubuntu onto06:00
darkkithtssom, probably means your smoke is overdue06:01
darkkithtssom, or its too late and time for bed.  like me.06:01
_MattBis it possible to do a block for block copy at the device level? for instance copy /dev/sda /dev/sdb06:01
nickrudtssom: maturity?06:01
cwilluShi-Lang, I'm still puzzled you're having so many problems06:01
cwillu_MattB, yep06:01
haymakerdoes anyone use stalonetray?06:01
cwillu_MattB, dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=65536 is my usual incantation06:02
_MattBexcellent, that should be most helpful :)06:02
cwillu_MattB, netcat combined with that allows all sorts of fun :)06:02
cwillu_MattB, i.e., livecd, live cloning another running system ;p06:03
_MattBi'm upgrading a raid5 array to a raid6, but i'm going to create the raid6 first, copy it over, then destroy the raid506:04
Shi-Langim installing base system on the cmputer but it seems to hang at 83%06:04
cwilluShi-Lang, try booting up with all the nodma args set (can't name them offhand), and install that way06:05
cwilluShi-Lang, you can reenable dma after it's installed, but I have a hunch that it's related06:05
Shi-Langim unsure how to do that06:05
hunchybunchShi-Lang, i think that's about the time it installs language packs, i think that is normal06:05
BachiirI'm having a problem with my video playback. Everything ends up tinted blue in the playback. If I play my movies in mplayer, I can edit the hue to be normal, but it always resets to -100, making everything blue. Other programs do not have this option, so if I want to play a video not supported by mplayer, then I'm stuck with a blue movie. Is there any way I can set the hue to be normal by default... like, is this in some configuratio06:06
cwilluShi-Lang, one sec06:06
mattholimeaudoes anyone know how to make a local network interface that is up not resolvable locally?06:06
mattholimeauor what chatroom i should ask that in?06:06
teleeanyone know of a flash player alternative for amd64bit?06:07
mattholimeautelee, are you trying to integrate it into firefox?06:07
mattholimeauor are you looking for an external flash player?06:07
teleei guess both06:07
Shi-Langif its easier you can always email the instructions t me at blayne.bradley@gmail.com06:07
teleebut mostly firefox06:07
mattholimeauyeah - hold on, lemme dig up a link for you06:07
hunchybunchBachiir, maybe you don't have all the wincodecs and restricted stuff installed06:07
teleesweet thanks06:07
mattholimeauyou need to run firefox in 32 bit mode06:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 64amd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:07
mattholimeauit was something like that to this bot, too, heh06:08
Shi-LangConfiguring apt!!!!!!!!06:08
BachiirWell, it all works fine if I can manually set the hue to 0. The funny thing is that it resets to -100 every time I open the program.06:08
Shi-Langit go past the 83% mark06:08
BachiirAnd other programs I can't even set the hue on, which is my problem.06:08
Shi-Langbut ild appreciate the non nodma args instruction just the same06:08
teleemattholimeau, thanks06:08
mattholimeauhmmm - hard to find...06:09
mattholimeauoh, oh06:09
cwilluShi-Lang, heh06:09
grekkoswhat does it mean if i get the message 'svn: SSL not supported' when i try to make a check out06:09
cwilluShi-Lang, still looking, but almost found it06:09
evil_techcould someone point me to a good how to on giving kernel and module paramaters at boot06:09
cwilluevil_tech, one sec06:09
mattholimeauthis is from the faq i wrote myself (sorry for the copy/paste length - but it's very useful)06:10
mattholimeauFLASH/JAVA FIREFOX CONFIG----------------------------------------06:10
mattholimeauto get firefox working correctly with flash and java, you need to configure it to run a 32 bit firefox and copy the 32 bit files directly into the firefox plugins directory. Instructions were from:06:10
mattholimeauit was only three lines... so, i hope not too intrusive... of course, my typing has made it five06:10
mattholimeausix... but these don't count, heheh06:10
evil_techcwillu: thank you06:10
d31mattholimeau, nice article, i found myself needing an article like that last night, ended up finding a forum post on ubuntuforums  that had a solution06:11
Shi-Langtanks m806:12
teleemattholimeau, thanks man, much help06:12
teleei appreciate it06:12
PurpZeY!ot > PurpZeY06:12
cwilluShi-Lang, I'm not finding any hits post dapper06:12
cwilluShi-Lang, used to be ide=nodma06:12
cwilluShi-Lang, irqpoll _might_ be related, but I'm doubting it06:13
zhan_zr!gtk | zhan_zr06:13
Shi-Langso what are you saying exactly cwillu?06:15
Shi-LangFRIGGIN, select and install software step failed06:15
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Shi-Langof the alternative install06:16
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Shi-Langtrying again and seeing fi theres any different06:16
Shai_Aanyone here knows when a fix for the flash plugin is supposed to be released? approximately? I'm new to linux so I don't know how long it usually takes...06:16
PurpZeYShai_A: No word on that one....It was a really unexpected glitch that isn't a quick fix. It is uncommon06:17
bullgard4I have got a binary file /usr/bin/gnome-power-manager. Where do I get the source code from?06:18
grekkosI've always had issues with flash in linux06:18
grekkosand on mac os too06:18
PurpZeYbullgard4: you want the source of power manager?06:18
falloreShai_A: do you need help getting flash installed, or just want to know when the automatic installations will be fixed?06:18
Shi-Langhow nessasary is the select and install software step?06:19
Shai_Afallore: the latter06:19
evil_techhas any know if the ubuntu kernel has been patched to support IT8212 ide controller?06:19
Shi-Langcan it be done later?06:19
evsahola Krodolfo06:19
falloreShai_A: ah, dunno. sorry06:19
evsaq onda06:19
Krodolfohi how are u doing guys?06:19
fallore!es | evsa06:19
ubotuevsa: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:19
tssomim drinking juice with liqerish strings ^^06:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:19
PurpZeYjmdc: Feisty or Gutsy?06:20
MrDinklesIs the a workaround for Flashplayer yet? I still get you already have flash-nonfree installed-- but its not installed...06:20
drgebWhen I reboot my machine I have to log in twice, the first time the X server is restarted. Also there is a strange black cursor in upper leeft and corner and ideas how to fix this ?06:20
preguntonoye evsa y de que podemos hablar?06:20
Krodolfoi going to drink monster drink its is good for me :D06:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about food - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:20
evsathanks ubotu06:20
PurpZeY!es | pregunton06:20
ubotupregunton: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:20
fallorei could go for some food :[06:20
jmdcPurpZeY: Gutsy06:20
bullgard4PurpZeY: I think I expressed myself clearly: I should like to obtain the source code of the /usr/bin/gnome-poer-manager file. 'power manager' is not an unambiguous term.06:20
WinShadei know...06:20
Shi-Langhow nessasary is the select and install software step?06:20
ubotuGirls don't exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/06:20
Shi-Langcan it be done later?06:20
cwilluShi-Lang, I'm gone for 20 minutes (time to go home), but I'll be back when I get there06:20
WinShadeso hungry06:20
evsabut I speak english too06:20
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evsahey man06:20
preguntonmee too06:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about moo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:21
