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NubaeI want to download alpha4 for testing, but which version should I download? desktop or server?11:24
ograto test ltsp use ubuntu-alternate11:26
Nubaehttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/edubuntu/all - and this?11:31
Nubaebtw, ogra, managed to get fat client working, but only with a minimal xfce env. starting from the terminal11:31
Nubaethe startup scripts are screwing something up somewhere11:32
ograthe edubuntu CDs shouldnt be there11:34
ograall we will have for hardy is the addon and thats not ready yet, we'll skip alpha4 for edubuntu11:34
ograall ltsp technology already moved to ubuntu-alternate11:34
Nubaeok, I'll give that a shot, is that basically choosing from a menu the ltsp parts, or what?11:35
ograsee the instructions at the bottom of that mail11:36
ograthe menu entry will be added after the general menu changes are done ... until them it needs a manual option11:37
lagaogra: that's great news.. makes it easier to make mythbuntu diskless clients11:38
lagatoo bad we don't have alternate disks11:39
ograwell, lets see :)11:39
ogra(if you mean in shipit=11:40
lagasorry, i was specifically referring to the mythbuntu disks11:40
ograoh, why dont you build alternate ?11:41
ograi imagine a mythbuntu server is a headless machine ...11:41
laganot sure. gotta ask :)11:41
Nubaethere is no alpha4 ubuntu-alternate then? just daily builds?11:41
ograNubae, its not released yet :)11:41
lagaogra: not necessarily. not sure if you're familiar with mythtv, but you can have server and client on the same box11:42
Nubaeoh... I must be confused, thought it was11:42
ograi tested the 20080131.2 build yesterday there shouldnt be regressions and not many changes for alpha411:42
ograi think its safe to grab that one11:42
Nubaeok cool, will do then11:44
Nubaehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ - the one on this page then?11:45
ogramight be that they rebuild the images ... so the current/ link might change in the middle of your download ... it usually points to the last numbered one, take that rather11:46
ogra(one dir above)11:47
Nubaeah ok got it, thanks11:52
ograbtw usually the topic on #ubuntu-devel tells if an aplha is released (if you dont read the announce mailinglists)11:54
zoonHi guys11:55
zoonAnyone here ?11:55
ograonly 39 idlers ...11:55
zoon:) Could anybody help me with a (I hope) dumb question ?11:57
zoonI'm wondering how I can change the clients machines once for all ?11:58
ogranobody will know if you dont just ask it :)11:58
ograchange in what way ?11:58
zoonsetup the menus, remove items, lock stuff, for all users at once11:58
ograinstall sabayon, create a profile and add all users11:59
zoonso far, all I did was change it on the server itself, and it replicated, but I need stuff as admin that I don't as user11:59
zoonsabayon is a different distro than edubuntu ?11:59
ograright, create two profiles then :)11:59
ograno, an app11:59
zoonok, and sabayon will let me do that ? is it designed for schools etc ?12:00
ograto edit the profiles it spawns a desktop in a window ... you make your changes to that desktop to your liking ... save that as profile ... every user you apply the profle to will have the desktop you defined12:01
zoonogra, thanks a lot, you definitly helped me here, i'm going to try it right now12:02
zoonmany thanks12:02
Nubaehmmm there must be a way to get my startup to work... If I can login as any user from the terminal and type startx and that brings me into a working chroot environment12:02
Nubaeogra, anything you want tested on x64? I'll have the weekend to play around with alpha412:12
ograx64 needs a manual ltsp-build-client --arch i386 ... post install12:16
ograby default it can only use the packages on cd which only suffice for a 64bit client setup12:17
stgraberogra: Looks like we have a new italc with a reworked x11vnc server, maybe that'll solve the issue12:25
stgraberogra: we have fixed the bug !!!!!!14:04
stgraberogra: there are still some remaining warnings but the code now compile fine on amd64 by default + the VNC no longer crashes (and has been updated to the new version of x11vnc)14:05
stgraberso we'll have a 1.0.6 out soon14:05
stgraberogra: UTF-8 issues fixed at the same time and I'm discussing the inclusion of the --isdport thing I did upstream so we'll basically only fix the UI and some local cmds14:30
stgraberogra: ok, delta from upstream is now : 0 :)14:38
stgraberogra: he applied all my patches14:38
sonjagHello! I would like my students to be able to record using their terminals (which have mic ports) but the mic doesn't work. Is there set up or troubleshooting that I can do to fix this?14:41
