cnStarzanyone here?04:17
cnStarzI need help if anyones here04:18
cnStarzcan you help me?04:18
_slvmchn_what's the problem cnStarz, normally you should just ask your question first, that way if someone shows up later they can see what the problem was and respond instead of showing up THEN asking you what the problem is04:26
_slvmchn_saves some time that way04:26
_slvmchn_but maybe i can help, what's the issue sir04:26
soldatsi may be able to help just ask04:27
cnStarzstill there?04:27
cnStarzwas browsing forums for possible answer04:28
cnStarzif you're still here respond, and i'll tell you :O04:28
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cnStarzi need help :(04:29
maxamillionwhat's up?04:29
maxamillionerr... just a second04:29
cnStarzhey, when im booting off the 7.10 cd, i get the main menu, but when i try to install, or start in safe mode, it just hangs at a black screen04:30
maxamillioncnStarz: first off, what are the specs of the computer you are trying to install on?04:30
cnStarzim thinking it has to do with my resolution, but im brand new to this, so i dont know if there's any commands i can give it something04:31
cnStarzone sec04:31
cnStarzamd64 x2 4400+....04:31
cnStarz8800gtx evga04:31
cnStarz2gb corsair value select memory04:31
cnStarzasus a8n-sli premium mobo04:32
maxamillionhuh ... ok, then its definitely a lack of ram issue04:32
maxamilliondefinitely not*04:32
cnStarzlack of ram?04:32
maxamillioncnStarz: it sounds like a X11 probe issue, its probably trying to use the nv module and you need vesa until you can install the nvidia official one04:33
cnStarzi can follow with what you're saying, but really have no clue what it meant lol04:33
maxamillioncnStarz: when it hangs at a black screen try hitting ctrl+alt+f1 and see if that takes it to a command line04:34
cnStarzalrighty, then what ;)04:34
cnStarzbtw, im dual booting with windows media center too, which is essentially win xp pro04:35
maxamillioncnStarz: then do a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" and follow the on screen instructions through the little guide, and when it asks for a video card driver, select "vesa" .... then we will go from there04:35
maxamillioncnStarz: no problem, that should be fine04:35
soldatsdoesnt -phigh just do a sort of reset X04:36
cnStarzalrighty, i'll give that a try.  gotta restart, bbiab.  thanks mang.04:36
maxamillionsoldats: pretty much, it says to completely recreate the xorg.conf file instead of just build off of the current configuration04:37
soldatsahh yea i just remembered :P04:38
elliott__can anyone help me get my priter set up via the cups web interface?05:51
elliott__it's a usb priter, but there's no option for it in the device box05:52
jay-oh-enanybody active?07:58
jay-oh-enTheSheep: hey are you still there?08:15
jay-oh-enTheSheep: does xubuntu have alot of support for hardware and what makes it so fast?08:15
jay-oh-enTheSheep: what about for a mp730 printer08:15
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sugardrunkHello... I have a problem. The contents of my desktop just disappeared. I am runnin Xubuntu 7.10.11:10
sugardrunkI cannot even acces the menu with right click...11:11
sugardrunkany help?11:11
sugardrunkthe background is just showing the xubuntu-blue.. and nothing else.. no shortcuts, nothing.11:11
sugardrunkoh nothing :D11:13
sugardrunkgot it working easy :d11:13
sugardrunkXfce was not managing the desktop :D11:13
bernahi, during the upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 at the package lvm2 everything stops at "Backing up any LVM2 metadata that may exist..." what can i do?13:17
maxamillionberna: how long has it been sitting at that stage?13:18
bernahalf an hour maybe....13:18
bernaand the cpu is not working13:18
maxamillioncpu is not working? .... do you mean the computer froze or that there is very little cpu activity?13:19
bernalittle cpu acrivity13:19
bernathe computer is still working if I want to use it13:19
maxamillionberna: i have heard of upgrade issues with the graphical interface in the past, but i have honestly never encountered them on my own ... i do all my package management/upgrades from the command line13:20
bernawell that's the first time I tried it :)13:20
maxamillionberna: though it does sound like its no longer doing anything, i just worry that if i tell you to kill the current process that something bad might happen .... since its gone past 50% we can assume it has finished downloading everything and is well into installation .... and to have a half upgraded system can potentially be bad13:21
bernathe problem now is that when i go in the terminal, and try to do wathever with apt or dpkg it tells me that it's locked and the only thing I can do is dpkg --configure -a13:21
bernaand when i do dpkg --configure -a the problems starts again13:21
TheSheeptry dpkg --clear-selected13:21
maxamillionberna: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file for me? .... i think we are going to end up stoping whats going on and upgrading through the command line13:22
bernayes it downloaded everything already, it's installing, this is why I have to solve the problem, because if i do a reboot the system could be fucked13:22
maxamillionberna: yeah, that would probably end up being the case13:23
maxamillionuhmmm.... brb13:23
bernaok, just wait because i'm on another pc. on that pc i don't have a chat program and i can't install it at the moment :)13:23