evsawhat's up pregunton??06:21
evsahow r u??06:21
PurpZeYbullgard4: Not sure how you'd go about getting the actual source...suppose you could decompile it...I dunno if it's "out there" maybe someone else does06:21
preguntonim fine tks06:21
preguntonand you?06:21
evsatrying ubuntu06:21
cwilluShi-Lang, I'm actually better setup for troubleshooting there anyway (more disposable machines, monitors, etc)06:21
evsawith all power06:21
preguntonVista is better XD06:21
PLSshowyourhelpIs there someone know which flash plus is good,adobe or gnome?06:22
astro76!flashissues | PLSshowyourhelp06:23
ubotuPLSshowyourhelp: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.06:23
bullgard4PurpZeY: ok.06:23
PLSshowyourhelpi see,ths06:25
astro76!ohmy | evsa06:26
ubotuevsa: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:26
__mikem!ops | evsa06:26
ubotuevsa: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!06:26
nickrudbullgard4: to find the source for a package (there may be an easier way) find it on packages.ubuntu.com, it will have the source package name at the bottom of it's page06:27
preguntonevsa says fuckin all06:28
astro76!ops | pregunton06:28
ubotupregunton: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!06:28
astro76!fr | jerg06:29
ubotujerg: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.06:29
gnychisdoes anyone know why I might be getting this error "HDIO_DRIVE_CMD failed: Input/output error" trying to do this "sudo hdparm -B255 /dev/sda" on a SATA drive?06:29
__mikemelkbuntu, You got to wonder, did he actually ASK someone to come in here just to curse us out?06:29
jergthx ubotu and astro06:29
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:30
elkbuntu__mikem, no, because pregunton was here all along06:30
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:30
__mikemelkbuntu, well thats even stranger06:30
nickrudgnychis: since it's a sata drive not pata ?06:30
elkbuntunot really. lets not give them any attention.. they do not deserve it06:30
gnychisnickrud: what do i do then?06:30
nickrudgnychis: there's a sdparm, don't know it's capabilities06:31
jmdcHP bios updates are windows executables that flash your bios rom. Is there a good way to use them without a windows partition?06:31
astro76jmdc: hmm they don't have boot floppies or any alternatives?06:32
drgebanyone know where I can take a look at a sample of gdm.conf-custom06:32
Krodolfohi guys i going to present to you all my little friend Mr. 8====================D06:32
astro76!ops | Krodolfo06:32
ubotuKrodolfo: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!06:32
bullgard4nickrud: Yesterday I have used an equivalent command-line command for 'packages.ubuntu.com'. I obtained the information that the associated DEB program package is 'gnome-power-manager'. This package is installed in my computer. I found out that it does not contain the source code of the /usr/bin/gnome-power-manager binary.06:32
__mikemlol, this is getting kind of funny06:33
nickrudbullgard4: apt-get source gnome-power-manager06:33
astro76__mikem: pathetic more like it06:33
nickrudbullgard4: it's not the same06:33
jerghttp://space-land.c.la/   good game06:33
WinShadegnite ubuntuers and thx for the help06:33
jmdcastro76: It doesn't look like it. What are the odds that running it from wine will work/fry my computer?06:34
Onyxevery time i start a gtk app from terminal, i get this error... Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "aurora", --anyone know how to fix that?06:34
bullgard4nickrud: Is there an equivalent Synaptic command to " apt-get source xyz"?06:34
PurpZeYjmdc: Eghz....I'd search the forums to see if perhaps anyone has done it.06:34
astro76jmdc: I'm not sure06:34
treyhello, i was wondering if someone could help out with a problem im having, im running ubuntu 7.10 and using the latest version of wine and am trying to run half life 2 but when i try to start it i get the loading screen and then it goes black06:35
nickrudbullgard4: in synaptic? I'm not sure06:35
PurpZeYtrey: You running compiz?06:35
bullgard4nickrud: Thank you very much for your help.06:35
PurpZeYtrey: Desktop effects.06:35
treyPurpzey:not that i know of how can i check?06:36
nickrudbullgard4: a point to remember: one source package may create multiple binary debs. There's roughly 8000 source packages and 20000 deb packages06:36
PurpZeYtrey: Do you have wobbly windows?06:36
PurpZeYtrey: Or rotating cube06:36
stunatraAny idea WHY they enabled the desktop effects by default on Gutsy?06:36
bullgard4nickrud: Thank you for explaining.06:36
punsadif I don't boot into X, how can I get my wifi card to automatically do iwconfig?06:37
punsadshould I just put together a script and symlink it in /etc/rc2.d?06:37
PurpZeYtrey: System --> Pref --> Desktop Effects or whatever it's called and make sure it's off completely...If it is, then we can look further, but, it would definitely cause that issue.06:37
nickrudpunsad: you would create a stanza in /etc/network/interfaces to bring it up06:37
* knoppix 06:38
Onyxevery time i start a gtk app from terminal, i get this error... Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "aurora", --anyone know how to fix that?06:38
jmdctrey: A really good resource is the wine website. They have a database of software that people have tried under wine, how it worked for them, bug fixes, etc. Lots of common problems are found there. Not taking anything away from the people who are helping you now, just thought you should know about it so you can help yourself ;-)06:38
* knoppix 06:38
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nickrudOnyx: try a different theme06:38
treyPurpzey:visual effects under appearance preferences? if so its off06:38
jhlxdknoppix very slow06:38
Onyxnickrud: To see if the error replicates?  I like the theme I'm using...06:38
jmdcsorry to be offtopic but I misread that and saw: "Knoppix is now know as poo"06:38
PurpZeYtrey: Yes, that's it. If it's off, I'd look at the forums or the Wine website.06:38
punsadnickrud: there is already one that says auto wlan0.  how do I tell it essid and key and mode?06:39
treyPurpzey:thats what im doing now though i have not yet found anything thats like the problem im having06:39
punsadthere's one   that says auto ath \n iface ath0 inet dhcp06:40
TokoronaI'm trying to work on walking someone through telling Ubuntu not to partition06:40
nickrudOnyx: sounds like the theme wants a particular engine, I see it at http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Aurora+Gtk+Engine?content=56438 . It's not in ubuntu and I'm not familiar with it. You could compile it ...06:40
TokoronaIs there any walkthrough or such?06:40
Tokorona(or Howto, or FAQ)06:40
PurpZeYTokorona: Did you already setup your partitions?06:40
nickrudpunsad: ah, now thats a different question :) I've never done it so, sadly, all I can do is point you at man interfaces .06:41
punsadthere's also one that says auto wlan0 \nnn iface ath0 inet dhcp06:41
TokoronaI think she only has one partition for everything06:41
TokoronaOh, right.06:41
TokoronaYou're right, /boot needs to be a seperate partition.06:41
nickrudpunsad: I've only set up wired ethernet there. I didn't get wireless until recently and networkmanager has worked for me06:41
PurpZeYTokorona: Need boot and swap06:42
elkbuntuTokorona, she's going to need a swap partition at least06:42
nickrudno, boot does not need to be a separate partition (wonders why that myth persists)06:42
Onyxnickrud: Yeah, I've got that -- compiled it, which is how it got on my system...06:42
nickrudOnyx: so it seems to be saying it can't find it06:42
