ScottK2infinity: Is there any way that can get given back for feisty/gutsy (I could get an SRU for it if needed I suppose)?00:01
infinityScottK2: No can do.00:01
ScottK2OK.  I'll do the SRU paperwork.00:01
infinityScottK2: We don't change "release" pockets once a dist is frozen.  You could do -proposed/-updates if you really want it.00:01
ScottK2Thanks again.00:01
ScottK2That's what I was thinking.00:01
infinityScottK2: Good thing I picked libmail-box as my test case, all the others fail. ;)00:03
infinityScottK2: Hrm.  Kay, my fix is clearly incomplete...00:05
infinityI'll have to look at that in a sec...00:05
ScottK2Well that's something anyway.00:07
infinityScottK2: Curious corner case, should be trivial to fix.00:07
ScottK2Glad to hear it.00:07
infinity(if provided && version_installed) { ver = version_installed }, ish.00:07
ScottK2Curious corner cases are what make this stuff interesting.00:07
infinityI'd wonder why it worked for one case and not another, but I don't want my head to explode this close to quittin' time.00:08
infinityIt'll ruin my evening to be headless.00:08
ScottK2And the janitors wouldn't appreciate having to clean up the mess either.00:09
infinityWhere "the janitors" == "my wife and I".00:09
infinityWhich would, I suppose, reduce to just "my wife" if I'm nonfunctional.00:10
infinityAnd making her angry is double-plus ungood.00:10
ScottK2Ah, right.  Even worse.00:10
* ScottK2 imagined you hidden in the middle of a data center somewhere.00:10
infinityNah, I'm in Canada.00:11
snadgei figured if you contributed to ubuntu you wouldn't be able to have a wife00:11
infinitysnadge: No, no.  That's spelled "life".00:11
ScottK2infinity: Where in Canada?00:17
infinityScottK2: Calgary.00:17
slangasek(the empty part)00:17
infinityslangasek: :P00:17
ScottK2slangasek: That doesn't narrow it down much.00:17
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
ScottK2infinity: Ah.  I've been there.00:17
slangasekScottK2: no, but it provides the proper frame of reference ;)00:17
infinityI remember when vorlon used to be nice to me.  Those were good times.00:18
infinityNo good has come of this nick change.00:19
slangasekinfinity: that may have been when I was still living in Iowa and had no room to talk00:19
elmonow he's part of the oregon cabal00:19
elmowho are scarily cabalish00:19
ScottK2slangasek: Where in Iowa (my mother-in-law live in Iowa)?00:20
slangasekelmo: yes, it's the true mark of a cabal that we're never actually seen in the same place at once except when we're at conferences00:20
slangasekScottK2: Davenport00:20
jdongI thought Iowa was that thing the scheduler did when my disks needed to spin up?00:20
slangasek(like keithp pointing and expressing his amazement when we crossed paths at an event in town)00:21
slangasekScottK2: where's your m-i-l?00:21
* infinity frowns at sbuild.00:22
ScottK2slangasek: Monticello.  Brothers in law in Des Moines.00:23
imbrandonasac: pong00:24
slangasekhuh, Monticello, I didn't think anyone lived there; I thought it was just an airport :)00:24
imbrandonslangasek: :)00:25
ScottK2Heh.  Try trying to find a restaurant open on New Years day (managed, but it was tough).00:25
slangasek(and by 'airport', I think I mean 'air strip')00:25
imbrandonairport-stip,haircare and tire-lube-express :)00:26
asacimbrandon: no, flashplugin sru fix :) status?00:26
imbrandonasac: i'm advocating removal and let each browser do it, the fixes we could do would be way to invasive00:27
asacdo you still ahve the source packages lying around and could update the md5sums?00:27
asacimbrandon: what do you mean?00:27
imbrandonasac: sure , at the expense of breaking every non firefox browser00:27
imbrandonasac: new flash breaks any non firefox browser, old flash has a security flaw00:28
slangasekfsvo "every non firefox browser" equal to "konqueror", I thought?00:28
imbrandonso its no win00:28
imbrandonslangasek: opera and webkit too00:28
asacimbrandon: well ... does the current actually install?00:28
asacwhich link does it use? last time i looked the url used by wget doesn't even has a version00:28
imbrandonasac: yes it installs and makes them segfault, major regression, e.g. no-go00:28
asac(except 9)00:28
asacyes, but now it doesn't install at all ... or does it?00:29
imbrandonno it doesnt, but i will not introduce a fix that breaks someone more, i'm advocating removal00:29
imbrandonif you wish to follow another patch i'll be happy to help00:29
imbrandonbut i wont, i delt with it for weeks with no good awnser00:29
asacimbrandon: so the problem why the sru has been cancelled wasn't a md5sum mismatch?00:30
imbrandonit was because it causes konqueror and opera to segfault00:30
imbrandonyes only firefox , safari and IE support xembed00:31
imbrandonthe rest segfault00:31
imbrandonand kubuntu shipps konqueror as a default browser, we cant intentionaly break it00:32
imbrandonasac: this was all covered in the -devel ML thread iirc00:33
edsiperI'm trying to compile a program and it can't find the strnstr function, is something missed?01:33
slangasekedsiper: the fact that strnstr() is not a standard C function?01:37
edsiperStandard C Library (libc, -lc)  :/01:39
edsipert.c:(.text+0x40): undefined reference to `strnstr'01:40
StevenK% grep -c strnstr /usr/include/string.h01:43
=== rzr is now known as rZr
slangasekedsiper: it's not a standard C function, and glibc doesn't implement it.01:50
edsiper:/ , thanks01:51
keescookasac: do you know if there will there be a newer release of gnash before hardy freezes?02:44
slangasekmore importantly, why has gnash regressed on my system from gutsy to hardy and no longer able to play youtube videos? :)02:47
=== dmb is now known as dmb`
RAOFslangasek: Because youtube changed their stuff, I think :(.03:53
=== dmb` is now known as dmb
RAOFkeescook: http://wiki.gnashdev.org/wiki/index.php/Release_0_8_2 suggests they'd like to get 0.8.2 out before the end of January, so it seems the answer is "yes".04:00
