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nemetskepimeth: not at all. like...     album - track 01.ogg, album - track 03.ogg ........ track 02 had a german character in its name.00:00
Agent_bobcause / is an ilegal char for linux file systems00:01
AMcBainAgent_bob: (tab reorder) Awww. I had an interesting program on Windows called Taskix that allowed you to do that by injecting code into explorer.exe ... I'm not saying Linux should emulate that part, but it would be a really nice add on ... maybe look at what it does (not code wise) to get ideas?00:01
AMcBainAgent_bob: I'll see if I can reproduce it.00:01
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nemetskepimeth: under konsole, dolphin, web browser, everything - no file. but i JUST came from an xp env so i know its there. i have a lot of files like this so i'm sure its the character thing00:01
epimethnemetsk: sorry amigo... gonna have to either reisntall windows or attach the hd to a windows box00:02
nemetskepimeth: hrm to suggestion #2. ok bro thx for the brain time :)00:02
Agent_bobnemetsk dual boot ?00:03
nemetskAgent_bob not now, no00:03
Agent_bobhmmm ok.00:03
nemetski guess doze injected more evil juice into my filenames00:04
* Agent_bob wonders if windows has a live CD yet ???00:04
epimethnemetsk: no worries00:04
nemetskisn't this why we have standardization ppl !?00:04
basculeAgent_bob: barts boot disk, winPE00:04
Agent_bobwinPE ?00:05
* Agent_bob goes to joogle00:05
epimethnemetsk: lol... standardization... lololl00:05
Dr_willisThe great thing about Standards. theres so many to choose from!00:05
basculewinPE is what bart's is built on, at work we have a disk with useful stuff in the winPE enviroment00:05
epimethDr_willis: zegactly00:05
nemetskain't that the truth.00:05
epimethgtg folks... catch yous later00:06
Agent_bobnot only so. but after choosing a standard, you always deviate just a little anyway.............00:06
basculeAgent_bob: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/Rescue-CD-System-Recovery,review-29976.html00:07
Agent_bobnice.  ty00:07
Dr_willisAgent_bob,  so the 'standard' is to deviate from the standard. :)00:07
Agent_bobmight be a good shot for nemetsk ^ ?00:08
Agent_bobDr_willis yeah.00:08
nemetskis that like rules are made to be broken00:08
nemetskok thx Agent_bob00:08
Agent_bobisn't that why there are so many rules ?00:08
basculestandards are to be embraced and extended -- Bill Gates00:08
nemetski hate burning cds like i hate printing. "keep it digital" - me, 1 second ago00:09
basculeread: broken so we can force things to happen our way and kn-one else can see how it's done00:09
* Agent_bob ponders the differance in 'burned to CD' and 'digital' ....00:11
kgxdoes anyone know how i can compare files in 2 different directories? something like rsync but not merge the changes00:11
Agent_bobdiff ?00:11
Agent_bobkdiff diff3 ....00:11
basculediff /path/to1 /path/to/200:12
Agent_bobkompare   or what ever it's called00:12
basculethere are about 6 million switches of course :)00:12
kgxsadly i'm not on linux right now, new laptop.only has vista :(00:12
basculekompare is nice actually, very nice00:12
kgxyeah i like kompare00:13
Agent_bob"6 million switches" yeah but some of them break standards00:13
Agent_bobactually i'm all for posix compliance.  for the record00:13
basculekgx: there may well be something in python for CLI diff in windows .... I always think python when I want a linux CLI util00:15
Dr_willisHmm Fixing US broadband: $100 billion for fiber to every home -  So if i Had Fiber.. and the RIAA/MPAA had their way.. what would i be doing with it... :)00:16
* Dr_willis goes back to reading the News.00:16
basculeyou'd be watching one of 6 million streaming TV channels :)00:16
Agent_bobnot me.00:16
basculeI haven't got a TV00:17
Dr_willisI can barely find 6 of those channels now.. :) and my not real sure how legal those are.00:17
basculeI *hate* TV00:17
Agent_bobwell i actually have one.   but it hasn't been on in years00:17
goofykinkyHi, all i have a problem i installed kubuntu and downloaded the upgarde to KDE 4.0 but when i turn on the desktop effects my screen went blank and i dont see anything how can i get it back or disable that effect (the kubuntu is running on VMWare)00:20
Phoenix92xHi, I'm running 7.10 and am trying to play a rip of a Blu-ray movie. I've looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD but it seems to have little on blu-ray playback. Has anyone been able to play a rip of a blu-ray movie? (non-encoded)00:20
SlimeyPetehmm, no bot00:21
SlimeyPetegoofykinky: you're best-off asking in #kubuntu-kde400:21
goofykinkyok let me aks there thanks SlimeyPete00:21
Agent_bobSlimeyPete ubotu is down, but ubotow should be around here some where00:21
jeremeI'm running an ati radeon 9600 card in dual-head mode with the fglrx driver packaged with gutsy.  Everything seems to be good... driver is installed right, framerates are high... however, glxgears is blank, and when I run a GL screensaver, the last 400 or so pixels of my 2nd monitor show the desktop through the screensaver, and small gl preview windows are blank00:21
Phoenix92xjereme: had the same poroblem a few days ago, rebooting fixed it for me00:22
jeremePhoenix92x: I'll give it a shot00:22
jeremeback when I worked dial-up tech support in '97. "reboot and try again" was what we'd tell people at the end of our shift00:23
jereme1, because that fixes 99% of windows errors00:23
ubotwoKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde400:23
jereme2. because they generally only have one phone line, and have to hang up to try again00:23
jeremeprobably cost me some good karma though00:23
Dr_willisthe ISP/Cable company runs ads  basicially saying00:24
BluesKajjereme, there were those of us who had 2 phone lines before dsl came along..one for dialup ...what a PITA00:24
Dr_willis'if your internet is not working, power down EVERYTHING  then power back up'  (router, switches, microwave ovens)00:24
Phoenix92xjereme: heh, tis true00:25
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Daisuke_tooBluesKaj: then there were those of us that had two phone lines back before standard dialup - to run our BBSes :)00:30
crazy_busis there anyway to make kubuntu mount the sansa e200 player properly.  It sometimes allows write access and sometimes doesn't00:30
* Agent_bob hates to even be associated with a linux system that the official support says "try a reboot"....00:30
Daisuke_too...his loss00:31
ahmossorry but can I ask how to do this. install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.00:31
ahmosI've downloaded limewire00:32
Dr_willisGiven the level of experoence with some  of the people asking questions in here.. its MUCH more economical to ask them to just reboot. :)00:32
Dr_willisplus it gives me time to change my Nick ifi dont want to talk to them again. :P00:32
SlimeyPeteahmos: type /msg ubotu java into your IRC client00:33
SlimeyPeteubotu will tell you how to install java00:33
SlimeyPete(ubotu is a computer program which responds to messages)00:33
Dr_willisInstall the 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' package should install java and some other tools you proberly want/need.00:33
ahmosI see now00:34
AMcBainAgent_bob: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dolphin/+bug/18790400:39
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ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion00:42
AMcBainI tried to use that ... my PC wasn't happy.00:43
SlimeyPetedoesn't work for everybody00:43
SlimeyPetedidn't work terribly well for me on this system00:44
AMcBainIt gave all my menus white borders, and some windows got covered by a solid color and became uninteractable etc. I had to restart the default KDE one.00:44
Dr_willisI play with the compiz toys for a while.. then turn them off for a while.. then go back to playing with them..00:45
AMcBainI'd like to play with them if they didn't screw things up beyond usability.00:46
fprintfI tried KDE4 and my system puked. It worked with compiz-fusion much better.00:50
Dr_williskde4 is very much a work in progress. :)00:50
Dr_willisBut give it a year.. and see what happens.00:51
AMcBainI want to see Plasma, as I really want a fighting chance for Linux to support Konfabulator, which I dearly miss.00:52
fprintfI agree. It sure looks nice though before the system puked. I am reinstalling KDE right now (I broke it worse after trying to remove KDE4)00:52
AMcBain(I was/still am an avid developer for Konfabulator, but not if I can't get a good Windows VM going or get a linux equiv that supports it)00:52
* fprintf is reinstalling KDE on my main machine. Typing this on my networked laptop.00:53
Dr_willisI dont rember konfabulator. :)00:54
AMcBainI've noticed that a lot of apps state that KDE is a related package so to uninstall something such as Konqueror (just for example) would uninstall KDE ... a bit weird if you ask me. Just cause I installed KDE and it installed Konqueror, that doesn't make Konqueror an integral part of KDE ...00:54
Dr_willispackage management is a very.... interesting  'problem' :)00:55
SlimeyPeteAMcBain: yeah, it's irritating00:55
AMcBainDr_willis: It's called Yahoo! Widget Engine now, but "Yahoo!" (the name) seems to spread bad vibes to people I talk with, even though the community is its own thing. I prefer to call it by the old, cooler name Konfabulator.00:55
AMcBainNever really took any screenshots of my desktop with it running, so the best I can maybe post is shots of my projects for it ...00:56
AMcBain(I have my NTFS mounted until I have my ext HDD, copy stuff over, and can blow this one out and start over)00:56
Tmashey anyone know why my whole computer locks up when i try to connect to a WEP encrypted network?00:56
AMcBainAnd also so I can use Amarok with my music collection (Amarok rules)00:57
endirWhat's the best way to replace KWin with another program? export KDEWM=app doesn't work. And I thought there was a way in ~/.kde/share/config/00:59
AMcBainBasically after I decided to try out Kubuntu (which I think finally killed my XP install) my position went from just waiting until I could go back to Windows to I can reinstall Linux for real and run XP VM style ... :P00:59
AMcBainWhich is very impressive having used only Windows since who knows when, and XP being absolutely fabulous as Windows OSes go, if you know what I mean.01:00
BluesKajAMcBain, did you let the live cd partitioner wipe out windows on your install ?01:00
TmasXP is a great OS now. It wasnt at release01:00
AMcBainXP is great. Very stable.01:01
jeremeokay, so now my fglrx can show glxgears and whatnot, but my xscreensavers still aren't full screen... I've now done the binary driver install using ati's package generator01:01
AMcBainThat's my point. It was better than '98 the previous stable one.01:01
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jereme'98 was more stable than 2k?01:02
jeremecertainly not in my experience01:02
BluesKajjereme, does it do fgl_glxgears ?01:02
AMcBainNo, I said XP was more stable than '98./01:02
jereme95 was a hooker and 98 was a hooker with make-up01:02
AMcBainBluesKaj: No, I created a new, very small partition to try out Linux on (rather than do LiveCD each time) and Windows lasted for a day (on its own partition) then commited suicide.01:02
jeremeBluesKaj: yeah it does01:02
soulriderhey everyone!01:02
jeremeBluesKaj: everything works except xscreensaver spanning all the way across my 2 monitors01:02
TheWhiteRookBluesKaj: XP and 2K weren't the same thing01:03
soulriderguys, check out what i made :P http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68395201:03
BluesKajAMcBain, it may still be there , the boot MBR may just be buried by grub and XP can be rebooted by the grub menu by just abit of editing the grubmenu.lst01:04
fildoi have a silly question if anyone is willing to answer it01:04
stumachow to make website with php in ubuntu01:04
fildoi have just installed gutsy and everytime i open kopete. i loose my background,.01:04
fildoin the desktop01:04
AMcBainBluesKaj: I never said I couldn't boot into Windows. It just doesn't finish logging in. The only chance I have is to do the 3 finger salute and start explorer.exe manually from the task manager. Even that isn't assured I found out.01:04
fildoim running xgl .. im wondering if its the cause of it01:05
BluesKajTheWhiteRook, uhm, it wasn't my comparison but yes, I'm aware of that01:05
jeremesoulrider: that's pretty cool...    when are you going to make 2.0?01:05
soulriderjereme: as soon as i have time and better wood01:05
soulrideri need to experiment with other varnishes too :P and logos01:05
BluesKajAMcBain, ok01:05
jeremeBluesKaj: apples and oranges aren't the same thing01:05
AMcBainsoulrider: Still cool. I want to play with CNC machine one day (just for the hell of it) but that's not happening. But that engraving is just cool.01:06
BluesKajuhm jereme , et tu ? ...I did NOT say that '98 and 2k were the same thing ...pls read the text more sarefully !01:06
BluesKajerr carefully01:07
jeremeBluesKaj: I'm just teasing01:07
jeremeplease read my subtext more carefully :)01:07
BluesKajwell, it wasn't me in the first place01:07
soulriderAMcBain: my dad built a CNC machine01:08
soulrideri was thinking of selling coasters01:09
AMcBainAdult power-toys (oops, I meant power-tools) can be fun ...01:09
soulriderbut it would be a lot cheaper if i could send a bunch to the us and have people distribute them there or something01:10
AMcBainWell, sell them in bulk or something so you can work out a deal.01:10
Dr_willisI work on CNC machines all day. :)01:11
Tmaswhats CNC?01:11
Dr_willisfixing them when they wreck..  Always double check your  #'s01:11
Dr_willisComputer controlled Machineing  Tools. Mills, Lathes, drills01:11
soulriderDr_willis: any CNC for linux?01:11
Dr_willisplasma cutters and so forth.01:11
Tmasoh ok01:11
Dr_willissoulrider,  No idea. I dont program them much. :) i fix them when the operators Wreck them.01:11
soulriderAMcBain: i need to find people interested to seel in bulk01:12
Dr_willisand EGADS they can make some big loud wrecks.01:12
AMcBainThe more simpler simpler CNCs just cut material away from blocks. So technically you could scuplt plastic and the like.01:12
soulriderdunno what an EGAD is01:12
AMcBainA word. In all caps.01:12
Dr_willisGadzooks! :P01:12
Dr_willisEver see what happens when a 1000+lb chunk of metal gets hit by a  rapidly moving Spindal..that thinks it should be on the other side of the metal. :) sparks everywhere.. belts break. bearings shatter.01:13
Dr_willisand im busy for a week.01:13
Dr_willisWe make Transmision  parts and Cases where I work.01:13
Dr_willisThen ya get the Fuji robots that throw parts across the room by mistake. :)01:14
AMcBainSounds like fun.01:15
BluesKajnever trust anything with fuji on it :)01:15
Dr_willisI will say the robots themeslfs are very reliable. - Its the 'gripper hand' that keeps breaking on us.01:15
AMcBainThat's odd. All looping is off and Amarock just started the playlist over.01:16
AMcBainAlso, isn't a bit odd that if you remove the current song (being played) from the playlist, it just keeps playing it?01:16
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Dr_willisHmm. I normally just do a select all/ random play. :)01:16
AMcBainHehe. I like that too.01:16
AMcBainWell, things are just odd when you first get used to them.01:17
AMcBainHola. Como estan?01:17
ahmosHow can I install this file  runLime.sh01:21
LjLahmos: install? a shell script?01:21
ahmosit is a limewire program..and I want to install it01:22
* AMcBain shudders01:23
tekteenahmos: try sh runLime.sh01:23
tekteenin the konsole01:23
ahmosI got this..runLime.sh: 48: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}")01:25
cn28hahmos, try ./runtime.sh01:27
BluesKajas long as he's in the right dir01:28
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ahmosbash: ./runtime.sh: No such file or directory01:29
cn28hsee above comment01:29
ahmosi saw01:29
ahmosbut I'm in the right directory ,I typed ls and the file was there01:30
cn28hchmod +x runtime.sh01:31
cn28hI can't read01:31
jicklesanyone using kde4?01:32
BluesKajor find the file and open properties and make the the file executable , same as chmod +x01:33
jickleskonqueror crashing a lot on me, can't ftp using it01:34
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Dr_willisFrostwire works better for me then limewire01:37
ahmosyes it worked,but I have a problem with java now :o01:37
Dr_willissun turned java into such a disaster...... :(01:37
AMcBainWhat! Java is great!01:38
AMcBainI don't think that all apps made *with* Java are great, but that is no reason to bash the language ...01:39
Dr_willisThe WAY sun has handled java - is the issue01:39
ahmosi got this,01:39
ahmosMaybe you're using the wrong version of Java?01:39
ahmos(LimeWire is tested against and works best with with Sun's JRE, Java 1.5+)01:39
ahmosThe version of Java in your PATH is:01:39
ahmosjava version "1.7.0"01:39
ahmosIcedTea Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0-b21)01:39
ahmosIcedTea 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.7.0-b21, mixed mode)01:39
Dr_willisYou are using the icedtea plugin it seems.01:40
Dr_willisheh so am i it seems. :)01:40
Dr_willisI installed it - to get Miro working yesterday01:40
AMcBain1.7.0? That isn't officially out yet ...01:40
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.01:41
ahmosi don't know01:41
AMcBain1.6.0 is the latest Java.01:41
Dr_willisI just followed a 'get miro working' guide yesterday.01:41
Dr_willisnot sure what icedtea actually is heh.01:41
Dr_willisIcedTea is available on Ubuntu 7.10 in the Universe repository. The runtime environment is located in the icedtea-java7-jre package.01:41
AMcBainIt is supposed to be a completely open source implementation of the Java JVM.01:41
ahmosme too :o01:41
Dr_willisthats from the !java wiki page01:41
AMcBainJava is 99.99999% open source now. I think there is only a few kilibytes of utility left that isn't oss..01:42
AMcBain(they may have already taken care of that bit by now though)01:42
Dr_willisYou could set it to the other java.01:43
Dr_willissudo update-alternatives --config java01:43
Dr_willisand see if it works then01:43
AMcBainAnd even if it wasn't oss, I would still prefer the Sun JVM over others any day. I've seen what Apple did (slow to update, and SpringLayout is still broken on Mac)01:43
Dr_willisat one time - i recall that Limewire and so on  Required the actual SUN JVM01:44
AMcBainThat's a bit paranoid and overkill.01:44
Dr_willislets see. Installing frostwire01:44
Dr_willisthey required it - because they would crash otherwise. :) so do what you want..01:45
Dr_willisuse it so they run.. or dont use it.. and they dont run.01:45
ahmosyes it worked after configuring java :)01:45
AMcBainWell, all JVMs are supposed to be the same. Unless you mean it can run without Java now.01:45
Dr_willisseems they still need the official-sun java to work.01:45
Dr_willis'supposed to be' :)01:45
ahmosyes, but thank you all for hlping me...01:46
ahmoshelping me01:46
Dr_willisNow go get the RIAA and MPAA mad at you for using Limewire.01:46
AMcBainWell, we all know the Apple JVM is "different". but the rest are all pretty equal and good.01:46
Dr_willisYou Might want to check out Frostwire instead.01:46
* AMcBain wonders why Linux is incapable of turning of his laptop monitor in favor of the external.01:47
ahmosfrostwire is a program similar to limewire01:47
Dr_willisDepends on th laptops from what ive seen01:47
Dr_willisahmos,  identical - and 100& GPL01:47
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire01:47
Dr_willisWhih is why the !limewire factoid suggests01:47
Dr_willisusing it instead.01:47
ubotulimewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.01:48
AMcBainIntel integrated graphics and I'm using URandR and it won't let me turn it off, only run it as a clone. I could push the "laptop-screen 'off button'" but that defeats the purpose.01:48
AMcBainAnd doesn't work. I just tried.01:48
Dr_willisIve seen diffrent laptops and differnt catrds work in different ways.. sadly.01:49
ubuntugood evening01:49
=== ubuntu is now known as Maxys
ahmosgood moorning :o01:49
Dr_willisGuy at work - his laptop defaults to the external monitor - even when its not plugged in. Figure that out. :) he boots to a black screen has to hit the Function-MOnitor Key on the laptop to get a useable desktop01:49
Dr_willisIt was pure luck we discovered that also.01:49
Dr_willisNvidia card in that one.01:50
AMcBainMine worked okay under Windows with the built in software, but since I have Intel integrated graphics I have suckiest "card" (if you can even call it that) on the planet.01:50
Dr_willisI got an X200m In my laptop. :) its rather bad.01:51