* PurpZeY pulls back his statement. 06:42
FlannelTokorona: /boot doesn't need to be on its own.  / and swap are the only ones you need.  (boot is only needed if the rest is LVM)06:42
lwizardlcan i get help with ubuntu for ps3?06:42
punsadnickrud: np.  thanks.. lookss like the post-up <command> might do it06:42
rodolfoTokorona: what's the difference between "/" and "/home"?06:42
PLSshowyourhelpwhen i change my language, it alert that "could not apply changes!Fix broken packages first.",but i don't know how to do this~06:42
* PurpZeY was really thinking if / and swap 06:42
elkbuntunickrud, confusion between hd0 and /boot06:42
Shai_AI have a problem with aMule: when loading the program for the first time, it doesn't detect any servers and when I try to press the button that's supposed to load a list of servers from somewhere, it crashes. Any ideas?06:42
Shai_Amaybe another program I can use?06:43
TokoronaRodofolo: Eh.. I suppose you could put /home on a seperate partition than /06:43
TokoronaI don't, though, because I don't really know in advance how much space I'll use in either06:43
PurpZeYPLSshowyourhelp: It means you are missing the language packages or other packages for things you're trying to turn on.06:43
nickrudelkbuntu: I did forget (if I ever really knew) what flannel said, and I guess back in the day /boot did need to be at the front of the partition, but still06:43
Flannelrodolfo: /home is where everything *you* personally own is in (well, users as a whole), and / is where everything else is (everything that doesnt have its own partition)06:43
treyShai_A:you have to find another server list by searching google06:43
Shai_Atrey: I see06:43
sam__can any one please help me in streaming????06:44
Shai_AWhy does this error occur? I tried installing the program twice and it's the same thing each time06:44
TokoronaIn any case, yeah, I'm trying to remember the dialogue options that gets you to "I will manually set up my apratitions."06:44
astro76nickrud: yeah it used to have to below cylinder 102406:44
nickrudTokorona: on an ubuntu install, 15gb is plenty for root06:44
rodolfoFlannel: I don't get it. They are the same or they represent different partitions?06:45
treyShai_A:im not sure but i think the default server list is out of date and no longer works and thats why it has to be replaced06:45
PLSshowyourhelpPurpZeY: what can i do?06:45
nickrudastro76: my first linux task was rearranging partitions for lilo :)06:45
astro76Shai_A: well that's good because reinstalling things never fixes anything in linux ;)06:45
PurpZeYPLSshowyourhelp: Download the missing packages06:45
Shai_AI few days ago I was still using XP :)06:45
PLSshowyourhelpPurpZeY: please give me a example06:46
lwizardlmsg ubotu flash06:46
PurpZeYPLSshowyourhelp: You would use synaptic to install the packages you are missing06:46
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Flannelrodolfo: / contains /home and everything else (/var, /usr, /etc, etc) however, you *can* make dedicated partitions for any arbitrary folder and use it as that folder06:46
PLSshowyourhelpPurpZeY: sudo apt-get ... -f     ?06:46
nickrudOnyx: where did you install it to?06:47
PurpZeYPLSshowyourhelp: I don't know what packages are broken or missing06:47
PLSshowyourhelpopenoffice.org-l10n-zh-cn (1663k)06:48
PLSshowyourhelpopenoffice.org-l10n-zh-tw (1655k)06:48
PLSshowyourhelpopenoffice.org-help-zh-cn (10.7M)06:48
PLSshowyourhelpopenoffice.org-help-zh-tw (10.9M)06:48
astro76!paste | PLSshowyourhelp06:48
elkbuntu!paste > PLSshowyourhelp06:48
ubotuPLSshowyourhelp: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:48
astro76PLSshowyourhelp:  it's just 'sudo apt-get -f install'06:48
LeechzillaI want to compile stuff into .deb packages to put on my site for other people to download and use. What app can I use for this? I was told that checkinstall can break my system.06:48
astro76!packaging | Leechzilla06:49
ubotuLeechzilla: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports06:49
PurpZeYcheckinstall breaks systems?06:49
astro76Leechzilla: checkinstall is ok, but is a quick hack and no good for distribution06:49
PLSshowyourhelpastro76: I'll try06:49
astro76Leechzilla: no dependency info06:49
Leechzillaah okay06:49
rodolfoFlannel: so you mean that "/" is the father of any other partition created...is it?06:51
rxKaffeeanyone happen to know if ubuntu, or other .deb based systems have a package that contains FReeBSD's 'csup' cvs-fetching utility?06:52
sam__i am getting RTSP/1.0 461 Unsupported Transport from rtsp server?????????????06:53
puargsHi! I have a question: I totally borked my network settings. I installed/removed dhcpd, installed/removed firestarter, and was messing with ifconfig. Suddenly, neither of my eth connections will connect to the internet. they will both resolve a proper IP, but no internet. is there anywhere i can start to fix this?06:54
chrisslamaranyone out here running vmware server?06:54
Shi-Langanyoneone know is if cwillu came back from work?06:54
nickrudShi-Lang: no, he's still away06:55
rxKaffeepuargs: could try clearing your iptables out06:55
moidekarchrisslamar: yes, but on Mandriva 2008 PP, not Ubuntu06:56
nickrudpuargs: is there anything in resolv.conf ? that's the dns resolver06:56
puargsrx: how might i do that?06:56
nickrudpuargs: pointers to dns servers, more accurately06:57
puargsnick: just, which should be correct06:57
puargswas there before, still there now06:58
chrisslamarmoidekar: have you ever run into networking problems, such as getting the guest os to see the outside network?06:58
nickrudpuargs: that was the limit of my networking ideas :)06:58
puargslol :D thank you06:58
atoponcei'm in need of lvm help. i already had a fs in place, and decided to put lvm on top of it. will this wipe my data, or am i good to continue?06:58
Flannelrodolfo: no, / is a "label" you give to a partition.  Partitions are physical things (theyre sections of the disk), the folder things are sematics more or less.  Just how linux uses those partitions06:59
markdpuargs: can you ping ips outside the network?06:59
moidekarchrisslamar: yes, when I attempted NAT and host-to-host. Currently, after reinstalling VMwS, I configured it to just bridge my VMs onto the physical LAN card06:59
atoponcei did pvcreate and vgcreate, then decided to back out with vgremove and pvremove. however, now ext3 is no longer the fs on the devices. can i get ext3 back without losing my data?06:59
Flannelatoponce: Yes, it'll reformat as a 'lvm' partition (lvm is akin to ext3 or any other filesystem)06:59
atoponceFlannel: so, i lost my data then?06:59
moidekarchrisslamar: bridging works fine - haven't had probs so far06:59
tssomThe ubuntu howtos are some of the most fun (yeh fun) and easy yet insightfull howtos i've ever read. For every passing hour i'm getting closer to removing vista ^07:00
Flannelatoponce: If you reformatted yeah, reformats are reformats.07:00
atoponceFlannel: does pvcreate reformat?07:00
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chrisslamarmoidekar: did you just setup your bridging out of the box or did you do anything special to configure it?07:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about filesystem - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:01
puargsmarkd: i don't believe so, hang on rebooting the machine07:01
atoponceFlannel: hmm. reading the man page, it looks like it. crap07:01
markdpuargs: sounds good.07:01
atoponceand i don't have a backup...07:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about filestructure - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:02
