persiageser: Not quite.  Hammer & tongs backport to python2.400:03
persiaScottK: backport to gutsy should work fine.  feisty maybe, but I think it requires too new a version of python-nose.  Might be suitable for a 2.4-forcing gutsy SRU, but that's getting more invasive than I like.00:04
persiaAny backport for Edgy or Dapper should definitely be based on the 0.9 tree, which package I never had working to anyone's satisfaction (including mine).  Given the time, and that it didn't work on release day, I doubt it's worth it.00:05
=== Ibalon is now known as zakame
Solarionheh.  Anyone else see the Amazon.com sponsored result for searching for 'jono bacon' (no quotes)?01:34
Solarionon google01:36
* Solarion wants to see the "Low prices on jono bacon"01:36
=== rzr is now known as rZr
bddebianHeya gang02:15
bddebianWelcome NCommander :)02:21
* NCommander feels people02:24
* LaserJock runs02:24
bddebianWell this can be a fairly quiet time :-)02:24
bddebianHeya LaserJock02:24
* NCommander tries to figure out what he can do02:25
LaserJockhiya bddebian02:27
bddebianNCommander: Fix bugs! :-)02:27
* NCommander reads the paperwork first02:35
* NCommander finishs signing things02:37
* Hobbsee reads hte MOTU ML.03:01
LaserJockI read that as "Hobbsee reads the MOTU hate mail"03:02
somerville32You're not happy with Kmos deciding to leave? :S03:03
minghuahe does?03:03
HobbseeSo, Kmos is still very impatient, still hasn't learned anything, still says he'll won't do something, then does it.  They recommend more close supervision, as apparently this lot was close enough, and he was shown to violate his sponsorship conditions anyway.03:04
Hobbseeall because he does sometimes get work right.03:04
somerville32Hobbsee, You didn't read kmos' response?03:04
somerville32He has decided to leave03:04
Hobbseesomerville32: he's decided to leave before.03:04
Hobbseesomerville32: he said he'd never file another sync request, months ago, too.03:04
Hobbseesomerville32: he said he wouldn't touch MOTU sync bugs, yet does that as well.03:05
somerville32"Hobbsee: I WON'T TOUCH AGAIN MOTU BUGS! :-) I'll remember you when I click on the mouse and try to do it."03:05
somerville32You don't believe him this time Hobbsee? :P03:05
LaserJockHobbsee: I don't want to get into it again, but I thought the email was fairly clear, though I think we need an official MC vote03:05
* Hobbsee has little confidence in anything he says actually holding.03:05
* minghua just noticed today that he filed a bunch of Ubuntu-specific FTFBS bugs against Debian.03:05
HobbseeLaserJock: what do you read it as saying?03:05
LaserJockHobbsee: dholbach's email was fairly clear03:05
Hobbseeminghua: ...yay.03:05
HobbseeLaserJock: it's made recommendations, pretty much the same as were already done.03:06
LaserJockHobbsee: no, it said he failed the "exam"03:06
LaserJockthat was my reading03:06
HobbseeLaserJock: right, so the recommendations != what they'll do as a result?03:06
LaserJockthere wasn't a recommendation of what to do, it was a summary of the situation03:07
Hobbsee<bullet points>03:07
Hobbseethat's still a summary?03:07
* Hobbsee thought the summary was the first part, as "recommendation" is at the same position on the screen as "summary"03:08
LaserJockhmm, I was thinking so, but there's really no recommendation there03:08
Hobbseethere is a recommendation there - it's just not what most of us wanted.03:08
LaserJockI wouldn't say that03:09
LaserJockI don't see a recommendation for or against him leaving03:09
Hobbseewell, perhaps not.  there seem to be recommendations through it, and the stuff titled "recommendation" really is a summary of hte summary.03:09
Hobbseeokay, granted.03:10
ScottKHobbsee: dholbach clarified on IRC that summary would have been better than recommendation.03:10
ScottKGood evening all.03:10
HobbseeScottK: right, OK03:10
LaserJockthe original proposal had:"If the evaluation doesn't go well, we must ask him to no longer work on Ubuntu."03:11
ScottKAnd I think we should follow through on that.03:11
LaserJockfor sure03:11
LaserJockso I guess we just need a formal MC vote to confirm03:11
bddebianHeya ScottK03:12
somerville32When is the next MC meeting?03:12
Hobbseesomerville32: they don't do meeting, they do calls.03:12
LaserJockwell, all they need to do is vote via email03:12
joejaxxis there anywhere i can get a full list of all the FTBFS bugs for a certain arch?03:12
joejaxxsorry to interrupt03:12
LaserJockjoejaxx: thanks03:13
LaserJockhave you tried qa.ubuntuwire.com ?03:13
joejaxxyeah but that shows all of them03:14
joejaxxall the arches that is03:14
joejaxxi guess i can write a script to spider the page03:14
joejaxxthanks :)03:14
ScottKHeya bddebian03:15
Solarionheya laser03:16
LaserJockhi Solarion03:20
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=== dmb` is now known as dmb
ScottKAnyone from motu-sru around?  I'd appreciate a look at: Bug 18366104:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183661 in libmail-box-perl "FTBFS in Gutsy/Feisty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18366104:11
ScottKLaserJock: Are you still here?04:11
ScottKMaking a package build that's currently FTBFS is pretty straight forward for an SRU, right?04:13
LaserJockpretty much, please attach a debdiff04:14
ScottKFor a rebuild?04:15
LaserJockwell, hmm, I'm assuming it'll take a build104:16
ScottKI was hoping you'd ack it and trust me to write build1 correctly.04:16
ScottKI just filled out all the required bits on the bug (TEST CASE, etc.)04:17
ScottKBut if you want a debdiff, I'll provide them.04:17
LaserJockwell, I know what you mean04:18
ScottK2Your call.04:18
LaserJockScottK: has a rebuild be done in Hardy?04:19
ScottKLaserJock: Yes.  It worked.04:19
LaserJocksame version04:20
ScottKBut FTBFS for the same reason.04:20
ScottKsbuild attempting to satisfy versioned depends with a virtual package of insufficient version when a non-virtual package would have worked.04:21
LaserJockScottK: right, SRU ack'd04:23
ScottKLaserJock: Thanks.04:23
LaserJockScottK: np, thanks for doing the leg work04:24
ScottK2LaserJock: Thanks for the mail too.04:24
slangasekis there a convention for package numbering on ppas at this point?04:45
Burgundaviaslangasek: try not to make Adam Williamsons prediction come true?04:46
ScottK2Burgundavia: What was that?04:46
LaserJockslangasek: I think something along the lines of 0ubuntu0ppa1 or similar04:48
LaserJockI got stuck on 0ubuntu0.7.10~ppaX04:48
LaserJockfor gutsy04:48
jdongwhy not 0ubuntu0~7.10~ppaX?04:49
ScottK2https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart gives suggestions04:49
jdongthat way you don't potentially interfere with any SRU versions04:49
ScottK2slangasek: While you're thinking about that, would you mind accepting libmail-box-perl into gutsy-proposed and feisty-proposed?04:50
jdongslangasek: and looking at mpeg4ip in NEW if it has not been handled yet? :)04:50
LaserJockjdong: that wouldn't interfere with an SRU would it?04:50
ScottK2LaserJock: It might have a higher version number than an SRU04:51
jdongLaserJock: Hmm you're right, 0ubuntu1 is the lowest with ubuntu in it04:51
LaserJockI guess that's possible04:51
ScottK2Actually not always for SRU.04:51
LaserJockjdong: well, security often uses ubuntu0.104:51
jdong-1ubuntu0.1 is possible for SRU/security to -104:51
jdongbut -0 implies -0ubuntu104:52
jdongexcept maybe the firefox stuff?04:52
jdongwhere we introduce a new upstream version as a security fix04:52
jdongyeah, Firefox uses -0ubuntu0.*04:53
jdongso I guess 0ubuntu0~something is safer04:53
beerfanHi all. Is there an abbreviated instruction somewhere for packaging a python script?04:53
=== boomer` is now known as boomer
slangasekScottK2, jdong: <whimper>04:55
pochubeerfan: does it use distutils?04:55
slangaseksorry, I'm off-duty right now04:55
LaserJockslangasek: just make a version scheme up04:55
slangasekLaserJock: right :)04:56
ScottK2slangasek: No problem.04:56
jdongslangasek: fine :)04:56
beerfanpochu: the script? I don't think so04:56
LaserJockslangasek: just think *you* can provide the convention04:56
Burgundaviaslangasek: where is the distro sprint?04:56
ScottK2Speaking of PPAs, how do I make it upload for Gutsy?04:56
jdongdon't you just target gutsy as the distro?04:57
LaserJockScottK: changelog04:57