sub[t]rnlintel intergrated cards work well in linux01:51
AMcBainI'm not complaining. It works quite nicely, actually.01:51
Dr_willisNo more ati  based laptops for me... ever .. no matter how good a sale they are. :)01:51
AMcBainIt's just rather distracting to have a second, smaller, monitor that you can't turn off that clones the ext screen.01:52
sub[t]rnlheh, it can turn off01:52
sub[t]rnljust have to tell it to01:52
BluesKaj<--got an ATI X200G on my pc ..works well with the restricted driver01:52
Dr_willisThere may be some extra tools you need to be using.01:52
AMcBainI use URandR and there seems to be no option.01:52
AMcBainDr_willis: Aww. ATI just got good. For desktops anyways (supposedly, I haven't really read up lately)01:52
sub[t]rnlexample: xrandr --output LVDS off01:53
Dr_willisAMcBain,  i will belive THAT when i see it...01:53
sub[t]rnlactually.. xrandr --output LVDS --off01:53
sub[t]rnlwill turn off the laptop, but keep the VGA on01:53
Dr_willisATI has made a lot of promises...  that are not worth the paper the email is printed on. :)01:53
BluesKajAMcBain, thew ATI latest linux driver offerings are ok for pci cards ,but suck badly on onboards01:54
AMcBainNot high end cards, apparently they focused on medium range and were actually able to reduce the power, and come up with something really nice. They dropped competing on the highend.01:54
sub[t]rnlAMcBain➜ see if that works for you01:54
Dr_willisand of course with laptops - it can be a real toss up if they will work or not. :)01:54
AMcBainNo more distraction.01:55
Dr_willisati stopped compeating at the high end? Hmm..they just released a new high end thing this week I thought01:55
AMcBainWell, I have no idea anymore. I stopped getting MaxPC so my knowledge is sadly out of date.01:55
AMcBainI don't bother to keep up really, until I need to buy something.01:55
AMcBainOh! There is a setting. I missed the tiny "enabled" checkbox.01:57
AMcBainMy powers of observation suck, apparently.01:57
AMcBainThanks though.01:58
Dr_willisAMD Introduces Radeon HD 3870 X2 http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NjMwNw01:58
sub[t]rnlcrossfire in one01:58
Dr_willisThis new high-end AMD graphics card is the first to break the Teraflop barrier yet costs under $500 USD. However, unlike the Radeon HD 3400/3600 series, the Linux support for the HD 3870 X2 can be questioned.01:59
Dr_willisNo crossfire for Linux yet - it seems. :)01:59
Dr_willisI think i will stick with nvida for the next year or 2.01:59
* Dr_willis wonders how long it will be befor all the compiz eye candy needs a SLI system for the best wiggly windows!02:00
AMcBainick. (not the wiggly windows, just something needing that much "power")02:00
maduserthe kde4 should outdue compiz though02:01
maduseronce it works02:01
maduserwith kubuntu02:01
AMcBainout do*02:01
Dr_willisAnd perhaps once everyone gets sick of the eyecandy.. actual features that improve useablity will get added. :P02:02
AMcBainIf I'm not mistaken, Plasma should do both.02:02
basculescale is a good usability feature, so is the rotation (yo me)02:03
Dr_willisI never use either of those . With my 2 monitors.. they just dont work very well.02:04
basculeto me (bed time)02:04
basculemv bascule /dev/bed02:04
Dr_willissudo shortsheet /bascule/bed02:04
ahmoshey DR_Willis: i've installe frostwire now but it didn't work ( java problem again)02:16
ahmoslimewire working but frostwire no..!!02:17
kibaproblem installing kde402:18
nosrednaekimkiba: yes?02:18
* Winny quietly asks if anyone else is having issues with an 8500GT and Kubuntu 7.1002:19
nosrednaekimWinny: what issues?02:19
nosrednaekimhi Ryu01002:19
Daisuke_tookiba: a problem better suited for #kubuntu-kde4 perhaps?02:19
Ryu010can someone  help me?02:20
Winnynosrednaekim, the desktop acts incredibly weird (things don't render properly), when I try to run the installer, it freezes, etc.02:20
nosrednaekimRyu010: wats the problem?02:20
Dr_willisahmos,  i cant even get it to install.. server seems down.02:20
nosrednaekimWinny: oh.. the liveCD? please go over to #kubuntu-kde4, i'm there too02:20
Ryu010i just installed kubuntu, ir looks as though it is starting fine then it goes to a black screen and nothing happens02:20
Winnynosrednaekim, eh.. 7.10 has KDE 302:20
Daisuke_tooWinny: there's a kde4 livecd02:21
Dr_willisRyu010,  what video card?02:21
ahmosbut i've downloaded it from the site and installed it..02:21
kibapackages won't install02:21
Ryu010im not sure, i am using a hp tx1318ca tablet02:21
Dr_willisRyu010,  if its using an ati, or nvidia card. You need to most likely Install the proper ati or nvidia drivers.02:22
Dr_willisThere is a Laptop forum on th Ubuntu web site. I belive02:22
Daisuke_tookiba: again, #kubuntu-kde402:22
nosrednaekimthat uses an nvidia Ryu01002:22
* Daisuke_too smacks himself in the face repeatedly02:22
Ryu010alright, so what do i do to make it work?02:23
nosrednaekimDaisuke_too: frustrating day?02:23
nosrednaekimRyu010: boot into recovery mode and install the nvidia driver02:23
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:23
Daisuke_toonosrednaekim: i can't say what i would like to :)02:23
=== Daisuke_too is now known as Daisuke_Id
=== Daisuke_Id is now known as Daisuke_Ido
Ryu010recovery mode starts at a black screen as well02:24
nosrednaekimDaisuke_too: *^(@$^*&*@&$*& and *&*^*&%@*$ day?02:24
Ryu010oops nvm02:24
Ryu010its in recovery mode02:24
Ryu010will it get an ip for me from my dhcp or do i need to assign?02:25
nosrednaekimRyu010: if you are on wired, run "sudo dhclient eth0"02:25
haploanyone know if the kernel option CONFIG_HZ_1000 is set to yes on the default kubuntu kernel?02:27
Dr_willisHmm there used to be a  kernel config file in /proc/ or similer - i recall.. but not seen that in ages.02:27
nosrednaekimhaplo: in the 64 bit edition, I believe so02:27
haplookay, yeah I am using the 64bit version02:28
Daisuke_Idoit's official, there are no more windows machines in this house :)02:28
Strangeworkdoes DHCP have a seperate installation process/required software between Kubuntu and Fluxbuntu? DHCP works fine in Kubuntu, but it doesn't function in Fluxbuntu (it wasn't installed during installation)02:29
nosrednaekimStrangework: this is not the fluxubuntu help[ channel02:30
Ryu010the site that was given with driver installiation is for gui\02:30
Ryu010i need to know how to do it command line02:30
Daisuke_Idowell if it wasn't installed, i can imagine that it won't work...02:30
Daisuke_IdoRyu010: nvidia?02:31
nosrednaekimRyu010: ah ok... run "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new"02:31
Daisuke_Idothat's the line02:31
Daisuke_Idoit's almost tempting to snag the 64mb gf2 out of my geexbox machine and stick it in this one.  this chrome9 chipset's driving me friggin nuts02:33
Ryu010i usually use mandriva powerpack and everythis is already there, i have never had a driver issue02:33
Ryu010so what do i do after i have run  "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new"02:33
Daisuke_Idodid it install?02:34
barkinki cant play another sound file while using mplayer02:34
Ryu010i think so02:34
mixedis it possible to install kicker-kickoff in kubuntu?02:34
nosrednaekimRyu010: run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and leave all settings but the driver name as default..... make that "nvidia"02:34
Daisuke_Idonosrednaekim: or sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:34
barkinkand if i am playing sthng else, i get "[AO OSS] audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy" this error from mplayer while trying to play sthng02:35
Ryu010do i have to enter a identifier for my card?02:35
kadamIs there a note-taking application for Kubuntu, similar to M$' One-Note?02:36
Daisuke_Idoand that's why i recommend -phigh02:36
nosrednaekimDaisuke_Ido: so true...02:36
Daisuke_Idokadam: you want a program similar to microsoft's offering, yet you degrade the concept of MS and anything they might offer by abbreviating it M$.  i have now seen the ultimate hypocrisy.  thanks for playing, don't forget to try our home game!02:37
Daisuke_Idobut other than that...  i'm not sure i've seen anything that would really fit the bill02:37
Ryu010do i have to enter a identifier for my card?02:37
nosrednaekimRyu010: nope02:38
nosrednaekimRyu010: leave everything as default02:38
nosrednaekimexcept the driver02:38
mar0976hello together02:39
mar0976i have a problem02:39
mar0976i want to copy one file to many folders02:39
mar0976cp blaaa /* doesnt work02:40
Ryu010alright i am done, now do i reboot?02:40
nosrednaekimRyu010: yah... give it a shot02:40
mar0976cp -f .directory music/*/  doesn work02:40
mar0976can you help me?02:41
kadamDaisuke_Ido: Thanks, as far as I know the $ in M$ refers to money, which they have plenty of.  By asking if there is something similar to one of their offerings, I was more insinuating my support for non-$ based developers by seeing whether or not I would be reinventing the wheel should I decide on such an application as being the focus of my own development efforts.  But, thanks for the second answer...02:41
Ryu010how would i get the touch screen to work?]02:41
nosrednaekimRyu010: thats a whole nother can of worms :)02:42
Ryu010want to open it?02:43
Ryu010ahh no wifi :(02:43
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:45
nosrednaekimI have to go... sorry02:45
fatguyCannot find the 7.04 ISO to download--does anyone know where to find a copy for download?02:47
ubotuQt is the Q toolkit, which forms the base of KDE and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI. Install the libqt3-mt-dev package to compile Qt applications02:50
fatguynobody ever cares about the fatguy's problems..02:51
* kiba feel terrible02:51
kibaI want my kde4 install!02:51
kibaI got this problem02:51
fatguykde4 is awesome...02:51
yotuxkde 4 is something else I will give you that02:52
* AMcBain decides he will wait until it is stable.02:52
yotuxfatguy how are you running it02:52
kibacan anybody please help me?02:53
kibaI tried purging it from my system02:53
kibaand it won't work02:53
Ryu010alright well thanks for you help everyone :P02:53
yotuxkiba: did you install kde4 before you are install it again?02:54
fatguyyotux: I just tested it out on the opensuse livecd.. I'd consider it still beta.. but looks like it'll be really good when all its apps are out..02:54
yotuxI installed it on kubuntu02:55
kibaI think so..I don't know?02:55
yotuxI rember seeing something about the RC release not compatible with the roll out on the 11th02:55
fatguythe most important concept, in my view, is definitely tagging files based on their individual histories then being able to query for the files you want.02:56
yotuxI would use apt-get remove kde4-core followed by a autoclean02:56
yotuxthen try re-installing02:56
kibawon't work02:57
yotuxfatguy: I load into kde4 and every thing seem larger on this display what where your thoughts03:02
yotuxI run 1400x900 res03:02
yotuxicons where huge for me03:02
yotuxkiba:  I can't debug for you at the moment,  I am running other apt scripts at the moment03:03
kibagood night03:04
yotuxgood evening03:04
rayne3rr0rcan I get help with kubuntu on my lapto03:13
ubuntu_hola a todos03:14
norv!es | ubuntu_03:15
ubotuubuntu_: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:15
el_tacoanyone here use a board with AMD northbridge?03:16
rayne3rr0rin kubuntu my kde won't start03:16
rayne3rr0rfatal I0 error03:16
rayne3rr0rxauth: error in locking authority file /home/rayne/ .Xauthority03:17
no0ticrayne3rr0r, remove .Xauthority and don't use sudo with graphical applications03:18
rayne3rr0rhow do I do that03:19
rayne3rr0rok I removed it and tried to start the gui but it didn't work03:22
no0ticrayne3rr0r, what does it tell you?03:23
rayne3rr0rxauth: error in locking authority file /home/rayne/ .Xuthority03:24
no0ticrayne3rr0r, you must remove it.03:25
rayne3rr0rI did do that03:26
no0ticrayne3rr0r, log in a console and rm .Xauthority03:26
rayne3rr0rrm: cannot remove .Xauthority : No such file or directory03:27
=== Cueball|Laptop_ is now known as Cueball|Laptop
ahmoshi everybody, i've installed limewire and frostwire..but frostwire didn't work,anyboy can help me plz?03:38
ol_dude67what is the error with frostwire?03:40
Roy_MHi, I am just wondering where the best place to ask about iperf might be?03:41
rayne3rr0rno0tic I removed the file and I still can't get into kde03:41
ahmosSomething went wrong with FrostWire.03:42
ahmosMaybe you're using the wrong version of Java?03:42
ahmos(FrostWire is tested against and works best with with Sun's JRE, Java 1.4+)03:42
ahmosThe version of Java in your PATH is:03:42
ahmosjava version "1.6.0_03"03:42
ahmosJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_03-b05)03:42
ahmosJava HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.6.0_03-b05, mixed mode)03:42
no0ticrayne3rr0r, same error?03:43
no0ticrayne3rr0r, try creating a new user and logging in with that03:43
rayne3rr0rshould I work in recovery mode?03:44
no0ticrayne3rr0r, no03:44
dangaiohello, I just installed Kubuntu 7.1003:44
dangaioIt said that there was a distribution upgrade and I ran it.03:45
dangaioNow it is  stuck on installing upgrade and it's been at 0% for the past 20 minutes.  Is this ok?03:45
rayne3rr0rno0tic xauth: timeout in locking authority file //.serverauth.517403:48
rayne3rr0rxauth: timeout in locking authority file //.Xauthority03:48
rayne3rr0rgives me the same error03:49
Agent_bobok that artical explains why the live CD is hanging with "permission denied" error messages.    it's because the latest liveCD tries to automount all connected file systems.     bad move ubuntu!03:49
dangaioshould I kill this process/application?03:50
Agent_bobrayne3rr0r user will not have permission to touch //.*   do you mean ~/.Xauthority  ?03:53
rayne3rr0rnope that's what it said03:53
Agent_bobthen either the error message is wrong or you found a bug.   cause nothing should be trying to touch //.*03:54
rayne3rr0r"XI0: fatal I0 error 104 (connection reset by peer) on Xserver ":0.0"03:54
rayne3rr0r       after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining" is what I get when I try to startx03:54
ol_dude67ahmos,did you upgrade your java first then install frostwire?03:55
Agent_bobrayne3rr0r look for the   EE   just before that, if there is one03:56
rayne3rr0rthere isn't one03:56
Agent_bobhmmmm.    did you just install a vidio driver ?03:57
rayne3rr0rthe restricted driver?03:57
Agent_bobany ?03:57
Agent_boband this is the first reboot ?03:57
rayne3rr0rI rebooted fine yesterday03:58
el_tacoanyone here use a board with AMD northbridge? I'm looking for a new board and wonder if there's any compatibility issues03:58
Agent_bobrayne3rr0r that seems to be a xorg.conf misconfiguration error.    you may have to reconfigure it.04:00
rayne3rr0ralright how do I go about doing that04:00
Agent_bobsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:00
rayne3rr0rwhat do I put at "video card's bus identifier"04:02
Agent_bobthe default should be correct04:02
rayne3rr0rdo I use kernel framebuffer device interface?04:03
ol_dude67how do you change the keyboard map?04:06
MarcChow do I make it so no text-mode stuff about USB appears when I come out of suspend mode?04:06
rayne3rr0rwoo hoo it worked04:08
ol_dude67never mind i found it.04:08
rayne3rr0rthanks guys04:08
Agent_bobMarcC idk. sorry.04:09
Agent_boband just didn't want you to think you had been totally ignored.04:10
marcelolHello people04:12
marcelolAnyone know if/how to get KDE 4 on Feisty ?04:13
* Agent_bob looks beside him at the case that contains the laptop that hasn't been out of the case in over two months; and wonders if suspend will even work on it...04:13
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde404:13
Agent_bobi don't know about fiesty tho.04:14
marcelol_anyone know if it's possible to get KDE 4 on Feisty ?04:14
marcelol_what did you say Agent_bob ?04:15
Agent_bobi don't know about fiesty tho.04:15
ol_dude67now this is annoying, everytime i hit the shift and backspace key it kicks me back to the login screen04:15
Agent_bob!kde4 | marcelol you can install from source i'm sure...04:15
ubotumarcelol you can install from source i'm sure...: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde404:15
marcelol_how can I install from source ?04:17
marcelol_is there a howto somewhere ?04:18
Agent_bob!source | marcelol_04:18
ubotumarcelol_: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html04:18
Agent_bobbah they changed that infonode.04:18
Agent_bobmarcelol_ at any rate.   you should check the backports first.  there may be a package for fiesty04:19
marcelol_wish there was a package for Feisty04:19
marcelol_where are the backports ?04:19
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:19
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports04:20
Agent_bobthose infonodes shouldn't be linked like that.04:20
Agent_bob90% of people that want to know about backports are not developers trying to get a package into the repos04:21
Agent_bobmaybe 99%04:21
heinkel_111anybody know about problems with the flickuploadr for digikam?04:24
epimethhi guys... I'm having some trouble installing flash04:24
epimethmd5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz04:24
epimethThe Flash plugin is NOT installed.04:24
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »04:24
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636397 if you need to fix this immediately, but it's recommended to wait for an official fix.04:24
ol_dude67that too04:25
heinkel_111anybody know about problems with the flickuploadr for digikam?04:25
marcelol_what about if I do a "Version Upgrade" using Adept ?04:26
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:26
ol_dude67marcelol_, what are you trying to upgrade the distro or kde?04:26
Agent_bobkde was the first target ol_dude6704:27
ol_dude67ok thats what i thought04:27
ol_dude67had me lost there for a second04:27
Agent_bobseems that system to attain, may be on the agenda now04:27
marcelol_Well.....I'd prefer just to upgrade KDE, to be honest with you...unless there's something really compelling in Hardy04:29
marcelol_Feisty's been plenty stable for me....04:29
Agent_bobclaydoh: i need to reboot to get information on a bug...   so i'll be back      (maybe)04:30
Agent_bobclaydoh = oh,    stupid nick completion.04:30
ol_dude67i dont know for sure but with all the crashes i had with kde4 i think ill let it rest for awhile before i switch back to it.but thats my thought.04:31
marcelol_oh ? 4 misbehaving ?04:31
marcelol_ok...maybe I'll let it be then04:32
ol_dude67well it was for me04:32
ol_dude67and ive heard others talk about it as well you can ask in #kubuntu-kde404:32
apparleSometimes my system just hangs (when I am doing nothing special) and I have to reboot!! What ot do04:32
ol_dude67apparle, what video card are you using?04:34
apparleol_dude67: ATI Radeon Express 20004:34
TheWhiteRookspeaking of KDE4, is it better now than it was when they first released it?04:35
ol_dude67TheWhiteRook, i think they have another release coming out in febuary04:35
TheWhiteRooksweet, thanx04:35
ol_dude67apparle, do you have the driver loaded for it?04:35
apparleol_dude67: Yes04:36
apparle'libbonobo2-common' and 'libbonobo2-0' both depend on each other what should I do ??04:38
Agent_bobuse the forct luke04:39
Agent_bobforce it04:39
Agent_bobPUSH !04:40
apparlelibbonobo2-common' and 'libbonobo2-0' both depend on each other what should I do ??: You mean I should ask dpkg to ignore dependency problem04:42
apparleAgent_bob: You mean I should ask dpkg to ignore dependency problem04:42
posingaspopularhey all, i need the java compiler, which package do I install?04:42
Agent_bobapparle:  i just told you.    so stop repeting!             sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/libbonobo2-common* /var/cache/apt/archives/libbonobo2-0*04:42
Agent_bobyou might follow it with    sudo apt-get install -f    to make sure that there are no other issues.04:43
Dhraakelliancan you do an alternate install from the DVD?04:44
apparleAgent_bob: I will try when I am home04:44
Agent_bobposingaspopular jcc maybe?   i really don't know.    let me check.04:44
Agent_bobah   gcj - The GNU Java compiler04:45
Agent_bobDhraakellian i think so yes.04:45
Dhraakelliangcj or javac?04:46
Agent_bobgcj-4.1 - The GNU compiler for Java(TM)04:47
Agent_bobjavacc - A parser generator for use with Java04:47
heinkel_111anybody know about problems with the flickuploadr for digikam?04:47
apparleAnybody knows a GUI frontend for MEncoder04:47
Agent_bob!info javac04:48
ubotuPackage javac does not exist in gutsy04:48
marcelol_gcj will give you no end of grief if you try to run things like FrostWire ( oh was I not supposed to talk about that ? )04:48
Dhraakellian!info javacc04:48
