LjLhello PreZLaptop00:15
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors. If you really insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.00:33
LjL!no best is <reply> Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you really insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.00:33
ubotuI'll remember that LjL00:33
LjL!polls is <alias> best00:33
ubotuBut polls already means something else!00:33
ompaulfolks aubade has been invited here for tomorrow as I have aubade removed from -offtopic - so PriceChild / LjL if I am not here can you guys help with !guidelines etc?00:42
ompaultoo late to talk now night00:43
LjLbanned aubade?00:46
PriceChildseem sso00:46
PriceChildA while ago it seems.00:47
LjLi don't get it00:49
LjL29 dec00:50
Picime either.00:53
PriceChildI assume he says its ok to remove.00:54
LjLi think so00:54
ubotuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (ubuntusucksubunt)02:09
* PriceChild grins02:10
LjLa comcast, how surprising02:11
ardchoilleComcast known for trolls?02:11
LjLknown, i don't know. but i've had that impression for some time.02:12
stdinhmm, do you think it's a coincidence: [arcticpenguin] (n=jack@c-24-218-246-100.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) : john  ?02:12
stdinexact same dns/ip02:12
LjLeh, coincidence?02:13
LjLhow can it be a coincidence if it's on the same ip?02:13
ardchoilleWell, I'm also on comcast and I get a new ip if I reboot the router02:13
stdinthat's my point :p that user's in it seems. maybe they don't like ubuntu there #pclinuxos02:13
LjLardchoille, but he's online *now*02:13
ardchoilleAh, ok02:14
LjLstdin: meh, he's probably spammed #pclinuxos as well02:14
LjL(which deserves it, it's an obnoxious channel)02:14
crdlbLjL: comcast is just unbelievably huge :)02:15
LjLif i were a #pclinuxos-support operator, though, i'd ban the whole of it02:15
LjLjust like they ban AOL :)02:15
crdlbit's the largest cable company in the US02:15
Piciyou use comcast.... dont you?02:16
* crdlb is on one of the other behemoths (verizon)02:16
LjLsurprisingly though, they *are* talking about ubuntu in #plos02:18
LjL"PCLOS is just as stable as ubuntu.  And give you more freedom to learn too.  Not as controlled as Ubuntu"02:20
LjLmwahaha. ha.02:20
LjLyesss i control theee02:21
LjLusuario: #test for test.....02:32
jdongand it's test, with no extra letters afterwards.02:47
Piciperhaps he was trying to get a different message across.02:48
kbrooksthere was a spammer in #ubuntu11:27
kbrooksoh ok nm11:27
kbrooksdidnt notice ban11:28
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu (Xx1337HaXz0rXx (Trolling))11:40
Mezkick forwarded jay-oh-en here so can have a word regarding his conduct - ping me if he arrives11:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trolls - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:44
Mez!search feed11:44
ubotuFound: feedthetroll, launch-feedback, feeding the troll11:44
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.11:44
ubotufeedthetroll is <alias> feeding the troll - added by Pici on 2008-01-14 18:04:2011:44
* PriceChild roars13:08
* Pici squeaks13:09
* TheSheep talks13:12
* jussi01 hides in the corner13:12
* LongPointyStick peeks around13:12
* jpatrick pokes LongPointyStick 13:12
PriceChildIts all /me /me /me with you guys isn't it.13:13
* no0tic debuilds13:14
* jussi01 debuilds no0tic 13:15
no0ticerr, no debian directory in my tree13:17
jussi01build failed!13:18
no0ticjussi01, try writing some debian/rules for me13:19
jpatrickno0tic: cdbs13:19
* jpatrick ducks13:19
PriceChildcdbs is amazing! :)13:20
PriceChildUsing it goes like this: "i need to write a rules file... done!"13:21
jpatrickfrom #-motu: 14:21 < \sh> ping...would you like to add a freenode cloak for me? :)13:24
