patogenHuffalump: Try iwconfig your-id essid "name of AP"00:00
OmegaCent1aaronm I think one of the problems is I don't know what kind of share it is.00:00
Pirate_Hunterwhats the command to disconnect USB device through terminal?00:00
HuffalumpIs there a command I can run which will identify which security scheme is being used?  I thought the network I am connecting to is WEP, but perhaps I am mistaken.00:00
SlartOmegaCent1: samba is a pretty big collection of utilites... but connecting to a network drive is pretty straight forward.. check the samba internet site.. or the man page for specifics00:00
SlartOmegaCent1: thankfully I've been spared the wrath of vpn's =)00:00
MotherDearNo one I guess...00:00
patogenHuffalump: iwlist eth1 scan gives me the results ...00:01
OmegaCent1Slart: so go ahead and install the samba package from synaptics package manager?00:01
Itakuim trying to install g++ but im having a problem00:01
SlartMotherDear: not a lot to go on there.. the installation froze.. do you have anything "weird" in your computer?00:01
HuffalumpThanks, patogen!00:01
OmegaCent1Anyone know how to JUST turn off "tapping" on a laptop touchpad?00:01
blah2345why is flash plugin -nonfree going to work on amd64 again ... ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????00:01
HuffalumpThere are 12 networks here.00:01
Itakui do sudo apt-get install g++00:01
SlartOmegaCent1: I'm not sure if you need the whole thing or just the client00:01
Itakuwith the cd in00:01
PriceChildblah2345, adobe don't release a 64bit version of flash00:01
Itakubut then it stops at 50%00:01
HuffalumpAnd mine is not WEP, but WPA2.00:01
HuffalumpBig difference.00:02
neverblueblah2345, your excessive question marks are not necesary, please read the topic00:02
Itakui ctrl+c and it stops00:02
Itakubut then i cant eject the cd00:02
blah2345neverblue: ur response was not helpful00:02
Huffalumplet's test =]00:02
blah2345neverblue: please refrain from answering in the future or give useful info00:02
MotherDearNo, not the installation, when I was done the installation, I removed the live CD adnd restarted.00:02
neverblueblah2345, obviously, but you havent read the channel rules00:02
Slartblah2345: ask adobe about it instead.. we're not the ones creating the package00:02
blah2345neverblue: obviously, you didn't read what I said above00:02
blah2345Slart: how did the old flashplugin-nonfree plugin work on amd64?00:02
blah2345Slart: ... I have it working on my laptop before the md5sum problem came up00:03
bill_i'm trying to write a package that will install some config stuff for me and i'm having trouble getting it right00:03
neverblueblah2345, I just couldnt see past all those question marks00:03
con-manis there a way to open .7z files in linux?00:03
bill_basically i want to override the stuff in ldap-auth-config00:03
Itakuim trying to install g++ but im having a problem, i do sudo apt-get install g++ with the cd in but it goes to %50 working and stops, i ctrl+c and it halts and then when i try to eject the cd it doesnt eject saying only root can eject it. PLZ HELP00:03
patogenCheck the launchpad site, it has a flashplugin (nonfree) that works for me00:03
blah2345neverblue: it's okay, I forgive you; please don't make the same mistake again00:03
HuffalumpI misread the info. In actuality, it confirms i was correct -> Group Cipher: WEP00:03
Slartblah2345: how?.. well.. it played flash files.. I don't know how it did it00:03
patogencon-man: Search for 7zip tool.00:03
HuffalumpWell, WEP-4000:03
p34rdoes anyone know if i can protect the passwords (encrypt or something) in svn's passwd file?00:03
neverblueblah2345, that was on apology, dont get me wrong00:03
Pirate_Hunterwhats the command to disconnect USB device through terminal?00:03
HuffalumpWhich I assume is what Ubuntu network tools uses (as opposed to, say, 128).00:03
mike8768does anyone have time to answer a quick question?00:03
neverblue!ask | mike876800:04
ubotumike8768: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:04
Slartmike8768: just ask.. if someone knows the answer they will tell you.. perhaps00:04
con-manpatogen: not in repositories00:04
blah2345... anyone know how the old flashplugin-nonfree package worked? (i.e. it somehow download the flash package; then does some magic [THIS IS THE MAGIC PART I WANT TO KNOW]; then it wokrs on my amd64 machine ...)00:04
Jay-Oh-Enare there any programs to mod v3 razrs (the phones)00:04
Itakuim trying to install g++ but im having a problem, i do sudo apt-get install g++ with the cd in but it goes to %50 working and stops, i ctrl+c and it halts and then when i try to eject the cd it doesnt eject saying only root can eject it. PLZ HELP00:04
HuffalumpWhen setting up a wireless connection, how can I can firm that 'WEP (ascii)" is 40 bit and not 128 bit?00:04
aaronmItaku: have you tried getting rid of the CD-ROM from your repos in the Software Source List and then "sudo apt-get update" then trying "sudo apt-get install g++"?00:04
patogencon-man: ok, when i do apt-cache search I find p7zip that can open it...00:05
Itakui dont know00:05
Itakulemme try that00:05
MotherDearOK, so after installation, I took out CD and restarted like the wizard told me to, then while the computer was booting up, the first message it gave me was Loadinbg GNU. Loading GNU Please Wait... and then it freezes at that for more then 3 hours, (after that I shut it down)00:05
mike8768ok then, for calendars is there one that will start up with ubuntu and be open in the background so that when im on my computer i can look at it without haveing to open it im using evolution for my calendar right now00:05
georgy_28Huffalump : wireless-key s:key00:05
SlartPirate_Hunter: I'm not sure you can disconnect a USB device.. you can unmount it and then disconnect it by pulling it out..00:05
Itakuafter i updated it still stops at %5000:05
p34rMegaqwerty: hey again; how could i set up my users so only my account has access to a specific passwd file i want to be kept from other ssh users accessing?00:05
Huffalumpgeorgy_28, bash says command not found00:05
neverbluemike8768, selecting your clock (clicking on it) opens a calender...00:05
ItakuAfter unpacking 31.0MB of additional disk space will be used.00:06
OmegaCent1Slart: Uh, is smbmount a package? I can't seem to find it.00:06
ItakuDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y00:06
Itaku50% [Working]00:06
Megaqwertyp34r: sudo chmod 700 filename00:06
Megaqwertyp34r: assuming it's owned by root00:06
Megaqwertyno one other than root can see it00:06
Pirate_HunterSlart: I'm sure there is a command to umount usb devices that dont show on desktop through gnome terminal, I just dont remember/know what it is?00:06
Itakui hsbr 175 upates is that good or bad?00:06
SlartOmegaCent1: it might be in the samba package.. I just dont know..  unless you're really short on space just install samba.. it won't do you any harm00:06
levanderI've got a XP box I want to add a hard drive to and install Gutsy so that I can dual boot between the two.  Anyone got a link to good instructions?00:06
mike8768thanks alot00:06
neverbluemike8768, that help ?00:06
mike8768i need to be slapped00:07
neverbluemike8768, good :)00:07
aaronmItaku: Oh so its frozen getting the packages them...Hmmm...I'd double check that your internet to that machine is working fully, then maybe switch the server you use from Main Server to US Server or vice versa.00:07
mike8768dang ubuntu soooo sweet00:07
Megaqwertyp34r: sudo chown root:root filename to change ownership to root00:07
neverbluewelcome mike8768 :)00:07
jonny239i just installed ubuntu tday also got 175 updates00:07
SlartPirate_Hunter: unmount is very different from disconnect.. "sudo umount /media/disk" unmounts whatever is at "media/disk"00:07
Itakuive never had a problem00:07
p34rMegaqwerty: what is root:root? can i change that to my ssh username and also root?00:07
jonny239took about an hour though00:07
p34rjust so i dont have to re-login as root00:07
Itakui just reinstalled linux cuz someone hacked me and deleted my /bin00:07
Huffalumplevander, did you install your new hard drive?  if you have, just boot up with the ubuntu CD and during the install, tell it to use that empty disk.00:07
viatori cant acces my other machine which has a samba share on it00:07
Megaqwertyp34r: root:root means owned by user root and group root00:08
SlartMotherDear: isn't there some kind of rescue mode?00:08
viatori can see it on the network00:08
levanderHuffalump: What about installing grub, is there anything special I do?00:08
viatorbut cant connect00:08
p34rMegaqwerty: then i can make a group 'root' and add my user to it?00:08
Megaqwertyp34r: you can change it to root:username because I think ubuntu makes a group for every user00:08
MotherDearOK, so after installation, I took out CD and restarted like the wizard told me to, then while the computer was booting up, the first message it gave me was Loadinbg GNU. Loading GNU Please Wait... and then it freezes at that for more then 3 hours, (after that I shut it down)00:08
jonny239how can i login as as root from login screen in ubuntu?00:08
Megaqwertyp34r: there is already a group named root00:08
Huffalumplevander, by default grub will -at boot- give you the option between ubuntu and windows.  you can edit a simple text file to change defaults.00:08
p34rMegaqwerty: ok great, ty00:09
viatordo i have to add this laptops ip or name to the samba file00:09
Megaqwertyp34r: you're welcome00:09
Slartjonny239: you can't.. and you shouldn't.. use sudo00:09
Huffalumplevander, I did what you're doing several times last year when I was testing Ubuntu on different machines.  It works pretty painlessly.00:09
VideoGoBoomHello, Everyone. :-)00:09
p34rMegaqwerty: and i just do the sudo chown line, i dont need the chmod 700 line anymore, right?00:09
Slart!root | jonny23900:09
ubotujonny239: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:09
jonny239but u cant login to root from login screen00:09
=== Billenium is now known as Winrar
Megaqwertyp34r: no, you still do. the chmod line makes it so no one but the owner can see it00:09
MotherDearOK, so after installation, I took out CD and restarted like the wizard told me to, then while the computer was booting up, the first message it gave me was Loadinbg GNU. Loading GNU Please Wait... and then it freezes at that for more then 3 hours, (after that I shut it down)00:09
Slartjonny239: no, you can't.. and you shouldn't.. as in "do not do it"00:09
Huffalumplevander, take a walkthrough here -> http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/Installing_Ubuntu_with_Windows_Dual-Boot00:09
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:09
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.00:09
VideoGoBoomI am logged in via a LiveCD. How do I fix my video/screen resolution? I messed with a setting and now it is blank when I boot Ubuntu.00:10
p34rMegaqwerty: but group 'root' can?00:10
Pirate_HunterSlart: how different? let me explain i plugged in my n73 but it didnt pick it up in media so i needed to disconnect it before unplugging the cable... however ubuntu knows it plugged in but it doesnt show any interface... thats why it has to be done through terminal00:10
levanderHuffalump: The other complication is that after I finish getting my Linux box all right (I have several things I have to configure) I want to take out the XP hard disk.  You think the only complication will be reconfiguring grub?00:10
Megaqwertyp34r: so you might actually want the line to read chmod 770 if you want the group members to be able to see it too00:10
Slartjonny239: log in as your normal user and use sudo for root stuff00:10
jonny239i changed the root pasword but i need to be able to acess it through login screen00:10
Huffalumplevander, I would agree with that00:10
neverblueMotherDear, how many times have you started/restarted your system ?00:10
p34rMegaqwerty: how would i specify which group that would be? would it assume group 'root'? or what00:10
MotherDearI've re-installed about 3 times now.00:10
levanderHuffalump: cool, tx, I'm trying it.  Guess I just needed to verify my suspicions with someone.00:10
OmegaCent1Anyone know how to turn off "TAPPING" on touchpads in linux?00:10
=== Winrar is now known as Billenium
Huffalumplevander, if you transplant that hard drive to a different system.... keep in mind Windows has some setting you have to change00:11
Slartjonny239: why do you want to login as root?00:11
ubotuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad00:11
Megaqwertyp34r: by changing the ownership of the file. chown root:root file means the file will be owned by the user root, and the group root00:11
neverblueMotherDear, always stopping at the same location, after the install ?00:11
levanderHuffalump: did you say something to me right before I logged out?00:11
MotherDearInstall, complete00:11
p34rMegaqwerty: so chmod it 770 then do the chown?00:11
MotherDearLoading GNU00:11
Huffalumplevander, I forget the name of the setting, but if you don't change it then the Windows hard drive will not recognize it's new environment.  So, check on Windows forums about transplanting hard drives.00:11
MotherDearLoading GNU Please Wait...00:11
Megaqwertyp34r: right. that should work00:12
neverblueMotherDear, so the install appeared to be fine (please respond with only one line) ?00:12
MotherDearand those are the first 2 and only 2 messages that ever appear/00:12
Huffalumplevander, previous message -> if you transplant that hard drive to a different system.... keep in mind Windows has some setting you have to change00:12
syn`Hey all. Brand new to Linux, have an ATI Radeon 9200. Made a thread on the forums asking for help, someone told me I had to do something about making a new kernel to get the drivers to work. Have a few questions, tho.00:12
levanderHuffalump: Thanks, but the XP drive is getting reformatted in a different box after I'm doing with it.00:12
Huffalumpgood luck and have fun00:12
Megaqwertyp34r: note that by the user doing sudo nano file, they can still read it because sudo gives them root privileges, and you can't hide anything from root.00:12
levanderHuffalump: I didn't know that you could move XP hard disks around.  That might be handy for the future.00:12
MotherDearYes, Install was fine.00:12
SlartPirate_Hunter: I don't think the usb protocol can disconnect things.. you can finish writing to them.. you can yank the usb plug from the usb socket.. you can unmount usb drives.. but I don't think you can "disconnect" stuff from usb00:12
p34rMegaqwerty: oh...00:12
levanderHuffalump: I gotta shut down to take a hard disk outta this box.  Anything else?00:13
neverblueMotherDear, put the CD back in, run memtest, to confirm your RAM is working fine (it does take sometime to test)00:13
VideoGoBoomCould someone point me in the right direction as to where my video resolution files would be?00:13
Huffalumplevander, nope I think you have your head on straight00:13
ItakuMegaqwerty on the topic of sudo im trying to eject a cd and it says only root can unmount this device. how do i do this?00:13
levanderHuffalump: cool, thanks00:13
p34rMegaqwerty: ok well i guess i'll just use another password not my main one then00:13
MegaqwertyItaku: sudo eject00:13
Dr_Willis!fixres | VideoGoBoom00:13
ubotuVideoGoBoom: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:13
MotherDearK, brb.00:13
MegaqwertyItaku: or sudo umount devicename00:13
VideoGoBoomThanks Dr_Willis. :-)00:14
=== pizdets is now known as penars
Pirate_HunterSlart: maybe you're right but i dont believe thats the case it wouldnt make sense but than what do i know :3 well will check online just encase when im done with this. But thanx for the response00:14
Megaqwertyp34r: well, the passwords are encrypted00:15
SlartPirate_Hunter: hehe.. let me know what you find out..00:15
Megaqwertyp34r: the passwd file doesn't contain the plaintext password00:15
p34rMegaqwerty: not in svn's passwd file :(00:15
p34rMegaqwerty: i asked #svn and they said i can't encrypt it which is dumb00:15
Megaqwertyp34r: I'm not sure what that means...00:15
Megaqwertyp34r: but the user's password is encrypted in a root only file called /etc/shadow00:15
wanhi all00:15
Pirate_HunterSlart: will do so if you're still on00:15
syn`Hey all. Brand new to Linux, have an ATI Radeon 9200. Made a thread on the forums asking for help, someone told me I had to do something about making a new kernel to get the drivers to work. Have a few questions, tho.00:16
p34rMegaqwerty: i'm talking about subversion00:16
p34rMegaqwerty: how can i revert the chown and chmod for the files i was working on :P00:16
neverbluesyn`, before you get into it, have you tried to use the restricted drivers manager to install the drivers for your card ?00:16
Jay-Oh-Enare there any programs to mod v3 razrs (the phones)00:16
viatori get an error saying homes directory is missing00:17
viatoror has been deleted00:17
pike_syn`: the 9200 is very well supported i wouldnt think youd need to worry about the kernel certainly not have to recompile00:17
viatorwhen trying to connect via samba00:17
Megaqwertyp34r: if the file was readable by everyone, you probably want chmod 75500:17
viatorwhere should the homes file be anyway?00:17
syn`everytime i click it, it tells me that my system doesn't require any. but everyone's told me to do that. could it be that i don't have the onboard gfx card disabled?00:17
Megaqwertyp34r: and if it was owned by your user, you should probably do chown username:username00:17
syn`i ran envy, by the way, and when i hit the ati driver, it told me my card required legacy drivers and legacy wasn't supported by my OS :( using 7.1000:18
jonny239ok i got it i changed the root password then added root to the login window user list now i can run the package that i need to run as root00:18
bjamesSlart: I've been hacking at it for a while and there doesn't appear to be a simple solution, maybe a project for another day00:18
MotherDearNeverBlue, All It's done so far is close main menu and start a prompt, and just sit there.00:18
bjamescheers for the help00:18
Slartbjames: you're welcome00:18
pike_syn`: use the restricted managager in place of envy in 7.10 and above00:18
pike_syn`: envy is no longer supported by us at all00:18
neverblueMotherDear, did you boot from the CD and see a menu ?00:18
syn`ahh. okay.00:18
MotherDearthen I chose memory test.00:19
neverblueMotherDear, and you selected memtest00:19
viatorghomes dir shoud be all home directories00:19
neverblueMotherDear, then let it run :P00:19
viatorwoner why it isnt working00:19
syn`okay, so then what do i do when i hit it and it tells my my system requires no restricted drivers? i have an integrated card, and then my ati. but the integrated isn't disabled.00:19
MotherDearShould there be text00:19
syn`i don't know if that matters. i never disabled in windows.00:19
MotherDearall i see is the flashing _00:19
neverblueMotherDear, there should be results, yes00:19
Keigo-kunIs it possible to use .kss screensavers in Gnome? I found a really nice one called kanjisaver00:19
smultronwhy do some capital letter "M"s look bolded in Firefox?00:20
neverbluesyn`, how many video cards/monitors does your system have?00:20
pike_syn`: ive heard the open source drivers are best for 9200 so you might not require any.. im sorry im not familiar at all with ati but i know the open source drivers for that model work well00:20
syn`i have the integrated card, my radeon 9200.00:20
neverblueMotherDear, run the tool to confirm the CD is good00:20
syn`and just one monitor.00:20
Itakuumount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy00:20
Itakuumount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy <--- how do i make it un-busy?00:20
Itakuor find what process is using ti00:20
neverbluesyn`, so its enabled if you can see anything on your display :)00:20
syn`well, when i hook it up, i get nothing. other than envy, i haven't tried to install any drivers. i just plugged it in and it's black.00:21
neverblue!evy | syn`00:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about evy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:21
syn`same on the 9250 i tried putting in. i just can't get into the restricted drivers for some reason with how my setup is.00:21
neverblue!envy | syn`00:21
ubotusyn`: envy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »00:21
Itakuumount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy <--- how do i make it un-busy or find what process is using it?00:21
neverbluesyn`, is this a new install ?00:21
syn`yea, completely fresh.00:21
crdlbsyn`: you do not need the ATI driver with a 920000:22
LjLItaku: lsof | grep cdrom00:22
crdlband you cannot use it00:22
neverbluesyn`, and the install didnt recognize that card ?00:22
EnronHi just wondering i'm trying to install snapapi26-module package on debian, I was able to do it on ubuntu but debian couldn't find it. I added ubuntu's source list and updated apt-get and tried again still can't find00:22
Enroncan someone help00:22
crdlbsyn`: ubuntu will automatically use the only driver available00:22
syn`never said anything about it. when i look @ hardware manager it shows up as recognized. but that's pretty much it.00:22
neverbluethere yeah go syn` thanks crdlb00:22
LjLEnron: 1) this is #ubuntu, not #debian 2) adding an ubuntu repository to debian isn't any better than adding a debian repository to ubuntu 3) both things are incredibly bad00:22
pike_syn`: or you can use vesa driver for just 2d alt-ctrl-f2 then login then sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and select vesa then enter for everything else and then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart00:23
neverblueok, im going home00:23
InGunsWeTrustIs there any way to open p7m files used by outlook express in Ubuntu00:23
Enronso how do I install the package if ubuntu doesn't include it00:23
ItakuLjL how long does grep take?00:23
neverblueItaku, as long as you like00:23
RockomanHey can someone help me with getting World of Warcraft to work on Ubuntu?00:23
syn`since we got the drivers situated, i guess. is there a way to get display stuck off my integrated? that's what my monitors on right now, not my radeon.00:23
syn`sorry if these are stupid questions, by the way. all new to me.00:23
LjLItaku, that command should take a very short time.00:23
Itakubut how long does it really take00:23
tuXXXinatordoes anyone know of a gui for airsnort?00:23
Itakuits going on 2 mins00:24
LjLEnron: but you said you *could* install it on ubuntu?00:24
neverblueItaku, then let it finish, and find out just how long it will take :)00:24
EnronLjl when I do apt-get install snapapi26-module it found it00:24
crdlbsyn`: disable the integrated video card in your BIOS00:24
LjL!info snapapi26-module00:24
ubotuPackage snapapi26-module does not exist in gutsy00:24
syn`hah. i knew that was what it was going to be. gotta update my BIOS, no place to do it in current.00:24
Itakui need my cdrom unbusy00:25
InGunsWeTrustitaku: how are you using grep. Usually when you grep something it is used in the fassion "find / | grep fileimfinding00:25
syn`thanks so much :D00:25
LjL!info snapapi26-modules00:25
ubotuPackage snapapi26-modules does not exist in gutsy00:25
Enron!info snapapi26-modules00:25
crdlbsyn`: you can do it another way then00:25
Itakui did how LjL told me to00:25
syn`oh, if that would be any easier.00:25
InGunsWeTrustitaku: and grep is instant but the find may take a while00:25
Itakugrep cdrom00:25
Enronapt-cache search snapapi00:25
Enronsnapapi26-modules - Acronis SnapAPI Linux kernel 2.6 modules00:25
LjLEnron, not on Gutsy.00:25
InGunsWeTrustIs there any way to open p7m files used by outlook express in Ubuntu00:25
Enronsnapapi26-modules is already the newest version.00:25
crdlbsyn`: in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, in the Driver section, it should have a BusID line which tells it which card to use00:25
Itakuis there a way to force the cdrom to get unbusy?00:26
LjLItaku, i told you to do « lsof | grep cdrom». not just grep cdrom00:26
EnronLjL so would it be that I have an entree in source.list that might have the package00:26
Enronthats why I can00:26
syn`just switch that over to my ati?00:26
Itakui did lsof before it first00:26
LjLEnron, if it says it's already the newest version, it means it's installed.00:26
EnronLjL yes thats in ubuntu00:26
InGunsWeTrustIs there any way to open p7m files used by outlook express in Ubuntu00:26
Enronbut I need it in debian :(00:26
crdlbsyn`: and change the Driver line to "ati", yes (you can get the proper BusID from 'lspci | grep VGA')00:26
DigitalNinjaI tried compiling the latest kernel from kernel.org. It won't boot. Is there a trick to compiling a new kernel for Dapper?00:26
Enron#debian nobody has any info so i'm just trying to ask here if someone can help00:26
Itakuit got unbusy!!!!00:26
PriceChildDigitalNinja, why on earth are you?00:26
LjLEnron: yes, it most probably means that. type « apt-cache policy snapapi26-modules » to find out where it comes from.00:27
simion314hi, i tried the other desktops xubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop, and i found that i can;t uninstall them, i uninstall but the uninstall frees only 50 Kb of space, why?00:27
syn`dude, you're amazing. i love you.00:27
daxrocHi all00:27
Dr_Willissimion314:  because you are unistalling a meta-package.00:27
LjLEnron: however, i repeat once again, debian and ubuntu packages are NOT necessarily compatible, and using a debian sources.list on ubuntu or vice versa may have VERY bad effects00:27
EnronLjL this is what the output is http://phpfi.com/29028000:27
viatormy samba shres permission is 755 it says its read only00:27
viatorwhats read write?00:28
syn`well thanks so much for the help. gonna restart and try to get this to work.00:28
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: I've got a system with a core 2 6300. On dapper I only see one processor. I gutsy I see two. I would like to use gutsy server but the software I'm using requires Dapper.00:28
georgy_28viator :76600:28
PriceChilddigital_, install the -smp kernel00:28
LjLEnron: that means that you don't have the repository you got it from anymore. (or that it's no longer in that repository)00:28
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: I did that. No luck00:28
simion314Dr_Willis: then i must uninstall  all small packages manualy from synaptic00:29
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: With the SMP Kernel I still see only one processor.00:29
Itakuok now i need help installing g++00:29
LjL!build-essential > Itaku    (Itaku, see the private message from Ubotu)00:29
PriceChildDigitalNinja, -686-smp?00:29
Dr_Willissimion314:  basiciall;y yes.  There might be some sites that list all the packages to remove. I rarely remove anything.00:29
Itakuits a problem with apt-get00:29
blaylockitaku, apt-search -n g++00:29
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: I tried that one. I still see only one processor.00:29
daxrocWould there be any problems for ubuntu on an 8core system ( 2x quad ) 8+gb ram generally speaking?00:29
ludditeHi all00:29
PriceChildDigitalNinja, I would suggest going gutsy, then upgrading to hardy in a couple of months (after tests) and leaving it there as its LTS.00:29
pike_daxroc: that would...rock00:30
InGunsWeTrustIs there any way to open p7m files used by outlook express in Ubuntu00:30
LjLDr_Willis, simion314: however, you can try "sudo apt-get autoremove" after removing kubuntu-desktop. sometimes, it seems to not have effect for some people... i don't know why... but it's worth trying. also, for Kubuntu at least, removing "kdelibs4c2a" mostly does the trick.00:30
PriceChildDigitalNinja, a new kernel on dapper will bring a lot of problems00:30
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: I have software that requires Dapper00:30
daxrocpike_: Do you know from experience?00:30
LjLItaku: what problem is it?00:30
danbhfiveLjL also there is gtkorphan00:30
ludditewhat is the URL of the website that allows you to install ubuntu(i think it was ubuntu anyway) from the web with one click over the top of windows to effectively remove windows?00:30
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: Well, the big problem at the moment is that it won't boot with the new kernel.00:31
Itakusudo: apt-search: command not found00:31
acidfire2008was wondering if anyone could help me out.. Ive installed no-ip in terminal threw ssh term and i need to change the host for it so im wondering whats the command to update no-ip?00:31
PriceChildDigitalNinja, what software is this?00:31
pike_daxroc: i cant see a problem youd want 64 bit and the generic kernel supports smp00:31
reya276Does anyone know if Gutsy supports, Wacom Bamboo Tablets yet?00:31
DigitalNinjaPriceChild: Zimbra00:31
DigitalNinjait's an email server package00:31
Itakuw/e im idle now00:31
LjLItaku: 1) there is no valid reason on earth why you would need to use "sudo" to just *search* for packages. 2) it's apt-cache search00:31
LjL!apt > Itaku    (Itaku, see the private message from Ubotu)00:31
xsystemxI am trying to choose an ftp daemon? Which one do you guys prefer ?00:31
daxrocpike_: yeah going all out on upgrade thought I would do some reasearch first :>00:32
=== Itaku is now known as Itaku-Sleep
LjL!polls > xsystemx    (xsystemx, see the private message from Ubotu)00:32
Dr_Willisxsystemx:  its prboberly best to not use ftp unless you have to. ssh can transfer files securely00:32
georgy_28acidfire2008, : try in a terminal : sudo dpkg-reconfigure no-ip00:32
aetherealNICK aethereal00:32
LjL!ftpd > xsystemx    (xsystemx, see the private message from Ubotu)00:32
OmegacentiAnyone have any information on attempting to map a network drive on linux?00:33
DigitalNinjaCan someone tell me if I should see two processor on Dapper. Again, I have a Core 2 6300.00:33
acidfire2008Shutting down dynamic address update: no-ip.00:33
acidfire2008Starting dynamic address update: no-ip.00:33
pike_DigitalNinja: using generic kernel? cat /proc/cpuinfo00:33
daxrocpike_: any known hw pitfalls I should avoid, you know of ?00:33
acidfire2008georgy_28 that do it/00:33
patrockOmegacenti: nfs ot smbfs?00:33
Omegacentipatrock: I am sorry?00:33
DigitalNinjapike_: I only see one processor00:33
tyoneguys, how do i set my ubuntu to boot into the login screen ??00:33
DigitalNinjapike_: I'm using the SMP kernel00:34
pike_daxroc: 64 bit is mostly software pitfalls and those have been largely sorted out. desktop stuff occationally may require chroot00:34
pike_tyone: auto login?00:34
tyonejust login screen00:34
Dr_Willistyone:  if you mean the console. You disable the gdm or kdm service00:34
pike_tyone: gksu gdmsetup in a terminal and enable it00:34
tyonemine boots to "dos@00:35
olouzadatem Brasileiros?00:35
daxrocpike_: as in 32bit chroot ?00:35
LjL!br | olouzada00:35
ubotuolouzada: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:35
blaylockanyone having issues with firefox freezing in kubuntu?00:35
pike_tyone: oh.. sudo update-rc.d -f gdm defaults  assuming gdm is installed00:35
pike_daxroc: yeah00:35
blaylockthe one you get from mozilla not the one that comes with kubuntu on apt00:35
DCorleoneHey there.  Got a problem with gnome-applet-install.  It starts up in the wrong language.  Couldn't find any .conf for it anywhere.00:35
DCorleonegnome-app-install rather00:35
pike_DigitalNinja: dunno ive heard it mostly just works.00:35
olouzadaaqui não tem Ubuntu-br como eu faço pra colocar?00:35
jonny239thanks 4 the help guys00:36
LjLolouzada: escribe /join #ubuntu-br00:36
daxrocpike_: no problem there , thanks Much appreciate your help00:36
DCorleoneAnybody know how I can set that to English?  Seems like everything else is fine, just that one program.00:36
DigitalNinjapike_: What kernel and processor? I did an install on a Xeon server and got both cores to work.00:36
DigitalNinjaThat was dapper00:36
acidfire2008i tried the command georgy_28 told me but no luck on my dns connecting is there anything else i should do anyone/00:36
DCorleoneUnfortunately that just happens to be one of the more useful programs.00:36
ludditeah -got it -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/install.exe00:37
daxrocNight all00:37
tyoneSystem startup links for /etc/init.d/gdm already exist.00:37
daxrocHave a good one00:37
tyonesays that when i set to defaults00:37
pike_DigitalNinja: if it doesnt id check forums for that proc i suppose it could be a bug but ive never been fortunate enough to play around with muliticore too much on ubuntu00:37
pike_tyone: so does sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart just work to take you to login00:38
DigitalNinjapike_: Searching00:38
fougwhere is bashrc located?00:39
=== lagann is now known as lagann_
mavi-in your home folder00:39
mavi-its named .bashrc00:39
InGunsWeTrustIs there any way to open p7m files used by outlook express in Ubuntu00:39
PriceChildfoug, ~/.bashrc00:39
acidfire2008ive changed my no-ip host and im wondering how to make ubuntu server update to see the new host can anyone help out?00:39
tyonesays there aleady appears to be a xserver running on display :0 .........00:39
PriceChildacidfire2008, read teh documentation of the no-ip software?00:39
tuXXXinatordoes anyone know of a gui for airsnort?00:39
acidfire2008ive been looking all ic is how to install it00:39
bbeeche2Hey, I just got a new laptop, and I'm having trouble getting internet working on it - can anyone help me?00:39
mikeylikesit5805bbeeche2 i can try00:40
Pirate_Hunterhmmm this is weird my virtualbox isnt picking up my D:\ can someone suggest something? (guest additions has been installed)00:40
bruenigbbeeche2, wired, wireless, what00:40
bbeeche2Theres a couple of good guides for my model00:40
bbeeche2I think once I get it working wired I can do it myself00:40
bbeeche2but all the guides for this model depend on lan working00:40
fougmavi-: PriceChild thanks, i am trying to change the colour of user@host, my friend showed me the line of code to put, but i forget where to put it. In the PS1 value?00:40
bbeeche2and mine isn't working out of the box00:40
bruenigplug the wire in, open a terminal and do "dhclient eth0"00:40
bbeeche2The green light isn't even coming on when I insert the cord00:40
bruenigif the green light isn't coming on, that is probably a hardware issue00:41
bbeeche2I might be00:41
bbeeche2the software seems to find it00:41
georgy_28acidfire2008: sudo no-ip -c then restart with sudo no-ip00:41
bbeeche2lspci picks it up00:41
bruenigwell does dhclient get an ip or not?00:41
bbeeche2looks like no00:42
InGunsWeTrustIs there any way to open p7m files used by outlook express in Ubuntu00:42
fougafter editing bashrc, do i start to reload x to notice changes?00:43
tretlewheres #ubuntu+1 gone00:43
bbeeche2but I've already tried dhcping it, and that didn't work00:43
bbeeche2though the gui though00:43
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MotherDearNeverBlue, Check complete 0checksums failed. Press any key to reboot.00:43
BlueFusionI have kernel panic issues with a server install00:43
BlueFusionboothing the liveCD00:43
blaylockdamn, firefox keeps crashing00:44
blaylockthis is lame00:44
tcpdumpgodWhats going down simps.00:44
=== GetYourSelfANick is now known as ttech
tcpdumpgodStart Firefox from the command line and see why its freezing then.00:44
DigitalNinjaIs anyone running Dapper on a core 2?00:45
bbeeche2The hardware manager picks up the lan card, but it puts it below an unknown00:45
tcpdumpgodLOL @ Dapper.00:45
eriderI need help I think my package utility is broken I can't reinstall openoffice.org00:45
InGunsWeTrustI have WinRAR running on wine and I am wondering if there is a way to make all archives open by default in Wine and WinRAR00:45
tretlewhere do i go for hardy related woes?00:45
MotherDearGuys, what IRC do I ghet for Ubuntu00:45
viatorim trying to copy a file folder from my laptop to a samba share on a desktop00:46
viatorand it keeps giving me errors00:46
StarnestommyMotherDear: xchat, irssi, or konversation00:46
viatorsays access denied00:46
viatorthe samba share on th desktop says its read write to everyone00:46
tcpdumpgodviator then you need to modify permissions on the samba share.00:47
laptophi friends can you tell me how i reproduce a picture00:47
blaylockMotherDear: kopete works just fine00:47
=== BlueFusion is now known as BlueFusion|away
pike_laptop: from memory?00:47
tcpdumpgodviator http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=3479507400:47
viatorthey are currently 76600:47
tcpdumpgodviator not the folder permissions, the samba mount permissions.00:47
tcpdumpgodinside smb.conf viator00:47
zoomgimp ?00:47
viatorthe samba permissions00:48
viatorare 76600:48
bbeeche2well, can anyone tell me how to get wireless working on a laptop, without a current working internet connection on it? the lspci alredy picks it up00:48
viatorim looking at it in webmin00:48
tcpdumpgodviator once again, you need to modify the samba configuration to allow USERS to write to the share.00:48
MotherDearOk, so I downloaded the Installer for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and after Following the whole guide on burning it and checking it's validity, I ran it on start up, went through the install wizard once it booted, and used my entire drive for it, then it told me to restart after installing, and once i did that I took out the CD and let it oot up into Ubuntu, while it was booting up, It froze at Loading GNU. Loading GNU Please Wait... and stays00:48