bernado you need to know something about my sources list or you really need to see it?13:26
maxamillionberna: mainly just want to know what release it is pointing to13:26
* maxamillion is back btw :)13:27
maxamillionberna: oh, ok ... awesome, then your sources.list already points to 7.10 ... so lets kill the upgrade graphical program and then do a 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'sudo apt-get install -f'13:29
bernawell that's what i already tried to do but it everytime tells me that the only thing i can do is dpkg --configure -a13:30
bernabut  now I just tried dpkg --clear-selected as TheSheep said and seems like it unlocked everything13:31
maxamillionberna: right, but that's because the updater program has a lock on the apt instance ... it won't allow two package managers to manipulate the system at one time13:31
bernano, the updater was killed13:31
maxamillionoh .... strange13:32
maxamillionthere must have been something either still running in the background, or the process didn't terminate correctly13:32
bernai closed the updater normally, it showed me a warning that it was not finish but i could close it13:33
bernaok, now with clear-selections it's unlocked so I'll have a play with apt and dpkg and see what i can do manually13:34
maxamillionberna: ok, sounds good ... lemme know if there is anything else i can help with13:34
bernai'm trying to remove lvm2 to upgrade the rest and have a look when the rest ist finished13:40
bernabut even if i try to purge it13:40
bernait starts again with it's backup of the metadata13:40
maxamillionberna: hmmm.... did you do the 'apt-get update' and then 'apt-get install -f' (both either as root or with sudo)13:48
bernait works out untill it gets to lvm213:53
bernai did an apt-get autoremove as well, so the packages that i don't need anymore are already gone13:54
bernai'm trying to do as many things as possible, always until it comes to lvm213:54
maxamillionberna: what does 'sudo dpkg --purge lvm2' do?13:54
bernawhat i don't underst is why if I want to purge lvm213:54
bernait still wants to do the backup13:55
bernawait, let me try with dpkg13:55
bernabecause before i purged with apt13:55
bernasame thing13:57
maxamillioni was afraid of that13:57
maxamillion'sudo dpkg --force --purge lvm2' (note that this is generally a really bad idea, but this doesn't appear to be a good situation)13:58
bernammm it seems like there is not such a command14:05
bernamaxamillion: do you have an idea of what this backup of the metadata is? Maybe I have to help him by creating or copying files or dirs...or maybe setting permissions14:13
maxamillionnot entirely sure14:14
maxamillionjust a second ... lemme check something14:15
bernaok thx14:15
maxamillionberna: ok, again ... this is a horrible idea normally, but this might fix the issue ... 'sudo dpkg --force-remove-essential lvm2'14:18
bernalet's try14:23
bernadoesn't work14:26
bernait doesn't accept the command14:26
bernadon't know why cuz i saw it in the --force-help too14:26
maxamillionthat's probably the strangest thing i have ever seen14:26
bernai tried also to go in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf14:27
bernaand turn the backup off14:27
bernabut still the same14:27
bernaafter 2 hours i was so hungry that i just rebooted...15:23
bernathe system is working, but still the same problem15:24
bernaand the usb wifi pen wich was working before is not working anymore....15:24
bernawow it's working...15:51
bernai found somewhere on the net about a different problem with lvm2 and it was solved but reconfiguring mdsetup15:53
bernai had a different problem, but tryed to do it and it worked!15:53
bernanow everything seems to work, i solved the wifi prob as well15:53
bernamaxamillion: thanks for your support15:54
maxamillionberna: anytime, sorry i wasn't able to get it fixed15:55
bernano problem, it wasn't easy, or let's say it was hard to get an explanation15:56
bernai still don't know why :)15:56
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evil_techanyone know why i keep getting an architecture not found error message when trying to install the ati driver?17:37
TheSheepevil_tech: guessing there is no driver for 65 bit?17:37
TheSheep64 even XD17:37
evil_techi choose the standard x86 one but the file name does say x86.x86_64 and would explain the error17:38
evil_techor not. it is the right one. wierd17:43
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gerrohow do I type unlisted keys with ubuntu? for example I like speaking english but i want access to the other keys18:26
TheSheepgerro: http://en.wikipedia.org/compose_key18:28
gerrohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=383408 is that still relavent?18:28
TheSheepgerro: or just use the charmap or keyboard layout switcher18:28
gerrodon't have one of those keyboards18:29
TheSheepgerro: one of which keyboards?18:29
TheSheepthe ctrl+shift u number works for me18:30
TheSheepgerro: I'm also useing the caps lock as compose key18:31
TheSheepgerro: you just need to add an option to your xorg.cong18:32
gerroyeah I sort of got that ctrl shift u thing going18:40
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Ven]nis there a screenshot app in eeexubuntu?20:25
Ven]n(or xubuntu)20:25
TheSheepVen]n: there is a panel applet20:29
TheSheepVen]n: you can also install scrot or ImageMagick20:30
Ven]nthank you20:30
Ven]nname of the panel applet?20:31
Ven]nwhere is it? :ΓΈ20:32
TheSheep!info xfce4-screenshooter-plugin20:35