stgrabersonjag: What version of edubuntu are you running ?14:41
stgraberGutsy Gibbon (7.10) has pulseaudio which gives mic support to apps using pulseaudio (and maybe alsa too)14:42
sonjagstgraber, Sorry, should have said that. 7.04 Fiesty.14:42
stgraberah, Feisty is using esd and then doesn't have mic support14:43
stgraberI don't know if there is a way to install pulseaudio on Feisty in the same way it's done with Gutsy, if yes that's the way you'll fix your issue14:43
stgraberyou may want to speak to ogra about that14:44
stgraberor if you can, just upgrade to Gutsy (depends if that's a test network or an already used network)14:44
sonjagGreat sadness. Been thinking of upgrading... this will add to the push for that! I'll see if I can find Ogra and ask him. Yes, the LTSP servers are in production but I might be daring :) Any cautions about upgrading that you would give?14:45
Nubaesonjag, or you can install a fat 'thin' client14:48
sonjagNubae, what is a fat thin client?14:49
Nubaeexpand the thin client environment to make apps and devices local14:50
Nubaesometimes called diskless workstations14:50
sonjagIs that similar to allowing USB flash drives to mount and be used? I do that here. I am also able to get sound from the terminals, which are diskless workstations. Are you saying I can pass services to the microphone?14:53
stgraberwhat he suggest is to put a complete system in the chroot14:54
stgraberso it won't use the edubuntu server for the X session but start it locally as you would with a standard computer14:54
stgraberexcept that the hdd is network mounted14:54
Nubaeyep, /home is mounted via nfs already in feisty14:55
Nubaeso should be relatively easy14:55
Nubaeeasier than any other solution I can think of14:55
stgraberthe main difference is that you'll have to update the chroot each time you want to add a software and you'll use your client's CPU instead of the server one14:55
stgraberso works well only if you have really good clients14:55
Nubaewell, if he wants to use a mic, its likely its a multimedia setup14:56
Nubaealso, really good clients is relative... u can install a light desktop with xfce14:57
Nubaethe messy thing is authentication which u have to do with ldap14:58
sonjagI have 2 different clients: Symbiont SYM1110 and HP t5135 terms.  They have 333MHz and 400MHz processors and 128MB of DDR RAM. Are those good enuf? And I authenticate against Active Directory with winbind. Can I continue to do that?15:02
Nubaeuuf... no15:03
sonjagNubae, no, can't authenticate, or no, not good enuf clients/15:03
Nubaemaybe with a minimal xfce setup, but really, those are good thin client15:03
Nubaenot good enough, and yes can authenticate against AD15:03
Nubaelook, if you do apt-get install edubuntu-addon-light in the chroot15:05
Nubaeand maybe firefox, and gdm15:05
Nubaeyou'll have a really light environment15:05
Nubaeso could work15:05
Nubaesince u already have AD authenticating, it makes it slightly easier for u, u just have to set up the clients to authenticate against it, and prepare the chroot15:06
sonjagNubae, seems like my best options are either Ogra can tell me how to get PulseAudio into Fiesty or I upgrade. I don't like the sound of "really lightweight" idea... sounds like I'll be limiting us.  I'm also fairly new to this (about a year) so I'm not feeling that daring!15:07
sonjagThanks for the ideas, though. Interesting that you can do that. I'm always amazed at how flexible this stuff is.15:07
Nubaewell, its early days for this stuff too, I only managed to get the 'fat' thin clients working today, heh15:08
Nubaebut lightweight = expandable... it means fast15:08
sonjagI like the idea of upgrading anyway, I want to use the load balancing. Right now I physically separate the terminals for fake load balancing.15:08
Nubaeyou install the apps you want, but in the chroot, instead of in the server15:09
sonjagI think I'll play with that on the side... not quite ready to risk production on that!15:09
sonjagThanks much!15:09
Nubaewell, the good thing about ltsp is you can install as many chroots as you like15:09
Nubaeone for each environment... hell you could even run fedora, debian, and ubuntu all along side each other in different environments15:10
sonjagLike off the same server, without virtualization?15:10
sonjagis that in the same link you sent me before?15:11
Nubaeno, there I'm speculating into the future, but its possible (drbl - another technology like ltsp) does it15:11
NubaeI have 4 chroots running in tandem here... one with a special ATI driver compiled in the kernel, another with xfce, another normal one and a amd64 one15:12
