bernierwhat's the command to update from gutsy to hardy00:01
chxWill HH have Linux 2.6.24  ? I just read changelog and was blown away00:05
bernieryes it will00:05
bernierit in fact already has it00:05
* chx whistles merrily00:06
chxthree more months ?00:06
bernierfor final release it's on april 24th00:06
chxnext question, what can I do --lacking kernel coding capabilities--  to help https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/137963 ?00:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 137963 in linux-source-2.6.22 "[Gusty] ipw3945abg does not work with 802.11b-only WLANs" [Medium,Triaged]00:07
chxWould, say, money help here?00:07
zokeyou mean a bounty ?00:07
chxI am asking ways00:08
crimsuni/win 2100:08
chxI am traveling much more than anyone should and this is a thorn in my side, i need a usb adapter to back me up and it's very uncomfy00:09
chxso, i would be willing to throw a few bucks it00:09
chxzoke: so, how?00:11
DanaGcrimsun: do you do anything with the scheduler in the kernel?01:14
crimsunDanaG: 2.4, yes.  2.6, no.01:15
mluser-workwhat packages do I need to build the vmware-tools from source?01:17
wastreldid you fix the problem with the -i386 kernel being default in menu.lst ?01:19
wastrelhrm no that was probably specific to me.01:20
wastrelanyway the new kernel package isn't setting the correct kernel image in menu.lst01:20
wastrelis that normal for alpha or a bug?01:20
crimsunmluser-work: Build-Depends: cpio, debhelper, build-essential, libqt3-mt-dev, linux-headers-$(uname -r), module-init-tools, rpm, sed, sharutils, bzip2, libgtk2.0-dev, libxxf86misc-dev, libxtst-dev, libxxf86vm-dev, libxinerama-dev01:23
mluser-workcrimsun: thanks01:26
DanaGAnybody know what the "trousers" TPM subsystem can be used for?01:28
DanaGOh yeah, I noticed something about the following two packages:01:28
DanaG!info jaaa japa01:28
ubotujaaa (source: jaaa): audio signal generator and spectrum analyser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 37 kB, installed size 176 kB01:28
DanaGThey don't get along with pulseaudio, or even with my bare hda-intel device.  The apps demand mmap.01:29
DanaGWTF?  No applets for AWN.  That's lame.01:44
wastrelawn is from google01:45
DanaGI mean, it doesn't COME with any applets.01:48
DanaGAt least in the Hardy packaged version, that is.01:48
Solarionany idea what's up with nautilus + libeel2?01:49
crimsunthese questions are insanely vague.01:50
RAOFDanaG: Thank you for reminding me.  I need to review the applets package on REVU01:52
crimsunugh, dinner, then more hacking.01:53
DanaGAah, so some applets are going to be packaged?  Cool.01:54
werson what exact date will hardy be released? :)01:59
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mohbanahi, i want to try out ubuntu but i have a few questions02:07
DanaGIf you're new to Linux, avoid Hardy.02:07
DanaGBut if you're just new to this distro specifically, you should at least give yourself a chance to become accustomed to apt and dpkg and such, if you haven't used them before.02:08
Solarionless vague: nautilus seems to require libeel2-2 >= 2.21.5 but 2.20.0-2ubuntu1 is to be installed.02:10
Solarionhence nautilus is being held back02:10
DanaGDevelopment versions sometimes, or even 'often', have broken dependencies; make sure you know how to deal with them.  Also, make sure you're willing to live with brokenness if need be, or else you should just use released versions.02:11
SolarionDanaG: all well and good, but I'm wondering if it's a known problem and if there's an eta on a fix.02:12
mohbanai am currently running fedora 8, i have an extra partion i want to try out ubuntu 7.10.  How can i make a backup of my mbr and my fedora partion, i have another partion where i can store the images. thanks02:13
DanaGActually, I was talking to mohbana.02:14
RAOFSolarion: I think your mirrors may be out of date; nautilus fully upgraded for me a couple of ays ago.02:16
SolarionRAOF: I don't see a non-ubuntu or canonical mirror02:17
RAOFWell, WorksForMe(tm)02:18
RAOFmohbana: Well, dd's always fun.02:21
RAOFAs in dd if=/dev/yourpartition of=/path/to/your/backupfile02:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about faubackup - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:23
DanaG!info faubackup02:23
ubotufaubackup (source: faubackup): Backup System using a Filesystem for Storage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.9 (hardy), package size 32 kB, installed size 152 kB02:23