tcpdumpgodI bet you can copy it as root correct viator ?00:48
zoombbeeche2, use gnome nm-applet00:48
MotherDearCD is fine : 0 Checksums failed.00:49
MotherDearMemtest doesn't do anything.00:49
=== orangePnut[] is now known as orangePnut
bbeeche2ah cool00:49
viatorlet me see00:49
MotherDearIt just starts and flashes _ forever and ever.00:49
zoombbeeche2, http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager/00:49
laptopno from memory, from a cd00:50
=== ttech is now known as Wacko
=== Wacko is now known as Ttech
zoombbeeche2, in console sudo nm-applet00:50
MotherDearOK, so what do you suggest i do?00:50
brankohow to mount .iso? command line00:50
OmegacentiWhat is the equivalence of \\remoteserver.cs.tamu.edu\your_username for something like nautilus?00:50
acidfire2008ive changed my no-ip host and im wondering how to make ubuntu server update to see the new host can anyone help out?00:51
zoombrand_, mount -o loop00:51
=== Pravee1 is now known as Praveen
patrockOmegacenti: smb://remoteserver.cs.tamu.edu/your_username probably00:52
Jidswhat's the command for fdisk to display a partition table?00:52
uubuntuuhey, i was hoping someone could help me with my ubuntu problem. Trying to setup Wireless Internet00:52
Pirate_Hunterhmmm this is weird my virtualbox isnt picking up my D:\ can someone suggest something? (guest additions has been installed)00:53
georgy_28fdisk /dev/sdx then p00:53
zoombranko, mount -o loop sauvegardes.iso /media/cdrom for example00:53
bbeeche2Ah, so thats what starts up by default?00:53
acidfire2008i did that but it only said this00:53
zoomfdisk -l /dev/sda00:53
bbeeche2Doesn't pick up my wireless00:53
uubuntuuHow do you setup a Wireless Connection for Ubuntu?00:53
bbeeche2but the hardware information has it there00:53
acidfire2008Shutting down dynamic address update: no-ip.00:53
acidfire2008Starting dynamic address update: no-ip.00:53
Omegacentipatrock: I cannot express how much I love you. I have been racking my brain as how to access this darn thing, and that worked. THANKYOU!00:53
InGunsWeTrusthow do i install xarchive wrappers to open more types of archives00:54
bbeeche2and lspci shows it as installed00:54
patrockOmegacenti: sorry I meant to answer you earlier and I got busy00:54
georgy_28acidfire2008, : so no-ip restart00:54
zoom/sbin/fdisk -l /dev/sda00:54
acidfire2008dont work00:54
acidfire2008ive tried00:54
acidfire2008thats not the right command i dont think00:54
tcpdumpgodviator could you copy it as root or not?00:54
Jidsis anyone here an Ubuntu genius?00:54
uubuntuuMy Wifi-Radar doesn't connect to my wireless network, why?00:54
anashow can change bootphoto in dreambox ?00:54
zoombbeeche2, is wifi on ?00:55
Cleanser23why does ubuntu hate the ATI x800 PCIe????00:56
bbeeche2It is00:56
bbeeche2I'm actually restarting in vista, to see if I can get the lan working though that00:56
zoombbeeche2,  left click on it00:56
mueslii just tried to install the nvidia-glx-new package, but somehow after loading the new module x.org dies on startup. dmesg tells me:00:56
bbeeche2not the wireless, which I know works, but the wired00:56
zoomdo you have network list ?00:57
muesliNVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 169.07, but this kernel module has the version 100.14.1900:57
pike_muesli: no! dont paste dmesg!00:57
anascan any body tell me how to change boot photo in dream box ??00:57
Jidsa friend of mine is trying to install Ubuntu on his laptop, he's got winxp on the first partition, vista on the second (dunno why), OSX on the third, and he's trying to put it on the fourth, but it keeps giving him the error: "Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed\n This is a fatal error." ... anyone able to help?00:57
mueslipike_: ?00:57
pike_muesli: i was bracing for mass paste00:58
oxeimoncan someone help me install the nvidia drivers for gutsy? I just swapped out my ATI card for a nvidia 8800GT, and the restricted driver manager doesn't seem to recognize it...00:58
mueslipike_: i'm not silly :P00:58
zoombbeeche2, iwconfig eth100:58
mueslipike_: but pastebin'ing a one-liner would be silly ;-)00:58
=== raphael_ is now known as raphael
mueslianyways, i forgot to mention it's on hardy00:59
=== georgy_28 is now known as georgy28
bbeeche2iwconfig eth1?00:59
two_bitsHello, I have a problem applying the a fix for my sound, and I was wondering if anyone could help me?00:59
brankoand how to unmount the device?00:59
preactionJids, a macbook i assume? or some other form of EFI-based mac?00:59
bbeeche2ug, it looks like my wired might be busted - vista can't seem to pick it up either00:59
two_bitsI was using method c from this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller00:59
Jidspreaction, Lenovo ThinkPad T6000:59
solexiousIs there any one I can ask a samba question to?00:59
zoomright click umount01:00
julabaskhey can some one help me out with avant windows navigator i am trying to get it to work as the panel but none of my open apps. it onlu shows the applets i selected in it prefrences01:00
brankoand how to unmount the iso file?01:00
preactionJids, how'd he get OSX on it then? hacked? ew. did he make an "extended" partition?01:00
two_bitsand I get an error when i try to do this step: ./configure --with-cards=hda-intel && make01:00
viatorno because it wont connect when i gksudo nautilus01:00
viatorsome dbus error01:00
zoomman umount01:00
InGunsWeTrusthow do i add RAR support to xarchive01:00
Jidspreaction, can i just pm you?01:01
preactionJids, no. why would you need to?01:01
Jidsdon't want to have to spam01:01
patrocksolexious: fire away, the collective wisdom will astound you01:01
preactionJids, if you need to paste something, use a pastebin01:01
GearsmithHow do I install Shockwave on my Firefox?01:01
zoomGearsmith, no Shockwave support with linux01:02
viatormy soamba conf doesnt have users in it anyway01:02
patrockGearsmith: The only way I can get shockwave to work is w/ie in wine01:02
two_bitsthe error looks like this:01:02
zoomyou have to use wine and internet explorer for example01:02
two_bitschecking for gcc... gcc01:02
two_bitschecking for C compiler default output file name...01:02
two_bitsconfigure: error: C compiler cannot create executables01:02
two_bitsSee `config.log' for more details.01:02
viatoranyone with access can connect01:02
FloodBot2two_bits: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:02
InGunsWeTrusthow do i add RAR support to xarchive01:02
GearsmithWhy isn't there Shockwave support in Linux?01:02
Odd-rationaleGearsmith: nope01:02
Jidsthe laptop is provided by our university, so it had XP on the first partition of the drive and the other partition he partitioned to install Vista and MacOSX, and he's trying to install Ubuntu on the remaining partition01:03
viatorgearsmith dont ask us ask adobe01:03
two_bitsAnd I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation01:03
Odd-rationaleGearsmith: You need fireofx or ie on wine01:03
zoomadobe sux01:03
viatorgearsmith the mac version only works in rosetta01:03
brankoUnable to unmount the selected volume.01:03
brankoumount: it seems /media/cdrom0 is mounted multiple times01:03
GearsmithCan I install the Windows version of FF without installing the Linux version?01:03
Odd-rationaleGearsmith: How will you download it?01:04
anascan some body  help me .. why there is a diffrent in colors and fonts between  : (xmms, amsn) and (vlc/emesene/kopete and other programs ) ?01:04
GearsmithWithout uninstalling*01:04
matthewgearsmith: ?01:04
two_bitsNo one has any ideas?01:04
Odd-rationaleGearsmith: Yes.01:04
Odd-rationaleGearsmith: The windows version of FF will install using wine.01:04
anascan some body  help me .. why there is a diffrent in colors and fonts between  : (xmms, amsn) and (vlc/emesene/kopete and other programs ) ?01:04
georgy28two_bits : sudo apt-get install build-essential01:04
rich4I'm running on the live cd for ubuntu, and gparted won't run because it needs root, qtparted wont for the same reason. Any ideas?01:05
brankoUnable to unmount the selected volume.01:05
branko<branko> umount: it seems /media/cdrom0 is mounted multiple times01:05
Jidspreaction: the laptop is provided by our university, so it had XP on the first partition of the drive and the other partition he partitioned to install Vista and MacOSX, and he's trying to install Ubuntu on the remaining partition01:05
Odd-rationaleGearsmith: so make sure you have wine01:05
preactionJids, what's he running for a bootloader currently? are you sure you need grub on the MBR? maybe grub can just install itself to hd(0,3)01:05
GearsmithI have WINE.01:05
preactionJids, and i heard you the first time, thanks01:05
GearsmithOkay, thanks, installed it.01:05
rainwalkerhey if you install restricted drivers while using the live cd, how do you use them?01:05
GearsmithBut why is the font so weird on the Windows FF?01:05
two_bitswow, that did it. Thanks georgy01:05
jdh6403cuz windows is just weird01:06
viatorbecause its windows 2000 style01:06
preactionGearsmith, because your windows machine has different fonts and a different way of rendering those fonts01:06
OmegacentiAnyone know how to mount an smb share permanently in a user friendly manner?01:06
georgy28two_bits : no pb01:06
preaction!samba | Omegacenti01:06
ubotuOmegacenti: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:06
GearsmithCan I install the fonts in WINE and will that fix my font problem with FF?01:07
Omegacentipreaction: I've been there, not too terribly user friendly :(01:07
anascan some body  help me .. why there is a diffrent in colors and fonts between  : (xmms, amsn) and (vlc/emesene/kopete and other programs ) ?01:07
rich4How can I get root on live cd?01:07
preactionOmegacenti, meaning what? you can't do it? what happens when you try?01:07
preactionrich4, sudo -i <- root shell01:07
andresj"1,6,11,16,21,26,31,36,41,46,51,56 * * * * /path/to/my/program &" will this run it every 5 minutes? 7:06 already passed and it wasn run...01:07
Jidspreaction, he's using the XP bootloader01:07
Dr_Willisanas:  not all of those apps use the same widgetset/libs/theme settings.01:07
preactionandresj, why not */5 * * * * instead?01:08
olskolirchi hi.  how do I have my friend enable ssh daemon so that I can connect01:08
Omegacentipreaction: Just looks so intimidating to the point that I am afraid something will break if I try and perform what that comunity doc has said to do. It does not look like it support 7.10 Gutsy users.01:08
GearsmithCan I install the fonts in WINE and will that fix my font problem with FF?01:08
DargorI have a problem when installing Ubuntu 7.10.. When it should bootup to the GUI (using Live CD)  it freezes trying to launch local bootscripts... anyone know what to do?01:08
andresjpreaction: because i don't know crontab very well :) I'll change it now.01:08
preactionJids, the xp bootloader loads OSX?01:08
georgy28olskolirc, : sudo apt-get install ssh01:08
anasDr_Willis : could u tell me where can i get more of these information ?01:08
olskolirches on suse GeorgeA01:09
Dr_Willisanas:  its just how the old programs work. they are not all gnome native programs. so they dont use the gnome fonts or other settings.01:09
dehspehlGearsmith: if you are running FF in wine, but I don't see why you would be01:09
olskolirche's on suse georgy2801:09
solexiousCan any one feilda samba question?01:09
Jidspreaction: OSX uses Darwin ... legal01:09
georgy28olskolirc, : he have to install the packege open-ssh01:09
GearsmithCan I install the fonts in WINE and will that fix my font problem with FF?01:09
anasDr_Willis : tank you very mach ..01:10
georgy28olskolirc, : server01:10
jttsolexious, just ask and see if it gets answered01:10
anasDr_Willis : thank you01:10
olskolircwhats the name of the open-ssh server01:10
BoostedSSwhats the name of the utility that manages the wireless better than the one that comes with ubuntu?01:10
preactionJids, which isn't what i asked, though using Darwin is legal yes. Using the OSX GUI and such without a license is not. you can install grub to /dev/hda4 (or whatever the ubuntu partition is) and try to get XP bootloader to see it somehow01:10
georgy28olskolirc, : i don't know01:11
jetscreamerthere are windows boot loader grub images01:11
th0rolskolirc give me a sec01:11
solexiousI've made a samba shared public no auth folder, but I cant seem to change that the folder name is public when viewed from a windows box01:11
jetscreamerin sources... least in debian sources01:11
dehspehlhaving grub or lilo chain it is probably the better way though01:11
olskolircok th0r01:11
jttolskolirc, openssh-server01:11
andresjusing "* * * * * /path/my/program &" doesn seem to wrok...01:11
th0rolskolirc beat me to it ... ^^^01:11
preactionandresj, why do you have the &?01:12
georgy28thor : well done01:12
* olskolirc lap dances jtt01:12
Jidspreaction, well, he has a license, he bought a separate copy01:12
andresjpreaction: mmm... to not hang crontab01:12
Abyssal according to this document http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon-lamp-server-setup.html i now can see the username and password prompt in my browser window. :-) yes!!! now i would proceed with the fine tuning for this forum software http://docs.simplemachines.org/index.php?P=e92acd400c2ad8d4f1fea42d0a4acf96&topic=8 fine?01:12
th0randresj you don't have enough *01:12
solexious[Rephrase] I've made a samba shared public no auth folder, but I cant seem to change that the folder name is "public" when viewed from a windows box01:12
dehspehlcould one _technically_ run an OS X program under Linux?01:13
favicon http://www.pornofamosas.es !!.01:13
favicon http://www.pornofamosas.es !!.01:13
th0randresj actually you have too many...you need to define when the program is run01:13
Dargorwhen I try to install Ubuntu 7.10 it freezes when loading the /local Bootscripts    anyone know what to do?01:13
andresjth0r, i want it every minute... maybe i need to run something to update crontab? (I edited it with crontab -e)01:14
dehspehlthis means having Mach-O compat, at the minimum. But I don't see why that would be too hard01:14
BoostedSSI know there is some gui that makes managing the wireless networks easier, does anyone know what I'm talking about?01:14
th0randresj I write a text file (cron.txt) and then load it using crontab -l.01:14
preaction!grub | jids01:15
ubotujids: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:15
th0randresj that way I always have a record of what I am running and can even keep old tasks by commenting them out01:15
preactionJids, look under the quick start section. it might give a better error message01:15
Jidsubotu, neither link will help... 1) it's installing Ubuntu *after* 'doze, and the laptops we're using don't have floppy drives01:15
sc123Hi there, can someone help me to finish my madwifi installation?01:15
eugmanWhat's the most obscure lnaguage I can compile on ubuntu and run on windows?01:16
sc123i've installed madwifi, modprobed, ath0 is up01:16
andresjth0r, mmm... though i think that method won help me alot in this...01:16
preactionJids, ubotu is a bot, i told it to send the links. i don't see that you need a floppy drive, just to boot the CD. you'd do this after the installer said it couldn't install grub01:16
sc123shouldnt I see my wireless connection on the system tray?01:16
Jidsyeah, i realized that it's a bot now...01:17
th0randresj maybe not...but it seems to work. I was a little off though..load it with 'crontab <filename>' and display it with crontab -l01:17
preactioneugman, i don't know of any language you can cross-compile to windows, except maybe certain languages that compile to bytecode (like Java)01:17
trafalgarwould it be correct to move /dev/sda5 from one hard drive to another can using well if you must using an intermediate .bz2 file using "dd if=source | bzip2 > somefile"  to create it and "bzcat somefile | dd of=destination" to copy it to the new drive?01:17
Laurencebhow do you change screen brightness?01:17
Jidspreaction, he's going to re-do the partition table... removed OSX, and i guess we'll see what happens...01:17
sc123can someone help me bringing up my wireless device?01:17
BoostedSSsc123;  I'm working on the same thing lol01:18
preactionJids, good luck. for my money i would've invested in some sort of virtualization technique by now, rebooting into various OSes gets annoying01:18
dehspehlpreaction: eugman: can also go for something like Perl, Ruby, Python, Tcl, or something which you don't need to compile01:18
brankocan I start the photoshop from xp partition?01:18
sc123Ohh BoostedSS... :) Anyproblem till now?01:18
brankowine doesnt work01:18
brankoits crash01:18
solexious[Rephrase] I've made a samba shared public no auth folder, but I cant seem to change that the folder name is "public" when viewed from a windows box01:19
=== amblin_ is now known as amblin
teleeif i rip a dvd to my hardrive about on average how much space should it take up ?01:19
eugmandeshspehl, well I'd have to install the envirment on the windows computer. Then again i might jsut write soemthing in python and py2exe it01:19
BoostedSSsc123;  I have the wireless card recognized, but cant't get it to actually connect to my wep encryption :*(01:19
|ns|nR8telee, depends if its duel layer dvd01:19
th0rtelee if you store it as a dvd...about 4 GB01:19
sc123do you have any tutorial there?01:20
|ns|nR8duel layer dvd is about 9 gig01:20
sc123cuz after modprobe ath_pci im stuck01:20
teleeth0r, so i used k9copy and most take up about 10 gigs01:20
Jidspreaction, he does have it, but he prefers physical for the power available to the systems...  While he believes VMWware, QEMU, and Parallels are all extremely good when it comes to virtualization, they don't match physical abilities01:20
BoostedSSsc123; there is supposed to be some gui wireless thing that it supposed to just make it work.  I'm looking now01:20
sc123what have you done after that? (webpage is good too)01:20
BloodyScumi dont know if anyone uses gtk-gnutella, but i have just started useing it and it says i'm firewalled udp and tcp, but i forwarded the ports through my router, i cant figure out why it says that..01:20
teleeth0r, so is there away to make it less ?01:20
th0rtelee you need dvdshrink for dvd or lemonrip for avi 9about 650MB01:20
teleewell i know there is01:20
onesandzeroshello all.  I was looking around packages.ubuntu.com for an RSS feed of package updates.  I couldn't find anything.  Does such a feed exist?01:21
kalchashello! gutsy GNOME i386 user! I have a problem running amarok. When I try to run it, I get the error message here: ----> http://pastebin.com/m7eb98e9a01:21
teleeso ill do dvdshrink01:21
th0rtelee rip it as an avi file for 650mb01:21
georgy28BoostedSS, : sudo network-admin ?01:21
BoostedSSsc123; woot, got it, so what are you having problems with?01:21
teleeth0r, as avi file, how much quality does it loose?01:21
oxeimonwhy can't I enable desktop effects? I just installed the latest nvidia drivers for my new 8800GT01:21
BoostedSSgeorgy28; that may be it.  let me look01:21
mularhey guys, I have firestarter installed and in my events log I see UDP service DHCP and then 68 UPD DHCP - is that something I should be allowing / what is that?01:22
=== ludek is now known as driftwood
sc123after modprobe I dont know where to go to configure the wireless01:22
Goupil418Hi everyone01:22
Starnestommymular: that's used for automatically configuring internet interfaces01:22
th0rtelee I watch most of my movies on the laptop so don't notice it. I have also used devede to convert back from avi to dvd, and they look ok on the tv...some loss but I am old and blind anyway01:22
sc123(im supposing that everything is working till now)01:22
bod_sc123: distro?01:22
mularStarnestommy,  so allow it?01:22
Starnestommymular: yes01:22
th0rtelee dvdshrink is a windows app that runs well under wine01:22
teleeth0r, hehe ok01:23
teleesweet ill use that for now on01:23
bod_theres 2 screens in the top right cornor of ur tool bar click on them01:23
teleeyeah i dont have enough space for 10 gig / movie01:23
Goupil418Can anyone tell me if I can make games run on Wine?01:23
th0rtelee with dvdshrink it usually comes out just under 4GB01:23
mularStarnestommy, now do I want to allow connection from source / allow inbound service for everyone / allow inbound service for source01:23
sc123bod_: I should disable the roaming?01:24
teleesweet thanks01:24
BloodyScumGoupil418 depends on the game, some games will some wont\01:24
bod_sc123: wot is wrong with ur wireless?01:24
acidfire2008can anyone help me im trying to make my no-ip client update to recognize my new host i added and i cant figure out how to make no-ip update to it01:24
Goupil418bloodyscum: do you know if steam and Counter-strike source could work?01:24
bod_yes they do01:24
BloodyScumGoupil418 yes they should01:25
bod_in cedega01:25
sc123I think its ok now01:25
sc123i'll unplug the ethernet cable01:25
Goupil418thanks bloodyscum :)01:25
BloodyScumGoupil418 no problem01:25
kalchashello! gutsy GNOME i386 user! I have a problem running amarok. When I try to run it, I get the error message here: ----> http://pastebin.com/m7eb98e9a01:25
DarkmystereWell ok guys this is kinda weird i installed Ubuntu on new partion and when i select windows it shows me windows bootloader... with my wubi install Is there a way to put windows first?01:25
DarkmystereWindows bootloader that is.. i dont want windows the primary 1 lol01:26
lgcWhere is Gnumeric suppose to hide on the scrolldown menus?01:26
mattsqzDarkmystere: you mean on the windows bootloader menu, it shows windows and another option?01:27
sc123un gere=01:28
sc123im here?01:28
Darkmysteremattsqz: It has Grub Bootloader but under other operating systems its the windows  option so i click windows and it brings me to the windows bootloader01:28
bod_sc123: did it work?01:29
Darkmystereand i have an old Wubi install there until i figure out how to get all the packages out of it without having to Reinstall them via internet i tried clone it just does the internet thing in terminal01:30
acidfire2008can anyone help me im trying to make my no-ip client update to recognize my new host i added and i cant figure out how to make no-ip update to it01:31
acidfire2008like i would need to do another config file im starting to think01:32
driftwoodsc123  : possibly helpfull for wifi problems is    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide01:32
acidfire2008or edit the config01:32
acidfire2008but it says no-ip is running and wont let me edit it01:32
DarkmystereWell i want windows bootloader first and then i want Grub but if thats immpossible i just need help Getting Avant Windows navigator install i keep getting Abort. After choosing Y or N01:32
Cpudan80Hello sc12301:34
bod_sc123: did it work?01:34
sc123bod_: still cant something is missing..01:34
georgy28sc123, hey again01:34
=== sphm is now known as SuPeRhOmEm
acidfire2008georgy28 will i have to stop no-ip then edit config or what01:34
sc123so u said to click on the two monitors on the tray01:34
acidfire2008im confused at this01:34
bod_sc123: in the top right hand corner of the screen there is 2 monitors,. these r ur network setting tab thingy ,.,. click on the and go into the onfig window01:35
DarkmystereCan some 1 tell me how i could run a Game Server thing from Ubuntu? If my router doesnt have firewall up (Cut off on purpose portforward is confusing)01:35
georgy28acidfire2008, : stop it, change the config file start it01:35
acidfire2008ive been trying sudo no-ip stop etc01:35
acidfire2008pulls up a bunch of options01:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:36
Eyemeanhi got slight problem, i had to reinstall windows so i did, then reinstalled grub, now when i start windows i get NTLDR is missing message01:36
goukiDarkmystere: For which game exactly do you want to run a server?01:36
|ns|nR8use dmz instead of port forwarding01:36
acidfire2008im getting that georgy2801:36
acidfire2008dont see how to stop or restart it01:36
bod_Eyemean: http://www.anetforums.com/posts.aspx?ThreadIndex=1060601:37
jdh6403aznyone have a issue with video media being played seeming to be too dark?01:37
Darkmysteregouki: Well i made like A Server Its customized from a base Server and then u can broadcast it and people can play like www.dodian.com01:37
jdh6403happens with a a dvd or avi wmv or whatever01:37
Eyemeanthank you bod_01:37
bod_Eyemean: no probs01:37
DarkmystereTGhats an example u need no-ip or himachi to broadcast it01:37
mkrI have enabled the backports repository and now i am trying to install kde4, while i hve installed most of the packages(sudo aptitude kde4), some packages were not installed. They have entered into an infinite sort of dependecy hell. Installing kde4 requires that I should install kdeamusements-kde4 and other packages and installing amusements thing saya that i can not install these things...01:38
goukiWell, like |ns|nR8 said. If your router doesn't support port-forwarding, which I'm pretty sure it's required, place it on the DMZ (you should have a option like 'virtual server')01:38
mkr...unless i install the KDE4 package. is there any way for me to override the dependency thing and install every single package manually?01:38
goukiDarkmystere: I don't think it's weird a router with no port-forwarding. But like I said, place it on the DMZ (it's not the best security measure, though)01:38
hdevalenceIs there a Free alternative to unrar01:39
gouki*I do01:39
levanderCan someone tell me why I am successfully writing to a NTFS drive off the LiveCD?  I thought you had to install ntfs-3g if you wanted to write.01:39
bod_hdevalence: is that for windows?01:40
x-X-xwhy do some games not use my usb sound card ( creative xmod ) even after i have made it the default sound card through asoundconf ?01:40
Starnestommylevander: I think ntfs-3g might be in the livecd by default, but I'm not sure01:40
hdevalencebod_: no, the unrar program you can get with Apt01:40
Eyemeanbod_ i dont think any of that applies cause windows was working ok befor ei installed grub01:40
Darkmysteregouki:Hmm ok is there a way to make Certain programs think that the script that lets u run compiz isnt on because some games cant run if they notice its running?01:40
x-X-xwhy do some games not use my usb sound card ( creative xmod ) even after i have made it the default sound card through asoundconf ?01:40
bod_hdevalence: not sure then m801:41
Eyemeancould it be somehting with windows being g drive now bod_01:41
levanderStarnestommy: I just mounted the ntfs drive via the regular mount command.  I thought you had to use some ntfs3g-config if you wanted to mount via ntfs-3g?01:41
Starnestommyx-X-x: not all games use asound01:41
goukiDarkmystere: Don't know about that01:41
bod_Eyemean: let me have a quick look01:41
driftwoodi maybe wrong  but i understand that grub and the windows bootloader will occupy some of the same sectors at start of your hard drive , so one will always overwrite and interfer with the other (( am a beginner but did try hard at one stage to research this as Grub had some how totaly screwed up any way of booting into windows ))01:41
Eyemeanok thank you bod_01:41
driftwoodacidfire , stranger still u can create a new profile for a wifi connection (by clicking on new ). u can even give it the same name as your old one. this IS editable but does not help make connection ( maybe because i had to guess or leave blank some of the settings). sorry of little help here.. consider resetting your wifi to have minimum number of options, edit a new profile in wifi radar ,...01:42
driftwood...and connect from there ???01:42
bod_Eyemean: wot exactly is ur problem?01:42
x-X-xstranestommy but this game uses alsa ? is there a way ?01:42
=== earlmred_ is now known as earlmred
ubuntuis anyone kind enough to help me with my ubuntu problem relating to setting up a wireless connection?01:42
DarkmystereMy problem is i usualy use Avant windows navigator and it needs Compiz running to function01:42
DarkmystereUbuntu: I may be able to..01:43
bod_ubuntu: wots the problem01:43
Eyemeanbod_ i reinstalled windows which is for some reaosn on G drive, it worked fine so i installed grub so i could access ubuntu again, but wen i start windows i getNTLDR  is missing message01:43
ubuntuwell my ubuntu is all up to date, got ndiswrapper, and it shows that there is a wireless network01:43
ubuntumy network01:43
ubuntubut it doesn't connect... im guessing my driver is not enabled?01:43
jbinderI want to install pidgin from source.01:43
jbinderShould I keep the pidgin from apt-get or remove it first?01:44
DarkmystereUbuntu: Are you sure you needed ndiswrapper?01:44
ubuntui have WMP54G linksys PCI card01:44
ubuntuyes im sure, I have tried wifi-radar too but it did not work01:44
th0rjbinder I would remove it first01:44
Darkmystereubuntu: Somtimes ndiswrapper messes things up01:44
ubuntuand ubuntu did not recognize my card01:44
lex0when i use checkinstall why does it not recognize the command?01:44
bod_Eyemean: did u try the link in the forum?01:44
chewdhi folks... having some difficulty with my desktop settings here01:44
Darkmystereubuntu: oh ok Just my proccess01:45
bod_chewd: wots the problem01:45
Eyemeanthe link u sent me bod_?01:45
LinuxPHola alguem ai01:45
chewdive finally gotten dual-head working.... but my desktop is bigger than my display resolution01:45
kajeIf I have a laptop with a core 2 duo chip, does that mean I can/should install the 64bit version of ubuntu?01:45
LinuxPHdo brasil01:45
=== ubuntu is now known as alison
chewdits doing the old pan&scan virtual desktop stuff01:45
sc0123me ubuntu01:45
sc0123i'll try01:45
bod_Eyemean: no this one --http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000465.htm01:45
alisonany ideas?01:45
DarkmystereUbuntu: is ur wireless card on is the light on the side on? i had this problem once before...01:45
chewdboth monitors are set for 1280x1024... but the desktop itself is a little bigger than that01:45
alisonum, yes the green light is on01:46
chewdanybody know how i can set my desktop size to 1280x1024?01:46
DarkmystereUbuntu: Ubuntu shows networks when my cards switch is turned off and it wouldnt connect to any and then 3 days later i noticed it was off >.> and turned it on solved my problem01:46
chewdactually i guess it would be 1280x1024 x201:46
sc0123Im back01:46
bod_chewd: in the screens and graphics mune01:46
alisonsounds weird darkmystere01:46
sc0123Ola LinuxPH01:46
alisondarkmystere do you have wireless now?01:47
chewdbod: that just sets the monitor resolution01:47
chewdfor some reason the desktop resolution is a different setting01:47
sc0123LinuxPH: aqui só se deve falar em ingles01:47
lex0when i use checkinstall why does it not recognize the command?01:47
MrMistI need help to fix the resolution... I just upgraded to Gibbon, and I'm stuck with an 800x600 res01:47
Darkmysterealison Yea I was telling Ubuntu to make sure his card was on Because ubuntu shows networks on mine even when its off01:47
alisoni can't get my wireless working either01:48
syn`_hey everyone. what's the command to find out the busid of one of my gfx cards is?01:48
chewdbod: do you follow?01:48
Starnestommysyn`_: lspci?01:48
bod_chewd: have u tried this -- dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:48
Darkmysterealison: Is ur card supported?01:48
syn`_that's it :) thanks.01:48
HAIDENanyone know how you use rsync over ssh while executing find? there is an example on the rsync website... but i cant get it to work http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/examples.html01:48
sc0123bod_:  when you can check PVT plz :)01:48
chewdput that in console?01:48
alisonlspci doesn;t detect my card01:48
bod_sc0123: wot,.,. im confused01:49
alisoni belive ndiswrapper supports it01:49
sc0123bod the private windows01:49
alisonbut i need .inf or sys file for it01:49
sc0123but we can keep on here, if you prefer01:49
chewdahh, says i must run it as root01:49
bod_chewd: yer ,.,. it will run a configuration program01:49
alisoni dont know i've read a lot of forums today and they all said different stuff01:49
alisonkinda confused now01:49
sc0123I've my wireless working just fine now..01:49
bhind8ballLast year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said his company also expects payment from computer users who run a version of Linux distributed by Red Hat.01:49
Starnestommysc0123: unregistered users can't send PMs to most users on freenode01:49
alisonsc0123, how?01:49
LinuxPHtem alguem ai do brasil?01:49
MrMistAnyone? Seems gibbon can't recognize my GPU01:49
chewdbod: is that the same configuration program i got when i enabled twinview for the first time?01:49
th0ralison you should be able to download the drivers from the manufacturer website...the windows drivers01:49
bod_sc0123: good stuff,.,. how did u fix it?01:50
Eyemeanbod_ is there a way to get list of all hard dirve locatsion, i think i remeber windows was aimed at h0,0 which it isnt at01:50
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
bod_chewd: dunno m801:50
alisonth0r, what do you mean?01:50
sc0123The reason why my wireless wasnt appearing on the "two monitors" on the tray01:50
sc0123was just because I had to uncheck "enable networking"01:50
chewdi dont have any problem setting the screen resolution... but for some reason ubuntu isnt scaling down the desktop size to match01:50
alisoni have a linksys WMP54G PCI card01:50
kajeIf I have a laptop with a core 2 duo chip, does that mean I can/should install the 64bit version of ubuntu?01:50
lex0when i use checkinstall why does it not recognize the command?01:50
sc0123and re-check it to recognize wireles01:50
chewdive got a 1600x1400 or whatever desktop on a 1280x1024 screen resolution01:50
th0ralison the sys and inf files you need are the windows drivers for your card...ndiswrapper uses the windows drivers01:50
bod_Eyemean: wot are you trying to find,.,. i dont no a command for it ,. but just use ur file manager, all mounted disks r listed in there01:51
sc0123alison, what have to tried so far?01:51
alisonth0r i have ndiswrapper instaled01:51
alisoni opened SYSTEM - ADMINISTRATION - Windows Wireless Connection01:51
alisonbut i cant install the new driver01:51
chewdoh man im so close to getting this working01:51
sc0123bod_:  my problem now is how to choose the right encryption lol01:51
Eyemeanbod_ trying to find list of hard drive mounts01:51
Eyemeanbut comes up here as just windows01:51
bod_chewd: r ur graphics card drivers up to date01:52
sc0123alisonalready , tried madwifi?01:52
chewdyea.. just got em 30 min ago01:52
th0ralison do you have the windows drivers installed in ndiswrapper?01:52
alisoni tried wifi-radar01:52
alisonnot madwifi01:52
sc0123madwifi then01:52
=== Ttech2 is now known as Ttech
bod_Eyemean: cant help with that im afraid01:52
alisonth0r i think so, how to check?01:52
alisonsc0123 do you use madwifi?01:52
mattsqzboth madwifi and ndiswrapper make me angry. wont let me change txpower. maybe its not the driver..01:52
bod_sc0123: dunno bout encryption ,.,. my dad set that up ,.,.lol,.,.01:52
Eyemeanok no worries bod_, i read that sire aswell, thats goes on about reapiring it, but i dont think grub damaged it01:53
sc0123you just need to install the package : build-essentials - check for a madwifi wiki to get madwifi via SVN01:53
chewdi guess i could just bump my screen res up to 1600x1400 or whatever the desktop is... to eliminate the pan&scan virtual desktop crap... but 1280x1024 is my favorite screen res01:53
chewdeverythings too small otherwise01:53
sc0123then.. make, install, mod_prob ath001:53
solexious[Rephrase] I've made a samba shared public no auth folder, but I cant seem to change that the folder name is "public" when viewed from a windows box01:53
sc0123subversion, check for a Wiki or Howto01:53
sc0123about Madwifi Ubuntu01:53
alisonyou mean SPM?01:53
bod_Eyemean: just search for "Repairing windows NTDLR"01:53
sc0123SVN, subversion01:53
* alison confused01:54
sc0123hehe alison, first of all01:54
sc0123just note this01:54
sc0123install package: build-essentials01:54
bod_chewd: have u rebooted since u installed the drivers?01:54
sc0123you need it for madwifi01:54
chewdtheres gotta be some way i can manually set the desktop size01:54
chewdbod: several times01:54
alisoni already did build-essentials01:54
sc0123after that, just use google to find a madwifi tutorial01:54
DarkmystereAnyone know how to make a script in Ubuntu to Install multible .deb packages With Bash or somthing? Its heck load of Packages..01:55
patrocksolexious: is the heading [public] in smb.conf?01:55
todd_I am getting.. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel and execute '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv start' as root. how do I fix this???01:55
bruenigDarkmystere, dpkg -i *.deb01:55
lex0im sorry is someone able to answer my question?01:55
solexiouslol, i see where your going with this, yes01:55
bruenigDarkmystere, ?01:55
sc0123if everything goes ok, then on the tray icon of network, disable networking and re-enable it01:55
J-_Can anyone tell me what I need to install to get Ruby on Rails running locally on my desktop?01:55
bod_Darkmystere: #bash01:55
