lime4x4what is the best way to install drivers for a nvidia 630i main board? Ubuntu doesn't recognize over half of my hardware00:02
teleelime4x4 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4188422 and https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/22924 i dont know if this is of much hjelp though00:07
lime4x4i got the graphic card working. Had to install the 169 nvidia drivers00:10
lime4x4but i have no sound and over half the hardware isn't detected. I should've checked more into it before buying this htpc board. just saw nvidia and i thought it was an older model guess not..lol00:11
teleeare those the restricted drivers00:11
teleedid you dl alsa?00:11
lime4x4the restricted drivers from ubuntu don't work. had to install the latest drivers from nvdia.com00:11
dannyboy79I am trying to update-modules && rmmod ivtv && modprobe ivtv and it says ivtv is in use. how can I solve this?00:11
lime4x4i wil try that00:12
frank23recordings sometimes start appearing as a static screen of crap until I restart X. any ideas on how to 'reset' this without restarting X?00:12
lime4x4alsa-base is installed00:13
frank23the menu still works fine00:13
dannyboy79i added options ivtv yuv_buffers=32 mpg_buffers=16 vbi_buffers=16 pcm_buffers=16 dec_osd_buffers=2 to the /etc/modprobe.conf so that I could get rid of buffer full errors.00:13
lime4x4when i ntype alsamixer i get no device found00:13
teleeare you in synaptic?00:14
lime4x4no command line00:14
teleeoh try synaptic... search alsa.... and it will show up other apps that you may need.  you could need to get alsamixer too or something00:14
teleesearch alsa in synaptic00:14
dannyboy79can onyone help with adding options to the ivtv module for a PVR-350?00:15
lime4x4ok i will try that00:15
dannyboy79trying to add options for ivtv module in /etc/modprobe.conf, is that correct? Also how do I rrmod ivtv module. it complains it's in use?00:23
lime4x4telee: i got the sound working. had to install the linux-backports-module. Still have a alot of devices that aren't detected yet but atleast i have the base system up and running00:25
lime4x4also by the way i tried hardy and that had the same problem with hardware detection00:27
dannyboy79can anyone help please?00:32
dannyboy79I am trying to add options for ivtv module. can anyone help please.00:35
npurcifulhows it going01:45
lime4x4how do i adjust my video settings for a wide screen tv 51" mythbuntu detects it as a hitachi ptv resolution set to 1920x1080. connected by a dvi cable.I have mythtv setup to use widescreen 16:9 i have 3 inches of black bars at the top and bottom when whatching tv and when mythtv menus i can't c all the options cause it over streches the image02:22
superm1welcome to dvi overscan02:26
superm1three options02:26
superm11) switch to vga02:26
superm12) adjust the size mythfrontend is allowed to take up (other apps will still suffer this fate)02:26
superm13) try to build a custom mode line to work around it02:26
lime4x4well tv has no vga connection.the motherboard uses vga,dvi and hdmi02:27
superm1then your best bet is probably 202:28
superm1unless you can find a modeline to satisfy 302:28
lime4x4i do have an adapter that goes from vga to component thou02:28
superm1that picture likely will suffer overscan problems too02:29
lime4x4geez just when i thought i was geting some where...lol02:29
javatexanhey guys02:30
lime4x4spent 4 days getting this htpc motherboard working since it's not supported by gutsy02:30
superm1lime4x4, yeah its unfortunate the way dvi is handled on tvs02:30
lime4x4u think hdmi would be better?02:30
superm1that's why i'm greatful that my tv has a vga port :)02:30
superm1likely would perform the same since hdmi == dvi +audio02:31
javatexanI am running lirc, I used irw to find out which buttons I needed to change, and I changed the .lircrc to have repeat 1 and delay 2, ive restarted lirc and FE........But repeat doesnt seem to be working, am I missing something02:31
lime4x4ok i guess it's back to the drawing board yet again...lol02:32
superm1lime4x4, well for now change the settings in myth02:32
superm1and things should be more usable02:32
lime4x4well do02:32
superm1javatexan, modify the proper lircrc02:33
superm1probably in ~/.mythtv/lircrc02:33
superm1or in hardy in ~/.lirc/02:33
javatexanokay...I'll try the ~/.mythtv/lircrc02:34
