cwong1asac: The version in gusty ( didn't work.  The new one works fine.00:03
asaccwong1: hmm ... it was rolled back because it crashed konqueror and opera ... what a mess :/01:07
cwong1asac: the problem is really with the flash plugin itself, right? not your new package.01:09
DarkMageZthe problem is indeed with the new flash plugin.01:15
asacyes ... adobe appeared to have dropped support for non mozilla/IE things01:16
asacif true, this is really a mess01:16
DarkMageZyou need to jab adobe about their redistribution licence. so you can package 9.0.4801:17
DarkMageZor fix opera & konqueror :P01:17
asacDarkMageZ: well packaging the bin would be better indeed, but .48 has security holes01:17
asacwhich isn't much better01:17
cwong1asac: Can you modify the package to ask the user for browser name and install the rigth flash?01:25
asaccwong1: well ... the old flash isn't available for download anymore afaict.01:26
asaci will raise this tomorrow01:26
cwong1asac: well then folks use opera and konqueror are screwed, period.  Then why not at leat fix the package and make the firefox user happy? :):)01:27
cwong1asac: We can discuss this tomorrow.01:27
asaccwong1: i am sure we can at least upload a fixed package to the mobile ppa01:29
asaccwong1: you pull from there anyway, don't you?01:29
cwong1I have to check with the QA tonight to find out wehre they pull the package.01:30
cwong1I will chat with you tommorrow on this.01:31
asaccwong1: i think your current builds pull from gutsy + gutsy ppa (for new packages)01:31
asachave to go01:31
cwong1I think u are right01:31
[reed]I just landed mozilla bug 19300106:30
ubotuMozilla bug 193001 in Printing "Use gnome's native print dialog" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19300106:30
asac[reed]: thats amazing08:52
[reed]except a mochitest is failing because of it, but I believe it's the test's fault, not the patch's08:53
* [reed] is compiling a debug build to prove this08:53
asacyeah :)08:53
asacis it shipped as a SHARED component?08:53
[reed]it's part of gtk2 widget09:01
asacoh ok ... its the gtk print dialog then. fine.09:34
* asac reboot09:45
asac[reed]: you expect the print thing to reland soon?11:17
asacarmin76: yes ... was backed out according to bonsai11:20
[reed]asac: yes11:22
[reed]later today11:22
[reed]once we deal with the test problem11:22
armin76what about trunk failing to compile? :P11:32
[reed]when did that start?11:44
armin76in 20080108 didn't happen11:52
armin76i'm going to check with a 13 checkout11:53
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armin76[reed]: asac: probably mozilla bug 411327 broke it12:41
ubotuMozilla bug 411327 in XPConnect "nsIXPCNativeCallContext should not inherit from nsISupports" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41132712:41
[reed]comment in the bug12:47
asacarmin76: how does it fail for you?12:57
armin76asac: ^12:57
armin76so according to the bug, http://rafb.net/p/k7RtGF42.html should fix it13:33
armin76[reed]: should i file a new bug for that patch or use that bug?13:33
[reed]file a new bug, mark it blocking that other bug13:33
armin76okay, thanks13:34
armin76definitive patch14:11
armin76Ubulette: ^^^^ that's the patch for your build failure in webservices14:14
[reed]armin76: file the bug under Core :: Web Services14:14
armin76not yet, now it gives another error :D14:16
asacarmin76: i think he complained about pyxpcom build failure yesterday, which i fixed in our bzr branch15:33
asacarmin76: is it a special arch that breaks for you?15:35
armin76asac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/3613/15:36
armin76he complained about that15:36
armin76Jan 16 20:30:39 <Ubulette>      trunk is once again broken http://paste.ubuntu.com/3613/15:36
armin76i'm using ia64, but i don't think it matters15:36
asacok ... i fixed jan 15. ok15:38
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asacarmin76: is your patch good?15:42
armin76nope, read the bug15:42
asacarmin76: you need to dump the getter_Addrefs15:45
asacdid you do that?15:45
asacarmin76: like http://paste.ubuntu.com/3622/15:45
asacthose do Add/Release business afaict15:45
asacand the patch in that bug does it as well15:46
armin76i didnt15:46
asacthen do :)15:46
* armin76 looks15:46
asaclooks like its names ncc everywhere ... so maybe just: s/getter_AddRefs(ncc)/&ncc/g15:46
asacor something15:46
asacand take care that you use +  nsAXPCNativeCallContext *ncc = nsnull;15:47
asacand not nsCOMPtr<nsAXPCNativeCallContext> ...15:47
asacarmin76: all clear ;) ?15:50
armin76dunno :P15:51