puargsconnection working again07:03
puargsno clue why, not gonna question it07:03
tssomWhere can i read about the filesystem in linux? Like what is /usr for waht about /lib ? and so on07:03
moidekarchrisslamar: I don't remember exactly what the config answers were, but: a) I told vmware-config.pl that I wanted a bridged network, and said no to NAT & host-only. b) While creating VMs, chose the "Bridged" radio button for the VM in VMwS console... does that not work for you?07:03
Flanneltssom: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/index.html07:03
puargsthanks all :D07:03
markdYay magical rebbot.07:03
Flanneltssom: http://www.secguru.com/files/cheatsheet/linux-file-structure.jpg is a succinct one too07:04
tssomFlannel: sweet thanks :)07:04
tssomthat should be added to the bot tbh07:04
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moidekarchrisslamar: I dunno if this is not unique to my setup, but I had another problem - vmnet-dhcpd was running away and grabbing tons of mem, leading to swap-thrash. I simply renamed the binary file instead of having to kill -9 it on every boot :-)07:04
Flanneltssom: mind you, Ubuntu does do *some* stuff differently slightly, but its more or less the same07:04
shawnmstouthey all07:05
cwilluShi-Lang, ping07:06
tssomFlannel: Would you mind elaborating on that?07:06
jjganhello every one07:06
jjgando you know where i can found some doc to know how to interact with HAL07:07
Flannel!files | tssom, this is the best they have07:07
ubotutssom, this is the best they have: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview07:07
chrisslamarmoidekar: the only problem that im having is that the bridging isn't working right.  i've messed around with all different kinds of network options and nothing works07:07
jjganbasiquely i want to run a script when a mase storage device is pluggued07:07
shawnmstouti know some docs on how to interact with ted07:07
cwillujjgan, apropos hal should give you a bit07:07
shawnmstoutjust playing man07:07
tssomthanks again07:07
chrisslamarmoidekar: im wondering if it's something todo with ubuntu, since it's not on the supported list07:08
sksolhey guys07:08
moidekarchrisslamar: well, probably not much chance I can help, since it works fine for me right now... but you wanna mention what probs you're having?07:08
cwillujjgan, man hald07:08
shawnmstouthey sksol07:08
sksolmy network icon dissapeared from the notification area07:08
sksolhow can i bring it back? :)07:08
shawnmstoutdid u check to see if your network cable is plugged in and your getting signal from that port on the router?07:08
sksolim connectd to wireless07:08
tssomFlannel: ok, lets say, i've been using ubuntu for about a year now, and im really starting to get the hang of it. where would i stand if i was to try out slackware with the knowledge i've gained from using ubuntu?07:09
shawnmstoutoh ok07:09
jjganman hald and apropos hald isn t enought07:09
cwillusksol, open a terminal, and run ps aux|grep Network07:09
sksoldid that07:09
sksoli see a couple of lines of  output07:09
cwillusksol, did you get NetworkManager showing up?07:10
Flanneltssom: I'm really not the best person to ask that question.  It really depends on what you've done over the course of a year (or more specifically, what issues you've overcome).  A better place to ask would be #ubuntu-offtopic, as well.07:10
sksolroot      5110  0.0  0.1  28952  2172 ?        Ssl  Jan08   0:00 /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --pid-file /var/run/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.pid07:10
sksolthe first two lines07:10
cwilluone sec07:10
treyim still getting a black screen when trying to play half life 2 and was wondering if anyone had any other advice, compuiz is off fyi07:11
tssomFlannel: ok, this is off-topic i know. but i dont want to start using a linux distro that is TO userfriendly if you know what i mean. i want to learn how use linux to. anyways thanks for you help.07:11
sksolso yea, i do have network manager running07:12
dxdttssom: TOO you mean?07:12
Flanneltssom: Do what I did-- ditch the GUI ;)07:12
cwillutssom, you could just work on getting more familiar with darker corners of it07:12
dxdtditch the gui or go with Arch, which I feel is a nice inbetween or hard distros and completely user friendly distros.07:12
cwillutssom, troubleshooting problems you think you can help with on this here channel is good exercise too :p07:12
fsanluis there a way to safely remove hardware (so i can mount it properly) in linux? lets say i accidentally didnt, and now it wont mount..07:13
abhi_i came across the most ridiculous product yet. McAffee Linux shield. can anyone tell me how do viruses 'pass' through a Linux environment?07:13
Flannelfsanlu: right click the (desktop icon) and click unmount07:13
abhi_i mean it has to be the most hogwash product i ever heard of!07:13
tssomdxdt: spellchecking is lame. Flannel: sounds scary :P cwillu: good point :)07:13
cwilluabhi_, well, they do exist, they're just limited in damage potential07:13
sksolany ideas guys? my network icon dissapeared from the notification area... network manager is running07:14
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cwilluabhi_, more common for checking files served by linux (web, fileserver, email)07:14
fsanluFlannel: no lets say its already unmounted unsafely, and when i plug it in. the thing i did to fix that before was to plug it in a windows machine and safely rmeove it there.. it then fixed it.. can i do that somehow in linux?07:14
abhi_cwillu: ah...07:14
cwillusksol, system | network , and tell me if roaming is enabled07:14
abhi_abhi_: yes that i can understand running server side virus scanners07:14
abhi_cwillu: yes that i can understand running server side virus scanners07:15
sksolyes, it is07:15
cwilluabhi_, and some places are required to run something to fulfill some company regulation, regardless of the os;  it sucks, but having a product means they can sidestep the whole problem07:15
sksolok, all i did is accidentally removed it from the panel07:15
cwillusksol, did you remove the whole notification area maybe?07:15
sksoli did, but i got it back07:15
cwillusksol, if so, just right click, add to panel, find notification, and add it07:15
abhi_cwillu: but really what potential does a virus have on linux? u need to execute malicious code as super user and u need to do it intentionally07:15
Flannelfsanlu: right, the "safely remove hardware" thing is the same as unmounting it.  What is happening (is this a camera card by any chance?) is whatever originally found and moounted it upon insertion is having issues because you yanked it out from under it.  A restart will fix it (thats overkill), restarting whatever service handles that should work too (I dont know which though)07:15
sksolbut that icon is still not showing07:15
cwillusksol, k, relogging would fix it, but I think there's another way07:16
sksollemme try07:16
emmatiiaHi, I have a problem with installing PHP5 on my system07:16
abhi_cwillu: so it's totally counter productive to have a virus scanner running on a Ubuntu desktop07:16
sksolill be back07:16
cwillusksol, I think you can kill NetworkManager, have it restart, and it'll bring back the icon, but I'm not dead sure on that07:16
Hammer89hello... I just installed Ubuntu... and noticed that it's not recognizing my headphone jack... is there any way to fix that?07:16
sam__ i guess no one wanna help me ... ok.07:16
sksolill just try relog :)07:16
mnemonicaHey, I'm having some issues with wine, any body in here that can help me out? Trying to get WoW to work.07:16