linxuz3rhey guys04:06
* Hobbsee waves04:08
* RAOF shores04:08
slangasekRAOF: those dirty, stinking apes04:12
RAOFslangasek: Indeed.04:13
srbakerheya folks04:18
srbakerwhat's the status of the ATI open source drivers?04:18
kelmo^cchi asac. you got a moment to touch base about wpasupplicant04:18
Burgundaviasrbaker: they exist and work, you are better asking upstream04:21
Burgundaviabetter off, rather04:21
srbakerBurgundavia: hey man.04:21
srbakerBurgundavia: know where i can find docs on how to get them working on ubuntu?  i have a dell with ati video that's particularly horrible to use with the fglrx bullshit04:21
srbakerwhere is upstream?04:21
srbakerthe whole ati open source thing confuses the hell out fo me04:21
Burgundaviaupstream is radeonhd04:22
Burgundaviawhich is Novell/Suse engineers04:22
srbakeris there a website for that?04:22
Burgundaviawell, are you certain that you need radeonhd? it is only for the very newest of ATI drivers04:22
Burgundaviacards, rather04:22
srbakerBurgundavia: X1400 ?04:23
Burgundaviayep, that is r50004:23
srbakerthe x1400 was listed as supported by the open source effort in an article i read04:23
srbakerphoronix has docs04:23
srbakeri couldn't get any relevant hints until i punched radeonhd into google04:23
srbakerBurgundavia: any idea if the radeonhd thing will get into hardy?04:26
Burgundaviaif yes, as alpha only04:28
Burgundavianot on by default04:28
srbakerthat's okay.  as long as it'll be easy to get going04:28
srbakerokay, i have to go04:28
Burgundaviathey don't even have 2d really nailed down04:28
dholbachgood morning07:11
somerville32good morning, dholbach07:13
dholbachheya somerville3207:13
somerville32TheMuso, It is ok. we understand.07:17
somerville32wrong tab07:17
TheMusosomerville32: Not this time it wasn't.07:19
=== realist_ is now known as realist
pittiGood morning08:49
asackeescook: i will ask gnash devs about their plans08:49
asacpitti: morning!08:50
warp10morning pitti!08:51
Hobbseeoh noes, it's pitti!08:53
MacSlowgreetings everybody!08:56
* Hobbsee force feeds MacSlow some coffee08:56
* MacSlow reminds Hobbsee that coffee does not apply08:57
MacSlowonly coke and flying horse... which might be considered disgusting for some in the morning :)08:57
MacSlowhm... "flying horse" is probably not known outside of Germany08:58
=== Sp4rKy_ is now known as Sp4rKY
pittihey MacSlow, warp10, Hobbsee, asac!09:10
pitticalc: hm; building OO.o on artigas didn't help, but at least the giveback now made it build on powerpc09:10
StevenKMorning pitti09:13
* pitti hugs StevenK09:14
Hobbseeyay, i get a greeting from pitti today!09:31
* pitti hugs Hobbsee ecstatically09:31
* Hobbsee hugs pitti lots back!09:32
Mithrandirpitti: it's ever so slightly annoying that apport complains about packages that fail to install or upgrade, can we turn that off, or can I turn apport off somehow?09:32
pittiMithrandir: hm, not sure whether apt has a config option for that; mvo?09:33
ogragrrr ....09:35
ograsince one week i fix depencedcy breakage on the CD to have *one* testable CD before alpha4 .... now all deps are fine and the kernel modules are MIA ...09:36
mvoMithrandir: you can set Dpkg::ApportFailureReport to false, then it will leave oyu alone09:36
Mithrandirmvo: cheers.09:37
pittiogra: d-i needs a rebuild against 2.6.24-4, right?09:37
ograpitti, yup, indeed09:37
ograi was suspecting that when i saw the linux upload :/09:37
ograpitti, seems colin already did that09:39
nixternalany archive admin, did a booboo, need kblogger-kde4 removed please09:47
pittinixternal: done09:51
nixternalthanks pitti09:59
pittiasac: btw, is there anything being done about making SSL cert violation exceptions actually work in ff3?10:40
pittiasac: ATM I have to run ffox2 for such sites (only reason why I still have it installed)10:41
asacpitti: any example?10:41
pittioh, and missing flash support, of course10:41
pittiasac: https://mail.piware.de/10:41
asacpitti: flash support is avail ... on amd64 its broken because ia32-libs need libselinux iirc10:41
pittiasac: ah, I see; I'll fix that then (OTOH flash works fine in ffox2, so I wonder why it is a problem in ia32-lis)10:42
asacpitti: for me your site works ... i add an exception on the error page10:42
asacdoesn't that work for you?10:42
pittiasac: if I click on "Or you could add an exception" I just get a yellow box with "You should not add ...., do it in the advanced encryption settings"10:43
pittiasac: but there I don't see anything where I could add an exception10:43
asacpitti: which ffox version?10:43
asaci have buttons there10:43
pittiVersion: 3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu110:43
asac1) "Get me Out of here" 2) "Add Exception ..."10:43
asacok let me try to get that version up here :)10:44
asacpitti: same version for xul?10:45
asac(well s/3.0/1.9/)10:45
=== mdz_ is now known as mdz
pittiasac: http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/tmp/ffox-ssl-cert.png10:46
pittiasac: xulrunner-1.9 Version: 1.9~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu110:46
seb128that's the same error I get on http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org using epiphany-browser10:46
asacindeed its broken on that snapshot. i will update it then i guess10:46
seb128asac: share the crack of the day version ;-)10:47
asacseb128: yes ... for epiphany this feature needs to be implemented10:47
pittiasac: ok; as long as this is not the final thing, I'm good :)10:47
pittiasac: too bad that I can't get a working cert for my server... but there are four virtual domains sharing one IP, so the server cna only have one SSL cert; and adding alternative names doesn't work with cacert.org10:48
pittiso I can only either have a working signature or working alternate names *sigh*10:48
asacpitti: your server cannot be configured to use dedicated certs for virtual hosts?10:53