sc0123wait a few seconds01:55
OnyxI'm trying to find out where amarok keeps its default icon.  Can anyone help me out with this?  It'01:55
bruenigI don't recommend #bash for that01:55
patrocksolexious: you know what to do?01:55
OnyxIt's been a very frustrating 3 days trying to track this thing down...01:55
sc0123J-_: Apache, PHP, Mysql (LAMP)01:56
solexiousguess, change that name to what i want it to be?01:56
alisoncan you walk me through this again?01:56
chewdbod: i think the problem is, once you get into dual displays, ubuntu (or xserver, or whatever) no longer updates the desktop size to match your screen resolution01:56
interruptzhi all01:56
=== interruptz is now known as iNtERrUpT
Darkmysterebruenig: Its like 50-60 .debs...01:56
patrocksolexious: yeah and make sure it has the param  public = yes01:56
DarkmystereI wasnt specificly meaning bash just the easiest 1 to work with01:56
sc0123alison I just need to make a test01:56
sc0123let me find you a tutorial online01:56
solexiousthank you patrock01:56
patrocksolexious: np01:57
Thorsten11hello hello01:57
sc0123if you get stuck on installation of madwifi like "stdio.h" is missing it's about the build-essentials just google about "stdio.h" but you have already said that you have it installed...01:57
sc0123just a second, brb01:57
SlartOnyx: try this "find /usr | grep -i amarok | grep -i png".. see what kind of hits you get01:57
chewdevery time i try to search for a solution.. all i get is stuff telling me how to set my screen res01:57
alisonsc0123 is there an easier way to get my wireless working?01:57
SlartOnyx: looks like /usr/share/apps/amarok/icons/ would be a good place to look01:58
bod_alison: wireless on ubuntu is weird,.,.lol,.,. i had to switch to ethernet ,.,.lol,.,.01:58
todd_Anyone know how I can install /dev/vboxdrv??/01:58
OnyxSlart: I've been through /usr/share/apps/amarok/icons already -- no dice.01:59
levandermount says I got this one filesystem mounted as type 'fuseblk'.  What's fuseblk?01:59
SlartOnyx: what icon are you looking for?01:59
kronosHow do I find the compiz configuration file?01:59
kronosI want to do an automated backup01:59
Dr_Willislevander:  thats used by the FUSE tools.01:59
chewdso where would the desktop size be? xorg.conf?01:59
Dr_Willis!info fuse01:59
ubotuPackage fuse does not exist in gutsy01:59
ubotuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems01:59
Slartlevander: user space file system block device.. or somthing like that01:59
zetheroowhy is Skype using 45-50 % of my CPU power?01:59
OnyxSlart: Amarok's main program icon (the one that would sit in the tray)01:59
DarkmystereDr_Willis: Try !fuse?02:00
levanderYeesh, it only gets more complicated.02:00
kronosHow do I find the compiz configuration file?02:00
stevie125548hi all do you think ubuntu would run on a 1ghz computer02:00
Slartstevie125548: yes02:00
InGunsWeTrusthow can i make a link to my trash on the desktop02:00
Slartzetheroo: it doesn't do that for me02:00
stevie125548ok thanks all i will give it a try02:01
DarkmystereBrb im gunna need ur help soon Dr_Willis: lol02:01
zetherooSlart: it never used to do it with me either02:01
krazyjany support here for wireless bandiwdth?02:01
tomd123does anyone know a program that acts like dreamweaver for site designing?02:01
levanderOkay, if the drive is an NTFS drive, is it safe to assume that it's mounted via ntfs-3g?  Or, could it still possibly be mounted via that other, older filesystem driver?02:01
alisoncan anyone help me, im trying to get my wireless network working on ubuntu02:02
chewdanybody know how to re-size the desktop?02:02
levanderchewd: System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution02:02
InGunsWeTrusthow can i make a link to my trash on the desktop02:02
syn`_hey guys, me again. i got some help earlier, having problems with ati card. i changed my xorg.conf and tried to change it to my ati, but i think i put the wrong pci thing in there. i reset and now using vesa. but the pci on lspci is 01:04.0, how would that translate to what i put in?02:02
chewdlevander: thats screen resolution... i need to change desktop size02:02
sc0123alison: what is your wireless model?02:02
chewd2 different things02:02
chewdright now my desktop is larger than my screen res...its doing pan& scan02:03
patrocktomd123: bluefish maybe, then theres another that starts with n I think02:03
steve3939How do you enable focus follows the mouse?02:03
sc0123Be right back...02:03
krazyjsc0123: could you give me a hand?02:03
alisonits LInksys WMPG54G02:03
bod_krazyj: wots up?02:04
InGunsWeTrusthow can i make a link to my trash on the desktop02:04
iceswordInGunsWeTrust, see other link on your desktop ,it is a special file that points at a executable file,just go to ~/Desktop,and less that lnk file02:04
krazyjbeen workin on this all day02:04
krazyjkillin ,e02:04
alisoni just did: sudo lsmod | grep wmpg54g02:04
alisonno response02:04
nhorningI need some support on my Asus M2A-VM   mother board02:04
Starnestommyalison: tried sudo lsmod | grep wmp54g>02:05
bod_InGunsWeTrust: where is the actually trashcan file?02:05
Starnestommythat > should be a ?02:05
nhorningI can't start up without acpi=off02:05
nhorningand that disables my USB02:05
InGunsWeTrustwhen you click on the trash aplet on the panel it goes to trash:02:05
alisonStarnestommy: what?02:05
nhorningis there anyway to keep acpi off and my USB running?02:05
syn`_how would i put something from lspci (01:04.0) into xorg.conf? i don't know how to translate it right, i'm an idiot :(02:05
varsendaggrmattsqz needs a talking to02:06
bod_InGunsWeTrust: i no,. but can u navigate to it through a file manager?02:06
Starnestommyalison: sudo lsmod | grep wmp54g ?02:06
SlartOnyx: look here /usr/share/app-install/icons02:06
alisonnothing happend02:06
alisondid it in terminal02:06
krazyjbod_.. any ideas on that thread i posted earlier?02:06
bod_Krazyj: sorry dude cant help u there,.,. r u sure its a software problem not a problem with ur internet provider?02:06
SlartOnyx: I've got an amarok icon there.. looks like the one in the menu02:06
InGunsWeTrustI dont know where it is in the filesystem no, otherwise i have a nautalis script that can send a link to desktop02:06
krazyjyeah because its a LAN transfer02:06
bod_InGunsWeTrust: let me have a gander,.02:07
OnyxSlart: I've already replaced that one with the one I want... still no dice :/02:07
MrMistI need help with fixing nvidia drivers in X02:07
ubuntusucksubuntsup bitches02:07
nhorninglittle help here....02:08
SlartOnyx: or this one /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps02:08
familyneed a bit of help should be an easy answer i need to run this jKaiUI.jnlp its java related i downloaded sun-jre-6 but im getting nothing02:08
SlartOnyx: or.. wait.. what are you trying to do?02:08
OnyxSlart: Same thing there... I'm wondering if it's possible for it to somehow be compiled in?02:08
bruenigOnyx, dpkg -L amarok | grep png02:09
ubuntusucksubuntsup bitches02:09
Slart!ops | ubuntusucksubunt02:09
ubotuubuntusucksubunt: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici!02:09
chewddoes anybody know where the setting for desktop size is? my screen resolution is smaller than my current desktop size & its doing the old pan & scan virtual desktop nonsense02:09
Slartthanks LjL02:09
OnyxSlart: I'm trying to get Avant Window Navigator (awn) to use the icon I want it to use for amarok -- it fails to do this because apparently it's difficult to get awn to respect system-wide icon themes.  Attempts to manually set the icon are reversed the moment the application is launched again...02:09
bod_InGunsWeTrust: im having problems actually finding out where this file is,.,.lol02:10
syn`_how would i put something from lspci (01:04.0) into xorg.conf? i don't know how to translate it right, i'm an idiot :(02:10
familyanyone know how to run .jnlp02:10
InGunsWeTrusthaha i know it is really well hidden02:10
SlartOnyx: hmm.. I'm not sure replacing icons all over the place is the best approach.. isn't there anything in awn you can change?02:10
HAIDENanyone know how you use rsync over ssh while executing find? there is an example on the rsync website... but i cant get it to work http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/examples.html02:11
alisoncan someone help me enable wireless network for ubuntu02:11
bod_InGunsWeTrust: found it,.,. heres a link --http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62929102:11
krazyjanyone experienced with wireless networking optimization?02:11
bod_InGunsWeTrust: registry hides it02:11
OnyxSlart: Not according to the developers...02:11
bod_krazyj: if u find someone can u get them to find me ,.,. i cant even get my fuckin wireless working02:12
SlartOnyx: ask the developers where awn finds the icon?02:12
OnyxSlart: They've said it's very random and depends on a number of "difficult to explain factors".02:12
bod_InGunsWeTrust: no probs02:12
OnyxThough I still don't understand why it won't remember my preferences...02:13
familyaww i fixed it haha i enabled exectution of the file dur02:13
bod_Onyx: try it as root02:13
Onyxbod_: Try what as root?02:14
krazyjbod_: try searching your card on the forums or google02:14
bod_krazyj: k02:14
krazyjbod_: type the model number and add "ubuntu" to the end of it in a google search02:14
SlartOnyx: wow.. I have to remember that for when my students ask weird questions.. "it's very random and depends on a number of difficult to explain factors"02:14
hdevalencewhy would I get "-bash: /home/kde-devel/kde/bin/makeobj: No such file or directory"02:14
bod_Onyx: do u have the write priviledge on the file ur trying to save the preference?02:14
OnyxSlart: haha, yeah, that really made me go "uhhhh.... doesn't sound like a very good answer."02:14
TigranGCause theres so file or directory..02:14
Onyxbod_: Yes.02:14
bod_krazyj: done that all that hapens is alot of people go "its broke" and alot of people go "well done ,.,. fix it and il pay u"02:15
chewddoes anybody know where the setting for desktop size is? my screen resolution is smaller than my current desktop size & its doing the old pan & scan virtual desktop nonsense02:15
alisonim going crazy it's not working02:15
bod_Onyx: damn,.,. thats my knowledge exceeded,.,.lol02:15
iliai wiped out a primary user's supplementary groups02:15
iliahow can i get them back02:15
Onyxalison: What are you trying to do?02:15
iliai can't even use sudo anymore02:15
bod_chewd: r u running compiz?02:15
chewdbod: i dont know.. probably not02:16
alisonOnyx: trying to figure out why i cant connect to my wireless network02:16
chewdshould i be?02:16
bod_chewd: do u no wot compiz is?02:16
chewdnot really02:16
Onyxalison: for internet, or file sharing, or what?02:16
bod_cheewd: have u ever installed it?02:16
alisonfor internet02:16
chewdunless its part of the std install02:16
Onyxalison: Are you on a fresh install of Ubuntu?02:17
chewdim working with the basic ubuntu install02:17
jlw65_where do you get the best tutiorals for unbuntu?02:17
alisonyes, but it's up to date02:17
iliaanybody knows how to get sudo if u're not part of wheel group02:17
alisoni installed all the new packages and everything02:17
bod_chewd: then u aint got it ,,. its just a pprogram that lets u do flashy things with the gui but it takes controll of ur desktoop settings and stuff02:17
alisonubuntu 7.1002:17
gravyfaceif I wanted to keep a running log of bandwidth usage (Mb/MB per month, per virtualhost), what would be the best way to do this?  I saw some threads on using AWStats, but I'm wondering if there's something else.02:18
chewdits not in add/remove either02:18
krazyjdoes anyone know about wireless LAN transfers? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66890202:18
=== marce_ is now known as nl2br
bod_chewd: i had a res problem with mine,.,. never seen the desktop oversizing itself,.,. have u got the correct monitor selected in the screens and graphics menu?02:18
=== Maz is now known as Mazus
chewdwell ive got it set for generic 1280x1024 monitor02:18
bod_chewd: dont worry bout the compiz thing its not important02:18
chewdwhen i set it for what my mons actually are... it went wonky02:18
bod_chewd: try using auto detect button in the bottom left corner i think02:18
chewdyea.. it only detects one mon... probably because the other is on a dvi-dsub converter02:19
iliacan somebody tell me what the default groups are02:19
Onyxalison: Give me a few minutes to look up some stuff, and I'll try to help you out02:19
chewdtheyre both old d-sub CRT monitors02:19
Onyxalison: What's your network card?02:19
alisonits called Linksys WMPG54G02:19
bod_its probably trying to stratch the screen to fit on 2 monitors ,.,. is there any option in screen and graphics to run 2 monitors?02:19
Onyxalison: Okay, give me a few minutes02:20
alisoni appreciate it oynx02:20
chewdim running 2 monitors02:20
Onyxno worries02:20
chewdone desktop.. panning both monitors02:20
bod_chewd: ive never run 2 monitors on 1 machine so im just guessing here02:20
despineiraMSI Megabook M670 suspends but no resumes02:20
despineiray Hardy Alpha 302:20
despineiraany clues?02:21
alisonim a little worried, i have to leave my parents room soon... and that means no more internet!02:21
chewdbut theyre both at 1280x1024 (which is the res i want).. but its giving me desktop like i had higher res monitors02:21
somestupidnewbieI recently upgraded to gusty from feisty and now when I run firestarter, a new eth is created and the current connection goes there while firestarter trys the old eth. Any suggestions?02:21
chewdfor some reason when you go dual-display... it stops changing the desktop size to match your screen res02:21
omarhello guys02:21
bod_chewd: try checking the widescreen monitor box in the lower right corner of the screen and graphics window02:21
despineirakeep /home in a separate partition and do not upgrade, install from scratch02:21
chewdi move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to scroll to the bottom... etc etc02:21
bod_chewd: is the widescreen button ticked?02:22
chewdum... theres no such button02:22
Onyxalison, you there?02:22
despineiranvidia 6100 Go dont resume from suspend to ram02:23
=== whaley is now known as wh4l3y
=== jon_ is now known as kd7swh
bod_chewd: oops,.,. u have to click on the drop down list of the name of ur screen bit then its there02:23
omarhow can i include glut support in .pro file02:23
Onyxalison: can you please open up a private chat window?  it's a lot easier to help with detailed stuff like this in a private chat02:23
chewdits not checked02:23
chewd& my monitors arent widescreen02:23
omari am getting this error while compiling a program02:23
omarundefined reference to `glEnable'02:23
bod_chewd: damn ,.,. well ,.,. the only other thing i can suggest is GIYF im afraid ,.,. sorry i couldnt be of more use02:24
omari donno how to include the lib files to get rid of this02:24
Slartomar: did you include the opengl libraries02:24
chewdperhaps ill just break down & put it on generic 1600x120002:24
Slartomar: and the header-files02:24
chewdat least then my screen res will match desktop size02:24
omarSlart: i am using qmake02:24
chewdeven if i wont be able to read02:24
bod_chewd: lol,.,.yer02:24
omarSlart: so can you tell me how to include the lib files02:24
Slartomar: hehe.. no, I can't.. never used qmake02:24
bod_chewd: search google for a  specific graphic problems irc02:24
Onyxalison: With any luck we should have ya going in about 5-10 minutes, but I'll need to talk to you to know you're here of course02:25
chewdbod: all my google searches turn up how to set screen res02:25
omarLIBS += -L/home/omar/libraries/glut_glew/lib -lglut02:25
chewdwhich isnt really my prob02:25
chewdanyway... gonna reset xserv02:25
bod_chewd: google likes me so let me have a quick search02:25
chewdok... ill be back in a min02:25
chewdgotta try 1600x140002:25
chewder gonna02:25
heatmzzris there a itunes for linux? want to sync my iphone and ipod...02:26
nl2brheatmzzr: Use Rythmbox02:27
zionpsyferheatmzzr: Is it an older one?02:27
heatmzzrolder one what zionpsyfer02:27
justin_hi, im trying to install ntfs-config but it keeps telling me to put in the ubuntu disc but its already in, i tried it in both drives, in terminal and in synaptic, why cant it see the disc02:27
zionpsyferheatmzzr:  An older ipod.02:28
bod_chewd: google isnt being nice to me anymore ,.,. sorry dude couldnt find any helpfull sites02:28
MrMistanyone here have any experience with dxr2/dxr3 cards? I've got one, but I have no idea if it's a dxr2 or dxr3...02:28
lex0how do i install an application using wine?02:28
nickrudjustin_: you can go to system->admin->software sources and disable the cdrom, it will get the package off the net that way02:28
nl2brheatmzzr: Have you tried with rythmbox? it's automatically02:28
justin_nickrud: thnx02:28
iceswordbod_, what you mean, google isn't what,02:28
Onyxlex0: wine /foo/bar.exe02:28
bod_lex0:right click on the installer and click run with wine02:29
zionpsyferheatmzzr:  good, =)  like nl2br said, rythmbox works, or gtkpod can too (it can be a pain though)02:29
heatmzzryeah, just opened it, gonna try it nl2br02:29
bod_icesword: google doesnt like me02:29
Onyxalison: You ready?02:29
alisoni gotta go soon02:29
alisonso lets hurry02:29
Onyxcan you open a private chat?  it will be a lot easier02:29
chewdlol... no matter what i set my screen res at... the desktop is always one size higher02:29
iceswordbod_, hehe,you joking ,google is a machine,cannot or will not be friendly,you may want check your key words02:30
mkquist_hey all anyone help get two ubuntu boxes sharing on network? can get this to work so far...02:30
Onyxalison: http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_CASupport_C2&childpagename=US%2FLayout&cid=1166859843981&packedargs=sku%3D1150490054358&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&lid=4398154358B03&displaypage=download02:30
nickrudOnyx: or you both can join #onyx , it's faster than registration02:30
Onyxnickrud: good cal02:30
Onyxalison: /join #onyx02:30
bod_no ur wrong ,.,. for the last couple of days every problem i have had google gave me a good result ,.,. then i used ask once and now  i get really bad results fromgoogle (Yes this isnt a problem im being weird)02:31
heatmzzrrythumbox doesnt work with iphone does it?02:31
chewdthis is getting silly02:31
chewdim not sure how to phrase my request to google02:31
bod_chewd: lol,.,. i only meant i couldnt find anything02:31
Onyxchewd: quotes are pretty awesome within google02:31
chewd"changing desktop size in ubuntu" just tells me to go change screen res lol02:31
biousermy sound became crusty, very crusty02:31
justin_nickrud: i tried disabling the disc but it just tells me that it has inresolvable dependancies02:31
nickrudheatmzzr: no, iphones aren't well supported yet. Take a look at gtkpod.org for the lastest info02:31
bod_chewd: try using www.google.com/linux02:31
krazyjdoes anyone know about wireless LAN transfers? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=668902\02:31
nickrudjustin_: the in the same window, enable the first four items02:32
nl2brheatmzzr: i think rythmbox wasn't made to work with an iphone, i'll google that.02:32
chewdactually bod, i think my desktop is even bigger now02:32
biouseranyone know how I might diagnose my crusty sound?02:32
nickrudjustin_: main, restricted, universe and multiverse02:32
justin_nickrud: ok thnx02:32
chewdit scaled it up when i when to the higher reses... but didnt scale it back down02:32
KiD_ChAoShow do i remove ndiswrapper drivers from my system so that i can use something else02:32
biouserI think it was from using wine, but rebooting has not helped02:32
bod_dude run the dpkg xorg thing02:32
bod_taht was to chewd02:32
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: sudo aptitude uninstall ndiswrapper02:33
chewdyea... desktop is definatly much bigger now02:33
krazyjdoes anyone know about wireless LAN transfers? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66890202:33
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: doh, remove reather than the uninstall02:33
KiD_ChAoSthankyou nickrud02:33
chewdi keep losing windows off the edges of the screens LOL02:33
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: then, sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper should remove it from the kernel so you don't need to reboot02:34
strikeim running it on an 866 with no issues02:34
KiD_ChAoSnickrud, ok good, im going to try and use fwcutter instead, i expect better results02:34
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: worked with mine02:35
bod_chewd: this is getting weird i def recommend u run this "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and do a clean reboot02:35
bod_chewd: let me no when ur bak02:36
chewdwhole reboot, or just reset xserv?02:36
bEnNhey, whats a persistant install02:36
bod_chewd: might aswell do a whole reboot02:36
chewdok... brb02:36
bod_chewd: np02:36
Jack_SparrowbEnN: Usb stick retains changes to your live session02:36
bEnNlike what changes02:37
* nickrud backspaces02:37
Jack_SparrowbEnN: Anything you change or install sticks02:37
nl2brheatmzzr: look here: http://magarto.com/blog/archivo/2007/12/03/iphone-amarok-ubuntu/02:37
KiD_ChAoSnickrud, yeah when i use ndiswrapper the ssid's arn't updated as often as i'd like. i need to remove nidswrapper from the kernel and then put it back in with modprobe02:37
bEnNso if i installed some apps l.ike drivers, i would need to make it persistant?02:37
bod_has anyone managed to get a 'Belkin F5D7050' working on ubuntu?02:37
Jack_SparrowbEnN: Persistent is only for when you are running livecd session...  and want to retain changes02:38
justin_nickrud: can you point me to the ubuntu help that talkjs about mounting ntfs?02:38
shaft0rNeed help please. I have installed ubuntu 7.10, then enabled Nvidia drivers. Then enabled extra visuals. All works fine at this point. Then I enabled 2nd monitor and ran software update (from fresh install) and now my main monitor says 1680x1050 but i have to scroll around the window to see everything.02:38
nickrud!ntfs | justin_02:38
ubotujustin_: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE02:38
Jack_SparrowbEnN: Livecd session is only in ram and everything goes away when you power down...02:39
nickrudjustin_: I like your style :)02:39
bod_justin: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21700902:39
bsytkoAnyone know off the top of their head why I can't connect to my college's secure wifi, it just requires a passphrase, unseceure wifi works fine02:39
jahisthebalanceI think I went a little tooo cheap on my Bluetooth USB dongle,   it won't even pick up that I've put it in the port... although windows computers do, what should I do?02:39
bod_bsytko: firewall?02:39
biouserwine messed up my sound somehow I think and a reboot doesn't fix it02:39
biouserhow can I set all my sound stuff to default?02:40
bsytkobod_: on the laptop? no its default settings02:40
bod_biouser: i have that problem sometimes ound works other times it doesnt but a reboot fixes it ,.,.??,.,. lol,.,.02:40
* nickrud needs a week with crimsun so he can answer sound questions02:40
justin_msg NTFS-#g02:40
biouserif I sudo apt-get remove wine will it get rid of all the BS that I wine'd02:40
justin_msg NTFS-3g02:41
bod_bsytko? if it lets it through when unencrypted then its a problem with the encryption02:41
justin_msg ubotu NTFS-3g02:41
nickrudjustin,  /msg NTFS-3g , don't forget the slash02:41
jahisthebalanceanyway anyone got an ID for my OS to even recognize I've plugged the bluetooth dongle into the USB port?02:41
bod_justin_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21700902:41
bsytkobod_: ok well its a simple passphrase, I know I have it right, because it works fine in XP02:42
bod_justin: that link tells u how to use and install ntfs 3g02:42
strikelsusb maybe02:42
chewdwhatever we just did just set me back an hour02:42
chewdback down to 1 screen 800x60002:42
kingletI have a problem with xVidCap, when I  captured and play the movie that is too fast! how can I get  down the palying speed?02:42
jbinderDoes anyone know a good program to make a small little poster?02:42
bod_bsytko: r u using the right encryption type on both machines ,.,.eg,.,. hexidecimal/alphanumeric?02:42
Jack_Sparrowchewd: Look for a backup of our old xorg02:42
jbinderBut a poster with images, text, background02:43
mikeylikesit5805jbinder, open office is good02:43
bod_jbinder: gimp02:43
chewdyea... where would that be?02:43
jahisthebalanceBus 002 Device 005: ID 0a5c:2100 Broadcom Corp  you think that's it?02:43
nickrudjbinder: oodraw , it's part of openoffice02:43
kingletI have a problem with xVidCap, when I  captured and play the movie that is too fast! how can I get  down the palying speed?02:43
bsytkobod_: I have no idea, they setup the wifi not me, I just type the passphrase in the box that pops up02:43
Cpudan80Is there any way to combat image burn in on LCD monitors ?02:43
Cpudan80It looks like Firefox is getting burned in on my monitor02:43
marlon00how do I check what version of the fglrx driver im using02:43
marlon00is there a command02:43
bod_bsytko: dunno then m8,.,. i suggest u get ur m8 to check the settings and stuff02:43
nickrudmarlon00: fglrxinfo, the last line has the driver in paretheses02:44
chewdbrb again02:44
kingletI have a problem with xVidCap, when I  captured and play the movie that is too fast! how can I get  down the palying speed?02:44
bod_chewd: ok02:44
nickrud!patience | kinglet02:44
ubotukinglet: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:44
chewdgonna try to get back to where i was02:44
shaft0rVisual Effects Issue: I seem to have solved my dual monitor/scrolling desktop by disabling the second monitor which didnt disable it, but actually fixed it. Anyway, I am unable to Enable Visual Effects now... using nvidia restricted drivers or whatever. Anyone?02:44
bod_kinglet: do things slower02:44
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bod_chewd: did the xorg thing not work?02:44
mikeylikesit5805shaft: what kind of card you have02:44
kingletbod_: no its too fast!!02:45
nickrudkinglet: um, that factoid is a bit harsh, try repeating a little less often so new people can cycle in02:45
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, 7600GT02:45
kingletbod_: I do it slower but capturing is too fast! i don know why!02:45
ablysskinglet: are you using xvidcap to capture you desktop ?02:45
kingletablyss: Yes02:45
bod_kinglet: try turning down something like the refesh/capure rate in ur vidcap program02:45
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, it worked a minute ago and has stopped working since 2nd monitor has been enabled.. the only other thing that changed was software update02:45
ablysskinglet: i'd recommend using gtk-recordmydesktop instead.. it is actually supported by ubuntu whereas xvidcap isnot02:46
mikeylikesit5805ahh, i had the same problem but with a diff card let me remember what i had to do02:46
kingletablyss: You mean I use gtk-rec... ?02:46
bod_kinglet: yes02:46
ablysskinglet: gtk-recordmydesktop02:46
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, thanks a bunch.02:47
kingletablyss: tnx02:47
mikeylikesit5805dont thank me yet i havent fixed it ;-)02:47
kingletbod_: tnx man02:47
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, hehe i was just thinking that but hey... effort is effort. :-)02:47
mikeylikesit5805hey thanks02:47
bod_kinglet: hey thank ablyss not me ,.,. i just said yes,.,.lol02:47
cgouldhow is ubuntu different from Debian ?  just more packages pre-installed ?02:47
kingletbod_: I said thank to him! don worry :D02:48
jahisthebalancestill not getting my bluetooth to work, has anyone had a similar problem?02:48
nickrudcgould: more complete configuration, integration, that kind of thing. Same packages pretty much02:48
no0ticjustin_, perhaps /msg ubotu ntfs-3802:48
bod_kinglet: lol,.,.good good02:48
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AFarris01Hey everyone02:48
shaft0rjahisthebalance, what type of BT dongle is it? I have a bluesoleil and cant seem to make it work. wasnt sure if it was even supported.02:48
nickrudcgould: nothing you could't do in debian though02:48
rm_youI installed the mdadm and dmraid packages on a totally clean gutsy install so that I could mount my pre-existing raid drive, and whenever I reboot now, it kicks me into an "initramfs" ash shell... wherei CAN in fact see my raid... but can't mount my root drive (not on raid) or continue to boot :(02:48
Steve2922is there an X11 channel?02:49
cgouldis there a site where i can find details ?02:49
chewdoy.. well im back where i was02:49
AFarris01can anybody here help with sound issues, or is that a different channel?02:49
rm_youThis is the second time I've done a complete format / install of gutsy and had this problem right after installing mdadm/dmraid and rebooting02:49
schweppsmy hard drive seems busy for no reason. how can i find out what it's doing? (ie, what processes are using it?)02:49
chewda theory02:49
nickrudcgould: wiki.ubuntu.com is the developer's site, roadmaps and specs and the like02:49
mikeylikesit5805ok shaft: i cant remember what i did, i think i might have updated the driver (im looking for it now) but check this out now, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=553409 ( sorry all i dont know how to correctly send a link in xchat)02:49
BlueFusion|ghostpeople: 7.10 server install kernel panics (tried to kill the idle task) when booting liveCD on a dual celeron machine.02:50
cgouldthank you02:50
jahisthebalanceits a billionton BT dongle, fresh out of the mail from Hong Kong02:50
chewdin screens & graphics under the graphics card tab02:50
phreckwhenever i plug in my wired connection it doesnt work02:50
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chewdfor driver it just says "nvidia"02:50
phreckwireless works fine02:50
phreckanyone got any ideas?02:50
AFarris01schwepps...go to system, administration, system monitor02:50
chewdshould it be more specific than that?02:50
rm_youschwepps: if it is a drive you have mounted somewhere like /media/something, you could do "lsof | grep /media/something" and see what programs have files open on it02:50
chewdlike "nvidia gforce 6600" ??02:50
AFarris01it should show running processes02:50
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, thats fine, thanks, i'll check that out. I'm in mirc (RDC in from my 7.10 install hehe) so the link worked ok02:50
Jack_Sparrowchewd: I run a 6600, want me to check mine02:50
bod_chewd: talk in prvt02:50
chewdyes plz02:50
rm_youschwepps: but if it is your root drive, tons of stuff will have open files :/ so it won't be very helpful02:51
mikeylikesit5805no prob shaft: let me know how it goes02:51
phreckI cant get my wired connection up, anyone have any ideas?02:51
justin_whats the terminal command for mounting a partition02:51
BlueFusionsomeone help pls:  7.10 server install kernel panics (tried to kill the idle task) when booting liveCD on a dual celeron machine.02:51
bruenigjustin_, mount /dev/whatever /mount/point02:51
bod_BlueFusion: and....02:51
BlueFusioncan i fix it bod_?02:51
Jack_Sparrowchewd: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52220/    see if anything in there helps you02:52
justin_bruenig: does that work for ntfs or is there another command?02:52
bruenigjustin_, you may need to specify the filesystem with -t02:52
chewdk thanks sparrow02:52
BlueFusionis it fixable more like, or do i need a new CD or machine02:52
bod_BlueFusion: dunno ,.,. reboot,.,. i was just wondering if u were gonna post wot happened,.,.lol,.,.?02:52
schweppsAFarris01, rm_you, apparently it was "trackerd", apparently for indexing in gutsy; killed the process and now my drive is quiet :-)02:52
BlueFusioni keep trying02:52
BlueFusionit keeps happening02:52
rm_youschwepps: :P glad it helped02:52
Eyemeanis there a way to check out the grub settings?02:53
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, ah ok, that link is actually for getting the 2nd monitor to work... i have actually gotten that far. my problem is mainly the visual effects... ya know, the pretty stuff that makes it all worth it lol.02:53
bod_Eyemean: wot do u wanna check02:53
StarnestommyEyemean: check /boot/grub/menu.lst02:53
musikgoatBlueFusion: check your iso that you downloaded, and try burning at lower speed?02:53
Eyemeanits settings see if i can edit grub for windows or something02:53
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, how would i go about updating the nvidia drivers? i doubt there are new ones but maybe i can reinstall them or something.02:53
BlueFusionk thx musikgoat02:54
mikeylikesit5805your using 7.10 right02:54
chewdjack: are you running dual displays?02:54
bod_chewd: hows it going?02:54
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Jack_Sparrowchewd: Just single02:54
chewddunno how you guys do it02:54
chewdsometimes i think i need 302:54
sksolhey guys, when i add the notification area to my taskbar, a very ugly thingie displays next to the icons... its a small vertical 6*2 grid of white squares. how do i get rid of it?02:55
shaft0rchewd, haha with ya on that one. went single for a short time and I wanted to scream. felt trapped in a tiny box. lol02:55
tretlegetting an error on update bnCould not calculate the upgrade02:55
Jack_Sparrowchewd: I have 5 different systems available plus a kvm switch for a couple more...02:55
chewdlooks like youre using generic monitor drivers too jack02:55
mikeylikesit5805ahh shaft foud it02:55
bod_chewd: u can have as many virtual desktops as u want ,.,. what do u need 3 screens for when u can have 8 sepret desktops?02:55
mikeylikesit5805this is what i used http://albertomilone.com/driver.html02:55
rm_youThis is the second time I've done a complete format / install of gutsy and had this problem right after installing mdadm/dmraid and rebooting. Any ideas?02:55
chewdwell yea.. ive got another box here for playing movies02:55
chewdit doesnt count tho02:55
Jack_Sparrowgeneric monitor drivers but set to my monitors v/h refresh/sync rates02:55
jlw65_is there any fax programs for ubuntu?02:55
rm_youI installed the mdadm and dmraid packages on a totally clean gutsy install so that I could mount my pre-existing raid drive, and whenever I reboot now, it kicks me into an "initramfs" ash shell... wherei CAN in fact see my raid... but can't mount my root drive (not on raid) or continue to boot. Any ideas?02:55
chewdmonitor drivers arent all that important in windows either02:56
chewdgood to know02:56
bod_chewd: use another esktop,.,.lol,.,. thats the solution for people like me hu dont have 2 monitors,.,.lol02:56
chewdthat just confuses me02:56
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, ok so I assume I use the "latest" ones... but I dont see 7.1002:56
chewdill end up with the same program open in all 4 desktops02:56
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pkunduAdobe Flash plugin is not working for me.....only gnash works. I need adobe flash plugin in firefox. what to do?02:57
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.02:57
jahisthebalanceis there anybody who has experience getting the cheap bluetooth dongles to work?02:57
mikeylikesit5805i used 7.04 should be pretty good but i can not garentee anything :-(02:57
chewdmaybe i should try compiz02:57
chewdhow likely is it that compiz will just screw me up worse?02:57
AFarris01im having trouble with my sound...actually, i have no sound now that ive installed pulseaudio according to the instructions in it's wiki02:57
rm_youblegh, i will try some stuff...02:57
AFarris01can anybody help?02:57
Optimus56can someone help me out here? gutsy just randomly crashes on my hp laptop and this is the 4th time i've had to restart in the last hour :(02:58
Jack_Sparrowchewd: It cant help things...02:58
mikeylikesit5805shaft: look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58321402:58
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, gotcha. i'll see where i can get with that, thanks.02:58
marlon00I Just installed fglrx 8.42.3 but fglrxinfo reports vendor stirng as Mesa GLX Indirect and glxgears runs very very slow..02:58
chewdjust make matters worse?02:58
Jack_Sparrowjahisthebalance: I gave up and bought one that has drivers/supported02:58
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, ah that might work too. thanks02:59
seans_anybody here use Anjuta IDE  for programming in C, I have a problem when executing a prog. I get a message "Program '/home/seans/programs/Test' is not a local file" any sugestions?02:59
xoqahas anyone had this problem: in kubunut, it doesn't start kdm, instead i'm taken to a tty login screen and right above the login field, i'm told that grub couldn't find the resume image?02:59
xoqaxoqa, i tried to resume about a week ago02:59
xoqabut i've since shut the computer down properly02:59
chewdtheres gotta be somewhere in all these configs where xserv gets its desktop size02:59
Jack_Sparrowchewd: If you are having problems.. adding effects will not make life easier..02:59
justin_when i enter the command ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/win -o force in terminal i get02:59
justin_Error opening partition device: Permission denied02:59
justin_Failed to mount '/dev/sda2': Permission denied02:59