lime4x4okay next task anyone knows how to play a mp3 thru xmms when the mps is stored remotely? I have all my audio on the mythtv box02:36
superm1you still use xmms?02:37
superm1didn't realize anyone still used that02:37
lime4x4yeah i like the interface02:38
superm1well it shouldn't be any different than mounting it locally02:38
superm1via nfs02:38
superm1or cifs02:38
lime4x4the only one that works is amarok02:39
lime4x4all my folders on the mythtv box are using samba02:39
lime4x4i like xmms cause i use gdesklets with the xmms plugin02:40
superm1than mount it using smbfs or cifs02:44
superm1and you'll be fine02:44
lime4x4ok thanks02:45
MythbuntuGuest24Hi anyone do much with Motorla Cable Boxes?02:59
MythbuntuGuest27someone please tell me where to access the dvd regionset util?03:48
superm1command line04:20
superm1type regionset04:20
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest24, ping04:54
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest24, what are you trying to do?04:54
superm1tgm4883_laptop, i dont think you should take it personally; but he doesn't like you apparently05:15
toorimais there a setting in the control center for mythweb over https or is it do-it-yourself?05:25
toorimadont want anyone sniffing my password05:26
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Seeker`I'm getting xmltv error 512 when myth tries to run mythfilldatabase automatically, but I can run it fine manually14:50
Seeker`any idea how to fix it?14:50
Aquahallic_Mornin' folks15:50
Aquahallic_I installed mythtv-frontend on my ubuntu... when I fire it up it comes up then it goes to scaling images.. and then just closes... in my log file I see 'Ran out of GART memory (for 1048576)'15:52
Aquahallic_anyone seen this before?15:52
lagawhich log file?15:52
Aquahallic_mythfrontend log15:52
Aquahallic_when it started crashing I set it to output a logfile15:53
directhexwhat video card & driver?15:54
Aquahallic_ATI Radeon 9700 and I'm not using restricted drivers15:54
Aquahallic_here's the WEIRD thing.....15:54
Aquahallic_it WAS working15:54
Aquahallic_I'm using compiz fusion... and it was working fine15:58
Aquahallic_I've set some visuals on my windows minimizing and things..15:58
lagadisable compiz fusion?15:58
Aquahallic_well.. it was working with compiz fusion fine15:59
Aquahallic_let me turn off these window visuals and see if maybe they have ahold of something it wants???15:59
lagalike, memory? :)15:59
Aquahallic_that didn't fix it...16:01
Aquahallic_this is also in the log at the bottom16:01
Aquahallic_Ran out of GART memory (for 1048576)16:01
Aquahallic_File r300_mem.c function r300_mem_alloc line 22516:02
Aquahallic_Ran out of GART memory (for 1048576)!16:02
Aquahallic_Please consider adjusting GARTSize option.16:02
Aquahallic_Error: Could not get dma buffer... exiting16:02
Aquahallic_I have a gig of memory on this thing.. and really nuttin' open16:02
lagaPlease consider adjusting GARTSize option.16:03
Aquahallic_TOP says I have 220 meg left open16:03
Aquahallic_where on earth do I adjust that?16:03
lagain xorg.conf maybe16:04
lagagoogle can help here, too16:04
lagai don't use compiz fusion and i don't like the free radeon driver either so i can't tell you much abouit that stuff :)16:04
* Aquahallic_ starts diggin16:05
directhexGART memory would elate to the mapping between the AGP bus and the video memory on your card16:06
Aquahallic_I think I might have found it... looks like it is a xorg.conf entry16:06
Aquahallic_so would that be the same as the "AGP Aperature"16:07
Aquahallic_what are you folks thoughts on using the restricted drivers???16:11
Aquahallic_for my ATI16:11
Aquahallic_should... shouldn't.. good move... DON'T DO IT....LOL16:11
directhexnot using ati is the easiest option, of course ;)16:15
Aquahallic_that's what I figured... and ubuntu installed found my card and my graphics look BEAUTIFUL16:16
Aquahallic_well... I made some adjustments to xorg.conf16:17
Aquahallic_lemme restart X and give it a whirl...:)16:17
Aquahallic_thx... bbiab16:17
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AquahallicWHOO HOO!16:26
AquahallicYUP YUP16:27
lagamaybe you want to document that in the forums16:28
lagaeven better16:28
lagafile a bug against mythbuntu and xserver-xorg16:28
lagaand let them deal with it :)16:28
Aquahallicwell.. I don't think it's so much of a bug.. as misconfiguration16:28
AquahallicI JUST did this ubuntu install16:28
