fougthis is retarded00:00
danandfoug: try eject scd0 and see which drive bay opens :)00:00
fougok that ejected the one the DVD is not in danand00:00
fougdanand: and scd1 doesn't exist00:00
fougit shows my movie title in nautilus, but it's like it doesn't exist00:01
adubhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53498/       <---- program compile errors cant find a debian based package00:01
Jangarihow about alpine?00:01
rodolfoLjL: do you know where i can set an environment variable?00:01
danandfoug - thats the eject command in a terminal ;)00:01
DILi am sofa king we todd did he should say00:01
fougdanand: ya i know, i did it in terminal00:01
Jack_Sparrowpenars: I doubt you will find a driver for that "Odd " card...00:01
bernierwhat's the command to update from gutsy to hardy00:02
Pici!hardy | bernier00:02
ubotubernier: hardy is Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:02
danbhfivebernier: if you are asking, you probably shouldn't00:02
danandfoug - hmm can you not put the dvd in the other drive - this may be where dvd player program is looking by default!00:03
lime4x4what is the best way to install drivers for a nvidia 630i main board? Ubuntu doesn't recognize over half of my hardware00:03
bernier<danbhfive> I've already had it, just don'tremember the command00:03
berniercmon give it00:03
Jack_Sparrowbernier: the first thing to do...  backup00:03
bernierno need to00:03
IndyGunFreak!nvidia | bernier00:03
ubotubernier: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:03
bernierupdate-manager -d00:04
bernierthank you guys00:04
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lemonteais there a protecter program to lock users going into hard drive itself?00:05
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lemontealike password the hard drive00:05
Whyvaslemontea in the bios00:05
ameriodoes anybody know a good software for DVB cards?00:05
Whyvaslemontea make sure you never forget the password though, no way to reset it...00:06
soldierboysure there is, pull out the CMOS battery00:06
hanophix33is there a gnome amorak out there?00:06
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kitchehangthedj: banshee pretty much00:07
Dr_willis You can run amarok under gnome if you want00:07
IndyGunFreakhanophix33: exile00:07
zokeis there a flash solution yet ?00:07
bod_hey guys,.,. so im runnng on a virginmedia 2mb broadband line (im connected by ethernet cable) but i get really slow surfing speeds,.,. on my routers page it says i have 2 dns's,. now i have both of them typed in and i assume it uses the first one by default,.,. so i removed the second one and got a really bad ping,. i swithched them around and got a better ping,.,. can i use other dns's other then the ones listed n my routers page?00:07
bod_if so where would i find the adresses?00:07
IndyGunFreakexile/banshee, really don't compare to Amarok, I'd install KDE dependencies t use Amarok, if it were me(and thats what I did)00:07
Whyvassoldierboy, it's on the hard drive genius, it won't do anything.00:07
Dr_williszoke,  theres a lot of little work arounds. I found a .deb at the !flash  factoids second link that i use.00:07
Dr_willis!flash | zoke00:08
ubotuzoke: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:08
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.00:08
hanophix33dr-willis:  themes dont work00:08
Dr_willishanophix33,  what themes?00:08
hanophix33amaroko themes00:08
hanophix33found, obviously at kde-look00:08
RandomUbuntuUserQuick question: Is there a Gnome alternative to Alacarte?00:09
danandRandomUbuntuUser - ??? alacarte - easy GNOME menu editing tool00:09
Cpudan80RandomUbuntuUser: That works in gnome, it is built into Gutsy00:10
Dr_willishanophix33,  no idea. could be they are older thmees no longer supported.00:10
danandRandomUbuntuUser - alacarte is for Gnome!00:10
RandomUbuntuUserCpudan80, Mine is buggy in Gutsy.. And I was looking for somehting to replace it..00:11
Cpudan80hrm.... dunno00:11
danandRandomUbuntuUser - ahhh ...the penny drops ... sorry00:11
RandomUbuntuUserNp guys. Thanks!00:11
fougdanand: ok i tried the other dvd drive, and it justs hangs00:11
fougdanand: and it makes noises like the dvd is spinning but the program is doing nothing00:11
RandomUbuntuUserSo NEW question: How do you manually edit the gnome menu?00:12
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PriceChildRandomUbuntuUser, right click it and choose "edit menu"00:12
bod_RandomUbuntuUser, right click on the word applications00:12
Dr_willisRandomUbuntuUser,  the menus are generated from the variuos .desktop files on the system.   if you want the hard-kore way :)00:12
PriceChildDr_willis, he said gnome not hard-Kore kde ;)00:13
danandfoug - sorry - I'm at a loss now :(00:13
bod_can someone give me a dns plz?00:13
RandomUbuntuUserDe_willis, that is exactly what I need.. Could you give me the paths to these files?00:13
Dr_willisHow about Old-Skool. :)00:13
Dr_willisRandomUbuntuUser,  not really. do a locate .desktop00:13
fougi don't understand how ubuntu can't play DVD's by default. That's as stupid as the Wii not playing DVD's00:13
lemonteahow i change english langauage to chinese language display???00:13
teodrahow can i login as root in ubuntu without asking me for the password for some command i type.. ex. apt-get ??00:13
Dr_willisRandomUbuntuUser,  theres several places. and i dont kow th details00:13
Dr_willisfoug,  for ubuntu its LEGAL reasons.. for the Wii its for Cost reasons.00:13
PriceChildfoug, because it may be illegal in america.00:14
bod_teodra, i wouldnt recommend doing that00:14
fougplaying DVD's is old technology though, lol00:14
comicinkerfoug: by a dell laptop with ubuntu, then you get what you want00:14
PriceChildfoug, and that makes it possibly less illegal00:14
Dr_willisfoug,  legally ubuntu can not include dvd playback. If the wii wanted to incliude dvd playback they have to pay the dvd concortium like $10 a wii.00:14
bod_PriceChild, illegal to watch dvd's?00:14
danandfoug - you woulda thought so !!00:14
RandomUbuntuUserDr_willis, the ".desktop" helps a TON. Thanks!00:14
lemonteaHow can i change the settings to view chinese language display???00:14
teodrabod_ i want to know.. pls00:14
Dr_willisRandomUbuntuUser,  check freedesktop.org for info on the spec I think.00:14
ompaullemontea, ask in #ubuntu-cn00:15
PriceChildbod_, foug, libdvdcss has never been challenged in court, but it is probably illegal.00:15
fougso, if by law, it is illegal for ubuntu to play DVD's, then how does ubuntu and let alone linux plan on going anywhere in the OS market?00:15
bod_teodra, i dont no the answer,.,. but if u dont no the answer then its probably not a good idea00:15
ouellettesrdoes anyone know of a program  that will allow me to creat wiring diagrams00:15
danandbod_ : libdvdcss breaks the encryption on the dvd - this is illegal in some countries00:15
Dr_willisthere are LEGAL dvd players for Linux. BUt they are not free.00:15
teodrabod_ ok :) thnx.. but iam sure i can do that00:15
bod_PriceChild, danand, oh cheers00:16
fougDr_willis: it is software?00:16
ompaulfoug, ask the millions of people who use it already, and it only illegal in the US and places with dumb patent laws and that is not the whole planet and there are things you can do00:16
Dr_willisfoug,  dvd's are not  the only things people use comptuers for.00:16
lenswipehi there00:16
Dr_willisfoug,  yes. I recall some disrtos including the player. but they are not free.00:16
bod_teodra, wot r u trying to do that u need to be root user for?00:16
ompaul!u | bod_00:16
Dr_willisI cant even rember the last time i played/watched a movie dvd.00:16
fougwhere can i find libdvdcss? it isn't in the repo's00:16
ompaul!rootsudo | bod_00:16
lenswipecan someone answer a question for me?00:16
PriceChild!dvd | foug00:16
PriceChild!ask | lenswipe00:16
ubotubod_: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officier, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..00:16
ubotubod_: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.00:16
ubotufoug: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:16
ubotulenswipe: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:16
Dr_willisDvd playback under ubuntu is documented all over. :)00:17
teodrabod_ it's boring :) it's asking me always00:17
PriceChildDr_willis, but not always well00:17
d3ng4r_chrisHi, I need some help with my sound card00:17
Dr_willisPriceChild,  ive had dvd  disks that crash windows players.. but worked under linux. :) figure that one out.00:17
d3ng4r_chrisIt's a ICH8 Family sound card00:17
bod_teodra, so wot happens when someone logs into 'your' machine as root because u removed the password then deltes all ur config files?00:17
ompaul!audio | d3ng4r_chris00:17
ubotud3ng4r_chris: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:18
PriceChildDr_willis, i was talking about the documentation00:18
Dr_willisPriceChild,  and it was a Legal/commercial DVD of starwars.  Crashed 4 laptops at work.. but my Linux laptop played it fine.00:18
lenswipedoes anyone know what the default number permissions for the /var/www folder in ubuntu gutsy is?00:18
Dr_willisPriceChild,  heh :)00:18
PriceChildDr_willis, e.g..... "use automatix to install it easy as pie!!!"00:18
teodrabod_ no one can do it :) iam sure.. i don't have ftp ssh and i also have firewall00:18
Dr_willisPriceChild,  i perfer 'mint linux' :)00:18
illidanhi everyone I want to ask about dell creative webcam integrated for laptop and mic if anyone installed it!00:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iwheel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about imwheel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:19
PriceChildillidan, please pastebin the output of "lsusb"00:19
bod_lenswipe, i have no www folder in that directory00:19
Alohahow do i check the resolution of my console?00:19
danandouellettesr - look in aptitude Not Installed Packages -> Electronics00:19
illidansry I'm kinda newbie where is lsusb?00:19
PriceChildbod_, because you don't have a webserver installed00:19
lenswipe!word do you have Apache?00:19
ompaulunagi, what are you asking the bot for in the channel? you know you can do /msg ubotu foo and it will tell you about goof00:19
d3ng4r_chrisYes, I have been to these pages00:19
PriceChildillidan, type it into a terminal00:19
fougPriceChild: danand: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libdvdcss2 " is the error i get00:19
ompaullenswipe, sudo apt-get install apache200:19
lenswipei have apache 200:20
PriceChildfoug, dependency?00:20
lenswipethank you00:20
Alohaillidan, usbutils00:20
bod_teodra, im sure someone can but its just a precaution,.,. u can ask people,. they might tell u,. but they'll almost certainly tell u about risks aswell00:20
d3ng4r_chrisompaul: I have read those pages, but I had no luck getting my sound card working00:20
fougPriceChild: dunno, downloading it off medibuntu00:20
teodraok bod_ thnx! bb00:20
illidanshould I paste it here? or it would be spam?00:20
PriceChildlenswipe, example00:20
illidanBus 007 Device 003: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc.00:20
illidanBus 007 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:20
illidanBus 007 Device 002: ID 1058:0702 Western Digital Technologies, Inc.00:20
illidanBus 006 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:20
illidanBus 005 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:20
bod_illidan, 1 line is ok00:20
illidanBus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:21
StrangeletSEVERE problem here, I was recently attempting to install Windows XP on a separate partition and it failed, some files could not be copied over. Now, an OS cannot be discovered upon boot, I am currently using a LiveCD session to communicate. What should I do?00:21
PriceChild!paste | illidan00:21
ubotuillidan: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:21
bod_!pastebin | illidan00:21
lenswipe!pricechild Hello00:21
unagilol wow00:21
illidansry guys00:21
bod_lol,.,. no probs00:22
d3ng4r_chrisCan anyone help me with my intel sound card?00:22
fougi need help installing libdvdcss2. I get a "Dependency" error00:22
PriceChildlenswipe, no need for the !00:22
ompaulStrangelet, did you have Ubuntu on the machine you were talking about?00:22
lenswipebod do you know what the default number premissions on the /var/www folder are?00:22
Strangeletompaul: Yes00:23
d3ng4r_chrisfoug, have you tried installing vlc over the package manager?00:23
illidanomnivision should be the webcam?00:23
ompaul!grub | Strangelet00:23
ubotuStrangelet: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:23
fougd3ng4r_chris: yes i have VLC and Mplayer instead, none of them will play my DVD's00:23
ompaullenswipe,  drwxr-xr-x  3 root root00:23
d3ng4r_chrisI don't think vlc needs libdvdcss00:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dchub - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:23
Strangeletompaul: Oh! I don't remember seeing GRUB load up earlier, this might help! :)00:23
d3ng4r_chriserm, what dependency error is it?00:23
lenswipeompaul what do you mean?00:23
ompaullenswipe, they are the default permissions00:24
lenswipeompaul do i type that in terminal?00:24
nickrud_d3ng4r_chris: yes vlc needs libdvdcss00:24
ompaullenswipe, no those are the default permissions, let me get you a page that explains that00:25
mikebotDoes anyone know why my ubuntu is really slow, yet I have 2 gb of RAM?00:25
peaceHello..someone help me please.. i crashed two times in a row... into log in... all app closed..everything.. its random crash...sometimes..its getting annoying..im using gutsy 32bit.00:26
Jangaridrwxr-xr-x, ompaul, means it's a directory, that the root has read write and execute access, that you have only read and execute access and that your group has only read and execute access00:26
fougahhhh i got it working finally, thanks to everyone who helped me00:26
lenswipeumpaul to reset the permissions with the ones u gave me do i do chmod drwxr-xr-x  3 root root /var/www00:27
desertcpeace: Hardware problem?  What's your log files say?00:27
lenswipeompaul to reset the permissions with the ones u gave me do i do chmod drwxr-xr-x  3 root root /var/www00:27
mikebotDoes anyone know why my ubuntu is really slow, yet I have 2 gb of RAM?00:27
ompaullenswipe, read this page http://www.unixcities.com/howto/index3.html00:27
lenswipeompaul thank you :D00:27
sadaiyappanI have a problem with my Upnp media server.00:27
peacehow can i find log file..00:28
TazaWindows rocks. <300:28
sadaiyappanIt doesn't work right.00:28
sadaiyappanCan someone tell me a good UPNP media server for PS3?00:28
nickrud_mikebot: runaway process? right click the panel, add the system monitor. Change the colors for the processor to contrasting ones, you can see your cpu useage clearly00:28
ompaulJangari, I could say man chmod but I rather people get help that gets them understanding what they need to do :)00:28
ompaulJangari, I wanted to see if the user knew what they were actually doing00:28
ompaulTaza, you are offtopic00:29
foughow do i change language with Mplayer? My movie is playing in spanish00:29
Jangarioh, pardon, ompaul, i mean that for lenswipe00:29
ompaulJangari, :)00:29
Tazaompaul: Actually, just investigating a rumour here.00:29
d3ng4r_chrisI'm looking for some assistance with my alsa00:29
sadaiyappanI need assistance with my UPNP.00:29
mikebotnickrud_: Which processor?00:29
Jangarianyone use alpine for email?00:29
hnazmikebot: top might help you here00:29
d3ng4r_chrisit's hda-intel00:30
mikebothnaz: top?00:30
hnazmikebot: open top in a terminal, press F for sorting mode and then n for sort-by-memory-usage00:30
nickrud_mikebot: your microprocessor. You can use that tool to see your usage. Nice graphical tool, shows a couple things clearly that top is obscure on00:30
hnazthen you see which process hogs your RAM00:30
peacedesertc whee i can see log file..and where to look in it.. if i go system/administration/system log..then its a big file..i dont know where to look..00:30
sadaiyappanI need assistance with my UPNP.00:30
mikebotnickrud_: There are like6 that are blue00:31
mikebothnaz: OK, I got that.00:31
mikebothnaz: But I cannot read it unfortunately.00:31
hnazmikebot: ah, yes.  system monitor is probably more gnome integrated :-)00:31
Dr_willissadaiyappan,  you could give a liuttle more details as to your whole setup  and what you are trying to do.   You got LINUX set up as a upnp server?00:31
nickrud_mikebot: I have user process green, io as red, the others as blue and yellow.00:31
hnazjust open `processes' tab and sort by memory usage...?00:32
FunkySemHello. Can i make video alls using skype in ubuntu?00:32
sadaiyappanDr_willis I have ubuntu gutsy gibon and mediatomb and a ps300:32
mikebotnickrud_: hnaz: OK, I got both these now, but it looks like they are both really low.00:32
sadaiyappanDr_willis, the ps3 detd detects the mediatomb and it's files but all the files show up as unsupported data00:33
nickrud_mikebot: when you say running slow, what exactly do you see? slow startup, slow screen repaint ....00:33
pkli need some help with ./unload command00:33
mikebotnickrud_: Like, maybe it's just Opera, but that opened really slowly.00:33
mikebotnickrud_: And it runs really slowly too.00:34
TaskWhy Am I having such a hard time creating a Dual boot !??!   Its taking me all day and I still cant get it00:34
pklit says: syntax error00:34
hnazTask: wow, it should not take longer than 3 minutes, though ;)00:34
nickrud_mikebot: how about other stuff? If it's just opera, then it's an opera problem not ubuntu00:34
TaskWhat is the mounting point suppose to be for windows?00:34
Dr_willissadaiyappan,  never heard of mediatomb - It  may have its own help channel/forums/support page that deals with it and ps3 issues.00:34
TaskYeah I know00:34
PriceChildTask, doesn't matter00:34
peacewhen someone will have free time.. i need help from someone :)  | i randomly crash... quite often.. Where to see whats the problem.00:34
PriceChildTask, leave it at default00:34
TaskI did00:34
Taskand it wont install Ubuntu00:35
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mikebotnickrud_: I mean, I don't really use much else...vlc runs fine I suppose.00:35
mikebotnickrud_: Isn't Opera the fastest browser?00:35
ompaul!dualboot | Task00:35
ubotuTask: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:35
PriceChildCan you resume from a swap "file"?00:35
sadaiyappanDr_willis, you have any suggestions on other UPNP media servers?00:35
Dr_willissadaiyappan,  i just use MythTV00:35
desertcpeace: look around - you should get comfortable withthat file00:35
hnazPriceChild: no00:35
nickrud_mikebot: supposedly. But try some other stuff, make sure it's running right. epiphany for example, it's a quick browser00:35
hnazPriceChild: not with the swsusp architecture of the kernel00:36
mikebotnickrud_: Oh, also, I don't have the normal broswer, I thought I downloaded some different version.00:36
PriceChildThanks hnaz00:36
nickrud_mikebot: test stuff.00:36
mikebotnickrud_: Haha, how do I do that?00:37
desertcpeace: that's how your computer speaks to you  :)00:37
nickrud_mikebot: run gedit. is it snappy after you open it? How about openoffice? once it's open, does it lag? That kind of thing00:37
goudkovhi guys, is there a way to install ubuntu without reformatting?00:37
nickrud_goudkov: are you trying to preserve your /home?00:38
TyroazardOh wow, Ubuntu's on Freenode too00:38
bod_nickrud_, hey dude00:38
desertcgoudkov: The Ubuntu Live CD has a way to repartition a Windows computer00:38
nickrud_bod_: hi there00:38
goudkovnickrud_: among other things00:38
TyroazardUh, might as well get that issue sorted out while I'm here.00:38
tetzke9i have a question is this the right place?00:38
ompaul!dualboot | goudkov00:38
ubotugoudkov: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:38
desertc!ask | tetzke900:38
peacedesertc i found the error..its not easy to rewrite it...00:38
ubotutetzke9: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:38
bod_nickrud_ i dont suppose u could help with a query could u ,.,.00:38
desertc!pastebin | peace00:39
ubotupeace: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:39
unagiomg can someone please explain to me why when my imwheelrc has a line that says 'Alt_L, Left, Control_L|Alt_L|Left' it does what it is suppose to but when i change it to 'Control_L, Alt_L, Left, Control_L|Alt_L|Left' it doesnt work00:39
TyroazardPPC iMac with Ubuntu on it, Sound doesn't work, help?00:39
goudkovlol. so many answers and none of them actually to the question i asked. i love geeks :)00:39
mikebotnickrud_: What browser do you use?00:39
unagiTyroazard, has it ever worked00:39
Dr_willisgoudkov,  'without reformating' is vague. :)00:39
nickrud_goudkov: if you want to save some data on your install, move it all to a new directory, like /data . Hand delete everything else, and use the alternate install cd. You can tell that installer to not reformat the partition00:39
tetzke9Linux wont boot from itself i have to use the CD and then choose the Boot drive option so whats happenin?00:39
Dr_willisgoudkov,  i reinstall ubuntu without reformating my /home partition all the time.00:39
Taskomg that link was bs00:40
nickrud_mikebot: firefox mostly.00:40
TyroazardI just installed it, but, when I did install Ubuntu on my normal computer, this one, it did work, yes.00:40
nickrud_bod_: you can ask :)00:40
Dr_willisgoudkov,  but its best to reformat the / partion.00:40
limphello, i installed LAMP and then phpmyadmin, but phpmyadmin does not appear in my www folder nor my virtual host00:40
theaaghaazDo you guys know of an alternative to the GPL which prohibits people from selling the software?00:40
mikebotnickrud_: Swift fox?00:40
unagiTyroazard, you lost me, it was a yes or no question00:40
peacedesertc  i cant coppy it... okay manually.... peacep ... gdm[18884]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting : 000:40
TyroazardSound has worked on the iMac, when it was running OSX00:40
goudkovnickrud_: i take it the alternative install has the option of not forcing the format of /?00:40
bod_nickrud_,  would u mind telling me wot your DNS address is?00:40
TaskEverytime I try to install the GRUB it sends me to the partition manager... and from there I cant do anything00:40
Ax-Axmy computer turns black whith a white text cursor at random moments, any ideas?00:41
TyroazardClarify your question? Has sound ever worked on the iMac or with ubuntu?00:41
PriceChild!offtopic | theaaghaaz00:41
ubotutheaaghaaz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:41
Jangarican i configure the links in the 'places' section of nautilus? I want to add a data partition to 'places' and i want to make 'home' link to 'home' rather than /home/~00:41
desertctheaaghaaz: best to research it yourself, but there are plenty of people who sell linux00:41
tetzke9Linux wont boot from itself i have to use the CD and then choose the Boot drive option so whats happenin?00:41
tetzke9Some bootfiles missing or anything like that?00:41
britt_question: would anybody know why i would be able to send mail from my mail server but not receive mail ? the DNS stuff is correct...any thoughts?00:41
nickrud_goudkov: yes. But _DO NOT_ just install over the old one, the results are undefined and probably not a good thing00:41
PriceChildtetzke9, you have no partition set with the "boot" flag00:41
goudkovnickrud_: thanks00:41
unagiobviously i mean ubuntu........it would be silly for me to mean osx because, well, you arent trying to get sound working with osx Tyroazard00:41
PriceChildtetzke9, run gparted from the live cd and fix that00:41
unagiTyroazard, did you try searching google?00:41
zethero1how do I get gzip filles working in Ubuntu?00:41
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:41
tetzke9oke price00:41
manicnerdi'm a total moron and dont know which driver to install for my x1150.... does this new ati driver support this card?  i dont think it does...but like i said...i'm a moron00:42
tetzke9do i have to reboot now then ?00:42
theaaghaazah, darn. Okay, can you redirect me somewhere that I can ask about the GPL?00:42
PriceChildtheaaghaaz, read what ubotu said00:42
desertctheaaghaaz: the innerwebs00:42
ompaultheaaghaaz, #fsf #gnu00:42
paveraok, I have a slightly weird issue, I'm wondering if maybe my system has been rooted, but I can't find any evidence of that00:42
britt_question: would anybody know why i would be able to send mail from my mail server but not receive mail ? the DNS stuff is correct...any thoughts?00:42
nickrud_bod_: from my interfaces file: # dns-* options are implemented by the resolvconf package, if installed        dns-nameservers
paverarandomly over the last 2 days00:42
peacepeacep NetworkManager: <WARN> nm_dbus_get_networks_cb(): error received: org.freedosktop.networkmanagerinfo.nonetworks - there are no wireless networks stored... <--- this was before that error00:42
paveramy system clock gets set to August 25th 194400:42
paveraubuntu server 7.1000:43
Jangaribritt_: are your imap/pop settings correct? you would still be able to send mail if only the smtp settings are alright00:43
unagiomg can someone please explain to me why when my imwheelrc has a line that says 'Alt_L, Left, Control_L|Alt_L|Left' it does what it is suppose to but when i change it to 'Control_L, Alt_L, Left, Control_L|Alt_L|Left' it doesnt work00:43
paverarunning in a vmware virtual machine00:43
zethero1how do I get gzip filles working in Ubuntu?00:43
britt_Jangari: as in exim is JuSt for SMTP?00:43
desertczethero1: gzip is on ubuntu by default00:43
bod_nickrud_,  im trying to get a diff DNS to the one im using to see if it speeds my internet up,,.,. the DNS should look like this ,.,.,.,. i found that by typing my routers ip adress ( into a web browser00:43
britt_Jangari: exim4 to be precise00:44
Tyroazardunagi: Query00:44
Jangariokay then, dunno00:44
zethero1desertc: well its not working for me00:44
paveraany ideas what could set my system clock to 1944?00:44
desertczethero1: do "man gzip"00:44
britt_Jangari: i think i need to check on this some more. i think your on to something.....00:44
PriceChildpavera, i didn't think linux's clock would go past 1970...00:44
bod_pavera, update drivers for ur motherboard00:44
zethero1desertc: in the terminal?00:44
aquo_pavera: winston churchill?00:44
desertczethero1: how are you trying to run gzip ?00:44
sybaritenhey .... i have a live (or semi live) ubuntu on USB memory. Its acting really weird, and some of the bugs seem to be known by others. but i wont go into that now00:45
britt_Jangari: i havent done this in quite some time , i think i forgot to Install a POP server lol00:45
paverait is an ubuntu server install running in vmware00:45
nickrud_bod_: I've been very happy with that, it's opendns.com , has some useful stuff for name that don't resolv.00:45
Jangariyour incoming mail server is usually quite distinct from your outgoing server00:45
paveraand randomly over the last couple days, the system time is set to Aug 25 194400:45
sybaritenbut whats your take on this: i used to be able to run firefox - now i always get a segmentation fault..... ???00:45
oxeimonwhy do some of my folders in the terminal show up with a green background/blue foreground?00:45
peaceat least i know how to watch system log file :D00:45
sybaritencan i get a better error dump or output than just what the terminal tells me?00:45
bod_nickrud_, cheers dude,.,. il try them out00:45
aquo_pavera: what is your timezone?00:45
paveraso? VMware upgrade?00:45
TaskIt wont install Grub.. it sends me to Partition manager... and then it tells me some bullshit llike.... thats a invalid mounting point for that system and then tells me to load GRUB and keeps repeating00:45
nickrud_bod_: switched to it for the same reason you're mentioning, I'd have to wait several seconds at the very least for name resolution from my isp00:45
Jangariuntil i discovered it, I had the smtp spelled wrong on this machine, so i could do everything but send, including save as draft'00:45
zethero1desertc: I got a gzip package from Gnome-look.org and tried to extract it ... but it says its an unknown archive type etc....00:45
Jangaribritt_: what client do you use?00:46
desertczethero1: how did you try to extract it?00:46
britt_Jangari: right now, mutt00:46
Jangariwtf is mutt?00:46
oxeimonwhen I type "ls -l" in my terminal, a bunch of my folders have a green background/blue foreground...how do I fix that?00:46
britt_Jangari: mail client....00:46
britt_Jangari: console mail client00:46
bod_nickrud_, im trying this , then if that dont work il try setting up my own DNS server,. and if that dont work,. im gonna murder everyone who works for virginmedia00:46
paverathis system has been running fine for like 4 months00:46
paveranow suddenly, the last couple days00:46
zethero1desertc: rightclick and Extract Here..... Archive type not supported.00:46
paverait keeps thinking WWII is still going on00:46
mikebotHow do I add repositories?00:47
Jangarioh yeah? i've actually been looking for a usable console client00:47
Jangarimutt eh?00:47
nickrud_oxeimon: that is used to differentiate the file types and other stuff.  try  file <ugly file> to see what it is00:47
desertczethero1: that's not gzip... that's archive manager00:47
limpWhy doesnt phpmyadmin appear in www folder after install? (sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin)00:47
Jangarii couldn't figure out how to get alpine working00:47
desertczethero1: anyway, it's probably a corrupted archive00:47
nickrud_oxeimon: like a broken link is red, an executable is green, etc00:47
oxeimonnickrud_: they're mainly directories...00:47
aquo_pavera: 25. august was the day paris got liberated00:47
zethero1desertc: oh ok00:47
oxeimonnickrud_: the problem is, many other folders are just blue on white background00:48
nickrud_oxeimon:  ls -ld <dir>00:48
paverahmm... so, its a french hacker that's rooted my box and is setting the clock back?00:48
aquo_pavera: maybe the system clock battery is empty.00:48
Jangarican't find mutt, what's the package called?00:48
paveraI already said00:48
paveraits a vmware virtual machine00:48
peacedesertc  P.S. restricted drivers in use ! - nvidia latest drivers instaled.... so what might be a problem?00:48
oxeimonnickrud_: most directories are blue, except the ones that I got from my external hard drive00:48
desertcpavera: probably estonia00:48
jribJangari: mutt :)00:48
paverathe actual physical machine doesn't have this problem00:48
paverait always thinks the time is right00:48
nickrud_oxeimon: you can turn off all colors by editing the alias for ls in ~./bashrc00:48
Jangarihmm, apt-cache search doesn't see it00:48
limpWhy doesnt phpmyadmin appear in www folder after install? (sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin) do I have to reinstall apache2 WITH phpmyadmin?00:49
jrib!info mutt | Jangari00:49
ubotujangari: mutt (source: mutt): text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5.15+20070412-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1057 kB, installed size 5196 kB00:49
oxeimonnickrud_: the directories I copied from my external hard drive are turning up on a greenbackground/blue foreground00:49
oxeimonnickrud_: I want colors, just not these colors...00:49
desertcpeace: not sure on that question00:49
oxeimonnickrud_: I want them to look like regular folders. ie, blue on white00:49
ubuntuohey, what version of "OpenOffic" do you guys have for Ubuntu?00:49
aquo_pavera: seems strange, looked at dmesg output and rtc drivers?00:49
jribJangari: check that the main repo is enabled?00:49
Jangariokay, apt-get sees it00:49
unagiok so apparently imwheel doesnt support functions like ctrl and alt together00:49
Ax-Axgah.. my computer hangs and shows a completely black screen with a flickering cursor when i start xscreensaver00:50
d3ng4r_chrishey, I'm still looking for some assistance with my Intel ICH sound card00:50
nickrud_oxeimon: then you can change the colors used for different stuff , man dircolors has the details. I haven't looked for a long time00:50
desertc!intelhda | d3ng4r_chris00:50
ubotud3ng4r_chris: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto00:50
paverartc drivers? how would I look at those?00:50
paveraI've looked through all the logs and dmesg00:50
d3ng4r_chrisbeen there00:50
paveraand don't see anything necessarily related00:50
aquo_pavera: dmesg | grep rtc? anything?00:51
d3ng4r_christhat didn't work00:51
nickrud_oxeimon: man dir_colors has more info as well00:51
bod_nickrud_, ive gone down from 2000ms to 200 ,.,. cheers dude,.,. if you were female and fit,. id give u a kiss00:51
TyroazardOkay, next problem. The boot screen of Ubuntu is in weird colors00:51
TyroazardAll rainbowy00:51
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
TyroazardIt returns to normal when I enter the login screen, though.00:52
justinneedhi, I just downloaded the game from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/ReturnToCastleWolfensteinEnemyTerritory and I am trying to apply the security fix, but its giving me error00:52
Hub441just compiled a 2.6.24 kernel for my laptop (timer resolution <=> not working suspend in gutsy-rt kernel) but the only thing that freezes my laptop is hotswapping the bay-cdrom00:52
d3ng4r_chrisdesertc: No luck with those suggestions00:52
peacehow to save a log ??00:52
Hub441what does ubuntu use for hotswap?00:52
jribpeace: of?00:52
TyroazardIt's not really a big problem, just want to know how to fix it00:52
bod_take acid00:52
Hub441on my gentoo machine i saw hotplug but i have no idea weather it has somehing to do with it or not00:53
peacei want to save a logfile..of my error.. and the error i can read is in "system log" system/administration system log00:53
paveraI have the system set up to use ntpdate00:53
paverait should be set to run every hour00:53
paverajust using the standard ubuntu time server00:53
bod_!enter | pavera00:53
ubotupavera: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:53
Jangarifar out man, ubuntu's so lightweight, i have 20 GB on this partition and I've been installing heaps of software, and i've only used up 4GB00:53
mikebotDoes Intel Core 2 Duo = Core Solo/Duo on http://getswiftfox.com/deb.htm00:54
d3ng4r_chrisplease, I need help with my intel-hda sound adapter...00:54
nickrud_peace: that is found in /var/log/syslog, it's automatically saved, see the  x.gz ones in the same dir00:54
jribpeace: edit -> copy  then paste somewhere else would be one way.  Another way is to open the log file directly.  It is probably in /var/log00:54
bod_im off,. cya guys00:54
TyroazardBye o/00:55
* nickrud_ feels safe from bod_ now :)00:55
peacethank you00:55
bod_nickrud_, how do u do that?00:55
nickrud_bod   /me feels good, helping bod with simple irc stuff00:55
mikebotDoes anyone know about processors?00:56
bod_nickrud_, /me feels good00:56
d3ng4r_chrisdoes anyone know about getting sound on intel ich8 cars working?00:56
bod_nickrud_, lol,. im so confused00:56
nickrud_bod_: no, the line begins with /me00:56
* bod_ feels good00:56
crimsund3ng4r_chris: download http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh and run it.00:56
hanophix33is the reason amarok looks so bad because its for kde?00:56
crimsund3ng4r_chris: then tell me the url it generates.00:56
peacethe main error i get is... Jan 26 02:20:31 peacep gdm[18884]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0   *** GUTSY 32bit... nvidia 6800u 3500athlon 64bit. nvidia restricted drivers instaled and in use.00:57
* bod_ Thankyou nickrud_ 00:57
tetzke9is steam possible on Linux?00:57
vrkhanshi everyone00:57
tetzke9is there a howto?00:57
bod_tetzke9, cedega & wine me thinks00:57
hanophix33is amarok the best music pkayer?00:57
aquo_using steam with linux is stupid00:57
* bod_ Has left the building00:57
PriceChild!best | hanophix3300:58
ubotuhanophix33: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you really insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.00:58
tetzke9why is that stupid?00:58
mikebotDoes Intel Core 2 Duo = Core Solo/Duo on http://getswiftfox.com/deb.htm00:58
hanophix33but it looks horrible in gnome00:58
aquo_tetzke9: because you need the windows licence anyway00:58
d3ng4r_chriscrimsun: replied in a seperate chat window00:58
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you really insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.00:59
MrObviousmikebot: Yes.00:59
Dr_willishanophix33,  i use bmpx00:59
Whyvas!ass | PriceChild00:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ass - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:59
crimsund3ng4r_chris: you're not identified, so I didn't receive your query.00:59
PriceChildWhyvas, what was that for?00:59
d3ng4r_chrisIt's not running properly00:59
hanophix33dr_willis: what about some comparable to amarok, i love the idea00:59
MrObviousmikebot: Actually not yes.00:59
d3ng4r_chrisalsa-info.sh: 202: [[: not found00:59
d3ng4r_chrisALSA Information Script v 0.4.3500:59