DanaGIt acts kinda' like "Time Machine", in that it links stuff.02:23
DanaGI believe you restore with rsync.02:23
werson what exact date is hardy supposed to be released?02:24
mohbanais there a gui based program02:25
wersmohbana, you may want to try #ubuntu02:28
mohbanaok thanks02:30
mohbanawow 1115 people in there02:30
askand!info gnochm02:35
ubotugnochm (source: gnochm): CHM file viewer for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 139 kB, installed size 756 kB02:35
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LeeJunFananyone successfully using debmirror with hardy?04:14
Sonicadvance1Nautilus seems to be borked :D04:32
Sonicadvance1nautilus: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgiohal-volume-monitor.so: undefined symbol: libhal_ps_get_strlist04:32
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DanaGWho here would be able to fix grammatical errors in changelogs?  Look at the changelog for update-manager-core.05:09
DanaG    - if the prerequists can not be authenticated,05:12
DanaG(comma doesn't belong there.)05:12
RAOFYou can file a bug against the package, I think.  The next upload can have some historical revisionism. :)05:13
DanaGWTF happened to "Connect to Server"?06:10
DanaGMy old gnome-vfs mount works, but dumps me at the root of the remote server.06:11
RAOFNautilus-gio broke it like a twig.06:11
DanaGHmm, transfer is working, but the new dialog is ugly.06:14
DanaGNo 'progress in dialog icon' anymore.06:14
DanaGWell, if'n you wanna' start getting the file, you can do it with wget -C -- but better to throttle it to, say, 11 kilobytes per second so it doesn't speed past my upload.06:17
DanaGAnd it's not ******** minimizeable.06:19
DanaG(I put those asterisks there without counting them.)06:19
DanaGThat's odd:06:34
DanaGmy pidgin notifications interrupted my music.06:34
DanaGI thought PulseAudio was supposed to not be susceptible to that.06:34
DanaGThe user `dana' is already a member of `pulse-rt'.06:34
nikolamHi I made seamonkey and iceape 1.1.7 from source. I made hardy packages and installed them on my current 7.10 instalation. But Now I cant start iceape as it is. It is only starting as Seamonkey. How can I make Iceape 1.1.7 for Hardy to act/look like Iceape 1.1.5?06:49
nikolamBeacouse Iceape is consisted of some 25k dummu packages, requiring seamonkey install. The same is in hardy repo.06:50
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dogssonwhen you read(maybe too fast) does your eyes look creeepy? can someone beat me up for it? i know i got beat up once but a African Sudan guy. what to do? :D thank you07:32
dogssonwhat happens if your lips and faces are dry? and do you care about bottom of my feet?08:10
SebastianIs today "Invasion of the Spam Bots Day"?08:11
dogsson how many words do you read at once?08:12
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!08:13
RAOFelkbuntu: Oh, dogsson's being crazy.08:22
dogsson<RAOF> huh?08:24
RAOFdogsson: You appeared to have been saying completely random sentences.08:25
RAOFThis is not helpful :)08:25
dogsson<RAOF> i am starting topics08:25
dogsson<RAOF> how else can i communicate random thoughts?08:25
dogssonAussie aussie oi oi oi08:26
RAOFdogsson: See the /topic.  This is not the place for random drunken thoughts :)08:26
RAOFdogsson: Feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic, though those thoughts may be offtopic for there, too.08:27
dogssonRAOF you are disgrace as an Australian. thu (spit on ya)08:28
dogssonRAOF> OI08:29
DanaGI think there's a #ubuntu-offtopic-offtopic08:30
dogssonis jerky head/hand behavior crazy behavior08:38
dogssonor threatening behavior?08:38
RAOFdogsson: Please don't.08:39
dogssonRAOF perdon?08:40
Le-Chuck_ITAHi all. Is it normal that tracker in hardy (but maybe also in gutsy where I was not using it) does not do indexing based on file names, so that if I create an empty file called xxxxy I will not find it by searching xxxxy?10:16
Le-Chuck_ITAor is it only on my laptop?10:16
aantipopif i type dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg im not able to select a driver for graphics card anymore ? and mouse protocol ??10:28
kripkenaantipop: I believe that this is due to changes in how XOrg works. Basically it should now all be automatic10:30
kripkenif you look at the xorg.conf files, they are now very short. Not like in the past, where they detailed everything10:30
aantipopworks great: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".10:31