ubotujavacc (source: javacc): A parser generator for use with Java. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0+cvs20070207-3 (gutsy), package size 259 kB, installed size 348 kB04:48
marcelol_ubotu : nor is it in Feisty....I had to dload it too04:49
Agent_bobmarcelol_  i was pointing out that it was not packaged for ubuntu.04:49
marcelol_oh...gotcha Agent_bob04:50
Agent_bobor by ubuntu  as case may be.04:50
Agent_bob!find gcj04:51
ubotuFound: ecj-gcj, gcj, gcj-4.2, gcj-4.2-base, java-gcj-compat (and 61 others)04:51
Juliette33hello all04:52
Juliette33http://i34.servimg.com/u/f34/11/90/17/15/fgdh10.jpg --- an example from exotics.heavenforum.com... http://exotics.heavenforum.com .....04:53
Juliette33http://i34.servimg.com/u/f34/11/90/17/15/fgdh10.jpg --- an example from exotics.heavenforum.com... http://exotics.heavenforum.com .......04:53
ol_dude67well thats not going to work...any one wanna get an op?04:53
Agent_bobops we need a kline on Juliette@
ol_dude67Agent_bob, is that all you have to do to get an op?04:55
TheWhiteRookI tried to install KDE 4 using the instructions on http://www.kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php, but when I tried to do the install kde4-core, it said it couldn't find the package.04:56
Agent_bobol_dude67 if that * was still here, i'd have said !ops which is all that is required.  but just ops will probably be noticed,   i know that some set their irc clients to key on "ops"04:56
ol_dude67ok ill have to remember that.04:56
posingaspopularAgent_bob: yea i have jcc04:57
posingaspopularit's still not compiling04:57
Agent_bobol_dude67 don't abuse it.   but use it if needed04:57
ol_dude67TheWhiteRook, did you try sudo aptitude install kde4-core?04:57
Agent_bobposingaspopular  <Agent_bob> ah   gcj - The GNU Java compiler04:57
TheWhiteRookI used apt-get04:57
TheWhiteRookhey it worked, Agent_bob04:58
TheWhiteRookno it didn't04:58
posingaspopularAgent_bob: ahhh ive been lied to. the windows folks use 'javac program.java' whereas I need to do javacc program.java04:58
ol_dude67Agent_bob, i dont even usually worry about it as someone else always beats me to it. lmao04:58
posingaspopularkthanks i got it now, have to go fix my errors04:59
TheWhiteRookCouldn't find any package whose name or description matched "kde4-core"04:59
Agent_bob!kde4 | TheWhiteRook been here ?05:00
ubotuTheWhiteRook been here ?: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde405:00
TheWhiteRooknot today...05:00
ol_dude67TheWhiteRook, or you could use the adept manager as well i just checked and its in the search for it.05:01
TheWhiteRookI'll check05:01
TheWhiteRookol_dude67: mmm there's a whole bunch of kde4 stuff, but no kde4-core05:03
ol_dude67hmmm thats odd i have it.05:03
TheWhiteRookit'd probably come up for you if you tried apt-get or aptitude05:03
TheWhiteRookoh yeah!05:04
TheWhiteRookI'll try that.05:04
TheWhiteRookGAH When will my bathroom mate learn that she can't sing for shit?05:04
TheWhiteRooksorry, just had to throw that out.05:04
Agent_bobno.  you didn't have too...05:05
Agent_bob!language | TheWhiteRook05:05
ubotuTheWhiteRook: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:05
TheWhiteRookit was bothring me05:05
ol_dude67ya have to watch the language in here.05:05
TheWhiteRookonly need to tell me once :P05:06
ol_dude67ah i wasnt telling you was just making a statement.05:06
adrock358I need to make use of your genius here fellas.  my wireless only works with the livecd.  i found out what i have to do to make it work, but, i have to download all possible upgrades to my system first...I've done this already and it works.  So, I'm back at step one again, and I need to download all upgrades.  Except I need to do it manually, via a disk.  I have to do this because I can't plug in to the internet.  All I have is05:07
ol_dude67i have caught myself doing it as well.:(05:07
TheWhiteRookyeah, but so did Agent_bob via that ubotu thing05:07
adrock358Anybody got any suggestions?05:08
Agent_bobadrock358 your post turncated at "All I have is"05:09
TheWhiteRookodd. Adept_update thing tells me I've got no updates to get, but whenI do apt-get upgrade, it tells me I have 28...05:09
adrock358agent_bob.  hmmm.  the last line was all i have is livecd.  thanks.05:09
Agent_bobupdate != upgrade05:09
TheWhiteRook:P sorry05:10
Agent_bobadrock358 apt-move   i think is the script you might want.05:10
TheWhiteRookAgent_bob: The apt-get update thing worked. thanx05:10
Agent_bobadrock358 no apt-zip05:10
Agent_bobTheWhiteRook welcome.05:11
Agent_bob!apt-zip | adrock35805:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-zip - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:11
Agent_bob!info apt-zip | adrock35805:11
ubotuadrock358: apt-zip (source: apt-zip): Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.15 (gutsy), package size 17 kB, installed size 116 kB05:11
adrock358thewhiterook.  yeah dog.  definitely two different things.  not sure what the diff is though05:11
* Agent_bob wonders whether to explain that one or not......05:12
adrock358agent_bob.  i'm lost dog.  what will i do with this apt-zip once i download it.  i'll start it right now.05:12
TheWhiteRookI think when you do update, it updates the lists of packages, but when you do upgrade, it installs the.... upgrades.... of packages you already have05:12
Agent_bobTheWhiteRook correct.05:13
TheWhiteRookthough that "I think" is a pretty definite one.05:13
TheWhiteRooklol, yay! do I win?05:13
adrock358thewhierook.  i say you win bro05:13
TheWhiteRookawwwww *goes away to find somewhere where explanations are more appreciated*05:13
adrock358thewhiterook.  no prob.  anything i can do, you-know.05:14
Agent_bobadrock358 what you do with the package is install it and read the man page     what you do in here is stop calling people names.05:14
TheWhiteRook*celebrates* (by the way, replace bro with sis...:P)05:14
adrock358agent_bob who did i call names?05:14
apparleTheWhiteRook: What's the fuss! I have not seen such a heated discussion here for a long time05:15
TheWhiteRookI'm just in a social mood... :P05:17
adrock358agenagent_bob how do i get apt-zip?05:19
ubotuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!05:20
Agent_bobuse the url and dirrect dl ^05:20
adrock358agent_bob thank you05:20
apparleTheWhiteRook: Why are you going to use apt-zip ( I wannna tweak it too)05:20
adrock358agent_bob were you serious about the names?05:21
adrock358apparle  i am05:21
TheWhiteRookapparle: I'm not using apt-zip...05:21
adrock358agent_bob.  I swore off this one kid once.  but he totally deserved it.  you weren't there, were you?  i was in ubuntu-massachusetts as I believe05:22
Agent_bobadrock358 i realize that in your vernacular calling someone a dog is a minor thing.  but in some cultures around the world that is quite an insult.   and you must remember that any irc channel is a world wide forum05:23
adrock358agent_bob.  in my culture "dog" is not minor.  It is a term of endearment.  If I offended you sir, I apologize sincerely.  Thanks.                      -Adam05:24
apparle'apt-zip creates a script that uses wget to download the files; easily translated to a msdos script' This is the information I get from ubuntu chatroom. I have a box of kubuntu without net and a box with Windows XP at work. Can anybody help05:26
adrock358apparle.  hlwp with what?  it sounds like you have it under control?05:27
adrock358Apparle.  Oh.  you want to use it?05:28
adrock358Apparle.  let's do it together because I am doing it right now.  First, find removeable media.  2nd, download apt zip from synaptic.  Then we will continue.05:28
apparleadrock358: I have a removable 1GB USB drive. I will download apt-zip05:29
adrock358agent_bob.  i can't find apt zip on my comp once i d/l'd it.  running "zip," does nothing.05:30
adrock358apparle.  ok.  agent_bob is helping me too.  it sounds like it is self-explanatory once you run apt-zip05:30
Agent_bob"kubuntu without net" <^> may be totally without networking, in which case you will have to use the url http://packages.ubuntu.com to first get apt-zip and transfer it to the linux box.05:31
Agent_bob@apparle ^05:31
Agent_bobadrock358 i don't know where you downloaded it to, or how.    care to fill in some blanks for me ?05:32
adrock358agent_bob.  i used synaptic.  d/l'd and installed it.  but i can't run it now.05:32
apparleadrock358: I am on a Windows XP box. Will I get it on packages.ubuntu.com  This site I use for all other packages05:32
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apparlenext wht to do05:33
adrock358apparle.  get it here05:33
adrock358apparle.  yes you'll get it on packages.ubuntu.com if you do a search for it05:33
Agent_bobdpkg -L apt-zip | less      < adrock358 that will list all the files that the package installed and give their location.05:34
apparleNext what05:34
apparleAgent_bob: not understood05:34
adrock358apparle.  you are on win xp?  ---agentbob or someone else may need to assist you.  i recommend reading all there is about apt-zip from ubuntu pages first before asking for help.05:35
Agent_bobadrock358 but you probably want to save the package from the package cache, to move it to the system that isn't networked.    /var/cache/apt/archives/apt-zip*05:35
adrock358agent_bob.  I install apt-zip on the UN-NETWORKED box?05:35
apparleI have the .deb file for apt-zip. I will install when I am home. What next05:36
Agent_bobok.   then   you should be able to view the man page    man apt-zip05:36
adrock358apparle.  i don't know.  perhaps come back then into the irc chat room and ask for help.05:36
apparleAgent_bob: Not right now but when I am home05:36
apparleadrock358 & Agent_bob: I wanna ask you people that can I use apt-zip such that I get the downloads from a XP box and install it at home05:38
adrock358apparle.  you got to download the packages you want to install first.  then use apt-zip to transfer them to disk, then go home, and install them on your linux box.  how to do all these steps however, I am not sure.05:39
Agent_bobapparle yes you install apt-zip at home and apt-zip-list <package_name>    and use the script it generates to then fetch the packages you need.05:39
adrock358agent_bob.  thank you for your help.  I am too tired to do this tonight.05:39
adrock358agent_bob.  apparle.  Good night fellas.05:40
Agent_bobadrock358 k.05:40
apparleadrock358: Just a second: Tell me will the script work for Windows05:40
adrock358thewhiterook.  goodnight see you later.05:41
apparleadrock358: be thanks for help05:41
apparleadrock358: bye thanks for help05:41
apparleAgent_bob: How to convert script in linux to msdos script05:43
Agent_bobapparle well the line ends can be converted with   unix2dos <filename>    i'm not sure if the syntax is all compatable or not...05:45
Agent_bobsee i don't do windows.  so i'm not very savy in that area05:46
MilitantPotatoI just sorted konq not mounting ntfs drives on my system05:52
* MilitantPotato golf clap05:52
sco50000what is the root password for the kubuntu fiesty 7.04 live cd?05:53
Hydrogenthere isn't.05:54
hsystemxXsco50000 , password =  livecd05:54
Hydrogenuhh no05:55
sco50000hsystemxX: that didn't work05:55
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:55
Hydrogenthere isn't one.05:55
hsystemxXHydrogen, if you log out in a live cd05:55
hsystemxXto login you need a password (system password)05:55
hsystemxXpassword = livecd05:56
Hydrogenthen you don't need the root password to log in05:56
Hydrogenand the root password is what was requested05:56
Hydrogenplease, answer the question, not what you think the question may possibly mean05:56
hsystemxXroot pass in kubuntu is the same as user password...05:56
hsystemxXi know what im talking.05:56
Hydrogenit isn't.05:56
Hydrogenand you don't./05:56
MilitantPotatonah, sudo password is, if the user is in that group, if I'm guessing right05:56
hsystemxXyes i know, he is not doing passwd and setting root, but the live cd password works as system password.05:57
Hydrogenbut not the root password05:57
Hydrogenthe question was, "what is the root password"05:57
Hydrogenit wasn't "What is the password for the user"05:57
Hydrogenyou cannot login as root with the password "livecd"05:57
hsystemxXyeah but use your logic, is a livecd... he is asking the default password of the livecd which is livecd.05:57
Hydrogenyou cannot su to root with the password "livecd"05:57
Hydrogenno, he's asking for the root password05:58
Hydrogenit says it right in the question!05:58
hsystemxXwell there is no root pass so, it isnt root password.05:58
MilitantPotatoI'll turn this internet around if you two don't stop.05:58
Agent_bobapparle here is an example of the scripts generated by apt-zip-list   if you are interested in looking  http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d318125af05:58
hsystemxXso he is not asking root password... follow you logic LOL05:58
Hydrogenhe was asking for the root password05:59
Hydrogenbecause, most linux distrobutions have a root password05:59
Hydrogenand one would assume that *buntu does as well05:59
Hydrogenthat would be why there is a factoid about it05:59
hsystemxXlivecd doesnt have root password. But if you want to manage the livecd, the root password LIKE* is livecd.05:59
Agent_bobMilitantPotato is it really two of them?  or just one guy arguing with himself ?05:59
Hydrogenthat would not be me06:00
Hydrogenmy intelligence is just a bit higher06:00
Hydrogen& i'm rite06:00
Hydrogennow that I won that conversation06:02
Hydrogeni'm off again06:02
Agent_bob"won that conversation"   lol06:02
Agent_bobthat does seem to be how some view it....      how sad.06:03
Agent_bobHydrogen what ya workin' on now?06:03
HydrogenI was going to prepare for sleep06:04
Hydrogenit being late and all06:04
Agent_boboh.   well let me wish ya a plesent and restful one then.06:04
MilitantPotatoAgent_bob: Yea on the first bit & I agree06:04
=== Hydrogen is now known as NotAutoAwayNick
TheWhiteRooknot auto away nick?06:06
NotAutoAwayNickjust in case you were wondrin!06:06
Agent_boblong story, i'm sure.       but the short of it is, away messages are frowned upon in here.    (by the opers not by me.)06:07
NotAutoAwayNickwhich is why it wasn't an auto away message06:07
Agent_bob@TheWhiteRook ^06:07
NotAutoAwayNickIt was a willing decision to change to a nickname that more appropriatly represented my position on the world06:07
NotAutoAwayNickat this current time06:07
Agent_bobpadentic too06:08
ubotuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. See !lts for more details.06:09
holyguyverWhy is Kubuntu Hardy not going to be LTS?06:09
Agent_bobwhy should it be? it's only 2 years from the first LTS06:10
MilitantPotatoBecause it wouldn't be as awsome.06:10
no0ticAgent_bob, ubuntu will06:10
holyguyverSo when will Kubuntu's next LTS be?06:11
NotAutoAwayNickI would say that one of the primary reasons is a) No one wants to commit to supporting kde3.5 for five more years, and b) No one wants to commit to supporting kde 4.0 for five more years06:11
Agent_bobno0tic ?06:11
NotAutoAwayNickand as such, it makes more sense to wait for a release of kde that makes sense to support for five years06:12
NotAutoAwayNickthis is, however, just a guess06:12
holyguyverWhy not commit to supporting KDE4 for the next 5 years?06:12
NotAutoAwayNickI didn't say that06:12
NotAutoAwayNickI said kde4.006:12
holyguyverO I get you, as in they may be willing to support 4.1 or 4.3 or whatever when it comes out :)06:13
Agent_bobwait.    support kde for 5 years   no.   that's not how LTS works06:13
NotAutoAwayNickeven three years06:13
NotAutoAwayNickwhatever it is on the desktop06:13
Agent_bob5 year support is only for server    and server is gui'less06:13
Agent_bobyes 3 year.06:14
NotAutoAwayNickit doesn't change the underlying fact :)06:14
NotAutoAwayNickor underlying guess06:14
Agent_boboh maybe that "<Agent_bob> padentic too"  was for me not you....06:14
NotAutoAwayNicki'm sure there were other reasons06:15
NotAutoAwayNickand I have a feeling we will see another lts release sometime before the dapper one runs out06:15
holyguyverIs there a blog entry or wiki page that discusses the reasonings?06:16
Agent_bobwell 9.4   tenative,  9.6 likely06:16
NotAutoAwayNickriddels blog and jucato's blog talks about it06:16
holyguyvercan you give me a link?06:17
NotAutoAwayNickgoogle can though06:17
holyguyverokay :p06:17
NotAutoAwayNickthey are both syndicated on planetkde.org06:17
holyguyverthanks :)06:17
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Ayabaradoes kmail/korganizer have support for receiveing meeting attachments like the ones Outlook makes?06:55
=== psteyn is now known as appelza
holyguyverOkay I am back. I agree with Johnathon Jesse on Kubuntu should release a LTS06:58
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!07:00
holyguyver!Hi ubotu , it seems that you are the only one in here willing to talk with me :p07:01
jussi01!bot | holyguyver07:02
ubotuholyguyver: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:02
corporealanyone here use funionfs?07:03
corporealyes, f.07:03
corporealthe fuse one07:03
holyguyveris it possible to make Dolphan defalt to the typing nav instead of the breadcrum?07:07
nonameHello, when I edit a file, a backup file is created automatically, is there a way to disable this?07:07
nonameoh, got that... kate creates a backup file when the file is changed, I can turn it off in kate's settings...07:10
holyguyvergreat, now does anyone know an answer to my question? :p07:10
jussi01holyguyver: which question?07:11
holyguyver is it possible to make Dolphan defalt to the typing nav instead of the breadcrum?07:11
holyguyverthe file manager it has an option to either nav through the url type nav or through a crum nav, but it defalts to crum07:12
ol_dude67ok is it just me or is it a setting that when you hit the shift key and the backspace key at the same time it boots you back to login screen?07:13
MilitantPotatothat's XGL07:13
ol_dude67oh hmmm do i need it, cause that setting is making me mad.lol07:13
Ayabaraah. I've been wondering which keys I accidentally have pushed to make that happen..07:14
jussi01Ayabara: also ctrl alt backspace does it07:14
ol_dude67well im glad im not the only one that that has happened too.07:14
ol_dude67jussi01, i knew about that one.07:15
MilitantPotatothere's a way to disable it ol_dude67 but I lost the command07:15
MilitantPotatocheck google07:15
Ayabarajussi01: that one I know of, but I couldn't understand how I managed to hit that combo by accident :-)07:15
ol_dude67MilitantPotato, i can kill it with ps -e07:15
MilitantPotatodon't kill XGL07:16
ol_dude67oh ok07:16
Ayabarashift-backspace explains it :-)07:16
MilitantPotatoyour desktop will go away :)07:16
holyguyverSo any way I can change the defalt nav in dolphan?07:16
MilitantPotatoIf you're using compiz or another window manager07:16
ol_dude67no im just using kde07:16
ol_dude67well hold on ill check07:17
jessiehey guys07:18
ol_dude67well i have got to find out how to kill it, i have done it 6 times today alone.07:20
jesse_i just replaced kwin with enlightenment but am unsure of how to access the enlightenment menus to install themes etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated :)07:22
izzyb_how do I go about restarting the kde mediamanager if it crashes?07:24
sub[t]rnljesse_➜ might want to join #e for enlightenment support07:24
izzyb_I was trying to unmount a thumb drive when something went wrong and now when I view the storage media, I see an error at the bottom07:25
jesse_thanks sub[t]rnl i'll give it a shot07:25
izzyb_'The KDE mediamanager is not running'07:25
ol_dude67well i found a page for fiesty but not for 7.10 dang it.07:25
* izzyb_ knows rebooting fixes the problem, but this isn't windows, so that shouldn't be the answer07:26
ol_dude67could always log out and restart x07:29
sub[t]rnlor sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libdbus-1.so.3 libdbus-1.so.3.3.007:29
ol_dude67anyone have a guess on how to shut off the setting XGL that sends you back to the login screen by hitting the shift and backspace key?07:33
ol_dude67cause as bad as i typo and hit the backspace key to fix it, its a pain.07:33
sub[t]rnlin your xorg.conf07:34
sub[t]rnlOption “DontZap” “yes”07:34
ol_dude67oh i dont want to have to do that.07:34
ol_dude67crap how do i get to it in kubuntu? i know how in slack but not kubuntu.07:35
sub[t]rnlgonna have to get your hands dirty one of these days ol_dude6707:35
sub[t]rnlits in /etc/X11/07:35
sub[t]rnladd it between Section “ServerFlags” and Endsection at the bottom07:35
ol_dude67sub[t]rnl, i know how, and im use to getting my hands dirty, i run slack as well.07:35
sub[t]rnlah, thats right I remember you saying that07:36
sub[t]rnlmy bad07:36
sub[t]rnltoo many faces around here07:36
