ethana3Hey all...  Do we expect disk images within the next six hours?00:21
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PriceChildethana3, expect them when they're ready00:26
ethana3oh hey, I've never rolled an .iso myself..00:29
ethana3what does the process entail?00:29
ethana3i mean, after you've selected the code you want on it..00:29
rx4cds are auto-generated00:30
tokokafter that they start WinISO00:30
ethana3that three letter string always makes me a bit suspicious..00:31
ethana3so how feasible would it be to have the software keep the images up to date every two weeks?00:32
ethana3so that fresh installs don't flood the apt servers 3 months past...00:32
rx4but people would keep reinstalling because new images are available00:33
ethana3no, the same updates00:33
ethana3that get rolled out via apt00:33
rx4im sure alot of people would do00:33
ethana3some people with OCD?00:33
ethana3i wouldn't00:34
ethana3they should also use some kind of delta-deb and p2p apt system00:34
ethana3but that may take a while to implement00:34
rx4hehe i think they have better things to do (ie, fixing bugs)00:35
tokokbugs was here long before humans00:35
ethana3i just figured cutting bandwidth expenses might allow them to employ more devs00:36
rx4whats up with the new artwork?00:37
rx4i thought they would push a new gnome theme/engine00:37
ethana3with transparency00:37
rx4murrina is sloww00:38
ethana3well, whatever they need for widget based transparency00:38
ethana3'cause that looked awesome00:38
tokokhow you can control hard disk's cache strategy in ubuntu?00:40
rx4oh btw, will hardy fix the disk clicking problem on laptops? this is a severe issue00:40
ethana3disk clicking?00:41
ethana3What's with all the 64GB SSD's?00:41
ethana3that's rediculous00:41
ethana3I just want 8 or 16 GB in an SSD00:41
ethana3and I'll be happy00:42
smallfoot-ubuntu is getting better :)00:49
ethana3i hope caps lock works properly in this alpha00:49
smallfoot-my alpha3 sucked, but now i did apt-get upgrade, and installed 400 megabyte updates, and its much better now, it dont suck anymore00:49
ethana3i use colemak..00:49
ethana3i had an unstable machine..00:50
ethana3this one..00:50
ethana33DE's, i used pulseaudio...00:50
smallfoot-but when i login on ubuntu it said "error: language_en not installed or found, i am using now system default instead" or something like that00:50
ethana3and i ran update-manager -d00:50
smallfoot-you get that error too?00:50
ethana3they'll bring it all together in a while00:50
ethana3i haven't installed alpha300:51
ethana3i just used the LiveCD00:51
ethana3i'm waiting to install until this alpha today00:51
ethana3the only software that still works on this machine00:51
ethana3kopete, kate, amarok, konqueror00:52
ethana3i have 8 browsers00:52
ethana3and only 1 still works00:52
ethana3this was the machine i had my inital learning curve on, after leaving windows00:52
smallfoot-firefox works on me00:52
ethana3i /really/ jacked it up00:52
ethana3and my dual seat configuration00:52
ethana3that put it over the top00:52
smallfoot-well you should stick with Feisty Fawn if you dont want trouble00:52
ethana3you mean Gutsy?00:52
smallfoot-yeah, i mean gusty gibbon00:53
ethana3Neither work onmy machine00:53
ethana3just don't work..  that xorg bug, multiple cards; integrated, ati00:53
smallfoot-i updated to alpha3 cuz i was getting impatient for 8.40 release and was bored00:53
ethana3bored? We get into a lot of trouble that way, don't we? ;)00:53
smallfoot-the new xorg is better, it can run without config file00:53
smallfoot-yeah :d00:53
ethana3yes.. but I'll still need it00:53
ethana3two simultaneous users.. all the hardware is here right now, two of everything00:54
ethana3i love ideapool...  that is where i reside00:54
ethana3and ideastorm, of course00:55
smallfoot-one thing i think is annoying is that if i use IRC it will use my login name as username, its bad for my privacy00:55
ethana3i put the dell ubuntu xps on my wish list, and emailed it to two people00:55
ethana3wait, what client?00:56
smallfoot-yeah, a IRC client like X-Chat00:56
ethana3hmm..  i use pidgin.. well, I did00:56
ethana3it died too00:56
ethana3along with all my other gnome apps00:56
smallfoot-i can run all gnome apps i think with alpha3+updates00:57
burnerisn't alpha 4 out00:57
ethana3on my other machine, I tried to install the mac menu hack00:57
ethana3not yet, we're waiting for it00:57
smallfoot-wasbt 2 hours ago, dont know about now00:57
ethana3it's due out any hour00:57
ethana3wait, what?00:57
burneraww, i thought it was due on teh 30th00:57
smallfoot-nope, alpha4 not out, it should be though00:57
smallfoot-when using the compiz cool effects, not everything works, blender only works in fullscreen, not window mode00:58
ethana3well OpenGL..00:58
ethana3it's not scheduled well00:58
ethana3we're in a new era, where the GPU is just another processor00:58
ethana3I don't think current graphical API's are well suited to that00:58
ethana3or at least their handlers00:58
smallfoot-and the Dell XPS Ubuntu is good that it exist for other people, but i build my computer myself, cuz im cool like that00:59
ethana3i would, but it's a laptop..00:59
bwlang_the signal 5 crashes are fixed as of a few hours ago... but you have to close an restart gnome for the new environment to take effect.00:59
ethana3i would love to be able to do that, to have those standards in place00:59
smallfoot-yeah, to buy a laptop that you KNOW will work on linux00:59
smallfoot-so you dont build your computer self and gamble and some hardware dont work01:00
ethana3i want a GUI for PAM01:00
ethana3..i put that in ideapool too...01:00
ethana3well, i figure as long as you avoid dialup modems and the X-Fi..01:00
ethana3you should be good, for the most part01:00
smallfoot-yeah, dialup modems and xfi, ahh <shivers01:00
smallfoot-i ABSOLTUELY LOVE the ubuntu servers, did they sneak some server with SAS RAID disks into my basement with optical fiber or what? today, when I used Update Manager, it downloaded 9300 kbyte/s01:01
ethana3If there's a petition out there to send a Novell Linux Drivers Project representative to Creative, I'll sign it01:01
smallfoot-9300 kbyte/s, god damn, thats fucking fast01:01
ethana3time estimates always bug me01:03
ethana3my connection speed varies01:03
smallfoot-it said "update is 400 megabyte, it will take 50 minutes on high-speed internet or 50 hours on dial-up", and i clicked "next" and it said "1 minute remaining, 9300 kbyte/s downloading"01:03
ethana3they should all take what /has been/ downloaded over the time it /has taken/...01:03
ethana3now you just have to learn Korean01:03
smallfoot-hehe what01:04
ethana3the language of Korea01:04
ethana3where all their internet is that fast01:04
smallfoot-oh, cool01:04
smallfoot-it is?01:04
ethana3it's rediculous01:04
smallfoot-i thought japan had the best internet infrastructure in the world01:04
smallfoot-i have 100 mbit down, 10 mbit up01:04
ethana3maybe they do.. if so, Korea's close01:04
smallfoot-i read on slashdot that fix USA internet infrastructure would require 100 billion dollar01:05
smallfoot-USA internet sucks, they invented it, but have crap internet with slow-speed expensive junk internet01:05
ethana3sacrifice microsoft!01:05
ethana3well, it's all going wireless in a year or so01:06
ethana3Auction 73 + Google01:06
ethana3i hate cell networks01:06
ethana3so I'll be glad to see them die01:06
ethana3have we put any commercials on TV?01:10
ethana3meh, better uses of money than that i guess..01:10
ethana3marketing is best done on the individual level01:10
nemilaris Alpha4 confirmed for tomorrow?01:11
ethana3it would kind of be nice to have an ETA..01:12
nemilarI'm pretty sure it was canceled for today01:13
ethana3..iv'e been waiting anxiously for a week01:14
ethana3i woke up this morning and it was like Christmas01:14
ethana3...and my presents were gone01:14
nemilarchristmas will be April 24th01:14
ethana3is it possible for widget based translucency to work in WINE apps?01:16
ethana3I think it would be nice to have a 'pick your platform and DE' wizard on Ubuntu.com01:23
ethana3where you answer three questions.. and it tells you what to download..01:24
ethana3oh hi01:24
ethana3we think the alpha's going to come out tomorrow01:24
ethana3got delayed or something01:24
cavediverHave a dpkg/apt problem making me unable to update.01:24
ethana3broken software index?01:24
cavediversomething like that.01:24
cavedivera broken pacvkage01:24
ethana3what does it say?01:24
cavediverhang on01:25
ethana3oh, ok..01:25
cavediver  ubuntu-desktop: Depends: system-config-printer-gnome but it is not installed01:25
cavediverE: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.01:25
bardyrhmm, what does the topic say :)01:25
cavediver-f givs me:01:25
ethana3bardyr: a little mercy..01:26
cavediverI'm just trying to fix it. Have had it for 3 days.01:26
bardyrcavediver, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?01:26
cavediverNot something that will magically disappear it seems01:26
cavediverbardyr: se above paste01:26
ethana3i'd just do a01:26
ethana3sudo apt-get install system-config-printer-gnome01:27
bardyryea you could do that too01:27
cavediverErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/system-config-printer-gnome_0.7.78+svn1799-0ubuntu2_all.deb01:27
cavediverE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:27
cavediverethana3: will try01:27
bardyrbut it should be in a upgrade/dist-upgrade01:27
cavediverethana3: that gives me that error01:28
ethana3let me guess..  with -f it wants you to remove all your apps that need the gnome printer thing?01:28
cavediversolved similar issues way back in debian by inserting exit 0 in some deinstall script01:28
bardyr!info system-config-printer-gnome01:29
cavedivercan't remember it now though01:29
ubotusystem-config-printer-gnome (source: system-config-printer): Printer configuration GUI. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.78+svn1799-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 86 kB, installed size 836 kB01:29
cavedivergod, can't i just have it removed or fixed :)01:29
bardyrcavediver, did you do a upgrade and dist-upgrade?01:29
ethana3did you try what it told you?01:29
cavediverbardyr: yes01:29
cavediverethana3: yup01:29
ethana3and what did it want to do?01:30
cavediverdid paste the -f output01:30
ethana3ok, now i'm where /I/ got lost01:30
bardyrcavediver, aptitude dist-upgrade01:30
bardyrfrack apt01:30
ethana3when i swapped out gnome's core for the mac menu hack01:30
cavediverbardyr: oki01:30
cavediverbardyr: something is happening, it's actually downloading stuff now :)01:31
cavediverhell i'm so use to apt-get, what the frecking heck is aptitude anyway?01:31
bardyrwhen apt does not want to play nice, smack it with aptitude :)01:32
cavediveri see01:32
bardyrcavediver, its a frontend for apt ;D01:32
