phoulHey all, Just curious since theres no "Automatic driver installer" for restricted drivers (yet im thinking), does anyone know which driver the nvidia 96xx cards take? Theres three of them in there and i know theres also a legacy 71xx00:38
phoulim just not sure which one im ment to grab00:38
phoulDoes anyone know by chance?00:42
phoulAlso... ~/.fonts isnt being recognized... just curious what the thing is with htat aswell... not meaning to sound noobish00:43
phoulAnyone here at all?...00:45
RAOFphoul: What do you mean by "automatic driver installer"?00:46
phoulIn gutsy theres that... "You require drivers" thing for propiatary drivers00:46
RAOFAnd it's in Hardy, too.00:46
phouli havent seen it so far....00:47
phoulI just installed alpha300:47
RAOFSystem->Administration->Restricted Drivers, if you haven't got the drivers already.00:47
phoultheres nothing in system > admin  called restricted drivers =\00:47
RAOFRestricted Driver Manager?00:47
phoulNope... i can screenshot what i see if you want, But theres nothing in there i see called that00:48
RAOFIf you don't have that, then you probably have a bad snapshot.00:48
phoulPerhaps it was the update i did...00:48
RAOFI'd suggest installing ubuntu-desktop again.00:48
phoulI just got the cd00:48
RAOF(As in "sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop")00:48
phoulWhen i installed i did a dist-upgrade because some packages said they where being held back... was that a bad thing? (I was just going off of what i remember from dapper alpha)00:48
RAOFphoul: So, by doing that dist-upgrade you probably removed a bunch of stuff.00:49
phouli figured if they were in the update queue they were ment to be installed...00:49
RAOFWhenever it asks for confirmation you should read very carefully what apt/aptitude is saying it will do.00:49
RAOF(This is one of the reasons why I always use aptitude - it is more verbose about what it's going to do)00:50
phoulwell i will install ubuntu-desktop again and that should smooth things out00:50
phoulk does aptitude have a reinstall command?00:50
phoulBecause i -am- on a desktop lol00:51
phoulor should i just uninstall then install00:51
phoulRAOF ^00:52
tretlecant seem to download updates00:54
tretlejust did a dist upgrade -d00:55
tretleand now hardy tells me there are 11 updates00:55
tretlebut an error comes up when i try the partial upgrade00:55
phoulRAOF, im thinkin i should reinstall and not do that dist-upgrade.... i reinstalled ubuntu-desktop and it didnt work... and my ~/.fonts arnt showing up... im thinkin there was a reason those packages are being held back ><00:56
phoulthats all thats in my sys > admin menu00:59
phoulRAOF, you still here?01:04
RAOFYa, sorry.01:04
RAOFThere is an aptitude reinstall command.01:04
phouli tried that already01:04
RAOFRight.  It won't have done anything interesting for ubuntu-desktop.01:05
extraI just did an update and my local and language has been 'unset'01:05
phoulRAOF, what do you think i need to do =\01:06
phoulBecause even before the update there was nothing about drivers that came up =|01:06
RAOFphoul: Maybe not use Hardy?  Or reinstall?01:07
phoulI was told to use hardy...01:07
* phoul sighs01:08
RAOFThese aren't problems I'm familiar with, nor do I really have the time to debug them for you.01:08
RAOFWho told you to use Hardy?01:08
RAOFThen bug him? :)01:08
phoulHes away01:08
RAOFRight.  He asked you to use hardy to test... some audio stuff?01:08
extracan someone help me file a bug report, cause this problem seems pretty extreme.. would hate for it to happen to someone else01:08
RAOFextra: You probably want #ubuntu-bugs for that.01:08
phoulRAOF, i was having issues with multiple things in gutsy, And he said try upgrading to hardy01:09
tretleif no-one used hardy to test then the end result would be horrible01:09
extraRAOF: thanks.. do they apply to heron bugs?01:09
RAOFextra: Yes.  In fact, mainly to heron bugs.01:09
extraRAOF: k, thanks for the help :)01:09
phoulIm not sure what i did considering all i did was install && update..01:09
tretleso i dont see why alot of people try and convince you not to use it when u find a bug01:10
RAOFtretle: Because testing at this point is much more usefully done by people who know how to deal with bugs, and don't actually *need* to use their computer :)01:10
phoulI do know how to deal with bugs... but this "bug" is just... SOmething that is non existant and ubuntu-only01:11
phoulSo im not sure how to handle it01:11
RAOFIt really should be pulled in with ubuntu-desktop..01:11
phoulLike... theres no restricted-driver-applet package...01:11
phoulIts not there =\01:11
