Rinchenrjek, we've had a bi tof a delay with the imports this week00:22
Rinchenrjek, they should be processing normally now00:23
rjekWooyay.  Ta.00:23
jeevan_ullasguys, i just created a account on launchpad and i was wondering how to join a project there?00:39
jameshjeevan_ullas: what do you want to do exactly?00:56
jamesh(I ask because "join a project" means different things to different people)00:57
jeevan_ullasto upload stuff to project's devel branch. but yeah i have figured that out00:57
jeevan_ullaswaiting for moderator approval00:57
jameshnote that you can upload your own branches on Launchpad without being associated with the project00:58
jeevan_ullasokay. that's great.00:59
jameshwith Bazaar, it is trivial for those changes to then be merged into the mainline branch01:00
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pooliempt, woot, thanks for fixing the bug colors!01:57
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Manfrehow do i generate an sshv2 key to use for pushing back to launchpad? I'm on windows02:58
somerville32Manfre, http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/03:00
somerville32Download the keygen application03:00
andrewsk1i just reported a bug that turns out to be a duplicate of a private bug (marked a security problem?)... don't really think it's a security problem... any way to get that bug unlocked so i could contribute?04:25
andrewsk1my bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hugin/+bug/18368104:25
Hobbseeandrewsk1: fixed04:27
andrewsk1oh, that was easy!04:27
Hobbsee(you needed a member of MOTU or ubuntu core dev)04:27
andrewsk1yeah, makes sense... why does that happen from time to time? people unnecessarily ticking the box?04:28
RAOFApport automatically ticks the box when it uploads a coredump, and if the apport-retracer on LP doesn't get a successfull backtrace it doesn't delete the coredump or untick the box?04:31
andrewsk1ah, gotcha04:32
RAOFAnd you really do want the box ticked when it's your coredump on there :)04:32
andrewsk1yeah, totally04:32
HobbseeRAOF: actually, it doesn't seem to unmark it at all04:33
Hobbseei'm not sure why04:33
andrewsk1Hobbsee: well, my bug wasn't marked private?04:33
Hobbseeandrewsk1: hm, true04:33
* Hobbsee wonders how old the other bug was then04:33
RAOFHobbsee: Hm.  I thought mine seemed to get unmarked on successful retrace.04:33
andrewsk1Hobbsee: 14 hours old04:33
andrewsk1and yeah, RAOF, that sounds similar to what i would've said04:34
HobbseeRAOF: they might well be now04:34
andrewsk1apport was successful with my bug, but i did go out of my way to install debugging packages appropriate to the package in question04:34
andrewsk1ok, that's all i needed... reported the bug upstream. my work here is done for now.04:37
andrewsk1thanks Hobbsee :)04:37
HobbseeDarkMageZ: is known bug.06:06
Hobbsee(the 404)06:06
Hobbseedeemed at low, iirc.06:06
Hobbseeso don't expect a fix for a couple of years :)06:07
DarkMageZbut i can't check my email until i get that file...06:18
DarkMageZor until seb128 fixes the evolution package06:18
Hobbseeif you can find it in librarian, good luck to you06:28
HobbseeDarkMageZ: what was it, again?06:29
DarkMageZHobbsee, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/evolution/2.21.4-0ubuntu1/+files/evolution_2.21.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz06:29
Hobbseehm, parent page has changed agian, and still is less useful than the original06:31
HobbseeDarkMageZ: i believe the answer is "too bad.  no file for you"06:32
HobbseeDarkMageZ: and that fujitsu filed a bug on it ages ago06:32
HobbseeDarkMageZ: try to find someone with a local mirror06:32
Hobbseewho might still have those files06:32
DarkMageZisn't this a violation of the gpl? i think the bug should be fixed.06:33
HobbseeDarkMageZ: is it actually being distributed anymore?  the source was published when the binaries were.06:33
DarkMageZHobbsee, yes. i can still grab the binaries :P06:34
HobbseeDarkMageZ: where from?06:34
HobbseeLP is hiding them from me, apparently06:34
Hobbseeoh, i see06:34
Hobbseenow, iirc, you can guess the librarian URLs, as it's one more or less than the changes file06:35
Hobbseeie, they go thru incrementally06:35
Hobbseeso seeing http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10946079/evolution_2.21.4-0ubuntu1_i386.changes may help06:35
Hobbseeof course, ti would be nice if htey actually fixed the bug.  but it's not deemed important enough06:35
Hobbseeoh wait, that's not even source changes.  that won't help06:36