d3ng4r_chrisThis script will collect information about your ALSA installation and sound related hardware, to help diagnose your problem.00:59
d3ng4r_chrisalsa-info.sh: 202: [[: not found00:59
d3ng4r_chrisBy default, the collected information will be AUTOMATICALLY uploaded to a pastebin site.00:59
d3ng4r_chrisIf you do not wish for this to occur, run the script with the --no-upload argument00:59
WhyvasPriceChild I was trying to explain something to you00:59
d3ng4r_chrisDo you want to run this script? [y/n] : read: 202: Illegal option -e00:59
crimsund3ng4r_chris: no, please use bash00:59
mohbanai tried installing ubuntu, but i get a black screen that doesn't respond at all expect when i press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart, how can i post my system spec00:59
vrkhansI am using e17 as my desktop manager but my Internet, connection always get messed up. each time I have to do sudo network-admin to correct my password. what should I do.00:59
MrObviousmikebot: But it's the closest thing found00:59
PriceChildWhyvas, and what would that be?01:00
MrObviousvrkhans: Make a startup script in E17 that does it for you.01:00
ompauld3ng4r_chris, your mute will be removed in a moment or two - please wait that long01:00
mikebotMrObvious: HAha, it isn't?01:00
WhyvasPriceChild did you just flex your ops?01:00
ubuntuohey, what version of "OpenOffice" do you guys have for Ubuntu?01:00
PriceChildWhyvas, about to mute the paster01:00
vrkhansMrObvious: how can I do that , I am new to e and linux01:00
mohbanawow is channel is packed out01:00
aquo_i think network configuration should be independent of user sessions ...01:01
aquo_try ifupdown-scripts01:01
MrObviousmikebot: No, the Core Solo/Duo arch. is Yonah based CPUs, while Core Two Solo/Duo/Quads are Conroe based. It's a faster architecture.01:01
tetzke9i have a geforce 6800 series card were do i get drivers?01:01
PriceChildaquo_, then use network-admin or /etc/network/interfaces01:01
ompaul!paste d3ng4r_chris01:01
PriceChild!nvidia | tetzke901:01
ubotutetzke9: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:01
ompaul!paste | d3ng4r_chris01:01
ubotud3ng4r_chris: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:01
aquo_PriceChild: i know01:01
MrObviousvrkhans: I can't help but search ubuntuforums.org for e17 startup script and let that show you.01:01
zachalinkis there any way that I can perhaps make the whole address bar text highlighted in just one click on firefox??01:01
zachalinklike on windows01:01
mohbanahi can anyone help01:01
oxeimonin a folder with both directories and files, how do I use chmod on all the files but no the directories?01:02
heatmzzrwhat is the name of the lib that plays dvd, its like cssdvdlib or something like that01:02
d3ng4r_chriscrimsun: http://pastebin.ca/87281401:02
ompaul!dvd | heatmzzr01:02
ubotuheatmzzr: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:02
Flannelmohbana: Try starting the CD in safe graphics mode01:02
c1|freakyis there a way i can execute a command with a user who is member of a group, using that group in one command?01:03
Dr_williszachalink,  thats a firefox setting. But i dont rember  where its at. I HATE that wya of doing it. heh.01:03
oxeimonin a folder with both directories and files, how do I use chmod on all the files but no the directories?01:03
bulmerfailure code 0x73 - Defective Device.  Excessive Shock. Technical Result Code 7300D21401:03
mohbanaFlannel, once i install will be able to run at say 1680x1050, is there another channel?01:03
Dr_willisoxeimon,  you have to do some work with 'find' to do that.  I had to do it just the other day. let me find my script01:04
aquo_oxeimon: i would do a combination with find ...01:04
Dr_willisoxeimon,  want me to msg you my script?01:04
mikebotDoes anyone know what kind of processor an Intel Core 2 Duo is?01:04
Flannelmohbana: More thank likely, yes.  The LiveCD going blank on you isn't an indication of a problem post-install01:04
crimsund3ng4r_chris: were you able to compile alsa-driver 1.0.16rc1 against linux-headers-$(uname -r)?01:04
Flannelmikebot: x86 or AMD6401:04
oxeimonDr_willis: sure, thanks :-D01:04
danbhfivemikebot: isnt x86?01:05
Flannelmikebot: er, i386 or AMD64, even01:05
islingtonI use 1386 on ine mikebot01:05
aquo_mikebot: im which context?01:05
d3ng4r_chrisno, I wasn't01:05
mikebotaquo_: I'm trying to download this: http://getswiftfox.com/deb.htm01:05
mikebotFlannel: Yikes, OK, thanks. Do you know which of these that would be?: http://getswiftfox.com/deb.htm01:05
d3ng4r_chriscrimsun: Shall I redo this?01:05
tetzke9The software source for the package01:06
tetzke9   nvidia-glx-new01:06
tetzke9 is not enabled01:06
d3ng4r_chrisHow do I remove what I already installed?01:06
crimsund3ng4r_chris: then you need to clone hg tip of alsa-{kernel,driver} and compile that.01:06
crimsund3ng4r_chris: you don't need to remove anything.01:06
danbhfivesomeone should make a ubotu command for the sources issue01:06
aquo_mikebot: choose http://getswiftfox.com/builds/debian/dists/unstable/non-free/binary-i386/swiftfox_3.0b3pre-4_prescott.deb01:06
d3ng4r_chriscan you explain a little further please?01:06
yao_ziyuananother suggestion for ubuntu:01:07
tetzke9The software source for the package01:07
tetzke9   nvidia-glx-new01:07
tetzke9 is not enabled <----------- what does it mean?01:07
yao_ziyuandouble clicking the titlebar menu should close the window01:07
Dr_willisoxeimon,  Hope those help01:07
mikebotaquo_: Someone just said this though: mikebot: No, the Core Solo/Duo arch. is Yonah based CPUs, while Core Two Solo/Duo/Quads are Conroe based. It's a faster architecture. .... Does that matter?01:07
danbhfive!sourceomatic | tetzke901:07
ubotutetzke9: source-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.01:07
LjLyao_ziyuan, this is not the channel for suggestions really, it's for support. try http://bugs.ubuntu.com if it's important.01:07
d3ng4r_chriscrimsun: can you be a little more specific?01:07
ubuntuoLjL do you use openoffice or broffice?01:07
Dr_willisSo THATS where source-o-matic went! :001:08
LjLubuntuo: KOffice01:08
aquo_mikebot: i don't think so, from the selections this one is the best. this hint is for another context, e.g. choosing compiler parameters ... but here you have binary packages.01:08
ubuntuocool LjL01:08
oxeimonDr_willis: yeah that's amazing. Thanks I just fixed my problem :-D :-D :-D01:08
wersis there any way for me to bypass the forced fsck? I'm just thinking. What if the fsck comes out when I urgently need my computer?01:08
crimsund3ng4r_chris: more help in #alsa.01:09
mikebotaquo_: Haha, OK, I don't really understand this stuff so I'll take your word. I appreciate it.01:09
Dr_willisoxeimon,  i often have issue with the permissions when using samba shares and files copied from cd/dvd01:09
mikebotaquo_: (Do you know anything about the fastest browser in ubuntu?)01:09
LjL!fsck > wers    (wers, see the private message from Ubotu)01:09
tetzke9The software source for the package01:09
tetzke9   nvidia-glx-new01:09
tetzke9 is not enabled ?01:09
Dr_williswers,  you need it so  urgently - you want to risk data loss? :)01:09
d3ng4r_chriscrimsun: I'll join that channel01:09
LjL!paste > tetzke9    (tetzke9, see the private message from Ubotu)01:09
LjL!info nvidia-glx-new | tetzke901:09
ubotutetzke9: nvidia-glx-new (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 100.14.19+ (gutsy), package size 4896 kB, installed size 14848 kB01:09
danbhfivetetzke9: did you get my message?01:09
Dr_williswers,  its only like every 30 remounts. You can set the # higher.   I see the checking like once a month on my machines01:10
LjLtetzke9: it may mean you have restricted disabled, which would be pretty awkward01:10
aquo_mikebot: i have choose plain firefox and changed some caching parameters in about:config. i am fine with that.01:10
tetzke9no dan01:10
LjL!tab | tetzke901:10
mikebotaquo_: Hrm..is there a tutorial for that? And is there a way to make firefox act like Opera in that when you close it and open it later it opens all the tabs previously open?01:10
ubotutetzke9: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:11
danbhfive!sourceomatic | tetzke901:11
ubotutetzke9: source-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.01:11
wersDr_willis and LjL, there are emergency cases when I happen to need to use my computer immediately. How do I bypass the forced fsck whenever that happens?01:11
tetzke9what now?01:11
danbhfivetetzke9: you need to enable some of your repositories01:11
Dr_williswers,  no idea.  never noticed or wanted to do so.01:11
LjLwers: you can't01:11
hanophix33any good alternatives to amarok?01:11
getisboyis it possible to create a symlink for every folder in the current directory?01:11
ubuntuocan you password-protect folders in Ubuntu?01:11
danbhfivetetzke9: System > Admin > Software Sources01:12
LjLwers: you can make it not happen, but once it starts, you can't stop it01:12
Dr_willisgetisboy,   you could make a script that does that.  I guess.. there may be some other command line tools that automate it.01:12
aquo_mikebot: i think there are plenty tutorials for that, you will find with google. i used a german howto, but i think this won't help you ;)01:12
peacei want to reconfigure XORG ... it lets me chooose... nv <- it selects this automatically....but i can also chooce nvidia...drivers... what should i choose..?01:12
=== nephyll is now known as Nephilinn
Dr_willisgetisboy,  cp has a --link option also01:12
wersthat's my problem. I want to stop it. It's a bug. ahehe01:12
mikebotaquo_: Haha, yeah. OK, thanks a bunch.01:12
getisboydr_willis, ok01:13
danbhfivepeace: nvidia if you want the official nvidia drivers01:13
Genius314I'm trying to install Wacom-tools, but I get an error.01:13
tetzke9any1 using beryl?01:13
LjLpeace: "nv" is an open source driver with little (well, no) support for 3D. "nvidia" is a proprietary driver with 3D support.01:13
peacethank you01:13
LjL!beryl > tetzke9    (tetzke9, see the private message from Ubotu)01:13
taconehello I am trying to install drivers for conexant cx2388501:13
taconeactually I did and /dev/dvb shows up01:13
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:13
taconebut I cannot test with vlc. how to test if it works ?01:13
LjLwers, well not a bug, rather a missing feature... the way fsck works, if you just stop it suddenly, your filesystem will get corrupted. i don't think it has a sane "stop gracefully" procedure01:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dvb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:14
LjL!tv > aquo_    (aquo_, see the private message from Ubotu)01:14
tetzke9my internet is slow in linux but not in XP01:14
hendrixskiis there a way to turn avi files into DV files?01:14
heartsbloodI'm having trouble viewing mp4 files.  I can see the file preview in gnome but when I click on the mp4 videos to watch them all I get is the sound and a moving pink screen.  I get the same moving pick screen from vlc/totem/mplayer.  What would cause this?01:15
wersLjL, yeah. we really can't stop it. I'm just looking for a feature like the one in windows which asks the user's permission before the fsck01:15
Dr_williswers,  ive never noticed windows asking actually. :)01:16
Genius314When I try installing Wacom-tools, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53506/01:16
Flannelwers: `sudo touch /fastboot` will keep the fsck from happening (needs to be done each shutdown for the next reboot)01:17
TurbukEstoy usando Ubuntu 7.10 y  Tengo un problema que no se que he hecho pero me han desaparecido las cabeceras de las ventanas01:17
LjL!es | Turbuk01:17
ubotuTurbuk: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:17
Flannelwers: likewise, touching /forcefsck will force one01:17
Turbuksorry ;)01:17
wersDr_willis, there's a prss any key to stop the forced fsck in windows01:18
sdfo2would anyone know what would cause this? http://pastebin.ca/87283601:18
wersFlannel, yeah. I'm aware of that. I hope, there's a feature that would ask the user before the forced fsck carries on01:18
rne1224what's up :P01:18
rne1224does anyone here uses Crystal Space 1.001:19
GambaroniHow can I setup a mailserver on my ubuntu-computer so I can send emails with mail() in php?01:19
LjL!enter | rne122401:19
uboturne1224: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:19
britt_Gambaroni: join the club...i'm trying to remember how to config exim401:19
Dr_williswers,   all this sounds like a very good way to lose some data. :)01:19
Gambaronibritt_ hehe01:20
LjLwers, Flannel: there should also logically be a parameter you can append to the kernel command line to avoid the checking. however, i can't find it. it would definitely make sense though01:20
britt_Gambaroni: lol....i'll let you know how it goes, should be done in around 5-6.5 min01:20
Dr_williswers,  have fun. :P and  'rember kids - it pays to backup!'01:20
Gambaronibritt_ nice01:20
wersDr_willis, yeah. backup. it's the real thing. btw, the one in windows asks the user's permission even before the forced fsck starts. that's what we need01:21
Genius314Can someone help me? I'm trying to fix the inverted scrollwheel on my Wacom tablet.01:21
joe__can Linux be effected by windows viruses?01:21
nemilarjoe__: no01:22
aquo_yes, if windows is running01:22
sdfo2would anyone know what would cause this? http://pastebin.ca/87283601:22
mohbanaFlannel, i think you miss understood me it goes totally blank i click start or install option01:22
nemilarjoe__: the worst that could happen is if you run a windows virus in Wine, but then it can only affect your Wine files01:22
heartsbloodaquo_: that's redundant, windows is a virus.01:22
Dr_williswers,  'need' :) i dont need it.. I dont think id want my company web server asking the janitor if  it should check the filesystem.. heh heh01:22
taconewhen I try to use dvbutils o mythbuntu with my dvb card it gives me permission error. anyone can help me ?01:22
aquo_Heartsbane: 1:0 for you01:22
cjones_i am outside the us and want to install the win32 codecs will somebody help me01:23
aquo_blood even01:23
joe__if I accept a file from someone on amsn, and its a virus, will teh virus effect the windows install that I have on this computer? the windows is on another HDD01:23
wersGenius314, do you happen to have a genius look 316 webcam? ahehehe01:23
wersI can't make mine work :D01:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about win32codecs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:23
Flannelmohbana: Right.  Try the "start in safe graphics mode" option01:23
heartsbloodjoe__: nothing is impossible, but it's not likely.01:23
phoenixzargh.. I need to shut off a service without uninstalling that service.. there is NO chkconfig! How do i disable the starting of a service for a specific (and ALL) runlevels??01:23
Genius314wers: No...01:23
LjL!w32codecs > nemilar    (nemilar, see the private message from Ubotu)01:23
danbhfive!medibuntu | cjones_01:23
ubotucjones_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:23
linux_kidanyone know how to restore an over-formatted ext3 partition?01:24
joe__k thanx heartsblood nemilar and anyone who answered01:24
nemilarjoe__: if you're in Linux, you don't have to worry about windows viruses01:24
rne1224by any chance...does anyone uses Crystal Space 1.0? I need some help01:25
Flannel!bum | phoenixz01:25
ubotuphoenixz: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:25
sdfo2would anyone know what would cause this? http://pastebin.ca/872836 /msg me if you could.01:25
markuswat geht01:26
Flannelrne1224: try #crystalspace01:26
LjL!de | markus01:26
ubotumarkus: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de01:26
britt_exim4 is just for sending mail, right? what is the recommendation for a POP server?01:27
rne1224Flannel: I'm on it right now, but nobody answers...=(01:27
heartsbloodWhat would cause a pink viewing area when trying to watch mp4 files?01:27
phoenixzFlannel, "remove startup services".. That would mean that the entire service gets removed? or only that it will no longer be started?01:27
Flannelbritt_: Theres a couple.  Dovecot, courier, uh, two more. https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/email-services.html01:28
Genius314I'm having trouble installing Wacom-tools.01:28
sdfo2heartsblood, no codec?01:28
britt_Flannel: so im correct in that exim is just for smtp stuff right01:28
Flannelphoenixz: Just disabled.  Thats not a package manager01:28
getisboydr_willis, i think cp --link creates a hard link, not a symlink01:28
aquo_Flannel: does he really need a mailserver on localhost to make php mail() work?01:28
Flannelaquo_: Depends on what he's trying to do.01:29
heartsbloodsdf02: that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.  gnome can grab a still image from the video for it's 'video preview' effect and I can hear sound when I open it.  just no video01:29
mikebotIs there a built in mail client or chat client in firefox?01:29
Flannelmikebot: No.  That'd be the seamonkey suite01:29
sdfo2heartsblood, what you using to play it?01:30
mikebotFlannel: That does both?01:30
pike_mikebot: thunderbird and chatzilla i think01:30
pike_mikebot: but theyre seperate clients i dunno about plugins01:30
phoenixzFlannel, iaw, it would ONLY remove the links in /etc/rc.#/...... ?01:30
heartsbloodsdf02: totem/vlc/mplayer all give the same pink screen.  sound but no video01:30
mikebotArg., this is why I liked opera =/01:30
Flannelmikebot: er, not chat.  but yeah, chatzilla.  Seamonkey is the old mozilla suite01:30
heartsbloodsdf02: and just to clarify it's a moving pink screen.01:30
Flannelphoenixz: yes.01:30
sdfo2heartsblood, what's mplayer say at the console?01:30
Flannelphoenixz: well, it'll disable them in rc.#, they'll still be there01:31
joe__when I get an email in my hotmail account. I get a notice on amsn, but it wont open. I presume thats cause hotmail tries to open in EI. how can I make it open with firefox?01:31
mikebotIs seamonkey no longer supported and/or updated?01:31
mikebotOr rather, is there an e-mail add-on for firefox?01:32
phoenixzFlannel, effectively not starting up the service.. that's all I needed to knnow.. thanks!01:32
sdfo2heartsblood, what's mplayer say at the console when trying to open the mp4?01:32
phoenixzFlannel, it actually does delete the symlinks of the app in the /etc/rc.# directories.. which is perfect ;)01:32
heartsbloodsdfo2, gonna bash it 1 sec.01:32
heartsbloodsdfo2, no errors though01:32
heartsbloodsdfo2, er pastebin01:33
Flannelmikebot: it is01:33
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:33
daxrocMorning all01:33
heartsbloodsdfo2, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53507/01:34
KuwangerIf I wanted to move /usr, it should be as simple as making a copy of it (with cp -a, for example), renaming /usr to /usr.bak, then symlinking the new usr to /usr, right?01:34
daxrocAny one know of a solution for the xgl wacom bug , no extended devices found ?01:34
mikebotFlannel: Thanks.01:34
mikebotFlannel: You know of any e-mail add-ons?01:35
pike_Kuwanger: i dont remember if -a preserves symlinks i didnt think so01:35
purpleposeidonlufis: hallo01:35
lufispurpleposeidon: small world.01:36
Flannelmikebot: for firefox?  No.  Thats what thunderbird or seamonkey is for.01:36
mikebotWhat is ubufox?01:36
ZabijeCieany Op help me?01:36
mikebotFlannel: Bah OK, thanks./01:36
Kuwangerpike_: Yea, it does.  -a == -dpR, and -d = --no-deference --preserve=link01:36
lufis!heypurpleposeidon,yousmell | purpleposeidon01:36
sdfo2would anyone know what would cause this? http://pastebin.ca/872836 /msg me if you could.01:36
PriceChildlufis, pardon?01:37
purpleposeidon!ithinkyourmomlikessmellingme | lufis01:37
ZabijeCie@search playboy college01:37
Kuwangererr, --no-dereference01:37
mikebotWould anyone recommend Thunderbird over another e-mail client in ubuntu?01:37
nemilarmikebot: thunderbird is pretty good01:37
PriceChild!guidelines | purpleposeidon lufis01:37
ubotupurpleposeidon lufis: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:37
mikebotnemilar: OK, thanks.01:37
lufispurpleposeidon: I don't want to play your chilidsh games! I just want to know how to reconfigure x.org.01:37
PriceChild!xconfig | lufis01:37
nemilar!best | mikebot01:37
ubotulufis: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes01:37
ubotumikebot: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you really insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.01:38
mikebotDoes anyone know how to make firefox save my open tabs so that when I close firefox and reopen it all my tabs are back open?01:38
Odd-rationalemikebot: Thunderbird is good. Evolution simply has better gnome intergation.01:38
purpleposeidonlufis: Well, the easiest way is to mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup and restart X with ctrl-alt-backspace01:38
Odd-rationalemikebot: There is a firefox add-on for that.01:38
bastid_raZormikebot; i used thunderbird for a long time.. then tried out Evolution and now.. my opinion is evolution does a better job01:38
pike_mikebot: version 2.0 does this automatically in versino 1.* its a plugin01:38
nemilarEvolution is a lot heavier than thunderbird, if you just need a basic email client01:38
lufispurpleposeidon: You could have told me that.01:38
LjLpurpleposeidon, lufis: it's an even smaller world when you're banned, so watch out01:38
Guest42210any of you guys in here using a PPC architecture01:38
LjLGuest42210: try asking in #ubuntu-ppc maybe01:38
Onyxwhat's up gangstas?01:38
lufisLjL: sorry, purpleposeidon is a friend of mine.01:38
nemilarGuest42210: I'm not on a PPC right now, but I've got a PPC machine with linux on it01:38
pike_mikebot: well i should say it restores so if you like pkill firefox and relaunch itll ask you if ya want to restore last session01:38
mikebotpike_: I have 2 but it doesn't do that ;/ do I have to set it up?01:38
Odd-rationaleWell,, evolution has a calendar by default.01:39
pike_mikebot: so if you close normally it doesnt01:39
Guest42210with ubuntu on it nemilar ?01:39
mikebotOdd-rationale: Do you know what it is called?01:39
hanophix33what is a good antivirus?01:39
mikebotpike_: Ah, I want the close normally one.01:39
nemilarGuest42210: yeah...but like LjL said, there's #ubuntu-ppc01:39
LjL!virtus > hanophix33    (hanophix33, see the private message from Ubotu)01:39
Odd-rationalemikebot: I'll get it for you...01:39
purpleposeidon!clamv | mikebot01:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about clamv - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:39
nemilarmikebot: if you want something really light-weight, try sylpheed01:39
nemilar!sylpheed | mikebot01:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sylpheed - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:40
nemilaroh come on01:40
bastid_raZormikebot; tab mix plus i believe01:40
Guest42210nemilar ? , wanna come to ubuntu-powerPC ??01:40
hanophix33!virus > hanophix3301:40
Guest42210nemilar join me ?01:40
LjL!info sylpheed | nemilar01:40
nemilarGuest42210: ok, I'll join there01:40
ubotunemilar: sylpheed (source: sylpheed): Light weight e-mail client with GTK+. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.5-1 (gutsy), package size 628 kB, installed size 1512 kB01:40
Kuwangerpike_: I'll run a diff to compare the two, to make sure.01:40
hanophix33ubotu: virus01:40
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:40
pike_!info slypheed | mikebot01:40
ubotumikebot: Package slypheed does not exist in gutsy01:40
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmsg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283601:40
mikebotpike_: What is that?01:40
pike_mikebot: nm :)01:41
nemilarpike_: sylpheed is in Universe01:41
mikebotpike_: hehe, OK.01:41
Guest42210nemilar , join01:41
Odd-rationalemikebot: slypheed (formerly claws mail) is a light weigth email client. So is mutt01:41
nemilarlol, mutt01:41
mikebotOdd-rationale: Cool, thanks.01:41
=== devil_ is now known as delsystem
hanophix33so there is no need for an AV?01:42
=== delsystem is now known as delsys
bastid_raZorhanophix33; that would be a negative01:42
Odd-rationalemikebot: Here are two ff +'s which might interest you: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4542 and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/419901:43
=== dave_____ is now known as daveUMR
RequinB4Can someone experienced help me with a tough booting problem?  I'm trying to boot/install ubuntu on my desktop01:43
pike_hanophix33: if youre reasonably worried you might install firestarter but that is only if you wanna fool with a software firewall01:43
__mikemWhat is going on with the flood bots01:43
KuwangerRequinB4: What's the problem?01:43
* javaJake is here to assist where needed for the next 15 minutes :)01:43
Genius314Is there a way to get a program like KolourPaint to run in Gnome?01:43
FlannelOdd-rationale, mikebot, claws mail and sylpheed are both current (forks).  claws was formerly slypheed-claws01:43
taconehow do I add my user ("tacone") to the "video" group ?01:43
hanophix33pike_: ever heard of avast?01:43
javaJakeGenius314: is that for Windows?01:44
cjoneshow do you move files from one location to anuther in the shell01:44
Odd-rationaleFlannel: OK. Thanks for correction01:44
javaJakeGenius314: nvm01:44
mikebotOdd-rationale: Thanks.01:44
Genius314javaJake: It's for KDE. I've gotten it to run on Ubuntu before, but I can't now.01:44
javaJakeGenius314: sudo apt-get install KolourPaint01:44
Odd-rationalemikebot: np01:45
pike_hanophix33: id think that is a linux based platform to scan windows machines but no im not familiar with it.01:45
bastid_raZorcjones; you could use mv file /new/location/file or cp file /new/location/file01:45
javaJakeGenius314: is it installed?01:45
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmsg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283601:45
bastid_raZorcjones; mv will move the file.. cp will copy and paste01:45
mikebotSo is Sylpheed the best light-weight e-mail client?01:45
RequinB4Kuwanger - booting from livecd (even while changing vga settings) gives me "moniter out of range" after the usplash.  Similar error on other moniters i've tried.  Gparted doesn't boot either.  Other stuff that might not be related, ACPI doesn't like my fan, windows doesn't boot(but i think thats just a virus, i'm not worried)01:45
mikebotThe only features I need are checking e-mail and RSS01:45
Genius314javeJake: No.01:45
javaJakeGenius314: run that apt-get command I gave you01:46
Genius314javaJake: It says "Couldn't find package KolourPaint"01:46
jimmygoonIs it possible to set a lockout time for truecrypt - I just found out that my truecrypt partition has been visible for like 24 hours :O01:46
RequinB4Kuwanger - i'm downloading alt iso now01:46
javaJakeGenius314: sudo apt-get install kolourpaint01:46
limpWhy doesnt phpmyadmin appear in www folder after install? (sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin) do I have to reinstall apache2 WITH phpmyadmin?01:46
jimmygoonor a gui that works that would sit in my status tray so I could observe it :/01:46
jimmygoonlimp, no, its stored elsewhere01:46
KuwangerRequinB4: I assume you've tried turning off the framebuffer?01:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about truecrypt - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:47
javaJakeGenius314: if that doesn't work, try visiting System -> Administration -> Software Sources, and enabling every checkmark on that first tab. Click the close button and be patient while it does its thing01:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about encryption - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:47
limpjimmygoon, so how do i access it?01:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ata - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ide - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eide - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:47
jimmygoonlimp, did you try
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:47
javaJake!abuse | sdfo201:47
ubotusdfo2: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:47
LjL!botabuse > sdfo2    (sdfo2, see the private message from Ubotu)01:47
javaJakesdfo2: lol, ignore mine. :P01:47
RequinB4Kuwanger - I'm only semi-experienced with the know-how of getting the thing to boot, so if i have i wouldn't know what it was.  Lets assume i haven't01:47
javaJakesdfo2: wrrong message01:47
lastnode_!info truecrypt | jimmygoon01:47
ubotujimmygoon: Package truecrypt does not exist in gutsy01:47
Genius314javaJake: Okay, I'm doing that now...01:48
sdfo2what's the point of that?01:48
limpjimmygoo, thats what i mean, its not in the folder, thus not in localhost/phpmyadmin01:48
__mikemLjL, why are the floodbots acting weird?01:48
jimmygoonlastnode_, I compiled it manually, there used to be guis in some repos I think01:48
lastnode_whoops sorry01:48
sdfo2tryign to find out ata/eide/ide documents.01:48
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmesg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283601:48
lastnode_jimmygoon: maybe the page has it? the tc homepage01:48
daxroclimp: it does not need to be in the folder01:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timeout - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:48
Flannellimp: check out /usr/share/doc/phpmyadmin/Documentation.html.  It doesnt isntall anything to /var/www by default, all the files appear to be in /usr/share/phpmyadmin01:48
LjL__mikem: i guess it's the maintainance01:48
daxroclimp: if its aliased it could be else where01:48
__mikemLjL, because its getting kind of annoying01:48
javaJakesdfo2: please PM the bot instead of testing it out here. It just creates mroe static in this already-busy channel01:48
lastnode_what's te command to see my system, kernel versione tc?01:49
sdfo2javaJake, right01:49
jimmygoonlimp, I can't ask01:49
limpFlannel, i installed thru simply" $ apt-get install phpmyadmin01:49
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmesg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283601:49
jimmygoonlastnode_, I'll google, I just remember someone mentioning one in here that I hadn't heard of01:49
Flannellimp: Right01:49
KuwangerRequinB4: I haven't used the LiveCD, so I'll need to ask you some questions.  Specifically, when you attempt to boot the LiveCD, is there a "boot:" prompt that appears?01:49
daxroclastnode_: uname -a01:49
Genius314javaJake: Okay, I think it's installing now.01:49
limpjimmygoon, im sorry, i did not mean to be rude. thanks for the suggestion01:50
Genius314javaJake: Thanks.01:50
RequinB4Kuwanger - also have tried cntrl-alt-f1 and cntrl-alt-f2 after usplash, gives me a different screen with or without vertical error lines (depending on vga) and sometimes a prompt.  Prompt doesn't show when i type but beeps when i backspace without input01:50
RequinB4Kuwanger - I can get to boot options01:50
jimmygoonlimp,I still think it should work with localhost/phpmyadmin  --- I didn't take you for rude --- I'm not sure what my last message was.... I slipped or something... I meant to say I didn't know :D01:50
javaJakeGenius314: yw01:50
LjL__mikem: i'm sure you can bear with it01:50
lastnode_thanks daxroc01:50
RequinB4Kuwanger - and yes, i can get to boot: but i don't know the syntax to text boot01:51
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
limpjimmygoon, i have tryied, its not the first time i install phpmyadmin but it usually gets into www01:51
javaJakeGenius314: to explain, you enabled extra software that isn't as open-source as we'd like them to be (or something like that). Anyways, it just enables more stuff, and then it was able to install kolourpaint. :P01:51
KuwangerRequinB4: I think it's as simple as typing in "vga=normal" (without the quotes).01:51
lastnode_im going from feisty -> gutsy. anything i should know? (anythin bgorken?)01:51
jimmygoonlimp, I dunna. I'm out of ideas. Install it manually? It doesn't take that long, though the package updates are nice01:51
javaJakesdfo2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/64587 <- perhaps this is your issue./01:52
limpjimmygoon, isnt $ apt-get install phpmyadmin already manual?01:52
daxroclimp: sudo updatedb | locate phpmyadmin/ or pma/01:52
RequinB4Kuwanger - i doubt it, because 800x600 with 256 colors wouldn't boot >.> but i'll try right now01:52
limpdaxroc, i01:52
limpdaxroc, i'll try01:52
lastnode_hi pawan01:53
mikebot_Can I close firefox while chatzilla is open?01:53
jimmygoonlimp, I meant actually dling the tar.gz of phpmyadmin and configuring it by hand and copying it into /var/www etc01:53
pawanwhats up01:53
javaJakemikebot_: yes01:53
javaJakemikebot_: fairly sure01:53
jimmygoonmikebot_, no01:53
mikebot_javaJake: Cool, thanks.01:53
mikebot_jimmygoon: oh, haha.01:53
lastnode_mikebot_: i think so. but real men use irssi ;-)01:53
jimmygooner, I don't think so :S oh well, we'll find out soon01:53
javaJakejimmygoon: you sure?01:53
daxrocmikebot use a chat client :P01:54
jimmygoonirssi is had to keep track of01:54
Kuwangerpike_: Well, it looks like the copy worked fine, except that the symlinks datas weren't reset. :(01:54
daxroc*proper one01:54
javaJakemikebot_: i'm almost sure you can. why don't you test it? :)01:54
mikebot_daxroc: Like which?01:54
pike_Kuwanger: ah i think i have an example if you still want one01:54
lastnode_jimmygoon: zomg sacrilege! irssi + screen == teh best evar!!!01:54
bastid_raZormikebot; Xchat is a decent client01:54
daxrocgoogle , try , decide01:54
javaJakemikebot_: also, if you can, install XChat: it's 2x better than ChatZilla01:54
mikebot_javaJake: Haha, nahh..01:54
Kuwangerpike_: An example?  Um, okay.01:54
mikebot_javaJake: Is it light-weight?01:54
RequinB4Kuwanger - vga=normal gives same error01:54
javaJakemikebot_: fairly01:54
lastnode_mikebot_: xchat is a very nice gui client01:55
limpdaxroc, that didnt do much. Is there a way to get it in www?01:55
javaJakemikebot_: I don't notice such things, since i have 768 MB of RAM on a 1.8 GHz processor. :P01:55
* lastnode_ tips hat at jrib 01:55
=== lee_ is now known as Cueball|Laptop
mikebot_lastnode_: I'm not so worried about appearance as I am about speed.01:55
javaJakemikebot_: irssi is _very_ light because irssi is for the console. :)01:55
daxroclimp: not sure , think there is. you do have php, mysql installed before installing pma right ?01:55
KuwangerRequinB4: I see.  When you use vga=normal, do you get several lines of text, then does the monitor switch resolutions automatically?01:55
lastnode_mikebot_: it's very quick01:55
pakuwhat is the difference between irssi and bitchx?01:55
mikebot_javaJake: But I want to be able to copy/paste ;?01:55
KuwangerRequinB4: Or does it instantly do the out of monitor sync error?01:56
rne1224has anyone here used Crystal Space?01:56
javaJakemikebot_: terminal/console can do that.01:56
__mikempaku, one has a rather unique name?01:56
lastnode_mikebot_: you can copy and paste, i use it and i do. :)01:56
pike_Kuwanger: find /usr -depth -print0 | cpio –null –sparse -pvd /mnt/newusr/  <-- i think01:56
danbhfive!enablesources is <reply> Enable the standard Ubuntu repositories by going to System > Administration > Software Sources01:56
Lifeisfunnyis there a way to set an application window to a viewport by adding something in the menu link command?01:56
javaJakemikebot_: and with screens (as mentioned) if you are remotely logged in from SSH, and your SSH is cut off, you dno't lose anything. You can reconnect to screens as if nothing had ever happened.01:56
benanzoI'm wondering why flashplayer-nonfree is still broken?  Is there a technical issue why they havn't fixed it?01:56
mikebot_javaJake: I don't know whata SSH is haha01:57
javaJakeLifeisfunny: no, but Compiz provides similar capabilities01:57
pike_benanzo: i cant imagine. the fix has been in proposed repo since about the time problem was discovered. im assuming its some politics or something01:57
javaJakemikebot_: ok, nvm. :)01:57
Kuwangerpike_: Hmm..interesting.  Well, I'm not worried so much about the cp.  My main concern is just verifying that Ubuntu is sane, storing all the necessary boot files in /bin and /sbin, at least until it mounts the mountpoints in fstab.01:57
javaJakeLifeisfunny: i'm going, so I can't say anything more. Just browse around Compiz' settings. :)01:57
werson what exact date will hardy be released? :)01:57
daxrocLifeisfunny: on a multihead system ?01:57
LifeisfunnyjavaJake, yeah, I tried that   thanks01:58
javaJakeLifeisfunny: if you're using Compiz01:58
nemilarAnyone know if there is a channel for discussing Adsense/related programs?01:58
Lifeisfunnydaxroc,  no01:58
Kuwangerpike_: So long as that's the case, I'm pretty sure I won't make my system unbootable.01:58
mikebot_javaJake: Haha, I'll try that though, thanks.01:58
lastnode_nemilar: adsense? as in, google adsens?01:58
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmesg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283601:58