phoulas you can see from the screenshot01:11
RAOFYou could try (re)installing the restricted-manager package.01:12
phoulit wasnt installed... that would explain alot... i wonder how it got removed...01:12
tretlewell if thats the case then what are people to do when gutsy doesnt support their hardware and wont ever support it becasue of how the repositories are set up01:13
tretleand example would be the new ipod nano01:13
phoulI had my ipod nano working in gutsy01:13
tretlethe new one01:13
phoulJust had to google around abit and use unsupported packages01:13
phoulYeah i know01:13
phoul8gig vid silver01:13
phoulbrb reboot time01:14
tretlehaving to add stuff like that manually isnt exactly the great packaging which gets spread around the net about ubuntu01:14
RAOFtretle: Well, they can wait <= 6months for the next version, or...01:14
tretlewill the basic user google around the net to try and solve a dependancy issue01:14
RAOFThe basic user will probably give up at "it doesn't work".01:15
tretleso they get an ipod and have to wait six months before they can use it01:15
RAOFSucks to get evil proprietary closed hardware that apple *deliberately* breaks.01:15
RAOFBasically, it's their lookout.01:15
tretlesucks to have a great os like ubuntu refuse to adapt01:16
tretlein a sane way01:16
phoulAlrighty thats one down01:16
tretlenot a 6months way01:16
phoulnow to figure out why my fonts are not being detected01:16
RAOFtretle: Stable, up-to-date.  Pick one.01:16
tretleyeah..... but sometimes ubuntu might not give you stable when you have stable01:17
RAOFThe ipod problem is exactly the same as if they'd bought some other piece of non-linux-supported hardware.01:17
phoulIs there a package that handles fonts that maybe got removed too? =\01:18
tretlesay if gutsy saw .6 version as stable and after it was released the new stable was 1.0 and unstable was 1.2 gutsy would still be using .601:18
RAOFtretle: By "stable" I mean "doesn't randomly change state from working to non-working"01:18
tretleeven though 1.0 is stable01:18
tretlewhich is why i think its abit insane01:18
RAOFBut will undoubtedly break something that was working in 0.601:18
RAOFAnd even if it doesn't, it *could* break something that was working in 0.601:19
=== amblin_ is now known as amblin
phoulRAOF, any ideas on the fonts?01:19
RAOFphoul: None, sorry.01:19
tretleif its modular that wouldnt be such a problem01:19
phoulis the folder ~/.fonts correct?01:19
ZambeziI heard there's encryption in HH? If yes, is working well?01:20
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer01:20
RAOFtretle: In what way?  If it's modular then it might break anything that depends upon it.01:20
RAOFZambezi: Yup, works fine.01:20
tretleas in easy to maintain each part of code01:20
tretleif something depends on telepathy01:20
ZambeziRAOF: Tried serverversion too? I want it for a server which I don't use that often. But rebooting my desktop isn't something I'm too happy about.01:21
RAOFtretle: But most of the problem you describe is already fixed by the backports system.  Or at least would be fixed if anyone bothered to ask for backports.01:21
tretlethen it should be easy to support newer versions without breaking anything else in said app which doesnt need telepathy01:21
RAOFtretle: Nice in theory.  Doesn't apply to any real-world situation, sadly.01:21
ZambeziBtw. I have a better name on HH. What about Horny Hippo? ;-)01:22
tretleit does01:22
RAOFtretle: Also, not anything that ubuntu can do itself :)01:22
tretleits called being a good coder01:22
* RAOF will leave that one alone.01:22
RAOFZambezi: Hardy on a server seems a bad idea.  But the cryptroot stuff should work fine.01:23
tretleif an app isnt modular you can ahve issues if you want to get that app working on another platform01:23
tretlean example of this would be xbmc01:23
ZambeziRAOF: I want the encryption on the server. Usually it's not more than some hours of uptime at the time.01:24
RAOFtretle: Bugs exist.  Strange dependencies exist.  Even in code written by ninja hackers in a modular fasion.01:25
tretleyour right there01:25
RAOFAlso, the Ubuntu project doesn't actually do much coding.01:25
tretleno-ones perfect01:25
RAOFMostly what (the packagers) do is to package other people's work, making it comply with Ubuntu policy.01:26
scizzo-RAOF: why not get to your point?01:27
RAOFscizzo-: Sorry, I thought that was already clear.  It's not possible to have a stable release while also upgrading stuff.01:28
RAOFscizzo-: tretle is arguing that we could (say) update Gutsy with the new Banshee+podsleuth+ipod-sharp so that new ipods could work in gutsy.01:30