pittiasac: no, apache doesn't support that10:53
pittiasac: you first need to establish an SSL connection (IP-based)10:53
asacright :)10:53
pittiand only afterwards apache can decide which domain you want, based on the hostname you requested10:53
pittiso, one IP -> one cert10:54
asacget more ips :)10:56
pittiasac: IPv6 FTW!10:57
asacyay ;)10:57
ion_pitti: Indeed10:58
KeybukITYM F::T::W::10:58
Keybuk:: is used in IPv6 address notation for "all the bits missed out"10:59
pittiah, :010:59
pitti:) even10:59
* pitti cleans his shift key10:59
* Hobbsee mourns the loss of her special keys11:01
=== doko_ is now known as doko
torkelpitti: Preferences->Advanced(Encryption)->View Certificates->Add Execption...11:34
pittiah, in the Servers tab11:35
pittinot that easy to discover11:35
torkelno, took me a while to find it11:35
pittiah, cool, that works11:36
* soren lunches11:39
* pitti pokes ia32-libs11:46
* LongPointyStick pokes pitti 11:47
* ion_ peeks11:47
* torkel cuts LongPointyStick in two with an axe. Two sticks does more harm than one :-)11:50
* LongPointyStick becomes EXTRA pointy, and mutilates torkel 11:52
persiapitti: Might it make sense to split that a little?  The package is becoming incredibly huge.11:53
* torkel looks around to find the chainsaw...11:56
=== asac_ is now known as asac
pittipersia: well, ideally more source packages would build lib32foo* themselves12:09
pittioh, wow12:09
pittiusing lzma makes the deb shrink from 38.3 MB to 20.212:09
persiapitti: With multilib, that's now not unreasonable.  Perhaps a full migration away from ia32-libs as a release goal for next time?12:10
pittiAFAICS it should be ok to use lzma now (OO.o does it), right? or does that pose a problem for Soyyuz?12:10
pittihm, current OO.o debs use bzip212:12
pittiso the changelog is confusing12:12
tjaaltonLongPointyStick: what happened to your keys?12:12
LongPointySticktjaalton: my ctrl, alt, win, etc keys all stop working sometimes.12:13
LongPointyStickfujitsu also has it, and he has the same video card12:13
tjaaltonLongPointyStick: oh..12:13
pittipersia: hm, I was told that lzma is not supported yet :/12:14
* pitti reverts12:14
persiaNot yet?  Hrm.  All the tools support it.  Any idea when it is coming?12:15
pittipersia: it's supported by dpkg and everything, but not in soyuz12:15
tjaaltonLongPointyStick: ok, don't have any suggestions right now.. I've had no problems with evdev though (it'll be used when input-hotplug kicks in)12:15
persiapitti: Right.  I'm just hoping it's on the feature plan for 2.2 or 2.3 (if I remember my versions correctly).12:16
pittiyay flash on firefox-3.0 on amd6412:18
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
LongPointySticktjaalton: OK12:19
pittiasac: cool, purging firefox-2 then :)12:19
pittioh, hm, seems that devhelp still needs it12:20
pittiseb128: devhelp resists against xulrunner, or does it just need to be done?12:20
asacpitti: i uploaded new devhelp yesterday12:22
asac(and hopefully didn't forget to flip depends from firefox to xulrunner-1.9 :))12:23
seb128pitti: what asac said12:23
seb128pitti: btw the new f-spot uploaded today has no depends on beagle so it should be alright to move it to universe now12:24
* pitti hugs seb12812:24
asacpitti:  0.17-1ubuntu212:24
* seb128 hugs pitti back12:24
seb128I didn't do the update though ;-)12:24
Kmosi installed firefox-3.0 manually for the first time and it says to restart it.. i maybe be confused with firefox 2 :)12:24
asacKmos: yes ... please file a bug12:25
Kmosasac :)12:25
asacpitti: ok ... apparently control.in struck us here ... it still depends on firefox... reuploading12:27
pittiasac: heh; I just wondered, I have that version12:27
=== pedro__ is now known as pedro_
cjwatsonpersia: I forget the version number but it's on the feature plan for next week's LP release12:33
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
persiacjwatson: Excellent news.  Thank you.12:34
\shtkamppeter, thx so much for your work on the printing stuff..took me only 1 minute to get my hp laserjet 1200 to run on hardy :)12:35
pitti\sh: like, plug it in, wait 10 seconds, done? :)12:38
\shpitti, yeah :)12:38
sorenHow can waiting take an entire minute? :)12:38
sorenHow can waiting 10 seconds take an entire minute? :)12:38
\shsoren, printing the testpage ;)12:38
pittiwell, 50 seconds for being so amazed and stunned how easy that was :-P12:39
\shbut really, on windows I would have had to install some drivers etc.12:39
Keybukyes, but on windows, you have to install some drivers (finding the CD, dusting it, cleaning it, giving up and finding the driver on the net, downloading it, downloading it again for the right language, installing it, restarting your system) for a USB storage deviec12:48
ograKeybuk, it gets really bad then if the storage device has your NIC driver on it *g*12:49
\shKeybuk, well, this driver problem sucks...I got this printer for free so I don't have any documentation or driver cd around...12:49
sorenKeybuk: Yeah. There's no doubt we've got the right approach to providing drivers. Now they just need to suck less. :-/12:52
=== _bigon is now known as bigon`
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
\shpitti, regarding the maintainer field...I'm not sure if we need to change the maintainer field for rebuilding uploads, (-XbuildY) enlighten my horizon pleas :)13:19
geser\sh: afaik it's only needed for -XubuntuY. And the tools don't complain about it for -XbuildY :)13:21
\shgeser, k :)13:21
* persia notes that -XbuildY uploads should not contain any changes beyond the changelog13:24
=== bigon is now known as bigon`
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
pitti\sh: no, it's not necessary for rebuilds (sorry, was at lunch)13:29
* pitti demotes beagle13:31
pitti... and wv along with it; there goes another HardyReducingDuplication point :)13:32