RequinB4Kuwanger - i'll just detail the exact method.  Boot options screen comes up.  add vga=*whatever*.  Boots.  usplash (or just text booting stuff if nosplash is enabled).  At the end of the usplash or when everything is loaded, then the error occurs instintaneously (hardware OS error, if that helps, can tell by the gfx).  The resolution doesn' tseem to change at any point there.01:58
pike_Kuwanger: yeah. should be safe i guess :)01:58
nemilarlastnode_: yeah, I'm trying to decide between google ads and yahoo ads for my site01:58
benanzoFrom my understanding it's just a matter of updating the md5 and a minor tweak to the install routine -- I'm concerned why this has taken so long -- the problem first started in early Dec.01:58
limpdaroc, apache2 php5 mysql5 are all installed and correctly configured, im going to look into apache aliases or downloading the src01:58
__mikemnemilar, how about no ads01:58
lastnode_nemilar: google is your friend (the search engine). i doubt there are irc channels, but you can try #web01:59
nemilar__mikem: gotta pay for hosting/domains somehow, man01:59
Kuwangerpike_: Such confidence. :)01:59
lastnode_either way, that's offtopic fot this channel. you can try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic too01:59
nemilarlastnode_: I want to use google (this is getting offtopic, so this is my last line) but they're messing with me01:59
cjoneshow do you kame it so you can run a script on your desktop in a root term by right clicking on it01:59
lastnode_nemilar: good man. go to the offtopic channel :)02:00
RequinB4Kuwanger - also, control+alt+f1 gives me the same barcode error pattern on the screen as booting normally.  I get no error (after cntrl-alt-f1) using vga setting appropriate for my screen, and teal barcode with 800x600 w/ 256colors02:00
cjoneshow do you make it so you can run a script on your desktop in a root term by right clicking on it02:01
daxroclimp: /usr/share/phpmyadmin02:01
KuwangerRequinB4: Hmm..rather odd.  Well, since you can't actually read anything at that point, I don't think you'll get much farther with the LiveCD.  Your best bet is to do what you're doing and use the alternative CD image.02:01
limpdaxroc, thanks. going to eat now.. bonne appetit :)02:01
KuwangerRequinB4: Then you should be able to manually invoke the problem/manually avoid the problem.02:02
benanzocjones: Google for "nautilus scripts" -- there's one that will do what you want02:02
daxroclimp: if it was successful it should be available via http://server/phpmyadmin , did you select your apache server from the options ?02:02
RequinB4Kuwnager - thx for the help tho.  This comp has been a ***** to get working02:02
KuwangerRequinB4: Hopefully, though, it's just an installation glitch and not a symptom of some hardware being incompataible/broken.02:02
RequinB4I tried some basic commands on the non-responsive shell, nothing02:02
mikebotDoes anyone here use irssi?02:02
RequinB4Kuwanger - meh, if gparted won't start02:02
=== nephyll is now known as Nephilin
KuwangerRequinB4: Well, if the video card went glitchy, then it's possible the screen won't update even though the system isn't frozen.  Or, the system could be frozen. :/02:03
taskMy dual boot isnt working.... it says something like error hal.dll file02:03
KuwangerRequinB4: Hmm..as for gparted..perhaps look for a text-mode parted tool?02:03
KuwangerRequinB4: I know some exist.02:04
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmesg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283602:04
RequinB4Kuwanger - i have the cd, hold on02:04
RequinB4Kuwanger - i downloaded the oldest supported iso so i hopefully won't have GUI issues02:04
taskanyone know how to fix the hal.dll error I got for dual booting... it wont let me go in to windows now02:05
taskonly ubuntu02:05
jrattner1Question: What numerics should I chmod a directory so only root may access it?02:06
KuwangerRequinB4: Nah.  The alternative CD, even the latest version, can be run in text mode.02:06
sethkjrattner1, chown -R root:root whatever/directory02:06
KuwangerRequinB4: But, use whatever version you want. :)02:06
jrattner1sethk, and then only root can enter it?02:06
ixian_task, do you have a windows cd? you could using the repair feature on the cd02:06
sethkjrattner1, then,  chmod -R o+r whatever/directory02:06
tetzke9hey any1 using compiz fusion?02:06
KuwangerRequinB4: Btw, a quick google turned up this:  http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page02:06
sethkjrattner1, if only root has x on the directory, then only root can see the contents02:06
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
RequinB4Kuwanger, oh, no, hte iso is for GParted02:07
KuwangerRequinB4: I haven't used it, so I don't know how good it works.  But it looks like a good rescue CD, with a minimal chance of compromise.02:07
sethkjrattner1, for a directory, x means search, and r and w mean the usual thing02:07
jrattner1sethk, ahh ok02:07
RequinB4Kuwanger - that won't work, i can feel it02:07
RequinB4I have Knoppix dvd02:07
sdfo2anyone have an idea what would be causing my ATA timeouts? dmesg here ---> http://pastebin.ca/87283602:07
KuwangerRequinB4: Oh, I see.  Well, I doubt an older version will change things.  GParted runs on GTK on top of X, I believe.  So, I don't think it'd help since I doubt X support has went down. :/02:08
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:08
KuwangerRequinB4: But, if you've got the time to test it out, more power to you. :)  I'm not exactly keen on ideas that I know will work.02:08
jetscreamersdfo2: i seriously believe it's libata, not the hd .. i also think (maybe) that it damages the hd.02:08
sethksdfo2, if that only happens once, then it's not a problem02:09
RequinB4Kuwanger - aww.  well i've got a bunch of options to try one by one with GParted...02:09
sethksdfo2, at the end it says, for ata1 at least, configured for UDMA/100 and configured for UDMA/33, which is normal02:09
jetscreamersdfo2: i've gotten that a lot lately, mostly on older drives02:09
jetscreamerthat's a soft reset btw02:09
sethksdfo2, if it happens repeatedly, then that's different02:09
KuwangerRequinB4: And if all else fails, you can try one of the other hundred rescue CDs. :)02:10
HighlanderAnyone here try to use Ubuntu and Firefox to manage a Blue Quartz Web server via the GUI ??02:10
tetzke9is ther a howto to get compiz fuzion?02:10
sethksdfo2, use a S.M.A.R.T. utility and dump out the drive's error statistics02:11
RequinB4F YEAH02:11
RequinB4GParted is liking me02:11
jamiejacksoni accidentally umounted everything. will i be okay on reboot, or do i have to do something special?02:11
Kuwangerjamiejackson: Unmounted everything?02:11
jetscreamerjamiejackson: you're fine02:11
jamiejacksonsure did02:12
jetscreameryou could just mount -a if you want02:12
danbhfivejamiejackson: try sudo mount -a   if that mounts everything, you will be fine02:12
jetscreamerand remount everything02:12
geokeratztetzke9, are on gutsy?02:12
geokeratztetzke9, are you on gutsy?02:12
leilai need help02:12
jamiejacksontried that: jamie@mercury:~$ sudo mount -a "bash: /usr/bin/sudo: No such file or directory"02:13
c1|freakyhi all. if a user is added to more than 1 group. (f.e. 3 groups) and i want to edit a file which has only write permissions with one of the groups the user is in but not the default one (the 1st group) how can i edit the file as the user, using the 3rd group which is called "share" f.e.?02:13
__mikem!ask | leila02:13
ubotuleila: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:13
Kuwangerjamiejackson: How about "mount -a"?02:13
jamiejacksonjamie@mercury:~$ mount -a "bash: /bin/mount: No such file or directory"02:13
RequinB4Kuwanger - i got the GUI of gparted to work!02:13
Kuwangerjamiejackson: Yea..was afraid of that. :)02:13
tetzke9whats gutsy?02:14
KuwangerRequinB4: Great! :)02:14
RequinB4Kuwanger - means there is hope if i get a better driver02:14
leilai don't know how enable the 3d acceleration with the nvidia02:14
levanderDoes everyone have problems with gmail.com and Firefox on Gutsy?02:14
geokeratztetzke9, are you on ubuntu 7.10?02:14
leilawhen i try to start a 3d game gnome restart02:14
tetzke9oh yeah02:14
jamiejacksoni'm fine with gmail/ff/gutsy02:14
__mikemleila, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx i think02:14
KuwangerRequinB4: Makes me wonder if the LiveCD uses a generic video driver or not.02:14
tetzke9geokeratz: yes i am02:14
__mikemleila, actually hold on, what version of ubuntu are you using?02:15
levanderjamiejackson: I try to create a filter on Gmail and firefox freezes on me.02:15
geokeratztetzke9, then it's allready installed02:15
levanderjamiejackson: consistently02:15
RequinB4Kuwanger - ok, so my plan is to install via alt iso, then at install get a root shell and change drivers02:15
tetzke9geokeratz: the cube and everything?02:15
Kuwangerjamiejackson: How'd you lose /bin/?02:15
leilai installed the nvidia drivers from nvidia web site02:15
__mikemleila, try this02:15
geokeratztetzke9, go to System>preferences>appearance and check EXTRA or CUSTOM02:15
__mikemunder the system menu, go to the administration submenu, and select the restricted drivers option02:15
jamiejacksonnobody do this: sudo umount -afl <-- that's how i umounted everything, Kuwanger02:15
KuwangerRequinB4: With the alt iso, you can do the whole install in text mode, so I think it's more a point of choosing the right drivers.02:15
rredd4is there a way to have desktop pictures change automatically in 7.10?02:16
levanderjamiejackson: Could you try created a filter on gmail?  See if it hangs on you to?02:16
RequinB4Kuwanger, very true02:16
Kuwangerjamiejackson: You umounted root?02:16
jamiejacksonlevander: as soon as i have any directories from which to run FF ;-)02:16
leilai dont want install the ubuntu nvidia drivers02:16
protolocoi wanna tar a bunch of files /directories.. but i wanna exclude some directories.. how?02:16
__mikemleila, you are sort of going to have to. Besides, i have never had any problems with them02:16
tetzke9geokeratz: yeah but not the cube and that is it?02:16
jamiejacksonKuwanger: guess so02:16
__mikemAnd just for the record, those drivers are the nvidia official drivers02:17
jamiejacksonfancy, huh?02:17
jribrredd4: you could write a small script.. or try wallpaper-tray02:17
levanderjamiejackson: I think it was Firebug.  I disabled that extension, restarted Firefox, and creating a gmail filter seems to be working...02:17
Kuwangerjamiejackson: Well, then, you can't really test how things will work since there's nothing to mount anything. :)02:17
Dr_willisrredd4,  you could always make up a script that changes them randomly every few min. I do belive theres some tools out to do it as well.02:17
Kuwangerjamiejackson: All you have left is hope that the reboot works out.02:17
jamiejacksonI'm in the twilight zone, Kuwanger02:17
leila__mikem: what modules i have to write in xorg.conf?02:17
geokeratztetzke9,  is      ctr+alt+left click     doing anything?02:17
Kuwangerjamiejackson: Yep.02:17
levanderjamiejackson: Nope, it just hung again.  It's when I put a email address in the From field of the filter that has a lot of matches to it.02:18
__mikemleila, if you use the restricted driver manager, it should do everything for you02:18
linchapulinCan someone view this and help me figure out why audacity is crashing...(it is looking for alsa) http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53511/02:18
Kuwangerjamiejackson: Reminds me of stories of people who setup servers to run a program, then send the system into the halt state so no more programs can be ran. :)02:18
__mikembut before you do that, you might want to undo what ever you tried to do up til this point02:18
rredd4jrib  Dr_willis  don't know how to write scripts...  will check out wallpaper tray.  ty02:18
jamiejacksonat least pidgin still works ;-)02:18
geokeratztetzke9, no cube? then , go to system>preferences>advance desktop effect settings   ... and play with your plugins.....02:19
KuwangerRequinB4: Well, with all luck, be back soon.02:19
leila__mikem: of course but i have installed the vendor drivers, i would like how to enable 3d with this drivers02:19
jamiejacksonwonder if i can download sudo and mount, and umm ls?02:19
__mikemleila, just trust me.02:19
taconetetzke9: you need 4 virtual desktop to see the cube02:19
__mikemUninstall the binary you got from the website, and use the restricted driver manager.02:20
tetzke9where do i get that?02:20
geokeratztetzke9, i really don't remember how i enabled the cube , but just do experiments . Yes , tacone  is right02:20
jammcqhey guys, if I add a new service to /etc/event.d, how do I tell /sbin/init about it?02:20
zethero1I am having a dependancy issue when trying to install elisa-extra... Depends: python-gpod but it is not going to be installed .... please help02:20
Dr_willisyou need to enable 4 desktops in the ccsm tool to get the cube effect02:21
danbhfivezethero1: do you know why its not going to be installed?02:21
zethero1danbhfive: I have no idea02:22
linchapulinAny other software that can record audio from the sound device that works with OSS?02:22
linchapulinBesides audacity02:23
zethero1danbhfive: when I try to install pythin-gpod I get this message: Depends: libgpod2 (=0.5.2-2) but 0.5.3+actually0.6.0-0.1 is to be installed02:23
RequinB4I had a similar problem - the comp only makes a cube when you have more then one desktop set.  Once you enabled the cube and move cube plugins, go to general options and increase the number of desktops02:23
KuwangerWell, that worked well.02:24
danbhfivezethero1: what version of ubuntu are you running?02:24
taconeRequinB4: a right click on the workspace chooser (below-right) would do it02:25
zethero1danbhfive: gutsy02:25
KuwangerRequinB4: How's things going?02:25
danbhfivezethero1: upgrade from feisty?02:25
familyhey guys im running ubuntu 6.06 and i need ndiswrapper to load on start up along with my firewall firestarter how would i do this02:25
RequinB4Kuwanger - trying to find a blank CD02:25
zethero1danbhfive: no02:26
KuwangerRequinB4: For the alt iso image?02:26
danbhfivezethero1: are you sure your sources are correct?02:26
MarcNHow do I tell if my external USB disk is running at USB 1 or USB 2 speeds?  dmesg doesn't show anything likely02:26
RequinB4Kuwanger - yeps02:26
zethero1danbhfive: I have gone over them about 15 times02:27
DWSRhey Ubuntu.02:27
KuwangerRequinB4: If you're a bit  daring, you can try doing a HD install without the CD-ROM. :)02:27
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:27
RequinB4Kuwanger - can't do that because its not installed on HD02:28
RequinB4Otherwise i'd have a much easier time02:28
KuwangerRequinB4: On another computer?02:28
danbhfivezethero1: well, I don't know,  but, you could try running  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^   just to check your installation02:28
Vorondi1Possibly a silly question, but why does `date --date= +%D-%T` return "01/25/08-00:00:00"?  If I just `date`, I get "Fri Jan 25 21:29:53 EST 2008".  What am I missing here?02:29
RequinB4Kuwanger - on this one... but i'm not taking my HDD out of my laptop02:29
KuwangerRequinB4: Ah.  Well, good luck.02:29
mohbanai am currently running fedora 8, i have an extra partion i want to try out ubuntu 7.10.  How can i make a backup of my mbr and my fedora partion, i have another partion where i can store the images. thanks02:30
zethero1danbhfive: ok will try that02:31
Dr_willismohbana,  may be easier to just run ubuntu inside vmware or virtualbox to test it out.02:31
heatmzzrhow is it i can play a movie like ocean12, but not Mr woodcock, both are encrypted right?02:33
zethero1danbhfive: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53512/02:34
PyroI'm having some problems on a new installation of ubuntu. When I try to run a perl config file, I get 'Segmentation Fault.' I tried to checkout a repository via subversion, and I also got 'Segmentation Fault.' Any ideas?02:34
SpookyETI have a laptop with a 1680x1050 display. I also have a 1080p TV that works as a PC monitor. In Vista I had no problem, I could clone, extend 1080p, or use the TV at 1080p exclusively. Cloning seems to work, but it will not go higher than 1680x1050. Any advice?02:34
danbhfivezethero1: I don't even have elisa-extra available02:34
danbhfivezethero1: try sudo apt-get install -f02:35
EmmerPPyro:  seems like your perl is broken, try fix that first before running your config file or svn02:35
zethero1danbhfive: well have you added the repo?02:35
danbhfivezethero1: I only have the standard repos02:35
john_d0ehas anyone gotten tftp to work under ubuntu? I run the server in.tftpd /tftpboot ... but when I do "tftp localhost -c get file" ... I can't retreieve anything; and I can't find which file/log documents the server acess ...02:36
zethero1danbhfive: yeah ... you have to add a third-party repo.....02:36
zethero1danbhfive: strange thing is that just yesterday I installed it on another Gutsy machine through the same repos02:36
RequinB4Kuwanger - burning cd...02:36
dunleavywill xubuntu suffice as a file/print server between ubuntu and windows xp clients?02:37
danbhfivezethero1: yeah, it said broken package, which is weird, thats why I suggested install -f02:37
th0rdunleavy yes, it should be sufficient02:37
danbhfivezethero1: I think thats supposed to attempt to fix broken packages02:37
th0rdunleavy I use it as a file and web server, don't have a printer02:37
zethero1danbhfive: yeah I tried that as well02:38
dunleavyth0r what are the specs of your system? Mine is minimal with 450 mgz cpu and 256 meg ram02:38
th0rdunleavy minimal? try 433MHz and 192M ram02:38
Vorondi1(insert angry noises here)  Why does `date --date= +%D-%H:%M:%S` (and date --date= +%D-%T`) give me "01/25/08-00:00:00"?!02:38
danbhfivezethero1: did install ubuntu-deaktop^ do anything?02:38
heatmzzrhow is it i can play a movie like ocean12, but not Mr woodcock, both are encrypted right?02:39
zethero1danbhfive: nope02:39
dunleavyth0r: touche.  Thanks for the vote of confidence.  Happy computing02:39
histoheatmzzr: who knows You can play encrypted movies with the right plugins.02:39
danbhfivezethero1: and you included the ^?02:39
histo!codec > heatmzzr,   heatmzzr Read the private message from ubotu.02:39
singlesunanyone have any suggestion for books on learning about linux? and ubuntu? ... im a windows user that is switching over to linux and would like to get some books but need some sueggestions02:40
Andersonhow do I access windows shares from my linux box?02:40
danbhfivezethero1: well, thats all I got, sorry02:40
jribsinglesun: help.ubuntu.com is a great place to start02:40
zethero1danbhfive: yeah I did that too02:40
dunleavysinglesun: start with google.  I myself switched to Ubuntu from Windows after using openSuse 10.2.  It is a pleasant experience with a plethora of information on the web02:40
th0rsinglesun google the linux documentation project...there are a number of handbooks and guides there...system admin guide, network admin guide...bash handbook02:40
singlesunlol google02:40
singlesunth0r thanks i will check hat out02:41
dunleavysinglesun: also try your local bookstore.  I find myself there all the time looking at new things to conquer with linux.02:41
singlesunyou guys say my name when you type, how do i respond directly to you02:42
jribsinglesun: just say the person's name.  Try typing "jr" and then hit TAB02:42
dunleavysinglesun: good question.  I just started using IRC about 10 min ago02:42
dunleavyjrib: thanks for the tip, very useful shorthand.  I appreciate it02:43
singlesundunleavy, right on02:43
singlesungood tip02:43
singlesunthanks all02:43
boyamVorondi1, I'm not trying to sound smart, but you get that because you told it to.  go to a terminal and type "man date" no quotes02:43
* singlesun goes to check out linux documentation project02:43
singlesuna floodbot?02:44
DIguanaI tried to upgrade to the version of Wine in Hardy and it required a newer version of libc6. When I installed the newer libc6 it started prompting me to remove pretty much every package on my system. How can I get my old Gusty libc6 back and get my system back to normal?02:45
poodlesucksis there any good windows to linux games that teaches me about life?02:45
Vorondi1boyam: I've been in and out of it's man page for a while now.  Let me give it another once-over.02:45
crimsund3ng4r_chris: I'll troubleshoot it with you in a bit (ETA: 5 mins) if someone else doesn't start sooner2002:45
crimsunerr, sorry.02:45
danbhfiveDIguana: you should run the wine from the win website02:45
singlesunth0r, thanks man .... whats up with what you just sent... TheEpitome... etc02:45
danbhfiveDIguana: and you can try running this command: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^02:46
th0rsinglesun I don't understand the question...TheEpitome?02:47
DIguanaI'm not interested in getting Wine anymore, I just want to get my system back to normal. When I tried to run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" I got the error:02:48
DIguanalibc6-dev: Depends: libc6 (= 2.6.1-1ubuntu10) but 2.7-5ubuntu2 is to be installed02:48
DIguana  libc6-i686: PreDepends: libc6 (= 2.6.1-1ubuntu10) but 2.7-5ubuntu2 is to be installed02:48
DIguanaE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).02:48
Vorondi1boyam: I don't get it.  What am I doing wrong?02:48
singlesunth0r, ah nevermind man, i hit the tab thing and it showed all those names, im checking out the linux doc proj right now02:48
th0rsinglesun cool...a very good reference site for linux02:48
RequinB4Anyone wanna help me install in text mode02:49
singlesunth0r, i just hope i can catch on to this... lol02:49
danbhfiveDIguana: try sudo apt-get install -f02:49
th0rsinglesun it's easy...take it one step at a time ... requires lots of patience <smile>02:50
DIguanaNevermind, I fixed it by downloading the Gusty libc6 manually and running "dpkg --install" on it. Everything's back to normal now.02:50
DIguanaI'll just wait until April to get the new version of Wine, I guess.02:50
singlesunth0r, thats always what they say whenever its going to be some awful nasty drawn out process, lol02:50
poodlesucksis there any good windows to linux games that teaches me about life(no half life 2)?02:50
omgdudehi, im trying to boot ubuntu 7.10 live from th cd but when it loads the linux kernal it gets stuck at 100%02:51
AndersonHow do I access windows shares from a linux machine?02:51
th0rsinglesun linux allows you to rediscover the pleasure of getting a printer to print 'hello'02:51
danbhfiveDIguana: you can also try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^      pay attention to the ^.    Also, you can get the latest wine from the wine website.  Its quite easy02:51
singlesunth0r, LOL wonderful kinda like the first writeln"hello world"?02:52
omgdudeany1 know how i can get the cd to boot?02:52
Vorondi1boyam: Oohh! I get it now.  :-P  It seems to imply that -d is needed to display stuff using the format string.  At least, that's how I read it.  (i.e., you *need* "-d" before the "+string".)02:52
Vorondi1Thanks :)02:52
singlesunomgdude, but the cd in the diskdrive? set the bios setting to boot from cd?02:52
th0rsinglesun exactly!02:52
RequinB4I'm installing via the alt cd and the partitioner won't load02:52
omgdudei get to the splash screen02:52
omgdudeand i choose start/intsall ubuntu02:53
limphello, is there a specifc way of naming virtual hosts on apache2? it seems apache2 wont restart if both virtual hosts are * so I tryied renaming but apache2 wont restart, what could cause this?02:53
singlesunomgdude, as long as bios is set to boot it should boot,02:53
boyamVorondi1, i was about to ask what it is you weren't getting.  :)02:53
omgdudeit loads up to 100%02:53
omgdudethen freezes02:53
DIguanaI thought the "^" was a typo. And I prefer to get my packages as .debs rather than installing from source or doing other things that will result in them not being handled by the package manager.02:53
Tempeteomgdude: I think there's an integrity check for the disc - have you ran that?02:53
omgdudeand my comp restarts02:53
omgdudeno cuz to do that you need to load the kernal too02:53
danbhfiveDIguana: everything I've suggested is from debs02:53
adubxchat-systray: Depends: xchat (> 2.0.4) but it is not going to be installed     i am having trouble installing xchat plugin can somenoe help02:53
omgdudeso that also gets stuck at 100%02:53
singlesunomgdude, no clue about that man, sounds like the burn is bad or something, you verified the disk after it burned?02:53
AndersonHow do I access windows shares from a linux machine?02:54
omgdudecan't :(02:54
RequinB4omgdude did you check the md5 sum of the disk?02:54
Tempeteomgdude: Try to reburn it on a lower speed.02:54
RequinB4check the sum before you reburn02:54
singlesunomgdude, i would agree with the above statements, thats a really odd point for it to just hang up02:55
boyamVorondi1, yep...the -d needs to be followed by the string of options you have available in the date command...02:55
TempeteAnderson: Do you know the path of the disc (/dev/hdb1, for example)?02:55
fr0nkhey does anyone know how to do modulo in bashscript?02:55
singlesunomgdude, when exactly does it stop? after install is complete?02:55
omgdudeno, it stops when i click choose to start/install, loads up to 100 then stalls out02:55
fr0nk$ echo `date +%d % 7` should indicate the need of a weekly backup or something02:56
singlesunomgdude, sounds like the disk is crap, i think every1 is in agreement on that02:56
fr0nkbut it doesnt work since "%" seems not to be modulo *G*02:56
omgdudeim re downloading it now02:56
Vorondi1boyam: Right, but I want a time field in there too.  It seems that if you give the +format string with -d, the time part gets all zeroes.  I just didn't realize that you could give a +format *without* -d.02:56
bmk789aptitude gives a "no candidate found" for emerald-themes, is this package renamed?02:57
singlesunomgdude, then just burn on lowest setting as stated above by the others... you do meet the minimum reqs for install right?02:57
Guest42210Falconer ?02:57
EmmerPAnderson: google for ubuntu + samba02:57
bmk789!info emerald-themes02:58
ubotuPackage emerald-themes does not exist in gutsy02:58
omgdudeumm i have a 1.8 core duo, 2 gb ram, ati x1400 video card, so i think im in the clear02:58
DIguanadanbhfive: Thanks. I guess I just got too used to sites only offering source tarballs and RPMs so I didn't even bother to check.02:58
histobmk789: yeah that package is broken currently02:58
AndersonTempete, ?02:58
AndersonEmmerP, K02:58
test1opa instalei o flash e o java02:58
bmk789histo: is there an alternate that has the themes, or will i need to manually install them?02:58
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:58
TempeteAnderson: Thought you were talking about a partition. Nevermind!02:58
test1alguem ae sabe pq quando entro na pagina do bb, as imagens que fical ao lado do lugar de entrar na conta  na oaparecem?02:58
Dr_willisthe emerald config tool has a button to download themes02:59
danbhfiveDIguana: yeah, its cool, the wine people maintain the packages, and their own repos, its cool02:59
danbhfivelol @ redundancy02:59
RequinB4I'm installing via the alt cd and the partitioner won't load02:59
histobmk789: manually unless getdeb.net has a package or something.02:59
bmk789Dr_willis: that button has almost never worked02:59
bmk789histo: ok02:59
Dr_willisbmk789,  it works for me. :) but all the themes are ugly OS-X or Vista clones it seems02:59
falconerGuest42210 ?02:59
Dr_willisbmk789,  theres a command or 2 ya gotta do befor it will work the02:59
limpwhat is the command to copy a whole folder and its contents? cp?03:00
Tempetecp -r03:00
limpthank you03:00
bmk789Dr_willis: does it use curl or something special like that?03:00
dunleavyubotu: thanks for the info about SWAT that will come in handy for my fileserver.03:00
Dr_willisbmk789,  no idea the !compiz wiki page has details.03:00
Dr_willisbmk789,  i just rember having to cut/paste some command to get it working03:01
Dr_willisand i even edited the wiki. :) and i cant rember03:01
omgdudeis there a faster place to dl the files other than the ubuntu site?03:01
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:01
Dr_willis https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion03:01
Dr_willisis the page i am thinking of.. NOT that other one the bot pasted03:01
Tempeteomgdude: There are tons of mirrors on their site - try one closer to you.03:01
jscinozhey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, it has a core2duo cpu and /proc/cpuinfo states it also supports hyperthreading, however i cant find anything about hyperthreading in my bios, and gnome-system-monitor just shows the two physical cores. How can i enable hyperthreading on this cpu and then have 4 logical cpus.03:01
NelsonUWPanyone ever had a can't access tty; job control turned off error?03:02
poodlesucksIMPORTANT. why are television shows designed to mass me up where movies to not mass me up ? so what are some games that are movie like but not television shows alike?:D thank you03:03
gnychisdoes anyone know how i can set a specific speed for a fan in linux?  it seems like 'fancontrol' wants to do everything based on temperature for me03:03
SpookyETdisplayconfig-gtk is rubbish!03:03
NelsonUWP i just built my first computer today and it doesnt work correctly... anyone up for a challenge?03:04
hxuHi! Can anyone kindly point me to a guide on 7.10's harddisk installation?03:04
iqbalais flash still broken?03:05
linchapulinI am trying to compile the audacity beta...it halts on configure saying libsndfile needs to be enabled?03:05
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod03:05
Gamekillehxu:  what do you mean guide for HD install03:06
Vorondi1iqbala: /topic03:06
david__Is there anyone who knows when flash is going to be fixed?03:06
Gamekillehas flash ever been fixed03:06
hxuGamekille: I mean, not to burn a cd, just use the iso file on the harddisk to install.03:06
iqbalaVorondi1: thnx03:06
=== Vorondi1 is now known as Vorondil
david__I just had opensuse on my system and theirs worked but nothing else did so now I am back03:07
Gamekillehxu:  not sure you can do that i know you can do it via floppy and and network and cd and mabey usb but not just with hd03:07
=== Ttech2 is now known as Ttech
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:08
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.03:08
nickrud_david__: go to the link, and find the blue text03:08
xompis there a set way in which I would install some icons I got off gnome-look.org? The install notes that are in the tar file mention something that doesn't exist on my system and I don't want to screw something up.03:08
nickrud_xomp: you would make that ~/.icons  dir03:09
slacker-Hi there03:09
xompnickrud_, so I would copy these icons into a ~/.icons directory?03:09
jscinozhey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, it has a core2duo cpu and /proc/cpuinfo states it also supports hyperthreading, however i cant find anything about hyperthreading in my bios, and gnome-system-monitor just shows the two physical cores. How can i enable hyperthreading on this cpu and then have 4 logical cpus.03:09
slacker-Is it possible to distupgrade from i686 to x86_64?03:09
B-rabbithow do you do the last seen command in xchat?03:09
Monobihow do you create a table in phpmyadmin ?03:10
nickrud_xomp: yes, right click the tar.gz you downloaded and extract them intot the .icons dir03:10
nickrud_slacker-: no, you'd have to do a fresh install of the 64bit03:10
xompnickrud_, cool, thanks :) Would that also set the icons for me? Or would I need to fire something up to change them?03:10
david__nickrud what link do you mean up top?03:10
GamekilleMonobi:  look at the bottom of the screen when your in a selected database file03:11
nickrud_xomp: then you can use ->system->prefs->appearance , hit the custom button and you'll see an icon tab03:11
slacker-alright, thanks nickrud_03:11
VieraONalgum br:??03:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sapin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:11
levanderIs there a recommended NFS client for Windows?03:11
GamekilleMonobi:  you then put in how many fields and there settings03:11
nickrud_david__: in that forum link you factoided , find the blue text it has a working flash install03:11
xompnickrud_, thanks!03:11
Urevolt ¿¡sıɥʇ xıɟ ı op ʍoɥ ¡ǝɯ dןǝɥ ǝsɐǝןd 'sıɥʇ ǝʞıן ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ƃuıʇıɹʍ pǝʇɹɐʇs ʇı ǝɔuıs ɹǝʌǝ puɐ punoɹɐ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ʎɯ pǝuɹnʇ ı 'dןǝɥ03:11
VieraONi'm not spanish03:11
VieraONi'm brazilian03:11
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:11
PiciUrevolt: Please don't.03:12
levanderNobody uses a Windows NFS client and an Ubuntu NFS server?03:12
Gamekillei have yet to try that levander03:13
Gamekillei use samba for all linux to windows file share03:13
ubiquitoushello. I just installed the flash plugin. Restarted firefox. But Firefox keeps prompting me with "Install missing plugin". Any ideas?03:13
levanderIf I run Windows on top of KVM (or other virtual machine), can I mount filesystems in Windows that are also mounted in Linux?03:14
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:14
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.03:14
singlesunthis is an odd question but does anyone know if there is a Muslim prayer time program for Linux?03:15
ubiquitousubotu: thanks for the info. So I should uninstall it and install manually?03:15
=== cotton_ is now known as cotton
nickrud_singlesun: take a look at itools, it has a some command line tools for that03:17
Gamekillesinglesun:  i have seen one03:17
singlesunnickrud_, thanks i will look into it03:17
gnychisdoes anyone know how i can set a specific speed for a fan in linux?  it seems like 'fancontrol' wants to do everything based on temperature for me03:17
Gamekillesinglesun:  i thought i saw one in the aplit for the top tool bar03:17
sllinessok I am using the ps3 ubuntu live disc and trying to resize / partition on the OS (not gameos) and the gnome partition manager keeps mounting /, how can I prevent this so I can resize the partition?03:18
linux_kidDr_willis, danand, I did sucessfully restore my ext3 partition, along with a fat32 and a ntfs, with Partition Table Doctor.  After I repair XP, my system will be up and running!03:18
Andersonwhat's the quick down and dirty how to access windows shares, I am just trying to transfer my Fedora iso so I can burn a dvd, so I'd like to avoid spending an hour learning to configure and configuring ubuntu03:18
familyhi i asked a question and waited awhile to get a response i was wondering how do you make ndiswrapper start on start up in ubuntu oh also my program firestarter too03:18
singlesunGamekille, i will check into that as well, thank you, im having issues finding one03:19
familyubuntu 6.0603:19
Andersonwhat's the quick down and dirty how to access windows shares, I am just trying to transfer my Fedora iso so I can burn a dvd, so I'd like to avoid spending an hour learning to configure and configuring ubuntu03:19
Gamekillesinglesun:  what in detail are you looking for03:19
bkarAnderson->  remove the hard disk from windows, and bring it over to ubuntu, mount it, and have fun03:20
keyvinProps to the ubuntu team. 7.10 is the best desktop OS out there currently03:20
keyvinhands down03:20
nickrud_family: for ndiswrapper, if you have it all working from the command line, you can add   ndiswrapper   to /etc/modules on a line by itself, it will load at startup03:20
singlesunGamekille, i found one i think but its not through synaptic, its from downloading03:20
Andersonbkar, I have an external, but it's mounting as read only03:20
RequinB4I'm having problems text installing ubuntu...03:20
keyvinAnderson, FS on it?03:20
nickrud_family: and for firestarter, the firewall script gets started automatically whether or not you have the gui running03:20
mast^Hello! I'm about to install (attempt) the latest ppc version of ubuntu on my ibook g4 and i was wondering if creating a partition within osx before, then installing ubuntu on it, was enough? will the bootloader be able to boot both osx and ubuntu?03:20
singlesunGamekille, tar.bz2 extension or something03:20
bkarAnderson-> mount it rw then03:20
Andersonbkar, dunno what device it is03:21
Gamekillei going to pm you ok singlesun03:21
Andersonkeyvin, NTFS03:21
keyvinDid they ever get around the patent encoumberance with writing to NTFS filesystems?03:21
bkarAnderson-> neither do I, well both guess then :)03:21
familynickrud_ so basically open /etc/modules then add line sudo modprobe ndiswrapper or just add ndiswrapper?03:21
familythanks again nickrud :)03:21
singlesunGamekille, i do not know how to accept pms03:21
nickrud_family: just  ndiswrapper , you'll see some other modules on lines by themselves already in there03:21
familythank you03:22
zethero1how do I know if I have 3d acceleration on my system?03:22