scizzo-no one is actually forced to use the ubuntu packages _only_01:31
scizzo-you can compile them also so.....01:31
scizzo-I am using GIMP and Inkscape from SVN mostly for testing them before they go stable.....01:31
phoulAnd i use e17 from cvs01:32
phoulBecause god knows when e17 will go stable01:32
DarkMageZdo you honestly think 8 year old kids are gonna compile libgpod & amarok/rhythmbox/banshee from source to support their new ipod for christmas? no... they're gonna run windows and install the new itunes!01:32
tretlewhats ubuntu's catchphrase again?01:33
DarkMageZi honestly believe this is falling short of the "linux for human beings"01:34
tretleI understand the fundamental problem though01:34
tretleI just think that some things, like ipod support maybe should be put into a different category01:35
tretleim surprized its not part of hal to be honest01:35
tretlehal gets updated even in stable versions of ubuntu right?01:35
DarkMageZthen we'd have to upgrade hal to support the new ipod... which is even less likely.01:35
DarkMageZyeah. hal seems to get updated every release.01:36
tretlebut hal could be put outside of the constraints box01:36
scizzo-well actually you can still get hal from hardy if its only that you need....or the like.....its a bit tricky but its not to hard01:36
tretlewhich would allow for ipod support no matter what version of ubuntu you are using01:36
tretlestuff that handle hardwre should not have 6month long release schedules01:37
scizzo-however I belive that it might be a dependency against the kernel and well that might cause problems if the upgrade is not done correctly01:37
RAOFtretle: It is now a part of hal.  Or, rather, the new Banshee depends on podsleuth which integrates with hal.01:37
DarkMageZi think someone should take this to the ubuntu technical council and get a proper solution sorted.01:37
tretlesoftware I dont mind having 6 month release plans01:38
tretlebut hadware is a different story01:38
RAOFDarkMageZ: To what problem?  The specific ipod problem, or the more general "my hardwore isn't sopported" problem?01:38
tretleit might give first timers a bad impression of ubuntu01:38
tretlewhich is apples fault01:38
scizzo-isnt debian also using the same solution for stable releases? to release security updates and suggested packages from the mainstainers/developers if there is a security risk for the stable version?01:39
tretlebut still it creates that impression01:39
RAOFscizzo-: Certianly with the security updates, not sure about the suggested packages.  Probably not, although backports exist.01:39
DarkMageZRAOF, the new ipods are supported in the new version of libgpod. it's not that they're not supported. it's that ubuntu is out of date after release.01:39
scizzo-RAOF: more contributers for the backports I belive01:40
RAOFMuch of this problem could be solved by people actually using the existing backports infrastructure.01:40
DarkMageZRAOF, do you honestly believe that a 8 year old is gonna understand this backports thing?01:40
RAOFDarkMageZ: Sorry, what I meant was "my hardware isn't supported in $VERSION, but $VERSION+! supports it".01:40
RAOFDarkMageZ: No.01:40
tretlewhat version of libgpod works with the new ipods01:41
RAOFDarkMageZ: But 8 year olds don't have to understand it.01:42
DarkMageZRAOF, 8 year olds have their own computers these days and if you want to rid the world of windows then you're gonna have to compete.01:42
RAOF(If people who *did* understand it asked for & tested backports)01:42
tretleblol, banshee is telling me i used the ipod with a version of itunes which is too new and wont be able to work01:43
RAOFDarkMageZ: Right.  On the other hand, parents exist.01:43
tretlethis is on hardy01:43
DarkMageZare you saying that IF a backport was tested enough then it would actually reach the official branch?01:43
RAOFtretle: Yup.  Sucks to have an ipod.  Apple deliberately breaks 3rd party tools with almost every firmware update.01:43
phoulanyone here use mpd?01:43
RAOFDarkMageZ: No, but it'd be in the backports repository, which is much easier to get from.01:44
tretlehow do i fix it01:44
tretlewipe it?01:44
RAOFtretle: By getting banshee to rebuild the database, and not using itunes.01:44
RAOFDarkMageZ: So, it would be good to have a better UI around backports.01:44
tretlehow do u rebuild the database?01:45
phoulNo one knows about mpd i guess... darn01:45
DarkMageZso basically you're saying that the parents are gonna have to take their 8 year old kids computer to the computer shop so the techie can install a shop customized version of the package or if lucky from backports.01:45
