Adder---xRaich[o]2x, I am sorta of a computer newbie but let me check x_x00:00
xRaich[o]2xAdder---: try something like sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart. let's try that first00:01
xRaich[o]2xAdder---: in konsole please00:01
acemois it normal with the amarok 1.4 welcome sound that the middle speaker aint working? (all others work now)00:02
xRaich[o]2xAdder---: done?00:03
Adder---X314,  it says there inst such a file00:03
Adder---but theres a process here00:03
xRaich[o]2xAdder---: what did you type in?00:03
Jay-Oh-Enare there any programs to mod v3 razrs (the phones)00:04
Daisuke_Idobut i wouldn't bother00:05
Daisuke_Ido(of course, that comes from my absolute disgust with the razr line)00:06
Dr_WillisIm just sick of people obsessing over   gizmos :)00:08
* Dr_Willis goes back to haxoring his Gameboy DS.00:08
Jay-Oh-EnDaisuke_Ido: yeah i have that installed but it cant do everything i want00:16
wesleyis there a beta or such from raptor ?00:20
Ahmuckhi, i've connected a scanner to my computer, but kooka is asking for SANE to be installed.  i'm confused.  wouldn't this already be there if kooka was there.  i installed sane via adept, however kooka still complains about SANE.00:21
Schuenemannhey, what's wrong with wine? I can't minimize applications to taskbar and maximized ones are fullscreen00:24
jenny_I'm having problems with Kopete? Is anyone familiar with that program?00:26
Dr_WillisAhmuck:  check the kooka settings - it may be it cant find the right path to the sane binaries00:27
Dr_WillisHmm.. I just recoded a video for my GB-DS.. and it encoded it.. upside down.. odd...00:35
niallcan anyone tell me how to access my NTFS partitions? When I click the icons under storage-media in dolphin, I get an error: 'hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 1000'00:36
Dr_WillisOne of these days i gotta get a portable video player that i can fit in my pocket.00:36
Odd-rationaleniall: I have the same problem.00:36
Dr_Willisniall:  create entries for them in the fstab file, so they get mounted at boot time - is one way00:36
Dr_WillisFor some reason the auto-mounting stuff has issues with ntfs drives.00:36
niallit works in normal Ubuntu :x00:36
Dr_WillisI wonder if that 'ntfs-config' tool will fix it.00:36
Dr_WillisYou got ubuntu and kubuntu both installed?00:37
Odd-rationaleniall: I just do kdesudo mount /dev/<disk> /<mnt>00:37
niallDr_Willis: no00:37
nialljust Kubuntu00:37
niallthis t ime00:37
Dr_WillisI dont have any external ntfs filesystems to test with.00:37
Odd-rationaleI also searched the kubuntu forums. There seems to be no definite answer.00:38
Dr_Willisso cant really say more then what ive read.. all the fix's seem to be creating a proper fstab entry for the disk.00:38
niallhow do I do that?00:38
snarkstermount -t ntfs-3g /dev/<partition> /mnt/<folder00:38
Dr_Willisor in the fstab file - an entry similer to --->                    /dev/sdb1      /media/minihd ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 000:39
niallwhere's the fstab file?00:39
Dr_Willisin /etc00:39
Dr_Williswith all the 100000 other config files :)00:39
niallI'll give that a go00:39
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:40
snarksterum sudo updatedb and the locate fstab00:40
snarksterand then I mean00:40
Dr_Willisproberly no need to update the db. :)00:40
Dr_WillisIts in /etc/ and has been for years..00:40
niallyeah it is00:41
snarksterbut a neew user may not know that...00:41
nialli just did sudo kate /etc/fstab00:41
nialland it opened00:41
snarksternew even00:41
snarksteri use vi00:41
ardchoille!kdesu | niall00:41
ubotuniall: In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:41
niallen_GB is right for UK yeah?00:42
niallthanks for the tip ubotu00:43
snarksterlater all00:43
ardchoille!bot > niall00:43
nialli've put all my entires into fstab00:45
niallnow if I save this and restart will it just work?00:45
niallor is there anything else I need to do00:45
mueslii just tried to install the nvidia-glx-new package, but somehow after loading the new module x.org dies on startup. dmesg tells me:00:50
muesliNVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 169.07, but this kernel module has the version
jcgkffycshow do you add a system user account, I would like to use a script to do somethings via ssh on a system but I would like it to authenticate as a differnt user than my own, and I would not like the user to appear in kdm00:55
stdinjcgkffycs: give them a UID less than 100000:56
nialloh dear :(00:57
niallnow my partitions don't even apear in dolphin00:57
ardchoillestdin: So *that* is how you do that, thanks :)00:57
stdinwell anything less that 1000 or above 29999 by default00:58
wesleyi think i got a fix to solve the digital clock problem in dutch translation00:58
niallI edited fstab to include my NTFS partitions but they didn't mount :<00:59
wesleyhow can you edited mo files?00:59
stdinwesley: you usually edit the .po01:01
stdinyes, po gets "compiled" into .mo01:01
=== orcis is now known as qweporui
wesleyow i could replace the dutch .mo for a german .mo right ?01:02
stdinas long as you give it the same name, yeah01:02
wesleythat should fix the problem with the uu its anoying my mother asking how late is it mom i dont know its uu and 03 min yeah01:03
lenHas anyone with the KDE4 packages installed tried to install the kdegames-kde4 package?  I have KDE4 running OK, but the kdegames-kde4 package is broken.  I notice that the rest of the kde4 packages have been recompiled several times, but that the games package was not recompiled along with the rest of kde4--it's still at the original rev on from release day.  It seems like it's out of sync and need to be recompiled.01:09
niallI have NTFS access \o/01:10
niallthanks for the help again ;D01:10
stdinlen: the package is fine (and it doesn't need rebuilding)01:11
lenWell, it doesn't install for me.  Both adept and synaptic give errors with I try to install in and label it as broken.  I can't install via apt-get either.01:13
stdinerror messages would be useful01:13
nialli'm trying to execute a binary .run file, by doing ./file, but it keeps telling me No such file or directory - even thought I tabbed the name in :z01:13
stdinniall: is it executable?01:14
niallstdin: yes01:14
stdinniall: try "/bin/sh ./file"01:15
lenIf I remember correctly, I get the kind of errors in apt-get that you get when more than on dependant package contains the config file and one can't right because the other did it first.01:15
Dr_Willisor bash whatever.bin01:16
niallSyntax error: "(" unexpected01:16
stdinlen: can't you post the errors to pastebin?01:16
Dr_Willisthats a sign of a bash vs sh issue I belive.01:16
stdinniall: yep, bash is your friend here "/bin/bash ./file"01:16
niall'cannot execute binary file' :(01:17
stdinpeople shouldn't write scripts in bash and use "#!/bin/sh"...01:17
lenI'm reluctant to run it again because it ends up half installed and it's hard to get uninstalled gain.  Guess I'll have to.01:17
stdinniall: what are you trying to install?01:18
niallETQW ;x01:18
niallit installed last night OK, I coped the .run file over to one of my NTFS partitions to keep before I formated and installed Kubuntu01:19
stdintake it off the ntfs partition and try it01:19
trafalgarwould it be correct to move /dev/sda5 from one hard drive to another can using well if you must using an intermediate .bz2 file using "dd if=source | bzip2 > somefile"  to create it and "bzcat somefile | dd of=destination" to copy it to the new drive?01:19
niallstdin: I have done, I copied it to my home folder01:20
stdinniall: what does "file <whatever-it's-called>.run" show?01:20
stdin!backup | trafalgar01:21
niall'ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.4.1, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped'01:21
ubotutrafalgar: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:21
stdinniall: what exactly does it say when you try to run it?01:22
niallbash: ./ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run: No such file or directory01:23
lenThere are the errors from apt-get01:23
lenmore than one package is trying to write the same file.01:23
stdinlen: you have old beta packages installed, ie: kde4games  remove them01:23
ubotuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:24
onesandzeroshello all.  I was looking around packages.ubuntu.com for an RSS feed of package updates.  I couldn't find anything.  Does such a feed exist?01:24
stdinonesandzeros: no, but there is https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/hardy-changes01:25
lenI'm pretty sure that I did.  In fact, I think adept automatically flagged and removed all old beta packages when I installed final.01:25
onesandzerosstdin: ok, thanks01:25
trafalgarstdin: oh, yeah, I should have said I already have the .bz file and now I want to move it a second drive replacing the one in there now.01:25
stdinlen: can't have, kde4games is an old beta package, just look at the version "3.94.0-0ubuntu1"01:25
stdintrafalgar: it may work01:26
trafalgarstdin: I suppose the proof will be to ensure the output of file -s /dev/sda5 matches on old & new drives alike?01:27
lenDid you notice any old references in the pastebin?  Maybe they old beta games were simply removed when they needed to be purged?01:28
stdintrafalgar: possibly, I tend to just copy the files over to a new partition rather than the whole disk01:29
stdinlen: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/lib/libkdegames.so.4.0.0', which is also in package kde4games01:29
stdinthat's but one of many, kde4games is an old beta package01:30
lenMaybe the individual games were removed but not the kde4games metapackage.  I'll go check.01:31
stdinlen: kde4games wasn't a metapackage01:31
trafalgarstdin: I would but it's a raw block device so I can't mount it (I've heard you can use some loop trick to mount it, but even then I need a identical result because I'm told converting to a file will not work and the result of file -s /dev/sda5 is /dev/sda5:  x86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP MBR, Serial 0xfe00fd; partition 1: ID=0x7, active, starthead 1, startsector 63, 125804952 sectors which makes me think this is regret01:31
omarhas anyboady has tetex for latex01:35
Dr_Willis!find tetex01:36
ubotuFound: tetex-bin, tetex-extra, tetex-base, tetex-brev, tetex-doc-nonfree (and 3 others)01:36
lenOK, that was it.  I thought kde4games was among the list of things that were auto removed by KDE4 final, before it installed, but I guess it wasn't for some reason.01:36
lenThanks, stdin01:36
who_hi i am running kubuntu dapper and i would like to try out kde4 but cant seem to figure out how to install it. any suggestions?01:37
NickPrestawho_, I believe KDE4 packages are only available for Gutsy. If you want KDE 4, I would imagine you have to compile it yourself, which seems like a pain. Ask in #kubuntu-kde401:38
niallI tried out KDE4 once, it ran REALLY slow :(01:38
adz21ci found it has its slow moments but usually ok01:39
who_oh n how would i upgrade to gusty from apt-get01:39
NickPrestawho_, you have to upgrade from Dapper to Feisty to Gutsy. There is no direct Dapper->Gutsy upgrade. I would imagine you're better off backing up important data and installing Gutsy fresh01:39
who_oh ok01:40
LinuxPHalguem ai do brasil?01:50
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:50
LinuxPHvai la01:51
ubotuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál01:51
crackhead_25_michaelnovakjr: hey m you there?01:52
biovoreall nice and quite.02:02
NickPrestabiovore, shhh, everyone is sleeping =D02:03
niallthis makes no sense at all02:04
niallI redownloaded the file, you know, just incase02:04
NickPrestaniall, sorry, what seems to be the problem?02:04
niall./file - permission denied. So I allowed it to be executed, did ./ again and now it says no such file or directory02:04
niallI'm trying to execute a .run file02:05
nialland it's just not working ;'02:05
Dr_Williswhat file is this anyway? whats the exact name?02:05
Dr_Willisbe sure you are in the current directroy where its at also.02:05
niallit's in my home directory02:05
biovorecd ~ && sh ./ETQW-<tab key>02:06
Dr_Willistry  'bash ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run'02:06
stdinDr_Willis: it's an ELF02:06
Dr_WillisEgads an elf!02:06
stdin[01:21]  <niall> 'ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.4.1, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped'02:07
Dr_Williswell in that case he should just 'chmod +x ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run' then ./ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run02:08
Dr_Willisof course unless its curruoted.. or some other oddity02:08
niallsudo: unable to execute ./ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run: No such file or directory02:09
niallI don't know why it says that, because I'm clearly in the right directory, and it is there. I mean I tabbed the name in :z02:09
NickPrestaniall, try using an absolute path (/bin/bash /home/username/ET...)02:11
whuanghi, I saw the methods for kubuntu to install kde4(http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php), but I'm still using kubuntu 7.04, is there a way for me to install kde4, thx!02:11
Dr_Willisdont use sudo02:12
niall'cannot execute binary file'02:12
Dr_Willissounds like the binary is currupted then. if its chmoded +x02:12
niallI just redownloaded it ;/02:13
Dr_Willisthat dosent prove its good.02:13
niallI installed it last night on fedora02:13
Dr_Willisgo to the fedora system and copy it to a usb drive/cd/ and perhaps try running that one02:13
Dr_WillisYou did chmod +x the file?02:14
niallI was using the same one originally02:14
niallbut it was doing exactly the same thing, which is why I opted to download it again02:14
niallyeah, I did chmod +x02:14
Dr_Williswhats the exact url to the file you downloaded? i will try grabbing it.02:15
niallDr_Willis: http://www.gamershell.com/download_22799.shtml02:16
* stdin passes on that02:17
NickPrestaI'm downloading it now from Fileshack. ~750kbp/s02:17
niallit just doesn't make any sense to me, it not working02:18
Dr_WillisI hate sites like that.. i just want a simple url i can wget.. Not have spam ads. :)02:18
NickPrestaDr_Willis, agreed.02:18
whuangdoes anybody could help answer my question?02:19
Dr_Willisiga toing to take 30+ min anyway. and i leve for work in 3002:19
Dr_WillisSo i guess i wont bother. :()02:19
niallthere's an officail torrent too02:19
Dr_Williswhuang:  did you ask a question? Other then asking if we can answer?02:20
DrVinceIs there a passive mode for cvs?02:20
NickPrestawhuang, KDE4 is only available for Gutsy02:20
whuangI'm trying to use kde4 in 7.04. Do I have to upgrade to Gusty to experience it? thanks NickPresta and Willis02:22
ardchoille!kde4 | whuang02:22
ubotuwhuang: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde402:22
whuangthx, I'll go to that channel02:24
niallany idea how you install an OOo icon theme?02:25
slanierafter installing kubuntu im getting a "Error 29: Cannot write to disk" when trying to boot into windows, does anyone know how to fix this?02:26
Dr_Williswindows is giving you this error when its booting?02:26
Dr_Willisor is it linux/grub?02:26
slanierno it doesent load at all, GRUB is giving me the error02:27
Dr_WillisHmm.. Thats. interesting.02:27
sub[t]rnlslanier➜ sounds like your grub is broke, do you even get to a grub menu?02:27
oldude67that reminds me, i need to make a windows box in vmware.02:27
slanieryeah I can book into Kubuntu no problem. But I click xp...and it gives me that error02:27
Dr_WillisOk. so Linux works.. windows dont. Grub is working...02:28
slanierI can also boot into windows in recovery mode using the disk02:28
Dr_WillisThats a good sign then.. Sounds like the grub settings are messed up for the windows install.02:28
Dr_WillisWhere is windows installed to ? hda1 ?02:29
slanierno clue :)) how do I check that?02:29
Dr_WillisHow many hard drives do you have?02:29
Dr_Willissudo fdisk -l , will give a total layout of your drives02:29
slanierI have 1 harddrive that I installed both OSes on, and a backup harddrive02:29
slanierbut when I installed Kubuntu it went on its own guided thing...not sure what it did..didnt let me pick partions02:30
slanierlet me check my drives...brb02:30
Dr_WillisI normally manually resize the windows drive. leaving a part of the hd Unallocated at the end. and let linux install to that.02:30
Dr_WillisIts possible grub is trying to boot the wrong hd.02:30
ardchoilleDr_Willis: Wouldn't tha tbe a simple matter of editing menu.lst ?02:31
Dr_Willisardchoille:  yes. :) if he understands how to edit a text file as  root.. and we can figure out what it needs to be.02:31
slanierokay I got the drive printout, but Im not really sure how to read it...Im guessing the HPFS/NTFS is the windows partition correct?02:31
Dr_WillisBut i am leving for work in 20 min.02:31
Dr_Willisslanier:  correct.02:31
slanierokay it shows start 2/ end 11975 / ID 702:32
Dr_Willisslanier:  you proberly want to post the fdisk -l output to a pastebin site.. and the  file /boot/grub/menu.lst file as well02:32
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:32
slanierokay heres the fdisk -l02:34
slanierk and heres the grub http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52218/02:36
intelikeyslanier may i ask what it is you are trying to do ?02:36
slaniererror 29 trying to boot into windows xp partition02:36
Dr_WillishI think i see somthing.. oddd..02:37
Dr_Williswindows is on sda102:37
Dr_Willisbut grub is doing a .......02:37
Dr_Willisthat would be s db102:38
slanierokay...so I gedit it?02:38
intelikeyno sdb302:38
Dr_WillisSo it LOOKS to me like its trying to boot th ewone partition02:38
Dr_Willisadcutlly there is no sdb3 but there is a sdb5 :)02:39
intelikey(hd1,2) == sdb3/5   which should probably be  (hd0,0) == sda102:39
Dr_Willisintelikey:  bingo. :)02:39
intelikeyyes five is the third partition02:40
slanierokay....so I change the rootnoverify to hd(0,0) ?02:40
slaniererr (hd0,0)02:40
intelikeyi guess.  i don't think i have ever followed an extended partition with a primary   to see how they worked out in bios...02:40
Dr_WillisThat may do it..  also you Might want to try in the menu.lst under the #examples line is a example boot entry for windows95 on the first hd. Uncomment those 4 lines.02:40
Dr_Willisintelikey:  yea i bet that confused the boot loader config tools.02:41
intelikeyslanier yes   (hd0,0)  is probably the winxp boot drive02:41
slanierokay Im sorry, what do you mean uncomment?02:41
Dr_WillisTh menu.lst even says......02:41
slanier<< linux noob02:41
Dr_Willis# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS02:41
Dr_Willis# on /dev/sda102:41
Dr_Willisand thats... not correct. :)02:42
Dr_Willis# this is a comment02:42
Dr_Willisthis is unommented02:42
slanierthank you02:42
slanierk let me edit this stuff and see if it works...02:42
Dr_Willisyou can reboot and in teh  grub menu hit e, and edit that rootnoverify line, as a test.02:42
Dr_Willise for edit.. make changes... b for boot..02:42
Dr_Willisi think02:42
slanierI can just gedit it form konsole right?02:43
Dr_Willisbut to makeit perment you have to change the menu.lst file either by  changing that rootnoverify line02:43
Dr_Willisgksudo editoryoulike /boot/grub/menu.lst02:43
Dr_Willisbackup your existing menu.lst first :)02:43
intelikeyin some cases needs the [esc] to get the menu and then the [e] to edit... [e] to edit ...  [b] to boot02:43
slanierk just changed rootnoverify to (hd0,0)02:44
slanieris there anything else I neded to edit?02:45
slanierk lets hope this works :p brb02:45
intelikeygrub is not complicated,  it's just convoluted.02:45
=== errno is now known as dschulz
ubuntuI have a really pressing issue >_>;02:48
intelikeythey all are.02:48
ubuntuLet me tell you:02:48
intelikeywhat's yours   no sound in some game ?02:48
ubuntuhardware failures >_>;02:48
ubuntulet me explain02:48
intelikeygo for it02:48
slanierstill no dice :/02:49
ubuntuevery since I installed kubuntu my hard drive has randomly been resetting from time to time02:49
slaniererror 2902:49
ubuntuwhen I first heard the noise the pc was making02:49
ubuntui though nothing of it because nothing big happened02:49
ubuntuno lag02:49
ubuntuno issues02:49
ubuntubut lately02:49
ubuntuit's happening more frequently02:49
ubuntuand today02:49
ubuntuI cant even run any of my os's02:49
ubuntu(as you can probably tell, Im running off the live cd)02:49
ubuntueverytime I load either kubu or xp02:50
ubuntuthe harddrive keeps resetting02:50
ubuntuand making that startup noise02:50
ubuntuover and over02:50
ubuntuany idea as to what might be going on?02:50
intelikeyslanier mount the partition and make sure that it is the boot device   i.e.  sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt && ls /mnt || echo "error mounting"02:51
intelikeyubuntu sound like you called it the first time.  hardware failure.     you might be able to low level format the disk and reclaim it... but it's more likely the controler gone south02:52
ubuntuthat means then02:53
ubuntuits most likely02:53
ubuntuthat im gonna have to02:53
intelikey!enter | ubuntu02:53
ubotuubuntu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:53
slanierk well it shows AUTOEXEC.BAT, boot.ini...etc02:53
ubuntureokace ny hard drive?02:53
intelikeyslanier ok that's what it should be.   and make sure that your bios is set to boot from the primary master hdd02:54
intelikeyubuntu yes.   that's what that would mean.02:54
ubuntuI guess I'll try the low level format first02:54
ubuntusee how that goes02:54
slanierokay...brb restarting again and checking bios02:55
intelikeyi would.02:55
intelikeywhy is there no mention of using UUID in the official grub howtos ???  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:01
biovoreyeah... UUID is kinda weird setup..03:02
niallI'm not having much luck with .run files03:03
slanierstill error 29 grr03:03
niallthe doom 3 installer doesnt' work either, but at least that starts03:04
slanierbios was set corectly03:04
intelikeyniall  bash /path/to/filename.run03:04
intelikeyslanier give me a second.03:04
niallintelikey: no luck I'm afraid03:04
intelikeyniall chmod 755 thefile.run ; /path/to/thefile.run03:10
intelikeyslanier that error is a write error.   let me revisit the two pastebins for a minute03:10
slanierdo you need the links again?03:11
intelikeyslanier is error 29 all you are getting   no device name with that ?03:11
intelikeyno i have the links03:11
slanierit just says "Error 29: Write error"03:11
slanierthen takes me back to GRUB selection03:11
niallintelikey: the file is +x already, it just doesn't work and I have no idea why, I've tried everything I can think of03:12
intelikeyslanier and linux will boot but not windows ?03:12
intelikeyniall full path, using tab completion?   /path/to/thefile.run03:13
intelikeyslanier could you pastebin   cat /boot/grub/device*03:13
slaniersure one sec03:13
intelikeyslanier one other thing.  is this an internal or external drive ?    usb sata/pata/scsi...03:14
slanierits a sata internal03:15
niallintelikey: yes03:15
intelikeyniall well if a file is executable and you can't execute it, then the file must be corrupt03:16
slaniercat /boot/grub/device*03:16
niallthe weird things is03:16
niallit says No such file or directory, even though I tabbed it in03:16
intelikeywith full path   not relative path ?03:17
intelikeyniall show me the full error.03:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about widget - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:18
