nosrednaekimping Riddell00:05
ScottKnosrednaekim: He's probably sleeping.00:14
nosrednaekimoh right.... :)00:15
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Riddellnosrednaekim: I'm not here, please leave a message00:34
nixternalryanakca: ^^ how about something like that?00:44
ryanakcanixternal: oooh, purty00:46
ryanakcaput it up on the wiki :)00:46
nixternalI am having way to much fun with inkscape :)00:46
nixternalI have bad news about that one though00:46
nixternalI made it in Windows with Inkscape :p00:47
nixternalI am playing with Open Source software in Windows00:47
nixternalInkscape has quite a few Windows bugs though00:47
* ryanakca wonders if amarok2 works in windows yet00:47
apachelogger__ryanakca: kinda00:48
ryanakcaapachelogger__: ah... hmmm00:48
apachelogger__nixternal: I like it00:48
ryanakcaapachelogger__: if you guys/gals get it done quicker, I'll mail you all a cookie... might be dusty / mouldy by the time it gets to you though :)00:49
ryanakcanixternal: I wouldn't think that mockup would be too hard to implement00:50
ryanakcanixternal: at least not with RUZEE.shadedborder ...00:50
nixternalRUZEE is way to slow00:51
nixternalfake shading is easier and less pain on the system00:51
ryanakcaalso, where you going to stick the news link?00:52
nixternalooh, I forgot the news link didn't I00:52
nixternalit would go down there with the others00:52
nixternalI was sitting here going "what do I need to put down there" :)00:52
ryanakcalol :)00:56
ryanakcastick it up on the wiki00:56
nixternalalready done that00:56
ryanakcagoodies ;)00:56
* ryanakca wonders if he should poke the planet again... one week left00:56
nixternalI have another, shinier version too :)01:05
nixternalbbiaf, dinner time01:06
apachelogger__ryanakca: not my business01:06
apachelogger__all shakes fault01:06
ryanakcaapachelogger__: hehe01:07
apachelogger__I ain't have to do anything with tha windows builds01:07
apachelogger__beside testing, announcing, promoting, managing and stuff01:07
apachelogger__anyone wanna skype with Nightrose?02:00
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apacheloggernosrednaekim: because her voice is so beautiful02:05
apacheloggerNightrose: none likes you apparently02:10
apacheloggersorry honey :(02:10
Nightroseanyone wanna skype with apachelogger? *g*02:10
ryanakcaNightrose: sure :P02:13
* ryanakca => bed02:13
apacheloggerapparently everyone thinks sleep > apachelogger02:14
apacheloggernow that sux02:14
apacheloggersleep is overrated02:14
nixternalNightrose: if you tell me that apachelogger's voice is so beautiful, I think I will jump off a mountain :p05:22
nixternalhehe, Corey Burger spelled my buddies last name 'Callaghan' when it is 'Callaway' :)05:29
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Hobbseenixternal: why does bip hate me?05:35
nixternalcuz bip hates everyone05:35
Hobbseegot a better alternative?05:35
nixternalI quit using bip, and by quitting bip I pretty much quit Konvi also05:35
nixternalI use irssi on my server in screen05:36
Hobbseeheh.  that's what i'm thinking about doing05:36
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daviessantiago-ve: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/WebsiteMockups10:07
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* Hobbsee waves11:30
dinosaur-rusI can't install qt4-dev-tools package due to version conflict with libqt4-core. "apt-cache show libqt4-core" shows that version 4.3.2-0ubuntu3 is installed, "apt-cache showpkg libqt4-core" says there're two versions -- 4.3.2-0ubuntu3 and 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.1 (which is needed for qt4-dev-tools). both "apt-get upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" (of cource after "apt-get update") say everything is up to date... what's wrong?11:31
apachelogger_!info konqueror11:38
ubotukonqueror (source: kdebase): KDE's advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2.1 (gutsy), package size 2002 kB, installed size 5340 kB11:38
dinosaur-rus!info libqt4-core11:50
ubotulibqt4-core (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 core non-GUI functionality runtime library. In component main, is optional. Version 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.1 (gutsy), package size 1726 kB, installed size 5272 kB11:50
Nightrosenixternal: rofl - apachelogger_´s voice is indeed _very_ beautiful ;-)11:51
apachelogger_it can11:52
apachelogger_it's just not most of the time11:52