ScottK2Dunno.  Never uploaded to a PPA before.04:57
pochubeerfan: take a look at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy. You have examples there.04:57
jdongScottK2: yeah the distro field in the changelog04:57
LaserJockI've only done gutsy PPA uploads04:57
* ScottK2 finally decides to take advantage of it now that the TOS are changed.04:57
LaserJockI'm still backporting stuff04:58
StevenKScottK2: Yeah, target gutsy in the changelog04:58
StevenKScottK2: I can give you a .dput.cf snippet if you wish04:59
pochuScottK2: either put gutsy in debian/changelog, or in your dput entry put something like "incoming = ~siretart/ubuntu/gutsy"04:59
ScottKStevenK: I got the dput.cf snippet from the PPA quickstart.  It looked sane enough.05:00
jdongpochu: why ping siretart for that? :D05:00
pochujdong: just to annoy him ;)05:00
ScottKjdong: Why ping him because pochu did? ;-)05:00
LaserJockScottK: it's probably easier to do it in the changelog05:00
pochuScottK: why didn't you ping him too? :)05:01
* Hobbsee pings jdong05:01
LaserJockyou need a unique version / release anyway05:01
* jdong thinks nick completion needs to do globbing!05:01
jdongping * :)05:01
slangasekBurgundavia: Londinium Anticum05:01
* pochu continues studying05:01
Burgundaviaslangasek: thought as much, in Canonical Tower One05:02
* slangasek wonders if that's supposed to be like One Microsoft Way05:07
StevenKI've not heard it called Canonical Tower One before05:10
Burgundaviaand now it is and shall be forever05:11
StevenKI doubt that.05:11
ScottK2Do PPA uploads get accepted mails sent out?05:12
BurgundaviaStevenK: silence05:12
RAOFScottK2: Yes.05:12
ScottKRAOF: Thanks.05:13
* Hobbsee thought it was called The Evil Canonical Empire Headquarters.05:17
ScottKHi there Hobbsee.05:19
Hobbseehi ScottK05:19
* minghua renews his membership.05:20
ScottKJFTR, I pretty much agree with what the Mandriva guy said about PPAs.05:21
Hobbseewhat was that?05:21
minghuaScottK: What did he say?05:21
Burgundaviaugh, wrong paste, sorry05:21
Burgundaviathat one05:21
ScottKYeah. That one.05:21
Hobbseeah yes05:25
LaserJockhehe, "Basically, Ubuntu has institutionalised the third-party repository." gotta love it05:26
StevenKThat isn't amusing, though.05:26
minghuaPPAs won't have a ubuntu.com address, will they?05:28
Hobbseethey fixed that bug, finally05:28
minghuaI think he is exaggerating the problem.05:29
StevenKSo do I.05:29
Hobbseei assume if they use non-official PPA's, it'll just bail out, as it does for third party repos.05:29
minghuaThe facts he said are true, but I don't agree with the predictions.05:29
LaserJockwell, I think the idea is right05:29
LaserJocklike what happens when somebody uploads a new gtk or qt that breaks stuff05:30
LaserJockhow do we debug that05:30
minghuaLaserJock: It would have a different version number, and should show in the bug reports.05:30
LaserJockwe don't even know what the version of the "official" packages are in bug reports05:31
minghua(The good ones anyway)05:31
LaserJockthere's absolutely no way to know a priori05:31
StevenKApport reports the version for a crash, for example05:31
crimsunwe do if there is apport info05:31
crimsunright, what steven said05:31
LaserJockyes, that's true05:31
LaserJockbut apport isn't used for all that many bugs05:32
LaserJockI'm guessing upgrade problems will be mitigated to some degree by update-manager05:34
StevenKCertainly more than they were in Mandriva.05:34
ScottKWhat prevents uploads to PPAs with the exact same version number as in the archive?05:35
LaserJockI don't think anything does05:36
ScottKSo even that's no guarantee.05:37
LaserJockit's just like a regular repo in that respect05:37
LaserJockalthough it does look for .orig.tar.gz's from Ubuntu05:37
ion_laserjock: If someone uploads a new Gtk or Qt to her PPA, it’s not as if Ubuntu users get that by default. Only the ones who have explicitly decided to trust the repo and use it.05:38
ScottKAnd unlike stuff like automatix, it's downloaded from a Canonical sponsored source.05:38
minghuaYou probably can't upgrade to a version the same as your current one, but I know it doesn't matter for newly installed packages.05:38
LaserJock"my new gtk fixes bugs X, Y, Z and is needed for my new version of Q"05:38
tjaaltonRAOF: exactly, need to test the new stuff for intel (and the rest too if possible)05:39
ScottKIn the same domain as one can get actual Ubuntu .debs from if you want.05:39
LaserJockand soon enough the repos will be signed05:39
StevenKI wasn't aware ppa.ubuntu.com resolved ...05:39
StevenK(It doesn't)05:39
minghuaScottK: But most users don't know that they can get official packages from LP.05:40
ScottKStevenK: You can pull .debs off of Launchpad.05:40
LaserJockminghua: no, but LP is official05:40
StevenKScottK: Right, but you can't point your sources.list at it05:40
RAOFtjaalton: So, presumably the various non-nouveau DDXs won't care about the new dri modules, but how about mesa?  Is this also going to require a git mesa snapshot to do anything interesting?05:40
minghuaLaserJock: I've also seen people claiming ubuntuforums.org "official".  So as long as the domain names differ, I don't worry too much.05:41
tjaaltonRAOF: I'm working on it :)05:41
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
LaserJockminghua: worry about what?05:41
RAOFtjaalton: Oooh, awesome.  In that case, hell yes!05:41
tjaaltonRAOF: do you have your auto-git scripts somewhere?05:42
minghuaLaserJock: Worry about PPAs breaking systems and upgrades (more then third-party packages already do, anyway).05:42
LaserJockhmm, I do to some degree05:42
RAOFtjaalton: Do you mean my "upload new snapshot to PPA" script, or "get new source" script (which is in debian/rules)05:43
LaserJockwe are free-hosting and building 3rd party repos05:43
minghuaJust look at the popularity of getdeb.net, and you'll know that users have enough ways to screw up their system already anyway.05:43
ScottKIt's hard to argue 3rd party repos are a bad idea when the sponsor of Ubuntu hosts them.05:43
LaserJockand there's not much of a way for users to differentiate good repos from not-so-good05:43
tjaaltonRAOF: oh, right.. it is, I did notice it but didn't look too closely05:43
RAOFtjaalton: get-orig-source is actually quite nice :)05:43
StevenKScottK: Conceptually, they're a great idea.05:43
tjaaltonRAOF: I think I'll upload the merge to git.d.o on debian-experimental branch, and then start working on that05:44
LaserJockI think PPAs are great, I just think we also need a good way of deal with the "cons" involved05:44
RAOFtjaalton: You can have my "do everything & upload to PPA" script, but it's unlikely to be very useful for you.05:44
RAOFtjaalton: Cool.  I suppose I might want to ask for git access, then :)05:44
tjaaltonRAOF: sure, it's easy.. just pop in on #debian-x and ask :)05:45
tjaaltonRAOF: different irc server though05:46
RAOFOf course, OFTC05:46
tjaaltonand set up an account on alioth.d.o05:46
tjaaltonif not already05:46
RAOFI've wanted to do that before... not sure if I ended up doing it though.05:46
tjaaltonI guess #d-o is pretty silent right now05:46
tjaaltonuh #d-x05:47
ScottKStevenK: They're a great idea, but also have risks.05:48
StevenKScottK: Right05:48
ScottKI expect most of the people that'll use them well would have managed without them.05:48
LaserJockI think they may be good for upstreams05:48
LaserJockkind of a staging area05:48
StevenKExactly. A way to get more testing without people having to build it themselves.05:49
ScottKFor me they're good for backports testing.05:49
ScottKI can backport a bunch of stuff and build against the backports.05:49
tjaaltonRAOF: the mesa HEAD has autotool support too, so it would be a good time to make it use that05:50
ScottKSo I just uploaded the current clamav package to the ubuntu-clamav PPA for Dapper/Edgy/Feisty/Gutsy.05:50
ScottKTomorrow, after they're built, I'll take a whack at uploading the redpends.05:50
RAOFtjaalton: I'm somewhat ambivalent about that.  Autotools is not my idea of a good time.05:53
* ScottK2 would appreciate suggestions on what to do about checking for gcc bug PR28045... configure: error: your compiler has gcc PR28045 bug, use a different compiler, see http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2804505:59