RAOFtretle: banshee should offer to do that, I think.01:45
phoultime for banshee!01:45
tretleit does but there is no button to do it01:46
RAOFThere's a link to do it?01:46
RAOFDarkMageZ: Why would they take it to a computer shop.  They're familiar enough with installing software on Ubuntu to fire up the package manager and install the new version.01:47
scizzo-DarkMageZ: http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=libgpod&searchon=names&suite=stable&section=all01:47
scizzo-you might suggest the 0.3.2 version instead?01:47
DarkMageZRAOF, but they won't have backports enabled because it's not "stable". so there won't be the new version.01:47
RAOFDarkMageZ: Again, there could be some better UI.  But the fundamental problem is solved by backports.01:48
RAOFOr, rather, should be solved by backports if they got a little more love.01:48
RAOFBy people who clamour for new versions of stuff :)01:49
scizzo-RAOF: and people contributing to it01:49
RAOFscizzo-: Indeed.  It's really *extremely* simple to help get backports done.01:49
RAOFWith a little more infrastructure, it could be even easier.01:50
tretlewhere do i rebuild?01:50
RAOFtretle: I'm not sure.  I don't have a broken ipod handy.  But I seem to remember that when you select the ipod in banshee the main frame will have some text like "you've used a new version of itunes..." and you can click on some of the text under there that says "rebuild database".01:52
tretleno link01:53
phoulRAOF, is there a way to open Users & Groups as root since the "unlock" button doesnt work and doing sudo users-admin also doesnt ungrey the options =\01:54
RAOFphoul: You can't open it as root (it won't work).  The unlock button should be working at this point.  If it doesn't, file a bug.01:56
phouli just get a uhh01:56
phoulcould not authenticate01:56
RAOFRight.  Bug filing time.01:57
phoulI cant =|02:00
phoulusers-admin isnt a valid program to report a bug with according to launchpad02:00
RAOFHere's a trick: while you've got user-admin open, you can do run "ubuntu-bug -P $(pgrep users-admin)" to file a bug against it.02:03
phoulis that part of ubuntu-desktop?02:03
phoulalrighty done02:04
cdm10Interesting thing happened today, I did a fresh Hardy install and the update-manager said it couldn't compute the upgrade when it went in for a dist-upgrade. apt-get dist-upgrade did just fine, though.02:05
RAOFcdm10: That probably means you've broken something.02:05
cdm10RAOF: heh, fresh install.02:05
RAOFcdm10: No, I mean that running apt-get dist-upgrade has broken something.02:06
cdm10RAOF: Aww, that sucks... what was I supposed to do?02:06
cdm10RAOF: It's a VM, and I have it snapshotted on a clean install, so nothing's too permanent.02:06
cdm10RAOF: but, just wondering what I should have done...02:06
RAOFGenerally?  Either pay close attention to what apt-get says it's going to do when you run dist-upgrade, use aptitude instead (and pay close attention to what it says it's going to do), or use update manager and wait until it *can* calculate the upgrade :)02:07
cdm10RAOF: ha, alright. If I run into issues, I'll just revert back to fresh and start over using update-manager.02:07
* phoul isnt sure how much hes enjoying this >.>02:07
RAOFBasically, during development there will be many times when running 'apt-get dist-upgrade' will break your system.02:08
cdm10phoul: alphas aren't supposed to be fun!02:08
cdm10RAOF: oh, hooray for VMs then :)02:08
cdm10RAOF: what does update-manager do instead?02:08
phoulit runs apt-get upgrade02:08
cdm10phoul: That's exactly what I was just told not to do.02:08
phouland leaves the ones that cannot be updated to not be updated instead of dist upgrading to get everything02:08
phoulIm wishing i -had- ran upgrade not dist-upgrade02:09
phoulthat didnt go well02:09
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:09
cdm10phoul: what does update-manager's distribution upgrade mode do then?02:09
cdm10phoul: It's come up several times during the alpha.02:09
phoulupdates what it can and leaves the rest02:09
cdm10Is that any different from dist-upgrade?02:09
cdm10phoul: i thought that was what normal updates do... this one removes packages and stuff.02:09
phouldist-upgrade does some bad stuff if you dont watch it02:10
phoulusually its used only for upgrading distrobutions like... fiesty to gutsy02:10
phoulor dapper to fiesty02:10
phoulor w/e02:10
WorkingOnWisesomewhere after alpha 1, hardy's restricted driver manager in broken on my laptop. what info should I include in a bug report in launchpad?02:10