armin76grep -r 'getter_AddRefs' js/ | wc -l15:52
asaci think it is ... do both and the error above shouldn't happen15:52
asactry getter_AddRefs.ncc15:52
armin76you mean ( instead of .?15:53
armin76both return nothing anyway :P15:54
asacwell ... . will match all :)15:55
asacarmin76: then its fine ... try the webservices directlry15:55
asacor try getter_AddRefs.*ncc in case they inserted whitespace15:55
asacmidbrowser 0.3.0b2 building15:56
* asac crossing fingers15:56
armin76there's no ncc :P15:58
armin76will try with nsAXPCNativeCallContext *ncc = nsnull;15:59
asaccwong1: jimmy_: beta2 merged and pushed. I tried hard to clean up merge bugs in midbrowser.js (preference file) ... it cured history, but bookmarks still broken.16:17
asaccwong1: jimmy_: good news. I fixed bookmarks on WORKING for beta2 :)16:45
asaccwong1: jimmy_: one part of the fix includes to add the Offline Menu entry ... i think that should be ok to have there (for now)16:46
asaccwong1: jimmy_: now someone of you should fix the zoom icons (which have disappeared because of native theming i guess)16:55
cwong1asac: We now what the problem with the icon is.  Jimmy has fixed it but haven't push the changes in yet.17:11
asaccwong1: tell him to do that on the current WORKING branch then17:16
cwong1asac: he knows that17:16
asaccwong1: and lets review the changes outside midbrowser/|browser/ ... e.g. in toolkit/ et al (if any)17:16
asaccwong1: ok fine.17:17
cwong1asac: r u referring to the changes that I made for raising the window?17:17
asaccwong1: we need to eliminate all changes in toolkit/ in order to use system xul17:17
asacand system xul is required for startup performance17:17
asaconce system xul is used by home screen most system xul libs will already be in memory when midbrowser is started for first time17:18
cwong1that will be great. Do you know if bspecncer planning on useing system xul for home screen?17:19
asaccwong1: well he has to17:19
asaceverything else won't make much sense17:19
asaci thought that our team could do the migration17:19
cwong1Anyone assign for that task yet?17:19
asaccwong1: you ;) :)17:20
cwong1I will chat with bob today17:20
asacno idea ... lets ask him.17:20
cwong1have you check in the fix for flashplugin-nonfree?17:21
asaccwong1: how does your builder work ... is it ok to keep UNRELEASED as distribution in the top most changelog?17:21
cwong1yes it is ok17:21
asacoh ok ... will switch to UNRELEASED on next changelog commit then17:21
asaccwong1: once icons are fixed lets do a review round and if that is good enough push WORKING to master branch17:24
asacmaybe we can merge in the window code before, but lets try to do the command line processing outside of toolkit17:24
cwong1sounds good.17:25
asaccwong1: why didn't you register a commandlinehandler thats implemented in midbrowser component?17:25
asac(like what i suggested once)17:25
asacdidn't that work?17:25
cwong1I took the easy route, Java script is not my area of expertise. :(17:25
asachehe ... you can write such a component in C++ as well :)17:27
cwong1Plus I need to keep track of all open Window and Dialog in order to bring them to the foreground.17:27
asaccwong1: yes, but that tracking is already done in a component ... its just the command line code you patched into toolkit17:28
asaccwong1: but i don't understand how you raise multiple windows/dialogs in the right order ... do you track focus sequence as well?17:29
asacor is it just by accident that dialogs are always registered after the window and since we don't have more than one window it will always be right?17:29
cwong1asac: As the window open, I add it to the list and since we only have 1 window that's why it worked just fine.17:30
asacyes ... lets see how far we get by moving the cmdline handler code to midbrowser component17:31
cwong1asac: if there is a better way to do this, please change it.  You know this better than anyone of us here.17:31
asacthe other bit that needs to be tackled is the gconf patch. i have to check back if upstream wants the gconf component in libxul or outside of it before i can integrate that in the xulrunner-1.9 package17:32
cwong1The key is, if there is a browser already running and the argc is 1, then just raise the window and dialogs and return.17:32
asacbut that shouldn't take that long17:32
asaccwong1: could you raise the flashplugin-nonfree upload to ppa in the mobile meeting? i have a job interview to conduct now and so i might be late17:34
asacif they ack it (i will read logs) i will upload17:34
cwong1ok will do17:34
cwong1talk 2 u later17:34