ubotugcc bug 28045 in middle-end "[4.0/4.1 Regression] Bitfield, &&, and optimization => bad code generation" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]05:59
minghuaHuh?  What software is that!06:01
ScottKCurrent clamav trying to be built on Dapper06:01
doluuhello all06:02
ScottK2Immediately followed by make: *** [config.status] Error 1 and the build died.06:02
ScottK2hello doluu06:02
doluuI've just build some packages from debian on Ubuntu06:02
doluuand made change in debian/control to reflect original maintainer06:03
minghuaScottK: Nothing besides a gcc SRU, as far as I can see.06:03
doluuhow I can get sponsorship?06:03
minghuaScottK: Or maybe using gcc-3.[34].06:03
ScottK2doluu: Have you checked to make sure these packages aren't already in Hardy?06:03
doluuhardy have older version06:03
doluuit's vzctl06:03
doluuand vzquota06:04
minghua!info vzctl hardy06:04
ubotuvzctl: server virtualization solution - control tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.18-1 (hardy), package size 184 kB, installed size 1000 kB (Only available for i386 ia64 amd64 powerpc sparc)06:04
ScottK2doluu: What version does Debian have?06:04
minghuaHow come we have a version lower than etch?06:04
doluuopenvz's latest version  is also 3.0.2206:05
minghuaOh sorry, etch has 3.0.11.  I misread as
tjaaltonRAOF: right, but at least some changes must be done to the old build system since the build failed when it got to i915tex06:05
RAOFtjaalton: Ok.06:05
ScottK2doluu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess is what you want.06:07
minghuadoluu: And come back and ask again once you properly filed a sync request.06:08
ScottK2!info gcc3.4 dapper06:11
ubotuPackage gcc3.4 does not exist in dapper06:11
minghua!info gcc-3.4 dapper06:12
ubotugcc-3.4: The GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.6-1ubuntu2 (dapper), package size 482 kB, installed size 4532 kB06:12
minghuaScottK: :-)06:12
* ScottK tries to build clamav again.06:27
ScottKjdong: Can I backport a C compiler?06:32
StevenKPeople might hate you.06:34
ScottKStevenK: GCC 4.2 doesn't exist at all in Dapper right now, so if it suddenly pops up, nothing should use it?06:35
StevenKKeep in mind gcc takes over 12 hours to build.06:35
ScottKI'm gonna do some local testing here first.06:36
ScottKBackports have the lowest priority anyway, so it's not like it would block much.06:36
ScottKNope.  That's not going to work.06:44
ScottKI guess I need to figure out how to make clamav use gcc 3.406:45
ScottKBut after I sleep.06:45
ScottKGood night all.06:45
StevenKCC=gcc-3.4 in the rules file, and Build-Depend on it?06:45
ScottKTried that (or close to that06:46
* ScottK gives it one more try.06:46
StevenKYou'll probably have to feed CC=gcc-3.4 to the configure call06:48
ScottKThat's where I was doing it, but I fed it the path, not just the compiler name.06:50
ScottKGot through config that time, so that's progress.06:52
ScottKStevenK: Thanks for the hint.06:52
StevenKScottK: No problem06:52
ScottKAnd it built in the pbuilder.  Yeah.06:54
LaserJockhmm, where did Fujitsu go?06:56
StevenKHe rode off on a golden pony06:58
Hobbseehe's on a holiday with his parents.07:00
Hobbseefor 2 weeks, iirc07:00
StevenKPoor guy07:00
LaserJockewww, stuck with parents ;-p07:03
ScottKCould be worse.  He could be stuck on holiday for two weeks with my children.07:05
ScottKActually my kids are great, but we drove over 3,000 miles (4,800 km) over Christmas vacation.07:06
StevenKAhh. "Don't make me turn this vacation around!"07:07
somerville32StevenK, 3 in the morning wouldn't be the same without you07:07
TheMusoParents are good (tm)07:08
StevenKsomerville32: I see.07:08
LaserJockhmm, I wish we had a FTBFS list that didn't include hppa07:09
TheMusoLaserJock: Why?07:09
StevenKBecause LaserJock doesn't care about it, I'm guessing.07:09
LaserJockcause hppa is quite a bit of a majority of them07:09
LaserJockand we're not really going to be fixing them in general07:10
StevenKlynx -dump <url> | grep -v hppa ?07:10
LaserJockthey should definitely show up, but it'd be nice to have a view without them07:10
LaserJockStevenK: yes, there's always good workarounds :-)07:10
dholbachgood morning07:11
LaserJockjust thinking for qa.ubuntuwire.com v207:11
TheMusoHey dholbach.07:11
dholbachhey LaserJock, hey TheMuso07:12
ScottKGood morning dholbach.07:17
ScottKGood night everyone.07:17
vemondo debian maintainers scan ubuntu packages for changes that aren't in debian? meaning: if i make a patch to ubuntu package are there any chanses of it getting to debian without me filing a debian bug about it?07:17
somerville32vemon, doubt it07:17
dholbachhey scottK07:17
ScottKvemon: Depends a lot on the Debian maintainer07:17
vemonany automagic tricks in launchpad for getting a bug to debian BTS also?07:19
Hobbseesomerville32: PTS?07:19
somerville32Hobbsee, Plumbing.... Trade... Supplies?07:19
Hobbseesomerville32: package tracking system.  debian.07:20
ScottKvemon: reportbug, but make sure the issue actually applies to Debian.07:20
slangasekLaserJock: well, feel free to install the grub package from deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/vorlon/ubuntu hardy main and let me know if it eats your system for lunch, instead of just partially implementing a hardy spec like it's supposed to ;)07:20
vemonscottk, sure. that's the first thing i check anyways since it's always easier to just sync the package from debian07:21
somerville32Oh cool :)07:22
ScottKvemon: OK.  Just saying.  Not everyone does that.07:22
ScottKGood night (really).07:22
vemonscottk, i don't doubt that :)07:22
somerville32Me too07:22
somerville32I need sleep :)07:22
* somerville32 waves.07:22
* slangasek waves to ScottK, somerville32 07:22
dholbachnight somerville32, night scottK07:22
vemonhmm. doesn't reportbug just send a message to the ubuntu ubuntu-user@lists.ubuntu.com?07:31
vemonreferring to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/reportbug/+bug/3618607:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 36186 in reportbug "Trivial and non-trivial enhancements for bugreport" [Wishlist,Confirmed]07:31
LaserJocknot if you tell it to send to debian07:31
vemonLaserJock, ok. thanks :) i'm at work now and unable to test it yet so i only have the inter-web to seek info from07:32
vemon(sound like a bad excuse..)07:33
LaserJockvemon: if you run reportbug --bts help you get a lits of bug trackers you can use07:34
LaserJockso reportbug --bts debian should submit to debian I think07:35
LaserJockok, anybody know what email address system mail would be sent to if you use a smart host for smtp?07:38
LaserJockI'd like to be able to use apps that send mail (reportbug for instance) but I don't want my system mail going into some unknown cyberspace07:39
=== Sp4rKy_ is now known as Sp4rKY
persiasomerville32: Thanks for the continuing review of notecase.  it's very pleasant to see such evidence of collaboration.10:24
slytherinam I the only one with timeout problems with launchpadlibrarian.net? I am not able to access build logs, bug attachments :-(10:25
* persia tries something10:26
Ngis there any sane way to build a package from a folder that has a .bzr/ in it, without using bzr-buildpackage?10:27
persiaslytherin: I get things near instantaneously10:27
persiaNg: debuild -i might be what you seek, but I've heard it's not always perfect.10:27
Nghmm, I'll probably just move the thing out of the way then10:27
StevenKNg: Build the source package yourself using -I.bzr and then point pbuilder build at the .dsc?10:33
sorenStevenK: You mean -i, probably.10:38
StevenKsoren: Probably10:59
rZrpersia: hi, let me poke you on  http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jaaa  because i am about to have no more free time soon11:06
persiarZr: Nope.  I'm the last three successive reviewers, which I try to maintain as a limit (and only make exceptions when a package hasn't had a review in a really long time).  You need to get someone else's opinion about the package.11:08
rZrok I understand .. anyone here , :)11:09
persiarZr: On the other hand, I advocated the last revision, so I suspect that there is likely only one more at most before it gets in (as that seems to be about normal for packages I advocate)11:09
rZrok thanx anyway11:09