cdm10phoul: so, I'm still not clear on the differences between update-manager when it says it's doing a distribution upgrade and dist-upgrade.02:10
phoulif it says its doing a dist-upgrade02:11
phoultheres no difference02:11
phoulIve never had update manager do that though02:11
cdm10phoul: ok02:11
cdm10phoul: really? during the alpha it happens all the time.02:11
phoulIM still trying to get mpd working with pulse audio02:11
cdm10Well, perhaps that's what's breaking my system :)02:11
phoulwhich is not going well by the way...02:11
cdm10I wonder if the users-admin thing is fixed yet.02:12
phoulI filed a bug for that not 5 minuits ago about unlocking issues02:12
ToxinPoweRAOF nice words, I agree with you02:12
cdm10phoul: the users-admin thing?02:13
cdm10phoul: i'm talking about a crash when you try to add a new user.02:13
phouli cant unlock mine02:13
cdm10phoul: ouch :)02:13
cdm10phoul: make sure it's not running as root.02:13
phoulit shouldnt be02:13
cdm10phoul: straight off the CD, the .desktop file still runs it as root02:13
cdm10which breaks the unlocking02:13
phoulIm not sure how to check that02:13
phoulIve looked at the .desktop and all it shows is users-admin02:14
phoulnot gksu users-admin or any of that02:14
cdm10phoul: ok, so you have the update that fixes it.02:14
cdm10phoul: lemme try it on mine, booting it up.02:14
phoulThis is my system atm... im kinda wondering if i should be running an alpha system as my only system which is important if it work02:15
cdm10phoul: yeah, probably not :)02:15
cdm10phoul: wow, yeah, updates broke policykit :)02:15
phoulugg crap02:15
cdm10phoul: which is why you shouldn't be running alphas.02:15
phouli used to run debian sid as my stable box and it was fine...02:16
phouli figured it'd be about the same02:16
cdm10it would be nice if gksu users-admin actually worked, for if policykit breaks on you.02:16
WorkingOnWisesomewhere after alpha 1, hardy's restricted driver manager in broken on my laptop. what info should I include in a bug report in launchpad?02:16
phoulcdm10, can i query you for a moment?02:17
cdm10phoul: sure02:17
tretleis ipod-sharp in hardy yet?02:19
phoulthe libgpod lib for reading the new ipods is02:21
RAOFtretle: I think the new ipod-sharp & podsleuth is now in Hardy.02:24
RAOFtretle: Banshee shouldn't be too far behind.02:24
tretlewell my ipod nano doesnt seem to work02:27
tretlebanshee asks if i want it to build a new database02:28
tretlebut doesnt give me an option to do it02:28
tretleoh and could someone tell me the difference between kernel 2.6.24-4-386 and kernel 2.6.24-4-GENERIC02:31
tretle386 is stuck at the loading screen02:31
tretleand generic isnt02:32
tretlegetting error on update "Could not calculate the upgrade"02:56
phoulwell i got some stuff working now, so its functional to stay on hardy :)02:58
phoulHopefully tomorrow the policys will be fixed and i will be good-to-go02:59
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
phoulhrm, is there a way to restart all the sound stuff like pulse & alsa and whatnot without rebooting03:44
phoulI know alsa is easy to restart but i dont know anything about pulse03:44
phoulBecause my sound just died randomly everythings saying connection refused03:44
phoulany ideas?03:47
DanaGYou can just run 'pulseaudio'03:48
=== dmb is now known as dmb`
phoulokay well that didnt fix anything lol03:48
phoulim trying to figure out how to fix this sound issue without rebooting03:49
phoulBecause rebooting gets offely annoying03:49
phoulI guess rebooting would be best..03:51
phouli hate rebooting linux03:51
phoulfeels so wrong03:51
DanaGIt's not necessarily best, but it is the simplest.03:51
phoulwell... if you know another solution... im all ears :D03:51
phoulthats interesting03:53
DanaGWell, I seem to have some script that reloads 'alsa', that I don't remember where I got it from.03:53
phoulwell reloading alsa is just /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart03:53
* Hobbsee would suggest killing the pulseaudio process then restarting it?03:53
RAOFpulseaudio -kill FTW03:53
DanaG(I love having web space.)03:53
phoulthat webspace is like03:54
phoulnot working03:54
phoulserver not sound03:54
phoulphoul@zomgbox:~$ sudo pulseaudio -kill03:55
phoulpulseaudio: invalid option -- i03:55
phoulE: main.c: Failed to parse command line.03:55
phoulpulseaudio: daemon/ltdl-bind-now.c:156: pa_ltdl_done: Assertion `lt_dlexit() == 0' failed.03:55
phoulAborted (core dumped)03:55
DanaGleft off .edu03:55
RAOFWhoops.  --kill03:55
DanaGSilly me.03:55
phoulthe second says E: main.c: Failed to kill daemon.03:55
RAOFphoul: Also, why are you running pulse as root?03:55
phouli have no idea03:55
