pochuAny main sponsor who could upload http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/gedit.debdiff for me? It fixes a FTBFS. TIA!02:37
zokewhat policies/mechanisms are in place to work more with upstream/debain and to reduce deltas ?02:38
crimsunpochu: ACKed.02:41
pochucrimsun: thanks :)02:42
LaserJockzoke: that's an interesting question02:44
LaserJockzoke: patches are automatically sent upstream, we encourage all developers/contributors to move things upstream02:50
zokeI see02:50
LaserJockbut specific policies I'm not so sure02:50
LaserJockmostly we just try to "do the right thing" and work with upstreams02:50
LaserJockcertainly not perfectly all the time, but that's the goal02:51
bddebianLaserJock: Don't lie, we never give back.. ;-P02:57
ScottKI think the stats on http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html and http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html show us doing a reasonably good job over time.03:01
bddebianScottK: :_)03:02
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LongPointyStickelmo: no point updating seed management before cjwatson does his stuff with the new seeds04:56
linos2anyone know how to compile an application .exe file extension using the gcc command?05:33
RAOFlinos2: gcc -o foo.exe foo.c05:33
RAOFHowever, that (a) doesn't do what you actually want, and (b) isn't a question for #ubuntu-devel05:33
linos2RAOF, sorry, but do you know where I could find such a channel?05:35
RAOFWell, #gcc might be a good one.05:35
linos2I tried, but nobody home05:35
borschtyi'm not sure, but take a look at the "winegcc"-command included in wine05:36
linos2ok.. thanks guys05:36
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kagoui'm investigating #18156113:22
kagouwhat's the difference between kernel in desktop and alternate iso ?13:22
Seveaskagou, there shouldn't be a difference afaik13:27
Seveasbug 18156113:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181561 in linux "Hardy alpha 3 daily-live i386 dont't boot" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18156113:27
kagouSeveas, or this is the case :(13:29
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kagoudo we have tools to re-create (and to customize) "official" iso ?13:30
jkt|nixternal: yeah, there was a mistake in communication between us and kde folks13:31
jkt|thanks for a hint13:31
jdongkagou: yes, the livecd is casper (see LiveCDCustomization or something like that on the wiki)13:54
jdongkagou: and alt CD is just debian-installer; Debian has great docs on customizing that13:54
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bddebianpitti: Are you around by any chance?16:09
geserHi bddebian16:10
bddebianHeya geser16:12
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lamonthrm... which package do I reassign bug 120829 to ... (pmount/gnome prefs/etc, apparently fixed in gutsy)16:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120829 in util-linux "/dev/sda3 is mounted despite the 'noauto' option in fstab" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12082916:45
crimsunlamont: gnome-volume-manager16:55
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jcoleis webmin called something else these days?18:59
jcolehmm, http://packages.debian.org/webmin shows 2006 as last update19:04
jcolethere is a fresh .deb on http://www.webmin.com/ though... perhaps there were some licensing issues or something19:04
* jcole googles19:05
ScottK2!webmin | jcole19:06
ubotujcole: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.19:06
jcolethanks ScottK219:06
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec19:06
jcoleSjimmie: ebox looks very nice :)19:11
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* jcole is surprised there is no ftp server admin module in ebox?19:12
dexemjcole: but it's easy to develop a shinny new one ;)19:12
dexemjcole: anyway, you could install your preferred ftp server and control the firewall access with ebox19:14
jcoledexem: true, and there is already a samba admin module there that can probably be used as a template...19:14
jcolenm that19:22
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SR71-Blackbirdhey, do I need to patch the kernel 2.6.24 from kernel.org with some ubuntu patch to get stuff working? i tried the normal kernel.org version and my sound(alsa) and wireless (iwl4965) isn't working21:24
nepbabuSR71-Blackbird, i think u need to patch the src with ubuntu specific changes21:28
nepbabui know it's freaking saturday O_o21:32
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poodlesuckscan sounds get trapped?22:17
poodlesuckscan sounds get trapped?22:24
poodlesuckspoodlesucks> how and where?22:28
azeempoodlesucks: I think you're off topic, please notice the /topic22:30
poodlesucksfucking assholes22:49
poodlesuckscan lights and air get trapped ? can it crush us? where does all the sounds produce go to? is the sound/light/air radiation bad for our health? can air take away all of our cells by blowing wind like a sand?:D thank you23:12

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