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emgentjdstrand, heya :)11:55
=== asac_ is now known as asac
emgentsomeone saw Fujitsu?12:05
persiaemgent: On holiday.  Why?12:06
emgentok, i will mail him :)12:06
persiaemgent: He has very limited internet connectivity.12:08
emgentargh! ok, thanks persia for all informations12:08
ion_What kind of a holiday is one with limited Internet connectivity? :-)12:09
persiaion_: The sort was might refer to as "Unfortunate"12:12
slytherinI am just curious whether gcj is built on all arch. can anyone comment?12:12
geserslytherin: the last gcj-4.2 built on all archs except hppa12:14
slytheringeser: ok, thanks12:15
geserslytherin: you can check it when you click through LP to the build status pages for a given source package12:16
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
mok0When you call dpkg-buildpackage with the -B flag, why does it visit the build-indep target? It is only in the install-* targets that it seems to differentiate12:19
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
mruizhi all12:36
emgent\sh, heya :P12:36
\shwow..since two days I'm working now on this freecom fsg-3 nas thing...and finally I managed to get openwrt running on this beast12:37
\shmoins emgent12:37
\shemgent, well, openwrt is not the problem :) the problem was the fsg3 thing...12:39
\shemgent, I needed to play around with this redboot stuff and had to recover the thing for round about 40 times or so12:40
\shemgent, and the good thing, I just fixed some packages for the openwrt stuff...need to send the patches upstream ;)12:41
emgent\sh ++12:46
\shpersia, reminder bug #164899 what should we do...close it or work on it?12:58
* persia wonders if ubotu plans to provide a URL12:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164899 in libao "libao.conf in gutsy is wrong. (alsa09 is set as default)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16489912:59
persia\sh: I thought LaserJock had sponsored that, and forgot about it completely.  Probably best to submit a patch and pass to the main SRU team, as it's certainly a regression from feisty.13:00
persia\sh: With the new SRU policy, it will need a TEST CASE, etc.13:02
\shpersia, ok..will put it on my todo now...13:02
persia\sh: Thanks :)  By the way, why are you still not a member of ~motu-swat?13:03
\shpersia, ah damn....I knew I forgot something :)13:03
\shpersia, subscription request pending approval :)13:04
\shemgent, testing your drupal5 security diffs...:)13:04
persia\sh: I think it's likely about 10 days until he gets back...13:04
emgent\sh, cool :P13:04
\shpersia, you mean fujitsu?13:04
emgenti asked some hours ago. :P13:05
emgent<emgent> someone saw Fujitsu?13:05
emgent<persia> emgent: On holiday.  Why?13:05
emgent<emgent> ok, i will mail him :)13:05
emgent<persia> emgent: He has very limited internet connectivity.13:05
rulusIf someone has time for a little review of http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gtkvd that would be nice, I think I solved all the issues.13:08
\shdoes anyone know why motioneye is just build for i386?13:09
ScottK2Good morning zul.13:10
\shah sony vaio stuff13:10
\shguys, for rebuilding uploads we don't need to change the maintainer field, right?13:10
=== _bigon is now known as bigon`
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
geser\sh: motioneye> because debian/control says so: Architecture: i38613:12
\shgeser, yeah it's just for the sony vaio cam so I think it's really only i386 related13:12
ScottK2\sh: I haven't been.  I'm not 100% certain that's right.13:13
zulhey ScottK213:13
geserit's also listed in P-a-s as i386 only13:14
* persia suspects Sony has probably released an x86_64 capable motion-eye compatible device, but doesn't know that anyone cares.13:15
\shwhere was this document to the ubuntu maintainer field policy?13:15
persia\sh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField13:16
emgent\sh, tested? :)13:17
\shemgent, I'm updating my gutsy pbuilders :)13:18
emgenthehehe ok :P13:18
jdstrandemgent: hi!13:18
emgentjdstrand, hi! :P13:18
\shSeveas, ping...would you like to add a freenode cloak for me? :)13:21
PriceChild\sh, he doesn't do them anymore13:26
persiaPriceChild: Who does now?  Any IRC Council member?13:26
PriceChild\sh, could you give me your launchpad addy, and check you have a linked nick and email set.13:26
\shPriceChild, shermann :)13:26
PriceChildpersia, yes. Me, elkbunt.u, nal.ioth or lj.l13:26
=== bigon is now known as bigon`
\shPriceChild, the /msg nickserv info \sh is wrong...about the linked nicknames...\sh should be master...13:27
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
PriceChild\sh, /msg nickserv help set master13:28
\shPriceChild, thx done13:28
=== lmr is now known as lmr[lunch]
LucidFoxHmm. For some reason, an upload failed to close (LP: #) bugs13:28
TheMusoLucidFox: Incorrect syntax perhaps?13:29
PriceChild\sh, the cloak has been requested and should be turned on soon. A staffer will probably contact you to confirm you want ubuntu/member.13:29
* persia never got contacted for confirmation, so this may not occur13:30
persiaLucidFox: Did "Launchpad-Bugs-Closed:" appear in source.changes?13:30
PriceChildpersia, probably because the staffer was watching the channel you requested it in at the time.13:30
persiaPriceChild: I'm fairly certain that was true, but am less certain that isn't also true for \sh.13:31
PriceChilduuu persia you remind me I should get the new version of gizmod uploaded...13:31
\shwell...if we have ubuntu/motu that would be cool ;)13:32
persiaPriceChild: Oh.  Right.  I kept meaning to poke you about that and forgetting when you were actually about.  Only a couple weeks left.13:32
PriceChild\sh, nope, always ubuntu/member, nevermind if you were approved by edubuntu,kubuntu or motu13:32
\shPriceChild, I know...13:33
PriceChildpersia, its all "ready" in my ppa. Just the udev part.13:33
PriceChildoh and licensing.... gah completely forgot about that13:35
PriceChild3 day weekend... its going to be done13:35
LucidFoxNo, Launchpad-Bugs-Closed doesn't appear. However, it was a merge so there are multiple entries, including Debian ones, and there's a Closes header13:41
\shemgent, the patch for SA-2007-031 is again not correct :)13:46
emgentare u sure?13:46
\shemgent, if you apply the upstream patch for SA-2007-031 there is a bug inside...the fix is on http://drupal.org/files/issues/db_query_range.patch13:47
\shemgent, yeah..the patch is wrong :) that's why 5.5 came out with the fix for the fix of SA-2007-031 :)13:47
emgentok i understand13:48
\shemgent, in the patch of SA-2007-031 they wrote:13:48
\sh+-      $result = db_query_range($sql, 0, variable_get('feed_default_items', 10));13:48
\sh++      $result = db_query_range($sql, 0, variable_get('feed_default_items', 10), $args);13:48
\shbut the $args is wrong as you can see from the discussion on http://drupal.org/node/198321 :)13:48
emgentok \sh ++13:49
siretartdid we already settle in ubuntu on dh_iconcache vs dh_icons? which of those do we use?13:51
gesersiretart: dh_icons, I don't have dh_iconcache anymore in my hardy installation13:52
siretartexcellent. this means that http://patches.ubuntu.com/s/scorched3d/scorched3d_40.1d.dfsg-1ubuntu1.patch can be dropped now13:52
siretart(the upload I'm currently preparing for debian is introducing a dh_icons call)13:53
ion_Is scorched3d 41 coming to hardy?13:53
ScottK2Good morning all.13:54
ion_Good evening.13:54
ScottK2My the coffee isn't helping yet.  What's the canonical method for finding the reverse depends of a package for a particular release?13:54
siretartion_: I'm currently building & uploading it for debian, will request a sync for that afterwards13:55
ion_siretart: Great13:55
siretarthey ScottK2. how are you doing?13:55
ScottK2Heya siretart.  Not bad.13:55
geserScottK2: if apt-cache rdepends doesn't help, what about using grep-dctrl?13:55
* siretart uses revbuilddep() { grep-dctrl -FBuild-Depends,Build-Depends-Indep -s Package $1 -n /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Sources }13:56
ScottK2siretart: Currently a little nervous waiting to see how my core-dev application works out.13:56
* ScottK2 writes that down.13:56
siretartScottK2: I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!13:56