lagayeah, but maybe the xorg guys want to workaround it by default :)16:28
Aquahallicand took all the "defaults" in xorg16:28
Aquahallicin actuality there were NO options that came up for my card16:29
Aquahallicfound that compiz will drop all your title bars without a couple options there16:29
Aquahallicthat baffled me BIG TIME16:30
Aquahallicwhat I actually did though was... I found another guy's xorg.conf that has same card as me16:30
AquahallicI took most all his "options" and popped 'em in16:30
Aquahallicmade a HELL of a difference with my desktop graphix too...:)16:31
laganeed to report a bug against xorg-server then16:31
Aquahallicspeed wise16:31
lagacare to show me, btw?16:31
lagagot a ati vga card myself16:31
Aquahallicso it'll populate by default you mean?16:31
Aquahalliclemme find that link16:31
Aquahallicit was ACTUALLY a guy talking about a blank boot screen with his ATI16:32
AquahallicI have that too.. just hadn't gotten around to addressing it yet...:)16:32
Aquahallicmaybe I killed 2 birds with one stone....:P16:32
Aquahalliclemme find ya the link I used16:32
AquahallicI plopped all his options in... tried mythfrontend and it was DOG SLOW on the xml menus16:33
AquahallicI had to comment out that PCI line16:33
Aquahallicand it's SMOKIN' fast now16:34
lagawhich PCI line16:34
lagabecause my frontend is slow, too.16:34
lagawould be awesome to get this resolved16:34
AquahallicOption "BusType" "PCI" #!!! for direct rendering to work16:34
lagai mean, i already got some speed improvements, but it's still noticable slower16:34
AquahallicI took that out.. and it was like a new 'puter16:35
lagawell, too bad my card is actually PCI :)16:35
Aquahallicmight TRY it though16:35
Aquahallicworth a shot16:35
lagayeah, i'll try those options (those which apply to my setup at least)16:35
lagaAquahallic: Option "AccelMethod" "XAA"16:35
lagayou might try EXA here.16:35
Aquahallicmine's integrated with my laptop16:35
lagano promises, but it might be faster.16:35
Aquahallicwhat exactly is that??16:36
lagadifferent acceleration methods provided by the X server16:36
lagai think EXA is the default in newer setups so that's maybe that was breaking it. not sure16:36
lagaworth a try :)16:36
Aquahallicwell.. it wasn't in there when mythtv was bombing16:36
AquahallicI had like NO options with the default16:36
Aquahallicheh... this is SWEET... got mythtv on one side of my cube in compiz...:)16:37
jdugganmy box when it had gentoo on could play 720p content just fine with a pci nvidia 5200, running mythbuntu it chokes and is also slow - any of you guys got any suggestions?16:37
blkorpheusgotta love that16:37
jdugganits a p4 3.06ghz, with 2gb memory and PCI nvidia 520016:38
Aquahallicoh yeah.. it's BEAUTIFUL!16:38
lagajduggan: no, sorry :/ maybe some xorg.conf option?16:39
blkorpheusjduggan, you should have no problem16:39
lagacheck http://wiki.mythtv.org16:39
jdugganit *should* be able to handle 720p content, especially *cough* blueray rips, but it doesnt16:39
blkorpheusspecifically check the nvidia page on the mythtv wiki16:39
* blkorpheus looking for link16:39
Aquahallicwell.. the woman has a "TO-DO" list for me.. and the longer I sit here.. the more $HIT she's adding to it...LOL16:40
Aquahalliclemme get that done... I'll post a bug on the ATI also for xorg16:40
Aquahallicthanx again for ALL your help as usual folks16:40
lagaglad it helped16:41
lagai'll try those xorg options too :)16:41
blkorpheusjduggan, http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Nvidia16:41
jdugganAGP is a minimum as the PCI bus does not have the bandwidth for HDTV16:43
jdugganim assuming thats raw HDTV?16:43
jduggannot ripped stuff16:43
jdugganperhaps my PCI card is the problem16:43
blkorpheusI would guess16:44
blkorpheusyou would want agp or pci-E16:44
jdugganmy box has onboard VGA(d-sub) with no AGP/PCI-E slot, i was getting issues with dull colour on my HDTV via the d-sub card and found my PCI-DVI card sorted this (as well as allowing me to run native resolution via HDMI)16:46
jdugganit could well be the PCI bus in that case16:46
jduggansince i introduced that AFTER playing HD content via the onboard vga16:46
lagai wish i'd gotten a mainboard with two PEG slots, too :/16:47
jdugganso im stuck, either get crappy colour and no native resolution with ability to play HD, or run native resolution and good colour and not play HD content :P16:47