PriceChildnalioth, cloak for \sh please.13:28
PriceChildI've added him to launchpad group.13:28
PriceChildThanks jpatrick13:29
jpatrickPriceChild: no problem13:29
PriceChildHey vira, how can I help?14:04
PiciIts that same address..14:06
ardchoilleaka rara?14:07
jussi01who is daniels ?14:11
PriceChildjussi01, who?14:11
jussi01PriceChild: he is on the access list for #kubuntu...14:12
jussi01[16:09] -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- 21  30    daniels                             2y 31w 5d 10h 42m 10s14:12
jussi01been a while since he used it...14:12
PriceChildjussi01, he's online, why not ask him?14:12
jussi01PriceChild: I was curious, didnt want to bother anyone personally...14:13
PriceChildI assume one of the original founders of the channel14:14
Jack_SparrowGoing to test my Konversation changes to Quick Buttons..14:47
Jack_SparrowOk, didnt work..14:48
LjLJack_Sparrow, i'm on konversation, perhaps i can be of some help14:49
Jack_SparrowPriceChild: Trying to set my quick Buttons didnt work  [06:47] [Notice] -ChanServ- An access level of [10] is required for [OP] on #ubuntu-ops14:49
Jack_SparrowHi LjL.. says I dont have level 10 byt PriceChildsaid he set it14:50
LjLJack_Sparrow, that's because you don't have op access on here, you have voice access14:50
Jack_SparrowLjL: I have the buttons showing and edited them14:50
LjLhe lies14:50
Jack_SparrowI was trying to test here... rather than in the channel14:51
Jack_SparrowSo should work in channel.14:51
LjLJack_Sparrow: join ##ljl rather14:52
Jack_SparrowThat answers that question.. thanks14:52
ikoniaLjL: how is your hardy upgade running ?15:35
LjLikonia: it's not15:35
jpatrickLjL: any updates on Crysis and co.?15:36
ikoniaLjL: oh ?15:36
jpatrickbefore he starts telling me he's bought Freenode15:36
LjLjpatrick: not really, we've had to kick him a couple of times from here because he insisted joining after being repeatedly told not to idle15:36
LjLikonia: must be thinking of someone else15:36
LjLwhich reminds me15:36
ikoniaLjL: ooh, sorry. I was sure it was you.15:37
LjLthis is the other idiot, who decided to spam here15:37
jpatrickI think they sit in their channel taking turns to spam and molest others15:38
LjLi think that's hardly unlikely15:38
elkbuntuthe ascii genitalia group?15:40
LjLelkbuntu: uhm, yeah, if you're referring to the reason i banned danroj15:40
PiciEither the bantracker code is weird, or its not liking mysql.15:45
PiciOr both.15:45
LjLPici: you tinkering with it?15:54
PiciLjL: Yeah, trying to get it to play nice with MySQL, perhaps add some features once thats done.15:59
Jack_Sparrowok.. what is the command to de-op me... I got it to op ok16:35
jpatrickLjL: ** Darksiteevil [...] joined #kubuntu-es16:37
PiciJack_Sparrow: /deop Jack_Sparrow16:41
PiciJack_Sparrow: What irc client do you use?16:41
LjL /deop works fine16:41
LjLyou can also use /cs op #channel -jack_sparrow if you don't want it to show that you deopped yourself16:42
LjLmatter of choice16:42
PiciI have aliases setup for all that stuff, hardly remember what the real commands are anymore.16:42
Jack_SparrowLjL: /msg chanserv deop ##ljl Jack_Sparrow   didnt work16:43
LjL /ms chanserv op ##ljl -jack_sparrow16:44
PiciJack_Sparrow: fyi, you're opped in #ubuntu too.16:44
PiciMan... sqlite must be really forgiving.17:07
LjLSeveas Seveas look what Pici said17:09
PiciOr... MySQL is really contraining.17:11
LjLno amount of changing your statement will change the fact that you insulted his coding abilities!17:13
LjLand he hates people who insult nothingness17:13
PiciI did no such thing.17:13
jpatrickLjL: please take a look at #k-es17:22