ol_dude67just not to use to kubuntu, it has some difference to it.07:36
sangeliHi, I just installed kubuntu and when running Adept I get this strage error: "Another process is using the packaging system database. Would you like to attempt to resolve this problem? If I say yes, it crashes. Even when I reboot I get the same issue. Not a nice start. What to do to fix it?07:39
ol_dude67sub[t]rnl, in quotes?07:39
sub[t]rnlol_dude67➜ yup, just how I typed it07:39
sangeliPlease help if someone knows how to solve it. Thanks07:40
sub[t]rnlits not case sensitive though.  Not sure if anything in xorg.conf is.07:40
AyabaraI get some bad beeps even though I have turned off all sound notifications. Whe I do "sudo modprobe -r pcspkr" they disappear. How can I make this change permanent?07:40
sub[t]rnlAyabara➜ add it to /etc/modules07:41
sub[t]rnlpcspkr that is07:41
sub[t]rnlwait, your removing right07:41
Ayabarasub[t]rnl: yep :-)07:42
jussi01!adeptfix | sangeli07:42
ubotusangeli: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »07:42
ol_dude67well if i get booted you know what happened.lmao07:42
sub[t]rnlAyabara➜ blacklist it in /etc/modprob.d/blacklist07:43
sangelijussi01: what do I answer to sudo dpkg question among *** qt_plugins_3.3rc (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N] ?07:43
ol_dude67lol im back07:44
sub[t]rnlol_dude67➜ need to restart x for it to take effect anyway :>07:44
ol_dude67ah ok07:44
sangeliwhat do I answer to sudo dpkg question among *** qt_plugins_3.3rc (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N] ?07:44
Ayabarasub[t]rnl: thanks07:44
sangeliY o I  : per installare la versione del responsabile del pacchetto07:45
ol_dude67sub[t]rnl, thanks alot07:45
sangelianyway, I opted for default option07:45
panfistim trying to remote into a fresh kubuntu machine on my network and it worked before, but i just rebooted it and now I am getting "connection refused"07:46
sangeliI solved the problme and thank you. One last question: From Adept, how to find out if I have the most current version? I ask this because after I finished installing kubuntu I got a message saying that there was a new kubuntu version and now I am unable to find out if I could installit07:47
sangelicna someone tell me this too, please?07:47
ol_dude67if you open adept manager at top it says it.07:48
sangelinevermind. I will reboot and wait for the system to tell me if I have to upgrade07:48
sangelithank you for your help07:48
ol_dude67that person will be back, lmao07:50
ol_dude67i have just one more thing bugging me, when i leave the computer instead of it going into the screen saver mode it just goes to black screen why?07:52
ol_dude67and how do i fix it.07:52
sub[t]rnlprobably power managment07:52
ol_dude67i checked..and checked and checked been like this for about a month now.07:52
sub[t]rnlhrm, what did you check? guidance-power-manager or whatever?07:53
ol_dude67let me check again but.07:53
TheWhiteRookdo you know how to get that panel at the bottom back in KDE 4? I tried to use a widget that needed OpenGL (which I don't have) and it crashed plasma, and now I just have a bunch of widgets floating around with no idea how to get them back in a bar07:53
ol_dude67sub[t]rnl, in system settings07:54
=== galathal1on is now known as galathalion
sub[t]rnlTheWhiteRook➜ try running plasma-kde4 & from konsole07:54
sub[t]rnlor from alt + f207:54
TheWhiteRookwith the &?07:54
sub[t]rnlTheWhiteRook➜ well, that just frees the konsole backup, detaching the process07:55
TheWhiteRookohhhhh awesome. I didn't know one could do that...07:55
TheWhiteRookthing is though, I think plasma's running, cuz I do have the widgets, I just can't find any way to put them in a bar like they are by default07:56
sub[t]rnlol_dude67➜ make sure everythings ok in the guidance-power-manager, the little lightning bolt icon07:56
kadamI'm getting the error "Class contains Q_OBJECT macro but does not inherit from QObject".  Even if I delete the macro from my class definition, I still get the error... Does anyone know what might be going on?07:57
TheWhiteRooksub[t]rnl: nothing happened.07:57
sub[t]rnlTheWhiteRook➜ if you want to return to default, you could mv .kde4/ .kde4.backup (that will restore -everything- to default settings though)07:58
kadamoops, sorry, apparently I don't automatically switch to new channels 8)07:58
TheWhiteRookwill it automatically make a new kde4 folder?07:58
sub[t]rnlbetter yet07:58
TheWhiteRookbetter yet what?07:59
TheWhiteRookwhat do I do with it?07:59
sub[t]rnlhrm, nm, that doesn't look right07:59
sub[t]rnlwas going to say remove it to get a default plasma07:59
TheWhiteRookmm Maybe I'll just reset entire kde4. I haven't done much to it, so08:00
sigma_does anyone know how to enable the onboard wireless on a ibm thinkpad t41 laptop?08:00
sub[t]rnl!wireless > sigma_08:00
sigma_sub[t]rnl: not in kubuntu, lol. i mean how to switch it on with the keyboard08:01
sub[t]rnlsigma_➜ hold down fn and smash the fkeys08:01
sub[t]rnltill it lights up08:01
TheWhiteRooksub[t]rnl: emilsedgh from #kubuntu-kde4 said to run rm ~/.kde4/share/config/*plasma*;killall plasma;plasma08:03
TheWhiteRookand it worked08:03
TheWhiteRookif anyone asks again :P08:04
sub[t]rnlright on08:05
sigma_what does error 18 in grub mean? i just ran a clean install of kubuntu, how can it have a error08:05
jussi01sigma_: have you googled it?08:06
ol_dude67ya i thought they were making a new release in about 6 days.08:06
sigma_jussi01: yeah but don't have a clue what they are talking about > http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-77042.html08:08
jussi01sigma_: is it an older  machine?08:08
ol_dude67he needs to change the bios settings is what i seen08:09
sub[t]rnlor better yet create a boot partition08:09
ol_dude67said something about using lba for the hard drive.08:09
ol_dude67sub[t]rnl, or that too08:10
sigma_jussi01: its a ibm thinkpad t41, not that old, even has a centrino processor08:10
sigma_sub[t]rnl: can i do that in ubiqity?08:10
sub[t]rnlwth is ubiqity08:10
jussi01!info ubiquity08:11
ubotuubiquity (source: ubiquity): Ubuntu live CD installer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.8 (gutsy), package size 1966 kB, installed size 7448 kB08:11
sigma_the kubuntu installer08:11
sub[t]rnljussi01➜ hrm, ill be08:11
sub[t]rnlsigma_➜ not sure08:11
sub[t]rnlfdisk user here.08:11
jussi01sigma_: should be - when you do the partitioning08:11
ol_dude67well atleast its an ibm, there are some new boards that are vista only i have seen.08:12
sigma_jussi01: yeah il just say i want to do it manually hey?08:12
jussi01sigma_: I imagine so08:12
sigma_ol_dude67: what setting did you say needed to be changed in bios?08:13
ol_dude67well when i googled it, it said to change hard drive setting to lba08:13
sigma_whats lba?08:14
sigma_jussi01: how big should i make the boot partition?08:14
f00fIs anyone else getting like weird random crashes using the NVIDIA drivers on an intel core2, x86 system with kubuntu gutsy?08:14
jussi01f00f: not i08:14
jussi01mind you I dont have a shiny system like that08:15
ol_dude67its a type of hard drive probably a maxtor or something owned by them08:15
f00fSomtimes monitor suspends indefinitely, without responding to mouse movement, keyboard.  Sometimes garbage and a half-cursor appearing in the top left corner of the screen.08:15
ol_dude67foof, kde3 or 4?08:15
f00fol_dude67: kde308:16
sub[t]rnlthe garbage sounds like the systray icons not docking in kicker08:16
f00fno beryl/compiz08:16
ol_dude6764 bit?08:16
f00fol_dude67: nah, 32-bit08:16
ol_dude67or plain kubuntu?08:16
ol_dude67wow and really wow.08:16
f00fDo I need to run 64-bit? I've got 4GB ram?08:17
ol_dude67how long ago of an install?08:17
f00fJust yesterday.08:17
ol_dude67it wont see 4 gig08:17
f00fol_dude67: how's 64-bit in terms of availability of apps and stability?08:18
ol_dude67wait that is slack im thinking of, or someone else correct me08:18
sub[t]rnlno, your right ol_dude6708:18
ol_dude67wow,..im right lmao08:18
f00fI've only ever heard bad things about it so I'm a bit nervous08:18
DreadKnightstdin: welcome :D08:18
sigma_um guys what type of partition is a boot partition? because there are only ext2 and ext3 available in the installer08:19
DreadKnightsigma_: "/"08:19
ol_dude67i use ext3 but you can choose what ever08:19
sub[t]rnlthats the root partition, dk08:19
stdinDreadKnight: hey :)08:20
DreadKnightmount point08:20
sub[t]rnlyeah, he is needing a boot partition before a certain cylinder, cause his bios is old and can't read the kernel08:20
ol_dude67ok well im out of here for the night you all take it easy on the flip side:D08:20
f00fand another question, since I'm still n00b to 64-bit.. I'm on Intel, can I install the kubuntu amd64 build?08:20
sub[t]rnllates ol_dude6708:21
ol_dude67foof, thats for 64 bit not just amd, atleast that is what i have been told.sub laters08:21
jussi01f00f: yep08:21
sigma_would boot be a smaller partition with the mount point set as /boot ?08:21
sub[t]rnlsigma_➜ aye08:22
f00fI'll try it then, because I want to see all my 4GB....  but where can I look to find out if: emu10k1 drivers are supported?08:22
f00fbecause that'll be a showstopper08:22
f00fI guess I can find out when I boot the livecd lol08:25
sigma_sub[t]rnl: does that mean yes? :)08:25
sub[t]rnlyup, sorry08:25
sebastian^good morning folks08:26
sub[t]rnlsebastian^➜ morning08:26
sigma_sub[t]rnl: how big should the boot partition be?08:29
sub[t]rnland some would consider that overkill08:29
jussi01sigma_: and it should be the first one on the drive08:29
sub[t]rnlyeah, important ^^08:30
sigma_sub[t]rnl: so a 50mb ext3 partition with /boot as the mount point at the beginning of the disk should do it?08:31
sigma_ok il make sure its the first one, but how will the installer know that it must install grub there?08:32
jussi01!hi | sener08:33
ubotusener: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!08:33
jussi01sigma_: you can specify where to install grub08:33
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
sub[t]rnlyup, you can take care of all that after you have created the partition08:35
sub[t]rnlneed to mount it, copy your current /boot over, then you can get in the grub shell and have it setup in the new partition08:36
sub[t]rnlor use grub-install08:36
sub[t]rnlok, im getting some shuteye.  take care men.08:36
sigma_jussi01: can i specify that in the installer?08:37
jussi01sigma_: right at the end, it asks you where you want to install grub...08:39
sigma_jussi01: yeah do i change that from hd0 (the default) to sda2 (my boot partition at the beginning of the drive)?08:40
kirkthey guys. ive just had  computer crash, and i want to reinstall lateset kubuntu. should i wait till a version with kde4 go out ?08:48
jussi01kirkt: you will be waiting a while... till april...08:48
kirktah ok08:49
sigma_jussi01: will my config above be correct?08:49
jussi01kirkt: it is available, but its not exactly stable.08:49
jussi01sigma_: I dont know, Im not at your pc08:50
jussi01sigma_: try it and see ;)08:50
sigma_jussi01: it said "running grub install (sda2)" then a popup box came up saying fatal error08:57
sigma_any ideas?08:58
sigma_i went back to the installer and it changed the mount point from /boot to /media/sda2 for that boot partition that i created09:00
sigma_it appears to have copied some stuff across to it as well09:00
val0check this out: http://pastebin.ca/88740109:02
sigma_val0: why did you post that?09:05
val0because i was reading pastebin and stumbled on it09:05
val0trying to call the guy to let him know about it09:05
SlimeyPeteval0: so you just thought you'd post it to a public IRC channel first? ;)09:10
spooniehi all09:12
appelzaanyone have a good idea for a name for an office park? (probably containing the word clifton)09:35
val0SlimeyPete: yeh the reason i posted that was because i was hoping that people here would see what can happen if you get your card stolen and where you can find this info09:36
val0SlimeyPete: if you go there and check out what happens you can see that "Order1,2,3,4" posts are coming up09:37
val0SlimeyPete: every few mins a # comes up09:37
Lynoureappelza: try brainstorming that on #kubuntu-offtopic :)09:37
val0SlimeyPete: cross site scripting in effect09:37
SlimeyPeteval0: sounds bad09:38
val0SlimeyPete: yep and i've tried calling the people and those are their office numbers09:38
val0called mastercard and no answer there either09:38
val0and i can't find out what site it's coming from09:38
pawanhow to change wallpaper09:58
val0pawan: right click on your desktop, make sure all your apps are minimized10:01
val0pawan: select configure desktop10:01
pawanhow to change language10:03
sigma_jussi01: finally got it installed:)10:06
sigma_does anyone know how i can list all the usb devices that are plugged into my computer?10:07
SlimeyPetesigma_: lsusb10:07
basculeif I want 10.0.0.[1-255] do I say or ?10:10
llutz /2410:10
llutz@ bascule ^^10:11
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stf_Hi. Is it safe to upgrade libc from 2.3.6 to 2.5 on Dapper Drake?10:20
val0how does one install SMB and NFS servers to enable file sharing with an MS machine10:39
llutzval0: install samba10:40
llutz!samba | val010:40
ubotuval0: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.10:40
val0llutz: i have and it's shows up as installed, i also installed samba network viewer10:40
val0llutz: when i try to do a simple share through dolphin it tells me that i don't have SMB and NFS servers installed10:41
llutzval0: sorry no idea about that GUI-stuff10:41
val0llutz: my cli skills are very limited at the moment so i am forced to gui mostly10:42
vbgunzI have an intel pentium 4 processor, should I disable the powernowd service from bootup?11:01
SlimeyPetevbgunz: I wouldn't bother - it shouldn't cause any trouble11:03
vbgunzSlimeyPete: I disabled it, along with a few others "laptop-mode, xorg-wacom, cupsys, etc" ... trying to tweak the system... biggest problem is getting a definitive list of the applications I installed (not what comes with Kubuntu by default)...11:09
anton__Have there been any progress on drivers for Radeon Xpress 200m?11:16
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »11:22
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SlimGIs it possible to startup a second "independent" instance of konqeror so I'm able to log into a site I'm allready logged into in my first instance of konqueror?11:44
emonkeySlimG, I don't think so, use Opera or Firefox instead.11:46
=== tidus is now known as Tidus
=== administrador is now known as quique2
SlimGemonkey: *youck*, anyhow, :) thanks for the reply11:49
SlimGAny KDE-based browser suggestions except Konqueror?11:49
jussi01SlimG: if you can tell me that, i would be very happy...11:50
jussi01SlimG: opera is qt based...11:50
SlimGjussi01: well... close... but I _just_ want a browser, not a complete package11:53
jussi01SlimG: there is a webkit one under development... but its very basic and I could never could get it to build11:55
=== dead is now known as Dead_Kuzmich
SlimGjussi01: link?11:56
jussi01SlimG: dont have it atm, just google for webkit linux11:59
SlimGmkay, thanks jussi0111:59
SlimGjussi01: Seems like webkit will become the default html engine in konqueror@kde412:03
jussi01SlimG: correct12:03
cpk1guys I have a serious problem. some of my key type out two different keys each time I press it and I have no clue what happened12:04
SlimGWhat's the point making D3lphin the default filebrowser when Konqueror imho does a great job at that already?12:06
llutzSlimG: one said: "KDE-User wanted it...."12:08
jussi01SlimG: see !dolphin for changing it back if you need...12:09
llutzSlimG: for some konqi has too much features, they cannot handle. stupid gnome-thinking (imho)12:09
SlimG:) So noe clear reason for why this choice was made then? like "konqueror beeing too bloated", or "d3lphin beeing extremely quick" etc. ?12:12
llutzi don't know12:12
SlimGI've asked in #kubuntu-devel , maby they know12:13
=== mk is now known as budgetdedicated
llutzthey should12:13
SSJ_GZSlimG: Dolphin replaces Konqueror in KDE4 as the default file manager as Konqueror is indeed too overloaded with functionality for some people to deal with (many people cite Konqueror as the sole reason they don't use KDE).  I'm assuming the same thinking motivated the Kubuntu devs.12:16
stdinSlimG: dolphin will be default in KDE4, making it default in KDE3 gave people a chance to get used to the change. that's why12:17
SlimGSSJ_GZ: Thanks for that answer, I thought more people shared my interpretation of simplicity, clearly I'm wrong, and I even agree that D3lphin is a good idea if it'll be loved by KDE newbies12:23
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xen_Hey im having some trouble backing up my post is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4237570&postcount=497  any help much appreciated12:26
Sbucatonehallo, anyone know how can i set multimedia buttons on toshiba laptop ? if i run xev i can't get any keycode when i press my multimedia buttons12:57
llutzSbucatone: fnfxd loaded?12:58
Sbucatonellutz: mm i don't know nothing about fnfxd ...what's about that is a module for kernel ?12:59
llutzfnfxd - ACPI and hotkey daemon for Toshiba laptops12:59
Sbucatonellutz: do you know where can i get documentation ? or i will search in google13:00
Sbucatonellutz: thanks13:00
llutzSbucatone: there are a few more tosh-related packages (toshset, toshutils)13:00
llutzSbucatone: maybe they'll help you13:00
Sbucatonellutz: mm i know that stuff i will re-try to set thank you :)13:01
llutzi wish you more luck than i had with a Sony vaio-FS laptop :((13:01
Sbucatonellutz: the bad thing is in feisty they worked in gutsy no xD13:02
llutzSbucatone: seems to be a lot of stuff, that worked before gutsy came...13:02
Sbucatonellutz: xD i hope  hardy  will fix that stuff :)13:03
llutzme too13:03
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
Sbucatonellutz: xD damn i must recompile kernel to enable..toshiba acpi...13:12
BluesKajHowdy All :)13:13
llutzSbucatone: CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA=m13:14
Sbucatonellutz:well but..in fnfx documentation it said recompile your kernel... what's about the last your sentence ?13:14
llutzSbucatone: grep -i toshiba /boot/config-2.6.22-14-generic13:15
llutzSbucatone: tosh acpi is configured as module in *ubuntu-kernel, so there should be no need to recompile13:15
Sbucatonellutz: ok i see CONFIG etc13:15
Sbucatonellutz: ah ok ok with grep i can see that module13:16
llutzSbucatone: sudo modprobe toshiba_acpi13:16
Sbucatoneno0tic: ui13:16
=== no0tic_ is now known as notic
=== notic is now known as no0tic
Sbucatonellutz: ..FATAL: Error inserting toshiba_acpi (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/acpi/toshiba_acpi.ko): No such device13:16
llutzSbucatone: this shows you existing toshiba-related modules " modprobe -l '*tosh*' "13:17
no0ticSbucatone, hi13:17
llutzSbucatone: sudo modprobe toshiba13:17
Sbucatonellutz: the same error FATAL: Error inserting toshiba (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/char/toshiba.ko): No such device13:17
llutzSbucatone: check "dmesg" for errrors related to toshiba. seems your chipset/acpi-bios isn't supported by this modules :(13:18
Sbucatonellutz: ok now i understand ..damned phoenix bios13:18
llutzSbucatone: wonder how that worked in feisty...13:20
Sbucatonellutz: well i was reading documentation...-.- and i found ...phoenix bios are not supported -.-'' ..me tooo, why feisty yes and gutsy no  mah..13:21
Sbucatoneno0tic: are you ? italian no0tic13:21
Sbucatonellutz: thanks for your support :) i will wait as you  for hardy13:22
llutzbetter luck next time :)13:22
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Karlo Best girls in the world - http://lostworlds.lv/go.php?113965544013:55
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huseyinkozan i want all contents of kdevelop assistant can reachable while i am offline, how can i do it ?14:13
huseyinkozani am using ubuntu14:13
MarphineGood Morning Sunshine(s)! Much love from Neko the AMOR kitty to you all!14:24
MarphineI'm new to this Kubuntu thing and I think I like it14:30
carlhello people looking for a frendly mind to help me with some package add removal problem14:30
Marphineit's not without its share of frustrations though. For example I can'14:31
MarcCseeking friendly dog lover who likes warm books and long days14:31
MarcCcarl: what can we do for you - just state the question so ppl can answer it14:31
BlizzyHellow fellow ignorant Pedophiles, have any child porn to share today?14:31
Marphinecan't launch the included CD/DVD burning package : K3b. When I try to start it it just gives me the "loading" symbol next to the mouse pointer but then... nothing.14:32