keyvinI've been out of the linux scene for a while. In the past you could only overwrite ntfs files -- and they had to remain the same size03:22
Gamekilleok dose not work on this server03:22
keyvinerr not linux03:22
Gamekilledid you enable extra packages in your source03:22
nickrud_zethero1:   in a terminal, type   glxinfo | grep direct03:22
RequinB4I'm having problems text installing ubuntu...03:22
keyvinI've been in an all linux shop for the past two years so I haven't looked at MS anything03:22
familyoh darn one more pretty easy one i guess sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Feb  7 19:03:06 200803:22
familywhy do i get this error when i type sudo some command03:23
nickrud_keydata: it's fully read/writable now03:23
singlesunGamekille, did not get a pm from you man... i dunno how that works03:23
nickrud_keyvin: I mean, it's fully read/writable now, with ntfs-3g03:23
RootyRootRootW00Hi, can someone recommend a really excellent BitTorrent client for Ubuntu?03:23
zethero1nickrud_: this is what it says   zeth@zeth-ubuntu:~$ glxinfo | grep direct03:23
zethero1Xlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":1.0".03:23
zethero1direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)03:23
bkarRequinB4-> what kind of problem?03:23
nickrud_zethero1: then you don't have direct rendering running03:24
zethero1nickrud_: how do I enable it?03:24
nickrud_zethero1: direct rendering = accelerated 3d.  What video card do you have? if you're not sure,   lspci | grep -i vga   will tell you03:24
poodlesucksapproximately how many people working on debians developement? is it more or less than ubuntu and other distros? 2 people?03:24
RequinB4bkar - i'm at the partition part, using the whole HDD (overwriting window$), and it gives 4.7GB to swap.  mmkay, i go to write and i get "Input/Output error during read on /dev/hda"03:24
zethero1nickrud_: ATI Mob Rad X140003:25
poodlesucksi mean ubuntu*03:25
nickrud_poodlesucks: off topic, but 1000+ last time I looked03:25
nickrud_poodlesucks: debian03:25
singlesunGamekille, do i have to enable pms? im using xchat03:25
nickrud_zethero1:  system->admin->restricted manger , enable the ati restricted driver03:25
bkarRequinB4-> seems way too much for swap at 4.7gb,  maybe redo the formatting again03:25
poodlesucks<nickrud_> where do you look03:25
Starnestommyprivate messages do work on freenode.  To enable them, make sure the sender is registered03:26
zethero1nickrud_: it is enabled03:26
Gamekilleno singlesun  thsi server dose not work on freenode for spamming03:26
adubhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53514/   <--- having compile error problems on this program03:26
RootyRootRootW00Hi, can someone recommend a really excellent BitTorrent client for Ubuntu?03:26
singlesunGamekille, so you cant pm... i see03:26
Andersonhow do i find out what device is mounted based on known folder?03:26
RequinB4bkar - been told it needs to be fscked.  I have, that was the guided partition suggestion - the HDD is 160GB, i have the space03:26
Gamekilleyah let me start my vm image of ubuntu hold on03:26
Ironman1how do i find out my root login03:26
nickrud_poodlesucks: for which? ubuntu I don't know, debian I used for several years and saw some stuff about inactive and active devs. But you should ask for more on #ubuntu-offtopic03:27
singlesunwell this... tar.bz2 i just put onto the desktop... and then said "extract here"03:27
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:27
nickrud_zethero1: did you reboot?03:27
StarnestommyGamekille: /msg nickserv help register03:27
mast^anyone has experience with dual booting os x & ubuntu on a ppc?03:27
Gamekilleyah that hard03:27
singlesunhow do you install the program though?03:27
bkarAnderson-> mount03:27
zethero1nickrud_: no.. it was always enabled03:27
Gamekillemast^:  i have not tried dual boot03:27
Andersonbkar, thansk03:27
Gamekillemast^:  but i got ubuntu on nice ppc imac03:27
zethero1nickrud_: I have been using the proprietary driver since I started using gutsy03:27
bkarRequinB4-> okay so you have fsck, now continue with the formatting then install03:28
Andersonfor the drive I am trying to acces it says this /dev/sda1 on /media/Backup type ntfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=077,iocharset=utf8)03:28
Andersonbut I can't write to it03:28
nickrud_zethero1: no, it had to be done by you at some point.    do lsmod | grep fglrx , do you get back a line with fglrx in it?03:28
adubhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53514/   <--- nickrud do you know what is causing my error you usually know whats up03:28
singlesunthere is no install file on this like in windows.... how do you install this from tar.bz2 extension?03:28
RequinB4bkar - i don't know how to fsck, is the problem03:28
Ironman1anyone know how i can find my root login info?03:28
bkarAnderson-> which ubuntu do you have?03:28
RequinB4!root | Ironman103:28
Gamekillesinglesun:  you have to extract it then compile03:28
ubotuIronman1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:29
bkarRequinB4-> fsck   is the command03:29
Gamekillesinglesun:  it not just install03:29
adamorjameshey hey hey03:29
mast^Game: I was able to install debian on my ibook so ubuntu should be really similar, I'd just like to keep my osx partition for a while :/ do you think creating another partition within osx then installing ubuntu on it would work? I'm worried the bootloader wouldn't recognize osx03:29
zethero1nickrud_: zeth@zeth-ubuntu:~$ lsmod | grep fglrx03:29
zethero1fglrx                 656352  5403:29
zethero1agpgart                35016  2 fglrx,intel_agp03:29
familywhen i type sudo some command i get an error sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Feb  7 19:03:06 2008 how do i fix this?03:29
singlesunGamekille, hey i extracted to desktop.... so its another file of almost the same name,.... then what do you do?03:29
nickrud_adub: install zlib1g-dev03:29
RequinB4bkar - ... i mean, how do i get to a shell from the cd03:29
bkarAnderson-> find out if it even supports ntfs-3g03:29
Gamekillemast^:  if you bootcamp it would work but not for ppc i htinking03:29
nickrud_zethero1: are you using  xserver-xgl for compiz?03:29
adubnickrud thanks ill try that03:30
Paddy_EIREdoes anyone fancy giving me any pointers on Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) so I can access xbox live using an ethernet cable plugged into a wireless laptop (ubuntu)03:30
RootyRootRootW00Hi, if /dev/scd0 is my DVD drive, how do I find my CD drive address pls?03:30
th0rsinglesun what is the tar file called?03:30
bkarRequinB4-> ctrl +alt +f1 F2 or F3 ?03:30
Ironman1i need to change the permission of a ext hdd03:30
Gamekillesinglesun:  you have to un tar the file now03:30
regfireanyone install 2.6.24 yet?03:30
Ironman1how would i do that since i cant log in as root03:30
Gamekillerud my ubuntu vm is crupt03:30
Gamekilledang it03:30
singlesunGamekille, i just extracted it to the desktop from the main folder ...03:30
ubiquitousok, I don't understand. How do I install Flash *today*?03:30
Paddy_EIRExbox reports it 'failed' at the IP Address Stage03:30
singlesunth0r it is like azhan time or something03:30
zethero1nickrud_: yes.. I think so03:31
singlesunth0r namaz time it is called03:31
RequinB4bkar - ok, fsck isn't a recognizable command03:31
nickrud_zethero1:   ps -A | grep Xgl , do you get a line saying Xgl is running?03:31
Gamekillesinglesun:  you need a muslum time keeper right03:31
singlesunGamekille, i downloaded the file, to desktop, then i extracted the file03:31
bkarRequinB4-> use the full path, maybe  under /bin or /sbin03:31
Ironman1wtf my password is not working how do i find out what it us03:31
keyvinRequin - did you append sudo in fornt of it?03:31
nickrud_!cn | Chinese03:31
ubotuChinese: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:31
singlesunGamekille, yes that is what this program is for03:31
adubnickrud im not finding package for ubuntu03:32
GamekilleIronhand: there is not way to find it out you had to set it up03:32
zethero1nickrud_: zeth@zeth-ubuntu:~$ ps -A | grep Xgl03:32
zethero1 6496 ?        00:00:00 Xgl-lockfile-wr03:32
zethero1 6501 ?        00:10:09 Xgl03:32
keyvinIronman1 -- boot into rescue mode, remount your root partition read write, and reset it03:32
RequinB4bkar keyvin - "-sh: sudo: not found"03:32
Ironman1su: Authentication failure03:33
Gamekillethere we go got my ubuntu is booted singlesun  let me look at my install ok03:33
Andersonbkar, I haven't found anything that says it doesn't...03:33
Ironman1i just logged in with it03:33
nickrud_adub: apt-cache policy zlig1g-dev , what does it say about candidate?03:33
singlesunGamekille, i have the program, just need to know how to install it.... i even extracted the file, it does not have a README or a INSTALL file...03:34
nickrud_zethero1: ok. What's going on is you're using the xgl server, which reports that you don't have 3d rendering functional. xserver-xgl is required for compiz, but interferes with running open gl games and the like, iirc03:34
keyvinRequinB4: run 'echo $PATH'03:34
keyvinpaste the result03:34
Gamekillethere is not install just a process what the name of hte app you got singlesun03:34
RootyRootRootW00Hi, if /dev/scd0 is my DVD drive, how do I find my CD drive address pls?03:34
nickrud_adub: erm, that was apt-cache policy zlib1g-dev , not zlig1g-dev :)03:34
singlesunGamekille, it is called namazTime03:35
zethero1nickrud_: so I need to disable xgl-xserver and compiz befreo I can get 3d acceleration?03:35
singlesunGamekille, it also has a file in it called MakeFILE03:35
adubnickrud says unable to locate package03:35
nickrud_zethero1: you have 3d acceleration, but it's pre-empted by xgl server03:35
Ironman1hey what did you say to do to reset my su password03:35
nickrud_zethero1: you can create the empty file ~/.config/xserver-xgl/disable , and log out and back in. That will disable the xgl server next login. remove the disable file, and next login you will be able to use compiz03:36
Gamekillesinglesun:  do you kno who to use the term03:36
singlesunGamekille, yes03:36
keyvinrequinB4: does 'ls -l /usr/bin' return anything?03:37
Ironman1can that person that was helping me repeat it i got dced i was trying to reset my su password03:37
singlesunGamekille, i need to logon as root?03:37
zethero1nickrud_: so I cannot run compiz in the same session where I want 3d acceleration03:37
RequinB4keyvin - a whole big list03:37
Gamekilleok i have to run i sorry singlesun  but time to eat with the family03:37
nickrud_zethero1: yes. Now, a neat trick is to create another user, switch to that user. You can switch back and forth with clt-alt-f7 and clt-alt-f8 , with one running compiz and the other not.03:38
zethero1nickrud_: I need 3d acceleration to run Elisa Media Center03:38
ChineseHow are you03:38
ChineseI would only this one03:38
RequinB4keyvin - help gives me a list of built-in commands.  should i list?03:38
keyvinRequinB4: what kind of environment are you in?03:39
nickrud_hello Chinese03:39
ChineseBelow that, google translation03:39
keyvinRequinB4: Rescue mode?03:39
RootyRootRootW00Hi, if /dev/scd0 is my DVD drive, how do I find my CD drive address pls?03:39
TempeteIs it mounted? type df03:39
BigDaddyGood evening all! Is anyone here familiar with Simon Tathams' puzzle games? I just found them in Synaptic and installed them. But I cannot find them. They are not in my menu and I can't find them on a file search. Any tips?03:39
keyvinfsck should be accessible as /sbin/fsck03:39
RequinB4keyvin - i was at the text installer at the partition part, then i hit cntl+alt+f2.  Now i have a shell with the prompt ~ #03:39
keyvinwhat are you trying to do?03:40
keyvinare you trying to repair a corrupted filesystem?03:40
RequinB4i have a I/O error on partitioning my hard drive03:40
keyvinrun fdisk -l03:40
zethero1nickrud_: I mean this is soooo frustrating.... Linux has strong pojnts... sure..... but man are there some "holes" in the theory too03:40
keyvinpaste the results03:40
adubnickrud was typing it wrong03:40
RequinB4keyvin - no error or output03:40
adubnickrud thanks man03:40
nickrud_zethero1: That's a problem with the ati driver, not linux.03:40
bkarkeyvin->  he is installing via text mode, he is in a console now..03:41
keyvin'sudo fdisk -l'?03:41
nickrud_zethero1: The next release of ubuntu will be using a later driver released by ati, which won't need the xserver-xgl .03:41
zethero1nickrud_: its like... oh finally xgl-xserver works well and we have compiz up and running as well.... but oh we forgot to mention that you now have no 3d acceleration03:41
keyvinoh wait -- you should be root user03:41
bkarRequinB4-> /sbin/fsck  /dev/drivepartition03:41
CrasyAlright, question about getting my wireless card working.03:41
nickrud_zethero1: again, blame ati for not providing proper support03:41
syntaxerror55zethero1, Compiz is not an official or necessary part of Linux03:41
CrasyHow? Linksys Wirless N PCI card.03:42
keyvinbkar how is that going to help him partition his hard drive?03:42
CrasyUbuntu 6.0603:42
bkarkeyvin-> the install was asking about fsck'ng  the drive03:42
geokeratzzethero1, you are unfortunately right03:42
zethero1syntaxerror55: its necessary for those who want a computing experience which is lively and full of variety03:42
nickrud_zethero1: by the way, I don't use compiz, it's useless for real work03:42
RequinB4. : bg break cd chdir command continue echo eval exec exit export false fg getopts hash help jobs kill let local pwd read readonly return set shift times trap true type ulimit umask unset wait03:43
CrasyAnyone know how to get a Linksys Wireless N PCI card to work on Ubuntu?03:43
rne1224does anyone knows what this means:  intel_batchbuffer.c:145: intel_flush_inline_primitive: Assertion `intel->prim.primitive != ~0' failed.03:43
rne1224Aborted (core dumped)03:43
zethero1nickrud_: I use quite a few of its features tens of times a day during my work03:43
isleshocky77Is there any other remote management in ubuntu server by default besides openssh-server?  Cause I did an aptitude install php5-curl earlier today and it said it died while upgrading openssh-server, now I can't connect and I'm 400 miles from the box03:43
syntaxerror55zethero1, having a cube shaped desktop does not improve your variety.03:43
zethero1nickrud_: I find a number of feature very usefull03:43
IndyGunFreakrne1224: translation.. : upgrade to an AMD.. :)03:43
RootyRootRootW00Hi, if /dev/scd0 is my DVD drive, how do I find my CD drive address pls?03:43
familyi fixed it yesh03:43
zethero1syntaxerror55: 'tis but one feature03:44
Paddy_EIREI'm Having real difficulty in getting firestarter to run so I can do internet connection sharing.03:44
nickrud_zethero1: not to get into a debate, but the only thing compiz provides that other window managers don't is the bling of fancy window movement and shadows03:44
bkarisleshocky77-> a risk one takes when doing remote upgrades03:44
rne1224IndyGunFreak: hahaha...how much will the upgrade will be?03:44
familyi fixed the timestamp error i have to get going03:44
isleshocky77bkar: Everything else still runs such as apache mysql and things like that.03:44
TempeteRootyRootRootWOO: Is it mounted? If so, type "mount"03:44
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:44
RequinB4nickrud_ : being slightly adhd, cube helps with my organization03:44
isleshocky77I'm wondering if I can use ftp and php to do something.03:44
familyNickrud thanks for the help i really apprecate it:)03:44
syntaxerror55zethero1, sorry, but compiz is just a window manager that slows everything down. You're lucky people even tried to help you here instead of just redirecting you to #compiz03:45
geokeratzRootyRootRootW00, or type df03:45
nickrud_RequinB4: hm, never looked at it that way03:45
bkarisleshocky77-> you can ask to disable the sshd and telnet in..03:45
zethero1nickrud_: ummm... apart from "bling" there are the features like Shift Switcher adn Scale which I find extremely useful03:45
RequinB4Other then that, its just eye candy03:45
RootyRootRootW00geokeratz: thanks, am doing so03:45
zethero1syntaxerror55: now you just sound threatening..... tsk ysk03:46
jscinozhey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, it has a core2duo cpu and /proc/cpuinfo states it also supports hyperthreading, however i cant find anything about hyperthreading in my bios, and gnome-system-monitor just shows the two physical cores. How can i enable hyperthreading on this cpu and then have 4 logical cpus.03:46
syntaxerror55zethero1, sorry03:46
zethero1nickrud_: but thanks for your help03:46
nickrud_zethero1: a lot of people here are very protective of linux, me too :)03:46
pavanhi all.. i am having a problem with sound in ubuntu.. recently i was trying to get my mic working.. in the process i installed esd libs.. since alsa was not working with the mic03:46
CrasyAnyone know how to get a Linksys Wireless N PCI card to work on Ubuntu?03:46
singlesuncan anyone tell me how to install this file, it is a tar.bz2 ... i put on desktop and extracted it... but i dont know how to install it03:47
zethero1nickrud_: yes... so am I ... protective that is... but still some things can be frustrating.....03:47
adubnickrud i got a different error on the make command now  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53515/03:47
pavanbut everything else.. the actual sound was working with alsa.. but once i had esd installed.. everything went south.. no i have no sound03:47
bkarsinglesun-> whats this you downloaded?03:47
singlesunbkar, it is a program for prayer times03:47
CrasyAnyone know how to get a Linksys Wireless N PCI card to work on Ubuntu?03:47
zethero1nickrud: I have converted 6 Windows users to Linux in the past 5 weeks...... so I am doing my part to spread the word03:47
Tempetesinglesun: There should be an INSTALL file in there, but usually you cd to the directory, ./configure, make, sudo make install03:47
ChineseThere is no one playing Palunion?03:47
singlesunTempete, no install file, only a file named Makefile and a few others03:48
nickrud_adub: that's an error in the stuff you're compiling itself ...03:48
zethero1nickrud_: and believe me, I get a whole lot of flak from Windows users.... many of whom are just plain ignorant of what they are talking about03:48
Tempetesinglesun: Try what I listed then.03:48
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
MeshezabeelIn Windows I am able to set video mirroring (nvidia) or theatre mode (ati). What this means is that I can play a video in a window on my mainscreen, but it will be played fullscreen on my tv (svideo out). Is this possible with ubuntu?03:48
cjoneswhy is it then when i try to play youtube videos its so slow and chopie03:48
singlesunTempete, just do those things? and it should work?03:48
CrasyAnyone know how to get a Linksys Wireless N PCI card to work on Ubuntu?03:49
bkarsinglesun-> try  tar xvjf file.tar.bz203:49
deanthello, am having a problem with firefox in ubuntu, when i play 4-5 youtube videos then it firefox crashes and burns03:49
Tempetesinglesun: Yeap. Let me know if any errors pop up (Usually in ./configure.. Dependencies and such)03:49
singlesunbkar: i did do that part to extract to the desktop03:49
singlesunTempete, alright, i will try it now real quick03:49
BigDaddyAnyone? How do you find a program just installed through  Synaptic?03:49
IndyGunFreak!wireless | Crasy have you looked at the hardware documentation?03:49
ubotuCrasy have you looked at the hardware documentation?: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:49
deantBigDaddy you just time it's name03:49
mannytuthis is the on thing I see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/3973 for Linksys Wireless N PCI card...03:50
bkarsinglesun-> then cd to it, and look for a README file for how to install it03:50
syntaxerror55IndyGunFreak, heh, you use the bot very creatively. ;D03:50
cjonesdent what did you do to be abel to see 1 youtube video03:50
singlesunTempete, i typed "./configure" and it said "no such file or directory"03:50
CrasyIndyGunFreak: I cannot find anything.03:50
IndyGunFreaksyntaxerror55: lol, sometimes just giving a  message doesn't do it..lol03:50
bkarBigDaddy-> apt-cache dump03:50
singlesunbkar: it does not have any install instructions in there03:50
deantcjones i just open firefox, and then it crashes03:50
Tempetesinglesun: Skip it, then. Just try make and make install.03:50
singlesunTempete, alright03:50
IndyGunFreak!hardware | Crasy then you didn't look that hard, look here for supported hardware.03:50
ubotuCrasy then you didn't look that hard, look here for supported hardware.: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:50
cjonesdeant i try to open one and its chopy and freezes03:51
BigDaddyAhh... just found how. nevermind03:51
nickrud_BigDaddy: if you know the package name,  dpkg -L <packagename> | grep /bin will show you the command(s) that start the program03:51
deantcjones me 203:51
deantcjones: that's exactly my prob03:51
cjonesdeant i hope someone can help us03:51
singlesunTempete, make just gives TONS of errors03:51
geokeratzbkar, wow , what's that doing? is this the log file?03:51
pavannickrud can you help me with my sound problem??03:52
singlesunTempete, make install just says there is no directory or something03:52
Tempetesinglesun: And therein lies the hellish part of compiling stuff... Does it say something about a missing dependency?03:52
deantcjones: and if noone can, we can go drink a beer with chicks in a bar someplace lol03:52
CrasyIndyGunFreak: Honestly, I can't find my card.03:52
TempeteI think you have to sudo make install for Ubuntu.03:52
bkargeokeratz-> it looks at the aptitude cache database and dumps all the info03:52
IndyGunFreakCrasy: then you'll probably need ot use the windows driver w/ ndiswrapper.03:52
singlesunTempete, man there is so many errors its highly probable that is in there somewhere03:52
cjonesdeant hell yeah03:52
singlesunTempete, lol03:53
CrasyIndyGunFreak: What with what?03:53
WaYdoes anybody knows an application for editing menus for making dvds?03:53
IndyGunFreakCrasy: you clearly haven't read the documentation.03:53
mannytuCrasy: here another web site, http://antonym.org/node/8903:53
TempeteRead the last few lines - anything about them?03:53
TempeteOr paste them at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org03:53
CrasyI found like 4 pages that referenced to a ndiswrapper.03:53
CrasyNothing that linked the program.03:53
deantcjones: we can wait until they fix it, drinking beers till we die. lol03:53
Tempetesinglesun: ^ was to you. Forgot the name.03:54
pavanhi all .. can any one help with my no sound issue??03:54
CrasyI read the word...see no program.03:54
omgdudehow do u boot by turning acip off?03:54
zethero1how can I create a new session03:54
shedflexGawd damnit .... I had to reinstall XP and now I can't reboot to Ubuntu!  How can I reinstate the GRUB boot?03:54
cjonesdeant we could be waiting til we die03:54
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
IndyGunFreakpavan: well whast the problem.03:54
omgdudedo i just add it to the end of the boot options03:54
deantshachaf: you just put again the live cd03:54
IndyGunFreakshedflex: you need to reinstall grub.. easiest way is either from a super grub disk, or from a live cd03:54
singlesunTempete, says its need gtk vers 2 or higher03:54
shedflexmmm.... super grub disk... I better google for that03:55
nickrud_zethero1: create a new user (system->admin->users) and hit the logout button, but choose switch user03:55
singlesunTempete, gtk2 version 2.4 or higher03:55
Crasymannytu: That's not wireless N, that's G.03:55
pavanIndyGunFreak  i am having a problem with sound in ubuntu.. recently i was trying to get my mic working.. in the process i installed esd libs.. since alsa was not working with the mic03:55
IndyGunFreakshedflex: i don't have a lot of experience, but when it works, its as simple as hitting enter a couple times.03:55
WaYdoes anybody knows an application for editing menus for making dvds?03:55
nickrud_!grub | shedflex03:55
ubotushedflex: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:55
singlesunTempete, please note that this program defaults its install to /usr/local.03:55
singlesunif you don't want this, you will have to change the INSTALLDIR03:55
singlesunvalue from the Makefile.03:55
Tempetesinglesun: Try sudo aptitude install gtk2 ... I'm not sure if that's in your repository.03:55
cjoneshey how do i make the alsa system unbusy03:55
nickrud_Tempete: its libgtk2.0-dev03:55
IndyGunFreaknickrud_: never knew there was a link on reinstalling grub, i'll have to remember that,.03:56
nickrud_IndyGunFreak: an oldy but goody :)03:56
CrasyIndyGunFreak: Why couldn't you give me the download url for ndswrapper?03:56
IndyGunFreakCrasy: cuz there is no URL03:56
Tempetenickrud_: Thanks. singlesun: sudo aptitude install libgtk2.0-dev03:56
cjoneswtf is this The ALSA soundsystem is either busy or not present03:56
pavanIndyGunFreak now there is no sound from any app.. xmms complains that it cannot get to the sound card..03:56
CrasyIndyGunFreak: Wait, then what am I looking at?03:56
singlesunTempete, i checked my synaptic and it says that it is in there, it had a few gtk entries03:56
mbomanhow compatible is the VIA C7-M Processor compared to the standard intel/amd versions? Does anyone know?03:56
Crasyhttp://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/joomla/ ?03:57
deantcjones: i think we should stop using computers alltogether03:57
cjonesdeant or go back to windows03:57
Tempetesinglesun: Install the ilbgtk2.0-dev entry.03:57
IndyGunFreakCrasy: you need to read the ubuntu wireless documentation, it goes over installing ndiswrapper, installing a windows driver, etc... this is how i know you didn't even attempt to read it.03:57
zethero1nickrud_: can I create a new session for the same user?03:57
singlesunTempete, ok i will check03:57
IndyGunFreakpavan: sorry,t hat one sounds above me..03:57
deantcjones: naah03:57
CrasyIndyGunFreak: The page you gave me is a LIST of specific wireless cards.03:57
PurpZeYWhat do I need to do client side to setup a CUPS printer-share?03:57
cjonesdeant there is always mac's lol03:57
* IndyGunFreak sighs03:58
pavanIndyGunFreak thx for ur help03:58
CrasyAnd I do not see a "Wireless" option like on the General Wifi help page.03:58
deantubuntu is my niggah03:58
singlesunTempete, installing now03:58
IndyGunFreakpavan: lol, i hope you weren't being a dick, i just don't have the answer.03:58
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:58
cjoneshow di i fix this ....The ALSA soundsystem is either busy or not present03:58
pavanIndyGunFreak will see if i can find an answer03:58
TempeteWhat's the default install directory for Ubuntu?03:58
nickrud_zethero1: no you need to use a new user03:58
PurpZeY!cups > PurpZeY03:59
IndyGunFreakTempete: install directory?.. what do you mean03:59
nickrud_Tempete: the /usr/local will work fine03:59
pavanIndyGunFreak sorry if i came across as a dick.. i didn't mean it that way03:59
Tempetenickrud_ Thanks.03:59
IndyGunFreakpavan: its cool,03:59
singlesunTempete, alright those things installed now03:59
cjonescould someone please help a newb with his alsa system03:59
PurpZeYHow do I share a printer using CUPS so that I can use it over the local network?03:59
Tempetesinglesun: Now try to make and sudo make install again. May run into more dependencies.04:00
singlesunTempete, alright04:00
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:00
cjonesi like  that04:01
RequinB4... I just need a way to get an OS on my comp, that's all i ask >.>04:01
singlesunTempete, tons of errors man... tons... src/times.c:231: error: ‘xml’ undeclared (first use in this function)04:01
singlesunsrc/times.c:232: error: ‘GtkLabel’ undeclared (first use in this function)04:01
singlesunsrc/times.c:232: error: expected expression before ‘)’ token04:01
singlesunsrc/times.c:233: error: expected expression before ‘)’ toke04:01
RequinB4Can anyone help me get this partitioner working04:01
Tempetesinglesun: Er.. Lemme change my font. Boxes.04:01
cjonesrequinb4 i had this problem erleyer today i can help04:02
cjonesrequinb4 what do you have going on04:02
RootyRootRootW00Hi, if /dev/scd0 is my DVD drive, how do I find my CD drive address pls? I typed "df" but the result didn't make sense to me, that or it isn't SHOWING UP (shows on desktop when I put a cd in the drive)04:02
RequinB4cjones, i'm using a text installer and i keep getting I/O errors when it writes the partition04:02
singlesunTempete, well basically.... it just says no... lol... i cd to that directory...  and i have a file that says Makefile.... can i used that for anything?04:02
RequinB4Hey, i have a GParted CD04:03
patrockRootyRootRootW00: put a cd in, go to terminal, type mount, it will show you everything that's mounted04:03
* RequinB4 gets an idea04:03
cjonesrequinb4 sorry thats above my head have you tryed to use the gui live cd and open a term and type gparted04:03
* nickrud_ has always admired ideas04:03
keyvinrequinb4 -- are you in the ocntinental US?04:03
keyvin*continental US?04:03
RequinB4cjones, sorry, can't use livecd04:03
IndyGunFreakRequinB4: ok, what do you want to use it for?04:03
RequinB4keyvin yes04:03
keyvinRequinB4 msg me your phone number. I need to burn some roll over minutes04:04
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
Tempetesinglesun: I'm honestly not sure.. Let me google around. Nickrud_, any ideas?04:04
BetaTestCan anyone help me mount my external HDD?04:04
keyvintype /msg keyvin your-phone-number-area-code-first04:04
RequinB4keyvin - kinda not comfertable giving phone over IRC if that's all right O.o04:04
RootyRootRootW00patrock: Thanks, am doing so04:04
syntaxerror55keyvin, why are you requesting people's phone numbers? Use the IRC chat.04:05
nickrud_Tempete: no ... there's a lot of xml libs, hard to know which one.04:05
keyvinRequinB4 what was the exact error it gave you?04:05
pppoe_dudeThe IRC Chat04:05
RequinB4My actual problem is a long story that led to a solution which had another problem which had another solution etc.  I'm trying to text install ubuntu but hte partitioner isn't liking me04:05
nickrud_Tempete: shouldn't the web page he got it from list the dependencies04:05
pppoe_dudePhone Machines are Obsolete04:05
Tempetenickrud_: It should.. But lots don't. singlesun: What's the app called?04:05
EmmerPhas anyone got veoh to work with ubuntu, without wine?04:05
IndyGunFreakRequinB4: doesn't make much sense, the alt. install CD is gravy.04:05
RequinB4keyvin - "Input/output error during read on /dev/hda"04:06
singlesunTempete, namazTime04:06
pppoe_dudeNot With The Presence Of Extensive Tubular Internetwork04:06
nickrud_Tempete: it was a should, I hope you noticed :)04:06
syntaxerror55pppoe_dude, truth04:06
cjoneshey i got this error about my alsa system being busy and i pressed ctrl+alt+backspace and it fixed it whats going on04:06
keyvinrequinB4 in the shell you have open, run 'fdisk /dev/hda'04:06
syntaxerror55cjones, your sound is working?04:06
RequinB4keyvin - fdisk isn't accepted04:06
meoblast001hi.... i googled my problem with my PS3 w/ Ubuntu to no avail..... my problem is that my Ubuntu 7.04 on my PS3 cannot connect to the internet04:06
pppoe_dudei really need to change almost everything about me04:06
meoblast001im pretty sure its not detecting the network card but cant tell04:07
syntaxerror55pppoe_dude, starting with your nick04:07
PurpZeYWhere is the /printer directory located on the file system?04:07
keyvinRequinB4 'cd /sbin'04:07
RequinB4I can give a more thourough error log04:07
pppoe_dudesyntaxerror55, i mean in RL04:07
EmmerPsorry got disconnected, my question was: has anyone got veoh to work with ubuntu, without wine?04:07
keyvin'requinB4' './fdisk /dev/hda'04:07
syntaxerror55pppoe_dude, oh. :| Still, consider changing your nick04:07
EmmerPor is there some movie/multimedia channel where I could ask?04:07
* pppoe_dude ain't changin his nick04:07
pppoe_dudeneva eva eva04:08
cjonessyntaxerror55 i couldent play last.fm keppt getting alsa erros no after the reboot of gui (ithink thats what it does ) it wors04:08
syntaxerror55pppoe_dude, ;D04:08
RequinB4./fdisk: not found04:08
* nickrud_ is gonna be watching syntaxerror55 's grammer closely04:08
syntaxerror55cjones, then it was probably a bug. :| If it works now, there is no problem04:08
meoblast001can anyone help me with this issue?04:08
Tempetesinglesun: You have version .9?04:08
keyvinwhat does pwd return?04:08
* pppoe_dude will be watching nickrud_'s spelling closely04:08
pvl22how can i get unblacklisted? (for that matter i have no idea y i was)04:08
* syntaxerror55 has nothing left to watch04:08
* nickrud_ shuffles, embarrrrased04:08
RequinB4 /sbin04:08
cjonessyntaxerror55 so iam i right that ctrl alt backspace just reboots the gui or what does it do ?04:08
TheFishyIs there any cli based games for linux besides mudds04:08
RequinB4without the cd it gave /04:09
keyvinls -l fdisk04:09
singlesunTempete, yes04:09
syntaxerror55cjones, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace reboots X04:09
syntaxerror55in effect rebooting the GUI04:09
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:09
cjonessyntaxerror55 thanks mate04:09
pppoe_dudedot dot dottttted04:09
* pppoe_dude listening to Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing04:09
Tempetesinglesun: Try sudo aptitude install libitl04:09
syntaxerror55TheFishy, Why? I usually reboot X when it freezes (rare)04:09
singlesunTempete, i have extracted to the desktop and also am cd'd to the proper directory04:10
meoblast001uhhhh..... new problem...... how do you update your system if the window is too big for the screen?04:10
mexle__Guten Morgen04:10
TheFishysyntaxerror55, oh did his stuff freeze?04:10
singlesunTempete, it said it contained those libraries i thought04:10
RequinB4#ls gives ... fsck.ext2 fsck.ext3 fsck.jfs ...04:10
TheFishysyntaxerror55, most the time I restart x for update reasons...04:10
Tempetesinglesun: I know it said it does but.. Something must be wrong if it's not finding them. Can always uninstall them.04:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about veoh - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:11
pvl22im having odd opengl problems can some1 help?04:11
YodaHey all.  I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 with a few media keys on it.  I've successfully and correctly binded them to the keyboard.  In Amarok, I've modified both the shortcuts and global shortcuts to use the media keys, but no luck.  Any help?04:11
keyvinrequinB4 but not fdisk?04:11
syntaxerror55TheFishy, he mentioned having some alsa problems, but when he restarted X they went away; and he didn't logout :|04:11
RequinB4keyvin - no... freeramdisk, e2fsck04:11
syntaxerror55and I've never logged out before restarting X, so I want to know why you would04:11
daniel92Yoda: go to scripts there is one that has to do with media keys and gnome. it will make them work04:11
RequinB4keyvin - jfs_fsck, jfs_fscklog04:11
techgeek40Hello All04:12
syntaxerror55techgeek40, Hello.04:12
RequinB4hello techgeek4004:12
pppoe_dudey O y04:12
TheFishysyntaxerror55, loging out usually is the best cause it saves everything not saved04:12
keyvin./parted /dev/hda?04:12
Yodadaniel92: Scripts where?04:12
bullgard4mexle__: You are in the wrong channel.04:12
singlesunTempete,  it said there is no libitl, but there is like libitl-dev and libitl004:12
syntaxerror55TheFishy, oh, well, yeah, that. ;D04:12
RastaHi everyone04:12
TheFishysyntaxerror55, so do u know of any cli based games?04:12
RequinB4keyvin - O.o my day is getting better.  "error: could not stat device dev/hda - no such file or directory"04:12
syntaxerror55Rasta, hi04:13
RastaBack to linux after many years04:13
syntaxerror55TheFishy, I'm actually developing some04:13
Tempetesinglesun: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/arabeyes/libitl0_0.6.4-1_i386.deb?modtime=1111099417&big_mirror=1 Just use this deb, then.04:13
daniel92Yoda: Tools > Script MAnager > Get more scripts04:13
TheFishysyntaxerror55, really?04:13
RastaJust insatlled 7.10, any task besides update the system i should take care of?04:13
syntaxerror55TheFishy, yes, a CLI-tron. I hope it'll work out.04:13
techgeek40Is it possible to get Thunderbird working - I would like to use that for email?04:13
daniel92Yoda: it's called Gnome Multimedia Key's04:13
Yodadaniel92: Oh, in Amarok?  Alright, thanks a lot.04:13
keyvinRequinB4 ok, and the guided partitioner detected that you had a hard disk there?04:13
RequinB4keyvin - yep04:13
TheFishysyntaxerror55, can I test it out on my palm tx's ssh connection?04:13
RequinB4keyvin - but then it went and had an I/O error04:13
nickrud_techgeek40: sure, install it it's in the repos04:13
techgeek40Hey Nick - how you doing ?04:14
keyvinyou have an IDE hard disk?04:14
cvdIts there away, so xchat always remember my custom nickname?04:14
daniel92Yoda: np. it took me a while, but my gateway's media keys work perfect for me now. it should be on by default in gnome...04:14