jdugganthere's also a third option16:48
jduggani guess16:48
jdugganand that's to buy new hardware16:48
jdugganbut i hate spendin ;P16:48
lagai hate throwing perfectly good hardware away16:48
jdugganthis is a 3ghz box with 2gb matched pair16:49
jdugganits ddr1 so cost a small fortune hehe16:49
protonchrisPerhaps a silly question: Can I run a mythbuntu frontend on my tv-out and a ubuntu desktop on the vga out at the same time?16:49
jdugganprotonchris: yes16:49
lagai could get a new mainboard for 40€ with digital audio out and two PEG slots, same chipset as my current motherboard. but i don't want to :)16:49
lagaprotonchris: depends.16:49
lagaprotonchris: in most cases, you can't run two separate X servers. that way, you'll run into focus issues if someone is working on the ubuntu desktop16:50
jdugganproblem i have is that i've just spent money on 2gb of ddr1 - a new motherboard will make that redundant16:50
jdugganyou can run the tv as a second extended screen16:50
jduggani havent used tv-out in years, but IIRC the nvidia driver/setup util supports that16:51
lagait's also possible that there'll be odd video scaling problems with mythtv if the VGA monitor has a different aspect ratio than the TV set. at least that's what i was experiencing with my nvidia card. YMMV16:51
* laga never got the problem fixed that the tv-out kept coming up as primary screen in X16:52
protonchrisjduggan: what do you use instead of tv-out (dvi -> hdmi)?16:52
jdugganyes, and also in my office i have a dual output card (1x vga, 1xDVI), i link the vga to an old 21" CRT and use that as a TV16:53
jdugganconnected to my workstation16:54
jdugganor one of my workstations :)16:54
protonchrisThanks for the info.  The machine I run my frontend and backend on seems under utilized so I was thinking of using it as a desktop as well.16:54
lagajduggan: while it can work and while it might be good enough for some people, i just don't like it. that wasn't meant to keep you, protonchris, from trying it :)16:54
protonchrislaga: I understand :)16:55
* laga "solved" the problem by adding a second VGA card which opened another box of different issues16:55
jduggani had issues with a second card16:55
jduggannever got it working right16:55
jdugganbut managed to find a dual card in my loft16:55
jduggangeforce 4 something or other16:56
protonchrisI guess I could solve my "problem" by getting a tiny dedicated frontend (it would be nice not to have my noisy machine in the living room).16:56
protonchrisHave either of you two looked into dedicated frontends?16:56
jduggani have a dedicated frontend16:56
AlsMeI'm looking for a fully supported digital that can go with Ubuntu16:57
protonchrisjduggan: what do you use (appliance, quiet computer, etc)?16:58
AlsMecan someone please tell me a good card to go with16:58
jdugganAlsMe: well, its an intel board, it actually is a backend, but i boot from a usb flash drive and nfs mount my recordings DIR, so its quiet16:59
jdugganprotonchris: then my other frontend is connected to a workstation my office as i mentioned above17:00
jdugganAlsMe: it's pretty silent :)17:00
jdugganin my office*17:00
jdugganer, protonchris rather17:00
AlsMeand the name of this card that your speaking of jduggan?17:00
jdugganAlsMe: nvidia anything 5200<17:00
jdugganAlsMe: sorry, i was talkin to protonchris, but auto completed your nick17:01
jdugganAlsMe: youre looking for graphics card or tv card?17:01
AlsMetv card17:11
AlsMeits going on my mythtv backend for recording tv :)17:12
AlsMewhat should I go with?17:12
tgm4883_laptopwtf, i'm getting some funky errors in mythbackend.log17:53
tgm4883_laptopanyone ever see anything like MainServer: HandleRemoteEncoder(cmd GET_STATE) Unknown encoder: 117:55
superm1i've seen similar18:02
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, is it bad?18:04
tgm4883_laptopor easily fixable?18:04
superm1you just asked if i have seen it18:04
superm1not if i knew anything about it:)18:04
tgm4883_laptopright, but then there was a part 218:04
tgm4883_laptopit was hidden18:04
superm1i saw it once a long long time ago18:04
tgm4883_laptopI have a hunch18:05
superm1yes it was in a world far far away18:05
superm1nice job!18:05
tgm4883_laptopI'm wondering if it has anything to do which the fact that I have a tuner or two that I haven't setup yet18:05
