Toma-i like it... if it was developed any further tho it might look a little like the new mac background02:04
_MMA_Thats _really_ slick. 1st "+1" email I ever sent. (usually those are just noise)02:06
FrankQ_kind of wild, but nicely executed02:06
FrankQ_it could be higher res02:07
_MMA_Pretty big if you ask me.02:08
FrankQ_well, yeah, saw that... but when zoomed in it's just not smooth. even on 1280x1024 there's blurry stuff.02:09
FrankQ_(in places where it shouldn't be)02:09
Toma-yeh the "Take it or leave it" thing doesnt sound too fun02:09
_MMA_FrankQ_: Blur could be on purpose. Dont know. Artifacting is what I would worry about.02:10
FrankQ_I'm not good at distuinguishing both ;-)02:10
FrankQ_I can only say that my first reaction isn't "woaaah this is smoooth"02:11
_MMA_Kinda a "grainy" look. Though that might be of no help either.02:11
_MMA_Toma-: "Take it or leave it" is how you get when people endlessly comment but actually "do" nothing.02:11
Toma-I thought it was an implication of the license02:12
_MMA_"I" is the operative word. :) Most nitpick regardless.02:13
Toma-i already said I like it.02:13
* _MMA_ is also just tired a being so cautious of "feelings". 02:13
_MMA_Sure, but you said ""Take it or leave it" thing doesnt sound too fun"02:14
_MMA_Like that was offputting to you.02:14
FrankQ_I didn't mean to be very nitpicky.02:14
Toma-it sounds like the author wont encourage any development02:14
FrankQ_I do like the idea and the look.02:14
_MMA_FrankQ_: Im just talking generally.02:15
_MMA_Toma-: There's an accompanying email that is looking for input.02:15
Toma-Ahh ok then.02:15
_MMA_But knowing the author it not gonna be up for wild changes.02:16
_MMA_A bazillion posts saying do this or that. If it fits in with where Hardy or +1 will go, he'll be down for changes. Otherwise, it is what it is.02:17
_MMA_Thats how I take it.02:17
_MMA_Like I said in my email reply, It looks awesome on my 24" LCD.02:17
Toma-I didnt know there was so much meaning behind 'Take it or leave it'...02:18
_MMA_Well I had the email as well. ;)02:18
_MMA_As is, I suspect most will take some offense from it. Oh well. :P02:19
Toma-Not offended :) Just causes one of my eyebrows to raise unexpectedly02:20
_MMA_Sure. I believe Who also did Xubuntu art work.02:21
Toma-oh cool02:21
FrankQ_is it an issue that the resolution appears to be widescreen?02:21
_MMA_No. Its 16:10.02:22
_MMA_not 4:302:22
FrankQ_huh, that's odd.02:23
_MMA_No. pretty common now. Set you "Style" to "Zoom".02:23
_MMA_Will crop the sides.02:23
_MMA_But retain the aspect.02:23
FrankQ_and uncenter the center ^_^02:24
FrankQ_but ok, then it's not unovercomable02:24
_MMA_Its an abstract anyway. Not like there's a logo or something there. ;)02:25
FrankQ_My n00bscore just got raised by one.02:27
_MMA_Nobody's keeping score. :P02:28
FrankQ_i'm glad. sometimes.02:28
_MMA_Wallpaper sites where 16:10 is common: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/index.php?sort=date http://www.mandolux.com02:30
_MMA_There's more but its a LONG list.02:31
* _MMA_ heads off to bed.02:31
FrankQ_Thanks, and night02:31
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luisbgvery nice idea20:51
luisbgwouldn't it be awesome to have a fela kuti saxo sample as the login sound?20:51
luisbgwith some of his afrobeat in the background20:51
luisbgto keep the african theme20:51
_MMA_hahahahaha http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/6892/screenshotig3.png :P23:05
luisbgwhy can something so ugly look good?23:27
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