RAOFThen stop :)03:56
phouli figured since it was a startup service it would be run as root03:56
RAOFpulseaudio --kill03:56
RAOFphoul: It isn't a startup service.03:56
RAOFIt runs as your user.03:56
RAOF(And you may wish to add yourself to the pulse-rt group, to give pulse RT priority priviledges)03:56
=== dmb` is now known as dmb
phoulwhen i go into sound prefs im getting... autotestsrc wave=sine freq 512! audio convert! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect: Connection refused03:56
RAOFRight.  Not a useful error message.03:57
phouland your scripts forbidden03:57
RAOFWhat is your sink set to?03:57
phoullol i was really hoping it would be because i typed it out lol03:57
phoulI havent changed anything at all03:57
phoulwhere do i see sink settings03:58
phoulor any of that03:58
RAOFphoul: System->Pref->Sound03:58
RAOFThey're probably all set to autodetect.03:58
phoulI have them all set to pulseaudio03:58
phoulexcept sound capture03:58
phoulwhich is alsa03:58
DanaGOh yeah, one useful thing: libasound2-plugins03:59
phoulk thats installing... i doubt that will fix my problem however04:00
DanaGThat lets you set pulseaudio as default for even non-pulseaudio apps.04:00
RAOFphoul: Does running "pulseaudio --kill" followed by running "pulseaudio" do anything?04:00
DanaGHowever, some apps (such as Skype) still break with it.04:00
phoulnaw i stil lget that error when hitting test in sound prefs04:01
phoulvery odd...04:02
phoulas for adding myself to that group, i will as soon as the users-admin thing is fixed, Unless you know how to do it another way... I remember doing it with usermod but its a little ugly and i donno how much ubuntu likes that04:03
DanaGsudo adduser user group04:03
DanaGor should I say, 'username groupname'04:04
DanaG(makes it less ambiguous.)  Takes effect only after logout.  :904:04
phoulalrighty well im added to the group now04:05
phoulstill refused connection however04:05
DanaGWell, have you run pulseaudio?04:06
DanaGTry it in console, and look for debug output.04:06
phoulphoul@zomgbox:~$ pulseaudio --kill04:06
phoulphoul@zomgbox:~$ pulseaudio04:06
phoulNo output at all =\04:07
DanaGTry 'strace pulseaudio'04:08
DanaGand look for anything like 'denied'04:08
phoulwrite(2, "W: core-util.c: \33[1msetpriority("..., 57W: core-util.c: setpriority(): Permission denied04:08
phoul) = 5704:08
phoulA whole lot of permission denied stuff04:08
phoulIf you need to see more its pastebin time04:08
DanaGWell, that's just the priority stuff.  Perhaps having added to group but not restarted Gnome has confused things.04:09
phouli will restart gnome04:09
phoulokay that errors still there04:10
phouljust not nearly as many times04:11
phouljust once now04:11
phoulohh wait04:11
phoulno nvm its there just as many04:11
DanaGOkay, try pulseaudio not under strace.04:12
phoulexecve("/usr/bin/pulseaudio", ["pulseaudio"], [/* 34 vars */]) = 004:12
phoulbrk(0)                                  = 0x805400004:12
phoulfcntl64(0, F_GETFD)                     = 004:12
phoulfcntl64(1, F_GETFD)                     = 004:12
phoulfcntl64(2, F_GETFD)                     = 004:12
phoulaccess("/etc/suid-debug", F_OK)         = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:12
phoulaccess("/etc/ld.so.nohwcap", F_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:12
phoulmmap2(NULL, 8192, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0xb7fa300004:12
phoulaccess("/etc/ld.so.preload", R_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:12
phoulopen("/etc/ld.so.cache", O_RDONLY)      = 304:12
phoulfstat64(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=47284, ...}) = 004:12
phoulmmap2(NULL, 47284, PROT_READ, MAP_PRIVATE, 3, 0) = 0xb7f9700004:12
phoulclose(3)                                = 004:12
phoulaccess("/etc/ld.so.nohwcap", F_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:12
phoulopen("/usr/lib/libpulsecore.so.5", O_RDONLY) = 304:12
phoulread(3, "\177ELF\1\1\1\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\3\0\3\0\1\0\0\0@\350\0"..., 512) = 51204:12
phoulfstat64(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=393528, ...}) = 004:12
phoulmmap2(NULL, 396524, PROT_READ|PROT_EXEC, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_DENYWRITE, 3, 0) = 0xb7f3600004:12
phoulmmap2(0xb7f94000, 12288, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_FIXED|MAP_DENYWRITE, 3, 0x5d) = 0xb7f9400004:12
phoulclose(3)                                = 004:12
phoulaccess("/etc/ld.so.nohwcap", F_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:12
phoulopen("/usr/lib/libltdl.so.3", O_RDONLY) = 304:12