kripkenI get that when I run the FOSS driver. What are you running now?10:32
aantipopso how do i set nvidia for the driver, manual edit ?10:32
aantipopseems like nv10:32
aantipopbut i want nvidia, and i want to choose my mouseprotocol10:32
kripkenTo use nvidia, just use the restricted-drivers-manager10:32
kripkenit'll do it all for you. No idea about the mouse though, but I believe you can add lines to xorg.conf, they will override the automatic configuration10:33
aantipopit say its using it10:33
kripkendid you edit xorg.conf? anyhow, just change the driver in xorg.conf to "nvidia"10:33
aantipopim on a xorg.conf that got automatically created, because i deleted my xorg.conf10:33
kripkendoes it have a "Driver" line?10:34
aantipoplet me see10:34
aantipopuhm xorg.conf i empty ?10:34
kripkennothing at all?10:34
aantipopthere is no xorg.conf ha10:35
aantipoplet me reboot, i will be back10:35
aantipopor is restarting x enough ?10:35
kripkenI have no idea what'll happen if you restart X without an xorg.conf... bt you can try ;)10:35
aantipophmm will reboot, see you soon10:35
kripkenyes, restart X is enough. Logout-login from GNOME restarts X for me10:35
aantipopit runs without a xorg.conf10:37
aantipopmaybe this is the bulletproof thing ?10:37
aantipopso how do i enable nvidia without a xorg.conf ?10:38
bardyraantipop, xorg has been able to run without a xorg.conf got a long time10:38
kripkendo you still not have an xorg.conf?10:39
aantipopno, no xorg.conf10:39
bardyraantipop, you use the xorg.conf to override automatic settings like selecting binary drivers and changing kayboard layout, etc10:39
aantipopnow i think i created one with dpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg10:39
kripkenI would either write a skeleton xorg.conf, or try to reinstall nvidia-glx10:39
bardyrkripken, nvidia-xconfig10:40
aantipopthere is a very small xorg.conf now, missing graphics driver and whatnot10:40
aantipopstrange thing is, retricted manager says: nvidia in use..10:40
kripkenyou can add a line for the graphics driver to set it to nvidia. Or do what bardyr said, I think that will work also10:40
aantipopwill do10:41
aantipopbut my main problem are the mouse-settings10:41
kripkenno idea about that, sorry10:41
aantipopmy logitech mouse runs at 400 dpi, but is capable of 800 i guess10:42
aantipophmm brb10:43
aantipopgot nvidia back, hooray for 2007 backup's10:52
kripkenmouse too?10:52
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aantipopkripken: mouse works, but im not sure which cpi it uses11:34
kripkenI think it makes sense to file a bug regarding the mouse issue. It appears there is now no good way to do what you wanted11:34
coastGNUoem-config does not clear persistent-net.rules, right? Is this worth a wishlist entry in lauichpad?11:48
elmnascan some1 help me ?12:37
elmnasI get a error message12:37
elmnas<elmnas> add/remove applications f?r visa restricted driver manager restricted drivers manager cannot be installed on your computer type (1386) either the application requries special hardware features or the vendor decided to not support your computer type12:37
elmnas<elmnas> I have linux ubuntu hardy hevon12:37
elmnaswhen I am trying to install my graphic card12:37
Elmnascan some1 help me I cant come in to my restriced driver mangaer13:04
Elmnasi Go to add/remove applications then I fil into the box restriced drivers manager, then it says "Restriced drivers manager cannot be installed on your computer type (1386) Either the application requires special hardware features or the vendor decided to not support your computer type13:06
Elmnascan some1 help me13:08
bazhangElmnas: this is a very early alpha nearly three months until final release13:09
bazhangsome things will break13:10
Elmnasso I will download the new dist then?13:10
bazhangyou should stick with gutsy if you are not comfortable with breakage13:10
bazhangwww.ubuntu.com has the latest13:10
Elmnasits not for13:11
Elmnasmy graphic card.13:11
Elmnasand processor13:11
bazhangthen expect frequent breakage and no easy fixes13:12
rskElmnas: what cpu and gpu?13:21
Elmnas2.41 ghz?13:22
rsk'2.41 ghz' is most likely supported in 7.10 gutsy.13:23
Le-Chuck_ITAHi there, did the intel network driver change in hardy?13:29
Le-Chuck_ITAthe one for ipw3945 cards13:29
Le-Chuck_ITAbecause I have no ipw3945 module, and network is really slow compared to my other laptop running gutsy13:30
Le-Chuck_ITAwhat are the new drivers?13:30