HobbseeDarkMageZ: so, you're screwed.06:37
Hobbseehah.  nice @ bug 40406:38
ubotuBug 404 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/404 is private06:38
DarkMageZthe gpl protects my rights to access source(code & packaging are under gpl) in this case. does ubuntu have legal representatives in australia? maybe that'd raise the priority a bit.06:40
HobbseeDarkMageZ: i'm sorry - you appear to be under the impression that i actually work on launchpad?06:41
DarkMageZi know you don't work for them :p thought you might possibly know tho.06:41
Hobbseefor some reason, i can't even file the bug, but fujitsu has talked of it repeatedly.06:42
Hobbseeer, find the bug06:42
* Hobbsee cannot fix your problem06:42
Hobbseemrevell might be able to get the appropriate person to give it a priority boost.06:42
HobbseeDarkMageZ: to answer your question, i have no idea06:46
HobbseeDarkMageZ: you could always file a bug on launchpad about it violating the GPL. 06:51
Hobbseeand see if that does anything06:51
Hobbseeespecially if you do it when the europeans are actually awake06:51
DarkMageZhmm. that could be interesting06:54
DarkMageZi'll ask fujitsu about the original bug on it tho. file a comment there about ubuntu's gpl violation.06:54
HobbseeDarkMageZ: i'm not sure that you can blame ubuntu for launchpad scrweing up it's links, and not fixing them.07:00
HobbseeDarkMageZ: although, as you say, it's ubuntu's gpl violation, not launchpad07:01
HobbseeDarkMageZ: he's away for at least another week and a half07:01
DarkMageZah. but ubuntu uses launchpad as it's web ui for source distribution. makes ubuntu responsible possibly? (also ubuntu's head company runs launchpad?)07:02
HobbseeDarkMageZ: ubuntu runs launchpad by force, not by choice (excluding the choice of the powers that be)07:04
HobbseeDarkMageZ: actually, if you did that, it'd just get marked as won'tfix on ubuntu side, as they don't have access to the code.07:05
DarkMageZi'll file it against launchpad. cause it's a launchpad bug. but technically it's ubuntu violating the gpl.07:05
Hobbseesolution:  ubuntu moves away from launchpad, back to bugzilla.07:08
Hobbseeor something else07:08
Hobbseethat would be interesting.07:08
somerville32What if all the non-canonical employees started to use something hosted by Ubuntuwire? That would be so weird.07:09
Hobbseesomerville32: then ubuntuwire would need to move hosts :P07:11
somerville32It seems like such a long time ago we had the old UI07:12
somerville32I can't even really remember it07:12
HobbseeDarkMageZ: out of curiousity, who is technically held responsible for the gpl violation of ubuntu?07:12
Hobbseeas in, who in ubuntu?07:13
DarkMageZHobbsee, i believe that would be the head company. as it's a company i believe it is a separate legal entity and as such can be sued :p07:13
HobbseeDarkMageZ: or the foundation, presumably.07:14
somerville32I wonder if we're personally at risk07:14
Hobbseesomerville32: that's what i was wondering.07:14
somerville32Because that would sure motivate me to motivate Canonical to fix the lp problem :)07:14
Hobbseesomerville32: short of clubbing them with a large block, there's not a lot you can do07:14
DarkMageZi think i'd have trouble convincing a judge that you 2 are personally responsible. so you're safe :p07:14
HobbseeDarkMageZ: i was thinking of the core developers collectively, or something07:15
Hobbseebut you're right - i suspect it's either canonical or the ubuntu foundatino07:15
Hobbseeie, mark on both counts.07:15
DarkMageZthe core developers don't have the money to be worth going after. head company or the foundation ?07:15
somerville32Wait... money07:15
somerville32What damages have you incurred by me not providing the source code?07:16
DarkMageZnot being able to access my email?07:16
DarkMageZlol. if i was serious. i'd be going after the guys with money :p07:16
* somerville32 stops trying to play lawyer because he suxs07:16
somerville32Well, I should get to bed07:18
* somerville32 waves.07:18
DarkMageZlater man07:18
jmlHobbsee: clubbing us with a large block is unlikely to help anyone :)07:58
Hobbseejml: no?08:23
Hobbseejml: i thought everything could be solved with a large enough block of concrete.08:23
jmlHobbsee: it's hard to fix bugs when your head hurts.08:23
jmlHobbsee: you aren't studying civil engineering by any chance?08:24
Hobbseejml: nope08:24
jmlHobbsee: it just sounds like something that my engi friends might say08:24
Hobbseejml: no.  but i've gone to work today, so...08:25
KimHansenWhere can I read the text that I write in the "Bug reporting guidelines" ?08:49
mptGooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!09:07
Hobbseemorning mpt 09:31
DarkMageZhi, can someone translate https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/evolution/2.21.4-0ubuntu1/+files/evolution_2.21.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz to a working url?10:06
DarkMageZit's the url i get on the source package for that release for the .diff.gz. but it's broken.10:07
DarkMageZthe file no-longer exists on archive.ubuntu.com due to overzealous cleaning.10:11
bigjoolsactually it's due to a bug :)10:11
sorenDarkMageZ: You might be able to reconstruct it from the stuff in http://patches.ubuntu.com/by-release/atomic/ubuntu/e/evolution/10:12
DarkMageZ... so there's no copy of it?10:12
bigjoolsit will be in Launchpad, you just can't get to it at the moment.  We're fixing that today.10:13
DarkMageZeta on fix?10:13
bigjoolsNext week for the official LP 1.2.1 release, or on staging tomorrow10:14
DarkMageZtimezones make these tomorrow & yesterday words meaningless. any chance on sneaking me a copy of the file i'm after?10:17
stubDarkMageZ: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/10943007/evolution_2.21.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz10:23
DarkMageZstub, thanks10:23
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ubotuNew bug: #183737 in malone "Look for error message when fetching bug status from SourceForge, e.g. when a bug is private" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18373711:15
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ubotuNew bug: #183747 in soyuz ""Show Inactive [ ]" checkbox is miscapitalized and back-to-front" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18374712:10
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ubotuNew bug: #183749 in soyuz "PPA package table has stray cell at the end of each row" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18374912:26
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Rinchen bug 13892813:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138928 in launchpad-answers "There is no way to create a FAQ without a question" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13892813:36
* rjek 's logic centre explodes.13:38
kikoRinchen, that is an annoying bug that francis doesn't wanna fix.13:40
RinchenI saw that poolie pinged me about that last night in support too13:41
kikoI'm joking about francis btw13:41
kikobut it's annoying13:41
Rinchenyeah I know :-)  Him and Curtis are both quite well aware that it's annoying to others.13:41
SteveAkiko: !13:55
kikohey SteveA 13:56
rjekGah, it's still importing the wxLua CVS.13:56
rjekWhere can CSCVS be downloaded from?  It's got to the point where I suspect it'll be quicker to do the import myself.13:57
kikorjek, launchpad.net/cscvs, though have you noticed the FAQ on imports?13:59
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* kiko pushes intellectronica into #launchpad-meeting14:04
kikoand gmb too14:04
intellectronicakiko: thanks14:05
* kiko gives gmb a #14:06
rjekkiko: There's a FAQ?  Where is it?  I didn't spot one.14:09
rjekkiko: 404 on your cscvs URL, too.14:10
kikorjek, sorry, launchpad.net/launchpad-cscvs14:10
kikoand http://launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+faq14:10
rjekkiko: That FAQ has no entry for "What if Launchpad says it's currently importing, but it's taking days?"14:12
kikorjek, the answer is ask a question at answers.launchpad.net.14:13
kikothumper and mwh are the people to ask on IRC btw14:14
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rjekkiko: OK, ta.14:15
rjekQuestion asked.14:15
ubotuNew bug: #183626 in launchpad "OOPS accessing openid identification URL of a non-existent user" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18362614:20
* rjek wonders which package zope.interface is in.14:23
salgadorjek, python-zopeinterface14:23
rjekGah, its readme covers tla and not bzr.14:26
kikorjek, it's just because the readme is old, but update it!14:26
rjekIf I knew what to update it with, I would have no need to read the README, and thus not noticed it needed updating :-p14:28
kikorjek, did you look at the FAQ I mentioned btw?14:31
rjekYes.  It didn't have any relevant questions.14:31
kikowell well14:32
kikorjek, not even https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+faq/26 ?14:32
kikomaybe I'm confused as to what you're doing.14:32