nickrud_techgeek40: good, watching a silly movie04:14
singlesunTempete, alright dled that and installed it04:14
pvl1cvd thres options04:14
keyvinI unno. I would try powering down, checking my cabling and rebooting again at this point04:14
syntaxerror55TheFishy, it doesn't work ATM. D: I'm working out more then several major bugs.04:14
singlesunTempete, i should try to do the make thing again now?04:14
Tempetesinglesun: Now try the make/make install thing again.04:14
pvl1how can i reinstall opengl?04:14
cvdcuz everytime i use xchat it use the ubuntu login name04:14
syntaxerror55TheFishy, and it requires Python04:14
RequinB4keyvin - IDE1, yep04:14
pvl1cvd, change the settings04:15
techgeek40I'm going to install thunderbird and then tackle that damn video card - I would like to get it working04:15
Yodadaniel92:  Uh oh, it just crashed on me.  I got the KNotify.  Shouldn't be anything bad, but I'm wondering why it crashed after I installed that.04:15
RequinB4keyvin - no biggie, i've been working on getting a bootable OS on this box for 2 months now04:15
syntaxerror55cvd, XChat should always remember your nickname if you change the setting in XChat->Network List...04:15
nickrud_TheFishy: have you checked out bsdgames ?04:15
TheFishysyntaxerror55, well when u get it all smoothish enough to run I would love to help test... My palm has an ssh connection meaning its just sharing a screen. So I connect to X and run flash if i wanted to but thats dumb...04:15
RequinB4keyvin - i'm going to put in GParted04:15
keyvinRequinB4 are you sure the IDE controller is stable?04:15
user_i'm on live pendrivelinux04:15
keyvinThats the only time I've had disks just dissapear - when the controller was faulty04:16
singlesunTempete, this thing is wacked,04:16
daniel92Yoda: i get that occasionally. i don't think it has to do with the script tho, just that it's a kde app running on gnome04:16
user_is there  a way to install ubuntu from this??04:16
syntaxerror55TheFishy, ok. I'll remember you. :D04:16
Tempetesinglesun: Don't tell me that!04:16
TheFishynickrud_, would bsdgames work on ubuntu-server :P04:16
singlesunTempete, still not working man... error04:16
daniel92Yoda: go to #amarok for more support04:16
nickrud_TheFishy: yep, they are for the text screen04:16
RequinB4keyvin - don't know what that means, but i'd hazard a guess no04:16
=== _max` is now known as max`
Tempetesinglesun: Okay, what is it now?04:16
Flanneluser_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromKnoppix04:16
syntaxerror55nickrud_, BSDGames doesn't already have a Tron does it?04:16
Yodadaniel92:  Got it, works perfectly now.  Thanks a bunch.04:17
syntaxerror55because I wouldn't want to duplicate04:17
singlesunTempete, still those same errors when i type in make04:17
RootyRootRootW00patrock r u there?04:17
Tempetesinglesun: This is terrible. Let me see if I can just find another app for the same purpose.04:17
daniel92Yoda: no problem. i love that script. helps with **all** media keys, so nice.04:17
nickrud_syntaxerror55: no, although it may have some of the games under different names. apt-cache show bsdgames lists them04:17
syntaxerror55nickrud_, ah, k. I'm currently on my Windows partition, but I'll remember it04:18
user_thx fl04:18
singlesunTempete, package libglade-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path04:18
singlesunTempete, that starts the huge error list04:18
meoblast001i forget what the name of the package you need to compile is... can someone refresh my memory?04:18
Impietyi tried to install kde4 and it didn't work, however, it also made gnome not work.  in the .xsession-errors files says "GtK-WARNING ***: This process is currently running setuid or setgid04:18
Tempetesinglesun: Oh! Let's get that installed then.. Lemme find a deb.04:18
RootyRootRootW00Hi i executed a "mount" command: how do i identify which of the devices is my CD drive please?04:18
Impietynevermind i foudn something04:19
singlesunTempete, whats up with all these Lib things? lol...04:19
CVDwhy only the left Alt work and not the right?04:19
YodaAnyone know any file managers besides Nautilus?  My only two beefs with Ubuntu to date have been that it's....not the prettiest, and I'm not too fond of Nautilus.04:19
keyvinYoda, you can try kubuntu04:19
syntaxerror55Yoda, sure, Konqueror, dolphin04:19
Tempetesinglesun: Apps use other libraries to make their program work.04:19
TheFishynickrud_, awesome04:19
psyberIs there a webcammax type program for linux?04:19
keyvinubuntu distro centered around KDE04:19
Tempetesinglesun: This one shouldn't have any problems but you'll have to compile it as well - http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/libglade/2.0/libglade-2.0.1.tar.gz04:20
CVDwhe i need to use the Alt for everything only the left work04:20
singlesunTempete, why dont they come with the applications is my question, and if you already have them, lol they could overwrite them04:20
techgeek40Here is something: I have a netgar WG511 v2 pcmcia wireless adapter for my laptop - but I can't seem to get the drivers installed - any suggestions?04:20
micah_Well then....my computer just semi-restarted.  It went to the shut down screen about running boot scripts, then it came back up to my GDM.04:20
nickrud_TheFishy: and the really popular text game, nethack-console04:20
pvl1techgeek40, have a look into ndiswrapper04:21
techgeek40netgar = netgear04:21
TheFishynickrud_, ok i installed the package, how do i see all the games it just installed?04:21
Shadow147what package of perl has this -lperl04:21
techgeek40Otay - doing that now04:21
nickrud_TheFishy: apt-cache show bsdgames04:21
Tempetesinglesun: That would make life too easy =P And make apps more bloated (As it is, you can disable features sometimes if you know you won't use them)04:21
pvl1Shadow147,do apt-cache search 'whatever'04:21
lumpycowhow do you check if you are using the mesa video drivers in ubuntu?04:21
=== micah_ is now known as Yoda
singlesunTempete, lol04:22
TheFishynickrud_, do u know anymore games like this?04:22
marcelI have installed moonlander and when I click on the icon, it seems that the games starts, but nothing happens.04:22
RequinB4apt-get moo is pretty fun04:22
pvl1marcel, try running it from a terminal04:22
nickrud_TheFishy: there's nethack-console04:22
TheFishynickrud_, got that already + bsdgames-nonfree04:23
nickrud_TheFishy: try apt-cache search console game , it returns some that are definitely console games, not sure about others04:23
Shadow147pvl1 thanks04:23
nickrud_ooh, angbad04:23
singlesunTempete, ok so im trying to do that one... i did the configure and it worked fine, but the make did not04:23
keyvinangband with -mgcu so it runs in text mode04:23
Impietyanyone know why apt would think that almost every package was automatically installed and no longer required?04:23
john_d0ewhen you setup a machine to be a dhcpcd server ... how does the server machine get it's ip address / routing table / etc ... ?04:23
pvl1Shadow147, np04:23
Tempetesinglesun: Ugh. What error now?04:23
singlesunTempete, said "no target specified"04:23
Yodaanyways, before my comp decided to off itself, I was asking if anyone knew of any decent file managers besides Nautilus (ie how to install them properly)04:24
singlesunTempete, no target specified and no makefile found04:24
marcelit says "cannot open file for reading ... couldn't open audio04:24
singlesunsudo make install04:24
RequinB4Well, i just wanted to thank everyone who helped me today in my now 2 month long journy to get a bootable OS on my box04:24
techgeek40BRB - going to get this working :>04:24
RequinB4I'm going to bed04:24
pvl1marcel, is that all it said?04:24
Tempetesinglesun: Hmm. When I downloaded I keep getting a corrupt tar.. Was yours okay?04:24
Rastaok, whats the password for su on a fresh ubuntu install?  itried the one with i started session(added on the installation) but doesnt seem to work04:24
singlesunTempete, can i just use sudo make install?04:24
Rastaim using 7.10 btw04:25
Tempetesinglesun: You can try. But I'd check the INSTALL in there (If there is one) or the README04:25
marcelhow can I post the whole message? there are like 12 lines04:25
singlesunTempete, i dunno i didnt say anything odd04:25
daniel92Yoda: xfe is cool, and really lightweight. not the best looking, but cool. look it up. ot's available in the repositories.04:25
rajasunYoda: sudo aptitude install thunar rox-filer04:25
bkarRasta-> go boot into safe mode and set the password there for root or the user04:25
Rastaoh, well04:25
justinneedhi, I fllowed the exact instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein and I go this error: Sys_Error: Couldn't load default.cfg04:25
justinneed solution please04:25
Rastathanks bkar04:25
Rastaill be back04:26
pavanproblem with sound.. the gstreamer-properties app.. when i hit the test for "Default Output" with Plugin = Autodetect .. it gives me an error.. but when i start gstreamer-properties with sudo .. i can hear sound04:26
daniel92rajasun: Yoda: Yeah, rox looks really cool too. thunar just seems like a stripped version of nautilus.04:26
sam__hello, I have been burning dvds for a few months and constantly get audio and video misaligned. I have used a few conversion programs [from avi to mpg2] but i am unsure if it is the software or the burner. Any ideas on how to fix it04:26
marcelSound active04:26
marcelreading game options in /home/marcel/.moon_lander04:26
marcelcannot open file for reading: /home/marcel/.moon_lander - loading defaults04:26
marcelALSA lib confmisc.c:670:(snd_func_card_driver) cannot find card '0'04:26
marcelALSA lib conf.c:3500:(_snd_config_evaluate) function snd_func_card_driver returned error: No such device04:26
marcelALSA lib confmisc.c:391:(snd_func_concat) error evaluating strings04:26
FloodBot2marcel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:26
bkarRasta-> btw, new install does not have access to  do  su root, but you can sudo04:26
pvl1marcel, use ubuntu pastebin04:26
singlesunTempete, now this thing wants more stuff... lol compile it... lol To compile, you will need the libxml2 package (aka the gnome-xml04:26
singlesunmodule in CVS) which can be found on the GNOME FTP site or its04:26
singlesunmirrors.  If you want GNOME support, you will also need the gnome-libs04:26
singlesunpackage installed.04:26
Rastabkar, sudo its like a pseudo root im guessing04:26
Yodaalright, you two daniel92 and rajasun.  Will this completely replace Nautilus (either of the managers), and will I hit any problems with having something other than nautilus as my manager?04:26
pavanproblem with sound.. the gstreamer-properties app.. when i hit the test for "Default Output" with Plugin = Autodetect .. it gives me an error.. but when i start gstreamer-properties with sudo .. i can hear sound any ideas what to do04:26
Rastai just want to install the flash player for firefox04:26
=== pizdets is now known as penars
jscinozhey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, it has a core2duo cpu and /proc/cpuinfo states it also supports hyperthreading, however i cant find anything about hyperthreading in my bios, and gnome-system-monitor just shows the two physical cores. How can i enable hyperthreading on this cpu and then have 4 logical cpus.04:26
Tempetesinglesun: Man. Haha. Check synaptic for that, too.04:27
pvl1marcel, are u currently using alsa, do u know?04:27
unopRasta, more like "sudo = superuser do"04:27
singlesunTempete,  is it always this bad?04:27
marcelyes, Alsa works04:27
penarscan someone help me with resolutions? i cant seem to get ubuntu to show my resolution04:27
daniel92Yoda: not that i know of. it's pretty hard to replace nautilus. it controls the desktiop and icons too. neither do if you just install them. google could help make it permanent.04:27
Tempetesinglesun: Not usually. I run zenwalk and rarely use package managers.. Usually only get one or two dependencies.04:27
rajasundaniel92: I like both thunar and rox-filer. and don't all file managers resemble one another in the major, eseential even functions they perfomr04:27
Rastaunop, ok, i have rust in my linux abilities im seeing04:27
OetmetI have my ext system file on /dev/sda4 partition.... but I've lost GRUB after a windows installation... now I'm running a LIVE CD distribution and have console acces.... how should I run grub in order to recover it?04:27
Impietyanyone know why apt would think that almost every package was automatically installed and no longer required?04:27
penarsmy resolution is 1366 x 768 but when i added it to xorg.conf and restarted it still doesn't show it in options04:27
bkarpenars-> try also ctrl+alt++  note the plus at the end04:28
singlesunTempete, zenwalk is better to use? than synaptic?04:28
OetmetI have access to my old grub config too04:28
RootyRootRootW00Hi i executed a "mount" command: how do i identify which of the devices is my CD drive please?04:28
sam__hello, I have been burning dvds for a few months and constantly get audio and video misaligned. I have used a few conversion programs [from avi to mpg2] but i am unsure if it is the software or the burner. Any ideas on how to fix it04:28
marcelsound works04:28
rajasundaniel92: oops...don't all file managers resemble one another in the major, eseential even functions they perfom?04:28
Yodadaniel92:  Is there a way I could make it default, at least?04:28
Tempetesinglesun: Zenwalk is another distro (Like Ubuntu).04:28
pvl1marcel, do u know if u have all the neccessary alsa packages?04:28
unop!grub | Oetmet04:28
ubotuOetmet: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:28
RootyRootRootW00Hi, is this my CD drive pls?04:28
marcelhow can I find out?04:28
daniel92rajasun: yeah, all are basically the same. which one is really a matter of personal preference. i usually use nautilus, but switch to xfe occasionally for fun.04:28
RootyRootRootW00Hi, is this my CD drive pls? /dev/sda1 on /boot type ext3 (rw)04:28
Tempetesinglesun: We have netpkg but it doesn't have nearly as much stuff.. I usually just stick to compiling my own stuff.04:28
pavancan someone help me my sound issues??04:28
Shadow147!find lperl04:28
ubotuFound: postgresql-plperl-8.1, postgresql-plperl-8.204:28
singlesunTempete, i see, ;)04:28
Shadow147!find -lperl04:29
ubotuFound: E:04:29
unopRootyRootRootW00, try navigating to /media/cdrom04:29
nickrud_RootyRootRootW00: no. The fastest way to see what your cdrom is is  ls -l /dev/cdrom04:29
pvl1marcel, well it depends on the game, how did u install it?04:29
singlesunTempete,  i have this package already.. so lets see... whats the issue with this04:29
daniel92Yoda: not that i know of. i tried to set pcman fm as default once, but it didn't work. like i said, google could help. someone had to do it at least once.04:29
Tempetesinglesun: Hmm. Reinstall it?04:29
Rastasudo did the trick :)04:29
nickrud_RootyRootRootW00: mine tells you what device the cdrom is, unop's shows you what's on the cdrom04:29
penarscan someone help me change the resolution04:29
marcelapt-get install04:29
Tempetesinglesun: Or it could be a version thing.. Does it say what version is required?04:30
daniel92penars: what's wrong?04:30
singlesunTempete, the ./configure does a whole lot... lol... but when i do "make" it does not work04:30
rajasundaniel92: yeah. as long as it allows one to organize files, copy, transfer e.g. ftp, sftp, rsync, etc...should suffice for the needs of most ;)04:30
penarsdaniel92: i dont see my resolution in options04:30
pvl1marcel, well then it should be fine. it may be a coding problem. try running something like moonlande --help and see if there is an option to turn of sound. otherwise i believe u need to configure ur alsa driver correctly04:30
nickrud_rajasun: ah, you mean the terminal :)04:30
sam__alright...? also, i try to play 3d games [ made for linux not windows] and instantly when i click on it my laptop freezes and ideas other than disabling compiz?04:30
singlesunTempete, checking for libxml-2.0 >= 2.4.10 atk >= 1.0.0 gtk+-2.0 >= 2.0.0... Package libxml-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path. Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libxml-2.0.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'libxml-2.0' found04:31
Yodadaniel92:  Alright, thanks.  Just wanted to check with you first since it's a bit more of an intimate troubleshoot. =P04:31
daniel92rajasun: yeah, those seem to be the basics. i tend to lean towards lightweight managers because i like that, even though it doesn't matter on this computer04:31
rajasunnickrud: lol. midnight commander!04:31
singlesunTempete, however synaptic says i have it04:31
marcelthanks you04:31
=== Gamekille is now known as Gamekiller
daniel92Yoda: yeah, I have no idea =P so no bad advice04:31
cybermadwhere do you guys store company documents, etc on office? i mean, what server?04:31
wersanyone here tried globe7?04:32
daniel92penars: it's not in System > Preferences > Screen Resolution?04:32
nickrud_Tempete: the general rule of thumb for finding headers is add lib to the beginning,  apt-cache search <construct> | grep dev04:32
penarsdaniel92: nope04:32
daniel92wers: no. wat is it?04:32
wersI just installed it. looks like skype04:32
wersthere's a linux version04:32
daniel92penars: try to edit the menu. see if it is hidden. right click on the icon and edit04:32
wersimma try video call04:32
Tempetenickrud_ Mm, I'm a bit newer than you think I am. Haha. Not sure what to do with that information.04:32
pavancan some one help me with my sound issue.. please04:33
daniel92wers: cool04:33
singlesunTempete, lol i think we are far too far away from ever installing this....04:33
penarsdaniel92: edit the menu?04:33
qwerty123452Intel Core 2 Duo processor, P35 mb, trying to install ubuntu-7.10-server-amd64.iso -- I get a reboot on any option from the initial menu.  Any ideas?04:33
erawfishqwerty123452: noacpi noapic04:33
daniel92penars: yeah. look for it there and see if it is checked or just not there04:33
Tempetesinglesun: That's how it seems a lot of times. Haha. Can probably find a timer program that you can just set times and notifications for.04:33
RootyRootRootW00Thanks nickrun_ and unop04:33
nickrud_Tempete: like   for xml , ac search libxml | grep dev  . That will narrow the list.  Shows  libxml2-dev04:33
wersdaniel92, i'm trying new apps for video call because  my webcam doesn't work with skype or gyachi04:34
singlesunTempete, i will try to find this library on the Gnome site... if not. im screaming04:34
werscan you suggest any app like that?04:34
daniel92wers: lucky, mine isn't even detected =[04:34
wassahello.. wondering if someone could help me get OO to start to accept SCIM. I have been trying to get this working for days now04:34
unopnickrud_, apt-cache search does take regular expressions --  apt-cache search "lib.*xml"04:34
Tempetenickrud_ Just to make this easier.. Happen to know of any timer app in Ubuntu's repositories?04:34
daniel92wers: sorry, no experience there04:34
cybermadwhere do you guys store company documents, etc on office? i mean, what server? do you use microsoft windows server or use SAMBA as file server?04:34
BetaTestHow do I do a scandisk check on a hard drive?04:35
wersokay. thanks anyway, daniel9204:35
daniel92wers: np. good luck04:35
nickrud_Tempete: itools does the job that singlesun is trying to do, muslim prayer times. But it's command line only04:35
Rastai see that compiz-fusion comes installed by default, how i activate it?04:35
pavannickrud can you help me with my sound problem??04:35
unopcybermad, what is the difference to the end-user anyway? none?04:35
wassai have now installed scim bridge, scim, language packs, east asian language support etc..04:35
ubotuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »04:35
nickrud_unop: that'll pull too many library headers, I want the minimum :)04:35
BetaTest!scandisc check04:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about scandisc check - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:35
singlesunnickrud_, command line only? so.... it has no interface to work with besides terminal?04:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about scandisc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:36
nickrud_pavan: I know so little about sound04:36
Tempetenickrud_ Mm, that's no fun. So long as it's a timer and he sets the time that should work - I'll take a look for a GUI app.04:36
unopnickrud_, errm, it'll pull in the same amount as with grep ..04:36
Tempetesinglesun: Okay, going to just find a timer app.. Too much crap for something this simple.04:36
daniel92Tempete: what kind of timer app?04:36
Rastawow, that bot its useful04:36
singlesunTempete, doubt you can find one, it has to calculate prayer times.. etc04:36
johncBetaTest: I beleive what you are looking for is the fsck utillity04:36
geokeratzRasta>      System>preferences>appearance>visual effects04:36
daniel92Rasta: yeah. it knows a lot04:36
james296what command do I need to type in to allow Banshee as the default audio cd player and to have it automatically play audio cds?04:36
Tempetesinglesun: Is it not the same time every day? Or every week.04:36
RootyRootRootW00unop: it says "-l" not found!04:37
Rastaok, thanks04:37
RootyRootRootW00unop: it says "-l" command not found?04:37
pavannickrud_ thx for the response.. i am trying to see if i can get some help in the alsa channel..04:37
Tempetedaniel192: Not so sure.. Whatever singlesun needs.04:37
unopRootyRootRootW00, what does?04:37
daniel92james296, try System > Preferences > Prefered Apps04:37
nickrud_unop: no, I'm grepping for just the dev stuff. try both, you'll see I get much fewer packages04:37
singlesunTempete, no it isnt04:37
wassaanyone at all have experience with SCIM ?04:37
daniel92wassa, nope04:38
wassathis is so frustrating04:38
james296Im talking about for CDs though, not song files on the computer04:38
RootyRootRootW00unop the terminal output: here: bash: -l: command not found04:38
Tempetesinglesun: Okay, maybe not then. HMM. Would you be comfortable with the command line app nickrud was talking about?04:38
daniel92james296: no idea then04:38
unopRootyRootRootW00, I have no idea what you are talking about -- I didnt suggest a command to you, did i?04:39
singlesunTempete, does it still do the job of letting you know when the pray is about to happen? does it have anything that comes up?04:39
james296I know the default command is sound-juicer -d %d for audio cds, but whats the end prefix supposed to be to allow audio cds to play automatically04:39
james296I know it involves a -p somewhere04:39
RootyRootRootW00unop: sorry my bad! I read the line above your message! soory04:39
daniel92james296:  check your apps man page. it might help04:40
nickrud_RootyRootRootW00: it's   ls -l /dev/cdrom04:40
daniel92james296: man <appname> at command line04:40
RootyRootRootW00nickrud_ Thanks!:)04:40
h3r0i need help with an install.  i put in my cd and selected start/install ubuntu04:41
daniel92james296: it gives lots of info, so might help04:41
h3r0it loads the kernel and goes black04:41
Tempetesinglesun: Going to install and find out. One minute.04:41
nickrud_james296: the help docs for sound-juicer are pretty decent04:41
singlesunTempete, i got those libraries going man04:41
RootyRootRootW00nickrud_ Thanks! It works, now to paste it into wine and *hope* that CDex finallllllllllllllly works.04:41
sandmanwhat video driver would I use for a Radeon HD 2400 Pro PCI Express Video card??04:41
Gamekillersinglesun: did you see this04:41
singlesunTempete, now i just need to see if this thing will work04:41
daniel92h3r0:  try alternate install. no gui or trying out, but pretty much guaranteed04:41
singlesunGamekiller, yeah i see you04:41
Tempetesinglesun: For the other program? Hopefully!04:41
singlesunTempete,  i believe so04:42
lumpycowhow do you check if you are using the mesa video drivers in ubuntu?04:42
wassahey.. when i look at my fonts in OO i get a status line saying the font is not installed and will use its closest neighbor.. any idea how to go about locating that font?04:42
sandmanwhat video driver would I use for a Radeon HD 2400 Pro PCI Express Video card??04:43
h3r0I don't have an alt install option04:43
QwexerI'm new to linux from window, I am not novice, though not expert there, doc....I dont understand how to add apps to the applications button04:43
QwexerI tried but said permission denied04:43
singlesunTempete, nvrmind i give up with that... lol04:43
daniel92sandman:  try ubuntuforums. more people = more likely to find answer on a specialized question04:43
h3r0I have start or install, start ubuntu in safe graphics mode, install w/ driver update CD/ oem install/ check cd for defects/ mem test, and boot from first hard disk04:43
Tempetesinglesun: haha. Okay, we'll try itools then.04:43
bullgard4Nautilus lists two owners of a file. Why are there two of them?04:44
unopwassa, try Installing "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11".04:44
Tempetesinglesun: See if it's in synaptic before we go through compiling.04:44
singlesunTempete, try through synaptic?04:44
nickrud_singlesun: there's an ubuntu deb for minbar at http://djihed.com/minbar/minbar-02-released , I'm pointing at it but I nearly never install 3d party stuff myself04:44
pyraki'm trying to run ubuntu on my OLPC XO and getting an error during the boot-up sequence: http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?topic=1436.msg13240#msg1324004:45
h3r0daniel92: I don't have an alt install option04:45
h3r0I have start or install, start ubuntu in safe graphics mode, install w/ driver update CD/ oem install/ check cd for defects/ mem test, and boot from first hard disk04:45
singlesunnickrud_, i just downloaded that one for ubuntu... and extracted.. it didnt install by itself though04:45
nickrud_bullgard4: two owners? where do you see that?04:45
Gamekillersinglesun:  have you tried to install itools in snaptic04:45
penarsam i screwed if i dont know my horizontal and vertical rates and xorg cant detect them by itself?04:46
singlesunTempete, we are trying that Minbar that nick pointed out,... a .deb file, i extracted but it dont install by itself04:46
Qwexertook me some searching just to find where ubuntu puts apps, haha04:46
nickrud_singlesun: no, it's not that tar gz, it's one that's already compiled for ubuntu. Note what I said about 3d party stuff04:46
unopbullgard4, there can only be one owner, a user - the other you see is probably the group owning the file04:46
daniel92h3r0:  it is a different cd image. at the download check the "alternate download" box. most likely bad video drivers, so alt install can help04:46
geokeratzh3r0>  it's a different cd04:46
h3r0oh okay.04:46
h3r0nVidia 8800 isn't supported?04:46
Tempetesinglesun: Just double click the deb, it should pop up an install thing.04:46
nickrud_bullgard4: or maybe the full name of the user, next to the username04:46
daniel92h3r0:  maybe not right off in livecd. could just not be good at all. go to ubuntuforums.com and search. find out04:47
nickrud_penars: you should be able to google your exact monitor model number, or try the fcc number04:47
singlesunTempete, nickrud_ EXCELLENT MINBAR WORKS04:47
penarsnickrud_: this is the best i could find: http://www.norcent.net/main/product_detail.asp?prodID=62&category=homeent&type=lcdtv&view=specs04:47
Tempetenickrud_ Hurray! Nice find.04:48
Rastaok, so compiz its installed by default, very nice04:48
chaosrlDoes anyone know how to fix the notification area on the gnome panel?04:48
singlesunTempete, nickrud_ Gamekiller thank you all for your help, jeez i feel like an idiot after that..... now... i have tons of junk files all over my hardrive from trying to install that other thing.. lol04:48
daniel92chaosrl:  what's wrong with it?04:48
chaosrlRight clicking anywhere on the panel brings up the panel menu, left clicking does nothing.04:48
Tempetesinglesun: Go to the directories and type "make clean" before you remove them04:48
bullgard4nickrud_: Nautilus has got 5 columns to display files and their attributes: Name, Size, Type, Change Date and Owner. In the Owner column there are listet two owners.04:48
daniel92chaosrl: hmm. not sure then. sorry.04:49
daniel92everyone: brb04:49
singlesunTempete, lol i dont know how to remove them... lol04:49
chaosrldaniel92: i can drag it around the panel, the icons show up when i open up the respective programs, but nothing else works04:49
wassanewb question.. can i install any ttf fonts that I have on my windows boxes?04:49
chaosrldaniel92, it's ok, thanks though04:49
bullgard4nickrud_: Nautilus has got 5 columns to display files and their attributes: Name, Size, Type, Change Date and Owner in that order. In the Owner column there are listed two owners.04:49
jscinozhey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, it has a core2duo cpu and /proc/cpuinfo states it also supports hyperthreading, however i cant find anything about hyperthreading in my bios, and gnome-system-monitor just shows the two physical cores. How can i enable hyperthreading on this cpu and then have 4 logical cpus.04:49
Tempetesinglesun: Can just delete like normal (The folders). or rm foldername from command line.04:49
singlesunTempete, i just switched from Vista to this because Vista would only let me install my Ultimate version twice04:49
unop!info msttcorefonts | wassa04:49
ubotuwassa: msttcorefonts (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.2 (gutsy), package size 32 kB, installed size 188 kB04:50
singlesunTempete, so now im trying to learn about this stuff... its rather rough04:50
nickrud_bullgard4: the first is the user name, the second is the full name. It's the same user04:50
Tempetesinglesun: As much as I'd like you to stay.. I think you can call and get them to activate it again. But it's much more fun learning all this.04:50
Khisanthrmdir :)04:50
techgeek40When I go into my Software Sources and make sure everything is okay - I get the reload but then the error comes up Could not download all repository indexes - and one of them is http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/gutsy/free/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 301 Moved Permanently [IP: 80]04:50
techgeek40What gives with that?04:50
nickrud_bullgard4: a user can have a room number and a phone number associated with it as well, a holdover from academia04:51
daniel92chaosrl: yeah, google is ur friend though04:51
h3r0@the guys that helped me, looks like ill have to use envy with the text based install04:51
bullgard4nickrud_: Where does Nautilus take the information 'full name' from?04:51
singlesunTempete, i dont want to bother with them , they really irritated me the last time i tried to ask for help, so that kinda gives me a little perseverance to figure this out04:51
nickrud_bullgard4: /etc/passwd04:51
unopbullgard4, indirectly from /etc/passwd04:51
chaosrldaniel92: yeah, i've tried. it seems like only a few people have this problem, and none have found a reliable fix yet (or a fix at all without using a second monitor, which i dont' have access to)04:52
lacklican anyone help me watch cpan.org videos with linux?04:52
pyraki'm trying to run ubuntu on my OLPC XO and getting an error during the boot-up sequence: http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?topic=1436.msg13240#msg1324004:52
daniel92chaosrl: wow, that's really weird. good luck!04:52
zachalinkI have a major issue: ubuntu isn't detecting my microphone jack microphone.04:52
Tempetesinglesun: Good good! Make sure to go inside the directories you were trying to compile in and make clean, then you can remove the directory (sudo rm pathtodirectory)04:52
npsterwb un0p04:52
bullgard4nickrud_: What does 'holdover from academia' mean? (My native language is not English.)04:52
zachalinkHow do I know? It doesn't work with WoW, that's how.04:52
lackliC-SPAN <http://www.cspan.org/> can anyone help me watch these cspan videos with linux?04:52
chaosrldaniel92: thanks, i'm waiting to see if someone on the forum will know :P04:52
nickrud_bullgard4: academia is universities :)04:53
daniel92bullgard4:  it means it is from when the os was used mostly at schools04:53
stmillerKernel 2.6.24 released04:53
daniel92chaosrl: sounds like a good idea04:53
zachalinkSo... yeah... Can I fix the microphone problem?04:53
singlesunTempete, i duno how to do all that man :( i dont even remember what we put where, i just deleted them off the desktop04:53
chaosrlzachalink: are you using ALSA/04:53
zachalinkYes, I switched to OSS and it still doesn't work.04:54
Tempetesinglesun: That works, too. Don't think any of them got far enough to justify a "make clean", anyway. Haha. You're set then.04:54
johnficcaHi I installed the new ati cat 8.1 on my thinkpad t60 and its working great but when I logout it freazes...what should I do?04:54
chaosrlzachalink: the only thing i would know to try is this:04:54
bullgard4nickrud_, unop daniel92 : Thank you very much for explaining.04:54
wassagrrr.. why does everything have to be written as though everyone is an open source programmer04:54
zachalinkDo go on... =)04:54
un0pbullgard4, yw04:54
daniel92bullgard4: no problem04:54
nickrud_wassa: you should have been using this 8 years ago, lol04:54
chaosrlzachalink: go into the ALSA mixer, make sure microphone and mic boost are both showing and not muted04:54
chaosrlzachalink: then make sure "Capture" is showing. a new tab should appear with "Recording" on it04:55
wassanickrud.. is this the correct avenue to proceed down? http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/04:55
chaosrland make sure that's turned up. that was the problem with my mic, and after i did that it worked04:55
zachalinkThere is no capture showing04:55
singlesunTempete, lol well til i learn better... i guess04:55
daniel92wassa: well, it **is** designed with that in mind. i get along ok without knowing how to program04:55
chaosrlzachalink: Edit>Preferences04:55
zachalinkJust PCM, Front Mic, Line-in, CD, and PC speaker04:55
zachalinkand my mic is on the back..04:55
nickrud_wassa: sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts , it will get the fonts from there for you04:55
chaosrlthere should be check box options to show microphone, mic boost, and capture04:55
Tempetesinglesun: It's not that bad. I've only been using linux for.. A month or two. I think learning it all is pretty fun, though.04:56
RastaI have a Nvidia 8600GT, compiz should work well on it right? i just see working a few effects, theres a guide to help you i how to use(or at least know) all of them?04:56
un0pwassa, why wont you use the package in the ubuntu repos?04:56
wassathere is a package?04:56
nickrud_!ccsm | Rasta04:56
ubotuRasta: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion04:56
nickrud_wassa: yep, msttcorefonts04:56
un0p!info msttcorefonts | wassa04:56
ubotuwassa: msttcorefonts (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.2 (gutsy), package size 32 kB, installed size 188 kB04:56
singlesunTempete, do you recommend any decent books on learning it? or how are you going about it?04:56
Pie-ratehow can i bind a key to make the focused window always on top, and how can i bind a key to remove window decorations from the focused window?04:56
un0pwassa,  sudo aptitude install msttcorefonts04:56
zachalinkdo I have to not have the x on the microphone icon on the recording tab?04:57
daniel92Pie-rate:  wow. good luck.04:57
Tempetesinglesun: I didn't read any books.. Just switched to distros that do less for you which kinda forces you to scour the internet and just learn how to do stuff as you go.04:57
wassayou keep typing that but I don't know what it means04:57
chaosrlzachalink: on mine, i right click the volume thing, click "Open Volume Control." Then in th eVolume Control box, go Edit -> Preferences, and then i have Master, PCM, CD, Microphone, Microphone Capture, Mic Boost, and Capture checked04:57
chaosrlzachalink: there shouldn't be an x anywhere; that means it's muted?04:57
Rastanickrud_, already installed and working, i just want to know how to use many of them(shorcuts maybe?) for example Show desktop04:58
nickrud_Rasta: system->prefs->appearance , fonts tab04:58
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wassaok so i am installing the msttcorefonts.. thanks.. but i am really trying to install east asian languge ttfs .. ie MSMincho04:59
FloodBot2NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.04:59
benanzoI've just started a new job that will require me to do some network troubleshooting from a DOS environment.  Unfortunately I've never really done anything from DOS, only UNIX/Linux -- can anyone suggest how I can install all the common network tools like ping, netstat etc for DOS in 'dosemu'?04:59
nickrud_wassa: search for them in synaptic, they're there.04:59
techgeek40When I go into my Software Sources and make sure everything is okay - I get the reload but then the error comes up Could not download all repository indexes - and one of them is http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/gutsy/free/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 301 Moved Permanently [IP: 80]04:59