RAOFQuick, before you've auto-kicked from the channel.04:12
phoulread(3, "\177ELF\1\1\1\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\3\0\3\0\1\0\0\0\360\22"..., 512) = 51204:12
* Pici makes note to get floodbots in here.04:13
phoulAm i still spamming04:13
RAOFNo :)04:14
phoulThank god04:14
phoulhttp://pastebin.ca/858124 <-- thats the pastebin04:14
phoulI ment to paste it into pastebin04:14
phoulHowever it went here instead -_-04:14
phoulSo do we have any ideas on how to fix this, Or should i just reboot04:14
RAOFI'd suggest a reboot.  It's basically easier.04:15
phoulYeah but...04:15
phoulIf this repeats isnt that could be a issue04:15
RAOFIf it persists across reboots, or if the problem comes back, then we can debug further.04:15
phoulDo you by chance know anything about MPD?04:17
phoulhrm, I bet mpd would work with pulse audio if it didnt require root....04:26
phouli doubt the user it switches down too is in the pulseaudio group...04:27
MGrundeAnyone know if the apparmor problems are fixed in today's daily?04:28
phoulapparmor problems?04:28
phoulI havent gotten that error... so i guess maybe i just rebooted and i didnt see it04:30
MGrundeI was unable to install from the alpha 2 and 3 CDs.04:30
MGrundeInstalling from alpha 1 then upgrading works fine for some reason though...04:30
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crimsunphoul: yes?05:08
phoulahh yay05:10
phoulDo you use mpd?05:10
DanaGOh yeah, that reminds me: timidity as a daemon seems tricky to get to work with PulseAudio.05:13
DanaGAs it is, I don't use midi apps (or midi files, for that matter) very often, so I just run timidity as a user, instead.05:14
phoulwhats timidity?..05:15
DanaG!info timidity05:16
ubotutimidity: Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.13.2-16ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 532 kB, installed size 1688 kB05:16
DanaGIt helps to have good soundfonts, too.05:16
DanaGI'm using a '8mbgmpat'05:17
DanaGpatch set.05:17
kduboisso i upgraded to hardy yesterday, which seemed to absolutely break my installation of compiz05:40
kduboisanyone else having similiar problems?05:40
kduboisalso, is hardy going to use X11-xcb?05:45
RAOFkdubois: Already is.05:47
kduboisRAOF: nice, about time :-)05:48
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DanaGWell, compiz git works for me, but gtk-window-decorator does not.06:07
crdlbwhat makes you assume the problem is gtk-window-decorator ?06:09
DanaGEverything else works fine for me, including emerald.06:10
DanaGThough it HAS gotten slower with Hardy (might be 169.07 doing it).06:10
mrtimdogHi, maybe a silly question, but does anybody know to press the keypad keys on an IBM T42/T40 laptop?09:56
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Karottehow stable is hardy at the moment, would you recommend upgrading from gutsy?12:22
TheInfinityKarotte: if you want to have a system for work: never use alpha / beta software+12:32
TheInfinityif you like to play around and perhaps miss everything: your welcome.12:32
KarotteTheInfinity: hm yeah12:40
TheInfinityyou should have some knowledge about ubuntu to run hardy. alphatesting is nothing for beginners12:41
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white_eaglewhat will be the biggest improvement in hardy? except lts15:13
white_eagleor its still unknown15:14
Tomcat_white_eagle: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha315:15
Tomcat_New xorg, PulseAudio, FF3, that's about it.15:16
Tomcat_I think that's the LTS part ;P15:16
neversfeldeHello, there are several new folders in ~ like music etc.. Is it possible to change the path of them?15:48
Tomcat_neversfelde: You can delete them if you want...15:48
neversfeldeah sorry, Kubuntu ;)15:48
neversfeldeTomcat_: I like them, but my / is to small15:49
Tomcat_neversfelde: You can change the path in /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults15:49
Tomcat_neversfelde: Oh... wait a sec.15:50
Tomcat_neversfelde: Try the xdg-user-dir* apps15:50
neversfeldeTomcat_: is it a file?15:51
Tomcat_neversfelde: No, an app.15:51
Tomcat_No idea how it works, but it can be used to change the dirs as well I think.15:52
Tomcat_Check Google or something.15:52
neversfeldeI will try it. Thank you15:56
neversfeldeI think you have to change ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and run xdg-user-dirs-update after that16:03
Tomcat_Yeah, that might be.16:03
tretlerhythmbox upnp isnt working is it?16:26
gesertretle: the upnp plugin needs some packages which are in universe, so rhythmbox can't depend on them. But I forgot which ones it were.17:13