LjLjpatrick: what's the matter? he seems to be asking legitimate questions17:23
jpatrickLjL: Dark* guy is always on about fedora17:23
jpatrickit's a *kubuntu* support channel17:24
LjLwell he was at least claiming it was kde4 information17:24
PiciHello mr. I never join channels ;)17:53
naliothPici: am having trouble with multimedia17:55
PriceChildLjL, ping^ ?18:41
LjLPriceChild: yeah little load problems18:42
PiciIs it escribe in french as well?18:50
PriceChildThink so.18:51
PriceChildHe hasn't made it in...18:52
PriceChildoh for crying out loud18:53
* PriceChild should be more patient18:54
Jack_SparrowPriceChild: Need to go back up and try and finish my roof repairs...  be back as soon as I can or when I need a break.  High winds today.. ugh..19:11
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, fun fun...19:12
TheSheepJack_Sparrow: you have a roof?19:21
* jussi01 also has a roof :)19:25
jpatrickjussi01: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FatHLHG2uGY19:28
Ubotwo`sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.19:35
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.19:35
PriceChild!no sudo is <reply> sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.19:36
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild19:36
jussi01grrr, I a so over this19:37
PriceChildjussi01, hmm?19:37
jussi01PriceChild: random restarts of the xserver19:38
PriceChildmy lappy's stopped locking up so i'm happy19:38
jussi01good for you :)19:39
PriceChildjussi01, jealous?19:39
PriceChild*me waves it infront of his face*19:39
TheSheep[ ouch! ]19:41
PriceChildPici, didn't know about that one, thanks.19:43
PiciPriceChild: np :)19:43
PiciPeople listen to ubotu even if you were to say the same thing.19:43
jussi01weird like that...19:44
PriceChildPeople also listen to you when they've just seen you kick someone.19:44
TheSheepthat's the old 'take me to your leader' reflex19:45
PriceChildompaul, no aubade19:49
ompaulPriceChild, thanks19:50
ompaulPriceChild, been a really long day - 6:45 up and at them - 6:30 home19:50
* ompaul wants to apt-get install sleep19:50
jussi01jpatrick: sigh...19:51
PiciDid we ever get clarification about aubade's ban? I didnt understand what it was from the tracker.19:51
* jussi01 does apt-get install sleep on ompaul 19:51
ompaulPriceChild, I noted that one of the channels has this in its "greeting" -ChanServ- [#python] This channel is logged by IRSeek, and what you say may turn up on the web.  << now the question is not which channel but what do you think of that19:52
PriceChildWhat do I think of the warning?19:52
PriceChildI'm getting fed up with this tab completion... *fixes*19:54
PiciMe too princechild19:55
* jussi01 is building a webkit browser :)19:57
* ompaul is breaking things19:57
* Pici is trying to get the bantracker to play nice with mysql19:58
* ompaul is trying to get mysql to play nice20:01
ompaulhmm what is common here?20:01
ompauljussi01, you doing it in pythong?20:01
PiciI am (obviously).20:02
ompaulgotit -- I can sort the rest tomorrow  lynx m108/crm20:08
ompaulinstalling debian at 5:30 pm in the evening is not good for your stress level and travelling home and discovering you turned off the machine and ringing random numbers in the office to find someone who actually is there can and does lead to frustration20:09
=== Ubotwo` is now known as Ubotwo
ikoniaadhey hey20:46
jpatrickLjL: "chicos ya visitaron mi pagina? www.fedoraennicaragua.blogspot.com regalenme un clic en los anuncios que estan en negro por favor"21:06
jpatrickreally, that should be enough...21:08
LjLjpatrick: yes21:09
ompauljussi01, I got an idea - it would be an enhancement - if you had a !editors type list, lets call it !helpers and that when one of them did /msg botzname annU you could announce in #ubuntu the comment21:21