intelikeyslanier heh i think i see it.  would you pastebin the last five lines of the /boot/grub/menu.lst  again please     tail -5 /boot/grub/menu.lst03:19
niallintelikey: /home/niall/Downloads/ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run: cannot execute binary file03:20
niallthat's when i type bash03:20
niallanything else claims there's no file there03:21
intelikeyuse the up arrow and the home key then delete the "bash "   and hit enter03:21
niall'No such file or directory'03:21
intelikeyslanier what i thought was it wasn't but a missing char from your eariler post.03:22
=== MilitantPotat1 is now known as MilitantPotato
slanierif I delete "makeactive" think it would boot?03:23
slanierreading on a forum that someone had some luck doing that...03:23
CaBlGuYgreetings all..03:23
intelikeyi doubt it will change anything slanier03:23
CaBlGuYanyone available to help with a realtek audio issue?03:23
intelikeybut you might remove the "noverify"03:23
slanieralright gonna try that...brb03:24
intelikeyslanier i'm not seeing any configuration error at all.03:24
nialltrying to install q4 this time03:25
CaBlGuYso, I just upgraded my box and the new mobo has realtek ALC 883 high definition sound on it.. and I'm having issues with running it...03:25
niallthe install runs, but doesn't get very far. After verifying the archive and uncompressing I get:03:25
niall./setup.sh: 279: /home/niall/.setup10003: not found03:25
niallThe setup program seems to have failed on x86_64/glibc-2.003:25
niallnothing works :(03:26
slanierbrb gonna try this one...03:26
CaBlGuYso, anyone??03:28
niallno idea :(03:29
niallI'm just trying to install some stuff03:29
* CaBlGuY loks aorund the room03:29
marcxI already got install ipw3945-ucode and ipw3945d in /sbin everything seems to be ok but wireless doesn't work03:30
marcxcan someone help me, plz?03:30
CaBlGuYwow..  I don't see anyone I used to  know in here any more..  *sigh*03:30
stephani just did a fresh install of kubuntu 64bit...i am tryiong to enable restricted nvidia drivers via the system settings menu but when i click "admin mode" it wont allow me to enter teh password03:31
marcxI can't find fault03:32
intelikeystephan what does it do exactly ?03:32
intelikey!sound | CaBlGuY maybe this will help03:33
ubotuCaBlGuY maybe this will help: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:33
stephanit says "no proprietary drivers in use on thsi sytem"03:33
intelikeystephan when you click admin mode ?03:33
intelikeyoh kay03:34
stephanwhen i click admin mode, it starts to think and tgehn comes back to the same screen03:34
CaBlGuYthanks intelikey I got sound but it's weird..  I'm looking on the realtek website right now..03:34
intelikeyCaBlGuY yeah i never got any help out of that page either.   seems to never be anything applicable03:35
CaBlGuYintelikey:  indeed..03:35
intelikeystephan ok that sounds like the  kdesu != kdesudo (so called bug)03:36
bmk789anyone using yahoo messenger in kopete?03:36
intelikeystephan use   pstree   or   ps ax   or something and find the name of the app and call it with kdesudo appname   then you will have admin rights03:37
CaBlGuYummm  I have never tried this but, is there a way to make the drivers work that are on the install CD???03:37
CaBlGuYI've no ideal at all how to do that but, I know some people have done it b4..03:38
intelikeystephan there is a known issue.  should be a fix soon.   you can check the forums.  it may already exist03:38
slanierwow okay I got it figured out03:38
intelikeyslanier and the answer is ?03:38
slanierlet me post....03:39
slanierI had to delete EVERYTHING that tried to write the windows partition03:39
slanierit causes write errors because linux cant write to it03:39
slanierbooted with that, started up like a champ03:40
intelikeyCaBlGuY yes   you can boot the live and lsmod | grep -v Size | cut -d' ' -f1 > modules.list       and use that for a list of the modulse to load.   copy the list to the installed /etc/modules    and the system should load everything the live cd did03:41
intelikeyslanier the savedefault   line03:41
slanieryeah I deleted the savedefault, and the makeactive03:43
CaBlGuYintelikey:  ummmm  actauly, I was talking about the actual driver CD that I got with the MOBO..  :p03:43
intelikeyyes.  but the partition was already active so that should have been moot03:43
slanieri found this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-417908.html03:43
intelikeyCaBlGuY oh.   windows drivers in linux ?03:43
slanierand i just folled what audiobahn did...worked good :)03:44
slaniererr followed03:44
CaBlGuYintelikey:  indeed...  I know it can be done but, I don't know how and I have never done it..03:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ndiswarper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ndiswraper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:44
intelikey!dumb bot03:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dumb bot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:44
intelikeyCaBlGuY anyway ndiswraper i think is what you are asking about03:45
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:45
intelikeyyeah   PP   my bad.03:45
CaBlGuYHmmm  ok, I'll take a looky at it..03:45
slanierthanks for the help intelikey! at least i finally got it working :p03:46
intelikeyCaBlGuY note.  not a good idea to use a windows driver when there is also a native linux module for the same device.   conflicts could do strange things.03:46
intelikeyslanier welcome,  and i'll make a note of that solution too.03:47
* intelikey doesn't do windows, so has never messed with ntfs really.03:47
mith_if i try to install a .deb package... the gdebi says "missing .deb package" does anybody know what is this?03:47
CaBlGuYintelikey:  indeed, I understand but, I have seen a couple other forums postings of people having issues with ALC883 drivers as well..03:48
intelikeymith_ may i ask why you are installing a .deb that is not from the ubuntu repos ?03:48
intelikeymith_ at any rate.   sudo dpkg -i /path/to/filename.deb03:49
CaBlGuYso, I hate to just be able to use windowz but, at current state, I just might have to.. :-O03:49
intelikeyCaBlGuY that reeks of monopolitarianism doesn't03:49
mith_limewire and skype aren't in the repos and i need them thats okay i know the konsole things but i didn' do anything whit the gdebi and it's not normal it doesn't work.03:50
ardchoillemith_: Are you on Gutsy?03:50
nnaushahigot a question03:50
CaBlGuYintelikey:  LOL.. indeed...  and I hate to revert but, I gotta have sound..  I do a lot of video editing so, ya know..03:50
nnaushahii  wanna know the ip of my ubuntu server03:51
mith_yes kubuntu gutsy03:51
ardchoille!skype | mith_03:51
ubotumith_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto03:51
ArthurBhi guys... anyone know how to configure kde4's system tray ?03:51
intelikeyCaBlGuY indeed.   best of "tra bon chance" to ya.03:51
nnaushahiwhen i run, ifconfig , doesnt give me external ip address03:51
ardchoille!limewire > mith_03:51
CaBlGuYDance intelikey  ;)03:52
nialli'm on amd64, which pacakges do I need for 32bit support?03:52
mith_okay thanks03:52
nnaushahianyone? help ?03:53
rakeWhen Kubuntu 8 comes out, will I be able to do a system update? As in, will the OS need to be re-installed? And if Kubunu 8 comes with KDE4, will the GUI be replaced by default after a reboot?03:53
ArthurBnnaushahi: try to restart networking03:53
ArthurBsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:53
nnaushahik , lemme try03:54
niallrake: you'll be able to upgrade to Kubuntu 8.04 through the update manager thing03:54
bazhangrake: you mean upgrade via the net--or a fresh install03:54
rakeNo I definately do not want to re-install.03:54
ardchoilleniall: And Kubuntu 8.04 will have kde 3.5 and kde4 as options03:54
niallI read it's going to come with both03:55
boitonoI'm having an issue with KDE on 7.04, after entering my password at the KDM login prompt, the screen flashes, then takes me back to the login prompt in an endless loop.  This happening on 2 machines of mine, is there a current issue surrounding this?03:55
niallI assume yuo can pick which one you want to log into using the sessions menu on the login screen03:55
intelikeynnaushahi ifconfig should list the local ip and the nearest gateway. if that's a router it may list the external     i'm not well versed in that  but if you are on a nat  then you don't actually have an external ip   you use the one of the gateway03:55
draikWhat handles m4v (iPod video)?03:55
draikHi intelikey03:55
intelikeydraik shalom03:55
niallanyone know how to solve this problem? http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/3862/snapshot2nu9.png03:56
adz21cniall: need to install the ia32 packages i believe03:57
adz21cniall: and/or lib3203:57
nnaushahii am not using router ... i am using a switch03:57
nialladz21c: thanks, there's a lot of them though, do I isntall everything with ia32 and lib32 at the front?03:59
adz21cniall: i have ia32-libs and ia32-libs-kde installed, try them and see if it works (i have q4 installed as well :-) )03:59
boitonoanyone have any ideas concerning my issue?04:00
intelikeyboitono full disk ?04:01
boitonoone of the machines had a full disk but has since been cleaned up but still does the same thing04:01
adz21cniall: if it doesn't work after that then i also have installed lib32asound2, lib32gcc1, lib32ncurses5, lib32stdc++6, lib32z1, thats all 32bit apps i know of04:01
sub[t]rnlnnaushahi➜ http://subtrnl.homelinux.com/getip <-- little script to grab an external ip.  save and chmod u+x it04:02
nialli might just tick all the lib32 boxes04:02
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:02
intelikeyboitono how was it cleaned up ?    moving things to trash does not free up space.04:02
adz21cniall: can do, but like i said, i installed q4 fine some having those should do it04:02
nialladz21c: when I ticked the ones you told me to, it also added some others aswell, so I might be ok04:02
boitonorm BIGFILE04:02
boitonodf shows space available04:03
nialladz21c: \o/04:03
niallthanks a lot04:03
adz21cniall: good times04:03
intelikeyboitono for user or root ?04:03
boitonowhat kind of issues can be caused by a full disk that will not clear up after freeing up space?04:04
intelikeyown your home ?     sudo chown `whoami` $HOME -r04:04
intelikeyown your home ?     sudo chown `whoami` $HOME -R04:04
intelikeycase sensitive.04:04
sigma_1234how do i convert a mp4 file to avi?04:05
boitonointelikey, it's going to take a while04:06
boitonoany other ideas in the mean time?04:06
michaelnovakjranyone running Kubuntu on a Thinkpad?04:06
boitonoI am04:07
michaelnovakjrboitono: which model?04:07
michaelnovakjri am having install problems04:08
draikAnyone know what handles m4v (iPod video)?04:08
michaelnovakjri am running a T3004:08
intelikeyboitono drastic, but;  rm -r $HOME/.kde*04:08
boitonoI already tried mv .kde .kde.bu04:08
boitonono love04:08
nnaushahiok so am stil stuck h04:08
sigma_1234kubuntu giving install problems? first time i heard that!04:08
michaelnovakjrit shows the grub screen but after that I don't get a Kubuntu load screen04:08
nnaushahiwhen i check ifconfig04:09
nnaushahifor eth0   says, Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:00 (mac address ....)04:09
intelikeyboitono well one other thing i can think of.   make sure that /tmp is  drwxrwxrwt 4 root root     and not full.04:09
sigma_1234hmmm, what do you see after grub?04:09
nnaushahiinet6 addr: f380: ... ... ...04:10
michaelnovakjrsigma_1234: i get a blank screen04:10
nnaushahiit doesnt give me the actual ip address04:10
sub[t]rnlnnaushahi➜ http://subtrnl.homelinux.com/getip04:10
boitonointelikey, I think the chown worked, what made you suspect that?04:11
nnaushahiwhat is that for sub ?04:11
asdfasdfasdfasdfhello i have a problem with kaffeine, with the subtiltes of the movies: when italic style must be use in the screens appears "<i>blah blah blah </i> i guessed that shoud be in italic cuz thats html but kaffeine shows the code. first i thought it was the subtitle file but it happens with every one i download, so they cant be all wrong xD"04:11
intelikeyboitono natural process of elumination  :)04:12
intelikeyboitono actually called   been there   done that.04:12
intelikey!kdesudo | boitono04:12
ubotuboitono: In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)04:12
* intelikey learned everything he knows about computers by the "try it and reformat" methood.04:14
michaelnovakjrsigma_1234: i am able to get a shell in recovery mode04:14
sigma_1234michael: are you sure the install completed sucessfully?04:14
michaelnovakjrsigma_1234: yep...it said it completed successfully04:15
asdfasdfasdfasdfhuh nick collision?04:15
michaelnovakjrdo you know what video drivers ibm thinkpad's use?04:15
boitonowell thank you intelikey, you have made my night, I owe you a beer if you are ever in San Antonio04:15
* intelikey collects on debts. ;/04:16
sigma_1234michael: do you know what video chipset it has? i guess its intel or ati mobility04:16
michaelnovakjri'll check ibm's website04:16
intelikeylspci  or  lshw04:17
sigma_1234try disabling the splash screen because safe mode doesnt use it04:17
sigma_1234it could just do the trick04:18
michaelnovakjrhow do i do that?04:19
sigma_1234also check xorg.conf. it wil tell you what video chipset it is04:19
michaelnovakjrati mobility04:19
intelikeyat the grub menu   [esc]  [e] select the kernel line and  [e] add no to splash so that it reads nosplash   [b] to boot    <<< test with that04:20
sigma_1234edit the /grub/menu.lst as root. find the boot string and change the variable usplash from 1 to 0.04:20
sigma_1234ouch my bad!04:21
oldude67where can i find all the restricted stuff on ubuntus web pages?04:21
intelikeyif it fixes you, then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and make the change perminant04:21
sigma_1234oldude67: what are you looking for?04:21
oldude67the codecs for my dvd burner04:22
michaelnovakjri am trying the nosplash now04:22
oldude67so i can watch a movie on it.04:22
michaelnovakjrwhat is the video ram minimum for kubuntu?04:23
sigma_1234oldude67: install kubuntu-restricted-extras04:23
oldude67i tried googling it but it gave me a million and one pages of what i dont need.04:23
intelikeymichaelnovakjr 4m i think04:23
oldude67ok thanks04:23
sigma_1234!info kubuntu-restricted-extras04:23
ubotukubuntu-restricted-extras: Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 10 (gutsy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB04:23
intelikeymichaelnovakjr if you mean "true minimum"  which i doubt.  then  004:25
michaelnovakjrnosplash didn't do it04:25
intelikeyi assumed you meant for the gui to work normally.  then i think it's 4m04:26
tailsfanIs it possible to just compile flash from Adobe?04:26
sigma_1234tailsfan: yeah. i did it04:27
tailsfanOK, because flash is broken it says and I was wondeirng if that;ll fix the problem04:27
intelikey!flash | tailsfan there is a howto here04:28
ubotutailsfan there is a howto here: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:28
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.04:28
* tailsfan wonders how long it'll take ot download his updates04:30
sigma_1234pretty long im guesing:)04:31
michaelnovakjrthis is weird04:31
michaelnovakjrnever had any problems with kubuntu04:31
sigma_1234have you tried re installing it?04:32
sigma_1234have you tried googling it?04:33
michaelnovakjryea, haven't fonud anything04:33
michaelnovakjri am trying the release before the current04:33
michaelnovakjrwhat is weird is that it works off the live cd without a problek04:34
intelikeyooops found a bug.   http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d77f06d5204:35
intelikeyseems that dealocatevt checks for 'tty?'  not 'tty? '   as it should.04:36
intelikeymy process table   just to confirm.    http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d6e98817b04:37
niallchecking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables04:41
niallanyone got any idea what that's all about?04:41
till_niall: may be "sudo apt-get install build-essential" ?04:42
michaelnovakjryou need to build essientials04:42
niallthanks ;D04:43
niallmore errors :<04:45
niall'checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X libraries. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!'04:45
stdin!compile | niall04:46
ubotuniall: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:46
niallthanks ;D04:46
niallI'm working it out ok, the errors really give away which packages I need :}04:49
oldude67actually its apt-get install build-essential04:51
niallthe configure went ok04:53
niallso I did make, and that seemed fine04:53
oldude67now make install04:53
michaelnovakjrsudo make install04:53
nialli just missed the sudo off04:54
michaelnovakjrno problem04:54
niallthanks guys ;D04:54
oldude67niall, you might want to do sudo make clean04:55
nialloldude67: thanks for the tip04:57
niallit's nearly 5am04:57
niallI need to goto bed04:58
niallnn, thanks for all the help04:58
chris062689From a "real" standpoint, would you advise upgrading to 8.04 Kubuntu?  I realize it's beta, and I'm willing to accept the hickups, but nothing major right?05:06
bazhangjust alpha at this point05:16
michaelnovakjrI would not recommend it05:16
michaelnovakjrnot if you use your machine for anything useful or important05:16
bazhangthree months plus to release05:17
chris062689not really.05:18
michaelnovakjrby all means... i am not impressed with the new kde4 stuff05:18
michaelnovakjrthe panel is really ugly... i installed the kde 4 stuff for about 20 minutes and just didn't like the k menu or any part of the panel05:19
emilsedghmichaelnovakjr: KDE4 != KDE 4.0.005:22
chris062689KDE4 refers to the whole release cycle.05:24
chris062689That's like saying KDE 3 is KDE 3.1 instead of KDE 3.905:24
chris062689I actually like KDE 4.... sorry :P05:24
chris062689I just wish they would hurry up with the polishes and patch up missing support.05:25
JucatoKDE 4.0 is not all of KDE 4. KDE 4.0 is also not KDE 3.6. #kubuntu is also not the place for KDE 4 discussion. we have #kubuntu-kde4 for that :)05:25
chris062689It's like 12:30am theres no one here so we might as well talk about it here :P05:25
Jucatonice try... but not quite :)05:26
bazhangchris062689: perhaps where you are; not so for others05:27
chris062689but it's pretty dead in here >_>05:31
posingaspopularchris062689: thats because kubuntu is perfect ;p05:35
posingaspopularim spreading that rumor everywhere i go05:36
bazhangnot a rumor05:36
chris062689Interesting theory.05:36
chris062689Then why doesn't Kubuntu have 100% of the market share?  That makes it imperfect on a economical standpoint :P05:37
bazhang#kubuntu-offtopic chris06268905:37
chris062689Is there a compiz package / compiz manager for Kubuntu yet? x_x05:39
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:39
chris062689I know that05:39
Jucatochris062689: it's going to be in hardy I believe05:39
chris062689but last time I installed ccsm it went erally screwy.05:39
chris062689Ah ok.05:39
chris062689Kubuntu really needs to play catchip05:40
chris062689I assume these packages will be for KDE4? (QT4?)05:40
Jucatocompiz? no05:40
Jucatoit's not exactly easy to catch up when the tools you need to catch up with are specifically biased towards GTK/GNOME05:41
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
Jucatoit's also not easy to catch up when you lack people to do the work. we're not Ubuntu, you know05:41
bazhangkubuntu > all the rest05:42
chris062689We need more developers.05:43
chris062689Well, I'm learning python now..05:43
chris062689Just not.. QT >_>05:43
chris062689*not the QT bindings05:43
chris062689Perhaps I should :)05:43
Jucatoyou can always just learn that later on05:43
Jucatoyeah PyQt and PyKDE would be nice for you;05:43
Jucatooops. I just C++'ed that05:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pykde - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pyqt - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:44
Jucato!info pyqt05:44
ubotuPackage pyqt does not exist in gutsy05:44
Jucatoer.. hm..05:44
* chris062689 smacks ubotu05:44
Jucato!caps | chris06268905:44
ubotuchris062689: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:44
Jucato!info pyqt-tools05:44
ubotupyqt-tools: pyuic and pylupdate for Qt3. In component main, is optional. Version 3.17.3-2ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 240 kB, installed size 592 kB05:44
Jucato!info pykdeextensions05:44
ubotupykdeextensions: Python packages to support KDE applications (scripts). In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.0-4ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 93 kB, installed size 712 kB05:44
chris062689whats the difference between pyKDE and PyQT?05:44
Jucatothe same difference between KDE and Qt :D05:45
Jucatopyqt are Python bindings for Qt only. pykde is for KDE05:45
chris062689which would you suggest for Kubuntu development?05:45
chris062689I assume pykde.05:45
Jucatoeither or. pykde4 right now isn't still ready I think. but pyqt4 is05:46
* jalbert is happy05:47
jalbertMy server arrived today05:47
chris062689would there be a huge difference between pykde3x and pykde4x?05:47
jalbertwell, like 4/5 of it anyway05:47
chris062689And what would I need to get started?05:47
Jucatochris062689: the difference between KDE 3 and KDE 4 (when it comes to API)05:47
Jucatoand that's a lot :)05:47
chris062689Would I have to change a lot of the code?05:50
Jucatomaaaybe... that depends... but probably yes... KDE 3 stuff need to be ported to KDE 4... but i'm no expert either :)05:51
chris062689I just don't want to learn something that will be outdated.05:53
chris062689Or: Is outdated.05:53
Jucatowell most "new" development is on Qt4 and KDE 4... but Qt 3 and KDE 3 will be around for quite some time... take your pick05:54
oldude67can you copy one linux partition and everything on it to another drive? and keep it bootable?05:59
oldude67like i have 6.5 gig hard drive in my router box and i want to copy it over to this 20 gig drive can i do that with out trashing the linux that is on it?06:00
=== jord is now known as jordoex
se7en_anyone know why i can't boot a any.iso with qemu ... fatal: not a bootable disk ...06:48
=== sam64 is now known as Goop2
Goop2does anyone know how to make openGL work on gutsy?06:51
Goop2nothing using openGL will work at all since I updated to it06:52
throttlehey guys... Adept Manager keeps ending unexpectedly...06:53
fulat2khi folks, is there a gtk style setting i can set in kde4 similar to what kde3 has?06:55
michaelnovakjr KDE 4 discussion. we have #kubuntu-kde406:57
michaelnovakjrthat is where the KDE 4 experts are06:57
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KalElhi, i've installed ubuntu, to install kde 4 do i just sudo apt-get install kde?07:28
JucatoKalEl: please read the channel topic07:29
KalElright, thanks Jucato07:29
crackhead_25_michaelnovakjr, somethin went very wrong07:34
michaelnovakjrwhat happened?07:34
crackhead_25_(i'm on my windows laptop now btw.. ) so i logged out.. then tried to log back in.. no mouse cursor..07:35
crackhead_25_so i reboot the whole computer.. it's going to startup.. and it gives an error.. can't find resume image?07:35
crackhead_25_and so it lands me at a console.. i do kwin.. it says can't start xengine07:35
crackhead_25_i'm at the console right now07:36
ardchoillecrackhead_25_: I don't think you can use kwin by itself, try: startx07:36
michaelnovakjralso if that doesn't work disable the nvidia and reboot07:36
crackhead_25_it got a n error.. failed to load nvidia kernel module..07:36
crackhead_25_screens found, but none have usable config..07:36