cwong1asac: the meeting ended early.. Didn't get a chance to raise the issue..17:39
cwong1asac: Just talk to mithrandir about the flash plugin. He said goahead and upload the patch. Thanks.17:51
armin76asac: http://rafb.net/p/E67Zd317.html18:17
asacarmin76: how about doing this for all occurences of nsIXPCNativeCallContext ?18:23
asac(in the tree)18:23
armin76doing so atm18:30
armin76Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux ia64; en-US; rv:1.9b3pre) Gecko/2008011718 (Gentoo) Firefox/3.0b3pre18:41
armin76well, there's a patch for webservices already18:43
armin76mozilla bug 41266518:43
ubotuMozilla bug 412665 in Web Services "Webservices build broken" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41266518:43
armin76]reed[: around?18:49
armin76mozilla bug 41281118:51
ubotuMozilla bug 412811 in JavaScript Engine "xpconnect-tools build broken" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41281118:51
armin76asac: Ubulette: ^^18:51
asacarmin76: i think both are nor part of the default build so you won't need approval18:59
armin76webservices is not mine19:01
asacarmin76: anyway ... checking whether its ready (still applies) and then requesting checkin should be done to help contributors that are not that familiar with the process19:03
armin76it's already reviewed :P19:04
asacarmin76: yeah ... but no checkin requested19:08
asacor approval if needed19:08
armin76mine is already with checkin requested19:09
armin76i guess reed will see the other one19:10
asacyeah ... but thats a luxury we have here :)19:10
jimmy_asac: I'll check in the fix for the zoom icons19:24
asacjimmy_: thx19:26
cwong1asac: jimmy_ are u guys talking about the magnification icons?19:26
jimmy_cwong1: yes19:27
armin76asac: Ubulette: webservices patch commited19:27
jimmy_asac: i pushed the fixes for the zoom icons19:54
asacjimmy_: please qa it ... i will merge the things from master branch as good as possible20:00
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jimmy_asac: ok, thanks for all the work20:01
asacjimmy_: why did you checkin the zoom*2.png files?20:27
asacjimmy_: ok i make the gnomestripe zoom icons use stock icons ... and reinstantiate the ones you added as fallback back to winstripe20:44
asacjimmy_: help!20:52
asacinstead of GRABANDDRAG.JS if have a BLOCKED FILE ALERT in the XPI you send me20:53
asacso your mail filter removed the important bits :)20:53
asacprobably one cause for it doesn't work :)20:53
asacjimmy_: cwong1: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/blocked.png ... how about you guys setting up ftp space for every one who has a moblin account :) ?20:56
Ubulettearmin76, do you see this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/3628/ ?20:56
asacthat should be fixed by the other bug Ubulette20:57
ubotuMozilla bug 412665 in Web Services "Webservices build broken" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]20:57
asacoh its checked in as well ... then no idea20:57
asaceither you still miss the latest checkin ... if not, the fix should be similar20:58
Ubuletteco ~50min ago20:59
asac@time pst20:59
asac@time losangeles20:59
asac@time America/Los_Angeles21:00
ubotuCurrent time in America/Los_Angeles: January 17 2008, 13:00:16 - Next meeting: MOTU in 14 hours 59 minutes21:00
Ubulette1pm pst21:00
asacyes ... maybe the bot misses the very last checkin?21:00
asac(e.g. 1116 is the checkin that has the fix)21:00
asaci had some wierd things ... maybe cvs tries to be smart and uses UTC21:01
asacor something21:01
Ubulettethen mozclient is broken21:01
asacyes ... or the bot that should produce UTC times21:01
asacbut i think its in mozclient as well ?21:01
Ubulettewell, no, it's a cvs up without dates/tag21:01
asace.g. getting the last checkin time?21:01
asacget-orig-source ? ... but it produces a tarball with the time of the last checkin, doesn't it?21:02
asacso ... i thought it would look for last check time and then checkout by date21:02
armin76should be fixed21:03
asacif thats not the case then its unlikely that its broken for get-orig-source21:03
Ubuletteclient.mk does that, not mozclient21:03
asacUbulette: ok ... then most likely pserver needs time to catch up (its mirrored)21:04
asacUbulette: ok i just ran get-orig-source in xulrunner head:21:04
asaccd mozclient-tmp && make -f mozilla/client.mk checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulrunner MOZ_CO_DATE="20080117 1116"21:04
asacso its mozclient doing that21:05
asacit sets the CO_DATE ... which needs to be converted to UTC most likely21:05