rjekSorry, I've been hit by Launchpad's stonkingly poor UI.  I visited https://edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+faqs as you suggested, and it lists only three questions.14:36
kikorjek, okay so far. it does -- there are only 3 faqs.14:36
rjekBut no, that question (26) does not answer mine.14:37
kikorjek, so I'm not sure what the poor UI is (and I resent the stonkingly)14:37
rjekSo 26 does not refer to the 26th question?14:38
kikorjek, it's the 26th faq within launchpad, overall14:38
kikothe ID is a bit confusing, you're right though14:38
rjekMy questions, quite simply, are: why has an import taken over 2 days?  How long can I expect it to take?  How can I see the status of an import?14:38
kikowe could fix that14:38
kikorjek, it rarely takes more than 2 days -- it's likely that something broke. the import system is a bit opaque, so there's not very good feedback (it is quite complex to be honest) but if you ask thumper or mwh they can give you detail14:39
ubotuNew bug: #183778 in launchpad "Mailman's "more information" link on web UI mailing list page is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18377814:41
rjekkiko: OK, thankyou.  I will await one of them to unidle here before asking.14:45
kikorjek, they are both in Australia time which is why that might take a big14:45
kikoa bit, err14:45
rjekOh well.  I assume somebody who knows a little about the system is around, as somebody who is a moderator of such things kicked it off after I filed the request.14:46
Hobbseekiko: are you aware that the ubuntu mobile team tried ppa for some of their images recently/14:46
kikoHobbsee, did not know that, but that's awesome news. do you have any feedback to forward me?14:47
Hobbseekiko: bits and pieces.  they couldn't get very far, as ppa was down at the time.  the lack of global build queue gives them no indication about how far up the queue their stuff is, what there is before it, giving them a general eta of when things will be ready for them14:48
kikoHobbsee, ppa was down? 14:49
kikoHobbsee, anything else apart from lack of global build queue?14:49
Hobbseekiko: various people are commenting on how it takes ages between getting their stuff uploaded, to seeing the binaries done, and in the archives for users to use14:49
Hobbseekiko: yeah.  i've heard the reason, and i'ts best left as 'don't ask'14:50
kikoHobbsee, by ages they mean an hour?14:50
Hobbseei'm not sure.  an hour or two, yeah.14:50
Hobbseedepends if people have uplaoded ooo ;014:50
kikoHobbsee, I don't understand what it means, though "is down". launchpad wasn't down. was the ppa upload service down, is that what you mean?14:50
Hobbseefyi, i have no working shiftkey, so my typos are a bit strange14:50
Hobbseekiko: yes14:50
kikonice typos14:51
Hobbseeit apperas that most people are managing to be able to upload source changes, but some of the other parts are confusing them, like the copying of .orig.tar.gz's, etc14:52
Hobbseebut that didn't come from mobile, that's just general feedback14:52
Hobbseethe in-progress faq should help with that14:55
kikoHobbsee, the copying or reuse?14:55
bigjoolsHobbsee: talking of which, do you have any more feedback on it for me?14:55
Hobbseekiko: more the cryptic message about the mismatch md5sum14:55
Hobbseekiko: it would help if that mail message were clarified14:56
Hobbseebigjools: i've not lookeda t it again14:56
kikoHobbsee, is there a bug filed on it? sounds easy14:56
bigjoolsHobbsee: re. md5sum, you think the message is not clear enough?14:56
Hobbseebigjools: no14:56
Hobbseebigjools: well, sure, it tells you that the md5sum is unclear - but doesn't tell you what the md5sum is actually from - like, pointing out that it's from the ubuntu archives, and has been copied over for you, and what to do14:57
Hobbseekiko: no idea.  i've gotten a bit disollusioned with filing bugs, tbh ;014:57
kikoI am disollusioned by so much negativity and typos14:58
Hobbseekiko: sorry ;014:58
Hobbseewant me to restart x, then come back/14:58
philnhi there!14:58
kikohey philn 14:58
kikoHobbsee, restarting X fixes negative attitude problems? wow I want one of those too14:58
Hobbseehah :014:59
Hobbseeno, but it will give me back my shift key14:59
philni have a PPA repository, but for Hardy only. How can I get one for Gutsy too?14:59
Hobbseeand alt and win and capslock and escape and ctrl14:59
kikophiln, just upload packages for gutsy. it just works. :)14:59
Hobbseephiln: stick gutsy as the target in debian/changelog of your source package14:59
philnoh, gonna try that ;)14:59
geserphiln: and you need a different version than you have in your hardy ppa15:00