BlizzyHellow fellow ignorant Pedophiles, have any child porn to share today?14:32
MarcCMarphine: try running from Konsole, see what it says14:32
MarphineIt *does* appear on the <ctrl><esc> task list but nowhere else14:32
carli find a program i want to install and then i push the apply changes buttom it says There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.  and then the installation complite pops up14:33
MarphineHrm okay MarcC justa sec thx14:33
BluesKaj!ops | Blizzy14:33
ubotuBlizzy: ops is Help! Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild or jussi01!14:33
BlizzyHellow fellow ignorant Pedophiles, have any child porn to share today?14:33
MarcCcarl, try launching adept from Konsole by typing 'kdesu adept'14:34
MarcCsee if it throws any errors14:34
Marphinenothing seems to happen. I *don't* get a syntax error... the cursor just drops to the next line the it doesn't give me the standard <username><computername>:~$14:35
Marphineto attempt to launch it I just typed "k3b" with no switches or anything14:36
MarcCMarphine: I guess you could try a complete removal/reinstall of K3b...along with its config files14:36
BluesKajMarphine, stating the obvious, but have you tried reinstalling K3B ?14:36
carlcommand not found14:36
numani have some problem with adept updater?14:36
MarcCcarl, did you remove the apostrophes?14:37
carlyes I did14:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adeptupdater - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:37
=== brendonw_ is now known as brendonw
numan!adept updater14:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adept updater - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:37
MarcCcarl: if it can't find kdesu, that may be sort of a problem14:37
MarphineHrm I just installed the OS and it behaves this way. Did the same thing on the last install, I just reinstalled because I was setting up a dual boot system  and it was easier to do it that way than messing with resizing partitions and whatnot14:38
MarcCcarl: try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'14:38
numanit crashed often during update14:38
MarcCcarl: then try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:38
Marphineso knowing that it's a clean install would you still reccomend that course of action?14:38
ubotuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto14:38
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MarcCMarphine: why not, something could have gone wrong during the install14:39
MarphineOkay so I know how to remove and reinstall using Adapt but what about the config files? How do I nuke them>?14:39
BluesKajMarphine, uninstalling K3B will uninstall the whole kubuntu-desktop14:40
MarcCMarphine: .kde/share/config/k3brc14:40
carland install the package maintainer's versionv?14:40
MarcCcarl: wha?14:41
carlinstall the package maintainer's version?14:41
carlit came up a menu of choises14:41
MarcCcarl: can you paste your /etc/apt/sources.list somewhere?14:42
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:42
carletc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied14:43
MarphineI am unable to locate that path MarcC14:44
MarcCcarl: '/etc/' not 'etc/'14:45
MarphineI'm looking in my Kubuntu partition for a folder called share or one called kde14:45
flipstartry $HOME/.kde/share/config/k3brc14:45
MarcCcarl: 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list'14:45
flipstarwith sudo before ..14:45
flipstarsudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list14:46
MarcCMarphine: .kde is a hidden folder in your home dir14:46
flipstaroh wait that was wrong14:46
MarcCsurely cat works without sudo?14:46
flipstarsudo only if he wants so edit14:46
Marphineit's not in the /home folder14:46
MarcCMarphine: /home/Marphine/.kde/14:47
Marphine*oh* hidden14:47
carland what did you want it camr of a shit load of thing moastly http addreses and somw licence for open source14:48
=== bmk789_brb is now known as bmk789
MarcCcarl: copy it all and paste it to a pastebin14:48
sluzbaplease, how i change language of gimp?14:49
MarphineLocated the folder (thanks for the hand holding. Does that mean we're going steady<G>) but the K3brc file is not present. Could the uninstall with Adept have removed it automagically?14:50
MarcCMarphine: yes, it could14:51
stdinMarphine: no, it could not14:51
hydrogenit wouldn't14:51
MarcCMarphine: no, it could not14:51
carland how do i do that xD14:51
MarcCcarl: select with mouse, right-click, copy?14:51
hydrogenthe proper verb is would, not could14:51
=== vakis is now known as vakis_
BluesKajMarphine, actaully synaptic will do a complete removal, better than adept.14:51
carlim ewith you so far14:51
MarcCcarl: then go to pastebin.ca and...paste, then get us the link14:52
frojnd1does anyone know, howc an I limit UL/DL speed of torrent file that I'm allready downloading, with torrentflux ?14:53
MarphineOkay kewl. I'm about to reinstall but I think that the following item might be noteworthy. I am unable to kill the process I've already removed with adept so I'm going forward with it for the time being. If this fails I can try this Synaptic14:54
MarcCMarphine: you're talking about killing the k3b process?14:55
Marphineyes still unable to kill the process... odd14:55
MarcCMarphine: did you try kill -9?14:55
MarphineYeah well wouldn't I want to? I'm using the GUI to kill it... I don't know how to do it from a command line prompt14:55
MarcCMarphine: you should try htop, makes that really easy14:56
MarphineI wanna kill it before doing the reinstall14:56
MarcCcarl: are you using a CD in your computer with install files on it? Adept is looking for one because it's listed in your sources.list14:57
MarcCcarl: if not, tell Adept not to use that repository14:57
carlthe drive is empty14:57
MarcCcarl: ok, you need to remove that repository, most likely14:57
carland where do i do that?14:58
christian_hallo @ all!14:58
MarcCMarphine: can't remember the cmd line way - just sudo apt-get install htop, then find the k3b process with f3, hit f9 twice, then select sigkill :)14:59
MarphineI tried using "kill <process.id.number>" to no avail and "kill -9 <process.id.no.> also fruitlessly14:59
christian_wie stelle ich bei den gtk programmen alles auf deutsch. welche pakete sind das??14:59
MarcCcarl: inside adept14:59
MarphineE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)15:00
MarphineE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?15:00
MarcCMarphine: you have adept running?15:00
MarcCor synaptic?15:00
MarphineI knew that wouldn't work silly me15:00
MarcCchristian_: #kubuntu-de15:00
carlthink i found it15:01
Marphineokay the install worked now ... er what's this utility supposed to accomplish?15:03
MarcCMarphine: it's a task manager15:03
Marphinetee hee I must trust you15:03
MarcCMarphine: start htop, type f3, then type 'k3b'15:03
MarcCMarphine: with k3b selected, hit F9 then type the number for sigkill on the left15:04
MarcCor select sigkill anyway15:04
Marphineokay got it. Not too easy on the eyes... let's see what happend. Would've been easier to restart but wtf I'm learning so this is good15:04
carlstill the same error så either it was the wrong thing I changed or there is another problem :/15:06
MarcCcarl: paste sources.list again?15:07
Marphinewow that process is hard tyo kill15:10
Marphineit's like bedbugs15:11
MarcCcarl: now what happens if you do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"?15:12
MarphineSo MarcC do you think it's important to kill it before doing the reinstall?15:12
MarcCMarphine: no15:12
MarphineTo me it just seems like the best way to proceed but I'm strangely stumped15:12
MarphineOkay well I'm gonna plop it back in with Adept and see if it'll go15:13
MarcCI don't see why you'd need to kill it if it's just crashed bits sitting in RAM...but before you run (after reinstall) you might want to kill it15:13
carlou might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these.15:13
carlThe following packages have unmet dependencies:15:13
carl  j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin: Depends: j2re1.4 but it is not installed15:13
carlE: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.15:13
MarcCcarl: "sudo apt-get -f install15:13
MarcCthat's ooollld15:14
MarcCdid you install Java?15:14
carlyjink so15:14
MarcCyou need to install at least sun java 1.515:15
carlit's at the config stage15:15
MarcCI think 1.6 is available though.15:15
__-osh-__So, how do I check a HD for defects in Linux? The disk sais it doesn't support smartmontools if I try to use that.15:15
__-osh-__Hmm, nver mind. I got it to work I think.15:17
MarphineOSH I would reccoment SPINRITE from grc.com. It doesn't operate from within the OS but exists as a standalone bootable floppy. It's super thorough15:17
__-osh-__I had to do some --smart=on to enable it, now I think it's running a "long" test.15:18
__-osh-__I will surely have a look at SPINRITE though. Good tip.15:18
MarphineIt actually inverts and then reinverts every bit on the drive, insuring that the drive can not only be read but written on every sector15:18
MarphineIt took 12 hours to run the most thorough test on spinrite on my 40G drive with a 933P3 machine15:19
__-osh-__Ouch. 12h. I thought the 20 minutes smartmontools wants to run was too long... ;-)15:20
=== Deviance is now known as TimS
Marphinewell the 12h was for 80 gig of reading and 80 gig of writing on my 40G drive15:21
Marphineokay now K3b15:22
MarphineNo dice15:22
MarphineAw shux15:22
MarcCMarphine: I would try to delete the k3brc file then, and try to restart15:23
MarcCrestart k3b that is15:23
MarphineGrrrrrrr... Okay I gotta go fold laundry but will be back in 6-8 min soliciting advice once again15:23
flipstar__-osh-__: why dont you try fsck ?15:23
MarcCfold laundry? get your priorities straight ;)15:24
MarphineI'm thinking about just sticking to my workaround : I have a 2G win partition a 16G Kubuntu partition and a 20G fat32 data partition. I may just dounload daya with linux and drop it on the data partition and burn with WinBlows... that just seems so ./.... stupid15:25
sluzbaplease, how i change language of gimp?15:26
MarphineMakes me wanna shoot Diacetylmorphone directly into my circulatory system15:26
Marphine*diacetylmorphIne I mean. i.e. makes me wanna shoot smack15:26
flipstarsluzba ..what language you want try sudo apt-get install gimp-help-<whatever>15:27
MarcCsluzba: irc.gimp.org ... #gimp ;)15:27
iltsehi, could someone help me with the fglrx drivers.15:27
MarphineGotta dip for a couple... a few mins for cig and housework. Thanks MarcC for all the assistance rendered thusfar15:27
davougreetings all.15:28
MarcCMarphine: np15:28
sluzbaMarcC: i want to change language about all programs of i have.15:28
flipstar!ati | iltse15:28
ubotuiltse: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:28
iltse...well that's the point why i'm here. those instructions didn't work.15:29
davouI've got a strange problem [for anyone whose willing to help]. My setup has a pentium m 1.7, but kubuntu is only registering it as a 1.3 for purposes of throttling.15:29
iltseeven tried to install them with envy15:29
flipstarwhat the prob iltse ?15:29
flipstarany messages ?15:30
iltsewell when i install the drivers and restart x the screen just goes blank and ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't do anything15:30
__-osh-__flipstar: Right, why don't I try fsck. There must be something wrong with my head today.15:30
flipstarhaha nvm15:30
sluzbahow i change language of my apps?15:31
flipstarseems like a misconfigured xorg.cong iltse you could try to login into tty1 via ctrg+alt+f1 and type X15:32
davousluzba; most apps will have to have support of multiple languages built into them.15:32
flipstarsluzba: try systemsetting->language15:32
sluzbai have set my language to czech, but many apps don't accept it15:34
iltseflipstar at which point should i do that?15:34
flipstarwhen the screen leaves blank..15:34
davousluzba: Most programs you have are built independantly of each other... If the developers of that particular program didnnt build czech functonality into it, then changing the language of a program that did wont help.15:35
unagianyone have some awesome ideas on how i can trouble shoot why kopete is hanging with no error output?15:35
iltsek. though it seems that it doesn't take any commands at that point but i guess it doesn't hurt to try15:35
flipstarif anything else failed and you checked everything twice seems like you have to..15:36
davousluzba, what program in particular are you trying to use in czech?15:36
carlThanks MarcC still not working but you probobly fixed something so thanks for that anyways have to go bye15:36
sluzbadavou: gimp for now.15:36
davousluzba, you should go look at their documentation... If they dont have czech language support, then I'm sure they would appreciate you offering to help :)15:37
davouDoes anyone have any idea why I can only throttle my 1.7ghz Pentium m to 1.3 ghz?15:38
BluesKajdavou ,CPU scaling seems to be broken on gutsy ...I got rid of powernowd , so my pc would run faster.and now it runs at 2Ghz , which is what i prefer.15:40
BluesKajBBL , errands...15:41
davouBluesKaj, Thanks I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I malconfigured. I suppose I will leave it the way it is because battery life is a big issue for me.15:42
davoucheers room!15:42
rysiek|plguys, how can I disable xinerama in gutsy?15:49
rysiek|plit gets enabled by default15:49
sluzbadabujo: yes, czech language is supported, but i don't know how to switch app to czech15:56
sluzbadabujo: sorry15:56
sluzba czech language is supported for gimp, but i don't know how to switch app to czech15:57
unagiwhere do i add another use15:58
flipstarunagi: systemsetting->user managment or with konsule useradd <user>16:00
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d_mitrywhen i mount an ntfs partition, i am given the error, "hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 1000". how can i eliminate it?16:03
unagianyone have any idea why kopete will hang on one user using kde and work fine on another user running gnome?16:08
flipstard_mitry: did you tried to mount as root using sudo ?16:10
d_mitryflipstar, no, but i've unticked the mount as user option. what would be the command to mount a partition?16:11
flipstarfor e.g. sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/ntfs_drive16:11
d_mitryok, two seconds.16:12
tyson_when i click on folders in konqueror, they open in dolphin, how can i get them to open in konq ?16:12
flipstarwhere sda1 is your ntfs partition and ntfs_drive your mountpoint16:12
flipstar!dolphin | tyson_16:12
ubotutyson_: Dolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.16:13
d_mitryflipstar, fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/disk: No such file or directory16:14
d_mitryFUSE mount point creation failed16:14
d_mitryflipstar, dmitry@dmitry-desktop:~$ sudo ntfs-3g /dev/hdc1 /media/disk16:14
d_mitrydoes /media/disk have to exist?16:14
tyson_!how_the_hell_do_i_make_konqueor_start_in_file_management_view_automatically_each_time | tyson_16:14
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
tyson_...instead of as a browser16:15
noaXessi want run some commands over one sh script.. eg stopping a service and start two other service with diffrent config files..16:15
noaXessif i run those commands normal from command line.. it work.. but not in my sh file...16:16
noaXessmy script begins wir #!/bin/sh and after that follows the other commands..16:16
flipstard_mitry: yes you have to create first..16:16
flipstarmkdir /media/disc16:16
d_mitryflipstar, ^___^ sorry16:16
__-osh-__noaXess: pastebin your script and let us have a look at it.16:16
d_mitryflipstar, mounted. what do you think the problem is when i try mounting with a gui?16:17
flipstarnoaXess: you dont even need that #!/bin/sh ..16:17
__-osh-__noaXess: do you give the full path to the commands that you want to run? that's one common misstake to omit that.16:17
flipstard_mitry: the gui probably didnt used sudo16:18
noaXess__-osh-__: http://pastebin.ca/88776016:18
d_mitryflipstar, hm. i unticked the 'mount as user' option. if i understand correctly, it mounts as root instead, so that wouldn't be the reason.16:18
noaXess__-osh-__: jep allways full path16:19
noaXessi set the perms to chmod 700 cause i run it with sudo...16:19
flipstard_mitry: uhm right you set it in the fstab ?16:20
noaXessand run the command like: sudp sh ./script16:20
tyson_anyone know how to make konqueror startup in file manager mode, instead of web browser mode?16:20
d_mitryflipstar, set what in fstab?16:20
__-osh-__noaXess: no need to put the extra "sh" in the command line if you put the #!/bin/sh in the script.16:21
__-osh-__noaXess: What's the error output?16:21
flipstard_mitry: that you are able to mount as user16:21
flipstartyson_: isnt that the same ?16:21
noaXesssudo ./stikri.run says: sudo: unable to execute ./stikri.run: No such file or directory16:22
d_mitryflipstar, well, i haven't dealt with fstab. i unticked that option in dolphin.16:22
noaXessand sudo sh ./stikri.run means: racoon: failed to parse configuration file. and : No such file or directoryipsec-tools.conf16:22
tyson_no, there are 2 different view profiles, it always start in web profile, i want the file manager profile on startup16:22
noaXess__-osh-__: any idea?16:22
tyson_the last thing i want to see when i do file management is a web page. i want to see my files16:23
noaXess__-osh-__: need i put sudo in front of the commands too?..16:23
__-osh-__noaXess: noaXess, yeah, check the permissions of the conf-files.16:23
__-osh-__noaXess: however if the script is run with sudo then I'd think that the commands in there would be sudo'ed too.16:24
flipstartyson_: uhm you using ubuntu ?16:24
noaXess__-osh-__: http://pastebin.ca/88776916:24
noaXesstyson_: whats that?16:24
flipstari can open in one tab a locale dir in antother a web page without changing something16:25
noaXesstyson_: use the file profile.. :)16:25
noaXesstyson_: kfmclient openProfile filemanagement16:25
tyson_noaXess: i do that everytime i start the thing. i am trying to avoid having to do that. i want that profile to start automatically16:25
flipstarnoaXess: do you also have to change something when you want to view a local dir or a web page ?16:26
noaXesstyson_: i think you need to make a shortcut with above command16:26
tyson_a shortcut, eh?16:26
noaXessflipstar: i work with d3lphin16:26
noaXess__-osh-__: ideas?16:26
flipstarnever used konqueror .. ?16:26
noaXessflipstar: yes.. with filemanager profile16:27
tyson_noaXess: you da man16:27
__-osh-__noaXess: try putting an "-x" (no quotes) after /bin/sh in your script. Then run it again.16:27
flipstarwired i dont need to set up anything16:27
krzychuhow disable "NetworkManager" I want autoconnect after start kubuntu16:27
noaXess__-osh-__: like this: #!/bin/sh -x16:27
__-osh-__noaXess: yeah. that'll give a more "verbose" output.16:28
noaXess__-osh-__: same output16:28
iltseflipstar: the ctrl+alt+F1 didn't work16:28
noaXess__-osh-__: and.. the -V is vor verbose :)16:29
flipstarno screen iltse ?16:29
__-osh-__noaXess: I think you don't have the access to read the config-files. Change them to 755 or similar and try again.16:29
dazjorzI'm currently connected to a wireless network named DaZjorz216:30
iltseno nothing. at the point where one should see the login screen it's just a blank screen with everything unresponsive and the only thing to do is to push the power button16:30
dazjorznext to that, there's a DaZjorz, and a FON_DaZjorz16:30
dazjorzwhere the DaZjorz and DaZjorz2 networks are WPA-PSK, secured with the same key16:30
__-osh-__noaXess: Well, -x does print the commands before executing them so that you can follow the script a bit more.16:30
dazjorzand FON_DaZjorz is open16:30
noaXess__-osh-__: allways same problem :(16:30
dazjorzI'd like to connect to FON_DaZjorz, but when I run sudo iwconfig ath0 essid FON_DaZjorz, it tries to associate for a second, and then switches back to DaZjorz216:30
dazjorzis there any way to stop it from reconnecting to another network?16:31
noaXess__-osh-__: if i run the commands normaly over command line.. they worked16:31
noaXess__-osh-__: if this hels.. if i put an empty line in my sh script then: : not foundn: 2:16:32
__-osh-__noaXess: if you copy that script, line by line, it works? You're sure of that.16:32
flipstariltse: without gathering further information about whats going wrong its difficult to help..16:32
noaXess__-osh-__: i need to put sudo i front and they worked16:33
flipstarthat tty1 thing really would help16:33
noaXessstrange thins happends..16:33
* dazjorz retries connecting, because of a lack of answers16:33