ardchoillecrackhead_25_: aha, problem with your video driver07:37
Daisuke_Idoah ha.  yeah, you did a kernel update i'm guessing07:37
michaelnovakjrdriver update07:37
crackhead_25_well that was a while ago.. it had restarted since then07:37
crackhead_25_that was like hours ago earlier07:37
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crackhead_25_well, or maybe it wasn't.. michael, was it? you tell 'em.. you know.. i was following michael's directions :P :) :)07:38
sebastian^good morning folks07:38
michaelnovakjryou attempted the nvidia driver update07:38
crackhead_25_yes yes07:38
Daisuke_Idovia the repositories?07:38
michaelnovakjryou can disable the nvidia07:38
michaelnovakjrpkg install07:38
crackhead_25_just tell me how i should fix all this! :)07:38
crackhead_25_apt-get uninstall nvidia?07:39
crackhead_25_how can i revert the driver usage to the nv rather than nvidia driver?07:39
crackhead_25_will that do it?07:39
michaelnovakjrsudo nvidia-glx-config disable07:39
crackhead_25_i did that.. it saysw error: your x config has been altered.. this script cannot proceed auto.. if you belive incorrect, update the md4sum ntra by doing md5sum /etc/.. sudo tee.. otherwise edit manually.. xorg.conf.. to change driver from nvidia to nv07:40
michaelnovakjrok, so modify your xorg to use the nv and then reboot07:41
crackhead_25_ok i did that.. rebooting..07:42
crackhead_25_i hope this works ::fingers crossed::07:43
crackhead_25_i think it worked.. i see the login..!! woot!07:44
crackhead_25_yup yup.. ok.. back in business..07:44
crackhead_25_one sec07:44
crackhead_25what's the command to switch my currently used login here in the irc channel? anyone know?07:47
Jucatocrackhead_25: /nick <nickname>07:47
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AlexSFBayis kde 4.0 only avail on Hardy -- or can I get it on Gutsy08:00
ardchoille!kde4 | AlexSFBay08:02
ubotuAlexSFBay: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde408:02
AlexSFBaysaw that just wondering if it's available via my current Gutsy install08:03
AlexSFBaySeems like it's only on Hardy08:03
ardchoilleAlexSFBay: Ask in #kubuntu-kde408:03
ardchoillehi shota08:07
shotais anyone here who works with localization of LeMill?08:08
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sikuni am trying to get the wireless working on my laptop, it has a broadcom 1350 adapter.. but it seems that the bcm43xx driver is failing on boot09:01
sikunwhat its saying in the dmesg is bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fx" not available or load failed09:01
emilsedghsikun: did you try restricted drivers manager?09:02
sikunhmm.. no09:02
emilsedghsikun: from System Settings->Advanced->Restricted Manager09:02
sikunhow do i go about doing that09:02
o-dogdoes anyone know how to help me with gf ti4200 full support?09:05
o-dogit just doesn't seem to find any proper drivers (just generic) and i can't get it running good09:06
sikunthat was easy09:06
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progreSSivehi everybody09:11
progreSSivedo you people know any sybase channels?09:11
o-dogsry, i can't help :)09:11
wesleyhow can you install easy armarok 2 alpha in kubuntu ?09:31
Jucatoyou can't. not without 1) downloading the sources from SVN and 2) compiling it from source09:33
Dragonathhey, any tutorials on setting up an ssh tunnel? I need to remote into a computer that's on a remote network09:36
Jucatolet's see if the bot knows09:37
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/09:37
o-dogfor windows :D09:37
o-dog!graphic card09:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about graphic card - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:38
Dragonathheh, I know what ssh is09:39
ardchoilleo-dog: nvidia?09:39
DragonathI just need a bit of help setting up the tunnel and connecting to my work pc09:39
o-dogardchoille, gf ti420009:40
ardchoille!nvidia | o-dog09:40
ubotuo-dog: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:40
squid0hello! I'm running Gutsy, and ctrl + alt + backspace has no effect.09:40
JucatoDragonath: there might be some tutorials in the the help wiki09:40
squid0how do fix that?09:40
ardchoillesquid0: That is a "dirty" way of restarting xorg anyway, the proper way is: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart09:41
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squid0ardchoille: that's correct, but my alternative would otherwise be a hard reboot, which is much more damaging to my system09:41
ardchoillesquid0: Are you able to ctrl+alt+f1 and log in?09:42
o-dogdamn, now i'm getting scared09:43
o-dogi'll get a blank screen soon :D09:43
squid0during boot-up, I can switch among tty terminals, but once in KDE, pressing ctrl+alt+f1 actually takes me to workspace 1, and ctrl+alt+f2 to workspace 2...09:43
ardchoillesquid0: Never seen that before09:44
squid0ardchoille: hm. maybe it's in keyboard shortcut settings09:44
wesleywhere can i get that tar then ?09:44
wesleyfrom amarok 2 alpha09:45
ardchoillewesley: Are you sure you want to install an "alpha" release of an app?09:45
wesleyyes why not09:45
ardchoillewesley: Aplha releases are usually for bug testers/hunters and usually not complete or cn act in ways not intended by the devs09:46
krauti've got a problem with an old edgy-installation. i like to have a transparent background in konsole but it doesn't really work when i configure it09:46
wesleyif it will not work i kill it09:46
krauti know that i need to remave a package to get it working, but don't remember it's name09:46
krautdoes anybody know, which package i need to remove to fix this issue?09:47
krauti think it was any lib-package...09:47
Jucatowesley: there is no tar. you have to download from svn. I think the amarok website has instructions09:48
messiahhola que hay09:49
ardchoille!es | messiah09:49
ubotumessiah: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.09:50
till_"The Flash plugin installation is currently broken" - so it's now impossible to install flash player in firefox in gutsy or may be there any untrivial way?09:52
ardchoille!flash | till_09:52
ubotutill_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:52
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.09:53
till_thanks although09:54
senorpedrois it possible to set a member-variable ($this->blabla = 'asdf' ) in the constructor of an action-object?09:55
senorpedroi always get an error when i try to do so09:55
senorpedrosorry, wrong channel ;)09:56
ardchoillesenorpedro: I was about to ask about that :)09:56
senorpedro...its too early in the morning09:56
o-dogi'm a total newbie in this stuff, windows has corrupted me10:03
zetheroois it possible for me to install the KDE network manager in Ubuntu?10:04
Tm_Tjust install it10:05
zetherooshoudl I uninstall the Gnome one first?10:06
o-dogare you installing it thru apt?10:08
sigma_how do i install kdenlive? I downloaded all the dependencies but they all depend on each other and thus cannot be installed10:08
o-dogand how the hell do i get links to applications work on desktop :P10:09
o-dogthey all work, almost. it tries to start the application but it never starts10:10
o-dog! applications10:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about applications - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:11
till_sigma_: "sudo apt-get -f install"  but it can to install all dependencies on the one hand , or to uninstall on the other hand..10:11
till_sigma_: so use it with caution :)10:11
o-dogargh :/10:13
o-dogit just says it's missing important files, so have i set the working folder wrong?10:13
o-dogbecause the program works fine when launched from console10:14
sigma_till_: what does that command do?10:16
till_sigma_: attempts to correct a system with broken dependencies in place10:17
sigma_till_: ok well i just used apt-get install and it miraculously fixed it!10:19
till_sigma_: bingo! :)10:20
ActionParsniphey all10:34
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sigma_how do i know if my microphone is working?10:42
sigma_in kmix there is a mic and mic boost setting and it has a green light on top and a red light at the bottom - what does it mean when each of these lights are on?10:43
ActionParsnipsigma_, that they are active usually10:44
ActionParsnipibou, hi10:44
sigma_ActionParsnip: do both the green and red lights have to be on for them to be active?10:45
ActionParsnipsigma_, afaik you just want green light. let me google10:46
trondhow hard can it be to install compiz so i can get the 3dcube? when i install compiz, i won't let me turn on any of the effects. seems like it's not turned on or something...10:46
ActionParsnipsigma_, try this http://notes.minty.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TX1XP_-_Multimedia10:47
ActionParsnipatreyu, hi10:47
ActionParsnip!hi | atreyu10:47
ubotuatreyu: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!10:47
ActionParsnip!compiz | trond10:47
ubotutrond: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion10:47
sigma_ActionParsnip: yeah im trying to use skype, i can hear myself talking into the mic but the computer is picking up nothing10:48
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ActionParsnipsigma_, http://forum.skype.com/lofiversion/index.php/t29149.html10:50
=== linuxmce is now known as _sam_
ActionParsnipsigma_, did you google at all?10:51
ubuntuhello @ all .. somebody knows a channel about m$ administration (exchange?) thanks alot =)10:57
sigma__ActionParsnip: thanks for the link - its working perfectly now10:57
sigma__ubuntu: ask in #windows10:58
ubuntuthank you :)10:59
lunnoocu cuu10:59
ardchoille!es | lunnoo11:00
ubotulunnoo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.11:00
ibouis there a package to use my internet connexion to fax documents ?11:16
DreadKnightwhat's the comand line name for the kpackage kde4 thingy?11:31
DreadKnightcan't manage to open it with kdesudo :|11:32
emilsedghadept_manager ?11:32
DreadKnightemilsedgh: i can use adept manager to install .deb files i have in the pc? :P11:33
emilsedghDreadKnight: oh, use gdebi for that :)11:33
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DreadKnightemilsedgh: i was afraid of that.. need to install that will all the gnome dependecies.. how lame11:34
DreadKnightit even takes ages to install something with it11:34
emilsedghDreadKnight: no no! gdebi has a KDE version and is installed in gutsy11:34
DreadKnightemilsedgh: hmm11:35
emilsedghbtw, use commandLine for that which is the best option11:35
DreadKnightemilsedgh: it's still crappy as i recall... will look into adept :|11:35
leafwany news on sleep/suspend working or not in gutsy + thinkpads + ati cards?11:36
lesenscommundo you know how to translate firefox 3 in other langauges, in french for me11:36
leafwlesenscommun : you need to set the locales11:36
DreadKnightlesenscommun: ff3 is not official, so language packs aren't complete for sure11:37
leafwsearch for 'locale' in ubuntu forums11:37
lesenscommunok thanks11:37
DreadKnightbah, the gnome gdebi works a lot better for me than the kde one :|11:38
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zetheroowhy is it that when I install a fresh copy of Kubuntu 7.10 there is no wireless networks automatically detected?.... but in Ubuntu 7.10 its working perfectly....! Why?11:50
zetherooI can see Knetworkmanager but its says no active devices11:50
zetheroowhich is rubbish because the wifi card is enabled and active in the network properties area11:51
BluesKajMorning Folks :-)11:54
BluesKaj!wifi | zetheroo11:55
ubotuzetheroo: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:55
zetherooyeah... but it works outta the box in Ubuntu11:55
zetheroowhy in the world would it not work in Kubuntu also?11:56
DreadKnightzetheroo: different network managers11:56
zetherooso the one in Kubuntu is useless... I have had this issue with Kubuntu since 3 releases ago11:56
zetheroowhy do they not make one that just works?... like in Ubuntu?11:57
zetherooI should not have to fiddle around with it in this day and age11:57
DreadKnightzetheroo: file a bug report...11:57
zetheroowhat network manager do you use in Kubuntu?11:57
zetherooI don't see why me filing a bug report would help.... its been like this on numerous machines for a long time now11:58
DreadKnightzetheroo: knetworkmanager, but since i'm on kde4, knetworkmanager-kde411:58
BluesKajzetheroo, what wifi device ?11:58
zetherooits an Atheros min PCI11:58
zetheroobut its happened with other ones too before.....11:59
zetherooin the Network Properties the card is there, using the restricted drivers.... enabled and raring to go11:59
zetheroobut the network manager is just useless11:59
DreadKnightbut by rightclicking you see the wireless enabled?12:00
zetherooand I have the option to disable it12:00
zetherooany ideas?12:03
BluesKajzetheroo, have you tried enabling the automatic settings in knetwork manager ...just making comments like 'useless' doesn't tell much abou the problem12:07
zetheroowell how does one enable automatic settings?12:07
zetherooin Ubuntu there is no need to do that...... and I though Kubuntu was keeping up !?12:08
BluesKajopen knetwork manager /options/configure12:09
zetheroothe only automatic option there is is for the knetworkmanager to startup with login12:11
zetheroothats on by default12:11
Lynourehmm, suddenly I don't seem to be able to print pdfs I have exported from OpenOffice anymore12:11
BluesKajthen try manual config12:12
zetherooso.... yeah.... not much there.....12:12
zetheroowhy should I have to manually configure my network?12:12
zetheroothis is 200812:12
Lynourekprintjob just says Error  on them, any way to get more info on what was is wrong?12:12
zetherooand that mean that everywhere I go I have to manually configure the netowrk?12:12
zetheroothats no good at all.... sorry12:13
BluesKajah NM , you obviously don't want help , compalining is more fun for you...if you decide you want assistance , ask for it.12:13
zetherooI have asked12:13
zetherooand you have not really given me anything,,,,, its ok... I understand if you just don't know12:14
Lynourezetheroo: knetwork-manager works for me. It assumes dhcp, though.12:14
zetherooI just thought someone in here might have a clue12:14
zetherooLynoure: dhcp is what I use too12:14
Lynourezetheroo: but it might help if you breathed couple of times and calmed down :)12:14
zetherooits all automatic on my end12:14
zetherooand I cannot get for the life of me why Ubuntu works so great and Kubuntu is stuggling so badly12:15
Lynourezetheroo: So, you start knetwork-manager, and then what happens to you? and what would you want it to do?12:15
zetheroosorry... for being a bit hectic... but its very frustrating....12:15
zetherooits just that knetworkmanager is not doing anything12:16
Lynourezetheroo: I can understand, this pdf problem is too.12:16
zetherooit just says no devices12:16
zetherooand I know that the device is working and raring to go12:16
zetherooI even tried manually setting up the connection12:16
zetheroobut still no google.com12:16
Lynourezetheroo: if the device is already configured in /etc/network/interfaces, networkmanager cannot reconfigure it12:17
zetherooit was not working befroe I manually configured it either12:17
zetherooI did not edit any files12:17
zetherooI did it through the network properties in the control panel12:17
Lynourezetheroo: wlan or wired? or both?12:18
LynoureThat's configuring, too.12:18
zetheroois there a better network manager for Kubuntu?12:19
zetherooone that really works?12:19
Lynourezetheroo: this really works for me. There are others, feel free to experiment.12:20
zetheroowhat should I be looking for>?12:21
LynoureRegarding to knetwork-manager, or?12:22
zetheroolike do you know of any other ones?12:22
Lynourekde-apps site is full of them, I stopped with the first one that worked for me (after some effort), which was knetwork-manager12:23
Lynourezetheroo: I was prepared to walk you throught troubleshooting process, but you see too eager to try something else, instead, and well, cannot really recommend any.12:25
___thomas-I wrote myself a script that prints what I'm now playing in amarok (bash + dcop), when I execute this on the host computer it works perfectly, like this12:28
___thomas-np: Flyswatter [2:56/3:22] - Daisies Of The Galaxy - 2000 by Eels | Alt. Rock | mp3 | 201 kbps12:28
___thomas-but when I execute this through ssh12:28
___thomas-I get this12:28
___thomas-ERROR: Couldn't attach to DCOP server!12:28
___thomas-np:  [/] -  -  by  |  |  |  kbps12:28
___thomas-and I would like to get this working through ssh12:29
___thomas-any ideas?12:29
Lynoure___thomas-: bit hard to say without seeing your script, but maybe it tries to contact your dcop from the other machine, and your dcop does not talk to the world?12:30
___thomas-nah, at #amarok they just told me dcop needs X12:31
se7en_does someone know where basket saves the notes you take12:32
ForgeAushehe hey kewl Kubuntu has a PS3 version :)12:32
ForgeAusif only OSX did too12:32
Jucatose7en_: ~/.kde/share/apps/basket/12:33
Jucatoin it's own xml format12:33
progreSSivedoes anybody know any sybase channels?12:34
se7en_thanks Jucato found it ... good to have a backup from basket12:34
Jucatose7en_: basket has a backup tool too :)12:34
Jucatoeasy to use Backup & Restore, as well as Export12:34
se7en_cool i didn't know that12:35
Jucatonow you do :)12:35
Jucatohave fun dunking :)12:35
ForgeAusbtw hey Jucato :)12:35
Jucatohi ForgeAus!12:35
kimhey can anyone give me any hints on printing? im trying to set up a fixed IP printer, shared on a windows box. i don't think tis using samba, as everyone else in my office seems to have just typed in the IP somewhere, but i do need a username and password. can anyone shed any light? thanks!12:36
=== doorty is now known as Zwirl
BluesKajkim, have you tried running the printer wizard in system settings/printer , as smb shared printer ?12:42
Wizardthere's no such thing as printer wizard!12:42
Wizardleave me alone!12:42
BluesKajyour nick is an unfortunate choice12:43
david__hi! what's the channel of ubuntu in Spanish?12:50
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.12:50
BluesKajerr da nada12:51
jpatrickBluesKaj: s/da/de ;)12:51
BluesKajjpatrick, ?12:52
jpatrickBluesKaj: it's "de nada"12:53
BluesKajreally ? ...saw da nada here a lot12:54
BluesKajok jpatrick , I stand corrected , de nada it is :) ...I studied french many yrs ago, but not spanish, din't know they shared the same "of" .13:00
jpatrickBluesKaj: don't worry, I've lived in Spain several years :)13:00
niallwhy doesn't kubuntu come with any games? :(13:00
Lynoureniall: you can very easily install some13:01
kimBluesKaj: yes, but i dont know what type of pritner backend it is :(13:01
niallLynoure: yeah, it's just a shame that they're not their by default. There's not art programs either :<13:01
=== icewater1an is now known as icewaterman
niallI think Kubuntu could to with a bit more polish13:02
Lynoureniall: One person's polish is another persons fluff13:02
niallthere's nothing to edit images with at all, it's not really fluff13:03
LynoureI was talking about the games, still13:03
niallgimp isn't on here by default13:03
niallnot on my install at least13:03
kimwell it takes 1 command to isntall ;)13:04
niallI know I know, but that's not the point13:04
Lynoureniall: you can report a wishlist bug with the list of art programs you'd want by default, others will follow with music programs, and bookkeeping programs etc.13:04
BluesKajkim , if you enter the printer IP addy , the wizard should scan and pick up the printer info.13:04
kimBluesKaj: enter it where? i have a choice of about 6 abckends to pick from before i get that far13:04
niallI hate to say though, Kopete has really grown on me. After you customise the hell out of it, it becomes quite pleasent to use - I actually prefer it to pidgin now13:05
Wizardi won't scan anything :)13:05
andrewsavchuktv-tuner aver 305, kubuntu 7.10 not works, some one help me :)13:05
LynoureWizard is a bot?13:06
Wizardno ;)13:06
PolitikerNEUI got a problem with libpoppler: I can't update it because adept says it would be corrupt13:10
michael__hey guys i just jacked up my kdm shyte i installed kde 4 kdm and upon setting it it asked me if i want to use it as my default loggin ...anyway i decided i wanted to change back to the kde 3 kdm so i uninstallled the kde 4 kdm and now i have to type commands to login...so how do i restore back my original kde 3 kdm13:10
niallandrewsavchuk: you need to goto that linuxtv website and read the ENITRE wiki basically, I had to sort someone's tuner out once it took me a weekend, it would have been quicker if I hadn't skipped large sections of the info ;x13:11
niallandrewsavchuk: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page13:11
niallandrewsavchuk: I did make the assumption though that you'd be using DVB, if you're not you should goto the main page and pick something else13:13
sigma_1234i hope kubuntu hardy has all the apps in the kde4 version that the kde3 version has13:21
sigma_1234on the other hand maybe including kde4 is a big mistake. rather exclude it so hardy can be lts13:22
kirk_anyone awake?13:23
selckinyou i hope13:24
kirk_yea still am13:24
kirk_with a prob13:24
kirk_kaffeine is nuts and all the other video players suck13:25
niallVLC is pretty good13:25
kirk_it plays some avi's and wont others13:25
kirk_wont play any .iso dvds i have on here13:26
kirk_i like kaffeine, and it played everything but i upgraded13:26
galathalionu need a plugin for that in vlc i think13:26
nialltry VLC kirk_13:26
kirk_i did, i didnt like it13:26
kirk_and it was jumpy13:26
kirk_i just want kaffeine to play everything13:27
parkinvlc is very good, i havent noticed that it jumps13:28
niallI haven't even tried getting videos to work yet13:28
niallI've spent so much time faffing with everything else13:28
JuJuBeeWhat is the preferred disk partioning software so I can add Kubuntu to my existing windows computer?13:28
niallI just used the one in the installer13:29
kirk_JujuBee: Try QTParted13:29
JuJuBeeI do not want to destroy the existing windows installation.  I just need to shrink it to free up space for ubuntu13:29
niallI have a feeling that getting flash to work in konquerer is going to be a faff13:30
JuJuBeeWill QTParted shrink partitions?13:30
kirk_is the partition already formatted13:30
JuJuBeeVista already installed13:31
kirk_ehh i dont know13:31
kirk_using the entire disk?13:31
JuJuBeeAt the moment, yes13:32
JuJuBeeI have used Partition Magic in the past...distant past...13:32
kirk_i think during the kubuntu installation u can setup how u wanna do the partitions13:33
JuJuBeeDont think it will shrink existing part's to free up space though.13:33
kirk_try QTparted13:33
kirk_or Gparted13:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about qtparted - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:34
JuJuBeeLooked at QTParted, I need a boot disk to install it on13:34
kirk_sorry, i dunno13:34
JuJuBeeThanks anyway.  I will keep looking.13:35
kirk_is it possible to be able to read and write on a ext3 when running fat3213:35
kirk_or read only13:36
Jeroiyes kubuntus installation partition system does keepp data in ntfs disk13:36
Jeroiyou just make new disk out of free space on ntfs system13:36
niallI thought it did13:37
Jeroithen partition wil use that free space for new partition, and keeps the old partition with data and only reduces it's size13:37
BluesKajGparted Live CD is the best partioning editor ..DL it and burn it to a cd then , you can shrink your vista partition to whatever size you want and ,make an ext3 and swap for Kubuntu.13:37