jack-desktopwhere can i find a collection of emerald themes?05:00
nickrud_techgeek40: you'll need to go to medibuntu.org and see where they moved it to05:00
wassawhat is an x window system?05:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:00
benanzojack-desktop: gnome-look.org05:00
wassashould i care?05:00
jack-desktopbenanzo, i'm there now and i can't find "emerald" on the content list, is "compiz" what i should be looking for?05:01
mouseboyxIt is a windows system made for unix based on xfree8605:01
Rastanickrud_, ?05:01
daniel92wassa: it is the basic graphics system that linux runs on. e.g. gnome and kde are desktop environments that run over x05:01
nickrud_wassa: it's the system that does the drawing of your graphical screen, and knowing what it is is pretty much enough05:01
techgeek40Jack-desktop: read this http://hacktivision.com/index.php?blog=2&title=how-to-install-emerald-theme-manager-in-&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=105:01
wassaok thanks05:01
daniel92nickrud_:  yeah, that sums it up better05:01
benanzoLook under Beryl and Compiz05:01
nickrud_Rasta: system->prefs->appearance , fonts tab05:01
benanzothose are the emerald themes05:01
wassasorry.. I thought i was doing my wife a favour by hooking her up with an old laptop that would be easy to work on05:02
jack-desktoptechgeek40, doesn't answer my question directly, but ok.05:02
Rastanickrud_ im there05:02
wassayou would think that by installing language packs and SCIM etc.. and enabling east language support in OO2.3 that would cover the bases of getting the actual fonts installed05:03
nickrud_Rasta: now you can select which font you want  ....05:03
nickrud_wassa: system->admin->language support , that didn't do it?05:03
Rastalol, nickrud_ i wasnt asking for that05:03
Rastabut thanks :)05:03
wassai can enter japanese in the text editor.. but not in OO05:04
nickrud_Rasta: oh, I misunderstood then. What was it you were looking for?05:04
Rastahow to use the compiz effects, besides cube rotating and wobbly windos05:05
Rastawater effect, paint fire, etc05:05
singlesunTempete, bad news... minbar says sunrise is at 4:20 PM05:05
singlesunTempete, lol05:05
Rastactrl+alt+right/left its what i do now05:05
nickrud_wassa: I don't see japanese support for openoffice ...05:05
mouseboyxIts : compizconfig-settings-manager05:05
Tempetesinglesun, nickrud_.. Any idea? That's his app :p I'll look around but I've never touched it before.05:06
nickrud_!ccsm | Rasta05:06
ubotuRasta: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:06
techgeek40Nickrud: Hate to be stupid - but what am I looking for? I went to www.medibuntu.org  ---- I have NO idea what I am looking for05:06
daniel92everyone: see you guys tomorrow. bedtime here.05:06
nickrud_singlesun: heh. no clue, you should look around their web site for config instructions05:06
mouseboyxGood bye.05:06
geokeratzdaniel92>  bb05:06
mouseboyxsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager05:07
wassanickrud - check this and do a find for open office https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SCIM05:07
singlesunTempete, LOL.... its nuts man nickrud_ checking now05:07
wassait talks about how just adding the language support will work for text editor but not for apps like open office05:07
wassano package close to msmincho in synaptic05:08
Tempetesinglesun: Did you setup your city and all that correctly?05:08
fatedkissanyone else have a flash application problem with Ubuntu 64bit?05:08
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mouseboyxYes, Adobe has yet to make 64bit flash05:09
singlesunTempete, nickrud_, it had to do with the computer having the wrong time zone set in the config file... was set to timezone 3 whatever that is... it should have been -6 for CST... cuz im in texas05:09
mouseboyxThat is the only thing keeping me from 64bit.05:09
singlesuni had the 64 bit ubuntu and went through hell trying to get flash and java to work05:09
nickrud_techgeek40: what exact error did you get, can't find it in the scrollback05:09
singlesuni switched back to 3205:09
fatedkissmouseboyx, *shakes fist at adobe/new macromedia05:09
Tempetesinglesun: Yay! So all fixed?05:09
nickrud_singlesun: I feel sorry for you, texas :)05:10
geokeratzfatedkiss>  i once had installed the 64bit but everything was in beta or missing , AND flash was really unstable05:10
mouseboyxYeah, I have no idea just how hard for them it could be...05:10
singlesunTempete, yep, i believe so.... lol... now i will just double check ;) this is a good learning experience... lol.. at your cost... none the less05:10
* nickrud_ *hates* humidity05:10
techgeek40When I go into my Software Sources and make sure everything is okay - I get the reload but then the error comes up Could not download all repository indexes - and one of them is http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/gutsy/free/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 301 Moved Permanently [IP: 80]05:10
Tempetesinglesun: I like helping, actually. Another good way to learn :P05:10
singlesunnickrud_, lol why is that? i dont like texas either im from pennsylvania originally... lol05:10
johnficcaHi I installed the new ati cat 8.1 on my thinkpad t60 and its working great but when I logout it freazes...what should I do?05:10
techgeek40Nickrud: the reason I'm doing it is this: E: Package ndiswrapper-utils has no installation candidate05:10
nickrud_singlesun: *humidity*05:10
singlesunTempete, yeah man, i hear that... then it dont matter if you mess up too... lol05:10
fatedkissthinking about changing back to 32 bit but i dont want to go throguh all my setups and stufff again >.>05:10
singlesunnickrud_, lol i hear that man.... its cold and rainy right now05:11
singlesuni had to fated05:11
mouseboyxis anyone else having the problem server not found: www.google.com05:11
vbabiyHey guys in my home directory i have a nautilus-debug-log should I report this some where?05:11
wassanickrud_ if I have the language packs sitting on my windows box.. can I just somehow move them to the linux build?05:11
singlesunmouseboyx, nope, google working fine for me05:11
nickrud_techgeek40: hm, what's in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list ?05:11
Qwexerhow do you add programs to the applications list05:11
un0pfatedkiss, 64bit is the way forward .. why would you want to go back?05:11
fatedkissmouseboyx, works for me05:11
CVDcommand to know the ubuntu and kernel versions?05:12
fatedkissun0p, mainly to get flash working?05:12
geokeratzfatedkiss>  go to 32bit ,thats my advice    :05:12
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell05:12
Tempetesinglesun: Okay.. Promised myself I'd start studying by now. Been fun helping you - good luck learning about Linux. Au revoir.05:12
un0p!chroot | fatedkiss05:12
ubotufatedkiss: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box05:12
mouseboyxThere is something wrong, firefox keeps stalling on looking up example.com05:12
nickrud_wassa: don't know about that. In theory they should work, but I wouldn't be suprised at all if the format was different os to os05:12
geokeratzfatedkiss>  :-(05:12
mouseboyxCan't ping google either.05:12
singlesunTempete, haha, hey man i appreciate that ALOT and I wish you the best of luck with your studies ;)05:12
fatedkissun0p, im not that linux advanced yet id probably not do so well at actually building anything05:12
wassaim used to just dropping fonts in c:/fonts.. but where do i do that here? using 7.1005:13
jack-desktopanyone know why alt+f2 isn't working?05:13
un0pfatedkiss, you'd be surprised at how easy it is -- especially with the instruction in hand05:13
vbabiyjack-desktop: check you keyboard shortcuts.05:13
mouseboyxaltf2 requires gnome05:13
jack-desktopvbabiy, it's there, and set.05:14
fatedkissun0p, lol i try it perhaps guess it cant hurt, but youd be supprised at some of the things i have problems with even witht he instructions at hand05:14
Starnestommyor kde05:14
jack-desktopmouseboyx, i have gnome05:14
pvl1im having really annoying problems with opengl05:14
vbabiyjack-desktop: have you tried to logout and back in05:14
un0pfatedkiss, it's not just you who has that problem -- i have it everyday :)05:14
jack-desktopvbabiy, that'll probably work, but i wanted a reason why this happens to me05:15
vbabiyjack-desktop: have you touch your settings05:15
vbabiyjack-desktop: not sure05:16
mouseboyxI bound Ctrl+Shift+Space for a terminal its very usefull05:16
jack-desktopvbabiy, figures it starts working after i get emerald started05:16
Qwexerwhen i try to create a launcher, it doesnt work when I try to use it, says permission denied05:16
fatedkissun0p, so what exactly is a chroot?05:16
ShpookWhat are my options if Ubuntu doesn't detect my wireless card whatsoever? Both lspci and iwconfig don't shot it.05:16
vbabiyjack-desktop: what version of Ubuntu are you running05:17
=== vbabiy is now known as vbabiy_laptop
jack-desktopvbabiy, gutsy, i had no window manager, that could of been why it didnt work05:17
vbabiy_laptopjack-desktop: possible05:17
pvl1Shpook, look into ndiswrapper05:18
Qwexerthe error is: Failed to execute child process "/usr/share/applications/gpsdrive.desktop" (Permission denied)05:18
pvl1Qwexer, use sudo05:18
nickrud_Qwexer: did you give the right permissions to the .desktop file ?05:19
pvl1even better05:19
Shpookpvl1: From what I've gathered so far, ndiswrapper won't work if the card doesn't exist to the system.05:19
QwexerI dont know how, I just click edit then browser and click the file, thats all I did, let me try that05:20
nickrud_Shpook:   is it a usb wireless ?05:20
pvl1Shpook, well sometimes, thats the only way that ndiwswrapper can pick it up from what i understand. but thats the only thing i know thatcan work05:20
Shpooknickrud_: No, built in wireless on a laptop. Gateway at that. :-/05:20
Qwexerok I didnt how do I in terminal?05:20
nickrud_Shpook: oh, wierd. My gateway shows up in lspci for sure05:21
geokeratzbedtime bye05:21
mouseboyxsudo chmod 777 file05:21
mouseboyxsudo ./file05:21
stmillertar xvf05:21
nickrud_Qwexer: I'm not sure what you said edit with, etc.05:21
n2diy_chmod 777 is dangerous.05:21
stmillerwoops wrong window05:21
mouseboyxYes, it is.05:21
wassacan someone just work with me for five minutes that I am not missing something completely obvious? It should only take about 5 mins?05:22
mouseboyxIf you don't know what you are doing.05:22
jimmygoonI'm getting this: W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://wine.budgetdedicated.com gutsy/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/wine.budgetdedicated.com_apt_dists_gutsy_main_binary-i386_Packages)05:22
jimmygoonand its clearly not true05:22
mouseboyxLike if you chmod 777 / DO NOT DO THIS!05:22
nickrud_Qwexer: and 644 is the right perms for a .desktop file05:22
meoblast001hello... i was trying to run dgen.... and after loading a ROM..... i recieved Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped).... how do i repair this segfailt05:22
Shpooknickrud_: It came preinstalled with Vista, and wireless was working with it...this is the first time I've come across something like this.05:22
un0pjimmygoon, verify that there isnt an entry for that source in the directory /etc/apt/sources.d/05:23
nickrud_jimmygoon: make sure there's not a deb line in a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*05:23
jimmygoonhuh, I've never heard of that before :/05:23
=== PhuzXP is now known as Phuzion
* nickrud_ cracks a little finger rust05:23
ShpookI also have a problem with the video mode. It shows the background across the full screen, but the viewport for the desktop is 1076x784, leaving a useless bar on the right side.05:23
jimmygoonun0p, nickrud_ thanks05:24
ShpookMaybe it's just a buggy install for some reason, and I need to re-install.05:24
un0pwassa, what's up?05:24
CVDany way to backup my xchat settings, networks etc..?05:24
jimmygoon(now my tab autocomplete won't work )... first it was just the Ctrl+X crashing xchat :/ now I can't have username autocomplete :(05:24
fatedkissun0p, i have no idea what that chroot stuff i talking about really05:24
nickrud_Shpook: that doesn't make much sense, lspci should find if it by reading the hardware05:24
StarnestommyCVD: copy ~/.xchat2/05:25
wassacan you just run through this for me .. .goto system > languages > add japanese and the language support check box..05:25
n2diy_nickrud_: , Shpook, does lshw help you?05:25
fatedkissShpook, try looking for it in system>preferences>system information05:26
lucastomhey guys05:26
un0pfatedkiss, new concepts arent really meant to make sense :)  basically a chroot is a compartment on the OS with it's own seperate environment, files, etc .. in this context, it allows you to have a 32bit compartment on a 64bit OS05:26
wassathen after that do a synaptic package of SCIM and SCIM x-bridge05:26
fatedkissShpook, Hardware information rather05:26
lucastomim new to ubuntu and i need some guidance toward installin\05:27
lucastomi have some questions05:27
nickrud_!ask | lucastom05:27
ubotulucastom: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:27
Shpookn2diy_: No, lshw doesn't show it either.05:27
Qwexernickrud: how do I give the right permissions to that file?05:27
fatedkissun0p, sweet.. <.< would i install all 32 bit packages in the chroot dir?05:27
nickrud_Qwexer:   sudo chmod 644 /path/to/file05:28
Qwexerok, tyvm05:28
wassaUnOp you still there?05:28
isleshocky77I think this might be more of a php or java question, but does anyone know of any terminal emulators that run on php or java?05:28
un0pfatedkiss, yes .. but it'll take a little configuring and linking to have them up as desktop icons, etc .. it's all in the wiki :)05:28
un0pwassa, aye05:28
Shpookfatedkiss: No luck there, either.05:28
fatedkissShpook, wierd.. even if the device didnt have drivers it should be listed somehwere >.>05:29
wassawere you able to get the scim installed?05:29
fatedkissun0p, i dun care bout desktop icons i just want flash to work ; ;05:29
Shpookfatedkiss: That's the problem I'm having. At least if it was detected by the system, I could find the drivers for it.05:30
fatedkissShpook, Right..im an extreamest and nto very good with suggestions so i wouldnt listen to me much >.>05:30
Shpookfatedkiss: :-) Don't worry about it, anything is worth a shot.05:31
fatedkissShpook, to fix my sound card problem i just reinstalled ubuntu05:31
Qwexerok, how do I know that worked? if I look at the permission, what should I look for?05:31
lucastomi just install feisty, and after installing and restart, when i remove the cd, my pc freezes05:31
lucastomany idea?05:31
Shpookfatedkiss: I'm getting close to doing the same.05:31
un0pfatedkiss, again, read the wiki, especially down towards the end for the section on mozilla firefox05:31
fatedkissun0p, i will05:32
rwwdoes gnash work reliably with youtube?05:33
Qwexeranyone here ever added apps to their Applications drop down menu?05:33
emmaHow can I get what I need on my computer in order to learn about and experiment with mySQL without going on line?05:33
falconerQwexer yes05:33
falconerit was a bloody pain though.05:33
penars2can someone help? i'm trying to find my horizontal and vertical sync settings for my TV/monitor but I can't and as a result I can't change to the proper resolution in X. What can I do?05:33
Qwexerso what did you do? just add it to your desktop or just know where is was?05:34
emmaI think I need to get apache, mysql , and php?05:34
un0pemma, download a section of a good reference website for offline use and install the mysql-doc-5.0 package05:34
wassaUnop I am guessing I am on my own here?05:34
falconerQwexer, right-click on the Applications menu.05:34
Qwexerthats what I'm trying to do, but after I add it, I get that error msg05:34
un0pwassa, are you? i dunno :)05:34
un0pwassa, you have to ask for help not get people to ask you what you need :)05:35
hdevalence-How do I set up telnet login?05:35
emmaI don't get it.05:35
Qwexersays permission denied, I need to change the permission05:35
falconeryeah, I got that too, until I figured out what to do by much trial05:35
emmaI think I need to get apache, mysql, and php.05:35
falconeroh, I don't think I got permission denied ...05:35
penars2why must even the simplest things like changing resolution be so difficult and time consuming in linux05:35
htnspenars: switch to mac then05:36
htnsit just works05:36
lucastomcould someone tell me why when i restarting my pc after installing, it freezes?05:36
isleshocky77If something requires a prompted response, is there a way to pipe in that response in the same command?05:36
wassaeverything in Open Office says that it supports east asian language and can switch between the two. Any ideas why I can't?05:36
un0pemma, you dont need apache and php to learn mysql .. but you do need them if you are learning mysql on LAMP05:36
IcemanV9hdevalence-: it would be better if you could use ssh instead of telnet ... sudo aptitude install openssh-server05:36
un0pwassa, you probably need to install the language pack for the language you want05:37
hdevalence-IcemanV9: I have ssh, but Id like telnet /because/ it's unencrypted05:37
emmapenars2, imagine if all that separated you from a colony of people with lethal ebola was a 40 foot wall that you were healthy enough to climb.  I see the challenges of Linux as being like that wall and the ebola infested mob as windows users.05:37
un0phdevalence-, any specific reason for that choice?05:37
Qwexerfalconer: you just added the program and it just worked?  was it a program you installed yourself or though the add/remove window05:37
falconerI had installed it through synaptic.05:38
wassaUnOp when I look at open office packages, it appears that every sings JA language pack is already installed05:38
IcemanV9lucastom: it would be better to ask a question here; there are more ppl that could answer ... give it a few moments05:38
hdevalence-well, in this case I'm using ssh -X localhost to login as a different user and run gui programs05:38
falconerI also added a link to a web address05:38
hdevalence-but encrypting/decrypting adds a lot of overhead05:38
isleshocky77Case in point. My remote server's openssh-server died. I'm now trying to run it through phpterm, I can get to a prompt as www-data.  But I need to be able to sudo. so I can do sudo -u user -p  but -p gives a prompt, I can't just specify a password there.  Can I pipe it in or something like that? sudo -u user -p < 'password'  or sudo -u user -p |password05:39
wassawhen i look at the font that it will use for asian entry,,, it is definitely asian.. however it seems that the font itself is not installed. which begs the question.. what could i be missing?05:39
hdevalence-I totally get encryption over a real network, but encrytion on localhost seems silly05:40
werswhat's the lightest web browser that I can use with ubuntu?05:40
mouseboyxor dillo if you want graphical05:40
jqklinx? you mean lynx?05:40
mouseboyxo yeah05:41
=== eagle-101 is now known as eau
IcemanV9hdevalence-: ah. dunno about telnet with X then.05:41
mouseboyxSorry im eating.05:41
un0pwassa,  Simply install the package (note that packages are also in .deb format - deb tag in the file name) or run the installer.05:41
un0ptheneb, to change the UI language, in OOo, go to the menu Tools>Options>Language Settings>Languages. Modify the language in the drop-down list, close OOo and the Quickstarter (in the system tray) if activated and run OOo again.05:41
Breakagewers: dillo is lightweight05:41
wassaunOp what package am i missing here?05:41
mouseboyxDillo does not display CSS though.05:41
wersBreakage, is that lighter than epiphany?05:41
wassai have installed every single package I can think of through the front end05:41
mouseboyxAnd no flash.05:42
wersno flash?05:42
un0pwassa, you seem to have the packages (openoffice*ja) -- so skip that part05:42
IcemanV9lucastom: did it show any error message OR where did it freezes at what point?05:42
wersthat's not for me. I want a light browser where I can run my mebeam05:42
un0pwassa, just try and change the language now05:42
lucastomit froze there05:42
lucastomfor like ever05:42
lucastomi tried to reboot the pc, but no display after taht05:43
mouseboyxIf I want something really bad I wait a day then you know its broken.05:43
un0pmouseboyx, what?05:43
lucastomany idea?05:43
mouseboyxThere are some things that take a long time.05:44
IcemanV9lucastom: just installed 7.10 (desktop, server?) then reboot and it froze at where (after linux is loaded or before)?05:44
mouseboyxIt may seem frozen.05:44
cjoneswhats a free alternativ to vmware05:45
lucastomits feisty05:45
mouseboyxVirtual box05:45
lucastomnot gusty05:45
mouseboyxVirtual box works better with ubuntu.05:45
Qwexerhaha, I figured it out myself, in the command line you just type what ever is in the properties command line, you dont have to point it to the actual file05:45
lucastomdesktop, froze at remove cd and press enter, and its feisty version05:45
cjonesis there a repo with  Virtual box05:46
mouseboyxlucastom, That means its done correct?05:46
mouseboyxYes cjones05:46
IcemanV9cjones: yes05:46
mouseboyxHello sammylegit.05:47
cjoneswhats the bash command for it ?05:47
=== pizdets is now known as penars
mouseboyxapt-get install virtualbox05:47
penarsanyone know how to fix the super TINY text in gdm login screen?05:47
wassaUnOp no luck.. repeatedly rebooted05:47
lucastomit stalled on me05:47
fparishey guys, okay weird thing happens: CD-ROM Disc gets mounted in my computer even though i have nothing in my cd rom drive.... its kinda freaky05:48
lucastomand i cant do anything about it05:48
lucastomany help guys05:48
wassait definitely shows that it is all ready for east language.. however it just won't05:48
IcemanV9lucastom: feisty .. it should be able to boot up since it completed the install at the end (remove CD)05:48
mouseboyxpenars, You could do an autologin.05:48
wassai have anthy enabled too05:48
IcemanV9lucastom: And when you boot up, hit the ESC key .. and pick the recovery one05:48
mouseboyxYou can try reinstalling it lucastom.05:49
lucastomdone that 3 times already05:49
lucastomesc button does not work05:49
un0pwassa, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=419719705:49
mouseboyxTry the alternate Cd?05:49
lucastomfrozen at loading , and remove cd then press enter to continue05:50
mouseboyxWhat loading?05:50
lucastomlike when you boot up ur os05:50
lucastomstuck right there05:50
mouseboyxCan you install anything else?05:51
lucastom7.10 gusty does not boot up with live cd05:51
IcemanV9lucastom: take the CD out, then boot up (without the CD)05:51
fatedkissun0p, what is util-linux used for? im supposed to install linux32 and its giving me a warning saying its going to remove that package05:51
mouseboyxSo, it does not boot? What happens.05:52
un0p!info util-linux05:52
ubotuutil-linux (source: util-linux): Miscellaneous system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.13-8ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 426 kB, installed size 1364 kB05:52
un0pfatedkiss, hold on05:52
lucastomi reset my pc05:52
lucastomthen nothing would load05:52
lucastomlike its a black screen05:52
mouseboyxMaybe reburn the CD?05:53
IcemanV9lucastom: then ubuntu wasn't installed at all05:53
mouseboyxLol someone is named htns05:53
lucastombut i ran the install wizard before that05:54
wassaumm i don't have a system > preferences > fonts05:54
mouseboyxlucastom, have you tried the alternate install cd?05:55
lucastomlike right now, i just finish installing feisty05:55
lucastomi burn 2 cds05:55
lucastomand i have not restart it yet05:55
IcemanV9lucastom: alternative CD almost works every single time05:55
mouseboyxWhat are your partitioning configurations?05:55
mouseboyxYou should use the entire disk.05:56
lucastomi used the guided one05:56
lucastomand select entire disk05:56
IcemanV9lucastom: that should be fine05:56
lucastomshould i restart it now?05:56
mouseboyxThat is very strange?05:56
IcemanV9!welcome | sammylegit05:56
ubotusammylegit: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.05:56
=== eau is now known as eagle-101
wassaunOp does this work for you???05:57
lucastomnow im stuck at please remove the disc and close teh tray, and press enter to continue05:58
BehiiMehiiHow do I mount an external harddrive?05:58
mouseboyxDid the tray eject?05:58
mouseboyxOk so you press enter and nothing happens.05:59
mouseboyxThe tray is closed right?05:59
lucastomright now it is05:59
fatedkisslucastom, was the 2nd disc you created from the same ISO?05:59
mouseboyxThis makes no sense.06:00
lucastomyes same ISO06:00
wassathis is fucking riduclous06:00
fatedkisslucastom, if it were me i would try redownloading a new iso from a diff mirror06:00
fatedkisslucastom, and try to use a disc with that instead06:00
jack-desktophow can i get the regular window decorations working with compiz again?06:00
pizdetsanyone know how to fix the tiny font in login screen (gdm) problem?06:01
IcemanV9lucastom: download the alternative CD instead of desktop06:01
mouseboyxpizdets, When does the problem occur?06:01
IcemanV9!language | wassa06:01
ubotuwassa: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:01
fatedkisslucastom, first thing that comes ot mind was the ISO could be corrupt or something06:01
pizdetsmouseboyx: everytime06:01
lucastomwhich one is better, gusty or feisty?06:01
mouseboyxFrom the very beging?06:01
BehiiMehiiAnyone know? :/06:01
lucastomlike gusty does not even boot from cd06:01
mouseboyxGusty so far06:01
mouseboyxThere is some problem on your end.06:02
wassalucastorm did you checksum the disc?06:02
=== marcelo is now known as MFLivre
mouseboyxGusty should boot from a cd.06:02
mouseboyxpizdets, What is your graphics card model?06:02
wassasorry. checksum/hash the iso?06:02
pizdetsmouseboyx: nvidia gt 660006:02
EnsignRedshirtThe Ubuntu main web page shows the Dell XPS 1330, but page that the link goes to only shows the Inspiron 530 and the Inspiron 1420.  Is Dell selling the XPS with Ubuntu too?06:02
mouseboyxpizdets, Did you try playing with the settings in Admin > login screen?06:03
fatedkissun0p, *poke*06:03
cjonesok so i have a iso for xp on my desktop what do i have to convert it to for vbox ?06:04
pizdetsmouseboyx: nothing useful there06:04
BehiiMehiiHow do I mount an external harddrive?06:04
fatedkissutil-linux (essential) will be removed06:04
fatedkissgetlibs will be removed06:04
fatedkissubuntu-minimal will be removed06:04
fatedkissutil-linux-locales will be removed06:04
fatedkisslinux32 (version 1-3build1) will be installed, my dilemma06:04
mouseboyxcjones, nothing you just choose it as the mounted cd in virtual box.06:04
FloodBot2fatedkiss: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:04
fatedkiss>.> sorry bot06:05
lucastomis it good to use flashget to download ubuntu?06:05
IcemanV9cjones: use vbox to mount the ISO file and off you go06:05
mouseboyxcjones, everything you need probably: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/VirtualBox06:05
mouseboyxI know its awsome.06:05
mouseboyxYou could use wget.06:06
lucastomim using a laptop with window, and want to make my desktop into linux06:06
fatedkisslucastom, i would say your best bet is just using a donwload mirror directly not using flashget06:07
mouseboyxwget http://mirrors.gigenet.com/ubuntu/gutsy/ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso06:07
Qwexerok, new question, is festival a stand alone program, or is it used in conjunction with something else?06:07
gregordmaps locate anyone!06:07
lucastomis there a 32 bits gusty?06:07
IcemanV9sammylegit: what are you trying to do?06:07
fatedkisslucastom, yes06:08
TheFishythis took me 1 hour of thinking to figure out06:08
mouseboyxsammylegit is a bot06:08
TheFishypi in binary is 11.0010010000111111011006:08
mouseboyxThat is confusing06:08
ShpookSo, I'm assuming that if my wireless card isn't detected at all, there's nothing I can do but buy a Cardbus addon?06:08
lucastombut the official ubuntu only give out one version06:08
mouseboyxYou put a decimal point in binary.06:08
fatedkisslucastom, let me chek for you06:09
jack-desktopwhat if i dont have the cd and i get this message:06:09
jack-desktopMedia change: please insert the disc labeled06:09
jack-desktop 'Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)'06:09
jack-desktopusing apt-get06:09
IcemanV9jack-desktop: comment it out06:09
mouseboyxIt means your sources.list contains the cd you can remove it06:09
mouseboyxIt's for people without internet connections.06:10
fatedkisslucastom,  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download06:10
computeri just tried to rename an ".avi" file to an ".iso" file, but the icon still says that it's an ".avi" file, anyway i can make it change to ".iso"?06:10
fatedkisslucastom,  theres some radio buttons choose the top one06:10
BehiiMehiiHow do I mount an external harddrive?06:10
mouseboyxrenaming from avi to iso does not change the type of the file.06:11
mouseboyxWhat are you trying to accompliash computer?06:11
gaijinsuso mnt /dev06:11
mouseboyxBehiiMehii, first send us fdisk -l06:11
lucastomisnt that the 64 bit version?06:11
mouseboyxIt has both.06:12
mouseboyxWhat type of computer do you have?06:12
BehiiMehiimouseboyx: via Pastebin ok?06:12
fatedkisslucastom, the one that says Standard Personal Comp. isnt06:12
mouseboyxexcelent BehiiMehii06:12
jack-desktopthanks IcemanV9 and mouseboyx06:12
mouseboyx  Standard personal computer (x86 architecture, PentiumTM, CeleronTM, AthlonTM, SempronTM06:12
fatedkisslucastom, right that one, the one below that is the 64 bit06:13
mouseboyxWell, actualy first you have to plug it in.06:13
lucastomalright, thx u guys06:13
fatedkisslucastom, as far as i know06:13
lucastomthank you so much06:13
lucastomill give it another try06:13
fatedkisslucastom, goodluck06:13
BehiiMehiimouseboyx ^06:14
mouseboyxdo sudo mkdir /media/exharddrive && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/exharddrive06:14
VvWolverinevVhi i get an error when i try to run camorama "Could not connect to video device (/dev/video0). Please check connection." does anyone know what could be wrong? lsusb looks good06:14
mouseboyxWait, its ntfs06:14
fatedkissso like unOp told me to wait and vanished06:15
pizdetslooks like i'm screwed. i cant find my vertical and horizontal resolution so i cant configure my xorg properly and the whole thing is messed up looking06:15
Khalilmy bluetooth sento is gone when i right click on something... this happen when i upgraded to hardy06:15
BehiiMehiimouseboyx I got a long error, would you like me to Pastebin that as well?06:15
Khalilanyone know why?06:15
mouseboyxdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:15
mouseboyxI guess06:16
IcemanV9pizdets: vert & horz info should be in your monitor manuel or their website06:16
r0v3rtany hot chick here?06:16
mouseboyxmount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/exharddrive -o force06:16
jiggyI'm getting some totally random hangs on ubuntu, and I have no clue what it could be06:17
mouseboyxIt says in the error06:17
fatedkissmouseboyx, if synaptic gave you a warning in red letter about removing soemthing would you do it?06:17
pizdetsIcemanV9: it's actually a TV that can act as a monitor. i checked the manual and nothing about horiz and vert syncs there06:17
jiggyhow exactly should I go about troubleshooting this?06:17
mouseboyxI dont know fatedkiss06:17
BehiiMehiiThank you, that's what I figured, but with my luck I didn't feel safe trying06:17
mouseboyxI wouldn't remove vmlinuz06:17
fatedkissmouseboyx, utils-linux maybe?06:17
mouseboyxIt depends.06:17
mouseboyxyeah dont remove it06:17
BehiiMehiiMany thanks there mouseboyx06:17
mouseboyxYour welcome and no problem happy to help.06:18
fatedkissmouseboyx, damn..theres gotta be a way to install linux32 without removing that then06:18
Khalilcan someone help me with bluetooth please06:18
IcemanV9pizdets: ah. did not realize. i never try that before. usually, you suppose to connect to the tv BEFORE you boot up your box.06:18
IcemanV9pizdets: that's what i have seen in ubuntuforums.org ...06:18
mouseboyxYou should just wait for 64bit.06:18
fatedkissmouseboyx, yeah..its apperently in these instruction unOp gave me06:18
mouseboyxWhat are you trying to do06:19
fatedkissmouseboyx, your probably right06:19
fatedkissmouseboyx, trying to install the package linux32 in synaptic06:19
fatedkissmouseboyx, but it says it needs to remove 3 files and utils-linux is one06:19
BehiiMehiiBy the way mouseboyx, what information from the fdisc reply told you what command to use?06:20
mouseboyxThe line separated from the rest06:20
mouseboyx  mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/exharddrive -o force06:20
mouseboyxRemove them, but create a list of what it is removeing06:20
mouseboyxSo you can reinstall if you need to.06:21
mouseboyxWhat do you need to build?06:21
jiggyGutsy has suddenly decided to start freezing up on me, and clue about how I should troubleshoot this?06:21
fatedkissmouseboyx, would i have no idea help?06:21
fatedkissmouseboyx, spose im trying to "Installing and configuring schroot"06:21
BehiiMehiiAh, well thanks again06:21
IcemanV9jiggy: check a few logs in /var/log directory06:22
mouseboyxI have no idea what that does or is.06:22
jiggyIceman:  I already took a gander through my logs, but nothing odd really popped out at me06:23
jiggyshould I try a forum post?  Someone else would probably be able to spot the issue06:24
IcemanV9jiggy: is it working okay now? I don't know what else to look for except the ubuntuforums.org06:24
mouseboyxjiggy,  is it random freezing?06:24
jiggyyep, haven't changed anything that would have started it either06:25
wassaUnOp can you get any east asian language to display in Open Office? I can't get any language to work. chinese, japanese none.. however using SCIM in text editor works06:25
mouseboyxPossibly a hardware problem then.06:25
DiegoYese aí povo: )06:25
DiegoYese pova06:25
jiggyperhaps..  I'll stick tinyxp on there and see if it gives me any issues06:26
EnsignRedshirtjiggy: It never hurts to do a memory check.  Usually there is a memory test option in the bios, available when you boot.06:26
jiggymemory's good06:26
wassagrrr why is this not working06:26
* syc_ mohon pamid dulu06:26
jiggyI hate random hangs.. so hard to troubleshoot -.-06:27
mouseboyxDescribe the freeze(s).06:27
* syc_ wassalamualaikum wr wb06:27
TheFishyis there anyway to view regular english tv via linux app?06:27
mouseboyxQue idoma?06:27
DiegoYespode cre06:27
h3r0i just installed ubuntu and when i boot up it loads the kernel then goes blank =/  how can i get into command line to install my drivers?06:27
jiggybefore the freeze, I've been having some issues with06:28
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV06:28
DiegoYessó tem louco, mouseboyx: )06:28
zetherooI just installed the latest ATI driver in Ubuntu... but Compiz seems to run sluggish compared to how it ran with the old fglrx driver06:28
jiggy(oops) X but, everything's slow06:28
MasterShrekh3r0 boot using the recovery mode06:28
zetherooanyone got any idea why that is?06:28
MasterShrekjiggy have you installed your graphics drivers?06:28
DiegoYesmouseboyx vou nessa, parça: )06:28
mouseboyxPortuguese is close to spanish.06:28
MasterShrekh3r0 shold be a grub option, probably the second one06:28
jiggyyeah, nvidia06:28
jiggyI've had ubuntu on that box for awhile, and haven't changed anything big recently06:29
DiegoYesmouseboyx oh, hablas espanol, entoces: D06:29
MasterShrekjiggy running compiz?06:29
Flannel!es | DiegoYes06:29
DiegoYesmouseboyx tengo que ir-me06:29
ubotuDiegoYes: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:29
tazAnybody know anything about networking through firewire?06:29
jiggybut it hangs on metacity too06:29
DiegoYesthank you, Flannel06:29
TheFishyok let me ask this better06:29
MasterShrekjiggy disable compiz and see if the problems persist06:29
MasterShrekjiggy oh...i dunno then06:29
jiggyshrek:  same issues on metacity06:30
mouseboyxNo hablo espanol.06:30
DiegoYesFloodBot2 but I know English too, super: D06:30
=== osxdude is now known as osxdude|linux
DiegoYesmouseboyx how you understand me?: D06:30
TheFishySay I don't have a tv, can I get english tv via linux app?06:30
jiggyok, I'll try a windows boot with some hardware diagnostics06:30
MasterShrek!mythtv | TheFishy06:30
ubotuTheFishy: MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV06:30
mouseboyxaprendo espanol06:30
=== osxdude|mac is now known as osxdude
MasterShrekjiggy that would be a good idea06:30
fatedkissthink im gunna hold off, i dont like uninstalling essental packages i dont know about06:30
DiegoYesmouseboyx chevere: D06:30
fatedkiss!info linux3206:31
alexanderdoes anyone have experience using ubuntu and a projector?06:31