jussi01ompaul: ??21:29
jussi01!ot-ubuntustudio is <reply> #ubuntustudio is the Ubuntu Studio support channel and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:30
ompauljussi01, you were saying you were playing with bot code there a few mins ago21:30
jussi01ompaul: that was pici21:30
ompauljussi01, doh!21:30
ompaulPici, ^^ :)21:30
jussi01so someone want to add that factoid for me?21:31
ompaul!ot-ubuntustudio is <reply> #ubuntustudio is the Ubuntu Studio support channel and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:31
ubotuI'll remember that, ompaul21:31
jussi01and tell me why ubotu doesnt like me?21:31
ompaulcan you log in?21:31
ompaulaka have you got a log in for the bot?21:31
jussi01ompaul: no, Im not an editor.21:31
ompaulnow try21:32
jussi01!ot-ubuntustudio is <reply> #ubuntustudio is the Ubuntu Studio support channel and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:32
LjL!offtopic-#ubuntustudio is <reply> #ubuntustudio is the official Ubuntu Studio support channel and #ubuntu-offtopic is for general chatter. Welcome!21:32
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL21:32
LjL!forget ot-ubuntustudio21:32
ubotuI'll forget that, LjL21:32
LjL!ot-#ubuntustudio is <alias> offtopic-#ubuntustudio21:32
* jussi01 hugs LjL 21:32
ompaulLjL, you could give one of them to the bot21:32
jussi01ompaul: i dont have edit priviledges...21:32
ompaulLjL, you could give one of them to jussi01 do to21:33
jussi01ompaul: but when I say that in pm with ubotu then it just tells me not to think it is inteligent...21:33
LjLjussi01: it shouldn't21:33
ompauljussi01, you got a bug21:33
jussi01LjL: I know, but it does...21:33
* jussi01 bugs ompaul 21:34
ompaulfile a bug21:34
jussi01is it doing that to anyone else?21:34
ompauljussi01, you are in that strange place between editor and login21:35
ompaulI guess21:35
jussi01ompaul: maybe...21:35
ompaulthat it is not as clean a line as you might imagine21:35
jussi01anyway, I got to run off andd get the wife from work...21:36
ompaulyou have entered the twilight zone21:36
LjLjussi01, it does it for some factoids, depending on which characters are in them, there's a bug report already but i'm not sure it matches the current problem21:37
LjLjpatrick: ack21:38
jpatrickLjL: just in case I'm out (op team has been having problems) and freenode staff also have access21:38
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
Thugacationhi i'd like to contest some bans22:38
PriceChildHey Thugacation.22:39
Thugacationhow does it go22:39
Thugacationi'd like to appeal22:39
naliothThugacation: you appealed yesterday22:39
Thugacationis there a waiting list or something22:40
Thugacationto appeal again22:40
naliothnobody that you spoke with yesterday was the one that banned you22:40
Thugacationyes they were22:40
PriceChildnalioth, i talked with him and i banned him in -offtopic22:41
naliothPriceChild: but that was not his primary ban, was it?22:41
Thugacationhow can you define one ban as primary22:41
Thugacationtheyre separate channels22:41
PriceChildprimary was a bad word to use, I answered nalioth anyway as I understood what he meant22:41
Thugacationoh ok22:42
naliothThugacation: if you are in school, going round to the different classrooms showing your ass, do you think they're gonna let you do it all around the place, just because it was a different classroom?22:42
Thugacationbad analogy...22:42
naliothno it's not22:42
Thugacationi just need some help installing linux22:43
PriceChildI think it was quite a good one.22:43
naliothwe are all ops in the #ubuntu* channels22:43
Thugacationso shouldnt you be required to keep a ban log or something to that effect22:43