philnwell my hardy ppa is currently empty, anyway15:00
Hobbseekiko: i could sing it's praises if you like.  there's some nice stuff about ppa, like not having to mess around with creating your own repository, pbuilder, etc.15:00
kikothat's a start15:01
kikoyou can now also recognize the dozens of bugs fixed by our crack team of 2 over the past two months15:01
Hobbseei'm not saying that i'ts crap.  i'm slightly more focussed on the stuff that it would do really well to improve on, so you get better adoption though.15:02
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philnok my pkg was uploaded.. how much time does it take to be processed then?15:08
Hobbseeif you're lucky, an hour until all the binaries get built15:09
philn"Rejected: Signer has no upload rights at all to this distribution." :(15:11
kikophiln, you're uploading to the wrong service it sounds15:11
kikophiln, or maybe, hmmm, does Launchpad not know your GPG key?15:12
philnSigner is not permitted to upload to the component 'universe' of file 'python-gdata_1.0.9-1ubuntu1.dsc'15:12
philnyes seems like i use the wrong component15:13
kikophiln, where are you uplloading to?15:13
* Hobbsee susepcts you also uploaded to ubuntu15:13
philnfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net15:13
kikophiln, and ~philn/ubuntu/ ?15:13
kikophiln, how odd.15:13
kikophiln, can I see a copy of that email?15:14
philnincoming = ~philippe-normand/ubuntu/15:14
kikophiln, or actually, can bigjools15:14
kikoJulian Edwards <ed@julian-edwards.com>15:14
geserphiln: did you change default for dput? because default is uploading to Ubuntu15:14
philni'll paste my dput config15:14
philnkiko: fwded the mail15:16
philni followed instructions at https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart .. maybe i missed something :(15:16
philn"Package includes an .orig.tar.gz file although the debian revision suggests that it might not be required. Multiple uploads of the .orig.tar.gz may be rejected by the upload queue management software." .. dput said; that might be the reason of the reject15:17
geserphiln: and the command you used was "dput my-ppa your_pkg.changes"?15:18
geserincluding the "my-ppa"?15:19
philnho, hmm no ;)15:19
philnwoohoo "Successfully uploaded packages."15:20
geserphiln: if you leave it out dput uses the default specified in /etc/dput.cf and uploads to the Ubuntu archive15:20
philndude, that was fast ;)15:21
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philnthx for the help15:24
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
philnok my pkg is published as source now, just need to wait for binary build i guess15:29
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ubotuNew bug: #183787 in launchpad-answers "No way to delete a FAQ" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18378715:35
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Hobbseemrevell: ping16:14
mrevellhi Hobbsee. 16:15
Hobbseeah ha!  you are still here then16:15
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philnone of my build failed, will PPA retry to build it? a build-dep (which is in my ppa) was missing, that build-dep has now been compiled16:38
ubotuNew bug: #183803 in blueprint "Can't link from a bug report to a blueprint" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18380316:46
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geserphiln: PPA will not retry automatically, but you should have a retry link on the build page for the failed build16:59
philnyes, i found it, thx17:03
philnPPA is really handy, thx for providing this service17:03
thumperrjek: ping17:03
rjekthumper: pong.17:04
thumperrjek: the wxLua import blew up part way trough17:05
thumperrjek: how active is the project?17:05
thumperrjek: since it is CVS I was wondering if it could possibly be due to someone committing while it was trying to import it17:05
rjekI've been on the mailing list about a week, and I'd say they've mentioned 10 or so CVS checkins on the list.17:05
thumperrjek: but I really don't know17:05
rjekthumper: Can you restart it and see if we get lucky?17:06
thumperrjek: sure17:06
thumperrjek: I've been working through quite a few imports, and haven't yet marked the failed ones as failed17:06
thumperrjek: will do today17:06
rjekOK, thanks.17:07
kikothumper! great to see you.17:07
thumperkiko: hey17:07
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ubotuNew bug: #183815 in launchpad "Deactivate account form asks for password in each field but only one password field given" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18381517:56
