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ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)01:20
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jpatrick< mcassino> ok ... muchas gracias pedazo de mierda, hijo de mil puta19:26
jpatrickthat was nice19:26
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effie_jayxjpatrick,  have you seen pelicano arround?21:32
jpatrickwin 2721:34
jpatrickwith / this time irssi21:35
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fetovabuenas :)23:06
fetovahe estado pensando... y... no doy muy bien...23:07
erUSULfetova: hi23:07
fetovacomo se le podria hacer para activar #u-es-ot?23:07
fetovahi :D23:07
fetovai wanna activate de #u-es-ot...23:08
erUSULfetova: una politica agresiva de ban forwarding ??? XD23:08
fetovajajajajaja :D23:08
fetovaalgo suave23:08
PriceChildfetova, /msg chanserv info #ubuntu-es, and talk to the guy listed as "contact"23:08
fetovase me ocurria algo como unas dinamicas o algo asi...23:09
erUSULP3l|c4n0 is the contact23:09
fetovahi PriceChild, i know...23:09
fetovai wanna get some ideas to do #u-es-ot more atractive23:10
fetovai guess that can help a lot...23:10
PriceChildi would start off with suggesting a *reason* to the guy.23:11
fetovawhat do you think?23:11
PriceChildI don't think its needed.23:11
fetovai think that for the ot...23:11
fetovaif the channel it's active...23:12
fetovathe people wanna go23:12
erUSULfetova: es la pescadilla que se muerde la cola o catch-22 como dicen los anglosajones23:13
erUSULfetova: no hay mucho que se pueda hacer23:13
fetovasiento que el metodo es lo importante23:14
fetovasi empujas una pelota ligeramente mal... no va a donde quieres :)+23:14
erUSULfetova: si no hay gente la gente no entra y si la gente no entra no habrĂ¡ gente23:14
fetovaveo sencillo el hacer que entren...23:15
fetovael problema es que se queden23:15
fetovay que se pueda usar para su proposito...23:16
fetovaen -ar se vio la necesidad entre los de la comunidad de que se necesitaba hacer un canal de ot23:17
fetovacomo se podria lograr eso en -es?23:17
erUSULfetova: supongo que siendo tan extrictos como bueno en cuanto al offtopic23:18
erUSULfetova: es decir como you decia una politica agresiva de ban forwarding ??? XD XD XD23:18
fetovabien cierto es lo que dicen...23:19
fetovael mal a veces no es tan malo...23:19
fetovapero se tendria que coordinar...23:19
fetovaque entre todos se haga eso...23:19
fetovapor cierto...23:20
fetovaque es especificamente? xD23:20
erUSULfetova: la idea que tengo es que cuando baneas y haces fordward el usuario acaba en el canal23:20
fetovano entras, y te direcciona a -ot?23:21
erUSULfetova: pero puedo estar equivocado....23:21
fetovahabra que investigar erUSUL23:21
* fetova busca informacion de ello23:21
erUSULPriceChild: by the way... is there activity on the #ubuntu-83 channel that was openened for the "crazy spaniards" or have them given up ???23:22
ompaulerUSUL, join it and find out ;-)23:23
PriceChilderUSUL, I think its a place that ubuntu machines were installed and random people went on them. And yes people pop in and out.23:23
erUSULompaul: i joined in the beginning to confirm my theory about where they come from (the one i told LjL back in the day)23:24
ompaulerUSUL, ack23:25
fetovaesta bien eso...23:25
erUSULompaul: it tourned out i was mostly right they where guadalinex and linex users from goverment sponsored inet cafes23:25
fetovapero igual y sera bueno algo que complemente23:25
ompaulall sitting in sevilla eh?23:25
ompauland not knowing me when I wandered around their streets pointing flashing, clicking devices at things that looked nice23:26
erUSULompaul: not only sevilla but yes extremadura and andalucia people ;P23:26
ompaulerUSUL, ;-) now you see why I said what I said :)23:27
erUSULompaul: been on seville ?23:27
ompaulUDS there23:27
ompaulI enjoyed it23:27
erUSULompaul: oh yes may last year, isn't it?23:27
ompaulthats the one23:27
ompaulI had not been in andalucia before23:28
PriceChildsevilla was fun23:28
erUSULompaul: i was living in andalucia for a year from 0 to 1 year old so i do not remember much ;P23:29
ompaulPriceChild, well what do you expect you met me there :)23:29
erUSULtapas and cold beer ??23:29
PriceChildMalaga was hell.23:29
ompaultapas only23:30
PriceChildI learnt a lesson with UDs.23:30
ompaulI can't do beer long story23:30
ompaulPriceChild, but if progress remains as good as it is atm I might be able to have a beer or two before this year is out23:30
* ompaul is hoping for good news :)23:30
PriceChildGoing to norway this year for the gathering, and I'm going to do the travelling in the UK to an airport to fly to the right place, rather than fly from nearest airport to far airport in norway then travel there.23:30
PriceChildompaul, sounds like a plan23:31
ompaulPriceChild, ahh yes the ryanair option :)23:31
PriceChildbmibaby :D23:32
PriceChildThis time I'm getting an overnight national express to heathrow and then ba flight.23:32
PriceChildIts going to work out! *repeats*23:32
ompaulba or bmi23:32
PriceChildtook bmi to sevilla for uds. Taking ba this time23:33
PriceChild(well took it to malaga)23:33
PriceChildSecond time I'm going to another country on my own to meet people from the intarwebs.... its quite ridiculous.23:34
ompaulPriceChild, ack23:34
PriceChildLeast I'm not still a teen this time lol which sounds a little better.23:34
ompaulPriceChild, but it is all good stuff23:34
PriceChildIts character building 8-)23:34
ompaulPriceChild, you know the drill, pace yourself23:34
PriceChildSooo looking forward to tg, got a place onto crew.23:35
LinuxGrasshopperhi all i was wondering why noone is talking on the ubuntu server channel?23:52
ompaulthere is no obligation for anyone to participate23:53
ompaulthey may not be at their keyboards23:53
ompaulor some other reason23:53
LinuxGrasshopperok thx23:54

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