cavediverso the frontend managed to do some magic that the backend couldn't :)01:32
cavediverBut it's not installed yet so i still could get an error....01:33
bardyrwhere is my pretty little -6 kernel >&01:34
blkorpheusdo tell01:38
blkorpheusand please restore pidgin to functionality01:39
blkorpheussoon :)01:39
ethana3oh wait01:40
ethana3i upgraded this via update-manager -d01:40
bardyrblkorpheus, upgrade, it works :o01:40
ethana3so /I/ didn't break pidgin?01:40
ethana3it was hardy?01:40
bardyrethana3, nope, but if you are fully updated logout and in and pidgin should work01:41
blkorpheushmmm maybe thats it01:41
ethana3I'll try it01:41
blkorpheushave not logged out in01:41
blkorpheuswhere is my uptime conky?01:41
ethana3and I am fully updated01:41
blkorpheusI stay updated01:43
FrankQyeah you need to log out and in for the debug environment variable to be properly reset01:46
ethana3ok, tried pidgin again..01:47
ethana3it went on and on about gstreamer..01:47
ethana3then it gave me this:01:47
blkorpheushope I have better luc01:48
ethana3pidgin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_dpgettext01:48
ethana3well, this install is really mutant by now01:48
ethana3i've had this install since fiesty01:48
blkorpheuslol me too01:48
ethana3i've been using pulseaudio for a while..01:48
ethana3i have 3 DE's installed01:48
blkorpheusbut its very tight and clean01:48
ethana3and 8 browsers01:48
ethana3and it's a dual seat setup01:48
ethana3...that doesn't work yet01:49
blkorpheusdual "seat'?01:49
ethana3two simultaneous users01:49
ethana3two keyboards, two mice, two screens..01:49
ethana3it will be.. when it works01:49
DanaGI'l conky you... on the head.  (bad joke.)01:49
ethana3i've done so much murder to my fiesty install i don't blame it for keeling over and dying01:49
blkorpheusthats no excuse01:50
blkorpheusas long as your system maintence is tight, you should be fine01:50
blkorpheusI run a tight ship01:50
ethana3i came to fiesty from windows01:50
blkorpheusno lose symlinks nothing01:50
ethana3for the first months...01:50
blkorpheussay no more01:50
ethana3i was incompetent01:50
ethana3i like to think i know what I'm doing now01:50
ethana3hence, me being here01:51
ethana3in fact01:52
ethana3hardy is the first distro where the liveCD works on my desktop01:52
ethana3at all01:52
FrankQfirst time it didn't complain at all here. just still 800x600 on livecd01:52
bardyrethana3, you must have some seriously shitty hardware01:52
ethana3and now instead of wanting to just ignore the integrated..01:52
ethana3i want to use it01:52
FrankQi wish they'd fix the install to not mind that sometime01:52
ethana3Radeon 9200SE PCI 128MB and an intel 855GM01:53
blkorpheusits called alt. cd install01:53
blkorpheusscrew the livecd01:53
bardyri like the live cd01:53
ethana3that's what i had to resort to01:53
ethana3good thing we have xorg.conf and vim01:53
ethana3to dig through01:53
ethana3for hours01:53
blkorpheusI never you the live desktop anyway01:53
ethana3and that is how i got where i am today01:53
blkorpheusits straight to install I go01:53
ethana3well, when you're dealing with alphas.....01:54
blkorpheusI've dealt with aplhas from day one01:54
blkorpheusnever an issue01:54
blkorpheusfor me anyway01:54
ethana3i want the latest pidgin.. but they don't run their own apt01:54
ethana3they cite that they are well integrated into various distros01:55
blkorpheusI always laugh at the fear surrounding alpha, but keep it to myself generally, to not get flamed01:55
FrankQcompile it!01:55
burnergetdeb.net has it01:55
bardyrethana3, try from the terminal, strace pidgin01:55
ethana3i've done that01:55
ethana3ok, thank you01:55
ethana3i'll do that now..01:55
ethana3pidgin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_dpgettext01:55
ethana3is that important?01:55
blkorpheusas long as you know how to restore X, your fine01:55
ethana3restoring X was a serious pain01:55
blkorpheusand even then, I'm ok in console01:55
ethana3gdm and gnome are dead on my machine01:56
ethana3as is KDE401:56
blkorpheusBeen using alpha ubuntu since ubuntu started01:56
blkorpheuswhat was that, Warty?01:56
FrankQblkorpheus: well, the breakage has not been horrible for the alpha at my side, but still at least 2 days of limited use here, lots of freezes and several important feature regressions. I don't care, I'm proud since that's quite good, but i'm glad this is not a development machine (entirely anyways)01:56
blkorpheusalways stay ahead of the release rush, and evrythingg01:56
bardyri joined edge and then up01:56
bardyralways been on the ubuntu+1 since the repos open01:57
blkorpheusFrankQ, I don't get lock ups, just notices of things crashing from apport01:57
DanaGNew gnome-session and gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon break stuff.01:57
ethana3man, this is so exciting...01:57
blkorpheusbut the whole system just keeps on trucking01:57
DanaGI just went back to the previous version.01:57
blkorpheusminor annoyances as mythtv remote breaking for a few days, pidgin, etc01:57
blkorpheusminor stuff01:57
FrankQblkorpheus: at least one hard reset every few days here01:58
blkorpheusI always keep a good kernel around just in case a new one does not boot01:58
FrankQbut that's my fault since i refuse to use my machine without compiz ;-)01:58
blkorpheusFrankQ, sorry to hear that, I can't remmebr the last time I had a hard reset01:58
bardyrFrankQ, actually i had one hard reset the entire hardy time, had them almost daily with gutsy01:58
FrankQI don't mind it much. It's my own choice to run an alpha.01:58
smallfoot-is EDID broken in Ubuntu?01:58
ethana3hardy is already better01:59
blkorpheusFrankQ, if you have not already, check to make sure you've got the latest vid driver01:59
ethana3with X01:59
FrankQor at least not even my own choice. just... "let's install the alpha! oh... damn, just overwrote my gutsy partition"01:59
blkorpheusmy hardlock issues were with gutsy and the old nvidia release01:59
blkorpheusafter this latest 169 release, smooth sailing01:59
bardyr169 is nice02:00
blkorpheuscompiz will occasionally, fritz, but I just reenable, and keep going02:00
blkorpheusit is02:00
ethana3i hear we're getting multi-touch soon02:00
ethana3in X02:00
FrankQlatest vid driver from the official repos, but not in general i guess02:00
blkorpheusthe repos are fine...but I don't use them for my video drivers02:01
bardyrlaunchpad down)02:01
bardyror ppa atleast02:01
FrankQlaunchpad works. havent tested ppa02:01
blkorpheusI uninstall restricted manager asap, then download the nvidia driver, and run the script02:01
blkorpheusseems better when I compile my module on this machine02:01
FrankQyeah, i could do that but i'm very wary of doing stuff like that. bad taste in mouth from automatix02:02
blkorpheusautomatix never broke me either02:02
blkorpheusI found that wholesaga amusing as well02:02
blkorpheusI don't use automatix anymore, but it never caused an isue02:02
blkorpheusyou just have to be very deliberate with your repos02:03
bardyrit totally fobared my system02:03
burnerfubared even02:03
FrankQit did a lot of bad stuff to me, and even though i fixed that i did a complete reinstall just to get rid of any possible leftovers02:03
blkorpheusI would kindly submit, the admin fubared the system02:03
blkorpheuskindly submitted02:03
bardyrbut with ubuntu-restricted-extras automatix is not needed anymore02:03
FrankQyeah, that's an awesome improvement of the situation02:04
FrankQof course, ideally it wouldn't have to be restricted02:04
blkorpheusI was going to try gnewsense on my new extra box, to see if I could go 100% FOSS02:06
ethana3man, things are getting so much better, so fast..02:07
blkorpheusbut that means no blobs in the kernel02:07
ethana3i wonder which model Dell will ship ubuntu on next..02:07
nemilarI want a Lenovo to ship with Ubuntu02:07
blkorpheusblobs aka firmware for wireless stuff etc.02:07
ethana3I want a PPC laptop with a 16GB SSD02:07
smallfoot-SSD pwn02:07
nemilarwhy in the world would you want PPC02:07
ethana3PPC would instantly kill non-FOSS02:07
ethana3that's why02:07
burneryeah, ppc, wtf?02:07
ethana3and it's a better ISA02:08
ethana3Instruction Set Arch02:08
DanaGInstruction Set Architecture.02:08
DanaG(you beat me.)02:08
nemilarrisc vs cisc ?02:08
ethana3i left off the second part of the word02:08
blkorpheusI thought you meant ISA bus02:08
ethana3it's..  risc02:08
blkorpheusI was like realllly?02:08
ethana3actually, most are risc now02:08
ethana3but they have to translate instructions02:08
ethana3if mips or arm or sparc or alpha is good,02:09
ethana3I'll go with it02:09
ethana3as long as i have the source, I can use whatever i need02:09
ethana3and i think with a FOSS-only laptop, that is key02:09
smallfoot-will Hardy Heron have better video-performance than Gutsy Gibbon? when I used gutsy gibbon, i noticed that Windows was better for porno, cuz the video performance was not so good, i used geforce 860002:09
smallfoot-when i would skip in the movie, it would take longer time to skip, in windows it would skip instantly02:10
burnersmallfoot-: did you get the 'non-free' binary drivers?02:10
* burner shrugs02:10
burneruse xine instead of gstreamer?02:10
smallfoot-cuz i use them to use Compiz, one of the only reason i use ubuntu, cuz compiz is so slick02:10
smallfoot-i dont know how to use xine instead of gstreamer02:11
burnersudo apt-get install totem-xine02:11
burneror totem-gstreamer to go back to gstreamer02:11
smallfoot-i just want it work out of box, without mess with command line, and download and configure stuff02:11
burnerpush video card manufacturers to open source their drivers and specs02:12
burnergstreamer is getting better all the time02:12
burneryou can do add/remove and pick totem xine02:12
ethana3i can't wait until phones go away02:22
ethana3wireless internet everywhere, the old system getting the axe02:23
FrankQi can't wait until phones open up so they're more than bricks02:28
ethana3...which will be mandated when the phone system dies02:28
ethana3and wireless internet and FOSS is the standard02:28
ethana324 months.02:28
smallfoot-when Intel open source their CPU02:29
smallfoot-when NVIDIA open source their GPU02:29
ethana3the ISA or the implementation?02:29
smallfoot-all, everything02:29
ethana3i think we should start by making the PPC or SPARC ISA free02:29
smallfoot-when computer is 100% foss02:29
ethana3and then make a simple Free reference implementation02:30
ethana3..and then get more advanced from there02:30
ethana3well see, i think right now02:30
smallfoot-think Sun already made OpenSPARC open source, Niagara T102:30
ethana3oh really?02:30
ethana3then render it on 45nm, i want it02:30
smallfoot-imagine 100% open source software on your computer, not a single byte of propietary software on your computer02:30
ethana3and as i said, it needs to be non-x8602:30