cwilluabhi_, well, it's not strictly necessary, but I wouldn't necessarily say counter productive (although the performance loss with some of them may be)07:16
cwillumnemonica, what issues?07:17
emmatiiaWhen I tried to download php5 either via package manager or console, it says the package is corrupt07:17
cwilluHammer89, laptop?07:17
abhi_cwillu: i think it's just not necessary. the very concept of a virus scanner defies the security principles of Linux/Unix07:17
lewwyhey guys, i just installed mythbuntu onto my media pc, and the wireless network (NetGear 54g) isn't working properly.  Network manager attempts to connect to the wireless network, and one green light goes on in the icon, but it stays that way.  Any ideas?07:17
cwilluabhi_, well...07:17
fsanluFlannel, oh its an external HDD.. thanks ill try to play with it..07:17
cwilluabhi_, defense in depth is a valid concept07:17
mnemonicacwillu, it's instatlled, and it starts up and whatnot. But as soon as it gets past the introduction movie it crashes.07:17
Hammer89cwillu: yes... toshiba satellite07:18
cwilluabhi_, definately useful for anything acting as a server for one, and in some environments it might be prudent;  the fact that 99% of a population doesn't need something doesn't mean that the product isn't useful to the last 1%07:18
cwillumnemonica, what video card?07:18
cwillumnemonica, and what version of wine?07:18
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:19
abhi_cwillu i think ppl should stop running crapware like Vista and switch to Gutsy!07:19
cwilluHammer89, ^^^07:19
emmatiiaWhen I tried to download php5 either via package manager or console, it says the package is corrupt. Any help?07:19
Hammer89cwillu: thanks07:19
abhi_cwillu: then i will see where we get 'viruses' from. i mean McAffee is the heights they even have a virus scanner for running on a Mac Desktop!!!07:19
cwilluHammer89, play around with alsamixer as well, but often it can get a bit complicated07:19
mnemonicacwillu, latest version of wine... Where would I find what video card I have. I can't remember for whatever reason.07:19
abhi_cwillu: heights of paranoia. i wouldn't b surprised if Mcafee Symantec are churning out viruses themselves07:20
sksolk guy, reloggin did the trick, thanks :)07:20
cwilluHammer89, you _might_ want to make a ubuntu hardy (8.04) livecd, boot off it as a test and see if the sound works better with that (it's alpha, but it won't break anything if you don't actually install it)07:20
cwillumnemonica, run lspci|grep -i vga07:20
sksolok, now the hard question:07:20
cwillusksol, np07:20
martzipAN^hey. i got a tar and i want to burn it to 4.7gb dvd 's (the tar is about 13 gb...) how can i split it?07:20
junteckhello, anyone can help me with WINE ? thanks07:21
mnemonicaI followed ---> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft to the letter. Their little test thing in terminal returned a "yes".07:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about split - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:21
sksolmy laptop came with some media keys in front... and initially they controlled rhythmbox when i installed ubuntu. how do i configure them to run my commands?07:21
Hammer89cwillu: 8.04 is out?07:21
martzipAN^i do it after i tar ?07:21
drgebyahoo fixed my blinking cursor issue! somehow related to menu.lst noidea why07:21
cwilluHammer89, no, it's under development07:21
Hammer89cwillu: ah... okay07:21
cwilluHammer89, but there are test versions available07:21
cwilludo the link I mentioned first07:21
Hammer89cwillu: okay... how hard is it to upgrade?07:21
cwillubut if you have no luck, try the hardy cd, and _if_ it solves things, then that opens up some other possibilities07:22
jmdcI am trying to get around the fact that HP bios updates for my machine aren't available except as a windows executable07:22
cwilluHammer89, I'm not going to recommend you _upgrade_ to hardy, at least not for a few months, but if it works there, then you can often use pieces of it to patch up gutsy07:22
mnemonicahttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/51309/   <--- output of lspci|grep -i vga07:23
jmdcIf I were to find a way to get the image out of the executable, are there tools to then use the image to flash the bios?07:23
cwillumartzipAN^, do you have split installed?  (i.e., "man split " do anything?)07:23
cwilluthx mnemo07:23
cwilluthx mnemonica rather07:23
Hammer89cwillu: understood :) It was more of a seperate question (i.e., when 8.04 is out... how hard is it to update from 7.10?)07:23
jscinozwhat was the command to check what processes are acessing a particular device under /dev?  (in my case i need to see what is accessing /dev/radio0)07:23
cwillujscinoz, lsof07:24
mnemonicacwillu, Welcome.07:24
cwillujscinoz, lsof|grep /dev/dafsdfasdfasd07:24
jscinozthank you07:24
cwilluHammer89, dead simple07:24
sksolany ideas guys? how to get the input from media keys on my laptop?07:24
fsanluFlannel, okay i experimented. it seems like lets say for a USB flash drive, that when i "unmount" it.. it still keeps the light on.. which means its still being used. so when i pull it off.. it wont let me plug it back in unless i reboot.. or i wait to pull it out when i turn of my comptuer (which turns it off)07:24
sksolthey used to control rhythmbox, i know that07:24
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cwilluHammer89, the updates will one day say "hey, there's a new version, want it?", you click yes, an hour later your done (if all works as it should)07:24
cwillumnemonica, how are you starting wow?07:25
Hammer89cwillu: cool :)07:25
cwillumnemonica, output of "glxinfo | grep -i direct"?  (just paste the one line here)07:25
drgebduring startup all my mesages are ending up on tty8 is there away for all of this to be going to my .var/log/dmesg file other log file ???07:25
mnemonicacwillu, through wine... Applications > wine > Programs > World of Warcraft > World of Warcraft07:26
Flannelfsanlu: I've never really done anything with external drives, so I'm going to just bow out of this support request ;)  I'm sure you'll find someone here than can help though.07:26
cwilludrgeb, they should already be going into dmesg07:26
mnemonicacwillu, I'll check that, hold on.07:26
fsanluhehe no worries :]07:26
ObeyRoyOkay, I tried making a kubuntu installation CD in Windows, but when i booted up, it got stuck at the loading... Screen. I am currently running ubuntu, but I need to make an installation CD that will work (I only have one blank CD left). Can someone please guide me through this?07:26
mnemonicacwillu, direct rendering: Yes07:26
FlannelObeyRoy: Ubuntu runs?07:26
jmdcdrgeb: I think they usually go to both. is /var/log/dmesg really not getting anything?07:27
cwillumnemonica, fair warning, I haven't run wow under intel, but I'd expect it should work07:27
ObeyRoyI used an old CD07:27
drgebcwillu I tried doing a grep for an exact message displayed in tty8 for all files in /var/log and nothing showed up07:27
ObeyRoythat i had delivered07:27
cwillumnemonica, do you know the path that wow is installed (the actual linux path?)07:27
cwilludrgeb, make sure you run it as root07:27
drgebjmdc dmesg is getting some of it07:27
cwilludrgeb, sudo lsof|grep /dev/foobar (sorry about that)07:27
drgebcwillu I am root07:27
mnemonicacwillu, I've run WoW fine on this computer under Vista... I just got rid of the damned thing though, and now I'm trying to get it to work in ubuntu. :)07:27
mnemonicacwillu, Yeah, hold on, I'll get it.07:27
cwilludrgeb, are you sure a process is using it?07:28
cwilludrgeb, try lsof|less, and search using /07:28