naliothif we see you misbehaving in one channel, do you honestly think we're not gonna be watching you in the others?22:43
Thugacationwhere you can write comments22:43
Thugacationthat wasnt the case, LOL22:43
ompaulThugacation, well you could not be offtopic in a channel where you blabber on about doing support for 10 bucks22:43
ompaulwhere that channel is all about support22:44
Thugacationoh good22:44
ompaulyou were obviously trolling22:44
Thugacationompaul just confirmed what i said yesterday22:44
Thugacationi'm glad you were there22:44
ompaulI banned you22:44
Thugacationno i asked how much they are getting paid to offer support22:44
Thugacationthanks ompaul22:44
ompaulwe do it cos we can22:44
Thugacationhow is that banworthy22:44
ompaulyou did not22:44
Thugacationi did22:44
Thugacationand i was asking for general help22:44
ompaul2008-01-16T23:10:05 <Thugacation> are all linux users hackers22:45
Thugacationyeah i asked a question22:45
Thugacationi didnt say they are22:45
Thugacationit is a support channel after all22:45
ompaul2008-01-16T23:12:48 <Thugacation> sql injection22:45
ompaul2008-01-16T23:13:24 <Thugacation> concatonate means to join together22:45
ompaul2008-01-16T23:13:29 <Thugacation> dumb word right22:45
Thugacationok i get it22:45
ompaul2008-01-16T23:14:53 <Thugacation> how much do you guys get paid to give support to random people22:46
Thugacationyou told me those discussions belong in off-topic22:46
Thugacationbut that's not trolling22:46
ompaul2008-01-16T23:14:59 <Thugacation> i would do it for less than 10 bucks22:46
ompaulnow you are an expert on trolling22:46
ompaulwe define it as annoying22:46
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines22:46
ompaulThugacation, read that22:47
Thugacationthat isnt relevant to me22:47
Thugacationbecause i wasnt demanding answers22:47
Thugacationi was being a "nuisance"22:47
SeveasThugacation, the guidelines are relevant to everyone22:47
ompaulThugacation, not to any Ubuntu related subject I could see22:47
Thugacationoh come on22:47
ompaulthat is you were not looking for help for iot22:47
ompaulit is a very busy channel22:48
Thugacationi think it's safe to say that i'm right22:48
ompaulyou meander in22:48
naliothThugacation: your ban will expire soon22:48
nalioththis is going nowhere22:48
ompaulthere is that22:48
Thugacationso.... about my bans...22:49
Thugacationi'd like to appeal22:49
SeveasThugacation, you tried that yesterday. Why do you think today will be different?22:50
SeveasIf anything, repeated nagging will lengthen bans22:50
Thugacationtoday the op who banned me in #ubuntu is here22:50
ompaulI want help installing ... you said that here earlier .. and then 2008-01-16T23:41:28 <Thugacation> you can spoof email headers with an smtp server  << so it seems22:50
Thugacationand pricechild says his decision to ban me in -offtopic was swayed by that22:50
PriceChildno it wasn't swayed22:50
PriceChildit was based22:51
PriceChildI would not have banned you else.22:51
ompaulso I find it hard to believe you are not a troll22:51
ompaulthe guidelines apply to all I ask you to read them22:51
LjLPriceChild's decision to ban you in -offtopic was also "swayed" by the fact that basically every sane person in -offtopic was begging us to ban you22:51
ompauland come back here22:51
Thugacationok ompaul i dont understand what you mean by that22:52
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines22:52
naliothThugacation: it means, to read the URLs he's posted to you and come back in a few days, if your ban hasn't disappeared by then22:52
ompaulThugacation, read those guidelines22:52
Thugacationthe general concensus here is that i am not a troll and i was just looking for ubuntu help in the wrong places22:53