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ScottKAre PPA build queues displayed on LP anywhere (like the Ubuntu ones are)?18:54
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
kikoScottK, not yet, work in progress19:12
ScottKkiko: Thanks.  I guess I'll just have to be patient.19:12
thumperrjek: just an update, the import is getting much further this time, but still running19:14
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rjekthumper: \o/19:28
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bigonhi i'm using requestsync but it doesn't work20:01
bigonI get a mail back : http://paste.debian.net/4711420:02
rjekthumper: Assuming nothing else goes wrong, are we talking minutes, hours, or days until that CVS import is finished?20:05
rjekI need to plan my development time.20:05
thumperrjek: it depends20:05
geserbigon: have you the original mail? looks like it tried to parse something from the changelog20:05
thumperrjek: on how big and complex the repository is20:06
thumperrjek: I've seen some succeed in 5 minutes20:06
thumperrjek: large repos can take multiple days20:06
thumperrjek: import is still running20:06
rjekI have no idea how complex wxlua's is. :)20:06
bigongeser: http://paste.debian.net/4711520:06
thumperrjek: how big is the codebase?20:06
rjekthumper: It's a bunch of auto-generated bindings to a scripting language that's trivial to bind C/C++ code to, so not vast I imagine.20:07
thumperrjek: kloc?20:07
rjekI'm just installing sloccount... :)20:08
rjek128,158 lines.  And a chunk of that will be their imported version of Lua which will have few changes.20:08
rjekActually, Lua's only 12,656 lines.20:08
geserbigon: looks like malone tried to parse line 182 (of the pastebin) as a command for itself and failed20:11
debian-is-meLaunchpad is an coordination tool for open source stuff?20:17
debian-is-meAm I right?20:17
debian-is-meAnyone here?20:18
rjekdebian-is-me: Ish.  It's a system for tracking bugs, handling translations, milestones, development plans, and such.20:20
debian-is-meCan I use it for my project?20:21
rjekIs it free software?20:21
debian-is-meIt can20:21
rjekThen yes.  It'll even host the source code if you use bzr.20:22
rjekbazaar.  A distributed version control system.  http://www.bazaar-vcs.org/20:22
rjekAlso, take whatever I say on the subject with a pinch of salt: I am not an official mouthpiece.20:23
debian-is-meSo it can handle diffrent versions of php files, and a way to manage them?20:23
debian-is-meIt can show my users the updated files, and then let them update them?20:23
debian-is-meBut still have the old versions20:23
rjekIt tracks the history of all your files so you can see who did what, and go back in time etc.20:25
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debian-is-meThen I will have to start my project... Several pages of code, boring.20:26
bigongeser: should I open a bug report?20:27
geserbigon: good question20:28
debian-is-meWhat license should I use? I really dont care. Hello bigon20:30
grycdebian-is-me: GPL3 :D20:30
rjekdebian-is-me: If you don't care, use MIT. :)20:30
grycyeah, what he said XD20:31
rjekI'm so glad one of the larger open-source projects I'm involved in voted to remove the "or later" from the licence comments and files wrt the GPL.20:31
thumperdebian-is-me: if you have any questions about hosting of code, feel free to ping me20:33
thumperdebian-is-me: I am a LP dev20:33
debian-is-meI dont understand lanchpad20:33
rjekdebian-is-me: Do you understand Sourceforge?  The concepts are similar, except Launchpad is somewhat more modern.20:34
debian-is-meWhere do I start writing my source code?20:34
rjekOn your computer.20:34
debian-is-meAnd how do I get them to launch pad? And cant my "little helpers" edit it in their browsers?20:34
rjekIf you're going to use bzr, then https://launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar may be of some help.20:35
debian-is-meSo I have to register on bzr to?20:36
rjekNo, bzr is just a program you download and use.20:36
rjekThen you tell bzr to push your code code to Launchpad.20:37
UllnerHow can I subscribe to the bug tracker of a project, without being part of the driving or assigned team?20:37
debian-is-meDownload link?20:38
rjekdebian-is-me: For bzr?  It's on http://www.bazaar-vcs.org/ Or, if you're using Debian as your nick suggests, apt-get install bzr20:39
debian-is-meNot on debian right now20:39
debian-is-meEven though it is my favorite os20:39