sonjagreally interesting. I've never tried xfce... need to do that too. so much to do, so little time115:13
Nubaesonjag, I'm almost done with a HowTo for this, I'll let u know when its up15:13
sonjagThanks Nubae!15:13
sonjagAnother question: I have a NFS server with my home folders that the app servers mount. Works great. However, I want my students to be able to see those folders from Windows. Is there something I need to do to be able to do that?15:16
Nubaenah, just share via samba15:16
Nubaesystem administration share folders15:17
stgraberogra: 1.0.6-rc1 released containing most of my patches, the utf-8 patch and the fix for the network bug, I'm building it and should have packages ready for testing very soon15:17
sonjagNubae, I'm back. Okay, you're talking about the GUI with the share folders, right?15:38
sonjagSlick. I'll go try it.15:40
stgraberogra: test packages are up : http://www.stgraber.org/download/ubuntu/italc/15:55
stgraberogra: if we don't find a bug, 1.0.6 will officially be released next week so we can use a proper upstream version15:56
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stgraberRichEd: we have a working iTalc !!! (in case you haven't read what I said a bit before)17:10
sonjagNubae, I tried making a shared Windows folder, but I can't browse to it from Windows. Any suggestions?17:35
LaserJockogra, RichEd: it seems we may get our gutsy gcompris translations Mondayish17:46
stgraberogra: new italc works except the demo mode which is a known bug by upstream and will be fixed soon18:07
ograstgraber, awesome news18:37
ograLaserJock, likewise :)18:37
LaserJockhopefully this works18:38
ograbetter than TCM in any case18:38
LaserJockI'm currently checking the .po from rosetta against the one in the gcompris source18:38
ograand independent of ltsp18:38
ograoh, you mean the translations18:38
LaserJockdownloading the the rosetta translations took 193MB and gcompris source is 86MB18:39
LaserJockogra: heh, I'm more optimistic about italc than translations ;-)18:39
ograwell, for hardy its fixed you said18:40
ogragutsy is a nice to have ...18:40
LaserJockbut bbdoin said that it was causing big problem in France18:40
LaserJocksince he was trying to get it into schools18:41
LaserJockbut he put up a wiki page with a workaround18:41
ograright, we should fix it i didnt say we shouldnt :)18:41
ograbut freezes are higher prio for me atm18:41
LaserJockwell, I told gcompris-devel it'd be fixed like in November, so I'm a little embarrassed it's taken this long18:42
LaserJockbut yeah18:42
ograwhere is it stuck ?18:42
LaserJockapparently Launchpad was eating it or something18:42
ogranot a great advert for LP18:43
LaserJockI kept bugging carlos and he got it fixed recently18:43
LaserJockand then I talked to pitti and it looks like they are in the latest translations tarball he has18:43
LaserJockI just want to make sure it's using the right ones18:43
LaserJockbecause the stuff on Rosetta is totally wrong18:44
LaserJockit's not a great advert at all for Rosetta/lang packs because gcompris is better translated usptream I think and we totally lost that18:44
LaserJockah crap, and I got the wrong gcrompis :/18:47
LaserJockI shouldn't try to work with translations while sick :-)18:47
stgraberogra: around ?20:50
stgraberogra: What should I test with Edubuntu for Alpha4 ?20:51
calimer-LaserJock feel better21:39
calimer-and I submitted an e-mail to the edubuntu mailing list today, wooo!!!21:39
guillaumeanybody online?22:53
guillaumeok am i the only one with a broken chroot?22:53
guillaumerecently both my edubuntu server cant upgrade the chroot22:54
guillaumeapt-get install does not work either22:54
guillaumemy clients boot fine but I wanted to install some drivers that required git22:55
guillaumetryed apt-get install git-core but errors started popoing up22:55
guillaumethen tryed to upgrade and same errors poped up22:55
LaserJockcan you pastebin the errors?22:56
guillaumehmmm pastebin22:56
guillaumewhat and where is pastebin22:56
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)22:56
guillaumeok im on it22:57
guillaumethere you are23:00
LaserJockit's not wanting to install the kernel update23:01
guillaumethis server is a dual xeon (8cores) with 8gb with the 64 bit edubuntu GG23:01
guillaumeand my other server is a simple intel core 2 duo with 3 gb with the 32 bit edubuntu and get the same error23:02
guillaumethis install is fresh from yesterday23:02
guillaumeits like dpkg was broken23:03
guillaumeI tryed reconfiguring dpkg and it seems ok23:03
LaserJockwell, it doesn't like that it can't do the update right23:03
LaserJockdpkg itself isn't broken23:04
LaserJockbut it's left the system in a non-happy state23:04
guillaumeline 83 is suspicious23:05