__-osh-__noaXess: what's the error if you don't put sudo  in front. which line will it fail on?16:33
noaXess__-osh-__: you mena in front f my script or int front of the raccon or setkey commands?16:34
noaXess__-osh-__: in front of my script: racoon: must be root to invoke this program.16:34
__-osh-__noaXess: I mean if you copy the lines from the script, one by one, into a terminal. where does it fail?16:34
__-osh-__noaXess: and with what error message.16:35
noaXess__-osh-__: and start-stop-daemon will only work with sudo right.16:35
noaXess__-osh-__: /sbin/start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 24202: Operation not permitted16:35
__-osh-__noaXess: so line2 in the script will fail if you don't put sudo in front?16:35
iltseflipstar: should the ctrl+alt+F1 work when i see the loading bar?16:36
dazjorzCould somebody look at http://paster.dazjorz.com/?p=2140 please? It automatically reconnects and I don't know why16:36
noaXess__-osh-__: jep.. caus it needs root rights.. ist the start-stop-daemon.. same as /etc/init.d/....16:36
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__-osh-__noaXess: is racoon running right now? I can see why you can't stop it without root, but could you start it?16:37
noaXess__-osh-__: and last.. with setkey: setkey: /etc/racoon/stikri.ipsec-tools.conf: Permission denied16:37
flipstariltse: no...if you see that something else is wrong maybe tty2 works.. ctrg+alt+f216:37
noaXess__-osh-__: no raccon needs root right to start/stop/restart.. you know what it is?16:37
__-osh-__noaXess: so line 3 produces no error?16:37
noaXessits for ipsec, vpn tunnels..16:37
__-osh-__noaXess: ah.16:38
iltseso basically the ctrl+alt+Fx will start to work at the point where one is supposed to login? at that point i can't get anything through.16:38
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__-osh-__ noaXess: I have to leave. Dinnertime then excersise run. If it works with sudo in front when you run it from terminal, then put sudo in front in the script too. It's butt ugly but will probably work. Got to go. Someone else can probably help you better.16:39
flipstariltse: no this will let you login into an virtual text console16:40
dazjorzAnybody? :/16:40
noaXess__-osh-__: have tried it with sudo in front of the commands no changes16:40
noaXess__-osh-__: nice dinner..16:40
flipstaris you sure the path is right ?16:41
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MilhousePunkRockHello everyone!16:44
MasterShrekis kde4 nice? i have yet to use it16:45
=== trukkerz is now known as trukk99
SlimeyPeteMasterShrek: some like it, others find it too immature (it's not finished yet)16:45
SlimeyPeteI'm in the latter category, personally16:46
MasterShrekyea im aware its not finished, my friend installed it on his machine, he says its pretty :)16:46
MasterShrekwhen u install it on kubuntu though, you get a different X session for it right? so u can still use kde 3.xx16:46
SlimeyPeteit is quite pretty, though I'm not a big fan of the default theme. It has lots of graphical glitches atm though, some of which are very annoying.16:47
SlimeyPeteyes, you can select 3.5 or 4 when you log in.16:47
MasterShrekk, thats what i though16:47
SlimeyPetethough some of the kde4 apps (eg konqueror) start opening when you click on files in KDE316:47
MasterShrekcool, ill probably install kubuntu 7.10 this afternoon...just re-partitioned my laptop :)16:47
MasterShreki can deal with that16:47
MilhousePunkRockHow would I get my two monitors act as two desktops?16:47
MilhousePunkRockI have basic functionality of TwinView / Xinerama working via the nvidia-settings, but it's not exactly how I imagined it to be. For instance, the MacOS-like menu bar on top of the screen is "stretched" across both screens and therefor on the small screen which I wanted to use as a supplementary.16:48
MasterShrekill probably just run kde4 most of the time anyways16:48
SlimeyPete!kde4 | MasterShrek16:48
ubotuMasterShrek: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde416:48
SlimeyPete^^ for info.16:48
MasterShrekah thanks SlimeyPete was not aware there was a kubuntu-kde4 chan16:48
flipstartheres nearly a chan for everything^^16:49
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MasterShreki spose16:50
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sluzbaplease how i make gimp czech?16:54
geneHelp! reboot after last update, screen locked at 640x480 even in admin mode, can run 1600x1200.  Howto fix please...16:55
MilhousePunkRocksluzba: It's probably an additional language pack16:55
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto16:55
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maxohi. I'm using kubuntu 7.10 and I have installed KDE4. However, whenever kwin starts, a message about glx appears and then X server restarts. Any ideas how to fix this problem?16:59
MasterShrekmaxo, kde3 runs fine though?17:00
maxoMasterShrek: yes, no problems whatsoever17:00
SlimeyPetemaxo: best to ask in #kubuntu-kde417:00
maxoMasterShrek, SlimeyPete: ok, but do you have any idea how I could resolve the problem?17:02
SlimeyPetemaxo: first place to start is /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:03
MasterShrekmaxo, well we need more of a specific error code, yes check that log, pastebin it if you want to17:03
maxoSlimeyPete, MasterShrek: ok, I have pastebinned it: http://pastebin.com/d679bff5e17:05
MasterShrekmaxo, youll have to repaste it, right after trying to load kde4 so the log will be updated with that error log17:06
MasterShreki think...17:06
maxoMasterShrek: ok, I'll open a new X session and (hopefully) it won't somehow crash this one17:07
MasterShrekit prolly will heh17:08
maxoMasterShrek: ok, that's seriously weird, now it's stopped crashing! and it started kwin17:09
maxoyet I didn't even change anything17:09
* MasterShrek pats himself on the back17:09
MasterShrekwell if you ever have it happen again, save a copy of /var/log/Xorg.0.log    and pastebin it for us17:09
maxoMasterShrek: ok, thanks for your help :-)17:10
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venikHow do I find more icons for some applications that have only the default "Gear"?17:13
venikor create my own?17:13
sluzbaMilhousePunkRock: where i must choose additional language pack? i am not find any language packages.17:13
MilhousePunkRocksluzba: Let me check, hang on17:14
flipstarvenik: there are a lot of default system icons17:14
venikI am sure there are, but WHERE?17:15
flipstarjust right-click on that program and then choose set up and click on that gear17:15
venikI want an icon for FLOCK, but it seems to ocme only with the GEAR17:15
flipstarthen you might google for flock.ico and choose it under else symbols17:16
MilhousePunkRocksluzba: I did not find a language pack either, maybe your locale is not configured correctly?17:16
MilhousePunkRocksluzba: Is anything else on your system in the language?17:17
=== nunom_ is now known as nfma
sluzbaMilhousePunkRock: i have configured locale to cs_CZ.ISO-8859-217:27
jussi01!cz | sluzba you may want to ask here:17:27
ubotusluzba you may want to ask here:: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.17:27
sigma_1234does anyone use kolab here?17:28
gene_hBack, this time from the house machine.  That web page link for screen resolution fixes hosed the X, so I'm curently ssh'd into it and running adept for another update.17:29
sluzbajoin ubuntu-cz17:29
xxBasYxxHi i have new Ageia PhysX card, is there any chance to work with my Kubuntu 64.bit? i can't find anything helpfull and Ageia has no support for Linux:(17:30
sluzbathanks, i will check it17:30
gene_hFortunately, that didn't want to update the kenel which is frozen due to rtai and emc being that machines regular job.17:30
reivilo78how comes when i press ctrl+f1 i cant see the terminal17:30
reivilo78alt+ctrl+f1 i mean17:30
FunnyLookinHatDudes!  new KDE4 alpha kubuntu!!!  Digg it!  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Hardy_Heron_Alpha_4_Released17:30
* jussi01 coughs17:31
gene_hI've had it with the bit rot of the nv driver.  Is there a repo I can enable that will get me the nvidia drivers for  GForce-2-5200 card?17:31
__-osh-__nothing on the kubuntu site yet though.17:31
MilhousePunkRockgene_h: That should be nvidia-glx17:32
jussi01gene_h: you may need to enable multiverse iirc17:32
gene_hIn the adept listings?17:32
jussi01!ati | gene_h17:32
ubotugene_h: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:32
sigma_1234why has hardy alpha 4 not been released yet?17:36
Elite1is it possible to give my account more rights, im kinda tired of having to type sudo, and all typing my password all the time, and message boxes about not having enough rights17:37
geniireivilo78: Try using alt key on left side of keyboard17:37
sigma_1234after you type it once it should remember it17:37
BluesKajsigma_1234, according to some reports it was supposed to be released yesterday , but there's absolutely no mention of it on kubuntu.org17:38
Elite1and dolphin is retarded and i cant even mount my other partions because my acount doesnt have priveleges17:39
jussi01Elite1: it is possible yes, However we dont recomend or support it.17:39
jussi01!sudo | Elite117:39
ubotuElite1: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.17:39
Elite1i know what it is, i just want my account to be equal to the root acount, if i mess up my installation ill just reinstall17:40
jussi01Elite1: there is no root account.17:40
* jussi01 waits....17:40
Elite1well then how can i get more priveleges, you just said it was possible17:41
sigma_1234can wubi be used with kubuntu as well?17:41
ol_dude67oh great now you killed the bot.17:41
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:41
jussi01nah, its just slow17:42
pagElite1, man sudoers  ;)17:42
Elite1hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 100017:43
Elite1so how do i mount my other drive huh? it still doesnt work if i 'sudo dolphin'!17:44
=== Zeelot is now known as Zeelot3k
gene_hOk, did a full update, and installed the nvidia-glx-legacy because its a GForce2-5200 card.  The reboot is still stuck on the kubuntu screen just before x starts17:44
jussi01Elite1: permanently?17:44
jussi01!fstab | Elite117:45
ubotuElite1: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:45
gene_hLet me get back into it from here & see what I might be able to do by rermote control17:45
gene_hCorrection, its a GForce FX-5200 (NV34) card, is this still the legacy driver?17:48
jimmy51_homecan I use software downloaded in *rpm format?17:48
unagidoes kde focus on hover by default17:48
unagiyes jimmy51_home17:48
unagi!info alien17:49
XBehavejimmy51_home: you need to use alien, but yes its better to look for a deb tho17:49
jpatrick!rpm | jimmy51_home17:49
XBehaveunagi: by default yes17:49
unagiXBehave: how do i turn it off17:49
ubotualien (source: alien): install non-native packages with dpkg. In component main, is optional. Version 8.68 (gutsy), package size 101 kB, installed size 276 kB17:49
ubotujimmy51_home: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)17:49
XBehaveerm actually im not sure i know konqueror selects by hover but im not sure what window focus does by default17:49
LordOfThePigsHey! Where does the sun-java6-doc package install the javadocs. I can't find the install directory17:50
unagiXBehave: is there a way to change the alt + tab order in kde.........meaning not going to the next window but starting in the hierarchy17:50
LordOfThePigsActually, I don't really know where documentation is stored in general...17:50
jimmy51_homeXBehave, jpatrick:  i'd like to use the ubuntu pptp client, but it doesn't work (known bug, but not targeted for 7.10).  I found one for redhat to try17:50
jussi01jimmy51_home: I would suggest build from source rather than use an rpm17:51
burne1anyone use vmware in kubuntu?  i'm curious if it autostarts and does everything that I expect it to do in ubuntu17:51
sub[t]rnlLordOfThePigs➜ usr/share/doc/sun-java6-doc/17:52
XBehaveto change konqueror behavior i think its under kde settings , to change focus i think you go through change window behavior, im not sure there are a few options for alt+tab under keboard shortcuts but im not sure17:52
d_mitryhow to specify a shortcut to change the keyboard layout?17:52
jussi01!shortcuts | d_mitry17:52
ubotud_mitry: keyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts17:52
XBehavesorry to disagree but usig rom will take about 5 minutes if you dont know how to compile try that before compiling if you do know then its better to compile17:52
d_mitryjussi01, thanks. i'll try that.17:52
jimmy51_homejussi01: i sure don't know how to do that :(  (jimmy = about a month and a half of linux experience)17:53
XBehavehow can i get latex into kword or OO17:53
LordOfThePigssub[t]rnl: I see, do all the install packages create a folder in /usr/share/doc using the exact package name?17:53
jussi01XBehave: it will take you more thatn the time to learn how to compile to fix your broken system if the alien rpm does bad stuff...17:53
LordOfThePigsi was actually looking in /usr/share/doc, but for something like "java"... so I didn't find it17:53
sub[t]rnlLordOfThePigs➜ the majority do17:53
jussi01!compile > jimmy51_home17:54
LordOfThePigssub[t]rnl: Thanks, it's a good thing to know :)17:54
XBehavealien doesnt do bad stuff as you can always unselect unless something really freaky happens17:54
jussi01XBehave: also, compiling is a very good thing to learn.17:54
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XBehavenot for a standard user17:54
=== disca is now known as Aspirino
XBehavei dont have any compiled software running on my system and ive been using ubuntu for a couple of years, alien is much more usefull i once had to compile when alien failed but i rarely use that software anyway17:55
jussi01!rpm | XBehave17:57
ubotuXBehave: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)17:57
XBehavecompiled packages are also not supported it can be more dangerous17:57
XBehavei can get stuff out of a maths program in mathML or latex how can i get into an OO document or kword?17:58
gene_hOk, did a full update, and installed the nvidia-glx-legacy because its a GForce2-5200 card.  The reboot is still stuck on the kubuntu screen just before x starts17:58
gene_hCorrection, its a GForce FX-5200 (NV34) card, is this still the legacy driver?17:58
steven_anyone tried the new ATI Catalyst 8.1 driver? I'm having stability issues when using it.18:02
otohi all a y have frist install kubuntu its is vervi gut!18:02
gene_hTo rrecap, screen stuck at 640x480, did update, installed nvidia-glx-legacy, xorg.conf looks ok, no x.  Whats next, nvidia's own drivers?  Build-essentials is installed.18:02
jpatrickgene_h: tried: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?18:03
unagican anyone help me figure out why kubuntu wont let em unmount my external drive18:04
gene_hThis is a 6.06 LTS install and must run emc, jpatrick yes18:04
jpatrickgene_h: that should allow you to reconfigure xorg for the right resolutions18:04
R_Riosunagi, what error comes?18:04
jpatrickunagi: sudo umount /dev/sdXX it?18:05
gene_hI'll try again. unagi, none, local screen has the blue kubuntu and blue bar, running at vga stds, fuggly.18:05
unagiR_Rios:  jpatrick http://pastebin.org/1777018:06
bittinwhats the problem in this xorg.conf18:07
jpatrickbittin: what does startx give?18:08
bittin(EE) Problem parsing the config file18:08
bittinerror parsing the config file no screens found18:08
R_Riosunagi, try doing this following commands:18:08
R_Riossudo mkdir /mnt/sda118:08
R_Riossudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda118:09
jpatrickbittin: prehaps line 8818:09
bittinXIO: Fatal IO error 104 (connection reset by peer) on X srver :0.0 afer 0 requests (0 known processed with 0 events remaining)18:09
mefisto__I have adobe flashplayer waiting to be updated. is this version working? should I go ahead with the update?18:09
jpatrickbittin: and if that doesn't work: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"18:09
R_Riosmefisto__, yes, it's working18:10
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BluesKajbittin, perhaps setting up a "custom monitor" in xorg.config such as using the drivers for your particular monitor rather than the generic default18:10
unagiok i dont get it18:19
unagii make the dir External-1 and it mounts as External-218:19
unagii remove both External folders and it mounts as External............in any case it says the Dir doesnt exist when i unmount18:20
flipstarif you removed the folder what did you specified on umount..?18:21
unagii didnt18:21
unagiim trying to unmount it grpahically18:21
=== NDPTAL86 is now known as NDPTAL85
mefisto__flashplugin-nonfree should be version 9,0,115,0 when installed, correct?18:24
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »18:25
mefisto__it's still broken? or the latest update is working?18:26
geniiStill broken18:26
genii(when I tested it 6 hours ago anyhow)18:27
unagimy lord i have never had so many problems mounting/unmount a drive than i have with kubuntu18:27
mefisto__I tried to update it, and it refused to install. I guess that's good18:27
geneok, back on the shop box, nv driver at 1024x768, still way low for this card & monitor18:29
genea startx ca't find the nvidia driver, but nvidia-glx-legacy is installed.  What else do i need?18:30
FunnyLookinHatDigg it!  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Hardy_Heron_Alpha_4_Released18:31
X9nLinuxXI did a reinstall of Dapper on an old iMac yesterday.  Went into system settings -> Login Manager -> Admin mode | ... to make some modifications and it put up the password screen as expected... entered password and it popped up a window saying 'Conversation with su failed'...18:31
X9nLinuxXQ1: What does this mean?  Q2: How do I fix it?18:32
unagican someone help me figure this out http://pastebin.org/1777018:32
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter18:34
unagiwhere do you define where to automatically mount a drive18:34
flipstarFunnyLookinHat: youre a spammer18:35
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions18:35
geniiunagi: Usually in /etc/fstab options18:36
unagithats what i thought too18:36
unagibut i dont have an entry in fstab for this drive18:36
unagikubuntu doesnt have something else?18:36
AyabaraMy kubuntu laptop almost killed my hearing just now.. I selected front mic as master channel (by mistake), and when I increased volume I got a horrible beeping sound. Feedback maybe?18:36
unagiAyabara: that sounds like an easy problem to troubleshoot..18:37
flipstarunagi: than add one ..18:37
unagiwhen i add one it doesnt mount18:37
mefisto__Ayabara: front mic is an input channel. you don't want that as master channel18:37
ESL|Doomyhi all18:37
Ayabaramefisto__: I know. I wanted to set Front, but selected the wrong one by mistake.18:37
ESL|Doomydoes anyone know how to recognize LCD display by Kubuntu ?18:38
Ayabaralittle did I know that it almost was the last thing I ever did ;-)18:38
unagido you need more info flipstar18:38
flipstarunagi: if you added correct it will be mounted on systemboot18:38
unagiits an external drive18:38
unagiwhen i add the entry it doesnt mount18:39
unagiwhen i take it out it mounts18:39
unagibut when i unmount it i get an error18:39
Ayabarahow do I select which channels kmix shows me? all of a sudden pcm has disappeared..18:39
llutzAyabara: openmixer, right-click -> channels18:40
flipstarunagi: maybe you did something wrong in the fstab .. ?18:40
Ayabarallutz: hmm. pcm isn't a choice there either18:40
unagii doubt it...........i copied the entry from another ntfs drive18:41
flipstarbut you adapt it .. ?18:41
unagiadapt it?18:42
flipstar.. costumize unagi18:44
unagii dont understand18:45
unagimodify it for what18:45
MilitantPotatoDoes CUPS 1.3.2 print the color wheel with a bright white bar in the middle of each color except white?18:45
flipstarfor the external drive ..18:45
unagiother than modifying the drive to mount what else would i modify18:46
flipstarno the fstab entry18:46
unagiwhat am i suppose to modify18:46
unagitheres a breakdown in communication here18:47
flipstaryou said you just copied the fstab entry from another drive..so im asking if you costumized it for the external drive18:47
flipstaraight im sry im busy here with other things18:47
unagiother than the mount point is there something else i am suppose to customize?18:47
flipstarthe /dev entry or uuid18:48
AMcBainHi, I have a bug in Dolphin I would like to see if someone can reproduce for me. The problem is that the bug only exhibits itself when the program is run via icon. We tried via GBD, and it doesn't happen. http://irc.konfabulator.pastebin.com/d6910ee0318:48
unagiok lemme back up18:48
unagiyes i changed the entry for the drive18:48
AMcBainThe steps here will cause Dolphin to Seg. Fault.18:49