chewdim just hoping itll give me access to the desktop size02:59
Starnestommyxoqa: the absence of a resume image wouldn't cause this.  Try sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start02:59
jlw65_where do you get the best tutiorals for unbuntu?02:59
bruenigjustin_, need root03:00
Jack_Sparrowchewd: /j #compiz         people are good are that stuff.. That is where I go for answers03:00
chewdmaybe its got virtual extra-big desktop settings for the crazies who actually want that03:00
justin_bruenig: what do u mean03:00
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ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:00
MasterShrekbruenig, but that wont give his user write access will it?03:00
bruenigMasterShrek, why not03:00
justin_bruenig: oh duh thnx03:01
xoqaStarnestommy: http://pastebin.ca/85806103:01
chewdcompiz isnt even showing up in add/remove03:01
viatorsudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/win -o force03:01
mikeylikesit5805jlw65: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/03:01
bod_chewd: press alt+F2 ,.,. then type 'ccsm'03:01
MasterShrekwell i dunno, i rarely mount ntfs partitions lol, but if its mounted as root, would it give user write priviledges, i always remember mounting using ntfs-3g as a user i think03:01
justin_bruenig: then i get03:01
justin_fuse: failed to access mountpoint /mnt/win: No such file or directory03:01
justin_FUSE mount point creation failed03:01
justin_Unmounting /dev/sda2 ()03:01
Starnestommyxoqa: did you recently try to install gdm or gnome?03:01
bruenigjustin_, create /mnt/win first03:01
pkunduthanks MasterShrek`03:02
Jack_Sparrowjlw65_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/   might be useful03:02
MasterShrekjustin_, first sudo mkdir /mnt/win03:02
bruenigMasterShrek, everything is mounted with root03:02
despineirahow to correctly debug ACPI?03:02
taigeR_I'll find out03:02
jlw65_mikeylikesit5805: do you know if there is anything about fax programs help there?03:02
MasterShrekfuse = filesystem in user space environment or something, its for users to mount things i thought03:02
chewdcould not open location file:///ccsm03:02
xoqaStarnestommy: nope, i've installed dwm, but that shouldn't affect the login manager, i don't believe. i have installed kde4 components03:02
Jack_Sparrowchewd: It isnt called ccsm03:02
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:02
bruenigchewd, file:///ccsm is /ccsm, of course that file doesn't exist03:02
mikeylikesit5805jlw65_ i will look into it for you did you look in the "add remove in ubuntu"03:02
Starnestommyxoqa: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm03:03
bod_chewd: u do not have compiz installed ,.,. installing it may resolve things(unlikely) it may make them worse (more likely)03:03
chewdwell whyd he tell me to type it?03:03
chewdim just following directions lol03:03
AFarris01i have no sound with my sound blaster audigy card after replacing EsounD with PulseAudio.  the volume monitor says that theres sound coming from the sound server, but nothing comes out of my speakers....anybody have any suggestions?03:03
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xoqaStarnestommy: i'm guessing after that, logout/log back in?03:03
DjerkafHello, does anyone know how to get around the "bios age(1999) fails cutoff(2000)" problem?03:03
Jack_Sparrowchewd: If you installed it it will be in your pull down menu under system preferences.. install what it says above03:03
Starnestommyxoqa: after that, try sudo invoke-rc.d kdm start03:03
despineirais anyone testing alpha3?03:03
bod_bruenig: ccsm is a correct command ,.,. the output was ubuntu's bad file path not mine03:03
jlw65_if its there i couldnt find it03:04
MasterShrekDjerkaf, whats the date set in the bios is it before 2000?03:04
syn`hey guys, i came here a little bit earlier trying to get my radeon 9200 to work. i was told to goto xorg.conf and replace the info in there to my ati. problem is, i went to lspci and got the bus info and can't translate the busid to got into xorg.conf. any help?03:04
mikeylikesit5805jlw65_ look into efax it should be in the add remove sections03:04
jlw65_mikeylikesit5805: if its there i couldnt find it03:04
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, or anyone else... trying to do nvidia-settings and when I hit apply it says that I need the xRandR extension and it needs to be supported by X... where do i get this or how do i deal with this error?03:04
Starnestommy http://pastebin.ca/85806103:04
CaBlGuYhaving issues with Realtek ALC883..  anyone help?03:04
jlw65_ok will look again03:04
xoqaStarnestommy: didn't get any errors, the output is: "Starting K Display Manager: kdm."03:04
DjerkafMasterShrek: Yes, it says 07/29/1999 when I start the PC.03:04
Starnestommycopy-paste isn't working03:04
Starnestommyxoqa: hit ctrl+alt+f703:04
mikeylikesit5805shaft0r: no cluee on that one sorry :-(03:04
seansanybody know of a good programming chat room?03:05
MasterShrekDjerkaf, well change it to somethign after 2000, thats your problem i think03:05
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, k thnx03:05
bod_Djerkaf: that reminds me of the millenium bug,.,.lol03:05
Starnestommyseans: depends on the language03:05
MasterShrekseans, depends on the language you are programming in03:05
Fawhich language seans?03:05
Jack_SparrowStarnestommy: Terminal requires Shift03:05
Starnestommy##c ?03:05
xoqaStarnestommy: ah, sorry, i'm not in a tty screen atm. i'll logout and log back in to see if kdm is working03:05
bod_seans: #ubuntu-programming (no one there tho) #bash (good one)03:05
Djerkafbod_: I have read comments about the millennium bug several times when googling the problem.03:05
DjerkafMasterShrek: There is no newer Bios. <=/03:06
MasterShrekeveryone be careful y2k!!03:06
seansthx bod03:06
MasterShrekDjerkaf, can you change the date in the bios?03:06
syn`i typed in LSPCI and got the BUSID for my graphics card (01:04.0). now how would i put that in my xorg.conf?03:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about realtek - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:06
DjerkafMasterShrek: You mean just the system clock?03:06
AFarris01does anybody have any ideas for my sound problem?03:06
CaBlGuYHmmmm   anyone??03:06
MasterShreksyn`, you dont, you just load a driver from the xorg afaik, what kind of card is it?03:06
CaBlGuYhaving issues with Realtek ALC883..  anyone help?03:06
MasterShrekDjerkaf, yes03:06
bod_Djerkaf: the milennium bug was a bios problem due to the fact that they could not understand that there could be any date after 31/12/1999 ,.,. a bios update usually fixed the problem i think ,.,. but do u/ have u ever had a syystem without this error?03:06
CaBlGuYsorry.. :p03:06
syn`radeon 920003:07
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:07
DjerkafMasterShrek: I guess the date is set to present time... Why shouldn't it 0o03:07
Djerkafbod_: I have got that error on all old computers I've tried to install it on.03:08
MasterShrekDjerkaf, obviously its not set to present time, you said it was 07/29/199903:08
CaBlGuYanyone..  anyone at all??   realtek ALC883...03:08
viatori have it on alot of old computers03:08
DjerkafMasterShrek: Well I obviously thought you ment the bios date03:08
bod_Djerkaf: is ur machines bios fully up-to-date?03:08
viatorand my date is fine03:08
syn`MasterShrek: that doesn't work for me. if i hit restricted drivers, it tells me i don't need any.03:08
MasterShrekDjerkaf, wherever it says 1999 make it 2000 lol03:08
bod_MasterShrek: ur rite the milennium bug was a bios problem03:09
DjerkafMasterShrek: It's kinda hard changing a digit that comes from the bios...03:09
MasterShreksyn`, you can use the vesa driver in your xorg.conf or try using the binary ati drivers from their site (vesa is a generic driver, youll get a gui but bad performance)03:09
bod_Djerkaf: is ur bios up to date?03:09
CaBlGuYPici:   0/   how goes it?03:09
MasterShrekDjerkaf, isnt there a way to change the date in the bios setup utility?03:09
Djerkafbod_: It's an old PC, the bios is from that date I wrote, 07/29/199903:09
Djerkafbod_: I guess03:09
syn`oh, okay.03:10
Djerkafbod_: Hard to find information about it03:10
bod_Djerkaf: yer i no,.,. find out wot motherboard ur using then search google for newer bios's03:10
bod_Djerkaf: ul have to make a bootable floppy to install the new bios03:10
DjerkafMasterShrek: What is it you don't get...? The date of the bios is 1999 and is IMPOSSIBLE to change, the "date of the world" is correct, that means 2008.03:11
Onyxdate of the world.03:11
Djerkafbod_: I have the latest bios for my motherboard.03:11
bod_Djerkaf: r u saying that a motherboard u have has no idea that the world doesnt end on the date u said earlier?03:12
Djerkafbod_: Is it simply enough impossible to install an ubuntu system on a computer from before 2000 ?03:12
bod_Djerkaf: NO ,.,. i have succesfully solved this problem03:12
JasonWoofDjerkaf: mine is from 200003:12
JasonWoofDjerkaf: you might have to upgrade the ram03:12
Djerkafbod_: Not really sure what you mean. The system clock is correct, but the bios is from 07/29/1999.03:12
xoqaStarnestommy: thanks, it's booting into kdm now =)03:13
bod_Djerkaf: so wots the problem?03:13
FaDjerkaf update your bios?03:13
bod_JasonWoof: updating the memory will do nothing03:13
Librustraliaw00t I fixed my comp!03:13
mklebelis it possible to edit or open .so files?03:13
Djerkafbod_: Well I get that error message, that should be pretty obvious from my first message here. :P03:13
MasterShrekmklebel, i dont think so, those are compiled afaik, youd prolly need the source code03:13
bod_Djerkaf: wot error message ,.,. sorry didnt c it?03:14
Djerkafbod_: the message disappears when using noacpi , but it can't identify the format of the disk when partitioning.03:14
mklebelk thanks, Master Shrek03:14
Rubinmklebel, why do you need to?03:14
Djerkafbod_: "bios age(1999) fails cutoff(2000)"03:14
shaft0rsearch is not working for me.. where is the xorg.conf file located?03:14
bod_Djerkaf: yer trust me that is an outdated bios,.,. u DONT HAVE THE LATEST BIOS03:14
Rubinshaft0r, does locate xorg.conf not print anything?03:15
shaft0rRubin, I was using search in the gui... didnt try locate, sorry.. I'll try that next time.03:15
Djerkafbod_: And you are sure of that, just like that, without knowing when the motherboard was stopped made?03:15
Rubinshaft0r, oh, i wasnt scolding you, was just curious if it was broken03:15
shaft0rIf I backup xorg.conf and then run nvidia-settings, will i be able to restore it ok if nvsettings screws something up?03:16
Rubinshaft0r, yep. its just a text file03:16
nickrudshaft0r: yes, that's the exact right thing to do03:16
MasterShrekshaft0r, just remember what you backed it up as and just replace it if you need03:16
Djerkafbod_: I can't even find my specific board on the manufacturor's homepage. I'm pretty sure I'm shit out of luck when it comes to bios updating.03:16
bod_Djerkaf: either im right or the motherboard ur using is 1 of a kind and no one has fixed the milennium bug03:16
hdevalenceWHat's a good site to get lists of games for Linux?03:16
DigitalNinjaHas anyone here tried compiling a kernel from kernel.org?03:16
bod_Djerkaf: have u googled ur motherboard name?03:16
MasterShrek!games | hdevalence03:16
ubotuhdevalence: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php03:16
shaft0rRubin, ah ok, i know how annoying n00b questions can be, i was admittedly a little lazy on that one lol.03:17
Rubinhdevalence, theres a section on games in the package manager, too03:17
Djerkafbod_: Well. Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't be in this room.03:17
MasterShrekDigitalNinja, ive done it many many times03:17
Djerkafbod_: Maybe it does not have to do with the millennium bug.03:17
=== pclaven is now known as propagandhi
Jay-Oh-Enim gonig to be installing ubuntu from disc and i have a /home already on a partion so how would i go about installing the system and getting rid of whatever i had before like ~/.kde and stuff like that?03:17
xoqathe translation tool in kopete just doesn't work, anyone have this problem?03:17
MasterShreknot much in ubuntu thought...lol03:17
Djerkafbod_: since it can't identify the format of my drive, and freezes.03:17
bod_Djerkaf: so no one else in the entire world has the same motherboard as u?03:17
RubinJay-Oh-En, you dont want to save anything in your old partition?03:17
Djerkafbod_: I have only found a few sites with the same board.03:17
propagandhihey can someone tell me what command I need to check the port speed of a network card, as in to see whether it is connected at 100mbps or gigabit03:17
DigitalNinjaMasterShrek: Is there a trick to getting it working on Ubuntu? I'm trying to compile the latest kernel on Dapper.03:18
Djerkafbod_: but haven't found anyone having the same problem as I, with ubuntu.03:18
bod_Djerkaf: can u give me the full name of ur motherboard03:18
Djerkafbod_: wait03:18
Jay-Oh-EnRubin: i do i want to save my pictures and videos and songs but i dont want to install it and it look that same as before cause i know the configuration files are in there03:18
MasterShrekDigitalNinja, let me get you a link, the link was designed for edgy, but should work about the same afaik03:18
RubinJay-Oh-En, i see03:18
bod_Djerkaf: ur problem ISNT with ubuntu ,.,. its with ur bios ,.,. tahts b4 an os is even started03:18
Jay-Oh-EnDjerkaf: whats your problem03:18
ubnoobanyone ever install a g15 keyboard?03:18
RubinJay-Oh-En, maybe you should just mount the old one under a different location than /home so you can access it but its not /home03:18
DigitalNinjaMasterShrek: I was able to compile the kernel and install the deb package but it wouldn't boot.03:19
bod_Jay-Oh-En: its the milennium bug03:19
MasterShrekDigitalNinja, http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu03:19
Eyemeani osrted out the roblem with ntldr missing by changiing windows from hd0,0 to hd0,203:19
Jay-Oh-Enbod_: your funny03:19
MasterShrekoh DigitalNinja what is the error?03:19
Djerkafbod_: When I boot up the PC I see the following:   07/29/1999-SiS-620-P6SET-MLC-00   and   p6SET-ML Ver 1.2 07/29/199903:19
Eyemeanjust making sure that is changed in grub now to double check03:19
bod_Jay-Oh-En: im serious,.,. his problem is the milennium bug03:19
RubinDigitalNinja, theres some gotchas for ubuntu such as initrd you have to get right to compile your own03:19
Eyemeanthanks for ur help though03:19
ubnoobhas anyone ever tried to get the g15 working with linux?03:20
MasterShrekDigitalNinja, did you include built-in support for your disk controller and root filesystem?03:20
Jay-Oh-Enbod_: is that even real?03:20
bod_Djerkaf: plz post just the name of  the motherboard03:20
AFarris01ubnoob... im using a g15 kbd right now :)03:20
pkundumy lapto CD/DVD drive is broken........wat are the ways I can install ubuntu.......the laptop is "Toshiba Satellite A135"03:20
DjerkafJay-Oh-En: At the installation of Ubuntu server, it can't identify the format of the disk, and freezes.03:20
shaft0rxorg.conf/nvidia settings issue: using nv settings and i'm wondering if I should "Merge with existing file" or just replace it... not sure if nv settings has all it needs.03:20
Djerkafbod_: That is the letters and digits I have as information about the board.03:20
DigitalNinjaI got an error for euevent03:20
bod_Jay-Oh-En: the milennum bug broke every computer worldwide,.,. yes it was real03:20
Djerkafbod_: I do -not- have any manual to it.03:20
Jay-Oh-EnDjerkaf: did you run a memtest on the disk and a cd check?03:20
ubnoobAFarris01, lol how did you get it to work im running into some trouble ... mind if i message you?03:21
Jay-Oh-Enbod_: not mine03:21
AFarris01not at all, go ahead and message me...ill see if i can help03:21
dsnydersHI all!  How do you disable particular screensavers?03:21
DigitalNinjaMasterShrek: I followed these instructions http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu_p203:21
DjerkafJay-Oh-En: I have tried running it with several different RAM sticks, an I doubt everyone would not work. And I have run a CD check, yes.03:21
=== ubnoob is now known as CW
CaBlGuYanyone..  anyone at all??   realtek ALC883...03:21
shaft0rHow do I restart X from within X? I dont see an option to exit to shell in the "quit" menu03:21
propagandhianybody have a clue as to what u can type on the command line to discover whether a network interface is connected at 100mbps or gigabit??03:21
bod_Djerkaf: does ur mother board look like this ,.,.--,.,. http://www.fujitsu-siemens.co.uk/rl/servicesupport/techsupport/Consumer/Archive/P6SET-ML/P6SET-ML.htm03:22
propagandhishaft0r: CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE03:22
Rubindsnyders, theres no simple way to select one or two to disable independantly, other than just not choosing them in prefs->screensavers03:22
shaft0rpropagandhi, thank you.03:22
randompolygamyhey guys what application should i use to burn a dda to a disk or dvd?03:22
Rubindsnyders, you COULD do it by deleting them.. but its the kind of thing that could cause problems later on with package management03:22
bod_Jay-Oh-En: bug started on 01/01/20003:22
Djerkafbod_: That could be it, yes.03:22
MasterShrekrandompolygamy, a daa you mean?03:23
bod_Djerkaf: kk ,.,. give me a few mins to use the power of google03:23
MasterShreksorry DigitalNinja never heard of a euevent error b403:23
dsnydersRubin, Where would I find them to delete them?03:23
randompolygamyMasterShrek, yeah sorry bout that03:23
MasterShrekrandompolygamy, i think poweriso should do it03:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about poweriso - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:23
MasterShrekrandompolygamy, let me get you a link...03:23
Djerkafbod_: A few minutes,, I really have to go to bed asap. =P03:23
DigitalNinjaMasterShrek: What version of Ubuntu are you building kernels for?03:23
Rubindsnyders, /usr/lib/xscreensaver/*03:23
randompolygamyMasterShrek, Thanks you that would be greatly appriciated03:23
bod_Djerkaf: do u want a solution ,.,. or am i wasting my time03:24
MasterShrekDigitalNinja, im not using ubuntu currently to be honest...but ive compiled kernels for ubuntu b403:24
Djerkafbod_: I want a solution, but I'm here tomorrow too03:24
propagandhisomebody here surely knows how to help me ;)03:24
Djerkafbod_: or you could e-mail tips...?03:24
DigitalNinjaMasterShrek: Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... I'll try it again. I'll try the instructions you gave me. Maybe I'll have better luck.03:25
Djerkafbod_: I've been up like 38 hours, so I'm pretty dozey03:25
bod_Djerkaf: give me ur email then,.,. ha ive done the same ,.,.lol03:25
dsnydersRubin, thanks03:25
randompolygamyMasterShrek, could i just apt-get it?03:25
CWAFarris01, lol ok i dont seem to remember my password so i cant msg ya lol03:25
MasterShrekrandompolygamy, i dont think its in there03:25
MasterShrekrandompolygamy, http://www.poweriso.com/poweriso-1.2.tar.gz03:25
AFarris01you can click my name on here and do a private03:26
Djerkafbod_: insertdacoin@hotmail.com   Thank you for your time and excuse my aggressiveness, I've been trying to get the scrap to work forever now and is a -little- irritable....03:26
randompolygamythanks MasterShrek03:26
AFarris01i already tried sending u one03:26
MasterShrekrandompolygamy, extract it, and open a terminal and do: sudo mv poweriso /usr/bin && sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/poweriso03:26
panfisthey if i wanted to use an ubuntu machine as a router what is an easy way to add port forwarding rules03:26
Rubindsnyders, are you trying to disable one because of gl (3d) effects that cause instability?03:26
bod_Djerkaf: i no ,.,. dw,.,. i look for fixes ,.,. my email is bodssocks@hotmail.com ,.,. do u no how to update a bios?03:26
randompolygamythanks will do03:26
dsnydersRubin, no, I just hate some of them,  Like cubestorm. [shudder]03:27
bod_Djerkaf: that email is wrong,.,. its bodssocks:yahoo.co.uk03:27
=== krazyj[away] is now known as krazyj
krazyjdoes anyone know about wireless LAN transfers? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66890203:27
krazyjdoes anyone know about wireless LAN transfers? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66890203:27
Djerkafbod_: I have not done it before, but it shouldn't be very hard, should it?03:27
MasterShrek!anyone | krazyj03:27
ubotukrazyj: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:27
bod_Djerkaf: no its bodssocks@yahoo.co.uk03:27
CWAFarris01, but i installed all the drivers and when i go to do the ./g15lcd command it tells me i dont have the keyboard plugged in03:27
MasterShrekCW, plug the keyboard in? lol03:28
bod_Djerkaf: its complicatedly confusing ,.,. il talk u through it sometime ,.,. when we get there ,.,.03:28
dsnydersRubin, would deleting one cause instability?03:28
L|NUXhello every one03:28
L|NUXcan some one help me with sarg03:28
krazyjhow can i optimize my ubuntu wireless settings to go faster? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66890203:28
Rubindsnyders, it might cause a future upgrade to fail, when it tries to cleanup a file that isnt there03:28
AFarris01are you running the service through wine?03:28
L|NUXi am using ubuntu 7.103:28
MasterShrekL|NUX, debian sarge?03:28
CWMasterShrek, .... wow ... working now ... i wish03:28
L|NUXsquid reporting tool :)03:28
Jay-Oh-EnRubin: so can you help me03:28
L|NUXwhen i try to run it, i get following error03:29
L|NUX*** stack smashing detected ***: sarg terminated03:29
Rubinjay: sure03:29
Djerkafbod_: I forgot to say this, when I boot, it also says "award modular bios v4.51PG", just found it among my notes03:29
nerdsquad3210any one has any info in the new mysterious web virus ?03:29
randompolygamyMasterShrek, its moved and chmod'd now just run the bin? or what .. no make install or anything?03:29
dsnydersRubin, I could copy them to a subdirectory and then copy them back when the upgrade errors out.03:29
Rubindsnyders, yep03:29
Rubindsnyders, or replace them with a do-nothing shell script maybe that just exits03:29
chewdHEY its WORKING!03:29
CWAFarris01, no i have it going through linux03:29
chewdyou still here bod?03:30
Jay-Oh-EnRubin: im going to load the ubuntu disk up and ill be back with the same name and maybe if your nice you can walk me through it? :]03:30
bod_Djerkaf: now that is so annoyingly confusing im gonna be up all nite jsut findong out wtf is going on ,,.lol,.,. il email u tonite with some findings and arrange a time to meet on here to fix it03:30
L|NUXany one03:30
chewdyoure not going to believe how silly the solution was03:30
dsnydersRubin, I wonder why they don't have a mechanism for disabling them.03:30
RubinJay-Oh-En, i can try ;)  before you reboot it, do you know the device names of the disk(s)?03:30
creatureHello. I'm a new Ubuntu user. Is there any reason why I shouldn't put my wifi card in /etc/network/interfaces and let it be managed there rather than via NetworkManager?03:30
panfistwhats an easy way to get an ubuntu machine to do NAT for a private network03:30
Rubindsnyders, thats always bugged me. endgame crashes my whole box (video driver problem)03:30
AFarris01ah...because on my old install, i was able to run the service for the lcd panel through wine...but since i updated to the x64 kernel i cant use wine anymore03:30
dsnydersRubin, I remember when you could configure them.03:30
Djerkafbod_: I am sorry, I will not have access to internet more than..er.. (I'm in Sweden, so the time's not "right"...)  ... for 24 hours, I think.03:30
Rubincreature, no reason other than its harder to roam at coffee shops03:31
AFarris01theres a native linux build for the lcd thing?03:31
Rubinpanfist, yep.03:31
CWpeople say it works too03:31
bod_Djerkaf: ok im in england but i stay up late lol,.,. just reply to my email when u can and we should have it fixed soon03:31
creatureRubin: Not an issue with a computer in a server case. :)03:31
Rubinpanfist, its kinda not that hard. just google linux NAT howto03:31
CWbut i cant get it to lol03:31
AFarris01did you get through logitech's site direct, or elsewhere?03:31
Shihanhi guys... is there a list somewhere of what sparc hardware is supported on the sparc version of ubuntu?03:31
Rubincreature, nod03:31
CaBlGuYok, I'll try this one more time...  anyone at all ..  I'm having issues with realtek ALC883 audio drivers..  anyone know anything at all about those????03:31
chewdthe trick was to stop using "generic 1280x1024 monitor" and start using "generic 1280x1024 LCD monitor"03:31
CWelsewhere ... its called G15tools03:32
chewdmy monitors are CRTs LOL03:32
bod_Djerkaf: cya m803:32
syn`i just downloaded the ATI drivers from the website and it saved to desktop as install.run <== how do i get that to work in terminal?03:32
AFarris01ahh...well then, lemme see if i can get it to work on my new install03:32
bod_make | make install03:32
Rubinsyn`, chmod a+x install.run; ./install.run03:32
syn`awesome. ty03:32
bod_rubin nows more03:32
chewdnow my network isnt working... but hey what the heck03:32
Jay-Oh-EnRubin: yeah i do want me to talk in pms?03:32
krazyjseriously noone can work with networked transfers?03:32
krazyjim dyin ova hea03:32
bod_chewd: lol03:32
chewdill fight that battle tomorrow03:33
RubinJay-Oh-En, sure03:33
Djerkafbod_: that's great, I'll probably be online all day tomorrow. I'll see you then! Good night and by!03:33
Duke_Flukekrazyj,  what are you trying to do?03:33
krazyjim trying to simply use my ubuntu server as a NAS03:33
CWAFarris01, is there 2 g15 keyboards?03:33
syn`Rubin: says there's no such file or directory?03:33
krazyjbut i get 3-4Mbps tops03:33
krazyjvia iperf03:33
krazyjand via FTP its like 300KBps03:33
panfistrubin i already have simple linux nat working, now i'm trying to find an easy way to add port forwarding rules03:33
krazyjon a 802.11g03:33
AFarris01no idea...ive got a g15 gamer kbd from logitech...i think thats all there is03:34
Rubinpanfist, hang on a sec i'll post the script i use, you can mod to you liking03:34
AFarris01lemme look real fast03:34
GFX-Guyhow do you install a gui on ubuntu 7.10 server?03:34
marcxI already got install ipw3945-ucode and ipw3945d in /sbin everything seems to be ok but wireless doesn't work and I can't find a failure.03:34
Slartpanfist: take a look at webmins firewall module.. it makes it pretty easy03:34
CWsame here lol just making sure ... cuz i think there is one that has the display that pops up ... mine does not03:34
Shihanor is there a channel for sparc ubuntu specifically somewhere anyone know?03:34
krazyjany idea DukeFlike03:34
Duke_Flukekrazyj, well its a wirless connection have you tested at different  locations?03:35
AFarris01mine neither, its all built in03:35
panfistslart i couldn't get webmin to work after experimenting with a rule for about 10-15 minutes03:35
GFX-GuyDoes anyone know how to install GUI on an ubuntu server?03:35
panfistslart the documentation was also pretty sparse03:35
krazyjive tested both directions and wired and unwired for each03:35
chewdanyway.. thanks for all your help guys03:35
marcxI'm using a Kubuntu 7.10 adn Intel PRO/wireless 3945ABG03:35
Duke_Flukekrazyj, like right beside the router(of course)?03:35
AFarris01k, just found a tarball for it in sourceforge...downloading03:35
krazyjUbuntu (wireless) -> Windows (wired) was 427kbps03:36
chewdill probably be back tomorrow to bang my head against samba for awhile :)03:36
krazyji mean its all in one small apartment room ;)03:36
bod_chewd: lol ,.,. cya m803:36
Rubinpanfist, http://pastebin.ca/858098 is what I used to use till recently. It worked well for me03:36
Duke_Flukekrazyj, the wired was 427kbps?03:36
GFX-Guyhow do you install gnome on ubuntu 7.10 server?03:36
krazyjUbuntu (wireless) -> Windows (wired) was 427kbps03:36
dehspehlGFX-Guy: ubuntu-desktop03:36
Duke_Flukekrazyj, gotcha03:36
mikeylikesit5805gfxguy: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:36
Slartpanfist: hmm.. ok.. I just have a few kind of simple forwards.. for pidgin and azureus... those rules were pretty easy. I don't know if firestarter has something with a gui.03:37
mikeylikesit5805dshspehl: beat me :)03:37
Duke_Flukekrazyj, are you using encryption?03:37
krazyjyes WEP03:37
Duke_Flukekrazyj, like wep,wpa?03:37
GFX-Guysays couldnt find package03:37
mikeylikesit5805sudo apt-get update gfxguy03:37
Duke_Flukekrazyj, have you tryed measuring without wep?03:37
panfistrubin i like "# what's this?" thanks looks good i will try this03:38
panfistslart i guess i will give webmin a try again03:38
=== pekc is now known as Pekc
Duke_Flukekrazyj, maybe there's some overhead there?03:38
krazyjduke: nah i can try that. i figured 54mbps, even with wep, would pull better than 4mbps03:38
Duke_Flukekrazyj, i agree03:38
krazyjduke: although going without wep long term isnt an option since i live in an apt03:38
Duke_Flukekrazyj, i keep mine open but its on  a different subnet from my "secure" lan03:39
shaft0rTHANKYOU everyone for your help with my video issue. I think windows is going to be a past time from here on out! Finally! lol03:40
GFX-Guythank you03:40
krazyjduke: ah. nah im not trying to buy another router, either :P03:40
mikeylikesit5805no prob gfx-guy03:40
syn`Rubin: It's not supposed to install inside the terminal. It shows it as being a graphical install, but me getting there through terminal. is there another command? i get an error after it goes for a few.03:40
=== hannah is now known as HannahWA
krazyjduke: theres no standard settings like packet size or something i can optimize?03:41
Duke_Flukekrazyj, have you tried any other OS's like live distros or windows even?03:41
syn`okay, i just downloaded the ATI driver from the site. to start the install it says to goto terminal and type: sh ./ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run <== that doesn't work, tho.03:42
krazyjduke: nah i havent, actually. i setup my ubuntu boss to be my workhorse so its configured to work pretty well with my current setup.03:42
DaMorpheuShow do you open a irc server???03:42
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, thanks a bunch for the help, everything is working great incase you didnt see my other message.03:43
mikeylikesit5805shaft0r: no prob now sit back and enjoy the dual screen goodness :)03:44
AFarris01ok...i dont think its liking me right now03:44
EADG_Mmmmm duel screen goodness.03:44
shaft0rmikeylikesit5805, haha, yeah for sure... man windows never looked this good. I love how scrolling my mouse flips to the other desktops03:44
CWAFarris01, how far did you get?03:44
Duke_Flukekrazyj, i just had a realization03:45
AFarris01i got the tarball...lol03:45
CWfor which one?03:45
Duke_Flukekrazyj, you're using 'wep' that means   802.11b which = 11Mb03:45
Duke_Flukeso the speeds you're getting are normal i think03:46
krazyjduke: oh really? well ill be damned.03:46
CWif you goto google and put in g15 tools then it will bring up its site and it has all the stuff you need to download03:46
AFarris01i got the tarballs for g15 composer and g15lcd03:46
bio__please, someone help me fix my sound03:46
krazyjduke: what is an 802.11g compatible security then?03:46
bio__it is just crusty as heck03:46
Duke_Flukei haven't used it in linux yet03:46
Duke_Flukejust wep03:46
CWi think you have to do the daemon and a few others too03:46
AFarris01yeah, im trying to get them all03:47
bio__Duke_Fluke, using gnome NetworkManager?03:47
ratmiceso anyone familiar/know how to work around the LVM install bug thing where you've already had LVM installed and can't correctly set up the mount point for / or whatever?03:47
krazyjduke: microsoft protocols.. meh. ok ill give it a shot then. thanks SO much! :)03:47
AFarris01i lookedat the screenshots on sourceforge though, and those are not shots of my kbd03:47
AFarris01its the flip-up...so maybe there are more variants03:47
Duke_Flukebio__,  nope03:47
bio__is there anyway that I can get my sound back to the way it was on a fresh install, I haven't done anything to it03:47
=== candi4 is now known as ceria
bio__something with wine f-ed it up03:48
pvl22while running xcompmgr my comp freezes when i try to log out or shut off or anything of such03:48
shaft0rCan anyone tell me the difference between FireFox Addons and Ubuntu Addons? they are both in Firefox.. and seem to be the same extension names, etc03:48
krazyjduke: im off to try this. THANKS!03:48
=== dmb is now known as dmb`
Duke_Flukekrazyj, kewl let me know :)03:48
bio__if I uninstall alsa-base and then reinstall will it break my system?03:49
Shihanafarris: http://itreview.belproject.com/item/2005/8/11/logitech-g15-keyboard-features-lcd-display <-- if thats your keyboard then g15tools is the one ya want03:49
boitonoI'm having an issue with KDE on 7.04, after entering my password at the KDM login prompt, the screen flashes, then takes me back to the login prompt in an endless loop.  This happening on 2 machines of mine, is there a current issue surrounding this?03:50
CWnope thats not it lol03:50
CWwhich version is that and which one do we have? lol03:50
AFarris01i think thats the g1103:50
Shihanafaik, the g15tools supports all the lcd-enabled logitech kbd's03:51
CWlol well its not supporting mine :P03:51
AFarris01ok...i got the daemon, now lets see what it does03:51
bio__I need to get wine totally out of my system03:52
jay-oh-enRubin: im back03:52
jay-oh-encan you pm me03:52
bio__I uninstalled with apt and it is still in the applicaitons drop down03:52
* LumBuntu is away: zzz03:52
syn`hey everyone. i just downloaded and went to install the ATI drivers from the website and get: ./ati-installer.sh: 165: Syntax error: Bad substitution when it finishes uncompressing the file.03:53
AFarris01lovely, i got the wrong archive03:53
syn`any idea what could be causing it? these drivers are killing me.03:53
CWlol the dance begins :P03:53
syn`dances are fun. working drivers are even better :D03:54
Duke_Flukesyn`,  is there any kind of md5 sum with the package you downloaded?03:54
a_cuozzoWorking drivers are difficult to implement :)03:54
AFarris01uhoh...sourceforge just pissed off firefox...not firefox froze03:54
syn`nope. i redownloaded it and still did the same thing :(03:54
Duke_Flukesyn`,  crappyyyyyyy03:55
arthur37854question? can I shrink my hard drive with gparted? I want to install arch linux on my laptop but don't have any available partition's03:55
Duke_Flukemy keboard sux03:55
jay-oh-enRubin: ?03:55
julabaskI need some help badly, i have installed avant windows navigator but it does not show any of my applications that are open and when  i minimize an app it does not show their03:55
bio__please, is there anything I can do for my crappy sound, it was working fine03:55
syn`Duke_Fluke- tell me about it, man. switching to nvidia soon :(03:55
Duke_Flukesyn`, cool03:55
Slartarthur37854: if you start gparted up there is a menu-choice that shows you what features are available for which file systems... see if shrink is supported on your drive03:56
julabaskoh snap i fixed and i and i dont know how good by lol03:56
=== dmb` is now known as dmb
a_cuozzoDuke_Fluke: buy a buckling-spring keyboard!03:57
AFarris01cw, i dont know if youve seen this or not yet, but i just found it to read while i download...03:57
Duke_Flukea_cuozzo, what's that ?     :D03:57
smultronwhy do some capital letter "M"s look bolded in Firefox?03:58
a_cuozzoDuke_Fluke: incredibly loud clicky-keyboards.03:59
achandrashekaryeah i know its off topic but Whoah!- Sun purchases MySQL03:59
=== Ttech is now known as W6JCN
Duke_Flukea_cuozzo,  :)03:59
a_cuozzoDuke_Fluke: I swear by them. I wouldn't be able to program without them.03:59
bio__I am crying about my sound04:00
basyHi, I have trouble with installing ogig. nvidia driver => You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing. How to turn off X server?04:00
bio__alsamixer is standard04:00
Duke_Flukea_cuozzo: i like that "clicking" feel as well........it lets you know it worked04:00
a_cuozzobasy: ctrl+alt+backspace04:00
bio__I reinstalled all alsa related packages04:00
bio__I haven't changed anything04:00
bio__the sound went crusty04:00
a_cuozzoDuke_Fluke: It is very satisfying. I agree.04:00
decayHi guys. i have to start my ubuntu laptop with 'noapic', but then the usb drives don't work. any thoughtS?04:01
kittuhow to configure s video in gutsy i want to connect my laptop to tv04:01
biouserhelp C:\04:01
biouserthe sound in the windows partition is fine04:02
shaft0rWhat video player do you guys recommend?04:02
biousershaft0r, gxine04:02
Duke_Flukeshaft0r, I like xine and mplayer04:02
jeffMASTERflexshaft0r: vlc04:02
biousershaft0r, bu for what purpose?04:02
Duke_Flukeshaft0r, yes and ESPECIALLY vlc :)04:02
biousershaft0r, everyone will recommend VLC04:03
basyno help :( it only restarts my X server, how to turn it off?, when i am on login screen i switch to console but same error :(04:03
shaft0rbiouser, new to ubuntu/linux and I need an everyday player... its crucial that I can control volume with the scroll wheel on mouse04:03
biouseron boot something about PCI comes up04:03
jay-oh-enRubin: what happend to you04:03
shaft0rI'll try VLC but I hate it for windows... I was a MPC guy myself04:03
AFarris01i just found somethin hopeful...the ppl talking in the link i sent earlier appear to be working od .deb files for g15 tools04:04