Thugacationi was offtopic in #ubuntu and i wanted support in -offtopic22:53
Thugacationok ill read em22:53
naliothThugacation: is there anything more that we can help you with?22:53
ompaulThugacation, that is where you are, and not where the people here are22:53
PriceChildmneptok, does that word make you giggle?22:53
LjLno no the general consensus here is most likely that you *are* a troll and pretty good at not doing anything *blatantly* unacceptable yet being incredibly annoying22:53
Thugacationbut not necessarily breaking any rule22:53
LjLyou're succeeding at it right now22:53
mneptokPriceChild: only when i pronounce it "poop"22:53
PriceChildmneptok, hehe... sounds like bum22:54
LjLThugacation, do you know why we're people and not machines?22:54
ompaulThugacation, and for that reason alone the annoying factor does you no good, have a read and come back in a few days22:54
LjLThugacation, because we don't only work based on rules, but also attempt employ common sense.22:54
Thugacationyeah i hear ya22:54
Thugacationand it's unfair22:55
LjLmy common sense told me not only that you were a troll, but also that the fact that everyone in -ot wanted you to be banned meant that i wasn't on drugs myself.22:55
naliothy'all quit FEEDING22:55
Thugacationi'm almost done reading the guidelines22:55
Thugacationquit feeding the troll? lol.... later22:55
ompaulso we have the excuse for proof22:55
nalioththat was a pretty self-incriminating leap there, i think22:56
ompaulnow the bantracker has that little note in there ....22:57
* nalioth was speaking of "feeding" this recycling loop22:57
ompaulnalioth, +75 on your <nalioth> that was a pretty self-incriminating leap there, i think22:58
* ompaul has been saving +1s for a while22:58
* Gary enjoyed the bedtime reading....23:00
ompaulGary, heh23:01
LjL"[23:53:55] <Thugacation> but not necessarily breaking any rule" was the self incriminating leap23:01
ompaulLjL, aye23:01
LjLhe totally admitted he was intending to be as trollish as possible but with the guidelines in mind23:01
GaryI'd made my mind up last night...23:01
ompaulseveral of them23:01
ompaulGary, ? if you can say23:02
Garysay what23:02
* ompaul totally misread what you said23:02
ompaulGary, sorry about that :-)23:03
Garyto be sure to be sure23:03
* Gary hides23:03
Garyompaul, seen any leprechauns?23:05
* PriceChild ponder's imitating gary's stereotype23:05
PriceChildwth is a ' doing there....23:05
* PriceChild ponders but doesn't ponder's23:05
GaryPriceChild, thats 11pm typing for ya23:05
ompaulPriceChild, your call, you're typing it23:06
ompauldang I had to think about that23:06
ompaulI made up a joke yesterday - deliver it with about five seconds between each line23:06
ompaulSo, if you were to tell a joke about lemmings,23:07
ompauland .. you were to forget the punchline23:07
ompaul  would that be a cliff hanger ......23:07
ompaulin a similar vein - blood23:08
ardchoilleAnd I thought I was the king of bad jokes/puns23:08
ompaulohh he is really pumping them out tonight23:08
ompaulardchoille, every time you think, someone deletes windows23:09
Garyarghh too much, night all :p23:09
ompaulto be sure ......23:10
ompaul /cs b gary :-)23:10
ompaulso my "pal" enrolled me in a photoshop course .... me ........................... photoshop .... and now I owe him 100 euros arrrgghhhh23:12
ompaulhowever on the +side23:12
ompaul60% of the course work is camera releated23:12
ompaulrelated even23:12
ompaulthat is what I want23:12
ompaulso I will bring along my gnewsense with gimpshop on it23:13
PriceChildhehe euros....23:13
PriceChildbring on the boosh references!!!23:13
ompaulsorry I can't use your software my religion stops me23:13