tgm4883_laptopie, i put them under capture cards, but i didn't put any video sources associated with them18:05
superm1why would you do that?18:05
tgm4883_laptopwell, i'm still working on getting my ir blasting working on my pvr50018:06
tgm4883_laptopI was hoping that I could associate my pvr150, and it would record so I would have time with my pvr500 to work on it18:06
tgm4883_laptopbut alas, that is not the case18:06
tgm4883_laptopand also so i could have time to hookup my external antenna18:07
tgm4883_laptopfor my HD-550018:07
superm1sounds like an overall lack of drive for success18:07
tgm4883_laptopcould be18:08
superm1but really still no luck with the blasting?18:08
tgm4883_laptopin fact18:08
tgm4883_laptopi've actually regressed18:08
tgm4883_laptopnow my pvr150 doesn't want to blast either18:08
tgm4883_laptopso to sum it up18:09
tgm4883_laptopI have absolutly no working mythbuntu machine right now :(18:09
tgm4883_laptopIts a sad day18:09
superm1maybe hardy will help?18:09
tgm4883_laptopAre you telling me to run unstable?18:10
superm1well all the cool kids do it18:10
superm1are you not cool?18:10
tgm4883_laptopim cool18:10
* tgm4883_laptop starts burning a hardy disk18:10
superm1yeah i mean if $things dont work in gutsy, its worth a shot, and it gets us someone else to file hardy bugs :)18:11
tgm4883_laptopI should run .21 too18:11
tgm4883_laptopwhats the status on that?  Are we still planning on it being in for hardy?18:12
superm1i'm really thinking about switching to 0.21 in 8 days18:12
superm1eg switching hardy to it18:12
jdugganim getting lines running across my screen, i'm not sure how to describe it - its like tearing of the video horizontally, normally when there's fast moving pictures etc - its not strictly a myth issue as i get this when watching mplayer in fullscreen18:12
tgm4883_laptoperr, dev channel18:12
jdugganbut does anyone have experience of this?18:12
jdugganor indeed know how to fix it18:12
tgm4883_laptopjduggan, sounds like a vsync issue18:13
superm1+1 ^18:13
jdugganits just a horizontal line which somtimes moves up and down the screen18:13
jduggantgm4883_laptop: what does one do to rectify that?18:13
tgm4883_laptopwhich vid card?18:13
jdugganoh wait18:14
jdugganno thats a lie18:14
jdugganits an intel18:14
tgm4883_laptopnot sure on an intel18:14
tgm4883_laptopnvidia settings (probably ati too) have a vsync setting18:14
jdugganyea - ive seen that18:14
jdugganthis is onboard intel18:15
javatexanafternoon guys!!119:10
javatexanwow...I had to nice mencoder to 20 just so it will play nice  with mplayer.  Its odd, before I nice 20 on mencoder, its PRI was 35; but with nice 20, its PRI is 39.....It keeps cheating....LOL19:16
v0lksmananyone here able to help with spdif in the latest release?20:13
laganot unless you ask a question20:15
v0lksmanhahaha...aight...well I get spdif passthrough working with mplayer in a shell..but in myth it never passes 5.1 no matter what settings I try....20:16
v0lksmancurrently I have Alsa:Default as my Audio and Default as the passthrough device...I have checked AC3 passthrough option...but my stereo still only says its getting 2 channel feed...20:17
v0lksmanI also have problems in mythmusic where the audio sounds like its missing parts (IE a guitar or soemtimes the drums are very muted)....20:17
v0lksmanno clue where to look for solutions...I've read the Myth wiki....20:17
lime4x4trying to mount a share on a gutsy box. the folder is on my mythtv box. Here is what i put in my fstab but when i try to mount it i get an error about invalid share name //   /media   smbfs   credentials=/etc/samba/user,rw,uid=john   0   020:18
lagav0lksman: you probably need to modify the passthrough device. not sure. maybe you've missed something when you were reading the mythtv wiki20:18
v0lksmanlime4x4 what does smbtree output?20:18
v0lksmanyeah I've been over it a few times...I think I'll take a break and try again later...was hoping for something stupid I overlooked or a known issue...20:19
lagav0lksman: i don't have an AV receiver yet, unfortunately. :/20:19
v0lksmanno worries...I'll try it again later when I'm not so frustrated... :)20:19
lime4x4give me a sec i have to install that app on the mythbox20:21
lagahe's gone :/20:22
lime4x4http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/3922/  here is copy of smbtree and smb.conf20:25