shaft0rmpc = media player classic04:04
shaft0rit opened SUPER fast and was just sooo lite.04:04
biousersound is very crusty, it says something about PCI when I boot up now04:04
AFarris01they may work better than trying to repeat all the steps again...but unfortunately, ive really gotta go right now04:04
Duke_Flukeshaft0r,  it is my favorite windows player04:04
biousereverything was working fine04:04
CWawesome oh ok04:04
shaft0rDuke_Fluke, which one is? sorry missed it.04:04
AFarris01srry i couldnt be more help tho04:05
Duke_Flukeshaft0r, mpc04:05
basyHow to turn off X server to start orig. nvidia driver?04:05
CWits ok thanks anyways04:05
AFarris01but if i get it working ill post on launchpad04:05
biousererror while updating region04:05
CWlaunchpad? lol im new04:05
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx04:05
biousersomething something... it won't let me use the pause button on my keyboard04:05
shaft0rDuke_Fluke, ah yeah. I'll try VLC and mplayer too... i have mplayer on my n800 internet tablet04:05
biouser!error while updating region04:05
decayand when i boot with acpi=off, the start up sound is in an infinite loop. how do i stop it?04:05
Duke_Flukeshaft0r, lucky!04:06
CWooo k04:06
AFarris01its a support forum04:06
shaft0rDo I need to download codecs for these players or do they come w/ codecs? I use xvid, mkv, and sorts mainly.04:06
AFarris01well...good luck04:06
capttwinkyanybody know much about configuring iptables? or general networkish stuff?04:06
shaft0rDuke_Fluke, yeah... I love it for on the road... tether it with my cell via bluetooth and it works all over the place.04:07
linxuz3ri want to learn that too capttwinky04:07
Duke_Flukeshaft0r, slick04:07
linxuz3rso many stuff to learn04:07
decayor, how do i stop all sounds from playing04:07
achandrashekarcapttwinky: I know peeps have used fwbuilder as a mechanism to "peek" into how iptables rules work.04:07
bod_decay: turn off ur speakers04:07
FernandoLcould someone help me get sound working on my ubuntu 7.10 gutsy laptop?04:07
decayhar har04:08
jay-oh-enRubin: ?04:08
capttwinkythanks achandr, I'll take a look04:08
bod_FernandoL: more info plz04:08
shaft0rIn all my linux days, you installed stuff like... make, make install and whatever... do you guys recommend using packages and the whole add/remove for every program I get... ie: VLC/mplayer, etc.04:08
kharnovHey everyone.04:08
Duke_Flukebod_,  you're funny04:08
bod_i no ,.,.lol04:08
FernandoLbod_ My sound doesn't work, I'm new to ubuntu.04:08
Shihani love packages... easy to remove is their biggest advantage04:08
bod_FernandoL: do u have a soundcard?04:09
bod_Shihan: i second that04:09
Duke_FlukeFernandoL, what is the output of "lspci -v |grep audio"?04:09
FernandoLbod_ it's built in, but yes, this laptop has sound. I had windows earier and it worked fine04:09
shaft0rShihan, yeah... definitely true there. I'm sure you guys run into apps that are not in package form right?04:09
capttwinkyI have two separate network interfaces that I want to connect to the same router and serve all the traffic over a specific port over one and everything else over the other04:09
biousersomething with the sound/PCI04:09
Shihanits always quite frustrating to upgrade a box thats been built using non-packaged apps04:09
kharnovA friend of mine needs a bit of help installing PowerPC Dapper on his iMac. It starts up fine, but then it goes into a black screen and turns unresponsive.04:09
biouserlspci lists a bunch of sound card realated stuff04:09
kharnovG3 iMac, by the way.04:10
achandrashekarkharnov: where are you in the process the install? or ?04:10
basyhow to install original nvidia drivers?04:10
bod_FernandoL: in the top right of the screen u should see a little picture of a speaker,.,. does it have a cross on it?04:10
kharnovHe tried booting into the liveCD.04:10
shaft0rWhats a good IRC client for ubuntu? using mIRC right now (remote desktop)04:10
tangwynor BitchX04:11
shaft0rbitchX still console only?04:11
tangwynyeah, but it is still good04:11
achandrashekarkharnoc: okay..and did he run the "live + additional command"04:11
Duke_Flukeshaft0r, yes i need to learn it04:11
Shihancat IRC-RFT.doc; telnet <server> 666704:11
shaft0ryeah.. I never figured how to navigate channels, but I'll give it a try.. i did like it.04:11
achandrashekarkharnoc: or just hit enter04:11
kharnovHe just typed live.04:12
bod_FernandoL: ???04:12
biouserI going to die04:12
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
achandrashekarkharnov: there is an additional command he can type....that is at the bottom of the original boot screen. there is instructions for that...and then try again.04:12
Duke_FlukeFernandoL, help us help you04:12
bod_FernandoL: cannot help with someone hu cant  use a keyboard04:13
achandrashekarkharnov: when I did this...screen actually went white for a sec, then VERY slowly the live screen came up..and i mean slowly...04:13
FernandoLbod_ so you start a private convo with me04:13
biousercan anyone help diagnose my sound problem?04:13
Shihanshaft0r, for non-packaged apps (sometimes unavoidable), but just install into an out-of-te-main-tree location like /opt/<app-name>04:14
Duke_Flukebiouser, what is it?04:14
biouserhow about some verbose booting?04:14
bod_FernandoL: yer but u didnt reply04:14
achandrashekarkharnov: once I got past this, the actual system on hdd was very responsive.04:14
biouserDuke_Fluke, something PCI related, but it just turned bad after weeks of being fine04:14
shaft0rShihan, ah yeah good idea.04:14
achandrashekarkharnov: as for 7.10PPC I had all kinds of issues on the install. Never got it to work.04:14
FernandoLbod_ and I respond, and you don't talk in the private convo, then you expect me to know that you switched back here without saying anything, and I don't know how to use a keyboard. To answer your question, no, my speaker doesn't have a cross on it, and my sound is not muted.04:14
Duke_Flukebiouser, Can you test with a live cd then?04:14
kharnovachandrashekar: Yeah, he can't install from 7.10 either.04:14
drevenhello I was wondering if anyone could help me with a perl script? I posted the question on ubuntu support forums a couple days ago but never had the problem resolved here is the link to the post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4145560#post414556004:14
tangwynI am using gtkterm to access /dev/ttyACM0, sometimes it takes hold of the device -- how do i release it?04:15
achandrashekarkharnov: so dapper did work..and it took that additional damn command...one sec04:15
Duke_FlukeDuke_Fluke, if it doesn't  work there(and you know it should) then it could be hardware failing?04:15
bod_FernandoL: wooo,.,. calm down,.,. i didnt see any messages from u in the private chat,.,. and ok ,.,. has ur ubuntu machine EVER played a sound?04:15
kharnovachandrashekar: What was that command? He ran live, and then live-powerpc, and neither worked.04:15
biouserDuke_Fluke, I didn't change anything but there is a message about PCI that flashes when I boot now and the sound is very poor.04:15
atoponceis it possible to change the physical hardware mac address of a nic, so that upon a reinstall, the new mac address remains?04:16
biouserDuke_Fluke, I suppose I could test with live CD04:16
Starnestommydreven: tried sudo cpan install XML::Simple ?04:16
atoponcein other words, editing it on the hardware level?04:16
Duke_Flukebiouser, ok so it works albeit poorly04:16
drevenno i'll try04:16
Duke_Flukebiouser, what is the message?04:16
drevenoh i'm a newbie just trying to drop MS like a bad habit that no longer makes you feel good04:17
biouserDuke_Fluke, error while updating region or something, it goes by too fast to see04:17
FernandoLbod_ my ubuntu machine hasn't ever played a sound04:17
shaft0rI see icons for NTFS drives on my Desktop but I cant find them in the Filesystem area... where are they located?04:17
achandrashekarkharnov: searching for it now...04:17
Duke_Flukebiouser,  use 'dmesg|less' to find it04:17
biouserwhat is the Avahi daemon?04:17
=== _max is now known as max
bod_FernandoL: ok hang on04:18
biouserDuke_Fluke, just put that in the terminal?04:18
tangwynhow do I release /dev/ttyACM0 from another process?04:18
atoponcei guess what i'm asking is, does 'ifconfig <device> hw ether <address>' work across reboots? across reinstalls?04:18
s0ulsticeMy CD-Rom stopped working on me... Im not sure why, but can someone help me fix it.04:19
FernandoLbod_ aight04:19
mewshiI'm having a problem with dual-head04:19
ratmicetangwyn: can at least figure out what process is using it with fuser04:19
nickrudatoponce: no, you lose it at boot. You can add that stuff to /etc/network/interfaces to make it persistent across boots04:19
mewshican someone help me?04:19
Duke_Flukemewshi, what is your question?04:20
atoponcenickrud: no way to change it physically, so it keeps across installs?04:20
mewshiWell, I currently have two displays hooked up to my laptop04:20
bullgard4What command will determine if a module is loadable ("m") or compiled into the kernel ("y")?04:20
nickrudatoponce: no, it's a software thing not hardware04:20
mewshithe actual screen of the laptop and an external monitor04:20
atoponcenickrud: so, it just happens at a software level only, eh?04:20
atoponcenickrud: ok. thx04:20
Duke_Flukemewshi, ok04:20
mewshiAlright, I have it set up in xorg.conf for dual-head04:20
Duke_Flukemewshi, gotcha04:20
nickruddreven: welcome then04:21
bod_FernandoL: have u done all the usual repository updates through synaptic package manager?04:21
schnoodshello i have session saving on my ubuntu where it saves the windows. Although it seems to close Eclipse/Thundbird/Firefox when i turn off Ubuntu but everything else stays on. Anyone run into this ?04:21
nickrudshaft0r: they would be in /media if they are mounted04:21
mewshiThe internal screen of the laptop runs at full resolution (1280x800) but I can't get the external monitor (which has a maximum resolution of 1440x900) to go any higher than 1024x76804:21
=== jbinder_ is now known as jbinder
bullgard4What command will determine if a module is loadable ("m") or compiled into the kernel ("y")?04:21
mewshiand we all know how crappy lcd monitors look when they aren't at the proper resolution04:22
achandrashekarkharnov: can you ask him to go to the boot screen where it prints a bunch of instructions..there it is when in doubt "type live" otherwise try "live video..something"04:22
FernandoLbod_ nope :D04:22
FernandoLbod_ let me get on that04:22
Duke_Flukemewshi, i wonder if its like windows were the two are tied together like if you make one monitor higher in resolution it makes the other smaller...know what i mean?04:22
ratmicebiouser: avahi is multicast dns service discovery04:22
nickrudbullgard4: if you see it in lsmod (list modules) it's modularized. You can also look thru /boot/config-$(uname -r) to see the options used in the kernel04:22
mewshiNo, that's not how my windows is O_o04:22
bod_FernandoL: do u no about the synaptic package manager?04:22
bullgard4nickrud: I will do that, thank you.04:23
mewshiI tried adding a Modes "1440x900" line to the proper screen section in xorg.conf, but nothing has changed after a reboot04:23
=== schnoods is now known as schnoowork
FernandoLbod_ my system is up to date04:23
Duke_Flukemewshi, so you know that the setup you want works in windows?04:23
FernandoLbod_ yeah04:23
mewshiI've used it in windows before04:23
Duke_Flukemewshi, thats helpful04:23
achandrashekarkharnov: got it - "live video=ofonly"04:23
bod_FernandoL: ok ,.,. wot is the make and model of ur laptop?04:23
FernandoLbod_ I used update manager though, that's cool, right?04:23
achandrashekarkharnov: try that...04:24
FernandoLgateway W340UI04:24
nickruddreven: you have some issues, or just seeing you're interested in ubuntu?04:24
kharnovachandrashekar: Alright, telling him to try it..04:24
bod_FernandoL: yer ,.,. but ul soon find out that synaptic holds the file for any program u want ,.,.IN THE WORLD !!! ,.,.lol,.,.04:24
mewshiI'm on an ATI radeon 200M or something like that O_o04:24
mewshiusing the FGLRX driver04:24
achandrashekarkharnov: then its a game of patience...and he'll need to wait a few seconds04:24
s0ulsticeMy dvdrom is not auto mounting and I cant figure out how to mount it. I have tried mount /dev/dvdrw and mount /dev/dvd04:24
biouserthere is "error attaching device data" but that is not the one that flashes on boot04:25
james296does anyone know of an easy way to make the Ubuntu default homepage look like the Blubuntu theme?04:25
biouserratmice, what if it fails to shut down?04:25
FernandoLbod_ no way man, I can't get visual studio ;)04:25
mewshithe initial setup of xorg.conf was done using aticonfig, and that  got the dual-head actually working, but now I want it to work WELL04:25
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:25
biouserthere is "error attaching device data" but that is not the one that flashes on boot Duke_Fluke - still looking04:25
james296I dont mean Ubuntu.com I mean the default link thats homepaged on firefox04:25
bod_FernandoL: u prob can through wine04:25
lex0when i open an exe file with wine nothing happens, but wine is installed what should i do?04:25
Duke_Flukemewshi, mewshi pastebin your xorg.conf04:25
mewshiHaymaker, I would beware of XGL right now04:25
tangwynanyone have experience releasing a device?04:25
drevennickrud: i was having some issues with a perl script which tells me how much bandwidth i've used with wildblue sat internet  I was told to enter in terminal sudo cpan XML::Simple its downloading now so i'll see :)04:25
ratmicebiouser: no idea04:25
FernandoLbod_ touche.04:25
mewshiit seems VERY glitchy04:26
Starnestommylex0: in a terminal, wine /path/to/program.exe04:26
FernandoLbod_ wtf do I do about my sound tho :'(04:26
nickruddreven: heh. You'll fit right in :)04:26
haymakermewshi, how's that?04:27
FernandoLbod_ I just think that this model isn't supported. I Just installed 7.10 gutsy, I used to have 6.06 dapper, someone thought that a newer version would support more drivers, but it looks like this is not the case.04:27
mewshilike, it doesn't seem to catch some of the things, like a button being released04:27
lex0starnes, it doesnt work04:27
HannahWAFernandoL: Try this: http://www.antonywilliams.com/2007/10/bash-script-to-automate-compiling-alsa.html... it worked on my Gateway MT342204:27
mewshiIt's WEIRD04:27
mewshisince I stopped using it, all the problems I had have disappeared entirely04:27
bod_FernandoL: open a terminal and type "lspci" (Without quotes)04:27
haymakerwell what do i install to change the settings?04:27
kharnovachandrashekar: He sees a white bar on the loading screen.04:27
FernandoLhannahWA link doesn't work04:27
Starnestommy.w 404:28
haymakerwhat packages should i install to manage compiz?04:28
HannahWAit's probably detecting the periods at the end04:28
FernandoLhannahWA: I'm an idiot. :D dont mind that04:28
Duke_Flukehaymaker, you on gutsy?04:28
FernandoLbod_ on it, I doubt it'll detect a sound device04:28
nnaushahican someone help me?04:28
haymakerDuke_Fluke, yep04:28
bod_haymaker: check the ubuntu community docs and search for compiz-fusion04:28
nnaushahichecking ip address, using ifconfig  command04:28
nickrudhaymaker: if you have compiz running, install compizconfig-settings-manager, it'll show up in system->prefs->advanced desktop04:28
lex0starnes, you want me to replace program.exe with my program right?04:29
nnaushahiits not displaying ip address (the external ip address)04:29
bod_FernandoL: is there anything relating to audio or sound?04:29
Duke_Flukehaymaker, yeah what he said04:29
musikgoatnnaushahi: what ip are you getting?04:29
FernandoLbod_ :O to my surprise it found an audio device04:29
nnaushahithats the problem, its not displaying04:29
FernandoLbod_ Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SB450 HDA Audio04:29
jay-oh-encan somebody help walk me through a manual install04:29
bod_FernandoL: gdgdgdgd,.,. ul have sound soon04:29
nnaushahishows inet6 addr: f380: ... ... ...04:29
mewshihttp://pastebin.com/ma27f6a <- here's my xorg.conf file.04:30
musikgoatnnaushahi: what does display?  pastebin it04:30
musikgoatdo you have more than one network card?04:30
lex0can somebody help me get sound?04:30
Rubindoes 'http://www.howtoforge.com/the_perfect_desktop_ubuntu_gutsy_gibbon' make anyone elses firefox crash?04:30
nickrud!pastebin | nnaushahi04:30
ubotunnaushahi: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:30
bod_FernandoL: 1 sec just checking for ur cards drivers04:30
mandelsoni need help installin firefox 3 beat 204:30
s0ulsticecan someone help me? I can seem to figure out how to get my dvdrw to mount. It used to auto mount, now it wont04:30
biouserhda-intel: Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead Duke_Fluke might have something to do with it, the error message that I saw flash on boot is not in the output of dmesg|less though04:30
nickrudmandelson: you should ask on #firefox04:30
mewshiDuke_Fluke, here http://pastebin.com/ma27f6a is the pastebin of my xorg.conf as you requested04:31
FernandoLbod_ :D!04:31
Duke_Flukemewshi, got it just reading now04:31
mewshioh, sorry04:31
mkquist_s0ulstice: what r u trying to mount?04:31
drevennickrud: i'm getting some dependency errors but it seems to keep on going with the install04:31
jay-oh-encan somebody help walk me through a manual install04:31
haymakernickrud, I have that package installed, but I dont see it04:31
achandrashekarkharnov: okay..that is after the boot screen right??04:32
nickruddreven: I'm not much of a perl person (I don't like languages that use punctuation as verbs)04:32
lex0can somebody help me fix my sound?...i have an USB  sound blaster external?04:32
kharnovachandrashekar: It now says "failed to start the x server"04:32
s0ulsticemkquist_: my dvdrw, there is a dvd in there but I cant get it to play. The drive isn't showing up either. It used to auto mount. mk04:32
bod_FernadoL: type this into a terminal ,.,. "modinfo soundcore" (Without quotes but with the space)04:32
drevennickrud: well you know more than I about it if you can speak of it in terms of grammar04:32
achandrashekarkharnov: ohhh..that is interesting..a little further each time...hmmmm04:33
FernandoLbod_ shall I pastebin it?04:33
mkquist_lex0: try this post, always gets me fixed - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544904:33
lex0ok thanks04:33
bod_FernadoL: yes plz04:33
nickrudhaymaker: hm. Try  alt-f2  killall gnome-panel  your panels will restart, and it should rebuild your menus as well04:33
Zermeloanyone using iwlwifi drives for intel wifi adapter?04:33
achandrashekarkharnov: lets see if it somehow does boot up... or is it just stuck??04:33
Duke_Flukebiouser, i think thats about your hard drive04:33
INeRSioNanyone familar with mysql db's?04:33
mkquist_s0ulstice: youve used it to play dvds before?04:33
kharnovachandrashekar: He has a prompt, and he can type.04:33
nickruddreven:  + is a verb :)04:33
achandrashekarone quick sec04:33
FernandoLbod_ http://pastebin.com/d54f58ab404:34
achandrashekarDoes Anyone know how to get ubuntu to install if the Xserver fails??04:34
lazerlightquery nickserv04:34
lex0im new to ubuntu...is shell the same as terminal if not how do i access?04:34
nickruddreven: but before you get the wrong idea, I pretty much stopped programming over a decade ago04:34
mewshiDuke_Fluke, any clue?04:34
jriblex0: technically no, but practically yes04:34
bod_FernandoL: gdgd ,.,. looks groovy to me ,.,. next step ,.,. 1sec04:34
s0ulsticemkquist_: Yah, do you think it could be the dvd i am putting in?04:35
Duke_Flukemewshi, your xorg.conf looks fine to me i am just double checking something hold on a  sec :)04:35
Rubinanyone seen firefox crash like this before? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151419#post415141904:35
FernandoLbod_ yeah I'll wait, but what does gd mean :P?04:35
mkquist_s0ulstice: have you tried to open another disc, one you know worked before?04:35
achandrashekarkharnov: i posted up a question about what happens if X fails..one sec04:35
=== ajmorris_ is now known as ajmorris
bod_FernandoL: gd = good04:35
FernandoLbod_ gotcha04:36
jason0_I'm trying to get my 3g nano to work w/ amarok. I've upgrade libgpod and gtkpod works OK w/ the device but Amarok doesn't. How can I upgrade to 1.4.8 version of amarok?04:36
achandrashekarInstall question: on install, if X server fails on attempt to get "live" screen, is there another way to install??04:36
biouserI'm going to have to reinstall ubuntu04:36
s0ulsticemkquist_: Yeah I just tried another disk and it mounted it ... You think the contents of the disk could cause it not to be able to me mounted?04:36
biousershoot me now04:36
jrib!alternate | achandrashekar04:36
ubotuachandrashekar: The Alternate CD (available as of Dapper) is the classical text-mode installation CD. Use it if you wish to upgrade via CD, or for an "expert" mode install. For normal installs, use the Desktop CD, which is also a "Live" CD - See also !Minimal04:36
biousermight as well go for the glory and compile alsa from source04:37
nickrudjason0_: you'd have to compile it. Did gtkpod cause you to lose any album art?04:37
nickrudjason0_: or maybe use kde4 if it has that version of amarok04:37
bod_FernandoL: in the terminal type "modprobe snd-sb450" (Without quotes)04:37
s0ulsticemkquist_: I wanted to watch this dvd on my computer. I tried a backup dvd I had laying around and it worked. But this Blockbuster dvd I rented wont play04:37
mkquist_s0ulstice: possible04:37
drevenStarnestommy: Well i'm well on my way at least it will run the script now just getting one error which I can tell is an input error on my part in the cfg file thankyou04:38
jeffMASTERflex1.4.8 should be available in backports repo04:38
achandrashekarjrib: okay... it seems then that the video card on the ppc box doesnt install cleanly..so its off to try the alternate..no guarantee that it will install X right?04:38
jason0_nickrud: I don't have album art but a large music collection that seems to cause gtkpod to barf.04:38
achandrashekarjrib: that is if i try the alternate??04:38
biousers0ulstice, try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:38
biouserand maybe gxine04:38
nickrudjason0_: yeah, I tried it and it did some odd things here as well. I'll wait till the packagers get around to it myself04:39
jeffMASTERflexjason0_:  enable the backports repo in synaptic. amarok  1.4.8 is there04:39
mewshiDuke_Fluke, what are you looking at?04:39
Duke_Flukemewshi, i did notice one small thing04:39
jribachandrashekar: it will probably install, but then it will probably fail when you try to enter X too.  So you'll need to drop to a shell and resolve whatever the issue is04:39
Duke_Flukemewshi, http://hobbylobby.wordpress.com/2007/09/08/dual-monitors-in-ubuntu-xorgconf-driver-ati-card/04:39
* nickrud considers polluting his system with kde04:39
achandrashekarjrib: okay04:39
haymakernickrud, can I just run a command to get it to open?  I dont have gnome panels04:39
s0ulsticehaha nickrud: I did that and I ended up reinstalling04:40
nickrudhaymaker: yes, ccsm .04:40
ratmiceis there a bug in the alternate installer where you've already had LVM installed, and try to install ubuntu on lvm it fails to set up partitions for /? or am i just missing some part of the configuration04:40
mkquist_s0ulstice: and youve installed libdvdcss2?04:40
Duke_Flukemewshi,  your screen section has generic montior and this guy has his exact model04:40
bod_if ur having problems with compiz go to #compiz-fusion04:40
s0ulsticemkquist_: The 2 on the end makes me skeptical It does sound familiar04:40
bod_FernandoL: ???04:41
achandrashekarkharnov: well there is your response... he might need the alternate CD then it will allow an install through the text mode04:41
FernandoLbod_ it can't find snd-sb45004:41
schnooworkhello i have session saving on my ubuntu where it saves the windows. Although it seems to close Eclipse/Thundbird/Firefox when i turn off Ubuntu but everything else stays on. Anyone run into this ?04:41
kharnovachandrashekar: Hmm, okay, thanks.04:41
nickrudbod_: once they have it working (since it's part of ubuntu) then #compiz-fusion is a good suggestion :)04:41
s0ulsticemkquist_: Plus for how many times I've reinstalled everything is blurring together...04:41
mewshiWait, so you think that changing the monitor might fix that?04:41
Duke_Flukemewshi,  i meant your "Monitor" setting under Section "screen"04:41
achandrashekarkharnov: Frankly speaking on the G4 I had, I had an ATI card, and it worked....does he have the same??04:41
mkquist_s0ulstice: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu look there maybe04:41
achandrashekarkharnov: the install is a real PITA..but once done, the system works well. BTW, kiss flash-player support goodbye..it simply doesnt work on the system.04:42
abarbacciahello all, if i have a webserver what else do i need to make it into my own apt repository? any additional services or just some configuration files?04:42
=== brian_ is now known as ubrian
Gh0sTeEWhen logging in via SSH, and connectiong via ftp to my debian server takes a long time, and in the ftp case it times out before finishing connecting. Anyway to fix this?04:42
bod_FernandoL: try this "modprobe snd-SB450" (without quotes)04:43
Gh0sTeEnot debian04:43
mewshiDuke_Fluke, so I should have this?04:43
mewshiDevice     "aticonfig-Device[1]"04:43
mewshiMonitor    "Magnavox TV"04:43
ochai am having problems with VirtualBox after installing VirtualBox OSE and now I can't get VirtualBox to boot up now.  >.<  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151434#post415143404:43
Gh0sTeEactualy it's LinuxMCE, but it's based on ubuntu04:43
bod_nickrud: these guys on #compiz-fusion r really helpfull ,.,. they'll help u install it aswell04:43
achandrashekarkharnov: it certainly appears...its a video card issue that X doesnt like..04:43
Duke_Flukemewshi, i'm not really sure but maybe its a clue?04:43
FernandoLbod_ nope04:43
nickrudbod_: you got it backwards, I help with the install04:44
bod_FernandoL: kk dont worry bout that04:44
bod_nickrud: the guys at #compiz-fusion will help ASWELL wosnt doubting u m8 ,.,.lol,.,.04:44
mewshiDuke_Fluke, what about this line? Option “DualHead” “true”04:44
bod_FernandoL: hang on04:45
Duke_Flukemewshi, I don't have those chars supported04:45
ochaPlease help.  I can't get VirtualBox to do anything anymore. ;(  i am having problems with VirtualBox after installing VirtualBox OSE and now I can't get VirtualBox to boot up now.  >.<  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151434#post415143404:45
mewshiwhat chars?04:45
Duke_Flukemewshi I can't see what you just wrote04:45
FernandoLbod_ sure04:45
mewshiIt says "Option 'Dualhead' 'True"04:45
Duke_Flukemewshi, did      you have it ?04:46
mewshithe option line?04:46
achandrashekaralright..im done for today... the PPC installer of ubuntu is an achievement...but dammit its a PITA install04:46
lex0how do i find out if my soundcard is disabled?04:46
achandrashekarespecially when trying to convert all the flippin Macs at school.04:46
mewshiDuke_Fluke, should I add that line?04:46
Duke_Flukemewshi yeah i would try it04:47
nickrudlex0: what do you mean by disabled?04:47
mewshiAlso, he doesn't have the "True" after the "DPMS" thing, either04:48
bod_FernandoL: bare with me04:48
mewshitry one first, or just go for both?04:48
lex0when i type aplay -l i can find my soundcard04:48
nickrudFernandoL: the sb450 (I have one) uses the snd-hda-intel module04:48
lex0when i type  lspci -v i cannot see my soundcard04:48
bod_try just typing lspci04:48
ochaPlease help.  I can't get VirtualBox to do anything anymore. ;(  i am having problems with VirtualBox after installing VirtualBox OSE and now I can't get VirtualBox to boot up now.  >.<  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151434#post415143404:48
nickrudlex0: that's very wierd, since alsa won't see it if it's not on the bus04:49
FernandoLnickrud im pretty new with linux. what does that mean?04:49
bod_FernandoL: do u have any headphones/speakkers to hand?04:49
lex0how do i find out if alsa can detect my sound and get it to work?04:49
bod_lspci ,.,. is ur card detected04:50
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haymakernickrud, thanks for your help man04:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about duke_fluke - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:50
lex0no its not bod04:50
lex0it is not in there04:50
FernandoLbod_ yeah I got some headphones why04:50
achandrashekarlex0: anything  produced when you type lspci ??04:50
Duke_FlukeKalamansi, hey04:50
nickrudFernandoL: each sound chip has a module (driver) that should be automatically loaded into the kernel (enabled) during startup. The sb450 (ATI Technologies Inc SB450 HDA Audio) uses the snd-hda-intel module04:50
lex0when i type lspci no sound card04:50
nickrudlex0: is it a usb device?04:51
bod_FernandoL: try pluging them in and see if the sound works?04:51
achandrashekarlspci: what nickrud said...its about "claiming" the device..04:51
FernandoLnickrud: So that module will enable my sound? How do I install it?04:51
nickrudlex0: then it won't show up in lspci, try lsusb04:51
beerfanis there a room where motus hang out?04:51
FernandoLbod_ no they don't04:51
achandrashekarnickrud: good advice!04:51
bod_nickrud: tried that route,.,. wots the chipset of that card to add to the modprobe snd-*chipset* command04:52
lex0yes it showed up04:52
jason0_So I upgraded to the latest amarok but it still doesn't work with the 3g nano.... I'm stumped at this point.04:52
nickrudFernandoL: first, try lsmod | grep snd-hda-intel , see if it loaded04:52
ochaPlease help.  I can't get VirtualBox to do anything anymore. ;(  i am having problems with VirtualBox after installing VirtualBox OSE and now I can't get VirtualBox to boot up now.  >.<  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151434#post415143404:52
bod_FernandoL: damn04:52
Flannelbeerfan: #ubuntu-motu04:52
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support04:52
beerfanFlannel: thanks04:52
achandrashekarwill that sound card show up in dmesg??04:52
bod_eerrmm,.,. nickrud ,.,. could do with some help here m804:52
GoClickwhat's wrong with this: find ./ -name .pyc04:52
lex0it showed up in lsusb what should i do?04:52
stephansdo iPods work now in ubuntu again? The latest gen. started encrypting the play list... has anyone gotten around this yet or can you no longer use ipods?04:52
GoClickI'm trying to find all the .pyc files under the pwd04:52
nickrudFernandoL: sorry, lsmod | grep snd_hda_intel , underscores not dashes. Get that wrong all the time04:53
achandrashekarahhh..its usb...good call04:53
jribGoClick: nothing.  That finds all files named '.pyc'04:53
bod_FernandoL: keep talking to nickrud ,.,. im outa ideas,.,. he's still got some ,.,. sorry04:53
s0ulsticeocha: you named your box longpenis?04:53
GoClickjrib: and what would find just ones ending in pyc then?04:53
achandrashekarallright...goo luck l8r everyone04:53
nickrudbod_: I hate sound, I only spoke up since I have that chip. I'll try to set FernandoL like I have but it'll be monkey style troubleshooting :)04:53
jribGoClick: find -name '*.pyc'       Use -iname if you want case-insensitive.04:54
bod_nickrud: monkey style = ubuntu community docs ,.,. thats woot i tried04:54
nickrudbod_: lol04:54
lex0how can i update the driver on my usb sound?04:54
pabixHello! Do you have a method to crop an eps file?04:55
bod_nickrud: heres the site about the chipset -- http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-hda-intel04:55
erawfishnickrud: one tiny problem: there are as many different solutions to the hda-intel problem as there are different mobos out ther using it. and there are a lot of mobos...04:55
nickruderawfish: yeah, I know ...04:55
FernandoLbod_ thanks for your help anyway04:55
FernandoLnickrud_ i'll try that command04:55
bod_lex0: im not sure try google'ing it04:55
nickruderacc: but I'm glad you will be watching over my shoulder on this one :)04:55
bod_FernandoL: no probs ,.,. im a noob but ive had similiar problems ,.,. good luck04:55
* erawfish doesn#t have a hda-intel04:56
erawfishbut I might soon :/04:56
FernandoLnickrud: I did that command, do you wnaqt me to pastebin it for you?04:56
nickrudI got lucky I guess, it just worked04:56
s0ulsticeCool donwloading the medibuntu packages and libdvdcss2 worked, thanks folks04:56
nickrudFernandoL: yes04:56
nickrudbod_: and thanks for the link, I always have to search for it04:57
anathematicdoes anyone know some good backing up software for ubuntu server?04:57
FernandoLnickrud: http://pastebin.com/d3188891e04:58
bod_nickrud: yer me to04:58
musikgoat!backup | anathematic04:58
ubotuanathematic: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:58
anathematicthanks musikgoat04:58
nickrudFernandoL: have you checked /var/log/syslog for any messages about the snd_hda_intel ?04:59
nickrudFernandoL: and I need the exact model number of your computer as well05:00
BluTaoanyone can help me with an external DVI monitor extending to the laptop LCD?05:02
cute_bettonghey i want to toss a gui onto a server install of ubuntu.... something light.. .what would be easyest to do? and how could i do it?05:02
biouserhow to install headers?  which one?05:02
mikeylikesit5805cute: i would recomend05:02
marx2kQuestion: I have a router that gets it's IP auto-assigned from my ISP. I have 7 boxes on it but only one has a web server set up.  The external IP of each of these boxes is the router's WAN IP.  So.. how do I set it up where people can hit that one specific boxe's webserver?05:02
mikeylikesit5805sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:02
chainprayerhello all05:03
mikeylikesit5805chain: hi what can we help you with05:03
Duke_Flukebiouser,  uname -a05:03
FernandoLnickrud: how do I check for messages about that? I'm REALLY new to ubuntu man, I don't know anything. My laptop's a gateway W340UI05:03
Kalamansimikeylikesit5805 -  what is this for? "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" ?05:03
biouserLinux bio-bushi 2.6.20-16-generic #2 SMP Tue Dec 18 05:45:12 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux05:03
biouser Duke_Fluke05:03
chainprayerNeed prayer?  Have questions about God?  Want to hang out and have fun?  Join us at www.chainprayer.com/board !05:03
nickrudFernandoL: you can try  grep -i hda /var/log/syslog , any lines with hda in them will be found05:04
mikeylikesit5805kalamansi: it will install a nice lightweight gui05:04
echowipwhats the most easy way to udate from a generic kernel?05:04
biouserso, sudo apt-get install  kernel-headers-2.4.27-2-686-smp  ?05:04
cute_bettongthank you so very much05:04
mikeylikesit5805xubuntu is a scaled down version of the gnome desktop05:04
jay-oh-enwhats the command to see what programs i instaslled in a text format05:04
Duke_Flukebiouser,  wouldn't it be something like linux-headers-2.6.20-16?05:04
FernandoLnickrud: nope. no lines with hda05:05
Duke_Flukebiouser, i mean linux-headers-2.6.20-16generic?05:05
s0ulsticemarx2k: You just want to be able to visit the local webserver within your network?05:05
Kalamansimikeylikesit5805 : if i have a gui, how to go back in console? without x window..i installed ubuntu with x window desktop.. how to use a console? its like when you boot you will be login to black screen05:05
nickrudFernandoL: your gateway model should start with ml I think, there should be another number there05:05
fizzlewhat is ubuntus default theme05:05
fizzlefor gnome05:05
marx2ks0ulstice: Id like to visit it from outside the network using an external IP05:05
s0ulsticefizzle: Human?05:05
marx2kinternally I can just use the internal LAN IP05:05
fizzlek thanks05:06
mikeylikesit5805ooo , kalamsi: try hitting alt f7 once the gui starts05:06
marx2ks0ulstice: I set the router to forward WAN -side port 80 requests to that specific box05:06
biouserDuke_Fluke, I got 'em thx05:06
marx2kbut still every time I hit the external IP, it goes to the router and not the box05:06
FernandoLnickrud: MT3708 is the only other model number on this laptop.05:06
Duke_Flukebiouser, np05:06
s0ulsticemarx2k: You get into your router config and set port forwarding to the IP address of the server on the ports you want (80 is the standard web port)05:06
nickrudFernandoL: ah, that's a good number to search for, I have an mt645105:07
marx2ks0ulstice: yep thats what I did05:07
FernandoLnickrud: but that model number is attatched to the sticker with information about where I bought the laptop. W340UI is on the label printed on by gateway05:07
fizzleanyone know of some good gnome themes?05:07
Kalamansimikeylikesit5805 : and how to get back with x window?05:07
s0ulsticemarx2k: Other than that you have to make sure the web server is set properly, but that should do the trick05:07
marx2kbut its like it does not forward and just stops on the router05:07
FernandoLnickrud :)05:07
BluTaohow do I get dual screen work with ubuntu?05:07
biouser I used to use this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=321705 do you think that it is out-dated?05:07
mikeylikesit5805fizzle: look for emrald themer in the add remove software05:07
s0ulsticefizzle check with gnome-look.org05:07
biouser6.06 directions for two sound cards05:07