Nightrosemorning honey11:52
dinosaur-rusah... it seems that qt4-dev-tools package needs to be updated since it depends on previous version of libqt4-core package11:53
* apachelogger_ starts cuddling with Nightrose11:53
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apachelogger_dinosaur-rus: a dist-upgrade didn't catch that?11:54
dinosaur-rusapachelogger_: qt4-dev-tools 4.3.2-0ubuntu3 is the latest available version11:57
Tonio_hey there11:58
Tonio_Riddell: I just saw mhb has done super work on kdesudo-kde411:58
Tonio_Riddell: I'll try to make it to work this we11:58
apachelogger_dinosaur-rus: doesn't sound good :S11:58
dinosaur-rusapachelogger_: yeah, so there's no Qt4 Assistant and Qt4 Linguist :(11:59
mhbgood morning starshine12:02
apachelogger_Einen wunderschönen, angenehmen guten Morgen mhb!12:04
mhbapachelogger_: danke! Warum hast du eine so gute Laune?12:08
apachelogger_mhb: 8 Stunden Schlaf :D12:09
apachelogger_Nightrose: apparently I br0ke my kdm again :S12:10
smarterThere's a problem with Qt4 4.3.3-0ubuntu212:11
Nightroseapachelogger_: Oo12:11
smarterWhen I try to compile bespin I get messages like "undefined reference to `XRenderComposite'"12:11
mhbsmarter: IIRC I answered that yesterday, haven't I?12:11
apachelogger_smarter: so install xrender :P12:11
smarterI've rebuilt Qt4 without the kubuntu_02 patch and it works12:11
smarterIt's installed12:12
mornfallyuriy: What do you mean? One candidate is that there are 2 timeouts, and the first assumes that the typed word is incomplete and second that it is complete, which gives different results.12:12
smarterthe kubuntu_02 patch causes the problem12:12
mhbyes, that is a useful piece of info.12:12
mhbsmarter: file a bug so we can track it even ourside IRC.12:12
mornfallyuriy: But if the results are really off when you stop typing, then yes, that could be a problem.12:12
mornfallyuriy: Although I currently don't see how that could happen.12:12
apachelogger_personal opinion: kdm is the biggest piece of junk ever seen -.-12:14
tomaapachelogger_: ossi is in kde-devel, you can actually talk to upstream if you want12:15
apachelogger_toma: tried, wasn't around, but from what I get right now it should be rewritten12:16
* apachelogger_ is wondering why 4.0.0 doesn't even have consolekit support12:16
apachelogger_I need a coffee :(12:16
tomadont ask me, ask ossi12:16
tomamy personal opinion: i hate it when people say such things. It will be read by a lot of people and they are tempted to believe it. So it requires a lot of effort to prove the opposite.12:19
apachelogger_personal opinion suffix: or maybe I just don't know anything about display managers, which tends to be likely.12:21
apachelogger_toma: better? :)12:21
tomaapachelogger_: much ;-)12:38
Tonio_mhb: congrats for the good work on kdesudo12:41
Tonio_mhb: I'll try to figure out why the password isn't passed to sudo this we...12:41
mhbnixternal: we should go caching sometimes.13:55
mhbnixternal: the only trouble is the minor continent thing13:56
Hobbseemhb: caching?13:59
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mhbHobbsee: yep, geocaching... it seems nixternal likes it, too14:03
Hobbseemhb: ahhh, another one!14:03
Hobbseedad and i went geocaching on the weekend.14:04
mhbHobbsee: well I haven't been geocaching since the exams started (for a few weeks)14:04
Tonio_mhb: ping ?14:08
mhbTonio_: I'm here14:08
mhbTonio_: I'm glad you like the changes I made14:08
Tonio_mhb: sure I do14:08
Tonio_mhb: I'm trying to figure out why the prompt window doesn't happen14:09
Tonio_mhb: looks weird I must say14:09
Tonio_mhb: looks like the StandardOutput is never catched14:09
mhbTonio_: that is true14:09
mhbit's not14:09
mhbwhich puzzled me14:09
Tonio_yeah, it doesn't make sense to me as the "passprompt" string appears correctly in the output......14:10
mhbI think there is something wrong in my code, even tho I tried to consult API docs as much as possible.14:10
Tonio_mhb: have looked in kdelibs code how they do this ?14:10
mhbI've substituted "sudo" with "ls -la", and it still didn't work14:11
Tonio_mhb: somthing is wrong in either p process options or the "connect" thing options14:11
mhbno, I haven't14:11
Tonio_mhb: shouldn't be a hudge error, something very little imho, so hard to find out :/14:11
Tonio_mhb: we should grep readyReadStandardOutput in kdebase and kdelibs code to see an example of how it is supposed to work to understand14:12
Tonio_mhb: once that done  it shouldn't be hard to make it to work14:12