dwf_starbandim having trouble retriving lineups,  according to scheduals direct everything is good on their side, so its something wrong on my side, here is what i posted on the forum,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67891520:26
lagadwf_starband: have you tried posting on the SD forum?20:29
dwf_starbandyes i have searched their forums, and tried different things (but nothing worked) i emailed their tech support, and they gave me a link to a how-to to manually retreive their lineups and it worked fine that way, so its something wrong on my side, not thiers20:30
tgm4883_laptoplime4x4, I believe it should be //
dwf_starbandhttp://forums.schedulesdirect.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=295 is what I did to confirm data download from schedules direct20:33
lagadwf_starband: sorry, can't be of much help here since i'm not located in america20:34
dwf_starbandok, is their a time when an american who might know frequents this place?20:35
tgm4883_laptopdwf_starband, any errors in the backend log?20:38
lime4x4i will try that20:41
dwf_starbandhow do i check that?20:42
lime4x4odd that worked20:43
tgm4883_laptoplime4x4, not really that odd20:44
tgm4883_laptopas that is the correct usage20:44
lime4x4odd to me cause i'm not using the default folder for music20:44
tgm4883_laptopdwf_starband, check in /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log20:44
dwf_starbandthanks i just found it, im looking20:45
tgm4883_laptopcomment = Music20:45
tgm4883_laptoppath = /media/sdb1/music20:45
lime4x4i c now20:46
tgm4883_laptoplime4x4, ^^ says that your music share is /media/sdb1/music20:46
lime4x4Even thou mounting it now on my gutsy box still doesn't allow xmms to play and music files20:46
dwf_starbandhere is my mythbackend.log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/3923/20:49
tgm4883_laptopheh, basically tells us what we already know20:53
dwf_starbandwhat does this line mean?20:53
dwf_starband2008-01-26 09:14:19.448 DataDirect, Error: UpdateProgramViewTable no dd_state!20:53
tgm4883_laptopis that it doesn't like the u/p20:53
* tgm4883_laptop shrugs20:55
tgm4883_laptopdwf_starband, i dont think it matters, as it doesn't appear to like the u/p.  So everything after that is suspect to be incorrect20:56
tgm4883_laptoplime4x4, do you have the proper permissions?20:56
dwf_starbandwhat is u/p ?20:56
tgm4883_laptopand codecs20:56
tgm4883_laptopuser / password20:56
dwf_starbandoh, ok20:58
lagayou sure you don't have any typos in there?20:58
dwf_starbandi have removed the video source in the backend setup and retried a couple of times20:59
lagado you have any special characters in there which could cause problems?21:00
dwf_starbandi have changed the user name and password for SD and then again on the video setup21:00
dwf_starbandi used dwf_starband before, but then i changed it to one with just letters but that made no difference21:00
dwf_starbandi switched back after, I could try again I guess21:01
lagadwf_starband: does it work with xmltv?21:01
dwf_starbandyes it worked fine21:01
tgm4883_laptopdwf_starband, how do you change the username?  I thought SD required an email address as the username?21:02
dwf_starbandwhen you logon to thier website it shows your account overview and if you click on edit account you can change your login name and password among other things21:05
tgm4883_laptophave you tried using your email address?21:06
tgm4883_laptopjust in case21:06
dwf_starbandno, i read that the @ symbol had caused problems before, but its worth a try21:07
dwf_starbandweird thing is it had been working for a few months21:07
tgm4883_laptopmaybe your account has expired?21:08
dwf_starbandExpires:Saturday, October 04, 200821:09
dwf_starbandi just tried setting up a new video source after changing my login name to email address and am getting the same 401 unauthorized when trying to fetch lineups21:10
tgm4883_laptopvery odd21:11
dwf_starbandwife is calling for lunch, ill still be around though if you think of a solution21:14
jdugganwill i get mythbuntu installs on a 2gig flash drive?21:32
lagayes, if you trim it down21:33
jdugganits going to be a backend/frontend, back end in that it holds the tv cards - but im going to put mysql on another box and record to an nfs share21:33
jdugganmight be worth getting a bigger flash drive, but 2gb is one i have already21:34
lagajust try it. i think i still have some space left on my 2G flash install21:34
