Kanohi, does somebody like to update the hardy kernel to rc8?00:51
Kanohi, anybody awake?10:23
Kanorc8 still not merged...11:02
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Kanodebian/rules binary-debs flavours=generic skip_abi=true14:27
Kanojust tried this but abi check still failed - i only added a patch14:28
Kanohow can it fail when the check should be skipped?14:28
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pittiif two packages ship the same kernel module (say, linux-image and linux-backports-modules), how can l-b-m make sure that the module that it ships will be prefered? i. e. how does modprobe define the search order?21:17
lagakeep in mind that i don't really know what i'm talking about: can't you add a diversion?21:18
rtgpitti: depmod looks in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/updates first.21:27
rtgpitti: s/updates/ubuntu/21:32
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pittirtg: ah, that's an Ubuntu specific hack?21:33
rtgpitti: pretty much.21:33
pittirtg: someone else in the linux foundation driver-backports workgroup just brought it up21:33
pittirtg: ok, thanks21:33
_MMA_rtg: I'd ask Alessio but he's not around. Any ETA on the -rt metas?21:40
rtg_MMA_: oh, forgot. I've got it staged. just needs to be uploaded.21:41
_MMA_Ahh... Ok. Once those are up my disks will build. :P21:42
* infinity scratches his head at:22:39
infinityBrian Murray (brian-murray) tried to claim the Launchpad22:39
infinityteam named Ubuntu Kernel Team (kernel-team) (which is22:39
infinityassociated with kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com).22:39
infinityTo finish claiming that team, making Brian Murray (brian-murray)22:39
infinityits owner, just follow the link below.22:39
rtginfinity: you can ignore that. I should not have released it either.22:41
infinityAnd yet, you did. :)22:42
rtginfinity: well now I know better.22:42
infinityAnd knowing is half the battle.22:43
infinityThis does open a nice DOS I'd never noticed before, though.22:43
rtginfinity: that occured to me as well.22:43
infinityIt only takes one click from a list subscriber in a list-owned team to lose ownership of the team.22:43
rtg_MMA_: linux-meta with -rt dependencies is uploaded.22:44
_MMA_rtg: Thanx a ton.22:48
majikinshello - pls can someone help me with a raid1 setup22:48
smb_MMA_: Hi, I was looking at a bug about using auditctl for the generic kernels. Basically this requires CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL to be set. Would it make sense if I enable that for -rt as well?22:49
majikinsI've set it up via a youtube demonstration howto - testing now and if either disk is disconnected, box loads but not fully22:49
_MMA_smb: abogani or one of the other kernel heads would be best to ask. I'm mostly management. :P22:52
smb_MMA_: Oh, well. :) Since abogani is not here. Who else would those be. I havn't been around too long. ;-)22:53
_MMA_Filing a bug would be sure he looks at it.22:54
smb_MMA_: Alright then. Thanks22:55
_MMA_-rt is really a "community" kernel and is handled by abogani with great help from guys in here.22:55
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lagai wonder why the ia_file member was removed from iattr.23:25
lagabreaks aufs compilation for me23:25
lagaah, i think i found something23:28

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