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asacUbulette: maybe you can use -z timezone21:06
rhelmerMOZ_CO_DATE gets passed to cvs' -D, so it can have timezones in it if you want21:06
asacrhelmer: so how would it look like if we want the date above, but in PST?21:06
asace.g MOZ_CO_DATE="20080117  1116"21:07
Ubulettei pull that date from bonsai21:07
asacthat PST most likely ... so we have to put the timezone in the MOZ_CO_DATE ... waiting for rhelmer to clear the mist :)21:08
rhelmerjust testing to make sure :) seems to work:21:10
rhelmermake -f client.mk MOZ_CO_DATE="2008/01/17 11:16 PST" MOZ_CO_PROJECT=browser checkout21:10
rhelmercvs takes a bunch of different date formats21:10
asacrhelmer: thanks21:10
rhelmere.g. MOZ_CO_DATE="last friday" :)21:10
armin76Ubulette: you build xpconnect-tools by chance?21:11
Ubuletteok, patching mozclient...21:13
asac \o/ ... finally riding the trunk for real :)21:13
asacUbulette: i think after that 0.2 upload to hardy of mozilla-devscripts would be justified?21:14
asaci still have 0.2~ftaX21:15
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Ubuletteasac, bug 17815221:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178152 in xine-lib "[packaging] patches outside debian dir" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17815221:27
Ubulettei thought it was no good... is it?21:27
* asac looking21:27
asacits ok to not use a patch system at all ... mixing is definitly bad. not using a patchsystem bares some backdrafts for the distros, but as long as the branch is public this isn't a big problem21:28
asacfor mozillas its different because we carried a lot of patches in the past, that intersected et al21:29
asacso in the end its a matter of preference. its encouraged to use a patch system though21:30
asacluckily the majority of maintainers prefers a patch systems :)21:31
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asacbut there is a bug anyway :)21:34
asacthe url stated in the control file is wrong21:34
asacit should be: http://hg.debian.org/hg/xine-lib/pkg/xine-lib-deb21:34
asaclet me file a bug :)21:35
Ubulettego ahead21:36
asacbug 18388621:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183886 in xine-lib "XS-Vcs-Hg url in debian/control doesn't exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18388621:39
jimmy_asac: i am back21:48
jimmy_asac: yeah, i think we have a ftp directory on moblin that we can use to share files21:49
jimmy_asac: i just dun know how to access it, i'll ask Carl21:49
asacjimmy_: good21:57
asacjimmy_: could we get a place to do real releases?21:57
asaclike an official source tarball?21:57
asacand a project page with build-instructions would be awesome21:59
jimmy_i'll check with Carl, I believe we are setting up a website for the ADK off moblin, so in there, we might have links to a new site that hosts the source and instructions for the Browser21:59
jimmy_a development kit for moblin, more like a how-to guides for developers working on MID devices22:00
jimmy_so they are re-freshing the moblin.org site too, so that developers could have more access to post and maintain each projects, but i don't know how soon22:02
Ubulettearmin76, cairo 1.5.6 released (and already in ubuntu)22:43
cwong1asac: can you upload the flashpugin-nonfree fix asap?23:10
DarkMageZcwong1, the new version breaks konqueror & opera. the current version won't install on anyones. if an update is made then it'll break the current konqueror & opera users...23:15
cwong1DarkMageZ: from what I understand, the current version wont install the flash plugin anyway becuase the checksum was doesn't match.23:18
cwong1DarkMageZ: the user of opera and konqueror are screwed anyway, right?23:18
DarkMageZexactly. only new installers are messed over. the current installed base works.23:19
DarkMageZcept the current install base of konqueror & opera are fine. cept some security hole.23:19
DarkMageZif an update is pushed then they'll be !@#$ed23:20
armin76Ubulette: i know23:21
cwong1DarkMageZ: shame on adobe..23:22
DarkMageZcwong1, shame on the penguins for not reverse engineering the specs and reimplementing it. dodge adobe completely.23:23
RAOFDarkMageZ: What are you talking about.  gnash works, kinda :)23:33
DarkMageZgnash works... if you're on crack :p23:33
asaccwong1: uploaded23:36
asacto ppa-mobile23:37
cwong1asac: thanks23:37
asacshould be avail in 1 hour or so23:37
RAOFDarkMageZ: But you can hardly complain that noone's reverse-engineered flash :P23:37
asacswfdec isn't bad either23:38

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