marx2ks0ulstice: yeah I can access the server internally (192.168...) but externally it just stops on the router05:07
mikeylikesit5805hit either f7 or maybe f5, one of the keys lol05:08
biouseranyone got some new directions for installing two sound cards?05:08
s0ulsticemarx2k: What type of router is it?05:08
mikeylikesit5805fizzle: you can then download themes for it05:08
marx2ks0ulstice: Buffallo (few years old)05:08
biouserhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EchoMia I meant05:08
s0ulsticeBluTao: Google twinview and the type of card you have and ubuntu05:08
nickrudFernandoL: aplay -l , pastebin that05:08
biouseris that one outdated do you suppose?05:09
fizzlei dont even run ubuntu i just figured id ask here because ubuntu uses gnome as default and #gnome is of no help most of the time05:09
fizzlei compiled gnome from source myself hehe05:09
fizzleruns great05:09
mikeylikesit5805fizzle: very nice05:09
LimCorewhile using sshfs,  does file locking work correctly?05:09
s0ulsticemarx2k: Hmmm...you sure its being stopped at the router?05:09
fizzlemikeylikesit5805, i run my own distro. never really bothered w/ ubuntu05:10
fizzlei installed it once05:10
fizzlenever used it thoroughly though05:10
Kalamansimikeylikesit5805 : and how to get back with x window?05:10
GoClickfind ./ -name "*.pyc" is not working05:10
Gekkomon_Shoguncan some one tell me how to get online videos to work05:10
kaboombobquick question suddenly my sound coming out of my laptops speakers is about half the old volume and i have checked all of the possible places there is volume control help plz05:10
dsdoes ubuntu have the same -rpath policy as debian?05:10
fizzleGoClick, find ./ * | grep .pyc05:10
biouserhow to get at a .tar.bz2 file?  tar xvf doesn't seem to work05:11
FernandoLnickrud: http://pastebin.com/m7c794ad605:11
crimsunbiouser: xjf, or just xf05:11
mikeylikesit5805Kalamansi: try hitting alt and then one of the f2-f7 keys im not sure which one, if not just reboot05:11
marx2ks0ulstice: Well, when I go to my external IP, it goes to my router.05:11
Ramseizeguys could you enlighten me, mandriva vs ubuntu?05:11
bod_nickrud: wot does this mean/ how do i fix it? -- E: Package libstdc++5 has no installation candidate05:11
kaboombobkalamansi its f705:11
crimsunbod_: it means you don't have the main repository enabled.05:12
mikeylikesit5805thanks kaboombob i knew it was one of those ;)05:12
marx2kActuallly.. I wonder if I'm actually telling the router to forward port 80 requests... maybe I just opened the port..05:12
Gekkomon_Shogunhow do i get online videos to work05:12
bod_crimsun: how do i fix that?05:12
lex0how do i put a script into .asoundrc?05:12
crimsunbod_: use System>Administration>Software Sources05:12
kaboombobmikeylikesit5805 you wouldnt by any chance know of a bug that limits the volume output would you05:12
lex0i cannot even find .asoundrc05:12
crimsunlex0: it doesn't exist by default05:13
vbabiyHey Guys05:13
s0ulsticemarx2k: Hey brb Im gonna relog -I'll help u though k05:13
crimsunlex0: (i.e., /etc/asound.conf or ~/.asoundrc)05:13
bod_crimsun: ah,.,. i remembered i unchecked all my repo's earlier05:13
mikeylikesit5805kaboombob no, maybe check the forums by searching your sound card model#05:13
vbabiyHas any one had a problem keeping there compiz setting stick at Custom05:13
lex0how do i add something to it?05:13
crimsunlex0: just create it05:13
vbabiyEvey time i set it to Custom and close the window it goes back to normal05:13
kaboombobmikeylikesit5805it just happened  in the last hour or so05:13
lex0type make ./asoundrc?05:14
mikeylikesit5805o lol, no clue then05:14
bullgard4Does the 'ls' command not print files with an '.gz' extension?05:14
kaboombobmy sound is at about half its usual volume and it it just happened  in the last hour or so any ideas how to fix it anyone?05:14
bazhangbobgill: got a question?05:14
nickrudFernandoL: and cat /proc/asound/SB/codec#005:14
trollboynot unless you've an alias set up for ls05:14
luckymurali_81hi to all05:15
tritiumbullgard4: it does05:15
lex0crimzum do i type ./asoundrc to create it?05:15
bullgard4tritium: hm05:15
lex0make ./asoundrc*05:15
crimsunFernandoL: what's your issue with audio?  (sorry, don't have backscroll)05:15
mewshiAll changing the tv thing did was make it so it outright didn't work, Duke_Fluke05:15
mewshiwhat's DPMS05:15
hunchybunchvbabiy, maybe you need to customize in order for it to stay custom05:15
crimsunlex0: no, create it using an editor (e.g., Applications>Accessories>Text Editor), then save it as ~/.asoundrc05:16
kjp2Anyone here using tomcat ?05:16
mikeylikesit5805does anyone know were i can get firefox 3 to test05:16
crimsunmikeylikesit5805: it exists as firefox-3.0 in hardy05:16
mikeylikesit5805thanks crimsun i will try that05:16
vbabiyhunchybunch: I am trying that now05:16
FernandoLcrimsun: It just doesn't work. My sound is detected, but nothing plays.05:16
badkittymarx2k: Hey05:17
marx2khey badkitty05:17
mewshiDuke_Fluke, what all do I need to change in the xorg.conf to get that to work?05:17
FernandoLcrimsun: I'm also really new to linux, so I don't know much about what I can do05:17
nickrudcrimsun: he has a gateway mt3708, with a sb45005:17
crimsunFernandoL: please download and execute the following script: http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh05:17
bazhang!info firefox-3.005:17
ubotufirefox-3.0: lightweight web browser based on Mozilla (Development Version). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~alpha8+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1130 kB, installed size 3832 kB05:17
quaalxanyone use ubuntu on a laptop and use s2disk or s2ram? i just installed on my x61 thinkpad and am having some problems with that, among other things (intel 3495 driver crashing)05:17
hunchybunchvbabiy, i don't understand what custom does, i put mine on extra, and customize it.05:18
lex0crimsum...exactly like --->./asoundrc?05:18
FernandoLcrimsun how do I excecute the script? and can I just save it anywhere?05:18
crimsunlex0: no, literally ~/.asoundrc05:18
lex0one last question, does it matter where i save it?05:18
crimsunFernandoL: save it to your Desktop, let's say.  And execute it using a Terminal thusly: bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh05:18
Duke_Flukemewshi, hold on pastebinning :)05:18
mewshiOh ^_^05:18
crimsunlex0: yes, it matters.  That's why you should use "~/.asoundrc"05:18
nickrudFernandoL: click the link, and download it to your desktop, then chmod ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh && ~/alsa-info.sh05:19
bod_hey dudes got a prob ,.,. i get this error message -- tar: firefox-3.0b2.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory05:19
bod_tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now05:19
bod_tar: Child returned status 205:19
bod_tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors05:19
bod_ -- when typing this command -- sudo tar -C /opt -jxvf firefox-3.0b2.tar.bz205:19
bod_ 05:19
Rubinwhenever i click on http://www.bissantz.de/sparkserver/images/ticker-dj.png in firefox, it crashes.05:19
nickrudFernandoL: sorry, the second command should be ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh05:19
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:19
ochas0ulstice: hahhaa.  yea i did.  how do i get LongPenis to get virtualbox to play nice?05:20
zcat[1]bod_: does the file exist?05:20
bod_wot file?05:21
FernandoLnickrud, crimsun it doesn't work05:21
nickrudFernandoL: you downloaded it to your desktop?05:21
kjp2anyone running tomcat ?05:21
FernandoLnickrud yeah05:21
bod_zcat[1]: yep ,.,. tis on my desktop05:21
kr00lHow do i get the Mac looking Desktop Bar thing on my linux?05:21
badkittyocha: wow that was a LONG wait for a reply05:21
zcat[1]are you in ~/Desktop?05:21
nickrudFernandoL: then in a terminal, type   cd ~/Desktop ; ls   do you see it?05:22
ochaPlease help.  I can't get VirtualBox to do anything anymore. ;(  i am having problems with VirtualBox after installing VirtualBox OSE and now I can't get VirtualBox to boot up now.  >.<  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151434#post415143405:22
mewshikr00l, there's a few ways05:22
kr00lmewshi i want the easy05:22
bazhangkr00l: install it--I believe you mean awn05:22
mewshiwell, you're running ubuntu, I'm assuming?05:22
bod_yep this is the line as it looks on my terminal -- bod@bod-desktop:~$ <bod_>05:22
zcat[1]or you could try tar xzvf ~/Desktop/firefox-3.0b2.tar.bz205:22
kr00lbazhang, yeah i want it but don't know how to get it05:22
ochabadkitty, I didn't even see anyone reply to the first message.  I was going to repost the same question in this channel and found out someone responded to me a long time ago05:22
bod_without the ,bod_. bit05:22
zcat[1]bod_: you're in ~, not ~/Desktop then05:23
FernandoLnickrud: yep05:23
bazhangkr00l: there are some walkthroughs on the net--have you taken a look yet?05:23
bod_zcat[1]: nob ,.,. cheers05:23
Duke_Flukemewshi, sorry took so long http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52229/05:23
mewshikr00l, you have a composite thing running, yeah?05:23
kr00lbazhang, i don't know what it's called05:23
nickrudFernandoL: then type:   chmod u+x alsa-info.sh  ,  then type  ./alsa-info.sh05:23
mewshikr00l, what you're looking for is called AWN (avant window navigator)05:23
bazhangkr00l: avant window navigator (awn)05:23
kr00lmewshi, yeah compiz05:23
nickrudFernandoL: that makes it executable, then runs it05:24
avisi have an external backup drive thats formatted to ext3.  i keep a bunch of music albums on it and when i mount it using -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /media/disk-1 well, i can navigate the folders ok in it, and sample music songs one by one, but if i continue going through and sampling songs, i might get to where files wont be recognized.  the icon will turn to a paper leaf and they wont be playable until i logout and remount it05:24
FernandoLthat worked lol05:24
bod_zcat[1]: cheers dude that was the prob05:24
mewshiAlright, then, go get AWN (it should be in the repositories)05:24
r_a_fis there available update kubuntu (7.10) to KDE 4 ?05:24
kr00lmewshi / bazhang thank's i'll look online05:24
FernandoLcrimsun, nickrud: here's my alsa information: http://pastebin.ca/85819105:24
mewshiit will be under the main menu > accessories > avant-window navigator05:24
bazhangno worries05:24
slimjimflimhi, every time i try to watch a divx movie w/ mplayer through firefox, firefox stalls05:24
Duke_Flukemewshi, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52230/05:25
slimjimflimi tried removing and reinstalling mplayer05:25
slimjimflimwith no luck05:25
slimjimflimanyone else had this problem or know what to do about it?05:25
ochacan anyone help me.  I tryed to install file sharing with VirtualBox and now everything in VirtualBox is inaccessible?  Please someone help me.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151562#post415156205:25
slimjimflimit was working a few days ago05:25
nickrudFernandoL: I've done what I can, really. Hopefully you'll get some good help soon05:26
f0001how would one change the OSD size in mplayer? note; i don't use gui, i fire it up from commandline.05:26
crimsunFernandoL: please install the linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r) package05:26
Duke_Flukemewshi, maybe you need to research your monitors settings?05:26
crimsunFernandoL: afterward, please reboot.05:26
mewshiDuke_Fluke, when I changed the monitor and stuff, it said that it couldn't find a reference to "Magnavox TV"05:26
FernandoLcrimsun: what command do I type to install that?05:27
nickrudFernandoL: since that's probably greek to you, type in a terminal:   sudo apt-get install  linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)05:27
Duke_Flukehmmm then  can we put some generic settings manually?05:27
FernandoLnickrud: thanks, crimsun: nevermind :D05:27
adam_#apt-get install alien05:27
bod_by any chance does anyone no how to input the cd-key into cedega to make a game go online when ur ruunning a game by pointing cedega at a indows install of the game?05:27
Gekkomon_Shoguncan someone help me05:28
FernandoLcrimsun: E: Couldn't find package linux-backports-modules-2.6.22-14-generic05:28
Duke_Flukemewshi, like if you know the horizsync and vert refresh05:28
adam_how can i get this ....#apt-get install alien05:28
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: wots the problem?05:28
bazhang!info alien05:29
ubotualien: install non-native packages with dpkg. In component main, is optional. Version 8.68 (gutsy), package size 101 kB, installed size 276 kB05:29
Gekkomon_Shogunhow do i get online videos to play05:29
nickrudFernandoL: system->admin->software sources , enable the first four items, and disable the cdrom05:29
f0001Gekkomon_Shogun, download them.05:29
crimsunFernandoL: please ensure that you have the gutsy and gutsy-proposed main components enabled05:29
r_a_fHell - is there available kde4 i repo kubuntu?05:29
mewshido LCD05:29
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: wot browser r u using?05:30
mewshiDo LCD's even HAVE refresh rates like that?05:30
bazhangr_a_f: ask in #kubuntu-kde405:30
Duke_Flukemewshi, whoops this is an lcd?05:30
mewshiit's a magnavox LCD tv05:30
r_a_fbazhang:thanks  good man ;)05:30
Duke_Flukemewshi, still theres prob a way to specify it properly05:30
mewshiI don't know how05:31
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: u need to install the flash plugin05:31
mewshiDuke_Fluke, if it's not too much trouble, could you give me the whole xorg.conf?  When I changed the monitor, it wouldn't start x at ALL :\05:31
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun use synaptic and search for firefox to c if u have them05:31
nickrudFernandoL: those repos are on the updates tab of software sources05:31
Duke_Flukemewshi, http://pastebin.com/ma27f6a05:31
mewshino, I mean, the whole xorg.conf with the necessary changes to the monitor and such :\05:32
sn0wthis is probably something really stupid but every time I login, my home directory opens, why is that? and how do I make it stop?05:32
FernandoLnickrud: thanks05:32
CarlFKhow do I tell what process has my alsa locked?05:32
Duke_Flukemewshi ....hold on05:32
crimsunCarlFK: sudo lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*05:32
* Ioan- est maintenant absent: Jcognerais ben du monde a place jva peter leur char partis mdefouler 6heures dehors05:33
biouserokay, now for a reboot05:33
biouserjust compiled ALSA from source for two sound cards05:33
biouserwish me luck05:33
Q_ContinuumXChat issue: sometimes new lines show up, but are all bkack (green-on-black colors) and I have to minimize or otherwise force a 'refresh' of the display to see the new line's actual text content.  Any ideas? (Gutsy, x86)05:34
Gekkomon_Shogunhey bod_ what file am i looking for05:34
fuzzyPDFs are blurry as hell, ive tried 3 different programs, should i just stab myself in the face?05:34
=== Q_Continuum is now known as Q_Contoxicated
CarlFKhmm, mixer_app /dev/snd/controlC0 - which is normal, right?  maybe I should back up.  is there a "troubleshooting sound issues" page?  it made noise an hour ago, so I have the right sound card drivers05:35
jusoWhen I run: find "/home/servers/*/databases -mtime +15 | xargs rm -f" from command line it works just fine, but when its in a cron script it doesn't seem to rm anything.  Anyone have an idea?05:36
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: anything that has the word "plugin" in the description05:36
zcat[1]I open pdf's in evince, and I've never had a problem with them being blurry...05:36
crimsunCarlFK: that's normal.  That's the speaker icon (mixer applet) in the right of the top panel.05:36
crimsunCarlFK: what's the issue?05:36
[deXter]Does ubuntu come with flash, pdf, mp3, dvd support out of the box without any installation?05:36
CarlFKcrimsun: ok.  mplayer sound.wav works.  play sound.wav doesn't05:36
MasterShrekfuzzy, are they all blurry? did u try at different zoom levels?05:36
MasterShrek[deXter], no, no, no and no lol05:36
fuzzythey eventually get better, after 15 minutes of loading05:37
Duke_Flukemewshi, whats your lcds exact model the magnavox?05:37
bazhang[deXter]: not all, no05:37
Q_Contoxicated[deXter], out of your list, pdf only.  flash and mp3 prompt you, DVD is a little more tricky05:37
zcat[1][deXter]: no, unfortunately it can't due to various laws and restrictions05:37
[deXter]MasterShrek, thanks a lot, just wanted to confirm it.05:37
crimsunCarlFK: play, from sox?05:37
zcat[1][deXter]: if you enable the medibuntu repository, and apt-get install libdvdcss2 ubuntu-restricted-extras, you will get pretty much all of that installed for you though05:38
Q_Contoxicated[deXter], when you fire up Firefox and hit a Flash-enabled page it will prompt you, same with MP3s and similar patent-encumbered file types, to automagically install.05:38
crimsunCarlFK: does `aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav`?05:38
CarlFKcrimsun: yes05:38
CarlFKer, yes sox.  trying aplay05:38
[deXter]Q_Contoxicated, yes, thanks. I just wanted to confirm if anything changed in Gusy.05:38
=== x86- is now known as z80asm
turk09where are turks05:39
Q_Contoxicated[deXter], Aaah.  Flash has two choices now: Adobe/Macromedia, and GPL'd version (I forget the name, I want to say GNASH)05:39
Duke_Flukemewshi, check out this guys settings: http://www.netreveal.com/ddalton/2006/09/samsung_lcd_tv_xorgconf_settin.html05:39
mewshiI just need to know what all to change :'(05:39
CarlFKcrimsun:  aplay same error as play: ALSA lib confmisc.c:769:(parse_card) cannot find card '�WoPCI'05:39
zcat[1][deXter]: I would point out that windows also cannot play flash, many media formats, or dvd's without adding additional software..05:39
mewshiwhat's the "DisplaySize" line do O-o05:40
crimsunCarlFK: do you have an ~/.asoundrc and/or /etc/asound.conf ?05:40
andresjis there a command line tool that will generate for me pie graphs and similar? or maybe with python bindings?05:40
Duke_Flukemewshi to do that  you need to know your monitor.....good question the pixels maybe? like the native resolution or something?05:40
zcat[1]Oh, and yes, ubuntu coems with evice to display pdf's, and openoffice.org which can save directly to pdf...05:40
mewshiwhich is why the "mode" line says "1440x900"05:41
kaboombobdoes anybody in here refer to themselves as an ubuntu guru?05:41
zcat[1]so the answer was 'no, yes, no no and no' I think...05:41
fuzzyis there a reason why that pdf viewer clogs my computer to the point of non usuability?05:41
crimsunkaboombob: hopefully not.05:41
* nickrud looks around and laughs himself sick05:41
kaboombobcrimsun why not?05:42
Duke_Flukemewshi, just experiment abit use the samsung as a guide and play around with it...its easy to restart X05:42
mewshilast time I changed any of those lines, it screwed up, and X wouldn't start05:42
mewshiat all05:42
mewshiI just need to know what to change to what05:42
fizzlecya in the morning05:42
zcat[1]fuzzy: either your computer sucks, or you're trying to view very broken pdf's ..05:42
crimsunkaboombob: something involving meditation...05:42
kaboombobcrimsun in reference to knowing a vast majority of the ins and outs of ubuntu not meditation05:43
crimsunCarlFK: meaning, if you have either, try removing it/them05:43
marx2kHow does one change the ports apache listens on?05:44
CarlFKcrimsun: ill try removing - do I need to restart anything after removing?05:44
crimsunCarlFK: no, just restart the alsa apps05:44
Flannelmarx2k: change it in your vhost (thats the sites in /sites-available) and also make sure the port is in ports.conf05:44
zcat[1]intersting anecdote ... the last time I ran into a problem with 'ubuntu can't open this pdf' it turned out that the download had failed, the file was an html 404 page, with a pdf extension...05:45
marx2kFlannel: Do you happen to know a link to a tutorial for that? I only installed the xampp suite today and dont know default dirs for those files even05:45
CarlFKcrimsun: that worked.  aplay played.05:45
mandelsonhow do i install beryl wit all the effects05:46
kaboombobim looking for some help connecting my mp3 player can i get some help05:46
bazhangmandelson: beryl is now compiz-fusion05:46
crimsunCarlFK: what addition issues did you have with alsa?05:46
zcat[1]mandelson: beryl is depricated, you want compiz fusion. If you're running gutsy you already have compiz-fusion05:46
mewshiOk, Duke_Fluke, what exactly do I need to change? :\05:46
kaboombobmandelson or emerald to get the same style setup as beryl05:46
mandelsonso why cant i use the birds eye view and cube effect05:47
dequeI have an nfs kernel space server that has suddenly stopped starting correctly. It says it starts, but fails to actually listen on 2049 (according to netstat), but is listening on 2049 according to rpcinfo. Any thoughts?05:47
crimsunkaboombob: (side reference to AmigaOS, but nevermind.)05:47
bazhangkaboombob: what mp3 player05:47
SinNoAriaI can't believe I'm asking this, but where can I get bcm43xx-fwcutter?05:47
zcat[1]mandelson: you want compizconfig-manager (or something close to that) to turn on the various effects05:47
bazhang!ccsm | mandelson05:47
ubotumandelson: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:47
crimsunSinNoAria: universe.05:47
CarlFKcrimsun: this started when I was trying to use Ekiga SIP phone.  the wizard had a test button, i hit it and got error dialogs.  so trying to figure out what the problem was.05:47
kaboombobbazhang its a panasonic that runs on a usb 1.x connection05:47
zcat[1]yeah, that one... 'compizconfig-settings-manager'05:47
SinNoAriacrimsun: >_<  That is true >_<05:48
Duke_Flukemewshi the Monitor "screen"  I THINK you need to enter your monitors specific settings what is the exact model of your magnavox?05:48
bazhangkaboombob: what make and model? panasonic ...05:48
zcat[1]mandelson: and restricted drivers for your video card, if you haven't already installed them..05:48
PatrickvaIs Ubuntu a good distro to learn the CLI on?05:48
dequePatrickva: short answer: yes05:49
dequePatrickva: but really, almost any would do05:49
bazhangslackware Patrickva05:49
UberDayquestion? on gutsy is there a way i can up the virtual memory?05:49
kaboombobbazhang sv-mp25v and the error i get when i click it is unable to mount media there is probably no media in the drive05:49
CarlFKUberDay: yes - you can add a drive, resize a partition or make a swap file05:50
dequeUberDay: Create a larger swap partition either when installing, or slice off a bit of your root using gparted and expand your existing swap into it05:50
bazhangkaboombob: via which media manager? amarok etc05:50
tsukasahey guys if i do something like display=":0" vlc it should work yes? because it errors unable to initialize gtk, set display properly05:50
CarlFKUberDay: oh yeah, and you can use a thumb drive, but I hear that isn't a good idea05:50
morhelpwhat program to convert the audio cd to mp3?05:50
kaboombobbazhang i use amarok the most but it doesnt even see it im going into computer and clicking digital audio player then i get that error05:51
jbelliscan anyone recommend a sata card (sata1 is fine) that can handle at least 2 disks without falling over?  the one I have now craps out with "scsi" errors up to my eyeballs as soon as I boot with a 2nd disk on it05:51
UberDayokay im a noob carl and deque so i got no clue what your talking about. createing a swap file? i got no clue how to do that05:51
bazhangkaboombob: just a moment..05:51
kaboombobbazhang k thnx05:52
SinNoAriadoes anyone know where would be a good place to get the "bcm43xx-fwcutter" driver?  It seems that I need it to get my computer online while using Ubuntu. And I'm terribly sorry about asking a noobish question.05:52
mewshiThe DisplaySize thing didn't work O-o05:52
SinNoAriaI mean, can I get it on the ubuntu website05:52
bullgard4Does the 'ls' command print files with an '.gz' extension only as if they were uncompressed?05:53
kaboombobsinnoaria if its a restricted driver go into the system menu>administration>restricted drivers05:53
mewshifive bucks, in cash, to anyone who can figure this out05:53
ochaPlease help.  I can't get VirtualBox to do anything anymore. ;(  i am having problems with VirtualBox after installing VirtualBox OSE and now I can't get VirtualBox to boot up now.  >.<  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4151434#post415143405:53
SinNoAriait didn't say anything when I went to restricted drivers05:54
SinNoAriaI can't even get online anyhow while using Ubuntu so I need to get the driver while on Windows05:54
randomwalkerhow do i find out what graphics card i have?05:54
mewshiok, seriously.  I will mail 5 bucks in cash to whoever can figure out the solution to my dilemma05:54
pyrakcan anyone offer tips on using a treo 650 with ubuntu?  (apps, etc)05:54
randomwalkeri know it's an integrated/onboard thing but i can't find it in the hardware preferences05:55
unopbullgard4, ls prints out files as they are05:55
randomwalkeris there a command to find it?05:55
marx2kis there something special I need to do to get SSH to accept connections from IP's outside of the LAN?05:56
dequeI have an nfs kernel space server that has suddenly stopped starting correctly. It says it starts, but fails to actually listen on 2049 (according to netstat), but is listening on 2049 according to rpcinfo. Any thoughts?05:56
th0rmarx2k open the port that you have ssh listening on05:57
nickrudrandomwalker: lspci | grep -i vga05:57
SinNoAriakaboombob:  When I tried that, all that I got was that there were no restricted drivers.  (I'm not quoting exactly since I'm on the Windows partition)05:58
FederaLhey guys05:58
marx2kth0r: its open and accepting connections from the internal IP, but when I try to connect to the box using my external IP (Im forwarding the port on the router) its refusing connections05:58
mewshiCome on, you guys don't want five dollars?05:58
Flannelmarx2k: you'll have to consult your xampp documentation.  xampp isn't included in Ubuntu (we just do it the easy way, through package management) and they can configure it arbitrarily.05:58
marx2kyeah I might have to remove xampp and just install normal lampp server05:59
SinNoAriamewshi:  I think it is more like a can't help than a won't help05:59
randomwalkernickrud, thanks!05:59
kaboombobbazhang: http://www.electronics-expo.com/make-a-store/item/PANSVMP25V/Panasonic/SVMP25V/42.html has the specs for it if you want to read that05:59
th0rmarx2k there are two possibilities...first, you may run into trouble going out and then back in on the same ip. I do it here all the time, but sometimes the isp doesn't allow it. The second possibility is that the isp has port 22 blocked...in which case moving ssh to another port may help.06:00
mewshiOh come on, there's a way, there must me06:00
kaboombobsinnoaria i dont know then im still a newb tho maybe someone else can help you06:00
SinNoAriakaboombob:  thanks for your your time one way or another06:01
bazhangkaboombob: just read that--trying to see if it can mounted as a usb storage device to let you transfer files directly to it--currently asking some gurus--just a moment sorry06:01
kaboombobbazhang thnx06:01
kaboombobbazhang in xp it mounts as a storage divice06:02
wooianwhich is the best word processor for chinese in ubuntu opertaing system?06:02
=== wooian is now known as wian
oldude67can i copy the linux partition off my 6.5 gig hard drive onto a 20 gig hard drive without killing my linux ? and keep it bootable?06:03
Gekkomon_ShogunHow do i get adobe flash player to install06:03
bod_use wine06:03
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:03
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.06:03
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine?highlight=%28wine%2906:04
KurtKrautoldude67, yes... but you'd need to copy the partition content, not the partition itself. So you'd need to create a new partition in the other hardrive and past the files from one to another.06:04
bazhangkaboombob: what is your dmesg output when inserting the drive? paste it in pastebin (not here in the channel) !paste will give you the link where to do so06:04
oldude67KurtKraut, well i will hold off on that till i can keep my internet from going down as its my router box06:04
KurtKrautoldude67, maybe there is a shortcut to do it... but I can't remind. I've never attempted to do something similr to it.06:05
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:05
bod_does flash work with amd64 release of ubuntu 7.10?06:06
kaxiwhat is the startupmanager package (usplash) in ubuntu called?06:06
KurtKrautbod_, yes... it will require some workaround but it will work06:06
bod_kurtkraut: i love u ,.,. plz explain more06:07
j1solutionskaxi: startup-manager06:07
kaboombobbazhang http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52231/06:07
bullgard4unop: If this is true, please tell me why mc prints the same file with a .gz extension and less size and why Gnome_Search_Tool prints two filenames, one having an .gz extension to the other and different sizes?06:07
KurtKrautbod_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins06:08
bod_cheers dude,.,. saved my life06:08
KurtKrautbod_, perpetuating the proprietary software over the free software... welll, I'd say that I'm dooming you not saving your life :P06:09
softtowerGuys, this is not ubuntu-related, but do you happen to know how to disable notifications about people joining/leaving the chat? I suspect it's one of the commands I can send to IRC bot.06:09
KurtKrautsofttower, no... it is a local configuration.06:10
bullgard4softtower: You need to configure your IRC client accordingly.06:10
bod_KurtKraut: because u used complicated words im gonna assume u mean it will work ,.,. thankyou06:10
marx2ktell me if this makes any sense to anyone.  I can ssh internally to and log in.  According to www.canyouseeme.org, I have open on port 22.. but when I try to SSH to, connection is refused06:10
zcat[1]softtower: from memory it's someting like /ignore * parts,jopins06:10
zcat[1]*joins ...06:10
kaxii'm just curious- why would the startup-manager be in the universe repository. i thought that was for proprietary software06:11
musikgoatmarx2k: testing from in your network?06:11
marx2kmusikgoat: yes06:11
musikgoat*in your lan06:11
KurtKrautmarx2k, depending on the security settings, your connection may be dropped.06:11
musikgoatyour router may not support loopback06:11
marx2koh man06:11
bullgard4softtower: Gaim cannot be configured that way but Irssi can.06:11
nickrud!components | kaxi06:11
ubotukaxi: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource06:11
musikgoatmarx2k: test through a trusted proxy06:11
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:11
marx2kmusikgoat: Im not sure how to do that06:11
musikgoatmarx2k: like school or friends computer06:11
marx2kheh not able to do that at the moment06:12
musikgoatssh into one location then ssh back06:12
marx2kmusikgoat: can you try to ssh to that IP and tell me if you see a login prompt?06:12
kaboombobbazhang did you get the link?06:12
musikgoatmarx2k: pm the ip if you want06:13
Gekkomon_Shogundoes anyone know how to run Xfire06:13
SinNoAriaah, I think I kind of get why I couldn't find it.  It is a driver extraction.06:13
SinNoAriasorry about asking that question earlier06:13
squarebrackethow do i set an environment variable?06:13
marx2kI didnt know that routers were not able to do external loopbacks. I didnt even think of that06:13
marx2k*some routers*06:14
pkundui have a ubuntu-7.04 iso image......how do I burn it in usb thumbdrive to install it into my laptop hdd06:14
bazhangkaboombob: yeah; it seems to recognize the direct access audio player--odd that it wont mount though--others have said that it just should show up--I had a similar issue with an older 128MB (no name brand) mp3player06:14
pkundumy laptop cd-drive is broken06:14
skagenhi guys.. recently installed ubuntu and im having problem watching youtube videos. i already installed the plugin and nothing happens.06:14
musikgoatmarx2k: mine doesn't, i figured out the hard way ^_^06:14
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.06:15
bazhangthough the official fix seems a looong time coming :}06:15
pkunduskagen see how to install flash06:15
kaboombobbazhang it shows up as a new icon in computer but then it wount let me access it06:15
ghosTM55hello all, i've a problem about installing gnome under kubuntu , i set kdm for default , so i can't display the windows right under GNOME , any solutions?06:15
skageni see. gnash is not working as well?06:15
bazhangkz: success06:15
kaboombobbazhang what did you do with yours?06:15
cozby_hey whats the deal with synaptic pkg manager?06:15
Gekkomon_Shogundoes anyone know how to install Xfire06:15
carbso the flash problem is not just me??06:16
cozby_where the hell does everything install too?06:16
Gekkomon_Shogunand where to get it06:16
carbwhen can a fix be expected??06:16
cozby_I installed postgres.. and I have no clue where it put shit?06:16
bazhangkaboombob: have you tried to mount it via the cli? as for mine--you dont want to know :}06:16
skageni tried gnash not working also06:16
kaboombobcarb its been down for a couple of weeks06:16
bazhang!ohmy | cozby_06:16
ubotucozby_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:16
ghosTM55hello all, i've a problem about installing gnome under kubuntu , i set kdm for default , so i can't display the windows right under GNOME , any solutions?06:16
pkundumy laptop cd-drive is broken......... i have a ubuntu-7.04 iso image......how do I burn it in usb thumbdrive to install it into my laptop hdd06:16
kaboombobbazhang cli?06:16
Fernando1ahhh. Could someone help me? My wireless is a little funky. Every time I try to connect with my network it connects and then my computer freezes06:17
cozby_erm apologies06:17
carbso many questions that google can answer!06:17
cozby_but yes, where do these pkgs install?06:17
bazhangkaboombob: command line (terminal)06:17
tritiumcozby_: dpkg -L <packagename> will list files in the package06:17
cozby_tritium: cheers06:17
bazhangghosTM55: did you install ubuntu-desktop?06:17
tritiumcozby_: similarly, synaptic (gui) lists installed files06:17
KurtKrautFernando1, first... try to reproduce the problem with a livecd. Then check your RAM memory health.06:17
skagen1 question also.. how come nothing happens when try to open CCSM?06:18
Fernando1kurtkraut: with the liveCD it froze too06:18
kaboombobbazhang how would i mount it with cli?06:18
Gekkomon_Shogunwill someone plz help06:18
SmegzorI just installed a driver from the repos for my Aiptek tablet.  When I try to add it as a controller in the GIMP, I get permission denied.  What do I do to fix that?06:18
Fernando1kurtkraut im also new to ubuntu. HOw do I check ram memory health?06:18
ghosTM55bazhang: i use kubuntu06:18
skagen1 question also.. how come nothing happens when try to open CCSM?06:18
musikgoatskagen: it could be failing, try ccsm in the terminal06:18
KurtKrautFernando1, that looks a severe hardware problem. In the livecd session, in the first screen there is a memory test availuable06:18
=== SinNoAria_ is now known as SinNoAria
skagenhow do i do that?06:18
bazhanghttp://www.ss64.com/bash/mount.html kaboombob06:19
badkittyskagen: applications~accessories~terminal06:19
carbanyone know when the flash and gnash problem will be fixed??06:19
badkittyskagen: Then type ccsm06:19
bazhangghosTM55: what session did you choose in the login window?06:19
skagenwill try it06:19
kaboombobbazhang k i was doing that last night when the guy left in the middle of it how can i find out the filesystem type?06:20
badkittyskagen: there is also a keyboard shortcut to trop to to terminal (i think ctrl-f2) But I use a custom one so I forget the default06:20
ghosTM55bazhang: gnome  ,  i got into the gnome , it seems okay , but , it can't display the windows right , no close/min/max button06:20
bazhangkaboombob: I have to step out for a few--perhaps some of the other much more knowledgeable folks here can help out--if not I will return in a couple of hours; will be around tomorrow as well06:20
badkittyghosTM55: Are you using compiz?06:21
musikgoatbadkitty skagen ctrl+alt+f2   and then ctrl+alt+f7 for GUI06:21
kaboombobbazhang thnx for the help maybe i will have it fixed by the time you get back in here06:21
musikgoatits convenient06:21
ghosTM55badkitty: nope , i have just installed the gnome06:21
skagenits giving an attribute error: 'compizconfig.plugin' object has no attribute 'initialized06:22
Fernando1kurtkraut: is there a way to do it without the Live CD?06:22
nickrudFernando1: how's the sound?06:22
KurtKrautFernando1, no. You cannot do a memory health test with a regular operating system06:22
musikgoatskagen: in your system -> appearances06:22
Fernando1nickrud: perfect (Y)06:22
musikgoatgo to visual effects06:22
badkittymusikgoat: Ohh thats it.. that completely drops to the CLI, I usually just use the terminal... any reason It would be better the other way?06:23
nickrudFernando1: nothing like having the guy that does ubuntu's sound fix your machine :)06:23
musikgoatnot noticable (?)06:23
pkundu[repeat] my laptop cd-drive is broken......... i have a ubuntu-7.04 iso image......how do I burn it in usb thumbdrive to install it into my laptop hdd.......plz help06:23