debian-is-meSo everyone need the bzr installed on their computers=20:40
debian-is-mebzr is command line, scary!20:43
rjekNo.  Nothing's forcing you to use bzr.  It's just you need to use bzr in some fashion to have revision history stored on Lauchpad.  You can use CVS or Subversion if you like, but you need to have your own CVS or Subversion server publically visible to Launchpad.20:44
rjekbzr's easier than it looks.  There are good tutorials on its website.20:44
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debian-is-meI wanted to keep it browser based20:47
debian-is-meTo make it easy20:47
rjekYou want to develop your software entirely in a browser?20:47
debian-is-meIt is php20:47
debian-is-meSimple coding20:47
debian-is-meLots of small changes20:47
rjekWell, Launchpad doesn't offer a text editor, so you'll find it hard to give it your source code.20:47
beunodebian-is-me, you also have some graphical tools for bzt20:48
debian-is-meIs there anyone that is better?20:48
beunolike bzr-gtk, and bzr-eclipse20:48
grycdebian-is-me: I've gone that route, you're better off doing it on your computer and pushing it to launchpad20:48
debian-is-meIt is like 20-25 pages of php code, it should be easy to code in the browser, and that would make it easyer to get my "little helpers" to look at the code.20:49
debian-is-megryc: What did you use?20:50
rjekdebian-is-me: Seems like your first task is to write a web app that lets people edit source code and check it into bzr. :)20:51
grycdebian-is-me: I think I wrote my own XD20:51
rjekLaunchpad doesn't really provide any features that you can usefully do on your own computer.20:51
debian-is-meSuddenly this project became wery big...20:51
rjekPlus, it'll be a lot of work to write a webapp that provides a text editor as good as Vim. >:)20:51
debian-is-meI'll ask the wikipedia people for the answer20:52
rjekdebian-is-me: Stuff written in PHP is always a chore. :)20:52
debian-is-meI only wanted a simple game, and then edit it in my browser. So I wouldnt have to download the files to every computer...20:52
grycget a flash drive :P20:53
debian-is-meIt seams my windows computers doesnt like what my linux computers write on it20:53
debian-is-meAnd my usb sticks always seams to dissapear on bad times20:54
rjekDownload PuTTY on the Windows boxes and ssh to your Linux box for doing your dev.20:56
debian-is-meI have putty20:56
debian-is-meMaby I should only make a wikipedia article?20:57
rjekProblem solved.20:57
rjekYou want to keep your source code in a wikipedia article? Boggle!20:58
grychey, it has revision control :P20:58
debian-is-meI wont have to login20:58
debian-is-meIt will be stored safely20:58
debian-is-meIs there any reason not to?20:58
grycwell you cant work offline, there's no tools to pull multiple files in one go, you dont get launchpad integration20:59
debian-is-meIt would be an advantage to download the files21:00
somerville32You still have to download the files21:00
somerville32The text doesn't magically appear on your screen21:00
debian-is-meIn my web browser they do...21:01
* rjek gives up here, assuming debian-is-me is a troll.21:02
* gryc starts work on bzr-mediawiki :P21:02
debian-is-meNo, I'm not. I need an simple solution, I wont download and learn to use software. Because my software is so small, it will only take a few days to make and complete it.21:03
grycwell, get bzr and go from there :D21:03
debian-is-meSeams like an overkill.21:04
thumperrjek: wxLua has succeeded the first pass21:05
thumperrjek: this has only just happened, so give it a few minutes21:06
rjekthumper: \o/  Thanks!21:06
rjekHmm.  I need a name for my i18n library that's more punny and whimsicle than "gettext"21:23
gryc"Garble"? :P21:32
rjekI like the sound of "tongue" :)21:32
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rjekDoes Launchpad have any support for handling translations of stuff not stored in gettext, btw?21:33
thumperrjek: not sure, ping jtv later21:41
rjekthumper: OK, thanks for the pointer.21:43
thumperrjek: even better, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+addquestion21:44
thumperrjek: or https://answers.launchpad.net/rosetta/+addquestion (removed .edge)21:45
rjekAn excellent suggestion, as always.21:45
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Ubuletteall builders are broken (111, 'Connection refused').. is this expected/known ?21:57
Ubulettenm, seems fixed now22:04
Ubulettewould be nice to have ppa builders listed in "build queue depths" (/+builds)22:17

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