mnemonicacwillu, /home/mnemonica/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft   blah blah lots of files07:28
cwillumnemonica, okay, this is from memory...07:29
cwillumnemonica, wine /home/mnemonica/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/wow.exe -opengl07:29
XiXaQWhat's the name of that application that lets you run a web app like a normal one?07:29
martzipAN^tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors07:30
dn4iaok this website says I need mplayer plugin07:30
mnemonicacwillu, do the backslashes have to be in there between World of Warcraft?07:30
martzipAN^how do i skip it?07:30
dn4iaI got the latest mplayer plugin from the apt-get sources07:30
ObeyRoyDid you get that, Flannel?07:30
dn4iabut it doesn't work for my browser07:30
dn4iawhat is the deal here?07:30
cwillumnemonica, the spaces need to be escaped, so either the whole path needs to be in "fasdasdfa asfasdfa", or each space needs a \07:30
blacklineshey all, im having trouble with sound under 7.0.4, it was working for 8 months or so and suddenly stopped--ive been through the comprehensive sound troubleshooting guide on the forums, the only thing it accomplished is me losing and being unable to reinstall my driver--anyone wanna lend a hand?07:30
ubotumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs07:30
mnemonicacwillu, interesting... Didn't know that.07:30
jscinozDoes tvtime support DVB-T?07:30
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:31
drgebcwillu i don't see /dev/foobar07:31
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cwilludrgeb, /dev/whatever-device-you're-looking-for?07:31
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FlannelObeyRoy: If you can install Ubuntu, you can install Kubuntu as a replacement.  Sure it's not ideal, but it does work07:31
cwillumnemonica, and the capitalization has to be right ;p07:31
cwillumnemonica, there's a trick though07:31
ObeyRoyWhat do you mean, as a replacement?07:31
martzipAN^the tar breaks07:32
martzipAN^tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors07:32
martzipAN^is there a way to ignore errors and keep taring07:32
mnemonicacwillu, What trick?   And it didn't crash this time... But the login screen is all screwed up. I can input in the text boxes and click the buttons, but theres no text and the background is black with a couple of yellow lines.07:33
ObeyRoyI prefer Kubuntu to Ubuntu, I've used both before07:33
ObeyRoyMy problem is that I don't have a Kubuntu disc, and I need to make a working one07:33
mnemonicacwillu, And I can see the top panel even though its in fullscreen... weird.07:34
cwillumnemo, type wine /home/mnemonica/.wine/drive_c/Pro<hit tab here>/Worl<tab>/Wo<tab>07:34
cwilluand then add the space -opengl07:34
cwilludrgeb, did you see anything with /dev in it?07:34
jscinozmnemonica are you looking for a way to start wow in wine with just a single command?07:34
mnemonicajscinoz, No... Just get it to work correctly.07:35
mnemonicacwillu, alright... I'll try that.07:35
jscinozmnemonica are you running compiz?07:35
drgebcwillu yes07:35
mnemonicajscinoz, yes.07:35
jscinozok to fix the panel thing..07:35
jscinozopen ccsm07:35
abhi_can anyone help me with importing Outlook data into Evolution?07:35
drgebcwillu interesting thing is I do not see /dev/tty807:36
cwilluum, any ops know what's up with floodbot?07:36
jscinozmnemonica, open ccsm, go to workarounds and enable "legacy fullscreen support"07:36
PLSshowyourhelp:-( I still couldn't fix my problem :could not apply changes fix broken packages first 07:36
kr00lAnyone know a ubuntu compatible PCI Audio Card?07:36
cwilludrgeb, what's going on?07:36
ObeyRoyFlannel, you still there?07:36
brucewagne1Why would anyone want to use Kubuntu over Ubuntu?07:36
jscinozbecause some people prefer KDE to gnome.07:36
ObeyRoyit's just a personal preference, I guess07:36
cwillubrucewagne1, some people have a disorder that makes them want to customize their desktop;  such people are to be pitied, but anyways :p07:36
PLSshowyourhelpi stile07:37
Shi-Langheya cwillu07:37
drgebcwillu however when i hit <ctrl> <alt> F8 I do get into the screen which simply has logs in it but not allowing me to log in or anything07:37
brucewagne1What's the difference(s)?07:37
cwilluShi-Lang, hey there07:37
blacklinesack--anyone wanna take a shot at my alsa prefences?07:37
FlannelObeyRoy: You can convert an ubuntu install into a kubuntu install (and subsequenty remove the ubuntu)07:37
blacklineser alsa issues07:37
Shi-Langso far all my installaton sttempts have failed so ill try the disabling dma or whatitscalled route07:37
cwillubrucewagne1, more configurable, with the tradeoff of less things working as simply as they could07:37
mnemonicacwillu, how would I exit WoW from the command line?07:37
jscinozbrucewagne1, KDE is more complex, but allows a higher degree of customisation07:37
ObeyRoyFlannel, how do I do that?07:37
cwillumnemonica, ctrl+c07:37
FlannelObeyRoy: Once you've got Ubuntu installed, install the kubuntu-desktop package07:37
FlannelObeyRoy: To remove ubuntu later, follow this: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde07:38
cwilludrgeb, and?07:38
mnemonicacwillu, Well... I can't get back into the WoW screen... It's not on any of my bottom panels, but the music is still playing. *sigh*07:38
cwillumnemonica, alt+tab isn't doing anything?07:38
brucewagne1Thanks Guys!07:38
ObeyRoyFlannel, where can I find that?07:38
drgebcwillu so why are these messages on tty8 not in any logs files located in /var/log particularly dmesg.log07:38
cwillumnemonica, ctrl+alt+f1 will escape to a terminal (ctrl+alt+f7 to get back), you can killall wine to kill it07:38
cwilludrgeb, weird07:39
Shi-Langk cwillu, what command do I add to disable the dma?07:39
FlannelObeyRoy: in the repositories.  Uh, open up synaptic package manager, click in the package window (where it lists the names, and start typing "kubuntu" by around the b, you'll be there07:39
cwilludrgeb, tty's are numbered from 0, that isn't tripping you is it?07:39
knoppixis there anybody used ubuntu 7.10?07:39
mnemonicacwillu, just issue "killall wine" outside of x?07:39
Johnson_hey when i close eclipse for some reason it removes the jre system library from the project. which screws up everything07:40
CrAzY-181hi guys my mouse doesnt seem to want to scroll down any idea what is causing this i can scroll up and it was working 2 mins ago07:40
cwillumnemonica, should do the trick07:40
mnemonicacwillu, Alright... attempting.07:40
CrAzY-181only thing i can think of is that i just set up the cube desktop thing07:40
ObeyRoyFlannel:After I do all this, it will be as if I installed Kubuntu?07:40
cwilluShi-Lang, when it failed at <...installing packages...> did it say what package failed?07:40
Shi-Langk cwillu? what command do I add to disable the dma?07:40
drgebcwillu when my system starts up all log messages during startup of the machine and processes send to tty8 are not logged so its hard for me to debug right now issues that I am observing07:40
Shi-Langit failed at selecting and installing software07:40
FlannelObeyRoy: yeah07:40
Shi-Lang>cwillu: it failed at selecting and installing software07:41
cwilluShi-Lang, did it say which package?07:41
ObeyRoyFlannel: Where do I find the synaptic Packet manager?07:41
Shi-Langnot that I know of07:41
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FlannelObeyRoy: you should log into kubuntu (logout of ubuntu, go to "sessions" at the login screen, choose KDE) before removing ubuntu though07:41
ObeyRoyI haven't used Linux since hoary Hedhehog07:41