musikgoatits just tty instead of the emulator06:23
Fernando1nickrud: ? crimsun does ubuntu's sound?06:23
nickrudFernando1: yes06:24
badkittyghosTM55: window manager?06:24
bod_KurtKraut: could u post that workaround again plz,.,. i accidently lost it06:24
KurtKrautbod_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins06:24
ghosTM55badkitty: yes06:24
nickrudFernando1: or at least that was his main thing for a while, he's kinda branched out I guess06:24
=== Fyd4 is now known as Fyda
bod_cheers dude06:25
GothicProphetAnyone around that can help me with setting up a dual-boot Ubuntu 7.10 & Vista?06:25
kaboombobanybody know how to tell what filesystem an usb device is?06:25
badkittyghosTM55: do you have a theme manager?06:25
KurtKrautGothicProphet, that should be ease... just install Vista first and then Ubuntu. They'll automatically be set to dual boot.06:25
th0rkaboombob plug it in and type 'fdisk -l' in a terminal06:26
pyrakwhat icalendar app should i use?06:26
unopkaboombob, anything you want it to be .. usually they are FATXX by convention06:26
Fernando1nickrud: do you know why my wireless networking makes my computer crash?06:26
carbpkundu:  You are not likely to get much help with something that can be so easily googled06:26
badkittyGothicProphet: Just make sure you partition the space before you install to make it easy on yourself06:26
GothicProphetAhh, ok cool.  Thanks KurtKraut.  One other question... Is there a way to fix the screen resolution during the Live install of Ubuntu?  It's set to 800x600 and I can't see buttons to click!06:26
carbcheck that out06:26
nickrudFernando1: not a clue. If possible, I know less about wireless than I do sound06:26
skagenwhat does "object has no attribute" in CCSM running in terminal?06:26
Fernando1nickrud: if i plug it in it's fine, and when I search for available networks it shows a list and my network's there too, but when I try to connect it starts to connect, then it DOES connect then it freezes06:27
Fernando1nickrud: alright ty anyway06:27
GothicProphetbadkitty: the install has the option to do that right?  Or do I need to use a separate utility?06:27
unopth0r, I wouldnt trust fdisk on what it reports .. i've partitioned a USB key and set the partition type to NTFS and still managed to format the parition as FAT32  .. now fdisk reports it as NTFS but it's still FAT3206:27
GothicProphetBeen a while since I've had to set up ubuntu at all... haven't done a dual boot yet.06:27
badkittyGothicProphet: Well.. do you have your Vista installed already?06:27
kaboombobth0r http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52233/06:27
GothicProphetYes, Vista was jus freshly reinstalled.06:28
kaboombobwhat filesystem isthat?06:28
skagenwhat does "object has no attribute" in CCSM running in terminal?06:28
=== jord is now known as jordoex
badkittyGothicProphet: Do you know if you have free space on your hdd?06:28
pkunducarb, thnx. but it says how to install to usb pendrive n not from a pendrive06:28
decaycan the installation of ubuntu fry a laptop?06:28
GothicProphetI'd better, it's a 320GB HDD.06:28
Gekkomon_Shoguncan someone tell me how to get xfire06:28
decaycause mine isnt turning back on06:28
th0runop ok...06:28
badkittyGothicProphet: well I mean unused and unpartitioned space06:29
bod_KurtKraut: i have all the stuff,.,. but checking the flash site, i see that my version isnt the latest one for linux ,.,. how would i go about installing the latest one?06:29
unopkaboombob, that looks like a corrupt disk to me06:29
kaboombobgothicprophet it is vista tho jk06:29
badkittylol kaboombob06:29
GothicProphetkaboombob: True... lol...06:29
kaboombobunop it works still tho, its my mp3 player and it works fine under xp06:29
GothicProphetbadkitty: It should, like I said, Vista was just fresh installed (reformat prior to reinstall)06:29
bod_KurtKraut: ??06:30
unopkaboombob, yea, windows is notorious for skimming over errors and not paying enough attention -- have you tried mounting the disk like this -- sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb106:30
kaboombobunop mount point does not exist06:31
bod_checking the flash site, i see that my version isnt the latest one for linux ,.,. how would i go about installing the latest one?   anyone??06:31
yudigadgetdoes anyone know what is this mean: (i read on ubuntu forum but i don't understand)06:31
yudigadgetpeople with foomatic drivers.. make sure06:31
yudigadget#emerge foomatic06:31
yudigadgetafter installing cups...06:31
yudigadgetwhat is #emerge foomatic ??06:31
unopkaboombob, ok -- make it then -- sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb106:32
nickrud!brokenflash | bod (the blue text in the link or from adobe)06:32
ubotubod (the blue text in the link or from adobe): The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.06:32
badkittyGothicProphet: Ok well then yes, you just throw in the LIVECD, boot it up (making sure your CDROM is first to boot) then click install and make sure you guide it through (so it doesn't erase your vista partition)06:32
kaboombobunop operation not permitted06:33
unopkaboombob, on which command tho?06:33
GothicProphetbadkitty: thanks... I messed that up last time I tried a dual boot (an xp machine) so it's now a pure ubuntu comp.  LOL06:33
kaboombobunop mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/sdb1': Operation not permitted06:33
unopkaboombob, are you sure you used sudo with mkdir there06:34
unopkaboombob, sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb106:34
kaboombobi copied exactly what you typed so yes06:35
badkittykaboombob: correct me if I am wrong but, do you want to mount it there or in media?06:35
kaboombobbadkitty anywhere as long as i can get it to mount06:35
badkittykaboombob: what is it now? usb? cdrom?06:35
badkittyit shows up in /dev06:36
kaboombobbadkitty its an older mp3 player made by panasonic06:36
kaboombobbadkitty where would i look in there?06:36
Andrew250Hello all.  I have just installed Gutsy and it keeps freezing.  I'm new to Linux.  Can someone help me?06:36
unopkaboombob, fdisk reports it as /dev/sdb ...06:37
kaboombobhow do i check unop?06:37
badkittykaboombob: That I wouldn't know for sure06:37
unopkaboombob, you can try this -- sudo sh -c "mkdir /mnt/sdb1; mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1"06:38
unopkaboombob, you've already checked -- you pasted it here - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52233/06:38
jay-oh-enis kubuntu faster then ubuntu? and what gobuntu or xubuntu what one should i get out of those if i have these specs06:39
kaboombobunop that didnt work mkdir again06:39
unopkaboombob, ok, try this then - sudo sh -c "mkdir /media/sdb1; mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1"06:39
pkundu dd if=/home/pkundu/ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdc1 ........... will this make the usb /dev/sdc1 bootable06:40
stevenucan anyone tell me how to stop open arean from exiting fullscreen ? keeps randomly happening06:40
MasterShrekunop, why not just give it to him in two seperate commands, instead of confusing him?06:40
unoppkundu, i should think not -- an ISO is meant to be burnt to CDs and CD have different boot loaders to harddrives and removable media .. but i could be wrong and there's no harm in trying06:41
MasterShrekkaboombob, do you know what just happened?06:41
kaboombobno idea whatsoever06:41
MasterShrekits one thing to do it, its another to understand what you did06:41
kaboombobits happy now tho06:41
unopMasterShrek, that is _ONE_ command06:41
kaboombobim happy06:41
MasterShrekunop, im aware of that, but he has no idea what he just did06:42
MasterShreknow hell have to come back here when he wants to mount something else06:42
MasterShrekinstead of explaining it once and having him know how to do it06:42
kaboombobmastershrek whould you mind telling me what i just did?06:42
pkunduI just need a solution where in i can transfer a image to pendrive and boot from it to install from that to my laptop hdd06:42
Andrew250Hello all.  I have just installed Gutsy and it keeps freezing.  I'm new to Linux.  Can someone help me?06:43
badkittyTeach a man how to fish instead of give him a fish..06:43
pkunduunop u may be right06:43
Flannelpkundu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation  has instructins on all sorts of installation solutions06:43
misslecommander                                   i get a freeze on Gutsy once in a while, most of the time its when i hit Enter key, instead of clicking OK buttons06:43
pkunduthnx Flannel06:44
MasterShrekkaboombob, well, forget about he sudo sh -c for now, and pay attention to the stuff inside the quote, they are two commands seperated by a semicolon. the first one make a mount point, that is a place where you will mount your hard drive, or flash driver or whatever it is. the second one is the actual mount command, if you type mount --help it will show you how to use the command06:44
GothicProphetOh goody... I'm gonna be installing w/o a mouse... LOL06:44
misslecommanderi still need to update the vidcard somehow06:44
unoppkundu, the easiest way might be to use syslinux and a drop-in kernel image .. check out the DSL website, it's got a few good howtos06:44
Andrew250I can't even do the updates06:44
Andrew250It boot and then freezes in under 3 mins06:44
misslecommanderbiggest issue on getting anything to work was getting on the internet with it first, alot of other problems go away after you do that06:44
misslecommanderandrew you on the linix box now ?06:45
Andrew250Internet is connected right from the install06:45
badkittyGothicProphet: LOL06:45
GothicProphetIt disappeared on me...06:45
badkittyGothicProphet: goody goody gumdrops!06:45
GothicProphetSo now I can't get past the "select time zone"06:45
misslecommanderi am noob, so just voicing what i had to do. i have freeze issues as well. sometimes i can force close app, but other times i cant06:45
kaboombobmastershrek i kind of got that much of it and i did know it was 2 commands how do i know which one is my next thing to mount tho cause it wont be /dev/sdb if im not mistaken06:45
badkittyGothicProphet: HAHA.. you sure tab doesn't work06:46
MasterShrekkaboombob, the sudo part is so that you have administrator privlidges to make that directory and to mount the drive (sudo is a very big thing in linux because it provides a good layer of security for your system) the sh basically tells the command line that it will be receiving a shell script (sh stands for shell i believe) and the stuff in the quotes is the actual command, with the semicolon and the quotes it appears as one c06:46
MasterShrekommand in a sense06:46
misslecommanderwhat a pain it was to get wireless hooked in, it was like slow death, bad06:46
pkunduFlannel, gave me wat i am looking for thnx man06:46
GothicProphetQuite... Tried it... it was sitting there on the New York option after every attempt...06:46
kaboombobmastershrek k i knew that to06:46
MasterShrekkaboombob, well that all depends on your setup06:46
jay-oh-enwhat os by ubuntu should i get if i have these system specs06:46
jay-oh-enSysinfo for 'ubuntu': Linux 2.6.22-14-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDAthlon643000+ at 1000 MHz (2102 bogomips), , RAM: 998/1011MB, 124 proc's, 3.3h up06:46
MasterShreksdb2 maybe, or possibly sdc106:47
nickrudjay-oh-en: you can run any of the ubuntus.06:47
kaboombobmastershrek i dont know the syntax to well yet but im getting there slowly so just look for a change next time is the only way to know what the mount point is06:47
jay-oh-ennickrud: what will be the best looking or fastest06:47
kaboombobmastershrek also how can i tell what the filesystm type is?06:48
misslecommanderyes, the sytax is somewhat like learning dos all over again, or atleast it reminds me of that06:48
jay-oh-ennickrud: im on ubuntu live cd but i have a bunch of cds so i can install xubuntu06:48
MasterShrekkaboombob, if you were to type: sudo fdisk -l     in a command line it should tell you what u need to know06:48
jay-oh-ennickrud: or whatever os06:48
nickrudjay-oh-en: xubuntu would run the fastest, and looks is a matter of taste. I think kde and xfce are tasteless myself :)06:48
MasterShrekkaboombob, it lists all the partitions that are present as well as their filesystems06:48
kaboombobmastershrek cool i kind of knew that one to06:48
jay-oh-ennickrud: want to see my current setup of kde and say its tasteless?06:48
unopkaboombob, usually you dont have to mess with mount on the command line, your device should automatically mount06:49
nickrudjay-oh-en: I'm sure it's gaudy, I like a nice bland desktop, nothing to get in the way of work06:49
Trebelnickrud: i'm with you on that one06:49
MasterShrekkaboombob, then all you have to do is make a new mount point for it, and then mount it. most of the time you wont even need the -t in the mound command. but i never put the two commands together myself...its always sudo mkdir /mount/point      then    sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mount/point06:49
kaboombobunop i know but both of my usb things i have connected have had some major issues06:49
jay-oh-ennickrud: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s272/pronege/mydekstop2.png06:49
unopkaboombob, in this case, it probably failed to mount because of the invalid parition table on the device which is why we had to resort to the command line06:50
MasterShrekunop, if it had an invalid partion table it would mount anyway afaik06:50
nickrudjay-oh-en: oh, my eyes!!! all the K' and gears , the horror ...06:50
jay-oh-ennickrud: but im tired of it looking so pretty im ready for functionallity cause that doesnt have any of it i have alot of problems06:51
jay-oh-ennickrud: stop playing around haha06:51
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: what you think of my desktop since your a kde user06:51
unopMasterShrek, well, it seems hald didnt auto-mount it .. but mount did mount it06:51
MasterShrekkaboombob, would yo happen to know if your user is a member of the plugdev group? i dont know if u need to be in ubuntu (as i dont really use it much) but in slack you do06:51
nickrudjay-oh-en: you can pimp gnome and xfce also.06:51
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, how u konw i was a kde user? lol06:51
kaboombobyeah thats what you were saying and i saw that in there thank you for the help i can now listen to something other than sandstorm again06:51
MasterShrekKDE FTW! lolz06:51
MasterShrekpretty sweet lookin jay-oh-en06:52
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: cause i can see through your screen06:52
kaboombobmastershrek plugdev group ?06:52
MasterShrekkaboombob, using gnome i assume?06:52
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: jk i talked to you a long time ago but i dont want to say my name06:52
kaboombobunop yeah thats what you were saying and i saw that in there thank you for the help i can now listen to something other than sandstorm again06:52
kaboombobmastershrek yes i am06:52
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, why not?06:52
unopkaboombob, yw06:53
MasterShrekkaboombob, ok, system > admin > users    (i think lol i dont use gnome either)06:53
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: cause it was banned way back when06:53
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: and im ready not to get banned anymore and i dont want to bring up any skelitons in my colset06:53
nemanja_ima li srba ovde?06:54
kaboombobmastershrek k what about it?06:54
=== HashBox_ is now known as HashBox
MasterShrekkaboombob, im not sure what it looks like lol, is there a groups tab?06:54
nemanja_Where is grub loader?06:54
kaboombobyeah i clicked it now what?06:54
jay-oh-ennickrud: what has the most support for hardware06:55
jay-oh-ennickrud: and printers06:55
MasterShrekkaboombob, is there a group called plugdev?06:55
Andrew250Hello all.  I have just installed Gutsy and it keeps freezing.  I'm new to Linux.  Can someone help me?06:55
bod_hey ,.,. can anyone recommned any cool programs for ubuntu??06:55
kaboombobmastershrek powerdev and netdev but no plugdev06:55
MasterShrekAndrew250, fresh install?06:55
Andrew250it is06:56
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: i have kde installed i just cant get my printer to work i have a mp730 and06:56
MasterShrekkaboombob, hmm is there a hald group maybe?06:56
jay-oh-enremove and06:56
albatross_bod: try build essential then you can make your own06:56
nickrudjay-oh-en: I wouldn't be the right person to ask, I've been running gnome since I started. Sampled many, but never stuck with them long enough to become familiar06:56
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, i dont know much about printers, u install cups?06:56
nemanja_kde is very bad!06:56
Andrew250MasterShrek: I've done it like 7 times in the last 2 days06:56
GothicProphetI like my gnome06:56
MasterShreknemanja_, lies! but this isnt the channel for that discussion06:56
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: yes i installed everything06:56
GothicProphetIt's a shame that comp is in pieces right now.06:56
bod_albtross: wot build my own programs?? i have to go to school in an hour!06:56
kaboombobmastershrek haldaemon06:56
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: but the driver they recomend for my printer prints really small06:57
albatrossbod_ an hour? that's a long ass time you can do a lot of programming06:57
nemanja_ubuntu - gnome06:57
MasterShrekkaboombob, try adding your user to that group, logging out and back in and then plug ur flash drive in06:57
albatrossi mean, most of it will be spent finding it doesnt compile but it's fun06:57
bod_albatross: not when ur not a programmer,.,. all i can do is write  script to start amarok on log-in06:57
nemanja_Ima li srba ovde??06:57
kaboombobmastershrek ok why am i doing that tho?06:57
albatrossbod_: seriously though i'd suggest wireshark i find snooping my house network fascinating06:58
jay-oh-enwho here has tested all of the ubuntus xfce kde gdk just tell me what was the best06:58
GothicProphetWireshark is fun.06:58
bod_albatross: wot does it do?06:58
GothicProphetbod_: it's a packet sniffer.06:58
albatrossits designed for network analysis, it caputures packets, basically you can see who's looking at what over a network06:58
jay-oh-ennot just best as in best i mean in all around there can be a little problems i can fix themm but what was the fastest and had the lease problems with hardware06:58
MasterShrekkaboombob, i have a feeling your user does not have hald (which is your hardware abstraction layer daemon, hence hald) permissions. thats what my problem in slackware was and after i added my user to the plugdev group, automounting worked06:58
bod_albatross: im the only linux machine in the house06:58
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: can you make slackware look nice? do you still run it?06:59
GothicProphetbod_: Is yours the only system in the house at all?06:59
albatrossbod_: it works on a more fundamental level than that, you basically pick up all traffic (if you're on a wireless of hub based network) and you can sift through it06:59
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, kde 3.5.806:59
bod_GothicProphet: no06:59
bod_albatross: cool!!!!06:59
albatrossif the general discussion is about window managers, which it seems to be: i'd suggest ion07:00
badkittyjay-oh-en: Doesn't backtrack run off of slackware ... I thought it looked alright07:00
GothicProphetbod_: Then you can see all the packets, like albatross said, from a wireless network and sort through'em.07:00
extractedEttercap allows for sniffing of packets across switched networks !07:00
albatrossyeah arp spoofing isnt so hard07:00
bod_GothicProphet: gettin it now ,.,. cool!!!! any others?07:00
marx2kWhats the SSH command to upload files via SSH?07:00
=== jord is now known as jordoex
extractedcheck out knoppix STD  if you are in to network security07:01
badkittyextracted: What about backtrack2?07:01
GothicProphetThere!  Finally got my mouse back.07:01
bod_albatross: wots that?07:01
extractedI took it to work to just test what could be done with that installation its amazing07:01
jay-oh-enbadkitty: yeah i searched on google its ight07:01
extractedbadkitty, cant say I know any thing about that.07:01
jay-oh-eni think im going to go with xfce07:01
nickrudjay-oh-en: I got an account just to show you a simple desktop :) http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii255/pinute/Screenshot.png07:01
jay-oh-ennickrud: kool thanks for doing that for me07:02
badkittyextracted: Its a Pen testing distro besed on I believe slackware... comes as a live cd :-)07:02
extractedif its like another live cd ver of linux, I know there is one thats based on Fedora thats out as well07:02
unopmarx2k, if it's strictly ssh -- cat /path/to/localfile | ssh user@host 'cat -> /path/to/remotefile'07:02
jay-oh-ennickrud: what distro is that07:02
unopmarx2k, but you're better off using something like scp07:02
bod_GothicProphet: shouls i run wireshark or wireshark (as root)07:02
nickrudjay-oh-en: ubuntu07:02
extractedbadkitty I like knoppix std because it allows you to craft your own packets07:02
marx2kah scp, thats it thnks07:03
GothicProphetbadkitty: now that this is back up and running correctly... I should select the 'guided - resize' option yeah?07:03
jay-oh-ennickrud: not xfce?07:03
GothicProphetbod_: wireshark (as root) is the one I run.07:03
nickrudjay-oh-en: nope. I cut all the frills07:03
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, nothing matters about the distro, ubuntu can be made to look like fedora or suse or anything07:03
jordoexAAARG! why does it say everywhere that your network name should be wlan0 for ndiswrapper when ubuntu sets it up fine to use eth1?07:03
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, and vice-versa07:03
bod_GothicProphet: can u give me a quick tutorial plz07:03
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: i know that but i was just asking07:03
badkittyGothicProphet: PM me07:03
GothicProphetMasterShrek/joy-oh-en: I've seen an ubuntu desktop look like Vista... (why I don't know!)07:03
GothicProphetbadkitty: I did... did you not receive it?07:04
MasterShreki gave vista 2 weeks, ill never install it again07:04
bod_Why would u get linux to look like windows ,.,. thats just counterproductive!!!07:04
badkittyextracted: hmm I still haven't messed too much with any of that, but it sounds cool!07:04
GothicProphetMasterShrek: I couldn't agree more.  LOL... I want Ubuntu on this machine to get away from the ugliness of MS products.  LOL07:04
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: ive made kde look like mac (im sure you have) ive made ubuntu look like kde kinda but it was a ugly version let me see if i got a pic07:04
badkittyno i didn't07:04
quaalxMasterShrek, i gave it about 5 minutes07:04
GothicProphetbod_: Honestly, I haven't played with Wireshark too much so I'm not too knowledgable with it.07:05
bod_GothicProphet: well u no more then me,.,. i have it loaded ,.,. wot do i do to start snooping?07:05
MasterShrekmeh, im running xp at the moment, i got a pretty good handle on it though, disabling lots of services and shit, got it running pretty smoooth for a gaming os, but i got slamd64 installed for my fun :)07:05
carbwireshark and ethearel are the same progrma07:05
jay-oh-enbod_: true dat true dat i hate windows i came from it but once i realized EVERYTHING is free i just gave up on it even games and all :[ but i dont miss it07:05
extractedbadkitty, I like it fairly quick loading and what not, but the drivers that comes packaged with suck07:06
bod_me too07:06
Sergowin xp sucks07:06
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: whats slamd6407:06
bod_win xp is better then vista07:06
Sergohe don't know the ext307:06
GothicProphetbadkitty: you get the pm this time?07:06
badkittyextracted: IC, when I have time I wanna check out a few other distros07:06
MasterShrekits slackware port to x86_6407:06
jay-oh-enbod_: yeah vista is just going down07:06
badkittyGothicProphet: No you sure you are PMing the right person07:07
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: you have aloty of time on your hands?07:07
badkittyI PM U, no reply07:07
GothicProphetI'm just replying to yours...07:07
GothicProphetbloody trillian...07:07
Sergovista can run on 0mb of video07:07
extractedbadkitty, Yeah I primairly use Ubuntu for my personal pc  and I use fedora for what ever services I am hosting.07:07
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, not so much anymore lol, but yea i spose why?07:07
badkittyGothicProphet: Are you identified?07:07
GothicProphetI think so, let me double check07:07
n2diyI'm looking for an aviation bomber/fighter game for Dapper?07:07
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: well you do alot of stuff07:08
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: and mostly everytime im here i see you helping people07:08
jay-oh-eno-r sitting back and taking a break07:08
badkittyextracted: I tried a fedora install, something bad happened but I dont remember what it was. PLus i think the install was BIG07:08
MasterShreki havent been around much lately actually07:08
MasterShrektongiht is the first night ive been really active in a couple weeks07:08
MasterShrekim usually idling though lol07:08
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: why dont you help peoplein kde?07:08
jay-oh-eni mmean #kubuntu07:09
GothicProphetBloody 'ell.07:09
sexcoptermy ubuntu's not finding a locally connected printer, and when i go to System -> Administration -> Printing, it comes up with "Not Connected" (to the CUPS server, I assume). Goto Server results in a hang... any thoughts?07:09
XinefCaffiene is a cruel mistress07:09
parthando we require different media plugins for 32bit and 64bit machines?07:09
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: oic your in slackware07:09
GothicProphetIt didn't auto-send the identify like it was supposed to...07:09
MasterShreki dont know lol, seems like theres more noobs in here, if someone makes a decision to use kubuntu, they probably have some kind of an idea of what they are doing, i like to help the people who are clueless...maybe it makes me feel smart or somethign lmao07:09
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
parthanwondering how to answer bug #183699 ;)07:10
n2diysexcopter: try restarting cups.07:10
jay-oh-enthats what im talking about07:10
Crazymethjesusshut mouth07:10
=== jordo_ex is now known as jordoex
unopparthan, yes and those plugins would be codecs07:10
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, yea i idle there too, not much talking, i do most of my irc in this room, occasionally ill bs with the guys in #slackware07:10
sexcoptern2diy: what command do i issue to do that?07:10
Crazymethjesusshut mouth or i punch07:10
nickrudMasterShrek: you are skilled (I'll leave the smart to you)07:10
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: how longer are you gonig to be on07:10
MasterShreklol @ nickrud07:10
MasterShrekwell im prolly gonna go to bed soon, i got class in the morning07:10
MasterShrekwhy u need help with something jay-oh-en?07:11
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: do you show off your computers to people at school07:11
n2diy/etc/services/ cups restart, or something like that.07:11
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: nah but ill bug you tomorrow if i have a problem but ive come along way since you knew me i know alot more then i did07:11
MasterShreknot really, if they notice and say something ill show it off i guess, but then they probably know what they are talking about if they notice that im not running windows07:11
bod_GothicProphet: cool ,.,. that wireshark is nifty chers dude07:12
nickrudsexcopter: sudo invoke-rc.d cups restart (or start if restart fails)07:12
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: just think 6 months ago i didnt know what linux was haha07:12
GothicProphetbod_: Isn't it?  When I actually get around to playing with it more, I'll share my insights with you.  :)07:12
Gekkomon_Shogunis their anyway to have different backgrounds for each window on the cube07:12
bod_does anyone know of any other interesting bits of software that i can play with?07:12
bod_GothicProphit: cheers dude07:12
nickrudbod_: inkscape07:12
MasterShreklol, yea jay-oh-en ive been using it for about 4 years, and i feel like ive barely scratched the surface haha07:12
jay-oh-enbod_: like web developement??07:13
MasterShrekbod_, compiz fusion07:13
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: yes but seriously dont go there,.,. not untill its official ,.,. i tried doing that to mine ,.,. 1 1/2 weeks later im not reall that much closer07:13
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: dang 4 years isnt that long and you know alot more then i do07:13
n2diybod_:  what do you mean by playwith?07:13
bod_nickrud: wots inkscape?07:13
Billsterhello could someone help me get my audio back it was working but it's not working any more07:13
GothicProphetMasterShrek: Compiz is nice.  Another toy I haven't played with nearly enough yet.07:13
nickrudbod_: yeah, compiz, see how subtle you can make the effects.07:13
OshaMaHUei am new to ubuntu &linux i just installed ubuntu 7.10 but i couldnt connect to internet. i googled and i found that broadcom wireless adaptors have some issues with linux. do anybody know is there a guide to solve the problem. i have vista 64 in my machine too07:14
bod_jay-oh-en: id like to learn ,,. yer07:14
nickrudbod_: it's a vector drawing program07:14
bod_MasterShrek: got it07:14
MasterShreki dont use compiz, its fun to play with, but i feel a total waste of your computer's precision resources07:14
bod_nickrud: no thanks i dont do graphics ,.,.lol,.,.07:14
Gekkomon_Shogunbod_ what exactly do u mean07:14
MasterShrekpre...ah screw it i cant spell07:14
kaboombobmastershrek now i have rebooted and what not but it says there is not enough room to place new files on it i just deleted the other songs i had on it but there is not enough room07:14
jay-oh-enbod_: i forget the program but if you want we could make a website together since your bored07:14
kaboombobmastershrek any ideas?07:14
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: do u mean about the backgrounds?07:14
sexcoptern2diy. nickrud: seems to have worked, thanks!07:14
nickrudbod_: this is different, it's awsome and you don't have to know how to draw, just how to make shapes07:14
jay-oh-enbod_: im pretty decent at websites and i could teach htm/CSS07:15
sexcopternot sure what is causing this, but at least i have a workaround07:15
jordoexOshaMaHUe: the restricted driver manager should be easy enough to use when you install07:15
n2diysexcopter: cool07:15
MasterShrekkaboombob, hmm, have you been unmounting it before you unplug it?07:15
Gekkomon_Shogunbod_ yea i would like to have a different background for each side of the cube07:15
bod_jay-oh-en: i only have 1 hour,.,. will u be around in 10 hours?07:15
kaboombobwhen i had it mounted yes07:15
jordoexOshaMaHUe: otherwise, ndisrapper works fine as well for me on my broadcom07:15
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, are you in irc as root?07:16
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: go to #compiz-fusion    but the desktop background thing is very complicated07:16
jordoexOshaMaHUe: just find a wireless connection07:16
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: what do you recomend im going to install xfce but i have a ubuntu disc made should i download a cd and burn a xubuntu disc or what07:16
bod_nickrud: ok cheers07:16
jordoexOshaMaHUe: i mean wired07:16
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: yes why07:16
nickrudbod_: have you tried playing around with gconf-editor yet?07:16
rzinanyone know where to get ubuntu for ppc architecture07:16
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, not a good idea lol07:16
jay-oh-enbod_: ill be around do you have any clients like aim or msn07:16
bod_nickrud: looked at = yes ,.,. changed anything = no ,.,. im a linux noobie so i dont wanna break anything lol ,.,.07:17
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: why if not ill brb07:17
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, also, id use a straight xubuntu cd if you have the bandwidth and a spare cd, it will make it a much cleaner install07:17
OshaMaHUejordoex: i looked there but there were just but there is just chipset and driver of the video card07:17
bod_jay-oh-en: i have aMSN07:17
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: thats what im gonig to do then07:17
jay-oh-enbod_: save this email "pronege@hotmail.com"07:17
jay-oh-enbod_: add that tomorrow and well start on a website07:17
MasterShrekbod_, the worst thing youll screw up is your user's gnome settings, in which case youll just have to delete all the .gnome* folders in your user's home directory (as far as i know) but it wont affect any other users ont he machine07:18
kaboombobmastershrek when i had it mounted finally yes07:18
MasterShrekbod_, when using the gconf-editor07:18
bod_jay-oh-en: cheers dude,.,. il def find u ,.,. cheers07:18
jordoexOshaMaHUe: then try ndiswrapper, it uses the windows driver, search on the ubuntu wiki07:18
nickrudbod_: you can't break anything there, and you can get back the defaults for any tree with:   gconftool --recursive-unset /path . For example, gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel  will return your panels to default07:18
bod_MasterShrek: im the only user07:18
MasterShrekkaboombob, mount it and type: df    in a command line and see what it says for free space and stuff07:18
bod_nickrud: ok but wot can i do with it?07:19
Gekkomon_Shogunbod_ theirs no one their07:19
MasterShrekbod_, you could add another user, or delte that one and re-create it, is what i mean, it wont break your entire system, just that user07:19
OshaMaHUejordoex: ok thanks07:19
nickrudbod_: looking thru there will teach more about gnome than just about anything less than reading the code07:19
bod_Gekkomon_Shogun: try again at different times m807:19
MasterShrekbod_, if you were to screw something up07:19
godaddywhile attempting to install perl-base using aptitude, I get an error: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.07:19
bod_nickrud: ok cheers07:19
Gekkomon_Shoguni love exploring lol07:19
godaddyI know nothing about Perl ... can anyone advise me?07:19
jay-oh-enim back07:20
MasterShrekwelcome back jay-oh-en07:20
parthananybody here on amd64 machine, and having problems with playing media?07:20
kaboombobmastershrek 100% usage it says07:20
=== joshuaboyd is now known as earlmred-
MasterShrekparthan, what kinds of problems?07:20
nickrudanyway, tomorrow's a work day. see you all about07:20
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: im going to download the cd what makes it a cleaner install07:20
bod_parthan: im on amd64 ,.,. wots the prob?07:20
MasterShrekkaboombob, now if you delete something and type df, its still the same?07:20
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, because it doesnt have to install all the gnome pacakges too, just xfce07:21
kaboombobmastershrek there is nothing else to delete07:21
parthanMasterShrek, bod_ trying to reply bug #183699, if you can reply ;)07:21
MasterShrekkaboombob, everything is gone off it? is there software for the actual mp3 player on there too though?07:21
MasterShrekparthan, give me a link and ill take a look07:21
bod_pathan: hang on07:21
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: does xubuntu only come in dvd for united states? thats all i can find07:22
parthanmaster_o1_master, bod_ https://launchpad.net/bugs/18369907:22
parthanerr.. MasterShrek ^^07:22
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, no, i always get the cds07:22
kaboombobmastershrek a small xml and 2 empty folders07:22
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, let me link you...07:22
SomeoneElse2232Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu in parallels and keep receiving this error... http://i3.tinypic.com/87mfucj.png07:22
bod_parthan: r u complaining about totem?07:22
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: yeah cause i cant find it07:22
=== earlmred- is now known as earlmred
MasterShrekkaboombob, i was going to suggest formatting it, but i may render your mp3 player useless so dont do it07:23
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: http://www.xubuntu.org/get#gutsy thats where im at07:23
parthanbod_, its not me, i was indulging in triage when i found it, myself dont use amd64 so looking for people to comment on it07:23
jay-oh-enbod_: where do you live? i live in las vegas07:23
bod_parthan: totem works like a charm,. although its a basic program,.,. amarok is better07:23
bod_jay-oh-en: england07:23
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs/xubuntu/7.10/release/xubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso07:23
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, you live in vegas? must be a trip07:24
parthanbod_, then please comment in the bug :)07:24
jay-oh-enbod_: yeah how long do you stay up07:24
bod_pathan: kk07:24
MasterShrekparthan, using totem still?07:24