rskin the kernel afaik13:31
Le-Chuck_ITAhmm, and is it already known that they're slow?13:31
Le-Chuck_ITAI don't know what to search for in bugs13:31
Le-Chuck_ITAthat must be13:32
gnutshello all, I've got an up to date hardy running, and working well. I get no extra features (scrolling, etc) from my alps touchpad and while trying to fix I found out that there is no server layout section of xorg.conf, even though graphics work just fine. Is that normal?14:22
gnutsbump - does xorg.conf need a server layout section in hardy?14:40
flipstari dont have an 'server layout section' in my xorg.conf14:43
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gnutsok, thanks for checking! I'll keep pluggin away at the touchpad.14:59
=== bigon is now known as bigon`
=== bigon` is now known as bigon
mrbrdoi followed this guide to install FGLRX: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide (also the troubleshooting section), but i still get the MESA driver (even though i removed xorg-server-video*)15:24
mrbrdothis is my xorg log: http://pastebin.com/m40f1f45715:24
mrbrdoerrors: (EE) fglrx(0): [pcie] Failed to gather memory of size 262144Kb for PCIe. Error (-1007) and (EE) fglrx(0): atiddxDriScreenInit failed, GPS not been initialized.15:24
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bardyri know there will be a lot work on removing duplication in hardy, but will there be any work on removing obsolete packages?16:24
tritiumbardyr: such as?16:24
blkorpheusI've been looking for the gobuntu kernel16:25
bardyrwell 915resulotion, xmms, etc16:25
blkorpheusif there is a different kernel16:25
blkorpheusbut it seems it uses the generic kernel16:25
tritiumbardyr: people still use xmms16:26
bardyrtritium, yea but they usually dont know audacious exits16:27
tritiumbardyr: it's still a matter of offering choice16:27
bardyrtritium, having a huge amount of packages does not always equal choice16:28
blkorpheusit doesn't?16:29
tritiumHow doesn't it?16:29
bardyrsometime its just bloat16:29
tritiumremoving xmms would reduce the available choices16:31
bardyror it will just get people to use audacious and everyone will be a little more happy16:32
tritiumI, for one, don't use audacious, and wouldn't appreciate being told that I must.16:32
bardyrdo you use xmms?16:32
tritiumNope, but don't assume that I'd be a little more happy moving to audacious.16:32
bardyrif you use xmms, audacious will make you happy, just as moving from a 2.2 kernel to a 2.6 kernel will make you happy16:33
tritiumNot necessarily.  Don't presume.16:34
tritiume.g., I still prefer my 1965 Chevy truck to any of the recent model years.16:34
tritiumnewer != better, necessarily16:34
bardyrtritium, when you need to change half the settings to get it to work, newer is better16:35
tritiumbardyr: in your opinion16:35
tritiumBut not in others'16:35
Amaranthxmms has been on its death bed for awhile16:35
Amaranthjust haven't planned out how to get rid of it fully yet and no one wants to be the one to kill it16:36
blkorpheusand it still works when the others sometimes do not16:36
blkorpheusall thee forks of xmms16:36
blkorpheusand yet no real compelling reason to switch16:37
Amaranthbut xmms has also been dead upstream for like 4 years16:37
Amaranthand Ubuntu isn't about old unix nerds :)16:37
tritiumBeing old isn't a valid reason alone for removal.16:38
Amaranthtritium: being unmaintained is16:39
tritiumAmaranth: perhaps, but perhaps not, if the last upstream release still works just fine16:39
tritiumAt any rate, I need to get going...16:40
blkorpheusxmms haters16:42
mrbrdohey guys i have a weird problem16:59
mrbrdoi am using the binary fglrx drivers, and when i type fglrxinfo it shows the ati driver (not mesa or anything)16:59
mrbrdobut fglrxinfo -v | grep direct shows nothing16:59
mrbrdoand compiz --replace says that i am not in direct mode so it doesn't work16:59
Picimrbrdo: thats normal.17:13
Picibug 17366317:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173663 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] compiz will not launch with fglrx driver - falls back to metacity" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17366317:15
mrbrdoPici i am not using that17:42
mrbrdoPici i am using the latest driver from ATI17:42
bardyrhow do i flush the gnome keyring?17:44
WorkingOnWiseAny ideas why all my desktop icons are hidden? It started Thursday after all the OpenOffice updates were installed??? Wierd17:44