smallfoot-imagine your computer have all hardware open spec, all open source, every single little IC02:30
ethana3for that to happen02:30
FrankQor formats.02:30
bardyrsmallfoot-, image openbios working on every box :o02:31
smallfoot-or corebios (formerly LinuxBIOS)02:31
ethana3i think we should do away with bios02:31
smallfoot-UltraSPARC T2 is open too02:31
ethana3and use grub for POST ;)02:31
ethana3well, if sparc is truly open02:32
ethana3more so than x86 or ppc or alpha or mips02:32
ethana3we should use it in a FOSS-only laptop02:32
smallfoot-yeah, but EFI seems dumb, it seems so complex, i dont like that, BIOS should be minimalist, and do nothing, just pass control asap to boot loader02:32
ethana3agree wholeheartedly02:32
smallfoot-EFI implements network stack and all kinds of creepy stuff02:32
ethana3my desktop.. phoenix bios02:32
ethana3sooo sloooow02:32
ethana3takes like 20 to 30 seconds to even go to grub02:33
smallfoot-my desktop AMI BIOS02:33
smallfoot-wow, crazy02:33
ethana3it's horrible02:33
ethana3i'd click that02:33
ethana3but i don't really have a working browser02:34
ethana3oh well, let's see how it does..02:34
ethana3oh wow02:34
ethana3copy link, trying to run konqueror KDE402:34
smallfoot-sudo apt-get check02:34
smallfoot-sudo apt-get update02:34
smallfoot-sudo apt-get upgrade02:34
smallfoot-sudo apt-get clean02:35
smallfoot-sudo apt-get autoclean02:35
ethana3aaaand it crashed02:35
smallfoot-do that :p02:35
ethana3i will do that now02:35
smallfoot-cant get much worse :p02:35
ethana3that is correct.02:35
ethana3oh, i have to use su02:35
ethana3sudo can't resolve host desktop02:35
bardyrhmmm, crap02:36
ethana3check didn't do anything special..02:36
DanaGBoot recovery mode.02:36
ethana3no, i just use su02:36
DanaGThen you'll actually BE root.02:36
ethana3it's fine02:36
bardyrdid a autoclean, and removed 100's of packages, some that i use and need :/02:36
ethana3su isn't root?02:36
bardyrit is02:37
ethana3oh, ok02:37
bardyror su - is real root02:37
DanaGI leave root disabled.02:37
ethana3i'll bet my system is the most jacked up in this channel02:37
bardyrsame with sudo -i02:37
DanaGDid you recently rename your PC?02:38
DanaGYou have to change both /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts.02:39
ethana3oh no.. it's trying to install wine from ubuntu repos02:39
blkorpheusI can't stand typing sudo02:39
ethana3well, i guess that's fine..02:39
blkorpheusI get around that asap02:39
ethana3i use winehq repos02:39
blkorpheusits fine for noobs02:39
blkorpheusbut please, spare me :)02:39
blkorpheusthere was no forced sudo in 96 to protect the user02:40
blkorpheusbut, we managed to make it02:40
ethana3wait, 1996?02:40
ethana3honesly, i'm not of the opinion linux was usable back then02:41
ethana3for the average person02:41
blkorpheusaverage is relative02:41
ethana3by definition02:41
blkorpheusback then I dual booted mandrake02:41
blkorpheusIhad some corel linux floppies I tried02:42
blkorpheusredhat l502:42
blkorpheusor so02:42
blkorpheusbut mostly mandrake02:42
ethana3my first linux experience02:42
blkorpheusit was very usable for anyone I believe then02:42
ethana3etherboot at my school's lab02:42
ethana3what DE?02:42
blkorpheusall of themlol02:43
ethana3in 96?02:43
ethana3i thought KDE wasn't even around 'till 9702:43
blkorpheusmandrake made no differentiation02:43
blkorpheusgnome is 10 yrs old02:43
blkorpheusas o last year02:43
blkorpheusmandrake came with kde, and gnome02:44
blkorpheusyou could select which Es you wanted installed frominstall02:44
blkorpheusI would usually click all of them02:44
* burner remembers selecting window maker in redhat 6.x02:44
blkorpheusI used mostly KDE then02:44
blkorpheusthen I would go back to windows for a few months, miss linux and come back02:45
blkorpheusthen around 98 is used mandrake mostly all the time02:45
smallfoot-i use mostly GNOME these days, back in the days, I used mostly Fluxbox02:45
blkorpheusI wen to college in 9202:45
blkorpheushigh school grad 8902:45
blkorpheuswent back to college in 9602:46
burnerme too smallfoot-02:46
smallfoot-idk when i went02:46
ethana3the good old days02:46
ethana3when men were men and wrote their own device drivers02:46
blkorpheushad no clean copy of win 98 so I downloaded linux cds on the universities highspeed backbone02:46
ethana3...then the specs went away02:46
ethana3...and now they're coming back02:47
blkorpheussmallfoot-, I started using fluxbox when I started using gentoo, when it first came out02:47
blkorpheusin what, 02?02:47
ethana3so ati releases specs, but intel just helps make open source drivers, right?02:47
smallfoot-blkorpheus, I started using Fluxbox when I started using Slackware. But now I haev a new fast machine, I run Ubuntu02:47
blkorpheusit just made sense to use fluxbox then02:47
blkorpheusat least until gnome compiled, which might have been days then :)02:48
blkorpheusyeah, resource galore is why I run gnome now02:48
smallfoot-fluxbox always instantly fast, you type "startx" and X with Fluxbox starts in <1 sec02:48
blkorpheusI started with ubuntu when it first came out02:48
blkorpheusI thought the ideology was cool, for humans02:49
smallfoot-maybe GNOME got faster, idk, but it got better.. and now my machine is dual-core 2 ghz, old was 900 mhz02:49
smallfoot-well, the ideology for humans, sounds like some marketing bs lol02:49
blkorpheusI have looked, and have yet to find enough reasons to distro jump02:49
blkorpheusI think I made a good choice :)02:49
smallfoot-well try nwe distro sucks, cuz you must clean computer, install again, etc02:49
smallfoot-i wanna try slackware again, and try archlinux, i never tried it02:50
blkorpheusI was thinking of running zenwalk02:50
bardyryou cant be serious, i hate slackware02:50
blkorpheusnever tried slack02:50
smallfoot-in slackware i could run CLI with 1280x1024 it was nice, in Ubuntu, when I press ctrl+alt+F2 its crappy like 320x240 or 640x480 screen res :(02:50
blkorpheusout of all the major distros02:50
bardyrits the most annoying distro that exists02:50
smallfoot-well slackware is annoying install new packages, update packages, etc (apt-get much better), but i learnt alot about linux by using slackware02:51
ethana3does Linus use slackware?02:51
bardyrsmallfoot-, i just hit f11 in gnome-terminal02:51
smallfoot-i dont know02:51
blkorpheusI have a copy of freebsd I installed, but that had me in noobland02:51
smallfoot-bardyr, yeah that kinda gets similar02:51
bardyrethana3, probably, he is annoyed and old school enough02:52
smallfoot-F11 = fullscreen02:52
smallfoot-but high-res in cli terminal on ubuntu would be cool02:52
blkorpheusI just tell the kernel to give me full res in console02:52
blkorpheusmy console is sweet02:52
blkorpheusonlymissing colors02:52
smallfoot-colors is a MUSt02:52
blkorpheussorry, my keyboard is wireless02:53
smallfoot-wwireless keyboard sucks02:53
smallfoot-FBI can sniff it02:53
bardyrno they dont02:53
blkorpheusjust have not gotten around to setting the colors02:53
smallfoot-i only use keyboards with wire02:53
bardyrlogitech wifi keyboard and mouses are great02:53
smallfoot-wireless keyboard have battery, and you play game, and die02:53
blkorpheusnever thought of my keyboard being sniffed02:53
blkorpheusthats what I have02:53
blkorpheuscame with free speakers02:54
smallfoot-fbi cant sniff my keyboard cuz its not wireless02:54
blkorpheusnot wireless02:54
smallfoot-i dont die in game, cuz my keyboard not wireless02:54
ethana3PS/2 needs to die02:54
ethana3USB FTW02:54
ethana3..except it doesn't scale02:55
ethana3which means the protocol wasn't designed right, imo02:55
blkorpheusI just don't have a wired usb keyboard with a 12ft cord;)02:55
smallfoot-yes, PS/2 need to die, i agree02:55
ethana3it should be able to go wireless easily..02:55
ethana3frequency multiplexing02:55
ethana3carrier multiplexing02:55
emgenthello there, in #ubuntu-hardened is avaiable a bot (nick ubuSecurity) that paste in realtime CVE advisory, bugtraq advisory and milw0rm POC. if someone is interested please join. :)02:55
smallfoot-i dnot understand why computers still have PS/202:55
bardyrdamm i love nm-0.7, my wifi works perfect now. i hope it gets ready for hardy02:55
ethana3it's a vicious cycle02:56
blkorpheusnice chatting in here today02:56
ethana3peripheral makers figure since it's still there, it's still worth using02:56
ethana3....and because they still use it, pc makers still use it02:56
blkorpheusyou guys keeping me from reading the news ;)02:56
ethana3i simply refuse02:56
blkorpheusoh yeah02:57
smallfoot-hardy have 2.6.24, it has CFS, great! :D02:57
blkorpheusLMCE, I really want to install that on a machine02:57
blkorpheusmy next box I build will be a HTPC02:57
smallfoot-alpha4 still not up02:57
bardyremerald just crashed (again) and intel has just released GPU specs with NDA's!02:57
smallfoot-NDA is sucks!02:58
blkorpheusjust dist-upgrade, assuming you are running hardy now?02:58
smallfoot-i run alpha302:58
smallfoot-without, great! :D02:58
blkorpheusor install the alpha 3 cd, and dist-upgrade02:58
smallfoot-intel is rox02:58
smallfoot-how dist-upgrade?02:58
smallfoot-apt-get dist-upgrade? oh that02:58
blkorpheusand you'll be alpha4 in like 10 minutes02:58
blkorpheusif that dualcore and all02:58
* blkorpheus oh how I envy you;)02:59
blkorpheusya that02:59
ethana3they have!?02:59
ethana3intel pulled an ati?02:59
smallfoot-intel released specs way before ATI, i think02:59
smallfoot-and nvidia wont release, asshats02:59
ethana3they'll feel the heat02:59
ethana3give them two years02:59
ethana3Dell is already bringing it on02:59
smallfoot-yeah, i just hope Lenevo, ASUS, HP, Fujitsu and all other jump on too03:00
bardyrethana3, actually they pulled and AMD03:00
ethana3could somebody with a working browser check phoronix for me?03:00
ethana3well yeah.. but that would require buying nVidia03:00
bardyrsmallfoot-, not without NDA's03:00
smallfoot-bardyr, oh03:00
smallfoot-i browse with telnet03:00
ethana3ohhh I see.. yeah somebody check phoronix03:01
smallfoot-bardyr, Intel released specs before with NDA, but now without NDA?03:01
ethana3this is sad.. maybe konqueror can hande that site without crashing.. here goes...03:01
ethana3oh, I see.. most excellent03:01
ethana3dangit!  phoronix crashes konqueror03:02
smallfoot-conky doesnt work good in hardy, it puts itself in a window instead of the desktop03:03
ethana3wait, what?03:04
smallfoot-ya, conky03:05
* DanaG severely DISlikes the new scheduler.03:08
DanaGIt doesn't deal with 'nice' levels properly.03:08
DanaGFirst Linux I'd ever used: SuSE 9.2 or 9.3.03:09
smallfoot-first me Red Hat, dunno version, maybe 6.2 or something03:10
smallfoot-came with a pc magazine03:10
ethana3it's going to be so awesome to get this dual seat thing working03:19
ethana3i've never done that before03:19
ethana3Hey, any other colemak typists in here?03:26