bod_jay-oh-en: havent slept in 2 days ,.,. wired on coffee07:24
MasterShrektotem sucks, its gnome's default thats why its there07:25
kaboombobmastershrek ok i managed to get a small txt file to fit on it df then i deleted the txt file to df again and it showed that it had taken up a few bites of space but now that its deleted those bites are still taken07:25
bod_parthan: i cant be bothered to make an account just to post ,.,. "yer it works" ,.,. cant u post it on behalf of me?07:25
parthanMasterShrek, not me. but yes people are using it still.07:25
MasterShreki always use xine, vlc or mplayer, any of those are better than totem07:25
parthanbod_, ah ok, sure07:25
SomeoneElse2232How do I install Ubuntu?07:25
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: yeah i live here you should be starting to remember me now LiL-JoN ? does that ring a bell07:25
bod_parthan: cheers07:25
parthanMasterShrek, I use VLC too, and sometimes mplayer07:25
MasterShrekwell yea, cuz its gnome's default media player (i dont liek gnome)07:25
parthanbod_, anyway thanks :)07:25
MadpilotSomeoneElse2232, generally by downloading the ISO, burning that to CD, and installing off the CD07:25
bod_parthan: no probs07:26
Madpilotubotu, install | SomeoneElse223207:26
ubotuSomeoneElse2232: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:26
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, no not really07:26
skagenhow come i cant add workspaces when i turn on effects?07:26
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: tonight if it downloads fast enough will you help me get vlc working correctly for the web?07:26
SomeoneElse2232How do I do it without this error   http://i3.tinypic.com/87mfucj.png07:26
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, i wont be up that late07:26
bod_skagen: u can ,.,. do u mean extra desktops?07:26
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: then just forget about it07:26
crdlbskagen: because compiz uses a different kind of workspace, and gnome doesn't perfectly support it yet07:26
jay-oh-enMasterShrek: tomorrow then?07:26
MasterShrekim thinkin about getting a glass of water and crashing, i got class in 6 1/2 hrs and i didnt get much sleep last night07:27
crdlbskagen: you can change the number of compiz viewports in ccsm07:27
skagenyup installed compiz07:27
MasterShrekjay-oh-en, yea, ill be online almost all day, two classes, but lots of time in between07:27
skagenlet me check07:27
parthanskagen, right click on the desktop workspaces, go to preferences, you can add  there.. increase num of columns..07:27
bod_skagen: press alt+F2  ,.,. type ccsm ,.,. go into general settings ,.,. and in one of the tabs set desktop horizontal size to 407:28
KalElhi, i've installed ubuntu, to install kde 4 do i just sudo apt-get install kde?07:28
SomeoneElse2232Maybe Debian will help my linux needs07:28
jay-oh-enKalEl: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:29
badkittySomeoneElse2232: perhaps07:29
skagenalright! that worked07:29
jay-oh-enKalEl: sudo apt-get install kde-core07:29
skagenthanks man!07:29
jay-oh-ennot the other one KalEl07:29
MasterShrekKalEl, for kde4 i think its different07:29
kaboombobmastershrek i have umounted it and mounted it again and that changed nothing07:29
SomeoneElse2232I hope it does since Ubuntu is not working for me07:29
bod_skagen: no probs ,.,. if u need help with compiz go to #compiz-fusion07:29
skagenwow.. cube looks great!07:29
Mongoosehow do i get java 6 compiler?07:30
jay-oh-enthats all what getts people to switch is the damn cube07:30
bod_jay-oh-en: lol,.,. yer ,.,. thats y i got it ,.,.lol,.,.07:30
jay-oh-enMongoose: why not install from repos07:30
KalElwell it impressed my friends definitely... (the cube)07:30
Mongoosewhat's it listed under? javac isnt returning anythign useful07:30
kaboombobjay-oh-en then they stop using the cube cause it eats ram like pacman eats the ghosts07:30
MadpilotSomeoneElse2232, have you looked up issues w/ Parallels installs?07:30
jay-oh-enbod_: me too but i realized its not handy and makes work slower07:30
MasterShrekkaboombob, i wouldnt think it would. try opening a terminal, then cd /mnt/sdb1 (or whatever it was) and do: ls -a     and see if something else shows up on the flash drive ( ls -a    will list all the files, inclu=ding hidden ones)07:30
KalElthey were very surprised to see the next version of vista.07:30
rredd4just to let everyone know, I downloaded the Adobe Flash player 9 tar.gz and it installed and works with no problems. (noticed the topic about adobe)07:31
parthanMongoose, sun-java6-*07:31
jay-oh-enkaboombob: yeporooni07:31
bod_jay-oh-en: i dont get that with 1.5 gig or ram and a graphics card with 512 mb of its own memory07:31
MasterShrekKalEl, the cube isnt kde, its compiz fusion07:31
skagennow wheres that fire thingie..07:31
jay-oh-enbod_: i have a pretty good setup too07:31
bod_skagen: its in compiz --> effects07:32
KalElhave been using ubuntu for a while... though i don't use the "cube" (compiz) any more07:32
KalElmetacity suites me well :)07:32
bod_jay-oh-en: only adds about 10 secs to my og in time,.,.not much07:32
kaboombobmastershrek.  ..  FM RADIO  PLAYER  .Trash-root  WMPInfo.xml07:32
jay-oh-enbod_: made for gaming but after windows crashed and i had to reinstall i didnt want to game anymore so i went to linux and got the cube07:32
kaboombobmastershrek the last 2 are brightly colored07:32
MasterShrekkaboombob, sudo rm -r .Trash-root07:32
MasterShrekkaboombob, then unmount it and remount it and try df07:33
abuyazanmy volume controls on my HP laptop (increase and decrease sound volume) is not working when i press them they give me the volume manager but not working07:33
bod_jay-oh-en: i moved to linux cause windows was always gettin virus's and it was annoyin me,.,. i still game on linux07:33
KalElspeaking of games, try this one: neverball - installed recently, pretty good07:33
abuyazanthe mute is working07:33
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: I'm in a similar position; though Windows hasn't yet crashed my computer badly (yet)... But I figure I have consoles for gaming, my PC should be for other fun stuff.07:33
abuyazanhow to reconfigure them07:34
bod_GothicProphet: to right m807:34
j2daoshhow do i resume a process i stopped?07:34
GothicProphetLike programming!07:34
bod_j2daosh: start it again07:34
j2daoshu cant "unstop" something?07:35
jay-oh-enGothicProphet: yeah i have a xbox360 for gaming (i have linux working on it) lol thats why i like it also i didnt get viruses i kept it maintained then just out of nowhere it crashed it was really fast too the boom died so i looked for free alternatives and found linux07:35
bod_GothicProphet: wanna like it ,.,. but dunno where to start07:35
kaboombobmastershrek thank you and i understood what i was doing that time07:35
skagenanyone know why i cant watch youtube videos? tried to reinstall gnash but no effect07:35
MasterShrekkaboombob, did it work?07:35
kaboombobyes it did07:35
bod_j2daosh: thats like turning ur car off then puttin ur foot on th throttle and expecting it to go forwards07:35
jay-oh-enbod_: dont start programing till you know html and css then start doing c++07:35
kaboombobmastershrek i would send you money if i had any07:36
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: did you know the original Xbox's OS was a linux?07:36
bod_jay-oh-en: r u jokin,.,. it'll take years to master them07:36
j2daoshbod, well since it says [1]+ stopped and the process is still in my ps, im gonna guess there is a way to resume it07:36
rredd4skagen  i had the same problem, i d/l the adobe flash player 9. followed the instructions and it works now07:36
MasterShreklol kaboombob07:36
j2daoshor it would just be stupid to not kill it when it stops07:36
skageni see07:36
bod_j2daosh: gd point maybe,.,. type man ps07:36
=== _max is now known as max
mcquaiddoes anyone know where a video file is cached when using mplayer-plugin? i thought it would be /tmp but doesn't seem to be there07:37
jay-oh-enbod_: not really if you do it everyday....2 months for each one and youll be on your way07:37
rredd4skagen  i also tried gnash, wash choppy07:37
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: I started with VB... then moved to HTML, going to school for C#, and teaching myself C/C++, CSS & PHP07:37
bod_-jay-oh-en: r u willing to teach me 4 months of web-design?07:37
badkittymcquaid...trying to save a video???07:38
skagenill try to download it again07:38
bod_GothicProphet: ur a freal,.,. no one can do all that and still have time to get to the pub b4 it closes,.,.lol07:38
GothicProphetbod_: I can't drink.  :(07:38
=== Cute|Girl_ is now known as Girl_Cute
mcquaidno trying to get back the space.  i've stopped the video but noticed the space didn't free.07:38
bod_GothicProphet: damn,.,. guess u can do all that then ,.,.lol,.,07:38
bod_skagen: wots the prob?07:38
bod_mcquaid: the file is prob waiting for u to resume it07:39
rredd4skagen get the tar.gz from abobe web site, read the instructions on the download page07:39
jay-oh-enbod_: uhhh im not even on that often but if your on msn alot i could teach you anytime i get on but to get started heres what you want to look at w3 schools07:39
skagencant watch youtube videos07:39
jay-oh-enbod_: its a good website07:39
skagenyes thanks rredd407:39
mcquaidbod_ badkitty ok fine, but where does it cache it?07:39
GothicProphetbod_: lol, yeah.  And I still manage to find myself some time to mess around on Warhawk (PS3)07:39
Mongoose@ jay-oh-en and parthan: thanks for the help. it worked :-D07:39
bod_jay-oh-en: could u not of given me a link,.,.lol,.,.07:40
bod_mcquaid: dunno soz07:40
rredd4and remove gnash07:40
jay-oh-enMongoose: welcome07:41
jay-oh-enbod_: hold on http://www.w3schools.com/html/07:41
abuyazanhow to reconfigure volume down and volume up on ubuntu07:41
abuyazanthey are not working07:41
skagenim beginning to like ubuntu much better. although, my games are not working. dang!07:42
bod_jay-oh-en:,.,. kk will do cheers ,.,.07:42
jay-oh-enbod_: thats basics and they have css too :]07:42
badkittyskagen what games07:42
jay-oh-enbod_: http://www.w3schools.com/css/07:42
bod_jay-oh-en: css= cascading style sheet?07:42
jay-oh-enbod_: yes07:42
=== w4ett is now known as w4ett-away
bod_jay-oh-en: groovy07:43
skagenflyff, nba 08, perfect world >_<07:43
jay-oh-enbod_: those are really easy to learn i practice them on myspace07:43
pkundumy laptop hangs saying "Running /scripts/init-bottom" while booting......any idea what may be the problem07:43
bod_skagen: lol07:43
bod_jay-oh-en: kk ,.,. ive done a few helo world html tutorials and such but ,.,.lol,.,.07:43
skagenoh well07:43
GothicProphetbod_: Hello world! is the staple of programming.  Any tutorials that don't have you do it are just... well, wrong!07:44
fotoflohow do i add a user to a group?07:44
bod_jay-oh-en: il be on msn in +8 hours07:44
GothicProphetbod_: what's your MSN?07:45
fotoflousermod -G group -a ?07:45
bod_GothicProphit: i no ,.,. i did one once and it was a "hello fish" i was so disgusted ,.,. its bodssocks@hotmail.com07:45
bod_jay-oh-en: bodssocks@hotmail.com07:45
GothicProphetbod_: gothic.prophet@hotmail.com is mine.07:46
rredd4fotoflo  try  System> Administration> Users and groups  then click on add user07:47
bod_GothicProphet: cheers dude07:47
fotoflorredd4: commandline07:47
GothicProphetbod_: I'm on all the time... my away messages are accurate 'bout 80% of the time though... LOL07:47
fotoflorredd4: im in ubuntu server07:47
ivanteranwhen will ubuntu have a "profesional" gui like mac os x????07:47
bod_GothicProphit: kk ,.,.lol,., i dont go on much cause i have no reason to ,.,. but i guess microsoft will get my buisiness again!,.,. damn!!!07:48
Flannelivanteran: define professional07:48
rredd4fotoflo  sorry don't know commands that well07:48
GothicProphetivanteran: What do you mean a 'professional' gui?07:48
olddude67ivanteran, if you mean just one desktop, forget it.07:48
jay-oh-enlike paid for production07:48
GothicProphetbod_: I have AIM, Y!, and ICQ too if need be... but most of the people I talk to are on MSN... LOL07:49
ivanteranhi there, byt "profesional" i mean a feel of being using an integrated gui where the apps cooperate without any hassles like the clasic copy-paste issue07:49
bod_i no ,.,. its so annoying ,.,. im still at school so all my m8's r still microsoft bastards cause they know no different,.,. i think they should teach linux systems in school07:49
jay-oh-enivanteran: i hate the copy paste issue07:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about copy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:50
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:50
GothicProphetbod_: I'm actually taking a class right now, Architecture and Operating Systems... it's covering XP and Linux.  heh.07:50
bod_jay-oh-en: wot copy-paste issue?07:50
bod_GothicProphet: coolio07:50
jay-oh-enbod_: you copy but it doesnt really copy it07:51
bod_jay-oh-en: im confused ?????07:51
Flanneljay-oh-en: it does, it just copies to a different buffer07:51
GothicProphetjay-oh-en & ivanteran: I've run into that.07:51
bod_Nope,.,. mine copies nicely07:51
jay-oh-enGothicProphet: is there a fix?07:51
bod_jay-oh-e: yer ,.,.,.,. type it07:52
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: No idea... my ubu-box is down at the moment so I haven't had a chance to mess with it.07:52
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: And since it's down, I haven't bothered to look on the forums.07:52
ivanteranwell, I guess the main reason for that feeling I have about the linux desktop is that the mainstream big companies do not port their apps like on mac os x07:52
GothicProphetivanteran: They don't see much reason to.  Comparatively, linux users account for a very small percentage of total systems out there.07:53
umair007hello people can i plz ask a question07:53
GothicProphetivanteran: We get more people using Linux, and more companies will start producing apps for it.07:53
Flannel!ask | umair00707:53
ubotuumair007: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:53
GothicProphetumair007: go ahead.07:53
umair007ok man i am using a pc with vista but i tend to get bored and want to install ubuntu which i have had for long but had to switch for some reasons07:54
bod_umair007: so wots the problem?07:54
ivanteranwell, that opinion is half right, mac users represent a low share too and they have the main apps running there, so what's the deal?????07:54
umair007i was wondering if ill be able to run the compiz on ubuntu with my s3 chipset which allows aero07:54
BoglizkIs there a GUI ftp client preinstalled with Ubuntu? If not, can someone recommend one?07:54
Flannelivanteran, GothicProphet, if you wouldn't mind taking this discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, it'd be appreciated.  Thanks07:55
bod_umair007: i guess so ,.,. if its 3d hardware accelerator it will work07:55
FlannelBoglizk: places > connect to server07:55
umair007but vista Aero did work on it its s3 chrome 9 IGP07:55
bod_umair007: is ur graphics card a 3d hardware accelerator card?07:55
BoglizkFlannel: Thanks.. but they should really put that under apps > Internet.07:56
umair007another thing is that i dont think there are any propreitory drivers released for it07:56
badkittyI say if people want compiz, they should get nvidia07:56
umair007its a chipset not a graphic card and its dx 9 supporting07:56
FlannelBoglizk: Its not an application, its a built-in feature07:56
phenomCompiz runs fine for me under dells stock whatever it is.07:56
fotofloafter updateing /etc/group do i have to do anything to refresh privs?07:56
bod_umair007: ok,.,. YES!07:56
umair007but man if it wont work for me that will be a heartbreaking thingy07:57
eliushello, i want to run windows xp on my ubuntu, what virtualization software should i use?07:57
umair007i want compiz and i also heard it aint that resource hunting brat07:57
bod_umair007: compiz should run fine ,.,. the heartbreak could be fixed with £40 on a graphics card07:57
badkittyelius: Use virtualbox07:58
phenomelius, VMWare server?07:58
umair007man ok thats something u telling a person sitting somewhere else :P it costs a lot here07:58
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers07:58
parthanelius, ^^07:58
badkittyphenom: didn't have luck with vmware in linux, virtualbox was much easier to setup07:58
* GothicProphet does a happy dance!07:58
phenomIRSeekBot, Is any one behind your helm?07:59
parthanbadkitty, get it from the vmware web site, it works07:59
Voyage_ i need help installing gcc on my root07:59
phenomVMWare works great for me,, never had any problem, and have vista and slack open now.07:59
FlannelVoyage_: install the build-essential package07:59
parthanVoyage_, apt-get install build-essential07:59
badkittyparthan: meh Im happy with virtualbox.. I use vmware in xp though07:59
jay-oh-endoes anybody know if i will have alot of programs running 64bit xfce07:59
bod_jay-oh-en: if wot?08:00
phenomAny one else have a prob with known log bots?08:00
Flanneljay-oh-en: you'll have the same programs available to you in the repositories, regardless of which WM you pick.  As for 64 bit, you'll have all the things in main and universe (at least)08:00
phenomIRSeekBot (n=IRSeekLo@irseek/log-bot/IRSeekBot)08:00
jfWhat the heck, my gnome-panel is gone and I'm unable to start it. If I run gnome-panel from terminal I can see it but not use it.08:00
fotoflohmm, im having a problem with permissions08:00
fotoflocan someone help me?08:00
bod_jf: try restarting xwindows -- ctrlalt+backspace08:01
jay-oh-enbod_ / Flannel will they have any problems cause ive had alot of problems in the past should i just use 32bit version08:01
Voyage_parthan ok08:01
bod_fotoflo: shoot08:01
Voyage_how to see what is my distro08:01
Flannelfotoflo: Don't edit /etc/group, use usermod08:01
fotofloflannel: just did08:01
fotoflodidnt work08:01
jfbod_: I have rebooted.08:01
Flannelfotoflo: What issues are you having?08:01
bod_jay-oh-en: im running the 64 distro ,.,. only prob is playing some online falsh vids08:01
fotofloso i have user a owns directory dir, dir is in group G08:01
fotofloi have added several users to group G08:01
fotofloand set dir to g+rwx to08:02
jay-oh-enbod_: is it noticablly faster then 32bit?08:02
bod_jf: have u tried a complete reboot?08:02
Flannelfotoflo: and verified those permissions are on it?08:02
jfbod_: Yes.08:02
fotofloand o-rwx08:02
GothicProphetbod_: Which version of 64 are you using?08:02
bod_jay-oh-en: dunno why the fuck would i have ever had a 32 distro if i have a 64bit processor ,,.,.lol08:02
bod_GothicProphet: wot do u mean?08:03
Flannel!language | bod_08:03
ubotubod_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:03
GothicProphetbod_: my vista is 32-bit08:03
bod_ubotu: sorry08:03
ubotuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you.08:03
fotofloflannel: drwxrwx---08:03
GothicProphetbod_: I mean are you using gnome/kde/etc?08:03
badkittyThe 64bit version seems to lack as much support08:03
bod_GothicProphit: im running ubuntu 7.10 and64 gutsy08:03
fotofloif i set o+rwx user b can read and write08:03
fotoflobut if i remove it, then its no goi08:04
GothicProphetbod_: if I experience the probs with the flash videos, I'll find a fix and let you know.  ;)08:04
badkittyAnyone else besides me have 64bit processor running 32 for good reasons?08:04
jay-oh-enGothicProphet: are you 64bit?08:04
Flannelfotoflo: user b is in group G?08:04
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: Yep08:04
fotofloflannel: yes08:04
jay-oh-enbadkitty: me08:04
Flannelfotoflo: `sudo -u b groups` shows G?08:04
fotofloFlannel: do i have to refresh permssions08:04
Flannelfotoflo: no08:04
jay-oh-enGothicProphet: i meant distro08:04
bod_GothicProphet: the only fix is to use the 32bit firefox ,.,. and il do that some other day cause i cba atm,.,.lol,,.,.08:04
GothicProphetbod_: If I don't find a fix and it gives me other issues, I'll be switching back to a 32bit version.08:04
badkittyjay-oh-en: They probably just haven't hit the 64-bit ISSUES yet ...08:05
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: Oh, ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)08:05
bod_GothicProphet: ok08:05
fotofloFlannel: yup08:05
jay-oh-enbadkitty: i always did in feisty and it was horrible08:05
bod_jay-oh-en: its reletively new,.,.give it time08:05
fotofloFlannel: i think i just figured it out08:06
badkittyjay-oh-en: I tried 64 in edgy...that was a bad idea08:06
fotofloFlannel: lemme try something08:06
GothicProphetAll the 64 stuff is pretty new... Let the geeks (and I say that with much love!) have some time to tinker.  ;)08:06
jay-oh-enbadkitty: sounds bad eeeww08:06
GothicProphetbrb, updating08:06
bod_When u say geeks in respect to linux ,.,. ur always meaning it in a good way!!!108:06
badkittyjay-oh-en: I likened the 64 edgy stable to an unstable nightly build erc08:06
bod_jay-oh-en: 64 gutsy gnome ,.,. works fine08:07
jay-oh-enbadkitty: its just toooooooo much for me  its a"i can fix it" but "i dont have the time to fix it" kinda thing08:07
fotofloflannel: had to log out and log back in08:08
jay-oh-enbod_: ill skip until hoary08:08
Flanneljay-oh-en: Hardy08:08
GothicProphetjay-oh-en: When's that one coming out?08:08
badkittyjay-oh-en: For the most part yeah..08:08
bod_jay-oh-en: nah ,.,. il just upgrade08:08
fotofloFlannel: otherwise the group information wasnt updated08:08
jay-oh-enFlannel: thanks for catching that lol08:08
bod_anyone no why i have a coupl of buttons on my xchat called "ban" and "kick" when they werent there last time?08:09
Leo1989Guys. how to set up Ubuntu so the keyboard controls become similar to Windows's one?08:10
Cinif i've got an ubuntu setup and i have net access, is it possible to download an ubuntu setup ISO and install from scratch over the existing one?08:10
FlannelLeo1989: Like what?08:10
fotofloFlannel: thanks: i ran sudo -u groups08:10
FlannelCin: yes08:10
fotofloand then groups without the sudo08:10
bkartry to use xmodmap Leo198908:10
CinFlannel: what is that process called?(so i can google it)08:10
andrukI'm having trouble with wine-doors: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52234/08:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about freeze - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:10
fotofloand saw that my user was added to the group on the sudo but not from the tty08:11
bod_Leo1989: thats just a standard setup ,.,. check application --> other --> keyboard & keyboard layout08:11
FlannelCin: Just... reinstalling.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation08:11
misslecommande1i have random freezes, not sure what is causing them though08:11
misslecommande1reinstall is pretty easy once u have done it08:11
=== aRyn_ is now known as aRyn
bod_misslecommande1: have u installed anything recently ?08:11
Leo1989bod: what is name for those layout which is similar to windows?08:12
CinFlannel: which of these will allow me to install without the need for floppy disk/CD/netboot?08:12
jay-oh-enmisslecommande1: do you have compiz installed?08:12
bod_Leo1989: use Generic 104-key pc us-english08:13
FlannelCin: ah.  Scroll down a little and there are media-less installs.08:13
CinFlannel: ahh.i found it. installing by setting up another partition to house the install cd08:14
CinFlannel: thanks08:14
kr00lHow do you get Avant Desktop Navigator to run at startup?08:14
GothicProphetHiya, kr00l08:16
interceptor#ubuntu-ru нахуй08:16
kr00lDo you know how to get Avant to run at the startup?08:16
GothicProphetkr00l: sadly, no.08:16
jrcgo to System -> preferences -> sessions08:17
badkittyGoodnight all08:17
GothicProphetnight badkitty!08:17
GothicProphetrest well08:17
kr00ljrc, I've tried remember session and it never works08:17
sahlhelp me... do you know best-free partition manager(like part mgic)??08:18
andrukI'm having trouble with wine-doors: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/52234/08:18
kr00ljrc you know how to do the manual add?08:18
kr00lsahl, do you have ubuntu installed?08:18
sahlnot yet08:18
sahli want to install it08:18
kr00lsahl, are you running it on the live cd?08:19
parthansahl, gparted and qparted from the Live CD08:19
kr00lsahl, Ubuntu Live cd has gparted on it08:19
bod_GothicProphit: jay-oh-en: im off now cya later08:19
GothicProphetSee ya, bod_!08:19
sahlhow to use gparted or qparted??08:20
parthansahl, it is GUI, so you just need to click and do things08:20
jsemmanuelsystem>preferences>sessions works for me08:20
ubotuGParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/08:20
sahlwhich one better, q or g?08:21
parthansahl, both are good08:21
kr00lsahl, just do it manually!08:21
misslecommanderit was freezing on raw install08:21
misslecommanderi got network to work, and installed the nvidia restricted driver, but now i disabled the restr driv08:22
sahlso, it's alreary on the CD?08:22
misslecommandersofar seems less freeze when not using restricted driver for nvidia08:22
parthansahl, do you want to partition and install Ubuntu?08:22
djedayi need a program to grub video from display08:22
kr00lsahl, we don't know who you are talking to if you don't first post their name. like this "kr00l: yeah i'm ready"08:23
sahlkr001, tnkq i'm newbie08:24
gvsa123i still need help with my system clock please... it won't sync.08:24
sahlkr001, please repeat how to use q/gparted...08:24
kr00lsahl, it's kr00l <--- lower case L08:24
kr00lsahl: are you running the Ubuntu live cd?08:25
parthansahl, type the first few letters of the name and press tab to complete it, you can keep pressing tab till you get the name you want08:25
gobbles414Hi all.... I have a question about the OOo Media Player in Ubuntu Linux. But the Openoffice.org channel is dead right now. Can somebody help me?08:25
djedayadvise me the program for capture of video from the screen08:25
sahlkr00l, yes, but not now08:26
kr00lparthan, are you helping shal?08:26
kr00lparthan, sahl is confused so i'm going to let you help him08:26
kr00lsahl, parthan will be helping you so talk to him08:26
gobbles414djeday: A program called recordtomydesktop in the repositories does a good job. Configuring audio capture in the program is difficult, however.08:26
parthankr00l, carry on..08:27
sahlparthan,kr00l, how to use it from live-cd08:27
parthankr00l, i will not confuse him further08:27
djedaykr00l: thx08:27
kr00lparthan, i think you know more than I do08:27
gobbles414djeday: I recommend installing the GTK interface for recordmydesktop as well08:27
kr00lsahl, did you download the Ubuntu image and burn it to a cd?08:27
parthankr00l, bah.. nothing like that :)08:27
gobbles414Can anyone help me with my question... About the media player in OpenOffice?08:28
sahlno, i've req from shipit08:28
Flannel!ask | gobbles41408:28
ubotugobbles414: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question -- All On One Line, so others can read it and follow it easily --. and if anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:28
goatmanhi all08:29
kr00lsahl, please remember to address me first so i can see you're talking to me. So do you have a cd or not?08:29
goatmanubuntu is hot08:29
sahlkr00l, i'm sorry :).. i've cd, i've req it from shipit08:29
jay-oh-en does xubuntu have alot of support for hardware and what makes it so fast?08:30
jay-oh-en what about for a mp730 printer08:30
kr00lsahl, so right now you don't have a ubuntu live cd?08:30
sahlkr00l, i've had live-cd08:30
yudigadgethow to fix print no respond?08:30
gobbles414Hi Flannel and ubotu... Here's my question then: I need a way to assign hotkeys to the media player in OpenOffice. I do a lot of transcriptions for my job.08:30
kr00lsahl, what kind of pc do you have?08:31
yudigadgeti tried to /etc/init.d/cupsys restart but no effect08:31
kr00lshal, Desktop or laptop then the brand please08:31
vzduchOpenOffice has a media player? o008:31
sahlkr00l, it is different on diff pc?08:31
gobbles414Yes, in the TOOLS menu ....I've tried recording a macro for each button...08:31
yudigadgeti did google and there is information to emerge foomatic08:32
yudigadgethow to do emerge foomatic08:32
gobbles414....but using the macros does nothing during playback08:32
glickexcuse me i installed gnome-compiz-manager08:32
glickbut it wont start when i try to start it08:32
glickand now my desktop seems much slower and less responsive for some reason08:32
vzduchyudigadget: are you in the wrong channel?  this is not #gentoo..08:32
kr00lsahl, no it's not different on each PC. I just need to know because for the cd to work you have to make sure that your PC tries to boot from the cd rom first08:32
sahlkr00l, so what command or menu I've to write/click???08:32
sahlkr00l, ...from live-cd???08:32
Polysicshi ppl08:32
kr00lsahl, correct08:32
Polysicsfrivolous question: are there any poker sites you can play on while on linux?08:33
yudigadgetvzduch i'm sorry i don't know about emerge foomatic, i don't know whether ubuntu or gentoo08:33
kr00lsahl, see the cd works only if your computer boots the cd rom drive first and the Hard Drive last08:33
yudigadgetwhat i want to ask is how to fix this cups problem on ubuntu08:33
kr00lsahl: do you have 2 computers?08:33
Kalamansikr00l how to save my config? when i type this "ip addr add dev eth1, udo ifconfig eth1 netmask,echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward and pc2 then pc3 can connect to the internet..i reboot my server, after backing up, and do a ifconfig all that i entered in eth1 was gone... and pc2 / pc3 cant connect to the internet.. how to solve this problem?08:33
sahlkr00l, no08:33
glickcan anyone help me get my 3d cube back?08:34
kr00lKalamansi, way too advanced for me08:34
kr00lsahl: what brand computer do you have?08:34
gobbles414Do any of you have any ideas about my OpenOffice issue? I need to assign keyboard shortcuts to the OpenOffice Media Player.08:34
bullgard4Wikipedia writes: "Video4Linux or V4L is a video capture API for Linux." Whatis meant by a 'video capture application programming interface'? (I know what an application programming interface is.)08:35
glickhow can i get the spinning 3-d cube back?08:35
kr00lsahl: Dell, Compaq, HP, Custom built?08:35
sahlkr00l, i planned to buy new pc (windows) , and i want dual-boot:ubuntu08:36
gvsa123any ideas or links as to why my system clock isn't syncing?08:36
kr00lsahl: I can help you install but you have to do it now using the live cd08:36
Flannelgvsa123: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html  I suggest ntpd over ntpdate08:37
eitreachI have this recurring problem that nautilus seems to crash every so often, meaning I have to terminate the process to get it started functionally again. Any idea on how to fix this?08:37
sahlkr00l, is it difficult to do partition? is it only need to write command or...08:37
gvsa123Flannel: thanks, i'll check it out... i'm like two days, XXX hours behind... :)08:37
sahlkr00l, i use live-cd...08:38
kr00lsahl: how much are you going to spend on a new computer? It's easy if you use the live cd, the live cd brings you right through everything08:38
gobbles414:'(Any ideas about how to create keyboard shortcuts for the OpenOffice Media Player?08:38
glickdoes anyone have the 3d desktop?08:38
misslecommande1why is my processes "sleeping" ?08:38
glickhow can i change the settings?08:38
msoekenGood morning. Since I use Gutsy I cannot view the movies on my second attached screen (ati driver, xorg.conf is not changed)08:39
Polysicsglick, i've used it for a while but it seems pointless08:39
Polysicsyou need to install a package but honestly i don't remember which08:39
misslecommande1glick i had to change source settings on administration, check bix that says restricted drivers able to download from interent08:39
Polysicsmsoeken, i've had ALL sorts of problems with gutsy/ATI/dual head08:39
misslecommande1i check processes, they all were sleeping08:39
Polysicstilda has stopped working outright08:39
=== max is now known as max`
sahlkr00l, ...??? hmm, to simpl the case, now please give me help how to run g/qparted. i'm now in my school. my teacher asked me not to be long...08:40
Polysicsmisslecommande1, tilda as in the overlay terminal emulator :-)08:40
misslecommande1oh ok, i am new08:40
kr00lsahl: i don't know how to tell you to run it if you don't have the live cd08:40
Polysicsi now use yakuake, which works, but looks like i've tacked a tiger's tail on a toucan08:40
gvsa123Flannel: i get this: 16 Jan 22:49:58 ntpdate[9238]: bind() fails: Permission denied when running ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com in the terminal08:41
misslecommande1one of the biggest help in downloading files needed, was choosing "Software Sources" from the System/Admin08:41
sahlkr00l, i mean i've a live-cd, but now i'm now in my school. i want to do it in my pc at home,,,08:42
Flannelgvsa123: use sudo08:42
fotofloFlannel: you still here?08:42
fotofloFlannel: still having group problems08:42
kr00lsahl: well can you go home and then get back on here and talk to me? Where are you located08:42
misslecommande1u can choose not to use CDROM, and choose internet, but i dont know that will work08:42
gvsa123Flannel: now this: 16 Jan 22:51:43 ntpdate[9262]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting08:42
sahlkr00l, my pc at home doesn't conn. to internet...08:43
parthansahl, do you have an empty CD and can burn it here in school?08:43
misslecommande1krOOL: you vetran of linux ?08:43
Flannelgvsa123: You'll need to kill the currently running ntpdate (it starts when you boot).  ps aux | grep ntpdate08:43
fotofloFlannel: having trouble doing things from samba08:43
kr00lsahl: for ubuntu to find all the hardware in your computer it has to be connected to the net during the install08:43
kr00lsahl: if you don't do it then everything may not work08:44
misslecommande1internet connection almost a true need to do anything like that, as far as i can see08:44
goatmancan ubuntu play card games08:44
sahlkr00l, is it just to run (gui) q/gparted???08:44
Flannelfotoflo: samba is a whole other thing.  And something I have no idea about.  https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/windows-networking.html  is the best I can do08:44
ubotuGParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/08:44
misslecommande1i fiddled with this box for days, only to finally get interent, and all is so  so so much better08:44
gvsa123Flannel: i get this: me    9279  0.0  0.3   2976   748 pts/0    R+   22:53   0:00 grep ntpdate08:44
fotofloi think i got it working08:44
Flannelgvsa123: try just ps aux | grep ntp08:44
kr00lsahl: !gparted08:45
fotofloFlannel: that url is pretty useless08:45
olddude67misslecommande1, failed08:45
fotofloas is the default samba conf08:45
sahlkr00l, how to run !gparted???08:45
gvsa123Flannel: ntp       5250  0.0  0.3   4128   812 ?        Ss   16:59   0:00 /usr/sbin/ntpd -p /var/run/ntpd.pid -u 110:120 -g08:45
gvsa123girard    9295  0.0  0.2   1760   464 pts/0    R+   22:54   0:00 grep ntp08:45
gvsa123whoops sorry...08:45
Librustralia:D:D:D:D I FIXED MY COMP! yay08:45
sahlkr00l, what command/menu???08:45
parthansahl, visit the gparted website, you can download the .iso image and burn it to a CD, boot the machine using that CD08:46
Flannelgvsa123: No need otpaste.  Anyway, second column (5250) is the PID.  sudo kill 5250, then you can run ntpdate08:46
sahlparthan, where?? http://...???08:46
parthansahl | !gparted08:46
parthanmisslecommande1, you are here08:47
misslecommande1thank you08:47
misslecommande1it was a pain to get my wireless netcard working, i am glad to be here :)08:47
eitreachI have this recurring problem that nautilus seems to crash every so often, meaning I have to terminate the process to get it started functionally again. Any idea on how to fix this?08:47
parthansahl, http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/08:47
kr00lsahl: using the live cd you go to the top of the menu > System > Administrator > Partition Editor08:47
gvsa123Flannel: it says no server suitable for synchronization ffound08:48
gvsa123Flannel: i just look for another server?08:48
misslecommande1i think the OS itself , almost certainly needs an internet connection. i messed with it for days, finally getting the net to work, all is much better now08:48
Flannelgvsa123: you used ntp.ubuntu.com?08:48
parthanmisslecommande1, what got messed up?08:49
gvsa123Flannel: yes08:49
sahlkr00l, thank you... so much it's what i mean. do i have to download it, or it's already in CD?08:49
cgreerI want to download every webpage that belongs to a specific domain (let's say cnn), what is the easiest way to do this08:49
misslecommande1i had to switch between this an windows, in order to download the files i needed08:49
kr00lsahl: do you know what a live cd is?08:49
misslecommande1just to get the netcard to work08:49
kr00lsahl: because it's on the live cd08:49
parthanmisslecommande1, nice08:49
Black_Maskwhat's the room i should join to get support regarding mackintosh products?08:50
aroonifolks; ubuntu has been crashing on me recently (i dont think its a CPU heat thing, its well below the expected range).... any ideas?08:50
misslecommande1i come here, little by little i finally got it to work, and i thank you all08:50
misslecommande1i have less freezes, now that i disabled the nvdia restricted driver08:50