* \sh needs to resolve bug #183382 somehow...13:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183382 in claws-mail "[MoM SYNC] claws-mail 3.2.0-2" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18338213:36
pitti\sh: can do now if it's blocking you13:37
\shpitti, would be great...so I can go on with the plugin package for claws13:37
pitti\sh: can you please describe the ubuntu changes and why they can be dropped? there's no changelog and nothing else...13:37
\shpitti, source rebuild only was the change13:38
pittioh, I see13:38
\shpitti, Version: 3.1.0-2build113:38
\shis the old one13:38
pittiso, no ubuntu changes actually13:38
seb128pitti: I'm going to do sync requests soon I've done those yesterday13:39
pitti\sh: done13:40
\shpitti, thx13:40
pittiseb128: so, you got one less :)13:40
seb128pitti: ok ;-)13:40
geserinfinity: after fixing the perl-modules problem on the buildds, building libpod-constants-perl still doesn't work: "Setting up libtest-simple-perl (0.62-1) ..." and then "After installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied: libtest-simple-perl(inst =*=PROVIDED=*= ! >= wanted 0.18)" (see13:43
jpatrickcould someone do the qca2 and libqca2-plugin-ossl backports, please? they're needed for KDE 413:43
seb128jpatrick: I'll do backports soon when I do syncs13:45
jpatrickseb128: thanks :)13:45
seb128jpatrick: you are welcome13:47
MithrandirError forking '/usr/lib/openoffice/program//soffice': 'Failed to execute child process "/usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice" (Bad address)'13:47
pittiMithrandir: as a workaround, don't start 'oowriter', start 'ooffice'13:49
* pitti wonders whether the new OO.o fixes that, but doesn't dare to upgrade and lose all the ooo-l10n stuff13:50
pittiah, the heck with it; /me upgrades13:53
* LongPointyStick watches the machine blow up13:53
* Mithrandir waves the LongPointyStick around.13:54
* LongPointyStick is waved. argh!13:54
* LongPointyStick pokes Mithrandir with her other half13:54
Mithrandirhah!  You didn't think of that when you chose the nick, did you?13:54
MithrandirI'm holding the other half.  You're not bendy, are you?13:54
* ion_ unwaves LongPointyStick13:54
* LongPointyStick is in 2 pieces13:54
* Mithrandir pokes ion_ with the LongPointyStick13:55
LongPointyStickyou're only holding the first half.13:55
* LongPointyStick catches fire13:55
* LongPointyStick burns Mithrandir 13:55
* Mithrandir continues waving the FlamingLongPointyStick about13:55
* Mithrandir catches fire.13:55
* LongPointyStick watches Mithrandir burn to a crisp13:56
* LongPointyStick magically recombines, and pokes ion_ to pices13:56
LongPointySticker, pieces13:56
sladenLongPointyStick has quite a Long nick13:56
* pitti puts on his flamewar-proof asbesto pants and cleans up13:57
Mithrandirpitti: she'll still burn your hands.13:57
* LongPointyStick pierces the asbestos pants, with her pointy end13:57
* LongPointyStick breaks one of pitti's knees in the process. oops!13:58
* pitti limps back to his chair and continues python hacking then13:58
* LongPointyStick breaks the chair13:58
* LongPointyStick watches pitti fall to the floor13:59
pittinot your best mood today, eh? :)13:59
LongPointyStickpitti: no, i'm naturally sadistic.  didn't you know?13:59
pittiMithrandir: ah, OO.o du jour doesn't break like that any more \o/13:59
pittiLongPointyStick: I can feel it in my knee13:59
Mithrandirpitti: but it lacks translations?13:59
pittiMithrandir: yes, since the l10n stuff got uninstalled14:00
LongPointySticksladen: yes.  this is true14:00
pittiooo-l10n FTBFS FTW14:00
LongPointyStickpitti: it goes with my full nick, anyway.14:00
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
jdstrandpitti: hi!14:04
pittihey jdstrand, how's it going?14:05
jdstrandpitti: I uploaded a new package (ufw) yesterday. Since it's new I know it needs to be manually added-- do I need to do anything else besides the upload?14:06
jdstrandpitti: I am well-- and you?14:06
pittijdstrand: it's in the NEW queue and will be investigated; no further action needed from you for now14:06
jdstrandpitti: ok thanks14:07
pittiMithrandir, StevenK: we are going to replace gnome-keyring-manager with seahorse in ubuntu-desktop; do you want the same for mobile?14:09
Mithrandirdoes it do the same thing?14:09
pittiseahorse does gpg/ssh/the world in addition14:10
pittibut seahorse is maintaned, g-k-m not (seb128 knows more details)14:10
seb128gnome-keyring-manager is just a GUI to do keyring changes14:11
MithrandirI think we just want g-k-m for NM keys and such, so as long as seahorse supports that, we're happy with having that instead.14:11
Mithrandirwe care less about the UI than the daemon14:11
pittiMithrandir: independently from that, NM's inability to change  wpa passphrases is a major usability bug which should just get fixed14:12
pittiMithrandir: ok, so I'll change the seeds along, and we'll see how it goes? (I confirmed that seahorse can edit keyring keys)14:13
* LongPointyStick doesn't particularly like how seahorse appears to like being able to show the ssh key passphrase on demand.14:13
pittiseb128: oh, seahorse needs a MIR, too, btw14:14
ion_I use libpam-ssh and keychain (with some glue between them)14:15
seb128pitti: right14:15
Mithrandirpitti: we're just interested in the daemon, afaik, but seahorse should be fine, yes.14:15
pittiseb128: bug report is enough14:15
seb128pitti: ok, thanks14:15
pittiseb128: seahorse seeded, seeds merged14:24
pittinot rebuilding -meta yet, until seahorse gets promoted14:24
seb128pitti: cool14:25
pitti./libseahorse/libseahorse.a - a-haa14:30
* Hobbsee stabs this keyboard bug14:34
TheMusoWhat keyboard bug?14:35
* Hobbsee loses metakeys, like shift, alt, ctrl, capslock, win, every once in a while, until restarting x14:35
TheMusooo fun14:35
Hobbseeand it's happened twice tonight14:36
Hobbseeand it's really starting to annoy me.14:36
torkelHobbsee: it has been hit by a LongPointyStick too many times?14:37