niallwhen I installed it asked me if I wanted to shrink one of my partitions and install in the new free space13:37
niallbut I had a empty disk already waiting, so I didn't bother13:37
ForgeAuskubuntu can mount both file systems13:37
ForgeAusand both read and write to them13:37
niallAmarok built my music collection from my ntfs partition13:38
kirk_ya i know13:38
kirk_can fat32 mount ext313:38
Jeroiyou mean windows 98?13:38
kirk_can i get rid of pos kubuntu and still be able to mount my ext3 external13:39
JuJuBeeBluesKaj : thanks.13:39
Jeroiatleast 2000 and xp can mount ext2 and 3 disk when getting that ext2 dll13:39
JuJuBeeI was looking and came across ultimate boot cd (UBCD)  also.13:39
kirk_or if this "free" software wasnt so restricted from playing my media lol, i'd be happy to keep it13:40
llutzlook at driver-documentation  from www.fs-driver.org13:40
Jeroikirk, you can install all the codecs needed13:40
Jeroijust as in windows13:40
kirk_did that already13:40
kirk_and the flgrx something driver13:40
Jeroithe default windows dosent even support avi files13:40
kirk_and libdvdcss213:41
kirk_kaffeine will play some avis and not others13:41
Jeroimp3 support in kubuntu is not default isntalled, as it is restricted sound format13:41
kirk_some are scrambled13:41
Jeroisomeone haves rights to get money out of it13:41
kirk_these are all bought and backed up13:42
Jeroibut amarok atleast installs mp3 support automatically when you first time load mp3 into it13:42
kirk_60+ dvds, and this is the computer i can hooked up to my tv through s-video cable13:42
kirk_so its important all my movies work13:42
JeroiMy movies work13:42
payanmy kubuntu doesn't aumonts devices anymore :( help13:42
nosrednaekimkirk_: install the divx and Xvid codecs13:42
niallIt's annoying that the internet uses so many different proprietary formats13:42
Jeroikirk, I recommend smplayer13:43
nialllike streaming video spans across quicktime, windows media and divx13:43
Jeroiif you build smplayer from lates source, you can get it work just like Media Player Classic in windows13:43
niallif you're doing stuff online, you should _have_ to use some kind of open format13:43
nialljust so people don't have to download like 50 million plugins as soon as the log on13:43
=== cr is now known as cr_
ardchoille!ot | niall13:43
ubotuniall: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!13:43
niallsorry ;x13:44
=== cr_ is now known as cr
BluesKajif you want to stream video to another device the VLC is the player to use13:44
kirk_i have all the codecs installed13:44
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork13:44
kirk_that was weird, when i tried to play a movie it immediately took me to the login screen13:46
ForgeAuskirk or possibly crashed your X desktop or something?13:46
kirk_possibly, this is fresh install tho13:46
kirk_linuxmint comes with all the codecs n shit already installed right?13:47
ForgeAusthen you probably don't have the codecs and stuf you need, depending on the movie...13:47
ForgeAusmint? I have no idea13:47
ForgeAusthis is kubuntu not linuxmint13:47
intelikeywhy is this thing now, sense the update making /boot/initrd.img-initrd.img  ???13:47
kirk_all i want is a system to play movies on13:47
kirk_shouldnt be this complicated13:47
intelikeyanyone else have wierd names like that ?13:48
bazhangmint is really slow plus its gnome13:48
kirk_i like kde13:48
niallI like KDE too13:48
kirk_its just a MAJOR issue, this computer is used ONLY for playing movies on13:48
niallespecially since I spent all night customising it13:49
andrewsavchukVLC player plays all movies :)13:49
appelzaI could play any movies after running the restricted codec app, except for realmedia which i had to do separately13:49
BluesKajVLC also plays movie ISOs13:49
appelzaquite easy13:49
kirk_vlc is jumpy and has a horrible gui13:49
ForgeAuspity you didn't use the standard ubuntu kirk you could convert it to kubuntu quite easily13:49
Jeroihow to make smplayer btw one of opening options when loading dvd's?13:50
andrewsavchuksudo modprobe saa7134-alsa index=1,2,3,413:50
ForgeAusuh kirk what player has a better GUI than vlc?13:50
JeroiI has now only open, or do nothing13:50
ForgeAusok ... fair enuff13:50
kirk_thats really the only one i like13:50
Jeroitry kirk smplayer13:51
BluesKajwho cares about GUI eye candy for a few secs , it's the movie that counts :)13:51
kirk_i had feisty setup niceeeeeee but now with gutsy cant get kaffeine to play all my movies13:51
ForgeAusI agree blues13:51
* kirk_ enjoys a nice gui13:51
Jeroiwell kaffeine dont support middel button pause13:51
kirk_just hit the space bar13:52
JeroiI mean mouse113:52
BluesKajgood kirk_ , stare at the GUI if you must :)13:52
Jeroimause1 pause13:52
intelikeytypical.   i ran the two commands that !usplash posts, and it made the system unbootable with that initramfs image.13:52
kirk_ima check out smplayer jeroi. thanks13:52
Jeroikirk it is front end for mplayer13:52
kirk_lol ok13:52
Jeroiand mplayer support everything and so doeas smplayer also13:52
kirk_its just what i'm used to. i think it bothers me more that it used to work and now i cant get it to13:53
Jeroismplayer adds features that mplayer lacks also13:53
nosrednaekimintelikey: not good.... what went wrong?13:53
niallis there a window compositor I can turn on in Kubuntu?13:53
ForgeAuswhats a window compositor?13:54
ubotuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »13:54
wesleykirk you need to install vlc or the codecs i prefer to play my movies with vlc13:54
intelikeynosrednaekim idk.   just said no /lib/modules/<version> dirrectory and hung    durring boot13:54
niallI don't really want compiz-fusion :/13:54
nosrednaekimniall: kwin has its own basic effects13:54
ardchoilleniall: kde has a compositor, but it isn't as nice as compiz-fusion13:55
nosrednaekimintelikey: is the root() device specified correctly in the menu.lst?13:55
niallcompiz-fusion is still a bit dodgy that's all13:55
andrewsavchukcompiz 0.6 works good13:56
kirk_gonna try that now wesley13:56
niallI hear the new kwin in KDE4 does proper compiz style effects13:56
intelikeynosrednaekim really name on the initramfs image now too.   i have to move it or edit menu.lst      cause being i just commited the cardnal sin, i updated the system.    http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d299f713213:56
* nosrednaekim gasps....13:56
intelikeynosrednaekim heh  yeah nothing changes my menu.lst13:56
* kirk_ submits to VLC13:57
_Angelus_ardchoille: only kde4's kwin has compositing..13:57
kirk_could be this damnded ati video card13:57
nosrednaekim_Angelus_: nope kwin3 had it too13:57
ardchoille_Angelus_: No, kde 3.5 has an in-built compositor, it's called kcompmgr13:58
niallhow do I turn on compositing in kwin then?13:58
nosrednaekimintelikey: shouldn't /boot have more stuff in it than that?13:58
_Angelus_whats the name of the package in kubuntu ?13:58
ForgeAuskde4 has some extended compositing extras that kde3 didn't13:58
ForgeAusbut its not a full blown compiz13:58
nosrednaekimniall: I forget actually.... its called "transparency"13:59
intelikeynosrednaekim i don't boot from this drive13:59
nosrednaekimForgeAus: but it has the potential since it is plugin based13:59
intelikeytty24 [root@dell.~] mv /boot/initrd.img-initrd.img /mnt/hda2/start/initramfs.img13:59
ardchoille_Angelus_: it's /usr/bin/kompmgr13:59
wesleybut its works better than compiz works together with kde313:59
niallnosrednaekim: I've found a translucency tab in windows behaviour, is that it?13:59
nosrednaekimniall: yeah... I think so13:59
intelikeynosrednaekim can't install grub on a partitionless disk, so i have it on another drive13:59
ForgeAusof course wesley :) almost anything would work better than that :)13:59
nosrednaekimniall: or around in that section somewhere13:59
ardchoilleniall: You will need to run kompmgr to take full advantage of the compsotie effects in kde 3.5, iirc14:00
ForgeAuslol intellikey14:00
andrewsavchukkde4 it`s one big bug :)14:00
ForgeAusyou and your partitionlessness14:00
nosrednaekimintelikey: hmm ok, so it put the initrd on the wrong drive?14:00
ForgeAuswell its early days for kde4 yet14:00
nosrednaekimi'm just a BIT confused :)14:00
ForgeAussofar I'm not entirely impressed14:00
wesleykde4 is working fine14:00
nosrednaekimkde4 works great for me at least14:00
niallnosrednaekim: yeah, that did it ;D14:00
wesleyi am using it for daily use14:00
ActionParsniphi all14:01
intelikeynosrednaekim of course,  it put it on the root fs   /boot     just like any good little default system....14:01
kirk_vlc is so jumpy14:01
_Angelus_i started kcompmgr . but no options came up :/14:01
ForgeAuswesley it works but its not as nice as it could be14:01
niall_Angelus_: that just turns them on after you've set them in the menu14:01
wesleyits nicere than kde314:01
_Angelus_niall: but no menu came up14:01
ForgeAussofar I still like kde314:01
niall_Angelus_: it doesn't bring up a menu ;p14:02
andrewsavchukme to :)14:02
_Angelus_niall: so how can i set them up from the menu if it doesnt have a menu? lol14:02
niallgo into system settings, then to window behaviour. Goto the translucency tab and turn it all on and apply14:02
ardchoille_Angelus_: systemsettings > Behavior > Translucency tab14:02
ForgeAusbut then I'm not a fan of some things like dolphin, however I do like the simplified and search box on the start menu14:02
_Angelus_oh, thanks ardchoille14:02
niallthen you run the command to activate or whatever14:02
kirk_xine: couldn't find demux for >/media/500/movies/inside_man.iso<14:02
ForgeAusI also don't like the default colourscheme but thats not much14:03
kirk_what is demux???????14:03
nosrednaekimForgeAus: yech.. I hate kickoff, I put a simple menu here right off :)14:03
wesleyi use kde4 with kde3 apps14:03
ForgeAuskirk presumably the opposite of muxing14:03
niallI used KDE4 once and it was REALLY slow :(14:03
ardchoillekde4 chat/support should go to #kubuntu-kde414:03
kirk_alright. is there a way i can get kaffeine to find "demux"14:04
nosrednaekimwow... didn't even know that existed :)14:04
nosrednaekimthought we kinda voted that out last meeting14:04
* nosrednaekim adds another channel to his autojoin14:04
ForgeAusisn't the transparencey tab a little touchy?14:04
nosrednaekimkirk_: do you have libdvdread installed?14:05
kirk_lemme check14:06
ardchoillekirk_: Here's what I installed and dvd movies play fine: xine-ui libxine1-ffmpeg libdvdread3 libdvdnav4 libdvdcss214:06
intelikeyok that command is making an unusable initrd.img-initrd.img      error message was   FATEL can not open /lib/modules/2.6.15-51-386/modules.deps.temp for writing. no such file or dirrectory14:08
janxalguien habla español14:08
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.14:09
janxbueno, muchas gracias..14:09
jpatrickjanx: de nada14:09
ubotudeluge is a new Bittorrent client, created using Python and GTK+, intended to bring a native, full-featured client to !GTK environments such as GNOME and Xfce - See http://deluge-torrent.org/ for more information or http://download.deluge-torrent.org/stable/ubuntu/feisty/ for downloading.14:11
kirk_why is this.... Package libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.14:11
wadHi! I've mostly finished configuring my new KUBUNTU laptop. One question about wireless networking:14:12
ardchoillekirk_: You have the medibuntu repo enabled?14:12
ardchoille!medibuntu | kirk_14:12
ubotukirk_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:12
wadI found the settings for eth1 (wireless NIC), but it only asks for a WEP key. I have a WPA wireless network at home. Am I out of luck?14:12
kirk_i'll need to add that to my sources list right14:12
parkinanyone know how to set an upload cap on specific torrents in deluge torrent?14:12
ardchoillekirk_: Yes, that iw where you get libdvdcss214:13
kirk_thats whyyyyyyyyy14:13
ardchoillekirk_: And you will need to add the medibuntu repo key, it's all at the medibuntu page14:13
TiagoKalistoBom dia a todos.14:16
ubunturoshttp://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - the KDE4 LIVE CD on that page is based on Kubuntu 7.10 ?14:16
intelikeyok heres my report on the issue.    i ran apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade    then the two commands that ubotu posts for !usplash   and the initrd.img-initrd.img file it produced is worthless.  so i ran mkinitramfs -o <filename> <version>   and it works fine.   conclusion, the   update-initramfs -u   command is hosed on dapper.14:16
TiagoKalistoExiste algum brasileiro aqui???14:16
renliegeI installed wlassistant in Ubuntu and removed the gnome network manager.... but all I get now is Connection Failed14:16
jpatrick!pt > TiagoKalisto14:17
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.14:17
jhutchinsintelikey: Dapper?  Dude!  It's 2008.14:18
jpatrick!lastest > jhutchins14:18
niallcan someone tell me why it says 'BROKEN TRANSLATION 1' at the bottom of all my dolphin windows?14:19
kirk_installed libdvdcss2, dvd's still not playing14:19
ardchoillekirk_: Which player are you using?14:20
ardchoilleAh ok14:20
kirk_i just want it to play everything.... thats all14:20
kirk_it'd make my life much easier14:21
SSJ_GZniall: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65396214:21
ardchoillekirk_: Wel, I know nothing about that player14:21
kirk_vlc is jumpy14:21
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:21
BluesKajVLC is the only player equipped to play almost all codecs14:21
nialloh, it's because I'm British ;''14:22
ubotumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs14:24
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:24
parkinvlc and mplayer and kaffeine are the ones ive used the most and that i like14:24
kirk_kaffeine is my favorite14:25
=== sergio__ is now known as daydoom
kirk_i cant get it to work tho14:25
BluesKajyeah, mplayer is buggy on mysetup ...dumped it14:25
kirk_i've tried everything i've found to try14:25
kirk_vlc is jumpy on mine14:25
BluesKajstill have mencoder for tovid use tho14:25
ForgeAusvlc is jumpy?14:25
ForgeAusI've never had that problem14:25
kirk_like it has tourettes14:25
BluesKajkirk_, which graphics card ?14:26
serg_Hi! Does the nv driver supports direct rendering or should i download nVidia drivers?14:27
nosrednaekimserg_: you need the nvidia driver14:28
serg_nosrednaekim thank you14:28
BluesKajkirk_, are you using the default restricted driver for your card ?14:28
ardchoillekirk_: I had jumpy video on my dvd drive until I enabled dma14:28
ardchoille!dma | kirk_14:29
kirk_its enabled the restricted driver14:29
ubotukirk_: dma is Direct Memory Access/Addressing. It makes hardware transfer data faster, and is almost always enabled in Ubuntu 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DMA14:29
BluesKajkirk_, 64 bit gutsy ?14:29
niallSSJ_GZ: sweet, that totally fixed it, thanks :}14:29
SSJ_GZniall: Cool :)14:29
TiagoKalistoI need help...14:33
TiagoKalistomy kubuntu is bugged14:33
jpatrickTiagoKalisto: /join #ubuntu-br14:33
TiagoKalistoi need restore the system....14:33
TiagoKalistoHelp-me please14:33
niallwhat's wrong with it?14:33
emilsedghTiagoKalisto: just tell us about the problem !14:34
TiagoKalistoMy kubuntu or log the system, the keyboard no work...14:36
TiagoKalistoi need repair the system...14:36
JuJuBeekirk_ : fwiw, GParted Live CD worked like a charm...14:36
BluesKajJuJuBee, GParted Live CD is the best partition editor out in my experience ... partition magic should be banned.14:38
JuJuBeeI agree now that I have used it.  Easy as Pie14:39
OleanderQuestion: i wanna install kubuntu. I have 3 ide drives. two currently used on empty and ready for kubuntu. should i install kubuntu on its own drive or parition it on windows one?14:42
TiagoKalistoI am having problems, the Kubuntu aprensentou problems with the keyboard and then I am trying to repair system, someone help me?14:44
TiagoKalistoI need repair the system.14:44
niallanyone know where I can find up to date Kopete source? The source on the website is of a lot lower version than the app Kubuntu comes with14:45
kirk_any more ideas why kaffeine doesnt play my dvd iso movies14:46
emlHmm, has anyone had any problems with limewire on Kubuntu? It tells me that it finds a firewall, but I can use it fine in Windows and I've been using it in debian too.14:46
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire14:46
ForgeAusOleander I'd recommend using its own drive14:46
emlAlright kirk_, thanks14:46
mikemccKubuntu Dapper, upgrade to kernel 2.6.15-51-686 -> pw input returns to pw prompt14:49
mikemccreverting to 2.6.15-29-686 still does this14:49
OleanderForgeAus: thanks14:50
mikemccconsole login showed login attempts successful14:50
OleanderForgeAus: windows is one ide master and the kubuntu one will be one another ide drive slave, will windows give me boot menu automatically?14:50
mikemccI'm using Ubuntu upgraded to 2.6.15-27-68614:51
mikemccto communicate14:52
ForgeAuswindoes no ubuntu will14:53
ForgeAusits called grub14:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about demux - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:53
ForgeAusand it will pass through to your windows bootmanager when you select windows...14:53
ForgeAusassuming you have a working XP install before you install kubuntu14:53
OleanderForgeAus: grub?14:54
ForgeAusand that you don't do something silly like overwrite the windows partition with your install14:54
ForgeAusyes grub is Kubuntu's boot loader14:54
ForgeAusit should (I'd hope) detect your windows install and give you an option to run it14:54
OleanderForgeAus: ill diconnect all other hdds when i install. and put the kubuntu as master for install then when its installed out win back on master and kubuntu on slave. sound right?14:54
ForgeAus(it basically chains bootloaders which means it passes through to NTLDR)14:55
ForgeAusno don't do that14:55
ForgeAusif you want it to pass through14:55
Oleanderwhat would u reocmmend?14:55
Oleanderfor install14:55
ForgeAusit won't detect your windows install if you don't have the HDD connected :)14:55
ForgeAusOleander is your kubuntu CD a liveCD?14:55
ForgeAustry booting up off of it...14:56
OleanderForgeAus the live one i think14:56
ForgeAusif so you can run the graphical installer you shouldn't have too much trouble there14:56
ForgeAusthe qtparted is built into that and it should help you pick your disk, etc...14:56
Oleanderso leave my windows hdd in on master boot from live cd and install kubuntu on selected hdd?14:56
ForgeAus(just not the NTFS formatted partition is your Windows one, leave that alone and you should be fine)14:56
ForgeAusexactly Oleander :)14:56
ForgeAusbtw did you know the tree your nickname is based on is poisonous?14:57
Oleanderhaha yep :)14:57
ForgeAuswe used to have a one on our nature strip :)14:57
Oleanderur aussie yeh?14:57
Oleanderme too14:57
ForgeAusyes I am14:58
Oleanderas soon as u said nature strip knew ur were aussie, then went oh yeh forgeAus der14:58
BluesKajbloody hell, surrounded by aussies again :)14:58
ForgeAuslol Blues14:58
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:58
BluesKajcanuck=canada ...some don't know that14:59
Oleanderah. ok thanks for the help forgeAus, i will be able to parition up my kubuntu drive in installer yeh?14:59
Oleanderyeh wikipedia'd it :)15:00
BluesKajardchoille, you killed the room ! :)15:03
ForgeAusOleander Linux refers to drives differently don't expect to see a C:, D:, etc15:03
OleanderForgeAus: ah ok15:04
ForgeAusits hda (for ide) or sda (for SCSI/SATA)15:04
Oleanderok thanks15:04
ForgeAussdb and partition numbers15:04
ForgeAussdb1, sdb2, hda1, hda4, etc...15:04
ForgeAusI also recommend you don't use the entire drive for your kubuntu EXT3 partition...15:05
OleanderForgeAus: i dunno too much about kubuuntu, but can i access all my videos, music etc on my other "win" drives?15:05
ForgeAusleave some space on the end to put a swap partitioni n15:05
ForgeAusyes Oleander15:05
ForgeAusyou just have to mount those drives15:05
kirk_if running fat32 can i read ext315:05
U238Willytis the beauty of linux15:05
Oleandermount like deamon tools?15:06
U238Willyi can read all the win drives15:06
ForgeAus(an easy way is to add them to your fstab once you're running linux)15:06
ForgeAusI can read my linux drive from windows 2 U238 :)15:06
U238Willyand with samba i can move files from the linux box to the windows 'shared folders' too.15:06
ForgeAusand write to it, if I so choose15:06
Oleandercool, so works both ways?15:06
ForgeAusOleander if you want to read your kubuntu drive from windows use EXT2IFS15:07
ForgeAusits a driver for windows file system...15:07
ForgeAusbut don't expect it to be reliable15:07
ForgeAusits one of them15:07
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/15:07
ForgeAuskinda things15:07
ForgeAussofar I personally havn't had any problems but that doesn't mean that you won't15:08
Oleanderdo u primarily use kubuntu, and only switch to win when u have to? id like to become less dependent upon win15:08
ForgeAusI primarily use windows actually15:08
Oleanderoh ok15:08
ForgeAusI do like having the choice tho :)15:08
U238Willyi use both..15:08
Oleanderis networking difficult ?15:08
U238Willybut if i had my druthers.. i'd go all linux15:09
U238Willyhowever.. in real estate.. the board that offers the database has made the interface require IE .. (sadface)15:09
ForgeAushehe Jucato currently my Kubuntu is nonfunctional other than login... I think I need to fix up my xorg.config15:10
ForgeAusgrr .conf15:10
Jucatoagain? :/15:10
Oleanderis it better to run a win appl through WINE or just install linux version of it? i just dont wanna duplicate all my apps15:10
* genii hands Jucato a large coffee15:10
ForgeAuswell this time I managed to mess up my /etc folder15:10
ForgeAusit said it was a file15:10
Jucatogenii: thanks! :)15:10
ForgeAusso someone told me to fsck it again15:10
ForgeAus(like I did in the first place15:10
ForgeAusbut this time it found problems with it15:10
geniiOleander: Try to use native linux apps and wine only when you can't find an app that does what you want in linux15:11
ForgeAusand put all these # (by that I mean numerically named) files in lost+found15:11
ForgeAusI have no idea what is what... probably my whole /etc dir is in there15:11
Oleandergenii: ok cool15:11
geniiJucato: (looks like you'll need it!)15:11
ForgeAusso I just copied one from the live CD15:11
ForgeAusand it boots to a prompt15:11
ForgeAusI just havn't fixed the x-server yet15:12
Jucatowonderful thing, dpkg-reconfigure, :)15:12
ForgeAusI didn't think of that15:12
Oleanderallright, am going to go install. now forgeAus ur parting words would be dont touch win drive on install correct?15:12
ForgeAusbut I still need to fix it because ati drivers15:12
ForgeAusI think I"ll copy the one from15:12
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:13
ForgeAusI did take out the stylus, cursor, etc devices15:13
JucatoForgeAus: it will automatically generate the config file based on installed drivers. so you can work from scwatch15:13
ForgeAus(those errors get annyoing on the LiveCD)15:13
ForgeAusdpkg-reconfigure is the commandline ? don't I need xorg-xserver as the packagename or anything?15:14
Jucatosudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:14
ForgeAusahh yes15:14
ForgeAusthats better15:14
ForgeAuswhen I next boot into kubuntu I'll try that15:14
mikemccI'm going to take Jucato's "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" as the tentative answer to my thread, thanks.15:19
* Jucato hides...15:19
trondmy titlebars keep disapearing when i enable compiz...any suggestions on what i can do?15:19