mhbTonio_: perhaps we could take their PtyProcess class & use it.14:12
Tonio_mhb: afaik this causes the process to run in a subshell and doesn't work with applications detaching themselves, as the subshell is then closed14:13
Tonio_mhb: that's why I removed the pty usage in the 2.1 kde3 version : it couldn't work with applications like amarok or k3b14:14
Tonio_the program was closed with the shell when detaching14:14
Tonio_mhb: I I'm pretty sure it can work simply as we want it to, just that standard output catching to fix14:14
Tonio_mhb: I can't beleive kdelibs or buggy on that point, kde4 wouldn't work at all if so....14:15
mhbnot sure.14:15
Tonio_mhb: what about kdesu code ?14:15
Tonio_mhb: there should be something ressembling to what we want right ?14:15
mhbwell they use the PtyProcess...14:16
mhbcheck it out14:16
Tonio_well maybe we should then14:16
Tonio_but true it can be a kdelibs bug eventually14:16
mhbI think I'm going to write a teeny weeny KProcess instance to play with it until it works.14:16
Tonio_I see no reason why it doesn't catch the standard output14:16
mhbme neither.14:16
Tonio_mhb: yeah maybe try to make it to work outside of the kdesudo code14:17
Tonio_mhb: something that just plays ls and displays a kwarning when the work "Desktop" is seen or something14:17
Tonio_mhb: I'm not all in favor of following kdesu code as it is reported buggy in fact :)14:18
Tonio_mhb: I think it is better to stay as close to the kde3 version of kdesudo with just porting the code to kde4, don't you think ?14:18
Tonio_mhb: but yeah, play with both, and try to make the standard output catched14:19
Tonio_mhb: if you can do that, most of the problems will be fixed :) then we have to find out a way to write to stdin :)14:19
Tonio_mhb: I'm trying to find this out while you try to catch the stdout oki ?14:19
Tonio_mhb: also, instead of double connect to stdout and stderr, as we don't especially catch sterr in the code, we can only connect to stdout and get err merged with out14:20
Tonio_p->setOutputChannelMode( KProcess::OnlyStdoutChannel );14:20
Tonio_mhb: simply like this14:20
Tonio_mhb: also the good thing is that I've been able to get konqueror starting when the password is remembered14:21
Tonio_mhb: a bunch of xauthority issues, which is normal, but worked using xhost + in the first14:21
Tonio_mhb: good point is that kdesudo already starts the application as it should :)14:21
Tonio_mhb: so here is the plan :14:22
Tonio_- you get a way to catch stdout14:22
Tonio_- I get a way to write the passwd to stdin14:22
Tonio_- then we and anyone wanting to help make it to work with the correct Xauthority file14:22
Tonio_are you okay on rationale ?14:22
Tonio_mhb: hum it looks like kprocess not anymore allows to write to stdin :/14:27
Tonio_mhb: note that we can temporary use http://api.kde.org/4.x-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kde3support/html/classK3Process.html14:32
Tonio_mhb: that one is compatible with the kde3 kprocess14:32
Tonio_mhb: wouldn't that be an acceptable solution waiting to find something better ?14:32
Tonio_mhb: there is also a kptyprocess class, but it is not documented yet.......14:37
Tonio_mhb: look in kdelibs/kpty14:37
mhbsure, provided it works14:37
mhbtry it and let me know14:37
Tonio_mhb: well the problem is that without documentation, it'll be a bit hard for me :)14:38
Tonio_mhb: http://api.kde.org/4.x-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kde3support/html/classK3Pr14:38
Tonio_this refers to it, but no documentation atm...14:38
Tonio_mhb: good point is that it is in kdelibs5-dev ;)14:39
Tonio_so we can use it14:39
mhbsounds like a good enough documentation to me :o)14:39
mhbI'm sorry, but I need to go preparing for my exam on Monday, so I can't do much today...14:40
Tonio_mhb: hehe14:42
Tonio_mhb: well the problem is that all is deprecated14:42
Tonio_mhb: we need to define what we want, either something that works quick or something more "maintainable" ?14:43
mhbwell I'd rather go for the maintainable way14:43
mhb(if only I had time to look at it)14:44
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Tonio_mhb: yeah me too, especially since for some reason I don't understand k3process doesn't work as expected....15:58
Tonio_I can create an K3Process object, but any method I call (aka clearArguments for example) generates an "undefined reference" during the build process, even if k3process.h is loaded15:58