Gninedid not expect to want to have alpha4. my system got b0rkie on yesterdays update04:01
burneri guess i'm glad i didn't upgrade my virtual machine04:02
DanaGDowngrade gnome-session and gnome-control-center.04:02
Gninenegative. i'll go forward with bug reporting04:08
wastrelreporting a bug eh04:08
Gninedoing downgrade would defeat the testing04:08
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wastrelf-spot argh04:11
Gninef-spot slideshow is buggy04:15
wastrelf-spot email photos thingy is buggy04:15
wastrelso f-spot creating images in /tmp for my email04:26
wastreland then deleting them04:27
wastrelit's nice that it cleans up the tmp directory, i guess.   just wish it would wait until i've sent the email ....04:27
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thecryptoHey, I have been running the Hardy Heron alpha for a while now. Over the past week there has been a breakage showing itself in pidgin and other gtk apps. I have finally tracked it down to glib being compiled with debug flags enabled. Is anyone else running into this problem?04:34
Konstig1it's fixed since 4 hours approx04:35
thecryptoAwesome, thanks for the update.04:37
FrankQdownload the newest update of gnome-session, than log out and in.04:38
FrankQman, i feel for you digging into the issue so well. you should check the forums and this room ;-)04:38
bardyrdoes anybody else having a problem with the keyboard layout it stay remembered and you need to do a weird maneuver to change it from US every login?04:38
thecryptoYah, next time I have a problem I'll come here04:46
thecryptoI was checking launchpad04:46
Tensopanyone here playing around with hda-intel sound+alsa in heron atm?04:46
DanaGUgh, gnome-system-monitor's graphs suck now.04:46
DanaGThey're lurcy.04:46
Tensopi've managed to get it working but with a slight issue from the alsasound driver init.d process04:46
Tensophad to use snapshots off the suse ftp + 1.0.16rc2 kernel driver04:47
Tensopreport from alsasound is "/usr/sbin/alsactl: load_state:1573:no soundcards found..."04:47
Tensopbut running "aplay -vv startup.wav" reports back on hardware PCM card 0 hda intel, dev 0 sub dev 0, and plays properly :)04:48
vecnaI am having some problems launching BOINC under Alpha 304:53
vecnapackages up to date as of 30 mn ago04:53
vecnaBOINC doesn't start04:53
FrankQWhat the hell, nuts. I am having some bug where if I take a screenshot for evolution it crashes Evolution :D04:56
FrankQscreenshot of death04:56
FrankQDanaG: they seem much less jerky to me04:57
DanaGI wonder why I'm getting that horrible lurching.04:57
FrankQit does that to me, too04:58
FrankQjust not as much as the previous one04:58
FrankQthey're using Cairo now and fancy widgets and what all04:58
FrankQso maybe it's a cairo issue05:02
FrankQAre there any people in here who have 1. a google account 2. a not used google calendar account?05:05
FrankQI have something i would love to get replicated05:05
lenniehi all ,nearly,My hardy automounts all fat32 partitions,How can I configure it?05:07
lennieI doesn't configure it in /etc/fstab05:07
DanaGAah, I'm using the firefox-3.0 repo's Cairo.05:15
wastrellennie:  system > preferences > removable drives and media05:23
lenniewastrel, but harddisk is not removeable drivers05:25
wastrelah partitions, i wasn't reading carefully.05:26
lennie/dev/sda6 on /media/DATA type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,shortname=mixed,uid=1000,utf8,umask=077,usefree)05:29
ethana3so if I always hibernate windows when i have to use it, and i do,05:52
ethana3will Ubuntu still refuse to mount the ntfs until i manually force it to?05:52
ethana3there's something unelegant about putting a gun to its head and telling it to mount the frigging partition05:53
ethana3in my opinion05:53
ethana3particularly because it involves the terminal05:54
Hydrogenits not safe to mount a partition that has not been cleanly shut down05:55
ethana3hibernate != crash05:57
Hydrogenit also != cleanly shut down05:58
ethana3read only then05:58
ethana3reading is usually all i need to do anyway05:58
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=== rob_ is now known as r0bby_
ethana3probability of available hardy4 .isos in the next 14.75 hours?06:17
ethana3hardy alpha4**06:17
ethana3gahh, i always do that..06:17
DanaGoH eyah, handy thing for ntfs partitions:06:17
DanaGput 'mount -o ro /media/whatever' in /etc/rc.local.06:17
DanaGThat way, if they're not already RW mounted due to being in fstab, they'll at least be RO mounted, rather than just mysteriously gone.06:18
ethana3is anyone using a theme with widget based translucency yet?06:19
ethana3like, buttons and such are opaque, window backgrounds are only 70% opaque..06:20
wastrelwhy can i not access my router's administrative interface in firefox ?
wastrelcan ping, can telnet on 8006:26
wastrelalso, i set a host mapping in /etc/hosts   arthur     and http://arthur    in firefox takes me to arthur.com06:27
soopurmanwastrel: the fields in /etc/hosts go the other way around; it should be:       arthur06:29
soopurmananyway, try #ubuntu for support06:29
wastrelthat's what i had,06:30
wastrelhave,  just retyping for irc.06:30
wastreland this isn't a problem in gusty06:30
soopurmanmaybe your router is doint some kind of weird redirect... post the headers from when you telnet to port 80 on pastebin06:32
wastrelyeah it is i just noticed06:33
wastrelHTTP/1.0 301 Moved06:33
wastrelfirefox is saying "the connection was reset"  - not understanding the location: header06:34
soopurmanstrange that it should work in gutsy and not hardy06:35
soopurmaneverything else is exactly the same?06:35
soopurmanno other differences in the way you access it ?06:36
wastreltho i don't have them side-by-side to test.  it worked in gusty - now in hardy it doesn't06:36
wastreli installed upgrades <306:41
FunnyLookinHathey what gives...  where's the new alpha?06:54
ethana3it is in the future06:54
ethana3about .5 days distant06:54
FunnyLookinHatHeh, ok I can wait.06:55
ethana3...but yeah, that's why I'm here too ^_^06:55
ethana3me neither06:55
FunnyLookinHatThere will be an updated KDE4 kubuntu alpha, right?06:55
ethana3i have no idea06:55
FunnyLookinHatHmmm...  well here's hoping   : )06:55
ethana3'I can't wait' is an innacurate phrase06:56
ethana3it needs to go away06:56
ethana3So I'm in Alaska..06:57
ethana3how many time zones from the international date line?06:58
superm1Hm so no update-manager-core in dapper-proposed.  What's the proper way to do dapper->hardy upgrades then in server cases?06:58
ethana3dapper to hardy?06:59
superm1they are both LTS releases06:59
superm1so its a supported upgrade case06:59
ethana3was fiesty LTS?07:00
superm1no it wasn't07:00
superm1dapper was the first LTS07:00
superm1hardy is the second07:00
ethana3so it's not every other one07:00
superm1i'm sure i won't be the only one going through this upgrade route07:02
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superm1possible its not sorted out yet though i guess07:02
ethana3i don't know how much i trust those upgrade scripts...07:02
ethana3hardy is the first release that supports my machine...07:02
ethana3and when it asked to replace xorg.conf..07:03
superm1they've worked fine for me in the past07:03
ethana3i forgot to say 'leave it be'07:03
superm1i had a box that went breezy->dapper->edgy->feisty07:03
superm1and then hard drive died07:03
ethana3so there was no c07:03
superm1No there wasn't07:03
ethana3interesting..  i wonder if there will be an i07:04
ethana3ingenious i......07:04
ethana3man, I can't think of anything..07:04
wastrelmy work box is edgy->feisty->gusty  so far07:05
wastrelwill add hardy after release07:05
ethana3i wonder if i'd be better off if i had more patience...07:06
ethana3maybe i just get too excited about software07:06
soopurmanindustrious iguana ?07:06
ethana3i rationalize it by saying i'm participating..07:06
ethana3there you go!07:06
ethana3now do they have them in africa?07:06
soopurmanprobably not - plus it's too much like openSUSE ?07:07
ethana3i would love to see novell and google cosign ubuntu07:07
ethana3what if they changed the theme for the next five releases?07:09
ethana3different continent?07:09
DanaGdang ctrl key got stuck thinking it was pressed.07:11
superm1FWIW: bug 18669407:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186694 in update-manager-core "update-manager-core dapper backport" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18669407:11
superm1that is the route that things will be going07:12
soopurmanhow about "industrious insect" ? . . . too general?07:14
wastrelincontinent ibex07:15
ethana3i'd be tempted to launch an advertising campaign07:15
ethana3and call it the ingenious insurrection07:15
ethana3i'd google it, but i don't have a worki--- dillo07:16
ethana3dillo can do google07:16
ethana3ibex is an animal07:17
soopurmanhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animal_names doesn't help much at all07:20
wastrelibex ibis, iguana, impala07:20
wastreloff the top of my head07:20
soopurmanso many I-adjectives are negative: imbecile, immature, immobile...07:21
ethana3things that end in -imp, too07:21
ethana3i was over on #gimp..07:22
ethana3and everything is just..07:22
ethana3'okay, yesterday we covered layers, today we're going to study gimp masks'07:22
DanaGOh yeah, and how about #gentoo ... I went there to ask a kernel question, since I figure those people must tweak things like schedulers.07:22
DanaGAnd they said, "You don't use Gentoo?  Leave."07:22
ethana3i use their wiki and forums sometimes...07:23
ethana3but i've never been to their irc07:23
DanaGIt was more like an impression of "I'm'a gonna' kick you."07:23
ethana3was linus there ;)07:23
DanaGI didn't notice.07:24
ethana3Michael Dell uses Ubuntu... so we win07:24
wastrelibex ibis ichneumon iguana iiwi ipiti isatis ithomiid iulus izard07:25
wastrelhttp://phrontistery.info/animals.html   ^^^07:25
wastrelbah wrong chan07:25
ethana3#ubuntu+2 seems to be empty07:27
ethana3How many releases left until it can say "I'm sorry, Dave; I can't do that." ?07:29
ethana3my name's not Dave, but that would be a nifty effect for the smarthouses i want to outfit07:29
soopurmanmaybe it won't.  maybe it would say, "sure thing dave, right away sir, anything for you dave"07:29
ethana3i would like sphinx and festival integration07:29
ethana3but that's /after/ you use policykit to take its runlevel up to where it can07:30
ethana3you see the xkcd with GladOS and that AI?07:31
ethana3I thought it was hilarious07:31
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.24-5-generic #1 SMP Thu Jan 24 19:45:21 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux07:31
DanaGthat's my system.07:31
ethana3yeah, i thought i got the d wrong07:31
DanaGuname -a07:31
ethana3that's funny..07:31
ethana3nice name07:31
ethana3hey, that'd be a sweet distro07:32