ubotuxfce4-screenshooter-plugin: Screenshots plugin for Xfce panel. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.0-3ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 14 kB, installed size 128 kB20:35
TheSheepit should be in the menu by the name 'screenshot' though20:36
TheSheepwhen you right-click on the panel and select 'add item'20:36
Ven]nthere it was20:37
Ven]nthanks ;)20:37
Ven]ngah.. gimp is set to open my png20:37
sgrovehey all, I've followed a guide on using fusesmb and sme python bits to automount a smb share in thunar, and it worked well the first day20:38
sgrovebut now I can go into the network, I can even see the shares of the computers, but whenever I try to open any shares, it *immediatly* times out with a 'connection timed out error'20:39
sgrovenot sure if I should look for help in xubuntu, smb, or fusesmb...20:40
TheSheepor xfce20:40
sgroveis that where I should look?20:42
TheSheepsgrove: you can meet some thunar developers there at least20:43
TheSheepnot sure about the smb/fuse stuff20:43
TheSheepthis is mostly a xubuntu user support channel, rather low on developers20:44
zoredacheI suspect it wouldnt' have much to do with xfce at all, and your issue is more likely related to fuse/fusesmb20:44
zoredachepersonally I like using autofs/smbfs combined with an executable mount map though.  As far as I know there isn't a howto describing my methods.  One of these days I might write one20:47
sgrovethat would be nice ;)20:51
white_eaglehow to make xfwm to be my compositing manager in xfce? I moved from gnome and compiz moved to xfce also21:49
white_eagleI want to try xfwm421:49
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xfwm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xfwm4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:59
ubotuxubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of Gnome. For more info, see http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop". | For support, see #xubuntu | See also: !ubuntu and !xubuntu-channels21:59
TeXnicerflox: whats the matter?21:59
floxi've just read last post of white_eagle, trying to find doc for him22:00
TeXnicerdid not get that post22:00
TheSheephe already left22:01
TheSheep5 minutes ago22:01
floxu're right :D22:01
TheSheepflox: you can search using /msg22:01
TheSheepflox: you don't flood the channel this way22:01
white_eaglecan I somehow run Xfce with compiz disabled?22:01
floxflood is a big word for that22:02
TheSheepwhite_eagle: just don't run compiz22:02
TheSheepflox: yes, but it could continue :)22:02
* TeXnicer ... to be continued22:02
TheSheepflox: with /msg, you can keep going all you want22:02
TeXniceris does even work "/msg ubotu !anything"22:05
TeXnicerrecursive; returning to the top after ending; see: recursive22:06
XceIII have a question23:25
XceIIhow do I install this23:25
somerville32XceII, Install Xubuntu?23:26
XceIIyesw, I tried the dvd version, it did nothing, i am now downloading the alternate.23:27
XceII32 bit23:28
zoredacheif the disk, is good, usually all you have to do is boot off the disk and follow the directions23:28
XceIIit did not boot (dvd) version.23:29
zoredacheand your computer has a dvd drive, and it is set in the bios/cmos to boot off the dvd drive first?23:29
XceIIit read the disc but did not continue23:30
zoredachedid you get any messages or anything when you tried to boot?23:30
XceIIno, it went straight to kubuntu23:30
zoredachekubuntu is what you have on your hard drive already?23:30
XceIIdo I need a zeroed hard drive to do this?23:31
XceIII was going to run a live cd to check it out23:31
zoredacheXceII: you shouldn't need to zero the hard drive, no.  It sounds like an issue with the disk you had.  Did you make it yourself?  Did you run md5sum on the iso file you downloaded?23:32
XceIIyes it was good23:32
XceIIi tried 2 new disks23:32
zoredacheXceII: if you are running a fairly recent version of kubuntu, you should be able to install xubuntu as well 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop'23:32
XceIII wanted to run live first23:33
XceIIthen move to another drive for the install23:33
XceIIi used kb3+brasero to burn, no problems23:34
zoredacheAre you able to mount the disk that you burned?23:35
XceIIafter bootup to kubuntu=yes23:35
XceIIdolphine did it upon request23:36
XceIIi am now getting alternate, should it boot to disc, or does text show up asking for request?23:37
Ven]nisnt there skype 2.0 beta for ubuntu?23:37
XceIIgoogle that statement23:38
zoredacheXceII: well, hrmph.  that rules out allt he obvious issues23:38
floxXceII: are u sure you set correctly the boot sequence in the bios ?23:38
XceIIyes, i have all floppys in order23:38
zoredacheVen]n: also, check if you see a debian etch package.  A debian etch package will typically run on ubuntu23:38
floxthe alternate CD is not a live CD23:39
zoredacheXceII: anyway, if you boot off the alternate CD you should getting you a menu of choices about how you want to boot/install23:39
Ven]noh, i was at the wrong site23:39
XceIIya, thats just what i need to know, off the menue, what should i chose for the complete install23:40
zoredacheI believe the first option is the one you want.  If I remeber right it is just 'install xubunut'23:41
XceIIdoes it boot in text or gui23:41
XceIIok, thanks for the help, ill be back asking more stupid wuestions, thanks.23:42
Ven]nhow do i install skype 2.0 really?23:53
Ven]ni need libaudio2, libqt4-core, libqt4-gui etc23:53

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