dwf_starbanddone with lunch, any ideas on my u/p problems with schedules direct?21:57
dwf_starbanddo i need to have a mythtv user?22:09
lagayou'll have one on your system if the backend is installed22:14
dwf_starbandthats what I thought, but when I go to users and groups there isnt one listed22:15
dwf_starbandthere is a mythtv group but not a user22:16
lagait's hidden because it's a system user22:16
lagaopen a terminal and use "id mythtv" to check22:16
dwf_starbanduid=109(mythtv) gid=120(mythtv) groups=120(mythtv),20(dialout),24(cdrom),29(audio),44(video)22:17
lagaso you've got a mythtv user.22:19
dwf_starbandok, thanks22:19
dwf_starbandhow hard is it to reinstall mythbuntu? how hard to start over but keep my recordings?22:26
Aquahallicevenin' folks22:50
Aquahallicanyone use mythtv with compiz fusion???22:50
AquahallicI'm seeing some strange behavior...:/22:50
lagaAquahallic: no.  ;) but i tried that xorg.conf entry using the XAA acceleration method and it's much faster than EXA. that's weird but it works for me ;)22:51
Aquahallicheh... KEWL!22:51
Aquahallicalways glad to help...:)22:52
lagathanks :)22:52
Aquahallicyeah I'm seeing some STRANGE stuff with mythtv22:53
Aquahallicsome menus want to run as a window.. and some as full screen22:53
Aquahallicthere must be somekind of "tweak" I can do in compiz22:53
AquahallicI'm just not real familiar with compiz22:54
lagayou mean, some mythtv menus?22:54
Aquahallicyeah... the xml pages22:55
Aquahallicfrontend windows22:55
lagayou can't just run arbitrary menus as full screen and some in windowed mode22:56
Aquahallicwell.. what happens is this.....22:56
AquahallicI fire up mythtv... and my top and bottom panels show in ubuntu then if I click in the window anywhere they disappear.. like I put the "focus" on the mythtv fullscreen window22:57
Aquahallicthen say I arrow down to videos.. I see the panels again22:57
lagai think there's a workaround for that in compiz22:58
AquahallicI'm doing a little googlin' on it...:)22:58
AquahallicI was just curious if someone in here had already run into this22:58
lagayeah :) don't remember any specifics22:58
lagai think superm1 knows22:58
Aquahallicbut MAN it SURE IS SWEET with my cube and mythtv runnin' on one side...hehe22:59
Aquahallicheh.. I think I just found it23:00
Aquahallichmmm... I need to set a mount point for my NFS share with all my videos on it too23:01
Aquahallicguess I could just add something like.. mount xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/var/lib/mythtv /mnt/mythtv in there too huh?23:02
lagaman fstab ;)23:03
Aquahalliccause I don't want to add a line in fstab cause when I'm not at home I don't want nfs trying to mount something that's not there23:03
lagawould be cool if there was a nice GUI tab23:03
AquahallicI have it in fstab on my frontend that's on a desktop upstairs.. but this is my laptop23:03
lagayou can add the "noauto" option to fstab23:04
lagaand mount it when you need it23:04
Aquahallicyeah but I'd only want it to mount when I open mythtv23:04
MythbuntuGuest93hi installed mythbuntu today now im stuck have two problems no sound and not able to configure tv card23:05
Aquahallicif mythtv goes to look for that dir and it's not there and it's in the fstab with a 'noauto' tag then would it try to mount it when only when something tries to use it?23:05
lagaAquahallic: i think you have to mount it manually.23:06
Aquahallicthat link shows how to make a new executable with some compiz parameters on it23:07
AquahallicI wonder if I could add the mount command there??23:07
Aquahallicjust above the actually calling of mythtv23:07
lagayou probably need to be root23:09
lagaso throw in gksudo or something23:09
lagayou'll be prompted for your password, though23:09
lagai think you can also specify that a regular user can mount it in fstab23:09
Aquahallicyup... i know you can do that23:09
Aquahallicthere's a "user" flag if I remember correctly23:10
MythbuntuGuest93need help to configure a intel HDA sound onboard23:10
adaptrI didn't need to confrigure anything - it was picked up automatically23:10
AquahallicMythbuntuGuest93: try alsamixer and see if your master volume is muted...:)23:11
adaptrunless... is it a true Intel chipset, or is it one that *supports* the Intel HDA standard?23:11
Aquahallicthat one bit me in the arse first time I installed mythtv23:12