knoppixthere is no splash screen or any signal when i boot into ubuntu 7.1007:41
FlannelObeyRoy: System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager07:41
pistorexDDi have semprom 2400+ and 512ram coloco linux ou nao?07:41
pistorexDDi have semprom 2400+ and 512ram coloco linux ou nao?07:41
mnemonicacwillu, tried it in terminal and ctrlaltf1area and got same result: wine: no process killed07:41
brucewagne1I think I've screwed up my Flash Player video (i.e. YouTube) by installing some things using Automatix..... and often my Divx codec seems to stop working (re-starting Ubuntu seems to fix it)...  Should I just reinstall Ubuntu, and then not install anything except from Add/Remove...and Synaptic..... to get a clean install....?  I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64, by the way.07:41
pistorexDDi have semprom 2400+ and 512ram coloco linux ou nao? ...07:41
pistorexDDi have semprom 2400+ and 512ram coloco linux ou nao? ................07:42
cwilluShi-Lang, okay, boot the cd, add the following to the boot line:  nosplash nodma noapic nolapic acpi=off07:42
Shi-Langexactly that after the '--'?07:42
Flannelbrucewagne1: Reinstall is the best way to get rid of the a- word, yes.07:42
brucewagne1Flannel, thanks!07:42
ObeyRoyThanks, Flannel, I appreciate your help07:42
cwilluShi-Lang, before, sorry (not dead sure it matters, but that's where I always put it)07:43
cwillubrucewagne1, are you attached to running the 64bit version?07:43
mnemonicajscinoz, By the way, Legacy support or whatever in ccsm was already enabled... What does that mean?07:43
brucewagne1Mr Flannel sure is a nice guy.   :)07:43
sksolhow do i change the font color of my system clock on the top panel?07:43
cwillubrucewagne1, you might find your life simpler if you just run the 32bit version07:43
brucewagne1cwillu, I am running on an AMD64 processor....  Do I have a choice?07:43
widartohow to setup ubuntu 7.10 in external hard disk , my internal hdd using windows vista07:43
cwillubrucewagne1, yep, you can run either;  the 32bit will have better binary support though07:44
mnemonicacwillu, tried it in terminal and ctrlaltf1area and got same result: wine: no process killed07:44
cwillubrucewagne1, it just won't take full advantage of the cpu (which probably won't be noticable for many uses, outside of video editing, and similarily demanding tasks)07:44
ObeyRoyOh, by the way, my internet is running a bit slow... I remember having this problem before, and it had to do with using IPv6 instead of IPv4. Does anyone know any more about this?07:44
noodles12i got my gf to use linux! (yay!) but she goes to this one website http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=583&st=2600&start=2600 and it doesn't show pictures, only the link to the picture and i have no idea why it does that.. anyone?07:45
cwillumnemonica, one sec, let me start it up and double check the process07:45
brucewagne1cwillu, NO WAY!   you're kidding me!   I thought that since I was running on an AMD64-bit processor, that everything had to be 64-bit!07:45
mnemonicacwillu, alright, thanks.07:45
sksolanynone? i need to change my font color for my clock in the panel... it is transparent, and both the background and the font are black... cant see the time07:45
Shi-Langcwillu: so what does this command do exactly and how do i know if it works?07:45
Aeleonwow, it's 7:45 am and you guys are still kickin'!07:46
ObeyRoyAeleon: it's 11:46 here07:46
cwilluShi-Lang, it turns off a whole whack of things that cause issues on various pieces of hardware;  this is the shotgun/nuke-the-site-from-orbit approach :p07:46
cwilluShi-Lang, and it works if it installs :p07:46
Aeleonwhere are you, in cali07:46
mnemonicacwillu, Hey, I closed the terminal that I used to issue the command to start WoW the first time you asked me to. And the music stopped... But now I can't move my windows and I have no close/max/min/restore buttons.07:46
cwilluShi-Lang, nothing there creates any lasting settings07:46
sksolguys, if i cant see the time... i will be constantly missing my bedtime! please, need some help07:47
cwillumnemonica, from the ctrl+alt+f1, run DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace07:47
cwillumnemonica, may not fix the mouse, but it should bring back window decorations at least07:47
ObeyRoySksol: you want to change the font or the color?07:47
cwilluShi-Lang, you can add irqpoll to that as well, but it may just slow things down quite a bit07:48
sksolcolor of the font07:48
brucewagne1cwillu, I can just install the 32 bit version of Ubuntu then... and everything will work better...?     Then, you mentioned video editing...   Ouch.   I am planning to do video editing.... using Kino or something...   Does that mean I should stick with the 64bit version?07:48
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cwillubrucewagne1, well, easier, not necessarily 'better'07:48
cwillubrucewagne1, it'll still work, it just can't take advantage of 64bit code for the most part (all the libraries would be 32bit)07:48
ObeyRoysksol, I'm new too, i'm trying to find a way to change it07:49
cwillubrucewagne1, I think you can generally run 32bit binaries even under 64bit ubuntu, but it does add some complexities, and it _will_ uncover bugs07:49
sksolheh, thanks...07:49
cwillubrucewagne1, if the livecd boots, then it'll work fine07:49
ObeyRoyAre you using KDE, Sksol?07:49
ObeyRoythat's odd...07:50
mnemonicacwillu, brought everything back, even mouse, but the ctrlaltf1thing stalled... No more prompt. Weird?07:50
brucewagne1You guys are a dream!   I'm so glad I discovered this IRC thing.   Thanks!07:50
drgebcwillu do u have any messages after booting in /dev/tty8 ?07:50
jmdcis it a really really bad idea to try to flash my bios using wine?07:50
cwilluone sec07:50
cwilludrgeb, a couple 'starting foo [ ok ]' lines07:50
Flanneljmdc: Your BIOS flash thing runs on a boot disk, usually.07:50
Aeleonjmdc, some hours ago someone came in and decided to do that very thing.07:50
Shi-Langcwillu: occasionally a sim booting the live cd it complains about a "applet.py" not working07:50
cwilludrgeb, you can't scroll up in a vt after you've switched away though07:50
Aeleonbecause he had an exe.07:51
Aeleonsomeone mentioned freedos to him, I dunno if that helps because I don't know what I'm talking about. :x07:51
drgebcwillu so these message in /dev/tty8 do u see a copy of them in any log files in /var/log ?07:51
mnemonicacwillu, frickin thing restarted x...07:51
cwilludrgeb, let me check07:51
jmdcAeleon: did they actually use wine then?07:51
mnemonicacwillu, I don't know why...07:51
ObeyRoyFlannel, you still here?07:52
FlannelObeyRoy: depends ;)07:52
cwillujmdc, well, grep didn't find anything07:52
Shi-Langcwillu: occasionally as im booting the live cd it complains about a "applet.py" not working07:52
Aeleonjmdc, they did. but i didn't stick around to see their success.07:53
Aeleoni don't know if they did, either, i feel like they just went off and did it.07:53
mnemonicacwillu, everything seems to be fine though... So, what's next? Last thing was the non-tab commandline thing. Since X restarted, I don't have our previous conversation. Could you repeat the second filepath recommendation for me, please?07:53
cwilludrgeb, no, I don't see them anywhere07:53
jmdcAeleon: well, nothing to lose but my computer, right?07:53
cwillumnemonica, basically, wine /path/to/WoW.exe -opengl07:53
drgebcwillu cause this is what I would like to have, seems to me right now all my init.d startup scripts are logging to /dev/tty8   and no where else07:54
brenixcan anyone help me with a noob question?07:54