Hobbseetorkel: i'm not the only one who gets it14:37
Hobbseebut it's happening mor eoften than it used to14:37
cjwatsonHobbsee: are you using vmware?14:43
Hobbseecjwatson: nope14:43
cjwatsonok, it happens to me sometimes with vmware14:43
Hobbseecjwatson: this is standard hardy, upgraded from gutsy.  real hw.14:43
cjwatsonI have a button on my panel that does 'setxkbmap <appropriate arguments>'14:43
cjwatsonthat clears it for me; try that?14:43
* Hobbsee wonders what the appropriate arguments would be, and checks the man page14:44
Hobbseeer, is there any way i can close vi without using the colon/14:44
sorenHobbsee: <ESC>ZZ14:44
sorenHobbsee: It saves, though.14:44
Hobbseesoren: ah, thanks14:44
Hobbseesoren: no dice.  esc classes as a special key, and has died too.14:45
MithrandirHobbsee: paste ^[ into the terminal14:45
Mithrandirit's esc14:45
Mithrandiror use an on-screen keyboard?14:45
* TheMuso points Hobbsee to onboard14:46
ograopen a website and copy paste it :)14:46
ogra(or from here) colon -> :14:46
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatson14:44 <cjwatson> US keymap?14:48
cjwatson14:44 <cjwatson> setxkbmap -rules xorg -layout us14:48
cjwatson14:45 <cjwatson> the only other way I can think of is 'ZZ', but you may not be able to get that either. Copy-and-paste the colon from elsewhere.14:48
cjwatsonHobbsee: ^--14:48
Hobbseecjwatson: ah, thanks.  same problem though14:49
cjwatson(or close terminal window, let it get SIGHUPped, and recover the session later, assuming it's vim)14:50
Hobbseecjwatson: anyway, that doesn't clear it for me either.14:51
cjwatsonok, worth a try14:51
Hobbseeindeed.  thanks for the attempt ;014:53
pittiseb128: (argh autoconf argh)15:04
seb128pitti: (autotools are grrrrr)15:05
* Mithrandir kicks LP in the proverbial SSL nuts.15:06
Gringo_is there some kind of alternative patching to -ck in the hardy kernel?15:08
=== fabbione is now known as thegodfather
Gringo_because -ck stopped after 2.6.2215:08
Gringo_does the CFS have the same results?15:12
Hobbseethird time lucky15:12
Gringo_well actually i thought that -ck also included some I/O work15:15
* soren is confused15:15
Gringo_while CFS is only a scheduler15:15
Gringo_i'm not a developer, so i could very well be wrong15:15
sorencjwatson: Could you clear something up for me, please? Our CD's can display two different things when they first start up. There's the old orange-only ubuntu logo with the reflection and "boot:" prompt below it, and there's the fancy coloured thing with the menu and such below it... Where do each of them come from?15:18
cjwatsona mix of debian-installer (text), debian-cd (images and menu items), and gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (fancy menu)15:20
sorencjwatson: Hm. So if I'm using the gfxboot test thing you showed me once, what am I supposed to see? The fancy menu?15:21
cjwatsonassuming gfxboot is working, you should see the fancy menu15:21
cjwatsonit might fall back to the old-style one15:21
cjwatson(which is plain isolinux)15:22
sorenHm.. I see.15:22
sorencjwatson: The long description in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu claims that the logos and texts are not in that package.. So they're in debian-cd?15:41
cjwatsonright, and debian-installer15:41
cjwatsonmy apologies for it being spread around; I was trying to fit it in around where stuff was already being maintained15:42
* soren fails to see how that would land in the test thing..15:42
Mithrandirdoko: I get errors install ing icedtea-java7-bin on hardy (lpia)15:42
Mithrandirdoko: /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-icedtea/bin/java: error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:42
Mithrandirdoko: is this known, and is there a workaround?15:42
sorencjwatson: As long as you're willing to answer the odd question about it from time to time.. :)15:42
cjwatsonI constructed the test rather by hand :)15:42
sorencjwatson: And you claim that when you run "make" in that directory, you see the fancy menu?15:44
cjwatsonsoren: yup15:47
cjwatsonperhaps your qemu's screwed, or perhaps you commented GFXBOOT out in tree.safe/isolinux.cfg?15:47
sorencjwatson: I did not. An to be sure, I just refetched the test suite and nuked the one I had lying around.15:49
sorencjwatson: I only see the simple logo and the boot: prompt.15:49
sorencjwatson: Something's not right. Booting the mini.iso (as found on archive.ubuntu.com) gives me the old logo and boot: prompt (just like your test thing), but the daily CD images gives me the fancy menu. Any ideas or should be look at it next week?16:02
pittitkamppeter: can you please look into bug 183652 for hardy?16:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183652 in avahi "CUPS fails to start on boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18365216:19
cjwatsonsoren: I'm a bit lost and also busy with some other things, so next week would be good16:21
sorencjwatson: Alright.16:21
norsettoping pitti16:46
mvo_pitti: do you mind if I upload a dbus that restarts itself if upgraded from dapper? unless you come up with a better solution for the current dapper->hardy desktop upgrade problem16:49
seb128mvo_: a dbus which restarts itself? doesn't look like a good idea, you will close running nautilus, break network, etc16:54
ion_A dbus that can restart itself is a good idea. If it can’t handle it, it has been designed stupidly.16:55
mvo_seb128: hm, currently on dapper->hardy the postinst of hal (at least) breaks because hal can not restart. pitti said its most likely a incompatible hal/dbus issue16:55
calchow do you create message filters in evolution per account?16:55
calceg... how do you map evolution usable for imap16:56
seb128calc: what do you mean?16:56
calcseb128: when i create a filter it doesn't ask me what account to use it for, i want to move all messages of a certain type on an account to a folder in that account16:56