markithi, I've changed video board, how can I make kubuntu recongnize and configure it? (from command line, of course)15:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:20
TimStrond: I ad that problem,15:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compizfusion - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:20
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion15:20
U238Willyhas anyone run into problems with konqueror and 'nspluginviewer' crashing and throwing up a (SIGSEGV) popup?15:21
TimStrond: sudo nvidia-xconfig --add-argb-glx-visuals -d 2415:21
TimSThat was the fix for me15:21
trondthanks, i'll try15:21
tronddo i need to reboot to see if it works?15:22
=== BluesMurf is now known as tuxick
Jucatojust need to restart X15:24
LamerManhow to roll back system after unsucessfull driver install? nVidia graphics card driver15:26
ubotuTo reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes15:27
JucatoLamerMan: use that last command, then choose the "nv" driver ^^^^15:27
Jucatosudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh15:27
LamerManthank you15:28
mikemccAfter an upgrade the pw input returns to the pw prompt.15:34
mikemccrecovery mode dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg seemed to be overkill, help.15:35
trondTimS: none of the options worked...15:37
TimSNot sure then =[15:37
* Downix is learning the black art of DNS server setup15:38
trondit's a shame...i can't enjoy my new desktop as much as i would with those titlebars...:P15:38
LamerManhow to stop the x server?15:40
ForgeAusLamer from within it?15:40
ForgeAusor externally?15:40
LamerManboth bplease15:40
ForgeAuswell one solution is to reboot into recovery mode15:41
ForgeAusanother is to logout to KDM (your login screen) and exit that15:41
jussi01OK, Ive asked this before, but Ill ask again. Does anyone know a qt browser that isnt konqueror?15:41
Jucatojussi01: other than Opera?15:41
jpatrickjussi01: there was a Qt one on qt-apps.org15:41
Jucatoooooh interesting15:41
ForgeAusanother is to switch to a textmode window and kill the X-server task? not sure thats such a good idea tho15:41
* Jucato checks15:41
tronddoes anybody know how to get Microsoft Windows on one side of the desktop cube?15:42
jussi01Jucato: sorry, forgot to add "free" in there15:42
ForgeAusyou mean using wine?15:42
LamerManForgeAus tryed to kill :) can't find. can't find also the exit from logun manager. will try recovery mode15:43
trondForgeAus: i don't think so...i saw a video of a guy using ubuntu, windows and mac on the cube15:43
ForgeAushmmm Jucato isn't there a way to close KDM down to prompt instead of logging in to desktop??15:43
jussi01jpatrick: any memories of the name?15:44
ForgeAusTrond, could just be wallpaper screenshots, or something15:44
ForgeAusI wouldn't trust the video15:44
JucatoLogout from KDE, Ctrl+Alt+F1, "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop"15:44
trondso it's not possible?15:44
jpatrickjussi01: I thought it was QtCommander, doesn't seem to be a browser tho :(15:44
ForgeAushmmm DM's need an "quit to prompt" function15:45
Jucatotrond: not possible unless you use something like virtualization or emulation15:45
JucatoForgeAus: actually there is one15:45
trondokey, thanks15:45
JucatoI just didn't say so15:45
ForgeAuserm Jucato thats what I was asking15:45
ForgeAus<ForgeAus> hmmm Jucato isn't there a way to close KDM down to prompt instead of logging in to desktop??15:46
jussi01hmmm, if I knew a bit more programming Id go make one...15:46
JucatoForgeAus: Console Login from the login menu. the problem with that is that I don't know how rerun the login screen again15:46
ForgeAusI do15:46
ForgeAuskdm :)15:46
Jucatojussi01: you can always start now :)15:46
ForgeAuswell sudo kdm15:46
JucatoForgeAus: last time I tried, it sort of didn't want to. but be my guest15:46
jpatrickjussi01: many examples (kde-ruby for instance) do how a browser for an example15:47
SlimeyPe1ejucato: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart15:47
ForgeAuswell thats how I start my login screen from a prompt15:47
ForgeAusit seems to work15:47
jussi01Jucato: do you not think its a little bit large project for an extremely beggginer?15:47
Jucatojussi01: depends. you usually start small, then work from there :)15:47
ForgeAuswb oleander :)15:47
Jucatowhat you need to do first is get a working html engine, the basic UI, etc15:48
OleanderForgeAus: hhi, am in middle of install and need ya help :)15:48
=== Mitsuo is now known as MitsuoDeshoDesho
ForgeAusOleander, what kinda help?15:48
JucatoSlimeyPe1e: like I said, before, I couldn't get back to KDM with that15:48
ForgeAus(do you like Konversation? :) )15:48
jussi01hmmm, I wonder if it would be good to be written in python...15:48
ForgeAusPython rox :)15:48
Jucatojussi01: could be :)15:48
MitsuoDeshoDeshothe kde4 livecd installs authetic kde4 kubuntu?15:48
ForgeAusthe only thing I don't like about python is the usage of _'s makes it look sloppy to me15:49
Jucatois there a fake kde4 kubuntu?15:49
OleanderForgeAus: am creating partition. i have a 122gb hdd and wanna have 30gb to kubuntu and remaining to win. am about to create a partion of 30gb for k not sure what box's to check. firstly primary or logical?15:49
ForgeAusMitsuo it can if its a kde4 kubuntu15:49
MitsuoDeshoDeshoJucato, there was the previous kde415:49
ForgeAuswhich fiesty isn't but gusty? not sure, the h one would be tho15:49
Jucatothe latest (and I do mean latest, as in this week or before Jan 11) has "authentic" kde4 :)15:50
Jucatoactually, it's more properly called "KDE 4.0.0"15:50
MitsuoDeshoDeshoalso, can i burn the livcecd on a dvd media? :P15:50
ForgeAusyes Mitsuo15:50
MitsuoDeshoDeshoi'm out of cds..15:50
ForgeAusyou can even get a DVD enhanced version15:50
ForgeAus(ie a live CD with more than just the CD packages15:50
Jucatojussi01: better hurry up... I might beat you to it :)15:51
MitsuoDeshoDeshowould take shitload of time to download on my 1.5 mbps connection15:51
Jucatojussi01: but if you're going to use python, I bet you'll finish first :P15:51
ForgeAusyeah well I'm only using a 256k connection spare a thought for me :)15:51
OleanderForgeAus: should i choose primary or logical in create partition15:51
jussi01Jucato: hehe, are you working on something?15:52
ForgeAusOleander, um primary, but that doesn't sound like a good choice15:52
ForgeAuswhat is qtparted saying you have?15:52
Jucatojussi01: nope. I did plan a few months back to try to make a simple kthml-using browser as a pet project :)15:52
Jucatojussi01: kinda lost interst :P15:52
ForgeAusdo NOT, I repeat do NOT select the NTFS partition you already have15:52
OleanderForgeAus: i havent i chose the right hdd15:52
jussi01Jucato: wellwhen I need collaborators... ;)15:52
Downixanyone here familiar with dns server setups?15:53
ForgeAusok then primary is correct15:53
Oleanderso pick primary?15:53
ForgeAus(I find it odd that its aksing you about logical tho)15:53
OleanderLocation for new the new partition: beginning or end?15:53
ForgeAusI guess LVMs or something are logical maybe thts why???15:53
ForgeAusOleander either way...15:53
OleanderUse as: ext3   ?15:54
ForgeAusI'd suggest go with the default if there is one otherwise beginning15:54
MitsuoDeshoDeshocd vs dvd versions, any diffrence?15:54
ForgeAusyes ext3 is what I recommend15:54
ForgeAusfor your kubuntu partition15:54
dhqmy touchpad doesnt work properly any ideas15:54
ForgeAusremember don't fill the ENTIRE part with it tho15:54
Oleandermount point?15:54
ForgeAusleave a little space on the end15:54
SlimeyPe1eMitsuoDeshoDesho: DVD includes more optional software on the disc, but you can get it all off the 'net anyway15:54
ForgeAusmount point should be /15:54
ForgeAusor /dev/hdb or whatever the drivename is15:54
ForgeAusor (root)? or something like that...15:55
Oleandertheres a drop down list but with nothing to select so what should i type for mount point sorry?15:55
niallhow long do you think kopete will take to compile?15:55
ForgeAuswith the extra space on the end create a second partition for your swap drive15:55
MitsuoDeshoDeshoSlimeyPe1e, thought so, i dont mind getting it off the net, i always like my libs and apps updated :)15:55
Oleanderyeh i will15:55
ForgeAusok... theres NOTHING in the dropdown list for mount point? is there a default value for it? because thats probably the one15:56
Oleandernothing at all no defualt value i can see15:56
Oleanderjust blank15:56
ForgeAusouch, um I don't know15:56
ForgeAusJucato probably knows that stuff better than I15:56
ForgeAusI'm not sure blank is right but if it lets you, I guess you can try it15:57
ForgeAusI'm pretty sure when I did that it was fairly automated (ie probably had a default setting that I went with)15:57
ForgeAusif it doesn't let you you can try recreating the partition15:57
Oleandergoolging it15:58
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter15:58
ForgeAuseugh... um15:58
=== mueslix is now known as muesli
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:58
OleanderForgeAus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/8571315:59
ForgeAusthats better, the first one Oleander, looks good15:59
ForgeAuslol well I wouldn't call it a bug15:59
OleanderForgeAus: / - the root file system    ?16:00
ForgeAusin linux / = root16:00
Oleanderok cool16:00
Oleanderallright now am doing win parition. again choosing logical and making sure to leave how much free space to create swap?16:01
ForgeAus(also in windows :) ie root directory of c: is C:\ (where the \ = root) and \ is the windows equiv of / as far as directories go)16:01
Oleanderchoosing primary i meant16:01
ForgeAusalthough windows recognises network paths with /'s nowerdays...16:02
ForgeAusthey're basically interchangeable for the most part...16:02
OleanderForgeAus: location for new partion for windows one, should i choose beginning or end?16:03
asdasdsahow can i make ubuntu absolutely no way to break into buy someone other than me who wants to use the computer? like damge and lock permanently the bios etc that the even the FBI would n't be able to break in?16:03
stdinasdasdsa: 1) that's probably out of the scope of this channel, 2) unless you seal the computer inside a ton of cement, it's not really possible16:04
asdasdsastdin why not?16:05
ForgeAusasdasdsa stdin is right its highly unlikely there is a way... data is data, software alone isn't enough to secure anything16:05
ForgeAusthe FBI can most likely rip out your hard drive and analyze it16:05
ForgeAussooner or later they'll find a way in16:05
blizzzekhow can i see which process is currently accessing file xyz?16:06
asdasdsaForgeAus if i lock it hard enough they wont16:06
stdinasdasdsa: because one could just rip open the computer and take out the disk, then decrypt any date one wanted (if one had a powerful enough decrypter)16:06
OleanderForgeAus: does it matter what location i put remaining win partition on, beginning or end?16:06
stdinblizzzek: "lsof /path/to/file" or "lsof |grep /path/to/file"16:07
ForgeAusstdin, does that mean for the next time I want to decrypt an arcade rom using fancy multi-level encryption I should take it to the FBI? ...16:07
stdinblizzzek: it may need sudo if you want to search processes not owned by you16:07
geniiasdasdsa: Install onto a usb stick and when they come for you smash it up16:07
ForgeAusas it turned out the original encryption Capcom, for example, used was XOR...16:07
stdinForgeAus: I'm sure the'd be able to help ;)16:08
asdasdsastdin it's like ripping brain part apart16:08
ForgeAusbut CPS2 was harder...16:08
ForgeAuswell they had the best rom hackers around working on it stdin, still tool lotsa time16:08
ForgeAusgrr took16:08
ForgeAusI wouldn't be suprised if those guys who are rom hackers would be able to get into stuff even the FBI couldn't16:09
MitsuoDeshoDeshohttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/gutsy/kde4/kubuntu-kde4.0-i386.iso <- contains installer?16:09
OleanderForgeAus: for win partition use as fat32?16:09
ForgeAusbetter yet asdasdsa use an Acorn ARM PC...16:09
ForgeAusthe FBI probably only use win and mac pc's these days :)16:09
stdinMitsuoDeshoDesho: yes, but 4.0.0 isn't meant to be the only DE on the system. it doesn't have enough features to call it a full desktop16:09
ForgeAuswin partition I recommend either fat32 or NTFS16:10
ForgeAusNTFS is slightly less linux-friendly than fat32 but either way works16:10
blizzzekok.. next problem.. i want to edit a calender entry in kontact, but i get an error saying another application is using that file. but output of lsof shows that only kontact is using it. maybe there is a lockfile somewhere? or how can i fix this?16:10
MitsuoDeshoDeshostdin >> what do you mean?16:10
asdasdsather gotta be a way16:10
asdasdsahow about without ripping a hardware apart can i lock it tightly?16:11
ForgeAusOleander note: I do suggest mostly READING from the non-native partitions, rather than doing lots of writing to them...16:11
=== drw is now known as dip
wadHi, folks. I've got my new laptop, and I've installed kubuntu on it. Plugged it into my network, and I don't get an IP address. "sudo ifdown eth0" shows "ifdown: interface eth0 not configured" for some reason. I've gone into the "Network Connections" GUI, and nothing seems to make any difference. I did "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" to no avail.16:11
Oleanderthanks ForgeAus16:11
=== dip is now known as drw
ForgeAusso where possible read-only is recommended, but read-write is possible both ways16:11
wadAny hints as to how I'm supposed to configure my eth0?16:11
Oleanderwhats ext2 for?16:11
ForgeAusEXT2 = EXT3 for your purposes mostly16:12
ForgeAusthey're basically the same filesystem and EXT3 is backwards-compatible16:12
stdinMitsuoDeshoDesho: well, it doesn't have knetworkmanager, so don't expect wireless to work. it has no office suit. it has very little media support16:12
ForgeAus(EXT3 just has some extras)16:12
Oleandertheres no nfts option so i just choose fat32 i assume?16:13
ForgeAuswhat doy ou mean no NTFS option?16:13
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE16:13
Oleanderin "use as" theres no select for nfts16:13
Sbucatonei want upload my files here....www.mediafire.com but with konqueror i can't with firefox yes...16:13
ForgeAuswhat do you mean "use as" ?16:13
ForgeAuswhere are you?16:14
Oleanderin "create parition" thete is a use as drop down list. where u can pick ext 3, ext2, fat16, fat32 etc16:14
ForgeAusOleander you don't already have windows installed?16:14
Oleanderyeh on another hdd16:14
ForgeAusQTparted doesn't let you create NTFS parts probably16:15
ForgeAusis that partition visible?...16:15
ForgeAusyou don't need to create a windows Partition16:15
Oleanderi'm partioning drive. 30gb for kubuntu and remaining to staff my video and that on which i can access while in windows16:15
ForgeAusyou should already have one16:15
ForgeAusoh you mean for a shared partition?16:15
Oleanderyes sorry16:15
ForgeAusum... well you have lotsa options there EXT3 and/or FAT32 are probably your best bets16:16
Oleanderok thanks16:16
Oleanderlocation for new parition: beginning or end?16:16
ForgeAusEXT2IFS can mount your EXT3 partition in windows (again its preferred more to read from than write to)16:16
ForgeAusand mounting in linux or using fstab to automount for you can read a FAT32 or NTFS partition16:17
ForgeAusagain its best to read-only but read-write is available16:17
Oleanderi dont really want to write to ext3 while in win, but def read from16:17
dutzzhellow all :) i have a lil' problem... i can't mount a hdd using KDE... with GNOME works just fine... with KDE just can't get it work :( any ideeas ?16:17
OleanderForgeAus: location for new parition: beginning or end?16:18
josephMy mp3's r nt not workin,,,,,,,,Can anyone suggest me a remedy16:18
ForgeAustheres also another way Oleander, theres a windows utility program that reads ext2/3 drives, forgot what its called tho16:18
ForgeAusbut EXT2IFS mounts it as if its a native disk, much better16:18
geniistdin: dutzz's remark reminds me that someone needs to fix the kde gui mount tool, it puts weird gibberish into the fstab16:19
ForgeAusOleander again I'd probably suggest beginning16:19
ForgeAusI really don't know why you get that choice it makes no difference to me16:19
=== dutzz is now known as Dutzzu
ForgeAusunless I guess you know precisely what your doing with it...16:19
Oleandermount point for that shared parition. atm default is /dos16:19
Dutzzugenii, what with me ?16:19
ForgeAuserm, ohhkay... for now I'd leave it at the default16:20
Oleandersorry was choice of /dos or /windows16:20
Oleanderdefault is /dos16:20
ForgeAusum I'm not sure about mount points in this case if its the directory on that drive or the directory in your root filesystem it will place the tree of that drive its mounting...16:21
ForgeAuseither way it can be changed anyway16:21
Oleanderand swap drive does that need mount point?16:21
bazhangjoseph do you have the proper codecs installed?16:22
ForgeAusnormally automounts go in either a /mnt/devname/ (ie /mnt/sda1) or /media/devname directory16:22
ForgeAusI doubt it but if it does just go with the default16:22
ForgeAuslinux activates your swap drive automatically, I'm not sure its the same as mounting...16:23
ForgeAus(it detects the partition you set aside for it)16:23
ForgeAusnote: Oleander since you have a "shared" drive you might be best not to have your windows drive in the fstab and you may not require the EXT2IFS16:25
ForgeAus(just copy all the stuff you want to be visible to the other file system in there)16:25
geniiDutzzu: The graphical mounting tool of kubuntu which is found in Kbutton...System Settings...Advanced Tab...Disk and Filesystems     It does not work correctly when adding a new mount16:25
ForgeAusthat way you keep your system drives safer16:25
Oleanderi hope ive chosen right mount point for my fat32 partition16:25
geniiDutzzu: It is better to manually add an entry into the file /etc/fstab16:26
* ForgeAus shrugs...16:26
Dutzzugenii, so it's nothig i can do to use that hdd ? i must use GMONE ?16:26
ForgeAusOleander just keep going for now16:26
boibluis anyone else having problems with firefox playing flash and java?16:26
Dutzzugenii,  could u help me do that ? i'm new in linux... really need help :)16:26
geniiDutzzu: You can use KDE, but add the mounting options for the drive manually into the file /etc/fstab. Do you know some details of the drive? Like what the partition name is for it (/dev/sdd1 or such) also the filesystem on it16:27
OleanderForgeAus: installing now...thanks for walking me through it :)16:28
ForgeAusbioblu you might have that kind of trouble if your using 64bit16:28
ForgeAusotherwise it should work16:29
ForgeAus(assuming you have the plugins)16:29
geniiDutzzu: For this exercise you will need to know how to use the pastebin website to let us see the contents of some files and results of some commands, instead of pasting it into the channel here.16:29
genii!pastebin | Dutzzu the pastebin address is here, don't forget to give us the url when using it16:29
ubotuDutzzu the pastebin address is here, don't forget to give us the url when using it: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)16:30
Dutzzugenii,  ok, w8 a sec to see if i can handle it16:30
ForgeAusOleander, just out of interest what video card are you using?16:30
boibluforge i dont know what 64 bit your talking about16:30
Dutzzuoke genii , opened that link... what do you want me to paste there ?16:31
geniiDutzzu: So please open Konsole and put into the pastebin the following:    result of the command:   sudo fdisk -l                 and also the results of command: cat /etc/fstab          and also result of command: blkid16:31
ForgeAusboiblu if your kubuntu is for an AMD64 processor for example... the standard i386 version doesn't have that problem it uses only 32-bit software for everything16:31
boibluno i have the standard16:32
ForgeAusok then check if you have the plugins for flash and java installed16:32
ForgeAusif not you can get them from adept (or you can remove them from adept and reinstall them, but someone told me that was a typical windows user's response, to reinstall whatever doesn't work)16:33
boiblui installed them but they dont show up in my plug ins16:33
geniiDutzzu: To copy from the Konsole window, highlight text with the mouse then right-click and choose Copy16:33
ForgeAusahh then maybe you didn't install the right ones?16:34
boibluthat could be possible16:34
boiblubut it was the recommended ver16:34
ForgeAusok well go to sun's website and/or adobe's that way you can be sure they'll work16:34
Dutzzugenii, here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52280/16:34
geniiDutzzu: OK, reading16:35
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.16:35
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash16:35
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.16:35
boiblulol ill figure this thing out one way or another16:35
ForgeAusoh ok, that info might help you boiblu seems like problems with the packages16:35
ForgeAus(check out those url's)16:35
geniiDutzzu: There seems something not right. It reports partition type of sda1 as NTFS (win 2k/XP/Vista) but you apparently have formatted it as linux ext3 filesystem and are using it for your root filesystem.16:37
mike_ah so that's what's up with flash and konqueror16:37
Dutzzugenii,  can't be... i'm having 2 hdd: 1) Maxtor - 80Gb... on this i have installed ubuntu ( GMONE and after also KDE ) 2) Western 250 Gb with two partitions 20 Gb and the other 230 Gb on witch i have windows Xp16:39
OleanderForgeAus: at end of install i got a error saying cannot access security updates - is that a concern?16:40
Dutzzugenii, and as i said, on GMONEt works perfectly fine! :s16:40
geniiDutzzu: Ah, I see now the UUID it gives for sda1 in fstab is inaccurate, it is the UUID of your actual / which is sdb116:42
geniiDutzzu: So you wish to see the NTFS drives from in kubuntu I assume16:42
ForgeAusOleander I don't know16:43
ForgeAusbut security updates should be installable from within kubuntu once you boot it16:43
OleanderForgeAus: i have an onboard video card as well as an ati 128mb with dvi and vga. on windows i run two lcds in dual off the ati video card. for kubunty setup i had to choose in bios my onboard video card and plug one of my lcds in as setup couldnt continue unless i did this. so after install am going to have to fix that up16:43
ForgeAusOleander you may have some difficulty with the ATI drivers16:43
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:44
ForgeAusthat url is a walkthrough16:44
Dutzzugene_, yes, i want to mount the hdd Western... i have all the information on that.. music, documents etc... and i cant mount it on KDe... only on GMONE16:44
ForgeAusthe onboard one, if its ATI or nvidia will apply too16:44
ForgeAusotherwise no problem16:45
geniiDutzzu: OK, still now in Konsole:  sudo mkdir /media/sda1; sudo mkdir /media/sda2; sudo mkdir /media/sda5                 then I will give the 3 lines to add into the file /etc/fstab16:47
Dutzzugenii,  done :)16:48
geniiDutzzu: still in Konsole: sudo nano /etc/fstab               this will open a simple text editor with the file we need to alter. navigate to bottom of file and add the lines I give after this16:49
boibluforgeAus could it be i had more then on flash player installed ?16:49
OleanderforgeAus: should i install ati driver before changing bios video card settings?16:50
geniiDutzzu: UUID=AE746D46746D127F /media/sda1     ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       116:50
geniiDutzzu: Hmmmm. It seems your /dev/sda5 is type "swap" so we will leave it for now16:51