AMcBainand afaik, seg faults are very bad.18:49
unagiand when the entry is there the drive doesnt mount, when i remove it it mounts18:49
XcellWho here is using asus?18:49
MilitantPotatoAsus Mobo?18:49
mefisto__I am18:49
XcellI am fixing to put together a (M2V-MX se18:50
MilitantPotatoI am also18:50
Xcellwill it work ok?18:50
MilitantPotatoIn linux?18:51
Xcelli have 2 fully loaded crives 1=ubuntu and 2 kubuntu18:51
flipstarunagi: could you just post your fstab on pastebin ?18:52
lassizciwhich packages do I need to install in kubuntu 7.04 to acces lvm2 volumes? (I'm a redhat user so a noob with *ubuntu)18:53
flipstar!find lvm | lassizci18:54
ubotulassizci: Found: clvm, lvm2, autopkgtest-xenlvm, llvm, llvm-cfe (and 3 others)18:54
MilitantPotatoXcell: Looks like it works in linux fine, if it does use the VIA vt8237a chipset like google said18:55
flipstarunagi: so how is you external drive called ?18:56
MilitantPotatoXcell: Although Someone had a problem with software raid, but I didn't look any further into it18:56
Xcellnice, i was worried about via, but now im excited, thanks18:56
unagithat was my first question flipstar18:56
Xcellim using ide18:56
unagier i think thats ur question18:56
flipstaruhm try sudo fdisk -l18:56
unagiif my drive isnt in fstab how is it mounted18:56
unagithe external is sdb1 or /media/External18:56
Xcellthanks MilitantPotato.18:56
Xcellbe back in 2 hrs.18:57
flipstarthere actually is no entry for that ..18:57
unagii know18:57
unagithats what i said18:57
unagithere is no entry for my external drive in fstab18:57
mefisto__unagi: does the directory /media/External exist?18:58
unagiif it does the drive mounts on /media/External-118:59
flipstarmaybe becourse /media/External is locked..?18:59
unagiwhat do you mean locked18:59
=== wathek is now known as mehdi
unagieven if it doesnt exist it mounts on /media/External19:00
unagiregardless i get the same error19:00
flipstarmaybe it is unaccessable19:00
unagiits accessable19:00
unagino more ideas?19:03
mefisto__unagi: type "cd /media/External" and see if it actually exists. If not, create the directory. Then change fstab to reflect which disk you want to mount at /media/External19:03
unagiif i create the directory it mounts as -119:03
mefisto__so it doesn't exist?19:03
flipstarwhat tool do you use for mounting ?19:04
MilitantPotatounagi: what file system?19:04
unagiwhen i add an entry in fstab the drive doesnt mount19:04
MilitantPotatounagi: two secs19:04
unagiwell technically ntfs-3g19:04
unagibut my other two ntfs drives list as ntfs19:04
flipstarthats the driver ;)19:04
unagii understand19:04
unagiwhat im trying to say is19:04
flipstarwhat tool do you use for mounting ?19:04
unagithat kde lists the filesystem as ntfs-3g19:04
unagii dont use a tool19:04
unagii plug it in19:04
MilitantPotatounagi:  sudo mkdir /media/sdb119:04
MilitantPotato/dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 ntfs-3g noauto,users,noquota,rw,exec,sync,nosuid,nodev,umask=007,gid=1000,uid=1000,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 019:05
MilitantPotatoadd that to /etc/fstab19:05
MilitantPotatochange gid=1000 and uid=1000 to whatever your ID is19:06
unagidoesnt mount19:06
MilitantPotatodid ya add that?19:06
MilitantPotatotype sudo mount /dev/sdb119:06
unagii think we are getting lost on what the issue is19:06
unagii can manually mount it19:06
unagiwhen the fstab isnt listed19:06
unagiit mounts when i plug it in19:07
unagiwhen the fstab entry is there it wont mount19:07
MilitantPotatohave you enabled writing to external drives with NTFS-Config19:07
unagithe issue is when i unmount i get the error http://pastebin.org/1777019:07
MilitantPotatoDoes it say permission Denied?19:07
flipstarunagi: did you tried that new fstab entry from MilitantPotato ?19:08
unagiit doesnt mount19:08
MilitantPotatoWith it in the Fstab19:08
MilitantPotatoright click the drive in system:media19:08
MilitantPotatoand go to props19:08
MilitantPotatoif under the mounting tab "Mount as user" is checked, uncheck it.19:08
unagiit is uncheckked19:09
MilitantPotatorun sudo ntfs-config19:09
MilitantPotatokdesudo ntfs-config19:09
unagiok wait19:11
unagii added the entry19:11
unagitried to remount, said user doesnt have write permissions.......19:11
unagimounted it manually and now the mount tab is greyed out19:11
MilitantPotatodid you change the UID and GID to match yours?19:12
unagihow do i find my uid and gid19:13
MilitantPotatoid -u username19:14
MilitantPotato id -g username19:14
MilitantPotatoDid you leave that entry in FSTAB?19:14
unagitheyre both 100019:14
unagicurrently the entry is in fstab and the drive was manually mounted19:14
lassizcimy kubuntu has some pretty strange dependencies.. mdadm requires courier-mta :o19:14
MilitantPotato  chown root.ntfsuser $(which ntfs-3g)19:15
unagiliterally that?19:15
MilitantPotatoreplace ntfsuser with your username19:15
MilitantPotatowait :)19:16
MilitantPotatouse your username19:17
MilitantPotatoIf you have other users on your PC you want to let mount/unmount create a group called ntfsusers19:17
MilitantPotatochown root.ntfsuser $(which ntfs-3g)19:17
unaginow what19:17
MilitantPotatochmod 4750 $(which ntfs-3g)19:18
unagiok this is getting way too involved19:18
unagiand im getting different errors19:18
unagii guess im going to put everything back and deal with the stupid error when i unmount19:18
MilitantPotatonow do sudo chown user:group /media/sdb119:18
MilitantPotatodo that command19:19
MilitantPotatoreplace user and group19:19
MilitantPotatowith yours19:19
unagithis is quite a stupid errir19:20
MilitantPotatowhat is it?19:20
MilitantPotatoI got 3 different while I did earch bit19:20
unagithats with the entry NOT in fstab19:20
tashiro_Wats the best torrent client for Kde?19:21
MilitantPotatowhat's it say with it in it?19:21
MilitantPotatoI use Ktorrent tashiro_19:21
unagiit doesnt mounth19:21
jpatrick!best | tashiro_19:21
ubotutashiro_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you really insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.19:21
unagiit doesnt mount19:21
MilitantPotatounagi: what error?19:22
gavinreid!adept > gavinreid19:22
tashiro_Thanx dude19:22
flipstartashiro_: i prefer ktorrent19:22
MilitantPotatokdesudo kate /etc/fuse.conf19:22
MilitantPotatounagi: run that19:22
MilitantPotatounagi: uncomment (remove the #) from user_allow_other19:23
flipstartashiro_: but it is the only one i tried ..19:23
MilitantPotatoKtorrent supports PeerGuardian blocklists, which is nice.19:23
unaginow what19:23
MilitantPotatotry mounting.19:23
MilitantPotatofrom konq19:23
flipstarand decryption and vht ..19:23
unagiok it  mounts19:24
unagiunmounting gives me the error19:24
MilitantPotatowhat error?19:24
MilitantPotatosudo umount -a19:25
MilitantPotatothen try again19:25
flipstar-a ???19:25
flipstari know19:25
unagii dont want to unmount all19:25
MilitantPotatook, try sudo umount /dev/sdb119:26
unaginot mounted19:26
MilitantPotatosudo umount /media/External-119:27
MilitantPotatosudo rm /media/External-119:27
MilitantPotatocareful with that.19:27
unaginot found19:27
tashiro_Ktorrent works like magic thanx buddy19:27
MilitantPotatoDid it unmount?19:27
MilitantPotatoRight click the drive19:28
MilitantPotatoGo to the mounting tab19:28
MilitantPotatomake it /media/sdb119:28
MilitantPotatoyou probably made it /media/External-119:28
unagino i made it /media/External19:28
MilitantPotatoSo it tries to unmount it from there19:28
unagiwhich is what i want it to be19:28
unagiand if i change it to sdb119:28
MilitantPotatoThat's easily fixed19:28
unagiit will give me the same error19:28
unagiexcept for sdb119:28
MilitantPotatoyou tried it after we changed all that stuff?19:29
unagiif it does ti for external19:29
unagiit will do it for any of them19:29
unagianything i put in there19:29
MilitantPotatoWhat programs are using it?19:29
MilitantPotatosudo mkdir /media/External-119:30
MilitantPotatosudo chown user:name /media/External-119:30
unagithen it mounts as External-219:30
MilitantPotatotry unplugging it?19:30
mefisto__unagi: what directory are you currently in?19:30
unagii have19:30
unagievery time19:30
unagiin what mefisto__19:30
MilitantPotatoAlso, is enable writing to external devices checked in ntfs-config19:30
unagii can write copy paste read everything19:31
MilitantPotatoKonq or dolph I'd guess mefisto__19:31
unagiall im trying to do is stop that error19:31
unagiwhatever the desktop is19:31
MilitantPotatoNo folders are open on that drive?19:31
unagii plug it in it mounts i unmount it i get the error19:31
unagiit unmounts anyway19:31
unagii just want the error to stop19:31
mefisto__unagi: is konqueror or dolphin, or a console, using that directory?19:31
MilitantPotatodid you add anything to .hal-mtab19:31
unagii dont know19:32
unagii doubt it19:32
unagii uninstalled and reinstalld hal19:32
MilitantPotatokdesudo kate /media/.hal-mtab19:32
unagianything to do with hal19:32
MilitantPotatocrazy move :)19:32
unagiwell that is what ubuntuforums called to do19:32
MilitantPotatodid you change that thing I told you to add to /media/External19:33
MilitantPotatoyou messed it all up ;)19:33
unagii didnt do it19:33
unagiive never heard of .hal-mtab19:33
unaginor have i ever edited it19:33
MilitantPotato/dev/sdc3 /media/External ntfs-3g noauto,users,noquota,rw,exec,sync,nosuid,nodev,umask=007,gid=1000,uid=1000,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 019:33
unagibut i am curious if i changed ntfs-3g to ntfs it will probably work19:33
MilitantPotato/dev/sdb1 /media/External ntfs-3g noauto,users,noquota,rw,exec,sync,nosuid,nodev,umask=007,gid=1000,uid=1000,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 019:34
MilitantPotatouse that19:34
MilitantPotatothen sudo mkdir /media/External19:34
smerilhow can i get sound to work on youtube when i do soundtest its working19:34
MilitantPotatosudo chown user:group /media/external19:34
=== vzduch_ is now known as vzduch
unagiomg i dont understand!19:34
MilitantPotatosudo chown user:group /media/External19:35
unagiwhat group19:35
MilitantPotatounagi: ususally username:username19:35
KevinMhas anyone here had a problem with md5sum failing when installing on one machine but not failing on another machine?19:36
unagiyay for new errors!19:36
flipstarKevinM: try to change the default server19:36
MilitantPotatoWhat error?19:36
flipstarKevinM: if this happens to every package19:36
unagiscratch that19:36
unagisame error19:36
MilitantPotatoThat's how my NTFS's are setup.19:36
unaginow what19:36
unagibut adding anything to fstab the drive wont mount19:37
KevinMoh, sorry, I mean when installing kubuntu (or ubuntu as well) I'm trying to install the 64bit version on a intel core 2 duo 660019:37
MilitantPotatoDid you do the chown user:user /media/External19:38
MilitantPotatocaps matter.19:38
KevinMbut the md5sums for theinstaller files all check out on other machines. Just not this one.19:38
flipstarKevinM: so you have an md5 error on one machine and no error at a similar machine during install..?19:38
smerilhow cn i get sound to work19:39
KevinMyou got, flipstar19:39
unagiyes i did19:39
flipstarthe other machine also have 64bit..?19:39
MilitantPotatoI gotta run, got an appointment19:39
MilitantPotatosorry man19:40
unagiits cool19:40
unagitheres a few problems im having with kubuntu that makes it hard to like it over gnome19:40
flipstarKevinM: this happend once or more than once ?19:40
KevinMI know the iso file downloaded and burned correctly, so something is happening during the install's md5sum checks19:41
unagihow do i find out if my cpu is 64 bit capable19:41
MilitantPotatoKevinM: bad RAM or HD?19:41
mefisto__unagi: maybe try a restart after all those changes? perhaps those errors will not reoccur and you can forget about them19:41
Daisuke_Laptopunagi: what processor do you have?19:41
KevinMI was able to install fedora core 8 no prob19:41
flipstarKevinM: this happend once or more than once ?19:41
flipstarif once it could be your hardware ..19:42
KevinMI've burned three different CDs trying it out. No success.19:42
Daisuke_LaptopKevinM: did you do an md5 check on the iso after you downloaded it?19:42
flipstarerror at the same package ?19:42
KevinMyeah. checked the iso, the proceeded to check the packages reported "corrupt" they all checked out and matched the included md5sum lists19:42
KevinMSo I know that data corruption during download or burn is not the problem19:43
KevinMI haven't tried the 32-bit version yet19:44
flipstardoes the error accour at the same package ?19:44
KevinMit occurs at the first package, so the install stops and doesn't bother to check any additional packages19:45
KevinMso I guess this isn't ringing any bells for anyone reading19:45
sfearshow do i figure out what the /dev of my usb thumb drive is so i can mount it?19:45
KevinMsfears: try fdisk -l19:46
flipstarsudo fdisk -l sfears19:46
KevinMthat's an "ell"19:46
sfearsthat only lists hard disks19:46
KevinMtry "tail /var/log/messages" right after you connect it19:46
flipstaror use lsusb19:46
sfearsit's plugged in but lsusb doesn't show anything..19:47
mefisto__I've been having a problem with video aspect ratio in players that use xine. It's always too narrow, but only in kubuntu. When I log in to an xfce session, aspect is OK. If I log in to kde after xfce, aspect is OK. But logging into kde first, it's always wrong (too narrow)19:47
sfearsso messages shows scsi2.. is it mount /dev/scsi2 /directory?19:48
sigma_1234whats the correct way to search for files in konqueror?19:48
sfearssays scsi2 doesn't exist19:48
flipstarprobably /dev/sdd19:48
sfearsdoesn't exist flipstar19:49
flipstarsigma_1234: ctrg+f19:49
flipstarthen try that log at /var/log/messages19:49
helemefisto: I have same problem with my 4:3 crt. Problem came with gutsy. 16:10 tft working fine.19:50
mefisto__hele: for me it started about a week ago, I've had gutsy installed about a month19:51
flipstardid you changed some video drivers or something ?19:52
sigma_1234flipstar: yeah i know that but when i type something in it never finds anything even when the files exist19:52
KevinMsfears: you can try tail /var/log/messages | grep "removable"19:52
flipstar<-- sfears hat den Server verlassen (Remote closed the connection).19:52
sigma_1234flipstar: is there a special syntax that must be used?19:53
flipstarno ..19:53
flipstarmaybe you put something in the tab 'content'..?19:53
unagiDaisuke i have core 2 duo 1.6ghz19:55
unagii forget the cpu model number though19:55
unagiintel  makes it hard to remember19:55
sigma_1234someone told me to put something before the word i was searching for and it worked. not too sure what it was though19:56
mefisto__sigma_1234: the search filter thing in the toolbar makes it easy19:56
flipstarunagi: the core 2 duo series have 64bit support19:57
phoenixzI have a presentation that I used in an introductionary course to Linux.. Im thinking about releasing it to the public, but what license would it have to be if it were to be "open source" ?19:58
sigma_1234the toolbar only searches the face of the directory you are in19:58
sigma_1234creative commons licence19:58
helemefisto_: I think that there have been some update wich suppouse that everyone have 16:10 monitor. Xorg.conf have to some aspect ratio setting but those did'nt work with xine. I solve problem using mplayer.19:59
flipstar!gpl | phoenixz19:59
sigma_1234or the gnu license19:59
ubotuphoenixz: gpl is the GNU General Public License. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html19:59
mefisto__sigma_1234: you might want to try installing searchmonkey to find files19:59
sigma_1234!info searchmonkey19:59
ubotusearchmonkey (source: searchmonkey): search files using regular expressions aiming to replace find/grep tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-4 (gutsy), package size 228 kB, installed size 524 kB19:59
helemefisto: I think that i read somewhere that xine should read aspect ratio settings from xorg.conf...20:02
phoenixzflipstar, gpl could also be used for a presentation then?20:03
flipstarnormally gpl is used for software..im not sure20:06
bittinwhat do i need to get a real player stream to work?20:08
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:08
bittindiden't work20:10
flipstarphoenixz: i just checked it..yes you can http://www.oekonux.de/texte/meilenstein/paper.html#FDL20:10
flipstartry real player for linux20:11
bittinhave tryied that20:11
bittinand mPlayer20:11
phoenixzflipstar, sweeet! I will first have to convince my bosses that I should release it openly, but with this at least I can investigate it a bit20:11
phoenixzflipstar, realplayer for linux is like poison with your hotdog.. you can try it but I would not really recommend it..20:11
flipstarbittin: real player doesnt work for real player streams ?20:12
calamariis there a channel for Hardy?20:12
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu20:12
bittinflipstar: nah :(20:12
flipstarany errors ?20:12
unagiok so theoretically20:13
PiciI hope that site doesnt become too popupar.  Keeps setting off my hilights.20:13
unagi64 runs more efficiently?20:13
bittintried for hours and hours to get it to work20:14
KevinMunagi: just has a larger address space and an enhanced ISA. I wouldn't call x86_64 more efficient, just more20:14
unagijust more what20:14
KevinMhaha... exactly20:14
KevinMjust more20:14
unagithen why do they bother writing programs for 6420:15
KevinMlarger address space can be useful sometimes, plus some instructions work better on a 64bit architecture (float calcs, etc)20:15
flipstarthats the thing programs in 64bit are faster but not all programms support 64bit20:16
unagii know but maya does20:16
unagiso programs like maya probably works better on 64?20:16
KevinMyep. As good or better.20:16
unagiwell heck20:16
unagiall of a sudden i  have need to reformat20:17
flipstarbut..other programs may not work as long as you dont chroot an 32bit environment ..20:17
unagiis that nice and involved?20:17
sigma16where would i go to get help on setting up a mail server...20:17
KevinMyep, and you need 32bit compatibility libraries to build some apps from source20:17
flipstarthere are a few known..like codecs and...i forgot20:17
tyson_how do i take ownership of a file currently owned by root?20:18
unagiok ok ok..........lets try this...........if i were to make another partition jsut for 64 kubuntu, can i customize it to run just maya and a select few other things i needm inimalistically?20:18
Odd-rationaleI created a folder I called /home/Share which I plan to use for sharing files across users. My question is who should I make the owner of this folder? me or root? Thanks!20:18
KevinMsudo chown OWNER FILE20:19
unagiactually if i was going to do that i might as well install a whole new flavor of linux20:19
flipstarOdd-rationale: you can set to allow other users to access20:19
unagirpm based20:19
tyson_thanks mate20:20
bittiniam getting it to work but not directly in the browser20:20
unagii wonder what flavor best works with maya20:20
flipstarbittin: there was a thing called helix-player maybe you'll try this20:20
flipstaror vlc..20:21
mefisto__bittin: is it supposed to work embedded in the browser?20:21
flipstarbut with vlc im not sure20:21
Odd-rationaleflipstar: I opened dolphin as root, right-clicked the folder and changed all the Access Permissions to "Can View & Madify Content" I was just wondering who would be best the Owner of the folder. Or does it not matter?20:21
bittini have tryied helix-player, mplayer and realplayer now20:21
flipstari dont think i would Odd-rationale20:21
Odd-rationaleflipstar: OK Because last time I messed with file permissions I ended up not being able to log on. :(20:22
geniiOdd-rationale: Better to make a group called something unimaginative like Share then add whoever's allowed into the group. Then change the goup ownership to that group and permissions 755 or such20:22
kreibI get operation not permitted trying to chown a file when using sudo. What's up with that?20:22
bittincan try vlc also20:22
unagianyone know anything about maya?20:22
bittindiden't work in vlc20:23
Odd-rationalegenii: OK. I don't know much about file permissions. I'll see if I can figure out how to do that.20:23
geniiunagi: I know there is a Unix version. A Linux version  I don't know. Best to email someone at their information desk or similar20:23
unagii know i run it20:23
unagiim wondering what is the best flavor of linux to run it20:23
mefisto__bittin: which browser?20:23
geniiunagi: Unix <> Linux20:23
bittinmefisto__: Firefox20:24
geniiunagi: A Unix version will not necessarily run on Linux. They are not the same thing20:24
flipstarbittin: the screenshot you made just showed that real player was not found20:24
bittinwhat more u wan't to know20:24
flipstarmaybe youll have to link that in the firefox plugin dir20:24