leonelei ScottK2  2 good news  today ( clamav  and your applicarion )   me hopes for the best !13:57
\shScottK2, gogogo for core :)13:58
zulScottK2: good luck13:59
ScottK2Thanks all.14:01
PriceChildCould someone help me get started (again) on REVU? The wiki makes me think that I should be able to recover my password already seen as I've been in the contributers group more than 24 hours. However revu tells me No REVU account for pricechild@ubuntu.com exists yet.14:06
* effie_jayx wants something to do :D14:06
ScottK2PriceChild: You need to do an upload to REVU first14:07
PriceChildScottK, aha thanks.14:07
leoneleffie_jayx: where will be your   spanish motu talk ?14:11
effie_jayxleonel,  it's now.. ;)14:11
leonelplop where ?14:12
* \sh goes shopping...bbl14:14
persiaPriceChild: just FYI, no point pushing gizmod to REVU: it wants an interdiff in the sponsors queue.14:17
PriceChildpersia, Something new to learn about :)14:18
persiaPriceChild: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Interdiff14:19
PriceChildpersia, thanks14:19
emgenthello there14:52
LucidFoxWelcome, emgent14:54
philnwhere can i talk to PPA admins?14:58
Ngphiln: #launchpad14:58
geserphiln: #launchpad14:58
=== lmr__ is now known as lmr
ScottKOK.  Here's one I've never seen before (this is GCC 3.4 in dapper) configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables15:14
ScottKAny suggestions on how to troubleshoot that?15:14
ion_Look at the configure log. Perhaps just some package missing.15:14
ScottKion_: So how do I get the configure log off of a buildd?15:15
geserScottK: url to the build log?15:15
ScottKgeser: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11410627/buildlog_ubuntu-dapper-i386.klamav_0.41.1-0ubuntu2~dapper~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:16
ScottKI didn't have that problem in my local pbuilder.15:16
geserScottK: CC=gcc-3.4 but no gcc-3.4 installed (Toolchain package versions: [...] gcc-4.0_4.0.3-1ubuntu5)15:23
ScottKSo I need to add it as a build-dep then.  Thanks.15:24
ScottKOdd it would pick that then.15:24
mok0I am somewhat confused as to what dpkg-buildpackage does to build packages, and the buildd systems. Does the buildd system distinguish between build-arch and build-indep (i.e. does not use the build target)?15:25
mok0I don't see the point of having two build targets for indep and arch otherwise15:27
* ScottK head-desk.15:28
mok0... if all systems always used "debian/rules build"15:28
ScottKThat's what I get for starting something, sleeping, and then starting again without having fully documented what I did before the break.15:28
gesermok0: iirc no, as there is no safe way if the package supports build-arch and build-indep or not (if I remember the discussion on the debian-devel-ml correctly)15:29
mok0geser: Hm. I was trying to avoid my package doing a doxygen run when not building the -doc package.15:30
gesermok0: but I don't know if this also applies to the ubuntu buildds15:31
mok0geser: Maybe it's for a future/smarter implementation15:32
geseror all packages transition to build-arch/build-indep15:32
soulriderhello, im creating a deb file for sheepshaver. Im doing the checkinstall step now, but im not sure about what i should put in the group field, is it emulation?15:33
mok0geser: yeah thats what I meant15:33
ubotucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!15:33
gesersoulrider: checkinstall isn't liked here, so I don't know if somebody can help you15:34
soulridergeser, thatw iki page doesnt really answer my question. I need to know what the groups field is used for15:34
gesersoulrider: I didn't used checkinstall yet, so I can't help you. sorry.15:36
soulriderbut isnt the group field generic for all deb packages?15:37
Hobbseesoulrider: checkinstall isn't supported in here.15:37
soulrideri mean, all packages should have one15:37
* Hobbsee would suggest trying the forums or something15:37
soulriderwhat other ways do i ahve to create a deb package?15:38
LucidFoxsoulrider> You can use dh_make on the source tree to "debianize" it15:44
LucidFoxthe result, however, will most probably involve manual tweaking15:45
LucidFoxYou can refer to the Ubuntu packaging guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide15:45
ScottK\sh: The claws-mail sync was not a good idea it turns out.  "Removed sylpheed-claws-gtk2 dummy packages" - We need those for Dapper -> Hardy upgrades.16:00
* ScottK just read about it on hardy-changes16:00
\shScottK, oh shit..16:00
\shScottK, hmmm..it conflicts/replaces now...16:00
\shlemme check...16:01
ScottKBut you need the transitional package.16:01
\shScottK, grmpf16:02
\shI'll get it fixed...16:02
ScottK\sh: Thanks for taking care of it.  It's good to work with people who will clean up after themselves.16:04
\shScottK, well, this is one which can happen all the time, when you don't think about dapper -> hardy directly16:04
ScottKSure.  We all miss stuff.  The goal isn't being perfect, but fixing up after.16:05
\shat least I can blame myself...16:05
\shScottK, readding the trans packages from gutsy to new claws-mail16:22
ScottK\sh: Once that's uploaded, I want to backport that to Gutsy and build it against the new libclamav3.  Would you be up for doing some testing?16:24
\shScottK, sure :)16:24
\shScottK, I'll have still my t43 on gutsy...16:24
\shok 3.2.0-2ubuntu1 should hit the buildd soon16:25
\shScottK, do you know if vmware 1.0.4 is running on hardy?16:27
ScottKNo.  I'd ask zul.16:28
mok0dholbach: ping16:29
\shScottK, I'll try it just now...16:29
dholbachmok0: pong16:29
mok0dholbach: looking at your mmdb review now.16:29
mok0dholbach: I can't reproduce the lintian warning16:29
mok0dholbach: Even installed hardy version16:30
vemonhi! i have a small problem with creating a patch. the autoconf version is different from what it was when the configure file was orignally written. now patch i created basically rewrites the whole configure file16:30
dholbachhm, weird - is the changelog a symlink in one of the resulting packages?16:31
mok0Yes I think there is some weirdness like that16:31
mok0It's a cdbs build16:31
vemonand i've only touched some source files and configure.in by hand16:31
dholbachah, hmmm16:31
vemonso is there a "best practise" for a situation like this? :)16:31
mok0dholbach: The other point: our ftp server was down for a couple of days without my knowing it16:32
dholbachhehe :)16:32
pochumok0: is that warning the 'changelog is a symlink' one? If so, ignore it. That's a hack in our cdbs so packages in the CD take less space16:33
mok0dholbach: we're in a process of moving all servers to virtual machines and it's a mess16:33
dholbachalright, nevermind then :)16:33
norsettomok0: le baladin? You certainly know more about italian beers than I do16:33
* dholbach hugs norsetto16:34
mok0pochu: No, it's " To refer to the changelog, copyright, and other documentation files of another package that this one depends on, please symlink the entire  /usr/share/doc/<pkg> directory rather than individual files."16:34
mok0... and I don't know what it's thinking16:34
emgentjdstrand i'd like talk with you about a project that i like build for motu-swat and ubuntu-security16:34
jdstrandemgent: ok-- give me a sec...16:35
mok0norsetto: did you google it?16:35
norsettomok0: no16:35
emgentheya norsetto16:35
norsettomok0: why, its a joke? ... oh well ....16:35
pochumok0: sounds pretty similar, but I've never seen it.16:35
norsettoemgent: heya emgent16:36
mok0norsetto: nono, it's a real beer, but it's impossible to find16:36
ScottKleonel: Are you able to do some python-clamav testing in Dapper?16:37
mok0norsetto: I think I figured out the Build-Depends-Indep question16:37
norsettomok0: you mean is hand made in some small valley in the Alps by an handfull of desperate monks ?16:37
mok0norsetto: yep :-)16:37
leonelscottK Of course16:37
mok0norsetto: "if we can't have women, we can have BEER"16:38
norsettomok0: I always have been ware of desperate monks16:38
ScottKleonel: It's up and built in the ubuntu-clamav ppa.  Please let me know how it works.16:38
leonelscottK just let me clear some todos16:38
leonelscottK ok  I'll do16:38
ScottKleonel: Making a later python-clamav work in Dapper is gonna be painful.16:38
ScottKleonel: No rush and please comment on the wiki after you test.16:38
leonelscottK OK16:38