claydohhow many times does someone have to yell that Konqueor is *not* changing/going anywhere before people get the message?15:59
Hobbseeclaydoh: many.  people don't read15:59
toma_pissedTonio_: at link time probably ?15:59
Tonio_toma_pissed: I don't think so15:59
claydohI should put it into my sig, and just keep posting15:59
Tonio_toma_pissed: the exact same code works in kde3, with a sed s/K3Process/KProcess16:00
Tonio_toma_pissed: strange isn't it ?16:00
Tonio_toma_pissed: well the problem is that kprocess in kde4 is really limited compared to what can be done un kde316:00
claydohthe biggest ciers *have* read stuff, and continue to see subterfuge and plots16:00
Tonio_toma_pissed: no way to write stdin for example16:00
toma_pissedTonio_: did you add a "add_definitions (-DQT3_SUPPORT -DQT3_SUPPORT_WARNINGS)" to the CMake file?16:01
Tonio_toma_pissed: hum lemme check16:01
claydohwow if I didn't miss  any deps, my first ppa package may be building here soon :)16:02
toma_pissedTonio_: and add "${KDE4_KDE3SUPPORT_LIBS}" to the target link libs else it will not link for you16:02
toma_pissedTonio_: but usign the new kprocess would be better ;-)16:03
Tonio_toma_pissed: yeah, but we cannot use it at the moment because of those functionnalities missing16:04
toma_pissedwhat's missing?16:04
Tonio_toma_pissed: no way to write to stdin16:06
Tonio_toma_pissed: I can see that kptyprocess myght help on that point, but is not documented16:07
toma_pissedprintf is broken ? ;-)16:07
Tonio_toma_pissed: no I mean write to the stdin of the process16:08
Tonio_toma_pissed: aka pass the password to sudo, while sudo waits for stdin input16:08
Tonio_toma_pissed: there is no way to do that at the moment16:08
jussi01toma_pissed: any chance of a change of nick? my hilights are going crazy... ;)16:09
toma_pissedwrite to the stdin of the process still sounds like printf16:09
toma_pissedanyhow you can use QIODevice read and write functions16:11
Tonio_toma_pissed: hum......16:11
Tonio_toma_pissed: talking about that, there is some strange issue with mhb's yesterday code16:11
Tonio_toma_pissed: readyReadStandardOutput doesn't work as expected16:11
Tonio_toma_pissed: I tried to figure out the problem but don't understand16:12
Tonio_toma_pissed: fancy look at it quickly ?16:12
toma_pissedBut what's wrong with QIODevice read and write functions?16:13
Tonio_toma_pissed: as long as you can help to make the window to appear ;16:13
Tonio_toma_pissed: bzr checkout sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-kdesudo/kdesudo/trunk-kde416:13
Tonio_toma_pissed: thanks for having a look ;)16:13
Tonio_toma_pissed: can you just lemme know if you have access to it ?16:14
toma_pissedbzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-kdesudo/kdesudo/trunk-kde4": Unable to import paramiko (required for sftp support): No module named paramiko16:15
* toma_pissed installs random bzr packages16:17
Tonio_toma_pissed: hu ?16:17
Tonio_toma_pissed: you should install python paramyko module I guess ;)16:17
Tonio_toma_pissed: python-paramiko package16:17
toma_pissedah, bzrtools pulls that in16:17
Tonio_toma_pissed: you might have to join the kdesudo team so that I can give you access16:18
Tonio_toma_pissed: want commit permissions ?16:18
Tonio__toma_pissed: well even with k3process, our first problem is basically the same16:25
Tonio__toma_pissed: the connect( p, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardOutput()), this, SLOT(parseOutput()) ); doesn't seem to work16:26
Tonio__toma_pissed: when starting the process with sudo -P passprompt, then "passprompt" is writen in stdout16:27
Tonio__toma_pissed: btw parseOutput() is never called16:27
toma_pissedok, can i do the checkout now?16:27
Tonio__toma_pissed: reverting to k3process and connect to SIGNAL(receivedStdout(KProcess*, char*, int) doesn't help either16:28
Tonio__toma_pissed: sure you can16:28
Tonio__toma_pissed: getting parseOutput() is our big problem atm16:28
Tonio__toma_pissed: once that done we'll find a way to write the passwd stdin....16:29
Tonio__toma_pissed: thanks for trying to fix ;)16:29
toma_pissedTonio__: http://rafb.net/p/4ADjzy15.html16:29
Tonio__toma_pissed: as said you're not in the group..... ask to join the kdesudo group please16:29
toma_pissedi did16:29
Tonio__k then gimme a second16:30
Tonio__toma_pissed: should be okay16:31
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Tonio_toma_pissed: you're in the team now16:32