ompaulbut I can learn your photo stuffs23:13
ardchoillePriceChild: hahaha23:13
PriceChildardchoille, boosh fan?!23:14
ardchoilleNot a chance23:14
ardchoilleMonty Python, though, is another matter :)23:15
ompaulohh here is the camera I will bring:  http://aponlinesl.com/tienda/images/canon_ixus_960is.jpg23:15
ompaulwhat is boosh?23:16
ompaulgoogle don't teach me much on that23:16
ardchoilleBritish comedy23:16
ompaulahh that23:16
PriceChildompaul, "The Mighty Boosh"23:16
PriceChildThey wanted to call it The Mighty Stump..... wait no that's not suitable.23:17
ompaulPriceChild, the mighty boosh - who are the comics?23:17
PriceChildompaul, http://youtube.com/watch?v=cHr1n30tHDs23:18
ompaulPriceChild, ack23:19
PriceChildompaul, ?23:21
ompaullooked at it23:21
ompaulnutty as all get out23:21
ubotuneverblue called the ops in #ubuntu (JellySandPaper)23:23
LjLtomaw: what was that?23:25
tomawThu 23:24:06 < artmachine> http://jestrabi.myminicity.com/ anyone?23:26
tomawThu 23:24:06 < artmachine> http://jestrabi.myminicity.com/ anyone?23:26
ubotuOdd-rationale called the ops in #kubuntu ()23:27
ompaultomaw, spammer :)23:27
ompaultomaw, no you are the spammer ;-)23:27
* ompaul runs23:27
tomawOh, :(23:27
ompaulohh come on23:28
MezLjL, removed the mute, incase we get a full ban list again23:28
naliothjellysandpaper was klined23:28
LjLi had removed it already tho ;)23:28
ompaulI killed a few earlier LjL need a word with you pm23:28
ardchoillenalioth: Thank you23:29
MezLjL, no you didnt ...23:29
LjL[00:24:07] <JellySandPaper> No [00:24:08] <JellySandPaper> Help me [00:24:45] <LjL> you're echoing everything people say in #kubuntu [00:24:47] <LjL> make your client stop [00:24:56] <JellySandPaper> HOW [00:25:05] [CTCP] Sending CTCP-VERSION request to jellysandpaper. [00:25:07] [CTCP] Received CTCP-VERSION reply from JellySandPaper: mIRC v6.31 Khaled Mardam-Bey.23:29
LjL[00:25:07] <JellySandPaper> I got this from Hawkeee.com [00:25:12] <JellySandPaper> Says is best script [00:25:24] <LjL> i don't see why you need to use a script at all. [00:26:20] <JellySandPaper> Ok [00:26:26] <JellySandPaper> I removed all script [00:27:55] <LjL> come back when you have a real client23:29
LjL[00:26:45] *** LjL sets mode: -b %JellySandPaper!*@*23:29
Mez* Mez removes ban on %JellySandPaper!*@*23:29
MezLjl, and he was echoing everything from #ubuntu into #kubuntu23:30
LjLerr yeah, so you removed the mute but i had already removed it... which is what i'm saying23:30
naliothMez: this is not the first trollbot we've seen recently23:30
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:30
LjLand yes, i know he was. that's why i banned him from #kubuntu23:30
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:30
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:30
LjLand #ubuntu23:31
naliothMez: and there is the botmaster23:31
LjLi was giving him the benefit of the doubt in #ubuntu, since he said he had disabled the script23:31
LjLbut then he did it in #kubuntu so23:31
MezI know nalioth23:31
PriceChildI think we should stop calling them a "botmaster"23:38
PriceChildrather something else, more amusing and less amazing sounding23:39
* crdlb votes for botkiddie23:39
ompaulneither of the above23:39
ompaulhow about twosecondtrolls23:40
ompaulthey troll until the flood bot gets them23:40
ompaulooh wow they race a bot - whose code just grows to catch them23:41
ompaulyou need to make it what it is - a pointless worthless exercise23:41
* nalioth has a few suggestions, unfortunately, this isn't #politics, so he can't say them23:41
LjLjpatrick: had enough of danroj23:50
LjL[00:50:11] [Notice] -danroj to #ubuntu-es-  te invito a mi canal ##linux-cool23:50

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