calcmaybe Edit -> Message Filters is the wrong place?16:57
seb128calc: edit, message filter, add16:57
seb128calc: then the combo where you have sender, click on it16:57
seb128and select source account in the list instead?16:57
calcah source account i see it :)16:58
calcthanks :)16:58
seb128you are welcome16:58
* calc hugs seb128 16:58
* seb128 hugs calc16:58
seb128calc: switching to evolution?16:58
seb128what did you use until now?16:58
calcseb128: yea i switched from thunderbird, newer thunderbird's imap filtering is broken16:59
seb128ah, k16:59
Mithrandirclient side filtering considered harmful16:59
calcor at least was last i tested it, i had been holding the version on my box for a while until i decided to finally switch16:59
* Mithrandir hides.16:59
calcMithrandir: is there a way to filter for our email on the server?16:59
calcMithrandir: if so i wouldn't mind setting that up :)16:59
infinitygeser: I know, I have another fix in the pipeline.16:59
Mithrandircalc: no idea, I run my own mail server.16:59
calcMithrandir: oh ok17:00
calcMithrandir: i just imap directly to i.c.c17:00
MithrandirI like to stay in touch with my inner sysadmin17:00
calcMithrandir: hehe17:00
calcone other question, how do i run filters against a mailbox?17:02
tkamppeterpitti, about bug 183652, I have rebooted Hardy already several times (due to an X problem) after the boot sequence got changed in Hardy. I never had a problem.17:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183652 in avahi "CUPS fails to start on boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18365217:04
calcah i think i found out how17:04
calcselect all messages and apply filter17:04
tkamppeterpitti, ping17:08
norsettomust be a very popular person this pitti, I wonder if he offers often drinks here17:09
\shhoho...I didn't see that...sun bought mysql? ,-)17:11
Mithrandir\sh: that's so yesterday's news.17:11
\shMithrandir, did see it on our german newsticker...damn17:12
keescookpitti: say, you use gnome-gpg, right?  does it still work for you in hardy?17:21
pittikeescook: no, it stopped working a while ago; I switched to seahorse, that's much better anyway (also works in mutt, chroots, etc.)17:21
pittimvo_: well, if that helps, go ahead17:21
keescookpitti: but things like requestsync still call it...17:21
pittimvo_: but I thought it would be more robust to not restart dbus and any client on upgrades from dapper?17:22
keescookpitti: what's required to "switch" to seahorse?17:22
pittimvo_: i. e. we should fix postinsts of hal etc. to not restart on such upgrades, only from gutsy ones17:22
pittikeescook: if you don't have gnome-gpg installed, requestsync won't use it17:23
\shpitti, hopefully seahoarse works also good with gpg + smartcards ;)17:23
pittikeescook: just install it and restart your session17:23
pittinorsetto: pong17:23
pittitkamppeter: well, the bug doesn't seem to occur very often, yes17:23
norsettopitti: hey, was wondering if you could glance at bug 183293 when you have 5 min.17:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183293 in kfolding "[FTBFS] kfolding (1.0.0-rc2-5) fails to build in hardy" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18329317:23
keescookpitti: oh, yes, that's much better.  :)  much saner caching options too.  yay.  :)17:24
tkamppeterpitti. for me the bug looks like that the avahi startup script exits before the avahi daemon is ready to take tasks.17:28
pittitkamppeter: exactly17:28
tkamppeterThis means CUPS gets started before the avahi daemon is ready, the daemon is half-ready which is even worse for CUPS, as CUPS crashes then instead of running without avahi support.17:29
tkamppeterpitti, so the problem is an avahi bug (I have given an appropriate comment in one of the bug reports).17:30
pittinorsetto: answered in the bug17:30
norsettopitti: ok, dankeschoen17:31
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tkamppeterpitti, I have answered on bug 183652, what needs to be fixed is avahi, as other services can break as well as CUPS. It would be enogh to put a loop at the end of the startup script of avahi, which checks the avahi daemon once a second and exits if the daemon is ready or a timeout is reached.18:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183652 in avahi "CUPS fails to start on boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18365218:14
pittitkamppeter: the better solution would be to make cups not fall over in this case and try again later, though18:14
pittitkamppeter: that would avoid making the boot process longer unnecessarily, and more robust too18:15
tkamppeterpitti, so we should simply add a loop to the CUPS startup script and in the case of failure do two additional start attempts 2 seconds later or should we better patch the daemon to activate and deactivate avahi support on the fly?18:17
pittitkamppeter: the latter would be better IMHO18:17
pittitkamppeter: as a minimum cups shouldn't crash if avahi is not available18:18
pittiadmins might uninstall avahi if they don't need it18:18
tkamppeterpitti could you do this change or should we report the problem upstream?18:18
pittiand ideally it would try to register printers to avahi every now and then (perhaps at the same time when it broadcasts its printers over teh cups browsing protocol?)18:18
pittitkamppeter: upstream18:18
* pitti <- no time for cups hacking ATM18:19
tkamppeterpitti, I will file an upstream bug in CUPS and it depends on Mike Sweet's fix whether we can provide CUPS' DNS-SD broadcasting or not. If he does not fix it in time then CUPS and Avahi are not ready yet for DNS-SD printer broadcasting.18:20
pittitkamppeter: right, we can still disable it in hardy if needed18:21
pittibut would be cool to fix, and it affects other distros, too18:21
tkamppeterpitti, but I will also leave the avahi task open as startup scripts should only exit if the daemons are ready, otherwise there is no control for services which depend on each other.18:22