ubotulinux32 (source: linux32): Wrapper to set the execution domain. In component main, is extra. Version 1-3build1 (gutsy), package size 5 kB, installed size 56 kB06:31
DiegoYesmouseboyx adios, muchacho06:31
=== alexander is now known as fallore
mouseboyxhasta luego06:31
jiggydoh!  looks like my brand new tinyxp install is freezing as well... I'll give those bios mem checks another shot06:31
mouseboyxAh, just as a suspected.06:32
Flannelfatedkiss: installing linux32 shouldn't try and remove anything if your system is working properly06:32
MasterShrekfallore please dont ask a question then change ur nick, its hard to follow, also ive used a projector in the past, but it could be a pain in the butt....what gfx card u running with?06:32
mouseboyxIngles is mi primero idioma, pero comprendo espanol un poco.06:32
MasterShrek!es | mouseboyx06:33
ubotumouseboyx: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:33
erpoI need a program to keep track of food recipes. Suggestions?06:33
mouseboyx? Wow06:33
MasterShrek!mysql | erpo06:34
ubotuerpo: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:34
ubuntu_a cookbook?06:34
MasterShrekerpo nvm that factoid, you could use mysql to create a database06:34
erpoMasterShrek: Yes, that would make a suitable backend, but I need a frontend too.06:34
mouseboyxIs mysql fast?06:34
BehiiMehiiI believe so06:35
CITguycan anybody help me troubleshoot gdm?06:35
erpomouseboyx: It would be fast enough for recipes.06:35
TheFishyMasterShrek, I'm not bying a tv turner06:35
jiggyyeah, mysql's fast06:35
Flannelerpo: there's krecipes06:35
h3r0how do i enable eth1 ?06:35
h3r0from recovery mode06:35
falloreMasterShrek: yeah i'm sorry about the nick change, i just noticed after asking the question. i'm running an nvidia 790006:35
erpoFlannel: I'll try it now. Thanks. :)06:35
mouseboyxDo you have 2 NICs?06:35
h3r0its in eth1 not eth006:36
jiggyerpo, I would try a web based service..06:36
mouseboyxThere is some file in /etc06:36
erpojiggy: Why do you say that?06:36
EnsignRedshirtFlannel: heh, krecipes, remarkable.  At first I thought your were kidding, but there it is: http://krecipes.sourceforge.net/?p=about06:37
MasterShrekfallore have you installed the restricted nvidia drivers?06:37
mouseboyxnano /etc/network/interfaces06:37
mouseboyxauto eth106:37
jiggysomething as specific as recipe collection usually has a very strong web service behind it, whereas most machine based programs are tiny projects that don't provide much functionality06:37
jiggybut hey, looks like there is a krecipes, perhaps I stand corrected.. (again) ;)06:38
h3r0hmm i have that set.  im trying to wget envy so that i can install my nvidia driver06:38
h3r0however i get a name or service not known and i cannot ping06:38
jiggyuh, by the way, I went ahead with the grub memtest, would I be better off with the bios or is grub fine?06:38
TheFishyMasterShrek, your a waste on here dude... all u do is !commands.... like I said I want a program on linux to get any type of english tv and u give me a tv tuner program when I said I dont have a tv or a tv tuner.06:39
h3r0You need a tuner to capture the tv signals for playback ?06:39
Flanneljiggy: GRUB and the BIOS are complimentary, not mutually exclusive06:39
MasterShrekTheFishy then be more clear on your question and have some respect06:39
izm99I have no sound in the flash plugin on firefox.  running firefox from the command line gives " Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so" ideas?06:39
h3r0hmm i have that set.  im trying to wget envy so that i can install my nvidia driver06:40
h3r0however i get a name or service not known and i cannot ping06:40
jiggythank you mouseboyx ;)06:40
matthew_how do you turn off the warning when you empty your Trash?06:40
jiggyFlannel, I'll run em' both then, thanks06:40
mouseboyxWell im off to bet bye all.06:40
falloreMasterShrek: i dont know, is there a way i can check?06:40
MasterShrekmatthew_ im not sure, but i usually bypass the trash with shift+delete06:40
nickrud_h3r0: do you have a nameserver listed in /etc/resolv.conf ?06:40
MasterShrekfallore type in a terminal: lsmod | grep nvidia06:41
MasterShrekfallore if it gives you any output then you have installed them06:41
h3r0yea theres 306:41
matthew_Found it.  It's a gconf key.  Apps > Nautilus > Preferences > confirm_trash06:42
falloreMasterShrek: no output06:42
nickrud_h3r0: try pinging , it's my nameserver06:42
TheFishyMasterShrek, dude i was just admit your wrong and just taking up space on the channel... its ok dude06:42
MasterShrekTheFishy have some repect or i will get you banned06:42
h3r0nickrud: network is unreachable06:43
nickrud_TheFishy: just for your info, MasterShrek's been working this channel for a long time and successfully, thank you very much06:43
FlannelTheFishy: You need a TV tuner to be able to watch TV on your computer06:43
jiggyFishy, shreks helping a lot of people out, and he was right in the argument..06:43
Flannel!hi | sammylegit06:43
ubotusammylegit: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:43
MasterShrekhello sammylegit06:43
nickrud_h3r0: hm, then I'm not sure what your issue is.  try sudo ifdown eth1  && sudo ifup eth106:43
eltuxRecently, I have been experiencing problems installing themes for GTK. it says it correctly installed but it leaves out parts or doesn't show up in my list. Any ideas?06:44
h3r0im in recovery mode, is that the problem?06:44
BehiiSeems like I closed the wrong mIRC06:44
TheFishyFlannel, www.hulu.com06:44
MasterShrekeltux some of the themes are just parts of themes like you say, usually you need to create a custom theme using different controls, window borders colors and such06:45
TheFishyno u dont.06:45
KrisWoodHi everyone, I'm about to install an ftp server on my ubuntu box, just wondering what your opinions are on a favourite ftpd06:45
EnsignRedshirtI think sammylegit is phasing.  He must be close to a rift in the space-time continuum.06:45
angeldoes anyone have any clue on how to possibly correct workspace issues?06:45
h3r0hey its working06:45
falloreMasterShrek: i'm sorry to be annoying but you haven't forgotten me, right? i dont mind if it takes a while i just want to know if i should resubmit my question06:45
h3r0how do i stop it from pinging now, i forgot to add a count :(06:45
MasterShrekh3r0 ctrl+c06:45
FlannelTheFishy: that's not watching TV, thats watching video through the internet06:45
nickrud_h3r0: networking should have come up in recovery ...  and ctl-c will kill it06:45
justin111why is it that everytime i open up teamspeak that . . . a lot goes wrong and i end up in the kernel world (i think) it says something like first a whole bunch of @ signs then "argh the "something i think driver it said* is null06:46
h3r0cool its working now :)06:46
h3r0thanks guys06:46
MasterShreksorry fallore, im just setting up my new irc client, i probably didnt see the line u sent me...sorry, im scrolling up now....06:46
TheFishyFlannel its real tv.06:46
fallorenp MasterShrek06:46
fallore!hi | sammylegit06:46
ubotusammylegit: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:46
MasterShrekfallore ok, i would use the restricted drivers manager to install the nvidia proprietary driver, this will allow 3d acceleration with your nvidia card06:47
BehiiHow do I get VMware to recognize the external harddrive?06:47
arooni-mobileis there a way to get firefox3 beta on ubuntu... but make it NOT the default firefox install?  and NOT to mess up my existing firefox extensions & such?06:47
eltuxRecently, I have been experiencing problems installing themes for GTK. it says it correctly installed but it leaves out parts or doesn't show up in my list. Any ideas?06:47
justin111why is it that everytime i open up teamspeak that . . . a lot goes wrong and i end up in the kernel world (i think) it says something like first a whole bunch of @ signs then "argh the "something i think driver it said* is null06:47
MasterShrekfallore although i dont run ubuntu, i think its under system > administration06:47
falloreMasterShrek: i'll check, thankss06:47
FlannelTheFishy: You're not watching "Television" you're watching internet video, that happens to have also been shown on television at one time.  It's entirely different.  You may be able to use hulu through linux.06:47
MasterShrekBehii you need to add it as a physical drive i think, just like you would add a virtual hard drive06:47
KrisWoodanyone have a favourite FTPd at all?06:47
h3r0is there a way that ican install packages without the gui?06:48
MasterShrekKrisWood ive had luck using proftpd06:48
reeeh2000real quick, is ther a good alam clock for linux?06:48
h3r0i just need to install an nvidia driver :/06:48
Flannelh3r0: aptitude has a textmode GUI, or apt-get06:48
MasterShrekh3r0 aptitude06:48
angelI can't switch between my workstations, and I'm still new to ubuntu so I'm not sure how to fix it.06:48
MasterShrekh3r0 what gfx card do you need to install?06:48
falloreMasterShrek: i'm going to reboot to have the effects take place06:48
justin111this is why i hate ubuntu i never get support06:48
KrisWoodh3r0, either use apt-get or dpkg depending on what you're installing and how you are getting it06:48
nickrud_justin111: sorry we don't all fall over when you ask06:49
KrisWoodMasterShrek, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that one. :)06:49
h3r0well it was in a .deb and i used dpkg and it relies on packages that i dont have06:49
h3r0such as build-essentials06:49
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:49
Flanneljustin111: you need to provide real information, "it breaks" isn't nearly specific enough for us to help06:49
nickrud_h3r0: install the packages, such as build-essential ,  sudo apt-get install build-essential06:49
=== fallore_ is now known as fallore
nickrud_!welcome | sammylegit06:50
ubotusammylegit: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.06:50
EnsignRedshirtI think sammylegit isn't.06:50
MasterShrekfallore any luck? btw u didnt have to reboot06:51
hermanI've installed libdvdcss and gstreamer plugins. When I play a dvd in totem, I hear audio, but the picture looks scrambled.06:51
MasterShrek!dvd | herman06:52
ubotuherman: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:52
hermanHow can I verify the libdvdcss is being used?06:52
jacky_bjr a tous06:52
nickrud_herman: try playing it in vlc , totem's dvd support leaves some room for improvement yet06:52
falloreMasterShrek: well it seems to be installed, i dont know how this is supposed to help though : -p i think the problem i'm having is that i can't get to the projectors natural resolution of 1920x1080 or something. the top and bottom of the screen is cut off06:52
MasterShrekhi sammylegit do you have a question?06:53
nickrud_I'm beginning to side with EnsignRedshirt on sammylegit06:53
fallore!ask | sammylegit06:53
ubotusammylegit: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:53
fallorethought that said something else06:53
MasterShrekfallore well with the proprietary driver you shold have an nvidia control panel, system > administration i believe06:53
MasterShrekfallore you can select different displays06:53
profxjust put a new harddrive into my system, now what do I  need to do to set it upp  use ?06:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proftp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proftpd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:54
nickrud_profx: format it (gparted or cfdisk) write a file system (mkfs.ext3) the mount it (see !fstab below)06:54
=== Jannitax is now known as Jannita
nickrud_!fstab | profx06:54
ubotuprofx: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:54
profxthanks nickrud_06:54
MasterShrek~[ profx ]~ sudo fdisk -l will give you a list of hard drives on the system, youll need to partition it, format it and then mount it06:54
Flannel!ops | sammylegit06:55
ubotusammylegit: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!06:55
* MasterShrek doesnt like his xp irc client06:55
OriginHow do I edit the mount options on a usb drive without mounting it? Like the options that you can put in by right clicking on it and going to properties -> Volume06:55
nickrud_MasterShrek: xchat is available for windows06:55
nixternalFlannel: ?06:55
OriginI added something that didnt work, now it doesnt mount :[06:55
Flannelnixternal: just wait, he'll be back.06:55
nixternalwhat is he up to?06:55
nickrud_nixternal: a bot06:55
MasterShreknickrud_ im aware, i was using it for awhile, but today it came and said i have to register and pay 20 bucks for xchat for windows06:55
* nixternal waits patiently06:55
nickrud_nixternal: or a person masquerading as such06:55
* nixternal hopes he hurries back06:56
profxMasterShrek, seeing it  in fdisk, gparted is taking a while, anything I can do from command line ?06:56
nickrud_MasterShrek: there's a free version out there, no cost06:56
profxoh wait06:56
profxwow, took long06:56
profxlike 5 mins06:56
=== fallore_ is now known as fallore
MasterShrekprofx sudo cfdisk /dev/xxx06:56
nickrud_http://www.silverex.org/news/  MasterShrek06:56
nixternalthat wasn't as fun as I thought it would be06:56
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ gedit ~/tmp/lshal.out" prints a line "Dumping 92 device(s) from the Global Device List:" What program compiles the 'Global Devices List'?06:56
MasterShrekprofx then: sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/xxxx06:56
MasterShrekthanks a bunch nickrud_06:57
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
Flannelnixternal: might want to forward him to -ops, he's been reconning for a while, he'll just be join/part spam now.06:57
MasterShrekmirc is gross lol06:57
falloreMasterShrek: well, i went into the screens settings menu, which i think was there all along, and tried to set it to a 1900x1024 LCD panel, which gave me the option of using the 1400x900 or something resolution, which is a little better, but not optimum.06:57
Originnvm got it06:58
Originsudo mounted it instead of gnome-mounted it06:58
profxin Gparted, im prompted with a drop down, 'Set Disklabell on /dev/sdc', with msdos, amiga, bsd, dvh, gpt, mac, pc98, s390, sun , loop06:58
MasterShrekfallore your graphics card may not support such a high resolution06:58
falloreMasterShrek: any idea where i could find out if it does?06:59
MasterShrekcleverusername put a /j in front of that06:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about inetd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:59
cleverusernamelol thanks06:59
MasterShrekfallore not really, if it doesnt show up in that nvidia control panel, i dunno for sure06:59
KrisWoodhow do I restart proftpd using inetd?06:59
falloreMasterShrek: i'm not seeing a nvidia control panel06:59
MasterShrekcleverusername and that is quite a clever user name :)06:59
MasterShrekdoes someone know where the nvidia control panel for the proprietary nvidia driver shows up in gnome?07:00
* MasterShrek is not a gnome user07:00
nickrudMasterShrek: I hear it's apps->system tools07:00
MasterShrekahh, fallore ^^07:00
=== poodlesucks is now known as dogsson
* KrisWood looks at his ubuntu box and only sees text07:00
KrisWoodsorry no gnome here either :)07:01
falloreKrisWood: you looked at the computer itself? ;]07:01
KrisWoodno I looked at the ssh terminal :D07:01
profxno ideas on this gparted 'disklabel', never had thi happen before07:01
KrisWoodthe actual machine is 3000 miles away so the only way I get gnome is via vmware console and that's sooooo slow >.<07:02
MasterShrekprofx ive never used gparted, is there any way you can just not set a disk label?07:02
Absurdohow i see rmvb files on kubuntu 7.10?07:03
profxa disklabel is a piece of data stored at a well known place on the disk, that indicates where each partition beings adn how many sectors it occupies. You need a disklabel if you want to create partitions on this disk.07:03
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
profxMasterShrek`, so thats a no :)07:03
MasterShrekprofx, have you tried using cfdisk from the command line? id dont think ive ever had to manually set this07:04
nickrudsounds like selecting the partition type07:04
ygorabreuhola tios.. alguien tiene el script para instalar la version final del amsn 0.97 ? pero la version final, no la 97beta...07:04
profxas Gparted finished07:04
falloreMasterShrek: do you know why my nvidia control panel isn't showing up?07:04
profxlet me attempt cli07:04
MasterShrekahh thank you nickrud, i feel so much more comfortable with xchat, and all my settings are still here :)07:04
nickrudpartition table type, that is profx07:04
MasterShrekfallore, not at all, lsmod | grep nvidia     gives you output now right?07:05
nickrudMasterShrek: you could give xchat-gnome a shot, get your feet wet in gnome ;)07:05
falloreMasterShrek: yes it does07:05
profxsorry nickrud ?07:05
MasterShreki use xchat in kde07:05
Plen0xSo, since I can't seem to find anything that works on the forum or google, I'll ask a question I'm sure you've all heard. How do I get the gnome foot instead of ubuntu logo?07:06
profxthis is my third SATA in this system, do I want it to be a primary ?07:06
MasterShrekfallore, then i dont konw for sure, let me find something really quick....07:06
ygorabreusry..en english... hello guys..does any1 know a script to install the amsn messenger 0.97final..not the beta version...if anyone could send me i'd be glad :D07:06
falloreMasterShrek: np, ty07:06
nickrudprofx: not sure, but I think it's the partition table type. mneptok reminded me that not all partition tables are msdos types07:06
jasmin__dhq@dhq-laptop:~$ compiz --replace07:06
jasmin__Checking for Xgl: not present.07:06
jasmin__Blacklisted PCIID '8086:2a02' found07:06
jasmin__aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity07:06
jasmin__no /usr/bin/metacity found, exiting07:06
FloodBot2jasmin__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:06
MasterShrekfallore, hit alt+f2 and type: gksudo nvidia-xconfig07:06
profxnickrud, any suggestoion on what to choose ?07:06
nickrudprofx:   cfdisk   :)07:07
KrisWoodwoot, I've got FTP :D07:07
KrisWoodThanks MasterShrek that was quite painless07:07
profxo, so Primary for it fine ?07:07
profxor logical ?07:07
falloreMasterShrek: nothing seems to have happened.07:07
ere4siPlen0x, you can go to gnome-look.org and find a theme that does that07:07
MasterShrekno problem KrisWood07:07
nickrudprofx: first three partitions primary, then an extended and any others logical07:07
Plen0xere4si, want to suggest one? I can't find anything.07:07
nickrudprofx: my style anyway07:07
benzsshow do i make something the default program to open a filetype?07:08
KrisWoodnumber one best thing about Ubuntu: No matter what stupid question I've got on any given day, someone else has had it before, and if I google it, most of the time it finds me an answer on the ubuntu forums or other parts of the ubuntu site :D07:08
ere4siPlen0x, I use fluxbox atm...07:08
MasterShrekfallore, im not sure then, i always install the driver manually from nvidia's website and it has the xconfig program, i always thought it had it with ubuntu too, maybe you need another package, but i have no idea which one07:08
falloreMasterShrek: i hope you wont be offended then if i ask the rest of the channel?07:08
profxdisk type ?07:08
profx83 Linux ?07:09
nickrudjasmin__: wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist , also has instructions on how to override that error07:09
Plen0xere4si, sigh. Know the name of one offhand? All themes I've tried from there just keep the same icon07:09
profxi dont see EXT nor Reser07:09
MasterShreknot at all fallore, in the meantime im going to search it for you07:09
fallorecan canyone help me obtain the nvidia control panel?07:09
nickrudjasmin__: look up to my previous line to you07:09
falloreMasterShrek: i really appreciate it!07:09
profxin cfdisk... 83 Linux ?07:09
nickrudprofx: yes07:10
MasterShrekfallore, try: sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig07:10
MasterShrekprofx, yea07:10
ere4siPlen0x, try this - http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-260362.html07:10
profxfallore, aptitude search nvidia07:10
* nickrud is sad, canonical support is 'strongly' recommending not recommending aptitude07:10
falloreMasterShrek: i got an error while installing07:11
MasterShreknickrud, do they recommend using the command line at all? :)07:11
MasterShrekfallore, whats the error?07:11
MasterShrekpackage not found?07:11
falloreMasterShrek: PMed07:12
nickrudMasterShrek: yeah, something about the 'uber-geek' package management people saying apt-get is getting updates and don't guarantee aptitude will keep up. Not sure of the details07:12
=== UnsafeData is now known as HumanOdyssey
MasterShrekic, very interesting07:13
profxapt-get over aptitude ?07:13
nickrudyup. I keep having to backspace07:13
profxi liked aptitude :(07:13
HumanOdysseyafter changing the settings of ubuntu to plugnplay instead of generic i had more screen resolutions available - logged out, logged back in, everything fine. for three days i was using windows for other reasons then when i finally decided to use ubuntu i had a problem. said all screen resolutions failed, [it weas a command line, didn't go into gnome] then gave me a login. logged in, then it was07:15
HumanOdysseycommand line07:15
HumanOdysseywhat do i do07:15
* MasterShrek likes compiling from source :)07:15
HumanOdysseyi dont know anything about the command line and it's ironic because i was going into gnome so i can look off a site to learn how to use the command line and to use the terminal there to practice since i really wanted to try to learn it.. ironic aint it07:15
* nickrud abjectly admits his utter reliance on apt because he's too lazy to compile07:16
cjoneshow do i find the ip address of my cable modem ?07:16
* MasterShrek doesnt run a debian-based distro07:17
MasterShrekcjones, are you behind a router?07:17
jasmin__nickrud: An error occurred while loading http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist:07:17
cjonesno just my modem07:17
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
cjonesit should be 192.168.?07:17
MasterShrekcjones, ifconfig in a terminal should tell ya07:17
nickrudjasmin__: hm, the site seems down, a sec07:17
MasterShrekcjones, i dont think itll be 192.168...07:18
HumanOdysseyis anyone currently typing a solution to my problem.. just copy what you typed and say okay so i won't be waiting for nothing07:18
cjoneswhy do you say that07:18
MasterShrekcjones, if you were behind a router it would most likely be07:18
cjonesno my modem does nat07:18
Ashfire908is there a command line program that will alphabatize stuff piped to it?07:18
justin111Hey everyone good evening i was wondering if i could get some help it would be nice. ok my problem is starting teamspeak when i try to do so the screen fades like it does when it asks for the sudo password but it never comes up after waiting for a while i give up and restart X/end session (Ctrl Alt Backspace) when i do so it brings me to the kernel (at least i think) the a whole bunch of @ signs show up for a few seconds then it says som07:18
justin111similar to "Argh the driver is NULL" after a few seconds it goes to an screen with the text bar blinking then black then back 3 times then takes me to the login screen i have no idea what is going wrong help would be much appreciated. i need to get onto my clans TS server ASAP so help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance07:18
profxwow justin111 use pastebin next time07:19
MasterShrekcjones, oh, i was not aware that your modem did nat, never heard of such a thing, then it couldbe 192.168...07:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:19
Plen0xere4si, meh. No luck.07:19
profxur flooding07:19
nickrudcjones: http://whatsmyip.org/07:19
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ /usr/bin/lshal > ~/tmp/lshal.out" prints a line "Dumping 92 device(s) from the Global Device List:" What program compiles the 'Global Devices List'?07:19
MasterShrek!paste | cjones07:19
ubotucjones: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:19
profxmoanmyip.org :)07:19
justin111sorry i was just trying to explain my problem07:19
justin111and what is pastebin07:19
profxok, so how do I add this new one to my fstab, do I need the UUID ?07:19
profx!pastebin | justin11107:20
ubotujustin111: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:20
cjonesjustinlll you can past large text in ther so you dont flood the room07:20
keramhow can i connect to a vpn with ubuntu?07:20
keramis there an easy way07:20
nickrudjustin111: better question, just long :)  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak?highlight=%28teamspeak%29 might help07:20
Ashfire908is there a command line program that will alphabatize stuff piped to it?07:21
keramAshfire908, sort07:21
nickrudAshfire908:   sort07:21
MasterShrek!vpn | keram07:21
ubotukeram: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD07:21
keramex: ls | sort07:21
jasmin__nickrud: http://pastebin.dylanhq.com/9307:21
HumanOdysseyokay i went to use ubuntu and i just saw a command line saying all screen resolutions failed (listing screen resolutions) and then i logged in, since it was a command line [which im not familiar with i'm a noob btw] and then it was just.. the regular command line, i dunno where to go from there to get into gnome help07:21
oddalotcan someone please help me, i have tried everything07:22
oddaloti can't get my mintor to the correct refresh rate07:22
oddalotit only displays at 60hz, and is hurting my eyes07:22
oddalotmy only options will be *dum da dum* windows07:23
profxhmm, ok, so I did those two previous commands to partition my drive, now I went to 'check' it in Gparted, and I have a flag on it, 'e2label: bad magic number in superblock while trying to open /dev/sdc1 couldnt find valid superblock'07:23
justin111nickrud: i allready have it installed but thanks anyways07:23
profx!enter | oddalot07:23
ubotuoddalot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:23
nickrudjasmin__: if you look at the second link I gave you, it lists your 965 as blacklisted, you can run    SKIP_CHECKS=yes compiz to test, then use the fix further down the page if it works. The problem with the 965 is video playback07:23
timoboddalot: check your horizsync and vertrefresh settings07:23
justin111does anyone know what my problem could be07:23
keramMasterShrek, is that for vpn server?07:23
oddaloti can't get any specs for this monitor, it's too old07:23
oddaloti guessed what the package reconfigured at07:24
MasterShrekkeram, not sure exactly, i have very little knowledge on vpn, and even less on vpn in linux, i was just hoping that would get you a start07:24
oddalotat it only likes 60hz07:24
keramMasterShrek, oh07:24
fallorehello everyone. i've got nvidia-settings running and nvidia restricted drivers installed and applied. i'm trying to display ubuntu via a projector but even in the native resolution of 1920x1024 its cutting off the left and right and top and bottom. does anyone know how to fix this?07:24
oddalotfallore....my monitor is screwed too07:25
justin111does anyone know what my problem could be07:25
falloreoddalot: monitor or projector?07:25
* nickrud strokes his perfectly working ati07:25
oddalotof course...07:25
profxoddalot,  dpkg-reconfigure07:25
falloreoooh i think i just fixed it, overscan problem on projector07:25
profxhmm, ok, so I did those two previous commands to partition my drive, now I went to 'check' it in Gparted, and I have a flag on it, 'e2label: bad magic number in superblock while trying to open /dev/sdc1 couldnt find valid superblock'07:26
fallorehere to hoping this looks right when it comes back on screen07:26
oddaloti'm stilled pwned here07:26
nickrudprofx:   you ran   sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdc1  ?07:26
MasterShrekgrats fallore :)07:26
profxnick yep07:26
MasterShrekoddalot, what gfx card are you using?07:27
oddalotnvidia fx560007:27
profxe2label, seems alot like my previous 'gparted' label issue07:27
nickrudprofx: try  sudo e2label  my_external  (or some other label)07:27
nickrudprofx: guessing based on the error, never seen that one myslef07:27
falloremy trash is in the middle of the bottom taskbar scunching up all my other windows, how do i move it?07:27
MasterShrekoddalot, do you have the proprietary nvidia drivers installed? i dunno if u mentioned this before and i dont feel like scrolling07:28
shady_incI am having a problem with Gparted07:28
justin111grr i never get help in this channel they should have this channel as the randomness channel and there should be a dedicated support channel07:28
oddalotwell..i have the restricted ones07:28
oddalotare those the proprietary?07:28
profxno go with e2label07:28
shady_incIt shows my entire partition as unformatted07:28
mark[oz]justin111: whats wrong?07:28
MasterShrekoddalot, yes07:28
oddaloti mean07:28
oddaloti'm running compiz fine07:28
profxnickrud, do I need the UUID to add it to fstab ?07:29
oddalotit's just really weird, only refresh rate that displays correctly is 60hz07:29
oddalotall the othe ones jiggle around07:29
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto07:29
Ashfire908how would i search files for a given string, like grep does, but just output the file matched and not the text line matched?07:29
profx!enter | oddalot07:29
ubotuoddalot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:29
nickrudprofx: it's a good idea to use the uuid ,   blkid   will tell you what it is07:29
pewpewpewholy christ, gutsy is boring07:30
rredd4_when I open wallpaper-tray, it won't open and I get an error that says: no wallpapers found, update your config to include one valid dir or add some wallpapers to your dir.  I have not been able to config this program.  what do I do?  I have uninstalled and reinstalled, same error.07:30
pewpewpewi don't run into problems since weeks07:30
nickrudjustin111: the biggest issue is teamspeak isn't an ubuntu provided piece of software, this channel is oriented to that not proprietary crap07:30
timobAshfire908: grep -l07:30
profxnickrud, not listed under blkid07:30
pewpewpewthat's not the linux thrill i once knew.07:30
Ahmuckis there a reason why my zip drive is not showing up as an icon on my desktop ?07:30
SJrXWhat do you do again whin you corrupt a terminal, like when you cat /dev/urandom to your terminal. There is a way to fix it07:30
MasterShrekpewpewpew, sad eh? ;)07:30
ochosihi, can i change totems config in a file somewhere? cause i was using compiz-fusion with xgl a while ago and there totem worked, now it just stopped working07:30
MasterShrekSJrX, ctrl+c ?07:31
shady_incI am having a problem with Gparted.It shows my entire partition as unformatted07:31
profxshady_inc, new drive ?07:31
dogssonwhen you read(maybe too fast) does your eyes look creeepy? can someone beat me up for it? i know i got beat up once but a African Sudan guy. what to do? :D thank you07:31
MasterShrekshady_inc, format it?07:31
timobgutsy has disappointed me too07:31
shady_inc3 yrs old07:31
Ashfire908can i pipe files to be deleted to rm?07:31
SJrXno MasterShrek07:31
MasterShrek!offtopic | dogsson07:32
ubotudogsson: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:32
nickrudprofx: dang, there's a command to read it from the partition, but I don't remember it ...  rebooting would reset blkid :)07:32
pewpewpewMasterShrek: it kinda is! i think its time to switch to gentoo and mess my sleeping habits up a nodge07:32
timobAshfire908: you could use command substitution or xargs ...07:32
Aquahallicevenin' folks07:32
Ashfire908(i'm cleaning out my irc logs of pm floods/spam)07:32
profxill reboot07:32
profxthats not an issue07:32
=== mark_ is now known as Shinma
Ashfire908timob, so no?07:32
shady_incit is formatted it has 2 NTFS,one / one /home and one swap partition07:32
MasterShrekpewpewpew, i find gentoo a waste of time, slackware is wehre its at :)07:32
pewpewpewMasterShrek: Could you enlighten me about the key differences?07:33
nickrudarchaic distros, both07:33
ShinmaI am having an unusual problem, when my monitor gets shutoff by DPMS it wont come back (seems the computer freezes as the caps lock key shows nothing on the keyboard)07:33
justin111i like gentoo but im still a linux nub07:33
timobAshfire908: it there a few files you could do rm $(grep -l mysearchstring *)07:33
shady_incIt happened only after I created the /home partition07:33
Shinmaim using 7.10, Samsung SyncMaster 225BW display, ATI 8.10 drivers and an ATI X160007:33
AquahallicI've been looking at some of the different features of compiz fusion... I see that some people have a smaller cube than others..... is there somewhere I can set this cube size???07:33
pewpewpewAquahallic: Grab CCSM, you can set it up there.07:34
justin111someday im going to take a gentoo kernel and do all that fancy stuff with it cross-compile compile flags just for my system07:34
MasterShrekpewpewpew, mostly the package management and default software, although slackware's package manager doesnt get programs from the internet, gentoo has to compile every single package that it installs, takes like a week to get a system up and running lol07:34
nickrud!ccsm | Aquahallic07:34
ubotuAquahallic: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion07:34
Ashfire908timob, i'm passes the filenames to grep from find -exec07:34
ere4siPlen0x, care for another read? - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6457&page=507:34
MasterShrekpewpewpew, slackware has packages that can just be installed without compiling, although you will probably do a fair share of compiling, its much less than what you would end up doing in gentoo07:34
Aquahallicahh... have it.. but I don't see where I'd set it...:/07:34
shady_incNo one here knows about it.?07:35
=== Absurdo1 is now known as Absurdo
rredd4_how do I uninstall wallpaper-tray and associated files completely?  apt-get remove only does wallpaper-tray.07:35
timobAshfire908: you could use a  for loop ....07:35
pewpewpewAquahallic: Let me help you out. Sec.07:35
MasterShrekshady_inc, you have 5 partitions on the drive? are you using an extended partition? must be...07:35
Aquahallicthank you07:35
oddalotall that command did is restart my computer07:35
ScorpKinghi everyone. how can i assign a static ip to a network bridge?07:35
Shinmaanyone have any ideas about my display isuse?07:36
pewpewpewAquahallic: System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Effect Settings07:36
nickrudrredd4_: the remve removes all files associated with the package wallpaper-tray ...07:36
Aquahallicyup.. in there07:36
shady_incyeah, the / partition is extended partition, I think07:36
pewpewpewThen you click on "rotate cube"07:36
timobAshfire908: you could use -print in find to only print when grep returns true07:36
rajasunrredd4_: sudo apt-get --purge remove wallpaper-tray or sudo dpkg -P wallpaper-tray07:36
pewpewpewand down there is a "Zoom" slider07:36
AquahallicI just don't see where that setting is at for the cube size itself07:36
rredd4_rajasun ty07:36
nicholaspaulMy DVD burner will read discs, but I can't burn DVDs. App says there is a disc, but burning fails right away. What gives??????????????????????07:37
Aquahallicthank you...;)07:37
profxlast column in fstab means ?07:37
grekkos_does anyone know how to take video screen captures?07:37
pewpewpewno problem07:37
MasterShrekshady_inc, if i remember correctly, and extended partition allows for 4 more partitions, but it would take the place of one of your 4 allowed primary partitions, therefore there should be 2 partitions that are part of the extended07:37
nicholaspaulgrekkos_: hit PrtScr on keyboard07:37
=== grekkos_ is now known as grekkos
profxnicholaspaul, the excessive question marks really arent necessary07:37
mark[oz]does anyone know how to use google :)07:37
nickrudgrekkos_: gtk-recordmydesktop07:37
nicholaspaulsorry profx07:37
Shinmai do, but couldnt find and answer to my question07:37
travisatwhats google?07:37
pewpewpewgrekkos: xvidcap should do the trick as well07:38
profxnicholaspaul, maybe the error might prove to be a bit more useful07:38
grekkospewpewpew: i had problems with xvidcap07:38
ere4siShinma, it might be a bios setting - check your powersaving settings and how the comp is allowed to wakeup07:38
Ashfire908timob, huh?07:38
nickrud!cn | ilzz07:38
ubotuilzz: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:38
grekkospewpewpew: the video got distorted in the areas that moved (i.e. the mouse trail)07:38
MasterShreki always used xvidcap07:38
nicholaspaulprofx. error? it says 'burning failed.' Do some apps give more info? I've tried a few.07:38
Jasmin_nickrud: i did that command then my pc was hang07:38
Shinmaere4si: i dual boot vista (trying to quit it) and vista doesnt have the same issue at all07:38
MasterShrekbut its been awhile, and it probably doesnt play well with compiz07:38
rajasunilzz:try  /j #ubuntu-zh maybe07:38
shady_incI am not very sure about which partition is extended.Will sudo fdisk -l help.?07:38