unagiim running maya, on linux20:24
bittinits in the /home20:24
unagithere is a linux version of maya20:24
bittinwhere is the FF plugin dir?20:25
bittinwas a while i was using linux20:25
geniiunagi: Good then :) You should ask the people at Maya which linux their software prefers best.20:25
unagithey take too long to answer20:26
flipstarbittin: $HOME/.mozilla/plugins20:26
Odd-rationalegenii: I'm creating a new group through the KDE system settings. What should the group ID be? the default is 1002. Is that OK?20:26
unagii wonder if its possible to have maya run as an OS20:26
geniiOdd-rationale: Yeah, thats fine20:26
flipstaryes it is Odd-rationale20:26
unagithatd be awesome20:26
flipstarunagi: isn maya a 3d software..?20:26
flipstaruhm how youll have to run it as an os?20:27
KevinMunagi: unless maya is built to use 64 bit extensions you won't see any difference between 32 and 64 bit20:27
bittinbut now helix started it :P20:28
unagiwow ok this is cute20:28
bittinbut don't works20:28
unagii accidently turned my backlight off how do i get it back on20:28
bittinConnection to server could not be established. You may be experiencing network problems. (rtsp://qstream-rm.qbrick.com/00928/auto30/080131carin.rm)20:28
Odd-rationalegenii: Now for the ownership of the /home/Share folder, should I make the User = Share and the Group = Share?20:28
flipstarbittin: try another link..20:29
geniiOdd-rationale: User does not matter. The imortant thing is group to be Share20:29
unagiwow this is annoying!20:29
Odd-rationalegenii: OK thanks so much!20:29
unagihow do i get my backlight back on20:29
bittinflipstar: can't be problem with the site its swedens biggest TV-network20:29
unagiis it suppose to stay off when u move the slider down?20:30
geniiOdd-rationale: No problem. Don't forget to add users who will be allowed access to that folder into the new group called Share20:30
flipstarright bittin the stream works..i just tested with mplayer20:30
Odd-rationalegenii: Yes, thanks!20:30
KevinMunagi: I think the 64 bit version of Maya has to be bought seperately from the 32 bit version20:30
geniiOdd-rationale: Also, to make the read/write/execute permissions of the folder something like 75520:30
unagiKevinM: i have both versions20:30
unagican someone help me reinstate my backlight please20:31
unagiis there a command for it?20:31
bittinflipstar: it work on some streams :P20:31
Odd-rationalegenii: sudo chmod -R 755 /home/Share ?20:32
geniiOdd-rationale: Exactly, yes :)20:32
unagiis it that no one knows or there isnt a command for it20:32
KevinMunagi: how did it get turned off?20:33
unagii slid the slider down20:33
unagiKevinM: i slid the slider down20:35
maracutaiawhats up20:35
geniiunagi: Backlight is usually hardware controlled.20:35
Odd-rationalegenii: Ok, going to log out to test. Thanks so much!20:36
KevinMunagi: maybe a hard reset, but otherwise, no idea. sorry20:39
KevinMwait, sorry, wrong term. not a real "hard" reset. Just something that completely powers off the laptop20:39
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:40
sigma16can i get help with postfix setup20:44
unagithat was silly to have to restart X to get the backlight back20:48
bittinsomone knows how i can get my w-lan to work?20:49
Flare183!botabuse | flipstar20:49
flipstarWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:50
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:50
ubotuYou have lag, I don't have lag20:50
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!20:50
ubotuflipstar: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.20:50
flipstari just tried to feed him ..20:51
anton__Anyone know how to fix a clock on the desktop? Like not in the taskbar20:51
flipstarmaybe he ran out of energy ..20:51
flipstaranton__: try buici-clock20:52
Odd-rationalegenii: Thanks for the help. I was able to log back in again. :) My problem is that if user guest creates a file /home/Share he becomes the owner of the file and other users can't edit that file. Is there a way to make all files created in /home/Share to belong to Group Share? Thanks again!20:54
Odd-rationale* guest creates a file *in* /home/Share20:55
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: http://www.ss64.com/bash/umask.html20:56
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: Better page here. http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/understanding-linux-unix-umask-value-usage.html20:58
Odd-rationale__-osh-__: Reading....20:58
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: does kind of what you need. it doesn't change the owner though. From what I can remember the creator of the file will be the owner unless changed later.20:59
* __-osh-__ is away again.20:59
flipstaris there an easy way to create an random number in a specific range ?21:01
Odd-rationaleWill umask affect every file the user creates or just the file in a specific folder e.g. /home/Share ?21:01
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: also have a look at pam_umask which might do what you ask. I just glanced it and it does look promising.21:01
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: All from what I gather.21:02
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: You could go the ugly way and put a cronjob that will recursivly change the GID of all files in /home/Share/ naturally...21:03
jetsaredimhow in sync are the kde4 packages with trunk?21:03
Odd-rationaleHmm. No thanks. :)21:04
Odd-rationale__-osh-__: did you catch my previous konversation with genii, or would you like me to explain what I did so far?21:05
anton__right so i got the clock21:05
anton__and i installed it using synaptic21:05
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: Not much point as I'm leaving the keyboard for a beer in about 3 min. Just thought I'd give some pointers in case they were useful.21:06
anton__But now it looks really bad21:06
anton__and i want another skin21:06
anton__how to fix?21:06
Odd-rationale__-osh-__: OK. Thanks anyways.21:06
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: good luck. =)21:06
anton__where can i find buici clock settings?21:08
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: if you could get your users to use the command chgrp then perhaps all files created by those users would belong to the group that they'd changed to. Have a look at it.21:09
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: if the permissions then were to let gorup members edit files you'd be home free.21:09
=== amado is now known as Brazilian
__-osh-__Odd-rationale: Somehow I don't quite get what your'e trying to do. if you need your users to edit files then you could have overwrite-issues. Perhaps you should look at SVN or something like that instead?21:10
anton__so.. anyone in here that have buici clock at all?21:11
__-osh-__anton__: no.21:11
jetsaredimhow in sync are the kde4 packages with trunk?  There seems to be some new plasma changes allowing the panel to be more configured and it would be nice to get a hold of them.21:11
* __-osh-__ is enjoying a beer instead. Have fun guys.21:11
anton__k cya osh =)21:12
Odd-rationale__-osh-__: Thanks for your suggestions! Have fun.21:12
Odd-rationale__-osh-__: BTW was your beer "free"?21:12
unagioh wow21:14
unagiomg i am so angry21:14
unagiif i have a file open and i restart x is it still open somewhere21:14
smerilis there a comand for installing mpg support?21:17
Flare183!codec | smeril21:18
ubotusmeril: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:18
Xcellok! im just started (MV2-MX SE) asus mobo, with via graphics, when in (sys settings) which do i pick?21:20
Xcellto get out of vessa21:20
Bizzehis there a way to make kubuntu to NOT install grub to the mbr, and install it to the boot partition instead21:22
unagiwhy does kde alt+tab in such a weird way21:23
alesanunagi: that's what I ask to myself since almost ten years21:24
vmaweird way?21:24
alesanit would be very cool if alt+tab was working in a meaningful way21:25
alesanI'd use it a lot21:25
mefisto__what's wrong with alt-tab?21:27
genii Bizzeh: If you install grub to a partition instead of an entire drive it overwrites the partition information.21:27
frojndDoes UTP kable rolled into circles effect in anyway file transfeer ? magnetic fiels or smth ?21:28
geniiBizzeh: So short answer is: Yes, you can install to the boot partition but it renders your partition useless21:28
=== ChaosRat is now known as NetSKaVeN
unagiwow alesan does that mean theres no fix for it?21:28
alesanunagi: I've never found a way to make it correct21:29
unagiwow that is UBER annoying21:29
unagithink its changed in ked 4?21:29
alesanno idea21:29
unagithe alt + tab behavior in kde mefisto__21:29
alesanmefisto__: basically21:29
alesanif you press alt tsab you get random windows21:29
XcellXcell: ok! im just started (MV2-MX SE) asus mobo, with via graphics, when in (sys settings) which do i pick?21:29
XcellXcell: to get out of vessa21:29
alesannot the last one you used21:29
unagibasically you should be able to alt + tab between 2 windows even if you have 20 open21:29
unagior arrange your window z depth by just alt + tab21:30
mefisto__random windows? not on my kde21:30
unaginot random21:30
unagiin order21:30
mefisto__that's what it does21:30
unagii dont want it to21:30
unagii want it to be gnome/windows like21:30
unagiit makes more sense21:30
mefisto__what do you want? random instead of cycling?21:31
unaginot 'random'21:31
anton__Anyone got a tip for a nice kde addon?21:31
alesanmefisto__: the first window on alt+tab should be the last window you used21:31
unagia b c d...........a is visible...........alt tab once..........the order is now b a c d............b is visible...............alt tab twice...............c b a d..............c is visible21:31
unagiit makes so much more sense that way21:31
mefisto__alesan: that's exactly what it does here21:32
alesanmefisto__: it has NEVER done that in every KDE installation I tried in the past, almost 10 years21:33
unagithe actual title is 'walk through applications'21:33
mefisto__maybe you have the taskbar in panel settings sorted alphabetically or something?21:34
alesanmefisto__: which settings have you changed for that?21:34
unagithey arent sorted alphabetically21:34
unagiwhat would it have to do with the taskbar21:34
alesanno, I don't think so. I never touch those options :)21:34
alesanindeed, the taskbar I think has no importance here...21:35
vmai've got the same behavior here :o21:35
unagiwhich one vma21:35
mefisto__right-click the panel>configure panel>taskbar. maybe try switching of alphabetical sorting and grouping similar tasks21:36
vmathe right one21:36
val0SlimeyPete: you around?21:36
alesanvma: how did you do that?21:36
DFlamefolks, just a quickie.......21:37
vmait's like that since kubuntu is on my computer :o21:37
DFlamei hit ctrl-alt-esc to get the kill cursor21:37
DFlamei missed >.>21:37
DFlamethe desktop too the hit21:37
david__howdy - > akgregator or liferea21:38
SSJ_GZ<unagi> basically you should be able to alt + tab between 2 windows even if you have 20 open21:39
SSJ_GZAnyway, you can accomplish this by unchecking the inappropriately named "Show Window List When Switching Windows"21:40
vmaDFlame: you want your desktop back?21:41
DFlameplease :)21:42
vmamh, how about writing kdesktop on konsole?21:43
DFlameCheers, I'll remember to watch where i point that next time xD21:43
Steven_Mhi all22:00
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:00
enrygood night!22:01
Steven_Mhi flipstar22:05
matthew_How can I install nvidia drivers on fiesty fawn?22:07
Daisuke_Laptopodd...  the installer from a windows program restarted x.22:11
Daisuke_Laptopnot a posisbility i'm fond of22:11
Bizzehno, wine choked on something... and crashed x22:12
unagi_ok so whos the guy that said his alt tab was doing the right thing?22:15
unagi_because i wanna know how to do it =/22:15
mez!nvidia | matthew_22:15
ubotumatthew_: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto22:15
Daisuke_Laptoptwice :\22:15
SSJ_GZ[21:39] <SSJ_GZ> <unagi> basically you should be able to alt + tab between 2 windows even if you have 20 open22:16
SSJ_GZ[21:40] <SSJ_GZ> Anyway, you can accomplish this by unchecking the inappropriately named "Show Window List When Switching Windows"22:16
Steven_Mmy uncle has installed a new firewire card, will kubuntu detect it automaically22:17
Daisuke_Laptopthat depends, is it on the supported hardware list?  (but overall, given ubuntu's track record, yes, it should probably be detected.  but who uses firewire anyway?)22:18
Steven_MDaisuke_Laptop: my uncle hehe22:19
Daisuke_Laptopsometimes i have 3d acceleration on here, sometimes i don't.22:20
Steven_MDaisuke_Laptop: can you give me a link to the suported hardware list?22:21
Daisuke_Laptopwho makes it?22:23
mefisto__how can I change the resolution of the login screen? It's not the same res as after login22:23
Steven_MDaisuke_Laptop: thanks :)22:26
unagi_anyone know how to change the alt+tab behavior22:26
vmadunno, sorry :22:28
unagi_vma so you can alt tab between 2 windows even if you have 5 open?22:28
unagi_what version of kde do you have22:28
SSJ_GZunagi_: Did you see my post above?22:28
mefisto__unagi_: system settings>window behaviour. Then right-click "what's this" to get an explanation of what the options do22:29
Daisuke_Laptopit works by default22:29
Daisuke_Laptopalt+ tab goes from here to my xterm22:29
Daisuke_Laptopalt + tab again goes back here.22:29
Daisuke_Laptopthere are a few other apps open as well22:29
unagi_ok........whatever the term for alt+tab is for switching through application22:29
unagi_task switching i guess is the term for it22:30
mefisto__unagi_: you want alt-tab to just cycle current and last-used window, right?22:30
unagi_well kind of22:30
unagi_i shuold be able to re arrange the heirarchy with just alt+tab based on if i hold down alt or not22:30
unagi_like with windows or gnome22:30
mefisto__well, that's what it has always done for me. check system settings> window behaviour, and see if "show window list while switching windows" is ticked22:32
vmaversion is 3.5.8 :o22:32
unagi_that helps22:33
unagi_is ther a way to change the way the list looks?22:33
=== mez is now known as Mez
unagi_kde is getting more bearable ;)22:35
mefisto__unagi_: so it was off and you turned it on?22:35
unagi_im so happy now22:36
* SSJ_GZ sighs22:36
unagi_thank you22:36
unagi_now on to my other annoyances22:36
vma <SSJ_GZ> [21:40] <SSJ_GZ> Anyway, you can accomplish this by unchecking the inappropriately named "Show Window List When Switching Windows"  <? :P22:36
unagi_kopete hangs on start with no error.............and i get an error when i unmount my external..........it still unmounts its just annyoing22:37
vinolenciahowdy all, i'm having an issue with VLC not playing all of a burnt DVD (and other media progras like xine and kaffeine do not even open the DVD); anyone have anyt thoughs?22:37
unagi_i didnt see these messages22:37
unagi_is there a way to change the lok of the list22:38
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=== cepdofasa_ is now known as cepdofasa
d|abolicanyone avaliable to provide me with a little bit of support?22:41
mefisto__unagi_: change it how?22:41
unagi_just the look........just icons would be nice22:42
unagi_and arranged horizontally22:42
unagi_kopete hangs on start with no error.............and i get an error when i unmount my external..........it still unmounts its just annyoing, and ideas?22:45
=== kasutaja is now known as kiirtee
puhhnahwhy i cannot launch firefox from bin file like i can in windows from exe, i use kde423:02
kiirteeyou must give this file executable right23:05
woddf2How do I upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy?23:05
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents23:06
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Xcellusing a (M2V-MX SE) board with via graphics, how do I get off vessa?23:14
Xcellwhich drivers work?23:14
=== lee_ is now known as lee__
=== lee__ is now known as lee_
unagi_can someone explain to me how to find the bash command for a program i just installed from repos when the name i used to dl it doesnt run it23:23
shindahey guys was wondering, I'm using media tomb and wanted to have it startup as daemon when I boot, I tried putting a bash script link to run it on load in my /etc/init.d folder23:25
shindabut it doesn't seem to load, so I'm guessing I'm missing something here, if anyone could help it be great23:26
mefisto__unagi_: "apt-cache search packagename" might give you a clue. what did you install?23:28
Xcell using a (M2V-MX SE) board with via graphics, how do I get off vessa?23:28
ol_dude67shinda, it might help if you pastebin the file you are trying to use? so someone may look at it.23:29
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:30
mefisto__unagi_: that confused me too when I first installed it. it's not a single program. try "info imagemagick" for an explanation23:31
unagi_well that makes more sense23:31
Dr_willisXcell,  if thats a nvidia card check the !nvidia factoid to see what one of the nvidia drivers its to be using.  glx, glx-legacy, or the newer.  i guess..  That card dosent sound famuler to me at all.23:31
unagi_so im learning that imagemagick doesnt support .iff23:31
unagi_is there any program that supports .iff to .jpg or .png or .iff sequences to .avi .mpg23:32
shindaol_dude67: np - the file I made in my /etc/init.d is - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54397/23:32
Dr_willis.iff ? you mean the old amiga animation format?23:33
Dr_willisiff to png ive seen done I think with the  imagemagik tools.  Not sure if gimp can load those or not23:34
val0SlimeyPete: if you are around and want to know the end to the story let me know :D23:34
SlimeyPeteval0: go on then23:35
Dr_willis!info netpbm23:35
ubotunetpbm (source: netpbm-free): Graphics conversion tools. In component main, is optional. Version 2:10.0-11 (gutsy), package size 1165 kB, installed size 4108 kB23:35
val0SlimeyPete: remember the story from last night i was telling you around with the c/c #'s23:35
flipstaranyone know how to create a random number in a specific range ?23:37
FaiDillinGeranyone knows how i get the ctrl+alt+del shortcut to bring out the task manager ??23:37
flipstarFaiDillinGer: you can set it in kmenu23:38
flipstarjust go to ksysguard and edit it there23:38
SlimeyPeteval0: yep23:38
FaiDillinGerflipstar: ok thanks, i just found out  its ctrl + esc23:38
shindasorry ol_dude spam filters blocking my messages; but the command i've pasted loads fine when I run it in my konsole.23:38
val0well, i finally got a hold of the cops today and they have contacted visa and m/c and they are launching investigations and such... the only shame is that nobody could do anything during the night, and had to wait till morning for the fraud dept. to open. It's nice to know that people can steal your data and you can't do anything untill somebody on the other end wakes up23:40
tashiro_any tips on how to make Ktorrent download faster?.....im totaly clueless23:42
flipstarenable vht23:43
tashiro_How do i do that ? :)23:44
FaiDillinGerdht ?23:45
flipstarin settings23:45
flipstarin my translation its vht ...23:45
mefisto__and port forwarding, which ktorrent can do for you23:45
mefisto__I think it's called upnp plugin23:46
Dr_willisupnp in ktorrent works good for me here.23:47
tashiro_Thanx a lot :-}23:47
mefisto__windows users could use kubuntu livecd to set port forwarding with ktorrent too, I suppose23:49
iceman_what is the command to format a drive. I need to formatt my usb23:51
Dr_willisiceman_,  mkfs.WHATEVERFSYOUWANT23:53
Dr_williswith a sudo of course added in front23:53
unagi_anyone know much about mencoder?23:54
NickPrestahi FaiDillinGer23:55
flipstarwhat do want to know about that unagi_ ?23:56
FaiDillinGerhi NickPresta23:56
unagi_or at least how the heck do you search a man page23:56
flipstarman mencoder ;)23:56
unagi_im looking at it23:56
FaiDillinGerdoes anyone know how can i make the window key pop up the kmenu ??23:56
unagi_do i really have to go through each line to find what i need23:56
NickPrestaunagi_, `man mencoder`. To search for specific terms, type: "/TERM" To go to the next found word, press n.23:56
flipstarcould user man mencoder |grep <whatever>23:57
unagi_thank you23:57
unagi_| grep doesnt give me the whole text23:57
mefisto__unagi_: if you hit the / key, then type the search term when the man page is displayed23:58
unagi_mencoder "mf://*.jpg" -mf fps=25 -o output.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4<-----------------------------why does this give me [demux_mf] file type was not set! trying 'type=jpg'...23:58
NickPrestamefisto__, yep. I told him that too =(23:58

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