\shpitti, how do I read http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/gnustep-back0.11 when gnustep-back0.11 doesn't exists anymore?18:24
pitti\sh: that's precisely what 'NBS' means :)18:25
pittithe binary still exists, but it's not built from any source package any more18:25
pitti\sh: i. e. this lists the currently existing reverse dependencies; they all need to get fixed, since before hardy's release we need to kill all NBS pacakges18:25
\shpitti, ah.....ok :)18:26
pittimostly that amounts to no-change uploads to rebuild against current libs18:26
\shpitti, ok...starting to work on this18:27
geser\sh: in case of gnustep-back0.11 some sort of transition is probably needed, other gnustep packages went already through this transition18:29
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tkamppeterpitti, http://www.cups.org/str.php?L2676, and bug 183652 is updated now.18:45
ubotuCUPS bug 2676 in Core CUPS Software "Scheduler does not start if CUPS is started very shortly after the avahi daemon" [Priority moderate,New]18:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183652 in avahi "CUPS fails to start on boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18365218:45
tkamppeterSTR 118:45
tkamppeterCUPS bug 118:45
ubotuCUPS bug 1 in Core CUPS Software "Missing links and out-of-date systems overviews on documentation page" [Priority low,Closed w/resolution] http://www.cups.org/str.php?L118:45
pittitkamppeter: just saw the mail, thanks18:46
pittiwow, ubotu now knows about cups' STR system? neato!18:47
tkamppeterpitti, there is only a small thing to improve, it should also react on "STR xxx".18:48
pittiwell, that might also be 'suspend to ram'18:49
pitticups bug 1234 is great and consistent within ubotu18:49
ubotuCUPS bug 1234 in Core CUPS Software "When setting BrowseProtocols to all Cups stops working" [Priority low,Closed w/o resolution] http://www.cups.org/str.php?L123418:49
tkamppeterBut "suspend to ram 1234" does not make much sense, so that if someone writes STR 1234, he most probably means CUPS bug 1234.18:50
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ScottKtkamppeter: STR is a reasonably generic term for Software Trouble Report.  I don't hink of it as CUPS specific.18:53
tkamppeterpitti, another problem, I wanted to make use of my MOTU rights and have suggested flphoto as a new package on REVU, as MOTU I need only the vote of one additional MOTU, but no one has touched my package yet.18:54
pittitkamppeter: can you please mail me the URL? I'll have a look at it tomorrow18:54
tkamppeterpitti, bug 18324318:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183243 in ubuntu "New Package: flPhoto - Photo Manager with Great Printing Capabilities" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18324318:55
ScottKtkamppeter: It would also be nice if you could find some time for reviewing as there are many more packages on REVU than reviewers to look at them.18:56
pittitkamppeter: ok, I opened a tab, so I won't forget18:56
tkamppeterpitti, thanks.18:56
pittiwhat does it take to get an account on REVU, btw?18:56
tkamppeterpitti, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU18:57
pittiah, I see; I'll ask on #u-motu18:59
ScottKpitti: You have to do an upload to REVU.  It can be anything.18:59
pittiScottK: hm, above wiki page says to just ask there to get ack'ed as a reviewer19:00
ScottKFirst you have to have an account though.19:00
pittihm, then above documentation needs to be updated19:01
ScottKIt's been more than half a year since I got set up, so I may remember wrong.19:01
infinityBuilding kde4libs 4:3.96.0-1ubuntu119:03
infinityfor  Kubuntu Members Ubuntu Gutsy PPA19:03
infinityBuilding kde4libs 4:3.96.0-1ubuntu119:03
infinityfor  Sarah Hobbs Ubuntu Gutsy PPA19:03
* infinity wonders if we really need two. :)19:04
pittinice race19:04
infinityNot so much a race, it's different PPAs...19:04
pittiah, ok19:04
infinityJust... Duplicate effort, I'm assuming.19:04
jpatrickkde4libs 4:3.96.0 is the old package no?19:05
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gesertkamppeter: I've done a quick review of flphoto for you.19:24
gesertkamppeter: is the /usr/share/mimelnk/ directory in use? I've only one file below it here (GNOME)19:25
tkamppetergeser, the upstream package contains a mime type in .desktop format, and such mime type files I have only found in /usr/share/mimelnk/  on an installed Hardy system.19:28
tkamppetergeser thanks for the review, I will fix the issues and reupload. The package structure is derived from XPP (also FLTK-based), but XPP was not updated for some time.19:29
gesertkamppeter: I just wondered because my /usr/share/mimelnk isn't really populated19:32
tkamppeterMine is full, it contains 100s of files in subdirs19:33
pittimine is empty, too, just image/vnd.djvu.desktop19:34
\shpitti, libpt-1.10.0 is replaced with libpt-1.11.2?19:34
pittiapt-cache showsrc pwlib|grep ^Binary19:35
pittioh, there's a pwlib-titan in addition now, which has the never version19:35
\shpitti, that's what I wanted to know...what's the right source package...pwlib or pwlib-titan ,-)19:36
\shpitti, and reading http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/libpt-1.10.0 I think we go with pwlib-titan ;)19:36
pitti\sh: pwlib itself seems to have 1.10.10-<something>19:36
pitti\sh: depends on your build dep; libpt-dev is pwlib, libpt-1.11.2-dev is -titan19:37
pittithey both build-conflict to each other19:37
\shpitti, so I think we stay with pwlib only, not with the -titan source?19:38
pitti\sh: I don't know TBH19:38
gesertkamppeter: are you using KDE or GNOME?19:38
tkamppetergeser, I am using GNOME19:41
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tkamppetergeser, which copyright holders are missing in the debian/copyright file of flphoto19:51
gesertkamppeter: grep Copyright *  inside the package dir:19:53