ethana3actually just make a distro called GlaDOS07:32
ethana3when you delete something it would tell you it was tearing it to pieces and throwing every piece into a fire07:33
ethana3and if you turned out to need that file later, what it just did would break your heart and kill you07:33
ethana3..then it would tell you if you used the terminal instead of nautilus to manage files again it would eat your cake, too07:34
soopurmanon the subject of xkcd and question of who's in charge... i prefer this classic: http://xkcd.com/149/07:35
ethana3symbolic link in /usr/bin: simonsays -> sudo07:37
DanaGLook at latest xkcd.07:38
DanaG(I use gedit.)07:38
ethana3yeah, i use kate and gedit too07:42
ethana3although when things break and die, vim's my man07:42
DanaGI use nano -w07:42
DanaGbecause stupid default is to HARD WRAP files.07:42
ethana3my dad used to memorize z80 instructions07:43
DanaGBy putting CARRIAGE RETURNS into the document!07:43
ethana3and input them into eeproms manually07:43
ethana3dead serious07:43
ethana3and then he went the way of Visual Basic07:43
ethana3if its not expected within the next 2 hours, I should go to bed..07:45
ethana3so i can wake up early to keep waiting for it07:46
ethana3boredom can be painful when your only working browser is dillo07:51
ethana3i really have nothing to do now07:51
ethana3none of my software works07:51
ethana3except like 5 apps, including this one (kopete)07:51
ethana3I'll see you in the morning07:52
Gnine /part b0rked08:11
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nemilarhey are the alpha CDs liveCDs or just installs?08:36
LT_Tuvokchecking the webpage would have been a logical first option08:38
nemilarI just checked08:38
nemilarI was already on the irc so I figured I'd ask08:38
LT_TuvokMost ubuntu cds are live, unless you specifically download the alternative cd.08:42
cwillu<super> should be the 'windows' key for keybindings in gconf right?08:42
nemilarTrue...I figured maybe it'd be different since it's a dev08:42
LT_TuvokThat being said, alpha-4 cd page is not operational.08:42
nemilaryeah I know08:42
cwillunemilar, livecd's need dev releases too :p08:42
LT_TuvokHowever, one could install Alpha-3, and simply dist-upgrade to alpha-408:43
LT_TuvokAs I have dist-upgraded from Warty08:43
nemilarI'll just wait until tomorrow ;)08:44
LT_TuvokFear, is irrational.08:44
LT_TuvokCurious, you perceive some benefit in waiting.08:45
LT_TuvokHe is not ready for any alpha release if he already demonstrates an inability to use google, much less think outside the box.08:47
Mohero|work'lo all08:54
Mohero|workno Alpha 4 yet...?08:55
Gninelooks like last update got my 8.04 back on track. good job there.09:21
tokokGnine: thanks, i was happy to fix it!09:22
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hibbertdoes anyone know if the wlan kernel modules are included now???09:38
ethana3Gnine: very nice10:26
shirishI am getting this error  Warning: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed11:02
shirishanybody has any idea about this?11:02
ethana3shirish: what context?11:17
ethana3oh, that person left11:17
ethana3i've never used scim in kde before11:18
ethana3i am pleased to see that it still works on my machine11:19
ethana3I can't stay awake waiting for alpha4 any more tonight.  Hopefully it'll be out by the time i'm conscious again11:22
ethana3see y'all later11:22
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom12:45
Skiesslwhat to do when apt-get update says "E: Dynamic MMap ran out of room"12:45
Skiessl...ok I just go google it12:46
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SkiesslReading package lists... Error!13:32
Skiesslemgent: Wow, you exceeded the number of versions this APT is capable of13:32
Skiesslwhat to do now?13:32
rskreport bug13:32
Skiesslis there a faster way than Launchpad?13:33
emgentSkiessl, where is the problem?13:33
Skiesslhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54322/ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54324/13:34
Skiesslhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54327/ without translation13:36
flipstarSkiessl: why do you have different releases in the sources.list ?13:36
flipstarthis makes no sense13:36
flipstartry to comment out all unneded sources13:37
SkiesslI've been using combined lists more than a year13:37
Skiesslbut when I added the debian list it doesn't work anymore13:38
Skiesslbut why? there shouldn't be a limit for what apt can handle13:39
flipstarfor what purpose you using a combined list ?13:39
flipstarit just make no sense to me13:39
flipstarit says the number of version..you have hardy AND gutsy AND feisty ..13:40
Skiesslsome packages don't work without some which are removed from the newer lists13:40
flipstarpossible that suddenly a conflict appered with the mixed packages13:41
Skiessland it's more compatible when using a development version13:41
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Davo_DinkumWhere's the Alpha 4 release?14:24
flipstarcomming soon14:27
Davo_DinkumAh right. Impatient me. It hasn't been today for long.14:28
hydrogenit's been today for 14 hours..14:30
hydrogenyou should be up in arms14:30
Davo_DinkumDamn timezones14:32
Davo_Dinkum01:39 < Davo_Dinkum> Damn timezones14:32
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shirishhi all, is anybody having g_object assertion stuff?16:41
shirishsomething like /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/deluge/dialogs.py:524: Warning: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed16:41
shirish  chooser.destroy()16:42
shirishany ideas?16:42
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FunnyLookinHatDigg it!  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Hardy_Heron_Alpha_4_Released17:28
rski don't dig it17:29
rskbut i sure as hell like it17:29
FunnyLookinHatI'm stoked..  gonna install the KDE4 release on my macbook for kicks and giggles17:30
scizzo-anyone else noticed that apt-get -u dist-upgrade sometimes does not actually ask if you want to do the upgrade or not?17:31
scizzo-it does not give me the [Y/n] option anymore17:31
flipstaralpha4 is released..?? where!??17:33
rskflipstar: i guess on ubuntu mirrors and ftp's ?17:33
flipstarnothing on http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hardy/ or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hardy/ ..17:34
rskFunnyLookinHat it's not out yet17:34
rskplease delete that post17:35
scizzo-when the images are ready it will be up on www.ubuntu.com/testing17:35
LT_Tuvokwhhy are ppl waiting to download alpha-4 instead of just installing alpha-3?17:37
tokokLT_Tuvok: ppl are not so clever like you17:38
LT_TuvokI truly do not see the logic.17:38
LT_TuvokI suppose.17:38
LT_TuvokDo they not understand how an apt-get dist-upgrade works?17:39
LT_TuvokIf not, should they really be using alphaware?17:39
underwatercowWhat exactly is PulseAudio? Is it similar to ALSA?17:40
rsksimilar to esd and arts17:40
underwatercowrsk: I hate to be a bother, but could you put that into layman's terms for me?17:41
rskor i can try17:41
rskit's a sound server17:41
rskfor alsa/oss17:41
LT_Tuvokunderwatercow, The PulseAudio webpage or wikipedia, or the google could better explain.17:41
underwatercowI looked it up, but the overviews I read weren't very helpful to me17:42
underwatercowI get it a bit better now though, thanks17:42
LT_TuvokThose are normally the first source for enlightenment.17:42
underwatercowwill hardy use it by default?17:42
LT_TuvokHardy Heron Alpha 2 is the second alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04, ... PulseAudio enabled by default.17:44
LT_Tuvokunderwatercow, can you get to google?17:44
LT_TuvokWell then why ask these easily googled questions?17:45
underwatercowObviously because I didn't like the answers google gave me17:45
LT_TuvokGoogle provides the answers much faster.17:45
LT_TuvokWell they ARE the answers17:45
underwatercowI liked rsk's answer much better17:45
flipstar!info pulseaudio17:46
LT_TuvokYou like spoon fed information you meant?17:46
flipstaris more faster17:46
ubotupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.9-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 260 kB, installed size 996 kB17:46
underwatercowmore faster?17:46
underwatercowwhat kind of grammar is that :-p17:46
flipstarif youre already in an irc channel with an info bot ;)17:46
underwatercowyeah, I forget about the  bots17:47
flipstaroh i dont know just compiling sentences with my broken english17:47
underwatercowwhat language do you speak primarily?17:47
underwatercowah, well, apologies for giving you a hard time then. :-p17:48
flipstarnp you where right anyway it has to be called more fast or smth17:48
underwatercowlol, haven't seen that before to mean that17:49
flipstari would also complain if someone would abuse my language lol17:49
underwatercowand "more fast" still sounds weird... just "faster" sounds better17:49
flipstaraight is saved17:50
underwatercowdoes anyone happen to know if alpha 4 is going to be release today? or does it still have blocking issues?17:51
ethana3well i guess I'm happy they're not pushing it out until the blockers are fixed17:53
ethana3if that is indeed the case17:53
ethana3i guess i'd rather wait a day or three than deal with a bunch of severe issues right off the bat17:53
underwatercowyeah, wouldn't really make sense to put out a milestone release with blocking issues...17:53
underwatercowbut I'm also an impatient american... is that redundant? ;-D17:54
ethana3i'm an alaskan17:54
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ethana3and alaska is more american than america is.17:54
ethana3i win17:54
underwatercowalaska isn't part of America17:55
underwatercowwe're going to invade soon though and bring democracy to your great land...17:55
ethana3i actually drove here from omaha17:55
ethana3it's a state, you know that right?17:55
underwatercownope... it and hawaii aren't part of the US17:56
ethana3you mean the lower 48?17:56
underwatercowUS means "UNITED states"17:57
ethana3ha.  ha.  ha.17:57
ethana3the US is a nation17:57
ethana3I'm thinking Korea and Japan are better17:57
underwatercowand free nations do not develop weapons of mass destruction!17:57
ethana3...I'm thinking Korea and Japan are better...17:58
ethana3but that's mainly broadband speed.17:58
underwatercowsorry, I was quoting our "great" leader17:58
underwatercowBush said "Free nations do not develop weapons of mass destruction"17:58
ethana3Ron Paul FTW!17:58
underwatercowIs he still in?17:58
ethana3I don't know17:58
underwatercowI'm not really sure I want any of the candidates...17:59
underwatercowIs that an option?17:59
ethana3if not ron paul, they're all scary17:59
underwatercowI'm pretty sure there's no way a republican could win this time17:59
ethana3unless it was Ron Paul17:59
underwatercowand there are no real strong republican candidates18:00