guillaumeCannot open ``/boot/nbi.img-2.6.22-14-386'':File exists23:05
LaserJockyeah, basically it tries to run /etc/kernel/postrm.d/ltsp-update-kernels23:06
LaserJockand that dies on that23:06
guillaumehmm of course23:06
guillaumecan it update kernels from inside the chroot?23:06
LaserJockwell, I'm wondering if that's the problem23:07
LaserJockit's meant to be done *outside* the chroot23:07
LaserJockand so it's dying when it's run inside23:07
guillaumeso the script is broken23:08
LaserJockI don't have LTSP installed here so I'm flying blind but let me check something real quick23:08
guillaumeI could install a nx server and give you an account23:09
LaserJocknah, we're not that desperate yet ;-)23:10
LaserJockwell hmm23:16
LaserJockit looks like it should be running update-kernels instead of ltsp-update-kernels23:17
guillaumehmm I could try that23:18
guillaumewhere is the script residing23:18
LaserJockwhat if you get out of the chroot and run ltsp-update-kernels and then go back in23:19
guillaumewell it works but apt-get upgrade will fail again23:19
guillaumeCannot open ``/boot/nbi.img-2.6.22-14-386'':File exists23:20
guillaumeguillaume@poweredge:~$ sudo ltsp-update-kernels23:21
guillaume[sudo] password for guillaume:23:21
guillaumeUpdating /var/lib/tftpboot directories for chroot: /opt/ltsp/i38623:21
guillaumeUpdating /var/lib/tftpboot directories for chroot: /opt/ltsp/amd6423:21
guillaumesorry for second last post23:21
guillaumeok there are 2 scripts ltsp-update-kernels23:22
guillaumeone in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/kernel/postinst.d23:22
guillaumeother in postrm.d23:22
LaserJocknow it's actually update-kernels in the chroot that is what's been called23:24
LaserJockthose should be symlinked to /usr/lib/ltsp/update-kernels in the chroot23:24
guillaumehere is the script23:26
LaserJockboy, I don't know what line it's having problems with23:29
LaserJockguillaume: I don't see an open bug report on this23:31
LaserJockguillaume: you might file a bug report and/or email edubuntu-users23:32
LaserJockI think this will require Oliver or somebody more familiar with the script23:32
guillaumebut I was wondering because both my different systems do that23:32
guillaumethank you for your help23:32
LaserJockyeah, I think maybe it could be a general problem23:33
LaserJockas we just got a newish kernel in 7.10 it could be that you're the first to encounter the problem23:33
guillaumeya the user base is not that big and poeple rarely upgrade the chroot23:33
LaserJockyeah, if it was the server itself I bet there would be more reports23:34
guillaumeIs Oliver online at known times?23:34
LaserJockyes, he's in Germany23:35
LaserJockogra: you might want to look at guillaume's problem here ^^ when you're awak23:35
LaserJockguillaume: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bugs is the place to look for or file bugs for LTSP23:37
hyperactivecrondDoes edubuntu currenty implement a student scheduling system?23:38
LaserJocknot out of the box no23:39
LaserJockit's something we'd definitely like to have23:39
LaserJockbut it's hard to find good/secure/maintained/supportable/free apps for it23:39
LaserJockwe used to have SchoolTool23:40
hyperactivecrondi tell ya, if a company wants to make money, they should sponser an open-source scheduling program and provide support for it for a fee23:41
hyperactivecrondPrograms like WinSchool (currently popular) charge yearly23:41
LaserJockbut SchoolTool had some problems, hopefully we'll get it back23:41
hyperactivecrondsee a big problem with this sort of programs is that MySQL isn't terribly good at this kind of stuff23:42
hyperactivecrondfor example: we'd need a new table every day for absentees23:42
hyperactivecrondand a lot of tables in a database can slow it down, and MySQL isnt terribly fast23:42
hyperactivecrondA sorting algorithm would have to be written23:43
hyperactivecrondEverything would have to be tied into a nicer GUI23:43
hyperactivecrondwell at least a learnable one23:43
hyperactivecrondI know with WinSchool, in theory, when a schedule sort is done, ~60% of the schedules are correct23:45
LaserJockyou should have a look at SchoolTool23:45
hyperactivecrondsee everything still needs to be done by hand.23:46
hyperactivecrondEven with a smaller, Catholic high school of about 800 students, the inputable time is not feasable23:46
hyperactivecrondfor creating schedules23:48
hyperactivecrondalthough, it'd still be more accurate probably </tongue in cheek?23:48
hyperactivecrondeh HTML parse error there. s/?/>/g23:48
hyperactivecrondIt looks like an interesting project if it ever takes off23:50

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