geserespmsg.[ch]: * Copyright 1997-2005 by Easy Software Products.19:54
saivannHi everyone, I'm triaging bug #147623 and somebody in the bug report specified that upgrading actual vesafb-tng in the linux kernel to uvesafb would fix problems with AMD64 and usplash with nvidia closed source driver, does this make sense?19:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 147623 in usplash "[EM64T]When booting, screen stays black." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14762319:54
saivannIf yes, it could be considered as a improvement for Hardy19:55
gesertkamppeter: grep also espmsglib.c for copyright (ESP and Aladdin), fldcraw.c:   Copyright 1997-2006 by Dave Coffin, flstring.h: * Copyright 1998-2005 by Bill Spitzak and others., jpegint.h: * Copyright (C) 1991-1997, Thomas G. Lane., transupp.[ch]: * Copyright (C) 1997, Thomas G. Lane.19:57
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tkamppetergeser, so the documentation of the software is a false declaration of copyright and license, as I packaged that I simply trusted in Mike Sweet. An upstream bug should be reported.20:07
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looltkamppeter: Hey, I tried stopping avahi and cupsys and then "starting avahi && starting cupsys", then I stopped and started cupsys, both cupsys error logs at debug level 2 were identical; could you hint me into reproducing the cupsys failure?20:14
tkamppeterlool, it was only observed on boots of some Hardy and some Gutsy boxes. Strange is why your command line does not reproduce it. Perhaps it depends also on speed and load of your computer.20:35
looltkamppeter: Could very well be21:00
pittipochu: ping21:04
pittipochu: please enlighten me about bug 181088 :)21:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181088 in policykit "/proc/$pid/* gets too restrictive permissions for g-s-t tools" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18108821:05
seb128pitti: looks like the issue due to your ptrace changes21:10
pittiseb128: I got that much, but what issue? works just fine for me21:10
seb128pitti: ah, that's this bug21:10
seb128pitti: sec21:10
pittiI could reproduce the problem with 0.6, but not with 0.721:10
pittiI tested {network,time}-admin21:10
seb128pitti: bug #18367321:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183673 in gnome-system-tools "Users-admin unlock not working" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18367321:11
seb128pitti: the unable to lookup exe for caller seems to be the issue21:12
pittiseb128: can you reproduce it?21:12
seb128pitti: let me try, I'm still running the build I did for testing the other day21:13
seb128is the version you uploaded different?21:13
pittiseb128: I just added the patch to work with non-ext3 FSes21:13
pittinothing else21:13
seb128pitti: I've an idea it could be due to policykit-gnome which has not been updated, the binaries were in NEW today21:14
seb128pitti: maybe those guys still have 0.621:14
pittihm, that sounds like a too weak dependency somewhere21:14
seb128or a lack of Breaks21:14
seb128maybe policykit 0.7 should Breaks on gnome < 0.721:14
pittiyes, good idea21:16
pochupitti, seb128: Right, I have PK-gnome 0.621:22
pittiah, that's it then; thanks, pochu21:22
pittipochu: I'll add the Breaks: then as a solution to this bug, ok?21:22
tkamppetergeser, I have reuploaded flphoto now. I have addressed all issues and now lintian and linda are without output.21:22
seb128pochu: I've newed the binaries this afternoon they should be available21:22
pochupitti: sure, as long as g-s-t works again with 0.7 ;)21:23
* pochu upgrades21:23
seb128pochu: we tested g-s-t with 0.7 before uploading it21:23
pochuI did with 0.6. :)21:25
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* lamont wonders wth his fresh gutsy install decided to say UTC=no in rcS21:41
gesertkamppeter: looks OK to me now, but I'd like a second review as I'm a little bit out of practise in reviewing.21:44
tkamppetergeser, OK, Thanks. Pitti told that he will look into the package tomorrow. He is core-dev and so he should be experienced.21:49
gesertkamppeter: and an archive admin and tomorrow is his archive day21:51
gesertkamppeter: so I could upload it and let him review it as part of his archive work :)21:51
tkamppetergeser, what do you mean with uploading? The upload into Universe I should do, as I got MOTU and did not do any upload yet, and before applying for core-dev I should do at least one. I do not ask for upload sponsorship here, I do only the required steps for introducing a new package.21:54
pittitkamppeter: right, just upload it now, and I'll grab it from the queue for review tomorrow21:55
pittitkamppeter: I briefly looked at geser's comments and your debdiff, it looked ok21:56
pittiI haven't looked at the actual package yet, though21:56
gesertkamppeter: sure, usually the reviewer who adds the last needed ACK does the upload21:56
pittitkamppeter: so please go ahead and use your new upload powers :)21:56
tkamppeterDone. My first upload into the Ubuntu distribution.21:58
tkamppeterI simply removed the "revu" from the dput command line.21:58
pittiand there it is22:11
pittitkamppeter: congratulations!22:11
pittitkamppeter: ah, please remove edge. (unless you are in lp-beta-testers)22:11
tkamppeterpitti, I am in lp-beta-testers22:12
ScottK2pitti: Everyone can see edge now.22:15
tkamppeterpitti, I have updated bug 183243 now, an annoying bugs for users who like to print photos gets fixed.22:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183243 in flphoto "New Package: flPhoto - Photo Manager with Great Printing Capabilities" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18324322:16
ScottKtkamppeter: Once it's built and you're confident you have a good package in Hardy, you might want to consider backporting it to Gutsy.22:19
emgenthello people23:01
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