ethana3but he can't really win the primaries18:00
ethana3because nobody /thinks/ he can win18:00
ethana3and they don't want to waste their vote18:00
ethana3vicious cycle18:00
underwatercowso it's just down to... Clinton or Obama?18:00
ethana3Clinton would be horrible18:00
underwatercowyeah, I'm hoping for Obama I guess18:00
ethana3my dad doesn't trust Obama..18:00
ethana3but he18:00
ethana3's said some interesting things18:00
scizzo-!bug 18184318:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181843 in apt "[hardy] apt-get doenst ask confirmation" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18184318:01
underwatercowWe need a system like they have in... Australia I think... where you can vote multiple times and if your primary candidate loses, your votes goes to you next person.18:01
r00723r0Hi, I'm running Hardy and my resolution recently downgraded to something along the lines of 1024x768. Naturally, I can't reconfigure xserver-xorg because it doesn't exist. What do I do?18:02
ethana3oooh, that's a good idea18:03
ethana3you mean xorg.conf doesn't exist?18:03
flipstar!resolution | r00723r018:03
ubotur00723r0: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto18:03
ethana3wow, I didn't know you could use pipes here ;)18:04
projektdotnetubotu what if xserver is already running wouldn't ctrl + alt + backspace also do the trick?18:04
r00723r0No, I mean I can't reconfigure xserver-xorg. xorg.conf exists. Furthermore, the resolution thing in the gnome-control-center doesn't fix shit.18:04
ethana3Screens and Graphics18:05
ethana3will eat your children18:05
projektdotnetif that isn't the truth18:05
r00723r0flipstar, I know of the information in that link, but thanks.18:05
flipstarright try using wmressel or similar r00723r018:05
r00723r0It's not working either.18:07
flipstaruhm you have an nvidia or ati card ?18:07
flipstarif nvidia try nvidia-settings18:08
r00723r0Sorry 'bout that.18:08
flipstaruhm you have an nvidia or ati card ?18:08
flipstarif nvidia try nvidia-settings18:08
r00723r0Alright, let's see if that works.18:10
r00723r0Same shit.18:12
flipstarthen something is going badly wrong18:12
r00723r0I am pretty sure I'm running in 32-bit right now.18:12
r00723r0(npviewer.bin:7085): Gtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/libmurrine.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6418:12
projektdotnetr00723r0 what is it you're trying to accomplish I came in mid-conversation18:12
r00723r0projektdotnet, my resolution is destroyed.18:13
r00723r0That is fucked up.18:13
flipstarbtw what did you do ?18:13
projektdotnethave you tried just removing xorg.conf then sudo dpkg-reconfigure -p high xserver-xorg ?18:13
r00723r0projektdotnet, the problems go deeper than that.18:13
projektdotnetFigured as much just thought I'd ask18:14
AmaranthI'm guessing you don't have a 64-bit machine18:14
r00723r0I do.18:15
r00723r0That's the problem.18:15
AmaranthTime to reinstall. :)18:15
r00723r0It's telling me the WRONG elf class is 64-bit.18:15
flipstarbtw if you have an 64 bit machine you dont have to use an 64bit os..18:15
r00723r0I have to reinstall?18:16
AmaranthShouldn't matter if you do, hardy should only be installed on a machine you don't care to lose18:16
flipstarcomes there an error message in nvidia-settings or wmressel ?18:16
r00723r0Comes not; but my display kind of freezes.18:16
flipstardid you ran it from konsole ?18:17
AmaranthOk, let's back up18:17
flipstartheres more output18:17
Amaranthr00723r0: What is your problem?18:17
flipstarscreen resolution low18:17
r00723r0Amaranth, the original problem was that my resolution isn't 1280x800 like my monitor deserves.18:17
Amaranthr00723r0: Ok, and what video card do you have?18:17
r00723r0nVidia 7600GT.18:18
AmaranthSorry to make you repeat stuff, I just got here18:18
r00723r0No problem :)18:18
AmaranthAlright, did you already try deleteing xorg.conf and using dpkg-reconfigure to remake it?18:18
r00723r0No resolution utility is changing my resolution back to what I wanted.18:18
r00723r0And yes, it's telling me xserver-xorg is not a package.18:19
AmaranthAlright, forget that18:19
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto18:19
r00723r0There we go.18:19
r00723r0Suddenly started working for some reason.18:19
flipstarthere must be an random factor in hardy18:19
AmaranthI'm in vista right now so this is all from memory :P18:19
AmaranthRandom factor in the video driver, maybe18:19
AmaranthSometimes it spits out the right info for the display, someimes it doesn't, I guess18:20
Amaranthif that is indeed the problem18:20
r00723r0It's not asking for my video card or anything.18:21
Amaranthr00723r0: What isn't?18:21
Amaranthah, right, I believe the default setting is "just figure it out for me"18:22
AmaranthSo it'd probably pick nv18:23
r00723r0No, I set the priority to low, and it puts *nothing* into the video card section.18:23
AmaranthWell, the xserver in hardy doesn't actually _need_ an xorg.conf so maybe some changes have been made in the debconf stuff for it18:23
r00723r0Don't get it.18:25
r00723r0So I saved my configuration from nvidia-settings.18:30
r00723r0Instead of dpkg-reconfigure.18:30
r00723r0Gonna restart now.18:30
r00723r0This might be bad.18:30
flipstargood luck anyway18:30
FunnyLookinHatDigg it!  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Hardy_Heron_Alpha_4_Released18:30
flipstarthats a fuc**** lie FunnyLookinHat18:32
shirishhi all anybody getting stuff like (gecko:8866): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed18:32
FunnyLookinHatflipstar lol18:32
FunnyLookinHatflipstar at least the wiki page is up, soon teh cd images will be out.18:33
shirishI have been getting the  g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed thing again & again in different applications throughout the day.18:33
flipstarthe wiki page is up since months18:34
shirishgedit, deluge, firefox u name it, it happened.18:34
shirisheven pidgin18:34
r00723r0Well, it seems to work.18:38
r00723r0Thanks everyone.18:38
zoli2kHi! Anyone get "Clocksource tsc unstable" message and system halt at boot with the actual generic kernel?18:44
zoli2kToshiba Satelite A200 laptop.18:45
AmaranthYay bad hardware18:47
zoli2kok I will put it in to garbage :)18:48
zoli2kI had no problem on gutsy18:48
zoli2kwith i386 I am able to boot18:48
bytor4232I tried installing the nightly build xubuntu live CD from last night.  All I got in the live environment was the brown screen.18:49
bytor4232Is that normal?18:49
bytor4232What is the normal procedure for installing Hardy?  Download the ISO or run "update-manager -d"18:50
bytor4232from 7.1018:50
flipstarboth is possible i did the update-manager thing18:51
bytor4232maybe its my nvidia card.18:52
zoli2kbut just with 1 working core on Core 2 Duo18:53
bytor4232It was this iso:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/hardy-desktop-i386.iso18:53
bytor4232Datestamp was Feb 118:54
bytor4232Syslinux booted fine, but it stalled on the brown screen.  No desktop at all.18:54
WorkingOnWiseIs java and flash working with alpha3?19:03
flipstarin firefox3 beta 2 java works for me19:06
WorkingOnWisegrrrr....I'm a dork....left out a minor detail.... amd6419:08
forsakenjust wanted to say that alpha 4 is much better than 3, it19:10
forsaken's getting a lot more stable :)19:10
flipstarhow do you know ?19:10
WorkingOnWisejust finished the updates to make mine alpha 4. glad to hear the report19:11
forsakenflipstar, because i'm using it?19:11
forsakenor is it not released yet19:12
flipstarit aint19:12
forsakeni just got some of the 100+ updates from last night, and it seems much better19:12
forsakenthats all :)19:12
forsakengvfs seems to be working19:12
shirishhas anybody had issues like crashes with a cryptic : g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed statement at the end.19:13
WorkingOnWisethought is was released yesterday?19:15
WorkingOnWiseoh well....19:15
flipstarit should..19:15
flipstarshirish: try to change your theme and checks if the application runs then ..19:21
ethana4..any change?19:45
ethana4awake again19:49
ethana4... does anyone know if they've fixed whatever they were trying to fix?19:49
ethana4were there a few blockers that had to be resolved?19:49
NoelJBethana3: ENOCLUE.  But we're all in the same boat, waiting to test the next alpha release drop.19:57
calamariI'm receiving this error trying to open Lotus Notes under Hardy: XError Code:11;  XError Text:BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)  CreateCompatibleBitmap failed20:13
calamariA little web search gave me this page http://jdevelopment.nl/eclipse/ubuntu-and-eclipse-the-error-was-badalloc-insufficient-resources-for-operation/20:13
calamariNow, that's not the same version of xserver-xorg-core I have, since I have the hardy version (2:1.4.1~git200)20:14
calamaribut I am curious if the fixes to the gutsy version have also been applied to the hardy version.. i.e. was hardy regressed as well?20:14
calamarianyone here?20:18
ethana4I'm here20:23
ethana4but i don't know near enough to help your particular situation20:23
tokokok i decided just download daily build20:24
tokokand not a420:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183969 in xorg-server "xserver-xorg-core update breaks java & wxwidgets apps" [Critical,Fix released]20:24
calamarigoing to try the radeon fix mentioned there20:24
NoelJBcalamari: no info on your URL as to what the defect was, but I would assume that Hardy has a later (post-fix) copy of the upstream code.  Have you looked on launchpad.net to see if there was a bug report filed?20:24
tokokthat bug was in 7.10 too20:24
mohbanahi guys i making icalendar sort of program but i need to verify if my .ics file is correctly formatted, what programs allows me to add dates from a .ics file?20:27
flipstarkontact does20:27
calamariNoelJB, no I didn't.. just foundthe one on launchpad.. maybe people were doing it wrong, but I saw reports from Edgy, Feisty, and Gutsy uses at that url  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/18396920:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183969 in xorg-server "xserver-xorg-core update breaks java & wxwidgets apps" [Critical,Fix released]20:29
calamaritrying the radeon fix.. brb :)20:29
calamarino luck20:32
calamariand now my screen is really slow.. hehe20:32
calamariis it possible to downgrade my x stuff to gutsy/  I tried doing it in synaptic and it wanted to remove xorg and etc20:35
NoelJBmohbana: this channel is for the Hardy Heron Alpha tests.  You might want to visit #ubuntu20:35
calamariI was lured by Xorg 7.3 to Hardy.. oops! hehe20:36
mohbanaNoelJB, ok just one more question are you guys going to include the lastest build ofe eclipse with the new ver?20:40
NoelJBmohbana: I am not one of "you guys", so I have no idea.20:42
Amaranthcalamari: You can't downgrade20:43