Aeleonjmdc, backitup, doll. nothing a simple reinstall won't cure.07:54
MasqyI have Logitech Pro 5000 Webcam, I installed the drivers from berlios, but for some reason, they seem to work only in Skype. Could you please recommend a video capture program? Is this a known issue with this camera?07:54
drgebcwillu so all erros and stuff is just scrolling by07:54
Aeleon!ask | brenix07:54
ubotubrenix: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:54
Aeleon:D I'm learniiing!07:54
cwilludrgeb, notably, a bunch of stuff will get logged to tty1, in addition to what goes to tty807:54
mnemonicacwillu, with \<tab> every time I have a space in there?07:54
cwilludrgeb, starting with nosplash might help07:54
XiXaQcan firefox resume a download that's terminated because of a chrash?07:54
cwillumnemonica, or anytime you get lazy :p07:54
mnemonicacwillu, heh. alright.07:55
cwilluXiXaQ, I know the 3.0 beta's can, I'm not sure if the earlier ones do07:55
Aeleonworth a try, XiXaQ.07:55
Aeleonbut i'd flashget it.07:55
XiXaQAeleon, I don't know how.07:55
cwilluShi-Lang, any luck booting with those args?07:55
lazy247xnewbee on Linux -- how do i create a shortcut for programs -- like a (calc) with hotkeys??07:55
Shi-Langcwillu: occasionally as im booting the live cd it complains about a "applet.py" not working07:55
Aeleonif it can, it'd be available from the download window.07:55
brenixjust recently installed dwm and would like to know what to add and where to add certain apps to the session, such as the app to automatically configure network cards07:55
Aeleonwhere the 'open' link is, a 'resume' button would be.07:55
jmdcAeleon: I'm not so sure - I chatted with hp support and they said that the bios updater only works on windows07:55
XiXaQI've been downloading open-xchange, which is 700MB, but firefox chrashes so often, it's almost impossible to get it down.07:55
drgebcwilllu hpw do u turn off splash ?07:55
Shi-Langsorry if you alrdy anwered but i couldnt find the reply07:55
cwillulazy247x, just drag from the menu, or from the nautilus window (holding shift gives a menu of options when you let go)07:55
jscinozmnemonica, its supposed ot make the panels not show oever the game >_< worked for me07:56
lazy247xlet me try it07:56
cwilludrgeb, edit the boot line in grub, removing 'splash'07:56
Aeleonbut wine lets you use windows executables on linux.07:56
cwilludrgeb, and 'quiet'07:56
Aeleonso the logic is there, jmdc.07:56
cwilluAeleon, I'd have to have drunk quite a bit to run a hardware level utility under wine without somebody having told me they tried it and it worked :p07:57
AeleonDepends on how long you've had the pc, cwillu.07:57
ObeyRoySo, Flannel (or anyone else) It wants me to end my command with && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, do i forget that, since KDE is already installed?07:57
cwilluAeleon, not really07:57
brenixanyone know what to add and where to add an entry for a certain session (or dwm..)???07:57
brenixfor starup apps07:57
FlannelObeyRoy: you don't need to (but it wont do anything bad)07:57
lazy247xis there a way i can use (CTRL + KEY)?? for the calc program07:57
FlannelObeyRoy: all itll do is say "you've already got it installed"07:57
cwilluAeleon, if I hadn't flashed the bios before under wine, I'd have to be _very_ desperate before I flashed it from wine, or not very attached to the mobo07:58
ObeyRoyI bet i should log into KDE before doing that?07:58
Aeleonactually, woah, stop the presses.07:58
FlannelObeyRoy: You should log out of gnome at any rate.  If you're in a tty, it wont matter07:58
* cwillu stops the presses07:58
Aeleona simple google search has told me that people think flashing with wine is a bad idea.07:58
Aeleonjmdc, you there?07:58
ObeyRoyFlannel: TTY?07:58
jmdcAeleon: what I mean is, if it doesn't work and the bios gets messed up, I don't think I can easily restore the bios, because the only stuff hp gives is updaters that run in windows. I won't be able to get at anything if I brick this box.07:58
cwillujmdc, don't flash from wine, k?07:59
FlannelObeyRoy: ctrl-alt-f1 through ctrl-alt-f6 (ctrl-alt-f7 to get back to gUI)07:59
jmdccwillu, aeleon: thanks. I needed an intervention.07:59
Shi-Langcwillu: I got the error again, [Errno 5] Input/Output error at 34% omsta;;omg system/copying files07:59
Shi-Langim going to sleep now07:59
jmdcI will go sit in my corner and think about what I have done.07:59
cwillujmdc one sec07:59
Shi-Langyes when installing07:59
ObeyRoythat scared me07:59
Aeleonjmdc, damn, i just felt a wave of guilt at the thought of encouraging you to flash your bios and having you brick your box07:59
mnemonicacwillu, it gave me the same result as last time. I tried to take a screenshot (pressed the printscreen button) and X crashed and restarted.07:59
marvxxxis there a nice easy way to authenticate ubuntu against openldap?08:00
brucewagne1thanks!  you guys are the best!  esp cwillu and flannel...  i'm going to bed now.   nite nite08:00
cwillugn brucewagne108:00
ObeyRoyalright, I'll be back08:00
Shi-Langsleep time be back later08:00
cwilluShi-Lang, I'm pretty much stumped08:00
jmdcAeleon: don't worry, what this really is about is me trying to "beat" hp and being pissed off that they only support microsoft08:00
Aeleonjmdc - http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=how+to+flash+bios+with+linux read some of these, see if they're relevant.08:00
cwilluShi-Lang, my next thing would be to install to a drive on a different machine, and then put that drive in the pIII, but I'm not sure if you want to do that08:00
Shapeshifter__I instaled Wicd as my network manager and the available networks are displayed (a couple of times, there are like 12 netowrks, 4x3 of them with the same name, there are ohnly 3 networks). But I can't connect, the status bar blinks for a second and then nothing happens. I couldn't find a solution on the net. any ideas?08:00
mnemonicacwillu, this WoW install is fresh from the box Burning Crusade (no patches) does that make a difference?08:00
=== c1|freaky_ is now known as c1|freaky
cwillumnemonica, I'm running burning crusade, should work08:01
mnemonicacwillu, Mmmk.... But it isn't lol... Any other ideas?08:01
cwillumnemonica, did you get the message about the fullscreen thingy?08:01
Aeleonjmdc, I am afraid I am very un-knowledgable of these things, so I don't want to tell you something wrong.08:01
Onyx!find qt-mt08:01
cwillujmdc, do you have another machine available?08:01
ubotuPackage/file qt-mt does not exist in gutsy08:01
mnemonicacwillu, fullscreen thingy...?08:01
sasha_hello, I got a problem whit my laserjet 6L printer. In dmesg I got this: [84307.880798] audit(1199865622.590:11):  type=1502 operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" name="/dev/tty" pid=13017 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd"08:01
=== Shapeshifter__ is now known as shapeshifter
cwillujmdc, I'd almost suggest finding a small computer shop that would be willing to boot off a windows pe cd (xp livecd basically), or a windows disk temporarily, and install the update from there08:02
cwillujmdc, how desperate are you to apply the bios update?08:02
cwillumnemonica, one sec, I'll check the scrollback08:02
viniciuscan anyone help me doing this: http://paste.debian.net/46472 ???08:03
cwillujscinoz, what was the gconf-editor thingy again for mnemonica ?08:03
ObeyRoyhuh, terminal won't let me copy that text into it08:04
cwilluvinicius, sorry, the extent of my 64bit knowledge is to suggest the 32bit version of ubuntu :p08:04
brenixanyone know how to add the gnome-settings-daemon, etc. to a dwm session???