Aquahallicnever put my hands on linux before but I was BOUND and determined to get a mythtv up... so I went for gentoo23:12
AquahallicOMG....LOL... THAT was BRUTAL23:12
Aquahallicinitiation by FIRE23:12
MythbuntuGuest93intel corp 8280h ich8 hd audio controller23:13
AquahallicMythbuntuGuest93: fire up alsamixer and see if any of them are muted23:13
adaptrMythbuntuGuest93: you need the ich8 module (and piix4, probably) ; see if they're loaded23:13
MythbuntuGuest93now im lost how do i fireup the alsamixer , complete nooooob23:18
Aquahallicopen a console window and type alsamixer23:18
AquahallicI think you have to have alsa-utils installed23:19
lagashould be installed23:19
Aquahallicman.... superm1 says to see attached screenshot for compiz config and there's no link.....:(23:20
MythbuntuGuest93have 5 bars all in the red23:20
lagaAquahallic: maybe you need to go to the original thread.23:21
lagaMythbuntuGuest93: unmuted as well? no MM there?23:21
MythbuntuGuest93front has 00 all the others have mm23:22
lagaMythbuntuGuest93: maybe you want to unmute (hit M) those, especially if they're called master or pcm..23:23
Aquahallicyup... you're muted...:)23:23
Aquahallicuse your arrows to go to any of them that say master or PCM and hit m23:23
Aquahallicuse your down arrow if they're all red.. .you unmute it on wide open.....:)23:24
AquahallicI did that and near pi$$ed myself it was so lout23:24
MythbuntuGuest93have no master or pcm listed23:24
Aquahallicahh.. you have to emulate a master then23:24
Aquahallicthere's a howto out there I saw on how to do it23:24
Aquahalliclet me see if I can find that again....23:25
MythbuntuGuest93ok thanks23:25
adaptrMythbuntuGuest93: the channels for an HDA audio chip are PCM and Front; there is no  master as such23:28
adaptrthat took me some tries, too23:28
Aquahallicthere's a way to emulate a master23:29
MythbuntuGuest93have got front,surrond,center,lfe,side23:29
lagawell front is everything you need23:30
lagai hope23:30
lagacan't check here because i replaced my hda intel the other day23:30
Aquahalliclike on my SB Audigy there's a way to emulate a master control so mythtv will use that to control your levels23:30
Aquahallicughh... I can't remember where it's at.. but it's a gentoo wiki about alsa and dmix23:33
MythbuntuGuest93will look for it23:34
adaptrhow about you just run the sound applet ?23:35
MythbuntuGuest93how is this done ?23:36
Aquahallicman... I did what that post says about the panels and mythtv with compiz.. mine are already set the way it says to... yet I still get the panels....:'(23:36
adaptryou need to start mythtv on a blank screen, and fullscreen23:37
Aquahallicahh hah!23:39
AquahallicBEAUTIFUL.. ty23:39
Aquahallicalthough it doesn't let you see the video you're playing while spinning the cube.. but I can live with that...:)23:39
adaptrwhat are you using for playback, and what play mode is it set to ?>23:40
Aquahallicactually viewing livetv23:40
AquahallicI guess if I used mplayer for my videos atleast videos would work23:41
adaptrwell, unless the application has opengl support (to render to a virtual opengl window), it will indeed not work while using the aiglx extensions23:41
Aquahallicthat native viewer you have to use for livetv is funky I've noticed23:41
adaptryes, you can start mplayer on opengl23:41
adaptrthat should work as advertised23:41
Aquahallicyeah but you can't do it while viewing livetv though can you?23:42
Aquahallicyou have to use that native player for livetv right?23:42
adaptrI don't know, I don't have a TV card installed23:42
adaptrAM thinking about buying the PVR350 though23:43
AquahallicI just have a pvr 15023:43
adaptryeah, the price diff isn't small, but the feature set is just so much better23:43
Aquahallicwell I'm not doing anything real fancy or nuttin'... so the 150 is really all I need... I only have it so I can justify all the work I put into mythtv so my g'friend can record her shows.....LOL23:44
Aquahallicand I spun up samba so she can get to the mythtv share on the master backend and just drop her movies on there and watch.... makes it a turnkey media center... she LOVES how it just mounts up an iso23:45
MythbuntuGuest93tv fomat for the uk23:50
MythbuntuGuest93format soz23:50
MythbuntuGuest93is it pal m23:50
AquahallicVideo timing method: DRM23:59
Aquahallicshouldn't that be opengl and not DRM???23:59

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