NoelJBEclipse packaging for Ubuntu is maintained by Ubuntu MOTU Developers, so you can contact them.20:43
NoelJBThey also have an IRC channel20:43
calamarithis seems to have let me downgrade aptitude install xserver-xorg-core=2:
WorkingOnWiseanyone have java in firefox2 or 3 on amd64? what plugin works for you?20:58
NoelJBWorkingOnWise: yes, but on Gutsy, which is #ubuntu21:00
NoelJBWorkingOnWise: see http://www.mutaku.com/geeklog/article.php?story=20080116181440588 and/or search Google.  Somewhere I have a script I wrote to do the entire setup.21:01
WorkingOnWiseNoelJB: does gutsy have the same problem with java in and64?21:02
LT_Tuvokof course21:02
LT_Tuvok64bit is 64bit21:02
LT_Tuvokyou might want to catch up on some googling21:03
WorkingOnWiseLT_Tuvok: that doesnt mean that gutsy ans hardy will share all the same ills21:03
LT_Tuvokyes it does21:03
LT_Tuvok64bit is 64bit21:03
LT_TuvokGet your google on21:04
LT_Tuvokthe answer is readily available on the internet21:04
NoelJBWorkingOnWise: in this case, if you want a Java applet, the common solution is to install 32bit Firefox to do so.  Having a 32 bit browser on a 64bit OS to handle certain plugins is a common solution.21:04
WorkingOnWiseLT_Tuvok: well, in Gutsy I have perfectly fine consoles with the nvidia drivers.....why not in hardy?21:04
WorkingOnWiseNoelJB: I was hopingto avoid that again, but I have gone that rout and it does seem to work well21:05
LT_Tuvokthere is many things you fail to understand, which is evident in your line of questioning.21:05
NoelJBWorkingOnWise: In Hardy I have perfectly fine consoles with nvidia, too.  Early on, I installed the nvidia driver manually from their site.  About a week ago, it started working as part of the standard ubuntu update process.21:05
WorkingOnWiseLT_Tuvok: no, u said 64bit is 64bit21:05
LT_Tuvokand you still don't get it21:05
LT_TuvokTuvok, out21:06
* LT_Tuvok flush21:06
WorkingOnWiseanyway, not that that rude butt is fixed21:07
ethana4so sun open sourced java..21:07
ethana4how does that figure in here?21:07
ethana4are we seeing the benefits of that yet?21:07
WorkingOnWiseNoelJB: my consoles are still a streaked mess21:08
nemilarAny news on whether Alpha4 is going to be out today?21:08
ethana4just a bunch of people waiting21:09
ethana4thank you21:09
LT_Tuvokwaiting for nothing21:09
WorkingOnWiseNoelJB: I think it's because my laptops bios doesnt allow x to probe properly21:09
NoelJBWorkingOnWise: not enough to go on, I'm afraid.  'bout all I can say is WFM.  T61p with all Hardy updates applied.21:09
ethana4so we're down to one critical21:09
ethana4nope, it's been fixed..21:09
ethana4it looks like they're fixing a compiz issue21:10
LT_Tuvokanyone of you guys actually running hardy atm?21:11
ethana4my desktop21:11
WorkingOnWiseNoelJB: lol...I wish I had more to give...all I know is it's fine till the Nvidia driver loads, then it pukes...but, about a week ago I was able to reboot without having to reinstall the nvidia driver befofe I went into gnome21:11
NoelJBLT_Tuvok: this very minute?  No.  Gutsy.  I can boot into Hardy if need be.  Why?21:11
NoelJBI last ran it about 8 hours ago.21:11
flipstari got hardy running all the time21:12
LT_Tuvokjust wondering if those waiting for alpha-4 are actually running alpha-4 already and don't know21:12
LT_Tuvokbecause a dist-upgrade makes the alpha-4 iso a moot issue no?21:12
ethana4does it count as a dist-upgrade just between alphas?21:12
ethana4that's interesting..21:12
NoelJBflipstar: when they would fix the problem with hotswap bay freezing the system, I'll put gutsy on the backburner.21:12
flipstari just updated it to hardy :)21:13
NoelJBLT_Tuvok: I just like to do a totally clean (reformat and install) with each alpha.  :-)21:13
LT_Tuvokmost illogical21:13
flipstarNoelJB: does this make a difference ?21:14
ethana4I mean like, each alpha isn't a distribution release as far as updates, right?21:14
LT_Tuvokcontinue to prove my point please21:15
nemilarIt's..just another alpha update21:16
nemilar8.04-aX would be a good way to put it21:16
LT_Tuvoksoopurman, if you are running hardy, you are running hardy21:16
LT_Tuvokdunno how I typed that guys name21:16
LT_Tuvokdisregard soop21:16
soopurmanno worries21:16
nemilarI just want the alpha4 iso21:17
nemilaris that so much to ask :(21:18
ethana4well..  potentially21:18
ethana4we don't want them to rush21:18
nemilaror, apparently21:18
nemilaryeah, that's true21:18
ethana4I imagine they're very aware of the situation21:18
ethana4and I think..21:19
nemilarit tends to be the case that those working on it, are more frustrated about being over-due than those waiting for it21:19
ethana4I'd rather wait an extra two days than have to deal with horrible problems myself21:19
nemilarIt's just I have no classes on Fridays and the weather is terrible today, so I was planning to check out HH today21:20
ethana4I'm home schooled21:20
LT_Tuvokyou guys are in high school?21:21
ethana4don't know about nem21:21
LT_Tuvokmy apologies, I understand now21:22
LT_Tuvokcarry on21:22
ethana4understand what?21:22
nemilarcollege, senior21:23
ethana4ah, 4 years different21:23
LT_Tuvoknemilar, that was humorous above21:23
nemilarthose 4 years go by really really fast, btw21:23
ethana4so I hear21:23
LT_Tuvokand make a huge difference in the ability to reason21:24
LT_Tuvokwhen your 22 you'll look back on your senior year like, damn, I was naive21:24
LT_Tuvokabout many things21:25
LT_Tuvokbut I digress21:25
ethana4but I did something about them21:25
ethana4I submitted bug reports, feature requests..21:25
LT_Tuvokvery good21:25
ethana4spread the word, ideapool, ideastorm21:25
ethana4one convert already21:25
flipstarmaybe this will help you understand.. http://www.pastebin.ca/88810721:26
ethana4he has a laptop, a desktop, and a ps321:26
ethana4ubuntu on all of them21:26
LT_Tuvokubuntu on the ps3 for what exactly?21:26
ethana4because it'd be a waste not to21:26
ethana4512MB of RAM21:26
ethana46 SPE's21:26
ethana4HDMI out21:26
LT_Tuvokonthe contrary, its a waste of a game console21:26
ethana4it's a decent desktop21:26
ethana4dual boot, silly21:27
LT_Tuvokno its not21:27
LT_Tuvoksilly I'm aware of that21:27
ethana4just use your memory carefully21:27
ethana4as in, not FF221:27
nemilaryeah a lot of people are putting ubuntu on their PS3's21:27
LT_Tuvokthe video is not completely open to open source21:27
ethana4no it isn't21:27
ethana4we'll get there21:27
DanaGAnd it doesn't give GLX directly.21:27
LT_Tuvokhence many things one cannot benifit from all those specs you read21:27
ethana4for starts, nouveau isn't even far enough to take advantage of it anyway21:27
ethana4but the cells can do the work21:27
ethana4and that's what they're doing21:28
ethana4gallium on cell21:28
DanaGHow about the APU?  Can you use surround and such on the audio chip?21:28
LT_Tuvokso inform yourself more, before you sling "silly" around, kido21:28
ethana4I'm not sure21:28
LT_TuvokI have a ps321:28
LT_Tuvoki put linux onit21:28
rskaudio works at least21:28
ethana4I never use the word silly21:28
rskwhen i tried21:28
nemilarI don't think I've ever heard anyone say "APU" before21:28
LT_Tuvok<ethana4> dual boot, silly21:28
LT_Tuvokdon;t be dishonest21:28
ethana4I'm thinking something between a SPE and an ALU21:28
LT_Tuvokyou are aware we have scroll?21:29
nemilaractually, ethana4 has a good point21:29
ethana4now I am confused21:29
nemilaryou said it would waste the console, he said duelboot21:29
nemilarwhich means it doesn't waste the console21:29
nemilarit makes you look silly ;)21:29
LT_Tuvokwhilein the ubuntu part, not all of the hardware is of use21:29
ethana4which means if all you do is check email and browse the web..21:29
ethana4the ps3 is fine as a desktop21:29
ethana4that is true21:29
ethana4but I don't think it will remain that way21:29
ethana4and I like to support that21:30
ethana4because the 360 is evil21:30
LT_Tuvokthe ps3's os runs faster, and uses all oftheresources21:30
ethana4soldering irons and eFuses..21:30
ethana4yes, that is true, but..21:30
ethana4there's a lot that it can't do21:30
ethana4like give me fortunes21:30
ethana4ethan@desktop:~$ fortune21:31
ethana4you smell nice.21:31
DanaGAPU (thinking of xbox -- audio processing unit).21:31
ethana4nevermind.  I just like it because no other desktop OS can really run on the ps321:31
ethana4plus I really like the idea of stream co-processing21:32
ethana4it always bugs me that I have so much power in my hardware21:32
ethana4and can't use it for anything but 3d graphics21:32
ethana4the cell is thus a step forward21:32
ethana4even /because/ the 3d doesn't work21:32
NoelJBflipstar: sorry, was AFK.  I have alpha on an external usb, and just like to play with various things between releases, and start clean each time.  No telling what "weird and whacky" things I've done, since I really don't care and plan to blow it all away again.21:33
ethana4man, you can't begin to mess that thing up as much as I've done to mine21:34
ethana4and mine is my main machine21:34
flipstaryes that make sense..:)21:34
ethana4I think you may remember....21:34
flipstarbtw there should be an feature in apt that allows to view the changelog of updates ..21:34
ethana4the feisty->gutsy->hardy alpha with pulseaudio... dual seat...  3 DE's..21:34
ethana4update-manager has that, doesn't it?21:35
flipstarbut not apt21:35
ethana4I see21:35
flipstari prefer apt..21:35
ethana4is it a GUI?21:35
flipstarthats why i prefer it21:35
ethana4or is it a backend?21:35
ethana4I thought apt was the core of the package management system21:35
flipstarconsole command21:35
ethana4I use apt-get a lot21:36
ethana4I use it because I want the simplicity and I know what I want already21:36
ethana4if I'm just installing updates and want a changelog, I think I'm personally content with update-manager21:36
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flipstartheres not only apt-get ... i thing of apt-cache search apt-cache show and so on..21:37
ethana4oh hey, this may be kind of random21:37
ethana4but I was reading up on ext4..21:37
flipstarjes..but if apt had this feature i wouldnt need the update-manager for normal updates anymore21:37
ethana4and saw something to the effect of lowered file system performance with directories with tons of files21:38
ethana4oh, I see21:38
flipstari use reiserfs on my / :)21:38
ethana4ext3 here21:38
ethana4but does that mean if there's lots of stuff in /usr/bin, your machine will be slower21:38
flipstarreiserfs is faster for small files like on the root21:38
flipstarlike loading database in apt or adept..21:39
ethana4I don't push file systems much21:39
flipstaror filelight ..21:39
ethana4I push xorg21:39
ethana4some people have two hard drives..  I have two of everything else but the processor21:39
flipstari have ht :P21:40
ethana4hyper threading?21:40
flipstarhyperthreading right21:40
flipstarsimulates 2 prozessors21:40
