evil_techits a mystery00:17
evil_techcould someone point me to a link that explains how to pass kernel and module parameters01:54
newUseris there someone who can help me02:13
newUseri need to install xubuntu in PC a for PC b02:14
newUseri have a laptop without cd-rom and no floppy and no lan / internet02:15
newUserso i take the harddrive and install xubuntu on my pc02:16
newUserand the move the disk again to my laptop02:16
newUseris it possible02:16
zoredacheyes, it is possible02:16
newUseris there any special trick that need to be done ?02:16
iCEiferhello, how can I get the xfce-dusk theme to work with Ubuntu? can I download it?02:17
zoredachedisconnect the hard drive that is actually in your desktop computer so the laptop drive will be the only drive02:17
newUserhmm thnk :)02:18
zoredachemake sure you install, or at least download everything you will need02:18
zoredacheinstalling software without a network connection really won't work well.  Make sure your laptop will be supported02:18
zoredachehow old of a laptop are you talking about anyway?  does it have usb ports?02:19
newUserwith xubuntu i hope i got pcmcia working then connect internet02:19
newUserits fujitsu b2620 with broken lan02:19
newUserthank you zoredache02:20
|Quest|anyone happen to know how to passively decrypt ssl packets from a mitm?04:03
zoredacheit isn't possible unless you can insert a ca certificate on the clients04:05
zoredacheor the clients are dumb enough to ignore the browser warnings telling them the certificates are crap04:06
|Quest|zoredache talking to me?04:06
* zoredache nods04:07
zoredachewhat are you trying to do, or do I want to know...04:08
|Quest| i don't understand how it's not possible,it's confusing.how does the browser decrypt it?04:10
zoredachehere is a video with a metaphor04:11
|Quest|zoredache - why can't i inject something in the client side04:16
zoredachewhat do you mean why can't you inject something client side?04:16
zoredacheI told you.  If you could get the client to install a forged CA certificate then you could intercept things.  But that isn't something that is very easy to do04:19
alex_i installed xubuntu-desktop, and it made my titlebars disappear in gnome, can anyone tell me why?08:34
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gerrobleh laptop troubles but I'm back14:32
gerrothink the thing is overheating or something14:33
gerroanyway I read this article about conky and other system monitors I ws wondering what this statement meant " Conky is very flexible and very configurable but because it's defaultly in the root window makes it unsympathic."14:33
stmartinHi! I wanna ask you how to safely plug-out flash memory on xubuntu?14:34
gerrostmartin: when you see the icon on your desktop right click it and choose unmount14:37
stmartinok, thanks14:37
gerrootherwise it might still be writing stuff14:37
stmartinand how to see my files on my win xp drives (c: and d:), I have dual boot14:37
gerroit should be displayed already.. isn't it?14:38
gerroif its not you'd have to add its configuration into /etc/fstab14:38
gerroit might already be there but commented out so you don't accidentally trash your windows drive not knowing what it is14:39
stmartinI receive this error14:39
stmartinerror: device /dev/sda5 is not removable14:39
stmartinerror: could not execute pmount14:39
gerrosda5 is which device now?14:40
gerrodf -H to see a listing of them14:40
stmartinI used diskmounter script14:43
stmartinand it worked14:43
stmartinthanks for the help, anyway14:44
gerroalright is it permanently added into /etc/fstab though?14:45
gerrootherwise you'll have to redo it at every boot14:45
stmartinIt said that they are permanently added14:46
stmartinbut they are read-only14:46
stmartinhow can I paste something in them?14:46
gerroyeah to change that you have to edit it yourself14:46
gerrontfs support has come a long way since then14:46
gerrohmm might not be a good idea giving user access to that drive though14:48
gerrocan't you still write to it as root?14:48
gerrogabkdlly: yo14:49
sigma_123why does xubuntu not have a battery manager for laptops?15:03
sigma_123in the taskbar like how kde and gnome do15:04
gerroit does15:05
gerroright click and choose add new item15:05
gerroscroll down the list to battery15:05
sigma_123ah i see. il try that after its finished installing15:06
sigma_123i also noticed that the shutdown shortcut on the main menu does not work. why is this?15:07
gerrotry applications > settings > sessions and startup all things pertaining to that should be there15:08
sigma_123im refering to gutsy gibbon15:08
gerroyeah of course15:09
sigma_123ok but when you click the menu shortcut it goes nowhere. but the button in the taskbar gives the shutdown options15:10
Usuariohello, a question, it is possible to install eeexubuntu from a sd card, in my eeepc ??15:11
Usuarioyes, a modified xubuntu version for the eeepc15:12
gerroits possible to install systems from sd card.. but not usually done15:12
gerroprobably best to use a flash drive15:12
Usuarioyes thats true, but i have actually the eeepc, a sd card, a pc and the netinst cd15:13
gerrono clue, you tried checking the forum? if nothing there might want to make a post15:14
Usuarioso wanted to know if it was possible.... althrought i have to buy a flash memory15:14
gerrocan probably just borrow someones if you know of someone15:15
gerrojust be sure to remove the boot flag when your done might cause them troubles15:15
Usuariookay! thanks15:16
stmartingerro can u help me?15:25
stmartinI still can't find the ntfs-config package15:25
gerrontfs-config package?15:25