toma_pissedi still get the same errpr16:32
Tonio_bzr checkout bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-kdesudo/kdesudo/trunk-kde416:34
Tonio_toma_pissed: is that working ?16:34
Tonio_toma_pissed: in an empty folder of course16:34
blueyedTonio_: btw: haven't you pushed the latest changes for the kdebase-debian branch?16:34
Tonio_toma_pissed: maybe we need to wait a few minutes, I don't know16:35
Tonio_blueyed: nope I didn't, true that16:35
Tonio_toma_pissed: still doesn't work ?16:35
Tonio_bzr checkout bzr+ssh://<yourlaunchpadnick>@bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-kdesudo/kdesudo/trunk-kde416:36
Tonio_toma_pissed: what about that ?16:36
Tonio_toma_pissed: as I said maybe you need to ait a bit16:36
Tonio_toma_pissed: you should have access readonly that way :16:36
Tonio_bzr checkout http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-kdesudo/kdesudo/trunk-kde416:37
Tonio_waiting for launchpad to sync the team changes I suspect16:37
toma_pissedi need bzr 0.9216:37
Tonio_even read only ?16:38
Tonio_blueyed: I'll merge the changes to bzr toonight, for sure16:39
Tonio_blueyed: same with kdelibs16:39
toma_pissedTonio_: so what did you pick for setOutputChannelMode  of the kprocess?16:39
Tonio_toma_pissed: tried them all, doesn't work16:41
Tonio_toma_pissed: OnlyStdoutChannel is the first I tried, then  SeparateChannels  and MergedChannels16:42
toma_pissedbefore the start() ?16:42
Tonio_toma_pissed: maybe there is something somewhere else in the code mhb changed that causes the issue16:42
Tonio_toma_pissed: yep16:42
Tonio_before of course16:43
Tonio_toma_pissed: what amazes me is that even using k3process and connecting the what worked with kde3 it doesn't work16:43
Tonio_toma_pissed: that's why I suspect something else in the code maiking that signal to be ignored or something.....16:43
Tonio_toma_pissed: but we need new eyes like yours as we failed finding what doesn't work....16:44
toma_pissedright, i don't have a lot of time, but a 'quick' look is ok, but I'm not going to recompile bzr just for this ;-)16:44
Tonio_toma_pissed: hehe of course16:45
Tonio_toma_pissed: no way to get read only access ?16:45
Tonio_toma_pissed: I can send you the tarball if you want16:46
toma_pissedplease do16:46
Tonio_toma_pissed: http://toniox.org/temp16:48
Tonio_toma_pissed: thanks !16:48
toma_pissedTonio_: how to test this?16:55
* toma_pissed spots tabs16:56
mhb!family is it?16:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about family - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:56
toma_pissedTonio_: "kdesudo -u root ls" doesn't do anything16:56
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:57
Tonio_toma_pissed: just use kdesudo konqueror16:58
Tonio_toma_pissed: you should see a "passprompt" test in the program output16:58
Tonio_toma_pissed: our problem is that the "pssprompt" make a kpassworddialog box to appear16:58
Tonio_toma_pissed: there is our problem16:58
Tonio_mhb: even using k3process I get the same issue16:59
Tonio_mhb: passprompt isn"t catched16:59
toma_pissedit does not do anything for me currently16:59
toma_pissedno dialog16:59
mhbTonio_: interesting17:00
Tonio_toma_pissed: yeah that's our problem17:00
Tonio_parseOutput should be called when something is written stdout17:01
mhb!language > toma_pissed17:01
Tonio_but inclding debug code in parseOutput, I can tell you it is never called17:01
toma_pissedmhb: because of my nick?17:02
Tonio_toma_pissed: that's the problem and we don't understand why it is never called since there is some output written in stdout17:02
mhbtoma_pissed: yes, I am angry quite often myself, but I think it can be said in a polite way, especially on a logged development channel.17:03
Tonio_mhb: I suspect there is something else in the code, cause I see no reason the signal is never emmited17:04
toma_pissedok, i'll leave the channel for a while then.17:04
mhbTonio_: hmm, yes, it is strange.17:05
mhbhave you tried searching the web for other people that experienced this?17:06
Tonio_mhb: not any reasul17:06
mhbTonio_: too bad.17:10
toma_pissedTonio_: around ?17:22
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jpatrickclaydoh: can you /msg me Zack's yahoo?19:57
* jpatrick can't login to Kubuntu Forus19:57
claydohgimme a sec, I have some limited admin access, lemme see....19:58
jpatrickso do I (I think), but it won't let me recover passwd/get it19:59
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