ethana4you ever seen a dual seat rig?21:40
ethana4I like it21:40
flipstarrig ?21:41
ethana4it sounds...   french21:41
ethana4I guess some people call them hydras21:41
flipstarwith two cpu sockets ?21:41
ethana4only 2 instead of 7...21:41
ethana4you could do that21:41
ethana4but I don't21:41
flipstarhmn i friend of mine just has an server mainboard with two sockets..21:42
flipstarfunny is if you run 2 quads on these ..21:42
ethana4sata[n= /what/?21:43
ethana4...nevermind, continue, flipstar21:44
flipstarjust wanted to say its funny if you have like 8 cores ..21:46
ethana4that works21:47
DarkMageZthe mac pro ships with that setup :p21:47
ethana4I consider it unethical to give Apple money21:47
ethana4moreso than microsoft21:47
ethana4and I think people are finally catching on21:47
flipstarif you run ksysguard or so you'll have the whole screen full of cores..21:47
DarkMageZtho i can't see any real practical uses for 8 cores in houses.21:47
flipstaryou dont even need 4 usally..21:48
ethana4I don't even need 121:48
ethana4just a 200MHz 64 bit PPC and a stream coprocessor on a PCIe card21:48
ethana4instead of a GPU21:48
flipstaryou making the calculates right in your head ?21:48
ethana4and I'm good21:48
ethana4making calculates?21:49
flipstarlike a cpu does..21:49
ethana4I mean like, my CPU is 2.8GHz21:49
ethana4if I could just use my GPU correctly21:49
ethana4I wouldn't need a seventh of that21:49
DarkMageZit's not just about the GHZ tho. p4 or some other chip?21:50
ethana4I would love to see AMD start making SPARC T2 chips21:50
ethana4it's a p4 celly21:50
ethana4128k L221:50
DarkMageZamd needs to wake up to themselfs... they're failing at competing atm... if i was to build a new system atm it would have an intel processor.21:51
flipstari've cache size      : 512 KB21:52
ethana4they can't compete on x8621:52
ethana4they need to switch ISA's21:52
ethana4and they can't--21:52
ethana4not without the Free Software community21:52
flipstaramd isnt catching up since a long time ..21:52
DarkMageZthey were kicking serious ass in the x86 war. back in the day of athlon. (remember the 2100+ days?)21:53
ethana4but if AMD went SPARC, do you think they could match intel again?21:53
NoelJBPurely FYI: (a) this doesn't seem germaine to Hardy Alpha, (b) you should be aware that all traffic in these channels is permanently logged in a public location.21:54
mohbana_is it possible to get ubuntu font rendering in fedora?21:56
LT_Tuvokamusing query21:57
mohbana_would it work out the same if i install all the font packges used in ubuntu on fedora?21:57
* DanaG uses aptitude22:06
rskok so im gonna ask i guess a fairly uncommon question22:50
rskwhen is hardy 4 due?22:50
rskalpha even22:50
crimsunwhen the testing is complete.22:50
crimsunthere are candidate images.22:51
iyigunhi, i have problem with compiling kernel22:52
iyigunthe headers i installed with synaptic doesn't compile22:53
iyigunthe one which i download from kernel.org compiles but it has a different version22:53
iyiguni have version 2.6.24-5-generic, where can i get the kernel source?22:53
crimsun`apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)`, though I don't think that's what you really want.22:54
iyiguni have that, doesn't compile22:54
crimsunwhere is linux-headers-$(uname -r) causing gcc to error?22:54
iyigunsome files are missing there22:54
crimsunno, where in the compilation?  e.g., pastebin all of the compilation, please.22:55
crimsun(Keep in mind that you should be tracking ubuntu-hardy.git if you're going to report bugs.)22:55
iyigunI get this error:22:56
iyigun No rule to make target `arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.c', needed by `arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.s'.  Stop.22:56
crimsunwhat are you attempting to compile?22:56
crimsunerr, what?  Surely you aren't attempting to compile /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-5-generic...22:56
iyigunhow can i make sure that i'm compiling it?22:57
iyiguni executed "make mrproper", "make oldconfig", "make" one by one22:58
iyigun"make" fails with that error22:58
crimsuniyigun: are you attempting to compile an external kernel module, or are you attempting to build the actual Ubuntu kernel images from Ubuntu kernel source?22:59
iyigunactually my first goal was to compile some webcam drivers, but it failed, and complained about my kernel.22:59
iyigunit told me, my kernel is not clean, or smth like that23:00
iyiguni'm trying to compile it, and it really doesn't work23:00
crimsunok, you're likely going the long way around.23:00
iyigunwhat should i do?23:00
crimsunCan you provide me with the URL of the webcam drivers?23:00
iyigunsure, a sec please23:01
iyiguncrimsun: sorry it took me a while to find it again23:06
iyigunI was trying to install qc-usb-messenger-1.7.tar.gz23:06
crimsuniyigun: does the `quickcam.ko` distributed in hardy not suffice?23:07
crimsuniyigun: sorry, I meant quickcam_messenger.ko23:08
DanaGStupid CFS scheduler... makes compiz slow when I'm on AC and folding@home is running.23:08
DanaGIt's actually being faster on battery (with Folding not running).23:08
iyigunit looks like not. No application can see my cam23:08
Konstigtbah. I was doing some writing in a window and update-manager stole attention with some prompt so my writing became an answer for a question from update-manager. this should be changed.23:08
Konstigti looked in term.log and found out what I had missed, is it possible to get the question again? reinstall? or do I have to delete the package and re-install it?23:09
Konstigtit was a peers den har connectat till verkar också köra transmission av nån anledning :O23:09
Konstigtoops. it was module-init-tools so I'm sure it's not a good idea to uninstall.23:10
FrankQyeah update manager stealing focus always bothers me23:10
FrankQit makes some kind of sense but not if some buttons are also defaulted to keypresses23:10
crimsuniyigun: it actualy looks like the source code isn't 2.6.24-ready23:12
innertruthyeah that annoy me to23:12
crimsuniyigun: a few function parameters need to be updated in the source code for that webcam driver23:12
crimsuniyigun: it has nothing to do with Ubuntu's linux-headers-*; they're fine23:12
crimsun/var/tmp/qc-usb-messenger-1.7/qc-driver.c:3484: error: unknown field ‘hardware’ specified in initializer23:13
crimsune.g., ^23:13
iyiguncrimsun: are you sure? because this is not the only thing which doesn't work23:13
crimsuniyigun: I'm sure23:13
iyigunfor ex. vmware also complains about it23:13
crimsunyou have to patch vmware source AFAIR23:14
crimsunI haven't messed with vmware since feisty, however.23:14
iyigunit tells gcc version doesn't match kernel version, or smth like that23:15
KonstigtFrankQ: if the window would have flashed in the bottom panel, that would have been sufficient.23:15
smallfoot-my ubuntu says when gnome start "english language not found, using system default instead" or something like that in error box, how can i fix?23:16
iyiguncrimsun: one last question, do you think I can use quickcam_messenger.ko instead of that driver?23:16
crimsuniyigun: yes.  I thought you had tried it.23:16
crimsunAt least it was implied with my question above.23:17
crimsunanyhow, I'm away for a couple hours.23:17
iyiguncrimsun: I guess i need to do it manually, because it didn't work automatically. I need to figure out what i must do to make it work23:17
iyiguncrimsun: thanks for support23:18
MGrundeIs alpha 4 out? There seems to be a wiki page, but the download links are 404s.23:18
nemilarthis is unacceptable. I want my money back.23:19
innertruththis is my alpha 4 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20080201/hardy-desktop-amd64.iso23:20
FrankQSee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68207223:20
nemilarI'm assuming the trunks are even less stable though?23:20
FrankQwhy would you use those?23:21
innertruthi hope it will boot, cuz other daily build in a past wont23:21
Konstigtsmallfoot-: change default language on the login screen prefs23:21
Konstigtabout the focus stealing, there is a bug about it, #6747623:22
innertruth!bug 6747623:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 67476 in metacity "Dialogs of background applications pop up in the foreground" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6747623:22
FrankQ2006 :(23:24
Konstigtthere is also launchpad bug 5430023:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 54300 in synaptic "should stay in background when told to" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5430023:27
FrankQadded small bit about the usabiliy side of it23:30
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RAOFcrimsun, iyigun: For webcam problems like that, you can just patch out the code initialising the "hardware" member of the v4l struct.  It's been removed. (This worked for my syntek drivers).23:35
iyigunRAOF: how could I do that?23:36
RAOFiyigun: Unpack the source for the webcam drivers, edit the qc-driver.c file, find where "hardware" is initialised (it'll be line 3484), and remove it.23:37
iyigunRAOF: you mean the source which comes with the kernel right? not the other one?23:38
RAOFNo.  The source that comes with the webcam drivers.23:38
RAOFThat you downloaded from the website.23:38
iyigunRAOF: I'll try that now. Hope it works. Thanks for the tip23:39
FrankQhey RAOF. Remember the bit about the Do plugin for gnome multimedia keys? I found that the DBUS stuff doesn't allow you to trigger it for the whole of Gnome (or at all, just to set up so you can listen to the keys). Do you know any other leads? Fake a X key press or something?23:41
RAOFFrankQ: That's annoying.  You probably could fake a keypress, but that's a much more annoying hack.23:43
RAOFFrankQ: Maybe you could ask in a gnome-developer channel?23:43
FrankQYeah, will do. Just figured you might know since you got me started in first place :)23:44
iyigunRAOF: I tried your suggestion, but I'm still getting the same error:23:49
iyigunqc-driver.c:3643: error: implicit declaration of function ‘LONG’23:50
RAOFTHat's not the same error.23:50
RAOFiyigun: It's a different error, and one that I'm not able to help you with.23:50
iyigunRAOF: sorry to hear that. However, this is the error i'm always getting, sure about that23:51
RAOFOh,  I thought your error was different.  Whoops23:52
iyigunRAOF: :)23:52
iyiguncan you help me with the gcc version problem:23:53
iyigunKernel compiler: gcc version 4.2.3 20080114 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.2.2-7ubuntu1)  [!] Kernel compiler and gcc seem to be different versions.23:53
iyigungcc version: gcc version 4.2.3 20080126 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.2.2-7ubuntu2)23:53
RAOFNo, sorry.23:53
roge1hi all - I'm getting an error trying to upgrade from gutsy to hardy23:59

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