emgentdholbach, there are some security tracker for ubuntu security people now ?16:40
dholbachemgent: I'm the wrong person for that question. keescook, jdstrand and \sh might know much better16:40
emgentok, forward to \sh && jdstrand16:40
jdstrandemgent: ok I'm back16:41
jdstranddholbach: thanks16:41
emgentwell jdstrand16:41
jdstrandemgent: yes we do have a tracker16:41
dholbachROCK ON Security Team! :)16:41
jdstrandemgent: ^^16:41
\shemgent, one of the things you should do is to join #debian-security on oftc, so you can see what debian unstable security maintainer are working on16:42
emgentuhm.. only for CVE16:42
jdstrandemgent: we are also working on an html report16:42
\shemgent, the second is -> jdstrand16:42
jdstrandthat pulls from ubuntu-cve-tracker16:42
\shemgent, most likely CVEs are issues also for drupal security announcements16:42
jdstrandemgent: the branch to look at is 'master'16:42
emgenti'm thinking to develope a system to grep RSS title with ${ARRAY} (in array all packages name maintained in ubuntu)16:43
emgentRSS && mail object.16:43
emgentwe can know all rumors and test/fix it first16:43
jdstrandemgent: you may want to look at what we have going in ubuntu-cve-tracker16:44
jdstrandthere is a README that describes what scripts we have and the process, etc, etc16:44
jdstrandemgent: it may or may not overlap with what you want to do16:45
mok0dholbach: I'll upload my latest version of mmdb, it may not have that lintian warning16:45
dholbachmok0: OK16:45
emgentthanks jdstrand && \sh16:45
norsettomok0: Ok, I'm glad you got that; in case you didn't do it I can suggest you also check the debian policy, its a godsend for this kind of things16:49
mok0norsetto: I find the information scattered all over that document...16:50
mok0norsetto: guess I need to memorize it...16:50
norsettomok0: if you can memorise the debian policy I will buy you a le baladin16:52
mok0norsetto: now you're tightening your promises16:52
norsettomok0: I'm, but you also need to memorise all the footnotes and appendices ...16:53
\shdo we have a 32bit libselinux somehow?16:53
mok0norsetto: hehe. Fortunately there is some logic to it16:53
norsettomok0: and addendums, and the python policy, the new python policy and the new new python policy too ;-)16:53
ScottKPlus all the stuff that's no policy yet, but everyone knows you have to do.16:54
mok0norsetto: ... and the old because you have to recognize when people are using an out-of-date standard...16:54
mok0norsetto: anyway, I omitted the .la files from my other libraries in REVU16:54
mok0... and added that -D_REENTRANT flag16:54
* norsetto hugs mok016:55
mok0norsetto: ... I assume it needs to go in CXXFLAGS as well16:55
mok0(if there is c++ code)16:55
* norsetto also hopes that mok0 will one day stop fiddling with his own packages and start working on some of the universe ones .....16:55
mok0norsetto: I will16:56
mok0norsetto: but there are a few to go16:56
norsettomok0: well, just stop writing code, a chemist writing code its ... a perversion ;-)16:57
mok0norsetto: Unfortunately, most of the software we use in crystallography is closed source. My aim is to package as much as possible of the free stuff, so people can start doing development in a  more reasonable setting16:57
mok0norsetto: It gets worse: I'm in a molecular biology department16:58
mok0norsetto: these libraries are all needed by a very popular program "coot" (bug 176211)17:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176211 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] coot" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17621117:01
=== davro is now known as davromaniak
norsettomok0: popular amongst the 3 or 4 mad molecular biologists in the known world you mean ....17:03
mok0norsetto: :-)17:03
norsettomok0: which apparently have all gathered in your bug report :-)17:04
mok0norsetto: yeah, it's a conspiracy!17:05
norsettomok0: considering what coot means in english I would rather call it something else ;-)17:07
Amaranthapachelogger: So how is Windows Live Writer?17:07
apacheloggerAmaranth: ?17:07
Amaranthapachelogger: "Temporary-Post-Used-For-Style-Detection-Content-1776813585"17:07
Amaranthapachelogger: that was on your blog, it's a Windows Live Writer thing17:07
apacheloggerAmaranth: kblogger-kde4 thingy ;-)17:07
AmaranthWow, they picked a stupid thing to copy :P17:08
AmaranthPeople complain all the time about the crap polluting blogs17:08
mok0norsetto: Fortunately, I'm not the developer of that, only the packager17:08
apacheloggerAmaranth: well, usually it is supposed to be a draft post17:09
apacheloggerbut there is an issue in the current api implimentation for blogger.com17:09
apacheloggerso it got published17:09
Amaranthblogger doesn't have draft posts?17:09
apacheloggerof course it does17:09
apacheloggerblogger is just alphaware ;-)17:09
LucidFoxdholbach> Sure, my application isn't a pressing issue to me, I can reapply later. Do I need to withdraw my current application?17:11
dholbachLucidFox: no... just follow up on it in a few weeks and that'll be fine17:12
* dholbach hugs LucidFox17:12
dholbachthanks for asking17:12
dholbachsee you around17:13
* dholbach calls it a day17:13
pochuIf I'm about to upload a package from REVU to the archive, how does the NEW mail sent to -motu works?17:18
ScottK\sh: I like reading hardy-changes much better now.17:18
\shScottK, hehe :)17:18
\shScottK, if something goes wrong, blame me ;)17:19
ScottKOf course.  You touched it last now.17:19
\shand vmware is installed nicely and configure correctly...(with an fix for the vmware-any-any update) but starting vmware fails17:19
mok0norsetto: any further comments re: gpp4?17:20
norsettomok0: as long as it builds and installs after the last change I'm still advocating you17:20
mok0norsetto: cool, thx.17:21
\shRainCT, ping did you see my comment to your debdiff for motioneye?17:21
pochuShould I just forward the NEW message, appending REVU in the subject?17:23
RainCT\sh: yes, I'll upload a new debdiff right now :).17:23
\shRainCT, cool...ping me and I'm happy to sponsor it :)17:24
RainCT\sh: I only develop with interpreted languages so I wasn't sure what was needed to be done there..17:24
\shRainCT, well, I just rebuild the package without the tightend build-dep on imlib11-dev...to be sure that it works :)17:25
RainCT\sh: should the maintainer field be modified for the rebuild or just the changelog?17:26
bddebianHeya gang17:26
geserRainCT: as you are listed as a bug contact for ubuntu-dev-tools (and also worked on that package), what's your opinion to my requestsync-lp script from bug #147994?17:26
geserHi bddebian17:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 147994 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync should have a command line switch to use python-launchpad-bugs (instead of mailing)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14799417:26
bddebianHi geser17:26
\shRainCT, nope17:27
geserRainCT: should I include it in the package as an addtional script or try to merge it with requestsync?17:27
RainCTgeser: I think it's a great idea :)17:27
RainCTgeser: ah. I would prefer if they were merged, and had a command line switch and a global variable to choose what method you want17:28
ScottKBut please don't change the default.17:28
geserRainCT: I'll see if I manage to merge it before FF17:29
RainCTbtw, I have a script to check for reverse build dependencies ready (just the manpage is missing), but before I wanted to ask if I missed some existing solution to look for them17:31
geserRainCT: I know only of an wrapper around grep-dctrl for it17:31
RainCTgeser: it's based upon that :)17:32
RainCTbut with --help and some other option17:32
geserRainCT, ScottK: what's your opinion on making 'hardy' the default 'target release' for requestsync when none is specified. I got lazy to type everytime 'hardy' when using requestsync. Is it a good idea?17:33
ScottKgeser: I like the current way.17:35
ScottKOnce hardy is released, it'll be wrong again.17:36
RainCTgeser: perhaps add a global variable for this, too17:36
* RainCT likes global vars :P17:36
geserScottK: it still can be overridden on the commandline and one could backport a fixed ubuntu-dev-tools from hardy+117:36
ScottKCould, but that's more maintenance work.17:37