WorkingOnWiseActually, it seems the problem is that Nautilus is hiding. I just started Nautilus and the window appeared then quickly vanished.17:46
WorkingOnWiseWow. Just started Nautilus from the terminal. It looks like it is related to the gnome libs that want to be installed, then uninstalled, at each update.17:48
bernierhi, is it possible to have fglrx in hardy?17:56
Picibernier: sure, but compiz currently does not run properly.17:59
bernierwhat do you mean by "properly"17:59
Piciaka, at all.17:59
Picisee bug 17366318:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173663 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] compiz will not launch with fglrx driver - falls back to metacity" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17366318:00
bernierthank you18:02
volki have a wierd problem with my clock. It for some reason shows current time - 1 hour. Also times in gnome calendar applet are one hour behind my appointment times in evoloution (the applet reads evolution calendar). How is this possible? If I set the right time, it still goes back one hour after I reboot :S18:07
DanaGvolk: Check your time zone setting..18:15
volkDanaG, well, I have it set to stockholm/Sweden as thats where I live18:19
volkdo I have to set it to GMT maybe?18:19
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gQuigsI'm getting a crash and apport isn't noticing... any suggestions?18:53
Gninetrash bin is buggy. icon looks always full. some files do not get deleted or reappear after deletion. erratic behaviour. celeron 2.0 - x8618:54
gQuigsits a nautilus bug if that helps.. create a file with screen recorder byzanz, right click -> properties on file. nautilus crashes19:08
gQuigsany way I could get apport to get back to reporting bugs / test it?19:08
Andre_Gondimdoes any one use cmi8738 sound card?19:11
CroXDo I still need the alternate CD to use the disk encryption feature?19:19
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Gnineflash media issue is resolved on x86_64 version19:45
Gnineeven though i was expecting gnash was going to be the default. media is still handled via swf.19:48
CroXWhat is the disk encryption feature called? I want to check if other distros have support for it too.20:06
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lymecaWill icedtea be the default JRE in hardy?20:48
lymecaOr perhaps more importantly...if so will it be installed by default?20:49
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george_21after installation ubuntu aid it foudn 308 updates i did partial upgrade but some packages names 'lib-mono' had problem being installed21:17
george_21will there be a problem?21:17
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zokedoes xorg.conf exist in hardy ?21:39
bardyrzoke, yes21:44
zokealso I was just wondering, besides reloading the xorg.conf file is there away to change resolution ?21:48
zokehopefully without shutting down X ?21:48
Assidstupid appearances keep dying on me.21:49
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gQuigsanyone know any reasons apport wouldn't automatically report bugs?21:53
Assidit does.. doesnt it ?21:53
zokeit does I think21:54
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gQuigsmine isn't working21:55
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gQuigsnautilus crashes21:56
gQuigsand nothing comes up asking to submit a crash21:56
zokeno tooltip/popup at all ?21:57
gQuigsit would appear in the notification area... yes?21:58
gQuigscan I cause a "fake" crash to test it?21:59
zokeno idea22:01
zokeyou might want to file a bug against apport maybe22:01
gQuigswell in the meantime.. wanna try to replicate the bug?22:02
zokenot now my Hardy machine is not here22:03
gQuigsoh ok..22:03
gQuigshmm.. I'll just try a different puter22:04
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zokeis apport on the livecd's ?22:05
gQuigsshould be22:05
zokebecause then it could be a lot easier to replicate it on Alpha322:05
gQuigsanother good idea22:05
gQuigsgonna go try, thanks zoke22:06
_annaHi there, with the 2.6.24 kernel, my wireless rt2500pci driven card is badly broken. I get only very unreliable connections with it now.22:07
_annaIs there any way to revert to another rt2500 driver? Or a known alternative?22:08
alteregoliowhat the heck is the ng adapter?22:40
alteregolioatl1 hw csum wrong22:44
PiciHrm, has the ssh connect mounting method for gnome always been sftp?23:00
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