Dutzzuoke genii, w8 pls :)16:52
___thomas-little kde4 problem16:52
___thomas-got this from kubuntu site16:53
___thomas-To avoid having to start a second X server for a full session install xserver-xephyr and run Xephyr :1 then  and run /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde in the Xerphyr xterm.16:53
geniiDutzzu: /dev/sda2       /media/sdb1 auto defaults 0       116:53
___thomas-but when I do Xephyr :& in Konsole it just gives me a window in which I cant do anything16:53
geniiDutzzu: There was no UUID reported for sda2 so we must revert to the /dev  name16:53
Dutzzuthis after i insterted that with UUID=... ?16:54
geniiDutzzu: WAIT16:54
geniiDutzzu: /dev/sda2       /media/sda2 auto defaults 0       116:54
Dutzzugenii, look : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52285/16:54
geniiDutzzu: The above line is right not sdb1 for mount16:54
Dutzzugenii, to make it easyer & safer, could u write the file as it should be and then i'll copy it ? u lost me :s16:56
niallI want to remove a bunch of files starting with the same thing using the terminal16:58
geniiDutzzu: OK. I will make a pastebin entry then of how it should go. You have for some reason 2 partitions with the same UUID which could be causing issues also.16:58
niallhow do I do that?16:58
niallrm start* is what I'm going for16:58
Dutzzugenii, oke thanks a lot! i don't know why they have the same UUID :( but i can't understand why on GMONE works fine and on KDE it doesn't :(16:59
=== tux__ is now known as stones
=== stones is now known as stones`
Oleanderwho is really good with video card stuff on kubuntu?17:00
jpatrick!nickspam > stones`17:00
eddyim eddy17:03
eddyand i recently install kubuntu17:04
DreadKnighteddy: hello there :) everything going well?17:04
mani213whats  decent dvd player for linux?17:05
DreadKnightmani213: i think dragonplayer17:05
bazhangkaffeine mani21317:05
DreadKnightkaffeine ftw17:06
mani213kaffeine came with kubuntu but doesnt work:S17:06
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs17:06
SlimeyPe1eyou need libdvdcss ^^17:06
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org17:07
niallI didn't realise people actually watched DVDs on their PC :z17:07
mani213well i got a plasma monitor gives me all the reasons to17:07
mani213when i have a crt tv17:07
niallplasma monitor?17:07
niallhow big is it?17:07
mani213like 25 inch17:08
mani213nothing to special17:08
niallsurely you mean LCD? :z17:08
mani213i live on uni resedents17:08
mani213so i dont have a big tv17:08
mani213i just used computer monitor17:08
mani213i attached it to my tv tuner17:08
mani213do i reg my nick17:09
mani213for this chat?17:09
SlimeyPe1e /msg nickserv help register17:10
Oleandercan someone plz help me with video card17:10
SlimeyPe1eOleander: what's the problem?17:11
niallso can anyone help me here, I need to delete a bunch of files at command line, but I don't want to do them all individually. They all start with the same bit of text, so is there some way I can delete them all at once?17:11
geniiDutzzu: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52288/17:11
OleanderSlimeyPe1e: i have onboard video card as well as ati 128mb pci with dvi and vga. i have two lcd running of ati card. in order to install ubuntu i had to change bios to onboard. now i have finished install. how do i go back to having my two lcds off ati card instead?17:11
Dutzzugene_,  oke, w8 :)17:11
SlimeyPe1eOleander: I've not come across your situation before, but I guess that installing the ATI drivers and then re-enabling the card should work17:12
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:12
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama17:12
geniiDutzzu: To exit the program nano, use ctrl-x  then choose Y to save the file, Enter or Return key for same name as previous17:12
OleanderSlimeyPe1e: so i should install ati drivers b4 i try to setup lcds on ati card?17:13
SlimeyPe1eOleander: I think that would be the best idea, yes, if Ubuntu only currently works with your onboard.17:14
niallyou should probably install the ones from the restricted drivers manager17:14
mani213is ogle dvd player any good?17:15
=== sars is now known as setphp
Oleanderniall: got popup saying ur system doesnt need any restricted drivers17:16
=== bomber_ is now known as bomber
niallthat's probably because your ati card is turned off or whatever in the bios17:16
niallI dunno ;'17:16
niallwhy did you have to use the onboard to install?17:17
Oleanderniall: yes it it turned off17:17
KRFhi there, i cant adjust my brightness within my dell xps m1530. is there a known issue? any way how to debug this?17:17
Oleandercuz wouldnt work otherwise. someone in ubuntu said it was common problem and to turn it while i install17:18
KRFother keycombs work, f.e. "fn + hibernate" and stuff17:18
MilitantPotatoWhich is preferred, KNetworkManager, or Network-Manager-KDE17:18
Dutzzugenii, done! and now i have to restart ?17:19
MilitantPotatoAh nevermind, one's a meta package X(17:19
geniiDutzzu: no17:19
eddywell im try to install stepmania now17:19
Oleanderniall: in my monitor and display settings its detecting intel card and ati card (fglrx)17:19
Dutzzugenii, hm... :s17:19
geniiDutzzu: just :  mount -a              and they should now be mounted (hopefully)17:20
niallmaybe you should try turning the onboard off and the ati on then booting into ubuntu17:20
niallmaybe it'll sort itself out17:20
senorpedrois it possible that the sfDateValidator does not work when the input_date_tag has the option "rich=false" ?17:20
senorpedrodamn wrong channel...again17:20
Dutzzugenii, guess what... :-s :((17:20
geniiDutzzu: What error did it give if any17:21
Oleanderniall: tried that and got black screen after kubuntu startup17:21
eddyhey, someone can help me? my notebook dont read the wireless card17:21
Dutzzugenii,  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52290/17:21
eddywhat can i do?17:21
geniiDutzzu: rEADING17:21
jussi01eddy: whicch wireless card?17:21
niallOleander: just black and nothing else?17:21
geniiDutzzu: sda2 may also be then ntfs instead of vfat, even though the system reports it's partition type differently. So change it's line to be:17:23
geniiDutzzu: /dev/sda2 /media/sda2     ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46,auto 0       117:24
geniiDutzzu: For this you need to go again with the:   sudo nano /etc/fstab17:24
Oleanderniall: what should i do first then?17:25
niallI have no idea :z17:25
niallI haven't had this problem17:25
Dutzzugenii, look: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52292/17:27
geniiDutzzu: Reading17:27
KRFsomeone got backlight adjustment to work with a dell xps m1530? it doesnt recognize "fn + keydown"17:27
geniiDutzzu: OK, so then change it again to this instead:17:28
geniiDutzzu: /dev/sda2       /media/sda2 auto rw,user,auto 0       117:29
geniiDutzzu:Then the mounter tries to decide what kind of filesystem and mount it17:29
KRFhow can i manually (in console) adjust my backlight?17:30
Dutzzugenii, mount: you must specify the filesystem type17:30
anabelleif i install KDE4 will i loose KDE 3.5?17:32
jpatrickanabelle: no17:33
Dutzzugenii, the 20Gb partition from Western it's mounted!!! :D but the one i need it's not :)))17:33
ForgeAusisn't there a 3.8?17:33
ForgeAusOleander u there?17:34
lexfala serio17:34
ForgeAustwo things to read for you17:34
ForgeAusfor ATI drivers17:34
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:35
ForgeAusand if you still have boot troubles17:35
ubotuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"17:35
ForgeAusoops... wrong one17:35
ForgeAusum whats the url to recovery after install?17:35
geniiDutzzu: I still think it is really vfat filesystem there, but the mount options may not be good. So then to try:17:35
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto17:35
ForgeAusthats the one :)17:35
geniiDutzzu: /dev/sda2       /media/sda2 vfat defaults 0       117:36
ForgeAusif oleander asks anything about not being able to boot tell him to backread those URL's :)17:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about umsdos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:36
ForgeAushmm interesting17:36
geniiDutzzu: Then after saving do specifically:  mount /media/sda217:36
stones`how can i install a new user with an existing home folder?17:37
Dutzzugenii, same error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52293/17:38
geniiDutzzu: Change vfat  to msdos  and try again17:39
Dutzzugenii,  so: /dev/sda2       /media/sda2 msdos defaults 017:40
geniiDutzzu: Yes17:40
ForgeAusomg we have a hero! :)17:40
ForgeAuserm had17:40
sigma_1234do usb skype phones work with kubuntu?17:41
geniiDutzzu: With your Windows (if you remember), did you upgrade from a previous version and keep the old filesystem, or was it all ntfs?17:41
geniiDutzzu: Eating lunch so expect a bit of lag17:44
Dutzzugenii, bon apetit !17:44
Dutzzugenii, didn t upgrade at all,,, when i made the partitions on Western i made 'em all NTFS17:45
arunkalehello, people.. i need to connect to the internet using pppoe. my settings are all correct, and i am able to connect to the internet. the problem is, it keeps disconnecting randomly. usually i can re-connect without restarting my computer, but it is getting to be very irritating. I checked my ppp log and i got this message: CHAP authentication failed: I don't like you.  Go 'way.17:45
arunkaleThe same log for yesterday says CHAP authentication succeeded: Welcome to 7NETSRV1217:46
arunkaleany ideas?17:46
Dutzzugenii, same error on msdos :)17:46
kingrayrayanybody know any handy tricks to speed up kde4 a bit?17:47
sigma_1234wait for 4.1?17:47
kingrayraylmao thats my plan as it stands17:47
geniiDutzzu: The previous error when we tried ntfs was: "The device '/dev/sda2' doesn't have a valid NTFS."     so I think the partition type that fdisk reported might be confusing the mounter, eg: /dev/sda2            2551       30401   223713157+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)17:47
kingrayrayits pretty cool, i just dont know if this really should be a release.. buncha silly little bugs it seems17:48
adz21ckingrayray: if your using xinerama ... don't lol, it practically dies with that17:48
kingrayraynah no xinerama17:48
kingrayrayis there a way to like, configure the compositing?17:48
kingrayrayi think thats my primary issue17:48
Dutzzugenii, yep, i've readed that :(... if u write: sudo apt-get uninstall kde17:48
adz21csystemsettings -> desktop17:48
Dutzzuand than reinstall kde, it might work well ?17:48
geniiDutzzu: There is another thing we could try, since you say it mounts OK in Gnome. Go to Gnome then see what command:   mount          reports as filesystem type or mounted options of that sda2 partition17:50
=== wesley_ is now known as kurosaki_ichigo
Dutzzugenii, oke... i'll log in using GMONE, write mount, and copy the resoults17:50
Dutzzugenii, *brb* than :)17:51
geniiDutzzu: Also there the command :    cat /etc/mtab      may actually give us a better idea17:51
Dutzzugenii, mount & cat /etc/mtab commands :D17:51
Oleanderin konsole to log in as root its su and ur pw u setup during install yeh?17:52
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:52
niallwhy doesn't adept use the theme I've set?17:54
nialleverything else does :x17:54
sigma_1234!info skype17:54
ubotuPackage skype does not exist in gutsy17:54
jussi01niall: adept is running as root, and root has its own theme17:54
jussi01!skype | sigma_123417:54
ubotusigma_1234: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto17:54
nialljussi01: can I change root's theme to match? ;D17:55
jussi01niall: I assume so, but not sure, never had to do it.17:55
niallmaybe if I launch the theme configger with kdesudo, and set a theme it'll set it for root17:56
soonHi folks - having som sound problems: System beep seems to work, but running ogg123 from CLI I get: http://pastebin.com/d23f05b8f17:58
soonany ideas?17:58
Oleandergenii: wheres hardware manager on kubuntu, i need to find out bus id of onbaord video card17:58
Dutzzugenii, i'm back :) look here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52294/18:00
nialloh balls18:00
niallI think I've broken it18:01
Dutzzugenii, i'm on GMONE now... when i wrote : mount i got a msg... i entered in /media and right click on partition... choosed mount and it mounted ok ...18:01
Blaenkhey guys18:03
BlaenkI installed kde4-core but it's pretty buggy, I'd like to use KDE 3 for the time being, how can I remove it?18:03
BlaenkI tried sudo apt-get remove kde4-core but I guess it's a meta package18:04
geniiDutzzu: OK, so this is in Terminal ? (Gnomes equivelent of Konsole)18:04
Blaenkbecause it said couldn't find package kde4-core18:04
BlaenkI know I could keep them alongside each other but I don't want any conflicts18:04
Dutzzugenii, yep, that's the msg i get in terminal18:04
=== JAM is now known as niall
geniiDutzzu: just type only:  mount                   and it will normally give you a list of what is mounted already plus what filesystem etc18:05
niallthat totally fixed it18:05
Dutzzugenii, if i right click on that "problem partition" and choose propreties, and go to the volume it says that is NTFS18:05
rothchildBlaenk: just search for kde4 in adept or synaptic18:05
geniiDutzzu: OK good.18:05
Blaenkrothchild, kay18:05
Dutzzugenii, look at mount: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52296/18:06
Blaenkthat doesn't help18:06
rothchildwhy not?18:06
geniiDutzzu: So then it is sda5 and not sda2 in this case that we want to mount18:07
StrangeletKopete refuses to show the buddy icons of my friend in AIM, is there a known cure?18:08
Dutzzugenii, so, could you edit fstab for me now ?18:10
geniiDutzzu: Yes, basically then just use the line for sda1 which is ntfs and put at the beginning: /dev/sda5     /media/sda5               instead of      /dev/sda2    /media/sda218:11
geniiDutzzu: You can use nano from Terminal as from inside Konsole18:11
Dutzzugenii, and what about sda5 ? i leave it as it is ?18:12
MGalaxyMAKE ERROR: http://phpfi.com/290389 , which libraries should be installed ?18:12
StrangeletKopete refuses to show the buddy icons of my friend in AIM, is there a known cure?18:13
geniiDutzzu: sda5 is the one we want to mount, not sda2     I don't know whats going on with sda2 but apparently its not the one you wanted anyhow18:13
geniiDutzzu: Just put a # in front of any line that has sda2    in it18:14
geniiDutzzu: Then the needed line: /dev/sda5 /media/sda5     ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46,auto 0       118:15
geniiDutzzu: For some reason your sda5 and sdb5 have exact same UUID so we must use the /dev     way18:15
Dutzzugenii, is it oke? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52300/18:16
Oleandergenii: on kubuntu wheres is hardware manager?18:16
Dutzzugenii, i'm confused about the line with UUID for sda 5... it says at the end: swap...18:16
geniiDutzzu: Yes, exactly. Thats why I was trying for sda2 instead. Reading the paste, 1 minute18:20
crackhead_25__anyone know how to resize a logical partition??18:23
geniiDutzzu: CHANGE: /dev/sda5       /media/sda5   defaults,umask=007,gid=46,auto 0       1               TO: /dev/sda5       /media/sda5   ntfs   defaults,umask=007,gid=46,auto 0       118:23
crackhead_25__i have ane xtended with two logical within it.. i want to shrink one of them and join the extra empty space to the second logical18:23
crackhead_25__qtparted doesnt seem to allow me that option??18:23
geniiDutzzu: Basically just insert ntfs     between /dev/sda5 and where it starts with defaults,umask...18:24
geniiDutzzu: Work needs me. Away a couple minutes18:24
Dutzzugenii, oke :)18:25
crackhead_25__genii: you have any idea on my situation?18:25
StrangeletCan anyone recommend a good webcam program?18:27
=== crackhead_25__ is now known as help
helpgenii: you there?18:29
=== help is now known as crackhead_25_
crackhead_25_sorry, dont know if my msg went through.. i have ane xtended with two logical within it.. i want to shrink one of them and join the extra empty space to the second logical18:29
crackhead_25_qt parted wont let me.. anyone know why or how to make it??18:30
MilitantPotatocrackhead_25_: might need to move it to the beginning of the extended?18:32
MilitantPotatothe shrunken one.18:32
crackhead_25_MilitantPotato: i havent shrunken anything.. how do i do what you suggest?18:32
MilitantPotatocrackhead_25_: I believe there's a move partition function18:33
MilitantPotatocrackhead_25_: make backups before you do anything, moving/shrinking partitions is very risky.18:33
MilitantPotatoIMO I'd just back everything up and delete both, and create ones in the sizes you want.18:33
crackhead_25_how do i back everything up?18:33
MilitantPotatocopy the files18:34
crackhead_25_copy where if i dont have any more space on hd's?18:34
Dutzzugenii, i have to go now too, *bbl* ... THANKS a lot for your help!! best regards :)18:34
MilitantPotatoThat'd be a problem.   DVD's maybe?18:34
crackhead_25_too much info for just a dvd.. don't have any dvd's either..18:35
MilitantPotatoOk, well It's just a recommendation.18:35
crackhead_25_MilitantPotato: do you know what it means to "image" a drive? is that an option?18:35
MilitantPotatoImage means make an exact copy18:36
MilitantPotatoIf you have a Spare HD laying around that'd be a great move.18:36
crackhead_25_i have no spare.. i thought image might mean a way of taking a picture of the data and compressing that picture so that it doesn't take up nearly as much space.. but stores the data in a different algorithm?18:37
MilitantPotatoIt may, I'm not too sure, might want to read the help :)18:37
crackhead_25_help where?18:37
MilitantPotatoin shell you can type "man programname"18:37
crackhead_25_does anyone else know or can weigh in on this topic??18:37
DownixCore 2 Duo: 32 or 64-bit better for it?18:39
MilitantPotatounless you have a specific need for 64-bit, go for the 32.18:39
MilitantPotatoPerformance wise, the gain from 64bit is not worth mentioning18:40
Downixit's on a laptop so I didn't think it would18:40
MilitantPotatoWell, 32 would be my vote.18:41
LeAstraleif  using anything X-Fi take 64bit18:41
Downixit's a Dell XPS18:41
MilitantPotato64bit needs 32bit firefox for flash support, but that's the only real hassle I had.18:41
=== wesley_ is now known as kurosaki_ichigo
kurosaki_ichigois there a plan to port kdenlive ?18:44
DreadKnightyou know.. the video editor ^^18:46
LeAstraleapparently no one knew DreadKnight18:46
=== administrator__ is now known as cnStarz
cnStarzw00t fresh install of kubuntu18:49
cnStarzis anyone here?18:49
Downixnope, we left for the day18:50
cnStarzim new to linux all together and this is my frist install18:50
LeAstralecnStarz: everyone is hiding from you ;)18:51
cnStarzdoes kde 4.0 come with kubuntu 7.1?18:51
DownixcnStarz: Not by default, no.18:51
DownixcnStarz: KDE4 is newer18:51
LeAstraleno it doesn't (except for the KDE4.0 live cd)18:51
cnStarzis kde4 like another version of kubuntu?18:52
cnStarzor is it an add-on of sort?18:52
LeAstraleKubuntu is just linux with more modules and KDE as desktop18:52
matteohi all18:52
matteoall my icons disappeared18:52
matteoand in kmenu all is repeated twice18:52
DownixKDE is a window manager, one component of the system18:52
cnStarzah ok18:52
LeAstralematteo: lol.. that sounds pretty strange18:53
cnStarzso i install kde within kubuntu18:53
tekstacy'morning all18:53
DownixUbuntu, like any Linux, is incredibly customizable18:53
cnStarzgotcha gotcha18:53
LeAstraleif you want KD4.0 write: sudo apt-get install kde418:53
DownixWe have a wide variety of desktop options, such as KDE, GNOME, OpenStep, Sawtooth, Enlightenment, Black Box, twm2....18:53
DownixI happen to like KDE for work, and Enlightenment for fun18:54
cnStarzwhere do i type that command at?18:54
DownixcnStarz: command prompt.  Menu -> System -> KConsole18:54
marcelhi guys18:54
cnStarzoh i guess in the command prompt lol18:54
marceli'm looking for some software to switch between my screen and additional lcd screen without restart xserver18:55
marcelany ideas?18:55
administrateuryou can buy something to do this no ?18:55
=== administrateur is now known as administrateur__
marcelkubuntu desktop18:55
cnStarzso what exactly is "sudo apt-get install kde4" doing?  is it going out to a server and downloading it, then installing it?18:55
jpatrickcnStarz: yes18:56
jussi01marcel: Urandr18:56
marcelthnx jussi i will try it18:56
jussi01!tab > marcel18:57
Oleanderhelp: how do i restart x server?18:57
cnStarzthis is what happened:18:57
cnStarzadministrator@Kubuntu-Test:~$ sudo apt-get install kde418:57
cnStarz[sudo] password for administrator:18:57
cnStarzReading package lists... Done18:57
cnStarzBuilding dependency tree18:57
cnStarzReading state information... Done18:57
cnStarzE: Couldn't find package kde418:57
jussi01!paste | cnStarz18:57
ubotucnStarz: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:57
cnStarzoops didn't mean to flood the channel18:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tab? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:57
jussi01cnStarz: #kubuntu-kde4 for kde4 support18:57
jussi01marcel: see your private messages18:58
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jussi01!nickspam > administrateur_18:59
marceli'm using konversation18:59
administrateur_ok ok wait plz19:00
administrateur_im trying yo change19:00
jussi01!tab | marcel19:00
ubotumarcel: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:00
jussi01marcel: it works in konversation also :)19:00
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marceljussi01: like this?19:02
jussi01marcel: :)19:02
marceljussi01: ok19:02
jussi01marcel: that makes the text hilight so I see it :)19:02
marceljussi01: so this urandr is related to kde?19:02
marceljussi01: cool i'm not familier with irc19:02
marceljussi01: now i understand:)19:03
e-novieshi every one19:04
jussi01marcel: google is a good friend :)19:04
marceljussi01: i know19:05
marceljussi01: i can tell the same for the other people when they ask me isn't?19:06
marceljussi01: so what is porpose of irc like not quick info from experienced people?19:06
jussi01marcel: its still early in it development stages, so have a look and play first19:07
marceljussi01: ok BTW do you know some other stable apllications for it?19:07
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jussi01marcel: Im sorry, not at the moment19:08
marceljussi01: ok thanx any way i will look around:)19:09
jussi01marcel: good luck :)19:09
Oleanderquestion: if kubuntu says i dont need any restricted drivers for my video card is something really wrong?19:09
marceljoin #ubuntu19:09
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geniiOleander: No, in fact the opposite19:11
Oleandergenii: i have ati 9250 vid card how do i install drivers for kubuntu?19:12
stones`when i start for example kate the console gives me 3 lines of error messages which contain:"... is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0..."19:12
stones`i reinstalled kubuntu and use my old home directory. I think that could be the problem19:13
stones`what can i do?19:14
dazjorzI'm having some problems with wpa_supplicant19:17
dazjorzWPA: 4-Way Handshake failed - pre-shared key may be incorrect19:17
dazjorzIt succeeds in associating, that's about as far as I can get...19:18
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geniiOleander: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide19:22
affanhi All, I installed Kubuntu 7.10 from the CD and after "Fetching Updates" using Adept i found the option of Dist Upgrade. I started the process and it downloaded a bunch of files but now it is hung at the step "Installing Upgrades". Do you know what might the problem be? Can I close it and start it again?19:23