RainCTthen you will be able to just export what you want to be the default in .bashrc17:37
geserScottK: ok, I'll will leave it as it is currently17:38
\shhmm...Shared Folders from System/Administration/ doesn' work for me, can somebody confirm this?17:39
RainCT\sh: debdiff uploaded17:40
\shRainCT, cool thx17:40
\shRainCT, uploaded thx :)17:43
RainCT\sh: thanks :)17:43
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DarkSun88Hi all18:03
norsettoHola darksun8818:05
DarkSun88  Hola norsetto :)18:06
frafupersia: ping18:09
frafupersia: In the following review on revu http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mousetweaks you told me to differentiate minus and hyphen.Do you know where I can find any documentation about where to put a minus and where to put a hyphen?18:14
\shhow correct are the informations on http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/18:18
RainCTfrafu: in most cases you will just want to use \-18:24
RainCTare there specifications (or whatever) for Nautilus' .hidden file somewhere?18:26
\shif anyone has time..and knows about mozart language...mozart-gtk is not really FTBFS but gives me a parse error and doesn't stop my pbuilder ;)18:27
affluxthe zd1211 package is very old and doesn't work since gutsy. It was last updated in March 2006 and has been removed from debian last month. I think we should remove that too. Where should I bring this up?18:35
ScottKafflux: File a removal bug.  Details on what's needed are somewhere in the wiki.18:35
affluxI'll try, thanks18:36
zulbesides zd1211 is supported by our kernel18:37
affluxthe zd1211-source package doesn't compile with m-a18:38
nxvl_workscottK: how is that i see the karma scores of a team?18:38
nxvl_workscottK: i mean a list with all the team members karmas18:39
RainCTDebian is removing ttf-bitstream-vera (switching to ttf-dejavu instead), but it doesn't make much sense to do the same in Hardy now, or?18:39
* ScottK doesn't worry about karma.18:39
ScottKOh.  Still dunno.18:39
zulafflux: it shouldnt18:41
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pittihello folks18:59
pittiaccording to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU I can ask here to get a reviewing account on REVU?18:59
pittiso far I managed to do reviews via mail, but I get more and more sponsorees and mentees, so it would be good if I could add comments directly there19:00
ScottKimbrandon: ping ^^^19:01
mok0pitti: I seem to remember I emailed someone to get an account19:01
mok0pitti: try emailing siretart@tauware.de19:02
pittimok0: ok, will do19:04
\shLutin, ping why is dcc not on the dad merge list? but on m.u.c.?19:08
affluxzul: why shouldn't it? It is listed there.19:09
zulbecause it was probably synced from debian19:09
Lutin\sh: no clue19:10
\shLutin, it was a XbuildY revision...could you check for it? :)19:10
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Lutinpossible answer is that it moved to non-free, and I'm unsure whether dad checks it or not19:12
sistpotyhi folks19:12
ScottKsistpoty: Can you help pitti with getting a REVU account set up?19:13
james_whi sistpoty19:13
sistpotyScottK: sure19:13
sistpotyhi james_w19:13
affluxzul: i think so, but as I said, zd1211 was removed there and the zd1211 package in hardy, gutsy, feisty and edgy contains only the m-a package19:13
pittiScottK, sistpoty: I just mailed siretart about it19:13
sistpotypitti: ok, great :)19:14
pittisistpoty: if you can do it right now and it's not much work, so much the better, of course19:14
zulafflux: great then follow the necessary steps to get it removed19:14
sistpotypitti: sure, no problem19:14
* pitti doesn't know the procedure, sorry19:14
sistpotypitti: which email do you want (serves as your login then)19:16
pittisistpoty: martin.pitt@ubuntu.com is fine19:17
sistpotypitti: heh, you already have an account (maybe siretart was faster *g*)19:17
sistpotypitti: you can find out your password by logging in and entering no password19:18
pittisistpoty: ah, great; thank you!19:18
sistpotypitti: np... (and don't thank me, I did nothing *g+)19:18
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pittisistpoty: ah, that worked; hm, that account must be ancient, and I never actually used it :)19:19
affluxthe MOTU/Removal wikipage states that "Packages removed from Debian will eventually be automatically removed". So does that mean I don't need to take action?19:21
afflux(to get zd1211 removed)19:21
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leonelubuntu dapper   6.06.2 now ??19:26
ScottK2leonel: Yes19:27
\sha call to dh_icons is already in place in latest cdbs right?19:27
ScottK2\sh: Yes19:27
leonelscottK  great ..19:27
leonelbe back  got to go to pay  taxes ..19:27
Adri2000\sh: why would it appear on DaD? DaD only shows packages with ubuntu changes, and buildX version are supposed to contain no change except a changelog entry19:39
\shAdri2000, but they are not synced automatically ... so they should be visible..19:40
Adri2000unless that changed, before DIF, buildX packages as synced just like the other packages which contain no changes19:41
Adri2000it's not really done "automatically", but at least they don't require a sync request19:41
Adri2000s/as synced/are synced/19:41
\shAdri2000, they require a sync request now :)19:43
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Adri2000yes, just like the thousands of packages we haven't modified, and which do not appear on MoM or DaD19:43
\shAdri2000, when you check mom page...you see dcc was never touched before..the new version came from debian on 20071210 and DIF was 20071213 so there is a diff now between dad and mom19:44
Adri2000yes, DaD never takes buildX package, being before or after DIF19:48
\shAdri2000, this will be fun :)19:50
Adri2000\sh: anyway DaD will be shut down soon, to concentrate work on MoM. so unless I manage to convince Keybuk to not take buildX in MoM, you'll still have them in the list :)19:52
\shAdri2000, problem is after DIF we need those buildX stuff anyways...19:53
ScottK\sh: After DIF from that perspective you need everything19:54
Adri2000I don't agree. then why not also list the not modified at all packages?19:54
* norsetto -> dinner19:54
\shScottK, what means everything? we need the never touched merges (with -XubuntuY) and during DIF hopefully all -XbuildY stuff will be automagically synced but after DIF you need the not catched -XbuildY packages to file sync reqs.19:56
\shScottK, like the one I mentioned...19:57
ScottK\sh: But that's equally of concern when any package gets update in Debian from -1 to -219:57
\shScottK, then I don't understand MoMs logic...could be, that this package just is a corner case, because it was released 3 days before DIF...19:58
james_wsistpoty: ready to go?19:59
sistpotyjames_w: one second...19:59
ScottKSounds likely.19:59
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james_wThe MOTU school session is starting now in #ubuntu-classroom if anyone is interested.20:03
geserthanks for the reminder20:04
slangasekeverything you wanted to know about making perfect library packages, that-a-way --->20:04
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vemonwhere is it defined how a debian source package is built?20:20
vemoni mean where does it say if ./configure or make should be run and when?20:21
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bddebianI missed the start, what are we nm'ing?20:26
slangasekbddebian: http://www.potyra.de/library_packaging/example.c20:26
RainCTTheMuso: Hey. Can you merge my ubuntu-dev-tools branch into trunk please?20:28
\shStevenK, why did you drop the build-dep on libfaad-dev from libquicktime?20:30
StevenK\sh: That's a hard question.20:31
RainCTKmos: are you around? I've a problem with ddclient20:31
\shStevenK, yeah...but I know gutsy is just too old to remember? ;)20:31
StevenK\sh: Right. :-)20:32
\shStevenK, hmm...if I knew this answer I could try to build the debian version and sync it, instead of merging it ;)20:32
StevenK\sh: Could it be main versus multiverse, or so?20:33
\shStevenK, well...now it's universe vs. universe ,-)20:33
\shbut I remember libquicktime was in main during some releases20:33
geserfaad2 was in multiverse till the sync20:34
\shgeser, ah ok :) now it's in universe and hopefully we can sync the lib20:34