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timingdo more people have no compiz after going back from standby or hybernate?18:55
timingi can't find it so far in the bts18:55
lemonadewell... i can't get back from hybernate18:56
PiciI can't run compiz to begin with ;)18:56
lemonadei guess my wlan-driver is against me18:56
crdlbtiming: what happens when you try to run compiz?18:56
timingo let me see18:56
timingcompiz.real --replace it is right?18:57
crdlbcompiz --replace18:57
PiciMines an ati/fglrx issue, I didnt try it after this most recent kernel update though..18:57
timingcrdlb: works okay18:57
timingall windows are on the first workspace again, but that's normal18:57
crdlbyeah :/18:57
crdlbthere was a patch to fix that, but it was never completed to handle all scenarios18:58
timingwhen i logged back in from hibernate just yet, i didn't see anything which hinted to a compiz loading18:58
timingany other keywords i could try in the bts?18:59
timingo i tried standby compiz18:59
timinglet's do suspend18:59
timingbug reported!19:09
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RyanPriorHow do I restart the sound server? I'm getting no sound from any apps.19:16
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tretlegeser: I have coherence 5 installes and still not working20:50
gesertretle: have you also python-louie installed?20:52
tretleill check now20:55
tretlegeser: yes20:56
tretlegeser: i had rhythmbox working with upnp before the dist-upgrade  -d20:56
gesersorry, then I don't know, I've only witnessed some discussion about the upnp modules from rythymbox20:57
tretleok thanks anyway21:00
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash21:40
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.21:40
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy21:41
tretleubuntu is never gonna change the theme21:41
tretlelol, i could bet on it21:42
scizzo-isnt the default theme ok?21:42
tretledont see anything wrong with it..... never did.. But every now and then word gets out that theres going to be a new theme... actually good marketing that21:44
tretle:D :P21:44
DrUnKnMuNkYhas anyone else here had trouble with compiz fusion? i asked in #compiz-fusion but all they said was "don't run hardy"21:55
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DarkMageZDrUnKnMuNkY, compiz-fusion is working here.22:15
DarkMageZDrUnKnMuNkY, i think they are trying to dodge doing their job. they're a bunch of slackers over there. it's either (oh no it's a developer release omgz!1!) or (oh well it's released now, can't release a patch for such a small issue). kick their asses.22:17
tretlethought u were talking about the art team there :) :P22:21
DarkMageZthe art team is doing well atm. it's just that gtk isn't good enough to get their beutiful themes working.22:22
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tretleI must remember that one22:25
tretlewhats wrong with the gtk?22:25
dick-richardsonanyone know what version of alsa will ship with Hardy?22:48
DrUnKnMuNkYthe error i'm getting when i run compiz --replace right now is libGL error: drmMap of framebugger failed (Invalid argument). didn't find too much on google for it23:23
DrUnKnMuNkYit might be a regression bug of some sort though23:23
RAOF 23:25
RAOFDrUnKnMuNkY: That's a driver bug, I'd wager.23:25
DarkMageZDrUnKnMuNkY, disable framebuffer me thinks.23:25
crdlb'framebugger' haha :p23:25
DrUnKnMuNkYheh didn't notice that23:25
DrUnKnMuNkYDarkMageZ: how would i do that?23:26
DarkMageZi remember i always disable it when i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.23:26
DrUnKnMuNkYDarkMageZ: select no for "use kernel framebuffer device interface" then? i think i may have already had that23:28
DrUnKnMuNkYstill no luck.. same error23:29
RAOFYou'd need to restart X for that to take effect, obviously.23:29
DrUnKnMuNkYright.. heh23:30
RAOFAlso, there's *always* going to be a framebuffer, since that's what gets drawn to the screen.23:30
DrUnKnMuNkYany idea what a drmMap is then?23:34
crdlbwell DRM is the part of the kernel that handles the kernelspace things needed for 3d acceleration to work23:35
RAOFDirect Rendering Manager.  AKA kernel-level-GL drivers.23:36
RAOF(And, if you're using nouveau, kernel level 2d drivers)23:36
dick-richardsonanyone know what version of alsa will ship with Hardy?23:36
RAOFdick-richardson: Probably the most recent release as of feature freeze.23:37
DrUnKnMuNkYcompiz seems to be running now.. i'll add stuff from the old xorg.conf one by one and see what was screwing it up23:44

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