TeeAhr1has anyone else had a problem with losing their virtual consoles since installing kde4? i've been struggling with this for days now.19:24
niallaffan: I you didn't want to have done that :<19:25
niallaffan: there is no dist upgrade from 7.10 yet19:25
dazjorzdoes anybody have a working WPA configuration in wpa_supplicant? It won't work here19:26
affanniall: you are right. I was also confused but i did it anyways... can i shut it down now?19:26
stdinaffan: just update the system normally "Full Upgrade", that'll fix that19:26
ScorpKinghm.. the dist upgrade option should be disbled if there is no upgrade19:26
affanok thanks stdin, niall19:27
jussi01ScorpKing: iirc, its a bug...19:27
stdinScorpKing: old bug, if you remember that far back19:27
niallI had the same problem last night19:27
niallfixed it all now though ;D19:27
rasmusHi, I can't seem to install the new 7.10 gutsy on my desktop.. I get some wierd screen 'fuckups' and then i end up waiting at a black screen with a blinking underscore at the top left corner??19:27
ScorpKingoh. i must have missed that19:28
rasmusI've both tried the normal install and the safe graphics :(19:28
rasmusit does the same19:28
ScorpKing!wtf | rasmus19:28
uboturasmus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.19:28
jussi01rasmus: live or alternate cd? gfx hardware?19:29
rasmusScorpKing: sorry! But i couldn't find a suitable english word for it :( I'm not that good in english, truly sorry19:29
rasmusjussi01: live19:29
rasmusmy gfx is a nvidia fx 590019:29
rasmuspentium 4 2.6 ghz19:29
rasmus1 gig ram19:29
rasmus3 sata disks19:29
affani have a question: is it a modified version of KDE that comes with Kubuntu 7.10? If so, does the Kubuntu team plan of releasing a customized 4.0 version of KDE as well?19:30
rasmusScorpKing: what is the right word for this 'flickering stuff'?19:30
jussi01rasmus: how long did you leave it for?19:30
rasmus10-15 minutes i guess19:30
jussi01rasmus: you just said it... ;)19:30
rasmusjussi01: haha, I have to wait more??19:31
jussi01rasmus: no I was referring to "flickering stuff"19:31
rasmusjussi01: ahh, hehe ok :)19:31
jussi01rasmus: did you check the md5sum of the iso before you burnt it?19:31
ScorpKingrasmus: no idea. any sugestions? :)19:31
rasmusI think i'm a bit irritated as well, I've been trying for ages to get it working now :(19:31
rasmusScorpKing: got it ;)19:31
rasmusI tried to run the 'check cd for defects' and it was ok19:32
rasmusI can check the md5sum ?19:32
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.19:32
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:32
affanWhen doing a *Full Upgrade* I get the following error. Do u know how to fix it?: "There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages."19:32
ScorpKingrasmus: what graphics card do you have in that box?19:32
rasmusScorpKing: Asus Nvidia 5900 FX Geforce19:33
niallaffan: I got that :<19:33
jussi01affan: do you have 3rd party repos enabled?19:33
rasmusIt's been running smothly with edgy before19:33
ScorpKingrasmus: that's the problem. can you take it out while you install?19:33
ScorpKingrasmus: i have the 5500 and it does the same to me19:33
niallaffan: do apt-get install -f19:33
rasmusScorpKing: ehh, then I can't see a thing??19:34
niallaffan: then it'll probably tell you to do something else, do that too ;]19:34
niallaffan: that sorted it for me19:34
rasmusScorpKing: that's wierd.. I havent been experiencing any problems with the other distro's?19:34
ScorpKingrasmus: no onboard graphics?19:34
rasmusScorpKing: nope19:34
affanjussi01: i dont19:34
rasmusit's on a P4C800-E19:34
ScorpKingugh.. :(19:34
rasmusScorpKing: not good?19:34
wesley_does someone know what gOS is?19:35
rasmusjussi01: how do i md5sum in windows?19:35
rasmusjussi01: sorry19:35
jussi01rasmus: lol19:35
rasmusjussi01: didn't see the other html haha19:35
ScorpKingrasmus: the only thing i can think of is to install it with the alternate cd and the log into tty1 after the install and disable or fix it from there19:35
affanjussi01: i dont have any third party entry checked except the CD-ROM line. Do i need to enable anything there?19:35
rasmusScorpKing: where do i get the alternate cd??19:36
niallaffan: do this 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'19:36
ScorpKingrasmus: i'll get you the link. one sec..19:36
jussi01affan: no. see nials comment19:36
rasmusScorpKing: Thanks :D19:37
sigma_1234rasmus: the mirror should have it19:37
niallaffan: then follow up with this: 'sudo apt-get upgrade'19:37
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niallif it asks you a question, answer i19:37
ScorpKingrasmus: here is one mirror - http://mirror.pop-sc.rnp.br/mirror/ubuntu/kubuntu/gutsy/kubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso19:38
rasmusScorpKing: I have the edgy CD, is it dumb to install that, and then update to gutsy from edgy??19:38
jussi01rasmus: I dont recomend it19:38
baseheya guys i got one question related to kde4: how do i enable that flashing effect if somebody sends me a message via kopete and the messenger window is minimized?19:38
Dekkardis there an irc app for kde4 ?19:38
affanthanks niall, jussi01.... i think i should learn apt-get instead of using the GUI....19:39
rasmusjussi01: ok19:39
niallyou'll probably want to reboot or something, if you've updated from a new install there should be a kernel update19:39
ScorpKingrasmus: you might end up with the same problem. i have an idea19:39
rasmusScorpKing: thanks..19:39
rasmusScorpKing: ok19:39
ScorpKingrasmus: when you boot from the livecd press <F6> and take you the words "quiet splash" and then boot it19:40
rasmusScorpKing: ok, ill try 2 sec19:41
ScorpKingrasmus: that should get you to a shell on tty1. from there you can edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and replace nvidia with nv. it should work then19:41
ubuntuwhat type of antivirus program works well with ubuntu?19:41
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2119:41
ubuntuthanks mate19:42
ForgeAusyeah I was reading about one called Winux19:42
ForgeAusDekkard konversation????19:42
rasmusScorpKing: THANK YOU! Now I can see what the installer is loading and dooing :)19:42
ScorpKingrasmus: you're welcome :D19:43
rasmusScorpKing: nv is a nonrestricted driver right??19:43
ForgeAuskopete also does IRC but thats a bit strange19:43
ubuntuI have a problem on my laptop I have installed windows xp and open suse I want to wipe it and only use ubuntu19:43
ubuntuI am a linux beginer19:43
ScorpKingrasmus: yes19:44
nialljust install it again and choose use whole drive or whatever it is19:44
niallthat'll sort it ;]19:44
rasmusScorpKing: I don't see why the installer isn't without the splash and quiet boot??.. Or is it too make it less confusing for 'normal' people?19:44
affanubuntu: do u want to keep windows?19:44
ScorpKingrasmus: for new people. ;)19:44
ubuntuwill that wipe everything?19:44
niallyou might want to keep windows, if you're a beginner19:45
geniiubuntu: Just boot to the cdrom and click the Install icon. It will guide you. Since you don't want the other operating systems choose to use the entire hard drive19:45
rasmusScorpKing: well said haha.. I've always thought of it as beeing kindda cool - even though i only get 10% of what i posts hehe19:45
DekkardForgeAus,  is that a qt4 version?19:45
sigma_1234!info java-common19:45
ubotujava-common: Base of all Java packages. In component main, is optional. Version 0.26ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 75 kB, installed size 360 kB19:45
rasmusScorpKing: It's hanging at 'Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd' ?19:46
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affanhi, i was doing a apt-get upgrade and seems like there is a conflict in the following file: /etc/qt3/qt_plugins_3.3rc. Should I keep my version or over-write with the new one? thanks!19:46
affanhi pp19:46
ppspanish ?19:46
rasmusScorpKing: I have a Canon printer attached, but it's turned off - but stille connected19:46
ScorpKingrasmus: it might take a while. press <ctrl>+<alt>+<f1> to get to tty119:46
ScorpKingrasmus: if it's off it should be fine19:47
ppmy english is bad19:47
rasmusScorpKing: cant get to tty119:47
ppbut write19:47
rasmusScorpKing: It's trying to start KDM19:47
ppI'm problem with Kopete19:47
jussi01pp: what is your native language?19:47
ScorpKingrasmus: keep trying. it will switch back to tty7 when it starts kdm19:47
niall!es | pp19:48
jussi01!es | pp19:48
Ellementhelp plz - just installed kubuntu, plugged ethernet cable in and internet speed is very slow. my lappy which i'm on now which is wirless is way faster. any ideas?19:48
rasmusScorpKing: ok, so I just keep pressing ctrl+alt+f1 :)19:48
jussi01!es | pp19:48
ubotupp: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:48
ScorpKingrasmus: and then enter. ;)19:48
ppspanish mexico19:48
rasmusScorpKing: enter??19:48
ScorpKingrasmus: <RETURN>19:48
jussi01pp: they speak spanish there and can help you in spanish :)19:49
rasmusScorpKing: yes yes, but why?? Doesn't it normally go directly to tty1 when pressing ctrl+alt+f1 ??19:49
nightrowhi, i tried to use the livecd of kubuntu with kde but it failed to boot properly, because xorg didn't find any screen (i have a nividia 8800gt). Any idea of what i need to do ?19:49
ScorpKingrasmus: it goes there but you'll still see all the startup messeges until you press enter19:49
rasmusnightrow: Maybe you should catch on to this conversation - I might have the same problem.. :(19:50
pptengo un problema19:50
rasmusScorpKing: ok19:50
ppcon kopete19:50
jussi01pp: not here19:50
jpatrick!es | pp19:50
ubotupp: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:50
jussi01pp: type : /join #kubuntu-es19:50
jpatrickjussi01: worst bit is he's already there19:50
ppnow install updates19:51
ppwait fixing problem with kopete19:51
ScorpKingrasmus: you in?19:51
rasmusScorpKing: nope, nothing happends :(19:51
ScorpKingrasmus: that's weird19:52
ScorpKingrasmus: i did it this morning again on my laptop19:52
nightrowScorpKing : this same CD worked fine for me in an emulator on windows :/19:52
rasmusScorpKing: I can't get any light in NUMLOCK, so I guess my PC has frozen totally19:53
ScorpKingrasmus: could be. try again ;)19:53
ScorpKingreboot that is19:53
rasmusScorpKing: yes, I've disconnected my printer as well19:54
* ScorpKing waits..19:54
rasmushaha, now I CAN get light in NUMLOCK??19:54
rasmusthats wierd...?19:54
rasmusbut still no tty119:54
rasmusScorpKing: well, I'm rebooting..19:55
ScorpKingrasmus: it the alternate cd for you then19:55
rasmusScorpKing: yea, in 1,2 hours... the mirror is really slow :(19:55
* ScorpKing pass rasmus some coffee while he waits for the download..19:57
rasmusScorpKing: Haha, I'll need a lot of that! I have to study for my project exam this monday as well.. But I can't really get anywhere with a nonworking desktop :(19:58
rasmusScorpKing: Hmm, I managed to get the ubuntu@ubuntu in tty1, but it frose when trying to start KDM and initialising the Unix Printing system cupsd again :(19:58
indystormso how do I login as root on kubuntu?19:59
ScorpKingrasmus: just wait until kdm stops trying and then go back to tty119:59
jussi01!root | indystorm19:59
ubotuindystorm: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:59
rasmusScorpKing: Hmm, how long'll that be??20:00
ScorpKingone or two minutes mb20:00
rasmusScorpKing: maybe this is a similar problem ?20:01
TeeAhr1disregard my buggy fingers20:01
TheAlienon this konversation irc how do I get the chanel list?20:03
ScorpKingrasmus: looks like the same thing to me20:03
niallTheAlien: F5 I think20:03
Ellementhow can i get my belkin 54g usb adapter working, it wont even let me enable it20:04
wadHi, folks. I haven't found where to set my screen resolution under Kubuntu. Help?20:04
wadVersion 7.1020:04
navloplooking on setting up a server wanted to know if anyone still uses webmin20:04
rasmusScorpKing: yea, but the workaround doesn't work for me?? :(20:04
ScorpKingwad: kcontrol20:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdissert - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:04
jpatrick!info kdissert > parkin20:05
rasmusScorpKing: hmm, still can't get into tty120:05
ScorpKingrasmus: nope.. i don't think so.20:05
sigma_i just installed sun-java  jre6 and want to know how to check that my pc is using it and not the opensource java that is included with kubuntu?20:05
ScorpKingrasmus: then that will not work20:05
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.20:05
rasmusScorpKing: Arh, this seriously makes NO sense.. Now the keyboard has locked again?20:06
mulloghi guys20:07
ScorpKingrasmus: the alternate cd seems like the only way. than that solution will work once it's installed20:07
mullogis anybody speaking French ? :p20:07
rasmusScorpKing: Okay, I guess i'll go take a run to get the frustration out then :S20:08
navloppour quoi20:08
rasmusmullog: oui, un peu?20:08
mullogah :p :)20:08
rasmusScorpKing: But thanks anyway :D20:08
navlopHas anyone installed EBox succesfully20:08
mullogen fait, je galère un peu pour monter un disque dur externe USB partitionné en NTFS20:08
ScorpKingrasmus: you're welcome :)20:08
rasmusbye all :)20:09
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navlopHas anyone installed EBox succesfully20:10
mullogEnglish version : I'm having troubles to mount an external USB hard drive in NTFS20:10
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec20:10
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE20:10
indystorm_!root didn't work I'm trying to change things in KDE and cannot do it without root.20:11
mullogwould anybody be so kind to explain me a bit how o ^^20:11
Jeroiwhen I try to make default open dvd software "smplayer %f"20:11
ScorpKing!kdesudo > indystorm_20:11
jpatrick!botabuse > navlop20:11
Jeroismplayer says ecepting file but it is directory20:11
Jeroiwhat kind of command I need to open videodvd from cdrom louncher utility?20:12
TheAlienhow can I put flash on konkeror can someone tell me?20:12
ScorpKingTheAlien: i've installed firefox with it's own flash and now it works in konq as well20:13
TheAlienwow a window just popped up telling me to install a flash plugin20:15
TheAlienits amazing20:15
romunovi need a program to burn an iso file20:18
romunovi thought i had k3b (or something?)20:19
Flare183!k3b | romunov20:19
uboturomunov: k3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto20:19
romunovthought so20:19
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Jeroihello can anyone help?20:27
Jeroiwhen starting "smplayer dvd://1" from bash it will lounch dvd ok20:28
geniiJeroi: Once you state your problem someone may try20:28
Jeroibut with kde3 cdrom open utility, I added new open program smplayer with opening with that command20:29
Jeroibut kiosk says: /media/cdrom0 is folder, exepting file20:29
Jeroismplayer is frontend for mplayer20:30
geniiJeroi: Perhaps then put as the command from kde3 cdrom open utility:   bash smplayer dvd://120:33
JeroiI try20:34
Jeroisame X error20:35
Jeroiexepting file, but cdrom0 is folder20:35
unclemike? whats the difference in the kubuntu alternate 7.10 and the desktop20:38
SlimeyPe1ealternate uses a text-based installer20:38
anne_Hello. I want a program (in this case Akregator) to be started automatically when I login. How to do this?20:38
SlimeyPe1eit requires less RAM to install, and is useful when the livecd doesn't work20:38
unclemikeSlimeyPe1e: but there the same then..just as hevey after installed20:40
seezeranne_: KDE automatically starts everything in ~/.kde/Autostart/20:41
unclemikehow good is kde 4 right now20:41
mueslix<---------> that much20:42
seezeranne_: so place a shell script there or just link akregator there. `ln -s /usr/bin/akregator ~/.kde/Autostart/` should do the trick. this could also be done via dolphin etc20:42
SlimeyPe1eunclemike: yes, though with the alternate CD I *think* you don't get X to begin with (I haven't used it in a while)20:44
SlimeyPe1eunclemike: kde4 is fun to try out but is not ready yet20:45
stdinalternate CD installs the same stuff as the desktop, only the server install CD differs20:45
SlimeyPe1estdin: oh yes, I remember now.20:45
romunovSlimeyPe1e: what's wrong with kde 4.0?20:47
gab_ciao c'e qualche italiano?20:48
SlimeyPe1eromunov: it's buggy, very few apps are ported properly yet, it still can't autosize windows properly (the taskbar overlaps them), changing theme crashes it20:48
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!20:48
SlimeyPe1eromunov: looks like it'll be very good once they've finished it though :)20:48
anne_seezer: Can you explain it more detailed (I don't wanna ask my husband again who would open a black konsole window and type something I never could repeat ...)?20:49
geniiJeroi: Googling on your smplayer issue shows there are many people who also cannot get smplayer to auto-play dvds. You may consider switching to kmplayer instead20:49
Jeroiyou mean lounchin dvd from cdopening utility?20:50
Jeroior real autoplay when loading dvd into drive?20:50
Jeroi"new media is there"20:51
seezeranne_: open dolphin (Home Folder); click view->Show Hidden Files; go to .kde/ and then Autostart/20:51
Jeroi"What do you want to do?"20:51
seezeranne_: tell me when you're there :)20:51
anne_seezer: ok20:51
geniiJeroi: kmplayer has autoplay option which pre-empts the "What do you want to do" menu from ever appearing20:51
JeroiI dont want that20:52
anne_seezer: (using konqueror btw)20:52
seezeranne_: ok works the same way20:52
JeroiI want my player to be that task list20:52
sssdoes any1 know how much disk space does KDE4 + dependencies take up? since kde4 is living along with 3.5 (for now), Im worried20:52
Jeroisometimes I want to open dvd folder20:52
Odd-rationaleanne_: I have akregator open on login by not closing it when I log out.20:52
geniiJeroi: You can turn off the autoplay feature in kmplayer also.20:52
anne_Odd-rationale: I set my session to start clean.20:53
Jeroidoes it add itself to cdrom open utlitiyt?20:53
Odd-rationaleanne_: Oh, too bad... ;)20:53
seezeranne_: you have a konqueror window at ~/.kde/Autostart open?20:54
Odd-rationaleanne_: Just ln -s akregator to your ~/.kde/Autostart then.20:54
geniiJeroi: Yes, kmplayer adds itself to the "Open with" context menu20:56
seezeranne_: then open another konqueror (or split view) at /usr/bin ; there drag 'akregtor' to the Autostart directory and choose 'link here'20:56
geniiSorry for lag, at work and they require me on and off20:57
smerilhow can i install java?21:00
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.21:00
Pollywogsome packages have as deps a lot of texlive packages for languages I do not use.... is there a way to avoid having to download them to install the packages?21:01
PollywogI want to avoid a lot of cruft, in other words21:02
smerilis it wise to use limewire with linux?21:03
anne_seezer: Ok, it worked. Is there no easier way? I (as a user) never wanted to see things like /usr/bin folders ...21:04
affanhi all, i installed flashplugin-nonfree for firefox but it doesnt show up in the browser when i do about:plugins... do you have any ideas? thanks!21:05
Odd-rationale!flash | affan21:05
seezeranne_: it is. just remember "ln -s `which akregator` ~/.kde/Autostart/" :)21:05
ubotuaffan: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash21:05
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.21:05
Odd-rationaleanne_: Or just save your sessions when you logout. :)21:06
smerilwhy does kopeate crash all the time error code 1121:07
Chousukeit has a bug21:07
smerilhow can i fix it?21:07
=== cva_ is now known as cva
Chousukeyou might need a debugger and some programming expertise.21:08
Chousukealternatively, you might have something else triggering the bug.21:08
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:08
anne_seezer: I really like working with kubuntu. But I don't ever want to type commands on a black text konsole or read source code. Don't misunderstand me, the whole open source thing is great. But I need it as simple as possible ...21:10
jussi01smeril: is it a new install?21:10
Odd-rationaleaffan: I also had trouble installing the flash plugin. What I did was purge the flashplugin-nonfree package and used a libflashplayer.so I found on the kubuntuforums.net21:12
seezeranne_: that's why i explained you the konqueror-way. but thats how it is for the moment.. have no better idea, sorry.21:12
smerilnothing works to install I am not happy I tried with a msn limewire etc21:13
jussi01how do you tell if a file is a symlink from the command line?21:13
Odd-rationalejussi01: ln -s is symlink21:14
seezerjussi01: ls -l filename21:14
smerilthis is also my first use since I installed ubuntu from cd when i was installing it asked me to update but my ethernet cable wasnt plugged in21:14
jussi01seezer: thanks, thats what im looking for :)21:14
seezerjussi01: notice the "l" at the beginning21:15
jussi01seezer: got it figured, just got to remember how to update an alternative - I want qmake to point to qmake-qt4 ;)21:16
seezersudo update-alternatives --help21:16
* jussi01 hug seezer 21:16
seezerbetter gimme something against my cold :)21:18
affanOdd-rationale: thanks for your help. I just downloaded the tar.gz from adobe's website and ran the install script as root21:18
Odd-rationaleaffan: Let me know if it works.21:18
affanOdd-rationale: that did it for me.... but i will purge the flashplugin-nonfree21:19
affanOdd-rationale: yes it worked for me21:19
affanthe best way to see is enter "about:plugins" in the firefox address bar21:19
affanHello All: every time i start my computer i have to enter the password in Kwallet to be able to connect to the wireless router.... is there a way i can have it save the password like WinXP?21:20
jussi01seezer: feel like giving me a bit more of a clue?? that help file doesnt read well (or more likely, i dont read it well)21:21
seezerjussi01: `sudo update-alternatives --list qmake` shows your available alternatives21:22
seezer--display is even more detailed21:22
seezer--config qmake would give you the possibility to change them21:23
jussi01seezer: thanks a lot :)21:24
seezerbut i guess you will not only want to change qmake but also designer, assistant, uic, moc, linguist, lupdate, lrelease21:25
jussi01seezer: no. I plan to change it back as soon as this build is done ;)21:27
seezerfeel free ;)21:27
=== tygrysekl is now known as ChakatLwiczka
kreibhow do you hold back one of all the packages apt-get wants to upgrade when doing apt-get update?21:36
smerilI am looking for video support21:38
smerilfor youtube google video avi mpeg etc21:38
=== sivaji is now known as joomla
=== joomla is now known as sivaji
=== smeril is now known as sthlm_08
sthlm_08any suggestions?21:40
Flare183Is there a flash player for kde?21:43
emilsedghFlare183: nspluginviewer works, also kmplayer has flash support i think.Gnash has a KDE client named Knash too21:44
Flare183alright thanks21:44
sthlm_08dont use nspluginviewer21:47
sigma_how do I embed adobe acrobat reader into konqueror? so that it opens embedded pdf files on websites and not kpdf21:48
sigma_sthlm_08: why shouldnt we use that package?21:49
sthlm_08crash warning21:49
sthlm_08kopeate also crash for me21:50
sigma_sthlm_08: do you know how i can embed acrobat reader into konqueror otherwise?21:50
=== scott_ is now known as sco50000
olddude67sigma cant you add it like an add on?21:52
sigma_olddude67: what do you mean?21:53
olddude67open up browser, go to tools and go to addons21:53
blind_guardianhi all21:54