leonelscottK  removing  libclamav1  from dapper  automagically  installs libclamav2  from ppa     Nice20:58
ScottKleonel: Are you getting libclamav2 or 3?21:20
leonelscottK  clamav-base libclamav3 clamav-freshclam clamav-daemon21:21
ScottKOK.  3 is good.  2 would have been bad.21:22
leonelscottK libclamav3 installs fine  but  clamav-base  has that error21:32
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ScottKleonel: OK.  I'll look into that.21:33
somerville32ScottK, Those security uploads haven't been sponsored yet. Should I bug someone about that?21:47
ScottKleonel: Try to purge clamav-base and install again.  Looking at the clamav-0.92 source package, that template is correct.21:47
ScottKsomerville32: You might ping keescook or jdstrand21:47
ScottKOf course I just did that...21:47
jdstrandsomerville32: which updates?21:48
jdstrandsomerville32: what is the bug #?21:48
jdstrandor is there not one yet?21:49
* somerville32 is looking.21:49
somerville32bug #18338921:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183389 in syslog-ng "[SECURITY] CVE-2007-6437 prone to denial of service attack" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18338921:49
jdstrandsomerville32: cool and thanks for the debdiffs21:50
somerville32no problem21:50
jdstrandsomerville32: these all build and have been tested on each release (and fix the problem)?21:50
somerville32jdstrand, They all build :)21:51
TheMusoRainCT: Has anybody merged your changes yet21:52
leonelscottK  purged  cleared  downladed debs  tried to reinstall21:52
leonelclamav-base template parse error: Template #1 in /tmp/clamav-base.template.53230 does not contain a 'Template:' line21:52
jdstrandsomerville32: ok, I have a few sponsored items in my queue, but should be able to get to it tomorrow21:53
ScottKleonel: Thanks.21:53
somerville32jdstrand, Okay.21:55
ScottKleonel: I think it's a PPA bug as my locally built copy appears to have the template and the PPA version does not.21:55
leonelok  so .. just wait  for ppa ?21:56
ScottKLet me look into it.21:56
ScottK2leonel: I take it back.  The problem also exists in my locally built copy.22:04
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mtp_Is there any particular reason that my GPG has not been added to the REVU keychain yet? It's been part of the Launchpad group for a few days now.22:06
ScottK2Anyone: I've got a problem where building clamav against the Dapper toolchain results in an extra line at the start of the clamav-base.templates file.  Any suggestions on where to look to find the problem?  Same package built against Gutsy/Hardy doesn't have the problem.22:07
joejaxxis there anyway to get pbuilder-dist to accept regular pbuilder options? :)22:07
joejaxxi want to stop pbuilder-dist from deleting the build directory22:10
ScottK2leonel: Thanks for finding that.  Now that I've reproduced it locally, I'm working on it.  I'll let you know when it's fixed.22:11
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ScottK2joejaxx: I think you want the login option then.22:12
geserjoejaxx: pbuilder-${release} build --preserve-buildplace the.dsc doesn't work?22:12
joejaxxScottK2: it seems pbuilder-dist does recognize the pbuilder options22:12
joejaxxunless i am incorrectly placing the options in the wrong order22:12
joejaxxgeser: i will try that hold on22:13
* ScottK2 has used login.22:14
joejaxxlogin does not seem like the option i want22:16
ScottK2Then try what geser said.22:18
ScottK2leonel: Fix uploading now.22:18
ScottK2leonel: Please keep an eye on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive and when you see clamav_0.92~dfsg-2~dapper1~ppa3 is built, try again.22:21
joejaxxgeser: that does not work for me22:23
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joejaxxwell i am using pbuilder-dist hardy build [...]22:24
sistpotygn8 everyone22:24
joejaxxGoodnight sistpoty22:24
joejaxxcp: cannot create regular file `/var/cache/pbuilder/build//etc/hosts': No such file or directory22:25
joejaxxworks fine when i do not add the pbuilder opion22:25
joejaxxmaybe i am adding it in the wrong place22:25
matttpIs there a particular reason that REVU claims ``No REVU account for mtp@google.com exists yet.?''22:25
matttpI've had a LP account for a while with the correct groups with GPG key registered for a while now.22:26
matttpHave I missed something?22:26
ScottKmatttp: Have you tried to upload yet?22:26
geserjoejaxx: symlink pbuilder-dist to pbuilder-hardy and use it than like "pbuilder-hardy build ..."22:26
matttpScottK: Yep. :-)22:26
joejaxxgeser: yeap i was just about to see if that worked :P22:26
matttpI see the file in ftp/incoming, but then it appears to be purged.22:26
matttpPurged after about ten minutes or so.22:26
ScottKWe need a REVU admin then.22:26
joejaxxgeser: actually i do not think this will work as i will still have to specify that i want to build for hardy22:27
RainCTTheMuso: no22:27
ScottKimbrandon: Are you around?22:28
joejaxxunless it looks at $0 after the dash for it22:28
geserjoejaxx: I use a simpler version of pbuilder-dist and call it "pbuilder-hardy build the_package.dsc" for building or "pbuilder-hardy update --autocleanaptcache" for upgrading22:29
joejaxxand it does :D22:29
joejaxxas i suspected22:29
joejaxxpbuilder looks at echo $0 | cut -f 2 -d '-' :P22:30
joejaxxthat does the same thing22:30
* ScottK2 waits for the ppa buildd to catch up.22:30
Frimosthi, I have uploaded my first package to REVU put it doesn't appear in the webpage for review and my account it's created either.22:51
Frimostcan someone help me?22:51
TheMusoRainCT: Ok, will do it later. Got to go out now22:55
RainCTTheMuso: okay, thanks22:55
ScottKFrimost: How long did you wait to see it show up?22:55
FrimostscottK: I uploaded it a couple days ago and today reuploaded it22:56
RainCTgood night22:56
ScottKFrimost: You need a REVU admin then.  I don't think any are around at the moment.22:57
Frimosttoday dput say me that the package was already there and I have force the upload22:57
Frimostok,  thanks22:57
ScottKFrimost: That's because you have a .upload file in the local directory.  Remove that and try again.22:58
emgenthello people23:00
Frimostit's seem that my second upload worked! :)23:01
matttpIs there a proper IRC channel for me to use if I want to modify packages in main as opposed to universe/multiverse?23:20
ScottK#ubuntu=devel probably23:21
soren#ubuntu-devel, even.23:23
persianxvl_work: Re: bug #178046.  While I still don't like the solution from Debian, please edit this bug description to reflect the sync request.23:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178046 in dillo "dillo failed to unpatch" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17804623:23
nxvl_workpersia: the sync request is already reported23:25
persianxvl_work: In a different bug?  Please reuse bugs when you can to maintain the subscriber list and reduce bug churn.23:26
nxvl_workBug #18360623:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183606 in dillo "Please sync dillo 0.8.6-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18360623:26
nxvl_workpersia: i wan't the reporter23:26
persianxvl_work: Ah.  That makes more sense.  I guess 178046 is just a dup now then.  Thanks for the clarification.23:27
* persia is again unhappy with requestsync for generating useless new bugs when there are already work-in-progress developer bugs for the same issue23:28
nxvl_workpersia: have you look at the NEW debian solution?23:38
nxvl_workpersia: i haven't say anything, wrong bug and package :P23:39
nxvl_workpersia: for dillo is the same :P23:39
yamalwhat causes error msgs like "dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of file <filename>"?23:48
yamalhappens when doing «dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa -rfakeroot»23:48
mok0It means you have deleted a file in the local copy of the sources23:48
* yamal needs more sleep23:49
yamalthanks mok023:49
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imbrandonScottK: yup23:58
ScottKimbrandon: matttp is having REVU troubles.23:59
imbrandonyup, fixing him up now23:59
imbrandonlooks like it needs a keysync and him to reupload23:59
* imbrandon is doing so23:59

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