lnsJust wondering, are questions portable in this chan for ubuntu/ltsp ? Or should it be strictly edubuntu installs only (since they are so similar post-install)?02:15
kgoetzyou could probably ask here02:16
johnnybut #ltsp itself would be good too02:28
johnnyyou'd prolly get more assistance there02:28
johnnyespecially since you can rely on debian folks assistance too in many cases02:29
kgoetz(note, thats not an invite to ask #debian)02:29
johnnydefinitely not02:29
johnnyoh.. lns you've been there ..02:30
johnnyalmost all the folks who answer ltsp questions who hang out in here, are also there02:31
johnnybut not the opposite02:31
kgoetzalso actually asking the question helps ;)02:32
juliuxgood mornin08:04
juliuxhi RichEd08:36
RichEdhi juliux08:36
juliuxRichEd, what do you think about edubuntu coffee mugs?08:36
RichEdjuliux: nice idea :) they hang around on people's work desk ... so it is a constant advert / reminder08:37
juliuxRichEd, ubuntu-de is thinking about the idea08:37
juliuxRichEd, is it ok for you if we produce the mugs?08:40
RichEdi am sure it is fine ... perhaps send a mail to the trademark address asking permission, but of course letting them know you are a loco ...08:41
RichEdlet me get the mail address for you08:41
juliuxnormaly we don't need that because we have a contract about the logo usage08:43
juliuxbut i will write them an e-mail08:43
LaserJockmorning RichEd08:45
RichEdhi LaserJock08:45
juliuxhi LaserJock08:46
LaserJocksorry I missed the meeting, thought it was the late one08:47
RichEdseemed there was some confusion around the meeting slot yesterday08:49
RichEdi also thought it was the late one until i checked the fridge08:49
RichEdwe had the early one the week before08:49
LaserJockI was gonna say a little bit about some artwork stuff08:51
LaserJockI was talking with _MMA_ (Ubuntu Studio lead) about what they were doing with their art packages08:52
LaserJockand some of the changes they're working on for Ubuntu as well08:53
LaserJockand he said he could have a look at the Edubuntu artwork packaging08:53
LaserJockwe created https://.launchpad.net/edubuntu-look as a project which the edubuntu-artwork LP team is a driver08:54
LaserJockso then the packaging/artwork could all be done in a bzr branch08:54
RichEdogra was hoping that someone from the art team would join the meeting yesterday after the mail thread discussion ... but no-one did08:56
LaserJockyes, well, I'm not sure they do IRC as much08:56
RichEdi mailed Jill last night asking her to do a new wallpaper ... she was keen when last we spoke08:56
LaserJockthere were a few art people who joined ~edubuntu-art08:56
LaserJockand a wallpaper submission08:56
LaserJockalthough I think we are usually pretty good for wallpapers08:57
RichEddid you like the default for 7.10 ?08:57
LaserJockit was ok, I think we could have refined it some more08:57
LaserJockI think it'd be nice to sort of work more on consistency throughout08:58
LaserJockgdm splash, boot splash, etc. and the website08:58
LaserJockbut _MMA_ has some experience on the packaging/technical end which is nice08:59
LaserJockI don't think he can commit to too much, but I think he'd be willing to help a team08:59
LaserJockthere's also an icon theme we might consider using based on Gartoon called GNUtoon09:05
LaserJockit's basically Gartoon+09:05
LaserJockmore icons09:05
highvoltageogra: are you around?13:14
lagaogra: ping13:16
ograhighvoltage, now i am, sorry, was in the basement14:45
highvoltageogra: not a problem!14:57
highvoltageogra: have you ever used, or do you know much about multicasting?14:58
ograwe used it in the cable company where i worked before for iptv but i didnt have direct contact with that14:58
ogrado you have a patch for me ?14:59
highvoltageheh, I wish!14:59
ograto try it14:59
highvoltagethe guys at work say that some provisoning systems use multicast to send the data to all the clients14:59
highvoltageand when I suggested ubiquity over ltsp a while back, they wanted me to look uno multicasting for that15:00
highvoltageI wasn't sure if it's possible, just looked at the ticket again today15:00
ograubiquity over ltsp ?15:00
ograyou mean run the live image netbooted ?15:01
highvoltagewell, originally I was going to run a full "fat" nfs environment that runs ubiquity, this was before LTSP used squashfs, etc15:01
highvoltagebut yes, we'll probably do live image netbooted now15:02
ograthere is a setup somewhere on the wiki15:02
highvoltageyes, I think it's moquist's setup15:02
ograrobert collins built that for a conference once15:02
ografor an ubuntu booth15:02
highvoltagedo you think it's technically possible for a setup like that to use multicast?15:03
ograhmm, no idea15:03
highvoltagethe thing is just, the clients will probably want the data at different times15:03
stgraberI'm installing that at school too (to replace tons of Ubuntu CDs :))15:03
highvoltagethen again, if they don't get the data, they will probably just wait for it15:03
highvoltagefor booting up an entire, big lab, it might be a good thing though.15:04
stgraberhighvoltage: multicast is fine for disk images where you wait for all the clients to be ready then send the data in your case I don't really see where you can use multicast ...15:04
* highvoltage will have to ask for more information from the multicast-loudmouths15:04
highvoltagestgraber: that's what I thought too, except for maybe booting lots of clients15:05
highvoltageI suppose it's possible to multicast just *some* stuff?15:05
stgraberhmm, hardware being different, ... the only thing you can get by multicast would be the initrd, on-demmand access won't work (at least that's how I understand the multicast thing)15:06
highvoltageoh, but it would probably be difficult over the same protocol (I was thinking of when an entire class opens up openoffice)15:06
stgraberit's not like if all your clients were retrieving the exact same data15:06
stgrabermulticast is perfect for video stream (I use it with VLC on some clients, running a sort of local app waiting for the stream sent by the teacher), not sure how you can use it for file transfer15:08
stgraberhighvoltage: might work if you have an initrd downloading a base image, uncompressing it in RAM, then booting it15:09
stgraberhighvoltage: but that would eat a lot of RAM (then it won't require any network access)15:10
highvoltagestgraber: for sure.15:11
RichEdstgraber: how is the italc panelbeating gping ?15:58
RichEdany chance of it being workable for 8.04 ?15:59
stgraberRichEd: demo mode crashes, waiting from an upstream patch (I can't fix it myself)16:13
stgraberRichEd: everything else works just fine16:14
RichEdstgraber: thanks :)16:27
boibluim having problems trying to get firefox to play youtube16:28
boibluanyone know why?16:29
lnsI apologize in advance to everyone who is also in #ltsp (for duping a conversation)...  FYI Everyone: If you want to help fix the OpenOffice pixmap LTSP crash issue, register and comment on the following issue in the OOo issue: http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=8532118:16
ubotuOpenOffice.org bug 85321 in framework "OOo caches large pixmaps to X server, crashing the X server." [Defect,Unconfirmed: ]18:16
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots18:16
lnswow....saucy ;)18:16

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