pewpewpewgrekkos: hm. your video drivers aren't a problem i suppose?07:39
ilzzsorry, i enter a wrong room``07:39
MasterShrekshady_inc, most likely07:39
nickrudJasmin_: then you probably shouldn't run compiz, your card has been blacklisted for a good reason I guess07:39
grekkospewpewpew: i'm using the restricted ones and they seem to be working pretty well07:39
Ashfire908timob, you know the thing to tell find to have the filename not have something in the name?07:39
VvWolverinevVhi, can anyone tell me how to have ktorrent skip the included files dialogue after you open a torrent file?07:39
grekkospewpewpew: fglrx for ATI07:39
ScorpKingshady_inc: sudo cfdisk /dev/sd? works as well07:39
pewpewpewcan't help you then, never actually used xvidcap. and i'm on nvidia07:39
nemilarAshfire908: you could pipe a find to a grep -v07:40
jscinozhey guys, im running gutsy on a dell xps m1330, it has a core2duo cpu and /proc/cpuinfo states it also supports hyperthreading, however i cant find anything about hyperthreading in my bios, and gnome-system-monitor just shows the two physical cores. How can i enable hyperthreading on this cpu and then have 4 logical cpus.07:40
Jasmin_nickrud: now what doi hav to do for that07:40
shady_inc  FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive  Press any key to exit cfdisk07:40
shady_incthis on doing sudo cfdisk /dev/sd07:40
rredd4_rajasun that didn't work, I installed it again, and i still get "no wallpapers were found..." error and cannot get into the config window.  any ideas?07:40
ScorpKingshady_inc: sudo cfdisk /dev/sda or whatever it is07:40
nicholaspaulprofx: If I may copy/paste ONE line ....07:40
nickrudJasmin_: get a different video card, or maybe wait till a better driver for your intel 965 comes out. compiz is still really new and doesn't work on all cards07:40
Jasmin_nickrud: i hav intel graphics card07:40
timobAshfire908: find ! -name 'mystring'07:40
Shinmajscinoz: i dont think HT works like that? I mean I could be wrong, but I thought HT was just a fast bus for instructions to get from one part of the chip to the other07:41
timobor myglobstring07:41
shady_incoops,   FATAL ERROR: Bad logical partition 6: enlarged logical partitions overlap  Press any key to exit cfdisk07:41
MasterShreki believe you are right Shinma07:41
grekkospewpewpew: problem could have just been that i was using a 3D program..07:41
nickrudJasmin_: a cheap nvidia 6200 works really well07:41
nicholaspaulprofx: the error I get in Gnomebaker is:  :-[ READ DISC INFORMATION failed with SK=3h/ASC=57h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error07:41
ScorpKingshady_inc: you'll have to fix that with fdisk somehow07:42
Ashfire908timob, i don't know much about bash's functions, do i have to escape !07:42
MasterShrekjscinoz, isnt a core2duo just a dual core? you shouldnt have 4 i dont think07:42
ShinmaI am having an unusual problem, when my monitor gets shutoff by DPMS it wont come back (seems the computer freezes as the caps lock key shows nothing on the keyboard). I'm using a Samsung 225BW with the latest official ATI driver and an ATI X1600. No errors or anything, but checking xset q shows my DPMS settings get reset all the time07:42
Shinmato 0 0 0 i mean07:42
Jasmin_nickrud: but i hav intel so now itel doesnt work compiz ?07:42
Jasmin_err intel07:42
nickrudJasmin_: not the 965 , or many versions of it07:42
timobAshfire908: no ! does not need to be escaped, here is an example ... find ! -name '*.txt'07:43
shady_incSo, I guess it will be better asking in ubuntuforums.?07:43
nickrudJasmin_: that page I gave you is the official info from the compiz developers07:43
MasterShrekshady_inc, or in #linux maybe07:43
nicholaspaulDoes anyone know if there are drivers that I might need for a DVD-RW ?07:43
nicholaspaulaint it plug n pray?07:43
Jasmin_nickrud: ok any other idea u hav to use on intel07:44
MasterShreknicholaspaul, i wouldnt think you need drivers for it07:44
slaaniDoes anyone have a wireless utility that they'd endorse?  Something graphical I can use to view signal strength, encryption type, etc on available networks would be just dandy.07:44
rredd4_nickrud after i uninstalled wallpaper-tray, I installed it again, and i still get "no wallpapers were found..." error and cannot get into the config window.  any ideas?07:44
rajasunrredd4: sorry wasn't around earlier, so may have missed the earlier convo but did you install wallpaper-tray off the official repo or di you compile from source? sudo apt-get --purge remove wallpaper-tray should have remove the package and purged any configs it may have. although user-specific i.e. those not meant for all other users you may have on your system may remain in perhaps say ~/.wallpaper-tray07:44
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: it reads, but wont write DVDs. I get the error: :-[ READ DISC INFORMATION failed with SK=3h/ASC=57h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error07:44
nicholaspaul(at least my question marks got attention, but they didnt get an answer....)07:45
Plen0xeshear, no luck. Tried all these so far :P07:45
nickrudJasmin_: nope. But you might be able to find someone active on #compiz-fusion with more insight07:45
Jasmin_nickrud: ok thanks07:45
MasterShreknicholaspaul, i dont use gnome, much less gnome-baker, but you can install k3b (its a kde program, so youll itll install some kde libraries) it will run under gnome, and i havent found a better cd/dvd burning program for linux yet07:45
rredd4_rajasun i am only user, yes installed off of official repo, did not compile.  I copy pasted your command07:46
Jasmin_nickrud: i wil try on that chenal07:46
Shinmaok ill ask in the forums , thanks anyway07:46
Plen0xeshear, even. Read up :P07:46
Plen0xDamn it >.<07:46
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: I've tried Gnomebaker, Brasero, Graveman, K3b, .... they all fail.07:46
profxstill having issues mounting, mount -a gives 'mount error 111 = connecton refused'07:46
nickrudrredd4_: I've never used the program, so I'm checking it out07:46
rredd4_nickrud ok07:47
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
profxasking me to look at man mount.cifs, yet its 'suppose' to be ext307:47
MasterShreknicholaspaul, interesting, i dunno what to tell ya then, try alt+f2 and typing: gksudo gnome-baker and try to burn it using administrator privlidges07:47
rredd4_rajasun i googled the error, no luck07:47
rajasunrredd4_: Hmmm strange. I don't use wallpaper-tray to manage my wallpapers. I have webilder-gnome - grab it from www.getdeb.org - to do it for me.07:47
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: hmm good call. I'll give it a shot. Thanks man!07:48
MasterShrekno prob nicholaspaul good luck :)07:48
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: I'm going in....07:48
* nicholaspaul holds nose.07:48
* MasterShrek grabs a snorkel07:49
nickrudrredd4_: it core dumped on me. And, the configuration dialog is _ancient_ , I think this is an app that needs to be dropped or given a lot of love07:49
rredd4_i agree07:50
nortyI have a drive that I can access through places > computer and then i see the icon, double click it, put in the password and it is then mounted. How do I have it automatically mount when I log in? note: i am running ubuntu 7.10 and the drive is in ntfs format since i used it to store files when I am on xp since my computer has 2 OSs (XP and ubuntu)..?07:50
Cpudan80norty: edit /etc/fstab07:50
MasterShrek!fstab | norty07:50
ubotunorty: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:50
jrib!ntfs > norty (read the private message from ubotu)07:50
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: poo. Gnomebaker won't even startup. Not with ALTF2 and/or commandline.07:50
travisathave fun with fstab in gutsy uuid sucks07:50
MasterShrek!ntfs | norty07:51
ubotunorty: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE07:51
travisatwell it doesn't suck but for me it is craziness07:51
MasterShreknicholaspaul, eww, k3b?07:51
nickrudtravisat: get used to it, it's going to adopted everywhere soon07:51
MasterShrektravisat, you dont HAVE to use uuid07:51
rredd4_nickrud i will just remove it, forever07:51
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: alrighty07:51
* MasterShrek wont conform07:51
nickrudrredd4_: I beat you to it07:51
travisatI suppose I don't have to, its just that it took me forever to get a seperate home partition up because I didn't realize I needed to put the uuid instead of the /dev/foo in fstab07:52
nickrudMasterShrek: first time the kernel changes device id's out from under you, you will come in. Maybe kicking and screaming, but come in :07:52
rajasunrredd4_: one radical...could be extreme solution...do a dpkg -L wallpaper-tray, note down all the files the package installs and their locations, do a sudo apt-get --purge remove wallpaper-tray, then check to see manually if each and every file of wallpaper-tray's has indeed been removed by the apt-get --purge remove operation. If not remove them manually via sudo rm -r /path/to/file.07:52
travisatmy only issue with uuid is that it is so big07:53
nickrudand fugly07:53
travisatif I had to do some grub editting in grub, my life might be bad07:53
MasterShreknickrud, why and when would the kernel do such a thing? ive compiled many many kernels and never had a problem with it07:53
rredd4_rajasun ok, ty07:53
rajasunrredd4: np07:53
slaaniDoes anyone have a wireless utility that they'd endorse?  Something graphical I can use to view signal strength, encryption type, etc on available networks would be just dandy.  Thanks in advance.07:54
MasterShreki always thought the uuid thing was for if you were to phyiscally move the drive, say on a different controller07:54
nickrudMasterShrek: I'm not really up on all the stuff, but that's why the uuid's are coming in. And it is kinda nice. I split a partition in two (before my linux partitions) and didn't have to edit fstab even though the /dev/hdX changed for everything (did have to make one change to grub, though)07:54
rredd4_rajasun does webilder change desktop pics at a specified time interval?07:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libata - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:55
ubotuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)07:55
MasterShrekic, im sure it will make things easier in the long run, but it will be quite a pain to adapt imho07:55
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: k3b run as root seems to try a bit harder, but still fails. I have a loooong error log if you like...07:56
MasterShreknicholaspaul, if you want to pastebin it ill take a look, but no promises :)07:56
nickrudMasterShrek: as soon as grub uses uuid's for (hdx,x) in it's stanza's it will really be good07:56
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: hehe thanks! wheres the pastebin (me forgot)07:57
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:57
rajasunrredd4_: yes...but I disabled that option on my desktop machine. It actually does more than that, it can download wallpapers off flickr and other sites you specify.07:57
rredd4_rajasun ty07:57
travisatwell if the uuid was somewhat shorter I would have no problem, or if there was an easy way to change the uuid to something user entered like home root var etc07:57
MasterShreknickrud, i suppose, it will make it much less confusing when configuring grub since it starts at 0 instead of 107:57
rajasunrredd4: np07:58
nicholaspaulfanks MasterShrek07:58
nickrudMasterShrek: the only real pain I've run into is dd copies over the uuid to the new partition. Confuses the heck out of linux07:58
nickrudwhen there are two identical uuid's07:59
MasterShrekooh, never thought about that, definately that would be a pain07:59
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: my error is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/07:59
MasterShreki always thought uuid was a hardware identifier of some sort or something07:59
nickrudtune2fs -U  random writes a new unique uuid to the partition though08:00
MasterShrekoh, i didnt know that08:00
nickrudI went round and round with a guy that did a dd , finally learned enough to sort it out08:01
MasterShreknicholaspaul, you call that a long log? lol08:01
MasterShreknicholaspaul, looks like growisofs is the culprit08:01
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: um... well, i'm not too patient when it comes to.. oh look a bug on my ceiling... where was I?08:01
nickrudanyway, it's a night see you all later08:01
MasterShreklater nickrud08:01
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: who is Growisofs?08:02
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growisofsI am groisofs08:02
kr00lI would like some help with my audio. I can't get my microphone to work correctly08:02
=== growisofs is now known as travisat
MasterShreknicholaspaul, its a program, something to do with the burning process08:02
MasterShreklol @ travisat08:02
nicholaspaulhallo growisofs!08:02
nicholaspaulshould i reinstall it or something? MasterShrek08:03
MasterShreknicholaspaul, not sure exactly what the problem would be though08:03
MasterShreki doubt reinstalling growisofs is going to do it, maybe upgrading it08:03
MasterShrekis your system up-to-date?08:03
nicholaspaulyea, i do all upgrades immediately.08:04
josh__nick pandab34r08:04
=== josh__ is now known as pandab34r
nicholaspaulaltho i'm only on 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon08:04
pandab34rdoes anyone know if knapster works in ubuntu?08:05
MasterShreknicholaspaul, thats the latest stable version, i wouldnt even begin to suggest upgrading to hardy08:05
MasterShrek!p2p | pandab34r08:05
ubotupandab34r: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information08:05
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: oh ok. And this is a brand new burner. I seriously doubt thats the culprit...08:06
pandab34rIm not talking about p2p... mostly just napster b/c i already have the service08:07
MasterShreknicholaspaul, brand new eh? possibly is a driver issue then, you may need an updated kernel, which probably wont be available until 8.04, unless you compile one manually08:07
Jasmin_nickrud: hey can u giv that link to me again08:07
MasterShreknicholaspaul, you may have been right from the beginning after all lol08:08
nortywhat is the command to unmount a disk?08:08
MasterShrekJasmin_, he left, ill get it for you though08:08
MasterShreknorty, umount08:08
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: hahaha!! me? right? yikes....08:08
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: i'm not keen on compiling anything myself....i guess i could google the model no. of the drive.08:09
Jasmin_MasterShrek: ok08:09
nortyit says umount: sda1 is not mounted (according to mtab) .. ?08:10
MasterShrekJasmin_, i guess i lied, i cant scroll up far enough :(08:10
dogssonwhat happens if your lips and faces are dry? and do you care about bottom of my feet?08:10
MasterShreknorty, used sudo?08:10
travisat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/08:10
travisat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/08:10
travisat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/08:10
travisat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/08:10
travisat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/08:10
FloodBot2travisat: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:11
travisat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/53528/08:11
nortyha forgot that but now it says umount: sda4: not found08:11
nortydo i need the directory like /etc/sda508:11
MasterShreknicholaspaul, its not as hard as you might think, but you would probably need a guide, and im too tired tonight to help ya08:11
travisatthat wasn nicholaspaul link08:11
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travisatmy middle mouse button stuck08:11
Jasmin_MasterShrek: ok08:11
nortynevermind got it08:12
dogsson how many words do you read at once?08:12
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: ya, i'm heading to bed soon too, i was just googling and it does seem to be an issue with Ubuntu.08:14
kr00lCan someone help me with audio problems?08:14
MasterShreknicholaspaul, probably that the kernel isnt the most bleeding-edge08:15
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: ahh. one bug reporter claimed forcing 6x speed worked...weird!08:15
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MasterShreknicholaspaul, can you do me a favor though, in a terminal type: uname -r    and give me the output?08:16
MasterShreknicholaspaul, that may be worth a try08:16
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: sure08:17
jscinozshinma, HT lets one or more phsyical cores act as two logical cores08:17
MasterShrekjust so i know what version ubuntu is running on, since im not using it, would be kinda nice to know08:17
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: 2.6.22-14-38608:17
mkquistkr00l: this always has helped me... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544908:17
mkquistkr00l: give it a look see08:17
nicholaspaulMasterShrek:  i even tried silly things like changing the disc name, but even making an image fails, so its not the DVDRW08:18
MasterShrekthanks nicholaspaul, i jsut wanted to know for my knowledge, 2.6.24 was released today, if you want i can help you compile it sometime08:18
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: oh cool. Is there a GUI way to get 2.6.24?08:19
MasterShreknot that i know of08:19
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: ( Oh it looks like making an image works... Simulating didnt work.)08:19
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: dang! LOL08:19
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MasterShreknicholaspaul, learn to love the command line, only then will you realize the true power of linux08:19
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: i do some stuff with the command line, but by the end of the day i'm a bit lazy!! I'm not afraid of it, i just dont usually have the time to spend all night Googling, ya know.08:20
KrisWoodanyone know where ubuntu puts the apache2 httpd.conf file by default?08:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about httpd.conf - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:21
travisatwell the thing is once you learn to use the command line you can get done faster using the command line then the gui08:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apache2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:21
* KrisWood sighs08:21
MasterShreknicholaspaul, i hear ya08:21
zhan_zrnicholaspaul: Command line is a cool girl. If you understand her,then you will fall in love with her.08:21
MasterShrekKrisWood, /etc/httpd or /etc/apache2 i think08:21
KrisWoodah ha! /etc/apache2 was it, thanks!08:22
nicholaspaulzhan_zr: my wife might get jealous....08:22
MasterShrekno problem08:22
MasterShreknicholaspaul, introduce her :)08:22
DoomGuardget a new wife :P08:22
jfuirnefjdkI don't believe in global warming.08:22
nelsonuwp"can't access tty" anyone got any tips?08:22
CVDc ya later08:22
nicholaspaulMasterShrek: lol08:23
jfuirnefjdkThat TTY error is very annoying.08:23
nelsonuwpwhat is it08:23
nelsonuwpi can't run ubuntu live OR windows vista08:23
jfuirnefjdkI have no idea. I avoid it by downloading a different release.08:23
* MasterShrek is going to bed, g'nite every108:23
nicholaspaulnite MasterShrek thanks for your help and patience08:24
MasterShrekno problem nicholaspaul08:24
nicholaspaulnite all08:25
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nelsonuwpIs there anyone in here who can actually help?08:28
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ /usr/bin/lshal > ~/tmp/lshal.out" prints a line "Dumping 92 device(s) from the Global Device List:" What program compiles the 'Global Device List'?08:28
drgebYeeeehaaa Got my DiNovo keyboard working in Ubuntu Gutsy!!!08:29
drgeb1 down 4 to go.08:30
travisatwhat mouse you got?08:30
drgebI have not bought a mouse yet :( need to research and figure out which one I want to get08:31
travisatah kk, just trying to find someone with a razer, thought that I might get lucky since you got a nice kb08:31
drgebI am thinking of getting the Logitech QuickCam® Pro 900008:32
travisatnever had any use for a cam myself08:32
nortyi want a program to start automatically when i log in, how do i do that?08:33
travisatin gnome?08:33
drgeboh I just met this girl who now moved to NY she is an Opera singer we have been calling back and forth each day taught maybe cool to get a couple of cams08:33
travisatsystem -> administration -> services08:33
travisatwait crap ubuntu changed that08:34
nortyim running ubuntu 7.1008:34
ere4sisystem - pref - login - startup08:34
nortyisn't there like a sessions file or something08:34
Gokee2Hello all, I am trying to compile htk (I want to try simon) with now it says "/usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory" if I try and compile htk.  I guess that is because I need to compile it at 32 bits?  If I do that I will also need to compile simon and its library at 32 bits?  How would I compile something at 32 bits?  I read http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-564092.html and the article it li08:35
Gokee2nked to but it never got around to telling my the flag  needed to give make.08:35
drgebone thing I have not been able to figure out is when Ubuntu starts up some messages are going to tty8 some to tty1 some messages get logged in dmesg some don't this is a bit frustrating is there away to guarantee that everything gets logged ?08:35
travisatclick the add button and add what you want to start08:35
CVDwireless per usb is working in ubuntu?08:35
bullgard4[Gutsy] Is the 'Documentation' folder originally contained in /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.22/ or in /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/?08:37
bullgard4drgeb: No.08:38
Leo1989Sorry for oftopic: is it possible to make Code::Blocks's auto-completion feature look like one from Visual Studio? I mean small colored squares instead of words like "function" etc?08:38
dogssonis jerky head/hand behavior crazy behavior or threatening behavior therefore mental illness? :D thank you08:38
phylogenesisIf I goto my network manager and a wireless connection is listed along with ESSID of my router, (not having set anything up myself yet) does that mean my card is supported by Ubuntu?08:39
dogssonis jerky head/hand behavior crazy behavior or threatening behavior therefore mental illness? :D thank you08:41
hwolffHello, does anyone know how to sync a Sony Ericsson W910i via Bluetooth?08:42
chazcoAnyone know if its possible to install a tasksel package via apt-get? (tasksel always hangs at 100%)08:43
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xoqai thought this channel was already being logged :\08:44
xoqaif i make ~/.xinitrc file, will it actually work?08:45
cox377Hey all, can anyone recommend a browser other than firefox / swiftfox? seems sooooo slow these days, on multiple machines08:45
xoqaor will kdm ignore the file?08:45
drgebbullgard4 so how does one know if your system is startingup ok ?08:45
Stupid^Kidexcuse me, i wonder how can i open file with php extension, and if i open it in firefox it will give me a dialog to download ......08:45
ijnhi all08:46
Starnestommycox377: I'd recommend epiphany or konqueror08:46
xoqacox377: i'll see if i can find the program.. but there's a lighter browser than firefox but which has more features than epiphany08:46
ijnanyone can sugest what hdd exterior to by that is working with ubuntu?08:46
xoqakonqueror only if you are using kde imo08:46
xoqakonqueror is my browser of choice08:47
bullgard4drgeb: I think there is no defintie answer to your question "if your system is startingup ok" in your strict sense.08:47
xoqabut i wouldn't like using it outside of kde08:47
jqkStupid^Kid:  install php5, libapache2-mod-php508:47
phylogenesisHow do I change the permissions (read-only) of a file on my comp?08:47
bullgard4drgeb: I think there is no definite answer to your question "if your system is startingup ok" in your strict sense.08:48
phylogenesisI can open it with sudo but if I just try to change the properties through the dialog box it says I don't have permission08:48
jqkphaidros: use chmod08:48
jqkphylogenesis: with sudo access.08:48
DoomGuardi think08:48
DoomGuardworks also08:48
Stupid^Kidjqk: i have installed them before it  but still won't work08:49
Starnestommysudo chmod o+w filename?08:49
travisator both chmod and chown08:49
jqkDoomGuard:  That's if he wants to take an ownership of a file/folder .. but that's not what he wants..08:49
ijnwhat hard disk should I buy that works best with lin ubuntu?08:49
jqkStupid^Kid:  how did you installed them?08:49
travisatijn: most hard disks work08:49
DoomGuardy i forgot sorry08:49
xoqacox377: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_web_browsers_for_Unix/Linux08:49
nortyQuestion: is there a good desktop calendar program? i've tried rainlendar2 but it doesn't seem to work and i dont want something like sunbird or evolution, i want it to be on my desktop and i can edit it and such.. ?08:49
ijnno driver needed08:49
bullgard4bullgard4: That is, most users can live with some warnings at startup.08:49
Stupid^Kidsudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php508:49
jqkDoomGuard:  He simply wants to change permission, which is chmod.08:49
jqksimilar to attrib on windows.08:49
phylogenesisAha, I think that would've worked, but it seems that my whole windows partition is read only now08:49
phylogenesisnot sure why but I'll get to that problem later, thanks08:50
bullgard4drgeb: That is, most users can live with some warnings at startup.08:50
cox377Starnestommy: is anyone finding the same problem?08:50
jqkphylogenesis: reboot your apache, to take effect.08:50
jqkrestart *08:50
travisatijn: drivers are already in the kernel for almost every hard drive, really old or really wierd ones aren't guarenteed to work but probably will, just get one from a major manufacturer like western digital or seagate and you should have no problems08:50
ijntravisat:cause most of hdd says that works for xp and mac08:50
Starnestommycox377: the speed's fine for me, but firefox uses too much memory08:51
jqkphylogenesis: You would need 3rd party utility, such as ntfs-3g to have read/write access on your ntfs partition.08:51
ijnok I see...:)08:51
smidgeyyyhello im totally new to linux/ubuntu and am trying to install on a partition.. can someone please help me? have no idea what this moount point stuff is08:51
travisatijn: that is because they don't provide drivers for linux08:51
jqk!install | smidgeyyy08:51
ubotusmidgeyyy: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:51
Starnestommysmidgeyyy: the main partition needs a mount point of /08:52
cox377Starnestommy: trouble is, under ubuntu firefox doesnt seem to like to handle more than 10 tabs other slows to a crawl08:52
ijnso what is the baest brand for a hdd?08:52
ijnwhat aould you preffer?08:52
jqkijn:  I prefer WD, and/or Maxtor.08:52
travisatijn: not really a best brand and no really loser brands out right now, I like WD personally08:52
norty Question: is there a good desktop calendar program? i've tried rainlendar2 but it doesn't seem to work and i dont want something like sunbird or evolution, i want it to be on my desktop and i can edit it and such.. ?08:52
falloreanyone installed xbmc onto your ubuntu?08:53
ijnin fact I need something around 50-80 gb08:53
ijnbut at 7200rpm08:53
smidgeyyyi partitioned a new drive in windows.. i clicked on the manual partion option now am presented with a /dev/sda and 3 seperate partions attached to it.. i can see the one i partioned earlier. based on its size and it has a mount point of /media/sda508:53
jqknorty: install gdesklet, and implement calender widget on it.. (if there is one)08:53
travisatijn: for internel you can get a 250gb for about 50-80 bucks08:53
ijnno only external im talking08:53
jqktravisat: you can get 500gb for 100 bucks.08:53
travisatjqk: I got a 500 for 100 bucks : )08:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xbmc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:54
jqktravisat: Nice..08:54
ijnok guys thanks a lot..:)08:54
jqkfallore:  I don't have xbox , sorry.08:54
dirkenhey, i just read the news about wine 0.9.54 and the photoshop support but i can't get the newest wine version installed :s i'm using ubuntu and using the winehq debian/ubuntu repo but the version that get's installed is 0.9.53 :s any help around?08:55
drgebwine-doors is pretty nice08:55
fallorejqk: xbmc can now be installed on ubuntu, not just xbox08:55
jfuirnefjdkHmm, Photoshop CS sounds good to me. I wonder if It will work with the trial?08:56
Stupid^Kidjqk: i just can't open it, and i install apache php5 and so on08:56
jqkfallore:  I know,08:56
jqkStupid^Kid:  restart your apache, to take effect .. I've said that ~5 min ago.08:56
dirkenjfuirnefjdk: i don't know but i wanne give it a try but can't get the right version installed through the official wine repo :s08:57
travisatdirken: if you can wait a couple days, the .9.54 was just released yesterday08:57
travisatso the binary for ubuntu might not be up yet08:57
jfuirnefjdkThe Ubuntu repository doesn't have the proper version?08:57
Stupid^Kidjqk: yea , i restart it but still nothing happen08:57
phylogenesisCan someone help me get my wireless connection working?  I can see my card, I've edited the settings, but when I try to connect it just says it's making the changes, then tells me I'm disconnected08:57
jfuirnefjdkPerhaps you should install from source if it doesn't.08:57
jqkStupid^Kid:  How did you restart it?08:57
phylogenesisthen it connects with the wired connection I'm on right now08:57
dirkentravisat: released yesterday, doesn't that mean that they should have updated their own repo's yesterday with the latest version?08:57
Alohaubuntu configures my network interface when my computer starts but i can't ping anyone. if i run /etc/init.d/network/networking restart it works again anyone know what the trouble might be?08:57
Stupid^Kid/etc/init.d/apache2 restart08:58
dirkenjfuirnefjdk: indeed, the ubuntu repo is still one version behind08:58
travisatdirken: no just because the sources are released doesn't mean the binary will be yet08:58
travisatdirken: should be up soon I would think08:58
jqkStupid^Kid:  Try testing php .. see if it works.08:59
dirkentravisat: ok thx a lot!!!08:59
jfuirnefjdkYeah I checked mine is indeed outdated.09:00
Stupid^Kidjqk: yes, it works09:00
jfuirnefjdkI'm going to go ask in #crossover which version of wine 6.2 pro is based on.09:00
travisatits really not outdated its just that the newest was just released yesterday, somebody volunteers their time to compile the source to make the ubuntu binary and hasn't got one up yet09:01
jfuirnefjdklol I didn't know it was released only yesterday?09:01
komputesDoes anyone know the minimum system requirements for JeOS? I can't find very much info on JeOS through google, is there a GUI window manager or is it all command line?09:01
travisatthe 54 was09:01
jqkStupid^Kid: No idea, you might want to ask in #Apache09:02
Stupid^Kidjqk: thank you09:03
nelsonuwpI know this is blasphemy but I have a windows question. Why does it take forever for my windows to boot... It's a clean install and I cant ever get it to go to the desktop09:03
nelsonuwpit doesnt work on ubuntu either, I get the tty error09:03
jfuirnefjdknelsonuwp Is it a pirated copy?09:03
travisatnelsonuwp: most likely it is because you have windows installed09:04
jfuirnefjdkHaha travisat.09:04
travisathaving windows installed makes windows boot up slow09:04
nelsonuwpi've been trying to fix this for the last 14 hours09:04
jfuirnefjdknelsonuwp Try another distro for the sake of knowing if your PC is capable of booting anything at all09:04
nelsonuwpno luck09:04
jqkjfuirnefjdk: Did you installed anything after a clean install?09:04
Yoniedoes anyone know how to set a default gateway?09:04
jfuirnefjdkWrong user?09:04
Narlzac85I compiled a custom kernel, but when I found out I couldn't use the nvidia driver anymore, I removed the entry from grub and rebooted. Everything is working fine, but I don't know how to uninstall the custom kernel. Is it fine to just leave it?09:05
nelsonuwpI just built this computer today.. my 750gb hdd was DOA and I'm thinking my motherboard isnt working correctly either09:05
travisatwell is your hardware all right, can you boot live cds or the like and check your memory or hard drive for errors?09:05
nelsonuwpI tried booting th elive cd and i get the tty error09:05
travisatnelsonuwp: what processor and mobo?09:05
nelsonuwpgigabyte ga-73pvm-s2h mobo and a intel c2d e4500 2.2ghz cpu\09:06
compwiz18Narlzac85: there should be a package in the package manager, assuming you made a deb before you installed it09:06
travisathmm, could be a memory problem. do you have more then 1 stick of memory?09:07
nelsonuwpI am currently checking my memory for erros using the diagnostic tool09:07
travisatoh kk was going to suggest that09:07
nelsonuwpyes i have 2 corsair sticks09:07
nelsonuwptake out one and see how it works?09:07
nelsonuwpill give that a shot09:07
nelsonuwpbecasue realistically i shouldnt have problems booting a live CD09:08
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ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:08
Narlzac85Ah, you were right. I should have checked there. Thanks09:08
sysop_I have a gui app that I want to come up when I login, this is the only thing I want to see, wtf is that?09:08
nelsonuwpI installed vista just fine and then when it restarted the computer it would sit on the scrolling green thing for a while and never make it09:08
travisatnelsonuwp: hmm you sure it isn't your hard drive, the live cd, if your hd is messed up takes forever to boot because it tries for like a minute to get the hd working so you can install linux on the hd09:10
nelsonuwp I dont think so09:10
sysopwhen you login what is the gui application called?09:11
nelsonuwpI dont knw how to check if it is my hard drive anymore09:11
travisatsysop: gdm09:12
fallorecan you change the color scheme of your terminal without messing up what its already doing?09:12
jqksysop: write a script, put it in /etc/init.d , update.rc-d the script, and chmod +x script or use session manager09:12
HardDisknelsonuwp, fsck from a livecd, never fsck from a mounted drive.09:12
Alohaubuntu configures my network interface when my computer starts but i can't ping anyone. if i run /etc/init.d/network/networking restart it works again anyone know what the trouble might be?09:13
phylogenesiswhat is wrong with this command?  "sudo iwconfig ath0 essid KH587 ap 00:16:e3:21:11:49 key myWEPkey mode <> commit" save of course the change to "myWEPkey"09:13
nelsonuwpwhat is fsck?09:13
Alohanelsonuwp, filesystem check09:13
sysopjqk: I dont want to break anything, like being able to login under gnome, is there a way to do that?09:13
nelsonuwphow do I do that?09:13
Alohanelsonuwp, type fschk09:14
nelsonuwpdo i need to make it to the desktop in fiesty?09:14
Alohanelsonuwp, er fsck09:14
travisatnelsonuwp: fsck is the file system checker09:14
HardDisknelsonuwp, in terminal do fsck /dev/hda1 hda1=your partition09:14
nelsonuwpi cant make it to a terminal09:14
Parsec300nelsonuwp, you can do it from a terminal, or do it from the bootcd09:14
HardDisknelsonuwp, I told you from a livecd.09:14
travisatnelsonuwp: have you tried a different live cd you can fsck from almost all linux live cds09:15
travisatI have found the ubuntu one to be picky09:15
HardDisktravisat, your issue != everyone elses.09:15
Parsec300nelsonuwp, if you can make it to a terminal, that should be fine.09:15
sysopjqk: I dont think you understand, I DONT want to see the Applications, etc... just this app09:16
nelsonuwpi cant make it to the delive part09:16
nelsonuwpi mean the live part09:16
fallorehow can i check if i have open-gl support? i've got an nvidia 7900 with restricted drivers and 3d acceleration activated09:16
nelsonuwpi get part of the way there and it gives me.....09:16
Parsec300And if you need to do it because at boottime it tells you to do it manually. Then add the option -y. It might be tricky, but you don't have to push yes a thousand times09:16
phylogenesisWhat can I do to get answers?  I've looked through the help files, I tried things I've done before, it's like everything is fine except it just won't conect.09:16
HardDisknelsonuwp, edit grub, remove quite splash -- and replace it with all_generic_ide09:16
nelsonuwpbin/s: can't access tty; job control tunrend off09:16
phylogenesis*done before when I eventually got it to work*09:16
nabcoredoes the debian package manager have an equivalent command to rpm's  -Va ?09:16
smidgeyyycan someone please help me with installing ubuntu on a partition? please pm me09:17
HardDisknelsonuwp, to edit grub from the livecd press F6