stmartinI have 6.06 LST Dapper15:26
stmartinhow can I make read-write15:26
gerroI'm sorry not experienced in handling that version dual booted15:26
gerrolike i've said you have to edit /etc/fstab15:26
gerroshould be a howto on the ubuntu site15:27
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gerrooh also leave a space at the bottom of that file15:28
stmartingerro, by your opinion, what should I do?15:31
stmartinHow to remove Local Disk and sda1 from Desktop?16:05
TheSheepstmartin: settings->desktop settings->behavior->show filesystems16:08
Ryukihow do I update the STV0680 driver for my Xubuntu?16:12
RyukiI'm trying to figure out why my webcam won't work on kopete, but works fine in Camorama and other programs16:17
RyukiI figured it out16:22
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benz_anyone is also having problems accessing logs.ubuntu-eu.org?16:46
martinZGRhello, i'm on xubuntu 7.10... do you know anything about charging devices from USB? i didn't try it by now cause first i want to discharge it and then fully charge - but i've heard that sometimes due to power saving settings charging does not defaultly work18:35
PeckaHwell, at least my mp3-player is charged18:38
martinZGRok,thanks:) hope my will work too:)18:43
darkk^what web-browser, IM client and office tools are used in xubuntu ?20:17
darkk^or redirect me to right place please, I tried to find software list at xubuntu website, but found nothing.20:18
viddfirefox, pidgin, abi-word, gnumeric spreadsheet20:20
darkk^Is it possible to change abi-word/gnumeric to OOo without headache about integration? Is it as simple as "aptitude install ..." ?20:23
viddapt-get install [opplication] then (if you want) apt-get remove [other apps]20:27
darkk^Ok, happy to hear that, going to try xubuntu on low-mem (256mb) machine. I know, that OOo will be slow there, but abi-word had lots of issues while reading M$ .doc's.20:30
darkk^Thank you for this metapackage.20:30
stmartinwhat is the problem?21:22
stmartinI receive this message: W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org dapper Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278321:22
floxstmartin: here, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#Menu_Method_for_Adding_Repositories21:24
floxor here for Dapper: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_dapper#How_to_add_extra_repositories21:25
Ryukiokay. I have question on STV0689 driver.22:56
Ryukiit's a webcam driver, but I tried to figure out how to get it working.22:56
Ryukiwow really quiet.23:35
castroxguys.. just installed xubuntu on an old laptop.. everything works fine for me except the graphics.. it has a neomagic video card. Seems the installation picked up on this and seemingly installed the driver.. but I cannot "modprobe neomagic" since that module doesn't exist. Any ideas? Shouldn't it exist? xorg.conf has it as a loadable module.23:40
castroxof course lsmod doesn't yield any neomagic driver.23:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about neomagic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:41
castroxI'm afraid I've searched the almighty google for quite a while. :-(23:42
Ryukilol me too23:42
castroxhaving problems with neomagic?23:43
RyukiI jsut have problems with my webcam23:43
Ryukieveryone is quiet lol23:43
soldatscastrox, did yousee this i didnt read it but it yet though http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/x11/xserver-xorg-driver-neomagic23:44
Ryuki http://pastebin.com/m4df555a2 It is my decive name, and I did read the webcam site23:44
castroxfunny thing I installed xubuntu on an old Dell the other day.. like a week ago.. has Neomagic aswell.. worked fine - loaded the neomagic module and everything.. this IBM laptop didn't get it :-\23:44
castroxsoldats, checking23:44
castroxsoldats, yeah it's installed in fact. Weird huh.. it only installs a *.so file - and not a *.ko. Don't know what I'm supposed to do with that. Any idea?23:45
soldats .so is the for nameserver for somolia i thought23:48
castroxsearching the system for neomagic only turns up some uninteresting man pages and the exact files listed in the repos.. which includes a *.so file.23:48
soldatshmm wierd23:48
soldatsmaybe try looking for all the packages on the other laptop and see what the other doesnt have and install the missing ones23:49
castroxsoldats, don't have it at home right now.. :{23:50
castroxchecking if anyone had this problem on #ubuntu, thanks for helping soldats23:51
methods[laptop]i installed xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop together but when my system loads i see the xfce boot image i would like ubuntu to my dominant desktop... how do i change this ?23:52
soldatsnp sorry i havent ever dealt with neomagic so im not too sure23:52
castroxmethods[laptop], you mean at the boot? system startup? or the login manager or what?23:54
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras23:54
methods[laptop]at boot23:55
methods[laptop]i see xubuntu23:55
castroxmethods[laptop], because you've installed xubuntu, correct? And you have another installation with ubuntu or?23:55
methods[laptop]xubuntu was my cd install... and i used apt-get to install ubuntu-desktop23:56
soldatsxubuntu is ubuntu with xfce so naturally xfce will be the dominant boot image23:56
soldatsubuntu desktop basically installes gnome and nautilus i believe but youll have to make the default boot to gnome for a different image i believe but im not sure how to do it i havent used ubuntu gnome in a long time23:58

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