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion21:54
blind_guardianthanks kubuntu21:54
sigma_olddude67: i dont have the "addons" section, how do i get it?21:54
olddude67sigma, i thought i seen it in there but im not sure.21:55
olddude67ah hold on that was for firefoz21:55
olddude67firefox also21:55
sigma_olddude67: i think it works in firefox by default, but can't konq use firefox plugins?21:56
fairmanHi, i have problem with bluetooth. I have HP 6720s with Kubuntu 7.10. The bluetooth server does not recognize integrated bluetooth and the command "hcitool scan" does not recognized too. I suppose the bluetooth is maybe offline, is any way how to "wake up" bluetooth?21:57
fairmanOk, i am stupid :) it is /etc/init.d/bluetooth start22:00
yeniklasorrI cannot get start my tv tuner card cause of my ati video card. It says "No  YUY2 overlay support from your video card"22:04
wesleywhen i try the text to speech in konqueror its says cant reach dbus22:07
jussi01wesley: #kubuntu-kde4 for kde4 support22:10
smerilär det någon som har en enkel installations guide för ubuntu?22:11
=== smeril is now known as sthlm_smalm
sthlm_smalmi am looking for a simpel installation guide for linux22:12
=== vbgunz__ is now known as vbgunz
DarthFrogHi folks.22:17
DarthFrogWhere is Kmail in KDE4???22:17
SSJ_GZDarthFrog: http://software-libre.rudd-o.com/KDE_4.0.0_emergency_FAQ#Is_KDEPIM_.28Kontact.2C_KMail_etc.29_available_for_KDE_4.0.0.3F22:21
odladoes compiz in kubuntu work well?22:22
Blaenkhey how can I do compiz in kde, I did compiz -replace and I got the effects but no window borders22:22
Tecumsehit does work, however some people have had problems with it22:22
TecumsehI have it running without problems combined with emerald22:23
Blaenkno yes, I've had it work before...22:23
Blaenkwhat I did was made it not use metacity for window borders, within gconf-editor, but I no longer see that option there22:23
odlaTecumseh: ok ... i think the only distro i've used that doesn't have problems with compiz in kde has been mandriva22:23
TecumsehBlaenk: install emerald en do "compiz --replace && emerald --replace"22:23
Blaenkoh, I need emerald, how would I start emerald22:23
Blaenkohhh thanks22:23
BlaenkI appreciate it22:23
Tecumseho and for some reason i have added another option to it to resolve a bug I found: "compiz --replace --ignore-desktop-hints && emerald --replace"22:24
wesleyWorld Of Warcraft can you play that on linux with wine22:24
BlaenkTecumseh: works now thanks22:25
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion22:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bier - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:26
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion22:34
val0if i install KDE4-core packages will my kde3 packages be automatically removed?22:34
odlaval0: nope ... read the announcement22:35
SlimeyPe1eval0: kde4 will be installed alongside kde3 so that you can choose it at login22:36
val0i just read it and i am very new to linux so pardon the silly questions22:37
odlaval0: if you're new to linux ... i'd recommend staying with kde322:37
val0odla: any particular reasons for that?22:37
SlimeyPe1eval0: there are no silly questions, we're here to help :)22:38
odlaval0: lots of reasons ... you can read about them on planet kde ... but i'd suffice it to say that kde4 is not quite ready for day to day use ... particularly for someone new ot linux22:38
odlaval0: it may look really nice ... but so does kde3 :)22:39
val0SlimeyPele: thanks :D22:39
DreadKnightkde4 is not ready for public use to say so, it's something like vista :D22:40
val0odla: I was just reading up on it on kde.org and i didn't get the sense that it wasn't ready for everyday use, and thought that it was a logical update22:40
DreadKnightbut i see a bright future for it, i use it even if it's unpolished/unstable22:40
val0DreadKnight: if it's something like Vista i want nothing to do with it22:40
val0i started using linux because of vista22:41
DreadKnightval0: well it's open source, and way better let's say22:41
DreadKnightval0: me 2 :)22:41
=== jontec__ is now known as jontec
SlimeyPe1eval0: the KDE folks reckon it's ready, but so far pretty much the entire Linux world has disagreed with them ;)22:41
odlaval0: i'd say it's more buggy than vista at the momeny22:41
SlimeyPe1eval0: wait for kde4.1, judging by kde3/3.1 it'll be much more mature and ready to use.22:42
vbgunzI have a serious internet connection issue. I have a broadband internet connection connected through a wired ethernet. my connection drops a lot and I always have to run "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" ... how could I address this??22:42
ubotuvista is the new operating system by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org and !windows22:42
DreadKnightval0: my same oppinion, wait for 4.122:42
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents22:42
val0SlimeyPele: cool, thanks for the advice guys22:42
DreadKnightlol, the first launchpad bug :)) hehe22:42
val0first myself and then my g/f made the switch to linux22:43
DreadKnighti converted mom... but she's on ubuntu22:43
DreadKnightdad reverted to xp...22:43
DreadKnightand it's like a painting... you just stare at it.. it takes ages to open a folder xD22:44
val0DreadKnight: i've been using m$ products most of my life and only recently (due to age i suspect) realized that i'd much rather spend time reading and learing about something than chase keygens/cracks/etc for the M$ system22:45
DreadKnightnon geeks don't know anything about avoiding viruses and other infections.. and maintaining a windows OS22:45
MaskedOneSo I'm trying to install PlaneShift on Kubuntu 7.10 and the linux client download comes in .bin file, wtf?22:45
DreadKnightval0: same here.. i didn't knew linux existed even before vista.. then i converted to open source software to make the change.. and switched to ubuntu :) it was worth it...22:46
fairmanPlease, how to install kernel 2.6.22-12 along 2.6.22-14?22:46
DreadKnightval0: i have a moral issue by using non  free applications...22:46
* odla hopes DreadKnight doesn't have non-free hardware 22:46
val0DreadKnight: speaking of which, virus/malware was the straw that broke the camel's back and we moved to linux, virtumundo to be exact, a really nasty downloader that destroyed all of our machines22:46
MaskedOneAnyway to extract a .bin into something usable to install PlaneShift?22:46
val0DreadKnight: lol, i have the same issue, but it only realised itself with age22:47
DreadKnightval0: may i ask how old are you? :)22:47
DreadKnightval0: i'm going for 21 myself, using oss for about 2 years now i think ^^22:47
DreadKnighti've been living a lie.. happy that i've seen the light :D22:48
MaskedOneMust be the official switch to Linux Age, I'm 22 :D22:48
val0DreadKnight: I am 28, the lady is 25... my dad is a M$ support monkey making crazy $$$ doing it so i just followed him blindly22:48
vbgunzI have a serious internet connection issue. I have a broadband internet connection connected through a wired ethernet. my connection drops a lot and I always have to run "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" ... how could I address this??22:49
val0woah, you guys are young! i have lots of catching up to do22:49
DreadKnightval0: pff.. dads... it seems they provide by all means, no moral issues...22:49
DreadKnightval0: many happy years ahead :)22:49
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:50
djdarkman(Reading database ... dpkg: error processing virtualbox-ose (--remove):22:50
djdarkman files list file for package `virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic' is missing final newline22:50
djdarkmandpkg: ../../src/packages.c:252: process_queue: Assertion `!queuelen' failed.22:50
djdarkmannow what?22:50
MaskedOneI'm trying to get support but since no one is offering it I'm chatting :D22:50
DreadKnightardchoille: don't be a party breaker :))22:50
ardchoilleDreadKnight: Then please comply with our !guidelines :)22:50
val0DreadKnight: I certainly hope so... but speaking with him about it he has a good point about linux and that's lack of offical immidiate support/single vendor issue22:50
djdarkmanI told apt to remove, something that has an error, why doesn`t it do what I told it?22:50
DreadKnightval0: true, but as more people use this, the knowledge spreads better = more support... something like that22:51
MaskedOneSo anyone know how to extract .bin files into something usefull?22:52
DreadKnightMaskedOne: well, you could burn them, or22:52
DreadKnightMaskedOne: mounth them with acetoneISO22:52
djdarkmanI mean this is imposible, apt complains about a package, that`s no problem, but it doesn`t let me remove it, then what can I do, format my harddis?22:52
MaskedOneyou can burn a .bin like a .iso?22:53
DreadKnightMaskedOne: bin = disc image format22:53
DreadKnightdjdarkman: sudo apt-get remove -f PACKAGE_NAME22:53
MaskedOneah didn't know that, interesting thanks, I'll mount away :D22:53
DreadKnightdjdarkman: sudo apt-get purge PAC_NAME22:54
val0DreadKnight: true, but due to so many different flavours and an absolutely astronomical number of programs that do the same thing it is very hard for proffesionals to rap their heads around them22:54
val0DreadKnight: m$ has one of each and that's all you get to use22:54
djdarkmandjdarkman@Darknet2:~$ sudo apt-get remove -f virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic22:54
djdarkmanE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.22:54
MaskedOnehmm take it AcetoneISO is not in the repos?22:54
djdarkmanand then22:54
djdarkmandjdarkman@Darknet2:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a22:54
DreadKnightval0: it's up to you to make a change then, this is my theory and i stick to it22:54
djdarkmanand after that same error22:55
DreadKnightMaskedOne: true, but i've used g-mount .. or some other one for kde...22:55
DreadKnightdjdarkman: hmm... restart? :P22:55
* djdarkman hates when programs start to think istead of the user, and not doing what they were asked for...22:55
val0DreadKnight: true enough, and I've made that step... I've been have a pretty steep learning curve tho, mostly due to my g/f's need for everything immediately22:56
MaskedOneg-mount it is :D thanks again22:56
djdarkmanso this means that I have to format my harddrive like the windows users or is there a solution for this?22:56
val0DreadKnight: my advice to your guys, either gets a linux box or a g/f, since you won't have time for both :D22:57
Odd-rationaleval0: I go with a linux box.22:57
MaskedOneI have a Wife and Linux :D22:57
DreadKnightval0: yeah... my ex wastes a lot of my energy (i like to consider it my "ex" so i can fool myself i'm making some progress getting my life back)22:57
Odd-rationaleLinux is cheaper.22:57
MaskedOneThats true22:57
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
val0that's too funny, and who says geeks don't have a sense of humour22:58
DreadKnightIR GEEK22:58
djdarkmanwhat does this mean in english "files list file for package `virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic' is missing final newline"?22:58
MaskedOneso Gmount only has an option to mount .iso's22:59
MaskedOneany ideas?22:59
Odd-rationaledjdarkman: Have you tried asking in #vbox?22:59
jussi01 Hei everyone, got a small problem - both koffice and open office display incorrect characters when i use finnish specific letters such as ä and ö22:59
jussi01any ideas on a fix?22:59
SlimeyPe1edjdarkman: it means that the files list for the package is missing a newline (similar to carriage-return) character at the end22:59
MaskedOnelook up some new fonts?22:59
djdarkmanOdd-rationale: no because it`s an apt issue, I think I had filelsystem corruption, and now I don`t want that package23:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:00
jussi01MaskedOne: the font im using should have these letters... it does everywhere else ive seen it ( arial)23:00
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter23:00
dogsoldieri use kubuntu and had to do a reinstall. when i go to youtube or myspace video i get a gray box and cant see the videos. what do i need to do please?23:00
djdarkmanSlimeyPe1e: yes but how can I remove the packe so that apt could leave me in peace?23:00
val0MaskedOne: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/you-can-now-mount-bincue-files-daemon-tools-equivalent-90498/23:01
DreadKnightdogsoldier: flash broken for konqueror23:01
ardchoille!flash | dogsoldier23:01
ubotudogsoldier: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash23:01
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.23:01
MaskedOneyeah is a .bin file and gmount only does iso i guess23:01
SlimeyPe1edjdarkman: does dpkg --remove work?23:01
dogsoldierk ty23:02
DreadKnightMaskedOne: heh xD get acetoneiso... i guess it's a deb on getdeb.net not sure23:02
djdarkmansam error23:03
djdarkmansame errorr23:03
djdarkmanis there a way to manualy remove it from the database?23:03
SlimeyPe1edjdarkman: try --force-remove23:03
FahuadaiHello. I'm having some hard drive problems. My IDE disk concerned is not being recognised by BIOS or ubuntu. I've checked the cables and the jumpers. any ideas?23:03
val0MaskedOne: why don't you just convert your .bin to an .iso and mount that?23:03
MaskedOnelol didn't have to mount it at all23:04
MaskedOnejust did a chmod 75523:04
CeLt1c420hey guys!!!23:04
=== sergio_ is now known as sevon
MaskedOnethen ./file23:06
CeLt1c420could I trouble one of you ever slightly? Are there any colleges anyone knows that I can get a email at ?23:06
djdarkmanSlimeyPe1e: how?23:06
CeLt1c420without being a student?23:06
SlimeyPe1edjdarkman: hrm, scratch that, sorry. I thought that was an option but the manpage doesn't mention it.23:06
SlimeyPe1edjdarkman: I'm not sure what the solution is, sorry.23:08
SlimeyPe1edpkg can be flippin' annoying when it breaks23:08
FahuadaiI'm having some hard drive problems. My IDE disk concerned is not being recognised by BIOS or ubuntu. I've checked the cables and the jumpers. any other things i could try to test?23:08
wadIs there any way to use kopete with a proxy?23:08
djdarkmanyes SlimeyPe1e , don`t know how could they not taught of this issue23:09
SlimeyPe1eFahuadai: is it on its own cable, ie not sharing with another drive?23:09
martin---hi all23:09
martin---I have a very strange problem with which I hope someone can help23:10
Fahuadaiit's sharing, the disk is the slave position with slave jumper. the master disk is working fine23:10
djdarkmancan someone tell me where does this ultra-smart dpkg keeps it`s file lists?23:10
DreadKnightmartin---: just tell us xD23:11
SlimeyPe1eFahuadai: try disconnecting the other drive. Sounds silly I know but I've had drives appear to drown each other out before.23:11
=== ubuntu_ is now known as kenneth08
* djdarkman thinks that it`s very stupid for 21th century programs to look for final newlines like old 30+ year old compilers23:12
Fahuadaiand putting the unworking drive jumpered and positioned to master?  (i'm currently on the machine and have my / partitions on a new sata)23:13
SlimeyPe1eFahuadai: yeah23:13
SlimeyPe1eI can't guarantee that this is the problem, but it'll at least rule out any interference by the other drive23:13
val0Fahuadai: You have master/slave HDs on IDE1 and CD-Rom drive on IDE2?23:14
SlimeyPe1eotherwise, you may just have a duff disk23:14
=== antonio__ is now known as kamanyero
FahuadaiYes val0.23:14
Fahuadaiand booting from a sata23:14
val0Fahuadai: booting from sata HD?23:14
Fahuadaithis problematic disk is my old /.  (brought some new hardware)23:14
kamanyeroHELLO EVERY ONE, i upgraded to gutsy gibbon, but compiz does show only ONE desk insted of a full cube, how do i fixit_23:15
kenneth08Hello! I want to try out Kubuntu with KDE 4.0 on my laptop but Im not sure whats the best way to do so. Is it better to install the "normal" Kubuntu with KDE 3.5 and then add the KDE 4.0 repository or install it from the Kubuntu KDE 4.0 Live-CD if that's possible?23:15
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Do you have ccsm installed?23:15
val0Fahuadai: your set up is IDE1 is HD master and HD slave and IDE 2 is a CD-Rom master?23:15
kamanyeroit does not say that23:15
Odd-rationalekenneth08: The first option is better.23:15
val0Fahuadai: so you have total of 3 HDs?23:16
kenneth08Odd-rationale: ok, thank you very much!23:16
kamanyeroit says advanced desktop effects settings, but appears compiz manager23:16
Fahuadaiyes, config'd like so:  sda1 = / and boot.  hda on ide1 is master and working. hdb is faulty disk slave on ide1.  two cd drives working and jumpered fine on ide223:16
martin--I need some help with my wireless23:16
martin--Somehow networkmanager does get through the IP activation stage23:17
Odd-rationalekamanyero: In order to configure your desktop effects, you need ccsm (compizconfig-settings-manager)23:17
martin--It stays on with this message: Activation stage: IP configuration started23:17
val0Fahuadai: try disconnecting the CD-Rom drives and reboot23:17
val0Fahuadai: if that doesn't work do the HD swap thing23:17
martin--If i look in the syslog i see DHCP exists without getting an IP adress23:18
FahuadaiI repeat that the BIOS is not seeing the drive either23:18
martin--however, when doing a dhclient3 eth1 reuest by hand I do get an IP adress and the wireless works23:18
val0Fahuadai: guys correct me if i am wrong, but if your bios doesn't see it the chances are really slim that the os will23:19
val0Fahuadai: get the BIOS to see it first23:19
alainslt à tous23:19
kamanyeroOdd-rationale, it appears the same23:19
Fahuadaithat's what i'm fearing.23:19
kamanyeroboth commans appear the window of compiz manager23:19
kamanyerocube is selectend and turn cube also is selected, and ring switcher, etc23:20
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Open ccsm. and go to general options (it should be near the top.23:20
kamanyeroccsm is open,23:20
kamanyeroand the cube checkbox is activated23:21
Odd-rationalekamanyero: are you in "general options"23:21
kamanyerobut it does not apperr a  cube,  appears a single  sheet23:21
martin--this problem seems to have merged when an update of a package I candellatsni saw rebmemer t'23:21
val0Fahuadai: another issue i had with an HD was that BIOS didn't see it because once the machine crashed on my the flag was set on the HD that prevented it from being used untill a scandisk was ran23:21
martin--any ideas?23:21
JellySandPaperI am now registered23:22
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Go to the "General Options" settings then to the desktop tab. From there you should be able to configure the number of desktops23:22
Fahuadaithe problem orginally came about as i moved the disk from the master of one machine to the slave of another and like a fool i forgot the jumper at first so BIOS incorrectly displayed as single drive. i shut down, corrected my mistake but now the drive is not seen at all.23:23
crackhead_25_how do i tell cdrecord to access a second cdrom? everytime i do cdrecord -format /dev/hdc.. (supposedly to access the second cdrom).. it seems to still access the first cdrom drive i have..23:24
val0Fahuadai: hmmm, well, like i said remove the CDrom from IDE 2 and reboot, see if that works, if that doesn't swap the drives and let us know what the results were23:25
Fahuadai1logged on other machine.23:25
kamanyeroim in general, but i dont find where to configure the number of desktops23:26
JellySandPaper—› (#ubuntu)<theroue> What's the state of Ubuntu gutsy's support of EFI during installation on MacBook/MacBook Pros?23:27
DreadKnightkamanyero: kde4?23:27
JellySandPaper—› (#ubuntu) PriceChild (n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild) has joined #ubuntu23:27
JellySandPaper—› (#ubuntu) unicum (n=unicum@x0541a.wh7.tu-dresden.de) has joined #ubuntu23:27
JellySandPaper—› (#ubuntu)<theroue> Does gutsy's GRUB work with EFI?23:27
ubotuHelp! Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, jussi01 or ardchoille!23:27
JellySandPaper—› (#ubuntu)<theroue> Or should another bootloader be used?23:27
kamanyerowhere do i check  the version of KDE? i just have upgraded to gutsy a few minutes ago23:28
crackhead_25_what's the command to see all the cdrom's currently accessible via console??23:28
DreadKnightkamanyero: does it looks like vista or not? black bar ?23:28
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SlimeyPe1ekamanyero: it's kde3.523:28
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Were you able to the cube working?23:29
kamanyerothe icon says advanced desktop effects settings,23:29
kamanyeroand when i click it, appears compiz config settings manager23:29
kamanyerocube and rotating cube checkboxes are activated23:30
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Did you go to general options?23:30
kamanyeroyes, i went there23:30
DicksEverywhereDCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 023:30
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Were you able to adjust the no. of desktops?23:31
FaiDillinGerhi there23:31
crackhead_25_can anyone help?? how do i see the two cd/dvd drives i have in my system so that i can use cdrecord on them??23:33
kamanyeroOdd-rationale, the cssm has no option to change the number of desktops23:34
crackhead_25_how do i see the various cd and dvd drives i have in my system? what's the console command??23:35
Odd-rationalekamanyero: I'm quite sure that there is. Look in general options. It should be the seconf or third tab.23:35
kamanyeroOdd-rationale, the desktop configuration lets me choose the numbero f desktops, but they dont make it appear a cube, is appears the single sheet, that rotates like the cube, and has refection23:36
Odd-rationalekamanyero: Set the Hor. to 4, the Ver. to 1 and the No of desktops to 1.23:36
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Odd-rationalekamanyero: Does that work now?23:38
JOHN-BRalgum brasileiro aqui?23:39
kamanyerosorry, i still havenot find wher to change the number of desktops23:39
kamanyeroim checking it carefully one by one23:39
JOHN-BRnão consigo colocar minha hp1020 para funcionar23:39
JOHN-BRhow can i put my hplaserjet 1020 to work23:40
PriceChild!br | JOHN-BR23:40
ubotuJOHN-BR: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.23:40
Odd-rationalekamanyero: I wish I was there to help you. Maybe the ccsm screen looks different...23:42
redI've installed VMware and I have a spare virtual machine, I want to install etch but when I start the machine with the etch install disk in the drive I get a failure. I think I've got the CD settings right, shouldn't it be trying to read from the CD?23:45
kamanyeroOdd-rationale, heey i found it23:46
kamanyerojejeejeje, i was doing somethin wrong sorry23:46
val0Fahuadai1: sorry i was AFK, did you manage to do what we advised?23:46
kamanyeroOdd-rationale, sorry, the number of desktops does not make the cube appear23:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adept-fix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:49
hdevalencehow do I fix it after adept crashes?23:49
ubotuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto23:49
NickPresta!aptfix | hdevalence23:49
ubotuhdevalence: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »23:49
hdevalencei knew there was a factoid...23:50
Fahuadai1val0 the disk was found after making solo master. just put back in and bios detected it. just about to boot with both drives to see if OS detects23:51
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val0Fahuadai1: ok cool23:53

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